Newspaper of True American, February 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 4, 1839 Page 4
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* r-17i 1 dtsiA'lnt 'Y: a . I ri F) ý0 11)' roln'1rvt. 1, 'ife ' ýliiv eo, nlsrc+ . \ril ( s e rc i 1 ,Ni' AicEIC IT. rF111 KS aI S l pg e-_!~iia l III ,.,d ireg i " itlicrii Jarisi"redenceon c iry I' benrie nFe err-Pr:z6her), ori 1aiclii a) s0 ',:aurry--l.imtan's cnruslcry M' .vifarv I it --Catto.. popttlnr Modicil ri Fft~'Oe ri~k lhrrcii~hliere t 7 O 1a*ete' Liii he' (d'ad ieFry P MEcIcetfiA A\P NIIPTCAL. A ý li nc Lau kcpiitotrv , do 11139 h· irncb ilncrr"n l Dh'tionnry, L.codo n = AF''nucr Fnr 11139 II ,w40ren'es Navigation ; C Iftieturrr Itiltlll - e1101T60?R3 AND FO~CiIANICO. 's+ s't i n ary " If A rtrchiteetntr., 01c0 2 v. F. "b Areltitec tnre? 3 rutsx, Londoln n1 r 'IMs 'edcrnld'r Ca-'1,r'iIY 6 is 11a '0ehmrnF', Fioov'Frecdin, h.rcJ",n 'h e Mrtlbmeatirnl Tidilec I 1 je IiOrELi,., N il'S ekerk' Amnericacicn IllegnRlryll! volsl P dalord l Midrjllcj li7m Nsfy the t Cransin, Jottfiiovl lll 11. ConI~tunl Lord Ia~an'0w000i ,;2 vole, liomiet0 I'lti'neii. (Curiosities of I.itreoictre, F, Jlilihpial.Eepomy hR toy, don Vretoke hr'orbrt' Lire of altFer cott, Aco 01 *rriirorinnJ lochl:ie, in Presectti vFolt 'aickaMoiea splmendidirio,, 7 v01 s, Rni 111 a Oreerro aoreerieeof m tr , lee' 9 al r i F 'if'' sica ,3l isclluuae oBu, Ncov o*5rIcO, Latic mird Creel, oFF'~ ~~~ Or i' J.O1d r' 10 c --- . _. lo- Cllnmle end Conmihmh sl·. Fotetket il CONi'r/a Fii.'irrc:t,fr. Fre1ereooee cog~a ~ n Am 0':· yemdFr 1 Twiil iee rindilo diroceerd ohcmmrm(or' I'Fi: Te' Ix j-tiiire iceprm Flu'/! 10iimrrmmo ' 1I'P tfrrIE iir" nle d ure sslup l i l I the lrt,iuarv ncd~ of ti-tin A u.i: n lte first piney, Fing fVer $ e b on re g a. i n. ' ci u n ii rr I o, a d c etrit r it F it p r )rhds omrcrr10nie ,,li)P·Ir )C the 'mrdr4rc ci reFLi o 'tii oft. 1 otin:r peculia it avit" p pnrriIrr rFnioiin remn'i, ' nutgile b rowels in e thii Fow Te Icirdrciscas. h ol1 Ic cner o enie of rde'6drrr tOl trriim 'lrFcr it'the .isr , Willi tvlI 1Cirv. 11, r a Octio i t it nor y he oppr. *?:p: l diinl ,e heroncirreF o-iheoi Tonc', cixiw hr ar're' tqd n'po-ed rc FIl tico usrrual rresr or . 'hFir dlregor iii i~nqp5~~ ~cpero i' Fir girhe cet' hod, ci, s c us ne mmntt c imecoirre roe mter i, Frrry err tO frriecgrpr h, rrlo t ,e m c"ill c A gor , is vier y 'vi oFF c, 'fo r dta system .till anon IIPCOIIIe too mUClI proettatrto 1 'w'attle to retl t with laalicineadaetd alavc tim to ruch inceecantcviolncc Tihe Tomeejo Iiicirir Fe ;hhe rer'h crery peceoci-eo priot, cc Fnlooro i id thnrrbh oersv olcl-notllt rln )OD on destitute ere hereby furniehcFd wiii h osistnehojiuciit soliciting the ed'hnd 'cu ,.,rlcnbe iOiche frrequcntly dnlided to them. or clan ,ery,relllclnnty htsstowcd. 1710. iulic era rerpecely caioned rgancrt the Fir 'hsohnitetio: fiijos moedicine, that arc daily oftired 'uiseprepared nlyic Fry Dr. Joim R. Rownnd, at lia Leboeratorr, 'Mirktrrrnr i'Flcndeihi ,rc oin , 'fir nlllrser, i erjtrrr e r wh m ieorie mornt, for tilh NCrlt We itnre 'icier, rod will sll Fiir th eror, 'it the h'hilodrIpIdin price.. Il d It[ retail alroiec eooetof Fhe "0 pirr ilrec ri'. tscity. JARVIS i& ,FNTREF'i4, icolil r"'c' Cemlnm &.'F'crhrm-itro l.rr s iiigiciimei.rri .ed r.,--- , Misslssippj and ~Lo lin'. sa Hote l, R~ S. MARY K1RKLAND respetfoally an. nouncsc to her friends and the public goes. ally lthat she is lrorpared to accommodate tlhel at les nbovs ostablisllmnllt, and hopes frn cher exertions to render visitor. comfortable, to r uceive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Coevilgl-n during ihe. ummer months, ca lot filnd bester accommodations tIoa she can afford thlle, on nert liberal terolo. Herhouse is pleasantly si taled, antl well soppliedt with eery convenioence; the bar is fiarteehd th. ll the most choico liquors, &c. ih rlsha prnoises .a'at nothing sehll b': wantintg on herl part to give T itre samoitsictinn to all wh.ol may iltolooornoizo ..iiPesieippi nCol Lenithn i jc 3 i 1O -'e c il . g e L C.