Newspaper of True American, December 11, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 11, 1838 Page 2
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Malt lgtatIoO. " t S A.*g~-Ajll s u ever day at 19, M. A: - Nail is lnosed every day at halfp. I A M- Is due with the great astern ail, e Monday, Wednesday and Friday. at o'clolk,, A .tr every Tuesday, Thursday and Satnr. {ia t'`.1t SLrinfile or River Fait is closed every SWeneday and Saturday, at 8 F M-Is set retarned by steamboats.-Arrives irregu. sil times a week. St. ra or Coart .iMal I. closed every ye i^ l ed Friday, at 8, P M-ls sent and re. turned the steamboat Brilliant. S.d dria or Red River Mail is sent Irrego. erly by steamboats, twice a week. t louisville or River Mail. d Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. a Saturday, Coast Mail, d ay and Close at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. ,erlcans Fol yas vaAn 1838. 8. J. Peters, President. A. Quertier, lot Vice President, W. L. Hodge, Od do. CQMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Tho'nas Barrett, John A Merle, I C Cammack, Jas L Leverich, . Alijah Fisk, GEO. W, WIIITE, Socy. .PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. Dee.mb,,r 10. Ici Ringsleader, lloffman, f.or lovan, GlO.ino & co. Big Maral. othman, for Trieste,. A J Dennlaton C& o. ehr oo m ako, Mos. for Galvesto, J G Rowland. Pilgrim, Jones, for New York, T C Jenkins. Lobr Elilamoth, Forsyth. tor Pensall., Mastear. Sh.r Joho Spoled, Spoffod, or Chao,,.lon, t Bedford ARRIVALS. Towboat Ponthehrtrain, Sherrladn, from NE Pase; having. towed to sea 8ehr Victor. Rclturnedl to the city with bship Anhn, and schr William Hart. Left on the 9th inst.at3 p in. Reports 3 re. t at the N E Pas.. ehrs Convert and Fair ffald, I brig and everal o, hoonerh at the EnoelihTarn. - Slohip Auburn, lurfey, 13 day, from Now York, to P LaId low. Bhr William Hart, Corasn, II days fro Savannah, to inter. Sotemer Violoburr. Peanr, from Louisville. Steamser Hunsville, Jordan. from Bayou Saore. Steamer Antelope. from St Louis. Sleomer Poutbhartraleoin, Hicks, from f'ininnnti. Flat boat from Cincinnatl..cargo, 259 brla flour, to order. COMMERCIAL. [.talet Daltes. Chlo. ........ 3 W hinon,Dee....... Now Ioaok. Nov............ 1 CIincinnati. do........... 2 Phladelph.i No.......... 2 Loui3t, d . ,. 3 Bldtimre dn .........3..... 2 20. I.oui, Nov..........30 Savenui . Nor............ 4 Livrepol, Now...... 4 Houston (T.x..) 0...,.. I Pti. 03 . .27 Ibo,... Nor .. . 30U L,,adon. Nov.......... 3 Nashville, N,,.......... 28 to do,...............2 EXPOWI'S. HA1ANA..P,, brig Ring3,,d.,..3'r2 bri. dor, 1072 kepg lard, and 3 him L ebwrco. TRIESTE..Per brig Maria...30 balIs cotton, and 3 eases cigars. OALVESTON..Per brig Koh.ko...,.dry smaIl lot4 of groceries. provisio3., fi. NEW YORK. .3',r .,t Pdlgrim...200 4h. .suga, 25 do ram. PEN8ACOLA.. Pa ,chr Elizi..4h..88 brie 9,,,,, 05 h. bay, 6 4bd4.r .,p. 1311 b4g, ,.rn, 13 brb hbiskey, 2 do rnm, andl 25 bens Ball-. CHlARLE8TON.. Per .chr Jo.n SpofIord..I 2 hh.ds sugr. 262 brig and 14t,.. m,.3...,....nd Io 0ois bale rope. IIMORTS. NEW YORK..Fr ship'd .3dz3. SAVANN.\II.. Per Behr Willialm Hsrt~355T casks ad 37 half do rice, and 36 empty I hit J D Harrow., Wood & eirmmule, and owlet. RECEI'PT OF PRODUCE. Lo,3.,3ll..PtF .teamer ViI,.4,g..222 pea bagging and 67 roib repo, Kirkman, Abernthy& Uion, 3 hi cotonfen nett, Ferriday & on, 41 do 0o Oder, 520 hhd4 b3con Cms.tock Hyde 0 co. 60' grate bars Glo03r ,, B,.h.,m, 36 hor,.. Owner on board. Baou Sa,... r ,te,,., IHuntsvile. 222 l,2. 3o3to., A I.3d33x & co, ,6 do 3Bur2 , OV3t 4, c,, 131 do H l..ud3,.y, 64doA Ri,,rd,. 53 do Poyou. A'ciul &: &o, 51 do James Armour, 55 do 61 Whi,,, co, 44 do iV,, Flow,,, 42 do Tay. Its, ,,rd,3r k ro. 32 do Host & Mo.tgomery. 36 do Follafn,. IDlimiq A Delites, IdS. 31 d .,ML, 12 do ndrew!., 10 do Reynolds. BLyno , r,. Thomrn. Barret, 7 do J B Plant he, 7 io Larne 4' Fontaine,. 16 do Smith & VYoorhees, 3 do Renault, Ferriday & no, 64 brig muolssal Lambeth 4 Thomp..n, 5 hhd, 33334,, II Lerri,,, 35 hhds do B.,oad & Landry, 204d hme an I ,rl do 3F Jord23, 4 brJ, 4ola, 3, Moursll & no, 12 Arts do, Owners on boanrd, 14 bundles leather andl let of bides Owoare n bl oard, 2 brie. ,.., 2 hotspor. 3,4d I ble 3odd32r S .0 A3i., 4. 4.e i 3 h2,, Cakl.23ll 4' Hik.ey. St Louis.. Per steamer Atltclope..48 fill. beef J S Doug hrtr & co,27 h37 4.,, butterHodden & H&l, 1222 pckage. .d.,,, E W Broon,. 36 h.s colon W 63 Curti. 203h3. bufflo robe., C II,..n. 2:.11 coils ,pj... ..d 32 bri. 4..(O,..,, on board. Ciocionati..l'er steamer PolLshartrulll. 170 brie pork.*O7 4egs3 lrd ad 300 br,. ,our. Ogden 4 Southgate. 25 bri dour, I0 do whskey. 82 k333gs lrd . d I cask heef ,JY C,.. Mthan.l, 50 brim potatos, 15 do sour erdut, 031 head cob. magae. 0.3t,., 4 no, 3} dozen , c3ge, 0 do turkeys. 34 do obioken., Drew 4" co, 4:4 horses, Olgin a Fowler, M It Haynes, DcI Bing. 1033, & M3Ni,k, 311 bit. 2,, JH6ll1,eOir,,. 30 d. N Anderslon. 6 trunks, 6 cart wheels, I I o""gy wagon, 25 him hay, 23 ark3 nets, 43 do bran, 10 do co., O;.lin . 3 FoFlEr, J Footer, 4 bxe nidtce Robinson Aot luruiture, A B..line. S his Igdsemud. ealit loss of furniture, Owners on bond. PAS33ENGEI.S. Louisville..Per steamer Vi- k~burg..Judge Ustil and lady, C.3,, Gilb33, .,d Iady. D) Chew, and l.dy, Mr,. G.,,n and *wl ,1M., G0.,,,,, 2313. De,,'.mi2., Capt3, Bur3,., Glover, Boswell, Cochran, Fold and est. Morris, Worth, OG3b333l2, Hunt33g3on ,nd art, H nyne.., 31,.,ton 3nd, .I 31333, Dorland, ILatham Felts, T,,,bro,,, IBr.dley, S3el. 3.igl'w , Byrne,, Cihew, 30.4bi.,,., Sanf3ord. William,, Hut 43in., Garyy. M3,.,e, Landy, Dealig., Googol. N.,,,.. 03iry a4d only. fl.,lari.,, 33332 Iny. Montagu,., Lithe. Douche, Hoblin. Mllggalh, Curtis, Plalnmolll, ]loger, Hunt..35 way cabin passatges., coil 2 on die'. Bayou dono Per sto uter H3untsil2..T4hom.. Lyl.., J H Si3, Wheeler, S 13,,3,. HL Wolf, W D Wlker,, 33M. Kelvey, A Davis, Win ClovIr, Go.'driam d l,3 Bowie and don filer, J Lake, J Dominate, Pone. Jackson, J G M oomy, MeL I an nd sit, '1' Roherlr W N Balrrett and 2 Iadie.,'D Clark, Ander.on, W1032m,, N D Ch.,brlin. New York..Per shlip Auhuro..Mlr N'hitmnrh, Esterase B3lcher,,0,.3,p, R., PField, ts3*nt, and 60 teeage. SCincinnati.. Per tooyter Poollcharlraio.. Dr King, Dr (gang and lady, S.,ttrfied ,nd lady. 33,33,32 lady and child. Ro binson and family, Mrs J C Hong, child and ail. Alquir. sod coon. E Fowler, fir Mc·Nutt and mart, Ca pt A A DMillar.Oatman, J L Kirk, Will Fleraon, I,, F eon, H Fldon. 3112, R 33.,,. F ~o..rr, Hood were, Hughes and lady, W Whittaker, Capt l3m4.oru3.43, Copt Ludi., and 14 on deck. CONSIGNEES. New Yor,..Pr ship A.,4,,,.J H Field & co, Hrt,, La b.ll A ca, AR C,,e. J M King, H10Am.a, AP Fool.ery Campbell & 1(3tch, PFge, IIy Fe35,3. A Gr,,,, Ralph MYet44l ,o, I( Jom,. on, SS... ,3Vign*i., A E ,ton,. T K,,,., Kiefer, R'ynor & t,, Peter Lidlw,. 23 OJGregory, ,mi3, 4 Voorhe,.. Allen, Asher t ..,Law...ce & L,,,,dre, 1. Boningo, L Hettoen, W E'l'opkitll b cut G Dodge & o, E Charchelt & an, B Foorlar.John N While. Belo & Burnside, Blckwell. Tho,, 33 co, Bird & H3,,he., T4hos W 8.mith, Von Wick 344co. IBailey Dolb,4.r ,& c, 3431l & Hw.thorn, J & W UD, a. WV & J S,,g,,t & o, 3,eo Johnton &3 n,. Pollard A . Gr, J IPeek. A G.ray, Dhokn & 33,,..,, H.r ri., 1yons 4 co, 'I C Blanchard site order. MEMORANDA. 