Newspaper of True American, January 16, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 16, 1839 Page 4
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l~i withia eis rti 3, t ~.eeu wu 1h4 da Ir )g Net Y t~di rKýasiia tll " } carco do eoets Embere . InV 30 CAY. WjiOKS IIoh Jo Cr oi~nce e l i Leaiiiy &as I l`uoer noihd u - r In Mrity: +smry dfi hre"mitiritl clie ry SRepoohooryvC 189 m ini inarr, Laudon *" ly>c, illlwb fri lly' 000,t' iqtcoAnC Ub4m0od ktoo 9 rols. Londone ita .d*= r ai od'sCaIM ntty Um `-tr~f'rre al rra Facvlutre~i; L Asm1. XoIIaxtbiataoxc Tables 1LLi.nrr rac mi~lre. ~ku · f.I. AoliMn 8igert.o.' vilela Intel ktI POiIlcdooa Cree the t J ~ ole .wi jnv gin Ii. 'inAbilOO '*ineoo'o tie Worto"g eI eInmre o I' Econtic;y. by Sy, do Wthake LIT *1. lA i niter *i'cotu, 2 rolm v xfºiolerl hnr, byreoett.S y"ls . i ba e ti~ld whlgo, 7 volnb, i Am ,*onmri aeeorrtmenti Law, Medical SoimmiL :laac.. Mie tirh Re,, Nov dMehlermth Growemar, Engiih end .romq, Latin mod Greek. N JOHNS & ca. -__ __ eonr. Chnriec and Co,,r.n Ft'. RO WANlj'U T)\lr' OIX lUIIHEl, P.rarnc " and eW of rle Feveranod Aeoe. 1"Twill b~e mrjile dioo'veoore! nhereln the Totie Olix t ire tsuperir to th ordinarr mnold. or Iretting r ' Fel'r and Ann,+. It Ithe firat plne, hbeg Vee. alhe 'Eatract, and free fora nov deerteriols anon pisen "ebi fredlionta, it inov e tak!en with the 1tmot.rt cfe ty even h theende to lr n rint, or ed in ald. It pte ta reetiapeeof lln diselto, t.conoqllrnonly the eclloitrl Iea Acon retains itf wonted tooi- and or tl:vit. It lscoh. dthaet porh:,otn ... toovisi.o, to. tnvoint .n..r. of t..e Hrg t chuliar in heaving a plrenatem qlniit wit rtemaite aintl the bo nvel I.nceL t llyi diu~. rbt t otheor dieeono, but lotorsnlhly ceInte th or OvereOl r mna t dito eliveori, nit tha.o belnet"t Ihe ro"Atr e thli ov 1lerr otheo ofllovtio a it tlooV Ie elopreeeed. dtlletlduale, of.,r tlhe 0n0t ofthe Tolti-. otliXo.P haoe beeanlexpoed to ntl tihle usotl enueo of the dlisoease, d ohaveovcped aly p yeIoII00 o IR Iloretjrn't wleeno byt th it atltethe cometotoo remedie. tbere is oo anvo er' ted an ilcrenled tblsi ie I.-to, r.0.mro,-e. 'hit dotrorn .•f frequent l el,+lp. ,"fi the 41-, i n Very oid, ni, for hef lttewm r illo ntnlbot lmo too mel portate to 8tal'ale to reaoc witb ,Pin, ::ll h ine, ily fall x vic itred at soii aoI retn:Ol risia ll.i na. 00 p0+ , it ,i hib the rerth of everrv re --o thalt Ile p;nr nl d.st00. are herely furnitolrd with a.i.tnai r cotithoot tnoOiriOtg the aMa'aml attetalooo r C oI, feque00 0Jcrl oell innl 0 "*tbe.moarelon ' m relor.-ortortly beshtowed. 11 li lulllsto mre-,eLe-cie rl0l0 H1oid ooooooot ir a;,, ilhat iooitati, a of tirios I dll ,ic'ilo, th t toe daily oIfer, d Io- sale. It is preptredl nlv bh Dr. John R. Rowt:nc, et hist LaborlatoT.r, Hrk0 ) ,titro, , 'Pirinollin. The · rrn, rilte o haooh.o se+."it. fer tie lutbWesterro i'.tne., ano will sel bv It, rrPv., tl khe Philodellthin price;. 'T'o he bord, at rettl! u|Ioo, al bmtrfthe :\polhoo-ari . in b tiy .il . J.-%'lI, +'o A.DRPWS, ato at, roe Wrie okoo&boIhn ltror'Io llPYv' rof0 In:to rrn nb 'rcho irrorhlor MImni1oiioti zold Lslt u siluuo Hiotell, AIRS. IMARY KfoI .AND rerpent'olly nr. liloncnes to her rieodllts tld the public goole etty thot oboe o tprretarod to nncioooonrrrioe 010h000 at e ah boyt 1enhoiromcoo, cod hlope f(rlnl lor iltertionto rendelr v;sit0or cornfirtnhlc, to rrceivr. t eonllnuancoa'no fornor FwVorrn. Sloe fitries confi. dent thlat por:ons visitlng Coviogltnn dooriog tioe tumrneor mronth, ou'moor find brettr nc.nrmotr l iltoos than tte can afforrd tieln, on imtr,0 lilorrl termot. Huer Ilouo is plunonntly siottl , oeo,;nl a cnll otpplicd With revery oonvoniooonco; tihe ibr is furloi:,cod woil the motot cilice liqllors, A. . l lhoot, loshe promise.O ''at nothling b!ell hr wanting oir her tort to give ttire oaaiolFction to al whoi nlmy pnltrnooizo tin .Ai.eri ippi nnil or nlolinna IlntloI. j, 3 •",i- r~irut-m-i.~ ;v-- ,.-r.r.-:'--'-b _-" ".- + s . tudied under Dr. Sc)l tnidt of Charleston. Soth 'Carolin,, and for onme years Iti assistant in tie piectice of medieino and surg.ry, has the lior I to offer his prole:sionial services in tlhis lilyv. He as.lrerr tIlt diur and gentlemen thll thle Tnnlt prompt altention will be paid to the calls which may be maide; and also offtrs his services to the of laves, being l Acquainted with the diseoees comlamon to themr, having attended them in the asgar house in Chlrl, slon. The fa.noue anti hilious pills n ter the composltion e; Pioressr Smolletto. with direoeroln, can be ndtl of the undereigned. The rf ct which thety have produced in this and other cities, has been atteldId with the greatest slccles. to hich thie bhet ofa referonens can be given. Apply at N.. 1;f116 1lan. line streer. JNO. M'LORING. *Its W+ru wtltl, .UU SIc--hEWS, -SAD IIIONS, &r. T IIE IIOWELL WVORKS COMPANY, :l. 238 Water, near Bcoklman street, New York, bhve-received the pa.t senoa , and are conta!antly neceiving large and extensive additions to tlhe reok of the above goodse. nhlich now onsists of the allowing assortmenst, suitable for thile southern and Western markets. Hollow ware of snporiur quality, consisting of sheet 1500 tones, viz, pots of f2 difforent sas:i, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 galio.e, ctllees, 15 sizes, fro, 3:8 to 18 gallons, .k'tpans orOvons, 7 different sitsio, Tea Kettles, 6 do Rkillet,. . 5 " do lsat Spderr . 6 do Covered Spider., 2 de (raddle, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 da Wagon boxes frot 11 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Part do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 20,000 grose, iron and braos, from Sinclh, No. 3 :1 3:9 inho, No, 24I of a suplrior quality and finlish, and los than Jante's imlported prises. Sod Irons, assortsd, in casks ofrabout 500 lbe for retailing. Tastor's and llttor's Iron,, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tone, aEsorted from 1 4.4 to Sells for Plantations, steamboats, shurches, &c. made to order, Also stoambeats and ether machinery matde to ordor. Tile alove nn.ortment of goond iv particularly recontnmendnd to the attentlon of Southetrn sod Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and uplTon the most liberal terms; it is eo. liensl to be the largest and best asseortoett ever for sale by any one establislhmont itn the United States. "Mtrcha;nts, by forwarding a requett by mail, can have a prin.ed circul·tr, with deloriptnt: of goods, Ptidessld terlms. ronm which no deviation is over made, frurnished by return of o;til. All orders will receivo imlnediato attention. New York, 1838. c-3 --o M' -tO'Y Nu# .oat t a nva A BOL.T sei months ago I hldl the mlitfirtute to yrol ia e-rct direase, for a hitch I Isyve applied to scve sldectoreftor s cure, and they did not tsre toe. seo ow an the obore dote I 'ult myself ndeor tIto eae of Ittett, Hlet, and I eaxptrt him to u-a me. Since that- titoa the.letats got worse, so as to break out in large ulcer myirtce;siet.ifai thront, ~nid not able ctc work it h peseton tss ot. acocant of tshe disease; larges ler ot th* rthift side of the rfttht. I nm n-, + putting mytell ebnfileatly uader the eart at DIr. linaetr,f Ptnrs, tb'ke perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. ea It1 ly 'Od CERTIFY that the abveso menetinaed disese is I qite well eurcd to my own satisftcttin, for whicth tlSck Dr. Hest; sad morceover I acrsre that the medi dce[ Ihave takeon t.ake nre fat, and dt ant injore ltloy msrlth at ll ; thsreers I adisce ros flaow sTsftrers It iaess lsmeand apply to Dr A. Hnstr, 124 Canal cest1, between Daophin ansd Bourtltlo stres;s. tr is aeit hoe from 9 o'clttk, A M, until 4 P DI. .iy lw la a true dd:tor for this ceeplait. JOltlN 1)EAN,,i Graviecretreet. If aqy one wants to see me, call at N,.. a411 Gleviot JOHN IDEsN. ifewOrls . Feb I. 1338. flc 14 l y .F ~4 Geuine indtLn Isem of Liverwrt and Hre DA. . ounldi. puI up in hlitti at ti lowpriy .f l i .qttr poath, cmtailtlg thle airengil of thre ounces h t Sret-wuott;Jei le the ,irtues et monv other raote and herbe known amon the Indicns ab lieacious in curing palimtarny complaints. ""lPiiri rivaled suctsas which has nnen.edlhb tee eof this inesttmaid. lhisam wherever it itts been intr.o iadced. haep bteined the onntfider,c end rornmntonoll irteZLofreateeetabie phycsltans, for the cro of rouges. id , tn t rido. 'at of rest, apitting or blcod, To khanm enoarn. This is to certify that wei banv .Is oue ptlaceta freqaentty prescribed Pm. (jierd ad. ilediin dSli"m of liverwort a d |loarhnnud, witlh i4 o f.'tt: ,eo can threfor, from thu know. SI6l(Jip.M aterials it is made from, and cbnser.tton ,.g ip pt s omrcnr tl t aso n .uteric r• artiot, 1't ¢ oaS of th Ine r which it is r. ta t. 44lB11'ir W|I.L4413, .M.D. -:.1ns ,CA%.VIN I.IT M.D. . Matembe oot re ao Medical soeciatiop. -euAm. fb-be, d . e las r the rar teretion Ot Heir Oil wg ofedred to the puhlic, it bed ttndedcaat f cs of beahldot, thinnae, a.rd ei" Yw bairto.' ed it every ieatle ito halevly libertbnta. lsen d. It alo ' e bE i d In D pdu:. ripihtnful crmoth of stl aon hel. lroade l ueiw.- r it . beas dry and cceseto gro" eO w$ih r rv n.t ra:er it iralthy, and pr.d.c.r sjdt ld.baejrnl gre ht of hair, wthtot thia least . otihe na- . il. hie Oil gire a, akreanhlr fra. " nll puli 'p;,rit l to any ther tl ir Oil for pe" ptefthiMrli en.: m 31oaeing the hair. rhe h ir .1 t 4 "f d, aJtt 'un$r ie Fur le at ga &D" " . " UXlMONS-tAR'"1'& , avo nomw reeelovntrmt o On board ah11 O rhenha , Fettle, |ithl sniter, tinker ielr Andrew, Frenoh,and German plhy ,nrds; Rack P000mno Roarld; Cheoomen. 