Newspaper of True American, February 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 12, 1839 Page 3
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" J1Jt'SPANSlll Mill i)ular, D oi lc e nad jas. Exchange Office, 75 Canal at NOfRTIItIt EXC:HANO1:.--Bills of Exchange on New York, at short sight, and at 311 and 611 days. Apply to ANDREWS & IlitO'S, jat-fi-2t 50 Ce.alp et LOAF SiUGAl-tII,) hbi i.slutore, snd Ifor sale by j26 J 'II.'HYEIt do Cu, 74 Poydrla t -JA GING i.N d llale hope fir sale by ja6 ILEA I) & IIA IL'l'OW,'7Beank Place T' iIIOCOI tirlE-I-) canne sweet CkFc dalute, lindin g from ship COnlaalin.e,fr mulao by js26 I1AAU 1I1llultE 8p C, 131 Mlagazine at ITA'TalIL tiJOIs-7l) armIs thick waler uctie, for Ssic by ISAAC BIDIIIGE. & Co, jaSfi 134 Magazine at HAVANA SEI:AIlS--353 . oPricip lHlavanao et arse, ill lUttrtcr boxes, ltr sle by "as6 ISA AC lic ll)isE & Co, 134 Magazine _ OMAN CEUMENT, landing i'oln ship Elizabetll Sfrom Leoden, i. sale by jan26 ILEAD & IIAKRSTOW,7 Bank Place. i.JGA~ ) on plncation abave u city, for sale by, d216 I.EAI & IIAItS'I'OW, 7 liank Pilae " OciroN SOAP--20(1 boxes in stre for sale by D . ILIEit, 31 (ravier al PE IbM CANI)LES-5I.O Ioes it, stoa, bcirelel Iby ja16 AIIILAHAM 'I'RII't.I :t4 lrvier P S(YTAPOES-L '0 halupertre-III Iarcle evecc Potatoee, of a superior qualiy, landing fur sale by aii L It GA!.E, 93 Ceonruun st CORDA(iE--.n invoice of tarred Role, asorted C sizes, ir sale by REAiL) & 11A ILS'I'OW, jatl 7 hank Place SIND)SEYS-5-i bales Lowell Lind eys, laadilg for ale by SPI'ETSON & AVIEILY, jay 88 (iranicr at - ACKERILI.-2411J btls., and 151) hallf ibl. Nos. .l 1, , .3 Mhuckctrel, in store a for (,rle by jalS J TIIAYERLi. & Co. 74 I'cycrae ct W ANTEDI-A partner with a capital of $10,0b0, in a general (coclalissnion IBrokeroge busineaaes about to Ie elahcllhe!d in thin citv. A lilce, addre.cdi to A. B., Iltax 9, Post Office, stating wlen an ilterview mnay be had with real name, will be considered strictly cnl fidelntial, and ic l eet with llttention. jalt--a teed . . . . .. . LAI)ES' Velvet ltidin Ilnte, eoflte latest styles h I sale iy UOSSIP & Co, St C(brles st, I8 Exchange HotlcI .tR FInllhitl s ih every st) it, jocst received it V IIEXAS LAND SCRIP PFar SALE-Tlhe subsceri .1 bern offCr ccr ale twentylv Fhoiltc oft ix ilacdrcd aIld fll rtv acree lf hald, chcci. "ly tce act (cf tle I.c'gi; latnre thin ctrilit can be behldlnl l ocatlc by foreigners, nlld i a Itrna lcrablle Icy u .sitgtllllltl . OItK-sMess & PLrie, at iah inlpietiollc, fcr sale Iby p ja4 (; [tiLl.$K9l New levee UNNY IIAGS-33 bales ic clcri, fcr sale by G It.I SI' I. , _lb. . 44 New Levee rtwo ntory .elling hIoue, Nco,. 6, Tri " ton mtrlue, near Tivoli Circle, eialltdillg back .I frolmtl lthe street, hb ivingcl Colr l ellll well n ll and everyvcellv; tllllt Ii llltlkl t itc cccllfclcuille reei. dellec ,ie a sccllcll I:+cil V dL'ilclo oflivilcl occiredt. Atl Iply ic J. OliT'. ---FAtillilcAfti.E 0A1l1 t il LI.'eElY. TllE clbctcrilld!r IIic lhs Ihe ocr ccf icfc rcaccitc e Ice Is. dice, ftiht lie hlctc retinvud per 5i4 is .cift.yette andi larelntl. a pply of fuill nlld winllr Millinery, of the latest and lltecial iin aria, hin. l hirs. cclllclcl el etctln to hlavc.t o ltiectd andl rsady lilr cexal ination on lolllday alnd Tl'uday cnlct. 1) I' C.INI.AN, norv3 25C(:ent IA~ALE IllPE-o-l -c ic, Kent.ttLa clite rolppe, ii ltore andfar cnle by °J lIIAYc:K &.acc, jl .. 711i'vlrc _itc .1-Z A R. Corner of St. Charles o o Common street, EXCIIANGE IloTEL.. t B U l I S & All. .1N would rporotlfully ctll thie at ooteil otion o oootooen o lrnuo tio n toot nirrnm dle iTarr: ilk, e',ttIo .ond merooino tolndo r llliris andI, drawert : cnooohrir and olilk haonolk,-,rchiefs: blal:uk eld faney cta-] vnts it gr ilt v:lriley: ,tmkorl ooI evutrv dlo'-rilliO: glolll tlatho:o od cotlos oopenlort: solk ctho l and thread gloves: gents hoskio gloved: Ullbrellat nd Cnlleo gold twounted. * Alsl,-..,l endid assortnoent of nllhes and gents wri. ting desks, dosloing cses, pour lilis., perfumery, cut lery,n rlich 'all.y gooods. S' t o -t of o.t t ,or v o f flot . o ltt- ri ,n r , l hoi.. hte o IlI o, 4.c. T''ung, . wig ao. l (iriinli. d .a am It J tll'. l AWv NOTI:E. - IA~ t s S . h)At Y l ,ICL .1 l, I t',mnm s tllo r a id A tlo rn ev nP nt 1.nw, ,df'T as, lens m.h"i n arrmuaeolnter wdllt loseph I1 Whire Ii;lq., In.ot 'l.1' th inh COtgr-ss. Irto e Florid,- uallt r ,, Il,, ato ,;f I1g. Si1 otr,,,, Court of the loited Sht, to .ive his ad.,vice, legal opl1ioL ollnd inoh<trnrlio s isoI1 all -oug. in which h is resained it 'l'Tra s. I'l. \V iale oi l in all cases givje w ritten illtr -ltll, ll , wIl i ,s. ofl' g l ,. t inllplll ttll ', will att d i, per nli e'l mlll l P (Aalt of, T'x"is. lie is ill pas.. -.i,, of all lifs, ýpxmn1, nll d .)l aeh a, l 4 t )ldtIl. library i A, ic.. d''id In all cases in whith Jan,,e . ,lhny fiehld i' retain ld e, an alturney all I.,,ll \it t i Texas, h1 will r1celvO ry ia.tiltlle, ill ld as t I s riOllllo l'lh lr ja7 JoO 1 M 1 WIE. CYCLOP IM DI AS! I)LCTIONAlUlES!! EES' C0 lopuedii, 47 vold., Idinurg Encyclo- r p.oei, 18 volld., Pen.ty -Iyclunledio., ,vd Ilth. Eocyclpadia Aer a ictan, 1:3 vols. Itelluy M.iorigli, flr 111.7; Norltoun's iogralphicul I lictionvry. 3 vdo; W.alker'o Ili-on.ary, I vuL l..yer'u Dictiouary, I vol, ole1mter'ta do I vol. Jul.ison & Walker's llirlio roy, l vtol; Newnuun & llorret's I )ietionrv. volh.. J nuahoau'. Iaictiioouro, Ivolul.c\VebIter's I)ictiona rv2 t ll0e; SBove'. l)ictio, arv, n volt; SAlto a largo oelply of English gouveonir. &c, for by Wt /1,K F1AN, d. car Camp andl Comllluon st CARD IO TIIE LADIES. W ILI..IAM BIll., No. 10 Chartres street, contin W uo*top ourclhose old batokent Jeoelry, old g.ld or silver in lloly forln whatever, and pay te higlhellt priee ill Orlsnne. LAdieo wlo oaoy have old faliobloned gold jewelry, isz: ear (rntUtsLnis, chains,, hockles, linser rings, or in fact any artiles of tihe line, which is l)tng die antd lofn use to 'ltheln ellUo xclhanllg tile enoou too good ao.nltoolage, yv cullillog a boolvoo. N IB-Wadvath d, bJolt ly nil Stpectcles repaired in bhe best nmaunner-c.hnarges onloertoe. Jao22, 1I8:9 S A1/AMIIY MESS BEEF--40 Illthbls. family mIP0s t' beef, ldlling lrnlt tenmn boot Stavatnnaho.l, and far o'ttlby j311 TlHAYlit& CoI , 74 PooydIrau st F1UIRKS ISLAND SALT--510 buhelt in stur., for S leby . SJ P WHITI'NEIY ja3 73 Camp olt IME NTO-210I1 macks Pimento, landing from ship S o aounet, aud ton dalo by j3lt9 L II G \. E, 93 Common et 'TA'1' DE I.A .LOUISIANE-Cour de Poarnisso J pouroo aralisae e la rille ole la Novelle Orleinso --Ptn uent tloollotrublo Charhlo s Muoriais, juge--l Jot Sier 183j--No. I 11495-Jaoies Ileory l)ltkWtol t coulre Stletrenlttiero--La cesiotllot propriolet lit pelitiun titrc mtnu t netellee o rlto Cour.e,our le bekoliete de sel cronnciers, ilest ilrdolonen qu'une asseolllle des dits o'tealcierm ail jot to l'elnook It I). L. McKay, ntloitre outllc, to Mtrdi 12 Fevrier 1871.1, ptior dolioertr ttn leI Affaires de I'ilillvable, et all nlmen temps toulen plour tuites contre sal ersoino eo t sea pru riett a eunt et de tteurolt uatoolpetdleuo. Parortloro lio l Pour. Ilutuo do C(irclfer, 31 jultviel 1839. 