-"Th , f l do w ich .--- havi , studied undeor I)r. Sor tidt of CIharlentn tothl Carolina, tiald for soIe, years Ile anistant in I the practice of tot dic;o arld suIe trr , has Ithe bon to offer his proloosional r'a'viceo in ltis cit'. He esenlres tc ladeds otol gAetlyaton taonat thoe Ma t prompt' attention will be pid to the calls whic may be made; atl also efl'rs his satvicres to ltho holdore of'laveos, being vtll acquoainted witlh thel diseeesesommon to lthem, laviang attenoded Othem in t the sugar laouso in Chlarlrston. Thie farmous anti.biliens pills alter fle conmptltioni SPrefegpr Sloollette, with ladirections, cant be had of the urcreigneood. lTh efict wiclh they o have prodwsoel in this ant olther cities, has been atultre and with the greatest success, to whlicl the bst of' efereneos can be given. Aptly at No. tf(a Mogu. sine street. JNO. Al'LOIttNG. S1O.Iu WA15l0 , U- § -O CtOnVs, SAD IRONS, &n. lTtHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. : 1 238 Water, near Beckman =.tract, Now York, hove recived tie paort season, ulld oare to 5 sotaltly receiving large and erxloasiver adtditions to the s!.0lt ef tile above goods, lwhich noonrits of' lth' ellowing ss0 trnenl, suitatlblo c alto the aoualur o and wsterrn alarkcts. tollow waoro of sauporior quality, consistillg olf about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 dlifferent siRzes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fronm 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans orOvons, 7 diticrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 . do Skilloet, . 5 do Flat Spiders . do Covered Spidors, S do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 so Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3-"1 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 2.00011 gross, iron and brass, front : :inch, No. 3 toe 3:9 inch, No, l24 of a lsuperior quality and finish, and less thaln Jamlne' imlported priaces, Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. STailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. mrade to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly redominended to the attetlllot of Soutllhern and Westernl merchants, and are offered fir sale at low prices, and upon the moat liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortmno't ever .eed for sale by any one establislmnnent in the iiLte'd ,States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail. can have a prin'ad circular, with descripttom of goods, pritaond terms. frota.whach no deviation is ever made, fernished by return of tmail. Allorders receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. .1'3 NO MWERCURY NOR COPALV~b Neo tinrlc me, .No'v. 1"1, 11i7. A BOL-T an mB nths age Ionthdo )Ileg,1 d 10 unortgo ct nacrrtdisenas, for whltichi I oave lpplired to ino al dotoro foroot cln, ondthlen did III(II n.FI11n otte abole dr e IpIut j tysrlfirune lr t ie tot`o Ihwt iuoat r o cd I eopotlnolot o r t Since thao tittle tledlceend got won, sn as to Ibrook out in iomns. Iolcors to the nuimbr ofFi oreight oil earnh leg, onubill ovet myflyiiloand sre roat, and~ tool 0oite too work tt h.' present I lill) oil urrmmtll of th1e dircnacr; lur; 111 elver 11 the right idoe of thetltnrot. I .m no., putting ilnelf tp fiDui ly uodorniho clue of D1. Ilotaf, M t~$ o i ~ o ~ o d o 0 0 o tt rooo ,o n t o i f o h ytSr cured to rl a I o n . I Otln or o.i; ' thet for adoton dtr ri tr.qhuietwnll snood to Ino awn w .ind :I lllot lir 0 .i, I0 I tlunlrrcUr, , host; and llrccrvm 1:1 I ass fro that the lli nna I hark, =tukrun Ilal*F I at Pit, aw 1 (Id not illjllll iuc? wttnlth ut all; tlherefers'l advise l11I.vf Zllow s,,lno r' ., klnet ias ito h ottm from J .vh1,, o \ All , OS il Itolo AI. Vhouy will foind it tru octorrtnr thiso mpoo~lait. J (_IIIlNl)E 1NI ii tvior rice., If any one o oanoi to see into call at N. 11) thleii-io dUII~l ,>Ent \ Newt Orleans. Feb 1, 1831. _r i 'fr Iii I v (i enui ndluu Ioulnoofttne w;r vrto.od itt''. 