21-4. nd".238-8 Oleh Iil ale Bnll; 1 8,9. 0 nd 1" inch hlade Bowie I(Kniv: Leather and other traveolior Ilrentlog Ces; licit. I'cket, Hilrrenln'n, an.d fltlllio Pi-toll; double and 'ingle Ihorrellid Guan; Gamne leg; Shot Helts; Powder tod. Pintol I.lks; flm,n lltthos and trinking Cnps: P-..t'"otn Coaps and Cap Idohtere; Cloth, Itnir, 'l'ooth: aid Nail Draksln.: Orris and Chlorine Tooth Wonsl ootlh Powder: Tnilet and .h9vint Sonne, in reott va. riet Innag Hair Broid., RIinglets and Frizeltto; Pear. enid Toilet Pnwder; Pmerv linro; loery Tub C lnhiOro: Patnt" Sllesn or Garters. 1nll I.Fwltic Snnpdllers; PoI'nwder Plos and Boxes; b-t Cilinte, St.n and Rev,; S.~rndrope; Waist Bucklvo troeeleto: Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Siivered Beads; Indian Beads. Hells and Ples; Shellcil Twist: Side and Dreoiil .,onbr; which,ill addition to theirfoener stoek on hinle, make.thelr aesartngent very complakti, and will he otnl nw and on liberal termt, at the llin of the Golden 'olnb. . i.5-tf 70 Ohartres street. l.E. snh..lller, kjehoe li the etetnive Ine o * V, S. ..nlher; SheRffield, Eneland, line lot reinted n rer extensirve .lt of en' e, tnt conoietion of Iahle and Densert Knives nt e"" - dencrittion, Pen, Pocket, I)irk, and Spear pa0lh, lnlves; Ranore, Seis core. M 'e 'nt.,0 &e. &e. &c. which thev-are prentred o eXnhibit to the traItt lormolers. Tertns and coudlitlons will be itodeknown nt the limt. tl6. J. I). BINL .A .COiKN.90 Cnmmtn at. . F.. C+tieit)ls. I . lMMORi'. HARTT & CO.-Are now reeeiving II h re hip llmtsville, Eagle, Merry Andhew, High e. edl French ell Germwn dlhsle, he I plevinc earllu: ter, belt and peket pistols; plein, ribbed andi split Ui rlemiss ellps eal, helderl; Feirs liv, IBatie, pten. yen: Glllt's eommerecil anl other steel pe.s; Vio it. Violi sinygs: shell, ivory and horn eoesiTm; wafers; :, belnd snl leatlher purees; hair Iills, freont aml I ack ringlets; negro plipl'; Germsn and Frrt-eh cologne water, Rowlslins mneeanse oil, imitatiol do; antique snd.hears nilt portable desk aned dressing eaes: paist: I :elaekeig; statilail toile glaeses; convex miern,-; ope t.l glessee and views; Inldien hrcI., bells end plnme; crolrenns whit- twine; toilet and shaving snaps; toilet qwder, c^pmetie wash halls; scenled sctin oelhionsl nel st1Hoans; screw etnllismel; fancy head ehains andI necklnces; Ibilialtr badll; lIweket books and walletls; (ieman: honese razor stlips; fine n1ld commons guml. olastie ailnspendera, gartersdn; Bells lucifer m:atchesi; il ver plenils; Creyns, d&c. ce. The above in ddiltion to nor former steck of fancy irtilel,, lmakesmor .orlnenlt vervy e lletits. rIor sale wholaude or retail; as the sign ofilie Golden Com+,. 7T, N. l)T.ICE--'l'ie partt .rrpll of Kelley. ilccen (&Ci of New Orlean ; Mas., Flllrritc &Ct., if Natchez; nd iarrii,. Kelleyv &Co., f lednec, was di-s IveIs on bhe2I t of Mluv Ist, by the dleath of Saluel A Mason, )ue (of the pnrinerc li the firia. The uniierinriedl. .lrvivinei prtners, will he rlhrgted with the hettling and clnosint aild bsineIs aC fllowsv : IecviC lHe; rid will atlend tl;te settile-i uttiti hitenlesl rf :Hansne, llnrris& r ,...t ;aecthee; snd Itrrn, isrl le t ; C .1t I.,letnevt ai Ilenrs KIller wvill titend In hlie settlIlg offhlc hhaine cfKellev, a.-ol &. C,., it New Orlean,. TIhe nsnits of ,lhe severl firms will be sil in lih Llildtitosnlh.eI '`hos+e lllltsls bl 1i salid firm' re errnztlyv reqtluestled neo1rne Ihnrwnrd aIind lalke earnl +settlemleits. a ndl those havi:lg claims will pletae prient them willioet delay. IIENRY KELLEY. Ncr Orlelancs, i27t,1037. J l"AN 1lAtr-l FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER SIIIriR itns.reof Ithis eiptirier Colgnle watel. iatt; reciei vel tlt( r sole ly Iile dozen or sin;le ottle.- Also Amoriecai nnd e"nch; toilet p wder;, powderI -unIl andrIlhnxea,sharing inld toilet staps,.eosmnetic wath bIull, Imilk of roeset, cometic ehi l cream, extr ee o lillkl, llelhnhn, %Vrd' vegetalle hair oil, iiinatlRIIll frec' ,ti's saslnreillee terl'miserv in trunks. ve.cltn blc I Idliquid rcl ie, Chlnriee and Orria teoet wash, letli,,heirtonlit nilc mill lelh bIrrluhesl; together with n ast ehilitin .ol spIIIy of fashionhble hor;1n1 std shell ioibsc and jvwelr tir sale low at whnleelee or r, tail t by .lI1MONS, IIAR'PT &CO, july fi 711 Chirtles street. -V EV GOOI)S--Simmonss flara &n co arm nssw 'n: i caiving from oni hbarrl ships Yaznsoo, anti Saruto ·nd bri" Cent:ordlie, from New York, a great va1riety of guos in their line, whiech together with their C;olne stock on het, maesre their aonirte, rtt very ' i tllte. The fallowring e,nlpnset anrt, vie: ell tirnt,it.,,r . inden, ItoTlk alnd dlriresingr3 mlhs hort11 in ofra11 desrriptioo+, In Imi.l i be, silr k siii worited ela titic carlers, cotllllnlln & fine latie lron, lpen er. lnc lre ho and Iifrir insatliee Siillil Tlenwler ,lla oler pulks and tbxes ,toiit illwtdr, pocket lookss r'i wnlletr, eevdle holks, shell, pearlt ivory anti nlloroeco earl e« ne,,el enldll ltrn ints plin o- I rnl rleds, 1eeklesci lolt ileeeligee, hesdel lieilel, bad r pliiislineuis, li lls ;;n; plnilaineed, ilver al Eciltep enrs Indiatl Itetlnd, helr elle Id nler; pi.tiol aned Irge p.w tter fhlrks,,hot bolts, horse, belh. ioket son dadililhl ) tLls; dlnule tild inlie iarrelled smsa. yiwie khiUes, il dirks, criesrct, shlers rpneletknivei oalc, r chains alid rilbbrin, wn std iukle., cloth, hllir, tooslh, nail,rmtllh, S1fItli n ehite, pitte, floor e nd Iding hrtIl*ehics. Colognes, IAFloi;ld,le'; iilller, rose alnli by wnteln"ea~srll eslenr1s, Lnd extracts,.'lteeatt r hIear, altiq'ie,e aid Ward's va s etlile hair oils, haling lllls toilet t eull olall tles criptie is, latliere' n cd gentlelrts' desknand rltesini notres, hair rieglets frizottes and braids, plain, fancy ard mlasi:al work boxee, tlsin crt sill, iieotrl, cote and eer tr Iiitnts, pesr'i and ivory shirt it,, cliit itudde, gi hl ncd esilver ,cmnil crase, .soilolhicks and tweezers,tlaterl tlad gilt licket! , Itiltiu tlre (l ih, r nielvt, lictsicid etucl 0i:imhles, hanktus 1out voo, halilr phin, iithationts freit, hlk 1itiil ret-hinkshiie blaecing, viilaiit e1ill guuitarrilihcl nlllltl in pei'eul-sinil col , liu,:u twiln , scent.dl el.-h ins, eoldel llil oIli; lace ctiP I fr.lgnl, Ittiucr pailer, lsam h whl i, w tlkinli caluet pl l'rlngcaildl, iu I gl, dtlt, d gilt jcwellvy &c. " T ele,ihlver togIether with a greit vnrictyv fother arti Ire are Olletld at whloelalcL or retiil oil a;; ucCUellinldatlisg N . ll.hll co...h repailred. __ TV RITY ~TORE--at the miai of the golden cnomb, M0o70 Chartres 'teer!. The nbscrihers have re coived, in.udlition to their irevine stectk an d, a full end conmplrete alortlnent of crtiolca in their line; vio: comnlb, perfiunery, Jxvwcllrv, brnshen, lecking glasnse, enonv nrticre, s e.e,utainticg in part as follows: Cl O IlS--tortoise shell, wrnight and pllia tnck,twist, Iqilled hbck, long round, dresing, side puff, curl and nock, Brazilian combs of every description amlongst chich are some lMenxican patterrs, Ivory comhs o every dascriptio, horn, dressing and packett tegctehr with a ge.oeral a.onrtnent of Frenltaud Ametrican. PERFUIER Y-Cologne, Lavteder, Flrrido, honey, ,by, rose, and orange lower wafers of every sizeand dln eription. camphorated Cologne, extract of Birgaonot, anev sllap of al kise, shaving do in cakesa nd pets, rcram atwp do, Ward's t gcetbhlo hair ail, bleo re and an iqUedo. Ireoston's tehllig salt, plain antl perfumted nlet owderr, p dl te r, c o, p Ir pulT' and hxea po. eatutnl in totrt and rnlls,crrns nld clolrine tootl wash t nowdelGe, Snith a glcncrnl aosoirtmnlt of ANJEV;Rl,I.RY--oote or'the latest and erost fAahiolo ,le stts collsisting of lhite and rd l corlceliac, tbepa jet, s.t itn litgre, br, nut pn o efa gre,.' 'P ty fl ptnr ins, w leh trimawi:oos, gile and ilv' tackles, iloer thimble, silver anc, g,,ld pi. tls and guard chteino BIlUSIIE-Cloth, hair, cdunt. c iog,cruuth,leorth,lour, Iact, dent. tootlh,piteo, colb Nail, r.haviog, heeoo and hlitewash Irushels. LOOKING GLASSnES-Georazan r tatia and toilet elccen, magnifying andl Irencl dreLet.ig glassen , homeo in, with n varic4v of other kintll not elCnutceratcld. "FANCY ANt) VARIETY ARTICLES--Frcolch ond Amcerican portalle desks and dressinig casese, omeo very rich and finely inishled ladies work Ilcxeaond droc oio casces, with anct without ousic, mncsicnl hoxs, Ae crdnliaut of cericun kinlcc, violins ancd guitars, silver and diated peccil| al leacl,wuood pelcils tcir carpeonters and l rayons,cntantle cloocgtoagl nllcc pistols with lcid villccttt acesc, trcntiont callc.. p'r'eu.siOcll cap clcoeocrsl, tjople .crew drivesc, shot heltsngs •ehags, punte blhackleig, lcy tea eltsr, Iltlian Ibeads of very kicli, [cells and ltmet tcileand eccncccn knives, razsc anlld ecioree, tclilccles, cedrlra, pinl, silver platedl, steel and co 1 l speceta-. Clo, pocket loloks and wallet itl vlrccltcs kicds, vsiticng curd o nud carl cases, playing cardns of Irechclh, lolncacc lnd clterinco nanulacture, dclls. ilcitatiot cruoit, coe hoxesr, prcints of vclioclc kitde, Sallntclrs' Polnccey'n, lectcccrsocn'c, Ii a d Hawkicl'nd c ic 's razor stralps aued nctallic hoane,clirke, fcncy bucLnecoklacco, do wrh lr -r dlropalcty watchleo, lmcrl hblttols, owder ldcok, ,. ccnd plac seed beads, gilt andnilver do, gcoo ela.tic snlleen. lare, and garters, plain andl sword unice, backgactlone hoards, dlice, opdctalvliecnncs,joowholrpsj, lacooIo mot1ch etand cdrinlting cpe, withl a great varc.'ty l other arti cLrd, all nfwhli I will he sold for casho o ciety uceptan-. net on t2 montil credit. , B 11 dSIlll;"' ýc, & et. d4 l . v7 _ I DOLEA 'S Sic'enre of Pemansalip recenveid, and P Ior hale at teir lei rmaeo t \Vriitn1 Acolojmic No. 8 Olhtres o roet, 'iow Orloueans, IliJ Bodway isnw York, UILapnine ot., lobi!r. it isparticlllarly dcaigned ftr piivate learners, and ci.iolsi, aid is e'ictlefel tfr pestoIna oftalI nyes. Lodiee antd gentlemen aro invroid to call cud aomine the tvsteml for tllemad0c.. l.'