1 Fev-- ARMAND PtlTOTl', Greffier. STATE OF LO)UISIANA, Parish Court of Ile 0 City of New Orleans. Pretent the Ilonorable 4hItarleo Maurian, Judge. Jano. 31st, 1139. No. 11495, James lHery I)uckworth vs. ltisCredilors. The ccs-. aiol ontwotprty byl the Petitioner, it uccepted Ly ithe * burt tor t lls Iolonfit oflia treditoos. t i orderoed thnt said Creditors do meett in the oice of ID It. S Coy, Not. Pou., on Tuesday the 12th :day of February, 188'; shor and there to deliberael upon Ilhe afflirt of ihe said indoalten and In the meantime all against Ilis person and lrolertIV are stayed. BJy order ofConrt-Clerkt' tOfice, Jan. 31st, 1839. ARMAND PIT'rOT, ftl Clerk O R.LEAN' i.l'rIHOGRAPHIIC IRINTING OF. VICE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Backs' Ar cade. Wt GRERNE takes pleasure in announcilg to hio frielnds .ond the c.itiens of New Orlens, tlhat he has at logthLbrought Lithograph on par t ilrhsh coppr plate Pttriuitg, and frola tilt it iities thle art oha over collter plat aug.aillog, e tcat eecat:e all olrders enltrusted to oils, at oniM halt tlie espllOuse ofegraving tand nearly as Mtertchtl swlti.g i ireular sent out in tllir own hand wriling, can hlue any luantotity at a fewo hllso aottiC oo1u httoy u-ill teeuxunjtd for tobtn io a Ietliinl .oly. e·cth bha ohtelodoret giveto general autislartion alltheamoosutonlpec.hle coulnls·sluon houses in this tily. douolonmu doo rood uottlhaving Visotng or o Ioust Oass auds IoAibed i tilhe lestl onunaur, will do well bio atlliaot at he fita and see speci.nua. Feb. l 10839 N B-Bank notes neatly executed, and circulars, I ;nted at onte hunr'. nolica. fANItKE1Id.tIIEFSr.-: ipcase pge han ker cliefo, fo"u alt 1b ISAAC 1111DlE ) Co, fn1 13I nLE. ille Ul :iF--55 bil1 t I, il t fel' oliolig 0r0l0l stelll boost Normau, for salu by G. UtSESEY, joto 40 4 New Levee L (UUIl--dtI tbls ouperfieu fltro, landing altd for Sanleo y J ItlIhEt & CO, jaut 74 Pavdrat a I1jt. & tSALT-1t8ll bbl 'Ta1oners oilin pruue order 40 blds aonllmlw attrinld sperm oil, 1'200 s ck, Prk's Islnld rslt, in sotor for uskl by jo28 L 0i GALE, 93 Co an t H AVANA COFFEE-4-40 bags prime qualidy in to RAre, and f ar sule by jalt ABRAIIAM TRIER, 34 Grauvier BIY IIEWLE'T" & CENAS. S YNN C's SALE. W ILL te sold or lionday,18th of February, at 1 o'ehlek, at thie'ity Eochange, St. Louis stree in virtue of lln order from the Porish (Cout, for lie Parishl nd city of New (srlens, iuled tile 7tl instant under tile direction of Ile Syudie, tire iollowing describ ed properly, surrendered by Gibriel George Giueny It hin credlitors, Ve/: . Fouur lots of Ground, Nie. 59, Oil, 61, and 61, ritou eod itl I'rrollton. Nos.5r unr d till mPuaourillg teicl 1 iyet front fe in t etreeh, bhy 150 feel ill depth. Ns. gi( ndl 62, IIng'ii thie rilno iirntit ofe'5 if. on Ieseov(e st ly a like deriho. Jlttgiltll (tt . l'ornee by .Ntttroia Ac pIasedl hbeftre Lu bGarler, Notary Public, the Ilt llrl Maly, 1837. y. Lot No. 5, in squartre No. I , in suburb o W llingtoe 3, Mtunicipality, measuring giJ feet 2 inches front ol TMorale street,r.letwee IPollrt IIIId 8a. Ferdi l tlld etla by 1110 feet in rloltrlh. IBgllnht i I.. S. iilieghberg, Ib act befloe 1. Se, tocr, Notary PIubli ie I 8e U ol Febru ary, (137. . Flive lots of Ground, Non. 8, 9, 10, 11 aod 12, it sqnrre NIt. 21. in suburbl, aoshinrgtoo, 3n Munieipality, Noa.t, 9 atid 10, having eRtlh S31. I. . oill Mnroant t, Ietwren l urles led (rqcuhrt slrees, by ri17 feet i, deplh. N,. I Inlaing+ill. . Ii. feet oil Narlllt elreeo, ry 107 feet oi L rlllhnitlreet nelll No. I, hlrvilugl 31 he tin Urnlhirrt s treet by 171. 3. 6. feet ti deltlh. lJouhith of E. Ihrrlb by neat ibefure L. Feraltd, Notary 'Public, tile i21et erllrurv 1837. 4. Eight lots, Ner. 13, 14, 15, 1f, 17, l8, i9, 201, il aqoare No. 24, tio. uhulrl, WVellegtoln, 3,1L Municiplity. No. 13, forns ote corner aof recirh and Urnlllhlrt ntrrere; anlenuring 31, 9. t. fhet ol F"reloelh street ty, 110u4, II. eea on Urlll rl ote .t r, o.ld Ns. 14 15, I , 1i, 11i, 1!i olt 21eill e oeneollreig 3, 1. . fee freont on I'reiIh treet ty 11106. I1. feet in delilth. inllltg frrom I;. Itlrtlhe nod Than lupletsi iy enot iseId before I.. oeraud, So taor, Ptublic, tIe rlita of plbrntarv, 1817. . ne lot In Vine street, near Ilie new Coanal, rbouht roni ('esores A.drews, by oirivile net, rdated tle 181it Mnretc, 183? (leo. Anlrrewo onll wife airltiinrvd title rrinto N. ulnltes, In tlis lot which l neilrocur 25 feet fronl on Vitne street, Ibetwr n the f'loh llo linget nld tihe ibrllldalry between Subllrb, Sr. M.ry and Ielord, auvling 1. 2.e in de apth. 'i'orn nlr l anllnil'ritia-)nl third i allsht; ond lire Mrrtllllntil Iwo thrirds lr t price of el:ll pr:urse puyantble ir atlal I I rornlih. 'le irrct lln.r givilg hile notea wilh one geedt elnrorr, ond o lm orltggre 'eluiallrd utllrl oellll ,iete ptayment. The acnt of male .t Its raetd Ieflre H. i. CEN AS, Ntslary Purli, tie Ierchaeur Irying the Ntiary a , ,free e lt Illepen enei tkll rit . oisessio y it 8yrteesor, i •necessunary. r_ jontl PAR IIEWI.I''TT & CENAS. VI8NT, P'AR IE. SYNI)I(C. Se. r verldl Inr i.ori I fIrvrierb A Iet A lroeeAu I orllorredie I'ilu ,nr veru ea'ta dedr o lier Iti illlr iyt ICnrtlioe, st1r I. Itlrli,.o en vill aI. Ih No lvlle (trle. rle, eo dahm ihr 7 ir. cotrianto, am irodtt ittlit (lon sybro tieh,les orT iml.t t Iatr nechuterr niUtldotnet is ;e Gabriel (iclrge (I;l lnl. Aes .r6ltllCiers: o. niatre bte do ltorte, lnt :59, 0, 61 et 6t, ittlea sA. Cereirolton arts. 591et (lirtealrntrit 25m,ni cltlite Iite A In trie eoz. stir 1511 piells e irorbt,ltlrr nlr 60 ,t ior!, cllall l', 25 idll d ;lalc ii In rile pleoervfie, str lineP 25i ir lieuler-leheteo Ie tretPeer, ri' t'o nn trt, eo SILeglnrdhurotll l pullllce t III nlii 11;31. .L i ll. 5n , ahlt Iiei 15, n il Ia r toulrg Wre iv rslhl ipon, 3I.o ntl ir ell, nittr, l ianrlir l Il l li s i;n r e e3tlie lerIi. rue, u artrt Ftrillltldrr reII. IllllltiPrt en lirfllnd rer-s cll re Ir 1 e lilhellrert, pir attre dt vanllt ' r nelhor l, t. rPrub. l 218 fovrler 18137. ..5 I.rtS ie ,rrrle, i, 9, Ie 12, l o (' ilet lt 24, nr ftill, lrrllr o p W llingt1lol' , llttlit lpti liil t II):3, IIIRr 0 hlranley et Irlllllrl, s lir r1 7 led de iroflllldr. oll II nylnlNt It pa 14 6erIe loa r lii' l Airer lr Ott i trio,1 rlit la rle Irln nlrrl; et ilr 1, II pitdn tllrhl rue uIlr qtullm rrur 171 plllnedi rIrp Iiieerr +n rnrrs f r lltcrr--uIthrt li ri I Itrthe, ior ate L Fler ad. I ni , l, iuli tle O' fyrior r187. I. Ituit I.