1. huuud, is flat up1' it b iondtoo 0 I0'lll 010o pot . oeetnta Cuobhr Gmcw noot theotlnooit h of hltttO'4trtto .1o b"t.lretoortibetti Leshe ,it itmag of oan0 oditnrttgoal hrhra Ittnon tnio' in{ e lodiono~ asnoictionto in curipi; pnimouu) E8 emnplluints. Tholeo(~llrdoororcetahiwit r ltnetroldll t e ,tooof this ioetiahhbln Ilolrom toheotoonr ii os ho itotlro-' disced. Loo ehtniood the, cootiltonr OroI t'ontotnoudn Hane ofoonaprctalo' olotniojot,, hor'hio'oorsof ton gos, eide, pain in the aidle, wrutt rett, spitiing or blond, e Ilereo-nplninto o. To whoml ito ny l onern. This in to enoiyiv let wO hand inoottretirntr frequettotly rsribedoloo M5cc (tud 1 , adr'e Indian Bolanootoflinernooro aid II olooInd, w111tot, edecided good rffcti: no ow c rlcrlore, fr th Ion rw a ef x cet rerpnrio o'otonretd ii on o I Brail toein too ctno of thle lunge po wlitrlt it 1tt.ol1 toaenodeod. AiII ItLIAI1N, AI. 1). CALVIN ELI.! S it. I). Illohe.. offthen Ilotono MrdinulAssociatioo. Elosti' Onioobrr 21. anlebv JI1RVIS d ANDIRIEWoi, lIn~ 13 C n to tal l 'otitt il Itt 010 A l aR. Vrgetnitir Btrr (lii, i the m !rnattion 1 and gowmtb of jir, lnirio ghe olohd browt ,nod - thit Bair Oil rit oITfrrI to tiLe ublic, it hod * a hadradeo cootu~ soC heldtera, thittscaronnnd -. Itasd tte~erytondtntori ioE.lltl·r, relodItjtssttirorrfnied 10Inrodo.'r atltlerj bittlt toI Iteode nltteoin al' otlno o- ndod rotogrtt et Igti~rn 0', ogltrrottit Sm. to oto Ititer ii ir (lii 11r forr nig I: l 0i i. 111 0 it In ornlr 0 y15LU'.\ E Prma rrrrn r Ru; lh Il '- ltla l' a'J ki " arl la111l; 8,9,' 0 R, l I a 1 inch blno, Bloiton l(Rif.": lratlherr .ar l ther trnvellintl Dlmeaing Cnois:;'olt. l',r'ka, llaor.oma,',, and laellina Pintcla;'dnhbit' ad 'iale Ihrrelh'd (iln.' tmna (t0e Il.; .hll.t T.ol)t Ver Iad Pinstol l:sks; Dram lll..lafties and .rinki, Cp": lore ob,,n Crps and ' n loale (lolth, unir, Ioth and Nail rush; Orris nud C'hlorine 'l'oth t( Wash' Pndh Paowler;'roelet and SRlvin aon e ., in Brent lo . rinett: lr It lhr Braids, Rivelrt.n al F ' zi.ct e.; oela I nil Toilet Powder; 'tllerv Iioeo; r. "v '"'ub (.,lttion-.: Patent Slides o r b l, rter I - a 1e1t1 . .tie Powdier Puff and olexes. 0it 'thbola', Sen and t:ev< Fa:.drlanl; \Valit lntltklo': Ilrpeil"l'"ai; l.l~l Nckllnoa. Run (:haite.' (lilt and Siivrmd IlBenda; I, tl Bo lends. (iell anrl l.Phtiner" ilhell Twiat; Sida anrd D'essinei Cnvnl,; o hihl, in addition t, their ormnor stock n hand. nikes their na.oltment very montpleto ndl will he alhlb .w enl on likernl terms, at the ioen-l r the (:ollon ob, i-tf 70 Chnrtres l treet. 'fll Snah'ribern, Ageutal',f, the anlo,,aiva I'moo of ks V\.n. slt0,e1: lShel. iol, lE, "id h , arnve jwls re.ivdl y n yen' nxtensiv art of nn' n, t .am mt s stin'T of Table and llesrrrt Kllives ot '0 .n lh.etillll. e'oln, Pocket, irk, nnt l Sper oillot lanie ; loaznr, S:i' ears. ld,r'l'alnk , & . &Oe, whiehllloy are prepnred o oxhiit to tle tirot l or nrderi. Terms and onfllti n.. Nhill he anldo knawn alt thie ir the nI16 J t. I). II EI A C(:elENl.0n C.mtann 2t . |I.IMONS, IIARdI'" '& CO.