Newspaper of True American, December 14, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 14, 1838 Page 4
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: t WW, VALUlALtE AND ST'ANDARD! VALUABLR AND SC.Ic. P WM. UEI" P'.t pmleevana 2 vols 8mo I Iloa' Gi lls wltth prt citao. ell piatne 1 Lm uLh, La Philonaphie Id In Natur.. ot (ivrlle, Paris 17. ? earce nlas~ edie d, " . EPhelr ) NOW MEDICAL WORKSi OIjgW8 1i Ftarr--it'htis atnd iliioni L° et a M 'dical Junrisprdence oai Ilnsanity.. P rieNM on Fever-.r;tchard on Inoanilty a"N ugerLy- aisn surgerv 1' MIO flrv m]u+rtrtled--ont ta popuetr Me.diecn . i U!'s Dielionary of Chemistry, RorlAoalyrictl Chaemi try p COMMERCIAT, AND 'At'TIleA'T. P Almauac and Itepoaito'v, for 1839 E MeCulloohna co nn'.-rinl I)itiionn-ov, Loodoit Di tiesl Almanae. fir 1839 --oowlitnil'sn Navigation C l easarerr ARnUITECTURE ANDn MECnHAICI , r NI ant 'a Dii nor of Arehiteetura, I.ondns 2. C do Arclhitecture, 3 vaol, London r 1.91w* Architecture. 'tredrgold's Canpeatry Irineear' Mrehnhni's Enerlmedia. Lod l n tt'Os Mnthemate.lI Tab.s J*isrELL A N EOUSx tlhprkI' American tioglehor ., 9 vol IPhleEophreal Mireelloni. s from the ounion, Jeoclaorv and B. Constant lerd BRaon's Works,2 role, I.on ra i IPlsrasli' Coriorities or ILiternture, Loandon PJlitieoli Economyi & c Sy, 4o Vethake Lockhart'. Li'i of ntlerr Scot, 2 vant Onhlionnd and Isabell. Ibyl Prrescott. 3 uvoa Shakespeare, splendid dition, 7 v eol, Rao And a geoneral assortment of Law, Medilcal St iontif.ce Claisical. ,Micelloaneous outksN, Neatolo,:ihoal Books elionarie., GrM artar. Englisi and Freanc, Spaninh, German, Latin and Greek. E'JOHNS & Co. vr2 cor. Charlie and Commoneth . - ROWnANr'S TONIC MIIXTURE, For treamentl and rare of fie Fever and Ague. r 1 T will Ie reladilv dictnvered , herein the 'ranis Mix turn ins nperit. to the ordinrv tacde of treating the F'ever and AAi u. In the flrst plac, heing a Vega ilde Extract, and free froma at, delrteriou and pisnn-. eat ingrmdients, it mno Ie taken with the utmost safe ty even be the tender infant, or ared icralid. It pre vents relape of tih disenase, onstneqirnlv the ronstita tien soon retgns it o waostedl tin. and activity. It estah lishes a soutl and permanent apretite, by invigorating the stomachnd gives n relish to tie enjayments of mtoe. Being peculiar in ltving a prgativer qualit it remains aot in the imwel ina i.rease athis dliorder, ar to create otier disease., but titoroughly clennsts the several or gans of digestion, and tltnas Inefits the system with whatever oher aUifetin . it iny he oppreaeehl. Individuals, after the tSe afthc Toai alixtorr, have Ihen exposed to all thie lual causes of thle disease, nnd have escaped any sym .olns of rettrn; whereas hy the use raftile eommtnn remedies, there is alwny reon tled n inernsed liability to recurrence. The danger ofreqasunt relnpaes f tle AgItue is Ier ,iln for tlim satem will soon become to mtcll prostte Ito he able to resae wils medicine, and peedily fall a vie lim to saeh iaceesaan violenei,. Title Toa ded ixtare is offered at schlt reasolble plricen as to pIlac it aithie the ranch of every otte!--o that tlh poor o nal detitute h are Irely ftrnisllted with oaiistancc, witoal solicitintg the oad'and ntenlaoie. which ls ferqreatly denied ta ihenll or alse very roelctantly hbesaowed. The nluli urrarer..pertly reaonred agnlet the opa ritan iitatihons of thits uedicine, the t are daily offered fiar -ale. It is prcpaed only by Dr. .lbn R. Raw:nAl, st his Lalorilorva, lnarketritreet P nailntelhiN. tie sulbstriterv ale tile wolnresal ares:.l t fir trle euvnlb Westerln r.ten all will sill Iny tine rone, dl lhe Phildelnphia prices, Ta be hal aio ratil also, at oInisftloe Apotlwecnri i IIr n cityc. J.\IIVIS .. ANDRPWS, blhutltale Pruiitie,i oo¢vlO aPor CnOToIfo n Se 'Tr:hotgitllons Mlioslasippi ntnd Lnuisijotn lloteltýt f elvCnvi- 41'+ r.r , RS. MARY KIIRKI(LAND rasepectfitlly an. rottunces to her friends and the public gene ally that shea is prepared to accommodate thenm at he ovhae estatlishmcrt, and hopes from hoer axertions to render visitors comfirtabhe, to rnccivn a continuance of farnaor fivors. Site feels confi. dent tlesl paraona visiting" Coviigton during thle ulnmer months, callllot find better accommodations than she can afford thmr, on mer, liberal terms. Her house is ploasamtly situatod, and well supplied I with every eonveniencei the lar is furnisled with the most clhoic liqutors, &a. irn short, she. prolisei 'iot notlilng shall b, wainting ton ler part to giveio atim satisfafction to all who inay patlroizeo the I .ioiiaippi and Lotisiana lintel. je3 a.r.o TIlE PULlC.-Thiiiidcrseignrld. having . studied under Dr. Stl.nltidt ol Clarlestlol, Iooth Carolina, anod for sotte years his assistant il the practice of mln dicine and surgery, tis It Ite haor to offer his prelrsaioanal rservite io this iy. I He assuores ti ladies and gettlano that thithe ste t promnt attention will he pid to the ainls which may be made; uod also olitrs hli services to the hlolders of ianven, lcing well acq.ailted witl tile disauar common to theon, taving aou edod tlhetn ail the sugar I nouse in Clarlesto n. Thi fanmloun ati hilinus pillbs ater the ooml os ition oPProfeasar Snmollette, witlt directioes, ;atn be had ofthe undersigned. Tili eftect which thel have h produced in this and other cities,l Inos her ttendedtil d with the greatesot tnce.s, to which the luit of1 references can be givon. Apply iat No. 1i8 iaN on. aiten treet. JNO. M 'LORtNG. AIOLL o f\' ll ' lciv, W. iOD tC tiRl.\'S, SAD w IRONS, &c. T ILE IIOWELL WORIKS COMPANY, Nn. 238 Water, n etr lkiaun street, N'wv Yorlk,. hlae receivoled the, it baol, illnd iare Inotisilltly receiving large anil relunrivo aldditions tr thle satk of tile above goods, whlichl now ctnsitola of tile ollowing asnortmnuil, suitablo fu: tihe auuthuru and wenter miarketlos. Hollow ware of npcerior qmailty, conhistinhg of about 1500 tons. viz, LiPoots lf 21 different size. aromt 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, front 3: to 30 gallotirs, Kettles, 15 nizcs, frtliar: 3:8 to 18 gallons, B alkepans or Ovens, 7 tfllrent tsizer, Toa Kettles, 6 dt Skillet • . 5 do L Flat i di Covered Spidcr-, 2 di Oruldlos, . - 4 d, Fire Di.s, . i tio Wagon hxoas fromi 1.14 to 4 3 4 inches. Curt d,. 5 ta 7 hmrces. Wood Screw, r'.IllIltlI gross, iront antId brass, from :H inclah, No. 3iti 3:9 itch, Ni, 2i of a uiperior q u ality n ll d fiul nis , s lid lu s s th a n J a tln a's im p O rted pricesa. Sadl Irons, aesrlad, it casks of about 500 Ihbs for :ltailing. Tailor's andi halttnr's Irons, Sacorted. Saatw iniglts, 1110 Lotr, uso ted fruon 1 4.4 to 901hs. Boells for PIuntaltios, steamnoboats, clhurchesa, &c. mnlade to iordner, Also atoaihbeati and other nmaclinery manode to order. The above ansorunent of goods is .articularly rrnoltmended to t1tu attouttoll at Souoleru ald WeaterIn naawrolnaots, and arp offered fir sale at low prices, andti unl ttili tot liboral torutt ; it is he lirved to ba thae largest and best asaortnltnt ever otfired for sale by any one ostablismntiiat in the Ijutited Stiatin. M erclt;ltnt, hy ierwnrdlitg orrqtatt bhy mail, cti have a pnrin'aa ciroultr, witlh deriprlpiiiit ofi goodo, pr eeaant totri., flon"i iwhich Iii levitothoi is over ittodeir fnrniilhatd ly return -f noallfl All orderm willraeceivo iinunetdittn attcnttioni. Now Yurk. 1d38. .