*rto, airs. 13,1,1, 15, 16 , ,17. 1 ,19M t20 (iN S'iletl II ii, iiii rlllltllor \\' nhllilpg , 3. 3nl I Col mile nil I3 forlllmllll I'leliglig llllr e I sI runei ls l es llnll o i tIll e IJi e ,ii, e Ilr.ll tl pd I ir ttlr Io ro,, Illtrl tirr i e't le Ime ., Ii, 15, I1, i7, it, 19to 211t, elirrue rre..s oiitt :1 Ipd 1 t 6 Ihe (lleirr, a Il rue doe F'ratcoiLs itr I( I de proi ftloe--rnhrloe tde Bi rhe et Tllorrs littl,.ier IroI ctrLrtevoiott L Ferlld F llih. l)rl,,I. e2 trrier fr ::1i . 5. il I.It aor l rue de bt Vfgl, pl'eodrll nilveil (2olla, .ohete por fGeorge Anldrews, pernep e lorivil.p!o diate lu 18 ilnlrr 1837' (reorge Alidrew'et RI)n s II)a ! letnuirent I titre dui N Illollllc, itcr i it, qil linat l lpieh de inca gIn roe lie It Vitrl, erire le detlorcnlerr t'lelridll.PI L ligillnlee demalnircalilolll lde- ikll'na rgs Sle Maritott Ir)lrrr, aynet 125 tir'il'lltle irrofmlltietur COlllitirr-tn it iars cttrontiltlntt, eo lee de'llIt ure. lirs a i tSrin, I' rrrulr dinratl .elt beilelets ave 0 -tt dhla.ltr, I rv ihr ollrPg rerjn,,,pll tlilit i itllhneiil. Let Ilolo4 ioe velolterliltt ereto drvaet II. Iti. Cena., Irt inr. I'rslltree rtaytr tle frais altr'ncte et ti peigr Ie eo lrrssire r ar t 'eirprln'telr. I1j (Il D)ltlh linseed oil received per shill Eigl'e frrr rlrerren, 50 birrr'l, Lolileh i lr i',erd oil received per shili i i lize ,ellrth ir .n I lle llon, '00 bllrrrlr r lr llw lniier's oil, i11 hllIourt chlk, 1(10 hnorrl, .illii,+hsb whilnl, 1urt kreg, I'lhiltielohiit wihite leaA, I5O k(.g red eli',, dli oll eIl, L r. li .r nand er llow, &c. &.c.. nlltll illl'u " tlrl l tr'llar ' ,& b e. JI IVl:4 &, ANItI{I. t ., j15N Pmrnetr ( lliloitllr 'iln.'itut llarP t t ) g(0 -- I'II 1 ' ' I .ll . ... e I ti . .reo . f i r . l e I o b -JflF otIAII. & IIItti\N, jills ;1f, Iti ncnzitle 0 t1 rr'rlrn, for al,' I, i Irta it IS li C , ((I' L, I'I' ,N0-- 0 ca Ites oatnel atIl r:'rttn. etit(r to l / Fnle llv $ .1..1 Ill)))\V\, j24 !iiito .\lll zit ih rhrt (lft I)t,,,I.htt.r. dIrlllltr ics lory, tly tile autll rfeltr "So-irrti trt." ito itl,. Merv Rnttnatlal ll rthrelll e b IvllL)h Mrt (le horb rI1I of il tl"o1,le r ,il Iit rll .'llr ," o te , . io ev llr 'It' rllir rf .Sri lwor., Iv tihe atlllorerr. of "til.tht'nr li t ., I ttnlt to r,," &,c, ill, roilh. AItl,'"' Vetillllil orr the It,:lllrolliterot, Itllttlkenor hit f, it lUet,.ielhl, b 11i., oteslie, tiuhor ie r "Pncil Srket, elsl;lr llr Ier l III ( lil. il artre rf t t' Ie oI Oliloor Twiet, Irlrnlllero in 2 rola. by litr, cheap edi rine. Jusl received and Ibfrole .., i." M11'KEA N, j.rr. . . . c. mp onfl,,,,:, m, ShoeIlls . In. , 1'2ll votls. Just reeiv'ld andIll os I hIR by WM .l'KEAN, J ail car Clnp & ('an Hn I ,from, shi I ()rwel, fro( l.iverpool, ald Ibr sal by) the annler- ed: :'i cuk,( d(i z. ehel) sapetior I.ondon Porter, 240 Ii, I)r. aillton Ale; AlsO--Chete r calersr. f ai very Ieet quality, put ill lin boxe, andlll frulll .1, Ill 41t Inash. ja2di E J(tINS& Co,St Charles at .VJEA-S-75 b a Ilysa 'Tea, tr ~sale )& Co, ISAAC fIIII)ISO & Co, ja25 134 Magazine at .1)ItUG t Ilt)E lFOR SALEI-Situated on Tchapllitoullst street. Inlqire of II IIONNAIBEI.. jt2?3 car Natchez & Til'clpilolas pis 1 TO IENT, Pore einion givneu ianinidialtly two ·Irm fiurt..blis dwtllilnt, Ihuass, in the neitihtbarltaad -fCana streeit. 'T' aoil tenants they u will be Tented ow. aThey are well adapted t. smattll fitalies. Ap Ily to isuI LF &M AY, jnt23 3 Carmndeblt at lIVEIPO)i. S.r.l--1511T s-lL scorse an flila, lalldillg and in store f)r sale bV jal9 lIt)I.IIr) & MItllS, Bank Place OSEPtil litl'lE, I out ellr a lt L Oi-litc Exchanele lace, a few doors liron the Post Ollice. janlf-lw a UNNY \1iS--201 bales tnsorteld sizes, just rc heitveil,.atll fbr ale by jal8 SIIAI.. & BROWN, 96 Magazine st (. I-ENR APP'LES --t hj bbli i ln lin order, at tlhe lalluding, f.r sale Iby G I)t)ISEY, J...8 44 New ILevee CIDEIL-40 Iills rectified, ta t landing for sale by Jal8 Oi DO)IISEY,44 New I.e;ee ineac.orile relnanllrlr ils stm ie. Cau give any sat itibetion as I. ability nlld etaracter. A line ud;dresa, A B C, lisx 9~I,.t tol Oflice, will be atllended to. jasl--tf FLA NK BII.I.S EXCIIA NG , Nocas, Bills laulintg - Foreign Inlries, Castln HIouse palers ofrevery deasriptioa, for sale isby i i t' & ( li, jasl8 N " Statioaera Hl1l,24 Chartres rt OIL.LLANI) GIN-- pipes, entitted to debe ntsr _ for sale by It IIlIE & lin, ja2 319 CosantOl, car Magazine tta I.lTISKEY-36 baLrrels rectified, in stare for sale v v iy ' It IlYDE & Ilri, jas2 39 Clnt n,lllllconr Magazine sts IM . COi EN has reltoued his Law Ortlie to No. le 20 Excahange Place, neatly oplasite the Post It 50 kegs Leel Lard, in .ora Ibr sle j2 8 I)ttLRSEY, 41 New Irvee F LANNELS--7 bales flie whllite AIgla llattels* S for sale by ISAAC IllllIGE & Cii, jan.8 134 Magazine st UNNY 3AGS--30 bO baes (buslhl bIg) in store G artdl,fr asle Gby I)OltsEY, ja.5 41 New l.e ve IrV O I.ET.