Newspaper of True American, December 11, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 11, 1838 Page 4
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S*fapppprla*d LTe ai na Hote.l, EMAit! KItKLAND resepeettflly an. le atlpnes to her iond,. and the public gone: Il: .hd is preaptd to accomm,odate thli at I etI . stahlishtlmct, and hopes riun her lstliLonato render visitors comforthblo, to rorivo I nltiatlapee of fbrCnur favors. She feels conefi leti thLt parsons visiting COvintglto during the p nlertloth, e niteL f ind bettr accoOrm:odatioins tht sh+.e afford tLhce, dn moree literal terms. Ti ua3es pleasantly situltod, itnd well lsupplied i Wth every convenience; the hbar is furnished with n tenmost ohoice liqitors, &0. in h.ort,uhe promises P ttI.ithllar shell Ira wnnting" o her part to give -Altir. fiideetion to all who insy ptlmtniza the .lalypbi and Louisianua [Iotel. - 3 it. . i PTllI PUBLIC. CTio-h , undsign l Cg studied under Dr. Scl.midt of Charleston, 4Lth Carolina, and for some years Ils assistant in tlilpsaetieo of medicine and surgery, has the honor t.o'i . his prolessionel services in this city. lun s the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which 1 ml ma.. de; ead also offers his oervices to the p hosloi of slaes, being, well acquainted with the at dilase common to them, having attended them in tIewiger Imuseoin Charleston. STPhe &mous antibilions pills ater the composition o! r SmollOtte, 'with directions, can be had of undersigned. The effect which they have ( in this and other cities, has been attended the greatest success, to which the bont of elmoe s can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mlag. aitle Iseet. JNO. M'LORING. ltILLOW WAR., WOOiD)-d;REW-S, SAD IRONS, &e. I E HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bookmta street, New York, hadve received the paut season, and are constantly receiting largo and extensive additions to'the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing asorjtmnnt, suitable for the southern and western markets. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2' difflrent sizes, froem 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, friom 3:8 to 30 galloos, Kettles, 15 tizes, fror: 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditrrulnt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Sliilleto, - - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 0 do Ortddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . do Wagon boxes frtmo 1 1 4 to 4 3 1 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 ilnhres. Wood Screwr , 20,)000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 ilch, No, 24 of a suporlor quality antd finish, and less that Jamlc's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retaililg. ' .ilut's and ia.tor'n Irons, assorted. Saslh wighits, 100 tuno, assotled from 1 4 4 to 20ths. Dels for PIl:rtations, steamboats, churches, &c. nalle to order, Also staauhboats and other mtachiery made to order. The at ove assortment of goods is partilularly recommended to thl attentcon of Southernlt and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, aidl upon til most lib.ral teries ;it is le. lieved to be htb largest and best. assortuent . vcr ffl-red for sale by any o:se eetabliohtnunt in the United States. Merchatntl , by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prni, d circular, with description of goods, prices and tiers, frot which no deviation is ever imade, furiiished by return o:f nm.til. All orders will receive imnlediate attention. New York, 1838. E 3 " whioN SVI LI' n i l P li l li -- U od .rou ,tde s L ,, Is Ilon :tiii y il l ll i lt 1 IJn e "i o, ti! W hntro of I. n s & asktll'' |ickle for i Jt t l o i oh,: Cii cuu .i nmcntl b , b . .\At VIY' " \l )lil. ,VS, " l ! con C+llllltlll It'o i, · hoo l |,a l e lp ,l! O r .ti'- Ni l l, ine ,' I tio:,. oucd ch tri, lt. l cl' l l u T',vulh l'irele ,. oi nLI dleh'+t '.trcrl. m^t9. Appy to J OTT', dirt drl. ill rtea o I i,' .l ne I I, n ClIA~IA'LfN & COOIPFR . i . tI . a: rot. i te tn i lvol C p m i l tcr i 'o Ip ., of i tlll quo .L ii oo+, iil o oi ery esieritr urie laid, liM and wiitne Ulll,,I : t no ri tl! rInilld r.ugl edge rucurI lAUl) fOl'r & t'0. na31 N ' istniiinls:' loll, ;L"i Chartres st. Bi-t tý BAGS Sb.hs,;,u. 5:,,; " m; >,d I g, o l de " A C 'er liI i ion 1 1 L do) th f2 lde T, P' Port, 1t511; i l .li , IO .'% , iIl W N , l\). Slt "1,d zti stiree-t. and Bildi., na..t'l e:1 eunited ,it 'obr Irtoli:', I o "ISAAC I0II11G 0 ('O. etmt 13I Ma-lazine estreet. - -- KENT. A NEW iwi. stit v hritk I oose, nitnottal 5 doors front ither ii: Ildl urc i illlt' luh l,Oii'.S t flllol r.Ii s sliet. i.tut very I:l:s, inoi :oniO given 'llmeiiuntatcly Fl'mlir:ti e lIn t: +- t__ '__ If . 