Newspaper of True American, January 28, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 28, 1839 Page 3
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JOURnIAL BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, At their Semi Aanual Sessiwn, Jan. 1839. At the City of New Orleans on Mionday the 7th day of January 1839, it being the day fixed by law fore the meeting of the Board of Public Works, the ifllowing members assembled at the office of the Board, to wit: Messrs, C. Woodrooff. Pre sident, and Henry Bry. John Moore, Da vid B. Morghn, Jh. Pili6, Wm. Silliman, and Thon. R. Shields. The President took the Chair and read his Report to the Board on the general operations of the State hands and works iin progress since the last session of the Board. (See the Report of the President in the Annual Report of the Board to the Legis. lature.) The President read a communication of Mr. Geo. T. Dunbar, Civil Engineer of the Board, dated this day, in relation to the works at the Racourci Point, also the contract with Mr. Wogan for said Levee and the opinion of Geo. Eustis, Esq. At torney at law, on the rights of the Board to take the direction ofsaid work. A Report of Geo. T. Dunbar, Engineer, wasiread. (See the Report of the Engineer, in the Annual Report of the Board to the Legis lature.) On motion of Mr. Moore, the following preamble and resolution were adopted. Whereas, The Contractor for building the Levee across Racourci at PointCoupee, lias failed to construct the same within the time stipulated in the contract, and is there fore in default, and Whereas great fears are entertained that the Contractor cannot fin nish the same beforel waterises, there. fore ' "W Resolved, That the C~ 1 Engineer of this Board be directed tlse the wotrks on said Levee to be prls ted with all possible dispatch, utder his immediate su perintendence, either with or without the concurrence of the Contractor, and that the President of the Board he authorised to furnish the necessary funds therefor, and that the Engineer be directed to make an accurate survey of the work finished. On motion, Resolved, That the following Committees be appointed, viz : A Committee on Works. A Committee on Finances. A Committee on Accounts. A Special Committee to draft the Annu al Reportbf the Board to the Legislature. The President appointed. A Committee on WarrRs-Messrs. Moore, Pili6 and Shields. A Committee on Finances-Messrs. Bry, Silliman and Moore. A Committee on Accounts-Messrs. Morgan, Sillim'an and Bry. A Committee to draft a Report to the Legislature-Messrs. Moore, Shields and Bry. On motion, the Report of the President was referred to the Committee on Works anid to the Special Committee to draft a Re port to the Legislature. The Report of the Civil Engineer was re ferred to the Committee on Works. The Quarterly Reports of the Superin tendants were referred to botls Committees on Works and Accounts. An account if Mr. hierens, Assistaint * Engineer, was referred to the Coninittee otl Accounlts. Oni motion of Mr. Moon, Resolved, That a special Committee Ie appoitntedl to re port on the subject of the obattructions at the mouth of Red River. The President appolinted to compoe said crnmlittee, Messrs. Ilry, Moore aind M1orgaun. (n motin,, the Board adjourned to to morrow, 9th inrstant, at 9 siclock a. m. TcEsosv. January 8th, 1S39. Tihe Ioa:rrd met agrreeally to adijourn ueat : present Mtessos. C. \\'llldrilo, Pre sident, and Henrry Bry .lohn MoIore, iD. I. Morgan, .lb. Pilir, WVm. Silliman, Thos. IR. Shields. The.lournal of the proceed ings of the Board at the preeiteding meet ing war read. The lieport of Mr. Dunbar, Engineer of the hoard, was read. On motion of Mr Bry, Resolved, That the Engineer of the Board bie inttructed to go immediately to the lower palt of tlhe Cut Off, near the mouth of Red River, to examine the distance ietween the Missis sippi and Lake Morena; the distance and the natural communication between that Lake and the Atchafalia; also to go to the mouth of the Atchafalia and examine the difference of the level of waters in that stream and Old River, and to report the result of his recognizances to the Board as soon as practicable. A draft of Wm. Wogan, contractor for the Levee of the Racourci Poirrt to the order of Capt. J. Jordan, for four hund. red dollars, was received, and, on motion, ordered to be paid. On motion, the Board adjourned to to. morrow, 9th instant, at 10 o'clock, a, m. WEDNESDAY, January 9th, 1839. The Board met agreeably to adjourn ment: present Messrs. C. Woodrooff, Pre sident, and Henry Bry, John Moore, I). B. Morgan,Jh. Pil6, Wm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. On motion of Mr. Shields, Resolved, That aspecial Committee be appointed to inquire into the utilityof the pile driving machine lately invented by Capt. Cram, and report the result of their inquiries, in time to embody it in the Report to the Legislature. The President appointed said Commit tee, Messrs. Shields, Moore and Silliman. On motion, the Board adjourned to to morrow, 10th inst. at 10 o'clock, a. m. TuURsDAY, January 10th, 1839. V The Board met agreeably to adjourn mnent : Present Messrs. C.Woodrooffl Pre sident, Henry Bry, John Moore, 1). H. "Morgan, Wm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the last sitting was read. A letter of Col. Daniel Edwards, ten dering his resignation as Superintendant of Public Works on west Pearl River, was read. On motion, Resolved, That Col. Ed wards' resigtlation be accepted. A letter from N. Hamilton, applying for a situation of Superintendant, was read. A communication of Mr. J. L. Symans ski, in relation to astnvey by him made of Bayou Saline and Bayou Black Lake, and a claim on the Board consequent thereto, was read; and on motion referred to the Committee on Accounts. An account of Mr. Wm. McGowan, Su perintendant on steamer Crab, was laid laid before the Board, and on motion re ferred to the Committee on Accounts. Mr. Bry, in the name of the Committee on Accounts, presented the following Re. port, which was adopted : The Committee on Accounts beg leave to Report that having carefully examined the account of Col. Daniel Edwards, Su pemintendantof the works in the eastern part of the State, they have found a bal ance of nine hundred and seven '23-100 .dollars was due to him by this Board. On motion of Mr. Bry in the name of "the Committee on Accounts, Resolved. That the Committee on Ac counts be di -charged from the further con sideration of the account of Mr. C. D. Berens, the same not being accompanied by vouchers. On motion, the Board proceeded to the electirn of a Superintendant in