__ 3 - O MUROUSRYNOR COPAIA ti ýNew ll, , e ,',. I, [t:17. A INT'1' sin titntit ago Ial Ith t littllllle lto 1g . i a"CTrel diasn... Ifaer which I Iee aOpli'd to sere ral dotlor. t'ur a cure, elend Ih llid not a uu" I,. n11 Io)W o the bllove date I Iput y.elf Ilniicr thatl .ile tof I).ellt Hluet, and I exper lilm to cure mI1. S'ill:P Ilt lillllt the disease got worte, sL ae to reak oul t I)InI I e lulcer toi the nulmber of lix or egt e loi ee., an Itllo at ver ly Iaoa, iln, stre tltlrttllt, tod till il to work nt lie prmetllttil.i tel a.ounttl of tilhe dioeie; large il'eor oa tile rigight ido of lilt, tlhrt. I ealn ltn iIltinig tttLjllycl €o.Sdently uaderthe. caits of DL. Il0uet, l," P E.i, to be Irlfettly cured JOllN D)E.N. lea 14 ly I DO CtIRTIFY that the bhv ment illoed lidearo is qluite well cuarte 11 to my eowi oatiidtoioint, for whoih I tlank $r. llHet;andl IIrncover I nlillare that the medi nine I have taken llakesII alt t, a llan dil n llnrlle lily aneth all; thretfore I adtise. ,,ily f flow aatl'erer to Hetat i e isl thtlttc lrlll 9 oItcluct, A .t , ulil 1 P M. Thley will find a itrue. tloatt ftor tie ttrolpltiilt. JO)HN lI)E,\. yIll tlrllvr street. If any one walnt to see mt, call at N.. it. titeioe JOHIN IHE );iN. New Orlentan. Feb I, 1IRR. fel t I v Helii Gennil n Indlno Itolatn uo Literwtt tanl ihuie .. hound, i plt ut io bilottl - lt I,- low lit, a o i" ;,II eante each, contalillollt tie treItlt ofi tllree ncelllE of Liverwort, teoi lea tlhl \irtuelle ll oItnV Ote rollts an Lerba known amongo thelt Itilltns aeliiacoiotls in curilg plmonoary complain ts. The u nainolledl soee whlich has IIttenIded the tooe of this inestlmlable Ilaeltoat whetever it hear het. introl . duced. has obtailled the e llideche and relo,lllllende tiots aof'epectblll plhysicianst, ftlr the ollr of olp',ls, eolds, pain in tihe side, wlot tf rest, spitting o blood, liver colplaintnl, &C. To whomn it itnev concern. Thiis s to certirv that we hdiae in otur praetice freqlunttly Iieacrilhed 'trhe (;irl ner's ltlian Blattl of l.iverwtrt anod lit rhelllloto, wlih a deoidd gold efteet: we cltnl li-trttl'etlln the llotw ladl of the materials it it nladi Itrolll. ltel ( bpervllll ei - XIriecellce reCOulllenllt it t tii ttlllteri. prtlturiilo pll Lhtose laffections of ilt llitgt ftr licll it it rto mm-lnde. AiDE .R .i.r .VI I..l htIS, NI. D. s CALVINV ELLIS Ni. I). Memnhe. of tite Boston Medical Association. Eeitan. October 25. salehy J.IRVIS & ANI)RE WH, ithl It et ntlt atil T.:hntitltllas ell tWaARD'S Vegetale Ilair Oil, for the restoration Sadg rowtli of Hair,givig health alndl beauy,and t rterntinng baldnles. IeirOe thisf Hair Oil we olfered to the pulblic, it hand eea tried in hundreds of cnses of ba ldness, thinnesa, ilad fbllin' offfthe hair, and itevery ilstatctu il ttrwloa c have been realised. It has neter failed to prIdiouce anew and beautiful growth of hail oet healt nlrradlv bald. In eae. where it becomes dry and ceases to grow bhi 011o will verov roetrender it healthy, and Irolduc.. raeId aad besatifil grnwth of halr.-wit'tout til leapt ininry to the Ihad. This i)il givies a. ugreenhlo frn. ganese and is pefernhii to any tither if ir Oil ilr per aping,t orlisg and gln=.iltg the hair. The it ir et bele dry ett -t.'rr i For sale at DES ti D'L.AIO. ' \MEMON8 HARTT CO, ae nno rnerivmgeniro on board hip Orleans, Eagle, Ilighlandnr, r'nker letry Andrew, French and German ploy cnr.s; Back gammon Boards; Clhessmen, 1-4 and 2 3-8 inch Iil nrd Balls; I,,9. !0 and I inch blnde Blhoie I livs: i.eather and other trivellite DItesin" (,Cseo ; Biclt. 'OCketr llrJtelnro lt el, nd DlWelling Pistolo; delthlr ante ingle barrelned nltl ( ; nner BaItta; hot Belt; Powdler and I'istol Flanks; Drate Bottles and Irinking Cps; Per:reeion Caps antI Cop HoMero: Cloth, lair, 'iToh: end Nail Bhrueheh ; Orri tind Chlormine Tooth Vansl Toth Powder; loiletr ad1 Shovint.oanO , in great Vo. riet; -ong Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pear; and Th iler Powder; Emery Boeos: Ivory Tuh C j,his' Patent Sldes or Garters; v inet Ela..lie S uspendere; PI'owdr PtuT and Boxes-n ,ilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Enr-drops; Waits Btchkleo: Brarelete; Bead Necklocen and Chaice; Gilt and Silvered IlReds; Inldian Heods, Bells and Plunmes; Shell Twist; Side and Dressnin Colobe; which, in addition to their former stock on hand. makes tleir nassortment very c mplete, and will he sold ow enld onliberal ternms, at thIe ripen of the Golden Cmtob. i2,5-f 70 ChCareo strer t. UIIHF Soharriher,, Apents her the extnenive honlor of i W . & S. Botcher, Sheffield. Enrland, have jist eeived a very extensive set of p' .tttre, eonsistinr of Table nd Desscart nivoes of m .. dcescriptient. Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear poinet hnivesnt Razors, SRia eors rEdpe Tools, &c. &. rc. i.lichthey arl e re preared o exlilbit to the trade tr ornersi. Tenrs and conditions .ill be made known at the time. m6l J. d). BEIN &A COlEN.90 Commron t. "NFW C.O101)S. SIN1M(ONS, HTAIRTT& CO.-Are now reeow ving e er ship Hlooteritle, Eagle, Merry Anthew, hlieh andel, French and Giermnn delnle hedll p lvineards: oter, elt aod el ket plistols; plain, ribbed and split cumin, cap holrlrs; soisa rs, Razoors, ten. vet; illoett's comme.ial ond other steel pensa Viom nse Violin strings; shell, ivony and horn combs; waeten s; k, read and leather pnrses; hair baidsl front oard aek rineleta; negro putlfts; Germoan and Flrenltl cologne water, Rowlnnds maceorssr t il, imitation do: antique ant heare oil; portblde desks and dr-elng eases: pasrt, blaecking staeti and toilee glasses; lconvex mniers; op eel glasseas all views: Idian dIer , Iellos and lltrnes; ertnleon; whit- twinre; toilet wed shaving apes: toilet owlder, nrsmtie wash halls; scented saoin cosblion; pool statds: resw e l.*ionso.t folleC hbead chains nId neckles; billiardl adll; pieoket books anil wallaet German- lones; razor Srteps; .the andi comlnn ll gn olastic aslrpcenders, grters do; Bells luceifer matches; sil vet pencils; Cureons, &c, &e. The aboveen dtinitin to our former stack or f tnc artiules, nmrkcas or asotcnot rvery ctmll.etsd . Fr sle wholuaile or retail;- ae te signl of te Golden Coe , 70l. Chartrve street. 111o8. WNOTICE--The I ortership oi Kelletr, Mnseon &Co S of New Orlean ; Mnelo , Harris &Ce.., of Notehezl ed Itarris, Keller &.Co., ef tdnev, wars disdlved ono hclst elof Mlnv lasrt, v the dleath OllSaeel A lMasono, taer oRthec larinere ot tie firWns. Tllr undersign d, u rviving artners, will be chaprged weitlh the settling and ciosing seiti Iusincrs Ue ftiltews: Levi C Ilarrls e wii atternd to the setlinla of the busies of Msleo, ilarrisr Co., nte Ntchez; anl Ifnr, eri Kel er & C Itodnleoitnd HIendry K, lle will attend to e rsettlina of tits bseinarse oflKilov, .ntrsot ( o., . New O)rleans. The neames of ie several firms will Ue -erd ia liqaidhntioihonlv. l'lthse. ilndeherel to snidl firms are ernestly requeeted comn e frwnrdl s lnd ke enrly settnleoment.; oand tltse having clai iii Leil]ease )rcrsent thelrm wiloute dolay. ,I VI C IIARIllS, SENRIYV KEI.LE.'. Ne,' Orhoans, Jne t 27, 18:37. J bLN 515IItIle: FAIlINA'S COlOGNE WATER 2 e-neeore ef thicn sntit-rir Coletnr watene, just received anlld filr sno b the dotn or single botle:. Also elltlllrle nl-d I.'