1 10 i l)IL.EiIY, 41 uNew I. ' C.Si - li- ON oi.a Or, ' I,v t . . I i5 ti'? I( I)lltlt 'V IIN rw lvire, ii nln. ia Atli Ittit;-,. i toier i,,ueoiio,,,l 0 I Oti l; ItsR;os bioo ,tg frtom.. A,,,;t odt, , li roole by " ,.httkl' & AIE;I.UNt, m19 17 Ctomerce st. frtrout stetinmeor cuti ofthe dis ;lfor lntY o Jre.t i5 llltllm ttlert. e tc dr .,rtst, Ntnv.14, 1 1817. SBQOT ix months ago I had tho e mtdsfnteo to fit ra eltotors fortor Cre, old they did Rolir itlle. so I OW on tilttheroe date l pot nlyoelf utllder tlt Cote of ttII t HNetand I t expect i O t I I. ice ht tiOle present li e.r. lot adlout of th lll disloe- llo- tll ller one t 1r fuland 1 1 a olflll v aArN till te llled - Flilleh le in e . ine fhsaitll vel, r wl aud not nor iill the riglht nidl of the ltroot. tI eo oo tt lott ri o oyelt neontf eatly o der the ctre of lr. le t, of Ploulr es ito he perfetly cored Jo)llA )~EAN. (oo 14 ly SlleI CRi TIFY hht the f irtute o meni otrM rlinoet it rie winoll roori to II dtl. . sti ollncon lli,r nti ttai Dr. loti a tJo eier I a, ,1 (;rv tter street. nree, ha tand tleo teill i ftot d oaislie lose no itr 1e an od a rl n to D ir A. tort, lil t C wol atrrat, berortwe n ttoo t re fnd Iorbon trhts. knoe. Hueti oft hott trot,, it o'rlo nel, f I, until IPA ]tt. If naroone onots Io 00e 0 ttonll o No.4t 40iatrion 'lo be tpublisled It tiro ulloti'r of r:. lluet, JOllN IEAN. New TOrlseae. Frt, I, 1:13A. fob Itv Itlvetlw rlt h t Ian e tlo irtles f ,o lit t trI e r l tntd herbs konwoil ,inllOllg fhe hldihll ii. e]]. tatiOLe + ill ullrillng plllo lllry coltll Llaintt . Tl e uir' ivalld s,.Rss which boy atteinded the -e rof this iFstylllmlle1 le lb l n m thbcrst-.r il thlo o Lof ionnao Jotflll. ts oll rlll o ed the ollllldr.ulue l nlr td l lae plne altl - tions of relotctltabl o thytialell, ir tIe cillr of .OuLlS colde, Iain itt tlte sido, Want tf ro0t, yittittg or blood, liver comphainti &t. To whttn it Iloyv coleern. othis i to (;otiry that we have tIo our practior freo.tutlly preoorittd Irt third nar'b ndiai ll.tlsAl or LiverWort a ,d I ltl,:ltolllld, w ntit a deeideiotott|o eoire t \e Lanll tht.roft'tt tlltol Iht. klllWo. nltge of ltht inllttrinl4 it is nlmde frotmh ol , hoSe ¥.,ulul atl eeo rotto ltttt it ooi Itt niI o erio ' prepmn[Illl .r al t ibtte oaoe tiOlt of Ihe Io os: tr ,vtlch it is i mttnotnlel. At.BERT VIItLI VMS, I. I). CALVIN ELI.IS 1. ID. MIolnhes of tht Boston Medical Ass.cintion. Boston, Octottr 25. ale by JARVIS & AtORI' -S, ,, t " -it:lrn l l ' thl e irtllltt tt o I. T IiER'S El'orve,'eent logttsiaott Aertlient--Ft.r Sdypepio ot iu rligestinf , onervot,t tdotitt , atiddi n.ce,headaohe, nir,lity of tlhe o t u:teh, hnbisnalcls' lmaaena, ertttotoleudis.naes,fott oroto,!,t oalldtucll Sated n eos n nentle, etolino Ico r-tativr. Thin dleirhle prearation hlis r.ehiverl tile nitrotI nae.of tasty etiletnt onulters of t e pttf.tosi t,,ltl trman a [ise r flnl ruin llc ,anyr. uli C e-able sird Illltrlir ninnd tertitloinos t fits nlfit.ay a0 a mlldlircit ha llov bl.ll S elicited. Wiltl all tle pleh nlr et ulites of It luass il eodate-wa or. It p),.estestthle actinve nor ale r)plertieC of thet mt nolpr :eoI satllmts purtatives; it ts leusantt to lt.e goratefil t th rtttlh. S IMPOIII'ANT' (AU'I()t --'l'ho itoro.nitg rOptlht. lion anld great demand for BItleo's .lffereaeellt alnlttt ln Aperient an icnt. eenan n ildltoni met t fotr othels to of. for al imtitntion of this vahlable Interl titlo, P srhuert are par ic,,laly warned a tthie fant that tll,ty mnv bo on ,heir t ullrd, elid not pl'etrtt an tlpoar trlile. " The pohlic are re.tpethllly infir ell thattlip nhsr. Intrware constndly stpptliled i h tle orrig otI anl ge ntnilo prp.raoti us. Fotr oale whoI rulte o d re'al. SILKI.FE. tt ). "otnto. mil. 40 Canal etret, N O. ndgrotnh of ilair,Sit ing health atd Leottt t,a, al'rentino bhldlntrr. tefore thin Hair tOil w.o ofl.relI to he thblir, it ho, aten Oril- in httllrdt l f fa ser of laldneto, thitttec,n all, ,iIl ,nln fahttl haoir. anttd ievery illtlett its "suliear, * ich t :,rtr Iten realooI. It haseotterftilhd to prodht; a .wnolant heeatiftl eruwtlt of hail ont blted nltarad hatId. In eao-. ' where it becom*es d ry and r c esen to eera thin coil w ili erv -oot ronler it healthy, and )trodlteo ra.,,id an he.outiful grot.lth of Ihair. wit'lott the leat i nrvy to te 'the Oil giveRe 00, agreeltle frt at t t and i prferahl lrtoo an other It it )il lfr pt ltllt~ntlg', , aruInnpdhltroinV Ilte hair. tl'hu h i n t" -b o o ti t-ri .: - "r ' "-r it F or oale at , .Es & D'I.A: GE. SIMMibO flA g.Pt&recin.aaaiwnocietitrag Nli: Io n hoard ahip'Odsnnans Eag|., Highllander, i'okrr lary Allndr'w FrencL and German 'hly 'ardil; ftk pitnm!ont loarda"; O(esllmen. 