Newspaper of True American, February 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 12, 1839 Page 4
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a>ýýa ..,,,Lp Altie~pe* ltweijtett ~~tt't~*,& fn ieututA t ·rl)ý·i ria YTA Mnj ýenryt nilt&~i ndi Ili~Nt) Leg iIllttVlS-. Me pepetir Mediciteg j*t'pnanet of uheaeimey. :tyt cal Cem inrrlln _eeQnNRcIAL. AND NAUTICAL" cdjtcit'n Iftelgtine '1 ` ý ranrer 1 I + AcNj~vyryuf AND ArNitetCIINCE.d BT t A ohi"etre vos Arhtetr, ontc 2P bd hi nece 1WOdIle. liCutocY Attltattec a FIntlgld "Oins eLite! Uc Mnthtnnmati Toit Atoe~riieeof Ittgtn vo.le loan Miveellaies rnrm the .y itdo ie Vetheke t 'csNec Life of Welei+ i cott, 2 vole W-O ndod I ab wPrescctt,3 kgrygrAMplodid nt, 7 ?cep,, t' d A (e ral ' menr eemf LaWM a ndl uceific nrb+ Alrwl[loke FN N nittmerie ireeteer rF.nglint end Str ,ta, Latfin and Greek. 1. JOHNS & co. ctw1 n. Charlecetnd tiimncct.. will, oIe rsdilv dis.nvermd wherein tle Totil Mi tosre n , uperiri to the ordlatry ,node or treiatin. ^:.JePer n. and Acun,. In the first ploe, heong a Vete I-1t.¶l- ixertttand eni from any deh'lerio ls aml poison ero, hala e ite may I.e taken withhe nn.nlet ssfr : htn e tendeeirttfentt, ragedl invalil. It pro P lors eelpsepoof the dnease, coireqllutly the eunetite .t ctoo rm'gais is wonted Iten amln activitv. It estla Lshen a ,Ianal and perrnmnet apatite, by invi'ornatin ., ettnchand gtiv er rsk tn eonjo eni onl. eftnI ite pen nliat Isving epa ttrsative quOdity, it remtin ant in ite iowels i. intereae this disorder, or to crest tt. hat eliesoaes blti tmrougly elennuos thle eeral or gunm nf digettio, and othus benefits the systone with nmtever other asetintl, it nlmv be oppreedae Indisvides, afler tlie tne nfth 'Tonil Mixtlre, hay been exposed to all the usal sausei of tihe diseaes and k4vleoaaped siv oympetnl of retrtrn,: wtereas b 11l e.ftle cmonn renstelie., there is always cewi t tltin Iscreaseld Hlititv to re.urreuce. The daesg ..frelfqamt relnpuesofiheAggue, is varyrvvidtni. to the o.hnt. wiliuorn be.oame too in she prostnate t bd aii t.s met with mediitne, antd speedily faol a vie oe, t.traclh iloaesant violence. The Tonic Miltant i t.d drat such a reasonible price, as to planee it hlhi t.+ roach of every one! that the poor and dettitut sie ajsreby furnished with asaistance,withont tolieitin: the aid and attendance widch ii frequently denied t o else very reluetantly beteowed. 'm puldi are reopeetly eautiaid ogainst thie spai ose imitation of this nedicine, that are daily offer.s It is prepared tlv, by Pr. Jlln R. Rowand, at hi .aheranrorv, lsrketa tretm, Phlndltdhina. STbhe stiaeribers are the wholesnle aSeats for th sPoah Wsternet e ts, il will lle be the crte, . the I'hiladelphii pricel . Te he he d ai retail also,, nlest efthe Apthot.eries in thi city. JARVIS I ANoDRE\V S, Wholesale O lrggie)ts, novl nor Commtn & Tclniopiteulae. iaatasoippi and Ltoisiaeaa Ilotel, eoelNtr.c1, r.4 I lRS. MARIY KIRKLAND respeetfully or nounces to her friends and the public gene ally fltat aile is prepared to accommodate thema to aboves stablishmeastt, and hopes frmn lie nertinsa to render vniitorne comfrtable, to roeeiv Selonwinaknce of fortmer favors. She fools confi d"at tlhat person visiting Covintcon during tlt unemer months, nannot find better naccommsodution thsa she nan afford them, on more liberal terts le.ri house is pleasantly rituated; and well supplile itlh arery convenienee; the bar in furnished will the moIt choine liqutors, &c. in short,she promise "'at otltitng shall hbe wanting on hier part to givl eirm antifanctien to all who nmy patromize the .di.eilsspi nsl Louisiana lntel. je3 studied under Dr. Scl.midt of Cllarleton tohthl Carolina, anl for sotae years is assistant is the practied of medicine and surgery, has the hIno to affer his proleseional services in this city Hei assurie the ladies and genttlemen that the to prompt attention will be paid to the calls wlicl may be made oand also offers Iois arvices to tht holders of slaves, being well acquointod with tht dllasesa eontmon to them, having attended them it the soUr hi.tse in Charleston. ''ho fanlouo anti.ilieis pills siler the eoalwoitios ol Preasetr Smollotte, with direetions, can be hat f the undersigned. The effct whLich tlhey haro proannied in tiis and otlher cities, has been attende wilg the greatest scceo. to which the best o referanoes nan be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga ailem iveet. JNO,. MLORING. IaUL)hW WAE WOODu SCEWS. SAI IRONS, &e. HIlE lHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, 1;c S- 93 Wnter, near Beeklttan street, New YorL hare receivct tihe past season, and are corstantl tencviimg large and extensive additions to tlse stoe et' the above goods, o weict now colnists of thi allowing assortedntt suitable for the southern an westert markets. Inllow ware oof aperior quality, consisting , about 1500 tone, viz, Pita oln'1 different sizes, froim 2:8 to 50 gallons Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, lettles, 15osies, froet 3:8 to 18 gallons, *l.tepaes or Ovens, 7 differet sizeson, 'Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillet, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 d, riddlea, . . 4 do Iie Dogs, c. do Walgon boxes froet 11.4 to 43.4 inethes. C'st do. 5 to 7 inches. Woad Screws, 90.000 gross, iron and brats, froe iN ieth, No. 3 to 3:9 intel, No, 24 of a superio .quaity and finish, and leeu thar Jamo's importc p'iea. Sad Ironee. asrted, in casks ef about 500 lbs fo selling. Tailoar' and hattor's Irens, assorted. Sub weights, 100 lons, assorted frIom 1 4-4 ti .Jhill for Plantations, steantboals, ehurches, &c smade te order, Alab steambeats and etlter nmanchinery moads tI The above assortment of goods is partieularl retapmnended to thim attention of Southern am Western merehanta, and are offered for sale at loe -ritoa and upon the moet liberal torms ; it is be Slievedl to be the largest and best assortmeont eve OAell for sale by any one establishment in thi Iauiaa st.ta. Meruehata, by lorwarding a reqouest by mail, can Ave, ap inoed nireular, with description of gnods prsaan.d terms, from whlch no deviation is eve: made, famishsed by return of nmail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1ir3 NO OUl l v team alanseasa - n ewOrleuo, No=r. e 418:37. A BOCT six lontho apgo lied the mieforluoe to gel r 'a e ret disease, for which I hrve applied to ao.v se the above date I `put myself unler tih eale of Doctor 1Ie.sl0an I expect ltim to cure te. Since that tiue lje ew .ot worse, so n s to break out i large ulcer Wda number of i ix or eight oU ea-h leg,and all ovet or tIhod sure throat, d otm aide to work at hi iA I . M Ecount of thet diasase; large cllcr o %e . .Lkht abl of the throat. I anm nosy putting myelf' ý y.-sy adar the care'f l)Dr. IIuet,refParit, prrlary.e red JOHN DEAN. I A CFKRTIFY tlat tlhe abve meat;oeled diseose is quite well elmtd to mny own ostitfaction, for which I tuoap l. Itu; ollu moreover I utaeIre that tle madli itms i haic tikn msakes t te fat, oalI dil diut injure tiy --L ait all; haoferef I advirt my f Ilow sulldrers It lonm timterew apply to Dr A. lltet, 121 Can.l street, belwea e Iauphimte smld Iutrhmou ltreetl. Ivr. uet is at hpms.efrm 9 o'clock, A M, until 4 P A1. ] 'ý, 1º{l) flgd a from dwO(Io Ibr thi.h, camplaiut. JON e I)EAN,l iravier street. If aIy eas wo wsto sO u iEall et N,. 40 U aviUo JOliN I)DEAN. ~a Ia o. Fmeb lI , 183_I. felt 14 l y JI& l iauijeo ladnadm Baldommtmf I.imrwrmet etal Here -t 5 bansdmI pll up in bottlea at lha low price of 9. . laaaiitnog the steangli of tlhree ouncee of • &lirthb -irneanl muny other eo.,el and l aInimwa mtmg tim lodins ar ue ffcaciuus in curing Ssues wehair, inte nttended the lete of o elimo wherever If haa been iutron it jred uI. a.. d omt the coufidonee aut eecumoletada Se aleylYIemem, for Ihe cure of coughs, ei d-e, wanto.f reitg of blood, cet asccarn. Tbis is tc ertify tlat wr in ow ti.e.. aueotly prescribed Ireo (ard / id. odlmIerwcrt and Hourhound, witll *tt wa see ~teofore, fromo the kntuo. mAuerals t i S made from, tlret-lotton 0alaamasatd 0i a0 a eulteri-- m ltraratiomi . CALVIN .. I" . I.t. else..afctv , ,lica t4eal Asse.atioo. J ltltlt & ANIhIEWS, I Home Oi, ior thec mctorueioc r4iW U*Sthaud beauty,ama wor;msieretd to the Imhblie. it had ttiodf ofhlmldeuta, tlioes, ttol - m evary imato its sulu-tv It h.s no erf,,iled to predmm I rcwth of aimr ae bends hlredy we alnJmim hqalthy, and prodmee t: ieiml r' hale im eI it i. d -'-mt 'ioe i"lg' For onto ot ' l.ass "ree. Occur F~t & D'I.A\C~ - a bard ship Orleant Eagle, lighlanaer, s'nokr lery Andrew, French nd Gemtn play cardns; anck gammon Boardei Clellessmen.,2 -4 and 23-Ri licb IiU and Balls; 8,9 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives: Lhscher and other tearvelinen IcensIngr QLsL; Belt. ackete, llea enanl'se, nd luslling itstols; doable tad sdgle barrelled Guns; lanme eags; sflot Belts; Powder trd Pi uelFlals; I ll) Bottlste and I)rinkini Cups; PeCracsihan Cipe and (np telllnrer; Cloth, Hair, Toth; and Nail hettebes; Orris n 0td (hlarile Tooth Waslr Tooth Powder; Toilet and Sltaving, in gre:t vat. rietv-- long Halr Braids, Rlinglets nail Frienctee; Priei sad ioilet Powder; Emery llans; vleery 'lt.b Cttltlsin: Patent Slides er (ieteer;; E .mtry nti E stic SnusIpndeleO; Powder Piffs and Boxen; Gill cthains, Seal nmid iKern ar-dropes; Wniet RIePus; Rermele.;- Bead Necklicne: and Chains; (ilt and Silvered Beals; Itndian Breds, Bells and Ptlrten; Shlell Twist; Shide ne d I)resaste CtnIe; whielh, in aldition to their former stock o l hand, eaksl their asso rtment very co mplete, ait lwill Ie sol, owand al liberal terms, at tite sign of tile Gollet 'olnb. 12i.lf 70 (Chrtres stret. THe Snsereine, Aeits r itr tltner, extenive hchs re I W.