8.,,mer Antelope lf33St Louie ,n 2d Int at 6 a in. met steamers Austria at Big I32,3, Rienziat Hat Island. United L;trbe· sad Prairie at Mouth of Onlio River, Vanddrli· shove MempnIhis. Selina 01 T'olllnrly [.lend; passed tIealloorl Win. cheater, Putnam.o Niagara, I'ontehartlmin, bound to Now Orl0,,.,. S3raner St,, n j unk b4,3o. 23 Lo.ui, an her way Ship Aubur4, ed.,.g,.3 signaI witlh palket .hip Y..oo. BALE ROPE--80 co:Is Kent,cky eale rope, in store and for sale by J TIIAYER & CO, dl i 7 4 Poydras at MORUS iIULTICAU LUS. J UST received, 100) Mlorus Multicaulur; (or Chinee Mulberry tree.) in first rate or.ler for transplanting or exportation, for sale by LOYAL,CASE & CO, dll3t 89 Common st EAI'rTHEN WARE. [COUNTRY MERCHANTS are invited to call and Sexamine the assortment ol Earthen Ware, Glass, China, &c.;just received aod for sale by B BROWER & CO, dll2w 17 Camp & 84 Common eta V ONUt"REsund Sounds-200 kegs i fineo order, for Ssale by O l BLISS, dil 78Poydrasat OOLAS'ES BA RRELS-400 of large rize, 600 do small do for sale by O H BLISS, dll 7,; Poedras at `I EN iCHEESE-100 boxer, good art l e, for salrby O H BIISS, dll 78 Poydran sat '- AR-50 thhds prime, landing and f r.altyby it HYI)E . BRO, dli cur Commoon , Magazine tes. F LOUR. 400 bbls landing from lat brat, and faor isal by U DOItSEY, deel 44 New I.eves. 011rK-12 ,ble mess &.JY Ibis prie Pork in store lonrtaleby J THAYER & CO, dll . 74 Poydrasat tALLOW-.39 bbis in store and for sale by J THAYER od CO, j.WRLORIDA WATl'E.-Just receieed, and for areIs lhb subscribers. four cones of Laroque's Flor ida. atsr. REElS & D'LANGE. dli W HITE PINE LUMBER-.0,0 M feet clear, or sale by OHBLISS, dli 78 Poydras at I ROGAN l0I-0 roses, contatling taeos prime kip Shmngas onr heavy kip bootslandliag fro ship harersla, sutO, for sale Iy ISAAC BR!DGF,& CO. dec11 134 Magazine at H AVANA OFFEE.---4Q bees prime Green a JOSEFH COCKAI"NE& CO, dll 25 Grarierat LUMPER-AT AUCTION. IlL be sold, on Thursday next, Dec. l. at ll o'elock, at Weleh &eo's Saw Mill,City of l.. ayeltte, 350,000 feet Cypress Lumter, fur frame build ins suchb as sills, postls, plater, Jnist studldiar and rllaea; l'5,000 feet , 11, Ij 42 inch planks; 78,000 - ncadar timmer suitalle Ibr pose andsd lapers. Also a large ~antity pf Gitern L.mber. Terms ast sale. I A NA COFFEE-34 baIge of thim new crop m ly prm, I ABRAHA TIER, dpe| s 34 Graoier Ft A AN SUGA R-25 boses yellow, loading - a n beg R OmnAing. Tor sale rb c-11 ABRAHAM TRIER, 34 Gravie sta 'AUV ADMDIA AN oll WI~*. in eonnection with thin OIce I. a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE r Fru Tlut PRITING or Pasphlete j Dlnt Oheck. Onctale* Dile of Ladiag Lablel. m Dey Re"eipta, Legl Netiee Auti i, Bill Perame, Ibew ldse Steam Beat Dll. OmircIara And every de.ertpamI of Jb Woeek tbht may be required. II[The proprietor respettfully calls the attention of the public to the above'Card, and aastrea them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. TIHE TRUE AMERICi, N EDITED BY 30".I4 GICBON. P'ITau.L ANmD BOLD. NEW ORLEANS: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1838 Dtascroar.-It is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given by the public, to publifsh, an addenda, to his Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans, comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during the past season. Personadesirous of having their names inserted in the addenda, will pleaseleave them with their professions and residences at the Counting Rootm of the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. Cards tastefully inserted at a moderate price. The Addenda will be sold bound with the Di rectory at four dollars, or by itself at one dollar. JOHN GIBSON. We are indebted to the author, Mr. T. C. Fay, for two copies of his 'Mobile Directory or Stren. gera Guide for 1838.' This, we believe, is the irst work of the kind published in our sister cityv It comprises besides the names and residences of the citizens, public institutions and much useful matter,'and will, we doubt'not, meet with deserved patronage. The mail yesterday brought us no news from the North, as the Fupress had not mached Mobile when the"Wallace" left. The Messageof the President was expected with great impatience, being due here yester day. We shall have it to-day, however, we have little doubt. Owing to the result of recent demonstrations of public feeling in state and general elections, this document is looked for with unusual curiosity. We wait to see if New York's favorite son" will again li bel his parent state by declaring her perjured and pur chased. Tax Walnrras or WAssneroTN.-We lay be fore o ur readers an extract front an article in the North American Review for October, relative to Ir this great national work. "The two volumes now before us complete the publication of Mr. Spark's edition of Washington's writings. The American press hles produced no work of higher valne. The character of the au. thor iranecendsall vulgar praise. The interest of the events which form the subjects of his writings is inferi'r to nothing in history. The qualiica. tions of the editor literary and moral are of the highest order and h i opportunities every thing that could be desired for the skilful performance of his work. We may add that the typographical exc eution is beautiful, equal to that of any which has issued contemporaneously from the British press except works avowedly of luxury in which nothing is aimed at but the gratification of the eye. We consider he publication of a standard edi. tion of the writings of Washington as a matter of importance in a national point of view. Of the suspicious influence of the principles of Washing ton over public opinion throughout the country which happily is still highly operative, much must be ascribed to the unexpended force of his per. sonal ascendancy and the freshly remembered power of his personal intercourse. These with the lapse of time must daily grow fainter,-llis contemporaries are nearly all gone. Of those who inany way took counsel scarce one remains to counsel us. A race has arisen up who knew hitm not-hot to whom his revered memory loaded with the praises of his country has descended as a pre cious legacy. To give to the memory of tlhe greatest of heroes, and the most prudent of states man its fullest force and abiding perpetuity with coming generations,-to supply the place of that influence which flowed from personal intercourse to dispute with oblivion the possession of any part of this august compound of high principle, tipe wisdom, spotless patriotism and happy fortune is the province of literature. He must speak di rectly to posterity from the printed page. This impressof his mind and character must be per petuated in the volumes of his works, for tlte guiduance of all future generations. For this reason we consider Mr. Sparks as having rendered a public service greatly beyond performing in a finished style of excellence a highly important literary task. lie has contributed to place Washington's character beyond the reach of ae eident,tand to insure to his principles and to his exam. pie the most abiding influence on aflairs. Arrange. meant have been made for publishing the whole work in England. The extent of the publication required a patience of labor which few men could have brought to the task. To this has been added rigid literary as well as moral integrity, ando that love of his theme which engaged him in supplementary researhes in this country and in Europe of the most important and interesting character. Upon the whole we dismiss his work with unqualified satisfaction. Eclipse Roses.