.mc are (given at eltcl kIOUte as may tdit the conncoieoe uo'all, audito clasaes formed in any part uol th city. Laiies wilu proefer itcan rgceive lessons at theirown ref sidaenes. I er~toi pavin for one t troe of lloson are desired o attend unti lity wvrits it oeIl as they wialh. nil Dul. AEAK al. it .+H1IR. DEAVNNESS. NEW article for perso at troUblrld ith deatlnes, 1 (aled the bar 'J'rltumpt, haa Ijuat been reevd, by t ,e io. .t ,i hilh, the. ligItem trt£l.ltin of the hto u. ml, vooce is disrnctlv conveyed to lin mar. Any one wol Il s ever to en obligad t, conliverrl tith li very dfl prc.olo, Ionlat IIe tulI i s ati: e of the dilfieultv and 0,0 barraatnoetll experienced hoth rv tiemtelvco anid tll ill. dividual. , ttnitrlultontiv illlicrterl. Iy tllrO use ,' te Ii Er rl'ruinpet this ouhjertioo I entirely oroiatItd. 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Alabama notes take, at i r, and Mirais.ipri notre will ie receiverd at 10 r cent diacollnti gir g'nndo, or In .vvient of dehts. ijt I lr L'L~O It-.l'Y tntoiggfr ueotoemo, Inleletrld. I't re, 'Is II t1Ot$f5 . ale 4.drTI+.L est. MR. WILLIAMS, Oetqft., . Obw AT T ,rJorrOlMo HOnsri0flitootRo ST UM 1 LoattVttLL. ' 7T thle Fdilor of thIe Aou sile ,4derrtier: I •I 1-1 Ipperby the obe --rvatioanlo of tvthe ,datnr. I of ihe Nashbille Preshytrinn, Mlatn and Trno rr er;"ft, tot well as the eatIits of the Melhjiis Enquirer, at rIll Il d h " O a, (entlemam" is ao[lal the TRetors 'l'h' tli is plroved by his kinglv rage, korwnilg that his tie is t hat short, and that the .aldnendent Amraoin ttidel . te ree able to judge Ihr themselves what are puffs and t imposition., The w." thy editors who are )Doctors, the prprietors, editors or stub-editor' of the above It anIed jomernal, cnll every letter from pesons I have i ro'ored to sir'hi in l nt plaees,'tpffs. i. ' Thie fact is, tint nver had lriih great sicteM j whithin to limited a period as ten or twelve dayv. One ..e waes need anhot ten yeseaswho hnd ot sei the o Itight era Itl. birth, tegan to see to follow Lia master to my.htlelin.stead of toing oblieed to he led by Idln. Two vounak ddles, Who had eachiant- the ightt of onea eve, one fotar teo eart atd the other fir tuearlv two years, havine btah ot them the other eve erev weak; vet eanh of those young Indiaes en to see with btoth ayes, which beanlel pledge mvselfatill eootinttes. ex Ecption they are tinder the influelIe or dominati an of the I.edical Doctor. Another ii the daughter of a t'espcetahle merchant, wlmoe hcame I am bonad never to mnention, (as hropaid tne my fees)t who 'maid ehe inhd loet the vight of one eve from the age of 18 months, blt that at e now mleiti a to read large letters wilt the ke. na ttte grntlmoan tod me him.alfhe hid con datted his dnAcliter to the office of the medieI oeditorI. that they might te inf rmed of the fact. The tlat I shall rmtain is an elderly gentleman by the natne of oaunt, nartly sovent o venar of age, who decltaed pth. lclv by letter, which' he tobok to allthe different ollees io Nahtthvie bult one, rnd himself tltd ine he had paid for the insertion whatever they deltanded, wohb dclar .d iu thtat letter that lie Its otoallv dentrved of the eigelt ef ote aye from Ii ks oiera hi birtlh, welict his motherstated to h... .. heocsioned tby the measles or smna pox; that now he e,,uld not onlv aee tihe lieght of the aun, for the first time that Ie reco.llfts, but the ltars also, and was hbeginning to divtinguish many oblects; and did, before I left that rety, give ma nv praof that h eatltd ere townlk about ithe treota with the other eye eoamtdrtety closed. He tal, tIe had been a member utotihe Mtethodist ,pimcopal Chhteci for nee sly forty vram. an I that hi.- word wa never dloubt ed thrmltgh the h-lbte etttv ofhlt lifb. 2. I repeat tr.t I '"ad never trenter sorcesq thnn at Naohvile, anv tkir.t .te medical attd "leriea dotors an never hof.r. t toll rason `a bhe enra aed. The p tiatoidignatoircl t3 Rv. clerical I)r e t mith pre veo lwhen o .eato to une that ahbuit elx slers paCt, te wao eonvertcdl fret': bin ai perfeot ihfidl.,, tt believe ill tile docttrin s of 'Ihe Binle,thit, he mtret have inadl ' a trifling error--that I e mst tave staunt tt env, th t hefort tim end of ix years to clame, tie sh, nll lie converted fron his iofilcliivy. as tihe epirt ll Ihle tte nr ini-ter of the peateful nid hIeoign docetrites of the CtLrivtiareiigiot tloes aot breatlhe oat delootine on. race, nlultv tenltd ,ialsehood to ideare tie lmedical frielnas, aninsvt tlhe inn vtoa ll Imh ktnew lbed done so imuich ferond, tllllt i. juerv to not ,oe. Allthe inhhitants ,f Nahtvill lsoke Iof Ithe r'.rat - ctc.ns I ihad, 'el)pt tile t',etldi'nl dt.ector. n Most of thoem nlo hai een inetreftcied b oMr aount of tthr fourt ieerfoin'ed n hiis totally lhind eve. . ' The ftI nnos Go itn S. ofthit roan, dretenrlt [at I hanve lot tle laorols pgninel in the Notctl, slnoe t.e r oioivol in til Soautlhwest. Tlhii proves hwttpveroh.lin, oand that I elo t tltttortictil I arrived in thit teetij,. If .I gnined Otnlai the nloth., ooghit to hnv gan'tnd nn,,th or in thio sutht and salthwesvt, not I still Impe to wear thnt ont myt very yonttthftl hrow ont thitdnay I Ilave, itt sptile of the' vituperatit of the reati Dir S, if l may ut ldge frnl the lean. I atoe tlrebily.benefittd n this titv ilthin1 three dIacV. d 4. 'The oIleert ,.f the presnt is to iform the medi r al Goliolas nd elitonrs ,f lto Ilepuibliean nad Trrasm vseript, Ivs well ns tle clerical DIr S'itlh of tite C. Pres. at tertin anti of the onion, of NRthvilte, as werll as the eetior oli i tuh meiecl edlitor ofthe Mler rills Enqoltire, As well es AIr Preittir, tile eclitr of Ie Looivile ,ultrct alnd Rise ito toedieal Goliih ediilr of this" It, city, the a.rl.t Dr S., that I shall hritr ctitns againmt ithtta.t oil, fo r vtttti eration, slano ter or catlon nv itnnto di. Sately oftermyarrivnl in New York, n* well s negailst ail their aihlli e hren the tmedical Golial, oftheo north. I now i,td myselfhy promistte, nererttot qit this happyv hlad of lilhe.ti, ontil have Ir.nght Il tia toe ot nil mny a.editoal Gflliahs of the torih, as rwell as tihe south and tilt west, to the griadttrlz 'ltTo altlirted,ttbrer. a foe, moy calctultat ottfittdiogt io daritg the taoclaof t toexot yoo int Newv Yorh, a tore lettor', tost paid, aad t ,o,, (tit'rs, e will te dtt' te rhaclh toe. to. 5. 'to irto.rm thte poblic tiat tite hllt so cnl'ed In, tyici tie Rlev. clcrially eornveterdi itfdelt Iltrted was a- written ft,' itim,. wai t wittto i. ore ithan a week prior, Sttril iutnttOttic foe tihe Rev. I). lolotoll, who reodt it itn t, tittiteot ctntrttry, totok it to ttiaytt,,iy aati otto, e'l it in it, uty oas I a eer t eoaldi nreeuet.e ooler tlhat go,,tlooooan 0 uor.oany tohtr, any mnney for ot:.ting ficts Titt Rer lltu'ctor's oWtct ctytelnct.t is before tile ptblic: had le toot .exained all my diiittottats, do. &e. wi Ito a gae'lullt1,, vtn ittilmote fiiculd .t his, ans well II. the wi.olc of ooy h, patientt, in coinnnv wiltlh anothrh elergymalnt, and r', foulnd them nll to be' nuolhie, stti1 hi i1y -,tiel t o i Ott le imo rP oto to ; I' F, l ie t l f t. lertt i rote c',all tare itw,, a- indteeo hv hltot astraoner to irllt tOp otlh an antiole :a s e wrote hiiltiffor plinrartiot, tutl addressed it to f ilyr Strtintfielo, editor of lth S If C Advotle. d i. No wooloer tie cleor oigltdl medical Gotliahlt of ad Nnalshvle took the oli. ;'and theltefore taed their et It r fota tojoit with them tho e a.ll-lmoverful, athletic, phyn. ett iotland inteile.taol ftre(r of the t .id to-h-eonvertet t clericil tfidtoel. 1aV teait i0 the Litthle tihat s tree is lik how,., be, ito fruity." I ae o.,o, tloy oanvertrd infidel ett i buts ttateleteI fir.- tht ntiost ,. 7. tIc evidently wanrt.s, tiestahlinl his l mri l cirlr lac:r a a inma., by shorlirrg Ihat lie wIBr Iove en1 bribed.l .lu ats ee wlleler the lnm of thits piaees of sih'er will nally to hh"a '. well a" it was w;ellApplied to anohlrer enerrte ilfidel, who, in the days of thein earnatioa of his Divine M1.Cter, absolutely sold himn for t!at number of piFre ofr silver My anslwer Is, thlt it was Iever intende I a a b ibe, nor could i, be eon.ider ed s)o by ny one., as it wan ior even rqu 1 to the notll port of nil the regulhw prin'er's f'e, of $1 per sqitre. Ciinimnine Iwo or tlree calnilnrs if closely printel, ineter,. wlcich were to Ih repeated Ilhree or tlr Ilnes in thle Pre.betriina, UniLon ".sd lltniorjltrnjo r had I ovlr inainde l o borire him, I slrld Iave ofibred hilm at leaet ~$$,1, lil reglar free, ilantand of$ 0, whlilh, in ail ,rolhnilit, he would harie gladly receivedrl an Iti f.e, and not .sa bribe. On+rhe contrary,if I ad beena ca pitrle oofflerin, a br be, I shlold certainly have done it in a way to have insuaed hi. naceptance. 