& el. al t telr, Sheffield, Enr.lind, have juset eceived a very extensive set of en" erite, lensistinc of Table anil Devert Ktivee oa'l -. . lescrpiltiont, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, anll Sprear print Ieivre; Ri oeer, Sl. N ore Rdge Tools, &ne. &c. 1&. whliel thev are Ipreipared o exhibit to the trade tor or k.,. Tterls a; d eonditios. will le mnde. known at tlne time. m1i J.ld . IEIN & A COIIIKN.90 Cnmment t. IMMONS, IHARTT O& CO.-Are now recriving p yer ship Hutsille, Eaglet Merry Anrhew, Hireh' aurer, Frmench ind Girman Idmble her d plVyi r·_ rds: ster, hell nsal p:lker pistols; plain, ribbed anil selit etrilon capns; eulo Iemlltest; leinsnrs. loters, Ileil. ves; (Gillott's anommereiel stndl oler steel pens; Vio es; Violin strilgst shlell, ivory tll hreen cowns; wan.krs; k, lead anti leather p- ttrse halir-hl, id, ln frot anil nak rillglels; negroin, los; Germannt nl FIrenlh cologne wlter, Rlesoletls n.eecser oil, imitatios do; tlltiqllte sll Ie-annil; nirtnble tldesk ands des ang cases: slletn blactkitg; st.nti adt toilet glases; canvex mTinors; l; eal glasses il n views; tsIndtl.ant bls, ellsen anl lees; eortleon; ehlit twinie; toilet and shailvlng soaps; toilet owder, onseetie wads Iasll; ai scented satil ctshionl pooeel stdsi; screw clshioeis; franely hed haIil RaI neaklnasc; billiard belle; imeket l;ooks ancl walletts; Thertlllll hoenes; rctnr steras; fine iant contemmon gialt elastic susl.lders,. ttl;ersdn; Ilclls lunifer mnates;te sil ver pencils; Ct'ryesl, &c. &e. Thee hovre i additioln to our f.olmer stck o' flnoay Ietieles, Ikeseole elssrtlrlnelnt viry enlnlciet. troi sler wholesale nr retil; as tile sign o'the (loldln Co,,st olni, Cbltltre street. . l r1s. NOTICE-'Pihe plrttier.hip of I ,.llev, -1%ann .Co ofi New (br-lel.n-; Mtst.ln, Ilurris &Co.. otf Nna :e; ed Iluris, Kellry &Ce., of IRodney. wnt rlitncrl tin he2lst of Mlly last, by tile death if Sannilol A taso,i ane of the parltncrs ol the firtls. Tite ttlderigned, seurvivig prtneecs, will hbe hilrgnel witl the settling cnodl lnosig seirl bluctiness a n f dltn: Levi C larris will attend to the erltli g; h of tle hbisesr of Mease,, Hnarris& Co.. it Netchez; and Htarris, Kel e & Co.,at RutMotleev td lenerv Klley will aittiml to esa ettling of tite lItslnesse of Kellcy, Mnon & Co,., lit New Orleans. The tnames of the several fins will be used in lijsidntiln only. Those iadebted t said fiener are earnestly reqolleted oeotne forward ,d ne afearly ecttlelsen. a tol sllee having eltims will please present thel wilhout delay. - , LEVI C ARRIS, " IENIRY KELLEY. New Orlanns, J cune 27; 1837 , LANIA MRI FARINA'S COLOGNE WAT'R 2 asesntnre of thins tperioe Cologne water, jlst received illd fir sale Ir tile dozen or sigleP bottll . Also Anerican aid lrel alu tilet pciwders, powder rals lend lecrs shlen iln lnd toilet ioiE, corlche wahll aisi, meilk of rose,, cnstclel ieol l rl ean, extr, e mtsk, kephllh Ward't vegetable lair oil, p nlmle ;I.l. die d e, Flnorlaid.luvenclur, ete and buy w.tee, Pressoll's salt., .lrsenilles perfiltne'r ill trtllere vegPtil ,le r td liquid reltie, (Chloriie anti a trrie ooth wa.ih, cloth.lleir, tnt.itr giln ailndI cesIrheein; tolgtter witll n addiitiontl sippilv of teelhionble ihrll anl shell cnmbs akcnd jnelryir etle eoIw ai wholesale otr r.tail by SI3IMONS, IIARrIhT & CO, ji!y 6 70 Chartres strest. I .eiivi.g from tin l.ardInlliips Yezoo, anl Saratoga tcllerig Con(.rclia, fromi New Yor'k, t gnetln vnrietly o genols in their line, whiih togethir with their fircl etoek on hl.nd, inllkne their IaIenrteu etl very a ld iettI. Thle lllcig ttpe a pert, vi: I ell c wirt, .,,rede ttck ndll dressingcomlbs, lnorn do oflil desceriptiols, III din rcbber, silk and worsted elnisth gartreirnn cottonn &t ine elastic sllspenders, locloft r anld Luciferlmatchese, Seidllitz powelre, pnwdle" tcei enld hlxes, tontt In owder, pocket hooks and wallets, needle books, shell, peirl, evory and tiIerol:o ecard cles, l.nd ilrlnlamente, plain cio ral heads, necklates alIIC egligCen, headIclaillsl, ead necklaces, cult gltss endi Inlaio,ncd,silver and milt beads, Indian leads, fella and ipIne, iietcl maicl large pow ler flaksl, hot helle, lnore, Ibi. Ioceket and dciniiniim Jistoln; double aicd single :relleCicd gunsl Iowie knives, end dirks, ciasorne, shears, pocketknivc, earl nlC tii.,, and ribbon., waist bucklesh,cloii, lair, tooihi, nail,eonth, ,crunlb. slo.e, ilnte, lnoor end ihlsling brslls Ctehcllre, Plorida, lavender, arose atllll lv waler,ssorltrd essellen, and extreelts, lelar tesair,h Ilca, bear it V aice, t Nerd'lnb ve getble lhalir oils, heicnYicg .iId toilet of all les crlilines, lbdies' ancd gcallenlns' cdesks nd k dressin eures, hlir rieelets, frieatrres ci c bnridls, plain, flncy ctnl nmlttieal work hoxra, plain and gnill, lGIred, mtt c llnl vest butt-a, eaIlrl ani ivory shirtdo, sllirt ettaldds gold end oilver lenctil cases, oothpicka .rid tweezere, plated and gill lockets, nciniatcre ih, silvere hruea and sitnel slienhlee, leoks tac evese, hair pins, inmlation friil, hlk and redilk,nloeo blainkicg, tioliand i acl c uiitr, riledlcl and plain peireucsion allplc, illtlw Iwine,'senllted clllh etns, gold tldl silver lae e llcd Irlllge, ltlcnr papieri filnle he s, riding w'rips, walkilliig iinles plclltllugeald, lilba gold, pletl ad alg ilt j(wellen &c. ThIe above, together with a greit variety ofo lter arti lea are oered oe er sale or relail tc accculneuidutine terms. N B Shell omghs rep nlred. f fRIETY S'r'OlRE--at the sign of the gohldle colnh, too70 Chaltlrea ctreer. ihe aiibcericers have rIce eeived, ilhdditin tIi theirprc-viails stcck Ic lmda oil! and eomnplctcle, otenlllite ofltlcllch in tllneir lillc e vz: c,;lhlbs, perelltlnere' Jewcell hl, biiIuhes, lrl:kilg glia.ene, filcrtiy c"lnles, &c.. cinisting in ar t ltt llh)w: CO3IBS--lortuise shell, wiricglihl ald, pain tuek,tcniet, q;uilled liar-k, long rOeiud,, side poill'n curl and neck, Braziliilll i"lbllcs itf every clehscrilticll illollll.gst Swhiclh are sollme 11Jxilcellc pactt'ers, Ivolry i"nllls iof every deililtionin, Iorn, Idre.silng nnd picketn togktellcr with i, genlleral inrnelitlleill olcreniclllcicid Alcericlli. ltERIIIUIEIiY-C-oloie, I.e wclcnr, Floridh , hioiney,y Inv, en, clani orasllrca ower wafn.rlef c.very siize alll des criptioll, clllllllcllorted Coinrclle, etlrnet of B.n.aIlcOtc laer selps fpall kinldni , hlniigttill d ill llktes cIIIIn d otI, cec sencc;eldo Ward's venetlIcth heair nil, becars itid an. tiicedo. PIreetou'c. slellicng ecl, plain audl llcrnlcined ilet powdlr, pecarl powder, p 'ictlrpil ailndibnoxIcs c(I Ittlel n in pots annd reolls, lreeari chtc lorine tooth w;i and toederl. witlh a genllerli acsartllllet of JEWEI.LRY-n- ome i'itlce lasInt alnrd uIn.t flitidm ble setts, eonsinstillg of white ntad red cornelian, topale h. jet elmrdrops, set in lilagrer, lreast pins ofit gre.. - an ty of patccrns, watlch trimmcniiegs, g itctand silve .tickles. silver tlimbles, silver ni l guldpil tcilt fnd gu.ard ihilc BIRUSHiES-Cloth, hictin, 11,,criln;,hiereth,llt.r, lnt, lesh, tooth, piltte, ccli,, Nail, lhaaing, thee lit LOOKING GLASSES--erncn static and toilet glussa, niaginifintg oltlcl drerrcln circailcc glasses, hIoen do, with variciiv of other kiicltIs t notl enlneratcld. IF'ANCY ANDi VAI(LE,''I'Y AIRI'ICI.LES-FrenclI sid Ailcerieaa portable desks iandl dlre.iSiug acase ennI.e very rich amd finely llynished nldies work hlnxesathllres sing caes with matid WlitlhoIt music:, mu.sical boxesC Ac - cordlica o Ivarieic kindi , violillns and guitars, silCverC ancl plated pencils and leads,wood ipencils lir carepenters andl crayols,, muntlecloeks,gicatlsnld pistolsw wtll tad witlmlot eases, pereussion caps, pIcnTC.iciO cll CI.p ciargers, Iipple screwdriverrs, shot elt,,gmcce hegs, ,paste bltecking, toy tea netta, idiutloa.cla if every kind, belle adllne i11,1ld comnlotion klni,.Ce, rcatzrs anld cissinnrs, tlhimlei, needlt-e, pilltt, siler platnd, scltl ctd cutmotllle ajllt, elee, packet book atd walleta ol c'rioS kicnds, vlsiin, carld coaes, plsin c .rd. ofle 'rea-h (;t.rlil maxes, prlltts if alariou kiltde, Mallcdelre' POlllernynr, RmtlcmercMcin, Itilhctnn's andl Ititrhkiads racer elrtp,~ etd intiellie lmtnee.,dirkn, fanny lcmd mnecklacce%, Io witht i.-r delrcs,lny wtnaleh, pearl hullthc cc d,;cler lekmiasn neamacd plaInt reed beedsn gilt nd silvrn d, gitil elethin UItlcei. d trt,,lnd gntretIlt licai end cwordi tI .clle, lCatkglctUacntcn bohraIl, dice, .lctin.a vtecnea,jcctlweharpcn, lacnoea Ineaclh . nnd dreinking cllcle with a great variety el oalier arti clee, all tflwhltcrii will he sold ftr cr.t cir city ceelephal etaonl 12motlntae redit. lilt SlcllO.Ni , On eo. d4 70 fhurlrasen. 