--l'ossessitin given tite lat IIFebruary next. L The dwellinlghcuiail now occupield by Sir W\lil. (Chulnillnin r & Girardt. Niil tlil Tihallitans srreet. Fllr pal titltlt-s aptlly to, I1. Bolmtabelil corer Natel] e anst 'l'eIia itotla.. a etleta. j23 NIIIAN' Planacea, Swniiii's do.. together with a ltarge asaortlllnet of patent nntdicines. l e ctrived lately and for sale by i IItNNABEI., _j _ cor NatRlcez &l'lrhapitoulas aet IDER VINEGARl--3i hils in store, ftr sale b j-4 (G IOIISEY, 44 New lacve. IORKL -Mess, ittll anid shP~llders, tr sale by tI SI'I.FSON & AVEIiY,18 Gravier at ( ) ACON SIDE --59 hluls. Cinciunati Cured, of su LE rtesr qtalilttt, tir sale isy S je'qU2 S'I'E'ItON . AVEIRT,88Gravierst B ACON -iDElS--5 eskI sides, and I2 casks can vaastd Ilallls, for sale Iv jan2 ISAAC BRIIDU(i & Co, 134 Magazine st OUNI)-F.ound in Poydrns street, a POi:KTE' It )oi, irtlllt llniti iaiigi llt Illll iei!ll i tlltt`s;thII owariler will cull at tlia tticaaun hllisi tle aaiae. ja2 I B UCK WHEAT-5' hanlllnlrelis, fir Sile by j ja3 tI & J ' WH1ITNEY,7. Camtt t SNIPING. For Europe. FOR IIAVRE. S The .1 and fast sailing ship RICH MOND, CatI Winship, will receive imnne diate deapatch for ie above porr, hnting It'e g'rCaor Itnr) o1' er curgu engaged nant going OIn hard. For frerht uTf t,0 bales canitio, or pa.sage, Hpply tI c e9 1 II i ;AI.E, 9l3 Contnn at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I fast sailing shipIt)IN HALE, Cillp C urwell,will re:i ivmmeliane dibatehpn filr the nllove plort. FIollr freight of : ):1 bales oaltloll o cal jlets helr curg n aily to fal L II,:, 9Coinon at FOR LIVERPOOL. A. The A I flst railirg ship EUROPE, Cott Drinn eita, ill receiave i.ncdi. dos Fur freight oaf 21H) 'aldes cotton to rncplai hli erargo, or passage, apply to LEVI II GALE, f9 93 Col'itaaon at FOR LIVI'ERPOOL)i. A The AIn coppered salin EQIJA'I'OR, rJ nsn t. tnaser, will have despantch. For freigt of l2ar11 Ible, r ipaage, l lapply to 105 , A.. I' \WV l1' .,I"'.7:31".mn at FOR LIVEII(POOL lThe anad nIl' faat sailing ship 110W SO'PII, TlCatt lat, in tr, haie reg ust ofrt he'r nrga engagled, will have widp.l de. Far halan.ce afraight or I et+salert, apIn Itn lel') S & J I' WI11''NEV, 73 Canto ir l.. . - I VIIIJOL. 'Thei Al imd fait ailing shipA MIASSA Sftlr, Copt Ilarller, having the greater art f her cargo enaged, waill tarrt with despanil. it'or Iaharae of frignlt ar it agr, apply In le TA1 lI. IIAli .9il Cii aN' n D TIte Al selA nid nast ailipn .hipClIEV cllrgo l ui ge, ul n going n t b alrd. ,ll net withl iatuita delanlatcR. FAlr frel at l 213lll) Cis clnat tor arlnang, llavlng u p iiiragiin g lllndlation ll alil o jn WI. It GA(lATE, 9.i ai FH{ LIV I:I'Oo .. S AI ft nailing shipt SAXON, Cnpt lansfi'l,ll aving Ile greater ,iart of ler ear gi etgnitted, will ati ni-i with denrliat.h Fir fi llr t ul' 1li11) bales ca iOnI, if Ul lltadiat aliplicltiaon he. nade,itr passragp, apply L II GAIlE, 1;"( 93 Com own st Niro Yor n3 I'aliilnria iit F Rll LIVBL I'OOL. rhe AI lriih brig LADiY MA IRY l,)OX,' tli'y. , anatl.r Ilaving the li reatr will oit w rllh i llletn de.atilch. Far ilan.ce il frtigt or pssage, apply to it' Cpaiat ni bemrd, ir to J25 . . . III (IA .", 9'3 ('onto,, -n st FOiR LIVEROOL. IThe A I fst ailing ship UNI',lilt) STl.TIs a(apt. Baiirr having tiata of her t cargo eugagel, wiall have dtlt'r ilh. Fat flrret tl aftIlltandredl bala.,rir pna) ItPIT, aIply toi _j_22 & Jl I' WIII'I'NIC, 7:13 Ciamp st PARI', apt Troll, niner, il ill renl o ilU colton, aur puna ,, a aigyI to L J I i I t.1:, ll "t (:9l3nlllInOn et f OR.AVAN .. . . The iiling copetred A I Iig IOMUN E, Captin lkllett wil l Inr ist. , oii tntlaadia til. aFor freight i o) Iharrael,. Ior alie hulk thireo, r llltat u lis t iha i e n r iled fiar un edlglt.( l llnc' hIIIIIn ioS, a)dply atn hanri, o pol, iti i lth "l',iatgla a tl 3d2 M1 i,'iai i lilr.or III jn2i XV)4t I .' lt ,Ill., 95 Cittion .i FOI.l IIAVANA-j ,tke .ihtiaer. 'Fier i r at rut l iis' siiling ll, l.akt Clhr itively aail 'lI'll IEVENINt . Ior friigtl 0l' larrelsianhaving relegarnt aattnt:tiottiI,aply luitard, Piayane 'lier, II1 Itll'l'EI, If I alll 9V Cantitia tI - " Ooastwise.- -.. FOR NEW YORK; Nero Yaork ad Newi Otrleans ine of Parkels. A,- "J'hlie tine ciipper finstened & .ncppered aship TROY, Capt. Wood. has the. greartr part olf hcrilrgo eangllaged alld goig ll ilard. Ftr Irelght of aler residue, ir Imsanae, apply to aiapt Wno,, oripsite hine Veteabhle ir nrkt, or to" fag I'E''liIt ,AII)IIA\, 6) Cantp at FOR BOSTON. The A faslt aailing slip CrOPIA, C(apt Mnrre, willlt havtl dnmntci. Far freighlt of S24)0 bales caltla, aiiplyh tol fa9 S fn J I' WHIrNE', 7:1 Cant1na OIL NOIaFOLK ANaI BAo'lTI OIMl. 'The rind nhur A4ll.llltN, A FIarnrlh,ii nu' it tt'l. 'ivinm rost of ine .rig. a n Ibartl will teri, wll i iu dihlite dmisal,.b. Fur l'btl'et f hight or pnsge, sially in S V J P iVlll'l'NFVl, tibt? 73Cpat ll&WI4'it is N. 'l A I fant auiliug shin FI.ILAX Io "'I, mlller, baring iai tf Llir m t- .go IN l l Ia'Te Al Ilfrti s.ilinig n-hr IIISANON, I l t, to klrid e, nill aail ill a dl a r n, I"1"I1'Ll' l urpl assogoll olle u nlVlu viog 'O l lll l to lol lion., _ ,Iply ttO ___ " P. I ll atI' II - 'OR NEW YORK. i.The fnt nailing mppereRd 'rig MAS-I SASOl'l'.''rl,ro ll. [ er,wihhave ,hs .teh. - Lfnr fieight ar )Iiiaitr: nptily Itt 13 ,S &J I' WIt ll'NE,',72.'nntpal FIC NEI'W YORK. liiegular rocket orf he 16th inst. IIOLMES, LINE 1F It'AIICE IS. fastened i asket shi NASHVILoI. \\ nod, tl~as er, wll I aa as aiove. For treiglt or patmang, haling elemant ntacotnlidahnit a nply It. lir Lapttainu nit board, a nasite tIhe Vegetable nm.rkit,or rt The frist tailinm copper fastened icltr 11OB1t WOOl)ilIUliFF, Gorham master, will liave dsamnilct. Inor friig.t aiplyl to le' H it AMIS,,411 Cnatp st FO.R BALTIMORE. TIThe goodl chr ALIIION, A Fnrnhlnai, Ilnaster,l nas miet of hr cargo engaged; for balance of freight, ,r, apply It, _ 12 S&JPA IIjnlNE7NE, :1Camp sC t FOR NEW YORK-Pan-age Only. Ca iptiln Rie, will receive imllediate des p or pasiagei nly, vig sap srmr ,accounnin detln, apply to the ilI'niln board, or ja29 L H (iAI.1E,3 ComUmnn+t FOR NEW YORK. - . Thie fast aniling e"qipired brig IIAI RITI, Capt. 'isherwil oiicllh despmitch. For fri reight or psitseto n tai o bard 1po j c J P 3VIII&i T NEY, 7I Camp st FOR NEW YORK. Passm'ie, Only. Tl'he A I fIst ,siling ehi CIA RJ IEmnis, , will meet wi immediate des i.- t iath. Fr Ipansge illy, llinminhl eerior acmmlalius, apply to L I G \.IIN, mas2 r 9w llC heennun eia pat Fuor ji iii o ha yr g ,Aap t ,? Canmnp m t FOR NEW YORK. The AI fnast saling barque VII INIA, a Sinelam a r, is, loving pert of her cur ingo et.gcird~ , will llihiv des . For bal nce m'fl'relgtmnr pnnenge, apply to nuaptlium oni board, Iopp site post 14, 2nd mu niciplit piy, , or t jAian: S b J P \VIIITNEY. 