Newspaper of True American, January 16, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 16, 1839 Page 2
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Iok Lioerpnom, L H tIle c.rp L. , R lyot, Blitol. .o ante1 tttj l, Stuokmoe, tre Hvtoa., U Freys co Urlir. oeros .r HaOra, .. roing & co ARKIVAIS. w.heeat Ore ope. Motrisoo, ftm the poem, heaiet towe, eMsoree k Cosll:ka, Vlbntll, I6d poltr ount Morimit r. rmed to the city with ship Reown. Attra brig Feliche ed iate teaemIko. Letr the BF r o the ith lest, It pi n. 1o P 1artOedboe It the t, ad several small .ail in ths rlir. TowboetR Pot toy, Iimhert. frome the S W Peat. htvir weit'dole tight; returned to the ity with brigs Mary and plEN " aed htr J H W'llbfrd. Left n 14th ist. t Li L t c n J.etbla in the omg, nothiOng e, In the rivor. bTatrofssean, Mr Donnoell, from the Punot, havin woet down lirbt; retured tl, the city with bark Solomon SleTl, arom the Coarl. briolm Coet. and Carlotn . Left 14th, et gt m, repmrtt o,tllhin off, nolthlg new is the rivor. 8hlp eoowo, Fnow, lt days fual New Ylk, to N F Cos e.cli Calo, Fotlailie, 8 day Ifrom Havana, to R lGoliog rLig Comet, Dlkeo.lo, 9th iorel from tlavapo to Culcallu Lap·yo co. bo Mry.Mrorste, 13th Nov, from I.iverpo, to Mseter. T Sparkle, Laeind, 1I days frum Trinidod, to Moater. Sien brig rtile, Dulanetou, from T'ampico, 4th inlt to Pne, & co, ehpr Ksouotkao. Nickels, . days from RIs;od :ilanJ, to J WZehbo hrie 4 cto. latbolt from 0'ysveile, Ky.. allo, 45 ls fl1our oand 1O eCaLebiou. Michael Maher, and J Vairen ir co. ieemr Selma, odeanron Me, foo tills Point. Utelmer Coltoum tn, Dunn, trooll Shreveport. uteimer Rhine. Kig. from freight. HIerne North Star I.athea., fron Columbioa. Stae.r Brillolopt, Hart, from Plaquemile. lemer Yesoo, Latham. from Mempthis. S.we tr uaqelaae. W'ylinA. Padoruh. FXPOILTS. MAVRE.. per ship GCirard.. hli Id rottn, l Thides.. IOS' ship Phsra'il',...1515 hi becntlon, Ii br. nod 50 kegs lard, ntdltei hhi, sauer. LoVKFPOOL..per hark Byron.. I.lO bit cotton, ad 49.loei tltR rOL...per bark Stra Lee..400 hhd inololltet. HAVANA..per'hlrig Activo...0ocnae glaswareor. and Ii bha .............lper brig Susto..l1il brl flour,, nd I6 hhde hbaon. IMPORTS. TAMPCO..per brie Felioie..4378 hidee, 190 qinltil funito' end 81,500 in scie, to tnmmetEtil Dank, J Roberts 9re,, FTin and F T'rcy & ro. RAtdOnD ILAND..per ohr Kosuisko..4dtt hu itthalt sclt, to J V Zeharite & re. hbrig' Mtry. 10 ten. stlt. to nder. T'RINIDAD..per brih Sptrkle..ompty mo'Ostoe cattkt . HAVANA., per hrig Cutlott..987t ael coffee, lots ftt, ctigar. and sweet me'ds, R tiro.lntg A co. ..............per brigComt..t,.t fruit, Clculilu, Lnpeyr. NEW, YORK.. Per ship Renoewn..argo: 163 Lbgs coffee, an/assoerted mdse. RECEIPTS OF PRODULCE. .hretoport..por teametr Cumitoin,..41 hil cottone Tay'o, Gnrdoer i tl. 26 do Retalldr,i. ttt & ¢W.rght. 56i di T tB 4 co, 43 do tOwno ott tnoot, 25 do ttlloUr. t -ke t Walker, II dotmith " Vnnhot, I iP do York I n'o, 200 hides.cnd 13a prktt Foitries. Itr prutht. Milt Poit..lpar elteamer otol..4 his otllon o3 mrko nott. .od 74 do tern. A T, ijr; 15 his cotton, ,id 3 hhda tthnreo. K ( 4 rot i hhs anod he tbohe'o. Prteenoit, Jones & to 510 eal k orn, Armour L.ko o & W.lker 4I:I0 sacks corn. Rote ' Ctnohow 3t1 Lorkt earn Boonrt & IIwtrhorn; 328 iems lard. F3 I-H. Ih,rlrk, and 23 hitrle loner. Owneell ml board 1t brlm polk. I4.17. lt tulk do. Od kege lard, 30 marks cort, vo)t turter. sild chicket.. Owoerl ot board. io'nmbho. ptr toelotcr North Siaro..U htit cotton, A Fulton eo. 9 d.o CGioe .f ir.rl. Uhrevoport..per ottlllcr Colombian..Pnrtot, Leddal,. A C (irnn. C J f'uctk, it. Rintpfd. Iickon. Davis, Gerry. Kolly, hort. Rr'ot, Atbrahat, rCet Balinll, I.oonlrd, Liir Eat.,l, U 8 A, CON8IGNErp. New Yort...Per sll, Rimo Marobh,,t eoano rno. .1 C aset,, Ricotrdon eetotmont and Woods, J I.iudi% and co. C ooe,,lI' Pthnano and ro,. P eot J l.rteoll, F .0nd J 1' Whitley. B'odet and It'olld. 'tooun slid Rlnkin. Sexise .,lad ralinte.J eata.tth, N D fh;iotnb.rlttn. I`ct and Norlh, Tat ead ololki.l.A Fultlon a,t ,,ji Iol.sham, A Giant and no. I Bridge ad co, W It alolner edi ro. MlcCllty and oo . Jo t. vemer, LStlroll ted Alver., N It Kn,.pp. elihee tid co, A P Grant and e,. ti Dolin. G 'hltoonv oad 0o. 8 .vy, . lhi ie atd r." ad S k. J I indylJ P Alitg, 3 Coltiis acd ,,, C J M.ekor. 'urti and Hond. C ioa,,. At E Crane. ChlC . and Diman.Me-t enod Cotoron. Davis ond Pullock. r.0llil, Vor. hrt. W te.ftoo.W C Tompkin. ltrowor end olo. G HDrri. n, O WianeLbard. Lyo., lerr l nod eo,J S n~ohoorty, afle end IlHawtoru, E Holmes, Lawrence atd Legeodro. I'ASOENGIS.Io. M It Point..per FliarCo Sehsl.. a ic. EiTen Tore and mothtr, Men Parko . Itr t.rwil. Bell, Sweaiooert. tlhdbtrd, Itotrd. nttrey,Rnroly. teyolds. latlronk, Pepin, Prewji, I)uhber. Mulse, ('opt, (love , KIerr. oapt Lasuhlin. Ilildreth Ziglen. Myer, Miller, J homtn,'lltll, lnoldmith, Hightomer, Malkentad la;,dy. 62 way othiteand 92 on rleek Columhle..per tonmer. North B ar..Oi'e. RItto, Taylor, Itloeky. IlJmphry. Hoerloy. J P rtaltminhm and tot, J At Chilton, Mitss Chillton. ltse Nortaon,. J B Dlioe end vt., C Pooo, J 1Dtei, J A Porker. R 8 taorkr, F D Page, Jas M.J Quithery. ad 2O way cnaiu c aieo esr. Almteimrit..per tleemer Rhine..Rrv R H olnoo, E Ste. hLe, DClooe..l, M Retloonno , W J Itlroher, J leatoma. th. II Leatih. .Lowry. Potrin, lIIt Taemptoo..peo big Felocie..J A Mogn., F F.rinot'e. R A entoeoi. Ro.eld . poltbrtKo loira keh..Mr Spinglett .ltdy tad ebLld,. Hold' hip, Brioei, Mearlti, Fiuomi,,r. *lOowO..por brig l('eomrt..J Vignier, Capt Iltchley, tnd . Dogetay. NewoYork..Peo ,hip ..o,....Otooe K Ilo., o, , R w,. ternm,, K F V iiioams, L C Poiburo. MEIORANDA 'Theatetmer Susqtoehonna left Padnrioh Jn. 4. The river hove wn.e rCloed wth ire'; .telnhont P hkin fr, z, p in the middle. eee river rising. Left at Pndttrnh et,omhtiltO Th,,or. Tri hun, N-rfollk, Poru. Express. A. Al. Phillips. EJ-mp.eo Commodoreo, . H". oHarrion. Bckeyelr, all hbont tp the Ohio. Me, Mtroimnck at foot o the Choin, A'g no ui nnid S0.olh;w lyl'g' to st nime pleae, Or, nolro ond 1Mellonl Ifing tn ot Trinilt'. Mellee with 0wo klet. in tow, with 4th Regiment U. S. Trtp.. huntid p lhe Arkos-a.; United Sl.tes and Vndaliu I; ing at mouth Ot the Ohio. Upper Mislisippi very low anI ceirsd with lee ot Chester,and froot 1, trimerk River, lt ito 8t Lotte. IJan. 6, et 0 A. M. ico broke oet he Iron felake.' NEW YORIK MONEY MARKET'. Jen.3 TheI tock MIarelt on the 2d was .ir het loot -g qulotat.on s.d bthIetWn10a 14 .se;d hah bhon ratbher more nukhes tl Delaw. .d Hudslo at 771; allh~hO 10Ralroad Co. 4t 691; Htl., 51; S ounogtuon K24, aon Vio4.butg h4nk atlb No amie otf United Oboale. ak L ere wads, at th. Tb. dividends dertlrd on the ad wee er4 coat by Ith Me~rcbhnlt F Ph rurnrce Co. for the lest 6 mnutbvb; 5 per elntbyb th.e nllhttan Co. Ior Ihe ..1c la onths: 5 p, rant1 by the Ibr1he0nt4' E chny]ye Rahloktr the lt, petriod, 14d 3tper arl by tl. Nlloeteuu's 4rit.1 In.ur4.1 CCo. Cffoepoed 4 of 0e Cor. .nd En. IHAVRE. Nee. 'y. OutCotton m414k0t wx vary qiult untI V.. 49109t, thet th demand ,'.tyd.aed an tat nd4 the two folltowing days the l.....1tlt. asmonted to Bt 801 bale'; there wei tydo ltoin on the two ne·t days, but vesterdety the .0te rsecled b,440 heir., at verysteadyprices; they include a parcel of 749 bale. Lout. .haaat 11651. jahu-h.Impytottont can be nottic I; noldee. ltttyeer are wary A-. - Som. tidint lott or Whlo?' o at 1135. SALES AT HAVRE Nyo.23. Calsea-I9 huh; L at 1011; 1bdo WIhbil. 