lieu oflCol. Ilthwards, resigned. Messrs. Bry and Moore were appointed tellers. On count ing the votes, it appeared that MrP John J. Crawfird was unanimunsly elected. On motion, the Board adjourned to to morrow, it 10 o'clock, a. m. - FRIDAv, January 11th. 1839. The Board met agreeably to adjourn ment: present Messrs. C. Woodrooff, Pre sident, Henry Bry, John Moore. D B. Morgan, Wm. Silliman, Thus. R. Shitla. The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the late sitting was read. Mr. Bry in the name of.the Committee on Accounts presented the following Re port which was adopted: The Committee on Accounts, to whom was referred the re-consideration of J. L. Szymanski's account, beg leave to Report that the further sum of two hundred and forty dollars he allowed to him as a full and entire compensation for his services. On motion, the President was authorized to purchase for the use of the Board " Mitchell's Map cf the World." and "Mitchell's Map of the United States." On motion, the Board adjourned to to. morrow, 12th inst. at 10 o'clock, a. m. SATURDAY, January 12th, 1830. The Board met ag'eeahly to adjounrn ment: present Messrs. C. Woodrooff. l're sident, S. E. Cuny, John Moore, D. B. Morgan, Jh. Pile, Wm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The Journal of the proeings of the Bioard at the late sitting was ad. A letter ofCapt. Wm. Mayo, Superin tendant, petitioning for an increase of sal ary was read, and on motion laid on the table, and consideration thereof postpo. tned until the Board determ 'e the works to be executed. A letter of the President of the New Orleans Draining Company, accompanied with a copy of his last annual Rleport to the Stockholders of said Company, was received and read, and on motion referred to the Committee appointed to draft a Re i'orto to the Legislature. On motion of Mr. Moore, Resolved, That the sum of two hundred soand seventy dollars he paid to C T. Be rens, fiorhis services as Assistant Engineer, according to a certificate of lGeo. 1'. Dun bar, Civil Engineer of the Board, under date of the first of January instant. lResolved. That the anmount presented by William McGowan, SUitlerintendant, for expenses and repairs of the steamer Crah, amounting to seven hundred and eighty-eight dollars be paid. Resolved, That the President be re quested to procure and lay before the Board, at its present session, all the in fornrmation in his power relative to the re moval f the hbar at the mouth of the Mis sissippi. including the progress snade by the I nited States Engineers in that work, and the extent of the bar ant depth of wa ter thereon. On miotion, the Board adjourned to Monday next, 14th inst. at 10 o'clock, a. m. MONDAr, ,Januaary 14th. 1830. The Board met agreeably to adljourn ment : p, esent Messrs. C. Woodrooflt Pre sldent, Stephein E. Cony, John Moore, D. H. Morganu, Win. Silliman, Thus. R. Shiclhl s. 'IThe junrnal of the proceedings of the Hlnu id at thi last siltting was read. hOn motin of Mr. Shields, liesolved. That thle fllowing lie engrafited as a Ilule of this Board : on the thiird lay of each sea si,,in of this Bfoard. the minutes of the pre vious day havintg ieen read, the President shall cause to be read the entire proceed ings ofthe next II e·elinglui sesion. On motion,. lh President was authnri zedl to purichase for the use of the IBoard " Tanuner's New Ulniversal Atlas." Mr. ('univ presentetd tile fIllowing" Pie amhle and Resolutioin, which were adopt cid Whereas by a resolution of the Boatd ofi Public Works, adopted on the 14th of May last, tihe Treasurer of the State was re quested to negotiate $100,000 of the State Bnd, ldesitgned it lie carried to the fuind fir internal Improvement; by virtue of an an act of the Legislature of the 1st April, 1835, and 12th March, 1836, amendatory thereto, lie it Resolved, that the Committee on, Finance be and they are hereby request ed to call on the Treasurer and learn from him wihether or not he has been able to effect a negotiatiation of the whole or any part ofsaid bonds, as contemplated by said Resolution of the 14th of May last, and if not, to communicate to said Committee his opinions as to the probability of effecting the same. On motion, the Board adjourned to to m.rrow, 15th inst. at 10 o'clock, a. m. TuEsDAY, January 15th, 1839. The Board met agreeably to adjournment. Present, Messrs. C. Woodrooff, Presdent: Henry Bry, Stephen E. Cuny, Jno. Moore, D. B. Morgan, Jh. Pili6, Wm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the last sitting was read. A letter of Messrs. Nivens, Blaneugnie & Co. Agents of the Board at Louisville, in relation to the Steamer Franklin, dated 31st December ulto. was read. A letter of Mr. Geo. T. Dunbar, Civil Engineer of the Board, dated Racourci, 13th instant, in relation to the Racourci Le vee, &c. accompanied with his accounts of expenditures were received and read. On motion, Mr. Dunbar's accounts were referred to the Committee on Accounts. On motion of Mr. Bry on the part of the Committee on Accounts, Resolved, That the sum of forty-three 73-100 Dollars charged in the account of Wm. McGowan for boarding be allowed him, as he could not procure provisions and was therefore compelled to use that mode of subsisting. Mr. Bry in the name of the same Com mittee presented the following Reports which were adopted. The Committee on Accounts, beg leave to report that having carefully examined the accounts of Wm. McGowan they have found that there is a balance due by him of thirty-nine 11-100 Dollars including the amount allowed to him for boarding by the preceding resolution. The Committee on Accounts beg leave to report that having examined Capt. Mayuo's accounts, they have found that there is a bal ance due him of two hundred seventy-two 85-100 Dollars including his salary to the 9th January 1839. An account of Brusle & Lesseps, for sta tionary, amounting to $17, was approved and ordered to be paid. On motion, the question of raising the salary of the Superintendant employed on board the Steamer Two Friends, and here after on board the Steamer Franklin, as pe titioned by Capt. Mayo, was takenup, put to vote and unanimously rejected. On motion of Mr. liry, Resolved, That the Engineer be instruc ted to view the works to be done on River Aux Bcmufs to improve the navigation of that stream, to shut up more effectually the mouth of Bayou Lafourche at its upper end on that River, and to malke an estimate of the cost of said works as well as of those to be made on the Bayou Dqrehert, reporting' each separately to this Board at their next me:eting in May. An account of Livandais, Charbonnet & Co. for