21-4 aril 23.!iu'h I:il a.rd alls; 8,9.!0 ind I-i inch bladee liuiei Kii'e" I.mflher andl olh{.ir ti'trlili ('caiene C|nr s ;rc t 11 IbiieheI, Fhl.trul,, 'in, atm! I)imallca I'i'I''l CI: ll al incle barreflhd launsa Game rtgi; Soimt lIdha; Powdt a P istol ia ksl i " in ; o tme tls :ut l lritti; netp im s"ia ailth Pt' der; 'o ' l>t am n I a h vin nilnll in ret" V Ear-dinllps; \\igal laeklu : Biriin etaa; Head Netkaies ' .r'l Chaits* (lilt and Sijvered Beadc; Indian ieadns. Hells and Plllnen; Sh.ll Twist; Side and Iraiiell tmb'; wtlhicih,i alldliion to theilir itl'c er sii' ta Lk hand. manesrbleir annsoritimt very cntielnie, and will Ie n,1ll ow and on libhcal Itens, t di ina acf the Gollon Coatb. 2·3-tf 70 lChartres ttret. rlTit, ".irihora ;G.a E ,; ;-r;,, ni-iiI;;, ,,, rpti. mztthenoi1.i',n (rfmeh a'ttmnm'acl hititia imP iteived a very exte!llnsiv' %t of ill" l 11 l e'onsI i inS of e e hp hssiheliEleliMer Emninami, Han int iner tad llr nIc t.l alaverm oat .. mheadarinttiall, Pelln, Pocketr )hk, andl SRpnea piatolabl; ilia'ata naow, l.'ii lost. cF" 'ITons, &e. &c. Ae. whhir hllev r ime'srelll o rexhibit thIo trn'th ior orrle. T'lr>r. ntl sterlitioinn ill I ae d rinl' knnltol ar Ito t itnre. a111 3.. I(IFOIN &h A COhEFN ,iiiI'oomtmn at. 18.oI1laSm. IIARcII' &r CO.--Ate now rri.aaintig (n itri ioilal otilhlot , 1k p net'' sAall edtnw, (ih.. k llocki,, statl.i ltnl tle>.m gla" ss ,Iou nvuleru ,irro.hlcrls : rt hlalt giand ilowket pistols; ihlin, rilbd anld nplle' collorin; whr l raI) lite r let; an t stin, (lancs, i'etn vel; (; iltlt' r ommrcil allt olier steel In llent;s Via tia; violih strillIr sthell, io ry and cu ord o n glull, I mS aek rnill tltm; t(eFItc t lllriai; eaeimn:lll : lll 'i',imt n clll le lasticaseer s, gartlllis >liery~sd.> Bell ilu>litife m1| ce; sil.ll ver " r(welils Corlable ileske. llld II1·CSIll l : t ThS t. Thlteklngi slatit ad ttn let ohr.i, mrher Iltok g o f - p tciu~on; whlpt- wite; ttilt toah d shaoing Rna +s; ttileo rtliclneki, tatkts .itii tatiet ntan var cocateee n d o lesalcle mretie wrls s t hal si n'i [e · G lilo olldsh o >18 0 innl lsllndncl *; ll~llioll l Iia"illl t ;hItlimt llla ,1 eckltll~lols hlilliarl ~lillr; Ilaclskt l~onks ullli wsilletls; 3 almcntlctttnne: itienr itttttrt; ane odalc i'ii1)ignnit, hiihlt o nl st aIailsl , l ''y o'llia ih i oi nells lucif er iin :lterin c il lat plctmils; Ura.enIa, e.e. ;V Ac.i. Ihe cleaT italittlnn to c atlll' thi'ner nn slck of fan tncrside, nrkesourF ·IlSgltllltllll I'l'l· l lliphl~'L'. I".1" s'de wholu~lesl at' I t;tail as tht' si.,u rrfllheC~lll CiOhicil Uoiih,7 1.;~~ ~·t) ·~TIC--h . rnrhpil vhi %l~l ill"., N- of)l7't'wlqil'h'lln I'U'"'llil'_, n~~rli &!.,~l. 1)II11tllh e I nc ila>->iP* lit Ihrv &Co., ¢.f |rlidlicy, w~a di...,Iv,.I oll Ii P'lil of Tily lllf4I,v 1ive ~lhlle~lh O1 d;tilitie i r[.tfll~lan alri ollthe pallrtfner+ ill tile l Ihn, . The undrit. nel{d, suirvivilig pirtiner<, wi1l be c~h,.ired h thlsne nn " ..s caidhh f t Allns: L]vi L Im'ria t Il pnt memnl mr mettilln ! <i'la b, i llo. o1"c e ling o fu teI b;ticc+ ., Kill- &, A ld lnrri o, her ad ll'c'iiahmvIotllrr&Ci a dldllPtac ditll'tt 'iii ilta'lcd c hiu, <'li," (!II·Il~ tll.1( h~lshiess oflllOv SO)Ui il illJ Cu.ilt~ iittn t)rl'cin . l. inTh teIi i ofa h i lt Scal Iirti 0 illn ae t lrt~t l> I iliillrl](I llnSlul l TI .ilv. ll C1PTlln~ 'lholse ilidbt'h d ilo sliidl Grmll nrse.,arlietly reqiiu e rt oco!ite li'wtlr l r l nll llnll . e rly sa Itiit llf-n ; 11n1 those to having .Ilv ilus w till ,lca iie pi rienll t1 willltt delay. I ' .ic ir cc ; lit ARRnm , c. EIFN RYf K ELL+EI"Y. New Orn,.ltnq JtIIn0 097,1837. -to : ][EA -MtliI:I,' Fl I NA'S -CO-.LOG.N:-l -WA'+TERl.l aJI2 (.sea I re o1f this mllllprllor (,ologt)L'Ie water, just rlce ivetl nl d foIr" e hv eIl0 IOo( n rIt singhe botPtle. in AL a Aircacnt;Il atendcili t'atia pwer poi'e a; O ' liunacido rxltbia & li 't t,,il.'t c iiwslo'l' i w hi -ild ; ,nil clo~t . il i iIi i tI a'ii i le a'i nillt..lii t ltiih hulls, miilk i of rIsia , c'iii m·' 1elic l olh c reir l, ii: o S tll k, lpilhahii allri s veg etlllle hair oil, )oi.i tiii ,r i · e r t+ Il. ,,F l .lo· itn lull ve aPIlr, ro(e lnlld bttv watelrs, P tle s I ' .' sllll , i rl ll-t> perln e lli1- illr t r"1£1[* u 'sPrll. l blhs ui lh lud riiu t! (hlirmeantid Orris lfooih wash, S clothhnirr, ,lth l l ald Ihi sh bl ru-h,s: ttit etlla r i illla an ndhlithonal sugaly of lluhitonablelt hmrol uid shell c onitc s arll el'n cII irme jo t m h. .hle sle m ir ri tuil Nrby tl " IJ1i ON, IIAR7TT &C7O, jll.v ( 7(I Chartres stre,:t. InJE\V GO(1l >)I S-iinC oliFn]Jrt,(1 cf.ii(ii I iO 'r, it cm ivn2 'c rot ' l ti arh IhlpS 'azt o, ami ec ar i| .- i "ll''ig (1l IlII ll'leilkCgl llll'lnl i.t*.liRT. ll( I gl.l ii l .lll'(tqr· tol.k (Ill lih ill, ltralkes the.,ir a1 so e u~: p iit s ie' r: _' te. 1l1t: k rllrllrr El tires+!e 11if iiiii[,+, ]lli (ll d II fll descri +tlt)llm, hl-. i Ii rlm'i r,ia.l, sill i e t l etnd ors,'d ct' ti.c artICis' I' iiIII - .t dll tz P II II Hlllh l r·, . Iwd,+r pltlt.+ Ii1>11 I,.xts(,ih'l- powder,~PP irSnl lin t o ((( 1'.a'a l r llr 6 0 llnu Ifcr inrch - rId "di r ii l w le rt' tia l ocker knives,, [ h d iit'it1 i iitlltl i r, I ,.'