Newspaper of True American, February 12, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 12, 1839 Page 1
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Uvw _ 2' 1 NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MQRNING, FEUBRUARY 12 1839. VGL.-VI No 1880 e.ron*ft/!!u .NeWxpnper I ' e'x u, New ()leau - - N Or L 11 IlflIIPnI lmwnliItwn., I NlEd I0 I:AI* -m-.., .,.f. -I -nl Alý i .i IiiiIw ii.w ..A ..... . - --. -- Tlerms f thie deieeppier I'Press of Niero frlea, a +jtl llillltllliV lirTedll at aII illtrlllliaed P lin of the Proprietior., hid an ltn l3Ith of March,18:17. usctI rotve,.- fI'walve Dollarst ftr the dily pa ot anenti n, Iti ide +t all tOltltllltly ill at It.e: toll delh-lrc fer tile Wi-woeekly cullntrv pluplr, Itivahle one rear ill nlivallcue, wilhre i b itv rfreence is given. No, a Ibel.riptiot will le dieointued ntcil crrerrages are settled. Ill cae of di: centinlltace, one week's aotice Itn trito. toist eot illvariably given, previous to to t x irtiu of eubecriltliau. BTr.JTISlNo.-- )Ii.e dollar per qllare for the first .aertin, and htalf tlait price for eauh ealteqiert nte: n.t matetril alteration rlt the original advertelenttt will he charged as a e:w tne. Y.Atl.r and Tra cre, erty dollars fit English alone, and sixty tfr loth l.n gaoaa llh inkr, isurattte Ofti:ce, atlli oither simiar uic institutions, fifty dollars il Englishl only, illt pighty for both laangages; Ship and Stetmbobet F'e ters, or Cuonmtiiiioninerellhanta ixty dollars in English me, andeighty tor iothlatgiages. MoanlAros, UnITrerI N Eorlcts, anil articles eall ing the attention of the plulic to sales ot property, cards of passengers, beefits, &. &e. . will he elitrgod one dollar per suare rofor the frst insertion in each lan COMMUNIr Tt.&TI0, or Adverietmolnllts, oli any persm-. at nitttre, when aditlistile, shall be elarged double, andi ill atdvance. A deduction of twenty.five percenlt. will be mnode to Auctioneers, Shlerltr, Rugi*ler o l' Wills, and Marshals on sales of real estate. ItltlishelIl in bothl lagItnges, aod '50 per ee-t. in Egligsh altoeiti 10 tpocentt.oonmales Wi othrr Itroperty. A UVcaTIS'eo .tc's out of the direct line of hiusinesr -f the advertiser, such as legal, aultionll, anil planllt aot tale,, runaway slaveof, *troy neitlnl, &e. &c. will be dlarged for s.lpaitely, and at Ihe ordliary rates. A tOtLirlsEteMa'rn lnt p eciffed l s to time, will he publiahed one tontht, Lnd chaIrged aEcordingly No rdvertiteattelts of hnnkrlttctie will le piahlished in any care, illcest paid fIr irevtinosl to inlertion, orT1 iayetlellt gllanantedl Ity a rcdpltilde ppratstlt l l o Wll. mrlirt-e ond otief places of loousemetnt, idvertisl e f daily ,Jr tlhte seaon. it ie ciharged l1011 i or tlueiln a-t ltae, and 1151) ill iath languages. All arnotnettlle Ie eif -aoidiltttWR fior politicel ffeice a noes of persons whose ecstilt hlave inlt been paid rithin nie ilo thl, ofter Itrrotai tti , itle ll ,e dillllC Ltowa (so far as praetlcabilu:) to eaich ethir--lthey tulli -tingll thetllelve tnot to adlvertise or prilt fur mouch eslinqllnsUllt, ilese inl case ol tdlnaee payntitlr. (.sigoed) J.t(. ItO ST. I 1tiMPiS J. IIAYON, I'. P. REA, J. C. PILENI)EILGAST, JiIIIN GitISON, I.t;MSII'EN. Weefld Press.--\Ve, iti. undeorilened, agree to abide by the aibove conditioan, as :.a" ts they are applicableh to worely papers. i(igaed) A. It. LAWRENCE, 1§ Nit alscriptions are taken for less thou 6 months. Letters eaItlll In tll caseI, ie piot pIid.l IMICE-I11it1 racsk firt barnt Tllhomastto I.imt, I lotanlitng- frol hirg Allitt, lir eel, Iey josn lt S. & J. I. C tIII't'NI': ?.:i teaip ri ; IANNEIR'iS O11.--51) bbls. Browsn Tanners' Oil, 1 ltading and fit sil It v jan dn g S._&.J. t o. W i rlNEeY,i7:1 'a,.i t I(RO (:IITll-411 boles and u cnses l in'rve Kor eye, Jeancs,te.. Iailiable firi nerco ('ltheing, nor ala Iby ISAAC IIKIII;I" & C'o. jan 3:0 1:11 lingatini t1 1 U1.017l8,Iluckwenlt, Pt,,ltlars.&c. S 1110 half bhib fImily Flour, 95hf sl lble Pthiladiphinbuckwheat Ireal, Il(ol Quarter do do oIt '100 F:it-hth do do do i1)0 limpetrs extral, sedil Ilare potatoes, .511 nhall I;lurocllercheee, 50 canister o preservced t-dealton. 20 ooters Philadellphia smerled pretsrves, Stust retii'i said fir cule bve G W PifI''CtlARIl & .ltl TACIIll I', Jr., jaW9 cur I'P)dras &, MIngaziue a Atl)-I000 kee) .ne, l" Y col IvtI 1l.oltlcllt -:l'll hhlea.+ n Inldi.lig ruml mlearr i' .S"pletndid, i s .trte far roir ltv jou '1 oh. Itit.leEC, .14 N w I.eS e. I I i +'I 'l:l I . III'I -- IIII , ll i .. ...... ." .. .. I {I Ij j) t j:l AICT- I II : ( V.:' ; I, 41 4n,, yra 4 , l. lrtinr+.u .lle lll.: . -c , b . ll 4 4 b )s,2:, IS 1 t ItI lilil", , io, !:1 \lu^-nzln. st iI Tr7 u nI Jd rvilr. Pl r I - - l wt[A lll .11 . - 1er, r -, ro I al I! --' 4e 444, 4 i. l IlN i" I4, 14 4 nd, :, , s-mb : 1.. ... sole r .4Ti .7.l r'u.h , 444'1 err ' n. ll lll e n- :tr ,4* 1 1 T h e + ri ln - . toph rl.u 'he ,- a n " Ehrro., an's IItI n'' Ne M ri d- ,. - - F:, 1r 5 11 he4 t r.4 4 (4 - - o 4444 p. 5'n.I 44 . o-.(.4. 4g a4 hnl44 4 B llrC I llEn lh- Irelnchld 5pllflni , Iaier litr, i 44 44 4no e istm tir4a4.e(h4.4 .4. odu1 n ; uh l copying p.CITVr, as all size-, u.ondn l 4dt 4l't hllhoads; lo; ICer nll4 r i F note paiels. pha4s4 , Lembo4, 444 ad a4 m.oda-l bra Amlsericand. oq tou.t rsoit d wrioing toyair fhrou th m.e (u4t . I 11:i lit 4 the ohii i nnm, Purlvyfoundatwatei"allaese ,wtio li+rnhd hy lrrren'l ,vorillble atentiMorrist'. and x erg n'tlo hir rest lpying s i ko s aell i.r to udl Am, ric l'l4.ll4 . 4 u4 a4 d y'l4t,4 c4 4 )ica., 4 j e nownolnerd8's, eie ilery, ponlhir.lelli iT ,Ah lirhk, peOl and wek ka4un ., raIt zos aod is.t t. benet htooks ald .all<e t's Russia aloud MOeO Eal4llh wafr del .nd smcaling wax, r telatrior qnali. iy; I 'relliagI d Bsks sod dr.ine caRNOL. nrlnl, lu n llla n IIud ."lc crllll'S (lrllWillng Ipe rlicit p D 4r44wi4g lhlnk, A4ltl.l lli. lritiel uud Aor Not .--Egh-h I, M rcncll, lM4i:lh, Itnalin , t.r mIh l an . id .b ati, ronT-i.o g its Relu+4+4:n l, hwI medical o rkS , c. J4i4 t b i44 'reei , i,dl4 i fr Ale h4 N . o-,4r. v -l.. .. ........4 4..4 4 o - I t 1 orid 4 4t_4. - 444 at v 444 I PENS ACOLA MANSION lOUSE NEW CI[TY, PENSA('(IOA. vIIa nahuclacri herhiug pNrhard ite loa.e ind fur iitureof thisa well knowll aetablihl ncit litinsa vir 'l'aylur, he. late iopr ielur. will Ie ready tu rencive virr iterl by tile 1st a1' April next. Nuletrous usld etilly IImion Il.vitsIi will be forllnd in tle 4arra 4lell4.llt4 44l 4 Il4 4u4lll44i. ll Illlos,. Ne4 44444d illtre ommindliodlls bahiili hou.cs will hIt hlliltiand war4lll t4 h4 will be irovillll at all 4hors. A s4l4h le will be tllhed lu tlh hinlle, with gPoodi a :Onllllld tiuna fr lrhoes Iai4d lcarrinageC. b'i lJ railu HUirsY en sd carages will also be kept for hire at Slmierare prices and sail lnd low hisl, withl pmiloaln illllagl tlelll fir theL ah4e 4 o44(4. Iteliilrd aS4ld oliter alus. llil4ellls usuully fotilidlt wateilogpllces, will elst, I foliislied, and so conducted tie not to iltrtehre with tile +otllibri 444d quiet iftllse hoardCrs. The winles 4 llnl liqullor will be of the blelt qllit., sild to enluroa a til sliplylv el ice, a cargo h&at alreudv bceti ordered, which will arrive about tha ist ut May. " Mr Frederick l4rnar4ll, -who formerly kept so popular4 4 hotel at W.lhillngto city, will 4 o4ldaet 4 ibis hoe el for tihe proprietor, who, with touch uidcofotlednty a•sures the eimilemr oftlst yeor, and his frieads getielrally, that they will ereive every poIssible attention; and thereby elleacts to give general .eotihlcliil. "Ph loeal u ldaigel o Ill th's house are too well gnowll to need a longt. elled deseriptico hire. The fiefs tl-at Pensnohla is tle largest laval ltltlion of tIhi (;Govmlutrleollhe generol rendezvotns ol lthe (iulf quad ren; tro ealulnrity of ime climate refreshed ooatisntly du ting the sullllner lOtlllhs by tile coolest I reesea ti'um 'rite tull, the beanty of the buy and the neighbouring ilands and rivers; ilea hbuodace and dalieaey of the ish with which the wato'e abound; end ihs proxiomity to tLe beat Southern nllarkets, give Pnosacola the pra lreteal. over all other places in these latitudes, as a healthy aaid delightful umtmer retreat. 