Newspaper of True American, December 7, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 7, 1838 Page 4
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I.Maisnippi anti Lotu.iana Hotel, M . MA R vmTo. L4 MRS. MARY KIITKLANID respeetfutly an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate thenl at he above establishment, and hopes freen her lxertions to render visitors comnfirtablc, to receive I continuance of formlr favors. Shlle feels confi. dent that persons vishiing Covingtonn during the ummer months, cannot find better eceonmmod:lion than she can afford them, on more liberal terame. Her heoue Is plIasantly situated, and well supplied with every nonvnelience; the bar is furnished with the most choicn liqulors, &e. in shortshe promlises *'tat naothing shall b, wanting on her part to give ,tire satisflction to all who mally patronize Ilt. fisrisoippi and L uisiana [Intel. je3 110 TIIE PUBLIC.-The undersignt+I. hvlvng stodied under Dr. Sc.tmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, arm for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and eurgery. hse the nteor to offer his proessfionnl services in this city. LHe nasslres the ladies and gentlemen that tile most prompt attention will be paid to tie call.whicll may be made; and aloni offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well ceqlaintoed will the diseseases common to them, having attended them in te nsugar house in Charlelnat. The fan ou anti.bilious pills a ter tile composition of Professor Stmolletto. with directions, can Ibe had of the undersigned. The eftfet which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mago. tine street. JNO. M'LORING. itOLLOlV-V wR.iWOO1 SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. ?llE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 1 38 Wtter, near Bllekan street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to tile stnck of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortmelt, suitlble for the southern and western tmarkets. Hollow ware of anperitr quality, consisting of abnnt l50i tone, viz, Pots of 22 diffr'ent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fron 3:8 to 3(1 gallous, Kettles, 15 sizs, froe 3:8 to 18 gallons, BI ktep: n or Ovons, 7 dtfli:crnt izus, T'na Kttles, 6 do * Skillrht, . 5 do 1 Flat Spiders . 6 do c'overed Spiders, 2 do Orddles, . . 4 do Fire Dolgs, . 6i d Wagon boxes fromt 1 14 to 4 3.1 inches. C ,rt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wend Screws, 20.001i gross, iron and breass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than Jamle's imported paices. Sad Irons, assorted, in caks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. T."ilor's and hattor'. Irone, assorted. Sash weiglhts, 110 tuns, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20bh.. lBe!la for Pllttations, steamhoats, churcheI, &n . made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to I order. Tihe arove nesortment of goods is partidnlarly1 recoltmendd to the attentton of1 Soethtern aLnd W\Vstern merchants, and are offlered fit r sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal termsn; it is be. lieverl to be tile largest and best as-ortment ever efftred for sale Iby any one etiablihrltnnt