93; 73 bi. boaeI..S C. ItO?; 17do drtio 104; a6 Fntld to e11 ,4. Obtkb 43 1t41f 5u; 191 d, to1l014; 41 d. 104]; u~d 79 d.00!150. MAIAEIL¶..E, Nv. I7. Oar atI of Ame. Cotton is .o. raotto {ted at 1.0061 bel... The Itproved;. at H..v ,, the.t.h byte Is be" rlecprocfted In thelmarkt . andi then .lgttS t.. It. to lport are f3I9 bt41dttt rul.. ord iu0. r at 4, .opow 9611 bales ·~ammol to ordinary at Out We are i n deity .epee WLiA of a bcoo of 411411tt4 from Ne.w BORDEAUTX, Nt. 17. We are withul *t a .41 treel lmtion In Amloetca Cttion to faprt4bctn te. boon reced by tlh P..ioc, f u Phi. 1 _ . amw t FOR SALE. FREIGHT OR CI1ARTERI T-hebrig EMELINE-an. excellent ae.. a l iS eve.y roIalt.about 100 tuna burlhtn, or w llcarry 130 blade& Apply on 4oara.41p. 1teho Old Levee. jat6-It~ *A.SAG AOOrt .Louiasedfreighl fistr & trbpis,dtd all tntermedi. ;e landing.. 7The nw rod sj lettdid now ct4eke,, Valn Houtiltttly.,tltt er will 4ýIlIL1 isdahytnstltr, n11A. M., ite11tilv, fo, f w£Lkrtalr anpply to YDWt'D A. 13R(i$:A I "5. Cttmon oI $I0Ib of r dtag mu1t te protelted for aiglature by So'lockc, onboartd 0001 of Notch.. tL tan. 16. K)LA lN13CARUI oflosery deripitiou ad l.1 b Vlic0, iS ft lv. bby dsb VII)V L bEL1¾1o Ut) j.16 NTY Stabtosert Hall, It C'artrs iat W ANTED-A partner with at ctpital olf 10,0. 0, n a gvoir. Commiiuton & Broktrtge bu4in4., qbSl.*'eat hlotdi ed in ibis city. A lanl, atdrew'd sew. ja Ror60. Post Office, elating sloe an t-.ttiew till b bad wisp r1al 4e01. wilt he counidered stricltp ~ld dlt slid m14t1wi1h attlention. -M ilt bow esinra or ro w ob plO Aft'lI '. IUER,34 (iraeviIt ; .ES--150Ibses is s'ontltfrtle by AIAHAM TKItER. 34 (ttimer at 0 hs 10i~L 10 boatels French 1144111, .I upcailr qgtliiv, latdite for tale by ja4a L 11 G A:1.F, 93 Comr,41u at 'l II 1'RUIE AMIRIICAN. ; SDITrD Uv JOsasat' C ann. raITBR9,t AIfD nBOt . li*W OR RLEANSr WEDNESD'AY, JANUARY 16, It s39. Ova NEaw RooM at the corner of Sr. Charles and Gravier streets, received yqmserday an oeces alon of English papers to the large list it had bh* i fore on file, besides the New York, Biltimure and other papers. The latest slips are placed on the bulletin boards fir th honefit of subscribers. We have nout yet been able to sake .ur arrange ments for arelar recular report of the Senatets proceed ings. That oft..Hltousae will be tound as full sld accurate as may be furnished by the State paper. Free Banking N'. 4 In explsininl the prin. ciples and features of the general Banking Law, which it is proposed shall he established, we s.ll attention to the following extract of a letter from a distinguislled New Yorktr to his friend in this oily. "The public have been ottreted fr an oInn a time to banknote credit, and taught to believe it thegreatgood or evil of monopoly legislation,that the peop.le will scarcely be brouglht to believe that there are any other forms of credit equally inpor tant to'a trading and enterprising comtmunity. I will, therefore, proceed, firas to examine this fe. lure of the law. Tile right and duty to furnish a currency has alwnys been conceded to gnvern ment ; sad hence couins have generally borne the stamp of authority. The preciots inetals have ~genra!ly been made the standardI.and by common consent contain more intrinsic value for currency than ally other thing; hence their use among all naliona,'where law is disregarded 'or trade little knowt. Good government is the result of mei inal confidence between the governors alnd the goaverned. Confidence In a certain form is credit. To transpor thie precious metals to different places iadasnernous and expensive, and in a trading c-om ullnity is onerous t belnd ellduranee. The firtl regular Bank of d-'posit and which still exisis, was establiahed for itia custody of the cash of lil, merchants and inhabiiints of Ainsterdtm, and in sued eernifictese of depoait, which were in the a'oimliludte .1 Bank nnotes For these deposils of speci tihe denooitor received no interet,, because tie 'gold and silter' was suppoeed'to he always in poseenro, of ithe Bank to bhe resr ed on presell tatoiot Iof the 'certificale.' Credit thus assumed n circulatiion inl tihe place of the precious metals. This ws ite first slen takn to estabhih a paper currency aind it reeeivd lihe unqualified pprlrohub lion and sipport of the government. This irinci" pie of deposit has been handed down as the lead iny feature rn all Banks, and ir is now asumoed and asserted that the precious metlas are always ord deposit in Bank,notj.ct to the denmand of the bill h6 der. I'lder the present organization of our Banks this deporilie a fiction, ns we frequently see in the utter inability of the Banks to pry their circulating lrtes. Thisinabiliry to pay stometli es oliginates in nisleorlune. In conseqliencie of tihe vast held for enterprise and indlurry ill ttlie olllntry, glvernment was easily convinced that people required more currenev tihn was aot;rded iby tlre precious metals; hence they i.rorporatet bodies of [len aid conferred upon them particular privileges to renler them to antsfly Ihrt demannd. To prolect tIlle puble and secure Ia aond currency has since occupied a nlrge po inon of ihe time of our legtelutive bouies. P.anl sattuts. of every shadea nd character have been eornted without effect; or leP u lr tion app-nred of no avail: until uur saeateyfund rysyem was h iled as the hIrninger If hietter itBhes. Why in. he prized by our peolple? Iloconnes II is t'te first retronede step towards the old 'deposit esltein.' It requires a specmil deposil to be plaed in the hands of ihle Colpttroll r of the Sante, amounltig to 3 per rent. on tho captral of every lnlk, the applied to r." dein Ithe hills in circularion, when any of these tnstotrions fail. This fund is nosw invesed in SSate stuokt, thatl it may produce an intertes' aod i t natlurollty euo.r h uppeires that if a sperial dpositl tf 3 per e o.t, invested iln State stocks gives cofi denet in he currtency, that a delposiito IOO per aeoll roust remrove all doubt. tlence the law is made reqoiring a deposit with the Comptrnoller ,r the tull oilliout rl f the hills inneed. It Is true lhat the hnnk of Anmserdm received nothing hillbut , old and silve i but in thlis c' m try it will not ann werto liu Ilit lla etrrellcy to the amlount of gold and silv r. uiur pnlple requor, a brer anlonlr foer tloe rlmnlmon inl.e, nod besidle, Irle precious nmetals hietr no interest. T'lhese two reasonrs are entli'ient in our counlltry and u lder a repl blicatn 'i *In of tnoverntent. Stotoat stks are eraily and ceriuinlr convertible into specie, rid are the best cla of revernle securities kr,own to our Iol . ly opiniin thren it, that a special oif St.te atocks with a pubite oificnir anid certlfitate of de por, el, 'simiilUiude of Bank n ,hroe.' irned bh th i Comptroller or ouiler llfe', as a perfjclpaper trr'nrv. i.y hits rralngenmntt Hankhint is minade FlREE, blenau, h,. culrenev to nade secure witill out hII.' aid of Boanks. It wi:i n observed that penal lawc, a we.ll as tee s.fety fund, were made to, rtlect the hill holder, and lint other crdlitors nre n11t reoarhded as onu as a note remnins unprl,.lve datd hor. Indcte, all the p.wers eand rights con lerred by epecial nnd exrlusive Irgiels atn upon Batnks, were to enable lhl m to lmaiorniin a elond currency. Whenl, therrfor, Ithese privIlICes re not reqnired to protect and esnlain the currency, lhey iliusai ease and etrsn be FiREE for the nse Iof the whole people. Thus dio in w rlive at the preprl.oty sd expediency of opouing the dour to r0ee Bankin.'