8. Iladl the Ra. Doctor been eerilly converted to theo h-litf tite doctrines of the d:uviour, Ie woull not chve promlar d to come and examtine man patienis itht. alt keepiag his wordnlas I have alwya fouod every minisler of the gospel zealnou to dlo. 9. Had he been really coinverted, le would net pub lil ly have spoken against tl.e Ameri'nn ir.alillutina, which, it is well known, are monure numerour, and which are -upicrior to mianyv n some palts of Europe. His conduct no utmch dij;gunted some rnung literary char relern, a to he rai.cl1y reetl'iord froia pllonish..g hilm on thle lmr,hy lavin vt l.ent hand. on hiln. rI'e tIev. I.netlemnon, though a Scotehlia, is withoutl excuse, (ulllesi he is calumniated), although he in v thilk he i I, a rilnht oa bnh.e the Alnrircan hlslitation;. beeaho he is a Iacli*rlcel infidel . I say he has not-an ail onht to soprak well of the bridFeo he goaes vier. I fuallcy the glallot Calpain irandy, nlad .everrl other anliahle yaollng erellllen of Narlvila. recollect 'ell the conlduct of thin pious expoun;ler of the Holy et.i llaren! ltl. I e.erl saw allsh a del.ln in hlllnU shape as the Ilv. D.itor wiln the danv I eae l toereso iolr Ill, whc lire merneed my grey Ibairn wit ian nplitled eig.rnrnlt arm, .a if Iri wond have fi ntld inte t- the .rriOlrnlfior darillng o drawi:l iaiouls iinit.r .way frae hid.rldiy, by a bribe of it ine elenof oircer! I really tremblerl nmro ntr it thn the "cld Genlleliani" had la-. poar irn yil nwrar.enlroe! II. I Irle m nly dercllaiefore Gforl, and am not efraid tr, dill Hiln rto itrers that I in.ll, it the whole course of 4' years eractice as anI nclilot, in irast hlritain, In rlan, ilcrllllrui arid rlleriar ii, a ringle illstance if ferled n a bribe aiii amor nt 1 o the editor of nisv jOrlln ai hrit nasr o !lripenrtiOin ifr tHle InLa: I roccpiedl rit he trouble which I ran~e ioned tlhem; eard that I was alwoay more inclined to r dulcc, rather thtorn ad arv Inorry to the prinr hill; wlich is suffllicient prooflthnt I liad irartention to bribe. I:. Itnt v.c-The Mlemphita Enllqrrirrfortwo r hree wreke cotli.l is tissue of fllerant ahlsehi idi, which tie nedlical Giliah editors lnerne I from their brethren irthh 5l. .Glilahs rf tle North, and I shtll t.ent thma with slilet eanloempt until tie proper time nrrires: Unloas it Is tree what I have heeon infis.rtel--"sue n ciur, told you will Ectch a I.-.!" l'thongh I paid ill for riy nildvrrearllleata for two or three weeks, ra per, and oblige yours, &.e. In Iaut.. JOlN WILLIAM , tile English Oculist. orllrtnvile, hJly l0t. Cidr frolfli rlt .. ii. ALdvocale of ti 2Lth Jane, 1837. nit tlre rerileste of ir. Willlialll, we Lnseri tile follw ilng n fei frrnr the ere. Mr Howcll, of Nashvrillc, to the aedior of ll ' Sroulth \Wletern lihrisiat Ardvocate who, it arpriera, has Cxloined tto dliprlatuam alid other daCU. rroots,evihcivoe in'the Doctor'sa claims to pubhlic patron I ge In conecquance of a acident, IDr.W will r ain in Nashvialle a f yw dnya longer than he at frst intendad--ay the Ist July. Rie. Air ,tringfel. i:-lavilng been requested by tr. Willials, tihe ,ulirt, now in tins city, to sxrmine his numerous dililtrias and other rdnculirents eviiciv. of hiis claims to public ronfidealr in his profeesion,l Irve, in conruianr itt a valued frienr,dunaeso with pileasure. Anrl.g thnm I foundri a letter front ,lr Panenorat pre. set Chargo d'Afaireia of thte lin of the Frenrli, at Washingiton, addresied to IDr. Williamn, te.tifying the arrrioeaess of the diplortna front the Kings of Franece, nelgilrd, r&c. es welt as ithose from the Aledieal S:cie ties of Franca.' He has nureirrs vouchers from ieirn lrolnoia tlie ndiltigh repntation in Ihiseountry, reerored tince Iis arrival in the United rtate, detailing Iona of great succe. in t restoration of eight to trle a.:nd. I htave ean ne rl alil his prior ipatienta in this o.:y. I knew eone of them ireiouns to thei rouming usr er his ears; hint all I tLava arsn ay tihy are un. qoeetionuably buafltteod. i)II'T. f. C tlOWELL, Naslhville, June 21,1837. P. c. Siire writinathe 'trove,aefeofDr. Willianms' ifatienr htiascalleid UiinU tle, ild tays hs tiod actialiv and totally lost the siglht of one ey for seventy vaOrn, hot ,low trlcarsa himrelf better thri last aI.lht, for the flirSt time l his life thalt it can recullect, he could di. tingrish,wih tb t eOjnrloi of the proatinensi tars. I learn that thi old gent.n.nat lius lived anny nesa in thin rdgiosrad says haspa been a dlstedtst during fort' year:. augLO Iantuy R. 1S.C. H CHE':r1 (I U 1'HkILADELPHIA-For sale by YqOtKt. BROTDHERS, TEIrNN A INAP OF LUUISIAN.%,&c. &e A NEW MAp IV L4WISIANA, witl, its cornle, road. tk anuIdirimocer, o pieces to plaece, along the stage aondoteaorboat routcen by Ii. S. 'l Inr. MITCHeLL.', MAY Of THE UtTn ITEDSTATE, r t 'oieg the principal Turul.,kc nod eommnon rads on d hch ohic else the ototuocco in mile. from one place t0 another:' ilue the ceomot.uf tIe canuuls sad rel ruad through ,,ut the couturvcarefully cljcoiled from t, hebent. Iburitiicp-published b S. Augatcto . litchell. Ma1TCIIoLL S, OLEa'a (.ictt" 'rinDOo Tn IH LC0TED STATES-. a mop, of nhe rhude, diatuanr. serte n·~1on~ crnodre acror.8 *jetKrrc"irdaul fRrte! lEt JIMiANI'S IPANACEA. g Oa theaun rrheadm atisa.anesdl aorkingsevl,goumt, s' aelatica or hipe gout, irtei. tont caners, salt rhi uam, slphilitlc andl msercual diseases, Ipat I uaelarly ulcers andl sdlanitallaffitionsofthe bones, atleratedthnaal t ,.' n.e.s triluleta ars f'every deslrlltion, fever so"es, nml ilternal lt! .elsses, fitlllas, Iilsca'se:al head, scury, bi hlles, lchl h tle sore eyes,.r liltaelIalhlath.tatnd every vsariaofelV.l. ttneems xatlioti, elhrmie ( 'lorh, heaa trl, , ac jeeed- 'a ing frem ansy anrid humor, pain in the stomaelh id lys pIeptai . Iaoe .lilr fmt1 tunPlinT ntaeotinan of the liver, athrtoic intflmmation ofthe kisiarvs, awl eneral aIhltili tv ausal h ae tntrpidattin of l'the vesslsorlhe skia. It is sing "lrlj elitlunious in renovatinl those constitutions wllise' have beet enith. down r injudiciouls Irtlneant, juvsnile irregplarities. In general terms, it is rernm. n'moted is all thonedisedesa which arise from impuritises of the blood, or initiation of the humorse,f :wlttevet name or kind. Some of the shere complaintsmay require some tri- iL hlig asistent applieations, wh.ich theaireuatances of the ti ease will dietAilbut for a ueneral remedy or P'rili.etor a to rmetheustheeatt-, ls INIIIAN' PANACEA will n genetilly he found tsuiletlet. tl TOI THE PUBLIC. It How true it is, that psotlern Physicians, mi their tm hitiol to exel in their tsrfessioht explore the vast fGehls a of sienee he the aid ol'ohemistry, tod neak out new rr mnedul isgenstl: in shart, to mrrise at parf.ection it the pnsotice by means of art amt,-etntirelt overlook paltat neglet, as tli-snelthtote ll'itoe, therieth notd ltutt(1eotsll storeoflmedlicine, which.the Almightlv ha:s enased to saprig ln t of the earth in evsery clime !l And how saile nte tr. n isitlthatl whsilethe Am~ricnn Phvaiciaa looks to fereign corutries ilr many (t f hlis mnst aommaan alod Ilreemtry arlitato, perpeteally ehalngiaa a tha aher at the listates ol'fasalit or fally, lie is aalsrt.haol in hil ownl contery with an edletprof.asion tf medical plahnts, suflieimat to nllelwr ony illlltiolin inl diatae or to aele any curablt dlisrleroantlet he is of their vhir tuu, ndel they are nullferelto 'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' IThleeffeetsofvegtahle medleineaupon the satem are tetml.nary-those of milesle s laatting. The litrmer ex ertthseir teels ando pass off-the tItter, melrttry ill parl- I tiallar, act ehemias lly spon the solids, decomposing I thIe ones and ulllkrmining the coastitution by at slow aIn i. sure destruotion. lThe congetaillity, efficiency an.d SAFTY ofveteta ble rellletlie ever mnlileltI, sm. ar estinltet Ia eonlltrllae ingthemtaeient lpactice with tlhesulern; or, to hritg il i lmore immledli:ely utt.le, onrwml obslrvntin., b hull. an pmatice with thlat afthe whites. Wiho, in Amerit , :Ias lut knowll om hernll of relpltell ll ltllces wherel'in some deselepil, llprrtetdiat, lfal.le Ita lilan, byi mvaesoflll Iher $isltse lamelllealdien aa lo a hals ailt.tld tile sllast rapl)ilt • aastomishiag cures, ater the .atatairr Mai lie ofI the -rammon preatice dlitedtel ill the most skilfll manner,i has foiled? And who hs llnt been a ra rla sa d tis IIt Plthen ptaltiseeweaamlltacility with whiech the hiatalaalatiet hlim aelf irmaony disseate,an a tattheat the oga t aasiene oflhlllrotic dlsllaseoamng Ithem Who lhas ( t heard a IIan Indian with a constitution blttol uiw r hierd hT illialatmet ? Anoi ea a dteata exist tahat hias haI i aa ai e empt inn of the saage from most of the ills whirh the flesh ofmaonn ia helirto, is chiUtly owing In moaare gEni:a a Inl safelremedus which he eamplnays? 