Newspaper of True American, January 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 28, 1839 Page 4
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s; A1IS\ 1; ..O!IOt. ov ,,ti ihe a i,,,, i~aI kln V. ant t·L. ~. Parn' 17t ii'F OfIC1ii. lV.'lii' Ura .·a aaftisau andt Ritpaeitaav,F&ti tf33 F e·5hr ritsrratil F;uailiiitay LI~Hadl y . Alu~fllicgT,,l~~0 ov tqautire, -.VJ lres uvpiod'e Cajnal S ai,laeo atct,.trr f. It ?&lalD~iteallmr,:I,, frl.aldi th 14IatFCra iie ofpd' LiCr~aaa, 'nt)erit. Gieolnaamr'~ PaIhik tad .lat fnr dad GRe . o-a oar, Chiialaa and ('iiti oiai a at...~. """: Fo~n'Wi'F1 t'if'iotVfUI, ~~b~r-'ntrigsngat ct ur~i~e l,f Th eti vial Aia 1 Tirttlpi readi dmi IcarraF aItnyjit th Fatlie UIdea in seprylir r ta h ardirem anld' a t~tiae'f table tatruci, an rait an,,Flu aa a d a eaiaFBItieeuaatd a'r Chroinnl artl iii,'. hahuaeeeanrhtn~i d aeaiiiw at atFitr bni' ;III' yiCa she ttivaa ht,tia tiApn ii l fal-h a t lia ititin ttihi flilt P. Berl paoaia iihcc lninhae ii pllraft Iyt')I qII1di Iiilll eruI~li dhetaoaA,,Ir maFI,, tila nitah die -iii,,,,I n Iltltf fiaaiiia, aetidr ilb-ic h~a'inailtlit aatale haien exptri~ln ate voill, aa~il atae-. ofc iit· rrl,, aid IlhatevapriFn an, aellinut ptci irf,e ai( ~~~nir the i, nfihcna,a,, ,irP ar a~eia. t4!1 llaijltl nitc ~ii. l~ tedin i aculreiitdiiht,,,,,. l'li~d-,,a effreqatac aelahaIia f"ile" Afar; F·er ,-r, i-i- a'.n Cihesal~ aajr~P.lhin,,,,, I. b''oaPa ta ttIl put eta be ohio t eallner n-tltl~ ',am~i-ia 'il al·v1ie'iilt flrrl i i Sniite la chtsi e lataotii,ia.e 'f.I'a'j; iirt~~ l hneffarrd e uI a aelal ,,lie ,ul:,l e·at aT ,'i'aa it" F· ere,e oaei~r aiohedllnjiel~l~aai,,a alla,,itv.,li,.,,;ir tred l ieilarlaisiaic y bia,,,l iiiiiiiiiai o r l iiics aafihieAine, ihii ciarr Icr~ly nfl'a n' * r LoFeai iiiiiri , IFiieiet ·r T~r'(n h ~rh. side, li,,aar iii:-l li ii ii,'al- ni,.in t fan rl:llt Sr ,til~ ai'aly n-.tae,, au niulut-hl ia li~hn~t at a.i;l~ sf he liunhrljhiad o.llilnt. 'llit,,I Icri'd at ni-i ilu,, eit,'fihoa 'iatha-,ai- aclalllll iii~a Frlalane itaicjut etvltllr- aani'Cat',-,·r,lisiu-tdnlrlaiiul ' 1 Misslsilsppi issl L'sst iains` lfotuI, '1RS. 31ARY IIiKL AND re.prclgilly en. i r ounces to lhr friends and the public c.hnr. ally that she is prepridi to accomrni n . It theml it he above establihmcnct, and I'pres frl'm Io r xoertions to render visitiors comferllltIthe, to rncriv r a ontinulnnce of forlmor fvwru. Shel fleb. cofi.f dent that per.onos visiting Covilg+',n durini thii i ammer months, Clnnot find bletter necoaosIolld.t inl.s than Ihe can afford thin, on nmore ,h bral terms.. I Her ]nuse is pleasantly sinluted, an.I wll o pIPliIed ti with every eooonvnen.e; the hbar is furrnihedrl i'h d the most choice liquors, &e. in short,slh promiiiiise* *'tat noithing shall b* wanting on her pirt to giveu ) |tire silisfoaelinn to all whoil may patrjloizt thlie S :inssiesiplpi and Louisiisn hotel. j 3 " • r[I} Cl1RLIC'.