." We shall continue ocr extracts to nimrrow. From what has been said, the expediency elnd pry. priety ,f paessng a Fren Banking Luw cannot lIr a momenlt e doubied. T'hera is much inforiietion upnc the principles and lanfreol bankuand bank. ing in gnerral toI he found in the extriict and thiose we Altall give herelfter. The writer projecn ed the Fr'ee Banking Law" which liau been ndlpt ed it Na w York. ''llatgr enial eommericia l statle has seen the nlivntting a of the )a slem-thatiit It ia sy. teIm whih ill monet r,,.idiy devel,,pe energies which mighl elmlier foef yeares-f in fact, they could, oltherwise, ever be called out. One of the greatest advanintages which will rl lt friom the idoptlion of the Flee Binking ayniemlii ih cennlidence which wouild be felt in tile cliian- cy. Rel enstate would be hypitheclaed, to twice the aiiuntel of the capital, and personal piroperly in three or inur iie, is heamount, which the sleate would : uli for the benefit f the creditor of the banks or associailons, whenever the prvisionll of tllher hnrrer or raiher the generral law giverning them might not becomplid wiuh. Another ad ventcn i, and milt t imnportant it is i brings inito a Iwiv emnloymnent eciipll which i linactive and an. produective, and ehich i ntusl otherwise rmaiin in active and neproldultive. We feel satistied that it only rt maint for our lieialatirs to give thli sub. jeet s lfficient a entri, lion to nllndtrtslnd its hearing to induce them to give their seate ail the advan tage which the paysage of such a law would in Bennett of the New Ytk Hleruld, who is wri tinglel.r frentm Phlladlelphian, arl, that a strong eei rt will Ie nlmde at Harrlsbnrg to pass such I law, dnrine the present nmoitigh. He writes: "All the financiers and rapirnliste here have been watching, with much interest, the progress of the ineliiltions createed under tile New Yotrk law. Georgia, Alabama, and other states, are preparing to pies sinilar lewr. It Is expeeced alii.nin Ires then three veer, tlhat every state will hhre a free iooking'lw.t" "By the Philadelphia financiers,thi Free Bank. ing Law of New York, is eienidercd the'col. mencement o oil uof the greatest revolutions in the uerreney which ever took pinelce in Ihis cnnntry. They hai it li teie beginning of a better and hellthlier'eiteo nfthinge-the first effictunl spa. rstin of banking from pclities-of finance from poliliciins. They believe it is hea real divorce of which Van Buran hms only a fain', ignorant and imperfect idea." These extracts will be suflcient i show the im• Sportance of the subjiel, and that it attracting mner iled aitention Ihronghoit the Union. To no Slete does it presenit rsateer dvlntages than to ibh Stait Sof Louisiana, and we Iho'l he surprised if it be not taken up and cos.aidered by our Legihlarure at itspresent session. We should not he behind any of our nesghbors. Any one to look at tile itmenselle quantiry of ltipping wjth which our majestic riv er is crowded, can easily understand how we may want more capital than is at present employed. 'lTe commerced and business of New Orleans is ono greet for its aCrive capital. There is no surer and safer remedy fhr the evil, then the enaetmen i of a free Banking law. THe LOUIuIImIIn. We have by mnere accident seen ihe neend numberi of his n-w Locoenno pa per. It coes not e*rife us as helln either very eleg.leit n aplpearnce or reclterche in the quality of its arlicles. It is very much such u pa, er as the Beae wi hef i-It is enlargement, and will poesibly hiae j iat aunt as cluch itfluence. Ma. llo., This Senator rit.rorlesa* who. a ready stands so celebrated for his bhold tiampt to desiruy the credit of your B inks at the last sesneon, and who apparently takes pride in opposing all correct republican end Amerionn principles, has recently, and without the knowledge of the drf ar.nt conuneits of. the three .Municipalities, unoe. licited by his conaitunents, and in oppoettion to the bhst intert.ts, the peace end quiet, the per petuity and the wishe f he the citizens o New Orleans, introduced, and forcedlhroghthe lnaste in one day, a bill to amend a certain act relative to the incorporration of the city of New Orleans, by which he hoa placed the Mayor above the Coun citl, and taken away from the latter the appoint ment of ezx-ctive officers, anld given it to the former. tlr. Hln, in his wisdom, gave it as hit opinion that the council of many, or several men, were more liable to err than the Mayor-tne The report of the proceedings was put into our hands at a late hour, and our oflleiel attendance in the Council of tilhe Second Municipality, prevents us to.-ight from going so far into the subject as we feel it to be our duty as well as inclination to do. But the iniquity of the proceeding of Mr. Hoa shall not esaenpe just censure. He has dar ingly violated tile obligations he was under to his constituents, by presenting and causing to be pas. sed, a bill intended and calculated to militate agninst their interests. The i mmediaie cause of thiLs move on the part of Mr. Hon, we shall fully explain is our next; in the rneanrime, we publish, in advance, the tol tlowing preamble and resollutione, unanimously adopted by the Council of the Second Municipal' ity at its sitting, last nighjt. Tlley express the honest indignation of a body of taen, who have within three years, by their prudence, zeal and devotedness, raised the before neglected and ill treated upper part of the city, front quagmire and Inothlingness, to unexamnpled prosperity, credit and and reepeetability. WVhereas, this Council i i inormed that a Bill has unased Ith Senate of the arate, having fto its object, to deprive the Councils of the three oeuoti. cipaliriel of thie rilht of appointing their executiva oIicurs; nlrd that said Hill was presented and advocared bIy the eneator oft he Parish of Orleans, nrnotlitcd by htis constituerntror either of the Coi to cile; and understanding further that the reason advnnced by aid Senrator lfr for the passage of said Bill, was that thisCouncil had recently replaced in offirl., it Conmproller of the Treasury, who hid been removed bythl Mayor. . He it tllerefore Resonlved, That in the opin ion of thIllsaCun it,. the rernoval of J.rhn Callhoun frome hofficea of Comnproller of the 'Treaesry, of ithe Ser ed Municipality, ty the Mayor of the City, b:eca.ten said Conmp rller entertained ar. honest diflerence of opinion in the colet-uctirn o' a law, opinion lrnetirned hry a rececn decision ol Sthe first juderi'i District C aret ,o the state,- wea arl rbitrary exercie- of power n it eontelnpleted by the 8 h March, 1836. andI utterly repugnant to thie pr nirlete no a'hich our Inentitortionere based, Sand tllhat his Cruncil wonid have considered the ' ,Comotlrneer ubjecet tI the tenture and utnwortyl the confilentinl an I rrespnt ible po. itlin he r cc. pied, had he given to the Mraytr a one sided state ment of the financial artirs of this municiptlitv, without first ol.hinin. the nuthoriry of thisCoun et t. iwtl h hi hhelieved the lr w require.l, 2. Resotlved, That this Conrntld vi . the prc. prceed law, dopriving it of ihe aselecrinn of illsrti, tr e and Igentt, while the law tof the 8ih Marcll 1836, nlares it solely re sponible for the proper, adntinistru tion 5' tile fti nnnrial ct ncerns of its cnn e 1ituenta, as ulljtl.t ned oppl renssive, and a veld. ri,,n of the rights ofthe pocple of the three Mtcni. rip tli-i'e, ns guaranteod by said law, tihe 8thi Manrch, 1836 it3. Renalrved, Thie in the.n:iniorn of thi, Couti cil the po.ver veted in lhre M Ittr to ret nnvo Irn Soffice thie T'resurer and Coptrnller. is inronsiai. tent with the sonnd plrlitical rn xittn, that the pee . ple ashould, throuoh their own immediate Ref re. senLtaivaes havel entire contrll ovr erct!heir atn ' r rnetole p'ina iple incorp rented I t t he t r 't of drlvia. ian, as well an in the ortgital cth rter of 1835. bI Swhich tile Mayor wts not permrited lo apI Dilnt nlr tot rea ere, personerll:aried with the eunordv dof the Trclsry, atrd thlr tr.erefroe said power ehould he taken from the Manyer. 