't'lhis Iwtlonill ing diere nce sue i sace.s, is a tIir exeamplieialio n' Ithe t illilllte superiority of the sinlle 11111 se means of ere Swhieh tahd has ceao ted for the belfefa If Ilit a lildrel I, over tose which tihellprie and tl.elltlof imai have in. Irrnm a lom.g resilleter nmollg a pmtin 0l frlht, :thhrigin r altiaahsl illantsof tlian.aollltry an ialllillle :aLtc lin t ewith the mla-ithllls of curellf some of their lltlOs Y suteessiul practitioners, the lproprietor of 'Th la dia.'s l'lueoucleltilwl+' killolhllege of Y)Ollll of* t1IC nlh os law"CUI . tlhll falvto.ile ,l t."ul tlit.. r.'l.lm I llu1e hIe shl vtr.ll clll as werle at eiet. uillus lotll apllrlll itlls, :rall llIer various exet'arinl.t o tt.ta a aheailr it.alliallC p llla l S IIIlrC. ll, he lhseonsbimcd them in the thr mit here presrntedl, us dIi e most perl et osad ..ntrfiied hir the poupose tnsr which it isi'Eolltllnllelllud. I. Illlle rsthlllis plep atll ion to lithe p blie, i h lthe ChotSeitlnuslll. ts that ht" ia llacilla wilthht ir ll s, : .a remedy capable, olf relirviug many if Ihis nll ictdhl il Slow tehillts, wleho at. sllliii l , ht..a a r the slriils chronic a1ul oaislyiulwoeonpilailt to whito tt I ,e atpliedle. To aucle it will prose of i Icalcellale va!luen, as thli mleals, iait in m.aeaay caIes, sthe rl ta 'e miansl' aillslll :grth-irsl h aeriags and reslaaing aaa' once im e to health and aaa a e. pilles. This is ota ot a l'leda as s ia t i.ii linr th, trot at tayl paern chal.ce be aea I lll good with others lnow ad it use, but as one whi.h isena bh. !I' w ig lil'U ian aaaa a exart me! t shta tta nIalalthaea ouaana tedierial. isit d, hesdnue.relpenltedly; cuiii thi- is ll itIe rp l'h im it Ilnob . tllaned whereverl t ilt hasIIll ie tlodlcd. SIt Is o a ahaoutathree ' rm a siuhva c this petat"laa ion wIt s patlselta ed o llthe ptblia :bauta ial taatrt abiana i aa a Iaa, i sanar ltildrvaa all Ia..maso ,igtIat he tia.a , w hal would ao stullry da laia'a e tlat thea brlile a aali t ithei h liaa s H err' S111aved I "l , illll l IIIi.s ae I.tInm tI, lllw a lllhr hlll iHr iiiniiý a noal .rii s e aell the ci.Ri) nli rElmlllis it lll a i. 11a I hl its ever it s klowll it israpilit c.ouhiu,, ilto Itu i., curl thi1 naftia stal.:amost bubstnt1eaiaa .bula l eaaaaentaaaaa proofl of it oaeaiats Tlahe Calhle fit: i'.,u.rac:l I,, mr0s. c ,iesl,,inou1h ,oise: lo!lg stanIdilng. n I stlhilitic :t.ol scnrof il)o :dluClionIs which have defied all other r, .n,,li,"s, lull pa;.ticularly illthos e.tse h Rlivit InCslcoV." h:s kes ll nn I:ki ! ) itel I as t, en.lsedistlressing p:;h s ill hll. IbnnIs. nndte, numrn I I ril nlters, lealnge. ent of the dligcstlxe . ,n.s, C !e. I llIT it cmpl ely rilt. i i esI iln.. in il cIls . i, entile iy elsdiiates Ilth liae;setmbi9 ets oflm re r l·L·)'e. voles It constlllitnt n) II :nl,'ktle . ie . It ll · :tc l m.I:]Lud welli. I ilich. nn ii U c l in uICL. . eel "T'k1 e in prpll.I dC oses, thelidln'.- 1a..,, ol ,1 rac Yiitint1 H tnil' In' iit t it L'Iiillgeii t;i., c hi up u .i:., oI , min %lxuive , tanut·i-lsp sndiu :il 1 lll a i, (pro!' erc, n. :lslllll a inaic m, d st ITI'.: I , te: ;ug 'u. ilnlllr. ally express E S, it in 1cses a 1 thc secr'i t:,ns itl ex evulitn", ghi's t I. t Ihe ah~l mach, : lo , t "t, l i in Ilthe g lll i 1 plll irI:lll Im nIt. 1'U : Ltl _. ' I in . Ales its, .pe.tis I, .I e . it rstn.. "lP llit i l ,ia itis Ii u s t i . nu l t lh I hl ) ,r ' . ,I i l it1cm ,lbiguo;ll . I sie. :e ot here sp.e ilk.., :R ll it fIis h , ,.1, used with tfwdatei,' i tt'tes t Stltuiii lu 1'a e Va:1 'iller, 'Ill those h I'm ore s11ltle'u b .ta. plinl , "f the ob . - o ll .iwll l constul lilu l.t"i llilv htS illr. i:tl p"iril - oIIia will do well t tt tie ivi ir tiree mult in stt.ti sll CisP Sneeliken in asmall liluic swer ;dl its llll oses, in mllcl I ScI little, lies., expense, l il it . - Ilr Ilu :tglu l'able IInnII er d n 1i10i comi m n Blll il llll I rink. The Ib'llwiy g - lti flia , nut of " I 1ndrl. s simil ., which mightlll he proull nll l, arl e gi%.ii l 5I10 il Ill i 'IF.(Ie of ti llta an I'tgii:uii y. illnteilt• ckc lluldiki(,.. .'.;,i ineti,,medi l c oa exii hil ag ill h Iill , t ut lit I't)l i CI uelur·.arro , Nov.I 5, 1S3!. a vIhty iivee ir ud icrissI Iici rh a. e i I, uictnllihl : Ii iexpsI sle in lind Iweati.h Ica mll.Ilkle P Ir tI ,i IIIII , \t all I imi lly u ll lil) l i III llliCtd .l'er I/IY ll..ll' I SIII s tllll 'f t Illl Alti, a td I coni till. re' tsucitut.i l it IIi JO3 1 !l",I( ('S)\, King..t. I was ariied atom spree c eais sinie, i eiil rhe. l ltant, ctns I nt I, ikinga severe l' S , a h le m. litke illllluence ' itlllcur, I ll l hichi hI t dil dl fllnt busitness netrli ,er since. i hr ing lllllt a peri i t el Ive l t l ltr ient in the .llll'ie Inlopital, ill t hits li' Ipwarllllll |;nim. mll llthllh, Hi [l nine ,l 11e sa k hll:, h" timelu in te liarar I I illi l iL os ilal, a d tri;e' d nllhll " %lr tlenlt , with l ittleii h U nell h il the ith 1 r uii Iri ur CA,:ES )OF SCIIOIIUI' Up u L II;.CIts. aw t o.HKt.y Sl In, .,. 10). Thips mar rrtij thatIi i t lle IthIt ow Iii 'j. I \\a s'let, willl a swelling i l llhl)my ek Ince, lll ll illh .'t-:u. naderaed and i ecuni Itlge i Ug I astl ulcers in i it Uheti. :\liu.rty'ilgsevUrtl phay sic.ianston dnlbnnge, I wen An I A' ,. :. l pInced Imy A lf 'i I.I r Ithe r I .t.) I hase tl ecl, I was iwolounced lulltly Ineclnable. Allletl w alll Itook twentll S boIll sItol un:lilllS I'Ill'lee'1 l n IIII t.eig. lHttles of Pll'ttl's C:tIolicti n, w ill no i lllla erlkll blle. lil lesplairilgollie,w li clllm IIom IIovwrimen 1h11e1,l me., I.tullrled ll 1o ilpll.llets II New Ylork, inI .Iit, aii lvve myseifipll to a nllnligilll death. HII kat-in. of lh, similar it t1y own, I was persnWestll to tl it, as i eIi r, sort. T'o i}y glert surprllise, its well as s )uisll)io , somrlsou lulsel frapilliy rer.l allng,anl up ln lukll severs botlles, thit ulkrhealle,,l mad I Lelenle pu''nedil welI ill thle course Ol'ltwo nllidhs,. and have rell mlllill "d sk ever silce. I lmlke this stat:lllel, oll allll il il ,ulll,'i1 sa linus m syphilitic - lhi|ioIs, that they mly know whllat hli cured one wio h:as 'uitler|l Vair tiling I~I1 leath, kind who onnsitdrs his life saved by tfIe abrute +.. 1 "I. IIrI .\II CHaln.w.N.a.hrt 3:1, 12 31. I rwas af'licte,, flaye llr s withauiluelr fI Lte leg, ou c ationally accompaIniedl mill eI sip llllatous illdh lu i inti and excessive min in the Ien IniiI ncle ilntll, ettlll emiient physi..stns exurcl their skill upo, it, InL wilh iiut pe"1maenVtlilemllf.t. In ,liseCe iiv\e bottul Ilulinu's I'laneea lmlllle i I st fet c1rte. t 1Al(;AtIF:" A \WIAES, 1 I.- l Market SFur I lo , Ial, l. IINLr IITNll"AIitI , dliail, . . neeI , in " t-. Isrnla~iela's, lUll,'luuilenallast slee tr 1( NEW' ORLEANS . NASHeiVILLE RAIl. KIAD) CO31PAN. T HF. stocakhrl!ers f this cortnpany are hirebv no. tilied'thnt by a resclnti,,n o" tile hrrrrda o' t~ict tion pa.nsed on the 19th ioot. the call made on ther ono thile 13th February art, fr the Itavlnllt it fire d(intro a rhale, wea rescinded, and the said atchkllldaers are ftrther notfied tIlnt W{l RE\aS, by a iearlntion of thbi board paRed t the 19th lot .acr ll hasbhea iei oantht stocklholadere of the New Orle'ina are Nashvillte Ril tlooyd Cmnpni ,t or tile fonl wi payontst c, ld ita the sltoak h.hid relltoC lively by thon, viaz:--two natlara per share, ayable on the trat d. af Septem ber tr ext; to ,ntrnt; a per shlre ayablereo thte trlot doe of Itec~mtter xart; nid dlarpeer share prvulble onl the i pt day of hlatch erxt. Naow ltheeforc ll- it rresuheti, th a t! e oeertloltrv of thisa colejatly alh.itl notify tien astlrethtl.:ra therein, throulth th tpublic pr na ol tile city, that in coallnldr,tlF with tile sixth saetirlt o the chrlof t.r, mr tha:re raeroilt.1 to pantponte any payment called in ,.rtll.e stoak ifsnid eanlpany for il tae trtof aixty dayst frttt and after lle day on which it is made pyrtbhl, withi ti4a exl, .st cn dlrine rowervesf, that if not rgttlatly poiti within the saitd prnatioao or nixty d.tvrs, frot atd fti r th,, fiav en Which it ashould have heel paidr, thti Ithan tile stoaik on whir:" seid paymeo.ttahuld Itve hatno madet, is and reatm t- °alfted t tile cotpatity, the charlt r oil that pintita:tO impeltrati-o. It cntlfrnttit thaefreor, to sail Eall, ll ltack of the sreckhaltle.r in said company, am think proper to put of tile opymttr oan iteir atock to tile ntd thle additionnl tity adto, which the charter allowas thm, aro t"toifti;d thatt tie pavtrnti of two ol lara tiirrlit t t;ir ii Cr.tltlt diter u tile lirt otl Seir tielnlmr ilt .. I i, tort lrmt.ti ntlener the rixthid li df sitd clartter, totil the :ttf t lt rytiot rf 't, etbr ext, that tthe i tUueylllt :i too. ,Ilsri p ter rIt,'r culled forit, lr olne i unitil tie 3T'lrt tnill; oft Jallt1l+rv ;rt-·.t;t d the I,.ty titdav tif Matnrll nltrr, tnoay be .,llsrrloid illrtlttite .3i day of'April oxt. . Exltlts ul lt ilainittes t f tii hel toarl. man 2°I A tl MeAIR. .ea'rr. _V 0 l II'T, i. aesa-->. dten wbiwhite \ lt- id.t.,fe e J tV o 11 GrIHAiM. rl~Ht~r ts i~~t iti ~I STAr TE O tItd1IANkA.-Paris Court forthe Pg'ish and City of New Orleans. rJilIE STATKI OF LO)UISIANA. To all whom L PI'resent shllil cmoce. nrerti,,u:-Wherens, r J.s e H Im vigle plrchaored at t solo made by the Sellriffo' the pm!ielh of U(lrol tile prolerly 0 herhtaller desceribeltl, .oni. lie.i1 the clerk 01' this omtol. in wnOqtl orlier tie deed lol onloe wa recorded otl Ire 7httl inyof iAptil, A. It. 1.31 fi,ra monilion or aaner- 'I li~e'lz.:in .cln'orlir to in et of the exislatl're of tile tlae of ouI.i-iann., n i led*"An act hfr rthe furlltr Ratt ronct o' tillee io illort . ttjoudicialsales;" ppinnov d lhe lot1th do t o Ist rl,, 10:114. NIt\V, liefre, kiltw ye. and all persons interested hetrin, lre herebvy cited land Oadmtnitlit d itl the nte e f the Solte of IHllisilnl, and of tim Parish Court, who can set ip anyv righlt, title or claim in anti to tlt prolmet hret ireri edfterocribe. in ctsequet'eol sany alionllloit; in tile tnlerlderee or iudloetit of the court utndeer whichl thie alo was made,or any irregularity ~Ir illgality ill Ihe appreittenet and itdtetnimeote,l ill tile, or manlner of sole, or for atny olher tlefrPrl whsteo cver t llow canse, witthin thirty ayl from the day titit mnttlion Is first inserted in tilia pullye Pujcro, ttly the enle no made should not be codlirmed and rimo lognted.' 