---O-oi'fi--'l- - u,,d,-ra ,_.:;a, re.,.,;7. * O f ltTEPTUL hu rnjd. Sstudied under Dr. Set ollit ;tof C:iklrlton, l, Boutth Carolina, and for sone years his anritaont in ll the practice of mindicine anrd ururgry, has 'he h,-or i to offer his prole-siinal service. in this city. I. He assures the ladies and gsentlumien that the liit . 1 prompt attention will be paid to the calla which may be made; and also oflers his osrviers to Ih.n holders ofslaves, being wril ecquaintedl with the diseasee common to theal., Ihllng atteIdet them in C the suanger hose in Ci-lrl stonl. Thefamtous anti bilious pillos Iter threnmpnsltion ' of Professor Smluotllette,. ill direc lonus, can beo Ihad: ofthe undersigned. The oilfet wh.:ch they hiav, prodttcedin this and othfir citira, ha bern atltene with the greatest success, to whi' tlo heat oft' n references can he given. Applv at N . 1IG i t1!:a aine street. JNO. 1l'Lt)RING. IIHOLLOW WAkK fh1f001 SCRElS, SAD IRONS. &c. T HE HOWELL WOR.KS COMPANY, 238 Water, near oleinan setroer, Netw York, , have received the past season, andl ire reo.ssiatily receiving largo and exoensive addutionx to tho fi rk of tile above goods, whichl n.w cinnhiots Of the allowing asortmnent, suitable for the siaullth and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of22 difluront sizes, frnm 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gal hs, I Kettles, 15 sizes, from, 3:8 to 18 galluns, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 dftrirout sazer, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skiller, . . 5 lo Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered SFidcrs, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 d Wagon boxes from 1 1 1 to 43 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inchs. Wood Screws, 20.(101f gross, iro. n and brain, firom :E inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, N., S? of a enu. r quality end finish, and leIc.than Jame', il.,portenl Prides. 8ad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs fi retailing. Tailor's andi hator's Iron, nsseortrd. " Sash weights, 100 tone, asso ted irota 1 4.4 t 201bs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &Ic. made to order, Also stoiambeats and other machinery :ad!e to orber. The above astortment of goods is Prarticularly recommended to Ot!i attentitoi of Sutther anlri Western merchants, and are oftlcrd fir slo at