--Are now rheee rgIi ' per ip lantlniIa, tlo'hl,'la'tr A ,ew, 1 ll'h antler, F'lelnllh t ell ' bl inoui r ,le ble la inn.i Car': te ,', lnitad loel .it a I Hls a l o l l rihvr l nrlds sil i cussinlg caps; .!I:tc holdlers; seris .t, I|ltazors, pen. hea ; (illeo', cnn rlll'reil. nna rnher stenl Iluts.Vidl nsl Viol]It stirl: shell, inori a aid Iornlll nals; \ralkotls: k , ll'll h nlll ('a m l'r illprs.: lar I l.,i'lls, fin lnt nllll tlltl till lutet, Ii'.ro Ipulls:; !,e 'tmll :1111d F t'cn(llI eUl,.Tne -water, tRonlw alls mallensaep oil, :illn llon :nll lilt. aNel reanr oilt' oal'le lcskP ,a lln lrel' n cia e,: p3st Sbln6ekl, ; .ttil at n ll tnilel gaa ' ': e'; onex tnitllft's; oNl eIl ghrttr, en a·ot tt· rat \:l; llntll r bot:ll', hell t lnd p1ltme.; eeot'deotn; n'hit-ib·wine; tnilll il hllvi.i!ng no .le toilet cander, 'lnllell 'a'iat al ; sentetl ttta n l tslns; pool stlllan '; .llor w ellhio l; fillv Ilfltl ehania l ntll neeklsccs; hilidl all.; on cko lorat b aln wn Illalelts; fG"rlllalll hlolne ;i 1::IoPIlt' d:tll,; Fllt3 nllea d cn lllnt lll +llll e:lasticn scs leins,:; t":trlersdnBllells h1ci·fIr m:atches; sil ·er sentl:ils- (.'rrvn, .c. R.c. 'l'c alNooe i', addill', t i , Irl'.,.'n t' al-TT of Laney0 1 n Gholose O relal :I s rtit,. ofiG o, t hrtdesn Cl tre, 7u, SC lltll k n e , sl , nnet. '',2,. _ ' of New Orlr an : 11hn,t,, ll ·rri ,C., oIf .Natchloh lillHln'iatl'll e . l&Co., lft Itirli,-\-, an t dim Iv llot Ile2l.o lfllf y l astv | .rtl Idlelalltla llael A eilaolot T 'l' llollwclasi~noll 'urviiinlgpmtrln will bn' -iare rj witlhll c lllel'. . II1| an l'+,-v sair "lbol rt S us II Il ' LeviC larrisnwall atend tlotlh, settliun, o1111 1f11,1 i, 0| alet Harris& Co.. tit htltelea" mind hnri-, I tl- I ev & C.,nlt allnoev; andtlle "nly K.llv will ai, d oin ho 'Odlinag of tia k,'aiaoaafKe lCy, Rllo, . Co, l& t New Orleans. 'Tbh namns of dle eveOaoi fires w an la used in lig todn1i, ttmly. ol'ho.e ildehteld In saill firmn nare enrnetly tl, lloflmI'o' lloll Imn ' eallelbo'oa' 'eotlleoee -.- nnd thlle haviug clita 1will pleane p'.rselt Ilhol tOllflt dli.,, IA0VI C iIARilS,l I IINIlY (KELLEY. New Orll, lt,, Illle 27, 1 7:37. S Canpe, l,,neoa! tti sptpeior Colagno water. jao' I lreceived a id f wor o h. h ite d en or ileitgle hottI'. 1Aso AI iril1, ' It':m l .n lld i I,.a t tilet I) 11, i d.r )o er n" "lia b]hl,,ll., 0 ,lrlod' aog e llloi oil, .:IL" r'x,'t mII] k, krblnlllll ; Vlljlll t rd'. e'ee;l Iiol e air,,i ' poI nm m ia l l t' peesl'S .l hr i llteenillr, rose mill lin wl e+, 'oati,ahnnrd hlaoIhl'bolid lia-Ia batnYhe. lie e" wtil b.n;l. and wl "cwiv fuitr ante Iow it w olernle or r, toil it y " , " I'I ODNS, IIAJ'I'lT' &oCO, r I l._ I!v 701 (lhartres l talee. d i % bb )tt aaai -6d worste ta tic caIt er& , nonion i e'i''ip.dloi t alou tft a tip l l nnu a if i $nr .ta ^I,,dbri,; Con(.(odir, fro New, orkl . a ot al " ri la' I of ods in Ihirl la'Iaear h eter tI ih the i npl nn - lj : c tt n 1ll . nI, alcs tl(a t i• I rilal rla t PI .v ) I (,l The tollov, inga tomlsa I.e o Ilu i e: eOl t'il., I t ,r.. ;dP, fltll ,aa IwIo a ol , llallrn a ,atell. , lrdpt ll I - vilrt rbihdlo , s]ill. Iil nu.l i , sh-tii. I r (III I iIoldi , hlne re tin k uslwio bluder i, [ ioins and lLuntitr o,,, l. nd lJiT lp\ll ts' 1 ,I(iop n u1,"r . p l+ll in d twi ne,l e tI . n'! ):,d -i t anld amPI lter it(I .l in't, ned]r e lo(. :, shetll 'il' TIvory u1 11 r Il : I t i-r=. l'l erl rit p lo Jtl ci-(' ill1 beadsI, neklh(.es illll niedi n-,- Ieaed ,hnh olde brad I: , lc0ll in C hril h v11 , il p in ilI , t .lvrv ndl ts { ar. lr, P'mP e k, h Pil I .h I, hi orewrI , ; uin h e i. hlo k ind tIl1o\ III lll d ll Ja1 worb'e I li.