. lllla ihthuirta c,' i 'Lii a and if| It 'at - clcitth ,a~n~lii., rOcel aepricite iicterassrei es iitillin Ied li ,lc ' i d at tittme c istol slm i llln'd r tn er rrcih'i.ainir ie hirtiatrittisanabaidolaner I ji ' me iaskl kh o mltis, h tiiise, k et c mitilhc fI st, vrr I <,tlI1~ ·Lt . : U lll( Pt i1. i) b ilt l'>o]e i illl~l 6ll r~(iw k v 1 vel I l hol . s, pa l ar n. +d i vr y t o khirt o , I lrl llsltu (. hi and riiCer, at.l ; t I t c as ,, o th 'i tnin t i ,e rillt . lli, tit ala c i' l ikit,' nii'n t apailsiec itai n jilt ~ h I o rllc i nk, shl ll k lhtkic't t ui iiili'a i ilt n h t.h w* '. +, FhI( ridn, l'tv vlll hr rll <e ~a ud· nllm Wl'l(e,l'0~ ~··1rzsllrtl', es :'ll'.: alnl I r iitf m rI.,;.t'Ii all, ; '1, iir t a'li l - ii pelh air c nio; nl;nii>tt , n' toiet sienpht of aleh ha.tI I).L.ICo! h l l 'llrl mli l i.neaaI at tl t pin r gha#,illt 'i ,"ta ,n iln iry h' , h r d l . 1 l ii, k tot"' iiil ia iirii'aoi t tt nn m dnic a nti e nch h u m l e d r icalt twiu., s e dullnh Ili ii-'haiitil'e. h w ti nit t la cUteml1 iitmcat''~t,h tiah~ii lt' t ha il iiaa'eia''litidteill tm (I imI te n','. .. .. .li N' It ' hI ll aoTlntI' I pairrl. SillhlE,'AIE AlNl IE' AI lCstlI; AND VA.I lit I{T'Y -'STl'ORE-at the lien of the .ohh'l t eom,\oh;n0 C'llurtres swe.te. 'T'h, alls b v'. .r. reived, in additiont tthe Ir ., vi-n, st,.k on hand, a full IaIIl) rol·ePIrte aaorrnell ot of" arha [es in their lille; viz: taOlllb, lrlnlllll .r- J., Iellrv, brnalle,- Io okitug glass, +i !!'+sardclaI Ps,!V-t.c i n.gi2I in part as ollow : I s ('O} Ilr 1 -- ort ioe shell, wr'. <. hi:tl d iplainfrI k.twi t, quilled hack, long round, di-rsiu,, side lto), cnlalnd naeck, IBrlzililu combs of ever} dscrsl:iption Ilongsl which re ..some. Meio pat-rI, Ivory colbs of every - I tscription, horn, dtrlssn.n. nillll m e , togther with iit' grnelrll -r nlollll )ll o )TII e h urilul d Amlllelricoolli. I I'EiRdi, IL'--'o t! .ni nveder, lorido, honv, h, A)O, lor. ne fhlowetr win.rso tifevery si.)and de. . criptiun cImlnlorltlld Colollge, exht 't'td" of 111-r_)llfO, leaw1.r, sa i ps " :il k , a lV I'. Id,1 in rakesIi + d plOs, tllue . 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VI ('haires w rot,.\ w rl't.-, 1..J ) I.d ay .%"a- v \,"rK, tum e st., ,hohil,-. li is ,purtiullari'l d,,ign:d th," private hearners, and a the s'sten lirnthr e:el\ e";, L slllsols are givte ltl h es aIt o lo s ml:tay sllut the clloeecit: ail, and to clae f t i: any pa l l ad" <> pireflr it can rccaire le:smis ia1 their own ref st idenicos. Si er 1ala Iyin for ln a1 rse of lssoni arn desired io tllk -d iuntil Ibhi' iiwr t a l lus t1e " w l- I. A1 NEW . tit' e for per s `rmo rlded with dl hes F1 n(ci alled i i,.llll, l .t, ollw i il all rttltl i bt foe u . n, .s lich, ihin sllhtt.-t nrticubltio 1 of the hu , at n vtoe it .i+tni.clv contatd to tifle at. Afv our Shod in,, ever, . tho, ,hhg,d I.i 9 olurn! wt a v 'ry de. tld- INi mOi he (il-y s" , ii'' A .t-f |ho di lltv IIoid rI,'nI inn- C arrassi-nent expll'ienle buLlli h.y lainlve.tdls lr l ch dividhan- so uutiriunl tatev altlictod.. I- v the : , .11 n- r l'rnmt in o ,hAetion is ,miah' moiat )ed. 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Alabanlann notes tail': ao I r" alid 51;osisipp) per notes will Ie leceyiv l tl 10 per cent discoun t for " 1,id or inlu l itt', d t. i I Iw - . )LOU--'On &i fr' .it steamer lndepord encer, tl 3 Di-RSEY. S' m2J 44 New Lare "Mllt \IIJLIlI\l, tnULInI, NOW\ AT THF:JEFF.RSOW Ht,.USE2,JI:I'LFERhoN5T SRKEET, Tn the PD1.o1" . e thte I , • ., IIe. erl : ,i~l~l lh.a gli/)ll~i! (]l.~l'll)(l~l' .j ll~lloq '. (lllllill'.. rl·iil2 h; 1.. + -11ot av r< y rthe¢ k a t|s o the it re 'i lt l. r"Old IenItllel n" his l on,,e to Inlo'ln,· I ho tlo l,,IebI,,i in e,,' kt t ilietcnoi ,ir, · able to j dlld e :cr thll nelvr. whal nare putl; filln iiit <I.II4 he \pr t v ihtr 1h0 elde rl.;ls, rna oed jourasidl. iel ry lehter frIo% a paraou.Ihae I. 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'T'hi4 the doctr' editors !:.ewa '. llo .'iiitlltl lllnll told lle ]linlorr fho h ,t l .ll-o dll .ll ed is dllul~hter to theO$.ce of theI IIIdiC·'I edit,.rm lhal thIey nigIht le if rmned of the facl. 'I'The lall 1 shall l t nele e n1 obltl.rly eoutl lmnllll I th, IIe lIt . t" Yolu,.t, nom'~lv rave.'.y \ ear o1" aFt., wlmlellc~lcai~,'erll) liolv h.y httt,;l( r~li hirh Ioe hmk to ai llu th.ill;·-ollt fl~iees I it Nas'hville but one,.n n himself i,,h m. he h.d .pide fIr he inirlltionll whllllever they den.l iunlll, wIlll 1 clr Ihe einIhel e' i' sr h. i l.lrl whih lislt mterIf ai t l to helnl LenslinPt l.v hIye wlllllnl.'. orIlll~ll )ox lhlll iio I [I. 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I- Iey the gallant nItIiLL I rurah, mul several oIi Le i' i IlI'il lll ll ell oi L aLhlli v I ilh+ III' r -' LLhLLI n II hl ' ll t of tLI is iou- ex IPunler of t-e II ly .t ill lIL 'lrlLI ILL LII siI I LLilllII LIL II 'IIel Se1t . Itu li€ i ,'ly suclth dliemon i blllillnll n shillIPe s tihe Rev+. lb etetr wats lihe day" I finl ed to reason w~itlh him, when lhe inenaced iny g,-ey hir, +; il ditI .