lo, prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is Ir lieved to be the largest and best assort ,nu.t rver effered for saleo by any one e5tablislhment in the United States. Merchants,by forwarding a request by mail. can have apnrioed circular, with deceriptlmn ,tu' .tod.s psicesand torms, from wichll no deviation is cver noade, furnished by return of mIail. Allordors will re.eine immediate attention'. New York, 1838. 1 3 NO MERCURY NOIt turra.av a sontew Urc u' , ',-v. 1. ii, 7 SOUL six months ago.1 lad the mliltnltliie to gut a ecret diieoase, lir hiho I have n;p. id ti so c reldotoreafor a cure, and they lild ilot llle ull..i llo I ao the aobove date I put myseltf Inler tho cine iif i),:tI, Iluet, eld l expect him to cure ius. -,ine iiha ti:e ti the dsetie got woroa so auto i break out iful ltl.tls ul- , to tebauesbS r of sil or nichi on eo h lg, noll.l vil vit my li.I, uand sore throat, and not able to ,rk lit i ' preesent thtt* on aesounl of the disea-e; I:rae ilcor ioni Ithe right idle of the throat. I an o rnou.ll n:g twe esondflently under th care of Dr. Iluet, t e'uli to be perfectly cured JOiLI. UDAN. feb'14 " " T BO CERTIFY that the abovee onteaionedl die.ns is Squit well curd to my own' datii+ltiein lir wli, h thask IDr. llle.t; and moreover [ aosos re Itl'atl l!..'mi i this I have tlaeno tme fart and dd nut intere Io nosislth at all ; therefore imdvise mn f 11i)w lwl-iu-o in lote no tine ti1t ppily itoi Dr A. il.e., 12f C nmi 'nsreet, bheweelon Diitanohned hurbill rsi:. I, kuetis jat home fron 9 o'clcek, A nI, anial P 1.i They wIt find a triae doctor olr thins eo l rpiilt. JO. 1 InhDAN, lit (iravicr nsear. If any one wants to cee me, call at N O., 4u1 cl'vilr JOIIN lIEt N. Niew Orleans. Febr, 1835. foil 1 1i l y h jil'EGinuimnol ndian lItileum omtl a.iur in ier lt I tIe - e hdnilnd, is put il) in bottles ot.thf lusv price ,t 6uI annti el., ontaisin; the loreanth of threeauir, ain i I.inerwort, hbo les lh ifrt hes ,i iiln oifli er ,is. oait ali hetlsl knoown mitnme thie-l'i.'foia S rirlcunio s in IrII -I pnlmonthry complaints.' The u 'riseolled sueces til w I is nersoittned he iihe nt i thisde inestlnil Balslm W sheever it hna bIe -lllll lseed,. has Ilmr.ined the omilnJ.lre and reod nnil an' n tien of rbopect.tle p ly*ieoian, fir'he lre of .cnas, " daets, Rnt in ie aideo, ant oif rest, sPitthlg oif hoJo. lie.r eaplsint, . . To whom it may enorere. Tltfo to to ne.rtistv tsat we htin ta r practisce freleoly presirihed olis i n.'rt slf[ioi lIalahm if .iverwnrl it d Itmarinil:dJ, i.i I i ,e.idJd oold eer Oil we al tkhererr , tirine thul, it . edi0bftthe materials it is madd from., .1.1 c I.