.rnlrlr t eilet p drs Ilder eclltne sd boxne.lni, esein i and toilet creapeoenoertier n. h halls, milk of roarn, totsmeotic -'eld rent, entr ee. o emlok, kieleninel W t vegI, I etaelO halr nil, en lllltle t , eret do pr rse, Iiothida.eltevder. rne e and boy roeteen. I'rem* o:,'s tsoo; 1 trstille cerleLmere inz teennls. e.eta ci .tie hair e titi.lnett l a. d I lele sh tiirn e-in tegether with n o itio nd aiinn ol supply f' fcashiit ble Ihortn and shell conmbh ndl j-nirye,feor sale low ;te wholesarle or retail by - SIMMONS, IrAIlfT' 5CO, uillv 6 70 'harrtretrseet ltlb Ol DS-l ,bc-Pi olncuilc'ly ccolcrccl'tliic Ilclcivine front on In nil,)si,', o, and Saratoga 'tuc~k on l1.n11, oaken thelir a--orarr l cut ve·Y - i Mete, The~ toIllrrwitlc ·IIIItIIP It past, vii: " ell twist, rate.', ;de,· tuckand t rnsingnnd;, ho d .faclll ceirs ticd" I. din robbellr, s~ilk nnd t aornlled plnait· eartrr-, cm.,muu &l oide eijctic 18a dy1c11i, lrc 1111)111' Irleiti'r ontehea, Sriidlils ryders, taw elr p1g0 f1?tclla oxe, toiletl powdr, (lbckt bollliltslld walleldpl lnllehllITs, hlldll, pttidl, Ivnr~v and viorlrl*·cI card is rcs Ii, len urnantenl4l , lain co ral headsl, ,Iecrillare. not nIII'ligeea, head chitin,, brad-il neckul ulace, rut gi st-n nnd plainPR; Iedtnil vIrII giiC IlndtV Inin ed.,bel ndplms psilad age11 .k,, shote belts, horue, belt. poc~oket and dullllilip .iHlt,ccb; o bdtslble an c singlebarrerlepctinctdcldl kcg ccd dilrk. siccicr, c a rI,poclckt lkniVes, guard chalni InI ,iIunlctcl ' waist bucklesc cloth, ha ciir, tooth, ailc cccth obo l plate ho c,! ccdlunig fic ,Colod e Flolridan, laurlndll·, · rose andl ba>: wnte~lqFr,msrled CJII'III· 9 nnid rvxtnnrt-, llrrnnirnr, bearl, nlntirIýIu,, and \ Vlull · vu gerbeh i in h en n oltHo .o l ecriptionslu dic.ll·' andl gellllclllr ll,' i'.k- told dIl,·lnniull ruses, ha~ir riegl;'lr, frizetlcl and braidsi, plainil. fanev an;II musial orkboxs, lai an gil, ylicdd a gild vest bulttons, pear1! anld ivory shrlirt dol, shlirt -Lit I I - g"Ild mad giltr Icukil'' cice, tas iAln n tiil I~pat nnd gilt~ lotLkct";, Il~inllillule II.,, s r( lliHilverhru l andste i Iiicclll, 1c 11111cc cLoti r'i l's iccir pin, ci'icio frit bll and liink,bcce lcacc'bcc violin. tu cc iiccl i'c1 ,en.ll, gold nnd luld(l; 1-v nod . 'I'n· ill totter p r, Irlv ; ite, hoc-~·~, riding i wu u llir llrlll~in cart`+, pl t lot:; card,, ling NI thrale, oll l , ictb it It meal -Ip'ict l fohe cl ls rue olleteii at ,t loin sal e or ·' Il~i b ·i ll n nueonunudn~t g W 1101I Is~ PItII lSil I~tl iI''!r l1.t 'OTt111· )STI"V'V· N llt II Nell , t -. 1rrp 1'r d I W Il l,! , [clt I Ic I{1:'!'.\11.{:() ·\ill \'T1 Cnll 'lccI~pl ccIr or icyicif l ticle-it hi il;vz I'b03IT IItcI'j, Jcc'cbcllry, 1wI , Ic',',ic''Ict cccl itilfillc 1,11,, tlcg . id C ii sII - cri n t illows: Ick,: ' 3It iil ti ne't .ic ll, hI lwrit' ' 111 lid-l] s 1111n c, c -is glick,'irailc'iCn o~hifcc'ccliclpim anogi tlt'nltcl~ltlj)IcpIICIc ltlli'd (rrlc,"cc', It:iclcllIi)· I1 n which are , II,0 blic, cicli I Ivory cool- of every dnscrIIhicclboldilirdlll''5'i l~d' notcp l keic' togeth Ith 1'I ih.L'i:\ ,\Ihn lI` - ,Ttlle e, I ·st I1er, Illorfdnllinll , hoI~~~~~~~~~~~~iic I.s~n . ,no o- sie'ofvevtican ds 'ctru ct.i- lcfll kinlIc , slayIbilt illd till" rot gtrccl,c1tc'dj) d'liC' War'-1 e ilBair'iill bc, bIccc ccO(,r1ic adf. i re'tn ·` s T slinIgcu n W rpiilcln''tcl. uleaNIPI AdS Itllp r I Iowde ICIr t f ES-b',-etpll tcinbowes solu H tions in pots unit tllPT ,lllrroton maril ellti·e ooh as snld ko i c1W lcl ,,ci ~~llc lccll 'cb ll cud i l~ a~r· tllt and o do is, w it 0 it leuct lccs's nnt J E IV E I .L II V - ,ante E n fil te latent s w lrlr d non.-nl .1 ·I;I til actclc, lillllccctinlclccilt"cn rilnnccll)my , .\ - tilict jf'cc'til I' ccu wadectrite 'cc'iLu, it 'i11'jcicr ccds nIlvotr(I l"hi'.i lIiii lhe llld pI t 'c ilnll P IIII rl ch1 in ItllclclllI":S-' 11t1h,1 ililtl cl ccic I-c l tllrithlfour ln lll ·o lllr k i bic', c'nlccltl·~lcc'1c'Ei Fl·c, l cLi~lllbslc r Irllino, llller, tooth, plate, Clouts, Nailln ac, :Inlin 8103111111 w~~~I siccwsl gccldcr dl,lcdkINGrcidlmlSSd'1-Grial.llcolcll tole gin-n*, mogul(, lug and vlp'rlcs, jc sllurp, lol glinro I, honeI it so with a variniv of othe r kind s not enumeratedllltr rr D (II III AKND cicciE'.cI'Y ART'cICLEprnc Ni. 8n 111 IInll C-I?'d!, 5c Itlccc hilll:ic ldl bicc 5.11 Vii' ilidlIcIlilcic andL.I1I·Aic 'n portable leak. not Id r:(sll l I c1seV(((I I II very lrcichlnd inltlnliyllcll tdthe l ldcslloIiolllcr lnic mill case., with l ull without mu lil v, )CTnlrl l loxes, An.i I·Hrdian* 1t'1 UiIIII kind I iITU nl all(] guitars, silver andli o l)ICAlr l lF"" 'S1 21(.12.I1'SR llrs~t11 l clll'tccvlltcmllilllbclnd l c-irlrl li enil fr ir ner mil l.c jiclsoallclclcli ~ anti1 cc Idt Ic''t it clc l d ic o eue,Ic',dc~ci -in gp. cli ccli II rIapI chre. ii- ippl .crogcw l cilIlrer ilp t betls'tcdlIr'h-s, per c llncr ar t IIa l'v.ti'e Radianbeds t'Cllelt' ind baccitibccc -tIct liii Oren cll'ccsi'I c lrtonk tcs razor tsolld c cliiinw i-II t 1,b cltles, packet bunks and 111K LA b klcI tIIllellll:I . 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WIIIlIAMIS, OCULIST, NOW AT TE JEFFEIsIoN HOUIE, JEFFERSON STRIET, 1 LOUISV II.LE.P T', the .bteor of tie Loerudoile .ld'-erelier: ,.Il:--lt n q.).rP bv. till."-e ot, i oHf oIrb fl|litcnr 1 l' il ~th~ e"red.tcrian, ITl n u...gTra,-.. crilt, a welt u. tle hedtol s of thle le.lphi o lloquimr. al Ihit ,he "(tl, Giemlltnan'" ij noo te t Tht t Ih is h.v-ed b his kini v rme, kn-lwin, g that hlt tlme is ri bllt hortt, sld that the iolllepeollent A m,'riaon people i are abhle to jde hilr ihelelves what oare pleuf nolld lp ih)osithon'. The worth.Y edit.ors who re )octors, tile pr'ri.ettc, ediltonrs or sul.-ellitol's of the above t named jnurnals. hI. every lettOr froel persona l lve retloru I to e iglt in th. e places, p) ir., I. 'lhe ott io, tltt nl.ver ell sol: geot suoeets jo withl so lontit' a pedleo np tool tor toelb'e dloys. One to whlto wns ees d bll out ean vearsr who had itnly seen the of light froo hlio 'brtl. I,emon to tee to follow his mWoter hIt tnv hotel, ieteoud of 'boill ul'igedl to he led hy hi'... l'wo ryotnln Indics, hilo hadl enehlot the siglt of one A ece, one for t.n years. and tile otlher r earle towo ' ,ecors, hoihq bothl of them thle ,otler eve very weak; to iset ecuh olf tlolyo u , l-tdioh beoon to" see . h ithoth o-s, hi(:h llenelit I pledge Ivseilf til continl,'. ext CpItintg tlhey are tnder tle influence or dotinali ,n of thle Medlinl Dorrctor. Anothler is the dntoohter of r .eope-tbthleoInerchnnt, odoso notme I oIot holll ond nr to .oentiono (s ohe pthlte oe oy fees), who oidohe hol d h lost tile sight of oon eve om tie ho of e l nillllthis, bht that slhe nowe begils to retd Iarl'ge leeers woih tile ' utller eve cempletel, shllt. 'TIhis the doctor erltors kr.ew, a thle gentlon'ton to.ld loe himclfho ho,:d crt dtile eh ihis oalulhtcetr tltotle o gce o tile Ilediolt elito's. that they olighlt be inf.reed of the rot. The last 1h all mrenlinn is al elerllv gentlemnn lv tile nume of t Yoon, neorly EhoyVa.yo e ool aoge, wolot.leelool poh liclh by ltoter ',allit.h Ie to hi alt l Iton dilbtletll th. in .tl.h'illc bet one, ,nd Iioleolf to o lhe hlo .bli or ile ietoeri whatio v o cht hy n lenolrltrl, nh, ,'cln ar Nedti llat r t hittcnlltht Ie ha oanlly leri depd or the orio-ht .ro ei aye frmon fi kh, nl' io hie birth, whli hI tle el otte'lrtal'd rona o ouceasioned .y the mp.,los or ulnal tpno; tbut no.v oie otlld not tllov see tile liht ,f tlhe lih, o r the flts time thathooe rec.lertt, hat Iole iyars tlo., cotm hao lteghlonl tcodirtin.tirom ino, tOiel o...ty d dlitl, before I lef trtlut mtin ive on- t nlirootl"that hIe o.'ohl tee to walu obouttthle tr,oeto rithl th.o other eve e.omotelv etloed. IIe soidl he hao heoon oouohnler e tile ltethnl.,liot Epiocelpi CUhtroch hor lie, rlv fourty yearly, anti tha:t hlib w(lr wlm(I n1eve doubt-I edtl tioliOh to. nhole. c.oure . 