1 OLIIFAR'S Science ofPmon innliiprrecived, ld foir ial itt the ir perm iiinent \V1ii" Academie No. I Clhutre, street, Niew Orleiuin, 1i80 lItto dcy New Yoirk, IDauphite at., Mubil. t is piarticlalydeigned hor private learners, and schoccls, atl iscalculted ftor Iersuicc,,iull uqiiie Ladies ullt gettlemen are invited to c.,ll ,Im t!Xamintt the Rvralel for tllenllaelves. IIeissoto megiveln at c ll ltctes cYii e, snit the convenienclle ot'ull andl to claurlc Rlrmedl inl Illy portr hr th city. Ledit. iho IrCeIeit can receive IisoIJ a thCir own ref silettets. Aereme pNE inilg Air lne ., arse of Iiipiit are It d ircd o tctlen uiel Ithy writeHcll uis iiey wl.l E DEAFNE:;ti. prNEWt i rtit ie folr er nsltle oub led dith deaiil lrs A (called the Ear 'l'rotopetl, I has justf ho reveiveiYPII e hitce otitcft icieh. ii'iic bli,:ts rty clto tteIo tlc11l vicO it Itlalltllctt ettlivPi.L' to thl. Iv ili cc et1 .ic Wlc ltis eitr ttliiIuiiiptit.o coeverer withi very den binasjriiiu Oil, el iitkciid boith Iioar Ineullelve mth iii Wividutlcalo ulfertlellolvav~ liblcd. ly the uie oft the Ear TIrumpet1. this obdjectfion is etirety lhvinlvll. 'I'lle stool Sceptical hav~e okayvs o- andaced theirdouhtul~ i itter hlavinrg usodtho 't'rumnpet. For sale a 'I' F GUION',., Fancy store, earer of Cann men antl St Charles otreet, aloe 1l I 2h 21111: 5 lintl. Al" 13 PER(M OIL-t:00 gjalillil. pure wins',r it A7 Sperm Oil, in cooks and hide, our aule he JAItVI~S & ANI~ftliV.4, Ilesal e Drug l eta, codel r i iIuIIIIUII n Ull nit Ins .Vrr iiiisiilr 1: 10 pak (t1l Lcaf1 Iº 4 011 do 1ilr ii 1nglis4) do.tch 1.l4tl. 00 ' " WNO aint GruslAN1), vAcio ieic; 14114 Vii , illi. e q i 54,11,,Copl Varnisi; 2 "" Japan . I °' Coeeh a II2 packt (odiu Leafi 550 do Silver do; 1011 do Dutch Meted. WIND)OW GLASS, Amelrieen, Erotlsb and Frrr itl 154111 hates, various ai·Cs and qualities. 111--ten ~ru-n do.--5UU Lnoecyeollignarent, will be oldl low. Able, a general asortmenrt of arlirls' eolnlllr. and F. ofe, for sole by A W rCAd' I ±, No 161 (`llll etrcet.l N Rl. AlallalM note- taken at p r, nad aliieiiiiipl~l ,ctre will lie Iwreivrd lit 10 per er-II1 dic,"eaot heer gt,0t,, or in payment of O delta. j," 1 1. cure, al, i IO(S'' nrti it et t - a - }BOOK BINr BRY. Under the P.ueyune O ,ile, 7" C nrtp st. BRONSREMA'& HOWSON ber leave ta inmfor td) their cas otier and the pnt'le plreenelly, tii' h-y have rmoved ltheir entiblselhment io No. 72 Saitp traeet, i umtredir tI ly under Ihe cfice of Ihe I'ir ar une--wllere they are prepared to cxecute nil Ir t**rs ri heir line. li.ting received frnm the North a seupl ly of pn. per ai rialterirls af a o upe.rior raairry,. for t e lUtlllnclure of Bllank Books, they offer thir earr vies ot merrhants and ollter, who maluy wishi work olitall kird ; and iavinm tlie tdvecpaae of several yars'a experience in that line, itey are confidcnt of aiving satisfaetion to those rwho may fsrer tihem with their ecustm. For .lotarire, orchitects and others, maps and plans aill hie pasted oa liiter. v.rnirel d ard motrlrted ill thIe tourost irlanner, te &at Lthieo horlesl noice, Plain and fnaney bindrin, in all its varieties nl. CHINA (lLAcS & E nitarita av anna,0ane. 36 (l'rnrrea slrroel, New Orileans. W I SERGEANTI' & Co. ilpolters of Frnelh and ]:g1 shi China and Earthen ware. are nlow opninrilr new anri rich ipatterno ef breakfase, drritrg and rea, !oilet sets, pitelers, tea .tnli tot'e oups, capotsI, Suglara, ereellas, bholeso, platle, diahese, lureer, wash baosino an! twere, hloot bahsia, etc. etc. Itlch cat .tad plain Frenoh and Antrican laos warr-.oblets, ctaulpaoigree, lerronadea, jellies, clares, ines, cordirals, cenltre hbnowle, douaterse. tu n bier, ipreserve dishes, celeries, pitchersa, lanol s, Ienpa shade ard glasses, candle shados.eaolt cel lerse, Itc. Siivrr pnlated, broanzed and br;tarira wtarer-cat" tr, liquar statrde, coke besake.s, cnuidlsaichksr bran lch sI aeon ladlles, cofR;es nd Lespotss sugar, erealo. lInamps, j:lallPanned trays, astral slandes and hamnoil rr lamips, ltllnellery, t e rlnlt silver apierns alid foreks, alenther wit a greal variety f aerticles Ir ftmrly ne'. Merchanlt, plintecrs, hrrt is, nd eOualllr llOj furllishud wlth m goods at tile mllrrt e aroonblo prerta, and patked sir as to be coUlnveyed Wlthl salely t anry part of tilhe eoun ry. Al s.. n mlbeenri3' .csiaaware. novt 'TII: FLORIDA LINE Frroer Mrrbili to Augusto, (lao inaves Mobile every day at tihrete o'c.l.k pm per U S nail hor for Hl.ll's aI.ndrir, above Blnkely.,-thence foar pint ecches Ir entsacola-thenllcaItelllnuam ts to l.:er nluC, where thle land rolrtL is resalued-thellrce ve Maa aiat nna inrtd )r'wunsville, l"tl. Bainriidte, p.niertlwno , IIrwkinsville. Saunderaville& L&oi,. villa t- A UgtlSRa, L , colrLeelin q reaularly with ithe rl rorld cars to Chlarleson, antd tile stenam FUckers in Now York, Norhtlk, PFliladelphia, etc. 'T'h arsearbotu s ore ille best for the service, and Stile rllaviralioll presrlllts more advantages than can be lIonud iupoe ary steamboat route in the south ern reeler,. The great improvetrments in the roatle have been prodnced by the construction of lifty niles of new road, by the proprietore, viz : from LaIGrallnle oi Inal"at'eur Bayuu, on arm of Santa Rosa Baynto Biyanat's Ferry, o rthe Chaltrhoochlea river, ten mili' abrve tlte Cwlerd, or I4 above Cedar Ilae whereby the ravigation ol the river, and the eon squcelll detentionse, and more recently the ineon vertient crossing at lthe-Cowfrd, are entirely avoidnd, ard a line ruoad trool ilariallnn direct tI Bjlinbridgi, instead ot thie rrundabout ro d via ('lattiahnoeic'. lesseeing tiedilstance about forty arles, itcr.asing tile facilitirs more thar ouce a day. Alet, a brench line of two hbree tages every other day f(itm Hiawkinsvill!, vit Perry Ito Mael, (4. E)attneering witlr tie lile to SavaIItIIah and DI eritn, (Gci. A a.itl asteamoer tclies regularly he ween B diibridgc and Apalachicola. 'I ravell, rs waishing to richt nlly point oo Cllat nlrooo)lie or A alachl; icla, c;IaI lake slnar.rout at Browuaville. ,lhobile tou Puensacula-Land Ron e--Durin tile thee icciplred by tile r-pairs ef boa's, time proprie. itor. of thri llrida Itne will trun a hrie ot f(ur hltr-e post c.aIhes every other day betcweenil Me bile alid Pcllsnacola. I'Paasners will leave IMobile at 3 u'cloch p m, in lt' VS mtail beoal and proceed tI Lllall a I.nd. irio,where a loar horse coachl wil'l In waiingi ilo corevey Irhen to tilhe exellent house of Mr. Charl I I[ll, I r 4 ld ile diront, whrere tirey will find plieralt oaccolllrIodalion s for the nlight-leaving Ilet tiorring, thley will arrive in I'ellstlcol early in, Iho cvenlog, thus avoiding the discomlfort el IIeUtI g tr.velln. Uilice et rie lMansiotn Iouae, Mobile, and Ci'. lioa' luret, l'esllacol, where seats must be beauii ren . S'IOCETON & C.,. try Ite NO CUItE NO PA. DrI. JOHiNSON, Oil)ce 110 Ilbienill ctreet, coat IisIcu . |11a PII e to ite Itreatmet of Venuretal l)i*Caoe, III I:11 its ditfertr faniorul. Dir. Jirouar, rotm ai oresiene if anne years in lhte piate ill llrar le, drvr fn tel to til treratlllno t Velun re rl f~iiorasrh l11F.leo tl Ie l tre.:lltI~ vxrlliv, nllcries t~il;l iellliletll V'ttbkllreoi, AflieCtino frlhe Illitlhlrer, K(idllr a, Iruin', tir'thra, Pnrostrate tianrI, Swetlen. 'I Jni tiuii s ono taie Skil, Sore Tlertoat, Paino io tie A toi ti ,ianom'oa. aptiptoms which generally follhw lnl:r ltl ta+rs cllred ill two or tllrc , drays withrrirt tihe II( tl 'erier, ittreritio Irt ei bulinieat , or lt - oeaarri.lh'aoll~e .flitactg. - hedicle ta tireiaelle Vecareol I)iacoe can be aro tableditf lir.Joihri.ri. tt aictfrim tire ieecipe .1' tire Irirri tInrry, a telelerid Freiarr Stnrgeoru iond rat n-L'l[11 1.(11, hII(CCllllthr'tevra lll FIItII·IIS lleI;)II whIchll lid.I'v iii a ditr.+'gt,)11rl ill n ile tn 'cltr h Army. Ired bvI) JrlrIori, iii tris olten. 'ithoae ie..errous hrleI ailny raffer tio of Ve.llerear nal, i anr,l nPint nlkillt -nel '.lageia or renllmovig Ito te couoItrv wolla l 1Ir) +veil Iy aivillg~ I)r.Jolnlsool I calll, I.s pl)p'r Imed~i ,:i'I1..P fur II,u:lr ellre ill thle Rlburte~t tlllle t:all be |,nt "i| oitb anriatmt di rncalon fi tlheir atie. Oftice uelii Iruol 7 ill the Iolurning aultI ilt oaclcbk at nigoll.g AllEliN'I'IHY'd I)YSPPel'I' fli XIS . l)e. Itinrlllmiy, te n greitamat rlr hlyp6ilh oaergoo.s wets |l lilldllll thtl tlrit'-tl mal h of til e e lI.. i ne tb1t tRfeat hullnd eringinnli io thre steair. 'Ithin Elixir wal lused bI hilll witl tile murost UIa or ei'dIterterd crtI-te: o ill hI. tirio'tei and lubhlic rractice lir ui iwanrds ef forly yn.lre, fin r t e rcltllrril af ite fullrwillrg dioaetlsa: Ci) rca rt lltretie, IFlattmlnucc, Di.ttortitil 'the.t~U ach, Pain in I th sit e, Iieavinee. of the Iliean and intcli liri llrr tnoslleet, Irregul rity of the Iltweh.l, t ind ill all c taes where ntli.'atlUIlr a costive Ilabit it fbund tu 'l'llis Imedicin Fi mllt not be Annli.Pled alolln+ the hlost o 'ltiii rirerii t itI oWIrI tttI t rrfIre Irilh public- t a it islrae ooltbtcauhid'n ofteilenabieat atndcranrcc +,ienifmaeasrgeani Iarniroit ever Ironlluced atlld tillre secret on f plepylil it weas ierehased by Ihe ugelt ntir I very ltrge a Une a . Ia is agre!:ttdle ;lllIi It++alltlltttlle to·11ie (LlR,.Cts i1 a Illlild It )er ileait.alrav y eer'piltie bharel ree, illlllnrlara cigar tlad clrenr'rgr t'r lire eraterms, arid cliertfltcaOsss to tire minid, Ilid n lra hul'b ietliCnra the milot ei(rmillreed icasPe ofi r)tVy i rtinirite ItL"digcstionr ard pre.enetto. ren.r. .t ai y (atone Iluienia. New Ylont,17till Agll t, 1838. 