4t 4rate ho4 l 4 ill ru4 4 etween Pelsn4cola 4nd 44o hilt, and will at ail liloeshe able to take ilia passelngrs IfrOI I the New erisona hbits. rensseola, Feb. 15h118, 18;18, (ijentleSeLn wi4.hing to engage ro4ms for thei4 I' laliles, elti alltrese the pm orielor, 1t 1.ol:1icolth or Air Sewell T'l'aylor, the [orll*r propuiclor, at New Or. leans. T ,tllfbrd, q, mr Ste tllt CailO, P; 41rAlpin, Esq. l.t. Kihh*y, i 44uh I4; S T 'L'y.lor, P 1 4 a4 , E4l, i4 n Net. Orlelti+. I' S--. lelter bag, to reueive comumouic4.tioas fuor s.erhOIIs a 4 t .he :h$4ve hotel, i4 444ed at44o \G Whilolan's oeffe 51 St Chlarles ES ch .Mge. FI.OILDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. g7" 'rravellers desirous of laking Ithe Florida sotlue, via Pensueola,tct Ihe North, are iolt;rlned that First rate bllau will eonstnolly rno fron. Ynhile to Pensacola, lt'vin MoAbile nllud Pens4erda tv4ry ll4her dv after Ihe Ilt olf Myv. (Good AStglee will always abe pn'ided .,! the 44ll4er44r 4o lI4 i4 r4ahl4lwns i t k lta ls, 4eng4r4 fr44 bMuile, in ca4 f the4 failure of llhe boat I N II AhNOlD. The eteaeloat Chhmpion ].llves Mobils Itor Peo.-a olt twicFe a week. f h ^r, Iv tr44f4 4 i4..4 4, kiap ('enp'l. J.enrry :.11, 14;.41,3 4. $1444 'o 144il44 ' nih Pi4444 4 arg (4oal, in 4Mall qNar il a4, S I 4 llelr ellV 44lnlre.4 OrlPri 'Fra 4 l4er :.4 4t4e 44-( 4444444 4l44.L . 4ll44. 144444...4444 4444.44444444 44.4444.(.4 NEW ORLEANS Strean and Patent Bisecil Bakery-Waters and llltman. No. 89, Moro tu (camr ile, I'oteiartrin atail Rend.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Biscuit, Sogar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above articles ore warranted to be of the firs, quality, slid , keep in any climate, being completely kilo dried. Also,-Kila dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small keogs put up expreoely for family use. 15nov iL(i iUl--1000 barrels landing in store, and for --1caC by G. IlOItSY" dl3 44 New I.eve SNAII.H-700 kege Nail, aaoorted minea, (Frirse by 115 ADAMIS & WIIITALL, Ii7 Gravier st ýLU.!,s--blsaopkmi fumllmnstC at 7Prtiioo lie - el v, , tibr (Ir er,'ica. dis5 i EItSEY--76 bales Kerseyn, i0 1.--,m5 barremlq lanmeme. oil, e'm cock, wimter oil, 411 cmmsks tllm stremma d dlI, CANI)L.ES--I110 bmoxes lSpl nll Cnntdle, for d7 : o ' N Il.W PORiK & IITI'--20 bide, andl 44 biml. Sri ti Poirk 211 mI m prilme B meln, ir mile bv tiC G( IimtlSEY, . c IJAItll. 1 itF. .J(IIN , t'lolfe.oar of singing, thlie uienr t ml aim Piao-a..Ire imelelI rlmlmom ce her arrivanl Irmm Gagnllw, ml~1 from sCavemmtil nmme my m )rmclicem in IEdil Immrlmnmmd (Ilmnml. siIe I tmeero berame thaim m r svs Ielliolf immtrullm ,mi , m ili vemm altm ma tmmm m pmmiil. " Tl',thoonialItsi t I, , filr l y, iA n e Mbowl oat applicatim n tm Srs. llilmm ard t, o i n lree t. h (Il 1 C IIAI li-O ld iloze, htix CaIi, jli t re' Iv..mmI , n mlin so it lii, mi pm r in f ail soi l at the F"mernmtmru War.: Ito ,,. novlI I\V\1 1I i , .. N . '.ll I'ril lne .Ti nllmame,eIMy lilull r%--eIa , ilmgm, I Prl e , i llm n v im; lr , llit Jre mIm llm'Il.d fo llie I'nrlcv's Cll'isiiinla i.ft fillr 1U:I1.; j i. arrive d sold fix al; Ime VW M 'nIAN, d.c 0 1 _ orr ofI (:nmp & m(:Ie mno tit LeOUISIANA A NdirIU l. ..... r ll. l In tmd -m mtummm m ur IIte Pdmmoli;,c oi l ,l Igentln miltil, mill Go ilm m m )lm mm:trliem o Ilm , lie o I. f , fll . err ia tile Itle lI't et .tor , If tie mllm, lm li.t Churtc c aearne mfl'marndelei a nud Tnyimods, mlmder t1e dioec tio mlmtime tlmdcmrmllmemi wlomm , imn mmtmmiei thie rlmmir of ilmtl mrlmatims mn everal COlleisn of llie orll l, alld who imn agrdmlate ol'Itu int' lia tml st celellratled universities of Iemmlyel he' mmme.u. . .f il,, le .... Its .te.......d in thi..nm .ianary will be molmmllmlmhlm llle- i iI ,, te fmi owilmC dvinimmsmvm I. The I. .i.I I l da m tilet l e licIt racine F ll thIIe tbrenccller thera t niTormgl id s.mcoIIimilI TEmglitb ed int'oion. " ' - ihm ml c ,sicl tldeplare mmtm , comlprmbedeting the nltl , and Erekl lcangs.olo. Gr iTe hica, lrlnill mev miriim , lm lllmsgn ill w ltm C will ie lulgl Iholgc'rhei iu , llia anid Germnlll ohullr 4. Thel .inl. !ltalo .. acll o aui m:liml a mrcmimeli di nl h . clmllll, aie iaenry, I tIewo 'm'rmmnm - lurh, wt duWir ipprh a otin arfanlim In ummrveving, thiv i mn, ,ltnl o lll env, IIt e, llilNleral lbilolsle y atI d Cllelmlistry imm ml m l irnmmem- c mmop)I t enxperlmmemmmao. ilsomtemit Clmemse i" t, Aledern I.amgaoges will he lilrm ud ln mlimmli ed trtil lr aillm tm h r I (eob trre b 1' J IIAIImIIofiMANN, A r1. c1om o It , f'm mm m m an : J c;IIl., mN I:Lca, Iev I'rlen, nSlIINNON, I.ooioianna Collrdge, Jacksol. lIr C A I.!'%.PE.RERG, 1. (t I)IINCAN EHt, J ..\Jml;lltdald. IEq, Sew Orleamms. - rpY - I . . . ..N " t Islx:,i.\tu. 1 e ,i a stree lamcc j t reieivon )Id d fromr eI r lmm. lll ' d, e ,ll el min Ith, e al. cklrltovh ill e 1oe ,,d u ier, ;,n a tho Mbe ii, iasi im, mae lpi imrii t illmtr, I htual oII elllld inm ,Iat.he m~e i m: . 1mle.ii I. i i mar tlriltn. i rehi l h ri lve rl'e wIlhl i , ll'Itmll capUp; hle ,ur l ,ouued.A Wllhae od Cpolr ma, sol n n d e iil.t (\% NIl l'iNCl .S'. aI nd: frlllr' d oll , el fel. i ,l l l -In m ils; Ililt-o i Smmmld, i . n ull i rIio. i I't tý Itý ."..r.r... Tkmim m sim w - lls ill ,. I lletmv e m lll m ln, l ld , m ha , o vlmry m..illl e r rh i lo, e a hll e i , hahlye d.t tlu, io li I',,,M (. m t aw,r,.c. ile mnrd ll, tsuo I'm,:KI BOKov2 S & \vAI.Ie. k1S Rltlusl iual .hp r cs , l ,la.kel Il,.,k+; Illtlol..l i l. i bl i+ l' alh-t' Il-i. wil Iollwr Picketl ,oau ks : .'" 4 Italy hllel~r.s; liwtolt 'r lhlI w lah Silvter p licil oo el. flai n enr It,- , ,a.+so,,l, Bovw..,l, Met g.l Ihiruiid gIilm old, vFry rcolhd alngllod Sclrew Ihi I Pt N Im01m & 1 41 1. Plearl nld Gold Pell lloldcr ; Peadrl rdo. / NmImm ;W ma 'MI'mm 1 &I, O., respectfilly mm form mitheit r fimac-mm and tihe pubice hi g eneral, tIa I thy occupy tile IiW brick eliit, 219 Tcim ulitoolas street, whire they keep constanlly on had Copper i Iing to, n, and o binis, il li all el and siz, and all othlr brass castieg done at shortest notice. Grate burse of Iavery deriiptionsucmlhm sc lIsteaml i boat alilrtps, hog chyains, screw boltsi an other i id ofstlomdboat work, sucl ; lm ehm iley breech . ThNy will else to &ll kinds oef mct door wifok, sech av eine, copper nd tin roofig and gotering,i &m. athey ai be eond allr of edO work ine, their line f, bukinesst, tmy will xciepmtO it the ihorte-t notice, od oar,d2 LOtim hea t 0'one Btst ui nd Nn e Orleansc e o1" Packet Shils.