chandlerv fbr fifty-seven 90s-100 Dollars was examined, approved and order ed to be paid. On motion, the Board adjourned to to morrow 16th instpnt, at 10 o'clock, a. m. WEDNESDAY, January 16th, 1839. The Board met agreeably to adjournment. Present, Messrs. C. Woodroof, President: Henry lry, S. E. Cuny, John Moore, D. B. Morgan, Wm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the last sitting was read. Mr. Shields in the name of the Special Committee appointed on the 9th inst. to en quire into the utility of the Pile Driving Ma chine lately invented by Capt. Cranim, pre sented the following report: (See the Report of the Committee in the Annual Report of the Board to the Legis lature.) On motion, Resolved, That theabove Re port be adopted and be annexed to the Re port to the Legislature. On motion, leave of absence was granted to Mr. Shields until to-morrow. A letter of Capt. Mayo tendering his re signation as Superintendant of Public Works was received and read. On motion, Resolved, That Capt. Mayo's resignation be accepted. Further Resolved, That the Board feel well satis fied with the services heretofore rendered by our late Superintendant, Capt. William Mayo, and regret that he has thought proper to resign. Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing resolution be furnished to Capt. Mayo. On motion, Resolved, That the President of this Board shall cause to be one hundred.extra copies of the present annual Report,.witlh the documents annexed for the use of the Board. Resolved, That whe ever it shall be made to appear officially tat the Livingston Rail Road Company shalthave been organ ized pursuant to the seveal acts incorpora ting that Company, that then the Engineer of this Board shall be ordered to make the survey of a route for said Rail Road, agree ably to the 13th Section of an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Baton Rouge and Clinton Rail Road Company. Resblved, That the President of this Board be authorized to settle the account of Geo. T. Dunbar, Engineer, when he will present it to him in a satisfactory manner. On motion, the following preamble and resolution were adopted. Whereas Geo. T. Dunbar, Esq. our En gineer has rendered extra services in the construction of the Levee at the Racourci Point, and has made some considerable pro gress in making a general map of the State for the use of this Board, and Whereas this Board feel it their duty to recompense all services tendering to the public good, done under their auspices, therefore be it Resolved, That the sum of five-hundred Dollars be allowed the said Gee. T. Dun bar for his extra services aforesaid. On motion, the Board adjourned to to morrow 17th January instant, at 10 o'clock a. m. TIIURSdAY, January 17th, 1839. The Board met agreeably to adjournment. Present, Messrs. C. Woodroof, President : Henry Bry, StephenE. Cuny, John Moore, David B. Morgan, Jh. Pili6, WVm. Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The journal of the proceedings of the bhoard at the last sitting was read. Mr. lIrv in the name of the committee on accounts presented the fbllowing report and resolution, which were adopted : " The committee on accounts beg leave to remark that in addition to their report on Capt. Mayo's account there is due to James P. Betts, assistant, his salary fiur last quarter of 1838-one hundred and fifty dollars, also to Patrick HaInnan, Engineer, his salary for one month and five days-one hundred and sixteen 65-100 dollars-total two hun and sixty six 65-100 dollars, Capt. Mayo having employed them, will pay to Betts & HIannan the amount of their respective claims. He cannot get their receipts at pre. sent as vouchers, but pledges himself' tc Irocut e and return them as soon as obtained, Sour committee therefore beg leave to otfbr the following rerolution, Resolved, That the sum of two hundred and sixty-six 65-100 dollars, be allowed to Capt. Mayo to be by him employed in pay ing to Jas. P. Betts and Patrick Hannan, the amount of their salary for the last quar ter, as explained in his last quarterly return. An account of Louis Fuard, for thirty one dollars for cleaning the office and fur nishing lights aind fire during the year 1838 was approved by the committee on ac counts and ordered to be paid. An account of Villatte and Le Blanc for provisions furnished Mr. Crawford super sntendent en West Pearl river, amounting to two hundred and fifty seven 93-100 was approved &c., ordered to be paid. A letter of Messrs A. Holmes and S. W. Downs, enquiring into the results ofthe Sur veys of Bayous Maqon, Darbonne and Riviere aux Bmuf was received and read, and on motion referred to a special com mittee. The President appointed to compose said comittee Messrs Shields, Bry and Cuny. Mr. Cuny presented the fbllowing pre amble and resolution which were adopted. Whereas the board of public works have this 17th January 1839, received from J. G. Davidson Eeq. the representative from the Parish of Livingston, a communication stat ing that the Livingston Rail Road Compa ny, had been organized, and that Win. L. Breed, Esq. had been elected President of said company, and J. Rocol. Esq. Secretary; and desired that a recognizance be made of the route of said road, and an estimate of the probable cost of constructing the same, therefore be it Resolved, That the President of the board of public works be authorized to cause a recognizance to be made by a Civil Engineer in the employment of the board, of the route of the Livingston Rail Road and to make an estimate of the proba ble cost of the construction of said road, and to furnish a copy thereof (when completed) to the President of said R. Road Company. Mr. Moore in the name of the committee appointed to draft a report to the Legisla ture submitted the following, which was a dopted : (See the annual report of the board to the Legislature.) On motion, Resolved, That on to-mor row the 18th the board proceed to the choice or election of a supermtendant to fill the place of Capt. Mayo, resigned. On motion the board adjourned to to-mor row 18th instant at 10 o'clock A. M. FRIDAY, January 18th, 1839. The board met agreeably to adjournment, present \lessrs C. Woodrooff, President, H. Bry, S. E. Cuny, John Moore, D. B. 3lor gan, Willianm Silliman, Thos. R. Shields. The journal of the proceedings of the board at the last sitting was read. The board proceeded to the election by ballot of a Superintendant in the place of Capt. Mayo resigned ; Messrs. Moore and Shields were appointed Tellers. Upon counting the votes it appeared that out of six votes deposited in the ballot box Mr. D. B. Morganjr. had obtained five votes and Mr. N. Hamilton had obtained one vote. Mr. D. B. Morgan jr. was therefore de clared duly appointed Superintendant of public works to fill the place of Capt. Mayo. Mr. w roobl sing obliges tteun e district court, On motion, leave of absence was ?ranted to ilr. WVoodrotel. Mr. Bry was called to the chair. On motion of Mr. Moore, in the name of the committee on works, the following re solutions were adopted. Resolved, That the public works under this board shall be prosecuted as tbllows,to wi : lo. The forces under Mr. Crawford, to be employed in working at the entrance of Bayou Lacombe, until the water falls suffi ciently to finish the work on West Pearl ri ver, when they shall proceed and finish the last work, and then afterwards to finish the work at Bayou Lacombe. 