5. . soleved, That tl, e President of theeC;o ncil Sin her, by reqested to transmit Ihrese reollutlions with corpies of ill a ouenrom e relatlitn o the recent d removal from olfcoe of Ihe Coarnl.llcr, tc ahn Go terler tof the State, and tr thle Senate and iooust: of Rctpresentnrive. CITY--JAsuAKr Il.ll--nensin+. We are in doily expectation of a rise in the Western Waters. Until that period shall arrive, transactions here will he forcted to drag along very heavily. The few cottton boaasthat dzi'y arrive do not give any anic mution to the market. We want direct counlnicaslon witll thegreat welt, to eat the wihool of trade in motei:n aod.impart life to our nnw deserred levee. litenov i in slatu quo. The Bnnks like oyaters which the tide has left, keep close their portals, and Ionet Sbut anfvord few can get ay favor froam them The i otes chiefly in circulation, are the.e ofthe ESx hangse. the Union, the Commercial, the Gee Lightl Interlla! lt1provetrent and City Banks. Now and then, we are a stray bill.f the oth r Ilstitutions. The old nunicip ail hin plsatere are gradually disappecring te the relief of the small deal rs. We hearno more of douhb about the Ithird municipality hills. In six ieonths from this time They will all be csonigted, we hIole, to the fire. There is a very heavy tonnago now in this port, and itis ineeelai ag daily. We lhardly tllink that freights will rise to the level necessary to pay chilp ascters for the loss of time they have incurred at d nmsti yet incur if they hald out. Timle will show. A meeting has been called by the friends of free Bllkinl. Let eo ry friend of Louisiana he in etendance. Now is tl e time to act, to put the hit in the mouth of exclusive corporationc. P.uh. hle atention is awake to this subjesl, we are gliad to lind. The countlry icteiest will ceatainly go for free Banlklng,if it be true to itself. We hIve hellre .ts the pamphlens purportine to he an inquiry by a eomnmillee into !le seency of ithe U(lizcet's Bink In London from the liaHouse [ f I. L'zardi & Go. Rank injustice has been done the Lionr,:'s in this mntser, and the credit of the Citizen's B nk has been strangely nesailed, in thllis traenalsio', by lthose whose duty it was to protect it. We shall dissect this pamphlet and spare no pnine to lay open the secret springs of ncioln that ieduted IIt- et thus msate.- Looek out, tnlerefre, all ye, whose heads thecap. sehall fi. Lalestfronlt I'aslsinKgon, ,Jan.J4. In e Senate, Mr. R ves'reeslltion came up, when that gentle. eatn vindicanted himell inl handseote and anisna. ted manner from tihe ataeksa made upon himn. Hle . .. i.5. Wast.s,,,,r.' rseporn r nsanseco taie Inaz rernlliOll~ calling for informatlonr r Iu 5 llt further argued the connensone betwern thle admin. istration and the U. S. Bank. M r. Nilee followed in reply. In the midst of the ren ir'sa, the Seslnts adjourned. In ithe Ilousee, M-. May. of Ill., moved to te. enrl the rules to sake up Ithe resolution to apfolnt a select commitetee to examine into the defaltn tliun of Mr. Sweartwoe. Los, eyes 101 , nees 88 --no two thirds. Moatios were made to stupnd the rules for the esltlederation of a hsll Ior the adjunlstent of a line between tile U. Saltes and Texls. Mr. Drosngsle reported a hill for carrying into effect she convention with 'xaes, and for settling the boundary line. Read and referred to Commit. lee of the wholc. MIr. Csehing reported a hill to proleet the citi sensef the UI. States in Oregon Territory and on the Columbhi river,-read and refirred t toa mit tee of the vhle, and made the order ol I-tsmtrruw 10,000 e.piesa f a report econ:tpanying the bill, ord.eed to be printed. Tne rest of Ihe business transacted was of a private nature. A bill for lthe relief of the widow of Goll. Brown, wan passed ater a long distesa.ion. Mr. Dunecn on Ohio, voted in the afllirmative for the tpurpose of movingll a reensaideration which he did. The Housee had not adjotrned at 4o'clock. Fereign and pomestic I/ems.-The Alnryland Is. suranee Company have declared a divid, d often dol lars per share. lrercihid Pacha left Paris for England on the S:nd Nov. He iseambaeuadr from Turkey to England. The Paris police have lighted upon ten desperadone who had committed an incredible number of robberies. TIhe Legislatore of Delaware cotmened on the 2d in. TIhe Le-gislature of 3'assachtnetts assembled on the saose dav. The Setate of'areland organized on the 31st nut. - Whig officrs were elected by a n,oriry nt 3. The administration t jcrity in site Michigan I.egin. Is ture is I. The nuptias of theDube ( Iof .ethteatlhg, with the 9i4 daughter of the Emperori of Russia, were to take phle aet iSt. Petereburg in December, on the day tithe Emperor', fete. The clmnees of war appear to be on the decline in the enlt. The Shah of Pernia ias rained the liege of Herat,and is on the retreat. It is said that arevolt has broken outin the southere n Russian pravinces-that the Georgians lid massacrred 6000 Rutsinns; that the insurgents with 30,000 Lesghis were marchinog upon Tills-that the insurrection was spreading, and that had uebh a movement taken place a few years maner, Polind might htavben seaved. Deaths in Boston for the week ending Dee.09, were 40. MaI.s 91.females 19-of whom 8 died of coaamp tlion. Donna Maria ol Portugal was delivered of another royal prince on the 31st October. t The Presldent has pardoned a man named George Gaumaen, who was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for falely swearing to the residence of a loeo fno. George Washington Dixon has been arrested in do.e fault of hbail ($2000) and imprisoned for Ilbelling the Rev. Mr. Hawkee. The French took posesnsion of Milan Oct. 1st. and were making a road thence to Algiers. Abd.l-hkader is taken prisuner but not dead. A crazy Irish barrister hns been the rich r. heiress Mies Coutta for her hand for dome time past. The publication of the Baltimore Republican has a been resumed. Are there moreofnen? Abbott has resumed the managemet of the Charles. ton Theatre which has been rebuilt. Placards are posted up in Detroit offering $1000 for Gen. Prince,dead or alive. LETTERS FROM THIE COAST. No. 4. fb (Concluded.) Another great cause of dnger arises from the absence by custom and habit, of all eene of danger on the part of engineers. lThey seem to elirve all other betare.r liable to demtroetion hut their owe. A new boat in built, and her boilers carry in many hundred pounda of steam with anse without eaptloion. and ehe, i found a foat boatr, nd is run at the top of her I speed, and makees a eracked trip." And because eit once carried with safety so many hundred pounds of steam, and made a trip in a certain otie, it does not foli low she can continue to do the same thing in safety. It is an unfaili g law in mechanics. Ihatall materials grow weaker hy use. Hence, goiler. may explode one year by a lees qtontity ol steam, than they were know;n to carry the year iefore, and every year after tle first, they gradually decrease i. strength, till they are worn olat. But few engineers, hlowever, seem to bhegoverned by tit Titey conclude as their boilers have enee withstood srch a force of steam. they can nIo ave mokeh them bear the sam. qnanlity.end make the "fatl boor" conti me to sustain her speed without danger. They also, from thie long service they undergo, with out meetirte with accident or danger, teem to arrive at the belief, thlt all things eloe are mortal, save them and iteir boat. Indeed. no used to dangers and eaposros, are the olicers on Western steam boats, that many of them, seem to place little value on their own. or the lioom of other people. And rither than.b heat or outdone, assume all sorts ol dangerous responeibililes. Most accidentt happen to boats at night. When all the passengers are asleep-.and no one to complain, the bot is often put to her topmost apeed. Or from a long voyage of 1000 or 1500 miles, the ofi cers and hands get worlt-ont with watching and fitigue,. and engineers and firemen agpear drowvy, and fall asleep The guage cocks are not examined. The puomps perhaps are tot slow, or act ioriiecfctly. 'The water, while the etginoer is d.zing gets tm low. Jeust at this juncture, the firemen runse urp, and hastily in. creaoe their tires as much as possible, the engineers still napping, en explosion in all probability owtle cir cumetane.e like these, " may bring aol up aetalding." In reviving all the causes of danger to steral boats, and considering t!e great number in use, and the many causoe of disaster peculiar to the Mississippi river, and the wond n r is not that an mtany are lost, but that an few are destroyed!! Few boats are subject to explosion when under way; whether rtcin,. or not. 