--Tni nw line of ships Ihas been expressly yoilt to run tomtwon the abste ports, ad will, be cuned , of itable drafit of water acomle mLOdations for ptass gco ler, and every ebrert will be ronladto to give gineral satienctionel wThe clae io ln, o mpo me ad tinu f em'owilg shipstri Cimerokee, 415 onl Ctee b lll wlard in, I Carolime n al o, 40i do wl Lelnteatet, Cotetleilelbna, 25 do I Barkerl Seaman, om 40 do J etowes, Tlie above sw is are all nmwd of m td e drt of tlass copper fanatned and casoppered, omlanded by nlene of groat emaperieneo, hgve largo accommlodatioisl with a separate Indmep cabin; every attention will be paid to parssgors , and the very ,eat of stores Ipro vided for themi. The pockelt will be towed up and down the Mis C niseippl, and the strimtet punCltualigy o ,sarved in the time of cailing, and dhould the r idgular vesel. be detaned in nal'iving, cthaer ap, equally as good will in all bo substituted. A hiare of patron. ge i aoliad, nd agent pledge themelves to AMERICAN BRIIANDY,Goshvl utter,&e. iSo barrols Americal Braudy, 201kegs Goshen Butlter, 20 l) boxes starch, a 50 kegs Buckheat leal, 25 boxes Iaperial tta, 20 diu do eanisters do., 10 half barrels megs shad, Laulln g fro rl Fhip Adliolldnch, tin sale b f.5 ti; W PR'ITI'IIAIA) & JO IAtilERII' Jr Skelhes of Mrrie d Litby Mrs llen, ot ler and clharnter of the Rev. S'eno II Just received and for sale by A 'I'OA It, I'5 .49 Ct'.e Fl p RLOR ORN A 31 ENTIS --Rare acl hbrotiful SL curi.ailte, rfr sale only by Rcnes & J'lange, and at Ploulh's lusaelm. All thrseornalentsl clnsioit of the nmost splen. did specimchs ol .rthlin.h.ogy Irolen Europer, Asi , Africa, anll our own rountry. a, Apprrnvd niiiIs .I 60 days will be taken ol tIe,-Tharl- d G -s-il hIIgradO-'200 first E.- qouallllily Maliarea barrels; als., 75 do. du SIlog-heads in primne rder., foir ePle by ' fin5 t.hAI i' tl'i'Ft,9S U"9,ri.eano 7NORRIS & C ,, No. 33: Chuartres at cei, are tie eeiillg dil) frnll their ilol, ae il 'hiladelphiin, n a eloallt nd et:llnlphlee assorlltelt of sahstanlltial aiid IIl'shtmlnahle clolhing. They invile the atsen tail nl tlie publicr, a Iher rO warranted in .ayieg tIlla eritolla il nod citizens enielllnl fluriil Ill, il. II- selvrs etelU IJdvalta,'ei l,.ly in an itycil ill tlh N. l. A ,v | zon*Ir. nt all .,ry blllll le Ilul hr,, l..t, Irullll|2 lito ? III'he-. A tle, a laser I.., ') (ti p11 ,lii.:iiý ,'at.iriii. sii,s, tss) BALDNESS. A BERAUTIFUL. Iehed of hair it tie eran est orea merit elong ine t) thile halln ;ae. I low strang ly the lose of it the ela nttentce, and protna tatelty Lrins mo tile appearance rof old noe, whic l c a s a Inatny to recoil at albeg aaaoereda and sonetillcs even to shuRiw raeti o te avoid esta anr d Ieear. of tlheir acquail.tonee; the remailder of tl'eir livcs are (on seqacntly spactili rittielllt. Inr shlart, eat even ihe oss f l rnlte'l rtv rills tile eet rtllSa thilking tvoltlh witlh that neavvy hiking thlan as darts th loass of I:i hatir. tl avert al these nnlenat eh irramsmnteer , Oldri.ilee' antlm of Coluihn stopep tl he Iir from allig 'd flf n the firsa pplieation, alttat afi, lttles reartaac itaetanin. It likewise promlaees eovrowm Inti whiskeres; prevents the tair o tfolurnine gray, makes it curl baarutifull, end frees it fron aratf. Ntlnaero as eertifitesl ft i tie flet .ealeetanility in llupprt of the virtues of Oldridge, lnalol, ar e nlhwn lay the proprietorl. []71 Read the flalorwing:- Raoberr Wlartnoa, Esq. late Matvor of hlahilaitlpta ilns ertflifle ano tannv e seen belotw, t thelagin char elr of the fhallawiner w gentle lien The andersigaei do ilnreb, ae,'tift tlat wehave uar tite Eatt atta' Catunna ttiia ei'vered by P. Oltridte. atd have fulad it tidahly ervrtc'eali noronl nd a a drer nteve aainst le falling ;to f Ihair, but also taeortamn reator tire. 81)iI.t.A I ''rTrarCI .R, Se lar, Methodist Miastiers it t (hIao)rr.e cNoraP. No l6 Norta l Fifth at. JOlIN P IN;GI.S,321 Adch sleet.. JOIiN ) 'I'lt 11AMS, M311I), 16:3 Itteost JOHriN w F'l ' lf , 1ll Spruce street. Itllr111 MeCIJItI....2ri3ouMthaat at. JOIIN (iAR)i,Jr, 123 An: streetr. It is knowll II at Ihreo of the above eiorti r are io tt an 50yeara of age, and tle (thers tlOt less than 30. [Frantat the Miator.] CtOlnlOtllAa eaalth ofl ;tPeeVI.etinc ti t City taf t'Ia'ladilpr iei. I, Robert Wiharaton. Malyt of .ilahl city of I'hlie ha rphih, do ht'rlt'v certify ht;ia I Tim ten twll atalintelld witl ft Mettrtt J P lglis, Jtali, , Ia.Fare,.e Iad llo 1 -Cordy, D 'hIllole names are signed t taIleahve eeeeefifoaetathey d are atete tt ' o hlta r ta. ter and resrpetaaiii, t el tl creditl s heuld Ie I Ien tt tile said certlifale.te Ill witae wllr'ofl ihave Ilaoreuto set ,,v ,nlar b iad caused tle .atl oftlhe city to In ffixed. this I 6th daAty Tf Deceti.aeer, &r. " [L.s.1 o IhllIT WtHAlRTON. Mayor. ti OBSEIIVE tiadt each bottle of tle (ertliate Iuhln tea a aIeiid enoravedi wrapper, os w ich is represented the Ioli aJrNiacate, &e at eio' aboleanld nitd retail by tie iole aellts a or Anlr W air. n Flelcer slreet, na"t Mailaelt Laone, one lol fa bel .- Pearl]treet,aald by mInst tdrl.i ilsattnd Iprfal.arB it otlgil ie country . JARVIS & ANI)IREWS, mn9 W olosale Agents, New Orleans. N o)tRiS & Co. N',. 38 Chattlrs street, ate .ow at receiving and opening the mosat pletdid, su trantial and fsahinnable stchk tf Cloihing they have ever exhilbttd in thlis market, consisting n t tart of the fuliecwia artiales: alue, hilte lalckjet latck, lcndon abrwn, ciron, olive, larndoe snok I f and golden olive Irack nnd dreo s coals; beaver, stableand harrinottan frock roars, elegantly tirnist- at ed; anecy and plain black eatsimcre and cloth pantalool . etolish and french fancy anl plain i elit and satin vests; real new market h'crts; i, enelish land Ia.h fan'. saold plain s:arfs and ht hidkls; chacast, silks-we.a and golealalic seus- ec poders; clhanois,, tlaorin, latle'sa wool, we!sah flat, P nel, silk and ottoan t nt sherts and drewers; tine ltin and cttoul shirts, wrih littin ahosdms,'p elait pa artl rutlud; t uirv pearl al pelain Intlle silk e un. fa trellns ; "v iratl's" prin lllulll (wves--eha , ao ht ,, n tl[ rl I t white akid, for weddi s ha[llia s, p nd.; prltlhe fi ta lk a.'la,d rau atl ar dkals; plain, as btr.d ied rantld (ealtbra t ate d r yc dt ,; sil'k t lamia, 'aIallts, alatriaOa arrotrrtlllla ttwna. a laratl leittald wvtie pa cash, or to -llll . ll ,t m cUl lltcs as alasuatl. uv. Ie ace , I. .g, u el l 1,. .111 If,,,. n ,IIII ~t, ,~tl IQ UID 111111A.l( ll Toiel unltfrlll fwi nesh . flr cletannsotng lmn wlltir.ensr lhe tII. I l t.l tat tarte l, fla ae tl ) tIU chP pttresurvin C thl ica ulllm, ptirl)in , tll bruatlh,cn ld relvtlng mtus.h t llrs t at sal la t ach ommath is liablt in niter a l i h illr i n l ll I - O n el ler a - o, nt ,i l,l l I hi e ill ;i w i n e C tat i cil l l p are wainr, tald at up,dr ta tIac teth el ili usual mtcll al a l l t'tilh t t a .fitbrah wi ll, l I turllly pro. v, at a tlltV\'. alilt at. crn ull' o Iac t at t cC tiall gll1 p ill, i tooth achle. r L'rlarbcd acnltr' t T1'. l", Va'ng, r, Sur,,eoe trDen lsta tat ialftrsut (ttck llt,e anld altm whlesaale and itt aetea byO CAlI.iI'ETON &A. Co, 31 Cant a,. I' Ih is.a, oi . afislr aialtlher'c Ollet i cla. i c .a -AtI ,rERY AIRIE.--Tlte eaTbacrtlers, macnu. S icfiaet anti 1thale.ele dealern itt a ddlory g,'tls, are noc receivilg by late arrla;lls tIro th e Ial at It, tl dth ait i it) a l .er Itr naer stuck, at eater.