2d. The forces with the steamer Experi ment to be employed in cleaning the Bayou Terrebonne and afterwards Bayou Caillion, until the next low water, when they are to be employed in clearing the channel of La fourche, beginning at the lower mouth. 3o. Eight hands to be taken from the two Friends and added to the two now on board the steamer Crab to be employed in clear ing the channel at the entrance of Lafour chse at Donaldsonville until high water, when the same shall be joined with the forces on the Two Friends, or Franklin, as the case may be, and employed as hereinafter stated. 4n The balance of the forces under the Superintendance of Mr. Morgan to be em ployed with the Two Friend,, and after the water rises with the Franklin and Crab, in removing the raft in Grand River, between Bayous, Sorrel and Pigeon and keeping the navigation open between the Mississippi & Attakapas & Opelousas until the water falls, but before the water falls two low to be brought into the Mississippi and proceed to Red River and clearout the Rigolet de Bondieu, Little River and Old River near Natchitoches and Bayou Dorchent inClai borne. 50. The engine and machinery of the Two Friends to be put on board the steamer Franklin as soon as the latter arrives, and the Two Friends to be disposed of as may be thought best. Resolved, That the surveys and examina tions shall be made as follows : 1st. Examination and estimate of the pro. bable cost of clearing the Rivers Aux Bweufs and Darbonne in Washita and stopping the mouth of Lalburche. 2d. Of clearing Bayous Walnut and Bus hy in Madison. 3d. Survey of Livingston Rail Road. 4th. Survey of the River Terche, as per resolution of the Legislature of the 3rd March, 1837. Resolved, That the Engineer lie requir ed to examine the breakwater at the entrance of Lafourche at Donaldsonville, as soon as may be, during low water and again in high water ;land report the effects of that work, and whether or not it be advisable to remove the same. On motion, Resolved, That the State Treasurer be requested to carry to the credit of the fund for internal improvement, two thousand dol lars appropriated for the improvement of Lafourche agreably to the 7th section of an act intitled " An act to authorize the treasu rer of the State to subscribe five hundred shares on the part of the State to the capi tal stock of the Barataria and Lafourche Ca nal Company, and for other purposes" ap .proved March 25th, 1838, the machines therein mentioned having been long since made and paid out of the common fund of of the board. On motion the board adjourned to to-mor row 19th instant at 10 o'clock A. M. Ss'runnY. January 19th, 1839. The Board met agrecably to adjourn ment : Present Messrs. C. Woodroolr, I're nieut, and S. E. Cuny, Jlohn .I,,,r., D. B. Morgan, William Silliman, Thomas R. SShields. .The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the late sitting was read. On motion of Mr. Shields, Resolved, That Capt. Cram, the inventior of the ad. justable Cylindrical Excavator, be re quested to acormpany the Steamer Crab, on which he is nsw erecting one of his ma chines, to the Bayou Lafi urche, that he may have a full opportunity to insure the successful operation of said manhine. lResolved, That the President of this Board be authorised to cause an examina. tion of the Grand Levee at Point Coupee, to be made as soon as possible, and a Re pelt of its situation made to him. Resolved, That if the Report made shows any repairs necessary, the President in his capacity as Sub Board, shall lay the sub ject before the Legislature atnd recom. mend a special appropriation by the State to he applied to ieirstating the Levees as may be required. Resolved, That the President commitu nicate with the Police jury of the Parish of Point Cuupee, on the subject of applint ing a person to take care of the Racourci 1Levee during the next high water. Resolved, That the Journal of proseed. ings of this Board be printed in pamphlet finm at the close of each session, commen cing with the present one, ands that three hundsed copies be struck off fbr the use of the Board, a copy of which shall be trans mitted to the Governor and Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, Smemlers of'he Legislature, Parish .Tudg es of the various Parishes, the various in i corporated companies in the State, having i for their object Internal Improvements, and Sto such other persons as may be thought proper. A letter of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, transmitting a resolution adopted by thle House on the 15th, and con curred in by the Senate on the 16th instant, in relation to the bar at the mouth of the Mississippi, was received and read. On motion, Resolved, That the President I of the Board be requested to report to the Legislature all the information that he may obtaint in relative to the removal of the bar at the mouth of the Mississippi, agreeably to a previous resolution of the "Board and I a resolution of the General Assembly, pass ed on the 15th January instant. A letter of Mr. E. Rousseau, tender ing his resignationas iecretaryof the Board was received and read. On motion, the Board adjourned to 5 o'clock, p. m. on this day. SATURDAY., January 19th, 1839, 5 o'clock, P. M. The Board riet agreeably to adjourn ment : present Messrs. C. Woodroofi; Pre sident, S. L. Cuny, John Moore, D. B. Morgan, William Silliman, Thomas R. Shields. The Journal of the proceedings of the Board at the last sitting was read. On motion, the Board proceeded to the election by ballot of an Engineer for the present year; Messrs. Moore and Shields were appointed tellers. Upon counting - the votes it appeared that the five votes de posited in the ballot box were all in favor 3 of Geo. T. Dunbar. Mr. Geo. T. Dunbar was therefore declared unanimously elected r Civil Engineer. f On motion of