'T'he danger is. oit atopping the brat witlt a hirh head of steam, and holding on to it with i ut trnig pu'vtpe, or safety valve. By carole an.., mod may bte suffered to accnmulate in die bhtton of the boilers, n, as to cause tteir being burnt through at that point ; hut such an occurrence, only destroys or ensures the value of the boilers, while we have never known an explosion occurred by Whenever a flre, it is raid, exceeds it inches in di nteter, it is very liable to rollapse. Which accident in altmost as fatal a the burrtint of a boiler,-aod more freq ent in its t.onrrence, and oftke tmitaktn fer, in con fotnded by the puthlic, with an expltsion ofthe boilers. In my next, I will endeavor to print out the heal manne of prrtection and safety to life and propert. un. der the various c.ircumstances of etear boat travelling on the weotern waters. Yours, respectfully, A -. Thtinoaintation of Tuesday'e Courier is an harmleea as in every elfort at smarfulres its sapient editor nttrempts. Wlhat he co'ld see 'insidious" in the introductory nb servallonr wirth whlich rwe pretaced tie article from the Mobile Advertiser, ipast our conmprehension. Whltat we did any. wnr openly and freely sai.l-thern was no thing covert in our remarkl. Can the t'(ouer make tihe name declaration. a ten Ioe depreocate bring celled a loco tocn 1 There is nt ore for rts tn call him "inllck" --h: colour is palpnblt to every one that ltoks itn hiia .lise Tree.-This distinguished artiste, ha' nt last erlivrd, and will open her ngagement at the NS. Charle, this eveting in the "La ly of Lyons." We have no dtuht the house will be crowddl. We have received from the publishers, tilrough E. Johns & Co. OliverTwist, complete in two volumnas and Oliver Twist No. 4 of part 2 of the illustrated edi tion. and No. i of Sketches by Box, and Bh of the Bowl,a legend of St. Inigoe'o, by the au thor of iwa'Inw Bare. This in a tale taken from the early history of Maryland, and is replete with interest and altusements. Judge Storey has interpreted the law of duties ton render duty-free from atnd after Ite 29th th Dec.last,man. ufactures of silk or of which silk shall he the chief component, coming rotm this side the Cape of Good Hope, except te ilng silk. Gloves, Shawls, Stoekings, &c. all will be admitted at the Boston Custom House important to importers. No clange in the markets to report. Extensive Forgery -A clerk by a the name of Mr. Nim, connected with the house of Lizardi & Co. of Lon. don, tas committed heavy forgery on that sntahlishmetn -supposed to amount to 50,000. The N. Y. Courier says: "amongst other things which it is said he has forged, is a large amount of lexican bonds of tihe new conversion, of 1500 each; but as it appears that Mr. MeNit was authorised to sign the name of the firm, thore is consequently no forgery in this particular as regeards Meenrs. Lizardi, for it only amountn to a breach of faith in having issued more bonds than he was au thorized to sign, and of course the house will he the sufferers, and net the holders of the paper. No elim ofeourse.can be made on th government of Mexico. for this celebrated conversion was never ratified by the Exeeutive or Legislature. The ptblic must bear in mind that it is the new bomnd, issued by the conversion, which are said to have been issued fraudulently, and not the old bends of Mexico. It was supposed that McNim would cross over to Holland-atd might ulti mately find hir way to the United States. We shall cottmmence the publication of our Eng. lish letters to-morrow. We have dlats prepared for this paper alone, to the $S'h November inclu. To C taaaosetIDSxrs. "Letters from the Coast, No. , ' on file for insertion. Several communioations of a lighter nature have been received, but we have not time to de vote to the dulci when so much of the utile claims our attention. "THErls" i i informed that we are not in the ha. bit of Indiesriminately puffing every actor or ac tress. We do not object to well written and im partial critiques, but long eulogies are not german to out paper, especially where their justice is pro blematical. We would merely remark that there are some of the histrionists at the St. Charles who do not pay sufficient attentiont to their businaes. They are either insufferably stupid, or are eulpa. bly negligent. We merely give "a word to the wise." Any atyience tmay easily distinguish those to whom we particularly allude, withoat our calling names. ToourSwa eribeers.-We have engaged new Car. ries for ourpaper, for that sectin sf the city above Canal streel. Those who may not receive their papers, will please send a written notice to our Cocmpting room. The new paper, the Louisianian, has appeared; but we have not been favored with a copy of It. "Mr. Joseph W. Reekless, collector of Perth Amboy, has been numbered among the public defanulers of the day. A man with aueh a name aeverashuld have been alpuinted to any post of trst.--The government might have knowt that it would end in travarancgu neud ruin.' This reminds us ofan old gentleman in one of our interior rounties, who depoetted Iia molney with an agent some forty Isiles from his residence fitr the pur. pone of lending it at usury. Thle moety was repreen-. ted ac being loaned to a , fe "cutubmleer, but the day of payment passed and no return of profit was made. I'he principul inquired for the name oa his debtor. The .epnt ronpted that Ilis name was Jubrz Vigun. On re eiving the ianormntion thle old non thlrew his arms up iu detspair ttd eried autt Jtthta Vigits, Jubez Vivra! Well then tile thing is out land my Imondn'd gone. The vulgar oylns of".ut tnndgiloe sike Jahex Vi. Xus," originated trom alti ludicrous s:ee. it is a pity the President was not ax sagacious. Louisville Gat. (Rti;'oo.o for theTrue Amoeo..] ]OUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Jaoory 13. r The Ho.N met pursuant to adjournment. Mr ofobllUm presentled a oemtorial from M Rodieue f o c. preying n atuthoriy to emallipate eel tlin 'love.. Referred o ta PoeealOComm|t-e, eomposld of Messrl Dboellevue, Uion ie., and Deolonoet On motinh of lr C M Conrod, leave of abhene was groted toMr O K ]0Rode, who cannot attend on account of sIclk neas. Mr Conred preen.t.1 a amioe of resolotione, .enrrin to Committees, e.rtsol port- of the Governor's; Ita, to the Unmltt-e on Conlmmrce lid Agrlciuture, that pert reot G ing to the Stadnrd of Weght- and Measures; Od, to the Co.b mLtt-. on the Militia. those pre IU relative to the buildln of an E Aormory, the roeport of the Adjutalt-tIeoel, aod Conper'. SaM oon Taetles 3d, to the Committee on the Penittentllry, that pert relative to thb. Oral elommitteld on 0 plroOtr at B ,u Roueai 4tIb, to a Sp.mll Joint Committee. that part relative to the ,omma.neition from the Governor of lGeorie, relative to the abdustion of lave.. Read tbor I time. Mr L.ewis preented memorial foom Daniel Febo, Em..I relative to Digelt Of the Law. of the Btate, eomllitad by aid Fithor Rea d to lthe Juiiary C oommittee. Mr Deeba pensented. a memnrihl hrem the Spring Creek Aradely, W*.ht* praying for •u hppropriatiou for the com dletion of their btuildini. Roferred to the Committee on Educatioo. Mr Poydreo lntroduead a resolttnn grontinlg leave of ab s oew durin toth tot A Roub, Judlre tr the Parish of PointConpee, nsod providing for the performane o his dutliets . me Notary Pbleb., Rlster nof Morltgage, sc, duriug his ah. ore. R oad for thel tim me. m Mr lleil. preomote I a memorial from the Apalclbi ludian., prayin(lfylthority tso sue for mtln nlad. ills.,ally sold by ertaule 1l i, preteodlng to net .