-e, v ,in enrtexl.elienee. rceeeuie n it a s t1leeri I r,1-|milrll¢ ealtl those gtlr ctionl of the luno.s tr atis itl is ire CAI.VIN ,t ! .I.IS 31. I), ci h eribe, ts elh lionton ss.e atiun. Boaslto Otober m5e,. abde. by Ja tVIe & ANnIt)RE:'i, 55td.5.U v's ssoriet It ..i. Ii, tir the relnratiuo 11r nal Io(llli.rrqy lir,dviii beelth and beaus;,and flair Oil was olfreod in tiha lpublic, it lied gd efyltadrilla .f Qsesel bahldness, 1nllnllt., al'1 i '} iety malh. It let l. ai'.J tn priuhitax wani d lh t asffnl gmiooh of heie on lardo nlrprdv i lliolt lieolta beimsl,eodro no o rarel .il3 irn e ol e d t a w l 'he. . sl - w t! o fr hm i . f i, l' l o lm e J.l ( iurcabse . iu. '' Oil J irds' too.ý o ',l, l Iiti.'l hr .:l : tr+l : 1 !. d .i l i i " hi '.t. .ni· .'n vv r .anther nn i n n lh r tm"lti "- "l,- wt leI.,' n: e nlt'n I , ,r lkrr. ,' n1-t anu, ';," d ia-n. lli t Pitfll: t n teni" ,n ,il,1 I t,an `'1 t ya n I 'r~, ' a i.':'-v ,li.t 'h thnI 'l." t 1n.!': {',.r r';',+. r l"+l ' I 1 ('n, '!,t.!j ,,'-: t'll"tl. 'r ' i". '.' ,,+h I':nr-lrn* I o l' kl n:i t , m l;: i"1 !'hl + rt ' Henl Ve\l .tch andh CPanwr; .ilt an,'!' ir I tltr Is vt : " ,.,lin a 'te t alt Cnth ; ahlition eironner -If Iatnes alant n. Tien: Int rt ndl+ rt iK,. a i,.t, e n- l l n .rri'in".l Phno Poalte. lnt ant 9pearnnant u tta. tn1 'l nai n al P 5t'le: "'" n he,' l -+t^ ivr n "'1'n'' (' a.a'inne rntr.n' lheia .l .1 Ac '+l. re. "h, i ""thire a v"r "nl^tr F nr-lloo. G n t n lrl : : I.,.nl. t+ lle.,ls end t.v n r m gnrl Chni'r" kilt nnrl Sip v rrnr.d I11n(l : It.dirm B n·ds bielln and 'Plnrnes: Shrll " ri..': SidLe nnI h)rasiuehz SeXlihil tO ih i tIn. 1torr I- "nle r. r nner m and c,,on. i.ion oill lan knl ter, t the liDnnl, . the , .olen eltvei v .l n Pe . I.y I Ce l 'et o n" ' r- n. iTin" of. mnlG J, I,, PFIN ,1 ,a C('1,!II:': .qn ('om "n,, , "t" -p')r sil, Ihlnoav;ll,+. 1":, 1,, 'T,'rro ... lh,"w. lTiPAh- Iml In..e, Fr. lc ti nto.(1 e '1:1.11 i 11d , . ItIn':II :: lll'r:nrl"l I " : "I'si tev,loIw l niI 'II rkI 't ~.lllsa : Ii' hl . rthhl . ti1 •pl , i s'ic c1llaito ien : o hl t I'. ,rl; e caa rt Vet, " , h. ''1 vra: flillmr'0 : 00nm nwreil a ts ,'b:0 ir', ot 4. : \!i1) for IIn : PVill I-'ei C: -" 1"'1| ivlnrV ,l 1 th~ i.r l n*l@ : w all', * i a k, her" Wol nih llwlr llr nnr l, : hailr iilaIlla , flllrlnt a.l tIe o lns,, Rooi tl s ('at-ra-a or l!, mitin d: n&.. m n Intl i nhe nil: 01"1 l .r.el. n (, nt. . ;ineI d(ell : itllllls't ila I tkin|: sit!ath no toilet .l.a!nws: c lmnt""t ,,il " . p ti- lint cal c.hiurletld viewsi: tlbo'1 1 1 Inp , 6t.11, l pl'n' mis cenri'on w'tl.