73 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. The A I packet snhip W ARSAW, Wm P AMenull, mlattre, wmalltnin0 bales to fill nUl). Feorfreight or ln, ge, aipply On boarnd, or t ja8 READ&Ii. lAIO\\W, 7n BeCak Place. A R FOR BIOSTO N. Vir R rThe sinice iling clo ipred ishrl lANO. t e rm legid nire, bran Ia aie t rjan nmempiy In iz - OnF.R, Capt. J a 1eson, will hae despathnlg for 0freight of 0l barrels, hor snerd, iapply to jn29 S &dJ P\VIII1'NE1Y, 72 Cnnp st FOR BOSTON. The Al barn uelBEAVFf,J Edmonds, m llrtn,' will aeun inimediite dempnith. For ,.frighl,t applyn, to . &J P WHIITNEIY, FOR BOSTON. J The A I ml p Pl'EIUVI AN, WV Slinh ar master, will have, inmmndiiate despelt. For Cfiftly tuolns heavy freight, Lnppilv jn1Y S & J ' WAITNEY, 73 Cnomp nt j FOR NEW YORK. The A I fast sailing brig AI.ICF. Jor don, Mster, having alliher fIreight enggemd will have despatch. For passage, havin. goodnatmlnami nnlnetioet, aply io jni9 iV3I PORTER,95 Cimnnon el il0 RElNT-lmosse-sion can be given immediately. - I Thnt denirable, and aell finished dwelling imunm, now inI Cmplelte ordier, at thie corner Iof Camp and Julii sireets. Apply nn ihe lnemines, or to G WV PRITCHAItlD & JO) TAGEIC'I Jr. r15 Poydren & Magazine mt Avis, and i ns, le i by js S and J P iVIIITNE, 72 Catmpnt N I I AVm amid Aliiinl Books: 'I Cunrtsn LIigestnnl'nse, lmimdiinilied in cnrnon oif Admiility of lite U. . aud Einglaud; it i ew and value Pe.ern' I)iget of enmei in thi Sunpemmme,Circuit alnd Ilistreil unn-ls, it unew siiiy, I vol, \Ainenr' Anntiutnny, n nnw iwedltitmn, received by Pni The Amnincran Medical Almanc fmmr 1:39, new and useful nindicalinm: kel lltik irll Medical germtleueni, A ,id iun ansortmnent ntlthe most nn prtnwed Lnmw and edicenl works. I" JOIIINS & Co, jel IN --An iminice of Sicily Madeira, in pipes '25 hlfin IIemlll imim,mmmn:rcmntas anml ti sctaves, t rietited to delntunreeirnaii b Imnrmni,,Colli & Zizza filh;e be inii.m ISAAC li1 ItiGE & COi, T ItiIO ItiI, AN--t,0 mmi't rnlmlit brnmgnmin, j21i ISAAC IlIIIII. IA. iiO, 131 Aml.\a inzsm jil.1)ll R-gi10hmms ,Inhice I'rais, laiddiing lriu •t + flat boats, and foi sale Iln j9 I)IORSEY, 41 New, l.emem FOR NFMW YORK. Iil.M.:ei' lINE OF ('AKE'rs. 10 ln il llunclully II ....lrti.el,f r eanh part--Thi 1 line vi!1 eonnins of ihe f) Inlwing ships-i.i: Ship atr, rill,. rpllpinl WIood. p -lrkntlrrnoa , ra ini el r , f i ntitt t, Alrnnhian. Cmly ain C C Ilatrrny, Orle'aas. (Cpinih S earn, Viarkel.g, . 'aptain J I'tinker, Pnue an hea, Captain Ashll'y. 'ino naovrntae has re nll nof the firt elans, tonp lnela, and 'n uer llnlsell, anill t 're. bnilt in New YtIork e. nstoly fr this tr,,li--tll- alwo e If e iielht mirnelt of wa ver, a tn allm t iavuritlll cnra s tIle liar w t ti leteil '(hen" panktete nre 'iio , ileltd Ilv Cnapain we!l e. perienr ed i llhe trfll i, a lt e d will wa s pprt ii neIa'i'v Ill n t{ lllnlhlln(n dtt T 'PIltny Will 'i ra v lih t-w,'il .I alj dlnowl thie riivepr, nnla ill p)ll ll Ell sail as mllIVOrlisrd. Tlthav hlonv llllllatrlrI fll rnidninP ' " :ltl llllnllallal tine nall very ntirlatioll iluid il ilte eomrllln llt satisfactiun ofl passenlers. 'ThI prce of the cabin is fixed tat 8tl, withot wine lr lil-or. Fir felrher pnrticulars apply to A COHEN, 148 90 Cornllllen srrtea Fl.'l,'e s'lhips are not accounts' le for brakne.f o inlas, lahlllw wlre, marblle or graiilte, nllOpPlrnag. f tin or rllst iftlhn iio steel: nr rellnllilale Iln f llv p.'kltng or pai'el hit onl lhoarl, Itnle n ra.tellrlii ll aflading Le signed therelfar, at thie of the agents. FOR NEW YORK. Few l)ork A Ar+e Orleans Line. A_ NE\ LINE of pnackets has boen earnhlished Ito run Ietwaen New Orle ans and New Yurk, to SItIhllirp rart Marte I,.. Wa : er, m.nter, R la, II erV Fostmr . -ine r, 1 Allbulrln, II I' DurfIhy, 'hae shipiaas wow builh in New York'P1n reslya fi r ltlis rale; ar n of nlight drotlgh' oa afater, talnd w n hO llbjeclt toll ntion latl l l the ar 'leir :l.('onlo mnl ti rllrpa a afgere coi prise a ll that ally be ranlir'd far eonflrt anild ionvenlllc; aund their calllnllmllltr ar llrn oit a riltna' Until 1he rl pl noiw ljdhihll are •a.:,pleted, two first chasn shipai will slipi tIei, Tihe glrntslt pulnctiltity will he lobervePd in tlhe liat, of sailintl, anld ever resonable: accot mdltioll extended to shipper amd ain-aengera. la'r furtller lparliclllllrn alyllyv to M-lerit. Jlhnsnllll u linIenal N. liii Vall streeii ,Na r, No Yrr to jalt PI'; I'ER I.A I ) Wa\V', ii Cap st 'or the Interior. FOl MIll311,1:. I b Thegrular ]acket law prtasure wlleleave the laku end of tile hail rad, every "3l'llliSIlAYS & Si.lNI)AYr't, after the arrival oif lh 1i o'clock cars, ald on her re tulrnll, leave .lol ,ieh, e n Frv T'I+'nnalataatnd a 'idatja. Fair passage applly Ult boalAu . P --~lhenevr a snllicaent tIatil-e, it fllluIeIner nfmf r iIIh (;il'illie will ltrlch tlat t i f t ile illlirllltelilae lain ra , ,upon previous antice being given tat ('aipt Swalaen.. aia7-l MRS. AND)ERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, IHr,nivrd Bo,,n 17 Cr,,.lthaiatou. St I'TO NEXT liNNit aa rn"r. C.1hALESIl' TIlA'l'RE, CIainnE:ianF i' In\IInlAS &. S., CHARLES STIREE£T. ii i:")-- 1 1 .p. 'T1' IIlN'l'. A LARGE adal .s 3oa over Levvi uuction atlre, 33 Magazilne- street. all lv- tou Lithl.a-ruan liatr, ,li tie pr ises. N B--The abcve would uIllae a gaud iill r ualll. JEFFERSON ACADEMY. 3)REPAIRA'T'UltY tot Jiibrsonai Ciole e and to oth ers collllldlntel bIy Il. Urallet, I. .L it. Exclhange Aill, Itween ('oati and Ilineville. Thli; situation was tie nmst eligible that could be fiound ieing entirely free from the roise of tile streets and the ratling of drays and enrriages. 'Iiie Jenlfarsn Academy is dividdl luto two depart ilents. 'I'n'e Junior anr elelnentury depllrtmlent far the valriosla brallches of coullllllll edun.;lnilll inll lrench and in Ellgliah--l'ie Saenior ldepartlmllllt Lfr l.alin, tireek, nlll'tenatics, &.. P'unctluality, uldlr l ail discijpline are strictly ellJillell lld ubservell. 'Te'ais. Juanio Depu arilanielrt, onlth; $111 Snilor du 15 Spanish 6 (at. llaiaKna, alnen, paper, &n. charged nnplarately 3rd. Ni, dlneiltion for abseLle nor t ho illidas: 4111. l int111nlll-ln Itet 1a1 la In rgiular el ry lll'Oinl hchooul hoursIrl l 1-2l It 3 o'cluek, xcptl tllhurs Ilalyn. el_.' -XCIIANI+." RIR.\DILN IROM. A EllE partarietlur ha u re'll ned hisu Readitg Rooan in ilrhe St. il haall, l, (Cloler o1 vrarier and tt. ctlll venten , intllt the nnatret llnnecr. esitles all the IIr tinelia r balers of the Uaitd Stanis, ofFeverv t~itv andI stlte. the I.uott as,'l'aX exas and M,,xi "·u miJllud 3 uanulll, lllt+ rooam is reqlllarly aalld extellPive.. Iv stur ietsn ill, the iwne t le iIlEopealo tallers, o's S...