in tite United States. Merchants. by forwarding a request by nail, can° have a prin','d circular, with description of goodls, i prices and terms, leom which no devontion is ever ! made, ihrnishrd Iy return of mail. All rders willreeive imnteldiato attentnin. New York, 1838. jr3 I iI S%1 I11II11 nlld I'i, LIre, ::coatedrle sir "; ,llsO, o bIov rF I., is & Itnskrll'e Pn'kie-; for pair Im r(tec an Note riYonnelt, by Jh, _e n p.ilt t\:e, h l t cT ,r COlllm rllo d e 'l'llkir lnil s lk().tl'--IInt Ihat nt I hnsry No S,mtl, hrald ol'Jaunlu ( ;BmiEL, for s Whby IS&AAC lilHri marro & C). C'I I.t.,1 N . () Nla ... .ttrlhlitgll e hontet ont 'Triton steetli he. l Al l'il T v li 'iu an d L t arun dl rh ;I:ll r. m!!., mAppl.* nt r Jr rr lii, O lTT - IIIEI.ICAlIG,\S, &r--:5 ha lhelb'riios, `:r dirt do. i <I stoe, tior "al, rtl' II II AK o 1f' r .1' N f r e 1'd N COPR i1ll l5 , l' |JuLAIN and ruled l'sp and l,*nr: I';aq."frell uIo h irms, Y)rni .i.l 1nl very perl1.r hs r I.aid, Ihie , cpll, rtntly t balod cd o er s rl t b ISA VIII l'I)LF & Oe1. 1 ir0 l N iot'eStidonn lliOll , it ('hartrSttt li boeyt. s lt ':t dot each ,sion glie 1\ in, I1dut 5e dl o ' the do . I' I',,rt , ,I : I LC t id (I;N , IattF \VN &I "1, ,,r 4 1',1, I s tre tt. I l h ]nwdng fi,r sah. ldv IISAAm t112," & fi' tLC. I't ' A1itt I 't I A N"C teir I+,tttort, hirtk 'tttt.t, ittntt'tl .5 deorer Sill,. II2 - ii; Ih*ll.e ' I fNItew 1itt.e ITIf: I 2I8]TrI2 :1114 IIIt;t l 150e(iI i Coil"Roll, Illlllill! rrl~lm A Illla lNlllrlll l IT lnl by ~I.AYK"1' & A1t1ti l li, 147 m I trin"n iwrlen Wu, .w. no for s,,le [,t 1'2ls llll· IBl1 111121:, 1 11 (i 'ritultu-III 34-li ________am_______ 6' 1 NO MERJURY NOR COPAIVA AI1()l T c sis mmofh 12( a cs I hmi the mislilllll( to I, Ii "LIIP I li' rue, fill- ~hii1c I Imle nl. li I It, 7e.", raI dncturlr 1, toml~rr, tad the, dI (id net clot Cur;, I U M ow)\1 on the !H~cvrIIOV dte I I'M "ll\· -11' Ondm I Lill,- roll- of1 1ur(f(1 1l ret, 4444d1 1 llrr ' 41 4 ( t 4441' (/ Ie 1 t a titl 41444,444 li 44 g 4t worse, so ti , to hrr k out i44 h 1T4;4Tl (,n44.e 44 he.4 r lof ix or.4I41iL on ,a I41lee, 4444ll4 vIt 'l'y 4444, n4441 rl's1444,44 t, an41n! t nhl,4 th work It 444 44'44 444t ti4,r7no 1 omlt of t e dlllR ; I4,' ulcer (oil Ihe.rie4ll 4i.14414. Ih,1144 4lln4. I n 444.4,T4!ttrati 4444'e44TI rer1fi.44mtly wd4Ter4,41 c4re of Dr. I4441144.11444- 'is [o he perfectly cu44,4d JOIIN 1DE AN. lI, I ly r-eI Di) CFl·lkI Gl1 that fll- (:m· 1 l( 1( Ilt ljll P is IITT k Or. I .1,4, 4T14d 444'4'4, 1 n1 ,r 4 11 tit, 111 0th riue have mkeu Du )?l/lllls- nit- fat. nllI'lll not injoi*. Inv .r t n:tOll; 1111; I .i ore I 41414444l· ' f lill +I ·1 I (;lý I.. I 444 4Ill 4lio t 4' 44, A. 1m 1 ,, I ' IYI ('ana l4-4j44i'4, 114444T ['hIy '4III1,14 44o 444 4t1 4444,4 o 44 144.l nlpni ,1011,\ I)I;; IN Ii r 11 4 u w n ,4e Ill4,444, cu444 444 4,4 4 1444 N . [Till l: . II( street, tol Iiillll'-,' of hr snl w lied.1171t C1 111 1P IP "I',4 1441414' I-4Ihellatt.h 1,i'',47Il'.I I44t. New rlem,, ,'hJOHN 1471-%N. Nr4'-,· (l' i4414 444. l, 1718 11. 71 1 "1, In44444444 I 4I 44t I4T4I· 44.444T 44 I 1 It~n oi i, i- Illml up in lr b4d4y IIt is 'ore of 5I1 14lls414414444 4-444444,1144 fl4le itr n44 ill, iller 4 44 re4 44,j4 I..r~V rlhrs r, th , tfu s I i u' l TThe rnnT4I4nd this ir-nrun' ' flllrf n whrU rt . t I,,., .