| chiefs ufomid nation. Re ferred to I Judtisiry Committee. Mr ruhea. Introduced a rsolutlion. declaring In suhtaneo . that wreoo.. the Conttlotin of the sate provildes, that all btilS for approprittious of money sbalt olilginto in the Ho.m i4poeowttlio.te the HIooe will r.e1 it. assett to .emt. nod onjul nptprpri;ltioni made by any other bretoh of the goovernment. and thlt thl Hoeo wotld not nactlio any watt ofthe pubic treuure, made by .nother deprtment from indiidudl fueor or to produee a political On tlt molo.ttoe. debote took plde. in wbkh Memo. F D Coorad. Lewt and Knoner, argued that the leolutlon was oaele and tneooet.ol ho.ura it oMdd not control the future action of the House, it dealt in vague gellerlities and tru0ins which b won b u.moo r thoo Hooe. to p upon a to dehore that a man shubld not 0teal or that theb Constitutlion h.uld noo be violated. Ifloy improper expendito0 or appropria tis ofb the ppblt moniebohas been made by any other departl lnUt the folt should be respectfully set forl.h, ad eodure p.oYed upon the..m who merited t. if the House had right to pnt such; bat if the object was to condemn coma thing done by the 8Suate, the House had oo right to do so. II cnot 0it . a. tr.lunal in judgement upon the alis of the o-oordnate braoch. Mr Be.hmr on the other hand lsuggested that n onooe of prevention wa worth pnno d of cure that If lthe other deportments weo itformed l time of the i.tention of the Houlo to resist any illegal appropriations of mooey, ithey tieht on their error, and check thbemlelves i. their uo. eoaltitutioOdl cours. oc. On motion of Mr Lewis, the rmoltitoo wa laid on the table I by vote of 38 to o. On motion of Mr Guio thel Judiciary Committee was di r reted to illquire into the neceso.sity allnd epedey ofcreatillg SHiglh CoUrt of Erroro a.i Appeals in criminal atters.. Mr Blralar ntroduroed bill to oroe a . en.rel system of Intelrnal lprooment.. It wn reed for the Int time. It provideslll for board conposed of the eove.lor and nine lmember, to be elected by the Lp. latore, with aulhoritylo diret all work. of ilnternal improemenl t ordered thythe State; and under certain reatlrtill.s; to o;on the Hoda, of teb State to Corporation. formd for roads or cals.. wlenever such eorporatioll can glve mortglegecurtyl on landled estate, 10. Tile hill was ordered Lto be printed. Mr. Locket intrdulleed n hill to amend thle harter of the Ulnon Bank. Read for the l0t time. Mr.Ratelitfe introlIued a hill providing for emending the 'eonstitutlol'ofthe 81tte. 'Thel hill *w oreod for the let time by it. title,d a molt.n of Mr. Ratclifle tl0 have it oed for tI .ospecial order of the day f, neat Monday was loot. Mr. Phelpslitroluced a bill to create a1 additional Nntory Pu.lic for the periah of Cotbhoul.. Reod for the Is. time. Mr. Poydral i.trodoced a hill amending the laws relativl to the oe.sion ofproperty. This bill provides. that when the sylldic elected by • m tino of creditoro noreleet to obts'u the eoriicate of appointmetalolldlll to execute i hiland. that the ereditlr who received the nlext hihes.t numbler of vote at the omeetiong shallbe cot.ti0tad Syndio. Read for the tat time. Al. PoydraIoi intronduced a hill relati.e to marriage l.i 0elaes. Thiabill provides for thelrnnlitgllof marilee lien,. cat by the adjoining Pariah judge. the oeo,ior jn0rice of tile peace, or the I)lltrictll Judge in ea. of theb disability of the parish jJldge. Read for the ll time. MrClaihorneintroduced a billto aIlnthrlae L Schmidt to draw certall lotterioes. Read forthe l.ttime by its title. A bill from the oenote ereatin. addlitinal Sherifs for the poriah ofOleaus, wons read for tle l t ime, led 0 In0otion of M Loeketlt was roferred to the judiciary ommittell . The resolutio ofT0r I'iohot directi.g an enquiry into the operation ofthe 1Io againstl llmbling, wu adopted with ab amendment propood by M Prelston ruqoi n0 thle cnmlittee to ellquire i0to the subject .foambliin Iy lotte leo, and into the olo t and fors of the Iaw. oil that sbjeot. The bill rellevlng the .anks from the forfeiture of their charters, came ulp order. Mr Dunbar moved that it he oolspnaed nntl the 24th. and sustalined hi motion by a few remark. Mr Lockettboyiedi totheb wish of a large number of the me0h0el s..d he would agree to the postponemnt.ll Mr Kooner 0wa sorry to e.e the mehber yield the pollt, ho saw .o ngoe.sity of postpollnement. Tbhe house w. u well informed now d. it louldl e ten day. hoeo.. Last yoear lthe ame0eou o f delay. for infoorm lio.n, h.,d benll pollsaed. to no ood purpose. Meo'era by referrlin to lthesllltatnent. plblishbd by tna lanks themselves would he as well informed by tlbe reporlt of the commltee lMeobers of the Legi.lolatore were mostly mel very little versed in t. nane1; alt r,1lmiltee1 of t1ie letI.lOllotre were 0 lWn0 o0l ged to take toanmllellts as furnished by the Il.,llk Ihnnoselves. They were unable to e000ise the boks o I,onk 0,0 as to ddrfto report from thelr.ow0 i0ve0ti,.tion. Lost year 16 specialeommit.leo and one pof nelall o,on1nitee a,1 ooled to report on the condioin of l hll e loanh; ad it 1 well kowll thit aftr all the parede of striet scrutiny the memhers retoroed home wilh Ilardlv llore kno. loldgel tlhlll all tlly fi st l1et. C(Ollnlletlee wollld w;tl upoll the I'allier ofl bankll..,d a. k to laltlb an exlnnontliol. Tile C:.lhir w0ld e:1ke o1at r .llltenlllllt,. ad rfril the bolo te o Il tle hookLa tlofh lIank In1r its vO MentioOll ond fr .lortl,or ilnltlrol0tio0ll. Tho. woell, caslll bunkl.iy I'o.lks. ledglrs.hll.lh ,,of all killds 1Il ie.. a crOnhi'-t hhbrary, while hlrdlv , memnber po-sessed tlhe are-.oy to, uod ,,tsend 100 1n ,0 MerOolololo of Ill I.e ilatue wore IuulrullV illlalt.; it is not 10 p1,,'eel Ibh;t1 thley ohuold h10,0 a of hoahkoepinl .dll..o..el to U'test thl [llu'lif1rio1 nc10ou:ot.rl,f t Ilk. ho bl.n go tohr,,llo h I. o'h n a llc,. It w;'.ii like. 11f1,* of lYll(...i,+, bat hallo paI,, thlhemornob dive ) the I ,l~lU ,r ti lwirier An t, t'le nib he atn.Innlb.!rs. an d a, s ihlllId t.le p ace on ,nelr a0pcu.l... II owao their own f..Ul ifllhey remloil.lo.beut i,lle.adl of beilg 0t 11ler polnt. '0'll qloeolion w, put0on Ihe polllllmllpllno o, bib h .h car ried by n vote of '3 t, 1.1. Toe directilo the Lale prl tlr to oelld a copy of lit paper tlo evorooohobif'in the t to dlarilg Ile plb ICbllltllo of the lwl. owas adopted ond 0eetto the Serute. 0t l'T . r.nluloll dirotlno sio enqlliry relotivn to1 the wor'10 on 1110 bor at the mouth of tlle .olSOiolpi. 1,0 mathptod 1od " sent to the talllet,. 0 A bill o xlel.d crtaill road lows to tle palrish ofSt Laldly wo read for the I d tilne.. The bill relative ton ha hasesorl of taxel for the parioh of Orleanlls owns rmoad for the oo.old tins1 and 0 lItioll of Mr. G0illni o fixed for the spelial order of to-olllurrow. s The bill from lthe -',late, amending the a.t iloOrpratlnOf i tlhe City ofNow 4rloeal,0, was on mlotinll of Mr. Giieunil, re farred to thle eomltree appointed on the bill reolativa to the 3 Muoieipolitle. g. Two act. icorpOornting the liine Asylunls for orphan Boys and Girlo were pas.ed. I, Aod tbo t ebo boo. . o.djoo od. at-· FREE BANKING. A T a preliminary Meeting of the Friends of Free Banking in Louis iana, held at the Planter's Hotel, in Octo ber, last, it was 'Resolved, that the Chair man be requested to call a public meeting at some future period, before or during the meeting of the ensuing Legislature.' Therefore, Notice is hereby given to all citizens, who are in favor of a Free Banking Law, to attend a meeting on Thursday next, the 17th inst., at Banks' Arcade, at 7 o'clock, P. M., in order to take the necessary steps for carrying the same into effect. S. HIGH, jan16 Chairman. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. A CHECK mn the Mlerhant's Bat.k, earing the sg nature of the undernigned, was purloined Irirs their Counting House, on or aiter the 6th inst., and be i filled up with the sum of7la00, was preseated and paid on thlth nlast, in 7 bills oftlar bank of $11i00 each. The fraud is believed to have been committed by EIVENBZER RADMSAY, formerly in their employment. The above reward will be paid for the aspprension of said Ramsay, snd the recovery of the usoney,o, in pro portion for any part bthenol. F. Raiay i t a native of Scotland, about -5 yesar old, about 5 fOt9 inches high, fair hair and dcumplex. ion, ad of slender figure. The notes paid out wire ss an issu of 10, iosns, da ed prior to the 9th inst., and Iunbnred I to 1011; nearly the while of that issue has been called in, a.d the re. innisoder will he sa naso mprcica'le. 