-The display of horse flesh yes. terday was entirely of native stock: not a Levis. then was on the field, which was positively a meat ter of wonder. The mile heats, three in five, is generally a pretty race: it is quick and stlimulat ing like an electric shock, scarce is the prepara tions complete, ere the matter is over. Look out take care,-now for it-there it is, phico! and all's over. Three clippers were entered, and started. Kleber, a Bertrand colt: Dick Haile, by Sir Charles: and Tehe-doe, a daughter of Pacific. The former was the favorite at all sorts of odds. He was tak - en for J.oice in the city, but outside the enclosed track he was Iantered at Ibig odds against the field' Five hundred to three. Kleber against the filly: two to one they lick Sarah Bladden's time into fits! A hundred bales to a rimmon it ia'nt won in hatss-and thus ran the banters until the bugle called to saddle. The two colts were quiet and well behaved, although Dick had a notion of show. ing off his dancing. The filly was as full offire as an earthquake, and evinced a strong disposirion to run round with a suspended nigger on her naffle bit, like a filching dog with a pudding bag. At the nep of the drum they all broke away in a bunels. The story af the heat was told in the tries from the stand. There she goes, leading like a first fiddle-Kleber's trying it on,-now he pushes he--no, she's hard in hand-he nears her-yes, but cant pass-o-. oa-o go. there they come in a heap--msre leads.-Dick's dropping in-h-ere Ihby are -bravo, three lengths clear:-well dnwe relie Doe. The uecond Heel wip but da easpe of the irst. On being brought to the poet the filly evinac ed a strong passion toujompover the teraner's by way of amusement. She wheeled about and turned about like a quadruped Jim Crow, in fact there was nothing pacific beout her, except her sire. At the tap of the drum Tilie Doe fled like a deer, aend though Kleber parsued her as his french namesake did the mamelakes, he could not catch her :he usde two or three dashes at heryber she led him home over a heavy track in 1. 54, leaeinc Dick Hails where hi. tail should be. D D. Dick distanced. For a third tnme the ditoutpacifis came up fresh as ever, still trying ronlsep away from the nigger's opposing hand, like mullet onn of a seine, and whtle she shus frolicked about the colt took the advantage of her-as some will do when others are too frisk) -4ot the start, and away he want. Now's his t;irniD ried out the givers of the oddti,-theI money'. hist hurrah! But teey shouted a lestle too soon. At the back, the filly under a hard pull, passed easily by, and though the persuader dug in and tfte tail flew out, it was cleir that Kleber's race was run, and the filly took the purse aRd honors in first rate style. Record. Be F.rree Dav-Proprietors puree, g000-mile heat-best 3 at inS. W. J. Minor's b. f. Telle Doe, 3y. o. by Pacifi, ft eat of Mat,tda: 01b. t I1 J 8 Garrisoa's . K. eber, 4 y. o. by lertrend, n dam by Oscar: t100lb. a 2a re Mes.s Barrow's b.e. Dick Halle, 4 y. o. by 1lir V Charlst, dam by Taeso: tOh Ib. 3 die. It Time l,7.., 5.1.57 07 The Races to-day, between Cippus, Mad An- J f loopn, and Maria Black will be more estongly contested tt than any hitherto run on the Eclipse. Cippus can I 1- boast a list of victories may almost rival that of Nape d leon : of Mad Antony, aned his doings, we have all had I some experience, and the imported fll!.y .aria Bluec, * by old Pkilo, aomes of a stock than which no better graces the e,.,'n turi. TO-DAY'S RACE.-TUESDAY. Proprletor's Purse..$t1tM-3 mile beats. H. A. Teyloe's imp. f. Maria Black, 4 years old, by Flho da Puts, dam by S.leasks. Dreu, green and blue. We. t. 8. I. Barron's b . Peressur, 4 years old, by Trumputor, dam by Sir William. Drene, blue and blue. James U. Garrison's hblt h.Cppns., syeane old, by Industry' ddu by Mark Antony. Dress, rd and red. tb Y. N. OLIVER, Proprietor. ran The Metairie Races commence to-morrow, and the Di- four mile day is fixed for Saturday. There is an in creased congregation of nags assembled there who will ns, affoibrd full fields for evary purse that is offered. ges The Mountain Sylph, composed by Barnet, with the view of proving that the English and Scotch music rted was as susceptible as the French or Italian of regular heir orchestral arrangement, was played at the St. Charles the night before last, and to but a very tolerable house, 0 l0o although we ate bold to say that no opera contains more pleasing, rich and beautiful musaick. The Mountain Sylph, we presume will be repeated, when we invite all lovers of sweet sounds to altsud; Di- they will not regret taking our advice. Some few months ago when the seminole chieftain died at our barracks we exclaimed, "the great Jumper is gone." But we were mistaken. The greatest jump Fay, er of all is now inl full force at the Camp theatre in the ran. person of Mi. Marble, whose "fall oflalls" bhats Nia the gamt into fits and Jim Crow into nothingnese. His city. Sam Patch is the merriest piece of yankee-ism extant in the present day. etlul II The Giraffe is now greatly in voguP. Her long rved legged ladyship receives daily a large bevy of her ad mireer, and as yet has not been known to firt much with any one in particular. Ithe _____________ The Rieer frozen up! -A few miles below Steuben. villa the thhio is closed op with ice. At Pittaburg it is L. also frozen up. The Wheeling Times says a vast Ybor umbner of boats are aground both above and below that g-Co place: and secounts from Palucall speak of the same - thbng existing at the moulth of the Tennessee. The I Wheeling Times also states that there were but three Ii fet four inches water in the channel, and that file days 1 more would bring the river to its lowest stage. This T/ is dated the t1st Dec. 1 ing Ii" T1he papers from Illinois ofa late date state that the governor elect. Mr. Carlin, is not dead. A Mr. Cash was lately shot by some assassins in Lo- T raine County, Ohio, and the Cleveland Herald, incomn- Stat menting on the atrocious act, says that "Cash was killed loesa by eounterfei'ers." Whether this he intended as a joke, Civi or not, it is an odd association of names. drae It is said that four english brides came out in the coe, Great Western to spend their honey moon in America! Co gati If this bt true, it is somewhat onsoci 1 in them, to leave do at such a time, their nearest connexions to visit distant - friends. T The folks in lisseouri on the ist inet. were glo ciet rifying themselves that Daniel Webster had hetn day nominated as candidate fur the Vice Presidency on Ex, the anti-masonic ticket. They will have to take to a t'other tack when they learn that he respectfully - d declines the honor intended him. i Importof Woeds.