( F iog n arrledrs , ol n o wll ie I,(ilt1,1/ aPt d t1r1I',.IF ,rl - l o: ne, 1 itl h t a ttl vr, glirlltt , h Oln , I r. elota w ' wall l It' I vrvC s all i i l Il t r ,'lo II. lallla s t Ct J -ia Io ', a t'i.t l re a i'nl t +I11nlep, hor, ,l power, e .l tlrt ' I" , rp hlliton orlh I uidn, inpl lld lld roel l l ery v' d i or in" tooth-_ was Tll iexrIa i:P,t.i-ell sa ewi ub an ! fIl lll uIdt ofi lt l r t| hle s e s, bol".: d od wheh,-nh r retai cdnskl.:1 ndto'l ing uleit wordr el ('(t pan filag , inro, ars. i or he / I 1 t o, I I" ntu iom h i o, tshirtli -, -0(, a atindlA , i tl, lilt l trtal ati r gl, illl. :111, I , t nlull tl ll ti lll' tl t In lOIaI, IPIt ltla 1 s i , llesi liludle : t 11i l t es, w rlt a ta Il , bll e i s, Imi t al t il n ft ites, l indllrl la , vi,'l. ll ni.11111 l t 'll vi it i rlls d ' lo ,1 a il, J! lain Iruss ion raps, atta r i ttntt wooled 'le It llel , Il lallh, a I .i d oIl ry' ki , r i" l ll" ul 8 ;u, les:oltA iltlt. l ll tllir l lt CItla " ' -l aaitat il an atliilltl boxhiA n tC AN-)I lle iE ll h1 ' (.4 l lh' l'l f e- l eal Nat Sdtai, ra -d tl r,; 'lt ', 'l , a I.:l',lalltl lhLt:lll t fl rtultlt a -il:', llll:ll n. I tIil ta I tI 'hai ,it nia et' , 1 it fTt'htti,. aaat ItarL, r3u 11' . Ii ta(,, a htd ls af , clll i at, ha e ,.j1 - I ia'. , a t aill diae, tIo ll tlt o e'. It. a ,t- Itlll , h,(tllI' uud volllpio It attltar11I'afll IaaIr It't l nl ; P'''' cle nlllm, mplll ntri}' cr' it.l hlla, Ir t a ll I l. crel'it Uolle, .Cc: l Lill h hli (,l .1100 i rIl l]rr l· l t.' dI. I lI 'S i nsllll,eliil t jlall itia l a a a'llallt lll alllt l Ib ,llO l i lia r)o 'C.,l l il, i'hall·irh, spll' to in h 'a 11,'.lIlt a ' It i a ,it.·. dI I..I . 1L'0I ttw 1l., wilhn- 1,i n ]o tolloiul nmrnif bI IIIli, tarn sia acll at ' Me aias' alta, aar1 ,. 4 , Nalrtr, i l un, v I .'l l alr ee, lll al -'ns (M f lit) o Iirgtltot y i l ulni cP0ll l l: I kin d-t l c l il.i.ll . li ttt l . ilv r . i ea t Wi b , ir id p el, ii Ial t ta;ll l lrd lxts h(t .lXe)h aOlaa r l"l oaar hla s , . i hlldo at, I I tI Iatittttt'lala 'tat ta 1,a I a SIon rlcl- .Cr h, hAIr, d~ItIala .I(InI. I tl.l -- tl. tiht, aler.ak to t,rlat, de b ll c nll Nll , 'h'Ihat taol allll,;lla in i kie't., l h t 's. bru (Yl ;. irlssa, nagnnll ltll lle 'all ,.hn~nnd F rlc 1 wd l lilde glass.,1 ihun to, lwt h e·l.,h tdlli i ohel rkind not'nofw i'v o k h ill·id Ih ill, ind kdh-,oficns, li.ll,l" ,I, ..-s f ind ,.olniv s u, i,.l. si ll r , :i u Ithl mli h ure, d io ll., i t"ila io.m c- f h li coxnlinn0 l frilll ons 1 11,ar iou ,and. oly 1I.n ' ln lns,,:ilv ra ,, pnlat,]nr it~l' anlll Ililhr l,,v pl IIlw n or Bup;i n i'lra na vi s, ler cl.lllu 'Suu I l"pl r1-nll I n l llvl I i.Iie l..skr 1f r 1 IrllU set, .d eIld|,r o o._,ih , llver kiil l - S1 , hel nd pl.nlS| n n'u'll" in, sicllver wilhted, s .lel 111 i'eol ! 1tcl. i SI t1i01 tI -l[L- lu:1 li41 bore lar .IA1iII & ANDII :1V.., I, I 9 C, 1- un·1'1"1" ·. 41 ku<,J)El0 'I.,.,,. 7-4 9(1 411i }lxoI a aner il , riiiit a rlihies i 5e, I ii ·llll·Lp VrPni ' III Alshti lrc+ ilk.~ n i i lr lire ll~ 21 il It ii i-, l iii Ia pi ( ur lls\: llcl: ~f~h~l~rIii III~ GI Pct 10 f "r s alt 1/e nl nl fl i· 11 fi .llt (' nl··la1,I Bn~on ro n d.-.,.;/hox.,cnni Kinetwil h .ow U.T THEt Ji. Vl 1o'ti i..rsiS -l .t.lst e 1 !. T r Il, !d',wor of the' Jo,,7. ii r 4erie to!: S1:--hIt n r.yPArs Y the nt.oervntinnf of the t1ditnrs I Iof Ie Nashville "Pre=oo vt'mtl I'ni ti n andl 'nI'r-on- 1i tinhit 'l. Ill ti ( tleltnnl..gis tnmono the DTionio 'i li s proved hv Litikiitnly ratn , knowiti that hii tihse is lilt lort, andl Ihllt th inllonendlelt \meria.n iteol in ,rs nhblc to judoe '.r Ilhemr s.lves whnt lire puffsn and impositions. The w i."thy editors who nae Doctors, oil Ih propriretors, edit-ors o sub-nditors of hn e above t lond journals. rqll] every letter fromn persons I have is itil t in th, nbhive phdlcc , pnift. 1. '.Tia fact is, th It wer hnad siih ;root s lccetss within so litlitl it period i s ten o(r twelve dtvs. i Onet whan wlls aged hount toli years, who had onl. seen the of light from in i birth, tienrn to nee to follow M ii u.,ter - to my hotel, in-tend of being oblited to be tled by htn. Tl'o young ladies, ho hadt eah lost the sight of one i eve, onl for ten vears. nitd the nther ftor nearl two ienrs, hAvtnl l nth of them the other ere very ten k; n 't eri.nch of tlhose n outn' ladies Teflokn to s ii'witi Iothl eies, which benefit I piledge mnwelftiltl ilntiiinlrs . ex ' etA aesp l('nlp merchant, wtl'noe name I:tn titllo d tlever i't Inllflttii. (tI1 hr pid nT Illy fe.t ol, who i a.iid sio hn- d In I t the .itht of one l e froI n he li ii r fe on f mi n lts. ioll thatl she now ingl'.. to read large letters wi ti the 1 o othel r eye eelnpl etel shutll. i Thin thoe toftelr erthtor that they might he infirmed of the fach.