- vi ttoll, !t I] .1,ritr1. snIp !fsillt : if ll-o a Il Ctl , tr laV a 1 Ii. l." l:a l II ll :llld j nf I ;ater elo Iili: ,1 ei e i a, tott. w l ' It e rmn hno : I tat as ci ita ,;lne attl Iatrn tat am - llas tlie ullarl u 'i, lntratl fsatliactse ec if'lt r.;t tll d il all t IItic, , neak_ mirl iq rei__-t v.l\ 0 ,t. . PD Ifl;' ,, htot.rtle or retal:da ast l tltC sign f ltl e, ttnt (;,,, m'. 7 I, t ':.. r '%',,wei,*n. "nMso .. t fi o , Il I!'.rit\ ile rl & n., ,,f Cftr l, -vett;N ti0 I'I Hlit II e2 t'. f tiiinv In-t, hy ism demon ,,I ; an!. . ,\ht+1ia, 1I e' n r h, norm rP titt sfr "tl .' it. auntrl trai W l. n trvtvii p rt.rv , will f i t , .arT e lt vain toot ar ile ,n1 --!it ttic' " s ti(d! l Inr-a a f itt tat Winrvt lt l+.; . ,li l ni e .l - is, ,rrI=ll e n i t 1I" h .. I'h.. Dew )r ,ron.. Tih r nn s of he ,,veral firi-n willa 1 Used(I in1 linla:'lati n I t'l . i 1 raving thou wi ll Please e ll*tilshnoo , il utdclay. I "IiI'It C If ,\ i tII., yr 11E,.(f' ICK .:Y.IIlL LL "I, t I N'ewrlti lrl, .nis, tIi ~97,1 837. ..P Si.. .ta lIti lr: P INI'IthtN CaTai e taSR act '' R t 1 2 .a-. in re orf this m- t ri t ((r r e warn . in-t reei-ve: ,,i w t i tr t hv the dtoz-,n r tia.ttl bDttl, I ,1I-o Ar r.eric.' la In , ,,h I i!'t p w, ler=, n"l,',ld r an;t! d h . .r . rin:rh nd .,ll at'l. : a , I) i n"ll-" natl ie : n', i nlllpi e ,Willk of mnnie tie', itttt It it ttil Irti , t a (t- r a " I Isali i s ti:ii, rI , i 1i n r'al tcti tltllll a . t ir cilt, p cintn lll 're - ','P : ": l , ll le" l : 0 I 0:0,il ,. ')' n . 10° , n 11tll% , l "r. hie : ,d li 1, iI 0t , " ('1hlo tie 0',l c1 rni t.-Illn :v a, la lh.air. nt ni ,ill nod ~a tr='eitt: t ae alhe r will at ta oldt tttITlt a t tiiiif tit ahittOi -teatr om hail " ,:ml; t je.:elr ..f a O :0t jholale or r toil g., ',, d...i,, . tlt tta'iaty'l, 7a, h rmst fit ceivin, t fi om nn hr n r| himl+ xiur.)o ann Snrn ,,l . Indlbrig ..'on ,rdlil, flntL Nettt York, it a rla ; V 0l0it l of glaels in thlei lint, which ncerher with thel ;orn el 1a an P ik ,, it Ie .l0, maketi Itellir o.n.t lt vI v r nhte. iln ics itie Pl . itlean ri t 'loio b or n Lnnd u I.n(:it Wl i kivlea, aSttlli ki( c i. )Os,!lnll(e tl nntt il tx-ittes, oril ins, dll,,r ao r a.le Ino`o ai Ita llvt , I cl, hI r , tt t 1otht , . , arl , i 11 l,)l nnll 1 r 'l,.r. l'(. ''"rI ¢. : .-, l h Id,1 m tslll ts,, pllain cis- I ~ rii .rs: , .e cklnr c t:ll ] a entl| m -',1 I hoewl rl d l;nlls b nlI • aec-.,tai, imt cu, ant phinctt .lan i b r n' lnl hinh rn Int rdin h h ,ll , m l.,l0 n llllllpi s isln rnd a rel r II -~e ,tit 1" ter l h u I-k,,-slat hels, h' r,°,' ibelt. llp ,1l u, I.