'ris lilt. i. 1 .eealot the.t on[ It neoer prenter enoeeea tionn ot Nerhvilhn nth tl:.l Ithwet eica pnrie, wricnvr (h:tar anoohotIl odkep t'thoe d ni rivoooed in thi doltots. hod noverohhfeyto mouchl ootllll o he enaP ed., 'ile piooo iotlig~talotio filh Rle. clericel I)r Srtitlt provce, ollhe ,,e iettollto m0 ihtt nohltto six v.olrc. poet, he Was r*'verroted ornm beholen i orferc iti'lci, to Iteliove i'. tile thlmtrl~ .t of he! H|hio, Ill't tie llllet havle Inatt,' na Iriflln, eiror--thatin I must Itaeve ntlla Y, h t n- th ena Thf six yetart to erfelIe sol.utll he ouve. redtl-n hie intidlelty, tl as i o u ititel the irt r tru itr Ph paeufitl olnr Ieidni etriue, e or tI h Chciotian religilon d'.eoot n lt ireutle ou iestr,.le tion. r oe, cnhttmnv olld 1,acli) )( to please e mfedical frish elI, dii ot the1 inrot the eot to Drteu Il h tI neioell bi e n o n o i n jury to lny ,ltn. All tile inbhllitone l.f nr.tcl ill: olke l of e Ibreat. WiCC i I hIa, bug-hl.t tile n osesh'l uealors. Most othellg eu lille t f bee illnorllleh hv |ll hoult of tile ntre pel trotmed onr InitonetniTv bliuli'ed e. l.o Tlher fwrll (reu O llh S. oftriio n ItPreteod tht I tlv I.sotlelurc thellI ginll ill tilt te uort, Iy on ivnt ino tle S,,tllthocot. 'fllit lrov.e ]t..wo-ev-re,1 Illa.! whindtnth k. the Rev lrl}ly [ urrveed inlkl ].l rete~in. a I gain ed ile illI tile nllrlhl ] ought1 to hIlvl. elaile(' i all,|til er inl the· surHth lind1 s~lllhll~ atolll u tb ill Illue-io Ir th ono lily oly Otllrlll[ brt oin l tle dl I lave, in piteor heverelo' i f urthe gratDur tlt.if Itmay i jule i r iltl e i te t I ..111 , U elrtaly a le.efitttld ill this aitith hn tcehl re deo . (t (e;lhF nd cllir r 1 trlef .he lie cuhl han bi Trans ..... !,l ... ..111i thtI I'l n di,)~¢fl~l· 1 hvi:0 IcIIII ,.* l:veli ·Pr T1 ellitr :ile., sub edit'al o 'f the e s h n ire nt. lle. ( rIIe. Itel. ,ll ipo e tihr otoi Wt ii.ollledit. eill lr, tbc great Itr ,'. I Ilia| I~~li1 8h 111 0 brin l~a lteon agals lbrilslllc toji ih w h I-pow rfl anthlirt l~l c~ .,ob mol,. -ll uf, tll e lttll illlile o t titlnl I t .r-nxP ,(oIi nilt.I )rllr ill r," .' 'iv ld in NewII. ICerkZ n. 11 \ve i l Ul. a,' In I l t iclo ble l. ti'e h rei' t'n the i blte thr Ih e erth c now by itc tyitsetf o p -romit' It-convt' his d)l l,-..rteo,.octolio bo ll thou'l laud . t ." ttillh e InI .ile tt II .gl t la nwk pi l hoe tluotlral ult of tI ol le l O\rh, a. .11elI sl Shenui ! aly th.""r \. e itIo~ Ihe g~lrh Iinc ']h fil etl d Ihe~ll~ re. i~i~ i 0.ille Inhr l ttoie i. Ie Ini. tI hlr t uCll e o thh l . t w snex er i n ew YI I a h 1 !her 1 trI , chu llb l ):Itb an id ano bt ' y w n re~ ite r taI Il t ur. Toy iarlm 1he pb lic thate then~r l pIlflc I,III e·nl'e, \ .hil'lllu Illl'l l~lo i y tlirl c \~llp" t 1o vet, I illl. elil prc lt. I w:s r.-cl'. pllrlttltttO loa e. w Ilte ll I hlld n IPer otl.'looa y Iut ottt toof r t-.tote ttIlw hora Iti. I 1 .1.1 o tle eihle. llln i 't.l'ooll' rl il d ilp ,robafi I o /1. I~lO tllrr ar v tookF I()lit , lSSid.llrll ell: l|.]en-etIII i t: I llr- 1 ohe\ l e t ,l;\ e..t.. .Ihn~q lw) n wi :L (lhl. Itrte ,in. tII hat I wllilatllllo "h ibe1 hllm~r·61 f' om [I; , i ] Ih:e ,u o h I1l'l ll.t lllo-.- t'. -e ht .t Ioo'.h.t-l l.- lloel e o irr tll . l elh Ir nlly llll) I1I tilll1Ir ..tatln llct. The~ :)I\.ev ! I oll. *.,)ll 11II l alllt nl e,,tl "ill befor t hel T~lll lc:hn In;IP L.II llintII n Iltie·llt in elrl~ll l , \ II',' \ ilh tll lijl.l" elcl'.yllll ,"I111"(! cooe-u octr 1.or 'le AI,,itill.'tlll.' ilootl (:. ll'll hlie bpf i ll;1tlllleIbvi t h, ta~l( I ..{·Cl'lg 'r Bil1 ihaw Illl Sllc(.]l Iii. avl1Iiee II Al o'do,,l o-.oo.Jo,ulef~l ll~,aillal]adse tt In~ltrr. sllill l n'lr II 131' 1~j1'ltl'lt. illl '1 l'..· 11· 111. ilc I',ttl $1 llll·ll I i3l"'allll'f Illllll t,.d31$Il~lil~ll HInl1lll 111.311 31llIII· ()llr ·lll~t.? 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F Ol t hesure rfthelumotiem,.ort fulaor kingsevil,gout, . aecitioEt or hip g ot,i inci'Otient eanoera, saltrheoetm, sisphilitic nol metclt itl |re lrn ulcers I ,tinftl affoetions . the hones, ulceettedl thtr.nt p-o nos •rils, uleer of every dlescrtion, fever sores, anll ihtertall tlosesscs, fitttlaso, Iiles, seald head, sctrvy, biles, chrlo Ilc ansr eyeoi, too si olls,bthlllhs, octd et'ery' v'ietvl't'ftt trtotnots oltf'ctitOt, ronlo ooi (C:otar rh. h ea ache ptehco e eo-o o t ing frtonlno y ontl till hlor, tlhe stomooch nod dso Ip o e n~a procdiigllo vitntoroi:tin. ofoecti'tioa t'le lit:c', .ltcoici inotnmeatlo o tthe kiohoev's, tnol oelili ty causorl y a orpid action ofthe vesselsof tle klin. It is sino'lgPrly eflocloosio r-oovathtig those iotootittlioojs ,olhioohave beeol btohetnt dtown bttittjtttdicitus ttrcatrneot, jovenile irregulritiets. In gentral terms, it is recom ment ed o nl tltoste dieseases whichnrise from imlttritioes of the blood, or 'Intitiation of the humot, of whatevter name or kinl. Sonte of the above complaioitsmay require some tri Allng as;clnt applications, which thcio'cumtot nces of the cnse will dicitat; but for a g.neral remedy or Piorificator to remove the causem, the INŽ)IAN'S PANACEA will generally lie ftomud stlcient. TO THIE PUBLIC. HIow trte it is, that modern Plhsiciaons, in their am hitio to esocl in their profession:exilere the vast fields ofl'sience by the aid ofchemlistrv, and seek olt new re meldil a.gents; in short, to arrive at iperfection in the iaoetice iy means of art alone,-ntirely overlook andl neglect, as ieneath thert notlce, the rich andti bonteous stoes ofmedlicile, which the Almightly has eoused to sIringg t ottf the earth in every clilmte And hlow nueh more trtle isit that while the American l'hysicno looks to foreigagn 'ontries for ihney of his most cotlmon als d ooeaetooryot ltices, perpetotlly thanging as they" are at thte dliottes offoslhion or folly, Ite is sstori'tlone in his owtl outtry withi an endllessprofusion of medicalt plnts, ufficiitnt to antswer any iodicatioe in ldisease or to ctre ar y ooubla hlisorder; and vet he is ignornt of their vir tiles, and they' are stlferdlto 'wastettheir healing on the desort air.' Tlhe eofets of vegetable medicines upon the system are temporary--thoue of ninelndls la!ting. 