35.1 3hdilsonl.stretet S.r:r--allltnc ...Leqleneaof ietldig a stIdeatCry life, I IlWtaell ItnrlulOhld, mlrnt m)r lesse, withl Ir.digrirtirlr filre I y e11 ,.llr ; fo r tlh e I ls t l llre e y e ol ' m ei n su lt lin g s l l lve bra; lal.,s.))rtnlflo. I hllve triedc e,.'+er. phwyici,lol,. :ll a~ It anuilmnrof rooek Iledieiuesa, witllolt dleriv'itlg Iluy ie'eaih. I dls tired bf rever obtliniar atlv emrn.alent telief, IIIIdrrrsirn et d nIlyia nef rtile lii enrI l ho te l nde tptir i was itiIri-elltded by Ifiltll I'rielld.i ri| tr AyItereBoVoeo L)yspelPlic Elixir.l I Iaive nowfilnished tile frinth r i1 lie.t hnd kllowt lrt how llo expre l tire I liraitiirrr of its v,~derl'td virtnes und themnoracle it'ithi pertirmed it restorih.. i e h thit hiaritlr w lic'i I. I rlghlt lost frr ever. Se.ndl leit halftr a dlzitrn bottlcs m u ld except irv loankb ior mioo [l tilbia you Ilbve o eInIed by re +;luring Int.. It)|millet illllllil I reeamLllrmirerre, IrCttlm lnttONdROE. rlmatrnorrt ira il hli pos1..riry aene ttmt ldredlte tiorlairds oiilnr tI thr ltulelVe, of thle rexaUrdioiry vir tuna+ on'mtmic irertinior . Stud bly iilqtliritr.teutit at er. JoaIllSraoro 14t1 trielrrille emrerc. ire,v.. PRU8 'E'I UoU . TIlE subscrilber p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning of the onsaing winter, a Condensation a f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Serits of Martm'i Louisiana Icports, to be comlnrised in four velumeas, tbo., according to the model of Peters' Cone, Reports. This work is now in preporation by J. Burton Harrison. Eosq, of this city, aseiotod by Williatm F. BIrand, Esq. T'lhe Editor is aleo permitted by a distinglllisihed retired Judge of the Supretme Court, and 'y one of tihe Nitting Judges, to expect frnn their persona~ supervision all tth advantate which may naturally be reapedol lom their exprioence. Such a work is becoming every day more no ccesary, sn the original is voluminous, expensive, and entre. An inerensing curiosity too in meani Ieat. in the other Staten of the Union, in reference to thie pectliarjurisprudoneo of Loutsiana; and the circuetnl;nce of the nlumerous principles here de. eidod in the adjinstment of confliets ofl Ilwn , makes the knowledge of our adjudged cuses of prinlo uti. lily to the jnrists of tih 'whole Union. Moreovem, the rising republic of Trexa hta adopted our codes, and Ilhus there isa great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel Rcaee decided in Louisiana, and occasimoally thllose in the more authoritative forumsa of thei other States, will re adllcd to eacu cade. The wrork will for foleer volumes, rnval octnvo, and will he delivered, bound, to subsc.r.imr at Sb per vol.; in case it sahoull be found practicable to conlpress it ilto three volumes, tile p-ico to sub. nerltbere will btic 7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, Ie nor Camp and Conimon esi . I'RIE1I tI.-l; Ilarrels i store, anld fer sale by Sj7ll AlIAIIAM ! IIElt, 34 lPoydroln '10A L--'7t6 ton. of the belt English coal, well suigtd re ltnr te m t heoLt ume, in bnoard tqclllll Abeelln, frin Nef,. c'aole, fer.ale by ll|LM11S &MILI.a, tt(;RO tl(t JtN$-6 as eeells em, brogalta, k. . na rnd extrit .irn , for i.ale by jet Ilk IC littlttE n & Ct, i11taIlecineet _-t. lIll. t-t)t l oi t. rher. braedt, l.uding free ll blnatbee, nid l llle " he ie l'; I)el-,E'I. 4 at Ne- fe.e.. I'NN . I4t e '; " -:'a,. 1,les i.r tote, o.Il fr ailt hi fah1 It0ltAN'h IA'A. r.A. Ill the oure oftlan.mtism,.cri fula orkingsevllgout, Silatica or hip pout, incicient cancers, salt rheum, s..hililio and mercurial diseases, partiolarly ulaers and psiulolalfeetions of the olies, uleoetadcthrlesae s oss itris, ulcers of every descrlption, fever soes, and illternal absess, situlas, tiles, scald hiead, scurvy, lilies, chro nio sores eyes, er slipelis,blothesr , and every variety lsun tacos afeetlolion, chrosiec Catarrs, head ache proceel ing from ansy acrid humor, pain in thie stomach lol dys. pepsin proceeding from variation, saffIetions of the liter, clhroic inioammation of the kidneys, and general debili ty aused bya torpid action of the eselsofthe skin. I is aingilarlyelflecicusin ieollvatsins those onstisltions whlc itave been broken down by iijodieinus treatment, juvenile irregldarities. In genterl terms, it is reaem. menlded m alil thosedise.ssess whichariam from imlurilils of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or killd. Some of the above eomplaintsnmay require some tri fling is;stant applications, wbhihl theeiroumnstal es of the case will diccta.'; but for a general remedy or Purificator to removetheeause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sulficient. TO TIHE PUBLIC. Iow trie it is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition to excel inl their profession; explore the vast fields ofscience by the aid ofechemistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,-entirely overlook aml neglect, as beneatl their noutce, the rich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Ahnmightly has caused to spring out of the earth in everyclime! And how much more true isitthat while tlhe American Pllysician looks to foreign countries for many of Ilis most common anid neccssory larticles, iperltnally changing as they sre at the dictates offashioa or fully, Ie is mirr'(mlod in Isi own eountry with an endles profusion of medical plantls, suffient to answer any indication in disease or to cuas any curably disorder; sond yet he is ignorant of their vir tues, aold they are sulferelto waostetheir Ihealing on the desert air.' The cltects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temlo.ery--those of minerals lasting. The former ex erttleirt efects asll Jss ilf-the latter, mlreury in par. tiienlr, act chemically llons tihe solids, deesomlmsig the bones anlld mlermiing tile conistitution bya slow and sntl destrluction. The cosgeniallity, eficieney aill S%'.FEI'Y of vegea ble remedies over minerlalt, may be estimated tye contrast. ing the anciet pracetice with die mlodeln or, to brisg it mlore immediately ui.ler our own observationl, tar- Imli. all sractice with that of tile whites. Who, ii. America, ivis not knowIn r heard of re peatedl ilntsimecs whearsin some dlresisid, lsltretevdioli female Indian, by meansot her simle r smedies olone, has afe.tled the most eapi I andcastonishiog cures, after the Mateinr Medici of the -ommm pracetice. directed in thie most skilfiul manner, has foiled? Andl who huls nh been surprisesl at the coml parativecose aod facility with wbiec the Inlian freeshlimn self roim any disease, and at the almnost tota abstinence oflrosic diseadse nmseaog themi Who has eves heard of all Indian with a constitution broken aild rlined by illireatiment! An:d ical a doubtexist that this happy ex enmltiou of tte savage from most of tdie ills whichl the flesh f man is heir to, is elliefly owing to more genis ailsl safe remelies which lie epnlloys? hliis astonislhs ing difference in success, is a fair exem lification of the infinite slperiority of the simple adll'safemeans of cuno which God hls creaced for the Ibenefit of his allildrs,, over those whieh tts pridle and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion oftheaborigin I inhoabitants of tlisconntry, andast intimate aequasa tsoe with tile, methods of cure of some of their pmost successlil practitioners, the proprietor ofl The Indian's Panacea,'acquired a knowledge of some of tim most powerful and favorite remedies. Fromtheseheselected such as were most efflicaious and lpppriates, and after yvariousexperimenta to test their titsioe les ndstrength, lhe hcas ombined thlle itn tile fornls iere Ipresented, as the most pertet andll beneficial or the purpose for which it is recomnendtd. The lproprietor oRelrsthis preparation to the public, with the cosciousntiss that hle is placing withinthleir sea, a remedy caplable offrelieving many of his afflicted tIel lorw beings, who arl srH'rrinl nlder the various chlronic iand ostiate cOmllaihlts to whkichit is Applicable. 'To such it will prove of iscalculable valise, as the means, and il many cases, the only meainsoflelievingtheiradf li:rillgs and restoring them once more to health and hap t piness. This is nototYred as a commonl remnedy, that m- y per cllunce be equally good with many others now in ilue, hbt s oline which is capaoble of saving life in many exttreme eases wlich all the unusualresiediie fail. This it ihas done repeatedly; and this is the re1l0tatioll ithasob rained whetaver it las beent introdleeid. it is oslyshut illsec y.