-iun I r d t, a hlas ; tle tin n siee ii rrelle iitn, , i. ,wie c antsI , id w her l : nhs ie n I I 1:0,, ,i tntr , ellv IIb, Tlhe abllonve, pintodoer atd da et hl lh:~, b r1 otit' It' 'a ('lo ;dn, l l0 01'. race I andi hnt" I:ter ii I ,I-; l. irla c r lltl..,l Irlale hir il,,, hnvin and io alt Le n a :c noa-d o. it C l plisell India ' mnnrl gr tleati o ' 1O, 1 : ind ,]re sinz t al l a, tatir rieoitt.] , itt te . tI To , pr ain, t nhe isi civelli l wi l'k box-, p lln i lred tilt,.l dl ruq *kantl !onto v est hint"! , pon and inlv drsin t o, i part cuato atd daki atll silver k , e ilt caes, tatti d'kt n ti toe'oia siti . anaold, hih 'git )lokmet, imi ,on d, Iivr., c.olms nfl :lvelr a inl .e , Ih n ol 'a«, I. i iat -li-' stn 'tar i , t tht mill re in dok,.hlo u |)n okwel} ai liotor oi l''',rhhdd' 001 p la .lre Coit cu , i li i . ti r t o i Ta era - an hIe:,riding ,v'iof al lki w, l-h ,i n i1i. n in i al. s , tlhl , The ab ove, mtnthtsr with a Brlent Dair. v oi f onlte art! is \o71) prurl' pa >.l; h .,Iltcrih arN hte S b .I S' ; L1. o to de sit u o f 0 th bis nu- l l :ac lm 'h, '''ort , .lCv r. . i-0 , lo;-i, e (0g550:,, a('t ! \I I - tort nt'aitoa , o tatt: ' :ildt ttt ei,,l: c ,tlt d bac, n ' loon rn'la, t|r a d C i l, r b :0:il l 11 Cis I mole el k, t o- l r of,1 , ,I o - uro s ei,-ii m l, .. ,ri ase t- o ho rn, de'-i.:,, t.l n :ke,o, t, ,'thie wit-li cordel'nl on.f viu, n! .t'|re vi; lnn' l .( u r (c, i u. I'L: I(- 1 anI': IY --Cr!h ,i Ip : . r,. I'{orid,, m, I aney. -rip ,iml cantIII , tle nd C0 ll,::,dl, e tr0 , t of d ioo`: nut, s t e01 a-io t a n d-:, itn , int n o, n: r c eu ou, a rd lo.o,'il tors'i. s a'd"ill s hair reil, 1+eO. pl ,r .an • ,,'. Ito. I atc' , , n . t Pu'ts, plnIo -rITs, ell! a tattl.i, w ait i..IHv la- . .. 1 etL ? 1[i- " atalt n o uo p i ' n itat . unes, ll f le I.LZ tataa t i e l g 1 i C t Im pau le n d:h cu' , hhI 1,t1; 5tl l ear" ~,I rv a i" at' ali.r ' a. t. a atllse i o' a :e tlall at d Mll t +:' r Iple l ,el silverI ,;l .n Ili c iily uwI ll guano , . -, : l: A.1Si a1 -,i - . L . ;r, ,cht lIuse lllIi , yit l,,l i , it c+ , ts!, ter- t!! , ant, c m]), e Nol, :h.ane , u :, It r '" . tit ta -1 . r t h II , ; t n-, .i l .()I:il.ti tII,' ':5-- e.:,o4 'il l d 'oilI: ,o, wa.'l is rete.r (.uturbc l i +.a nC o .1 :m, llullh tr td. i I i ..l i cll 1 ) e.~ x 1 . ..i Iy rih oll I ;; i i, uk' -t-ddr 1 SPlIian tllsh s:: it!Slan t 0~ ie s . om . .\it n wheru M JKn o f,;,c , u1L, t':-loo: wilh setls 'nv h ,u10 se : on-w , mrtors, lhst blett;, t e ,a lt.: h-, u t h:. , loh r e ll l l of tare r rill, a e .1,- bp l oid i ti a . I o ll e echh. u r. a oil er,, otul sihs (J l ll ,, a+J.| r of cir d i( rl car t- ia, aial e a t, ' ' c rl t itt rvi i ata o a t:5-t. L r ask a E a':C h, a:-.,lih s , l li amo " ad r'I r t' s ts -id o -i .,i1: t , , i ,:, , + l- Ii h1a 1i albi.- :I t ~1:,l - a110 t 1 i :: l aici t Ic r t I I ,till ;00 000 ,, LL '00 1 .n , ,t o . . 