Mr. Cony, the following I resolutions were adopted. Resolved, That the letter of Mr. E. f Rousseau of this date tendering his resig nation as Secretary of this Board be laid on I the table subject to the further call of the Board. Whereas, Mr. E. Rousseau the Secretary f of this Board has tenderedhis resignation for the reason that the present salary now allowed him is diaproportioned to tie iabor required of him, and having expressed his willingne.s to continue in his said capacity o:: a sullicient allowance being made to him, and Whereas it is manifest to this Board that there is not only an obvious increase of duty devolving on the Secretary and that his present cdmpensation is inadequate; and Whereas in the sense of this Board the ser vices of the present Secretary are deemed eminently useful from his business-like ha bits and intimate acquaintance with the op erations of the Board since its organization, and that an increase of his salary would be both right and proper and conducive to the general good, therefore be it Resolved, That in lieu of the salary of Twelve Hundred Dollars per annum now allowed him, he shall be paid at the rate of Fifteen Hundred Dollars per annum so long as he shall continue to fulfil the duties of Secretary of this Board. Mr. Morgan in the name of the Commit tee on Accounts presented the following Report, which was adopted. The Committee on Accounts having ex amined the accounts of Thos. R. Shields, beg leave to Report that they find the sum of Three Hundred and Five 31-100 Dollars due the said Thos. It. Shields up to the 31st December 1839, according to his return to this date including the amount of salary due to Joseph D.cock, Assistant Superin tendant to said date. On moti n, the Board adjourned to the 15th day of February next, 1839. A true copy. E. ROUSSEAU, Sec et;.ry B. P. W. BY HEWLETT & CENAS. SY..1)I1.' , LE, W..ILL bc so .lI ol Mudnv, 18th of Fbrua.rv, at 11 V o'chtek, at the (ity EI", St. Louit street, in virtue tl tut urder ftim the Perish ..o t, for the Pariah ,nd city of" Na I.rlteans lated tile 7th intl.tat, tunder the dlirection of .he Syndic, the liilhlwlt ,aoerib ed property, ltrrendered by Gabriel George Gileuny to Ilia credhlre,,, : 1. Four ltlu of Ground, Nos. 59, 60. 61 and 6U, tirta. ."d iu ,trrllton. Nos. 59 ntl 6fl mnnaeuring eneh 123 reet fronto 1ill streetb P fet, t Sitp. rdlt. Npah . 1s 0 6., Ih ,vin, the sie troht of 5 i. t, ltee.vE'e ot, by a like tdepth. Itought of C. It'reerby \,lar ul A.t altld entree La Gardeur, \otary Public, the lthb of Mlay, 1837. SI.ot o. 5. in sqlure No. I ,in subut Was into, Ja tlullivtrdily, ,t menlrilgu.i 29 Iectl inches loort il SlnIoas Mireet, Ietweeu Po.rt ad St. Peretiob l tbeats,. I Ill) fcrt in epthll IBuught or I.. S. Ilillgeh. _e, bIr act betlre T. Sother, Notary I'hb;ic tle 28th111 o Febri tr s, '1 r 17:17.' : Five loits of round, NS. i, 9, 1I, 1, 1e, 12., in square No. 24. i, suhurb 11'ushilgton. 31t Nuniciimlilv, o-. 8 i 9 unt, . havig ench 31. I. t6. et vla, rt t, betwPen lorur st l rlduh Ntoart streel, by 117 'ee it de'lh. N.. i I hitting ."t. 9 6.I. fee, f rt torant street, Lv 107 feet on L r ulitrlt.tet aoid No 12,hoviog 31 Ieel ,n I'rqlhart sttre.t by 171. 3. n . fl et iu e tith. liuOrghit if I. Illlle Iv act bhefore L. Froand, Notary Public, the "lat VF'.,rmlrv, 1817. 4I Eiht lort, Nor. it, ti, 15, 16, 17, 18t to1 in uare N18. ... in sunborb \Vanltigton, 3 II AuquiciRality. No 13, Htll I,he corner ,oflrertch and Urljrolrt str-eet. ollll-ll in, 31, 9t. fetll , Freehll trert by, llG, II. reef o Urqunairl a tr e, a t]r Nis. 4 1a, 16 17, 18el 1 rnl d. senllh wotirldl rio t, I. il ft front ouh I nrlch sreet by h06 If.11 elt inldeplth Bullhtl fr(,m K. Iurhlre ead Tlhns I uple-i v IEatI.assedb hefreH L. Feraud, No toy Public, the 'lat If Frlbrunrv, 1837. L5. ie nrlot on Vel o tairnt,, par Ite lonw a('tel, boolt fromn (iere Andrews, by private aet, datetd the i81h Mnrlch, 1837 lice. Atdlrewa ald wife acquire. title from N lulheE. to tlti l.t which meaasures 5 fart fr nt on Vine streel, belwell the F eld I handillg and the hlodarv belweren Svatlerb, St. .Mary and Ilelor d, Iohving l :5 feet inl depth. l'crlma ramt CUntdiiUnsI-vna third in cash; and the renlillig ,we thirds of the price of eael I, lch..e, payablel in 6 and It montht. The pteriaser giving his Iotse wit th one ged edorsera, and mnguroge rtlainerd ultil cmplete rayment. I'he net '.f tale to mon paited boelre H. B. CENAS, \,lturt I'ulin, tle t purechoer payin thea Nolary' feesr. antilei epentses of takin Itorsstsiou lby a St.rvevor, if lri.;e r Dry. ja2l PAR l.WL.E Il' &. CENAS. VENT-. PItl LE SYNDIC. I. sier vtndu le LI.ndi, 18 fIvrier, i 1 h brttaerdla Itourtede iii. Ie verlu Il'lllnn deert de Its eur de pnroisre, pour I, p.arni.sej e ille a I eINo:lrelle tnrlc. allnt, e date du 17 ellr clranllt allos I direeltlm dll Viy-. dle, e Ilprprr et ~ lli.V I'el , i nllhltlltllllOdhOn Ia i(;ahGriel uler. oro de r i ri net cr(l,'e ti hmo I. Qonlre I1,0 dohter e, o 59,. (i, 6,' et 6', s0itnev A Corre-It i; tInt 5'lof6 tllWetrrlt It ,5 -II,-lhlmql Pise iae n rme t )iz c -er 15iplie,le le r iln h'lue on. 60 et 6!, jchanq . i lc, d. dtfie A1 la rue lte.Rerve, strir the l ,ll r 'tilndelr--letee. dleC Peore, pr tin atte de I.eueartt,ier. h. t ultir. le t10 In1i 137. ; . I l lt. 5, datn le'jtt 15, all ftlU IIUrg \VashinOlAon, n 3 luirtilh10t nlattu tailt., Inltl 2 pa ox Inl rnel Moirales Sltlne lel rue- a u Port et Ferdinand tre 1OO pieds en pT fondtllter-alehll' Il'- L S Hillegelt. par mete0 de. unto T e' herbco, tn I. ilub. le 28 fCvrer 1137. 3. I.lts de rerl. nd 08, 9, 111. el ir', di a sa 'ilet on, Ot lanuallrllyllr 1tiq3P ra t.6ttte I ttte 3lat II . B .ralr I., atl fol,ourntl 31 1. i lstir Ia rilehl2 nlO.t enter our ia rle UIrqsulurt el no 12. 21 pitdo turio r oite r ' jqllhnr eter 171 tllrle- 3 p- 6 litltCtIC t'eprf ondu-te.- tllr. IltImet' u"llrltie. 'rarto geout L Feraud.t. nottpbibi Ie 2I oevrier 1887. 4. Iluit I,.ltt, nos. 13, 14, 15,16, 17. I8l, r et 20 ensnn I'i e, nn 2 4, roU fiubhuri achillng , 3 lliei mille nol 1t3 f4,lrll I'll nf.',, llre de rilelbse- F llelli i el UrLI qIiu l8oIi ,eFUlnml 3t )d, p 6it Io r IlT rle rll, e l.. fllr I06 od Itf 11p It r It rlet rqllhat; +I let. oa. t14,15 Ii, 17,1 1,9 et 9il, clique tn,..tat 31 ptl I s 6 lies direil a rlt rnele,c, e 811 lpder r,. f,odlu--I-nhete tb r Burthe rtlh T1as lldlesuis., par t e t I. Fean u l,nll n. I rih,ie 21 forrier 37. 3. Co L,, oar In ls e de a Vfgch, lrt.du nallVeau CllVul u td, a.htcl par George Andrews, p racet pr;vE en dite do 18 mar ' 837' Gelrge Aldrews eall n spout. j-quirent le titre do N Holtllo, a ce lot, qui meeara 25 pie I- d." favo a e i, a er dr Ia Vinte, rte le dlsorcner FiHriiaetl In ligne do dlemrclaiol l.