-ra since this lrepnaration was pI reseated in tile Islllic: bul ill that shert space of tse, csehn dr Ilssedls of pelsons ssiight be foursd, who would solemssly declare thllt they believed shat thetS lives were saved by it, ald ill oiot.asesalier they had tried many ilod eirllS all thie commoni remedies inll vain. Whelr ver it is kniw it isradly oiig iniito use, dti this daffordsiuthenost substantialand oIviIcLing proof of it 9; ierits. The valtse of tihe Ianacea i most econspicuous in those I long standing and sy phililic and scriolilous afiictions wllich have deefied ill other r.emedies, sul partlicularly in those cases where mercury has been aso lavisi.y used as to cusee istressillg pains ill tile Inellls, nodtes, meretl rial ulcerl, derlangeenlt sftllce digestive organs, dce. - llese y t completely reoves, and ill all eases it entire. ly lcedieates the diseases and erfiets of leretuy, reoll votes tihe cosittioiln, salt lecavei the patient sound and well. Ils rhetunsatisans c itn uleels'dl sore tlroati its llappy efl.tes eare not l:ssa alpparent, giving almost iltne. diate tir.l iel 'uaktrll ill prlllYI doys'., Ithe I islitilci Pans"c opleranes Is:l itsoal utnti ,; i iltillprllelrtie, dillretlic, Rild ilxatives, an lllli-salllslllltic ald lotnolldylle; and ill proer ealsi, as.usonrcul tic Hand eulellaglolle. (nller :lily expressidl, it increases all the secretasislns cnil ex eliones, gitestor to the satomach, anid excitesaotiot in theI glall in a l:'rtillllclar mannerl.. "I. i these rillli. letles itsole'rlatiol 1on). hae idllllrstonaxl. . Thisiisdieine has been found highly usefll in mainy lambligullos dlisases ii Illhtre specified, tIii it has beenl used wilh wtnldllllt'rtll ullsessr s a Slrillti n allg it Fall ill rifier, y thoIllse vwho ies aiscrtt calln1ailts ofl the nchIt, nedl othcose .clstiltuiollnstuire new vigor. Such per sons will do well ti use t vo sr Itisce hottlesin sni do seo. Wt' lit dsiink is conllsidered neceslsa7. iths Pi aaletce, lakeill i smiall dhose; will answer all Its Ilpllroses, is sllscl les ile, at aesa exensc.i, anll ill a fhls inou|eagrerlse isinase' thlliss hle sOlslllson diet driik. The lillowirg certsifietes, out of hundreds sicmilar, swhich imighlt he procured, are given to silow the effect of I the Indian's Ialacea, i, hesvas'el s csolsaimt snerein imllionad; anId allso to exhibit in tIle most sanltiafitelory snlllsir its llIrlll' irtry dIIellle syrups i coilsonnn Use. (CASES OF iIHEI"-UMATISM. l't CoIsLErTO, Nov. 15.,182. Ulnring theist winter ard llsprig, I was allicted with a very severe and ldisrcassi llrIIUnalism, occasiosned by exillrl." ill Ialsl wlAthler. 1 iiow takgreal ideasure iI ,satillg, tllll sixs bllles ofdlte tulia's llllllaicea, restored otn I pIa rec'l hIa:ih, eind I ollOnideintly .euommniend it to ill ai aitatll i alllicted. .IOIIN FERGUSON, Kilg at. S CcARlLesTU o, olarch 27, 1832. I wIas seized about ireeoearsdsinee, wit adistlressing - Irhellllnisn, eased by takings severe cold, while lnd- i. the inuell cetf erey, oasnd whicih has disabled Pr I from lll lsilsl!s searl'ly ever silce. I)llsilgthis pleriod huave besln :l tilll i thie Mlarilne Honspicl, in tliis coil ptWari'dsnr itli ir nmonths, and neiarly the same length. t i tile itllie Ilallimore hIoslital, and tried almost ever Sremedy, with little benefit. On the 16th of Februa. last, atthlat time seaieely ableto moveoahiout uon crutll t es, l commenced the use of Inldian's PanaoLe. Ill onis ssmonth I tiound mlyseletirelel frleeld from poai, aili an now haIppy to state dtuil consderi myself1IWl'etly well. WnC, TUCKII,, 1.lMm'ket st CAES OF SCIROFULOUS ULCERS New YosI, Sept. 11, 18.t0. This maey certlify that in the fadl of 18195, was seize wilth a werlligin my neck and fachee, which afterward iderilrted and became large ghasatly ulcers isn my ieck. I Alirrtlyiclg several lllysieians to n allvatIag"e I wen' Ir o l llillhrllslliua, sd placed o yself sller tle care Lira. l'Licase aSld Ilench, when, after rpetataed alivatliol to so ethl, I was prosssllslee uttuerly ineurnhable. Alie. pardsl Ilsnh twntly bottlesofSwoincs 'Pasiaceaesnd eight hottles of aotier's tstlilicoii, with no malerial beselil I)esplstillgof Ilie,w iih haid inow euonlne a huelrici is meI treonllsied Ia enypoLrast in 'Cw YorkI in 182i9 an gave ncysello to a lih'ne g death. Hearing of the great sinceess fihe ll dlllfia' Posanace, hIwverema ins c. sitnistsr acc Ill t il ttiI wao ssrisaldel do tr it, asa ols -s, srt. T'i lilsy yreait olsrFlrse, as wellc isaiisfhiehiosn it ha Iclliud niyei hlfl hpsly seoVernIoIgd eodlle ng lbu seven bnllessi, sie ilterralseuesd oust I hIeaaue iaernled well il tihe sb l-su ofhwo snwodhhavall hau e remahles so ever slites. t ciabe I sis ieslalei osisl wsl h it puhlhled foretho hillelitcl'tlle whouls sull'ering nouder similar scarfllltcs or syldlilitic ateetiasslls, alt Tbiey may kIluw visathie Cesl.errlO'ie whbhu i n'red e1Very thisgb hilc hieats, ilsd .lso consiider hIis life caved by theahove py. rup. WM. HINHA) CaasslaTaoo. July 12,1 sa1. I was nllliele', 'or alr wishan ar Is. the leg, o-. eif oasionlly aruee.llnp.Riet with crjsilelatous infia cat eanssexcessive n in hthe leg anc ais.uoujoist. Several ' eminent Ilysitians exellc-ted tlheir skill opos it, hobut with out piermaient benefit. In thlis case five bottle Ioli:i's P'a ee made a Iletrfet caen. 1MAIGAIItET A WES' I'. 1ll Market -Por ale Iy IENlY IIUONNABEL, druggist, ages I. telv p'olrietors, 'I'ehoupitoulas street .r. ~au Max ~n.ýti V LLLC. R~AIL 10UAUJ COMPANY. T.'If tl stockbllers of tilts company are hlerebv no tid lilhnt Iv i reluliltiln of nle boalrd of irer. time ptssed ait the 19th inst. the eell made oi them on the llth Flerunre nlt, f r tle pa'mectit of five tioliar it llire, lls r.cillrdlt:d, und the saild stiamklulder are fttlilner utificd Ilit W I'.iBRAS, b y rcsolution of tilli beard passed on thle ltttli illnSt, ia 'dl his beel lnde on tie stockholder of tihe Newt' Oreilsa .lad Nashville Rail IRoad Coilmpany I'or tile flli illng lpVimetis inu thle the saoek hlad reae'c. lively t I .llull vi-l--twi Iloiars pel' share, payable oil thIe istrndav ai ielltetlllarlieXt; twa dollars per share p iylilnlli tle filrt dliv of ttiecetlber exti; slid tle 1illl'relier elare lpiayiable oil the li.t dlly of Ilnrci exit. i\ow tllel'eluii bie it reeioved, ltat thle Sereriitry of tiit cllllel lan a s' dl Ivi ' tlie aletire Inoders tIerriil, throl$h the" publltlic irein ai' o te eity,tlbat ill coinfortily wiiil lie tixl ntit i ie tilnte chlatlltr, tni eb arellperilttiid in isutpule iley itayllltllltt cetled in ni tie atick t f said etlllllei 'll tle renru of ixtv dayns, rioim ind after the Ildny oll ~hic it is mllde aIvbie, will tlhe exlteise can dilion hlowever, tilnt if t" regulnarly paid within the said irilioeetlioll of aixty laln, fro)t sinld niter iIh- tiv oni wiiacll it should Ilauve bieri aid, the tien the staoc an whrl:lid eayulIIyllelntsllalluld lave beetini aie, is and rellit 1 !oreited to Ihe colopai., tile en'ter oit tihant ptillln eing itlle'alutiee. i lcoeI'ority therefore, to said call elltch n leof tletclihthuliern il raid eomplniily, tliillk poper to put oIff i he payntsilla on tieir stlae to ltheielnd of tile addlliionlll saixly dayns which tile eharter tllla~vw thllenltiri titlifed thlt IhiLe payitlltent of two dsl l ir ie ia.le sh llael sti rld dutine n tile first of ilep Itllllieat rfltltm I b.e Iistpti ed un der tile stixt seetiln ll" said ihallirter, Iutil the 31i .t deV of Octolber nlxt, tlrut Ilhe jiuiVtIlet oti iwn dllars pert sirae eclled tir, ail diieallltht firsit dav of lieeelmber next, iay e leelnt. tnlleld Itllil tlhe lii dlV Ot' Jielllnrv eixt; nild tie Iipy te eellt ,f twun dll.ire r~e hhirte aulled for eleidlle it,, tle Iirstelav 4,1' lhiale nct, lllty be ptllponrled uil tiitl 3itil dny of'Alpril iiext. ll+trat, -i o lhtf l llnllllt+ rII tile fIo el . olea I uelAIie. Sen"rv. Ohti. hIit. , j .r -o-?r heealie w i-rt', ,V II.l,,- JeiliN II tiit tilA1. a;I' 16 Royal College of Phynsictana, Lonldon. HE oiriginal Vegetable Hllgeino Universal Medi cine, preparl Iy W Miskin, Es'. Member Of livenl! al rlgio jf Souayonoo, Licentiate of Alntle cary'somny, Fellow .olt Court Society, Suageon to the Royal Union Pension Asoeiation, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, nald Perpetual Pupil of Guy' sanl St. Thomas's Ilapitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twently yanrs' exerieatee and unparalleled success it, tile extensive ma d highly reslietnble Ilactice of tle praoprieay, tltro niled by the fnalty and nolbility, ald is now intraoiuced to the notice of the American public, at the earnest so. lieitatiou of a number ofgenotle.en of long and high standing in thle profeaion. It is hopled, as a pieliami nary step, to c eek the evils and fatal conusequeces arising from the use of tle numerons andl deleterious nostrums Ioisted upon the pmblie by tile aid of fabricated proo's of mirneuloas cores, anl other fralud, by a set of mercenary, ullltrincipled pretendters so totally ignorant ol madlail uconcea, that it impossible ithe mnstrous deolsihn calt any longer go dowo with the iteolligelta peopale ofstliaountry. Thesne pills, mild and agrteable in their nature, dslold be kept in every tamily in mases of atslde illness, for, by their pltoaapt Ndmiaistrnation, holera, crampsn , Sa. aam, fever, mnal other alarumillg complaints, which too often prove fatal, abey be s eadi. iv mcudt or lrevetted. Il fot, all those who value gnol HeNlth, ahotld never be withlnt them. They