- " c;ve nsorllnuell ef urlinl his it helr line, aogLle n hllch are the I'll1 I figa, viai IaTdies and ieaes plau t and qallted saddle no , I S lieotla'contan's do lpanaic do I do do Maexican do do du Croulu do 0 ro do Aimer. doe n do do ein ghah do L THlutlal'd o pani talal d,) a atdo do Creole do ar Aier. n:ld Seng, Itrdleo and blidlu iilontolnge, cs do do il asrtigalecrst Platoet, brass a, at o attaled roacht harness, ' I do. Tio do m g' oa -a nda ha do d - do do do tSiaeuche edu Dray, cart slid wa:lgoll do taddle bags, double at dscngle; e o lieet; atrdical ' saddla bags, Iaissls carpet bags; best Iron framet u alther tulou runks, haese uailod; calother boott t p do, acsur'ed iaes and vurloas s)yles; Ihlsters and pistul bealits caclh, gig, eulkiuy, twig and ploiere crp Wlllpt ruol, touratldt cutLtu anod leather girllih alld sursalllgltal slirrup [ea'her trncnk rapcs and Wolrald e r, in web; chain ah d i hoek atlllesi blind brdlCes lland neai S ,tcl culetuis, slid Iturno and nllc c,+llhrs.. all qutlhtita mo.l raucc, buc bta hr.a cahep nlld buffal eloe it i plated brat s and ateil hliti bhta cf' ev, ry detvcriptiUn, plated, braes and steel spaurs t ver)- doacriptlon; plateal , brate eld atel stalrruaps of every dcsacrip I tl't ogctqcr wiah a cotpleite assnrtment of tevery I naticl IItI Ihelr liae of btasaettAc- all ot which lthey ufter toraale on accutllllnt.atlg terloltts, llThey will also cuntinae to r ceive IItarUgh the yeur, by packhle froat Now Yo'urk, frcsh ol:pplac tor keep their tuck a ltlllle a it d C mptl lete. DOUIRUt., DAVIDSON & co, i15 ILCanal at. tFIEI II GARDEN stD l)--'Thec sebscraber begs b o exprt:as his gratelul thanks to the pube I e, lor the liberal support lhe bla aecrived a ince he cuatmaoced huseinea ina tts city. Bding sole pro priet-rof the need atore, 17 ColiOtto strent, ie ii not and naver cwas agelt hr ally northern aaed vendtter; neilthr is ie connected with anv house in aihls ouetrt--bht lh aseaurea alto public athpt hba cennectiona II eotery deparlln:.l.. aif hIta sead buai. nlas, in Ithe dalternto eoulltlics oi Culope are equal to that of ally Iha'uee it, the Uaited ISlaas. lie ime. pa,rta oodsa, eslals, ha. Ironl the alot extensive anad re.pectable nurseries enad ceaJslllell ill Fraace, lIdllalod, englond, Sao lalldtt, attd Ialt tao taera stutea--atlld it wmllta all linlaaa be iris iltrereso, as it ib his atudy, to receive, tat addiion to hs present otoatk, large ariovans of avery doeccipatata, really the groetll lc 1113t; also, engrtlhed fatia ate', oaa all klaads. The public maay rely on finding a lull ao onroanlant of very arlltle ia tile seed tar,lat geaut itte quallay, nod itoperted direct by al Win. DINN. EDUCATION-FRII NCIi and ENGLISH. Mr Jim, , recenlty arrived In this city, begs leave o inr tlllt he ei tune of New Oidcan that Ihe will open an academy on luonduy, 14, January, oa No. 19 Toulouse slreet, lfr toe instlru iat o youth of Loth sexce, iln French and Enlglish, in which lie will be ably aseited by Mrs. Jaiens and Mrs. Me |ther, who speak both thtsc languages with great fluency) and puriy.i ald who wi.l ul the departl atit of thie voung ladies. Mr. Jauoes will give i whole anttlen ion to Ihe various branches to educlottll and ll nltels hilmselt tlhriate will give entire ellisliaction to thtose who enov Ioilor him with Ilhirdconlidence. novr NOtICE -.e eta co pircnursliop tinted ut tt. ':~th July lest, betwe.en John Y. B tylise, A. tilurd aslid Charles B. itoren, to be conducted ul. der the style slid litie of BUa lies, Be. rl & ii 1rio, is her. by diesslved : od Ihbs diasulution a to take.eleelt tus roml the Ist t I December last. lThe undersilgned ,ll promptilly dsa.:hnrge oil the oblgatiot ns ul ue lic irltl, a id in Iuture cutis iue Ito ici own nameI.l , ad for ihbir own accutiut, the same businlrss, as Fctouss and General Coan Inisaon imerb itsI, under the styls antd i ile o ii.ard & liulen, sad eOlett a share lo the p trat. .ge at l thl ir Irienlds roodil ihe public. JOSEPIH A. BEARD, nov I CIHAIRLES B. BtltI.I.N. iI, ITIElt :--36bilu Rttifitd, laudi; frit steat 1 . I ,t Dunulu tr lu ale by tle t. DItSI Y. 4.1 Ncw L[.ecr V. AI.UABI, llnBt)IKS-Jnot received all invie: ofc etlaudrd aUd vain olbe boUoks, ehfly Lu'llon editions. The Diadem,, with snperlates. uIeantic. of iyron, or I dalmes do Byron, splendid Byrnm Illusralted, o do caOtt'a lnulasepe illustrations, plates. Broekenlen's Alps, Itoncoe'n Wales. Finden's Tableaux, W(illsrvofUritish Artistr, all spTledid engravingso Life ufJoht .t lyttol,with rolored slpotttgplaten; Latin anod roeek Claonical Library, in Englie, I.ivr, Troiltn, Xenopholn ac., BIyron's work, I.nolndn pooket edilion, Shlakpelrr, Lndon dimonud edlition, Iongg'a, tlo Ktlrick Sheperd's, talen, Aiken ' r British po os, Aile Spectator, 6 volr, in Aoc, Ilt.ccdc io's I)lcamer n ll un s vol, h C 1riosilies ol Literature by ' 7rlsreli, Marshall's life of Washington, 1 vol. 21 ino, W\it I tvrietv of splendid Anonuals and wtork eof At, i Ln ,aoIdnno bidigns. EJOIIN, feod er tI (Clhrlee nd Clmo:too Oslo r T'l1l.. PENhS-Felt's (bus. ld.4 pense - o- Daniel Wehtter iren, F'elt'a hrge kurrel rnt Co.ngress largoe tin frry's iat lt r'teg ,, do sunlil do do 3 slit do Wiidel's ladies do I, otl,hble patent du itoperi:pl ItDouble palet do (;illu!'s burial do do Nnationl do And Utlldt's Coonereil, fir sale at DAVID PEL' & Co, '21 Charotres t, f 6 N I 'Staoio.ers Hall 4UGAIi A & MUI.ASSFIS--150T h Idtitto,, o i.)no gulls Molasses-- ,n pritttipalhot alhoe the city for oile by AI)AMSh & WHIT'~l.nI., fell--2nw 67 Grnvier st ol.oSS---i blem in store for slcl In, feor . S11.1. r ,s t InItrWN, lo i Marnzbine ti rJl ILENtI'-A otlice of Ite rsoned luoin, O euled Iv Mensr. KTell, ii rris& Co. Possession gin Co W I' l'ol'oIAlt o & JO 'I'ACeEIt'I'J, .il2 lor ,ol'nydlrn&e MAlnoine -t IIA:MORRIIOIDS. ITAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.--This en Strordinary chemical compnsition, the result of science, snd the invention erl celebrated nmedi cal mttst, the introdt'tt sn of wbielh to tihe pnldi. owas invested with ile solemnfty oe a deathbed Irequest, tos since gained n reputation unlprolleled, filly sustaining tihe correctness of the latnetnted Dr Gridlney's last confession, tthat "te dared not die without givint to posterity the benfit of Ihis knowledge o this sujectl," and Ihe therefor, btqueathed to hIis friend and attendinto Soloetona Iays, tieo secret of his discorery. . i It is now used in tihe principal hospitale, and the private practice in our nountry, first and mosl t certainly ior the cure of thie Piles, and so eaten sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the following complaints: For Dro py--Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Redueing them in a few hoursd Rlueumatitl--Acuto or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Thiront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup ant Whooping Cough--EternaOlly, and over thie Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a rew hours. Sores and Ulers--Whethoer fresih or long standing, and lever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rheumatic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of the chest by eilaation or the parts, has been surprising beyond conteeption. Tthe rommnoln remark of tihlse who Ihave used it in the Piles. is It acts like a charm." TIE PILES-The price, $1 is refunded to anny person who will use a bottle of Hay's Liniment for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. . Those re tie positive orders of the proplietor to the Agenls; and out of many then. I ands sold, not one ias been unseccessful. W'A etight insert certificates tt. any lengtlh but prefor that those who sell the article, shlould oa Thbit tCie original to parchasers. CAUTION--Notte can b negenuine without a oplhndid engraved wrapper, on which is my name, ad rlso tint ofli tR Aotr. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholestle and retail, by COMSTOCK &d Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every townn i I the Undion. For sale by tde Wholesaole Agents, corner of Contasen & 'TI'o1upitoula olerOeet, slid by tle Apotlheceries generally. jeo3 FRANILIN INFIR.MARl I1r~H Illulic are're'.pellfullv inf,otrtnd thant tots instl. I tltnillts erected on tilte ilr imo ltnptioved hinl, ed i all aiyi' allll IImost Iliao iralbie slIItion, i th il e Ibnhorlllli rantllkl i, oonp I thIe cuill td, Olte totle irolt thle .lissi. T'le buin dtidioi lrrge an I tt, r'ttt ttoi,Iooelv disided irtos apsrtlneuts, t lrt kt elon selpnrate dileeroll lstIuncs, ndlillrolrtttlicenaes. The insttontiou is sottptlit I with the most skilful and ittentive tlltle and tilonal talooee, nnd slpeaking ltew vn ilOllc laluteru Iolagt.og'e. Private ')Ioos may be ihad by gelltlelen att flve dot itrs p00 tnv, inhludiao, olteulticee, &t. 