\ri ll intro-tl I44144 In I4T'l I ' ' Ih r 4T-4'j'4TO4e4n 4od -1414,4,41 4nn ii 1T'44'44~ITT4 114,4 I u. 44,,rr,, l 44h i44441141 T'4 I'hý tile P*1 for Ile I'M,, of TnrT 4 lIvr'lg 44144'p T44T44 4. 41,4 4 41 4,4414 "1't, lllll it Illy' concern~ln . 'I'bis is to ,rtirIlll ,lot we 444441I1dI44,4T'44114441444T4'4474144,I it d Ifor44'444144,,'it 4 4ll 4o4,f The Il. x ¶rpr 1 111 i tl I f m, ii l t F or n ili hn lf I li l,"ctions of on, I'll", ·· lr w irl! it ITf I' 1 IP IN ii lI 51 4 ,44l. 7414' 1 114'41 To t4 11c1 i . It I"'iii · na n·.~l~cl~llly i cill.e1l1 11 hlIlll.ll.pci £144411444,. O4T4heZ. ---- "I in rrlll "In gIallg ,E;1Il, ull, b , lr),n V 4c,41 .. ...y .1 tI v llt tlhs I' P.. 1N , 14 I t lC'Il71Rt'r I IIer, 'eT'44 '~i6r 5 4444 Aperient4,-1,r' ctc' Is hare htm riiitl I(J the IItP+or' Fr, IlnhiIn"1l co:. 4184474-144444r~t T4T4 14,-T,4, g44'4'e4444, e,I"41.4I44T a nrN od Ilp n ýil pnvt n' Ilai al lnnde lrPr. This drsinlh·· w n 1'a siliao has rrcr sed Ill444' 44T4 ace of many r Ili nt 'tend'ers oft prof. -sine, n i 44 4, In ' Is fit 44 44- I" : T 44441I irTTv hull- fern elicit'd. d44ir,4 ,IT Tll4''. IT444T 4 iT T 14 ' ITT' 4446. rndn-,nel- it p -_ FI , lilr if Flr nl,"ie n t nrrt to' t4 r4' IT'' 41n.14-ul '4 I Ill .1 I144 T.1I 4,44TT4TI'41 (44 :.I i 'It '- 1 ' t r a i e l . rliri4-1 Aperie, TII 14-ITT4-" 41e''T Io iIT'"m'. for 4flst f4 r4441 mt44 t'fn44 f114T 41 4 44, 4 444 , t'I4 444 rifr itN'.rr [44 14' 144iar 44hol ".,4-T4I4d'44i44 thi.414'4.,,n444, vnul '14414114441444,4-444414'4444,4441f4'111T ll '.4 t IlT-444- '4-4 14.44,i f4,r44T art 4 lT44T¶i T4 41 IT' 444iir 4 ,114- l~ '414 ' n' n1l 1T4444'rparl,4a44 For41 414 o 'saleT44''4444444 - % AII~':l Irrtn~lr IIIIr 1 I,4t,,r.4ýr '473 VY uiT gr4"I4uI'Ih~llei;ginghea.4I4I44444II,r 411 444 I r4,4444t441114 ldn4's44. [lef,,, 1t14. fllir Oil sveP rifere,! to the. '441411 it Iln ' de n red in 14444I4''4,4 'Cf ue o 444,4,l4441444r444, 4144444'.4.4 , eff' to heur htenre 4,46.44'r. It hrrnt-rr nfrje4 t4, 4r.44It4 e tew atndl rereiitl gro'th of4hj4 n444 b441 s 1444144r4'441 [oldd Inr4-4"4.r14ere itlhe4'.44444r444[nd4444Tlr t44484grow, :hj Oil will verv4444r4'ot, r er it heathy, and 14roduI41e rai'd and beautif4I growt'h oi' hair, 484tho44,4 14eles injury to the head. '['Itis OIii gives an4 444,r4-444'I frn gnaws and is prefrable to1 14ny4 4thIer 11fir OIil far41 uming, 1ur'ieg and. gIomsing the hit-. '114. 14i n t 14044 'Jcl'.e,,iit :'et. r44 :;E "l" 1'14,1,\I'4. 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I-; x I, AI:-C elutedlrr, n'nil and Ic ull mIII r\I·d Itrniln tl, I 1·arp :ItIJIli lllt rruyous, tootle rltn'a ý~sus nuI.1II~* ll pll VI,: null at I tvilhuut:i I ruse, Irreamr'ioil cops, percltssiol (11\.il cup l*lilllllr (ii tlllBl (1I I .\l l'l rivers, A w belt, ^IIP l IllllS iell- il iaq l jllickinI 111 tell .ells, Indian helms rutty kin d, hells a-i l Il ilnnC e .,R\S '!·.lr ;Ilr*, lIII rllT book .. null ton tutu ollllI illllnl lin(.hL, IU1 iIII)I ;",mani, Il~r, card rases, plant;; e j~.)*idil II ( 1)(.c111 .