- - The I.nt 1 i sl lll t t1 ion isn naf elderlyn outlemnn by tb e a!e iof nt, n nInrly secngi ntn . ." :s ill" a nto. whon d, tml ] il. i t lu by Iot< P, whh'ch he toosk to tll the diff'mnet oillirrs in No t-n ill hbut one, 'nid limself tud lt o he h1i l {aild il"r '-le insertion whatlever thily tTemoninlhd., who di clar-i r I in1 thttt Idtler hat lie ten .aylllv ,Irpleir d n r the tiht nf one eve frne fn kd .titer hitirNlli I whi ch his noIthI rtati toI h,, t neentsioniei d lv thett islmas+le or a0' ll polx: lhlt nt:-v ie.c cru!d nnt o!."y tie ilirht o nf th noy for tihe fir, t time that Ii, ret ldn eeilt, ibt file stars aisotl. nd wa.i h. rimlin to dnltinlluish Illlr ohJettt ' tIoll di d, befolre t I lfl thnt n(it. dvo IIio I tV pIroflt I ini ,to i elli ee to .lk soat Ithe the- i .lwhh thof tther eye ompleteiv el, sh d, l-e onvI her bd born n ome r of the k lethndist E piscopal ('dlunch for Te rlv Iortv ~,orne all i tlhn inlhls wirdn f n er il l , I t ed I rllittcl tbe o': ultci i eu to tllf i line. ." °. 1r opes: in l lad setei r h renti'r ov 'ho . I ohne :,t Nilth lle, iO t'! Ii.0' tein "ulthit r.tlIn Ih ' -.idn do tI o v.r lrdtl he rwll, at: c le - r.:tie reason lln I be ellra rd. 'lhe e' -r-tl l n ' rti'rt'it:, n " I- ern .. llit l tt r h io'!IF ll nhe JoI irlll l \', a rn hIob r'liln t ~ 1o I odI1 t I li r - ih vl rtllrI,'l'lll .; bean; heni n por't.f' i)f 11i110 to lot'isl in I ill, 'Ilet1 It rn;iI' tll - nil lln t at i )ll. I'..b o I( Irinll ll ifiti,-'hI.t I iinntt have munt itoe.,Initil tit, lnfi- nlit Ih intil of, ll hiet l ti l h n IIIo I tlol, i l nl ill- . io ,itlr tn i al one .i :1sit io. irtf tihn lt ri wtllat th e . l oi . i litll a det ii ti tnl i ie ii n ll 'riti l iiin ) , llit ~ I tl n I Iltn mi r eIht in n i in in e. n tn t n i 1 s vl t ira' ew orol k=, I on.rl togr, h lit ieve, n I .I 'lEti nl e In the t nIo rohIiii o iof 11 it o i l-t ,lin 't Iii ,. Ulan vhe 1 e knewh d oe no nrt god llaldli. i(i ill I l( - I r ,llelnliv y very tono or, ll l fn I hrll~ I lt . \i'a l env e, illo s l e ro ino m t tthen1 r fin tir e n al m thto e eiti ill Itv r on i lie tc e . lhient leh r loe i tot. blind evl, n. The l haitI rn t hon n i r,-ionnif toin o rin o ioir e lll00 s ' a'll t hall' kept lion i'I ai v hi t 1 t I, ga lned one in t 'h e nohri,,h, I nougat t I tat'r s rl l T. , ' c0'rin fli~le n n ..lI nie tth nt t, i) nt ii s h imtl n.. t - hem Iu m eryd cont h f - ti' i vll re l t . y ein jIit ole d I ht it ellr ii r of hI e I .iallt r i ll I", I li rr P ll r o.l 'l t ml an. lhl e d I i I :r If s it,,. t I l i 1 1 . lll . l' Ir i I. rll I:ll Ill ie e1 I 1 u l II l t ir well i rthe cle -ic Drm$li, it .''. he C l.i ii .-I r l'i'Illl' i n Iand o llsa e ni oll I ,I .-l-. l i t l l Ihi Ill ! rneio n, medical ). i t o ofi tr; o'l e is the . .l aI , -l th. 1il , nt i , the rl'h o. ollf ll, l ID,, I . ...a SIll l lt g 1 llsoe e ll, l o em( n i e i r o soV, i i no ll, I r tn. w nt yor i.iy so'm'e ia t oIll'tr ,oOIl , L rh ot hl ti my b i onntuoo odlitititle nli' ln, i l il' I , ill tt11 e111 - n( r lll lln . . I: I Ill I u of 'l'l inf , n oth e lI hav i, I ,I Il n 0u', s of l le -,I I ' 1I v t ev.