'Terotie in tle ordinary wnrds, te.u dollars per day. Slave aiso two doillro. Somall Plx) in tite ordiowtr words, firve dilairs. All calital lurgical otperations extra. "'lte reidentt hkvsicitt is I)r Weddletno,, to whom, opleicaltit for rttlllnieslllltt tst ie tmade, o. to )r C A Lunrzeoberg, No 17 Rantttart strect. np19 Ivr -?LRENCH CA'LI'HI)ItAL-Jnst reciveod by l)oavid Fielt ' Co,., 24 Chtrtres sat Thisot eatelble nork contains over 56 steel eungravings. Illtnstrslions ol Notre I)ome de Paris, An:ient Cathedral, Chartres dot Beauvais dot vveeux do, toton do, P'rice $6, i6 ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. .. SPLENDID London Annuals,-.'he look if Roy alt, tspertb ol'd pIates; Finden's Tableaux, and Galleryv of (;races; Fisherts Drawing lRoon, Sketch Book; Beautijes C inSttlso-Bu-luds anld liissouav; T auVlverly K elstake--Thi e Imperial; o ()rtieltll Annmual; ForEt'rt e Not, a Jordlua' I'ortiit AnuAI; c .cariaatr, Annuul; Coic'Aannunl; F'islher's Jtveltile Sketelh Book; S Y toug ladia'a and ane elltlenetl's Al ualtul Aloric, A WVain.; Cirtstltnas Tule. ty Atmerican Annulals. at Thi 'l'aken enld Atlantic Sutvenir; The Vhilet Tim (lift; Mrs Gihuau,' annual Retciter & Ilousew ile Almanac. Almanne's. American Almnnac &, RKeplosituy tfUselul Knowledge BlutI's Nautical AlIaiioa; EJohnI & Co a. Louisiana Alhanae; Crockett-Conie--Gerinma Alhnanc, , Stewart's Diary for 1839, couaitlnng a blulk memo randum for every day of the year. " JOIINS & Co., cornerflSt Charles and Coal no sts. v `8--w5 L ONDON Editions of scarea and valuable works L just receivad nlIfor sle bhy thle ulseariber. F Baron Dupin'a Cammhecinl Plwer of Grieat Britain, ahlhbiting a suladlete vienw "f the Public. F Baran Dupil's Hliitry and actual sta'e of the Milita ry Forces of Great Britain. Marquis do LaIplnce's Syastem of t il \or d, transla ted from tilhe French, and elucidated with exp)lanatory notes. W F P Napir's i istory ofthe War in the Penminsu In, uand Suth France. Jeremy Bentlham's IRationale of Judicial Evidence. J IL tlcCulloch's l)ictinmary, Practical. Theoretical and Historical, of commerce and I conmmercial iavigation. IllIstra ted with noope and dluns, sAn' edition. WMMcKEAN, 6a cor Camp & CoInuno st I I-MPORTAN' ro eMASTERS or STEAM BOATS k The subscribers have in store a few barrels of Bitumiuated Peat,n tntw article lately invented in Nrwn York. A few barrels of this Peat wasnp. on lard Ith Great WVesterr on her last tria;thle ens Per states that the result of thb trial lhas satisied hi' that 100 Ibs. oa Peat are Equa to 1il11 ihs. nt CnO .lanid that ill case wllb there in diitctllty in gnal asting or keei ug a goo.llheadofsteam, itilis u(i in .di.peusable. l'be dli rectors of thl Great Western - dtared the purclase a 900 brls ftr the ihse of the shi, which was put on board on aelr luast depurlure. Fur a trial, apply to S 1l'K & Co. No 8 Front I.evre at N -BlUt 2 brls at a time can ntily Ie delivered to ne tsteam houi, ultil ne get a ifurtheir ulpply which all be ill atirll de; s. l e,: " SL,&Co J)EEF -Iltllfhrr.lurl tes 1ani ilie, at tihm ise iit.n ii stitr, Itir atle by GI IDtRSEyI 4 44 New LeveeI ) AI'INS-4I boxIaes Ni tlainsms, Loring's branl, Li in slore aotd for male bII jna5 J T' It AlER & CO, 71 It'udrasm t I;ANII.I.O C(KRD.t.E--5(l) rtils as'tepood n 'ut . tititiu ~rad foreale by J TIIAY t L & it, Sju_6 74 I'nydras st Ie i AFTSA o New Y.ork, m ,r smale by J_ : ANDREWS & IROTIIER. 50 Clamp t 1UNNY HAG,--100 hales t! bliashel Gi ny Bgi, in e tore, and for ala by fe5 J THAYE'R & C,,.74 1'tvrl... t 1 tou ') \ tl) h'ttlip. r"'wn aOttuim b.C peror article in stre lld for sale by eai _ JTIIAYEIl & C., 74 P.,amu-; I)%RI.EY'S tat & lud RIlk,. If Ili-tr,- lI; , Sli" 4 , J3atlINTS,O. ILS, tGLASS, ItUSHIIES, &c.-..u I ndig rol ship Coualltutilon, and lr sae-v-lz: l .000hilet ult.loss, best qualilty, from 8XIU t I _13X2; :JIll) kegs white le.d, pure; 3id do green aot, in '5 litbr. kegsn 4 do joupaued tina tIsi,ris tilU0 lb. lithrag; 2S dous splendid 001f)01 ground brotelw also oftOUIlli aoud 0()0 do; '2 ases crome green in powder supelrior article dodo In coaa; it lrgt alenrtnleultofah t teels ofevery size sud uolil,: sable encils thir malio; fiat ntrkib,t. br ens fornterhalyo; atrtit's colors ill oil reaLy pre pIred,i boxes, liuted :.p nitll all inecess.ry blruses; oartist's tnulst, &c. Fluki undt Ionity white; 60 packs gold leuaf; white and yellow wax; gumll turtit. anil a large in choiue an tOrllnent of point., dry colors, oil, tarpenthle, varuiA, &c., lfr salewoltIesauleu and I.tail, at the ltoest pricesto by MIONtI)IL.LI., cut1 5.5 (t'tpst. .VEI' I DI770.V OF' Till,. CIUIL CODEI OF LOUIS-l.1..J. IT Ilas been Ifr someI timle oolld known to tile public wtl e werel Ir n the flinrt, wr Iof the greai t dilliernit oan threpouliihlty utding the workbliUatinl of tihe work, itd it a sotIoitm ot wgritten rltesi wtitla t itmediately opIrates the n ver dinrdividual ll te It ate nt eritioed altouier in ter ellonerou anI d ith and overhi hld cooulti e Stote Ioner Ito, tlhirty Iuulllld dollaur, uer eltirely ott of prinrtr. For we th ani two enal pao, thle ulawl rice of the twork hill becun front hiryal to fialy dutllur. n It is ea estetn of writr rte rles n ttut so iilnediately olsettc, uponeenre inditidatl tir file i taiot intteitrsthed ertiche n ur ah ltr conl "r curOelrcs nd wtict l tgoerns tilte i1to"titnl of ot ilt prtoIprttlnnv, h. tit tg tin iofromt other sthtte -toltrle andhlo, -u.e uoter reattesso t upon I la-it i r as tmo tch tlho tetook gue uaon .at Thre publt rstll avte tln , t herr, sitisi the gnrial utoge-to mill enlcr ce' tlll tl r. riaud s lllltnI le i c orkl to e fd tra t ilrlteir tIo1 iut lll llon I h h Ine,t vl ,,e ri t ttrot ttttCtIOlty u irtftco ntth ctode, nttM)ttle it too lidelto tible reI. isit and their lie e iprle d itr.i . cis rtileofs N e thre Sur th e oo trte i 'iteh polllhtave etn mt e fythimt urtt, tihe wheeoeral teiic jtudle, ll te tadt e Le ftoril d rutto e. t oin tile tollrk i -i IhroesGernir seoirees one \\thecsLank Uis ohit . te fIturieher of thai Ntte (Irf et rll Inte wrlet wh udic ttlard, . oltd-e I tlryude., .ud Ioo (;eltrt e EusliL. rorsv tite kilytin aistte l tlr Ucpton ile tile ito lnlre iries w elliacl ire Il colleled ill tilehe plsit but ilth toulds anti naimelrde to hg Mr N Ir euteenion;, he h Isrt- u lerdif eerUletcl, who is nlso er aged till tile wierk (ev. etritwbl idage, :s . heen Ikreno ntd tlep great lll readyI tc. ; Pas rut ontharined ill I eia oficecio n ftich CoId, l)nd avle navte begin later by it, od urilg t ie erion. aod cusntrd tit onticht have oeett giotnly n reot d bit ehisete:ine uhed Iroletin l lbor. 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Itn potting tot ft this trpeentct and vtlitititg egto ifte)n dollars--fiv dthi rs to be paid at htie ti deel subtt the frt titot the L regittni MorfrLottimti nt an otthorttt) aIrt. gclla til~tits lu c ists ,io e u lnosed, tio .t..e prihu e the N yearno have not yetoon e clapsed ce it wahe first t reofgularly tate. rend to tia ubit ; buh t it ecos attained tle highest reputation; and ias ualp lallted every otaer be tdie Ale fmr tnie Age wtheor t ter itlaes tbe fute k otownornd rtitey td Alreiledy etave beofencltie i e patoliy of site publinoe rs ntd edtlarlsdic Oi pirsoe halilve nut only been relieved, bt rettored tu Ieal ae rintd vieor through its a oy; and they now itoeer fully tyestlr, it every op portuneity, to its dtilred tttand spree efficay. It s co ipored of ruc nedicial tit priilet ilts as are It tleul patto renbew a he healy ier in oftle o sto- i St, liver, trr d noter tin lportat dige ftiv organsi ,l tioe dihlea. Ih vs apparent also, that it produ. a ftco an nlltre cidhllg te rs tcobeditiont toe tsyste , of t nd crtai g. esroy te native liability t rlap The subscrir.piilli. Wrhoe tholedale Ageis rattended fillt any ol ltr cupirilt