'The fortmer ex ert their effects tand pass off-the latter, mercury it par ticublr, act chemircally tpoo the solidls, decomplosing tie bones old unlermining the cotstitution by a slow mnd sure destructions. The eongeniallity, effiroeoly nid SAFETY ofregeto hle remetlies orer mintrol, nmay Ie estimated by contrast ig the alcielnt practice with the modern; or, to bring il mloreimmedilately unoerorll own ohservation, th- hodlt an pracotice with thatof the whites. WVho, in Amterica, oas not known orheard of repeated Instlalneos wherein some decrepid, inpretending female India, by meanof her sinlple remedies alone, has aff'ected the most rapid anlastlotisohing cures, ofor thle Matirhe l letican of tie -nmmon p0letice, directed in the most skilful manner, has foiled ll Ati who hats not been srprised at theeom parati ve case andl ticility with whicl the Ihdian fi ces him self iklom. any disease, amn at the almost tota abstinenee o'chroloitlodisease among themo! Who has ere' heardc o anl Ilndian with a constittiion hro;klt and rtinedl by iltllreatment A:ot canl a dloulbtexist hthi this happy ex emoltionn of the savage firom most of the ills lwhich the flesh of man is hei'to, is chiefl owing to more gentia af l saofe remedrl es whlich hie employs? Thlis astoiish ing dlifference in seecets, is a fait' exemotliicatiot of the in finlte spelioeitv of thie simple andl safe means of ocre which God has eleoted thr the beoefit of his echlilren, over those which the prile anl the art of mao loave ilt If vetteol. Irom a long residlence among a portion ofthe aborigin ralihabil antsof thlisconntry, snodan intimate acjualt tance with the metheodso of cure of some of their most 7toccesstil oIrctitioners, the oprietor of 'The Inldian'o Plnoccn,'cita oired a knowlelge of some of the most powerfu anm favorite rremelie. Fromthese heseletedel scht as were most eflieanciousano al roipriotes,c and after varitous cxteriments to test their irinciples ald alrength, he lhas combined them in the form here presented, as the most per. et alnd bencficial for the purpose for which it is recommended. Tie 'rlot t rietr offlerastlhis preparation to thie plblic, wiolh the otnsctioiolsntos thtlt he isttoaciog withinltheir sc, Srmdy ca'rt'ble ofrelievilng many of his attlicted fiol Slow oeiogs, whoo ale sut'ering nlder the arouO . o hronic andl obstinate eomplailts to lwhich It is applicible. 'to Istchl it will itoore of inetalcllable vtioe, as tile meHooo, I altl ioniltY c:tses, o the oloy 'romeanse oftelevititl'tlhi'sotl ein; +. los aldl reselnltlheem oncemore to Ilealto a'll.l h0:10 . ines. Tlls is notollredl as a cololnlllll rcnrled, ti'r of m... "o.... I h ..'..''l Ie e...rly goold witll omaooy o ho:oths ..ow in ue , hIt a1 rone whichl is c'npablel of tot ilg lil itn on't ex lltr e ca.ts "s hichall tile Inlllltl| 'edlie stil. This it , lthas tloe ret'otellly; slod tlhi, is the I''ltltlotilo it blohStob 0 0 tuhleot wlo l'eevlt i t lototoot tillt oo 'Ouco ob. I,, t isolollyooo t thr0 e 00 atlsic|hit e e l'aoi'tiool tso oil preeted to the pblic: ut in a short slc act o f ho'o' i; s'olot hunotoe ls o o tlersons 'ioghlt he Ionitndt, ' tollh ,o , soremncl dlare that tooey hotived that their m iovs ot smool ,3, it, a'o d l mosto ases ' alter te had t oiteill '. anll perhtims all the colmm1.on rtm'ine~ls in vain. I\btr otter oit is kltiow it islolllg v cot itlg utlo t st , :11o I t lis Ii allbed1 rsthemost substanltlalal td cosnvin g 1roUl o it . Tlhe vale f he PIanucen i most conspiCuloull+ ill thIose lng sla:llludli, a ld syphilitic andl Slltrlollous :011.tti+ns t oolic hav+e defihd l othtr olrt tionllo os, allod tot:'':t:p I iln those cases inhere 1m.tetrlur has heenl so ]atx h+s+tl,] . : asll, t c;sllse distressi'Mll in p:l in the Ibonelsq, nItIm , nle rCfl e rial n:iverl' dtl'anlg·,:tmlnt ofbe !di:glsti(L Olrmgllis, .C. ol T11ew+it ctompi*letel remotcs anu hnall cuse'+itenth'e= Ivt ctltoticates o lt.e dis;coas0 :os'itli.cts onf tllo'Io ll. l'toot'i in .lt,+sltue lfitstiutlirn,l anod leasesthe potlentI Srlull .aul] well. n rh, am llnll itlls and il ulcer'ted sIll e llll'll h+ 10000......t. ,' I ts 'e nollOL leL ap.Prent, giving abl. +t hmnv " T: Ikt-ll inl pro|p- ol·ses, hI eludi:mlt'. l·11Paurl'l oI,":t • as :m ah1, runatilt ,,.I d,,tr l nt,lt a+ dialph we'l, [1[+'~* ald tl . utiw00 0 , :ltn alti-t p+:.+las ic un ll.n . l (t 1, il h i- , T"'"l"'"l,.t' V lT4, ii;.U+H.:.t( h t;li: :III tl~ll xtl(CI(l:.''.,t[ (;(·l~l.,. g :llty expl rte eld, rt il ,t:l 'i 0 o. ol · |i t 'l'5 l IC+ lll' >1r i crei'inI[ ,ii.+ L Ci\Pb t( lll" ; I ilesto + ' acill , 't d t .I' it ) I 'd '''g l tlo l ll t Io to : lt d u 1 L lllll, ' hv )l i I] u, s IIdI is e jl' nlll ot h ell l slll, l it+r S1,ll / .n d it +r 'l'bitlr~ t.lelr l t lli.S lltll ~i't· n I lih iz, tIt'u; if+II1 · 1 11 "I il. 00 u 'd 0 it woll lel cc.ll ac' :i a S illii anI :4 Fll ,l I M h il'[er', b). thotste \+ lus are slll.getl toi compl aid' nt .,s b.cq 000 1100,00hoseco 0o sitult toot toooooiol too'lolt o 0 h ' w' , lt wi'llt o wolt 'ot' io tollo to t toose vo r U t e t., too ].t ws ,,. 1, he+.ev('r a diet .inb k is a+~i+t t( ie ,i' 1t is Panaces tiatketn i a Srnly r I dose will unl1wei. aill 0I 00 0 r ail 0 e0t00able ool 0lills t e" ' 1 e 'n0.,, 110 h . o, oo l']o tooo',ing cle'1 lutes, tout 00000 luodol t' c w thi, o o mi tot bepr o 'rter l, are gi'on t1)O1, Io,, t'o'fo 't Il the hndlan's lanacea, inhl duatrius utnu iaisantos'.; o 1noooo'oot 't i to otlaoo otoexts bis t in the 00 st s10i0 l.ct1 1' mu anle tr itss rletrily overi esylll inl onislllsllll e. t-ll d(.IAIAI| N()B, Nov.5 I .:.', s Jh-ing'thl last winter:neILprig.I war I~i'te- witll t. t rly se~vere alnd rlistr'essing rh thlallism nI.U:'IonIed by+ exttlootut in httt w'att'ro, 0 0ow ntke r reat pleasure i0 00 statin , that sit bottles of'tlhe I' iao 's Itoatot , o es tor's i t me toot oerct heatth, ato t cotfidettly ryminndcr it a r- all simiharly alllicted, II1 ~~JOIIN FEIRGUSON., King.h+ l tiutoooow.o'roho, Not ItI2o L as stioel tbouo ltec tesince, oittt toi' ttctitg Ohetlmtiem, cusensd h} tmlakilng severe cohl, while under tlhill.llt eof n nld e cur.l .Illlsd which lalS disablrl ra' " tofl ainofeeos eul ev bionce. ullrtin thIt s eit o os oilb het n pe htit t ile tc , Marine H ost is l, in this t ht i ttit W solt Io l " t Il'tt s it, tl llteal ly ta l ft ry et ie oth " t: io tl e IttI ltto, I Hosn itat r t h, thal l t lt hos' p vte r emed, wit little heueltFr On, thle lGth of chbnull ys lact, attlat inmle saemyInl o ahleto movey anbou upoul crl cs, eom nttttcedti t tor a of titevli sl's PIaolcse. fIn ott Ino happy to state th at I on mlleMysUlf d tlywell· CASES 'OF SCROFULOUS ULCERSI NEW YORK, Sept. lit, 18i. This tnay cetliey tlhat in tlhe tidl of 1h85, 1 wcs seiz tih a swlltingin tlt teek ain thee, which altet ware indelrated all itlen nle alsla i glhastly ulcers in m n"ick. ft c y lieg ols'vee o l ltyi citatono to e advantaoge, I weet' to IPiladeulhiant, anp l placed wiysclf tuelltunr thle ocfPte 1)as. Phlldsic ah-d letcllh, h, allteer repeatdd o Ptivateam to ientoef et, l oas iponot ulle cll uttl inculroile. Aftlier. wards Itoet tellly biottles o oSowim 'ts Panaceaetll eigh' Hottles 't Potte s tholico, wit h no 'ate oiel i enetit I)esliotoielg of lite, which hald now become a bur:the It le, I ietrtnllc to lt y tIarlelt ii Neew York, ill se 89, nel, gve silt'ttll to ia t illteltll"ot r elltll, llHe. g of i1th gr' succet of rThe li ll's aneea, hoile verl, io ca d silillt I I Y" Own I was Ilelrslladed to tt it, asn last eI . sort. To tny gree t s lt'iste, as well as satialietioe, solit'olnl Iyslf r a idly ielovelll, l t l olle tatkitlt se ell bottles, tie tultel shc aled at d A i eeant e perfc i ll well ill IIIe coulse oiftwvo Umolnths, alnd hlit\v ltlma illedi so ecer since. I Illake this stmltelell ItId wish it llllsl llntd lieltlh henefltoi'thos e wlhoalle sln'l.l'illng UlndeI simnilat see lfhltts rt" syphilitic aillp etiouns, thant they tly kltotw the dit ih cofredlonlI ofho ieas suleCed vrty tl;inh. t stath, ton tho consiwert y his lito tot ed hte e itabort ot W'1. II1NIIA' Cltuntrr:s rooa. July 1l, I f31. I wrta :ilirlet, f lhor years with all ulcer it n tile leg, ne eml t l hisit'iatfts eaxnd telod thetilaskill oljt it, bt