(cat liol-t. Itlo:ll "i l, iltlln , I I"II ii ,-:l lld wll, rIl t llr e e Tito" c l rnr the lont i ). on .1, o! ho ¢ill it til lo" ol r(c inv fllr b e Iw elied' l o11 1 ( I ni.l tll i rll i m Itll Th,. infohrm tit2e t i li c ien t prod that l re l Ir" , Ir a the Rev.I ll+ ll nt ll.l eo III1I it . del I l.ltt n ' w vl a I7- t Itten for hll , t1 ea1s)·. e l -rtie df, hvellrlth l r t ialn l t ior, WI`- :·~l~imll al'eh ii l.h J nnle d I-hl i mlil. 1ro', 0's I r u I l wl u:e r . l n , 1..r 1 i iktul enb s I lnn. oh rtl, ook i toA fisstr ie n r .. dTh, ixt i "ll !Iti n d ,llot II. dii t I w. o'.n. t. It-, I ill .?( fro. o.I(tl,,, 0'l, do y, °in metl ercoldtie f lll,"ir,',l Ii. ont'o' \.i,,h ' t t il I V '(F h Io o blen"hI ] isiv bell ; Ile I(1I : hart too mil ""` lxI n tl't Jl)' It tl , lly dffI'·lill ,Ayr. ',r, ( ll h 't " i t I l ' ilr0I ', 11, n- , is t . i m' ,1] I o 11 ii , i , , , tro l : 11 10' It s, o!0' of I T v I'- I fi e d In.,I " h" ' IT lo ll\ strn c ,-r t I:vow lp "1101 imit l," - 's- ·Is Ie w ot ill II1 I iI | nhil.. . i. .. d 1 ' , t, " i'l,.ll,, it to fil\'er wll t, \ h ft, hi em or . 11 a-nrl il wns 'elll l oi f , t ld ll',l.r+.+. il, thr ll",,iI , I Ii,"|lll r r, od ih .l t ,d ii ,l w il'nll if ell . tollh p ln," s!:0'r Il ,, "I so ."-l:--- Io lo.r ,el I clrrie 1 ;l itfde I\ q' oi~. ill li ll,- 1 lit,!e I t o I-.,' I ll, lIo w r . \ +hi ,'h It o ils " I ,b loc I . : r (! l," Jo mm I. ....Ir / ii ,,vl" i. prI ,h.o,l Ilo 'i ha T h ia Ion:. h ld h,.'.'+, .I.I",0'I 'I.l i I" I , ,,. rvil r otly il/ l -tl , tor ,, I 'tII ;i), \nt'd h, i .llt is( plr h h ilit , h ll ]log e ,- ' h 1 i ll -mil of 1611 pI'hi."1- , , f. Iill1 il tpo, toI. . h Ili ,( l i',+ L s trol. l pl(· I I, r'i¢. t ,i" . i'' f hi, I ,..h an.> i i 'La'r , i ,,ur, n .ill 1 i o,:h 1 1 o Iltl ,iil nri r ill hi. i, of , il] I t,' n(:-moll i ill - vo° n et", h1stz h ni - rl.lll t it Ih llnlr"l[,,l.... - l ( fl0' -i I'."' - oin I ihirt e, -1011 (l.` ;'-Io o] 11'r]t I.. .hh ot "to 1,1.,. t.., till i 9l r. Ih ll . o ho h ll'r h "l,-r l, I, h. n,,,,.1 0, 1:",, ,11p b i Il : s n il ai i beIt ., ' . . .' i, ol ) t.. t l l I l il ) . ..... 0,1 ( I pint' lo Ilr orlll . .I + If v i , r hi " ; , h h II, , I i li~ i r i ~I- I .,*N\ *- 1.1,1 h 111· 111 ·tl~lillll I~~i J1. III)1- I111· \··· 11111;; 1 !.' I'. olurll vili r ) l;.:t7. the 1;11,;1;+11 ·i· U~ll it ·'il".. " 1,111, !L, ;. 1I'. C. .rl ll lldlrla II I, 1 f 11 . ·il n,-: it I " t :,, 1',,, , 1 ,lll~l~ l I n,,l II, 0, .tiI..'-,, - " , , 11,"\(· I~noo lb (lit,, , it .,,"1,1.,11, h~ ::1 ni:,,d li. ý" gill 1: ý:,,,,, ::, n I ~ r ,I ""l11-·1 .,::n "., c, (1 111 Imvi (Ill· - Ii .li ,. ;1;," 1 ,:,l·1 1 1.; 11; 11 n !\ 1.1 .,111 n 1:"a" 'hi v, I,,:,_," I hI· i ( Ilt 1 ,1-11' nirl ,do)·--llnv 1 i~ . I' t J .111,. il- Ill : · jlllI.~ Ii ,. 111 "'`I Iltrll.' i I I ,,, I In l b i~"n ;,,11, (·I I~ D r rll;IcrIl,: .,.::-, ;I":, ~ý li- I nosy ' n tl i- , I:.? lr: L i1 nn eI ný d li.:,,,; ,l ~Ih r dc II~111- ,, .,1i, bi ,1 1 1 :,: t o it ll ? , t h l 1,t" . 1111iN ,lit- 11'1 S tit ;' 'J Il. 13 ( lit (1';,111, l I n,. ":,II h _,"d'At or ofII, Ki n " t i-t I , ', . \\" i_ llr li.; I: f'! lll II· 11 . 11 lc ·, 1· ·111; , i ý il i, i, tt ttt11 ~1, : tttu iaav-t bttut- , '-ila li, ~i fl'1.,.: `in ti* r I lime.11 s, ol i ae r l% all lo; ;,nor I laili lr ll in Nu N#at at,'I ' B. C --ul-,otl. aa, l ttiltue,tJ n ftlpatt It tat37. a-. 1 l'. t IaA 'lJ'IInoI'mItrIL iuut1 t oliiu rlat 1,tlaataaeat. sN,tit :,,t., fi1-1 tine i hi.- I I litt ,a t ,aa , m alit ;, l ultt.tttm ., -i~oAt .~ tbt :iitt a-t-un'bttli- h' faal"m &t'ueu tn b-r." bi--r n u-tIIInttl ted Ii- S. Aaga livahitay-ll. 1IIESK~i U ,Y1 lI AIJE: 111.1 -For farsala b I CMI 3h'KEaM, rq . 65n-n1- l r - t --'r'- i'. tl ,fotitlttti r.-r ttl,. ..kingstvI . .t l.:..le a c. if, `"'t, loc. ;.- toi'.tra, oot ,Ittt 'to tilhilittt 'oto oeooCtural lioc-tooeo' atticularly ttootte o id pinttfultltlttoinls of the bonlc;s, ulcoltAtel tlhroatv o' tih- Jet tril, unimts eof everty descllptiou, reterosores, lnotlinternal bt I abstses, iltultt, iitle', ýealtl head, scury, hiltl. Ehrt.