'rhe New ho sue of the Merchlant's lBank, of naltes of that denmina ac . aaa.i[.u.. ,l,. and Iumbered friom 101 upwards. All persons are cautioned to be circumspect in re ceiving cbah notes of the old emiaioa. :2011 will he paid far the apprehe.sion of E. Ram say and placing him in castody in New Orleans. A &J DENNIS'I'OUN Sr CO, New Orlsae.lfith Jan., 1839. rb"The Mahile Advertiler; The hatches Courier; Vicksburg Register, and Rodney Telegraph will pleas copy tle above, and sand their accounts for payment to tlhe N. . Bulletin. TO BE DRAWN TO'-MO RROW. The following ae tile drawn numbers of the Louis iaat Lottery, Class 38, for 1839: 41, 61, 4, 31, 2i6, 11,48. 61, 32, 36, 15. 2. $10,000 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOU.ISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized by Act of Legislature. Chapter XLItII, passed blasch 21. 182)I , Clar No. 39 for 1838. to be drawn on Thursday, Jan. t71i 1839, at 5 o'clock, P. N. at tile Exchange Hoitel, St. Charles st. D. S. GRE(;ORY & Ct. Successors to YATES MclNTYRE S Co. 75 Nusnbers-13 I'rawn iallots. OIGRAND) SCHEIE. 67 525 Prizes amountis to '$213 C90 Tickets $5 bO--Hlves $2 50O-Quarters 1 25 Packages of 25 tickets for $12i. Prckages of 25 hal rtickeisj62 50. Packages of' J Quarter 1ickets or S31 05. For Paekaees or single 'rickets, apply at D. iltEdGORY & Co. the Managers oice, janl6 35, Canal street, nxt to Camp at 10,0001 Capital Priae, only $3 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State Lottery Class 1. 63, 46, 75, 8 61, 2tt, 66, 42, 55, 4, 34, 43. C.LASS B. Authorised by the I.egislatre of the Sitate. To be drawn on thlis day, Jan. 16, 1839, at 5 o'lock, P. M. at Bishop's Ho4l. S DAVIS &CO, Managers. 75 Drawn numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid S&heme. 07 814 Prizes. nmouitisr to $145 5)0 Tickets $3 n0-Halves 1 51l-Qoarter. 75c. Packages o'i"k Tickets fr $75, warranted to draw at least $33. Paekagea nf25 Half'l'iekrleis .:7 50 wi-. ranted to draw at loeat $16 50. Packagesof 25 Quarter Ti.kets $18 75 wnarranted to draw o lat hst8 "25. For packages of atigle tikeita,splv at tIle MANAI ELLtS' OFFICE,. janlG 16 Chartres at A DVANCES will be made on shipments to aliver t pool,Havre, Marilles. New York aud I'hiladel p a,bh ADAM 4& WVHITALL, j3l6 67 Gravir at Cjamp St. Theatre. Tills EVENING, JAN. 16, Will he perl'm med the Play of THE MAID OF l~aItensadorpt. Gen.Kleinr, b . * ,r. Jolnson, MLhldnebu, Fredertko u Hansg Brown. I M etia, Mrs. Barrell, Esther, Greene. To conclude with the Drama of the FORTY THIEVES. All Raba, Mr Johnson, Orcobrand, (illhrr, Hansarac, Fielding, Mustaphs, . Brown. Morgiins, Br, Barrett, Aroadoe, Miss Cowell. Dress and IMasquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. a NEW LEVELS I'REIT, Immediately in 'ront[ol the steam boat landing. The above establish. maen willhe re-opelell on Saodav evening. Ire. 2nd, 1833i forth season. Hall days. uoodayr, Tl'uelays, and rPhurodvs. Said eb ahlisbaeiot will be urinished with thhe ho: est liquors, and a good Reataurat will be aticlihed 0o it. Th managers of said establishment rhave engaged sufficient Police officers to keep good order throughout the establishment; there will be a phice to deposit cloaks. canes, &e. No person shall be admitted in the Bail Room with weapons of aiy kind. nov2•. SIAVANA COFFEE-75 bags prime quality in store, and lier malr by ja8 AIIRAIIAM TRIER, 34 Gravier Pt M ACKER I,-2,9 bbl s, and 1511 halif Ible. Non. lE 1,, &3 Mackbrel, in stor an d for snle by jsl6 J THAYER & Co.74 Poyaras at SOAP--50 boxes Goulds' and tiohnina' No. I Soap in atore furale by J 'ITHAYEl & Co, j8i6 74 Poydran at ROBNI.N-10 barrelI in +lleand for sale by jjnl J T'IIAYERIl & Co, 74 Poydron st IIUNNY BAGS--35 bale in Seire, for rale by U DOliSEY, la16 44 New Levee SPEllRM Ofli.-3t110 galls..Win er Strained Sperm (lil, for ale by SHAL.L & IRO)WN. ja16 96i Magazine st ('LOTHINI.-I cae senttinet Panti; I do scarlel L lallmnel dhirts, for sall, by jnlG 511Al1.1. & IrOitWN. 9iMgaoineno sit 2(10 h..xe..,,,p. Nlcl,,'o e ho'atod, l,,diog from . bll` ( 1 c o hllplli-tllli, for mltlely Ija16 SlAl I.& II Rw.IN, 9i Mtagazino at JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, No. 3,'Camp St. a W~ILI. engrave and printlt, order, hank notes. WillN of ulrollnngl, bills of lading, dipluwana, narrcao tile and virii,,e cards. notarial, consular and counting house acals, dour plata., silver wore, 4.rc.-olwaynon hond, o naaslortuleu ol silver plated and brand door 1's Cards printed hom platraalready engraved. . -ner~ .._.:,C L U B r' [IIF Aprin'c meetiwg, lor 1139, will c llo e the I a 1 t ednosollay, 271h ilaocl, and eontirat live d v; 1· i'. CE.AAS. cr'v. jail NEW ORLEANS JdCKIFY CLUB IRAVES! ECIPE 1 LI111 l'RI~ti 311:E'1.1 h i, I,;,J, will .-.mlence n 'aed· v nenday, l3ýho dl, ''i·it, jIlhllinl. r lowll ne 5 1Lýr· II ,I mnres lw IIu.t h i\. .IV EIL 'it asra. W;tring & Co'% Circus. 1 RA 'It 11, ,'aliao Eaon, ei "every night, comr of Caond and tlaapital .riots, by o n ewine oamprny afliqutntawan. Kjyo."arrinn Dlango,"r. Mr. iun'art,, ltiu, hneer, W,,rd, Clown, -miihaon. I)oarr open at I p aos i no'o k; pfa raac.lnn a- raw minere at 7. Aden -raao., Boara One dollar. Clhldacen haif-rica. Pit, Fifav cnlt. d:5. Great Attraction! IN CONDE STRI2EET, fN AR iIOSPITAL. Stripesd Ilysa. tHE EIto,,anc, IIEMENA IERIE of 7,Irssrs. Waring 1 and IRoooloadaaill rpce, on Snattny, Jan. 6th 18J9, and will renanin openfor n few dais only. '"- -- I·-. r..J a nln -_, II:._.. · ...11 1 we11 W cal! --on ananl o,,u,,r tIe moat ntnatvaaCnod rare specimens of Natnanl hittory cve, afofcrd, as they cat, remain ,aet I, few dove.. D1 Ope1, from Ill ill 5, and at early candle lin b. Addittance U5 ots.-Cljidraon and soervlan, taltf prici. Jsn-td-. Rl) WANDtiS TONIC MIXTUIAE-Juot reeived 20t carses of his invuluable ren:edy fir tile I'uver and Agu,,warran,.d oenlile, direct froin the manufac tory in Philndelhi, tfor sale by JARVIN & ANOREVWS, j, 1i ror Tchalitoulue & COmlmlon si Oftat, New Orleaas and Naahville R.ul Road Co. A GII:E.,AIII.Y to yection 81h al Ite Chtlnterof nlid Coenpatny, an election for ten Directors will be held on Monday the 2to intr. as t i 5o'clock P. M. at tlheir office, No. It Baronne street. jail:9 JAMES H. CALDWELL, President. rlnOOIACC(O-- 0 oates Virginia 'I'bnten. asenrted, lalnding front ship Lonoisille, for sale by jati AIIBRIAM 'I'IlER, 34 Grantier at "IAVANA .UA Idt4 hoxs. in store and lir tale Iby lt15 IBIRAHAM 'TttIE r, 34(Irni rairt lI AVAnA st lA ld-ttuttt,tlal of diffearant qualities 1 in store and r. sfo e ni by janlti ABIRAIIAM TIRIEIl, 34 Graier at TRUNKI wso brbkseR nn ana tladnm Sltall', on the 'eani, of the8th inIs, and twn pI oket Ibonn, (one red mnorocco, Tlhother blnack, with gilt edgesn cnn tainidr vaninous luabl pper and ndto for $4,40o drawn by I' eacott and BavBn, nt faver of the etsbnri ter, pnyable on ,n about ot, 0ithi of Mtae, 1183 Iand dated the 16thll ofMarh, 1837; theI prenine dates not in. o lleAted. All persons are fitrwerned not toI trade for said notet Among tle iapersn in a ieceipt of deposits, nitth BurkeI , Wall . C.., for $5 It. ptaymont ol ahicb, as wolla Ithe notle, hias beest-.tlpd. Thell b pb'let bok isr be left at the cunting rnt of Biorke, Waltt Co, wa hre i rewrd will be paid. jnt l.awlm lA. B. WAl... ST. M1ARY'S .MARKETI' S I'F.A.N rl RI( CO. 