iotl out loecnll t bletlte fil. In thit cso live bottle Iltdi:tth ' Io'tanuCeit tootle it c stfont b2 c oto, n An setAm lI' A WEST,1Market, 4~nr sale I HEIE NIIY IIONN ABEl., druggist, aoern to.. e t ie l noe m, letors, T'chtctttito t a t st stt t16 NEW ORLEANS * NASIIVILLE RAILL ROAD COMI'AN '. i1ffIE sttokieletrs of ithis cot tony ore Itorelv no \1 tiotit ediat y a reeolution of thisoard oned ofdtc Itnr l etll ilea t o n th lth liltf It he pte i its ihel toll etoon fitl t by ttIIIatt as:-I Ihr dtiltre ptttelt th re i'ethitt Itfe fiEt d it II tt'o hI er tt of ti t t e I tll a pes'w Shere tIhero Nl ll" le i tic Npr e i ofmhle i hda by miansllilyel i 'ier th e I t elthl slt'ilon o the lhfcItedtr he mosti t'pie aind tly Io h netin r, sl- t doiiah, loae r shi ilte a of' h Iw ie 'i0t 'p t ice.I e d trete ;in tIhal, e t I ter smlte'r lan ' lld . til the It clay otf Dcmtonri ni x t u;nd e t.y ,lr r .l l r n t e r rli l, i lld rile a annd dce d e lllr chi e f etiret oft e tito tl ot mste I of tye f oeil h ie th dlO t'.I t Iof ap e Il i l ha 1i I r Ollt i t Itfi llt ow lllo" of 'hil l itil"ll y It'tottle t ehic Jh ttlm eeos 'hi. toltt ottsil, to' ttru f o 'oti ytnute f Ceo f Reot tt t ofiet'r ing difhri e c iT iit> * s ih u kitn la in dex mpl o, uf ah it h tTitf ite .uSeriooUt of the t iloenlodl ae meanretl i fliiottf 0i0 oiotlttltyiot'otoete fot lbien lf'of htoot c'ilsritl t-qn] ,all' I'*,r tIle lll itfit ,tiltlY dtle , I to o o'lto nt rtle y ollver tbholse whicih th:.le be ,d the a et ofeman ve in oll-Frm towe v r t l tl ofll tia or- r tlv ai t lh ef o tioole ,till r ltieit 0o thitll' s t yhL , It i dtitc lo intoit a c ,rte1 e ao tI lattieth it t t tt hsn Iwof cuit c s lomeo titrot o sto fnlt. wtI ' lb'i.i litto'tt'tl Inth ouhltyt, h elticlh tite t.tlilt rt sln stl p r.acilt t n otitc iotn ltlv, th e otr r eo l oftoeoi ,intlo ' ee ,lo 'tt tioftre. I tie Frl; m ther liefel, tfeel Ire ha.s tohir ithmlolined theorm herelyinentcofe, As tle fi cilteI ophtre i oetlllo fital or teotpoeol e otiltre whit it Rt'n" l't. nh toieo oltes of t heb rti the pl., tlhl ree atul Ahl mat A y cNAIf i Seet'.Il h rotw l AeSint s Who esr dtilSo aedre aolled rolni u p it wt6 llarso6 o i cal hd I6e as the I ei es STATE OF' LOUISIANA.-Parish Court fir the Parish and City of' New Orleans. rF lIlB STATE OF LOUISIANA. 'To il whom Sthl..e Presents shall rmel t:r".ti ,, --W'heleli, Jiters FlIlllr i' llhit llc rrltIe ,I lit r brle i lt~e by iII.' .ihiri'iffr thle Iie ' ll nf llull s thel prlop.'ri hereinaher desrrired, etscu, lie' to the rik ofi till erullrrt, in o Ite rfle ti r ed iei sr.i ltiai reo rded Ti tih ied ray of April, A. it. l:;,!i;rfi, eirrl. moniir irr erl'r'e li.semll in c nlirtlll llilV Inn11 tile r t oi f iir.e .,l-aIuttr e .,I the ti e li I.clli-illl , en iled "'A1i ar t Ii r the tie ' .r il r tl ralllt o rtidesy tolhlrr.lriit jidicialr les;"' u lpruv d NOW, herefilre, kno, l , ye and all personel interested i iherein, are hereby eleld I;i ndliniishl-d in IIi i ame iof the State of L.euisilnn, and of the Palish I urt, hl call set ip all rihtll,title or citlll iln an to tile prtrrpet Ihereiiafter rlejcl ibrrd. i t'eon-r tlerllle el inly hilllunllllitv i lltle rier,'ire orr iur e ,,,nti f 1 i clll rt ilder xhreh the sale wa Imllallne.ilr nllv irhl.e ltr rity or illegality ill thie pprair sement and ltive'rti.'r lerr t , ill time, or ianner of sail, or for any other e' ect r' , hatsli ever; to show cace, within thirtilavs rolrmn itse la this monllitionl is fil..t inllS'erPted ill lthe luhlic papers, whyllV the alee so Ilnie should not be eOirirel d d bUIIIII legeted. 'ITne said ptropertyre eoild i' tie. Sr.hefifref ih ie' ar ish tiri reai,/ ,iti tleri 14th di v of Aprii, A. I1 17:.18. by Viere fI n i ldecree rf ih titli 'i .r'tit,e ln'ered (il i lt ,er t l i iy Cof F'llery, A. 13. 1838, ine t liet elltirt i Alexaerllr C'adwell r '..i. daiee Itnir'e, No lil,:+i7 of tirei dnckeh orf this rourtat which siae the said James lurr -l e Ite,'i e tile purchaser for tihe plie of twenty one thourand I)escription of I'Prperte es gieen inl the Judicial Con vrvtllve, viz: A certaill lot of Frlanrllll ritled in tile sullurb All nuneci'tion aliays Iaeoirer. of this eilVtill ei uare No 5, and Iot having FIrencllh olmeanl e, lit li;''t ront l'rn Teho pitoutlls street, :tillt feet frone on Orangers street, ald fi feet elI.neletlo dir llt ore' e st1errt, in stec n rmnlleh thiit sueid lIt of tground is fill feet wide frot otne tide iof the square t to le other, together with i d(ilwling holusO frollt'ng ll 'cholpitoll street, thile k: t'ltel a din - pendencie, lrio the distillery etrellirr m 1it- erected thereon l and other Ilildings Utlll illlplrvementsrt tile mncinerv, utenllils, implements anid futlir belonging to said distillery, its depenldencist aend appirlenances, and the righlts,nctionsnand privileges thereto ibelonging tieor aerlly le trppe rtai1iiire. Cler~i- O)ffe, New Orleanr, Mhy 7, 1 83. In14,d24 &jt J. ttlt l, tIepiity eli-rh. ETAT I)E IA I()UielANE-- rtm ie iL'atolsan lpour In paroi-se et ille de la Nouvelle Orie:ns. L'i'TAT' 1)E L.A I.OUISIANE;.-A tons ceux qlle ceF se pr'selntes eOlllernell'lt, Sainit : Attellllll IIr .JIanes Haase nttllhtlrei, et A it i v 'tie aite ipa' le Sherli t deilaeprnoisse id'Orhleans lipro1piio, cri-itpr·is decrite, Ss'est adrlsse all Greffe de erlie Collr n lit .tit veInte Il enregisttre Ir 2 eme jour de M1rt de I'e,,nee 1tf38, pour Stin avis cnfo.trmeente rien ecte de tn L(.gis.iu, e de I SEtat tie la Loeisilne, illlitl(i' 'i Acets pour cOlnfilrmerl Iet litres des anetllercure atl ventee judieltilires;" alprlllol le 10 aInrs 18.3r. Qi'il soitconnu, et tutes pirsonne: int~lressseessollt er cespresenlles solillies lll o le I El.Lt de i I .Olluisiue ol e I:I Coun t Pdle,'Orisse, i li porralient ivoir droit l l n r proprlitte ei- t pri'" dverite, en cnseo.e ne'n dtliItitnt der frltre irn I'llrei, le deeret oil le jllement de le Ico, ell ell SIrllIel hi ventr e a i 'i e fii, o8 di fIei i 'll.iirrlle r te i1 illgeie e rtis I'estii ntion, l'ais o le tiemps t le noeth le l ntl e, on pour ,:n itrlt. tll '"-q. elc Ii 1e;(I d y five volI, delns re lnteljo ls a d Ite la [llllpu llinllon lle rell avis, poluel iu i i. tall e nio i li t ie SC erlit pl s conll t lele et holllognlle La propnri'ti fit vendor par le shemi misdit, le qua lt otzi(\le lotr d'ntril ell I'i le. It1l:ll, en vert ll 'ln rdeet de celit olour le 3 dh h'1hier d1e I'nuni.e t1r3tl it anns 'iiire d' lexlhnir I ahldell, coulre .man l I ner N, P I1 0,3lll 7 dII ' el t t IP lll illlilt IInIll es riptio dela rl'opriilid' bos letratst.rhldiciar" I'1, "1lin rill t ie terLre ileel no fethrerr rde I I' .Al ria inn lllins 1.acour., di I.lit, vlle, rdrns lI'p [.o ,o e r i It l lot d i llt lt om nollll fr ' n.liel' oil tl I- Ar ll n de face i- la In'e' T helb itoll'tt. OIP. fil Ii'd id Inlier i e In ruie de ll ' r lt.r, et sllmlte pitl t de itr er ri It, fr mire le m " ,. 11:rrr h i ,e (w Il I , ti Itll de rr. a soi\elr I rinn li e i ll'e r ,lll+ (t' -. ri 1I- de I'ilel I llt llrl,: 1 ll llllllp tllt- illlide n ll n I.- le-n i:lt , i i , I flnl dl-til'rtie r", ,n-lu · i t" < ,lhr It'it *, el ' +!1" Ill· i . ohm s, S . ) a p r'I lltnl ' Ii li h, .1h-liil, ri,,-,l: d;l .',. it IiI -,at'e pl l illl e. 1 e Iolljitiil"_. .- V a ,I it it 'ill. • lltlr,,tltl i;lo etedl]. rNo(llit, lt, ' I )le i , P, It'e ", lide . I :l3 is ". ,, .l.21 ji .I.