- ftubhourgo Ste .leri, let Delor, clyant 125 piedo de preftndellr Collditlillo--Ln ltiaras elltaTles I. e I e-a res tirsa 1i6 Ollit, I'oequereur doannnt ses billet arvec en. daaseur., t hIvpothebeq ,rjutqu'' purfi' pairmn-l. Let acles de .ents -er tnt pasle devahr H. r,. CreaI , not lpb. I'acquheeur pa" ot rle frait d- 'acre et In prirm dr possess lill iar l'lnrpenleur. Iaj .JLllnf.Tp ,J'.. II .r'11 i IIEI'ICTON---. jvery uefiblhuou ft,r Slip (Captains and Ie most popular wori of tile kibd t"llltt. 11.9O C'IoARTS, Gulf lf :Slerail, WVttIl [lic., IIhttma ptntks, We'tl Floridta. t.llllt of Brazil, lMetli, raeltt,, 1ea--Co lt ef Afrien--i. Geo.r-.,t hanllel--R.elih Chta,ael, &et, N. I. 'The,, thllart ,lelnv ea roli.,ll l ata a- ntvlillllg •Its ttlosilt roet[ ilflrelatoltt reati.te to the abovu. .amcl i.Inces evear publibled, for tale at DAVID IFE.I.T- CO. Now York Stationers Pall, No. 24 Clhartres lt. Jonlnry II. iE.dN. atI -.,0 baec i -,rn nn fnr__ ll hvb I aull AIII1t10 TKI.ER, 31 hravier s ý KSI Ih IRK.-9 13)lbbla.-eass Pork otr tale b t10 O. I1. 11.iIS tuarv I 11, 18'19. 63 I'P.ylraa at. I IS4I.I.-3 III iVhitle .rtd Illf Bo tao ftI. K. hlna t ins very free, aad of superitr qj.alitcv for t.le by O. II. BLISS. January 14, 63 Poydrea .t v..':V n)lLE. NS P1K.--SO0 bhls. inapcted for m tale hv O. Ii. BLISS. J,.narv'l I, 3 Pvydrat at, 1 tit t NI8IRIlI1E in Ilalt or qr. harrl of very osu l' rur quality ill stlore, fI sale by O. !. BL.ISS. Jan. 14 63 Poydres st. ANT'I Il)--A lId boult 19 lit 14 veal1 It "Ige, it V a otltli-tilm ill0m10 whlnot parreots reside in the ci. ,Addlressr boa. No. 290, Post Ulc. janl0--1839 'jANNERS OIL--75 bble browv 'r'aner's oil, fur ioleo by' LIVI H G OLE. j4 9:1 . 'ltlllllloa stre t I URPPE ''I NE and Tarnerts Oil--15 bills pllirits Torpenrtiuea, 90 lllis Tmaller's (il for nole hy J ItVIS t& ANI)lI"%V9. dis eor Cpmmoln &. Tclhotpitoulao sta LAYINGi C 11l11 ofrevervdcaeriptit sitd quali p ie by II VII) PEIl I' &. Ci, "N Y Statiners Ihlal, 21 Chartres st p \INTb and -lil. i tIn Dutch linseed oil received 'per ship Enele fro,ltt B-emen, 50 hI.,rrels aniglllI linseed oil received per whip REliz .t,It fet,, I otdon, 100 Ilarrel- brwn, tauner'a oil, 20 hair I halk, 100 harrels apanilt whliling, 1100 keea Philadelphia ahite lead, 60 bkeg goreenpaitil, 50 kegs retl ld lnaek do. (hrlloe, g aPen end yvllow, &,. Oae. PailIt brushes, and for sale by JARVIS .-NINDIR.WS, jan15 eorner Com on & Tchaitoaula ets. 3 0 0 E ,III'Y hh ls. and tirce., o,,r ale hby 0 IIAI., & IIROWN, jl' 8 96 Mtagazine at (:AARS Po.rre silk Handkerchiefi, of haudlulloe palteras, for sale by (iO.OlP & Co, jal3 St (halleas t f laittei Hllttel fl. 'THING--2 cros fiannel aai eltteon alirlp-t, for ' aleby IJI.ILI. & B11OWv, j°4 96 IlagIlaille I. NEtV POOK. The Ov Dl lluhlltr. a dll"nestle story, by tlte author afllo tlSllallnilteru,," or. ill volu. Mary Rat mooa, nvd ether Toleo h Met fi'ee attlhor 01. o tl'Miherta and Datthliern," Rc. itt 2 nls. e'll,';r of +o¢alw,'ol, tv Iht aothortbee oa"f "otlhre tni 'Intv rllter%. " . ino1ola. Ahhtna Vrn'.,-. nr the Ftlaheait]ed I tloadhoerlhipf. ia l:m,-etll. by l itt Itaelie. author of"Poecil Sketch r,." ,-c. i11.n1" vol. Oliver 'rlwiort, 'omolea ia e vols. by Boo, cittap edi hi,,t. Uat areeived and foreaala hv WM. 8 'KE.'aN ,'tl ++ar CE'thr & Eo,--.'o' w For Lrope. FORl LIVERPOOL. li'e Al li6i--hl, big L.IlY M1ARY t panrt o' tier ca rco slnel Ted sol reitilll 11 ld, jewil ..r l'.."il...inoedmcl ddr.p. h. Fur tl.,lae of r. ygl tt or gut paeoeapply to ii .a. on I ulrd, m t 1. II 1iIAIF":, 9.'1 '"m oooo II FO~l .IVI:RI (JUL. 1lFhe A I al n.'iinio chip) UNIIII:II S I: o.e 1nl. lBarr, hurap go r- of~ hili agy, engaed, will hanve de..peteh. aor elteehl oltwoi hruadr..d lhales or occenng ", .,pply to 9ja1 S C J 1' WllI'INhI;, 7: Cenp et FORlI IVEJIPO L / A l sh ip c a n la k e 10 01 la lr s r ol t n, and will pacilively sail on Salurday nelt, 19th inst. Jaj 5 L H GALE, 93Cumaron C FORII1FVRE The A I and fr1t failing ship JIIIIN f O: LAND, Capt. Jaunlao will receive dlecjpath hlaini..chegreater part of her car gailoagad and gain; on board. For firighl of 2Ml S bale, Cafesn, or {{teneae. apply to GiEdle Iaar. ,ljlt Royal at jell c nrt I. H Gi I.F, 91 Commn Pt FOR)I IVERP ( 'I. The fiar shiji DENMARIK, ,vrtt, etos tarwill haOe imnmenditle despatlcl. Far freight~ f og lU 9>11 bales cothon or poeeagcg, appl y to jal_ I. II GiAL l, 93' ooo II FOR LIVERPOOL. The lice lostl .aling shipi ST. Ji175E., a , Capt.I II (law ma-ter, will hove ia CIliate 1d depatch. For haluo,. ol litlrlit lr p.tnnol." 11pll to jJal S &J I' Wl1 NI<Y,7:l Iaonp et F1R LIVERPOOL,. The fine ,,e. A I Rlellmlei IYIlI0N, l'npl. RenrWl .ori, t ;love ilmlmerdli,,li' d'e1ol,,l,. I..-o frtiight of .4.0 1 el,". anione or pa,.: age Intel r oalceo,,odoiionc, apply to D d9 9 _ 1. H Ii ALI',93C olocr t FOR HAVAN. I hefeelt ceilinge e.pp.rd A I hlin 171.11N, Ccrtinbi Hallett, will meeta wilh in? eedilte deslpoltch. Far irgleghl cf lIItree, oir eIII, . k1 therreod, an, poecage lIvilg ejlerdi'l for ,,,llarll, eimradei ,cIl ll~ptv 01, blarld, oaionsile the I'rinle stems, 2d P.171vil, liy. jsi W1 +I'1 oastwse___ otiy - FOR NE YOR-(. The Al hart uainllen lu EVIirGINIA, go t d, will eve ,asc. Fur bahlsrce r.ffrIlgitsr passaogre, liply 1 Captai oo bhard, oIppo site port 1I, 2nd ruiiciirlity, or to ja26 Sb S.J I. WIIIrNEY, 73 ('arnm at FOR BO-TON. The Al airque 1;. PVFR, Edmnmr o , natPer, wi I olae olllledie despatchr For freight, ly to S & J Y1 Wl'irNEY, ja. 73 Camp a FOR BOSE'ON. The .\ 1 eh nt I'EItUV IN. W Smi'h catellr, will hlave illnpdlaale (!rslrrt.h. Fur Ofil lo on hlavy freight, alord to ju.2 S J P WAININ,Y173 Camp it FOR NEW Y.i-TK. The Arro Fork and Nrew Orleans Line. 1horkr aie, 1ile in tii!. 'therlm c hii R{Fi SLh;.AN, Cop. n tao J hC nell-sel. wil =ail punctually. Fon ieeirht or ....gri, apllay il board, .rp.huaire fl· i 'hirhst, or to ja5 l'l':TIll L tLIDil.A, 63 CIn-,,p it FOR NEW YORK. The , I f rat srilirg bi" A.,ICI, Jar diol, tinear. hivirn. all it,hl fretilt en, g,-, Cill hae ileprant,. For passage, fravig o goldlIrI ClotllU o ly II EI C FOR PH LAD .LI A. 'Ile iew Inl siadng Iurque CiAN TICLIEEIl, nC "l'hotian, lItste, oralit tilhe hulk ol'200 hbals cnttion to complete hlr car g0. For freighr ofrwlirh, or passage, having g.od ae ommolrdtions aopply to S & Jd P WHI'I'NEY, _ j.l 73 thRamp a t FIlOR BI t. N. S The new and fast railing ship PIIARSA LI r , It. Viaolor, II -ter, . ll hai in - eedirite derpatchl. For froeight orf 210 iales noson or epassage, harilng pleudid acoinmorlntiuns, aprply on board, opposite the jrleani Cooan Pr-ase, or to Srad .I P WIII''NEY, FOR FREIGHT OR CHAR ER. The sehellrs MrAIO J ToLreA, Inaler, r8!)i barrels burthen, c apply to S & J P WilITNEY, ji:.6 T7 t'rump a FOi NEW\' YORK. 