are sold in akets at 5) EontsI $ niL $2 each, by every regpe table drulggist, h tkseller, nild vendlorof nmledicie i tinl United Statesnt tI1a I noaldas, with copioUS.dllrttiasa, togetier with: esvtaonials of prdenolinal ability frol the followlAg eminent geoalitem : Sir Astley Coonler, J Aberelihy, James Blandell, M. D., W. llaek, tM. a., J. Anton Key, A. Frnmlttma, . j)., nol Ilmerorl others. The originals oany Ihe aeen a onuitnof the General Agent, by wlal te mne lei s ite aijorted into tllis coutrye, ad to whom *ll applicationa obragean ,ea nalsti e made. JNO. IIOl.IBEIN, 12 Waverly Platce, N. York, Sole Geaeral Agent for the Unitedt States, ote. SFor le y appointmen t of ie erkrigp i plrojrietaor. SEI Y It LEE o en, No 3 Magainteac soret, ae I:lWa receivin*gfromolhips Nashville. Lonisville, tenakS, Yagle, al.i olther late arrivals troan :ha t: tlern a ctiea a large and ow seletead e nassortment I tlaisn, ootso Shoes oand Broglans consilitlag of ge.tlecmai's fine calf andm Mrocco iootna to .d qanlity; do hblot', nll stout wax bootas o oriou qsladitiesI men's inta calf sanl anat oMavot i chsr saioas andl brogas, tuckskin shoea, pbogoa am tallppel s: me's fine calf otad kippcd pegged shesoamtl I rogatS; do boots; do Slllot hip anti wasx peggl slm el ca d bhagnas; geatlenlea'a best quality calf seweo shoas, ila p .lls ali Jack I)owniogs; do calf and Morocon ia etale dnes and brogans; dtio w.lf, seand unl Mor oco. I adi al loes amnd slip)lpes, lt calf, buoff i Pneat Wilgs, a oew articlei ldo file callt sef l atad morocco quartea ots; boys', misses' and childre' o pegyed aind swedl I- ogsns, anal dhoes of every quality and kldl. Also a general nasortmelt of men's sotot wax nll east birogatl ntld shorl , togPlher with a0,00o Ipairo hgro bast qgrlity, aio ett brnc4ans, nailed it tihl amkl, male expressly for plnotation use; a got nas. i rtmenl of men t fine anl stout kip rh aetat tragaln a o w article, Oal a arge qaatily ao an inferior qeoulit rlns.etalll won Lliens' fine calf, seal, morocco nd tgrain welt, ani pImp sole ihtoes; do fine Featoh Morocco anld kill ru om' l dippen t dao roan baodlc withl and without Ioela k oalfal, and Mstot leather booteei; do Pralella sheor ) fl kinds astl qonlitiec; do lasting brogas; do gaiter n'smd foxed bootees. Mimes' lastings pritlg dlnesanota o- gans. Children's aolored Moroco and ii fbrao rim and boots, c, v;entleoea'aftnefadaioamile black silk Inta; do blacke rn I drab bearer do of a auperior quality; do atinioion il ntrm do;t h.n and narrow brim men's fine drlib atd Ihll Raslul shirt onp hallets; a new article. Yonths' I:t ale lede ats of lperet qaliiea; ado children'ots. .,na's anl odyh black a.l drab wool hats of varioas tluapes, withlb geeral nsasotimeat of boys' and tat'oaa at rapsr. T111 an.n.o(tent will be replenlished ih} the arrival of eari paketallrom tile oooe nataeal citieo, all of whichl ilibe sonl ne aceommtmlating terms. nng I--f MONTAGUE'S BALM FOR THE TEETH. rU HEeoatilslidi reputatiotl and eonstl:tyly Increao.n Sdetmatad for thbis lelf tua a retiydy •l'pai., onti it ervativy of Ithe teeth, has induced tite subscriber offaer it to tile Anaerican publie. Arrangnmenls hanv been odde to supaIrv agents in t Io tile principal itie and towns ill the United States, so as to place it ithi tl renach it those suiflrill and likely lu duffer this anU hareIsing elall aees, 'Tottli-uchel. When appliea d ccnordiing to directions give. on aottle, it hao never failel to att'lat ialtoeatae tin vaaneot rclief. It also rresta thle drenv an defectiv teeth aslid relieves thIt aoreunes whichl's freUPilnh rOaders It tlllaog tooth it atoole Tile appicaition ulli rectteldy are sillloine itlttart, allt tIlo U tilentt.ll; o anl alte large nullaer of lperonllllS in illirrnt oain tl ofill lal lottOllryttaatt atve alratir rxl.rieltrt such elightfl ilad taletlary eltaet I'olu ite ltae of tle Ihl ia areo rrtoh to ibaHr Itilt ihe publi galloll) tIheir testlillony tt its ua;-. rivalled (untilnel. It i oat Ihadiat reueaaaodt ained aingolarlov otn a tleeXaL:'tot'l, unt1111 t lie r bt the nitiliael a world at tate mlan a ltott bla disoaeaory redlta oat' tile wnoods. L'Pice $I tar bettle. Sotti tar r J.\lmAIS & ANI)ILEWS, a it 5 (ii r (b0at Uaaanaa oaoo rtlalaaeaaalltllaalnt1, Srumlore of the underiiged Ihaving sold out, or discontinued his old and long o.tnltlished GARDI)EN SEED STi)ORE, , N i. Ctolom Ihnmur SItor.t, Having been most industriolsly circlulated by self. interested parties, the subscriber bogs to assure his frieuds geanrally, anid the poblic at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or loraucr stand, to be fornisheld with a tull and ex. tensioe supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable ardefe Seeds, of tile growth and im. port of the present season, 1837. Since lheo early part of September, he has re. ceived amnple supplies, by tile packet ships Viels. burg, Kentucky, and Arkluanisa, all arrived in short passages, direct from Now York. fly the Missil. oippi and another packet, he is in daily expecta. Itle of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagen Iluoots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure thle publio at large, tllat e is at preosent as well enabled to oeet and execute orders for all the killds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as lie ever was since his first establisihoent in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardaners' orders filled at the lowest and miest reasonable rates, by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, either in French or English, may always be obtained on personal applieation as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse stru.t. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either mired or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under this head will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemoe's pocket books, note, card, needle land thread cases. Fancy Stoeks, Suspenders, &e.-Of tile latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain and figured satin, bomlbazline, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosults, plain, and fancy with and without ruffles, shirt collars, suelmeders ualled Washington suspenders, also, gum elastic worst. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great va. risty of gentlemen's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and anl of Phila. delphia. Combs-A general and complete nesortmen of combo fromn their manufactory.Aiso, English and French dressing combs, etc. dec27 RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S &'OMPOUND TONIC MIX'I'UIE.-A speedy and certain cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and interomittent fevers; prepared from tihe original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability il this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicine is highly reromnmended, and hias been extensively used in tile above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to tie pub. lie inl its present form, in tile hope that it omay be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to tile directions has never failed of effecting a cnre, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of tlhe weakest stomach, and children may take it with impnuity. It strengthensl the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and scldom requires more than one, or isn obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither nmercury nor arsenic in tie nmedicine, nor any thillg injurious' to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thlmt they agree to refund tihe price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and not effected n a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicin lstore, corner of Bienville anid Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SM'II, 48 Conti at. B EWAIIE OF A SW\VINDI.EI--A tperson rre. L eImilng Ilinlself ae a immenlmher of ('i: s res u ?rll 'trmnse, slid psing by. thIe nilmeof J Parker, mtok leg. bail for Itoimton, 'l'exlim, In tle 17th of iDeemnier liam, leavine his bill atmy v house uapaid. l'Ti is t, want IIhe lood motle of'teaas to beware iftie iml lster, for sucb thee isoi., doubt he is. WV21 CLA IlK, 1 -5 -ieiing dSill fitle Ceomplruller's Ofce--ecound saiipelity, New Orleans, Fidj. s,l1meft. D3UlB.lC NOTICE in hereliy giveu, ilnl I will sd . jnmlielme at my sliee, mo mime louweust hiller, on 'liurlday tila 14mllm ellisuut, at 12 .i'cloek, mIme rensiriig, for one year, of all the paved etreeti, amtld salewalks Ilordering oil le samlie, witllin tihe limn i fthis Almtl ieiiity. fcu eontractor to glve tumid wlth iti or more eenritie.i ihe llstomllt if f$31fi1 ler mie feilhliul Irerlfriml on.e if tie duelac deelvicii uoptn aim. 