( 1 1181(·) +t lld 8011' e lCI·IIIF ) in ll i tl r, ,,dll f l L tolti alt ti nil, It Itl hnxe, plni f 'mn s knd=,.I"I wl";s' 1uoteiy's I:Intr u7s I1 ntn 's0111 t o in' r otstr tsan nirlalli ( hones, tl irlil s, flo·W· b.""lll I·I( IIia lIIII)· tooth llal ~toy atch, I,"nrl Glnion.,I ot hanks, nu. nn I.:aliI stud 1I v;"" gIill ,l ull :ilt\. lio Cuni l l illll " ,,yell.lll Iruurdlls er" Luplitl ll Hennes, j,"tt si or t", ll\. Fll ltltcl cle., all pfwlii, 11 will he sold lilr a~li ur eify uceepaircd l33 ' 7311 Nunn' foci., It c toptton('l+t., lY hil,',~ 1 \~ll(I·1I·* It I let .l,, l3,33' ,o i'' '. it enukitle lea''. rs, an 9( P3·I13''.adt 1'Ien ln t II IIre e Ir - lllns ',1 p ,1 _ Ilil lle.lLI tv"l I fin' 11·('\12 111 fil' 11 1,rmsutos or ' elves 't te I t'o ,' .. " 1. ll'm''oy ". o yn ,ndirs who preer it can rrcii a lessons al Hltil'll (illeill· o wn ref n attend unt~):llil they w 11\)tt II lieu as IhetiUy ol"lIll I1II' nl~l~ l~lil I·)ill Ai". 1 & Ii t)"l'· ( .II I .33 33 '331 '0 III' 1313331' 111131 i 3'r i i'"'' ''''' 33,3 article ho' , mu rui n Ibed wI d' a io.1 3 1'%/'IIIIL ~I II13 03 3 ht 1h1,3'. 13t lc 1'11,310llr in n1(1( f"" ni Inr viceis Ilisl Vlly on e el o h e r .1, o 1,1,1 d )111 1:, per-o , At h hll d lii l~le ofthe Mlie I ll t PT~l eat l -rtal -w I xplrireed both by IhclL I elII aul l the on -t ' b. 'Ill lt dli s) (lilnln l nlelt l· l t llelo 'Lt ' lie nllr" li~ r of Ills Ear frows till; re oblerr 11 1 I is eult lir."ly noised. TheII~ 3333 1.. I)'dp\'. FNil , ¾ld3.3O0O~r u t'o3 su. nul VI' ctud'1'K et, tool or "olo ho11'1 ''"l''u 1I'hi',i uriup ,'.',ou Ir,.3d,3t,t'.. n t'1 ino od'll'. p Is iei. n r I i..--4r-2-·1e MaR. WIII.IAMS, OCIi.IST, Now AT TII r JPFHErto HUS'(.JtFFI:'So. r, rthe EdtFlo rofte lr Itnisrwilae . t arerli e a: spein. Th ortooofi qt-o-r o St Irt-h ort hortovolfoit ofrIhrrt,,ro fforrtfro laff s ('' orrt' tonttott tfr hr rt.. r tble troth!tlrf r wPrrsrf rina lnin nllrl hol rrt ikr i it, t t woll oa th e vrlth t'mn of t l r-e imeln rh Er tnIr t Inatl thie oy (ihlltlhe llnlthr e i o the. the )o4tnl ' Th lslI r i s uort toof ,lro I orl f ntoh i lr r b toooiip hio r- rot o t f S hifll iht filln. 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T AE STATEF OF lOUISIANA, To all whlo 1Ilse I'Presen n shall come, Gretti in:--\Vherens, J<e~ iht~ hs r. 3 re arulase l e ;." p1 r ae d Ih e I rI a ilr f L i siuin ath o) ith i as h d t cIuerly iteer i ei l, at uYCirie d tii i r ' tl i ie eerk t tis Iutlrls ia n W:lo e houl Ino be o wan rmed (r • e I 'Ihe r~ ,Ilyl of Apri'H A. I). II:.(D f'€)r a mo~itill..rI Hmlrul'-! lieilentinconrtlamita tte Iti "'dtaa laas seslni tiIn tnlne ti)' Loatinslln , elilrtled %A l tict hilr t ss tiurlhsr a1,s- I rlla 0e othllcs to imrll:hansr. ntj Idiciullmde+.." npllruwdc I Ihe Ilrh day o r Marhu, 18e3o. NO\W leretsre, know yre and all persoas inoerelted hrein, are hereuy sited atl;d admoaishid in alth ane huine lie Sltoe iof Lstist ann, nlnd Of the Unich ial Cour swto etl t t ) II aV Iytilt, title or ctint ill i nsa I) ih eprttirtvtierailntitr it-critaed in teoail iltn l iAny ithit alti trv' i s the il.nttrl aee wriaige r oii tit tieorI inder wheahi the sal wns isstle, r any inns ".niiy ir ill Pgalit in thie tIlIar a.i.lselln anti adNii'eill lnts, is tills, Isrinenner fsale or For alny oltier d'cCt whllslI ier; t slinw l as L a.iuirlii ttit tlns avs iirin tti day linr toition i ts ntiterr insit iii ihlt suilu t Iretaters, \r lile 1 80 IIM t e 1 8. lQ Ill s eit COnu il, r attoted gld hersonln soptled. 