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U 1' Siti fo i titd n rie.t an oen mir li elfve t -oe. =tt I ." . w ,i n1, a te ai l t n venth si of he Il load Nl sIeen h Ile n r f lihlt irom" his Itnl- bre n ir ton thie to f tllo~i I m ht e 1: m to roy hntel. ii tend of h in ovilivel to be odt hv All n. b t ri voortne i diet , a hhothad i a e hn.irtr the sl'p t of one It e cvc, one fire tn n-err neol the other fire lnrlc two coso "nr I, htno i !'ret h Ih them the othellr are i ro, wcnkh thl ,n o.e- of t wne : ,'o r todi t o to t tow.tri both l h I tierll rot itorel, itr " orvn r to . tie' i l nlc of ie . o ,I oet tehe ticht of one te- from thetare ot 1t minotho, butI1 that rihe , an"w hevri y to rder fran leteros wi ha th s 1III eia l rl'eI i o r .ilI In te ri toll~re I,1+re e. tit',i. ii h .t ro re CeaIc o et ll irt. e hi th. au ire Ctreat succos "i h it . tn so l .iited a r i-d rmotn i hinr twelve hl-n roo . IV r w th yrtic nertr tlen ytear- , wl o hfrl folv. 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( olslolm.ln-,l. 111 81 91 3je.m Aliei o·loiliealo 2 133 141 -- onIolii (3 C 7ain. 163 171 IItnloo, N(l. 54 215 2.2 12 .111 roontooV, V..1' i. 55 111 6 lhgV IIrpni. 83 10 1a.m ,- Ila.wnl.ol,n. I hin. 21 3 64 I'. Irdoklo irlrr Ikg, 8 67 7 Il pmN. II e~inTl:,n cIh , 21 pm. 6I 64 .5 '0 thuu uimore, (II 38 4 04 Hu'indrlpluuei, 44 aun. 1181 11 2 fnw owrk 2 pin. 60 24 13 :6 1 1432. ic 5d 23 c Norhmahnrd Coming So ll 'i(rdIt liIi 1imo es si hoer ' I i i Ir.": I", i 1te i -Nis c i 17 Lunn.~ll··1 I( II?;· ns In I I",., oIII·! A IlS IIeWAIIII. hIh 6 N\A'f it. 169 ''rioodleT cot nor hf WKni t , l l s lit e hol of :11)11ll of A non. no I1 une 111,. 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Ill' ,t l; ""I. rGoa m ImO[ ,' 'i' Io'i".- 11,." cont,.v e'Io.h i i tueji iit IioA xltinC di-.,oiled. 7 tI w ., h ooaoto11wil oaiItdnllvthe airih p ^" .,` I oi r malorr o it. tii , I cif,, nod rerporee ull to -,Por in ori - tht" ,,,1 to e1II~u t, Ipo1I!II In hie,, IIII , n ll a ll thhosa hllivln An 47 t lI!lltE'S2Nl 11 - 11 dr \ W., hlN.ý "1 _ . 11 n .i ell r i ri err I' El ru, A , . rAp oln intll k r avt l i, _ (let. heell~, Chem id Il 'uenIIIe; uiuILI thee. or..rl Sit, Ihmpihh, r5,Ii ii ..,e, cri 1, 1rg Iloiighl, do o~tnlu, Iai AI,,itto Irli IIlie ErootAl, p,,,.derellclu~l ' Illrlzillcile woos,, Ihn":u~ur,,du, Cupý,rr s, mericans r~k, n mll.), C l,,eHI" i., '.1'ii toi", ced , 1'ost'c 'l'eempio, dIo I roll.,i, (,on Clar a, AI.IIr,,ru mr- ~ ~ lotnwer, III Alne b ,,,,,, " ';,.,. 