[l i antI ILrll's LLaLIL ILhI woIL tl haI e LL L I lil t LIL'tLL elb llclL t lilLbt 11i1t I LIL.L'L nrhlictur aW - lllll his thltv, hi. a li l l'h l* +~llr S LI.I om of1I 1 +liver!lil I "reall wtl'ell lllltl I ~ll',r+" t llnl I m "li t {.ll :I/)t 21 19 1111 1·ha]iYP|; )I~ elr, l I1 ( [ Lq I.- sh llL LLLL L ii I d it.I. e ny d '1'h'e bhir,: od, mul atnot tfr~aid toeull llianto witues,; l~th t I IIvI'r. i1 thlt w+,hoh' (tt~ ill" 4+2 Vyelr+' tlllllIe a I ill ItiL I, il IL'Le rlLL itaini LII. illzlILL Il. l LLLLLI III11 111.' 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TA~I' OF' LOGISIANA.--1 ri$ h Court Ifr lthe 1 JV Puristh and City of new ()Orleans. lll: S'TATF OAF I OUISA(NA. To all ttwhome Ith' : i til ' t of I te u . i, tb ' I the ir rt o, e ( ,:l,- h ,rt h , .s any il m i h titl o to e, Cl imrk oi t or i 1h Wh il i" 'h p r ril , 1. 1 re. I o i,. r ' , n onntl oI h e - c u t rinw lt It to lt ' l I ,I 't't O ,f It. Io Ir'l Xt( to 0 t Iit,. ttW oIf saran11, rt'l,i.hl \o· n-1 tilr th, fnl r t -u . 8" 8` t h ins w-s at ndit-r- lanetlatoitot 'ot . tr IUth ' It ' tt' n t hc, t d, M too.t1 S;5l1, ]i: r n ele kallw Iem t, a nti aird iseenintel e u s ed tme o, tio nertv he d a ml IorI dor in llt i ti' e t atie of I ., .l;I, r.. I,'nt rtIdil . filia S th tlt c Ipuper t' y t I to . 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I(Ins 'n+ r ( te New Ornle anl, ,fly 7, 183 rm. pour la paroisse e t f ih,- de ht Ni utelle Orleans. eoremistlre I" I l oejtitle r l isl tie Tamse [1q83, pour Iavis (Ol cO l rl d tin ac't- di la Lgislarudre te I' I ^a tu i Ill"," [Cl "io 11 oluv7" "; e l,7" o" 1 rAinginn uig.. lW.,:.t';(+dr,. ,ilt Vll, dol(ts1,1,r i,.' f f). in le dit lot doi tmro yunt [ esnre.i' i u:uis..o s osixll i Ihd, de titer it In mte! "ehouu o;il utts, tros.lcent pur.s " {l'e t. 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V\i h i- iltrilnrt terioe n" I "cl, l'ra n,elA, ut,.l n iit -plinion-. l 1Sy i , t, o: l ll iar o '1. s, tit ia 'ur,.\c..sec. l -n , e.,'., ilt ".- v,01-. t t'l]!lnn I{re lc~d t.cimto r 0i" IP. lt,,i e i~ ('otn of onl, loo tio l .t, cli- V:;}10 to t et'Io- of .J l~, ,' liugpl so..-I lud 14,eltheifrs fh" th~ nie iind:;, lniiters--1 t' l o il, " ilil loot- )', jn~s tci-e(,k 'd nnd In~r 1111( 1' -W \ hV ~ r \1 .. t':fIlII _''tS 1",1" %IM ' I.V lI., ! itI lstri,:I .No el, )t the luthoro ti r. ""ilhP I r.i.,hiol ;' Se'. Ili -' fol].. 1' li tln~r \h hbti ie, oJr FIih~tl [' .\l \ir, r, ruOs.ine' Dolll~{.l , f A.1lth;i 11t" 't'i :h on.,v roof ll J -,_,ienr= .vith qýirh I.i.'. . ll0.1 +I:: lw fire< ,,f l'ht .i,, lnrt~rv. 11n,! Ihlse .I141","<, . , h,1" t oHll;ll ch~l~lrh'( , us1111}p ofI .lxe uscl~tl in rt,li'i:.L s' 1.;1i . i' hytls + lel, is iof cainrno, b" iroc,ire, : Lil' a I. el,oo l~lloio and goll(] Lo , " "il',.ent prl'ioip :.! ofl I:1:H l .clrin's.', ,'.ilhtt /lll It, ". tl I t lit,t llt s' l, ei II h 1:..11: !+ , , tllliliea, Ili'..[t,"r; iof %'.<1, ,, odi i ow {l ill is, ir l,.I- 0~ 1 rclihll ketchfor', \ 4 IlI co::.'.r'l-" l tin t I " -fllrt, of nle~lil'in!' Ill, l':, Ii .11 ce it,e,% 1. ll. . lh' -r ]Ian yx'a I'lli-t',,r l Ill-oily ol the h.tsl. el ly.,:.qh , o [lo"th mle ,e f ftulnili...,, il'uo h'.it.d hv o,.p sI tlln tii .l io , I 112 r, it. `? Viil Jolt 'Cec , li c d '<,r~ulehy 55' S".I,.K 1\ , ii1,1 ,o l t ".1 r nd C' : woo li " 11,1iiF [l )Y'l!.I/l..--Thic-.,unru.f..u.,.rrl pa-!.es. tnor,.hanl N`:`t dir: marked _Mttdlone V. Airt. llu1uctve. per shill I liretol~ , from N,t\,, 5-urlk, is h rehy I, I nil rd thatl the.y' h1811 i,.en1 stored by is ri:T.:, )N;, At\\l 5: "L CO, < tu.31 C.,nl~ialees "'GIl utnll.' JUIST PU BLI.ISHED FROM ~ifiQtTO_)_P ' 0.EDTT1 S It l\VLETTT'I"1 t '|'A Im.O OF INTER EST: Ao ;11O ullch uisore wlo . I, A iinie, T)~ unlt: ) • e Ctlcutla .E ,,te, ýý .t'::at I: tlt v', I, ,, iu :~~':ii. Iht" .''Ltvt:ý{u rlel I" on. I' ' " l fw"1 I"aila tI:,! :l, of mlsIL 'It'' fi~l-- , y r 'il . , " . ' - t It' f'L tll t411 C ll 'I . I';II:ll i T ) le, the'q ill luk -l,'lt i i n i I" t t .t lll L olt r t' , l -ll `~~~~ ~ ~ 31a It ~~-u,!inth smec - n at t l 'lle lin t til , i:, ina 11.,.rly tht lidlnw . 'l1.l," ighl distilt ion Ihis work Ihaes rtcetivell t~louglh Ih, t gll Ig cllltlvt. :al ii i. ixcl edto tet ilet h Ip e, is a r nunced1itr fllt2 .tion ill itstlfV, so onlllel0nm on. , nlt so eonclu sirv, Ill t notlllill is neessary morle thanI b)y way Of ald \rtise2m,"nt, to gite:a cond, used view of some of its pe el if t le. h clulirliies:as fll s all'' lt c , thle ll.