-'rlt Cincinnari New ..stated a few days since that five thousand hogs were ulaughtered in one week at the single establishment _ of a Mr Clarkson In his next the editor begs to retract the word slaughtered as being offensive to the sensibilities of the porkites of that ilk, and suberitntes the phrase 'putl up,' or 'lut up.' We ate oat very good judges of these niceties of words " having an inveterate habits ourstlves of calling a nl: -pade, a spade. What the objectionable terms supl wants in gentility, the substitute certainly lacks in euphony. - A Hai IMroRTanN CoSTOM HoUSE DE.ctsION-In the U S Circuit Court, before Judge Thompson, yesterday, Alex Rankin and others recovered of Jssr Htse ,y collector, $359,69, duties unjustly esacted by Mr Hoyt, on a quantity of grease Irom South America, and which the Collector pronounced tallow. Grease is free of duty,and the substance was fairly proved gltE by manufacturers to be that article as so denomi. noted in commerce, to which point Judg Tlhonpt. arp son properly directed the attention of the Jury, low inasmuch as the TariffoLaw, he said, intended to spply to practical. purposes and common usages, and not to chemical analysis in the case before them. Another action came up in the same Court, of Bend vs. Jesse Hoyt, the Collector, for recovery of duties paid by mistake on a case of .iik stock ings, which plaintiff had erroneously entered as cotton goods. Mr Price, the attorney, thought the , dl onus of the fault lay in the error osf plaintiff, also r alluded to certain rules practised by the authorities I at Washington. Judge Thompson totally replu. beat dialed any such trihu al in our courts, and wished t the principle settled in the Supreme Court. The tot Court disagreed, and the Jury were discharged.-- of N Y Star. . Government Defaulter.-A joint committee N appointed by the Legislature of Mississippi, to eanmine the books and aecounts of the late Au- 49 ditor of the State, John Ii. Mallory, have reported volt him adefauiter in the sum of $54,0k3 96. ca Oficial Returns of the X.. York Election.-The sale oflicial returns ol ilte recent electton in thatState, - hanve just madet air appearance. Mr. Seward re. reived 192,868 votes; Governor Marcy 185,542. ii majority sthrefore is 10,326. Toe majority for Mr. Bradish the Lieutenant Governor, is 9,980. The .' aggregate vote cast was 373,410; being much the or largest vote ever given in the State. far NavY DEPARTMENT, Nov. 21, 1830. The practice of bringing home, in the publie vessels of the United States, varitua animals, such as horses, mules and ether quadrupeds, formerly 1' authorized by this Department, having been found N by rece st experience produe ive ofl great incotve. in nience, and liable t, abnse, is hereby strictly pro- IA hibited in future, J K PAULDING, 1' R.sotaATION.-T. B. Woodward a menber of the 11 Misesissippi Legislature, has reaigned hie seot in conse. r quence Ufhisconstituents evinietg a disposition to in. novt street kit that they wished him to vote for a Whig U. 8. Senator. Mr W. is a candidate for re-election, and - we sincerely trust that his constituents will effectutally convince him that noble Yazoo is "Whlig all over." U THI RIV.RS -Tihe Pittsburgh Advocate of the 28th Iis sayv there was then little over3 feet is the channel.- wit A little thin ice sad been running in tile Allegheny. The Wheeling T'imes of the :1th says. '"The river con tlnues to fall slowly--four feet water in the channel-- I - thermnctn'tes at 20." In the Louisville canal and in ithe chansel above the canal, five feet. G g' The steamer Columbia, Wade, from Tearas, as expected last night, but up to a late hour had not ar rived. She was to learve Galveston on the 8th intt. FROM CANADA. The 65th regiment has arrived at Quebhc; three com panies red sin them and the three others proceed to Ni colet and Thrre Rivers. 'The thermameter last Saturday was three degrees below zero in QueLer. Mr. Connolly has been liberated from Quebecjail. on account of dl health, on bail. Twenty tlree state prisoners reached Quebec from the Upper Pirovine. last Sunday. They were sent to Iiverpool leeast Wednesday In the Captain Ross. P'ar kereChandler and Wake are among them. 9r: Alexander DTmont hbe been arrested at Quebec foItreason. He lis rich. Tne House of Assembly of Newfoundland has voted a sum of $500, to be placed at the disposal of the Governor, for the purpose of encouraging commonication by steamn, between that country and Great Britain and Ireland. The thermomreter last Monday at Montreal was six degree befow zero at 7 in the morning. a The following is a copy of certain papers found I in the pocket bhhk of Janes Phillhpse late tof Bs. tard, Upper Cenada, who was khlled at Prescott. *P'ut a ma an stn iand, at the head of the Narrows, or on tihe left hand side going ap--keep a small fire-when a boat colne down, awing a Firebrand, as a signal. The boat it it be the States, will stop-the man should get in his boat and go on board. The men nmas first go to Drockville; also learn what steamboats are there, and the exact asituation of all things. A man must go to Brockville and return, and report "asbovse Peronni to be marked at !ireaeotl. 'Major Young, Dr. J nssup. John Blakey, Capt MeDonal. and Doct,,r Scot, Alpheus Jonoas [hen. EaquireMcMillan, Hooker & Ilrdersn [ The arms in posasessin of the inhabitants, to be iti, oediately taken. Arms stored in Colonel Young's house, and at the a Two companies ought tube sent to Merrickville; one at Kempville, two companies sent to Farmsvilln. Crone has about fifty men in his emploayment-he io friendly. The officers board and sleep at Warren's and Ger nanh's." Seven personsa, entenced to death for political of fences at the last term of the Court of King a Benoh in Qnehee holdingeriminal jurisdiction, were sent to Eng land in the Catoain . ass. The trials ofthe following persons were to commence last Wednesday at Montreal before the Court Alartial. Joaeph Nareise Cardinaln, Joseph Douuette, L'Ecuvor, Jean La. Thibert, Jean Mariet'l'bi.;i, Lr andre Dulharmne, Joseph G(uimaud, Lon.ea Guerin, Ed. Theverin, Andre Cote, Maurice Lepaille;i., Loris Le siege. The Jul.t. Advocate i;c thle Hon. I). Monde let!; ti, Char!e tinay, Esq. Q C, and Captainr Mul . of the Royal Regiment, to whose favor a warrant has been issued, naming these gentlemen to thic office. We also learn that no time will be lost, or effort spared In bringing the guilty to justice. S n M.nnRam.ll IatV,.. Rlvear . FOR MOBILE (VIA TdO BlVe.. i The fast sailing slh STAUNCH. Smith, muater, will hb ready to receive freight for Al the ahove port on Wednesday, the 13th iast. opposilte the Triangle buildings, Second Municipality. For freight or passage, apply on beard, or to decll O It BLISS. 78 Povdres at LOR BOSTON. The A I and fastsailingship'JUPITER, Capt. Carter, will Ihav deopatch, having her cargo engaged. For 50 tone heavy freight, apply to L H GALE, dll 93 Counoa st FOR CHARLESTON. S The .ost sniling superior schooner HEN RY LEE, Capt Norton, will meet with des patch for the abve port. For freight of 150 to 200 barrels, on deck, or assage, apply to LHGALE, dll 93 Common st FOR LOUISVILLE. 'The light draught steamboat WM. GLASGOW, Littleton, Master, hav ing the most part of her freight on honrnl noefor tile above port this evening,at 4 o'clocke, P M. For balanoce of frieight or puseage, ay ing fine acaemmodationas, apply on board, or to EDLI RD A. BRIDGE, dll 56 Connon ast FOR ST. LOUIS. . ralah The ighght draght fast running S R . MZX N KN ICKERBOCKER, Van"touton, en eat Master. Iaving the mott of her freight enngage', wi leave for the above port on Thursday, 13th inst. at 10 o'clock, A M. For balance of feriht orto EDWARD A BRIDGE, dll 56 Common st FOR LOUISVILLE AND CINCINNATI. I 2 t T iv 'The new and faet runlning steam. hMoat SUSQUEHANNA, Capt. Wy. -- . ie, will depart for the above orts on h Vednesday, the tlth inst. at 4o'clock. P.Ml. Fur freight or passage apply on board, or to J THAYER & CO, dl 74 Poydras at a TnThe Brig ST. SIMON, Capt Packard from N. I Yrk,is dischargttg opposite post At, 3rld Municipslity t -Consignees willpleese attend to tie receipt oftheir goods., dec S& J l WHITNEY, 73 Camp st SR AISINS--500 boxes aM raisiu, for eale by SIldec. 