'rate new oehr WVII,.IM H \RT, Capt. Cursn, will havne dcrspatch. For frrigkt ul bU hhds. on r e,,,a e llly to ja S . J 1 Will I'NEY, 73 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. New I'or 'etrr Or,leoan L,ne A LINE ot peketsl, boon ertabli-hed to rue be tween New Ibrlet atd New York, to onsost n f fivr first rate ships, viz: hip .o t a torul, . 1V ou.trr, matenrl SRepuhlican, J 0 Russell " Auiuru, H P urfey, " ,w I building, The ships wetre built in New t'ork exprrsly for trade; ore of a light dronght of teh ar, anol will not b .tlject itl deteolltioln at the liar 'i'heir n, rOllllold:idion for pa-sragers co prie all that IIoi be reqoirtd for lllllllrt alnd .ltvelr e lleo; acd their ellonto lardrlo are nrela aolp dience. L nt.I Irhe litrt now hoildig" ar. ,-:r,l'ileiel, too first cluos bhil Hil l sulipiy taeir plners. ihe graente-s prunctulit t ill he obi erivd in iti illeo.f si ig, (ald evcly" ra onhaobr Lcotnrorortlo n exi+ntihd to p s.,eogrr. For :urtlrr irli:ulaers apply to M-ssrm. Jnohnson and Sn.owdel, No. iti \Vnll stret, Now lork, t,r to jt PiEII I.lAIL.W, oi Curlnp sat FOR FREIGII' OR CIARTERK. S 'irhe slupiora"llr JULIA ANN, Web t:se, master, earrvln I12i hblds. ir n realy to n. e ive foreight ; a nborthern Ilrt; will go up or ;u.t iI the river to load. For tennrm aptfyv to jal8 SIIALI. &r 1 WN, 46;Magazine at WANTED A rmtll brig, capable of carrying 200 hhlsd. sogae, sad load for a o thern iort. S - Apply to L II GALE, 9, ormin1rr dt FOR SALE. FREIGIIT OR CIhARI'EI. 1.T o bIig InltiL!NE -anr ecellrnle ,.. osl in every repect. ,Ibout I00 trllr burthel, T re r ill cery 150 hidll. Apr ly on 8oanop io i -c " Old Levee. o nilO-i .n or the Interior. U. .'MAIL. FORI BYOU SAIl \ .\.IIN Pr.AQILE'R INE. i I'-.e splendid p tssengr sleoanoolat S BIILLIAN'I', hl , H, Matr, alln . sutr runlet) Connitened h-r tr guler trils ntl , erlrrdoav, Ihe 1911 arit at IU o'clock, I. I., at on SUrlllla.,at tloe same hor I;r Plaquemlllre, oaid wil, colltillue ll run re.lrlar tlh balorhe ul tihe nootle t, aid le ,re plurrtually at ilhe hltr adtersedrl. A sloroate cabi r, all ill state rootms, r.. ofirstor pe-. pie. lFr Ifrlght or passage, 'tipl on board, or tni - Jd8 AiOW A IN:& WHIIIiALL. 'lihe regular psrnet low iprresure sterarmer trIlKAi'f'E, irt. Srrdioe, wlllleave the lake end of ite Rail to overy THUISDIAYS & SIINDAYS, after the arrival ofith 1I o'clrok ears, and on her to ture, leave Mobile, rasey Tetezdaos a.d Fridays. For passage aopl n oalura to CAPT. SWILER. PS--Wlhernevr a ntlcient olumre ofainrsengers ofer tlhe I;iralle will touch at aov of thle interlrerthnte Ihidings, upo previours otlico being givei to t'ilt .. wller. noi7--tt --ONDON PORTER- tad lBurnto Ale Isndlin T. frln hirl trwe!l, from I.iverpuol, and for nale by the indler iheted: 30 raekb, (i dot. each) supaior Londo Portesr, 20 do Or. Brtior Ale; Ali--lCester hereer.e, of tIe very heat quality, put in tin hoxen, and from 3., to 41ii tor each. j:t E Joltt N , Co, St Charles at rI E:AS--75 boxes ilysorrt 'i, for oal bli B ISAAC 131I(iiIE & Co, jae5 134 Mognrine at CITY BANK, New Orleans, 56 Dee. 1833. 11FiE irnoard of Directors of this irtutiini Irve bhin day diecareel a I) vi l nd .rf Twelv per ent. oil theCaaitoi thlrerf. intable t, tihe Stoe.hrrldrs, or Ilheir Igl relreseolatiivest, on or fiter IhIlrlllaV, tie ilat January, 1839. ILi)B'I. J. PALFKRAY, Sd28 0Ca.lier NEW ORLEANS & NASHVIILE RAIl. RlO ) I)Deretuler 2I,, 1898. NJOTICE--To Contratorts--ealedl pIroposals will b he received til ttilhe L2'nd if Jaouaro , 1839, for eking ihe aulwrreItrtltre, offrm tllfie to tsn milies of Road: eritmmicnio g at, Posmtrnehae and extruding to. wardl thi+ tiy. Sp, ilcations man lie seen, aod eonditrons mode know, on applicationi at thisarile. D HOARD, d3 --ion Ch. Etg'r. and Gen'l. Supor'dt BiURE-'U D.ASSURANCE DE LA COIPA--- GNIE DES POMPII;RS IDE IL \ N. OICLEANS SES uotionuairs suOilt pir le Ipresent notifies quo le _ileoi.iiiorere.ereiieat eetdot, ilt rhveretre pays Ir erier procehain, au Bursae I . a Compagoigo, on 21 rue du Comlt. 4jan :. I. TRACY, Par. bFFI'E ofthe Firemern Iaonrarwe i'ounpra of Ncw Or/earO-- 11v hie cockhltrers are Ilerrho ro tfiedil at the :'IxTo In. TAMIaST Ie.nrtIes duoe,ltd p a. ebli on the 6tll Feb, uary treaxt, Iii ii orife ulbthe Clul aliy, I Coop street E 1. TIIACEY, t OFFIE- bresRio, nporiov article, loridirtg ji3 ______ SHALL lK lEN€ tip, Mgazoine ci j 3iy .31IA.L.& HiRt*N, I'-ltl t': Nit N)I.E50 b'xi s i n w e Iledid 5 prm eaolllir, tier -'tle hlv PIqALLOW CANDLE--Sin0 mos, feeor sole ir !. ISAAC 81|DGI.. & Co, I" O\F UiO\l--l.Ard Sog.r uluitr Moln'see in -.eitr, tir sele liy SHAI.L & BtI IWN. j, o i . ; leagoie ort at 9 Rolak Place. nio W MRfS. ANTD)ERH ON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, emnnr..d frofn IT C7Loins/iecte St I TO NEXT'I' Ilii Jr ,, .' t A rl.tA.EST'l leATA R'C,. :Con rv'e Of Av I'1,rl:ns Yt. ST. SraE.Cfl. in 9-8113h. /i LARGIL.o d coummohul , lieonm over Levy's auction Morei , ;r Jlagaiinr tnel. Aip K '' t)b W ,+RENI, Iitliupiraphter, ,i the pjrlser, N R--The oheve would nake a ouod dril rol. nova JECFFERRSN A.1ADE.I Y. I)REPAItAI'JKY to Jefferson Col e ae end to oth. er. eondueled by II. Granet, L L S). Exchange Alley, between I'onti and Iienville. Thii' ltusliuo was tihe most eligible that could be faoun beini entiraly free Iroua the roise of the qtreete and tL. rallhng of dra,,a and arigen." The JeersounrAcudiemy is divided into two 'depart. inernti. Tile J unior or etelecmnary department for tIe auralus britnches of reoitcniou educatio n in Freach ld au LEigclith--lih aenior department tor Lathi, Orik, tIethmtiacis, &e. Punntunllty, order an. dislilne are strictly aedjined and observed. 'Terms. Juni I).parti~nnt,permonthi; 10 Spanish R let. BIlovo., paper, &e. Chureed aepalrrelh !Ind. A m.oth ootce lwg,, to be paid in fall; . 