[el res hlsl Ileen comllp s- C el fronil.llid comlpared with, hhlt is nlivalent to fnur oteen se'-'f' e clalltionle, ex: eldiel ill tile pressthirtlr. five tin es, andll printellld froml tlot'llltype plates teted I thlirt.t,-llro tiles, frolll nil wbeic, it mnst be evidelnt tven tol' the skep)tic (e·Fttiailll, ; l thtle.sounl of the de- It tad o," il )rof ln tle prol'cle) thLt tlhe wet k Imst)1l he nt.ith- It lletically inthllib!e, anld in confirmatiou oftlhis beliefa 1" pretmium tof two hundred and titv ldotllar, il nolw oflAer- 1 cl fo'r tthe detelction llo anl elrror iOfa cenit in the plresenlt or fifth edition, as expressed in ule prlltuce, tmtkugfive P Sl . repremius oalered for the s:une cror sincethe first I pnhlicaltion in the )year 1802. One nil the most conspticouo s features rf the tallies is itthle ,Irangement of the lTime nd Amounts, wThich for expeditions, refrience oud perspienity, with the help It of the sdle anod influx, cannot be excelledl; and thet- sally ty anl ease with which the interest canll h found to ttte xlle;mt of ge:lleral lusineso, withollut doubling of'sumls is a onveniencle a k eSllltial, that il tthe esl htm,- s Lill -somln e i rle ll t compe tenllll t sdll plllttl cal bu: si- i nIlws nlen .nld public ofli,:el.s wlle have mollle glnailt uie I1l the wetrk, if has heel "distillnguishedl hvthl holmollle t c .|pe llt| aclati l, Illa ster pil.|)oie"'. Andil elsiderin'ig the infidlibility of the method originilly adopted in (on)tnosing the . o'k, tmd the extralrdlnner l nl ltr and :alriely of the examillnatiolns, sill ltests of re.'\ry (ditionl it hoasl asediin the pressi, eotwithbat:ldllng thie 'mole is ill sterety le, consideringl'lll in sh6 I. he poslive .illr ucl:l y ' I sclttel'l by th e ttllpl'ercllnted im alls emlntol od , ite v -'o lumc has iee,, held up and emphatically sty led " tihe most wolldertil holok in thle wc.alk;" lmost celrlaildy n 1 manllll t nllill, figure work of tIlt, stamre ext.Int, which since the Iiegnlillngot creation, has had the same nu-. t helr and vi.elty of ltets ill ti samlne numlllllr of editors; ino, nld, olle half the Itllltler, as is cle:uly shor\n ill the Besides, as test mnd standard, it tons hern trid d I l an preCedl in nearlLy all thle lbanik all puhlic ili(es ill the rll tlcl States, a llby toe publ)ic glneradlly, duringill the Ilian; period of thirty-tit': ye'ws, y et notie 'rr .f ihe oal l tions hi i as ever lrlanle I'amlll in print, i lthoglTh conltlii Idly clllelnledl Ilby the oller of \ lcry lalrge prlmiulms. The in irct exprlessly adoplted by all lit.r1, I s of law el seveni.lI ofthe blate' :s the 4 rale of cAlculnllIo ftl atutlte interest," As. al s by l aw fmr iank intires'tlI atcotrndingu ns the hook is tsed, ld as 1.r hbe se, in par't, h)' ,.,e lialll el'hI! ,.ilb'et'ill',Ihir uii] l l t, w o1' the isln pls esi 'll fever) closs, of citizenis ill everl'y laon to I lthe Unitcd Statles. It is mt, rovr well knotln that, hr its renrly eheck, it lo:s .1 o ltl tote' d Iarg'- ,er rs, I all, ::tler Il 'y acre ,an,!e, oleo Ib the moat c:areul ntd most compelelt t'ilh.l tliri t"ll-:, I t I its s'11fl 1es, :aII.l h 11 llbsohllte nIe ce t yssl I i'i is n', h ti ll ern ,u!i ,'t - el .insisted kill n,i soll (, ilr l, ihl'o edt , i 'th e bt, ll it s ,tltl\v ,llll ( I lootl its 1 , ,salinLgs, 1hat, sevr, 1 1v(lt sIn go, whiilst the lirt! elitionII s !as sene r, ola out of plrint,'a gre,:i inumlbhr of secn. l b:nd II ll ieCs w,,re sought 'or, !:o e t: o :a rel I ditue'1 : nlly Ito irked it(a, lit I mo pill to $:5 jar espy, mood sllllr plllle sol.ln I| ate r1 ec. i .i vwi C | il ,yr lln ",I A ld il mll"" eonl c aoedtht trtttoli ayanol; '110 al sidul fin' a rapt, Itol to<'I ,, e I.t 1', le s t , s-oot ,,, it"7 . ll! ' .. 'l the It ll r instono" p dirt i l:lrl , having at the same ltine( tl'X ,il,it, ,I 4.tlisk ,lo.tlrl dl'ltt', Iin .1'1t'i',l |p, IOlltt "prr Is e l.nd :lt I. hbot it ":i1s irn:vil\, woo11, thait )ri y I :oll] t n'or h!nough the s Ir ftm f ' , rf ytio~bl, lit-, he. Sbeing I'n 1 i, h ll ,tni m I * ' ilk publicl li i i' it 11 ,,ik,: niw, woodhy of not , c, ntl indeel pvrpwvto 'in 1.1' n, that "Idh is 16e usurve of tine -a'k g, teradly S tll,.l n . I'i:dltv w!."', d till.1' eyl'lll : ,I 1 |.=l: , '. lll t't. I l1 Ilt , r to l~s, that bh l thi' I, (b r bk m" i ,t ike , l.;n pre am' el ill ll, I l: Ien illl,lllo (Ie 'o r \ h thI ( Ii - r lltllll a In (' lr o::I'll] ,t l' iii n 111· \1"1' 1 , 1,1~I : lelrt " l ll!' It li lll Ii lliri / t! t ,e u iil i i Ii t I i th ~ ll lt li lll, In ft,,I 1n p t , I, t i "cu lH l, I m.,"t m :a Ce.l.'i ,',\ Ih,,~" I., l n t1,:,f'," 1,,i, i, J" [ 't l''li t,: l, i l:!- ril t :n[li.' sI; '' [ t ! I ,t ' II 'i' ll'l ,.l ' t ! II1I11 ·\l; ,inc, It'", p. j ,·i, ."t .mi rain ,I l e 11\ . 