0 H BLISS, 78 Poydras at R IO COFFEE-50 sack prlme artile, for sale by a 1L declt O BLISS, 78 Povdras at sv ELLOW PINE LUMBER-20,000 flat scantline; 1 20 do do flooring; 10 do do weathet boarding. land ing from schr Staunch. fromt Mobile, for sale by detll O. H. BI S, 78 Poidras st IED BEETS--35 barrels iri gond ord.r, for sale by deell 0. H. BLISS. 78 Camp st 1 T HE subscriber, having received a commission as Deputy Surveyor of United States Lands, for this State, offers his services to the public to survey and d locate Lads in any part of Louisiana. As heretofore all operations, either of Surveying or Civil Engineering, such as alignmeonts,sarveys, ianlrs, drawings, Ieveliv ge, profiles, calculatiola of excavation embankmtent, conllltent of a-lls, e. eitber iu town or s country, will bhe promptlv and faithfully attended to. Charges reasonable and terms cash. Office 55 Ba gazine street, in Banks' Arcade. decll-taw-3otn FRED. WILKINSON. SNOTICE. T En mCembers of the Native A nerican Association tof thIis city are notified that a meeting of this so ciety will be held, lprsuanat to adjournment, oil Thurs a day evening next, the 13th inst. at 7 o'clock, at tile Exclhange Iltelo. St Charles street. All native bhre Americans friendly to the ncotsc are respectfelly invited e to attend. S A JONES. Pres't pro ter). y dl-3t L. OGILER, Secretary pro ten. OIIERT II WILITE has remove[ I Io N 40, Poydras street. d10.3t d T INeEE O 011.--10 bils, landinz fro steoambout e Albaey, for sale by G DOR'EY. till 44 Nea I.evce. to B UTITER--O25 firkins ve rey lchoice Goal Butter, Iyto suit flnilieso , b r satle by REiD & B %RSTOW, Id d7 7 Bunk Place ?U T'IlE L.ADIES-Alhkivovn's- lIepillotory, fvrer j: T oving su erflvous hlair flovn tile face, cik and mlllvll with eqtual aloftylnd cert.titvy, leavring tle skin fillter and wanlctr tIan hbellre tile alpllination. A Ieash 1s supply just received at lihe Bazaar. is liUSII & ALLEN, 1, Exchange Hotel, e vr St C arles & ovolo n st Alo--'lTurkilsh Dlve, foIt changing tile W.Viskere is Hair, to a ibeautiful brown or back. S d5 BUSII & ALLEN. S IQUORS--Pure Cogniac and Chalpagne Brandy L in hlalf pien, 40 and 2) gallon casks. Ir Americaln randyf in barrels, and imitation casks, a, and half lipes, ye Madeira Wines ofall qualities, both in wood and d glass, 'eneriffe Wines, Cargo, India market, and London Particular. Sweot Malaga, Samo1, Muscot, Port, anod other ' low priced witen,fbrsale byh WINSTON & SHIA1L, , d7 7 Front Levee e OR SAE--A assortment ofeast Iron Grates 11 and Frames, for sale hy vf M II DEVEREAUX, y d8 26 Tchopitoulas at . O LD COI'PER--000 Ibs o aid Copper, forle by I 1 H IDE.VEREAUX, , d8 26 Tchopitoula. at m rglHE KEEPSAKE FOIL 1839.-Royal Octavo and sr A tnvlendidly bound in crimson silk, with twelve . beautifl plates, d Jenning' l.andscape Atn:ual, or the Tourist in Por tugal, fur 1839. oReeivet this day,and for sale at the new Bookstore of ALEX. TOWAR, ec 8 49 Canmp street. e -EW LA'W RaOOIKS-J ust reeeivtd per ehip ECt a p ,ire, lrom Pliladelvhin, at tile Nee Bookstore, 49 Camp street, Leigh's Nini Prius, in 2 large octavo d volumes, with notes and references to the latest Amler ican cases, by George Sherwood. Archbold's Practice, anew edition, in 2 volumes, for sale by ALEX. TOWAIL. d8 . 1 ACKEREL-Nos. 1, , & 3, landtg l and for a.le :. by s& J p WHIIITNEY, r d5 73 Camp S Al '1'--9010 buserls Cavtiz aolt, ill steks of twIo Sbushe Is each landing from ship Anltioh, vnd for sale by 8 & J P WHITNEY, de1 73 Campnt COOPER'S LAST. SH OME AS FOND-by Cooper; sequel to Ilonme SlThe Middy; a new novel, in 2 vols. d Napolleon Memoirs, or the Evenings at Coambacvree, in vilul tes. Slias Mitford's Country Sloies,. Pei'v Pilgril, by Dr . Bird, in 2 vole. Yankee Notions, ill I vol. e Womntas she should be, by the Rev. I1 WiVnshw. Phyaisiciot' alyanI bty Rubert Mlodie; stld ult r aovelties. E JOHNS & CO, . nov28 cr St Charles Cnonnmon st vd NOTICF. D URING tie tel eorary absenorce o tihe Asbseerihe ll froint the city, Chanrles Brige, Esq. will act as rh his authorised agent, and toVitoim all' hing business - withIthe vndersigned, will ple:se apply. FRIANCIS ILSLEY,JUN. nnoel4 1828--1f NEW MUSIC. s AND Triuampval March of tIle Louisiana I.e gRin. Magaolia, nre Lousiana Waltzes. i In laoe, re JtgerI Ahlv g vg c ai redoublvae, doedieated to tthe Ge nao0 J8gv r Covlvlvacty Sirt of lher diy Variationsa on Balsa' celebrra ed I)vAHt tho laIvelye lvy Mine to-dayl a celehvreed solg, ledicated to Mr. liroughl , all tile abovAe ompos ed by (i P Olaovervria,of Neew Orleaoisn alid evvtnstnvvtl;y on hand a ;Illn oasortment of new, faneniolable ald stall dard nusic, Vocal and Instremental, Englis, French sod German. Fcon eor rby E JOIINS & CO, nov24 cr ofSt Charles o Cuonmmt st OMANCE l)E VIENNA, iy Fravces Trollope, author o f11)ooesaic Manners nvf tile Avlelie;vne,' 0Jonatlmvn Jefferson WhViitaw,' 'The Vicar of\Vbex Sill,"iParis edthe Parisians,' Ova.. in 2 vols. Juot received atd for sale b) SWM. OIKEAN. noIB 1cr aof Calln and Covlnvmll st fr saealn vy T R H YFE & BIO, decl cor Covt & Olagaveivve Str S'I'OVE--O.-5 ee pattern Coal Stoves; l0 tortailelr grat a taves; Iii roovd sheet iroay stoyes, a cb-p. article; also. 3o cvvoLing stoves, just reeoraed in ddil. lton to tlveir former snttk, for sale by S LOCK & CO. N I--Stovea vipea modve to order ad1 put 1 op ill any vIrt el tile City oil tbort notice. S. I. & Ct. IpEACH BRANIY--A lea bbla old and eupertre RED &- BARSTOW, novvl4 7 Bank h'laee ; ANTEI) ivy a Ihlu'gatsre in is ciy, an an~ isuua Oivortvughlvy aeq'laintellwitl tltvA ,pothlcara businessn, 0111ho volvd speak Frenchll vlid give goadr ele;r I ealls. Alv,l,' taboodJI, Itoe Office. coy20 " WVIL BE DRAWN ON WEDNESDAY. 8,000! Capital Prize. Tickets $2 50. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. 1UTIORISEb Actof Lcgilature,Chapter xiii - 1 pgassed March .l, 1828. Clars No. 26, for 111, to be drawn on WEDFIESDA O, Dec. 12th, 1838 at o'clock, P. M. precisely, at the Exchane Ilotel, St. Charlesa st. 1) S G EIGt)IY & Co. Successora to Bail YAtES & Mflclarrax, Maaaegrw. Don 75 Numbers-12 )rawn Ballots. He The Sctheme contains the Prizes of $811Ol Dollar $01100! $,2250! 1,608! 2 prize tof $110t0! 4oft$00! 10 ofa$ . 20toft$110 and An others amoutinga o a , 1820,000! Tickets $0 50-Halvensl 2, --Qnarters 691. Gra Packasgs of 25Tic.a for $62 50, warranted toi draw at leasi .,0, ackagen ofat75 lalfTicketat31 258 :warr ranted to draw at least $15. Packages of "12 Quarler Tickets $15 62; warranted to draw at least $7 50. Ro Drawing expected on Saturday aext, of the following Be GraInd lScheme. Ch 30,000 Dollars! 50 Prizes ofO 000 each!! LOUISIANA LOTTERY. U'I'HORISED by the Act of Legalature, Chapter L..Xl, pnasied March, 1828. Extra Class, No. 18, ftr 1838. 'T bo tidetermied lay tle Ilawiog of the Virtinia Stlate .ottey. For the e.nefit of the town al r eWellbttrp. Class No. 7, fi 1838. o'I',, be drawn atm Alexandrm, Va. Saturday, Dee. 8, 1838. 