'loe soaid prrperty wen rold Iy thle ShLerff t the par .all .foreaaid on- the 14th day of April A. D. IH18. by virtue ofo dlecere of hi lt ourti , renldered oi the 51,t day of Febunrv,A. 1). 18:18, n ai snit eotltlil Alexander Caldwoll s. .lntm e Hlantte~,, IIt,367 of the docket of this tCoat, at which role the said Jnlamo Illaner becam, h~iporri chaoer for the price of twenty one thoule and Description of Property as given in the Jutdicial CoIn eyaonce, vi: A cer'ain lot of erootnld itn.tled in tie suhburb An nunci lion alias Lnolurse of thit city. in square No 5, and lot h:eing I'rench lheaosle, , 0Iet Itrotnt on Tchou. pitoulas 'treet, :t,6 f.ot lrott ol ()rogerc street, and ill foet on I tfl"ede dll FI\eae Stret t, in ch n manoer tht tsaid ll lot ofmronld is 60 feet wide frmntl o le i of the eq',are to tile ther, Ingether witl, a dwelling holse fromt Ilg n TehotpitoalLe stleet, the ;teden and det. pendenceie, also the diratillery etoitli- m tot ererted Itereotn and other tuildings ndl itmproveotents, tile matchirtry, utetasilt, impletlenle and fixtumer beioninlg to .aid di.tillerv, ito dtrpotdeneio .and ltput tencs-re. and the rights.eactionee,oni privileges thereto, belongitlg or in ll any ce appert o.ini-c. Clerlt'e Oite; Net Orlenr, May 7. 18.18. mi4,'h4&j-j J. ohl.l.ti. tepntov (lerk. t'l I ~inetlee t ll .1 ~Ii I Nitet ile Otleetto. r K'I:''A liE L.A IMIUISIAXE..-A( ittUtritx qua ,I'ottetlte-slle *,Gg.. ff ,.tIt...i1eee tt·l nlitttttetttol l I iottlttttb;~,.it ;'(lenjte' lt. . ~Ieo "iltt lettee li83e pttttrc l Kttt ti HIn~ll i~ttitivtfe tir ii i Ctll nit it' lirrltto lltt. tttttqtii,·"ln i e~l'ut tl~~I'(rettl~i..ll·~6 I itt I ittuteIsl aYi4 t~li nit~nll I t ittitiintit t~lsollta cItt Pttjtttt~lltPfI tttnd ue·li BI ptt ltlttt'uteit0le tiIIIO. ttzu en nlll~ oi tIl'ttolilll tIn 't(. elll ft enotCIHrllC J ·iti ctttilel;19lt'etttlt.ino It5Ie tctle~~I t)l~ie i'ttttt clletn dte 'nl~~ifite I lt tindno CetIteell, t'` ttttir~e Jtttnt h~unt, 'Otii 1,3Li7 dil tin.t'i t e e·lte ('oto, A ltqttelle teeetl aIr IIJettee lentene s'ot rolde nttqttret~r rote' l'tt".Erteil~ it(!etotelr n~tttti ttttittetegt le l'battetji it Iletl I.~ it it. atttt Illne'nnnCIefrftii;.] *itoleet It'· Itt'' A iatn llen Ot itC tttee ttt lie Fn'c dlufttil..tll·d n ott dtttIltll,lAtleitIq tol ll'I Il teI'iltet I Itnltlto ,Iticl~e oitte ttsil~ptletooo lci Il I qeo titillenie tte~ltotiite rott I'' tlji Inlet itt n ItCr~r ~ ct AI lnlnl; I~lic~lleetoen lielir. irll tttitttt, &O. Rltp r~nntttll A Inlilt' lietill' tie, 'to tl/pnt.l( ettt't'o ttltltttrtottitcee ith' Ile r~ut. tt~lijttttt Ot tivlrpt t''~l'l.2&j 3. tIli. eiti qre' Bon I Colll(llege *'" Islttotialta. I.,. 1-.,. F ' HE nit' n l etI. l e rIL % ..i k r II . .OF elmrs l. I ( I.' II, , ll. lllc l. il" ' lll, nlli, I ort,,,llllae lif · I1,I.. Cl tee, 11c teroi Uh'hl;Ce, ,, I Perpetual Pupil of Go ' ,loI .i I ,ie. t. IIl H pitaln, Itla. h in 1Iiiw ] tllic l ie of the Amerie nn i'o blic, ni the eal" t ll s 'o ill tatioi * u nl m I rlll .. olll lllgn i)ue, OF l lolnle t l Iii s:ili,. n in I I.e hlCasion i t is hnped, al lily ar im C, .llm to hekthe C~CIeI itsadttiC coneu Iiniinigl olmln the C ii i ofl tile Iini irous 141ll dlritl i us, Illlr mls II's tl I"p n hII c ill | hs tI e nisl (11"1 k rica lI lenllll e o, llO ii l I lie ieIoillllres, ai'l iihe l fr illltl I h o. li o llIl-·III·I {ltllll.%. );lII·ItI.Y. "| ls."i "'~i;11:1.1:lrl...ilhl, rl sl·l ll.' O CIt l . CIIs he io idll n I t illY ln ilCi. f~nllnle illeln tl, |lIr . b d ohnllr lleolCt -iyliiliulorioil icel ilrlCl lillg, crnll, fe r lleC :Scnut olito CInlpen,3 Ai.rieil,,t-nt. ilh a, o ,o NI. I)., it. I.e, .llllllihs .1.Aelpinht tieiA.h llc ntnl-llon 3i!~l. I~li., tad1% hen lO~tC I lleli# l 'e t lie nlll Int 1 t aull le t C w ll- :nl y il le at i llCe hlonI nAeol,, a it.o i tll .ll iiil0t ioiltl oritti ll Lnitd c alllelsl iil Ito (InlCnl u111 l'llith col llonerocleeioc tll a tll o w orli l ' ll p htn I h ra l'niiie JNO). IItI).llEiN, 19 lVelli Platce, N. lo'k, Sole (;iellaeil lAgnt.ll il Ie Uiiln1ed Slttes, de. For sa1e by uIp shinlllllelln of tie oriill: l prlUo' riietr, . I,. 5eoet U Ilnrriotn Itruagi-is, N, II U,,,iotiiilr I.,i , Aoeli ;.inr SIiatheI n" Louti n,.a. jil i E., I LY 11 I II & cll. , ,c ;} ) l zlrlue lrcell,.r . II ElIS i I' RKil~ U iilll liiiit.liivltl0O IltlCll. 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Alan Iginel i ell itllenii lien'a Ilh Itolll w .illh, 'at II'se HI imagans llr~ an s n:Estogthr w9ith 10,tlks) pair· c:il' Ilrol uill l tlltel II ton lllr niile, ill I okti, onie enpeaell Ier iplooenlnhil use a gono n. 000line of min's lie on1 ,out k ip iusnoll gi'.liisn Sw aitlile, n itl io lig. qululil"y ot all ililrior ic t liit| r usel tnl. wa g broalpu. I.:.lies' lille cl, eH t n, nmocco .all gnlilln welts, land S ,,,is sol shoes; d linle I',Preach 11u,.rocco udl kid Irlill , - lipp lls; do Irl:lln slhoe with a1, l wihllioo iKellil r, . f, seal; I nt still oillU le.her ,.bl ;ii lio PrteI' ll s1h111o. * hull kiwIt tnt uanll.hi.c hl t insiint lg bl'ognlms iI l itle,. ,** .i t l lnlaen,. M.tistoes'lsii.gtspomg l . fl:olt a g:1115. Uilnirl.l 'I e ol' olre ~ lorFl, n i ,sl.ilotiii blhln m.eIll ell.0 11 I i inll ll lil i o blke. ' iilto i h Ilo ll oil l i inie'1 m o 1"o Ir, lDelt s liel dllb :oIl *II :k Husize Ihlurt unII Ili lr hlll , ( ll:le irticle. Yol',).h<." In . sizn itim1 ol m Ikniltr, qlll ii l i l lil In c oinh,'. O n'ni hlll b ')'sb Ilack artl drl'l woll) l |1r1|$ o|" uni'lll sliens, iteo geenerl ettoellecel ol es Inn, m01 II ,l ifl~liT, sm.$,l n t sai . ll lie re ,Ilau wl h.'r l t he .,'rival of r u ,I ke.. roulsh, en oiu..xe unmelticl iiles, alll.nd' which in ,l thoakl ctti ,nnionlonllhlilel ilrili lt. It All-iof B4.LM FOR THE TE-TH.. r' I- He established reputntion amn eolibtal.tly lucreaainF I delnlld for this ediie .lual rinldy i oljiiu and ,re servative of the uetlh, has ilnduced tie aiuh-crier offer it Ito tihe Almerican piublic. Arraengeents hav leen itcidr to.uplv sleeanrt in nill tile illneilo l eerie sld tIwse. iil tie Uloittd Sutoto, o n io Ollnle ii ithi tle reach i tllhae antlferine and likely to suller this mno ineniaong of all rich.-, 'I'ooellltrl le. " \\:Ihen aopldiedl cordling to directlonl given on Imttle, it hen never diti.m oft ffiil imiedliate alnd .lunent re if. It also arest tilhe decav to defectiv teeth, and relieven that eareoueos v hich seo frequenth tander a stirong tooth usilese 'ie applicattno and reedy are silpel ihnnet nan sot uilpleav nt; and the large inu.lmer ofpersons in different sectionll f th colntry, that have air ady experi :ced ouch delihlt'u alidsaiutary effiels Iruo the ite of tie BUlu, are ready to Inr Iabr tile puiblie gil) their e .tini litv tio its t.; I ritilled q(iltIen. It is nn Iidi'ul remedy, ihitoieil SinogCarlv nd unexopctedly, oaitd m. Ie regerl,'. by tiltec:ioi.ized world aes Ih a lal valuable discvrery It.nlllall o1" teie wnllds. {'lice 1 iar baltle. Sold by J.\ItVIS & ANDREWS, mnr 5 Cr Oiutmon oil 'T"iiaitoestit -ia. E " BOO ,T(-Noval Sketch Iook,, rite Service 1 Alli cUud uatore. With chlracteritic reioiniscee :en, fraguns ula nd opiionl. lry the oulhitr of Rlesl of it't r, &c. second ,erien, oi 2 vle.. I'ollddoot KUcollectioui ol' tin 1lleooe ol Colnuouts fi timl the eir iHIt to the clas oe L-lls, in,:ludidug iietlo aal sketlluen of the leating moombers-.y one et' itO par y, int tetnived o i nch aolo Ity W 3lcKL(AN, I. TVIE PUBLICATIrONS. C ROM WEll., a Iistori. al Novel, b the author of ,']'ha IRmrher ,"r\e. in - voe. Popular Mledicine, or a'onily Advilsr, eonasling of Oultielm of Anatomy, PI'lyilo:gy, and Hygien. with t t h hits oo the pia ties ,f Phiv.c, Sirger.r, and the dijm-ace of women and chihdlren, al may prove useful in ILe a con e lnanuin anod guido fr int,lligent prineipals ,of maonl.llctornI, ihintonllus, and bllahdllg shool , hadl - it itrtuiem, utnstirs of vear.eiel, lieionlarie.s, or Ir.vellre:; aInId ii llefl nketch fIr ytonu nt mil elnl.lou e.I ia tie stu tlvof tnedhin . Itv hI, n.-ti Cunuier, At. Il. |u er Pr.,rey's Iliiver-al ilistlorv oin the it .s of (i iueraphv. for lie urE ofI families, illustrated by maps r ?, in 2 vol. Jri-t reeiied oid fr sale hb W MAcKEAN., nlm .or u".np aln oi lnllomIin nie. N ttrTn;E.