3rd. No dednction for obsaeae or hir lolidapads 41h. I'Pavlents to In lllld regularly every month. chool houre Irom 8 1-J to 3 o'clock, except Thur. days. sep27 . IX'IIHANUGE RFE \1DING ROOM. ' 111I: pr-Irrielr hasn re-itled hicReading Room,ia L" the :. I'halrs Excliontr, Corne.r u Orramer land .t1 ('arlras aitrrt,i tile. neaterost anennr. Iltnidea Il tlH )ri+:,,l nI opers of the Uoitod Staler. ofr verv city aod state., lhe ctanadas, l'oxes r ll Meali eterrpol itan lIeviews and Ilblackwoodo Magazine. The Norlh AdIn rican Itrevire ; tIn n itrn L.iertre Keick l.nlarr,lI'hr tlr,iicen Journial of rcietier and Arts, alllntor Itchllhnty t)lc,Onnirn lrviewen I tlemnen's a i azine, Anir ican nontihly, 1 ently's Miscelleny, the Sireb Chimrernil Review, and a variety of otlers. ,Il lFror. niIrLbornnomnOlnrly snubcribed or and aecll. vrd. i he nro . is also supllied with a laot ,ovalety i. . ps and artluas, Niiles Irgtsrena , Levy's Price CIt. nt Irin iti ro nelnrno ent,, u;asat us,aend a variety eof woirk;i nfoerronvr. The mslrt ar lier & intellieoni news Celletors arerm hIvred, o give o tIh Uarie.nt Ilnle, nd on tar ao a'ere will bie pa st!to ande ilor this Landilng Roo the Hir t thlin ilrerd Staied. A uhr , riptin trile resprctfully received. .N 'V uheiL,.N .N, to itiUtiite wlth IAL rg OAD Cp ' n.11 A N V. ARRINGEMNS1Td FO THE WEER DATYS Prom C ,vil i00. I Or eaal. rtote C or at u'ni, Alt. A It . Carwat S o'llckb.A. Lentll harea be on Inod by p7aieg 1 dt i" 1 " iON I P As 7inift nie 10 inlet ,s.tli..Iteobtinedtbr.ingi0lo. e .ll. 'riiltn nl f ioi res et tll i A rec . o ardl. A He~ p n ti s ol o rnni'i-oa,, f na 'tH rur ing e ve .hal Hloor iei ha: 4 A.n .o.rt. -11; '1'k n , o, m ,ne , i n ic , tin c dn ,.iu t n.r . G OREs W.." " "ItA . • ' 4 4 C R A. CARiD. Ier 0 o. rit ael ni Ia be olatnil d Fo rly paoyid Spai d e ao ,li lt r ct N . 14 , St. C O lls inren, t imotler Iu htollr, frin, o IIII I o public ii t e d u:tiel fa vto t- atP i f om tIt t,i: a ofoJ nau on ptae tin a, t hat S tpe limtiied to fifty. tlear e tCiis opporte Lty of antl ring p aorend thmi hat notlia vhital Ile o auntin, whitt:rinl Icon trih ute. Comp"nye ItaandE Prieilm "nroe ri thli-ht Frtrh sna d pnil GtRor t R .E W. SMITHzr der, N. 14 Dent.ahle es oHtr iad nnenphc, Bo Eis toriLds nl t puliec nidh seaotilli of Nthee hiOr. iLlrtita its nw in luves tutel ration e , ao. 166, Caal Street, oppsite Mb Slate leae, i t Ito lae hi eame llaprt o upilu , wlt , prfee ill be -li0ited to i ifty. Ie Vm imith oppot teing preiooly riited than city in, letereslt th Inhear, the fotiowing teetinial ooit all t e a n tine , h Ini him long outribe tely. e I r i the Red i pr yve nllt of th oilado ha. I ke great pleorn ie lalveon d gnthalt ae ad Iofael ee. lao lelllyn a r alyt o f attlm h i p ane F ereat Ao. 1 i6, Ca lal Street, o npoait U peatie Hame. nwhoe rwi l be e loil in atlhe i toi aqo inrolesd wiosk hi n.ille c ti dic r ti rustedents. hi . nir.h nih l aving , pr, evios. y i,,, idenabetd I Pol ke t lpiberly ura d louclir Iros soot e reou nidi t ITDE E6.i' 1thpg TYNE. Fria Rev. J O Robertono, orssiaoary at lyre, i Greece. "I canted in thilildelplhia ciikl Dr. es tb fid tl eppetea. ltoy aprs, th. etr i 1ehe following tTh h e hatione in rm- tilly nn,, ol the k gla ln e him . ain , and i kntilteith c l, It, ola liuG N-is nlecitnae oie eqaualed only byd h Pa. pw c nirato in Cioi mmuai r t aghinthe highest eblt. I hi.ll itn l er i. e saved cut only rach Laitne0 , but . 'ro10 hi e R a. e II Ty l. of Pe. ll p '+I t HlkP erre3 ple@Iars in s l tlt I h rel hld COnldSL. bl lcailltn lll lle r. t illboth prollly Nu ll i. rbu11e ovin .Esl IJauo or a Iflm d r hEs o utlc.n A ll v Can .ISI b f , he pntloa s .lLh e N Se. A t Ie l. Ii tal iCtLar nouid al t ops uer to e let Oldered llpO,', nil f re tlictlie ond ltrat thig Col r wionll dlll se;ll bth e rnoiied i, n hi lialole etntat clualnd p it - olhi , c . It. J. fir l yh rte di d ar olltinlr rudit ed placte. iogle pl kon el t a.nd 1F J t-or i tr $15 per JO'PIIN HA MPitYNO, ro apronedJJ ROtiferic, the lliotr rtyrration ever pct p fr ted iell blldetjplr to ie Dr. mlh a lr opp.r. yd29 roe St Cl rlt i& oder Tha he hU, dEnch iage IlINterl na ll, lid t ,h lrP, a & o hn futter, forkll hlah I Alllct hi rltlo lr quld only bA h pOW, - l ollr) 7 oevora n i l ly th k Placen , muc lINE, Sicily tMldia o. hl e Ij2e4relet ill Ntw Ors :. J1ob 13 Milcn. Eg est LT ani in. A oliie. 'lial io g , fo lh jSloeI, l Al.ACi ltrd & i. & . ,131 tgaie.1 t 'll iin ebemu la laniig friome Jnnq.a Jon.eth I In for \D(e.-- y ISAAC--Ol d fer th ICa. Ue., 18A, ulOll hrl leer GlO nylice g, n :xra nikt Car ill jh,2ave the earh)uI 1)E, 134 e.geaI t lne at 11 o'clo-ck, . M. iraie c aod inilrmedira, in pipesll 5ihlfle T nick ft 37 1 01 tt t ei or ..t 1 d per h ctdr ed. , nti"led to dhrcebods Ingram. NiO.i C. R .Zi . (.U.nYHAGO I't)-,''ll hAS'I'I't(-An elegant and athgh Sapprtoed d-ltinricer te beJb prLparatiof alr ltu p fur tee inln jnd pl receilede at bhe the iAr. dtac co o.r CNiarlneS eceumwhon atrEheha mqss tdINE APPiLtd CIrE.E ie Oorhen ouoer,tfa sale L IEADI& wiARlTOW 3Iirr, aNd airily Madirn in helo pipes cf d f areO e. t caEks ur sai by rHALet P ebKOWN. 3, rlcdnali l IiAACItr[iD by t CO. I slrat ni- aud . dCt tru llni.N , fur i ati b n t h jsoeo IlA.\cp IIIiII, Bii C(),131 lcaroionee T NlitA'o'. l'e--s, Saues, lBto do. in watu a liOcy hnm ubrdas latoeale g frb m I .rqneJleapBL i prl--Ai I. r f siuily qtladeira, in tiptei j I2hlf tipAa, I U0 ql.ltlr SCske, 194d a0 gaglse t enitled to dehI-ulure, vratds Itnerad, Ctilo B Zildrca o.anrd ftr em by ' DOKeLr. oI'l '--Thae aonsignee (John La) ofe lot no stored/ al o. IS i Nhtet ttalll , slreat t whare he ia rgpual ted to call aud reReiYe DIC saliIe. [-'y'hye LuuiSana ,\dvertitcr will puhliah Ihe.ibeos SThee dw.telli,,E hNu~ now orcupiad by MOi Wfi., hl nr j aie rGi r a r d. N1) 1 1T ha piIou os c I . at . Fcr lEr llAir n- a ply tk, II. Bci.otnnleiornerNatehra ani t oI' iditanpelo aieatt. c, sa3 atIcIAwi't I'anact, ed,,idn'a do. togea. theW hia 1 darie ess r almlt of Iteple p nwrdioil. ReAiEltl lately aId fur le by • H tI & NABEN, --. .Tolate1. rr r(8rr .t b..t_. C.uomluon _.+ V eil Odleane It.ýhe,,Uol Jwi1 Rw ,d'Lie ANNUAL HhEE'Ii.\il Or 1'11 ":sTOCKtildOWjR Joonou2ey1i, 183. A T u annual ,olineln of Sin ki~,:,~eo Ihed In 1Iuounnnce of the nilte sectio of th. (:teel, " olajuriy of ke aneokhoielee' iee beingl preentl thes des. son wue nua eeoncd notil We nesday, the lId inst.,ass 6ineinok, I' 1. JAMIES Ii CAI.DWK L1 ______ Pra dent L ,so..lo A CODUIMiW.lA I)iT LA NlU1'6EjIG . uORiEANS },'r NAS\HVII.LLE. Aso'ntblrle onee ie to's .einnnsito'. _% U\E .,erIolrr non v ile iee'becliunooiero come. gteu I r IoeCceieee6 do In A hoote, we' rIlojogho dou ntionnntrea it'ttllt pin itenat, lieoOti) slo w·. neenco as ontneneleJ 2eoeiee reeeuro, iaB reoA.II "re:. lelilnl) H eAl.i)W eeL. nO,ý n leeeeee p. ný,ed leos , co nppfodM t~ o. 1t nooeleenf irs asid Vi wbrl "n' Air., do, on Catnt..,t", r. Ltn ild ýýeze ee-l o1I u lien lneeo, gosnkncioeNr~tW Yý la«.liut hvtU chit, 4rc, e.sjbwsiee a jale 1dkie St iLO ti, :"G \Ssgrhtune 4

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