18 IE SCHEME. ax I Prizcel $5080 $30500 1 10 810 10 10 at I do 61 001 6 00 I do 60111) 6 000 en R, do 3 340 340 th 0 3 1 do 2 520 2 500 t, do 2 )110 1 1011 1t 511 do 1180 50 000 at 20 do 51a1 lollt000l '20 do 38 C0 0 00 N 3 do 200 246 080 128 do Inn 1 126 0 1s- I26 c, 50 60 40 50 3 654 do 10 23 436 10 Prizes, amonntin to nearly $500,008!!! Tckcts $t0--Hav.s $5T-Quarters 'r 50. xl For Packages ori Single T'l'kete, apply at THE MIANAGER'S OFFICE. M.D S GREGORY 8 Co.. av. dl 7 Canal st.. $12,000 CAPIT'AL PRIZE. avTicket, only .1. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawn numbers of the Grand State Lottery, Class 62. t at '75.14,50, 16, 70, 8,72, 38, 56, 67, 5,1. S .ASS No. A I3. Autlhorised by the I.eislature of . B the State. To be drawn TUESDAY, Dec. ax, 10tl, 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. M. at Bishop's Hotel. h S. DAVIS & CO. Managers. 75 Nuanbers-12 Drawn Ballots. '_hr SCIIEME. ,i ..rice of $120 $1 00 o,, 3 01111 3 00 I o do 2 1100 2000 I do 1210 I'0 Sdo 11111) 1 001 5 , 1111 6 5 00110 Frt 2 dx 61 500 I.00 Sdo r 50 1 500 10 do " 00 2 100 a t 80 dlo 15 1 500 N. 20 do 120 4101 nr 158 dto 100 15 800 ir 63 do 5 3 150 r 6t do 40 . 201 S 6I do 30 80090 63 do 20 1 260 at 63 do 15 945 by. 56 do 10 6300 3700 do 8 30 244 23 430 do 4 . 93 744 ine; itnd 27 814 Priaes, amounting to $18 683 at Tickets $4 no- Halves $2 O0--Quarter 1 00 Pacskaes of'L2 'Pickets for $810, warranted rdraw at eLy least $84. at Peckagex of 25 half tickets $50, warranted to draw as at lelast $24 00. 'Packages 2'5 Quarter Tickets $25 00, ti warranted to draw .t least $12. For Packages or single and Tickets, apply at the MANAGERS' OFFICE, or 10 16 Chartres It l---- iFREE SCH1iOOlI LOTTE.RY. - - , LASS No. 48 to be drawn on exdnesdav next, the r r 12th Dcmlttber, 1838, at 5 o'cla k, P. M., in o' Batks' Arcade. -l aa J. K. MI.ADE Mana~enr. N. 72 Number Lottcry-- 2 Drawn Ballots. $1 P1izef i$ • i $8 00 1ita I do 4 0080 is 4 110 SI do 2 500 is 2 500 era. d 2 1100 is 2 800 till 1 do 1t360 is 13m01 habc 5 d t, I080 is 5 o00 itd Alnd others, nlllauntlng to $178 910. Casrllh advanced fcr prizes ue soonl as drawn. ° Pc.kages 'f .4 tickets $9)i, warranted to, draw $48 40, and mIay draw thi e fcIr tfirst capitala--shlares i proper Oiat. For takCtR. ntaply at Ithe 31ANAGEI2'S OFFICE, I43 tagnzine et., Adjoining llat' BI ulletin 'Jcice ard No. 8 Arcade. d110-d3t I USn IANDING per ship Flavi,., and Sam, Ross lter, Irom N,ow York alnd Pltiladcltphia' 400 boxos Gilass, Fretnch antd tBaltimore ailltltr. tory, mtttaurillg frle,, 9Iy 2 toxB i'- by 36, 'la, illclusivn, watrrallted ulperior quality. 4 ,xrt I 'lcrre S ,irils of Tu1ntline. kin 4 barrels \Vlitie. eab ''8 do sxtlttrilr l ine, Philh. tnat'dl 1140 is Yel ,w Ochre, N 10 bhls superior Varnish, Copal, superior and cn t N. 1, coach do, a 57 gallo,.s mastic superior V~trnlh, 62 dnlz ,,ssorted itrttshle. andt Sash tools; I' do do white walt,lhruthes aIdVarnieh do 25 packa King's Gold Leaf, manxfactured Phila. 5 cases Crone, Green and Yellow dr, for sale ada, wholeale and retail, by MONI)1L8.I, CARDS IC' PRINTED at the shortest Notice, in the most elegant manner, in Black or Colored Inso, on Enamel. led, White Flake, or Plain burfaced CanDS, and at Prices very reasonable at TRUE AMERICAN OF FICE, corner of P'oydras and St. Charles ats. &a.eral New and Beautifil Founts of TPEr haes just been added to the Establishment. Orders received at Compting Room, St. Charles Ezehange, 3rd door from Gravier st.,or at the Printing Office, corner of Poydran & St. Charles ttreets. noel-if 1N STORE & FOR SALE-Groceries on tl, usual terms, and at the lowest wholesale rates. Alaba ma andl ronnesse money taken as heretofore. 286 bags Rio Coffee, 100 do Green Rice, 26 do Havana, rew crop, 46 barrels Loaf Sugar. 6i7 socks Java Coffee, 137 boxers Tobacco, varous brands, 6011 boxes Raisins, }, ; and wholes, 275 do Sperm Candles, 25 do Tallow Candles, 218 tierces new Lice, 40110 bags ooar,e anti fite Salt, 12 casea Table Salt, 60 boxes each, 25 do Pickles, with a general assortment ofoth. ergroceries, for sale by WVINSTON h. SI.ALL, d8 7 Front .evee Oficc Ne we Orleans f? Nashville Rail Ron Co.I Dre. 7Lh. 18381. FOR T'IIE RACES EVERY DAY. A TRAIN of Car will leave thie IDepot, at thle foot of Canal street. l)epart Retnrn 10 1A I1# 11 liti 12 1, T2 Jf . I P.M. I;P. M. P.uaage fifty rnts, which a.ill entitle each passenger to two tickelt, to go, thetother to rettar. i' Passeo.ers are. particulnrly relquested to purchase tickets, as by it Illut.h ltoeioi,f ttocl a delay wilt be on. veil to thel collectors. JAS. J!. CAl.DWEL.L; d1--tw ', - President M EDICAI. BOOKS--Just recessedcd nd or sale at ithe new lcioksltre. 49 Camp streer: Abercreolmie oil tie ttomnclt and brain, 2 vole Armstrong' P'ractice, 2 v2le Bell's Anaomv, 2 vols-Bell on the Nerves Beck's Medical Jurisprudence com, lee's Snrgery,2 vcto Cutler on Bandares Curiosit,es of ledical Experience (Cper's Strical L)ictiol.nry tDuegiosa's Physiology, 2 vnae I)ewerrs on Child en--lkween on Females Elarle'as iractioe--Ebtro.s TIerapearies--to. on children CGil. tll' Surgery, 2 vats' (;uoat:l's !i.lwilcly lGerhulrd o, tile Chest lcrtner'a Attatoly, voYn tloaper'a Medical Dictioaery Hlall ona the Nerves Kramer an the Etar-Lcmlee on Ile Cheas Lonti on Ptltisis--l.oui on Fever 1cia's nlidwiuerv-jMclutosb'u Practize,2 vols 'Wood & Itache's D)ispel.atmty hkc &c &c Cantalogues at the stole. dI0 ALEX. TOWA R. SONN lT'" BOA RI D -J a ,t received per Shakspeare B white and brown Boanet Boards, ftr sole by 1) FEIT & COt, d7 • N Y Stationers Hall, 24 Chartres et SXCIIANG E on Philadelpbi for rale by ,I . J I'P\VHI'PVEY ie~c7 7.1 Canal st I)LANK tOI)KS--J st received per Slrkspeare i) Trit Nerw York,20011 quires hal,lth,.,d Cap, rul. ed for I.reders, Jouranls, tlui.:e a.lle Iecr looks o fi tr sle t low ti wholesale or retail. 'Purchasers woulld do aeell to all its oIvmy will tid a larger assortm,'ltt thlan tt afty utic Ihue.e in thCity:iV hIAVID FELT & CO, Ne York Stationers Hall, d.e,.7 214 t',: tr, o 1t FIttI'--llli brls aInling front teamilloat 'Tibher and for rIle Ily G D: I1SE0V, dInl 41 New Levew 8t. Charles Tieatre. Fifth night of the engaganent Gd Laet Mr. JAS. S. BI.WNE. I THIS EVENING, DEC. 11, Will be perfornmed the grand Opera of THE MOUNTAIN SYLPII. Baille Moewhapple, Mr Page, Donald, Planter. Sir A Christie, S Cowell, Lord Helm, Archer, Elias , Mrs De Mar, Etheria, Harriaon, Over An Overture by the Orehetra. Grand Pas seal, by Mnd'le Ravenot. To conclude with the Play of ROBERT MACAIRE. Robert Macaire, Mr. Browne, Bertnrand, Coll, Charles, Deher. Manr, Mre. Farretr. am Mr. Dress and Maasquerade Salls. M MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. -EW LEVE.L STREET, Ilmmediately in front l Sthe .ntoa boat laudingn The above esta.lts- I meant will be re-opened on unaday evening,, 11e.. , VV 1838, forths season. Ball days. aundyoe, 'enni e, and 'rhurdavv.. Said establishment will be furnished wilth the ohloiest liquors, and a good Resatrat will be attached to it. The managers of said establishment have engage tI C a1 sumafcient Police oefficer to keep good order ithrenghoul ret the establishment; theft will be a place to deplnsit ee cloaks. cates, &c. No person shall be admitted in tile Hall Room with weapons ofiany kind. by ove28 h J V' NUAl.B FUR 1839:T C l5 atl tire Annaal, London;N Filen's Gallery of Graces; The Imperial, London Annual and Alonrie A Vatts, Clhristaias 'ales, for 1839 W Youig Lady's Annual, for 1839; yoeuna Gentleman'e Annual, lfor 1839; The ilt; The l iolet; g E Johns & Cao' Louisiana Ahlmaon fir 183 dt Just.eceived and for sale JOHN CO E JOHINS & CO, aOlA7 cn r St Charles tr Common a - NEW PUHLIUATI'eNS. - J dTrhIhE Strangerin China, by Downing; . The na ritils Henate, ln r vole , Romance of Vienna, by rs I'rollope, 2 vela; Pelayo" tie last of the ioths, in 2 eols; Peter iilgrim, by Dr. Bird,2 eols; Pieiola, trmuat the Frenchl of Snintinme; The Wife Hunter, or tile Moriarty family; Land Sharks & Sea Galls, by Captain Glaas cock, R N., i 2 ls, for sale b H CO, nov24l er St Charles b& CMonun t B I HE ealrrier lmaing tken a cnsmmt dioa t fireo 0n 8proofwarehmoue, respeactfully oflers li, serevies to Sthe merarlats nd traders of New Orleans for the par Schas and sale of bides, fito and poltrien, and to repack t ithe sate, as well as wool, to~.e, hemnp, tolacc, dor) 8 gmcld, &e. c. .He will also erceivse ny kind of ner. be 8 chlndize oi storage, 1t 155 Tohlupitualas street. d3 de3 R W E..IOT'. SSTEAMi BOAT BILLS. S WNERS, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS of STEAM BOATS Con knee their Billt struck off, in one, CI h or more Colored Inks ao Plain or Colored Paper, ith M u despotch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their OND O se atTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner oft 5 Podere and St. Charles streets. 0 Nev29--tf T S1 T EHICAN BRANDY.-- bblLs th prof Aleri 14 an Brandy. for sale by Dc ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, nov 26 14 Maparninst t at HOUSE FURNISHING STORE. B IROWER & Co. have constantly on hand lat B. their exte.sive establishnlent, No. 17, Camp St. , and 84 Common streel, a very large assortment of In house keeping articles, consisting of Eoarienware. B China and Glans; lrass and Steel Fire .et.s and Feidere; Kitchen lcrensils; Iron, Tin, Woodware and h n Baskets; sihler plated,brittannia and joapanned goods; - amps and euandelicrs; kaives and forks, and house ftraishinag goda in general, wlhich they are prepared to supply at reduced pricee to private ldwellings aboardinglhouses, hotels,shlips, steomiboats, kt. New Orleans, Nov I, 181:. - 1 NGLISH ANNUALS FOR 1030--The HBook of SRoyalty, suoperb l'd plates. Flnden's Todlctmatx Fith n'as Gallery of Graceie; Fisher's IDrawing laiot Scrap IBook; leutyv's Costname; Buds and Blaossoms; Waverly Keepisake; The Imperial Oriental Attnnaal; Forget Ale Not; Caricature Annual; Friendshlp's Offering;i IJuvenile Sketch HBook 8- You ttg ILd'es' Anntal; r- Young Gentlepjoltn's Annual. Acierican Annuals. le The Taken and Atlantic Soevenir; T'Ite Violet; The Gilt; Thlr Juvenil Foret.lemNutl. Jsit recitved and for alea by t cEA, tdee3 corner Camtp alnd CmmOlltltlcm si 36, EW ICRIRANS & CARIROtLLT)ON RAIt. N ILOADU I().--NIITICI.--) In anl aifter the Ist Dee., 183:8, tntil fnrther notice, on Extro night Car will leave the cnarbode, I',ydrna street, it halfl past II o'clock, P. M. flie l.arayette tnl intermedilate places. Single Tickets 37 12 cent., or ;t $35 pier hundred. I JOIHN HAM9lPSt, I. d now2v9--f Chf. Eng. N. O.& C. R. R, rITI: F sibhcrihero have eno on hal and for mln- e. T Hlkob *cribee havrehoeoa on hanol andlior sale: J 0I1 bqxes extra so.p, braol of'James Gould.' 300 do iSitatilo Not do 250 tallow candles, brand of Jaockono 4Trowbridge 400spenn candles, N Bedford and Nantucket 50 boxes Judd's patent do do 3041 do codfish 100 do manufactered tobaeco, varios brands 20 eases sweet Spanoish choeolate 200 caees hymvn and young Hyson tea 50 boxes paste blacking 300 kegs loston nails 16 casks w nter strained sperm oil 200 Sicily, Madeira Wine, in pines, Ialf pipes, qr casks and octaves, entitled todebenturs 200 ceio bale rope 100 bales Hampshire sheetings, shirlings, 4r drillings 200 Lowell cottons, 718 and 4-4 cottonadee, and lin neys, kerseys, suitable for negro clothinc. ISAAC BRI I)GE&CO, dec3 134 Maeaiine at Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, Pamphlets, Show bills, Cata logues, Ac. kc. [lTORDERSfor the Above, and every other des. eriplionof JlPRIN'TING0 received at Compling Room of"'TRUE AMERICAN," in ST. CIARLiS Ix cUANsE, 3d door from Gravier street, or at the Printing Oflice, corner of Poydras and St. Challes streets. Eztensive and beautiful BooR and Jon FOUNTS, from se best Foundries inthe United Statle, hivejust been added to the already telltstocked Establishment; -and ORDEtn will be ezecuted as Low, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and Beautifully, as at any other Office in the City. Noel-tf ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. SPLENDID Lotdot Annuals,-lThe IBook of Roy alty, superb ol'd platles; Fioden'a Tableaux, etd Italler of Gracer' Fisher's Drawing koom Sketch Book; Bealties oCttulteo,-Bods and Bloesuontri Waverly Kee.ake,--'l'lhe Imperial; Orientat Annul; ,Forget te Not; Jordlun's Portait Alnuul; Caricatlre Annual; Comic Annual; Frietdslip'a Offeritng; Fisher's Juvenile Sketch Ilook; Young ladie's and young eentlemen's Aunual. Alaric, A Watts; Chtertmas Tales. American Annuats. The Token and Atlantic Souvenil; Tihe Violet; Tte Gift; Mrs Gilman's annual Regliter & Ilousen ife Almanac. Almanaoc's. America Almanac & Repository ofUselil Knowledge Blunt'n Nautical Altuaac; EJoltna & Cn's. Louisiana Almanac; Crockett-Comic-German Almanac, Stewar's Diary for 1839, containing a blank memo. raedum for every day of the year. E JOHNS & Co., cornerofSt Charles and Comnon sta. nov 28--5w INES & CORDIALS-Per Julia, from Bremen, and late arrivals, Rhenisk I'ines. Nierrnateineir, Mareobrunner, Gracfenger, Hmohhei metee, Thatnoisbereer, Steiebeger, Oar I.ady, .tik, Steit. dr Leiotest, Sparkling Hock, and Rhenll Wine Glasses. Red and White, celebrated brands. Sparkling, Rom.n@ e, Canbertia, Clos de Vogeot, Ilrdeawx. Ca ltea Latte, and Chitesu .aoegaux, I.bovile, rose, lite St. Jien ans St. Btnioi Pa'lmer Mar. rx, ia aoeste 3do.. (ous Estepheand StJuliek LTable Claret. White Wines. Hlenittge, a1u.rne, Baresa a Gnd Gravea. Deseert inurr. Genuine I.tmen and Fromnigneu Muscat. ladeira, old and pure as itmported in canna. Brandy. td Champaaege, in b.rele of 30 galls,? d ttd in 1-4 pipeo. Genuine tlarsshieo ald di Zara, do blaretilue ttl Btoar.iaux otrdialsn W tile and Red lordetau Arisette i eoses, Oldl Ralala di Grraoble. Abuvntli e ah Kirsehwasset, Botrleua Brandy"r Fruit, White Inordesna Wine Vinegar, For eane by F JOINS & CO, so,'2l cor of St Charles & C(lmo n at RK . I.I.EEl'M--L6 bbls etoo, tod 3I do prttne . Pork;, 16 do Beef, at the inspection, for sale by G DORSE), ,I 4I New li.esre bl'l.e Buredce Ila Ctotpagneic tlsnrntoe tes Pomap:er, ast traselmrte an No t, rue dl Caep. 7d .) AISIIS-3011 boxes nnrl 200 half boxes, Ftenct I Inainine,f.ehb impeortatio, for sle by T R IIYIDE& l3i10. d, c cor Com A &A Mlgazinest Is CarWp st. Tlcadte. Last tight but one of onte egageoen of te celas. hrated poronater of.Vonkee Charactet MR.MARBLE. This Evening, Dcember It, Will be perfnrmed the celebrated Comedy of THE WEDDiNG DAY. Sir Adam Contest,' Mr Jolanon, Lord Ruktelaund. Fieldilng Lady Conteet, Mrs Barrett. Ovearure, by the Orchestra. After which the Paree of THE BUSTI WHACKER. Cornshell, Mr. Marble, Roger. Reppel, Oaor, Fielding, Orarzny Moll, Irs Greeae. The whole will concllde with the Drama of 8AM PATCH. gam Patch, )lr. Marble, Mr. Tobias, Gilbert, Henry, Fielding, Miohnel, Oreene. Katharine, Me Cowell. Dres.i & Mlasquerade Ball, WASulHNGTON BALL 3ROO1 Bt. Pbilip street, etween Royal & Brlrbon. UInd Manager oftite shave named Ball Rooam,grate Sfatul to hia friends and the public for the snepara. t olled sfmconge .or eetr on him torsevnerl ne.,at, respeclfully inorms thelm that the establishment has it been enlaged for the amnaemntt of vi.s.ito, and un dergone llte.see repairs. The tbar will be earpaceod by noonh ih qnlity ol lqtooree, nthe sReatatts ll be k ept by the ablest Reeturrastur in the Ultied nStates. The room will re-open on Saturday evetong, 3rd of November next. by a GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALI.. and will take Jloe an nnsal every Monday, Wedelns day and SatPlrdy unvening, during the season, which will aend on tile lot mfc May, 1839. N. II. The reRtentI atltentlion will be paid to beep ing perfect order throughout the ealbli6hment t. was c done last teasoo. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! 'r VER THE ECLIPSIR i 4~Oid/..-Full MNeef k pc i"18:lt . Juldgee of tile wining stland. r) lion Alex Porete, rest. IDr Danvid C Ker, Cathe e bertoullilt, Esq. J t Sterreu, Pec'ry. Distance Jodliet. JoIhna Slidell, H C.Cttlmmackr Eqgs. LM Jolhn Hagn jr., Minor Kenner, t M Jones, William me, Christie, Charles Clegg. Rieh'd. Hagaen. Peter Crear. Dr Benty, H W Palfrey,T M Doyle, Merrik, and B i M Read. ir Ladies Coenuittee. Mof tnteWl White, Joe M Kennedy. R M Ctter, Al Jmearho, D)uncan Kenner, Hugh Willsnn. Proprietors Purse, $12011. Three iler heats. Time betwen healts 5 minutes. I)istance 130 yardo. . ITRace to come oil at onenotlocick. Y. N. OLIVER, Proprietor METARIE RACES POSTPONED. B)YOrder'ofthe Club, the Raest on, tile iMetar urewill be postponed tt;i Wednesday, the 12th Dec., instant. N. 1t. The Jockey Club iurse for $*000, 4 milt heats, will Ie run for on Saturdaay, the 15th instant. An adjourned Ineeting of the Club will take place on Tuesday evening, the I th instlat, at I past 6 o'clock' at the Echantg Hotel. N.. 19. Members badges will be ready for delivery at the meeting. S M ItEAD, tlli Secretary METARIE JOCKEY CLUB. A MIEETINtG of nemnhers of this ('il!,, will Ioe held at No. 19, E.c:llhne lHotel on Tesday evening. Ilthinst., at l past i o'clock. A flill meeting is lt. quested,ls business of importance will be brought be. fire the Club. S i REAl), dt Slc'y TO MERCHANTS. [J'MEIRCHAN'TS carn hnae a ItEAUTtIFU Ctace. LsU struck ofatfour hours NoTICE, by .istlagat tht Comlpting Room of TRUE AMERICAN PtaINTNe OrricE, St. Chlarles Exchange, a ljiuintg the RIzu IN o RooM at Corner of Gravier street,,r at the I'rinat ing loffie, cornerof I'oydras and .1. Calle, e gtreets. iEXCIiANIGE ILi I)1ING RI t lH. lHE .roprietor Ilus r.-lIted his Reading the Stt. l h'Mah .xlongr, ,Coruer ,,t 1ravier and St. Charles street, In tle neatest not ner. Besides all the orilcipal iuapoers of the Unlitorl States, of every city anid state. the Cuutdas,T'reas and MHeil co and llnvCauna, tole room is regularly andl etensive iv suaipllied with the laeat E,,jrott p ,ers, I.,od'd .i.aet olad Pl'ica'o Price Cutrelt. Also willt Ieatly all the Itterary Pcrodicals of the day, and has the re ublications of the Lonon, Edinurg, WesVtminster cl-oirollitan Retwews and tlackwoule Mnagazine. The North Amorican Ileviewji thle Soottbero Liter Ir, Kiiek' boeker,'TheAmelica'u Journal of Sciences and Aris, Cabinet Miscellany Democratic Review, Gentlemlea's Sgazine, Atmerican monthlvy, tenly's Miscelleny, the Mexico Chirnrgical Review,antl a variety f alariet, All tllese works atereHgutlrly e tibtcrllld for e tl reeei. ted. The tout is alu Ulolied willth a IarCe vatiPty 'ofmtpt atd etlaseo, Niles BRegister, l.ory's trice Cur. trlent from it.r tcoUttrtecolelOttt GgIaeers, uad a variety of works ofreftrenwe. ilte inouLtative& i itelligent newseolleetorl areet ploved, tm give tit earlieot arrivals, and no pains nor en penae will he spartell to render tite RLeadiugjlcoa the first thie United Sastes.a Soubtriptions are respectfully receive t. nett l--Itf NEW ORLEANS & CA-RROI.L.-TON IRýAIL ROAD COMPANY. i ARRNGoo NT FtonR THO WERE DnIt. From Carrollton. ltom New Oldelih. lorse Ca at 4 o'lok, A M. notrse Car at 5 o'cl, k, A. Locomotive l" " LoOllrotie 7 ' 10 IA IG S ,o 1c , a .. 6 " " 7 " " a After 10 o',ulOk a Car can be obtained by paying 10 del. Ian for the Trip. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCAR. LeareColal strt et t6 jclock, A. M. tnd run Jhorly. At alfpast 7 o'Tlock this car will tolmence running ever healf hour, and continue throughout the day uutil o'lohek, P. N. from the hcltd ofiJackon street. Persons going by the Locomlotive must provide themtLe ve with Tickets, at no money will hbe taken by the conduetors.. Office New Orleans and Corrollton Rail Road Comptayd Poydrua street. JOIIN HAMPON, uovo9 Chief Elg.N. O C. R. R. CARD. rTHlE Principal of tle English, Frenchb and Spanish Academy, No.14, S. Chatrles street, announcee to his friendo and tite putlic with entisfaton, that hie institotiot ia now in successful operation, that he hopes cotl to liavr his Comltimetht ol pupils, which will he limited tt ifty, Ho ttites this opportunity of assuring paernte that nothing IshIll be warlting, which mao contribute to the colfort and inltprovement of their onal. d7:? 138 NEW B0OIK-STORE. ALEXA .II I( T OWA It,. late of t'biladeldhia. is i now 0, eing, at No. 49 Cutup street, a new and very valahfle rsorthlleot if Lte, .VidcTal, 'eologico, Scoool ndJand . ·celea Books. • wltichb will b'" eohl On vettry tesotIIble terts, lie will receive itb c lw ItOg 00us leo' nrte publised, and hken, constan tly all the wtrki of tle w.pular autbhors. tits stock being lltirel noew uoi very citenivr. country tervhantt, ntd prlressional genltlemen will d well to call before ptorchasltg elsewhoure. dec 8 RINTS-46 eases, ontainineg French and Ameri S can I'tlos, landitig from solilo Pharsalia, for sale by ItAAC BRIDGE & CO, dl0 34 Magazlne et DICE--0 caks new crop Caroliina Rice, londing frolt brig Almitt, for sale by WHitlTRIIGE & CO, dl0 l76 Magazine at 1RINTSt. 9 ca e Freuch and Amterican ILrint, for I saley WiIItTRII)GE & COt, d10 76 Magazine at LOUIR-4011 lirresaTa{-ijg- lnty too antetahoct Hudon, and htr sale by G. I)ORSEY dIO 44 New .enee t UNNY llA*t-ii-3 htalo 3m heo l bag itn stote -J and Ior naeby G II)I0SEY, dlt 44 New Leoce MlA1'ORiUVl' Oli d _NEW OuLLEAR 7, PIlE Ionkteol fiesl flout to-dy is $5 2 per barretl U cOorudig t the tri'; the bukers shall give du ritg t11e nasuing week Iuru Mtlday e I0,) i350un. ees of hrrend fur t lh. Bread of the setondl quality a reuaired to wegh '5 pe cent, nlorre, via: 43i ounces. deB C. lIENOIS, Mlotr. 1..O`I1I NG-7 rcoes emaonable Clothitg, landing _f oolu s. Bazaar, for sale by - t o , iSEAAC BRIDGE & C., di' 13 l Mageaiaeo at A CARD. iI ý.1 JONES, Puroessor tf intilng, the f ttilor Srdl a Patl tion'te, tegs tIn Ul Ice her nrrival fru Gilasgow, .Itt'fIu evoal eart's practi Oce ul Edin Itur_,bold (;htrgow, scie iftiter rseli liiat Iter sys tetrof inolruottion illgive sctitttsli.tottn topuils. 'J',stiminu'0 us to catp ttailty, &c. coul be shown, on alplication t, Mrer. Mll lard's, Il Rttyul slreet. S'LE IIAItEAI;It lt . -l ottr c ase Pttgteo, ae F sltetl eoloro ; I case thlacv pnittern, for sale by SdEI''01 N & AVe.rYI di 88 Gravier et. ) IliSb -I,, it° - ,alflbrie,--or fu le r e S'IE'It'SJN '. AVERY. Is88 Gravier at. Sidelplin, and Mdchllirc Banuk of N Y.rk, for salet by decli tUlili I.T'ElItS, II7 tIl Leree

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