(..i.. s i,1 .i.... .li men . o: . . Alsi .twilh aei fllill t luteriIry P Lrtl nie l l o l ua v, uri n i aslll t i rti - altliea1 iio as " ,I ' l. iondo n, l Alnabirg , \Veslalinnla r Aletlo Il lilt la i e.aera ua s l uinll 1i1 ksi ' lti a I zinet . I Pi l ,'ri h All '(' cllr;a Ievi.w; - ll nMateri l.itr Itr r K ank,'rhl lt:lmln in.a, J tll' ll aid" S.:h Uee anld Armt , t l'bi hltincillauv telltolu aalu Itav-ei, I ,e'ai t Ia 's nl go nllIg , Anltel iic l t rivlh , lhch tlv'n triuscelle t, the All ailbee w llrais tlltii iullalr v l.crirel ur allnd ree. neal. Thu' raiini iti also iab. pied a ith a lrane vatiety of ntlr pa nl etlase,, Niles Rlgistern, Lnevy l'rice Cur. rent trllim iat,,iilaal'eia en lt, tliantern , Ultadi varie ty of works ofreaa erenf ce. The lan1i antine. A intelligenti newVs collectors ane al larel, t) give the nurliesat arivals, aid ni pains lar ax pease will be spaired tl reaner this Rlaeading RoOl , thal first ite United StaleiS. uiba:riil taoilla aore res[ectfully receive i oetl l--l1 CARD. 1 •HF. P'rineilml of th0 Elcr li.h French and Spallnlh Anlll'lllV'i NII. , Pit. Charles sireel a alnoualtes lo his lrialens aid the lpubliac wilt, enlisfinltiulln, that lhin institUlloon is nuow iii; nllal'ei ill tllo ratrltltn, ihat he oll)e son,nl to yav, his cutupliment il' pupils, whieh will be lhl'iledltt fifty. C:r ines liis opporltlnily of an.snrilg parents hat notliig snail ihe wanting, whieh itan coautribule to the elatlll ti anl illpronvement of thdtir snls d7: 1833 GEORGE W. SMITH, S8tgeon Detrtal,frorn Philadelphia, B EGS o to I orle tletitell, nttd grtttrtteo uloNew Or leans t at be [la Inltld ll olFll t xNo. 1liIt, retnal Strecp, opposite the State Ilouse, where he will be Ihaljyty to attoed to tay professional t-igigelnllf t . (n \V tliltl not having previotsly visited this city talkes the liberty ofr xtlatilcg Irotlll Llntle rtecutend tory letters, that he bherre, the following testimonial frulo thote w lc hove kll:tw itl IOllt lll illlilltelly. From lll Ile.e t . b Io iyllg, of Fllyattleltllhha. 1 taeke v oet opl.ulre ill tyill tIhtt I t have hl coiderlt uble abt tcqullil tlttl wit .e. nllts Iberot tially all. itlthto lASillcss l lhi ( irot nlnl. Iii bIiot r lpuctr I couailldr hill trlltlltetollo highly Wertlly uof LIthe tl elllile lllelo l IIo re aeives. s ii loloitl I havtl Ileo e r foodtoiooierotoh I wh mtsdlldrer d slllrior, tl feel t lo litiiee thlt t i .tevacitr E Iocoot dlle tolltllo Iho reoelse tit to.till t tl e Il e s alellllailtelll with hiti will it well rti rleilt hIy It.eltcSith.rC otllatier elt.otoLd to hiot. Mllr. o ot. Iit ei, h ad to all.kiderebl oii e tot for lte pletStohlly nd for I1tto.tlr of Ulll :lllily Tlt:tlI'tlltN I TyNG.S From Roev. J J Robertsoo, lisoioary at Syrao, i1 .ircc. 'll waitel ill Peitlaclphia to ,ive D)r. 1Stith i fair opletrtu. oity oflolttillg my teneth in oltler. Thio ir Itoo Alet in a attt et rly ot tor, Ild C o thite geu tleeCo'.it-, i l t IIi n kil withe which he eollduclt Ill o arte lls are et illled .ll lll II Ili tLoet otteortc co.k i eeivteeaery tihtt hettctiotttta ttttot. I h olllillflture b t vedil le tt onllly mlrat ch ltoetrlllg, bIto lso tmuch v tluabl e aio. h . hc. Itfcrotllcc ill Nao Olelntltt.. Jreltt Wilcot. Eol. Thllst Alle. tIthlkoe & Co., Slooettl. (liechlltlldt S Co, New Orleaon,. .olttli llltl tarke JUIh. Lost Cuthbert Illttitl Eoj. LINSEEDtOIL--Ctoleras and lied selmot, in store j A 4o9SEco ona ja30 , I New I.rvre AG S-5,t00t Gouey Bogs, of a eetr qlalllty . lfoer sale Iow l by rFe6 SIIAt.I.& BI1OWWN. 9e Mogoelne st I)ACKER WANTEI)--A first rato Pecker, well re. comloended feIr ability nm d sleeead rcn , will find emljeallOto on tpplie .t . to II It l eliOW El & Cio, _ 11 AtKEI eoI.--:0 hurrele, 111 Ilhalf bIttrels, and 511i l i r barrels, Nos. 1, , dll 3, Mackerel. in stare far oale by ja24 J IIA YElT & Co, 74 I'oydras st /1UItII:ItlY n Silk \Verls--A l'reotll e on 1i' Mllllerrv and Silk iWorlllo, Ittseltoio frot I ,e Chinese, I vol, vo, just received nd itroo sale at ote lookstore of A TOW.VIR, let 49 Caplll t 177 J IIIsKEY--lt barrtel r.ctifiedl, fin sle Ily W j,5 U. )t)*otE1', 44 Nerw Levee L O NIItN ltllolor liltrore etilooc, t rotcan Ucd ONvaluable work, ftlr lrie Ito Ihe sukscrier:. co"sisTtls UO THE Works of Wilieam (oollgrve, i 3 rotllls do ttittley. droulttie and petieal, 6o rtl , do Shtftnbtlry. it:e els, do Iaottumonl & Fletcher, 14 lvold, do Otwey. in 2 wus, do Ilote,lt e, wilth an acocunt olf hi life, I tl elll ttekC llttzie; do Hair'WilihaI' eoile, in 4 volb, do Eeeet.rr J altia, o vts, do Flig. IFt vtli , do I.oretz de \etdi, rtls, ie, W-lttheldetit teet'leti-eu Ilnrlwo olerte, do Sir ti'ttleett tltttie ti 7 vt , Inu adeitietne tit lito tielle', o large t oleetllet, et" Lon don edition cuteo wotrkt. W0dt I'KEAN, ia21 ecerCteandlllet CllotllO slot 500 RAGS II t'VAN CO 'FEIE, 1Ill1 boxes V'rsiiillchtWillg tbal,acco, 1I2I1 doee. fc-it alolotgt ott.tto,. 51) can to llloll, :7 iteie do allmod., 1ll0 Ibvca alprn r nrlllll e I lIt 1herrcis ('eo ilI ciefeO tto't t jae26 A4 \ I1.\l1 "'h I IEl!R Ueleviet.t BUSINESS CARDS. FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LUUISIANA. S)FI VI lS it, sortieles tho o1t public in, ite delpart L. earnls of urveying atnd Civil lEngineering, both in hlwo lia ountry.. Froml onsiderable experience in his prole,.ýio t.nod' by proumtplaee. nlld fdelih in il.e exculllionl o,I blllIa e lltruasted toJ him, Ith holt s to lolortl alld lceive a sIrt of'bl llic a1tronSe. lie wil' measure s gild cla.Culate the contenLtsI of Wille andtl excavautias. O.sice No 8 Chart atsItreet,secnd story boak. jaj BANK NOTE EN(GilAVINU. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON I A VI opened an lfice in New Otrhlo. I.s.eit.,g l elit ul vantageueP ,ith their house is . Noew Yok, fbr tile purlm+.e id'nl~grarilg and o.itoing Hointk Nulst, Il latl., Bll s If o E el. ollnte, Cortlil~e s, el' I" l)l,'osilr, Clheeks laId othller implllot.lllatu ltr.., relseringll Pecurity OagainSt Iortgerie;o Iand have tlie oi le llatision fUo rhe l krrping of all plules anld 1111i itsseis Catrtll ed 1 their ulre; llleir plci . eIns eIIIJIIt(UI he I oleP s o" over fie lllldl l nlllkingll illlstlllio ns, aond nl ) o r(+h l lr will be executed wih lls rolplitulde, all ln the usual lerms. Oltice, colller a l Roayl &. Cunlll stre1t. SA MUEL '1'OIY, 'Jtlerchnndise Broker 4_ C¢omntiss;on .Jlerchant, d113 i lie, 36. ('ap st.-For the present. 1i . 