-l h eentee ormeveet Iteekavos inerehon 1 dine marked Madaune V. Artiquencave. per chip Groton, from Naow York, i hereby not fed that they hoe, bele stored by STETSON,'AVERY &CO. 13t Ceneig:g re "IGr Ol,' Jia2'PUELISNEDJFIOMst' iadrvtE 'tPLt'E,1 The fih Idiliono ROWI.ETT'S TABLOEB or INt'IERF9T: N MO shilto is now m.n1ed4 an Averaog+ Tit e Cealulsa tor, or eias methoeis for illinin the avvlrge ,imer onl, notes of had or biot of goolls, when pIm by cIhlae at difrnt datels, "en tlflll el'u credits, nad lI.r varianll a Ise t; hesidlels u"ful 1111 elllmplete annkih, TI L'ile Ta le, thile It.l that ell ble oellnlivedl. lr thit fi gllrs e il i Illtce withiln the s:llilne cnldesmll eollllmpar s still size ol to pe. A' a vetotien:cnt in the book is in nearly the follow iwrtll.wr s TI rhe 'l gh distintllinn this work les reteived lwhrogh the ten legislative acts ilefiedll to the title page. is a re enmmeook.tioll in itaseltf to nlle0mmonm, ndl so enollLol .sie, lh t nothing is necessary tore ihan by Io of sal vertisement, to give conoelnsa.d viw of moome oaits -. - ellliaritiesl:sl ferinstane, lher Inttlect hos laetr canmp oel from,ond collmpled with, what is equivalent to four leln steltleoenllaltione, examliuedl ill the Iress hirtl . oie tines, tanl prhllted Irnoo telreolttlI plateol tstokl l thiltyty-re lolti,*le from RI Uheth ItCnou l I ro evident li I tvel to the ske(1t c (especially ni tht tlie aoleal ollhl te- i nall of rrnof in the pIefer) t;t thie week I1Atin Ile rhMih- t factirclly ionfallirble, nerud in Cerspiretlol ll'wibhisebelefsI,' othl infw I,,iii , hotred tonol lit, dollar,. is n i c nittrl V Irtel t lo' deot.ti f nit erairo, f rent is thlie jioeuetl I or fifth elliiiol, as exlitrnel ill Ite tlt-rcr, olmkingfl er a vr t reo tq illn examiart fit:e mtl t "eo ' o' $ile tiofio sti hois:dtls in the r et h Iss ... iOte on tt roe t et ;lliriitl fetnttnr of the loltolS lmotle w un rlfllel l ti , t of thle: "]'ilkn m oi. t er nll l , w min h n naeent figrewr of t he Time lend Aalnllltll, whirl 1I exl'rdilil..lo. ol'irolo-t , ll~tlrPpietiltA with llItelo I ofile ti le ail itni , cot ot• heite. ni II l i tit i tiiti' s tlty the and al e withl ostIlit i the ''e tonsIO' th ind tol thel i e otnt on' f gtlntltl Iltoolltone, iilloit ddlllllillg Ol collln flteaiitei a eooneltietce ,, esaelrial, tat hin thr ool tie of tame oi tile 0m0l c0tenmpent ittil pIotCietl Itolllsi. retns men sall otlllle oni tnrs wo hllve Idle ritnl le of thlework, it lots lellc distiigihilicId ll ioo lollol:tllee tpptelietli eof alt "mutter plie". Aonil conlidering Ih the itfollfilility of Ottfe ietlhml riginollty adoptll ill aomloniog the work, noe the ouxicsloaroe y aluilr oiauel il vaielr ofl'hle exhmiSation$, nsl ttse ftevetr eliltion it Ilo passed in the rpest, eotwilhatnding lIwhr hale is inte e tte'eotyie, Ecli$idelrlllg. in siti I. lie positite ocel:lt:lety etlenril ito the tbi.e-eeoo ile mend0 eo til, ott, the a.nIi lanlte hato heen hll u l ohl anl ollttielly ot led 1t t heIt moust wnolt rlit tooks in the wslkt lioatll eelntuitll. II - min ll .s ionter. figloe work lof te mti e extenlt, lhill since the Ir giotiog oill nr CratiC, at hod the rarile ni-.o, trwl t li tvllllit of tet it the saLme liantmIe onf ttitlrten' tio. ore otoe ltl'tlthe nuimber, as is atlttI oltt a i tou he tcesitlrs, ste t nnds strilt tnt, it hasin eo toi nlld I t eet l inttirto'iiell the hotik t il italdlii Rivets it the r oi gst- a Slaed, i Ill t iit e , hlsle getel lfl d itiong le il- woeri rl t d of ilt e tf.oe ersit umtiigenir, of ihit.lly - a elllll titeoels .e Ile n Solleulll l t ls 0itt:,all.t ll Eo litt llo - ' tallh el slletgred Ib tile oItlf of vptl)' la 'ge l . minlills . "li'htn tok. t itl iiot r .te'l ahilepted by all ihetiurtiet U of law ti ser1 i Ilate p.itle~ l: thle itlrte ol e .lellallmn onl. e ibtl etiho. tin o h law fir il t k lltwl'er esp lor'trlrnltlglhi the heok is itoet, ileds ol't tme ot, i1 s pant, b) ., tires ri 1"he $tl+.llihtnl, to if n fow of blt. to reiot totlictltleso, ;th tit ailit o.1tlht. e fio' hItko ib lt i t i sessl ll E re vorty otlotll ehi, anI t inl evert' qtl -t le of the Uiit edl Sthers. It iloloreover nell khinwn tllk o its irearl no peihek i itatiso moftoultittdl.toedgil errors, bentA.yigcb hot wo.ot, Holtin, evetl uhtile hnoet oaeiI Htt most eimpeleInt lthotlelictioe I'oot it oeftiltest, tItell, lIe hl - itist ni artsitv toil itIls a t h iavIe t e tr'lesllt iyr- itletlStot uII iI. n enilleul, ilcr. h, i hon eCreI it; It.e tiitegti, ecti it. w, oiuigs, tdal, eto,'rrl trtsgait, I lilat the first editi n w.o srese, ltda tt ri nptioe, as g.ttl ov lf o lie.ienl tatlalureran , ll't ,ariotm prcel r :n . they .,od.hl noI, sn oto1 1etS~dgit lio tii ti. t E ltu ti e .it tli)e(h ttIv In t, tI Bootl, l o. tt,, ttt ttr copytt , 11iid - ti i rtotl- t l 'co tio itt , .tv tIhtis ot 0',tl, ilt o tto, te ttoilt heliu ted tlhat tlu'} wt h l :,h I h5', I .I O111, :! tl $5101 it e , t to hade . lii t i .t , t lii Ititti, lit in 11e ler i tal e :U'tt. L. d 1 ,t t,- U :tit t'le a mlit ,illl0e r'xhllle B l| 'll d' tliir lp l I o lt ,..l ii i ,t I ,o1t 1 ple It llElt Ihns oilt t wtso o eltly weutlh thata--ley alld aiore lho igh the nit g of it ter Iuahit lotite het i trois lik nic wol lin f not 11 to It1 l 111hdd si. the1pi to e ;ieotm itt , ia . y l is toI e e th lie itLri t ot w tit, lc' ll Iestoii S seeaillld dti oill 'te Ito1leldtll t, satt ie. i llete blt i te..itino n Ilint bohli th 'ri-okg ol itts Itutu ,ii pretitloa ,t- eli in tea th ut l - ll t In . ; le rw, l, t e sine i oI c tnll et e elic l ( 111. fn il e he llllll , :11141 :tltlit lr' ,+ .I, n ll llilioue I .iiititaeiflle %iltis t' . o [ ttlt, li a 1 t1"l 11o , it' o th tt, it t wtlitl.ei.i tot a eIi e.itlity, hte etle ta. IIIto n I. • |le llls 1 illll ll de:or I ao l: p1ilo: ., si 1t'0 '. pe t f't IIIIPlit'll we ie.:1 11~ni-eo f'ot dis ot kittle 1m: .. 1. Ic t ' . eit 1. " I'-.t ojllt 'till) IEa lle ilitlt l hIi lo.,.eitl'o ilo tsd etoi. , .to , .,"xret.l.1 'hI01 , e-e * fi Wllto, i, iwiw., I: A A .l etliltlttri i t, If d 1 e IIe tll}ll, it 11( ,I l : ld . ane itt1+- t"! i' I IItcntlmmll costs) work, which wlll ll i,.thell ll.l'nte to" ; ril l tll ables weir, ittn e.d i14 dtllo, s.iI r centlll, ill, tea .Ill ux + eors iltllime l lon 1";.l | l It.5 s s l e to111 afitst II titit.11,1 IN:AV NIV' lIi, lc.-'ilu Aeir-r-o i I'Erglalrn by irio l olorul'oA" Yewr in Spoain," in Noble Deednsr Women, in" vrol. The Youelt \lifr' Ilook, a oanal ao moral reli oul Iudl Ioestic duties. Just receivelfI snd flrrsale by WIM. MKEAN, SVE it SCa x 1i FEWRrS Ct mpo u piu d t E tract I' S.rsr parill.,. for the curo'oal' )auiItre ptions of the skin; pimples or polusiln- of the r; bit x whi hI arise from an implure state of the o d; so Iv eru tions; p ins inll t bones; clruraic; ft t r; serifurin, or kinlg's evil; white s.u.llEig; syphilitic diseases, a d all disorders 'arising frlll an impre siato of the blood, Ib a long residoec ill a hle climate, or tbe Injudicious use of mercury. Al,.-Cave & Schaflf r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: tihe best preparation now extant. Amnong which are the folow'ng:-Indian Dye, for col ral tlhe hair; Bear's Orl; Rosnia Belar's Grease; Pornatum; idlaw's Freei Io Wash: ao perior Pearl Powdar; Lily Wirte; Creart of ri.cs; Vgetoallbe Rl u,; ; Ol of Rlo; LIp S liv,; Ktr. acitc mcothl Woie; Carhoair Doiritice; Orarga Flower Wa er; Pawdir Prlffo al Ilo. .; A:er . can Claincoa, ntItly pl, up ir n four ori vials; P eostn S.lftl ; CIIrIge; Krc:i.sto f'tllir-lchrO Drop.y; Hiir ,Irnalio-; E.glig.l Dre rg Co, .s II ain Itlir O(t;--with a variety of lthir Perfa rMere.r, &c. F.,r sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUAI RIES. J C 'I'N( ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets OtL'E k MA.Y, liors, Sign, anl Orrnai,.la Ill fintersl, N.n3 Calrlele street, two doils rioma Local strer*. Inolillations of *Ile following woods and marbles,ex ecutrd in a mnsrerly malnlr. Wllll mi n Ael T.9. latroginy, E.gy1tirn Illik 1ini gold, (0k, (,iall naiil AtlliiO, Iollard do, Oriental ior vclrt d an llqt, Cinrled dio, ,lll', infild ll aple, IloIIfLl Sleiw, Iirdsll Fve do, Ibirby (.Granite, Satin llood, Potomac, I lair ntl, Ihl or INlindello, Yew Tree, hlhii While, (Cornlliilltllle or llack Si:lill and Brlio.tlls, Iliac Wnt'o, Alali in Gr.ey, Asti White Oiak, ke, kr k. Cuiietal edim, to l e seen at rth srho. Paints. oil . aness, nopyl .mnish, k.. on ar,,d od!or sale. I ii )%, -'I'r:tu:1. I. br.'1' (i0)ftt-lfaf, ayUifin rund htindil iron, wall fIar rref. Ih.lop, croll anl rod irron, wll roda and plough Cast, Gerloan, liear, blisaterll, splring, sheet ami Illllfw ire, oilt auld wrntolllitilrll iidr slikau Zilo, blocek tioi, oiltl rltll gilnd loreo, lal kultlo. Chain iahrles, anchors, hoer iO, logi i rI i aims, coirn ills Arilas. t ices, Ill.mi.rl haidui llows Wi, ii..tllallla . lll u lud i tar l abaot a.ud, a.d icaking sotaes AmeAn, ltlow Ilre all . lt, ietr sill adn shovels lilok alltl lillnirlges, dooar un i wrIdaow oolks Lirtliri, lutiara ilrilll, milld , r axe I'mltd aiil Matlla orllag, lilien anni twine Hlok sorl sheatrhrirug olitri Naoval staer P'aituts, liirnseollcrd s'nriuo oil A lllllointilrlle t Iloardware alltl shilp echandlery, olwan) ir land, and wich ll arel i-dl fd r nleat a wlhole sale ru retail, oi Illre mst fivorable terml , by m1r 1..V'I'TIN k Co. A53()i ineve. II, li"'.ert (It t,,iv. Adlaba,,,u. TIIREE DA I'S JOURNEY FROM1 NEW ORLEANS. r HE propriet,,r nf this estahlishment has the plea L sure lt aInniuiin to his friedllll' n the public in grenealtl .t he will le in readinershv the first lay of Mayv tI receive vl.ilr'. t He will also stae ir tihe ha. erfit ofath bse at a ,li.talne, lint tier hllvetl been Ireg. illlrvellln lalllade, land others now loing o and in rapid oro|resma for compglltiol, ~b1eb will elalsle the nsuhcr her to. alllllllllltle a ulth ltarer litelar than hereltale, a al lt the sa.I e time much better. Ianilie can ht ac.oltwlllanltd il gaol rooms, or thelre who prler anll have large cabi:l elached from the mai,, huillling. It in deemed uuneceseerv to ily anvlthi:tg in parricll. ar of ithe charaeter o. thelr watles, L it in generally believed that ther are not ii flaartit any in tile South ern SMaten. All the al.uateltla Ihlat tre gelnlallv tIlid at Watering I'lace, will lbe fltid at tlhil. 