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Ir' t : : l ., "IIhrTT rv.i Volt.' :t Ii ,,I I, , ,.. ,',,,n1.1, i," uo I,,I uu ;rm edition , I" I I rs ITi 'NI, eI I, ei Wo rsli i.. . II'u,;,T".I I"' eT'TTkTTT /' I TTTI. 0 r .11 . -- \ " .. ir, o ' , of ('o, be x I'lenrologn. (toihleI'- i,,, ...I ., +,d ,u.,le lI' nlr,.l uer,, puperfi , wevig hti ,1,-t' inr ale gy. 1131 II ItENJ. .LEV'Y. ,'-I' I I/ I V' I II'T''E l ft.. r c -. I'.\1¾ t i \ I/ 11F II. &., b.y the author o Ayear iTrnilT' ,n/, / l 'e ,,,o . . r,, . erterlly ,pplieul, Io I l,el riT i,.le oI No,,rth elien, l y ti 'urener, Etq %'Tl, Il.lii.rn til G.r,a r,1 r of the I 'nl ted Siute', 'or a llllllt. of the hr il pr'e' e of the g -enra anl .ll ", rlllulllll , I h I"l ill a lrltiols het.eevin thiem -,Id ih , I,. T &lll i 'l ' I til TT Iit, l Tgl l o leii i 'thuI I nt eji mlo , tITT," ,h I . ).T :,,I ' liT l, I:,'T.iI ' lihrlls', I ,II Tli aur r "ellllilnwI- pe)fr.ell With character .ste nnrrdot,"ae e. ands meh-ines diisporting men, in ,'Iudinl, uni . I, t lpriTCTip Tl eTm 'k rulel. ',tf..gleid wI 'huni lit I l eII.Iat I t, nod enerTT l inidex I of nuiOnt, S r,,fIi 1,r i L' :. i'hr iic Ith lutmatiem, I.'hro i Ulla.l I.ull I TN- l'ai' inll thei ie lo 'ie, by r e the a bring in ititl atiof ercury Thies etr' cocetrat.ed Sy:rp is prepared with that .rt tetl pll onLnll 'r it., re id:,:nlmlt, O.vr. r ,a dlcontain tlale,l dvl.le, . IN ,'lld witi hoher I e Ii/O i 1 bll, ibN tllll 'j'hv ) .- eht d i l iltaln with phvsielan in heine abl i ,LTiTll. T , IbIi I TT'I Tl i llle' l thiet is lllrpfI+ tiOU[ thei ', Iini . l'li r u InTi , iedllil If I'i i, onf l len .tly eo a nihter L iit j '. eonse'I g' HI enl, IijhiAiltetoe ., li ii ,,llhlc L' ll lit Id.'la lio tl nv. 'h ,e T. l .511 pr botle. ;Snol only at SW .AIN Ili' I FI'II ,RI druge ctore, No. I Irhlgl wirl , whoi ht', II b 'ITd l r "'i 'T lliii O TT t 111111 dTll irec t fron the prTr D i c. cii 'lllr lllll ls lreplarti l , aill a l irge ainll age'ei i:T e* 'llll' lit I" TTTT T.N i li T/Ti lI l itTn1i, ein i - i' i'¾ '1 IOMEI, &c. n r l dal-mitl' :hr:,ll li eln tl of the liuTl/rl of Roueo tow ilb is rltiTrdI i ll IntrIl oTI tion to tOie tSn ly o to lo I lie.l,• i a t d llat riet oif val u able info r laittttn a d l thrll world thi ork, i o the alnele iL lll li, t. l lllT ic l a , T.T itII NoeiI s;iT l Ctiqill I lio, *nTTo T an i Tn : litir eSel I V d1 3f in. 11A TIhTTT'ue1- with tlhir cTel.TO oITT n Vtlo.lIY Ah.l'eol I mU dII.L' ii1 t' 01. t ' fi lr U lutitlta lYiitl.r) lot l.llicln, ' l ' tJue llV -i of J" Ilidu , Ut ar Io te ctl set.1 , .il.ll -i.s ou l'a r aintio" l atltherb e h nd l ti. i tesIntI I Itrmiiotlby Gs I inTi iii. iT uil l% s lle, t l + ne.... t pIoll t ' IT.1 . t I hI ,it a T. 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