tt e ploymn til. oli itur willnotionerero .ith the treat. ENt of te other di, but nll eved ntn ita d ias ftrstnce y rgurlisyitg strend to tlnd vigor to tte ody durttindg tigre tl he ot repattion ndt. T so wl plntke use of this medicine fnry bie asgauned treat ; ler it no Aie ai. o n n, t er nry, or ated.y other aric be its icositied by uis mondly to sngtile ufriea. colistutiolil behillI enlirely a holeesble ertraggct; nd thoe s of pron o additional conlyideno lited, ose thetreof, whd to helt ttd vigoreive tharogt itas tig en cyti; fndull laey beecl tieeft--in lteotiuy, ucet overy opwic, the bowtityls to uits dobitrutionpe, and oter eficily. I arising ro te used of onoh tdiitnl pritcille dios nor fcalculred tor te cure of this flty ection. It heas bto used also as a protver ittpoivrt, by attt digetiro were sub, eoft to a pdriodia.l recurpprentce olo, tle C it prad it. 0a0 tnntrirbly warded offi tin apprtditiontded alsttc,. Ond sertinly Te Propriy tor fully satisfied li til tlp opnraloled lud unifo ral suWet s wtl i Ag a i as ottd.d tonitlv anttedcd a nualntt, the epular uoy ent ol the Totio Mixture, ill a t interfer vr and Agutet. ttcels warrated io engah g to reugt nd igr toice tohi bodyall tdloseg t noave t of trett ietdicio in Ttrit n .lo tord i nco Arile tio, presribd dirctionsr, wity oulte contavitgti; beitn g nerf ttly a lastingly cure ctrtd. Tn o subscribers arledditonaol cotli ngots nor the ou th erterof, States, and iave not ot it ha le rix ty eis o prt of ti tttotliett w leftl to rrItd .fres uflaerd fogenuine. For saleof ti ntotion. It red prbos tnttvribly wtardod t \oll sle t rtappehr istt,. noprallled O COIttd univernn sucs whCFithias ctCet. onoliP ecCottoitt hulclloittitntiloo street. ORDERS ILRECEIVEL) FOR JOA'lES' 1P TEITTCOl'O. (;I; " 1 , Bytle Patetcee, No. 53 atzhnle street, New Orlealls TOUBE IANLLFACT'UISES IN NF\V IYORIK BY ROBERT IIOE & CO. SCALE OF PRICES-DoIrdde (lins. For a double Gin of 80 saws or muoe oni e:tach cylinder, nmaking 160 Saws in the statnd, w ith feeders, bauds , &~ . st $6 pero n w, or $90 0 LK I For a lauble Gin of 60 staon II a cylilder, or 1c0 saws ilo the stndal, 9ceders, &c. a $6 iper law, eor 7 00 For o. of 4i sawso do. or saws in a stand, at $6.35 per saw, or 500 00 For do. of 'o saws olt do. or 40 saws in a stand, et$6.50 per sawor 60 00 SING L 1E GINS. Fora single gin of 0 saws or mote, with oe set ofafeeders, builds, &c. at $6 per' saw, $480 O0 Fordo. of 10 saws, witllleeders, &e at $6 90 per saw, 390 00 For do. of'40 saws, with feelders, &c. $6 5 per oaw, 300 t00 Fordo. of naws, with lifeder,'&c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 i Extr teelh where desired, fa fe.udelrs, eltpplied a iO cents eah; thle numlltber ofl eeth bsin about equal o the number of saws. Ole act of fcediurs, it is con sidered however, will wear out two or tlhree sets of mowsa EaItsa saws swppqlil at tO8 teits ealt. The Gits ocleredl, will e tdelivrelr to tlie lof planters in any of thbe sea port towns of the cotton plan long States, attlle alto e prices, tesaIgects pahsug the ft -Jhlt oa te salt . s i. InILta New YIork, asit hecolliillig so spI . ,iblre f moullt of the (Gil. A t;ill rightI willbe sent with thle Gis to put them up where de sired; the charlges for whllae services will b extra, uat modcrate. Iron nnllllg gepareatt also he ordered ai here dcslaied, oil easoo ll:lli it:rmsi hilt will he co t ill tigti ttLr. I ill's, iowero'nny escriptiron, calk b iurishsd tit like ierllta. Smanll atltn entgines cltt atlso be lordelred if dte It isldesirtblv, when pIanter5 give orders Iur Gils, thl"y shoultdlacmnlominy theml with their iews ill egarld tothtal-atgemnllito saws5 , iraits, lbrushes, &tc. It is t Iitsl they ,litlel Ii oapilioll. Sotie desilet s usa of lalotR Iitllullc tlmi others. The lmost contii n sIL I is 9 or 10 inches; itb. some wish thllemll 1 inches. Somell swish 5 or 6crtowst housats ol ot , c whili others do lot wall more t ;lit at Im.o. Soume wisit sws with a t orFJtILh to tle ilcllh, while othersa wllt 10 or II. W , neh tliscrlllpnc, we ape ll' thel y shoutlllit : hle litlle of giVing ottlers, tlmlisb a amtrenllt of thil it iles, tad Ihe titcaoliwottieInlt Irsc flil Itlou itll .aIrt pIarlielarr. WVllre it is left to otur dlisorlio, we sltl[l t make tohem on the mioult Imodllernl nlld approved ipla. In otslrr can be cattlltceld, iomtl the time it is rIece.ile ill thle IEc olt.igllf IIgtilile weensiL ,ul tile iilla iili lat titue Ilttacsli,sl Ibto ssla of Iht faitor. T'o be in Ir o.r tlhe next l'crop, all ortiera ought to be ill lthe bhands of tIIl t Iletmufactureletlby the first or midllle oi 111i%, ItriPtI ;r pllll.ulaltitos where they t lote itl comll entll i to tlick oagin acttson. ' I t. ll" tli'.ie t li1,lttt, ufo aily e i t t I 'Li ttr h i.. Sla', wcllb t holt s ou.,'kto, . ! 13 blnoi CINI. PI'liHN'.l (l(\ mt)oud EI.,tn.t of CttptIlttba at Sam Ia F1 tlntilA -At Srtt"ilt, s.|,5 d 1'st ,Sll'ttual Itene dy ever di .toviertd thr th c~urell. of Gonolrtrhen, (Gleet.s, Stricttules, hlittle. Piill ill the back ldl oins slllllllm weila lslill a e ll.elu of thll knlllini. i, gavel, scorbul- ic: erpt i3s, tc.t - Ill ttItt itnt Cmitlt mtdintS posse itlCS the tusefu hlltI ll Icul V llt , i E No I I, bel i' yi t 1 i ut I l e (i llbny' ,h H:ll'cItltlollall'tch i~l- II%':,ltl aret IIH).IF jl(J! ........ i , '1 ..... cslc'5l ~I l~gll.uh i llulri bulhvi:IRH I( tlL( C I lihl I dll)bll apptecitdF . wiirl its mellt nre llllll.v lih ko. "The ililIt: in iti o t ,: ,. It-et t tetlt isly I se , I iiit l iIttillt o" # its dit fo dislike thi i tatliet-t ort-ll. I iEutt i'illet I. n sl e d il mh. intimllllin o Stfle. T hei prolpieorllas milaldl ali E al citsin i ttllt1t tll Ittan s cotntciv ~g tirl the t e alctive u~llitie. wouhl!t Chet-t al t- it. iiol- en't ti. Itrn it.d iole usetlo y :.ltiagiatt d thaie Iltre'dielitS whlich are in the high st. relllpute aolst Ihe mlost scielifiic and lealied h iilin t llhi'l· p leihio , E Iacli Iil. i the o t ositt l of tilthtillsilllllimtlil it clt t lItts, tie Iettllecyo otihe other, pi'oduingh anl opeationt truly nlett lishili , iitil stirpt s ititI ti)le lttC ot t lt nglinllh i etetttl laitlI Ions Ilossh a,,iA t Ihl' alme mllt the- itahltaite oi it-ts Siltg tttitttistttt'ttiittttw it -lpe i t-tmsc s int th ilrnt--t tamttotui Cltmrel,,tt S.C.,,tios tndits btia-nt ttk-att-ecu Ytneeueutis, lril'ihgl o lt lsisu.rdee "l'ht illO 1 hedlig esiaii ilbefun ltions . l'illSt mll, t l-tnlitnd to te' tes' utl t N lpri eclt Oi ti e imiohsttlebllhited mI)onr tf 111t a1Illii wheiy· hI t til.e exlpre ld tllei i t slmtitmiciotl of its elilbr iitr:ll l lttflicc I e l. base it n t i stitl clhItl'Ie% ti y i dlOtitnllgi . it bt- il IPthit - inlsertel lelrealier. I~~1Prepared b J L I Thorn, Che~liS StOi'ii. i ) wit-l tine In c Atogrtn ,toy h lI" Tetrltl C-nal ht-ti-ol tm I nann n llJut ii hteIolit 'arh5mom Non S tlsl-lt 1inia tt Nt-uiletir-,n tutr-ste Sll:.s u ellls IItllhlllt(tt t- i tet l ltl- 'll t td " tilt' litt- kien cr,id nltll itm ititlytnilltimt-ttn'v h imnprm prIlovedl so h~iChly Ilvoumlell, thart I do no~lt hlesitue inl N.1ounltt-g it itae of a t te tot ttaluable nd eictcinh uI eitInase ntrler tltt-EI C Itt~nt Itt-at-nat, nttit Itt- n It tn-at-imiepeimnm'mtg(em It- ti'nnt-tt-ntn tttnane,mttilt-a~ttt ia lotl,'tln llina e lt e sth lllla mie lt a tnt' lil al tUtIUtllt n e-iit ni-l:llned Itt-r co ihe -oitt J 'ibM ni.s From ~nG II Il~lywmd,11l ~i LC S, PhyitbCiianl to th St Mal. i.? leblone 1)i .11 .te lo. I -ne g.l. II lclsull in addling mly l l'itest im li to the St.liJale prop ·Ih so·f ur\i · IpeparC' i-ofs wihing i ol the arhty yul'c so fll th laldel, ill aln slllllle re tlalr litli hel pravud hilhlexp e IncVulrhst'd i ol rIndin: ii t h let hn ifri omd/. ic 1 solp~ier, t lilS, Surhl eon itlli Gll ' 11 .lil, h,.lc ex I":rFTE .,Ic~ ~t~, vlr)rdr.,e . l·l t ole lillkowll to be Itruly a lelll. utiltl;L Ml' the sucllycx yrou so well deserve, usuplly) anl1 ICd·I? speedly re) you1 for yl'ell v Il'UCilp p 1on it SP C , Ge. .e. iLni Gee II ilc.d, to try yutrlixc e in social calsesof Iiolentll Gonord.