- lHer ie so re eyt s, o r si.pelis,hlotlhes, o llt ele y vt'i , l' c t totot11 atltcttictthronic U1tarrh, E;td tcho prnc.el- t. e inll f'rom mly. nlerlid humor, paliln in thle steimC: h t ll - 1e'"psi a pt.roe, lin front vriai :ttio , a lli sti i :l 11r tie .ii citrolnic intl.mnationof the kileyvs, :lml dgeneral dbili t'"caused ".v n t tortpid c'tio ofo, theetssellonf the skti. It is siE alnrl' etielcionsill nvtovlt.tin tthose eonstiutlotsoi h htt th,\ have beet broken dlown hyt ijodtieioi.s trc:tntllt, tie tlurtetil ttregiul'"tiest . I gelwrl terms, it is trevor t1 "1ntdeo1 all_ ll those dlliseases whicheurise ifroml I illli(es tile of tie elood, or initiatioot of the hlautrs, of whatevter itot nameeor kiottnun Some ofthe hotve compllaintsmay retquire some tri- ill fling as stant applieations, which theerctumstances ofthe tiloo case will dicta'; htot for a gteneral remedy or Iouriftietoro ev t' h'remotll vetheast, lo the INDIAN'S PANACI A will tu gcelet'ally- be llfounl sltficietl. t TO 't'lE t'UOIOAIC. low trute it is, thnt hIylorn Phyllsicians, nl thelir am itlionli to excel ill their prollnessioi : explore (1lie est lls isll r obscienle by the :aid ol'chellistry, atool seek olt new re- i metttal agents;, in short, to'trrioe it perfection in the practieO by means of art aloone,-- etirely overlook tnd neeglect, as Ibellnaththelrlnluuce,.thcrichl :ad boillilnteous stoires oftodicie, lwhichll IthAlmightlv has caused to spl'io.u1itt of Ihe, roh, in every clitle! And how mnlhll d oo t"tet.s Iitt o tthilttt. Xicti tm Physic.ito tooks tLs to Itorl'eig tttcontries 'ol"t 'itty Of his most tllllOll and -Iecs:,s-ryetinkids , per lpethtlly chagingl :s Ilthy :lre ot the dictlates of lshllon ll o llt', he is suroalll ei ill his id owln ,ounly with all eitdltesaprolllsiolt of mIlledictalt Irtost ot. sulcit tto:unswerolny itolicttiont its disease or to curet of anyt e hibe dIlisotrer; :nd yet he is itorlllt lof their vttt It, t it, ttlt they are snlct'etedto twasotetheir healit g onl the l to desert olt.' t Te 'heeftcts of vegetablle medieioes upon the system are t temlnloart-those of nminerlnis olhting. .The oi!rmert etx- - ScZtheif elftects uIl Iiass olff-thet latter, ttt ryt np- ill P-It - tietdll, t chemlictly t ol t(he solids, dettomooio i to s tie honsallll ellilerminii n lilg the constitltion byh: 3 sI)n" t t s til I:to ll t uli.til ( llll The e tigenialloity', eticicncy mult SAFlI'YT ofveg'et: " lhie 1-mre o e il ll, intol olie t st tint:Ilel hveotlllst S' t .illthe lc Pient p 'la tiee wt l ' it' he ri ell tt r, to. l I ilt g i l mt nl ' o gelial yt utlhlellr our o ohsertati n, th., Illdi. :t oIo eliO ic owith otl ttof the liltes. tt h , in A eri nll , n o:t Il)t lno tll n o Iot h t, I of rpt :totd titnc it s wherein o ttlttlt to ttlit , !,oo ;, r t t tel iott litlt -ooo t'O i t to oll tt ttt o 1 ll h , t. tlltl1 : lslllto ling r ote, tit'o ti le \ontotio l ,thlito n of' Iti s Ie lltmloon po ctice: dlirt.tled ill the most skioillto oell, e i ll hs toiled? Aind whol hias not ibeen surpri'sd Il thle c0mill pt rntioecat seot ul' ticilitt tith t hichthte l ia lt'iceshit l ''to ollt oo tot tttot to lo c otoot . tttttttttitttittttto tottIonito n.ill l'rllll llatment Alll cna d llht xis thlt Ibis kt py erx k emt otint of the otsane from most of the ill t which thet O Il tl o'l mo is herIto, is "hi'ly 't'oio to ntote goieII tt t nttto s t1tt rnt ttes whichhe' t','lhi. astotish-t o ins diftfreud in suotbs, is a' atir extia' l ifio t oo n olf the t t in!ntte stpilorityot thetlmple 0 t lsntte imtetht of ctre 1y whirh Cod has elrcted for the benefit of his children, Xe ti, over those which the pride and the art of nune have in 1' Oente . I it- n lo'nOl . iresideneenmile m p|ortionlof lheabo'rginr . 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