< l,tl~l" : Ilfpuli', nr.lerr Ilayt l (o itIall t ' t I l eia- Ia , I -.l. , \ I tl" tl''i'na, \ttlý :-att I .t'ttttta a at,rd I.pat'i St it, r l .I'p' dI Ibr \\' + iskhl. i 1:sq. ,'hIl:nut s i h," Il'',I (Coill ',.' of ,.' 'r "'t's, I, a.tlc of Ala. ,h -. rkry'stL mpan lltlal , .llow ~1 Hlt"I ("a Cet S irts , S' orgeon Ito OI . H . l Uh hi . I P'i - -n . :..ot i,, I,:w .., I'la:a, \\'aterla . Iiatitl' t .' . I Iha d I'l , t of Iut)' lntd ..1 I 'h I h ty : l o ,e liriaitiom.l .f :a romP. I r lIt 'l : 'lltth l,, d ll I1I,. :tlh Iiboh maml , I~ ll lh ,t at~l . 111, h . hg. : ,. o an Ir 'Ih Io ry Melh h t 1.ti . .. k .I Ioil ,. ; lll-" 11 " I :( ·lll, lll ill , JI ll + I,,: ' t' Is I ',I, IIn '' It i , 1 h +1, "ý , I "l-li I '..I" , SIq'. l,ý.' f .. um ( I,"". s-. , i, of I , , ~ us . ,1 t 'r I.,th I . h\ : , t t r. I ý . L ttit I D 1'.llll itll s,'l ts II ,,N I ,' a , I rli tu , + ,'ll t ,,I i ~li. I ~,'ivl,. tc ..!,S it h . . , t o...t 1, 1 i i llll , o 1 rl,' . 'I'. l ,ii ll i, ...1 .lI11 N -l . it i t :!~g t' I tt - ittaao t, la t I t .' , . II L latd . , :,l ,t.A i, 1 I,. g tt t aa.l tt . . . ',t I i rh ,l ,,ýr I t rr b,+t.ýt$tI /l lh I, I ,, :, II , ýtlh -. , U h ,. . , + .'. i a':tlll. s II ga t I , laitl " i I ll I . Il.tlt kll' ,i lla ,l hll,, tI , ta. ,,tLa \I, l1.i I 1t,,. ln , "k v . " l, h\,:l i ll.l } . f'i . I I (, I,ýý"t~ i: ( , . .,ll t, , ! ,a11 : lib,! : I .1 ' \1 1 It., 1. . Ii. l. 1 i. l 1)1t , ý, lll rs. iio l'tc :t";'t 1 I,"Ht lZ a lt " I , I, , l .i) l lltilt fil 1 l IaII. at illt.lla t ol It,ta . l l 't.,ltl I N . ý It ;IIt l ,i t il.t: l .I1t: , : .ptill l) I l it('ll :lkll'-, : ýe. aa tll"l t't llla a a' NIiIIt'l a' Li !p r il ll ill t'h'V. ator gt . tJltaala'att 'al aat a ,l l.alaa . r: tttal Itaattal ata' - aatýwIa a ltitasa'la in a: Ia t ttratltt I.attlrlt Alta; a lo ti allll t lttta, I .t l ll . a taaa ila I . ..t' Il.+ It t lal'. 'l t,, .t.. ..l l a .a t tat ..... . r l . . .. • II S l ,,lla . la-j it ig !'tItat II a altipt a :Itt l ltt,.t;'ta.l ,is h, . I t&,c -,sl ica ,L o rg.- l o:. -I v- i ' : lclll lact l i l. I h tl liaelk , t ctalll I ll lll' : 1Ctl tllt I It (1t o ts) tl'I ,l ii· i"I c h i e s .l peg geI ul ,t il\ d \ I! 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I t plo l ,e soldo' ,n i.eo iI'.i~ta t , a aa ,ta , aaaakill \at I C 11", s. 1 ,o il , a tll I o udltthtr elo. til b;d tlyin slla I h dul kh lus aal hisililiLi rs 1 rl lust dt il goi pi. ino tt~ - r alai i' t heUI A rtien,. p. l w..S's' lasting l nhi g llit-.liih i ,;the tlenatc 'sl nel+,shinnnl,," fau|ik silk l h is; do WH itiA Irab I to ,d i o a S0 l ,"l'or d lli llr ); do ivh ilt ll i lilen r flllI hl'oad amt I nIT b llim I-n s lin .butt a'i t eth: k rl.s ia wsrl im i wd lats, a iih arlic le. \siualls' 1 uo ,t- size iLas r ,ll oi ,lt, lt dualiti do hel,iblr , , .lNkc l ls. l i.- es . I i l rd'I Ili% t"holment "in L' re desnislevfl wIt Ilse arrival (if x ii b e solh ii tleeOl, .i . tio ,' m a . illt.\l .. - , ,I.1\ 1t I (- \`.1;l l'\l\'ý'. 1 1th~utatll n~lhorr. 11 ti lt ;:rll :Lrlt l lcl: Ii ' lllllt-(·C FV ln )Iie - nt I and pini'. 1i " 1F11, 1,,, hor o U'lrfI, Tr,.se nde \Ulivs t -s Itondom, It. rollecll tiu,,. of 1' ii) illlltr .d I:1 I-I1 ml ftt I, the Ye r 11:1i t~ the c ( - ol I· :i -,,,n" III'I II IIF Irl' F Ilul k il t of the lell Irllline Inenlh,".;-I1·* 11 v one of 111 par-T C' "Tlwllrr rcn =,~' " \. inI-. I' 1'opllI(t lr \1r~li liin, o I amity ,'l,·r, i.iil lrii -illi n i of sorb Min's nn th Ile 1,':t; lire . 1'11, sic, il·. urar ," noel thei ronilie» whenl rmrlnlar I·II-i(·ilml, calm'." h r 1' llil·lfCdI brim. ompt11 I nuTI·i~Ilill v fdeli~. rI i~VIItw 1T liecn p mpl-r henlll+ of litlilir<, nlmlrl ol.· of rl·* ·cl-, li·~i llllllriei. 1I unveil''r-; nod a llrrl l rktocir 6i- 'W") ". ·11·1 (·11111 rmr-· 1'elr lnnr ', loiv t~o Il- tor . I hr ., ansd Pllgmtvil, in " volt J e.,edl m ~r s'-1 F h," - 1' 33 E I N ut'.l "'r r''allnnn ndk *.... IIoII St'i nN l1II:-1h ~ e~~rru uke"li, n jt ien) rr tc, ' 1 grcr.prli IJUST PUBLISHEDFIROMSTReFO.rE!' r PLJTE S. The Fith -:dihit' or ItOW ITT'S 'P\.lII EOF INT"ERiti'T: tlO wsl is n-.' irdti An Avri"e ii Tlle Gl(nla I.t. oi lasy nol taist ll il' 1in l in .. ith I 1" rn e lil.l 4 i stllllll: . 1 aIInote, of h:lll ) or bill' of gl(ids, c\hc'n pr-o' by ch:asedll I tilt'relt daltes In dliLfer'tiI credils, andl 1 r v'li'~llln, nl;llll besilt . l e ll it cnit e lete !, iei Time "T1a le, the h," Ih cn- le coowied. ,r th, ti-i glre.s c.ell ir ItIce t illi thie sa:te coLSL. ud s teaiL .I i and tbzretyttpet An a' ver.isew t in the bok is in ne:.'ly the lit iw iintt t ords S "1Tlhe.ih islctinl tin this wntk has r"ee ied thrull gh the tlleni lgitili nttic s nlre xeltl ttIhe iile pi ge, is rle c int l i.ll llllt i t Itsell tis i " n i.mlll io , la lll so conclh s, tire I ll, n thing is,y mioirie t ia n .I- c y of te ila ertisentent, to giek i on, "sd ae t of some i of its Ile .clliaeitel s::nl fer iclslnce, Iht e i I ioi.est lles been cI nmt it s-. el frnm,and comparedu wilh, what is c [nivoiut to tol t 'Irnel erlt'cclod 1 in n , l cxt'asiyit t itill the rlll eslthirtl - five tines, nd l p,,l l tiet ll tr cl ly t' t plaitesI lstl , lhirtylt -ont e time', ftrom itI thichitlllst ble evidrl t Ieven C the t kepl t e (te" ect i 11 0 it Ieti Ile soi l oftli de tail II ,reof in I w pre wme) dhat lhe work tsota lie ith - nrt lly luf lih tc, ltmd in clnirm t, i totl of t is, '.l lpremi-oll lt o e ill llt , .Iced illtt lon ' ,I s is :4,ow (ivi e lle ' lifr he defelillln of ni error ofia cenll t in flt:e pres lnt r or lifth edition, is ex Iressed in the prelhfe, making fire Isrc," p; elions lfferedl I'm- ti e s: me error since the first . o()ILe f tle most conll ieno fealtlres of l the lb s is in, the lrlmangel nt of tdle Time ndAllAl( 1 l . hlchi f il-expeditihns, rft,.renee orie. 1erspie ,,it, wilh the help tv nllld se 1iilth which thle in ieresl cin he t ind to111 tile extentll of g tnelal business, witholt hlenhli l ofsms is besides a convenience s essential, i lI ll ii n the est ill lien of some ni the ltlno compeirent 6 pandveo.n llll bsll i iirqf l n l4,4 men stnl lhilig €)tii, ors Iwhlo llllle ll l. m Il, tl use lappellatilon eflofa "master picee". A.ti considering the infallibility of the methlod originally ldopted in S comTostile Ithe woiork, l( the extlaordi sry ilnlm b r a tl1[ arietyI oflthe examinatins, aill nd tests llof elery eittio it s, Ilpasp sed I ltsllh e r lis, enltwilhstaldingll e h whle is iln g stelr le pe, cnnsitlertl , in slhll l, he positive nle uarnley sic.te1 by ItIE c lnpl eeel nedll inlllll E llll thIe vo mtol w onderTful bok in the wslk;" most cerltaily wm Inltllan nUHme figure worsII of the sameI extelnt, will Ih since i the egimniTgoi creation, hasl a tit same . Tle and vtalivl'y of ests in tihle same lUmer of el'itors; n nil,o Ione1 hlfl the numberl, s is clenly sllhown ill the if le lItt t Resides, as tellst anl slandl llllldit hasll bee tried nll i lprced in nearly all the bank tand lpulic lhfict s in the IJ lit I lltates, and by the public go lerlly, hIring the long period oI thirty-.i,, yet no cient of |he cal ciltilonsl has ever been I ol n i in print, altll hogh coltillu S lly challenge by the oll' r of very hlge eminms. ITh in fhc erll ly adopted b)y aill bIhg-lhel a s Irtatt ite11 inleret," nals I. y lw r bnlllllk interest, ma ccdilgti, s the hollok is IIsed, and as I -r l e seen isl [l pat'.I by ,,lel Iines (If III,, sI hetrIh pl , l sl' lll aI ft1 w "l f teI SII ISL, I s lo l hse t I(l'r'hllns/ 1 h the Jlit altth Cc.Ie I o l o l llhook, Il in llpos.s0min c.: l .te\ l oss olf eilIz- s ii crl ler) q -III St" of lhe U'niteld Sbalt. Ie it is nm'rlleover well known tlhat, I its 'relt' check, e it hbas .o otl ii d l.te ted I: :, , elrl s, l on g n lte l they 11 lr"e e llm llel, mieIen hr t ilLe most crIdIII'fl lnd .o\lll t roIp(lenl t' illllluln llia 1, tillt its Inu el illls, anll d th sillol n -lllt II a. casctl Ihi its u, have been ,ex .tensi lye iunsisted up n, n so i.l tke , inc. d, hari e I enl ilts it1l l , atlll its S sI licg tIh ;t, s.lrte .jrllS· n oI wlhil t Ihl. I l- dilim, t was s rc·'e , at ouit of primt, t great ihIier of second bnd Collies were siuglhl for, con. ten i gree I m ii .! 