1!1. .yet 1 , i, t\|. ip l , II ,,t k ,.,.. ,i n: I i( i, .i \ , ore ~l I' ,i .,,lt Iii, , ':lih '.'I' !:' It'' lit, , l'oc 'h\ Ie1 'h , Ill" nl " t'li yl ,x1·) t' ll l " blile ( n i' I in I p .z, *t iq. t, ., ,t, i,) ,, t i l H i ,th , ,lk ..:,,I . , ':,1 ,. i:.;",, l'l ,"t tt I'll . '1t:1 "on-' I. " nt I be !lt,i'lott, t~t bitl, in thl: i l S il : l, :, i ~ t ie t' ;, l . ,,e it~ t , lil l .n c , Cl nl il lI i t 'c i cs i It ioi li !::, nht lllnitb' I t' t oi1 i ;:l I I lk, o III' Icl, ililll. _ t? i oi a 0l(l. I " >!., I, ,'. d~,.. II. I , "e,\iel ,t, .. ,,1II / (·ll r lllllll.ll II' ]'i l·II(I ~l \.,,11; . L I h~ l I .,,.-:, : i Ik,,l I~t l',,ll li ". * \- rit ·· · : it 1~llllll'L l I ; ' | )l ' t' l hi ',"" kl~ l 'l, ll'l[ <ll t II '; ll .\i Ii I l:e· ucedo' ti d.h . l' ..\ l' k, i. 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IIn, vd" W..tll & n K.;.!· -;Il·l) r ll ;1I,.1 . ··) i iva lll put Op in Doo r , co v111"1 !' :stint Salts ; Of 'tsar ;r.1l..!1 li··iS 1'.I t iko u;p> I l. ,sr liru:, I·11IIII; · inill II( Ih ,,g Co, ss lo nn 11 ,it- I ), I;-,rill) it tariuly of W ur Putl:, lcr 1·, I&c. For lulu by .,~:is11 1·1'. -II I I1 Yiiill· .11 ;I.. 1,111, ll\1III~ L RGLNN'I'IS PIGS. a. C a. II'I\ aAD A r rlI. I OF Ca n;.l uli lluuibuu strvlls illc, 1'ain Lv n,, U::r:,l,,ll~l r i trlI rtl :IT l r ollllr l ' Lhnl {Iii,;,lion, ol' g.N I, .."..o; r~,,! Iad m , a.' a 151, i a ran, ,I',Ioy Hidnuy Mt' ptna O urknmt as l V II IItl' I)k I S, JO!I \ Iuia :, n I AnUic,) ('Illii rli VI It V ,la sp linrl·H1d Maple, Blood Rolle,(. L~ilG (/1·· II~1 :jI)I Ill, EyejC'I Darby Grar"e,, 11:6I a''10:. t nn cllo l V,',v Tree, Ita IIIW' n hIte, 8lur nun Ie or 'c!ack 'a I..: a'..'' * r ocIel l .da XV.,trna'·il 'I a'..' otila',I I, l ,aI .1i ipnru l\ Sperlrltcimens to he s,", it u l Illll hot. faints, oilsll'T Ia.8' " ,,,I,','r.Iha' C -;lass, copal %:nl. nish, Ise . on il:~1 m !1v sale, nr nl '(1\,ý'1 I ':{: I":1.&~ III·: \1"1' 1l ,)illl Il r: nl* - "Inurvý -i bX, -. f 'd Cr,,,,.a Iv tu ';c ,nd : i'll :Ill I~ro tn s atI~ l ,IeN" "'N''vr IlIlt Ill ~Ht \t !,, aril i' .,hot' (;,tlle,, aam, l rpad ha"uv M. 4IIL AftIL A1401 I ;NT orthern Mail lsi Evr rv) av lcl 1 A. AM Imar " the l r a ric, ly a, 1 a. l. I ay oh bevery M. idey, Welnesda l, ,n ,i tnrday,lbi :) P. I. TeLak. )tll a every l' ila, Thursday, a via Closes every nledvay, Wednesday 'I'TIEO P01 ARIIlVAL, I4EPAT1I'URl DISTAC16 lr. of the Expras Mail, hair3A Malil cad F'ew Yaolk-lraaing Mlobile daile at 3P. A. NortIwar Neiw York daily at 5 P. M uoutwuliard. Arrives Arrlre Northward. Disleance. l'ite. 1Ret1n9'g Mlontgomery, Al. 2 pa. 198 m's 23 h 12m; Colaunaliaa, Ga, 114 81 9 3 m Mlilledgerille. Ga. 2 133 41 . -1p'' ;:oauia, a S.C. 7jlaim. 163 1710 Ilaleign, NC. 51 215 12 12 \arrenton, Va. I mc. 55 FU 6 I'rterburg, Var. 10 plel. 83 10 9a. . Richmald, Va. I aum. 21 3 .61 1aredericklkbarg-, 8 67 7 lp m. Washingti citya-, 2jpm. 61 64 5 lalhimoire, 6 38 4 04 Plilodelphl, Cl aim. 0 11 2 New Yrk, 2 r 2pm.. 690 8 m 1395 l43I h co ill3h Northward. Coaing Southward, the time is six honrd less; eing5l days anmo 17 hours. 'iEi: NlULLAi LSitiA- RU. R ANAWAY frum llS Coroadelet corner-of HtisiL streetsc n ihe night of 30ith of AugustsiLd was seen lhe nrix ilorllig ill I'v(Irs street, a negro boy nailierd (lllllls, ahl ai7 yerars ofag agnt co ad fee or thereaiout inl hilli,:ht- very black, cnd huis alt a"a . ilntit In liin iC sieehli aii of his lags ii care, tD.caiiahc by a ierclt hll't he hliiad on lile'11 ie lerlt away a white .uctell or licn shirt all while cottna ipantplouns. laste'rs II" vessels railn arllll lbrats are cautioned a gninst riee iill or aro, ing said Iegro, as well as all elt.r (,lionsi it i iimoiilt rigour of ta e law will be lthred ngailn l i them. Tilhe above rtwlard will he pai frdellive:ing him itll nnv of the jails of either ofthb ltlllln .llatis, or it 1)9 Carondelel, corner of lnevr stoet. lept 1Ni U't'-ll-Te eoarlaIIIrelbiih Ileretofore existing Htlllher the C lion of )ll iao . G(iarretson, has been dissolved. The subscriber will liiidatea the affairso lithe areI-iiru iln thls city, and renireSa all pit-onia intleb. id t lUak, tiaiimenit Ill he only, and all thoslevacing claim.., to pre intt Ilthan forsettleauentu ara 1-i-7i ii (GARIiGTSON No. 11 Calnal S,.reert A.i Orlmrns. " .\ ii.a u hoollilil cillit:tantly ) rner ivil- Dcrt I!y. Cves altnica l 'uania,aiiaig, thhir nrr. ltisU ;'3. DYES* A0il.any, crulde, Argols, red4, I Ir'gilist, A iilctto, Sp1'0. . '$rseie, elldlle, Alumn, ido lpowdierel, llrazillette waosl, 1iý.a\xl ecopalia, Cochineal, Ilxl, crude, , Coppelras, American, lhil I It l elllt , a lleustic, iTam ico, dIn roll, do ('Cula, do l)orI, cIN Main, Ilh litnih, French Lerries, l'astoroil, Indigo, Iliengal, C(ram n larhl , do i anilla, I:mlthr'idies, do (lerace;s, (;mI :lloe.s, do Si tlmala, d , . ie s, L ag ,odt, (C nompeaahy do a,,safou~tida, o St l)omlngo .o annliac, do i Jalnica, do bhtnzlin, Comwood, do copi., rough, Madder, ornhio, ido ildo .Aiil, Nian-aga, liomtiroe, "o caa1tho, i-i- t'i IaO Nharcaiab d r ' Ihlclihe. hdo ,mmlml CIIIMIICALS. "l 1.'1 I, Acld, nitrous, dr lI, do mIlritie, it slit !hnc, ]+ln a vitri aIo, - --i - i, t 'hhiiln l llle, P ,h , ., i v,,,t,, b,, lorid. io link, Id,. do Ior tic gt lield iri , ipi rl, sh 1 .: "".' -.i,,+' I t ,.A is, I l Illl, O p, u, Sti upll c o.'