'imlo aneil 0mo l irdse otuntlil, in ceh men Ihe cectifee o ilf ite Survey or tist tile wrk lhas been exemutelll ncerdi,.g to ean tract. J CoAh ptlltN, trO-5el li Ctomeoller ( mllp' fII)iK tur Letler irea.e llll rll. t .iv 3loa New Yore, ad' will bae sIim Iow 1;or mmml, i t i airvrmt redim. At-,,, I lenm o p'tes' IlS Ito o" ,ii' ti.. ,o n m iIVIl) , C't..i.'l' 'a tm,, jnI ) N ' t.a.liai II, i, t t, jla4 JUNTPUtlSIHEIS t)F'nI t STEM :O'IrtfI: PLl''TES, 17y' Il.'l IEdilim, ,[ ROWI.ETT'o TABLEB OF IN'fR.:Tf i': T . which is now ladded an Average Time Calcula tor, or easy methods liar filin.g the average time on storage, notes of hasd or hills of goods, when paur lasledl at diffl'eat tdates, Ia daifferent credits, adt for various amounts; besides a uefill atnld complete hotaking 'I'ime "'I''le, the Ibst Ilhat can he contried. or that fi y.ans taltr IUtoce within the salmne conldes.eod compass, a size of t) po. All adsvertisement in tIleIook is in nearly the follow inlg words: tllhek igl distinction tils work has received tha.ugl the ten legislative sacts prfnetbl to tile title page, is i re commenlation il itself, seo aueos mon,, amnt ecoanlu mive, tit t nothing is necesslry more Itla by way f ald vertisement, to givea eonsdened view of some of its pe eallirities: as fe r instance, the Interest has heen omp.s. el ifrom, atd Eomlmred wil, wilht is eluivalcnt tto fou teen set ertlealntionloe, exomined in the in. essl ilr t five times, aed printedl Irom Itereoaype alules tested thirtyy-one times, from all wahich it msie be evilet even to the skeptic (easpcilly on at Itresocl ofh tae h - I toil t"f goof in tile prelbce) thla the wclrk mnt lie a rith metieo llyifaie, ania l inet colfirmustioul of tllis lrelil'f premilm l' two huon~lre l tod fifty dollars, is now oLe'r eld for Ithe d.ocetiatll of at elratP' eofo ellt itll tile (reient or fifth elition, as' exressed is tile pIrelnce, lsklhg five slrge premion. offerel for the sane ernor iileethbfirst pealicalios in tile year 1.02: Onli ir t of most eeostliLatilns ft.ldtles of the tablles is inathe iarnlageOet of tile atime gatnl Amo a, whlichi, croireee. ondtperspieuity, wit Ie Itehelp ofte sile atnda itllle, eantot le excellcl; and thaailsty ty al seanse withllh s tihlle ill:r elt coan Ie fnlllalt,o tlc extent of geneal bhesiness, wilcllot aloaalieg of csamse is esides, a conveeieee n esllon:tial, that ill th e clans lion o so thne o li mot eoaaelelnt alllI porli esl bshi. ilass mell allI poullte oftfi:ers oitO title IIIaItale gretal all eof the work, it hnst tenlitlegatighealld ytito I thoalle apelatllaci efotl tmlastter piece'. Atatd oanslder'iaig thile intlialllitiy tr the atlett originally akleioted l int comlaosieg the cork, al alto elaaoaliu.ay elllsoher ia variety ofl'te renall aotiolls, lr tests of every edliion it Ilslassuetlilte narcass, ct withstllatig the whole is i stereolype, eosailleraleg, i' t hsliut. ,l.o sitiaite eeursoy Ine iasmo heoer el l l now l th'lepatitally atll lel t he mIaost wolneerfill ook i tile wcslkli" anmost ertailllv ,I mil ll antiancr, fa.lire work e tule slne eltet, vslieh sinee thate gtegi riagl :retatiaon, ILs ola thae samle oiato berr and eariatit' otetsiO the samet ilubler of editorsn Ioe, neronme Ialf the illbecr as is clearly rowsi til iate preface. Ielshle, e iess t antl standeoudl, tksa l ees triead atl itro. e, i nearl ttll the haek soi pihle offices in the nite ated S , ianl y the paltie goeerallly, i tlria g the Ioag period aItf ltirttio.: rears, yet en teror of ihe arl eitlations has ever It'eol uad all it prltl llthoatg contilu moll' chollegeh I thle osla l of very hatlue intmimuh. T'he ba kir in a alcl el rgTa ly ilryied yi y all the cotrla ofrew lt scvIral eli t ie Satllel I the ai tate of erllllatiol forstasite uiltrest," as lsod by law for blatk interest, icuorlilagl the iolk is lse, lsol as wary e seell i Iaut, iy ,,er cIaes o'f he IC seclibers, o ld teed w of thI feingelelit Ipllrcasers, ilethe list l thle dlll ol' l[i book, lain loesseslion efvery elosa of eitiztan inl elery qal - te of tile Unlit ell Stales. 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Allpedmialctim l to fin.dllal ulh btinkS aisnl taeil itto eat with linfil notes, foallt w tie Iefaae, hllieh, ia latis fitll as ill tlr toa ita 'eli gllr. atllilea, n acoillai mnlch ill fernlailin colllcerallilg the twt allt filtlelll let : C:,:npill iurlinlet ta, tee days lfgiace, mc. It ratll.lis atl y In reC.k th:t, aicitt ihotanlig aItis AI onll ll oi al)l work, which, wi iasLlihd el illlcat 's' ' tacl:, inlrDllarct. i lla ls anal CeraIs bl ) ell| mtll tnl nll I;C b eeI( 'll B( i vvII iSi V t il.llch u ra l lWlll'i . pal"ti'ii ll, i iliit la noltyet ime n )os ilh sp illl iln'rrl.rl'l leioer eleat) lai of a Lotay-a I'la r thousat; dIaihlla i,.dhoes six ears o1aa 'tai ront7tt to 1i3, aosoeailptaI at Ihe first aiaern C rco ala , niaeta ily a dh ptihlrc f.e v iial: ice of pllfrt~ot al g r tia . Ilir ts.ll hillta e 'ria:;I al I/eakslhia in hi /t'aial,.S"tars. l-` tIlll]Ptil'v NlI' It' a tll\h-li flle' '.rlIr ll Is ElngllrPlun d, y nllauiilf".\ Year in Span," in. TIIhe i i, W i lr'ettlI , a nLu ae cEac ral rh oiat tild 1 .lll,.l tie dotaes. Jtst receivaal orlc liranctleby W\V. IM'KEiN,, SVI r & S. iI.\ F.FE I'S Coaponlo. Iu. leat I"e treet ,of Sar.a.arillai, ltr tht uen r ' o hfamllllaitc Ltions of thie bkial; piltllllas or Ipustules o' thil C; bilame mIlit It arice trionan iuiauire aa taate of tlhe o d; caly ern,'tions; p iiom In hiea bllnel; eIroie h'entnatilntl to't, r; secrfuic, or kilag' evil; wllirte aaitlillaga syplililie diuiluas, aid all ditrders iltrisiltg Iroiiil all impurt of thIe hlol,l ly ca Illig residelnta ia a loi ltnLatet or tile iltjodinlous use at mercury. Also,--Cave & Scalf, rs WVorln Syrup, 0r It. Sfant Preservative: tile best prttlaration anow extant. Amlang whieh are the i',lowilg:--lndicu Dye, for eol.trlg thie hair; Btevr's Oil; Russiain BIears Glreso; Polnatuol; ielanw's Frclklu Wlash: se. perior Pearl l'nowder; lily White; Creatl tf Iotes; Vegetable Rouga'; OtLo of Rose; Lip Salve; Kra. osite Torotah Wash; Carbonic Del riCite; Oranga SFlower VWater Powder PU'ffs nll Bol a; Almer,. can Charcoal, neatly put op ill four lce vials; Paeston Salits; oulognlt'; Itreosotu Ifcta.nalle Drops; luir Blrltslhe; English I)rce tag (Cohbs Indlian isler Oil;-with a variety al athoer Perfu meries, &de. Fr sale by L W GLENN'S PEIRFUt M RIlES. J C TRIN( .,ARD, corner or Caaiteillan IIouroi stiLreets I 'lOYI.K & MAY, Ileous, Sign, natl l,,Ornanwr aillt ers, N 3 Ga rnldele street, two doors from HiLIdl streer. Imitlatiolls of the lilowig wuuds anld imarbles,ex couted i a nll:lterly e mnnor. wolllls MABn LES. Miahogoany, Egytiall bilack and gold, Oak, (illle ad Antico, I'Pollarl do, Orliental or verd 1antique, Curlell ido, Jlllirl , Curled Maple, Ibll n olice, ilirds aye., h) b3 Gauoile, Satin Voolf, Pnlonotc, hlair WVood, eove or Ilurdello, Yew T.oe, Italian White. Corol.lolall ie or lik Sianna and lroctella, Rose WVoo, Ameri:al Grey, Ash White lick, kc. &ec. Curled Llm, Specimenlls to be seen at lhe shop. Pailnts, tils, glass, .qle varnish, ke. Ool oed ldlor sale. ml RLON, S'TEII.& IIEAVY iOOD)S--lat, square td Mllndh' irorn, well asoorPted. lioop, scroll ad rod iron, oail rods and plough moulds Cast, German, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley suteel lollow ware, cot ald wrot phl nails and lsiker Ziec, block till, mill allnd grold stoles, mlt kettles Chain cables, lhel's Iil, e (x, log sld trace chalills, oe mills Anvils, lces, llHammersaod bellows Wire, sieet,pig and bar lead; shot Coal, andl cooking stoves -AAmes, Iowlondl's alll other spades and shovels Hook and idatle linges, door end window hooks Collils, Honts, Sh:rps, oral elite. axes Iae''l atld Malilla coel'oge, li:esao.,l twine Iolt anll shlealhilg copper; Nraval stores Paints, lill[ ed c till S[ml-lli oil A o.ll assoeltmcllt el luodowru'e sld sii, el inlclery, iways mi tsiand, slo- whichl alie el.el fcr sale at worile ale o retacil, on tile most thvorllle terts, by nl I AY"1I't)N & Co. 53 Old Levee. HARBOWGATE SPRINGS M iou.'golerv ...o..ev, Alablmo. TiHREE DAlS fJRO EY FROM NE i ORLEANS. FT ' proprietoir of thit i esltliblishml et has tile lle. lure of lulllloocii g to his friends ie the plilli in genelll,tlhit lie will Ie il relidtes by thle first daye of aly to receive visiter. lie will also slete for the he teoit of those at a ditanee, that there hIve been large illprovelmeto oiellloe ad otherxa snow gOin g llllo d i .aplid pigrores for .uenleletion, chicii will eonie'tlhi soe.lcrietr to clclllodlllli tletta sllll lterfoier l umee tlhit herletlfore, and at the smolo time mouch better. l"a'oilie can be o etolllld led " ith gocdm.loeo , or Ihoee who llrr eall hcvao large cabills I'elched from lthe Ilelil building. It is de il llcllOesscry Ito say nythllilh ill parilet lr of tle eharaettr ot lhese wafersi flur it is geurelly believed that they are not inferior to anyl inl tIe South mrn States. All the so useomnltl tlht are gnlelxrlly xoled at Watering Places, will be fIUod at Ili,. Tlihe best llmuic that this part oif ti*, olorla, lte Imea xeggegd,and will be ill coast.Rt tteilnnce at the Slrinogs during the whlole sea.sol. 'I I. subsctihel will avail hlimsaelf of this tp xrlitanity in returning his unfeiignedl thliai k fir tlhe very libril ultlport given hilo liA teaoni.sii.lld hopes Ily the exrr. lions thtt loire illo lllde in iltrnmiog oiol etllliig ..,.,... 'll'ltc itl ec.l. A TIINSON'S Il':iILI.ATiti 511 ",r ric liir"iei o er a t illtiohri tile liter, neck soll arm,, w dis Stalil . y 'tild ('-Illi , loe vitg ti. 