'OTICEis htruhrby give,,othat purrnne oftnI Or. dioan:e, puineal by Ote C.aneil If the 2nd Moni ciptiiti, oni \\ ttdctdnvay Irlo2i Jnutanry 1839--1ott. ks of sttharipsleit tit "It aotpilul tti k oul~ 2|itll0n in sharer noflO$ tolntt ihtraitl cta1aialnt, will Ie: utloaed nt Air. (Cllarles DiieOnd'o, opllnate Ot. Mlary's manrk, Wed nesday tIhe tuth, intt., ntd will be kiptn open for [tlree ilnyn fort, I1t A. 3l. tttil 2 p. M. on nech (iny. Tent Dollars petr salltrln tie aid int tualt on aubsloaibig. C I)IilOlt 3 S U I, Coma issionnntan, Ml RtBITAILL ) 81. Charles theatre. First appearance thiis eason of the celebrated Miss ELLEN TREE. Tisi Evening, Jaouary 10, Will be performed the beautiful Play of the LADY OF LYONS. Chade Melnoett, Mr. Scott, Gen. I)ames, Farren, Ileuseane, Iebar, Pauie l i aIu Tree, WIlow Melnette, re Fauman. An Overture by the reheatre Grand Pal Sel by Mad'ln Ravenot To con'elude with tile new Faree of '1.E SWISS COTTAGE. Maxien, Mr. P.,. LNam tte, Mrs. Debar. LYCEUM. SAINT CHARLES A RCADE. xvERT tvglNa. MONSIEUR ADRIEN'S WONDERFUL PERFORMANCES, AND THE OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. Admhtance: : $1-Children half price. Performanee to commence at 7 o'cloek. WASHiINGTT BALL ROOM Dress & Ma erade Ball, TSt. Philip treet between Royal & Boerbon. nHE Manaer olthe above named Ball Rom,grate ful to hifriends and the pubthlic ot the unparal lolled patronage bestowed on him lornsevral seasons, respectfully informs Ilem that Iho establishonnt han been enlarged for the amunletent of visltort, and un dergone immerse repairs. The bar will be surpased by non in quality of liquors and the iRetaunrnt ill be kept by the ablest Restaurateur in the United trate. The roomt will re.opeb on. Saturday even:tg, 3rd of Novembet neat by a GRAND Dn ESS & MADQUERAI)E sALL, aid will take plaee c uansual every Monday, Wed no day aed SNatrdav oveni ng dturtg the aeanon, abhie will and on the ust of May, 1839. N. It. The eronteat attention will he paid t khrep ing perfect order throughout the etrablishmot, an waal done last asenon. ct 24 NEW ORLEANS AND NN."ASH -V ILI.E-lL ROAD COMIPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. HE I.C ocomative will leave ther Depot at he foot of ICanl etreet,everv d.y at 8 A.M. and return at 4 P. M. except Soulda's, ' when rhlo ill I)e pnrt Return 8 Aý. II, 12I'. M. 2"' 41 " deP A Car fir private parties, p ided the numher he rlficierrt, ,rill abe set down the road on one da)'t prey our notice. I2, 18:19 J AS H CA .DWEI.D l, Preasdent. .COTTON ClRCUARS OTR IRINTED rilth Ihe Greatestl Expediion, and in a stlyle unurpraoed i, NEW OGaLana, or elne where. Ouruns lfl at Covrrcrvo Room in St. Charles En clhonae, (Corner of Orarier SI. ) or a T R U r AMERICAN PRINTING OFFI'CE, corner of Pool rat and St Charles Soretrt, will be promplly antolndcd to. Dec. I--ti'. SACON Sll)ES--50IlidsCincinnatl, ciaredin staore nod for solo by S'ITE'I'SON 8 VER9, jll 88 (irrter t STEAM BIOAT BILLS. SWNEIIM, AGiENTI'S, or CAI'TAINS of STEAM IIOA'Lr can hove their Bills trurk o.fJ in or more Colored Inks. on I'lain or Colored Paper, with despatch, aod on favorable Trrnms, by leaeine tlhir O t:Rs anTRl'oTILUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner or P'od'lrao and St. Char:es etrectr. N.019)-tf I'EIRl 011-51500 ntitl. winietr strinenI operm lnil, just roeniv d and li,r pal Inb jell) _ LOCKS(1 &Cn, ii Front Leer. - fCaIow, far supeinrior t the bIngliih, for sale by j in S lt.ll'KE(E u,8 Itont Lteree E LIA )-.00 krgre, No I in storn, far nnin bIy S LOCKE .V Co, jnnoi R Frnont 1.rve at B111k Citenkn, huillm of E.editog, Auction Buill, Patnphlets, Show bils, Cmli logien, k&. Inc. .IC-l)tiitliLtf.f the A.tbve, nil ecry othar Je" crip'niiolu'rI ii h I.1rfl rcrier'd rii7.ruiing OiL.wo f"" 111.131 AltIttii \3<,' VASn. i"ttnt'it.t En c.,,:,dor iiro .noi"riiii"r. ir petheprintring Jllie·e, enore of j I'm'dr.owIl Si. Irl',,, srees. J'.cie,,,m,'rt h,'rrii fn bar ifir im andn in oss p~f ci teubetuiiuI uuannutiuin the nitediStates, have jmnt eenni ad le it, the clucurdy ,u/ill.ciun/uuu I sla/iih mnORat; nri :tln rim/ ii "r.cuirf.,/ .rcI d .C, as CIa.pir, t1re: uirri triuli andI lurc.,it nrll, uuutb na. her ficna Iii, I - i C11I It:.?L, & ItAtteItiiW,7 flnttk Pie.u MI ln o, boom In 6 in he. e l " mi.. ayt n anrd healw . alh \t". fwrr 13y'KEAN, Intl roe Cain, A Cnlmnn,,,,n CARDSY iii IiINTETI t ote sonrtest Nuimice, in ike moet e/mmatui ,,srtn, in Illnuk or olonrei Imat, on Etnamel. led, White I" like, or Pliin Cittijiund CARDS, and a Pricnseery riaonabhle c TRUE Alb1. ICAN OF I Cltu:, corner of I'''vdmnnm unit 3m. (litrler sIt. Sevterl New nod tIrnnuIifnI Fnlis of lire krhae just bimenadded/ to the Establiihkment. OrUder roceied at Conmptjne Rtinmn, St. Charls Exehcnge, 3rd dor Coin Grtvit t.,or ai the Printing Offic, rornrr 1tru Banm & St. Chrle atreeta. noeal-IfS S P'EII ('ANI)I.ESIY---fHi boxer New Bfoenrd rpmot Cnnllcui. n*snruid einn, ofappnroved brands, 1.0 iuxen noulond rndln, Joo .unn' br~iti 1(111 Irhe n firih Shelp 7i h53,1 reined %% hle Oil tiinmtlnpioll Wine lf nnprriiir qllmoitv hIiperiuli, Ronpno~dr, yontmg k~nen & anmtchttfg Snimier, in hreets, rontl I tn P0nn Ilb. Itluck Load t'oln.tlnrted tties, for rale hy jan11t .joSI:.PII COCKA YNE,2'. inder nI Flit IioZ1 AL1nA RAISINSthtI118 whole and nIhalf htixa, ftr ale by ABIRAHdAM TPRIER, janl4 31 Gervierlt BOOTS-Lanm ding front shii. Arne, :lnasr, of 61.n W alnll sew',! Boo·, far sale by jnlt I HltIIIGGE en, 131 Mn'nntnn at .TO MIERCHANTS. iD'OERCHANTS can have a IitvrulruL CInca. AR irnuck onf afounr nours Nnnucnkg byaisn1 n the Cnnmpning Ronnl ofj TRUE AMERICAN Pnznnnn; Ortric, NI. CharleriExehangnr adjoining the READ. Inn Rnoo ci Corner ofdranvier ntrnot,*.tatihe I'aim ing OWire. carner ot Ponvd en nd At. Ch.t.n. aireet. BRED WILXUNIOM. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Ur LOUISIANA, -F'I:RS his seniirs to the pnhic in the de mrt O ntma . tlle lll l-( 1 la.I lu . *IIII-.I in town aod country. Frot uneaiderable enix ance in Ils prufesiono. and by prowenp.ers and fideilt ia ,h execution of hlsilless entusoed to him, he hopes to merit antd eclivo r shhar of public patronage. Hewil' also measure and caleolatnlo the .otlllets of wall. and excrvaiolus . Oliice No I Clartres tre tClcoradeory HANK N'OTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT, HATCH & 33393 H AVE opened a. office in Nw Orleans. ponaeeting Sequal adilvatagea a ith their hanus in tdw York, for tie prpose of eongraving ant plinting BoLk Naotsr o ndhe ills io Excllnge, Certica:ae of m l lte, Checks and other imporltlan pdler, requlrin q rlty gaoisat Forgelrie; and Ilau m .dr e amtplepoaeii for the Safe keeping of all pllate atnd itapreemos mnle utl ed to lheir care; their mperi. een embrce thes lhste of over flve hundred bankinc inetiutinoe, ant all eder will he execruted with protoplitude, andi on the slual terte. Office, corner of loyl & Canal Srlml. jo--tf el'vP ug.. Ilopper, in acl,e and ,r aely ty jan3 J THAYERt CO, fon Londoo, to, salo by jmkll READ) & BIR8TOW,7 30nk Place. YDRAULIC CEMENT, for len by janll REAl) & BABSI'OW,7fBlnk Pic TElE svlscriher having taken a colmoldius fire . proof warehuse, respeetf thly offers Iia .roaicda Io the ,lrelltl and tradersr ofNew l (ehlens fore the ur hosie and ulecofllide., furs and peltriae, and to ro e, ao well a wool, eoss, hemap. toeoco, dry goods, &c. &c. lie will ale, receive any kindo. tnarechandixe olrturage, at 155 Tchaitolola. hetreet.' jal5 R W EII.IO'PT. SNEW DOOKSd-Rob: oi the Bowl;by the author oa itoro .11ee oliionlton, Oliverl'wist. in2 eolume, complete, The only Itaglhter, vol, 't'helleirof Selwood, do, S taiulle,: or tie Recollectiuns of a mn of the I Rn.Iertac's Paraguay, 2 vole, Napoleopn Ilemriet, orereuangs with Plh.,.ee atl hloceresr, Ellei Glm, illC, 2 vIel, . Alexaetdcr'e I)i.evirv in Africe, R eols, T'he City of the Cz r," 'Thue Wif llunter, 2 vol, 'the 1tritirli S.late, 2 vule, Roomunce ofVianet, Duly and Inclinltion, y Mive London, 3 vale, Latelv rceiverd ond for sale by jel5 ALEX TOWAR, 49Cpse

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