-. S i ll, lici;S li, t in. , ii.i:,,, Stli gl Il'he. , I ; ,ll lhr'ni ,ellow dry I, " 1, ..lla h t.--il , F d S d, a :, ,I . \ I , I, t hla ib 1+t l ...+ . , Pori, ,:h l t nt)te lr Amer - in,, : , I e~ 1 o t I ntl lit i-hitl " ..c , i,+Kn, ~ '+:ib q'..'iT i/ 'tri h|, ltV'IS. N/'oh NOVEFI.s /,'.tt,'i·, /17. ,'.', ;.r. hv ,,.· ilu'hl()" 11t Pew~ • Si lpie, ,.O (' al,,,,,in.s, rm. :, w inter at l r hn.,llIni-·Fell in Lor,,. t ' tn Basil t I ni l, Ito'rol Navy, t.L S /000)02r Iot'r, rri 'rr 1 /riot ell ir2llll lli. I ( '..,,io 'olioos Ilistartfor li q lf , trnloslated from the I.IIII n+ll Itllttt}. I? ltl +l.lhaniel t;lreen+2, ill I Vel. rtlr No 7or hf Ilr oaely /ibero, 01 0y. fir \h!. I. n/,'ooow .nlo hit rod urni/ilrm edition I I rrtooo too IorIiortr Iloorks. Roo.,'r orloocooh In",tolotaisr lirtionarrry.ill I rlrI, 3.e .Y.'." '11t' I", em'l(h .ud1I I:I(Rlish [g~ietblnr#l ,.I,.t~l--\i: w IrllI(' t ~II ,lPY I)I.( O|"IIIILP ( I(-.lnlm's i~heO T )Lo l t, +i ilill <ll:iilli. ~liil;ll lll' P , r I. 2 - I liliii :. I-? int'ble· - oih ] oooh t ohlic l'ensiianedo papers,' weio th ottoroo, J / rlr lale i ry l+l HENSJ. LEVY. Oijil\ itl'/VlIToI':/,&e."&c J1uH\i ItI l:-!' l:), &o, iby thie arlthor o Ayear 0Trits o 'l,.r I nhrr'ter, ras e~,erall i apeleable toe he .booririoes of North Anerica, by (I Tlroer, rsq le I'o!ilicral G:rammar, of the /'lrited Stater, or a ,(itll+ lP1.i x il·\ l~r tl~tl, 1)hl·1lrv UII1i Ill'llt'Iil'<" *fl 10 geaer til ooo' Oooo'Ooll o ( O.l'llll.l0l,· wilr tile rrliltrilo IlOtlreron them --l nten(llh d 1h i d' 1d he % nllg me1n1 ol' lle Unleled inatol's uInttit Toour i0nterspoorod grith r'acter istlll IIt'(· l~ltl'ii l +li ill;.P IIIIllll hlhl,. S )O. rtlns Inen, in :'ludlill ill(I . i IIIev of l ile u inci ml crac~k ridecrs dl,]ngland w+llb Ilnlytitcail c 1i po rnts, lnd ge ierrl inlex of namesg , rl(Ia TIll. TI:ItV: OP S·orofola or Ioinro' :vl, i('lnlrltr Iheumntrsln, lCho/liic CoUtoneoao l)is- loains in tlre IloneP, by free fltSll, Ilisto of Mercury theIrorllr ti' i' vitiated 1tn ue. o ThII· 11(-i\.l' Il-ll Swylr up llli ill preL ardL witii the I,;t rl alufl¢.l Ih~lrll~laill(l! \il'l lr' III' l gtbl rl slla ue )nal il..l -lr~e Int'ill·ibll If .tiI~ !'IrFjiht ~in th; molst cocrt tiestIdll, ' harlgli"eI u tlimbIll re, w it ,,[ ural,,r andl ont.... 'rhe reat d.idratunm wthi ,ysicians hi being' ahl ei bit I t lalrge II r l llliti oll r o,'ear orilla in a l eonrao I·dI ·ll-zllt7 l~ql·1 I~lnt;,iiieil(til.l~ LIr,, llargttin--liey boiner i nI tlllolo'o ' iolo r oh' r ontorrr 08 000 Piri,' l 1 ri* Ier IIoothl. Sold only at SWAIN i 0)In'i I.oll's oru o tor, , No. I ICnrouol ,tret, wlle 000 h0, had, 'rloo h nod geoo ouiooe, direc tifroon the proopria to', .wi.tu si a ral ,rnd 'Yoruiiirge, Potter's oC .t.toll 00004'ooI lllriol'ooo"' looioorvioortin rooo/aloe i ilgeortnd goonsr Iooitiltlllto i llooroooo o of ooo1 1 ,.o, ro4 ,\r/I'(IX. 'S h//IIII E, .e. 1)1[NNO/K's IllR,\Ih'VEi EDITION OF DR lIL G inlth ,. Abridclnent of thn Iistory of ROmein t hllicll is Prhitxed ln Intr irll'ulon to t hi e tuIy ou Ilrooon oooiorloor, aiid a loireoot variety of vahlable infor li0.o0 aodr'id Itillroulhorpoot the work, onlo the hlanteru Iltioutitio os and orntvaitirrn of tle oltroas; with na. ioo ia.rr'i a ril Noter;oAhr onqru (l+,lll illl"l extlllr()lltl~lll~ atlll+. ~lt! o0 'Soltr+ e o r i. I1 roll-ioo ton Wao ',ill / t rtoliot i ll'nI/a o ioinl.lrlo ir by' H/Hlollo l o /00 t,, l oo, rI. ilr'e hE/ I ior of l u li Crl esarth' olor II1l, tl.l~lll(~~ro, Sli++ll 6c. llugl. ouiel J ii1 Ill~ar In lh~ Geor'n ll d,-r wh aoroornouartiooroe /oedyea l1o. hihith S'/,o1,toitiIn too' exanlontio at iohe entd o 1n00id0,0 d tIhrotr'h0nh I/r w0orld Coonistiog of toble o otnprs over'i0n' an ooeooooot rersoon C0/iOoo' exoljoioooroo 000/o. Iir'oorksoonoo Ito poli Am|ericanl l ditio ,twitl h lntdiftl u lll d elilillrovet merlll riot iil o1x'lllto l> ohlr nteo lorooial part of the Ags to iht coroer of tomp aend Commonste /1/' /0/R'' Ct.Ar///t/I. LI/IRARtY. ORACe tIt /,tra loll ire. at irtd by ani), wingh, /op o .1 ir" on, i/rit ..o.o.toro. r, i rVi.. liel d, ['oreen Il /oil, &c. rnod sroetis olo t iheoleirent/,ot of I/ob ( ia-aend /iIt/Eit)oU, with tonto dito o s o uo f i i/sotoro nl /TLorsp"itoor'n o' ioooo'.itE / LNE.b o olrll .it 0,00i ofb. , .Uoro liO rho ahoro, - by th'e A Solr Oo ,kofl., w ' uor.noru, oiiti al lait]ro..e oby Go 'lri l-) l-t ' A r ig itd o-t op ri o riotri ro vofn e. I D w i IPAIL Li /Iv't't)by Ihoae auor or te"Petlhr 'ld-<lir L re1 ar lo, eo-or lolteuo 0i orltos new oftA ooti i' o e w-raCooplet' Jarttreeerivedu sale 3) WM 3loKk.,AO .,r'iirrllN o/rrgi&"hi Irooro O.tirollcioeoei ellrr Rooro, o11ro /

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