'r' beet mic ts art thit ttintiti th ceountrv alflid.l, l, beoan eg ged.a and will in icontatl nt atelndlnlcel tihe Spriter dseing thie whlle seati. TOTHF:1,tl)1ES. A TIitN.Mn)Vi I121PILL.lA'IlOll',f ir tittmoving eut . perditeuta air lomt thei fce, arek nhai trmi, with ins rerg hi unfeigned aks f I Nrl'r op I Eorclgivel H)Inl, rl t e l a d h ,pca by t'he ax lionh that ihae tilneI ,lat ila itproving and f aret ;.e 't'te "!'i I'r 11..1.. 6 ittt It. "I* b MAIL,&*RA?4 GEM3026v N . .ti .e Ns .il, D ue very ly at 12 M . NmohnersMil, Closes Every day at I0 A. M ...r . rM Due ever Sunday Wednesday Fridy,l by i, P. M. by try of the Clo s every Mon d , Wedne"da Coasrlt, end SNttlrdnv, bv 9, P. .. The Lake Mail •os ed ; , Thursday, a Saturday6,y 5 P.M. Y Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARIIIVAL, IIEPARI'UIJF DISTANCE &e, ofl thle Express Mail, belw^r. Mnoile and New Yolk--leavinl Mobile dalI" at I P. M. Northlwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrive, Arrive Northiwad. Distance. Tilme. Hetrum'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 n's 23h '12 m.. Colothus, GOa. It 813 9 34.m Milledgeville. .o. i 133 14 29tp. a Coirnfies S.C. .74 am. 163 17 1.m Italeign, N C. 54 215 22 1l Warronton,Va. 12 m. 55 4i a I'ete, .turg. Va. 10 pm. 63 10 .. a. s Iticlhmounnf, V. I am. 21 3 6 Frelerikat.burg, 8 67 7 p m. Woehinglon city, 24pm. 61 64 S I Iil ndel lia, Siam . 10 11 New York 9 pm. 90 14 1305 143 h., or d 23 Norhwardl. Cominrg Routhward, the. time is lx hour Ires; iin donyvs and 17 hours. 'l'Ti IoJ.I.AIIN I1EWARD. ItANAWAY fr In 169 lroallodelel corner of Ilevis L sereets,on the night of 3h11 of August, and was soe in Ie next Iornlig in Psvdrsa street, a negro boyl named CHARLES, about 17 yenrs of age, eal 5 fee or tlirelnhout lin height, very black, and has n Imped illtent in his speech, one of his legs s more, oceisioted by recent hurts lie had lon when lie went away 0 wrtilt ontion or liben shirt anlid while citaon i ntatlool. Mssiore of vessels snd strelm bots are easiuatioli a g6nnst receiving or hlrhorilg sail negro, as well as il otlher peronIs, a the Illmiolt rigour if the law will be enforced ilaiallt them. The above awardl will be pois fIrdelive"iia hii int, any of ilre jnila of eirthr onfhll niuniceipalitl, or at 169 Caroode el, corner of Hevi. steeet. lpt N 'IlCl--1'he colteitersllip hbrelofors eiatinig iunder tim girm of Ithbonis & (Grretnn, ho beeon dlissolved. Thim ssoeriler will liqldaite the atilir, o the concern in thib city, and requires Ill perlons inleb - ld I olake payie tn him oiily, nd all hiose ihvin lito i-It i tl ARRETSON, W. W. SWAIN. No. I1'Cm C & a .oee Anrr Orfrns I AM niwnvn on hand een.nlnntly k rrei'liu. DrL 1l A ,es CI{.lie m ela,.nd l'am:a,o mong lhrrn nrh ollow.i : II.IUGS. DYES) A.lini,."y, er.te, Argol. , red,, ti rEglltu, AlnUlll.(to, Sp.l . A 'trsic, elrlle, Alum, do powderedl, ltrzillette woeo, io.s.cOlpvia, Coehl.ent, Ilas.,ctrude, Col, er.s, American, Llltrimste, crude, Fustic., T'mpleo. do roll, do Cuba, do flower. to Maine, Ilirmnoh, Preoac I.erries,, Indigo, Bengal, Cunlllthdes, doe ha'eracs, im1 aloes., do tw rtamaolo, do .ktbie, Logwood, Camlpelhy do assaeltida, do St Domingo do aooniaic, do Jamaiea, do benzial., Camwood, do conal, rough, Madder, mblen, do do scraped, Ni.enuragma, onairee. do do S Americ'.,' do Coro, do camphor, eor-le, do Maracoib do do rwfi.. do Hooloe. dio ginacum, CHEMICALS. do kino, Acld, nitrous, do nllatic, do muritlie, do opinte, do solld lime, do ihelle, tlUne ilr eil, 1. senegal, Iolnmel, p p, do cuoitrne. orlosive sbldilutlis al* In in1antkn, :hlorideof lime, (I.t.lioge, lpson latsl, .Il ,iipr her ries, Amerleal,Luonnr cuntic, Id do Foreilg, Ired precipiatie, M.'mian, Elnglinb, - ltclolle ,ll, Io Aeoriei 3 lied Chromilc p oall :I.i.m take', So carp SieO Io sorlis, Stllp l , o. Id irH'.nire ball, Slgckr lein, i [ nlonte s, S tllt zi tne, *h , 11 a Stp qu innie. Ido l non, PlAINtliS Ilh ed . do ,eploermint, Blue, lll geniane, Chtnmi yellow ,Io Iil~Eea, I n ;l in ,il ido oala.i do ;'nen, dr), alo Iitnorlie, do t'o i o ilt dol rtdrl+,I, Al d rldanek, doteipl ing. l.iihr-gr, re:i:isl,. io cnalnp, aunrlt l do Amlleiran do to Tempie., I'.ris ahioe 1.nglhI, e, 3t.i,, to ArIn Amn, lIII olll, latlllter . oi l io |lno. ,i t Ino (;llt.slnik t., O t'In alltillllhn, IIl l .l do I ,,i ltel ,In do Aio'i,.ia idi I'miigrenk, ,do grnohI i .it ' rlll.+,, 1 il'r ll r llo lll t ,Irl, io If ,o,liltri, do Aitolirri.n, S:,fl'.c. Slc :le. , grnn,,l intel, Miree, eoddt tilliun, ,;hi,.u. do do rfinied, Arrudigrii do, Sr.o. .roo., At, -x, Jo gracdil Iptar, tmo it,, Ilidie, nii alil i lhiiinteI mop,, , Windlor, Aii.glislh, % Wie, rd, d, Ami, in l lo Anlori.ll, " Englih, illo C.sltile, noi , g mlii tikqiltrr Anl A llllolrd |tpre. CAPI'AIN MS.IfR.YA'I'"'r" NEV NOIVl.IS Rnft/il the Reefer, by the a tollr of Peter Silple, &A in2 vols. C'unmmitngo ,r a Winiter st ihlnni IlTi", iel in rL.n Stnna,l, by Captain IBasil fall, Royal Navy, i. L S., in 1 vol. lord Ra/den, a romance byr Allan Clnninghnm, I rn Sheppard lee. written by Iipn.elf, in 2 V ".I. A Comnpendliisrlliarpof t1lany, tranelated from the oriinal Italian, by Naihaniel iiree.s, in I Vol. fou rling No. 79 of Hatrper' Fanmily librarv. Vola.:Xl. & 4 f the nrew mplRete and unifrot edition of cirhinhialoan rrvine's IYorks. Rno,'r't renach and R.naliah D) enl, 3rne Angtl'a IPreoerh tad English l)irtinonrq. trw iore roptes of Cnre'n IPhreinlogy li" R n .nra n Inue a Surveyor's (Int ai'ti.nllnlrtOr qua ila, wthhlirniuni Iillinrd Ifalla'2i-f and 2 -2 inchlen GililIt'S improved ietalie I'ren,janlared ilaers, weights &. &rc. &re. Just received, for sale by in'l BENJ. IEVY. SPAIN ItEVISITE:),& . Ac SPAIN REVISITED. &r, hy the antilhor o A yar Sin Spain' in 2volt. 'rails chtarnecr, am generall n pplicahle to the Alarigmie oft North America, by (I 'l'rn.r, Eaq ': ol*. lThe Political Grammar, of tie 'nited Staies, nr a complete view of the theory and pnlatiie of tilhe genera and state goverments, with the reinl]]na bithecn thelll -deldirealed ilnl adpted to tile Onllg mIllt of lin United lStnhn, hby E If Manlfld, hliq. Nim'nod'a Ilnainta Tears internpersed with cbaracter iatit onedoates, eaviiga oad doings of sportig nenm, in eldio/lg ntices oflthe principal racnk riders tfSI-gland with analytical contntt., and general index f numtea,2 *llhlltmS. FOR TiL Cl RE or Sr-robla or King's Evil, C(ihronlc IRtetnntisa, Chronic Cutaneous Din- Pailon ill the ihaeneby fbee eases, use lMeaorcuy the ood being in vitiated stante. Th'Isl very eoneentrated Syrup is prepareda with the greatest pharnnmceuticnul care n, nnacnrnry,and Citain t atie i prinnciple of Sarsaparilln in tahe ino conen trited degree, combined with other vegetable sulbstanco te kninW efliney. I .l geant deelaratnm withl phnieiona in hlrlo nil t.n exhiit a large quantity of Saantparilla in a ro j...., 1.,...- t· ..k.ln.d ;..1 ::. "n ath dihly convinced of it.ita .mernl, ncfcnly aditiniater the curse of thelir Ipractice. I'ricea $ 50 piar bottle. Sold only at SWAI. IBRO'TI'IEI'S drug store, No. I )Cnnnl treet, awhe tny be Ind, fresh and genuns, diiect fromn the parn fit+ tnla, Swnin'a i Pnaanaeaad Verifuage, Pottlr's a a( Ctoll con, Cnrpenter'a Preparations, and larga and genera ussortment of freshl drugs, m PINNOCK'S ROME, &ae. T INNOCK'S IMPROVEI) EDITION OF DR SGoldnnmit'eAlbridgment of the |littory of Inne. to whieh is prefixed an Intriduntion to tie Stndy a Roaan Iintary and a great variety of valunble infer tnation added tihtroaulett the work, on die Mnners lnstittiontas and Antiquitir.a of ithe Itomunan; with na itaraus biographical and histnrical Notes; anti quel niote for examintatila at the end of enclh ecti.o. II. luntrated with thirtyenravinags on awood by Atherton Ptnaocx'n Improved ý:dttiin of AIr Goldamith'la Hliatory ol' England, reait the lanvaaion of Julius Clcaa to the death of ieorage 2d, Waih a amtinnatinl to the yea I l>0. With questions tor exalmnation at tile anid it anh es. ion. Ika:len a variey of vnaluae intfor tin added throuaghlu tile work. Consilsting of table of ontrenlteray Snonraigns and eminent proansl Copinus explanutory notea. Renarka on the pmli tics, ontanera anal literathe of the age. An onltlinap the Cotitutttiona, iA. ni. illusIrated by many enga inns. GUYS' EiLana.. or AnwaonOar, and an Abridgman ot Koittra New Treaties on tile Ua (iof lnhbe. New Aonnriean teditin, itnh additints and intprovenlaqgt annt ant exiatian eathe atmnonlicnl prt uf the A. tioan A tansac. Just reneiaed and for ale hb WMI M'KEAN Saov'L4 a corner oa UCamp and Cuommona lte HARPER'S CLASSICAL I.IBRARY. I' OR1ACE,,craulattd by Phillip Francis, I) D, with II- mt appendix, containing trnaunslant tf eariUW odea, A&c. ti Ban Jonson, Cowley, lilt,, Drydvg Pope Addison, Swil ulbattertotl, f Pt'kIniold, P1rnas Bryan, &e. and some otnfa ithulonreei,nt imi.ts flDf(II)RUf, with the appeadix ai ..ldine teamlnl eld bv Chrietotpher Stiluart, ita vla farnn Otl lu.ano. and 1(9if"Harper'. Claontcal l.ilbrarv Tie I'Epednntitn of All blLa2t C!.INKIR, bh y Sllollatt, I iD, will a Inlltaonir e' thle lkthir, ny "Itti us ooe, Ea., new edirion, witi ilhitratioa., by Go ('.ltikehauk {'lls ISY a T'lei, lb'y thile n.tltner of ,.Rcnle. tI at i a r... "ud ii .va., i s.. t,,,,, 2n. ,.voe . wnf PAUl. ;LIFFORD);by aie aunler a. "Plhas Tine lDii I tnl.' n-, lldfit i'lut Ita an t01 noa ar t of"til ncr'l Cuiplet i t.l.a,. JaUatn.cei-eea sale , W Wy fUkAS IB ACON tIUES-3d caoks Ciuiniuanti amt Ul'e"in. f-oe "I'ertemtheat Eet,. altnor eatsi IOtERI & IAAWr

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