'l'tite sid ptestllietIn wn asll ly tile Sts-rif ot thle par iat aforesaid ois it 14th day of Atei , A. I). 188. It.y virtle rFa i lcre if tllt s Is llrt ret nduterit ti tilte 5it ilIy nt ebtarv, A. Ii. 1838, in a teait ciitirtd Aex nndrn Cationall i.s. JnLal Hlnrse, Ns tt ,e7 of Ihe dltiekt Nf this LtOllle t a wh nch Flle pie s d JllllPo Ilrllle beelineut I:e plrshaer Ifr tihe tiine l f tWa lluty tile IhstusatLIl Il~ll r cl leN m .> Desaription of Prolaert as ginen in the Jltidieial Con Ths ylab l edci e, th ei l o wet:yns A eer-ain tet uat'rnlldl nitlsted in thle satathl An alulistion hlias Laerssie of t ist sits, hi a arei Na 11111lrlvita II~~lq rellh lleSlle RIIRIIC fi 12.t "rOll\ I n·Ireholl Iaitolllas ntaeslsk;.61 F,.et tt'rll On aa erasleeS street, nat tit fl Oie I tau lt de da t llaat e' a i ste ente iall hnti a Inu ltasis lin Ittlits Hitid hIt tit'rl tlrl u t61t fiet swhilh F trot ())e side of tise aqllere tt tileo k thelr, togelsr withi a itwellin g I)itse |prolltfn i TehoUpil touls stres, nI lert, tI It'hell It ddc Itntdtntitt'ass ido a is diitsa lea y est l ttliqm.,lt] ere tintittetyg o nai'tt-t l .h.reton gld tt lher t ildillNgt tI r e et tye to sais dn+illery its i medt·lciitI etu ni tt ea ibt tia .u atld tle i JF h. .lEi allS l piVillCg s L r eItI) bt onCin g o n ,ll ,. 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ItooltARD, l1 Corner of Ct1alll lidourbol htreets gllll 1,k ~' ieotoo 1tiositos 1tooo ec IoIIo's lllso 'i'os iltylsslliss i~lllld llit I0 Ito I'001 .ll+ltoo , s o r oe isj Ill ' otososl; set il Asoosgss'l s i elsl sosI slot'llr Isllotteotog' isel. l s~ Iis il Ipsl I1. ls toot stoo slots sollltlluists's slot' ljittost' ll u l VIgeni s Isle 120rv, 1 i sts' c i t,' s Ir5l0,0' it1, 1, i+h' l cos iilsitsoil , w ichol tool ih io l l lo ose:+ ilhiI l fIr D5O rlll thllhadil lh . croscosse l'nt.ioslt lsel'. tocll, illllll ;Eoglusoo'i Usr~e~h ogil..lo ssoi poosts lctrle lio'd'l l-ilsy coioc.; cir~m sofs l.-elt; soosoes &ol.[.l~t ilee v coole' lop l iir ,ltval. L WV GLENN'S PEIOI'UM lIES. Cessee of CoosstI otosol Iloserboos streets J)O ll l.l . I(MAY, Ihccs'r, Sign, ni c )l'ltlcc l.lil itil:lilt li of INe foillowin no ls :old n b1 Ot 5les,(t' Iuc-ie1 i(ln i I m s k! 1'51 . . 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Specitneh s to he seen at IlI ship. s aints, oils glass, copal tarnis., n 4 e 1 .:11,11 tni!ur si Icic cll c' ic Ho F, Irolh &nd rod iron, nail rods i old pcncgh C St, (;' ll lhear, 11. blistr'c .l, spring, sheet ll ll GrowI'l ') W h': stee HIIllw r.c ', it a dll l cccr'cclo nlaht ils :ald sp1ik,' icNc, Iclccc till c In i l grin. l stlcoes, ccic kettles (:hlairs'ccc l s, eot 'S..I' (Ix, I u,. . l trucl r l ei , corn i ills Antis,c iceIIcl ni s n dlhcc llowsc (cirer c. el, ig ta hlc ar lead; ccc t (;roltl ,tlil1 oo ing l l oti rSl All's, 1c o l anc l's c lc l ' llllr spades a I II ovels Ilok ;tllad Ipiall lane es, dor : t w(Indw hooks Irl' ll olin .I illla ci.gll.l lilne d twicle A hill assortilent of i l. oathi ship h handicry ai li , d Kl 1 icl.a l d I ea IIA2ROWGPATE SPUINGS ..Null I nln r lll ll l . 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