11. IL ISS. SIIIP IIROIERI & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Poudrau Strest, N £W--naRIrAN. J. I'. "IFEE MAN & CO.. Ikfhe.LMle E.tIbli.kmeMll No. :, lMagazine street, H IAVEIountantl, oas hand a large osulply' o Cloth i in l oulnhlel: d oahr th el clltr trade. Thoer aIs. eorltlet Ihillog largIe, Inercahurts froI the counltry can be anupliod at the shortest noluice. oct4l FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADI)EN, N.. 14 Charlrs. IJlreoe IIAVIE uaIet.sotalolsl o ioly of every artilcle I4lalIn'Ollg Iu genlltlsel' dreia , u tile latest stle, at Noew Ytok pries " ,e 20 J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST aor I No.33, Itoynal treet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIIMENrT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oppositle Ilanlks' Arcade. WILLlI.lI GR EENE, PROPRIET7'OR nrt $ H. PARKER Comeminion ant1d Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, P STAlIRS. New -.Irens, Feb. 2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WVIIOI.E.jAIE AND REI'.111. I)DAILERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE .8''UFV ,'A, .i.VD IVINDOIV GLASS, Corner of ContIIIIInIo landi TOhupitoulus streets, N"ty OK/,E:ANs wNAT'1'4AN JARVI"S. JOHN W. ANIILICWS. A large ulapply o Carden Seeds. warranted tilt growth of 1837. DO 'lul.15 . .l.tI , E)l'At.EIRS IN AMERICAN & ENtILIsII CRO)WN GLASS, Nt. :I C.tItttIItIEtr 7'TIttr T. iil INSUIRAN+E COMIPA NY lOF NEW OIRLE.ANS. The'l Colpanv art nIow prelasredl tlake RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Mueson's Bualding, Caonnal seerrt. E L TRACY, New Orleans, ilty 15.1831. Secrtary. IUROBERI' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I. C(amp street. Wholesale Dealer in IPaints, Oil, Varnishles, lBrushes, mn30 WVitdow and Piclture Glses Ac. c. T. W. COLLINS dATTOR.INEY & LoU.,IvsILOR 1AT LAW I: N (OW Praetisi" in lthe State and City Ctourte. Cli entse jill lllnd him it thle tJlerk's lilc:e, U S Circuit Coulrt, ill tho C.ItmhI House building. je8 p II l shsloeeribrr, ItalVint rteteooed It COullllllio us I euty t Sarveyr of Urllilted IStules L.ostol, lr thitit State, olterl I is services I tIo e p.hllic to survey and loate l.auds ill ainy part it I.ouisana. As heretolsrte all oeratholont , siter of Surveying or Civil Engilleering, suchl as alglllltlttot suveyrs, |ils, dralwiigP, levlih ge, proftiles, ealculatlius of exavation, ttu~lslolhtelt l)lltt llot t of tsll-, he. eithler ill ton tor coutlllry. will t promtltly and faithfully attetlded Iot, Clthargea ruioaonolle andl terms cashl. Ofllie 55 Mas gasite etreet, in Baiuka' Arclte. decll-:w- 5na IFREID. WILKINSON. IIIL 1)IIIP.1 IIA lsuckwsat SlotI, Yeset powdler Shih, lIeeln; oickleI 'totogotes, arrellrnllts, Citron "0) Ihulflarrels Iluekevheat moul. 10;0 qusrter Iloarelo IlBusel et oeanl, 5 lhlfllbarroels N,. I Shlal, 25 half barrels ollanily liner 10 hllfbarsels pilckled Tongues, 2 harrels smotkI Tos ues. I l .tol lSuotra new Currantls, gross Oliver't teasl I'nowdvre,for -ale by d28 ( Wh I'RIlTCCHARD & JO TAGI IT. L LU.U-20 brls S F flh, (king It sle y j3 P I.AII)I.AWý,66 ('amLn st IVE, ILPOOL SA LT'-730 sack fine, andi 7501 tsacks coalrsul I.iverl)()l ,Slt, received Ioer shipos Qlieell Adlallside alid aUo flllo I.ivero.sllo , and lilr stilet by !3 ItOI.15110: & StILlS, hloak 'lace lI)t+'(':IIEI, 111 tire'-a bh+,ahed Fall oil 1 lauld iIg frtlus hioi St. lMary. :32 Itx;'s sloeros t.dhll, Nerstw Bedford brands. latding t lohlll Salo Maria, O'r osal, byi san:o JntESPtt CICe.AY NE, 25 Grader At FRl G lt MsAl ti:A lAISINS-lIlll l whoole and aulf boxes,f or sale by AIIIAHAII ''ITIERU, janl. :1(;i Gravi.rst 1 )1 1 ,' I t'ttoI i IA N It Y- -I hi00 s B ran01 --firs la nd b fourth ploof, Inllllln Irol shiill I tlopl, lr salt by I.A IINE & I.E(O NwI RER. jnt3 2. d itl '19 New Levee. 'I'TE Subs:ribers utr at whlulcesale the following goods. IIATS--1Ol cases moleskin silks, as soild sizes lttn Il ilus. I00 do best No l do do 1110 do do No 2 do do 100 cases hest No 3, assoted tizes old britle. 20 'do Pver, a, sllp.rior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 115 do Extra do 211(0 do ]Black and Whi:e Russia; 501 do Extra Black llonsIa; 100 du Muskrat & C'uocy ur lroad and narrow Ilca, fir L...c.. la ...on..try trade; dt All ranks oflnilitrv &.uvial Clhapaol; ` do ilkanl Ilussoa o lottall lites. Caps--Fur, Otter, fur Seal, N.utro, Muskrat, and haor &en, in Oto dozen cases. Seolutte. Cloth Ca!.--lickwick, Polish Avril' hat lltallp oft tlop, Forest, Fnrage, lilitltv undrless, do Leathler l'tlagting. hildlren's Facy 'I urbans, Plaid and VWlInt Caps, Frechl patltcras. Stock--Solo ,:d ilk and Bomlbazine, of tlhe neatest Umbiellaslr-ilk and cotton. Military Putaoes, oiled odk. dilk Ilndklrcl el--Pt'otac amnl Spitalfelle. lullllltoxes or hlatters, wood cases, dullle (tr dry goods. '1'TI lalove KItos cltprioo a largo slock,tlll atll oftlthlehltrl inlttt:tltc, uthl will be old tllt a sulall ad vance,owithllctt alld charges on New York prices. lhe llsbcril;rs wtilltake ordersc for sotlllherll, we'rn and lTets markets, fort Itoe Itose ofA H Gossip & Co., Hli llltnalctllrers, New York, olllld at the ltollrtet Ipossible notice. ierlall tud Freolnch 'lhes bto hllgllt. (t)SSIP &' CO., Nava Military, and Fashioallle Ilattera, Eoclhotgo Ilotel, nol4 St nCharles rt NiTt -C. Mr. GEORGtE MItORIICK h.avlng resignud the of fice orclief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. John Ilo,npsoa haos bee ppnint ed in Ilil place, to whltat all persons havinlg lbusilleSS witll, or wishing information regarding said Rail Iload will aplyti nt the Roil ouad Office, Poydras street, By order of the !lBard. (Signod) JOHN NICIIOL1ON, nolv7-If Cashier COKE. JHE price ofCoke flotn ltl after thlte ist datiny o Octolber, will be lifty cents per Imrtel iu Itle Gas Woork's yard, a nd if taken inll uantiltis ol ovie hutn irod broel., 'till Ie leli ed free uftltlvage. l'he advantage thll 't article toffuel pouesestao ver the antllraclte and ltt, inous coals, igniting Inure readily thaln the fornoel and free; from the utpleasat t matnke of the latter, should induce every family to make us0 tf it. Orders rce-ived at the Gas Office in Bulk Alley. E WV WELLS, tOepS9 Sec'y NEW ORILEANS &. NASHVII.LE RIAIl. ROAD, Ikcelutber 22,d, 1838. NOTICE-To Contractors--sealoed pIrpotals will I be rceivedl untti thle 22nd of Januaor, 1839, for omaking tile oupelrstructurr,offrout five to tn Itilos of Rtoad: toalllllcincing at, r'ulnulacltue and cxtltuding to. wolrd, this titv. Spl iiltltinlts attnt Ihe seen, slid conditlons made knlluu 1 tl u | lllwItl t Ill o fin oice. 1) III)AIDL) , do --Itt CIt. Eng'r. ad (I li 1. uttt r'dt BUREAU I)'ASSUR\NCEI DE I.A COIMPA GNIE DIES I'IOMPIERS DE1I L., N. OI.LE iNS I ES acltiontaireet tot ptr le ptcseotl notifies litle le ile. siXiea el'anee llt sat dioe, at devra etre llve Il Fevrier iprochalo , u Burea 1: o a Compaguclllgl ,, ol: 4jan rel L TRACY, hoe. g FFIE 4 l tlh Fi'irrtnt ilnsuranome rottp'nty of t1crtaor orcas- I' e hi;okockhders Itoe herh) noo lofinl,mt'l tile SIXTI IN TAlYE.nT Im.,e (flllne andil pal .lbl tt, tilt itlh Ftltrtoary n10h. ;t tht oiliec oftlho r;,,oo env, 2l Cnamp attlc, E L 'I'R.CEY. jal BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING, t-j U 03 LA3.T OlPrl~lO I- O EVERY Mil RIMCIN'N dl'EEDllY,N I3AN3A3M II3.Y ANUCI333A'L'Y F.XY(:r'IE3 AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tim~ Jlnaeracvan, dT. CHAIRLES STIIER'r, NEAR P'OY3333AS. m23 McCOLLU.IY & DOSSY, Trators & GCeeral Guwmnjaoioo A1e,'..'1ang., SIOLIILE. Referencs in Ne'w (3rl, K~irkman, A blrtan~l & /lawns, (ahirrdIi,', I'Pope' IPowers & CCo. l,8-lot I- - - BAZAAR. RUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCH3ANGi Istrei, :aros f St. Anrlr. an,,d Commn, x1*,. NEWV OILuLIAN,'. T M3'OIRTERS and Dalerso in Sr-neti ,aid Eng'li.'3 T'P.'