'khi r noLid Miri th., belre tre pplio.tion. A trclh supply jst ecteil .t til tN' , eecI tIen, r liotel, tnl Y.1l l - n.' , ;ol ol,,n1lme mAIl. AIIAa1m-iIE:1NT A'aihcra, hli li Ii E.aAr IaYt' at 1. s\ Clhraal loes Eviery day at Iq0 A. . Western Mail, 1hn y, bIv .i, W'. A. by ay the ~ae every Mo , Wednehaea (.oadr lnd Satllrturdav,'by 9, P. M. The lake Mail eda lvl5 PI .'Turday, a via Clomss every Mombdy, Wednesday EXI'RESI MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAIJ)EPAIITURE DISTANCE &r. of the Express ail, belw.m a Mlooie and Nan Yo'k-leavlng Mobile ldily at 3 P. M. Northwsr New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Nerthward. Distance. Time. Iteturn'g Mnetgomcrv,Ala. Spa. 198 es 2f l, Sm, Columbus, eia. 8114 l 9t 3 "m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 Coilnmbia, . SC. 7 aln. 163 17 IS I laleigh, N C. 5 2315 29 12 t Warrenton, Va. I2 m. .55 64 I tPetrehurcg, Va. 10 pin. 83 " 5a.Ml SItiehatnl,Va. lail. 21 3 6 Predericklabur , 8 67 7 l1 p D% Wa t iagino cit y, 2 pm. 1 6.i Ilnlahtiaoe, 64 38 4 04 Phildelphlia, 64 am. Il0 1I ft New York, 2 pm. 90 84 nhwd Caa 1:05 1431,. or 54123 Northward. COiling Soutlhwal, the tine is si hour c-; hiaig5 dnys IR nil 17 aiouras. r - i'KN eJ.LAII REWARD. f ANAWAY froni 169 Caraotelel earner of Ilevi s R Irees, on thile eight of 310,1, of Angnal, and wue ree the nettminoriing ia Poyyies streelt, a tirao buy namoed CIIAI.LES, about 7 yeare of age, ain fee or therenboluts in heighl, very black, ad lhasan imped u e int ini his apocla, nat of bil lega is sore, oaeioned by a recenet hlarttll laell tn wen lie went away a white coottn or licen shirt ntill white eluian Itanlanhma. Mlaaters of venssels nd etam baatnl are catload a Sginsi receiving or harbolt g said negro, al wrell as ao other persons, ll the tnlstl rigoar ofr tIm law will be enforced agaist thllem. Tue above reward will be paiD fordelivernig iin it. aany of tIhe jaila of eithler f the muncipalitiesa, or at 169 Caroodelet, corner of llevi. O'I'L' E-'Pl.trin o.,athi I Ioeret;-reeiting As 1 \ under thel reo I)o ulis &o Garreten, has beea dissolved. The anbscriber will lit uide Ite i slteiro the coancer in this city, tid roeqirae all persons italb. ed to make ruaylllert to hia only,o and all tlasralsri an laines, ton ruae llu l farstleetial. ale ti -i r eH ARIETSOfN W. W. SWAIN. No. o IICaMI , .reel New Ornetwa SIuAS alwas on hand eaon..ttnly r!1 revicaia Drt. I.! Ilyve, lamicaln,ad Pamiasiao iig tael are allowg :: o Dlt IiUGS. DYES; AntIa ony, eroude, Argols, red, ldo u iegnlu Annllto, SlL . Ar'eniet eaile, Alnmn, do powdered, ItAlzilletea woos, Ilalsnal cOlatvi, Cocaitiral, olicra,crale, rCap ltres, Americu, do refined, Caulpena, lrintone, cerade, Intlic, Tampeo, ldo roll, do Coais, alo oowen', o Muile, Iirmtith, French berries, Caestroil, Ildigo, Mt eagel, Creanl tartar, dlo Mailia, Cantharidea, ade imrnaean, (lam sloes, do fjimtamete, do AInait, lageood, Ceamalaaiy ta nsaslbtilda, ao St Doinalgo slo amoniac, do JaN iea, al hbcnzRia, Cinlwool, ti epaal, nrogh. Malaer, aorbia. oa ali scIape, Nieanragia, llownere, al do S Aniela'ie, do Coro Ialo iaillhir, cr l lat d Io lsreeeil dodo o cefia , da Heli. do gaitonim, CIIIMIICALS. o kinoa, Aceal, nitrnoa, ala mastie, do maurltie, ao oullaan, doa miltiarlie, Ilo sbelliea, Illne vitriol. SC. senegal, e alom rl, pt. do sandlrac. a.'rrolive iablmatlaia] t lrdo trnaeaaulk, (hliorlde of lime, fiiaihogr, 'plom aalt.. Jnllilel" kertiee, Anlriceais,ljlnae pcanltic, do doa Forig, ltne oitai, Magaia, lngillash, loalaele nala, da Alaericeaj lied chromate ,etall SBlnila lake, Sta ectarp Siu r iI n ai so tt, si rleataln. Li q..anice bll, Sigacr lean, Oil clares, S alpine, Il vrassira, Sall a iil alier. dI Ieiatt'gnnaitt, 'tartar ealeticr leo la ruon, IPAIN'in Iltlabe I. .l it't rleia t, lifle, Iant geaaia:aa, Chrtla deyell, dIry,). S I udcacc Ic o da in nil c .d r t arrn f d-rtio ns ar n li Ja lla aela do it oil, t 'hnh.rlla, Ikt II, aI hiholn se alty, I, t .aalalacc. oI e i it ci'ei'vc , Ia LIdecawanaIt , dia rpa viag, Liilhaeg r, r.angeh, ,_ do el ti '. ao Ameri-ca, t,, i T,, ' lo , v tt'ria white i nl, lih, c,,~u iai,, tie AszEti.n ito ca.l alicit gnaoodaaic ad dio | lll,"l.ek di grlo nll ill oil i gr"careme '."a. red F1nttit dayr) ito, aic .,,li, dro A,urian SOtla'ail Spaiialhh, Iftraacl inil, Naict, Cut ,h Si l 'ai' o ia.l ttd Il r, t 1, \ I drryi' riag , t.' Sum h'ae's..l .(. h.1 ( o- gtolenil fisr Snap, I\cIaca Iliagaili, lite lal, hit,, Aellia do Cstilerll iu al no grimnotin "ita,kcia.i' Aa .n'·Ia'lnttd loare. t dll--fn r l..A-t'AINy .hAI'-AT'r',l NEW NOIEI.. SIlal/in cic lgetfi'rr, lay Ilia aItIor Peter .Saiale, ea gi''oaoioaie, car it Inlter it nSrlhhs Ilaiofiel in Iana of Stvrca, v (Iy aiptin iatil Iltlla Itnya Navy, F. L lord Iri l/in, a rom.nee, lay AlIni Cunningham, I en 1. /rlrptnlrd If.a, writiln Ily lianselfl, in 2 reIls. . O (omlrndinoe Ilielmry aof tl/n translaatet front tsi origilal lianll, hllyNtllniel G-reen, in I vol. fur a iing No. 71i o" Iillrecr's uaaaily Librnryv. 'ltla. :1 4 .atII' aniw CamlIPlet and uaifiean adilila iif l'tlhicgnih Irvine's, IW'orke. SRogter'a Frerh andl Dtaafli ,.h I vel, 3re ao Naoeala's FracaaA and a/.i lieA Diclionary. a. I.Ats-A ftcw male aItiecauf Clinhom's Phrenology "tlieni." urveynr'sCnin.aercofcslearorquo i c, wiih chains, Ilillurdl tallna'il1-.4 and S -S italeas S(eillola' illalroved aeltalicl ens,japaned l.pers, wvighI &c. &c. &,r. '" Justl received, n.,d fur a.le by 11:N RENJ. I.EVY. SP'AIN Il:VISITE_:).,&e . c Sl'AIN RlVIStI/TEI), dce, by the autlhoro A yee IC' a iiii i,' in volt. 'rai of Iaindta chanrlerr, a.generall sapplicale to tihe :.Alr ie'a t'f North AIaeriel by T Turnerase T'f/a Po/itira/ ffrnamnmr, of the itaaiarI Steer,, or a aI'l lll'l i miewf hI'll' aheory stal prlcicetof the genera Itail snite il'vrn g rllllltlt, wit.i ahe reaUlaioas bitweoi them --aihlliauallal al ii lllci",~ tte ) sllmig men of tilhe United emirs, hE It) l aianctield, Etsq. Niirndit Iueotiag To'Iar iatclaerrea t with chrnater islet nillel~lll*s, xiala.illl 1aald ilailgs ofsornhlg tmen, is i:dilng nIaat's aIt lah InclltCilaal crack rlere oaaFngland wilh aanalytical contentsa , and general o.f nalanlr, itaralfala or Kiiag' Evil, Caarolsie Rheuilstima, Clareanic Caalaaeoua Ilis- I'ains in tie Boloe, hy tho iablaoai dg ii, vitiated otate. the aetive prnclpele of oan~llarilla ia the soan oulelm tratel dogree, eoallahiaica wita nalier vegelable snhataese Tlae great deeaacnataam widl lahyskians ltaibeig abl Ita exiaaliin large qllaality if darnapnrillo in a ean rally eoanvialcael ni'hs nriata cnnlieeutly adistlailsstra II tlacneacaa their laracti ce. 1'rice Si 50 par leaned. Sold only at 8WAIN III'.OTliEtis dlrng store, No. I JCanal street, whr· d aey behad,freah and genniam, airect froma the prerial tean, Swiaini'a Ianocea .lnd VeraifAlge, Pnlter's Cattil enla, Carpenter's Prelanretillaa, alad large and gesera asaorlleaa ol Freasl drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Rom to which is prefixed au Intrdud:ion to the :uldy o lonamn History, and o great variety of valuable infor nation added tlrouithisat the work, on de Mannor Institultios and Antqulties of the Romanr; with no: merouas biographical and historical Notes; and qiue ti11s lfic eoemnitiolsjn at the end of eaell seetion. II lorrated with lhiriltvengraviags ill wood, by Atherton l'..aucn's hlearovedl Edition of I)r Golds.ith's History of Enghdla, ioc thle lorasion of Julius Cusar to the oeo ll*ho tc;aorge tLd, with a cocit ctill to t oheyea ti834. With suc'oioal f .e exatcallutioa at 1the cad iO lrch secleio. lesidlcs l variety of vauablae iufesma liel aldacl Illrdlldileil, tie work. Consisting of table of conteualsc.raa, Savoreigc stsll eminent penrtos C'opiousi expluacatory nteto. lIteuorks on. tte pdi ics, ccalaCra and literetllreo f Ila age. All oItlintes thec Coautsituioe, &a. &c. dilutrteid by maty egri Gcbs' ELs.USe rSr or A rn.oec.t, ano t ans Aorildgme ofKeith's New Treatise a the Use of Globes. New Asmerican editioa, withl addltions acd iulproveouea t ases an exiplatisic iflto sstronmsioal paort of tile Al ricau Alnaciae. Josut received and for sale by WM I'KEAN Iev 24 colner of Casunp acd Common elm IiAItPtlt'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. IF]ORACE,lrashlated by Phillip Frlaeis, D D, wih 1- an appeadix, coataiullsd trnslatloue of v odes, &E c by Bln Jtson, Cowle;, Milto m, D d Polp Addisoe, Swift Cchacertah, ti Wlakeield, P saZ Bryan, . Ian.d ate of the IUre euliaeut poes of dc b'ly(EDRUS; witb the appeldix f Jiuddl I t•masl tad by Chirs hllecr ciclar, sll ·2 eIl fcr citic and Il faUllurplcr's Claseicai Library .. ''ia Expcditiot of lUIJIMI'tittI CtI.lNfIlR, bye Sclillel tt, I), will a imconiir of tise Auitor, by Ticist Uc RtscOe, En1., sew edition, with illisrtai.tuo by iG Cm niukshauk + . TI'HE .l.Y'Y; a Tule,by ithe laler of a Riclatlil .lary oali! Urgdcy," &a., new cditics., velt et.mpsl is otto. IPAUL :LIIF"IRD;I)cy eila autlu r or a"Plhls. The I)i-s te i," c, lelctlmul volune, t' ,lt tb new l u ,f"1 aei t "s COIalcloa V . ks. ,tait leosiver ale. W. Mcl.KLANL i AICO)N .tilS-4t16 a.-,- Cics. aia- c - cs.h c'al.c,,I f, .'csracsnc.hcUsl Evsc. l ll, lll easme S Uui·I'/'l' &L IIAW f

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