·llic, wH~ichI hadI hlith~ero r:difledI every Ire scri' loill r a i llniia ter Il " ile, ll(Inv tin iouln ullrth anld sill'edi' cures et'leclt b! ii, il h h fle u fY I fIeel m.. l'lf so illlty Iloundl to state tlhi ii ItIi l-w l in m l plira tice bolh, iublic mdlld phic ri te reotr.iclue an use Ilclll other. rl om IGW mi.rl, Mt, Physician to Guyls i. Tllle strict test whllcll I h1 glll' iv.ell toul melll i nell amonglll any paIents, andll~ its invar)liable sucess? B thusl thr,) wrill iilmrcre Sllme to p.eelx.tlere is its use, mutl I lneehlm i Inst na.E ofijustice 1*oul of duty- to adld us1) L;·Pble testi commendatio i CIIR IJ:/ O If its VIrtues. IFl-hlr Ir IllC T llle oa, IT D It S 1.. etun) kllO~l to be'ruy .11 .,l,. tk r to vall.. luale h Ilre sytof so welll· I ac f ilye u ln rile cl~le of Gonlloilmsa i e. I feell gritold that y~ou hate ait Inlst broullhtl a medlicinel iyto use ahich wrilal rov a tot.sideratum lo sutlor ilr tie .h'died wolldt-a 'lsI, speedy P mI ul¢. ell.l E inl CaLSIE of1 the1 shor~e cIlass It affordsll me great ~leasur~e Were i" huc'ens.slr o the ppI" kr oul.d hIrle nllarishl e n:IscY of hrle l nu m Cltlrirlh y as moirh u, h intllllll 'lory b:I thle alb e'll; bill trlllds thrit it ga tl l l s lu c hithii ro the cE' I Stexpense i llwlich it lrisJ i.eCen iiliad, witll ll IlrOlltS grletest recull reltionh. amon a Plivsrlning t ulllic o au'<'AWJP 7 1YMf~ne ~cii i·t,~ \m lae stivitslr·bru racitis thl; Thde iln wich it hlhy be hakl, lleig bolth ens trIhlt, pilca unt-i s ti" stelt nature, willlt i'I restli .ctiohl iln ie w t liiem ti jllh.'Iu billess Il Irtlliri ts espcidllI ut ltlll of ll~l i stIleic illn highl1' d ut tsli t) a lld o ught teltv to ba inm.rotilen wtl a tlolreat1io Itossessi. g the vnlltiliwihl tilnli th esenlt o|e co bines I. ACCOrlliyinyinct, th anks ficior is e pmhlle explana sntO o1"f our I'lx t the die ren st s of he of disi·:LIrls , lto . a eI r, cnltlare, culointain ill t hl std bioll h t ii in t n mr 143awd 40 Onod street. i.)tiseihicli ill prN v a dR idtSlItum II Olig solghtIi· Frm la l aileci(o l. --(Geili tll) lllCI l (ir L EAVEIS Moblilr ts othl~~ller singl immell..iately anea i s the abriall la·s, e hlll folm ew ollean€ ., pIer· sthI stellulishhl Io tlwn, li ke:lly, enc qite s to Psacolr stulnlhlots (per Peslnielloltl i nh",St lltilosuslllenl danl Chsoc ltalmelae hil lbellr ll I:it) to Cedl ulllUlilT, colahes tllhenc ville, tol Augustit s i IA passle et a llkiI t htlts seat wi 'ot bile is il nlo daun~er of' b~ing thrown~ out or los6ing his! Ir'eltsence 1 y i orthtlnerl cnitin itulteras, as the pLObic. . Dh LINES1 is butI onel conlcernl, andc unde~r onlre clos o Lt thlrolugh /t, and ma!sy i$ly wr·'. n cElll"n I·"I' Y .Ulons - arivl-la t Auillglstl a il limlle witllei}d I'IthriIou h ," eilth cr· and ail aany season,) unlless someI most untin~Tmen caEH~ trophle shoubt~l oBccur. TheI( Grleat New Orleans11 Mai is carried by this loule. TI'hle Agcllts lilln necomuhtoau tinll, 'TLemlr, Conchu ssnh Div i'elrlItioi nol susllisllled tlhe soutr e whchtrh. Thle s.ol th IlLI lln -nltllur rondJs, e s ailllli ad lll t inter estoir nytr oi naigati.runtst.e li hu ads accoml odut:ion, af ford the travelert irjedl rcrtuinlt , comfort, andI ai pkes iull' ver it.I; co lahllnctd as it l will with hleil h h' ots. Glearlestosi, S. C~. andlr the steanII packletsto0 New. York, Forader can rn sh New ork frIcm. Iew Orkm. uni AlN II Itanh'-Washinoll city ill s. I'lynn Chattahlno lche, Floruida, we )have n Bravn~e rioe via Queincy ad TAhIblineise to S Iall.llk, 4 h1ee --st cIOcJ.. s.. -lsoh two Blbtnclrhel li irn li.killns ille oellc t .l1lledguetillc, and one t, hincon, ligt to wo laors counchs. STIOCKT'l ONS & co. Anresm. 13oth ann. t 835.Z - tioeat Ma(sio eu.o.uls ,lob il l Ihitlah c rew : Orlellns to M tile, rilcs lllelli. MtA-bile ltosAsent.tah sa:*, Augusta' to CharlestonII ISS " Char~leston to New York, (J80(- 18 imewl'l, yh lOrlleln iollSobil th Flo lrs AI, tbil to o A.rl.u t, , r1 r tllOlilll, lll{ it)' IIt'l)" xv['llt c n I.ITA N 'L 'L~lll Churicatson to~ew York. XS- 258 Makis 8I8 mtiles er dla!. or 7 milens per Ihourincllul tiol l, i'aliis at oaehus 'e. u iIi\rt a'ei vtS ll'lll O s' ill ioli iae to illnlom the pu.lll hte lbridges ovler thle Chal-lloo hwinlm, anold Haul ious i :ek li a Il'ut% b l n i o. nlu~d its I r tile ala l load mot),i(Ileb! tl~l S ol, Icl( ! lelie t.,ll i~lleklS toj XEwl :It'k· out. ue ltlls hlltull h liy removdl" nuldI hav. e t )leasure ofltahehne, Fiom .dvellear wt the coacershlo sI·s, drivers aInI .Oids are o le first otder; alld ai s to thor lO~l lt ¢lidl~wl I lst) twlaa ill.ilolui i~lnlle lallkilisliill ouwater roulle liim Pellu, ola to Ce-lar Bulf, lit is lmirl AGUoSTA, .hav ,lsioi be11epild JMCA, ARKBLE CIIMNEY PIEICE WAsAoeUvE, Customhouse street, opposite the post.offtce. The subscribers are now receiving from their fac. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment if Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperier workmanship, and of tie latest patterns, made of the host Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monumeonts, Tombs and Grave Stonos, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble tscings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Comnent and Plaster. ing Hlair, together with a splendid assortment of brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lnittering done in tile neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set the above work. je5 'AMES KAIN & S'ROUD T PARKIER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. 1 OURINAI. of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, undcr the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge ulogy, climate Rand productIosn. and the non' el,. llaersr alld , Iustms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Tel'rrttry, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. '1 he [iver and he Desert; or Recollections of thueRhone and h I "hartreuse; by liss Pardre, author ofl'th City of . ' Sa tan, &c. in ll2 vole. 'Tle Robber, a Tale, ' " the author ol Richelieu, 'rhe.Gypsy, Attila; in 2sv The 'l'w Flirts; or Ad..'-inre in a Country louse, and otlher Tales, by Lady Blessiniton. E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, .Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and othlrs; in 2 vols. The Life en.l Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, t edited by oz, iatth Illehtrations by Plhis, No. 1. Just re~eived atl fuo r sale by I IlNJ ItMI.iP.0S'I:S ilIEtlRtti.liTlCth, tICeRice It COPE'.,'&. -leJust reccired anl fir sale by mr1. McKeans, -orcr eta op nl, Cnllooten streat., a gneralsl ae e entl .o t v,ulyr's Ctolllpa.s.., l . .l elcllltct sllL Isls rtt a,,'r ; l uIT- esU g l'senr, ,t Spring Divd, ndrl, sprng Bow leus, ivo ry Pro . voryc , gartercs hals. ssriaPgle. s t i e,. e R lenrra l.l-. 5 -, lt. temtCm-', r .lc:r-.rie, fr,, . A-' . N. York d& Zaltimore Packets PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.--New LiLe. L -T'o sil puanctuilly ev.ry aeUund Monday during the seauon, fill or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 toaus apt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berrr. Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis,. Slhip S ratoga, 542 du W Hathaway, ahip Nashville, 5401 do D JackLeb, Ship Kentucky, tid9 do J Bdunkr Tile alnove ships are of the first clss, coppierd. rnd copper asitened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. Thle commanders are met of great I:xllririen. and the lhilps will alwaysboe lowed up and down the Misasisnippi by stealmbeats. They have handsome lilrnished anoounmodations, and storae of tihe best description will always be furniaerld. The cabin p;asage is 190 without wine or liqruor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officerr or crew. For, freight or pnsnage apply on hoard, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp at. The shllts are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble orgrahaite, cooperage of tie, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible tbr any package or parcel, unleus a regular billoft lading is executed thereor at the uffic. of the outse Nmv27 NEW ORLEANS Nau IIAL'I'IMIORE LINE OF PACKETS. Thisi line will coistnl iof thse following vessels, wllich hae been built or purcliased expressly for the trade, via: Shlp leanlnn, iept. Miner, U.rk .hary, " Nickerson. l" Irad terry, new a, Stevens, S oluomon Saluma, " Latham, Ilrig Architect, C' Gray. 'Flltee vessels are if the first class, have hand. moe furni-hed : ccoio:iudations, and are of a light lralt of water, so ila Ito adlit of their receiving and d:lekinre.hrig ihtir earigm"a il lal.iinoiiaft lhe city. Fre!iglht will be iakmli for liers air tihe Chesapeake or James' River, adll foirwrded biy tie agents. Messrs. CLARIKE & KEILL GG, at Baltimlores expenses on goods shipped will be advanceod when rrquired. 'The prine of passage is fined sat $60 ample stores o tih ae b t quaitly will be provided. Steamr up and downl the Miasissippi will uo taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to CGo,. BIEDFORD, nn\v7 Si Bienvil!e at. FuOR NI' V YORIK. [l.tniuiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'I11 I"; Sips this line will sil iunlo Ncv Orleans acd New York on every other Mon day--conimenceing on the O2til November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line w ill hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain 'l'ruk, to leave on the 20th Novehmber. Ship Lohuivile, Captain Palmier, to leave on the tlth December, Ship launtsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Ilth D, cOlnber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave oi tire st January. Ship .' lissisaippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the lIth of January. Th'le above are all new, of the first claes, copper. dt anld coplper fiatoued, and IpwardIs of 500 tone iurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly fhr the trade. The prioe of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most improved and convenient tlan, uld finished in a neat and elegant style - Aimp:e stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satilantiiiol of passenigers, who will please take no. ticn that no berrtl can be secured until paid for at tlihe oFee of the conaignees. ,x.lrii.itc d in' the trade, who will give every at tention and nexert themselves to aeunolnodate. Thbv will at all tilnes he towed up anld down the Miasis. silppi biy slealbuats, anrd thie strictale punctuality observed in tie tone of sailing. Tile owners of tlheso sllilp will not be responsi. ble har anty letter, Ipanrcel or liaekage, senit by or put on board ol thrlut, unless a regular bill of lading e signred theretor, at the counting house of the agelnt or ownlers. Fur firtIhar particulars apply to J 1) EIN & A COHEN, novE7 90 Cummon at FOR NEW YORK. [l.ouiniana and New York Lile of Paekets.] rT al. alipsn cis'rOltlue tiitio Lnie will sail niru .aw I( Ill t llnd New Inrck oi every olhor Monday llllllellncillg n thae "'llh IlOlclber, and to isnure the strictelsl pltl c aualily i r!e1 th ie tim .noailiUg, IIt line will lererlrir tutisl ut' five tlt pt via: Ship )'auan, t'atpetid 'lflnck tir leave ol the l2th nov. Ship oInniseille, Catin 'll aluPUar, to leave co the l4th Deerlllher. Ship JIrl soi/dl,. Captaina Eldridger to leave ao the Ship tVickaburg, Capltain 'aodbuoue, to leave on eke 1st Jlinliarv. Slup .lisr.sppi, Caltala Davis, to leave on the 1Ith J aiiiarie Ulu i'lie lnbove shil are all new, of Ier Blrt clas eeplnred amnd cop iaer liaaieled ald Ildpwrds d f5r0U f ocs nurttheit, are if light draught of water, beintg buils ih New fork elpresslyv Ifur Ilhe trlrad. Tlh prlice of0 pee se is lied al one hundred dfllass. Their cabins are fined plllon thre ntnlartiaipnlrld iculcnvenielt plau, ad ririshId it neat and eleuant style. Aapl atcrlas ol Thle tre a uality will be lprrvidd, ai evloe regarnl ad II thle icntlirt and emlo.l satuisnactionocl pa egers, whoI rill teaie iakte notice tatl tiu ertih e. l be ecured . n iI rid for all the office ol he gell nso rees. 'Ihese rinkclts ore 'uOr ealll d byv Captains well oe perieucedl in the trade, wha awill give every ulention ind exert themselves ) acc(ruiiitlate. 't hey will at all tulintras re towed L tilltld Ionn the SsiiPnielhpi by stealmoblats. llll the triceat punctua litv o bserved is Ihe timer e nailinig. T'he lwners olf thei hips wil not be rreIsIible tfo a. let ter, parclor package.culby orpt I 0 bosrdso t.herietta rcegultne hill tf laditg he agnred therefore It tlio etlilrtilug tllsla oaf thIe ugeut or orn ers. P'e particular.e, oply to P REIN & A COIIEN; nov 13 9 COllSllon tc NEW OR: EANS &CIIAIRLESTON PACKETS This line consists of lour vessel, all of lthe first claose, coppered ad copper fast. selad, and o| ablcut 2W00 tons burthes.. with hlanrdsome accommotdations for pi.ssengers. Therse vesscls re colmnmanded by captains well experienced in tIhe trade, who will give every at teot on, and exert themselves to secommodsate the ship;,tr;. ' hey will beh towed up and d,;wn the Miassssi; p, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10lth antid 15th of every tmotth. T'he following vessels coimpose rthe lne, via : Brig Arabiain, Charles (i rdon, master. ]huig Ciapota,,J. II. Thl'llomnpsont. inater. Brig Alleln, J Diane, nltster. BIlrk Roger Williamns, J. Allibere, master, Fir freight or paesnce, nply to J. A. BARELLI & C, 61 Ciomnmol ar. New Ollcans, ntr M. C. Plurdecai,Chatlebton. oot I T 1IE Underiigned haIln . butinse as a l)ruggit slid Apothecary, in the stao owned by Mr. J.cob Ott, at tlhe corner of Tivoli circle ann Triton Walk, respeotfulll solici isa share of the public pltrltldge and a renewal at the favors of his forlmer customers. 'he lentire stook of Drugs, medicines and loner articles is fresh and carefully stlected. The following otrty 0 e par ticila~rized, vio : Pre Soda, Seidlitz and Saratoga Powders Y. nst Powders, being a w.holesomne and elegast sukslitute for yeast, inl raising bread, buckwheat caker &.e. Bullil's Effervescent Magnesian Apperient-a pleassat and genie pourgtivein dyspepsia or indi. gestion. tnervous dcleilry, giddtlnesr, headeshi, aedily ut the asttonachl,ha bltual cestrveness, cats. lteius ertlpton, &c. I'arpenrei' fluiid Extrict of sarsaparillh for puri ml .r illi olu, &c Ic do and cubehs, &c. Swa s l.unnelrre arid Vermluinge; British andt lideilhl. .l,1 Opodcldoc, &c. Relint d L qi, rice, jujube and Guamaure paste. 'lin,:h hiu.buos, N S Prenoct's carbonic dentrir fire, chl"oirln tootlh wash, powder puffs and bces.s Prepice's carbonic dettr.tiee, chloruSe tooth wech powder iplln uned bI se, Prentice's seented sadl piaii l ilet pIwder, poIaIltint creme .do Pesteo orange fl roer, r's,', lnvender and FIlorida wrsae, i eh'1,` qi.t irrli ines, loiid'as tlacsuar Oý l . l. ridL' baulul t1 C ,lilltlas, bea's oil, a variey of l ttler aid tItl r Ill atches, indtliblae -'ipctrr I In i . k, &c. S irlm illd rCfined whale oil, H.,'IdAnim eu. A Irish al-s.srtlnill t l 'Thrburn'ho s an.a.sMi.. 'cr 2 GEORU id d1 Sfiro ela by tl c ,ItttlaL.,d,4low lns I 1t ,'I tI:-301 I ,Il mcttthsel slaaeteas, in bea an i . b J ATI lt''

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