1 .s mr amt purein . d i t carious prices, :is th.y . ould wrc' ci - a.lll ho p llllll.d up l t fr' o 'll.I" i n $l5ll t11 1 p , c ii i,1So prer' illsh sm, l detl o I v"l.\II , h111 . 11l n ] i , (le 1in 11. e i\ , II mllt be Ih ,l Ir few, tnl n . illlideual it, ihe nlate11 iollma I part illhle: rlI:, Ih ,ving tl t ile siaii it ln ' rI xibitl .d ishl o y I oI. d i , ti 1k t 11 1111,i.11 r A l p~'~ll 111' sne lt I1 III hi llm it wits re'.lly ollw h tlhnl at :{ i ;1 m;oret htlol gl tile s:. infll oll f. i s erl'l ci hk.1tI , lime, he ."bei e. :1 't rich e :", i.ll n ? lic I.t.' . ht ,n i lik ,, . i,. .1 c ,i "'~ tf the ec ,e ~l]ln i md.',.1 l-' I.T I tl , i ] Ih 'l, ' ,"-. lh 1lo t i ll t l I l Iis honk ,.r il :111 i.,e I i ill. ·n I i '1' ei Ini. II( ni.; 1 % I nv.i i 111 . fi,.1 It i a-1 1 ,1 ":: 1 cccl ! i) tin 1 n" l.'to h I ;, ;ln II. ih i oI ! : 1 ti . lh ,, i., ' i, '" ,,i,- n",': " ei t , ,i I i r , i l l kini n 1 ,1 "111 . , 1: 'c l11m' I !n f I l ' iatilt "i 'ml l, l till i l v, ""', 1 b," 1,c d. ctl,,ll nc 11 (1111{I" [ lil l lll l.l ' ll dc: )1,1)111" .!.1 11 , irn i L h - ii ( t h I t Y i hl . 1%1' ,' t' i S li :r Ii I I' et ,. I , pin tos of i fi. -i l nt , :I1,,t I ', 'r -" -h:1lcl. ,o, ) cmmil':"t l I il in : . ,n l~:al o .n s( . ,t',c oi s h . I t in i ; ·· i i i, 1111r. . 1t i ""-t'b "I i V ., hI fid ,I, h :lh,. ',|n ~i , ur ( .l.t ,' l) ' ,', \t c Il , ' . ,1 fi , .'. I1Io , IIll, io ., lhit , ia ; l 'im ti11 I., ; ' I. 11 " .i ,l in, b, 'lEin h dmi i . i .i ii l i. ii n ri;. e , lll m i, i Iin i i-i, t "'I li . ,. (. i, , I r , ul i -, 'd , i L h! lu t ) 1 . i.o I Iii i Ih : ' i ," . .11 " r i lhlh ' . ,I . d , orn I . l, I I rll I I . I a I , tl , li th . ill ; st i ir , , ", I i , l, : t i , , ' . C a . ,i ;, 14-o,:,,, r, I , I,. i .e l , 'l h W ~ ; t ''~ h t I,11 I]. : ( +,~ 1I .4 '. M V . l, ln s i, m:?z , ll. y ' P intcr., N , .i ( , lc stmt . .d ,i,," efl ., (.ural sicu,-. I , ns , l: h ; i e, . nk ~ ds :, I d m .t -,"x ec lllllt l . llt It e.1 (j )4 Ill, I I I i:,Nla Itl,, t .lti', (;tlt oll, llln,,l tle !h ds e F) , , t):,t (;rm.im1le Ihuni . \'o l, lDol or leldlello, te T'.-e, Ikll: , hite (C:oromm ll or Ilunck Si:, nnl, ,,in eh',:teltl, SI'cilell ,s It be s I.. at ith sho, t. alillts, ois, glass, corla trnish,, An. un h:- # adol , sale. ý f d Iundll, iron, well +t"snt,,!. loot. mroll' anll rod iron, unil rods nd phlough (';+t, (G'IrmnL. shear, blistlerd, spring, sheet a.d IIotwle steel hlhlow wvae, ctt nal wrougtl nails aId sik,, Zine, block tin, moll uld grhil stones, s.ia kettles Chain c Jble, .ic rhor's, hostl (ix, In; , d tnre t hllis, ceiol mills A It. l; l ,l ices, IH.,m.ltl ulh:U t Is ellow ll. ll .d, I rl cokig sm es "'Amts, flow land's ml, other ates l land shov'ls ok lland dte hltIges, ioor :nlld w idow ooks S llils, IInls, 4SIhIll P, d tlhe ilies 11 Ii '1 0an" d i a illt c th linestl w ns t wit l l tI ine khu ll d I s lheathillng cn IIt:I; matal ,,torts i|bints, tlie.~ r t l slJ m ,it alwlas on hand, and which alye viltii rItl 1f:r sale :it who.le sit ýr 'etalil, .,1 the Lo.t t.rl'tvort e It tll , by n11 ,I \'Tt)O\ k Co. 53 1 ldeve. T i E 1 1..1-11 ) 1'l11 1(li} '.' F ll,:t,+t l. r I t 11 I.E , S. )lle Iro!,riet"r ,, this estublihmnot Tins thr pIta il. v t",let live".,i-iler<. 11, lwdi ,so s llam fr C thelt. n,.lio~ ,"rl"r I-'r.- ll ..." ;'lh in.. nh,"il 'h ~i'"1 enall lt thieu b-1 bet," t. " o 4 iol" I ,! Ilmrll I're r nutmllber than nlib lie . t thathI lr e lo.,dnttd i r ith o od.1 rooI ms. moli th l-e ;1· ht )1+*`( ul e nd h x lre h, fi +, tcanh ired tlo It is d 'lll i lll Im y t, f ac l( 11 lhi ill lli c11 lI h ur nf th" clt let ait ie<,- v ,tim l-h i it is g'irlll n I blliVt I tha t theyllr inel, i n tot tl lh , i. l the. Soutl - siesl tlli" th t hin !ort ,o1" Ill ' l Ir ll' I', has MAIL ARRA (NGEM NT ni [)an. lavvrtIav alt 1 9.l1. I:rther ' ul. ' Ery av at 'I A. iM V' e """trn lr . eary r,)utitc , Wederre day ,y a a' e C ses'very Mosnday, Wednesda Coast, and i atnrday bty 9, l'. r11 cl leS ever:y T'utesday, Thursdy, a 'hrlwk'.llad . Satttlurl, ;v 5 1'. 61. via (:loses every Monday, Wednesday T'IMES OF ARrIVAI,, EI'ARI'URF DISTANCE 1 c. ofl IhE I preas Mail, betw"", r. Ilnile and New Yalk--leanin Mobile a ail," at 3 P. IM. Northinar Nea Yrk dnaily at 5 I'a atI l.(thward, A rives Arrive Northwrd. Distance. 'Time. Return'g onttomerv, Ala. 2 In. lit m's 23 Ith 12 inm. "oto lllaha, (a. 114 8I 9 34a .n, flilledgeville. Ga. 1:33 141 2 P. n a,. 1113 17; 10 ,ttlei,", N C. "5 215 22 12 Varrentn, Va. I rnt. 55 AI a lPieraltia, Vn. 10 amI. 83 10 i . Im Iaiaclaaan Va. 1 an. 21 3 6I Fredericklkburg, 8 67 7 Ip m. nhinfton city, prm. 0i! 6 5 Illalti ,re,, " '4 32 4 0 'llelin, a. 100 II 2 New Yark. pa. 90 Cl 13105 143 hIt. or 5d 231I Nolrthward. Comaing Sallthward, the time in six hours hlis; blig3 ,days anta 17 hIurs, TEN IOlli.t.AS ItEWAII).- - II ANAWA fri n 169 CIrondolet corner of Hevia l sreets, n tie lliCht of ll30th f Augullst, and was seen ile next morning inl I'nvtras street, a negro b.y named CIIAIII,<:S, altutt 17 year. of age, and 5 fee or therenboult inll eight, very Ilnek, nt lla an imped lllet ill his speechl, e of hIls lags is sore, ocensianed Iby arecent hurt; hie hald n 1ltn hie wRent away a white cottonl or linen shirt inld white elltlln pantalolons. ,Mllsters of vessels Iandit satean boats e can tilnetd a guinst Ireceiving or harbunrillg said neglr, as well as aln enfired aigainiat tht,. 't! t. alrvel re'nard will bepnie ftratlelive:iug hi itttttatt of tie jila of either ofthe tmlluiiltalities, or tt 169i Caroleelet, corner of Slevi. ster lt. Inept 'IC'--T']+ e rlclpatership heretolbre existing Ill ndrtle t firn of I)uboIa & GL(arrletel , has been dissolved. The subscriber will liuidlate the afflkirss thle oncern ill this city, and reqlires all plr ons indeb - ed to ilke Ivpaymlllenlt il hilm Onllv, and all thosehaving inlitnl, to presout them forsettle!ulln TO nnq. --71 11 IARRIIETSON \. . W . SWAI N. AN. Il1Canal ,.reett A're Orleans ITI alwa tts ouhand catn tatlay li rceivint Drt. Ry I),es, Chemicals,and I'aIm:',among thr'" ar.t ll I ow Ii at: ? 1 )lC . lIUVES. Antimony, crlde, Argtils, rt"d, do rtegllu , AnuII t, Siall'.. . Ars,,,,enit, ero1e, lastu, do pti drelt d, Ilrnzillette wooer, -alsa: o elm it,, (oIch taeali, ilth x, lt , (,'op I' 's, American, ,hi relined, ( ti 'a re, lilstone, eIutdeI lslltiI lTampico, l rll, do Cuhn, flower, do 11~,nle, Ilirm tth, Fret'n h Ierrieps, CstIor.i1, hnligo, lI"Iagal, {lamn airtur, do A·ula llta, 511do V.,-ovens,1 GaoI aloes, do In Omnin, do .\.:dbic. 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