.n...'; 3),'io ,Cu-ea and Prtbl I', ItwII Cllllory, Iiotitciv , Gloves, Shirts, Stuck.,l Umbrella, nnuslU1~nn11 loanl: Artirl·-. l, FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODIA'SO.V kA GOOD U^IA', No. 6Y, ('bootrc. Nnlret, (toe Douor belolw Bi,·nrile, tlA\VF: Eonstauay oi IlRoadrverv article appertain ...r..g toI. gentlemen'sl.. do.3 , we i.rite.. I.'"i I. uerund ",Is, fashionabilnlllle style, which theiy offe~r fur oi, . at reduced . w., cs. .3.. 4-3. '38l I.3301IniANA FURNITURE WAREROGIUS No1. 5:I, Hienville arrest. S IILI31 I It. CAItNES, would respecrtfullv il '`" L lrl Ila lriollll nod rho pubrl lic tl)HI heir con.n scantlly rece~ivinge front ll N.( Turk and Boston a goadI siftsI, I ed-toadsl , map.lle and paIinted ,hallirs, couple and1 cherry bedsclteads, lllhup lall and checrry- tablesl ofull descripiiillll, burreau,;·lr, fectetarrs, wrtn desk~ls, wllnlnul es of malloglnv and cherry, wnah elandsld, lullkir, glu i'',' jra oj. ..bedding ...ii &c. Nil. F'..,,,ure p..k.d fo,, transportatiun with1 geoat ,aeta13 JOHN STEWART, Ac. 5, Po.,ll Strleet. ," York, C3138213.S1C3N IE3LCIIANT, tMPORTF.R annld deanler n Hatters fIlushes silld 1 llllllmmil'ga.· Ample.1. ,t.ngtbIhnvI a l mo-d eratle ternsl, anid every attealocull paid to gouda forwa~rd ed to Iris sur~e. l:e clcure,:-· .SI.,rs. Loare & Provo.t, N O. ro AOsip jt Cu. nto,22 11:3:1- ly A CA RD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, WI'olesa.le Grocers acid C,,,nnnis.omn MIrchanls, i-ý N. 27 Common Street, New Orleans.111111. I~i fIlrllntlllllrn rrrnli'lt paid to thle pallinilg up of ORLEANS LITIIOGRAPHIC OFFICE N .CI, ,.,t, 3.,c tl. IiA. At' tt ilt l A \YI.3' 33 IX UtINESE A C.'.cl OR1\AAS LI'I'13', Ulorth exe J'C tn of apLI plu dueIl E At.r.,.g IAA, r i,..rpa ;tI,,,,an d, 3,3. boikic cck, data rIe eiptti . idot1 NA. O nod.o krcutt d p'llr~lnre I~rIIeli \V 1,1.1.'r ll~ I GtIH- vr:ENEo Nil BnkNoa' 31.,exr~tld.l,'moo'24,~o~ o.T i Roomsc 5:1 Ill u, illy ,,1v, A t 1111 ikO .33' 3At tc 3.llut,0 .ttd l,aot', All At'''.lr ~inA: t3l'0 ,PtjA.,F TIII I edstead it fi rst tA t,, Ioiol e I. s J It g odalA Ai t orl lNdl ojf 31lc't r, k'oondu, tod I t' ietl..ln Chaistwh ich winll to ,,all for the llllu lr lllt cash p l lct: ilrail ff033 3.5-33. AitlAtt'lA, 3,.~\1 IJU3tjltAFrd 0000tA ORLEANS LI'1 RYIC 18 C)III)lTJIII1R C lal 'jll· LL117LRI wI1 Q.3ovso'rroi. BANK', snL (: lfrig lils unit the ra hhu of Now Orleans. for th .30 .30 IolS itteg v to asue tAtntAArmt Slo* ttgtall ,,r committe* ton Ill 3,t..ti. s ~Iri c g shaW,,..,ll ,. h t ..,3 311tn g..33..tXo ; wllt t,, u keep...fto the .13.3" ope 3'..i.. l'the eo, anC,',.d shall he lwas rady a srik o1 merkams crcu l.arsl, tS3Lruandtl ad33asmruds,A.l tt.1, hailsuy shortest notice, and a tl the most renso an n11 u terns 33113. CF )LANNctN en,,,iiT 3nsaialedr1yarist ) ( 1s-- r Soto o ral ' in tlt,3,C, '3 ad 33omklu n3g cnpi Slye I il,,l t AlthographIc line, helfetiells .'..t ofr givin g cnlir 2,,tN 1,3,,Apothcar' ieso a n.d druggisIts, lael,. 'It,toe SA,.'' as.. g3i~oad..3" 'style its... copepl3 tt..u,t andtoo third ol'thn expense. jv2 3 to Sa..gto A~lle; I 3.l,vly I..', '3..,3,,' Wdl,,0ot;o ihot 30.; 'I .e suIdbAscribernb; S' se, r r llIG II '"I' a 1-IMSE TUCK.u ol Irt· Ol Icul 'lItL1111 (lt,,'o'tA :ot'o. , .ld., SillllyLol,,, lot.dII;)1 '3..( fI..3.l r QuiIljl tap Tannins 'Suck,;''l l Vlluro Sulg x do31. lA tt it.; 1 wi33 A t, tlt It * ly 3 lAFtt'A SlyU c' ji.l,,ad't 3,..,, ~lrn l S' ,ouo.,t;'II. 3 I,,'on'o',..d 'r,,,1 ILA..; do, .A0v Jt id', 53CASEY'S uo3 it ltlll 3o a 'fl tlEi, Fre nich;ta d Amerienn umufacntrr Ivory fic tend, ombsli, in a*~ll the vaiety ofsize an rr1tls-34 3,I,.ls ttsatle by g 'llr, 3,3.. to... REI'-S & O'LANGEEI, ·1 nlir R nnv13 1131'amp a OL.BýSEd III 1)-1110 nests newO1 Molasses. cask, in shire anld li~ sale byv j3.33 99.91 I'(II'I'RR. 95 ('3333.00 50)CASiKS L.3,do, 3,3ow30 Siuut, nod 603 coak Scotchl Ale, for Pulle byv jnn3 1101.M1009m Mills 9I.f.13, i03k Alley' *i tXCIIAN .o on B com and Il333 cuO 03r sa3le by L/ d1 W11''ItUl: Sr 31,733 11 .3na,3.'~. INIIW (I.AS.'. 30 3..loo Celmiord3, for W V ale by S1.H L ,' BIROWN, '33 ganzine at jnn3R ('IOFFIRF:-3l bagsRi3o, superior article, loodoug lJ per bourqnc 1Colror1r gale Icy ia:1 Sol ill. & Itlt IWN, 93 9lngnzine at 'PE3tM hoxea NOW Iledfrd &..3egzw It TALLO W CANDLES-200 13xo, f.or sale kby 1 ISAAC BRIDIGE 3- Cu, 3an3.34 13.4 Mlagazine it SAT'I'INErS-4 cax'e .1 ndraft a .vd mixed .3iae3,3 fair a033d3 3333j33 0ualiti03 . ir .ale by J3 ISAAC Ai1311(3K&I & , 134 Magazine NEW ORLEANS & CARROILTON RAIL ROAD COMPIANY. ARRANGE~xNTa FOR THE WEER DAYS. From Carrollton. Foam Newis Ollraaa. 113n3,,.C(at o'cl34 cki, A. UI. Hors Car at 5 o'loc3 k, A. Lucmnotire R0 Lacomatira 7 " 10 U i" II 333 '1 P.91. 21 P. M 9 4 " 8 9 'I " ' AnylO .',3lock.3C3333033 be ot,.ined by p33ing 10 do faro fa te Trip. '1110 JA(IKON AND LACOIM3E STREET CARS I.3nve C.3al streetate,3 ojet3k. A. 33. 32d 3333h33rly. Al f alf i(3' . 39c' L k this o Ir 3ill commence30. ru33333333 033ry hll hour, 3ncl ,.o333a, tIhrotho c 3303he 33ay u3til du'sod -P'.M. 'front, h heh d 3 .13Jcbk-ou strc33. P ra;,. hylte L.cu333.t3,.3.33o provide them.3selve will, Tickets, as no ownerlr will be take.l by~the cundu..tar·. Office N3, Orle(313 cad Canrrulllu3, Roil R033.3 C..puny,. I'.3yd3 33re33. JOH3 IHAtI'01N, se33s Chief Eug. N. O bC R. VIEW ORL.EANS Y. CARKI LL''ON RAIL 1ROAD CO.-N31TICK.-(13, and aftor the I,, Ike., 033:10,3333il3further3,otics, Ran xra night Cur will 3 I0e the ear h3333.3ePo.,rla a3llot, at Ihaf past 11 r clc,3k, 1'. 51. ri, Laraye.3.e and3 injemediatje places. Sinigle Trikelts 37 1--2 cents, or at:1 $5 per hundred33. JOHN HAMSII'S N, nWIT-If ChF. Fog. N. O.& C. R. It. c'.k/ RIS'lc(l' I' lR - -Au elegant and highly aP ail,',"l 333oIlt33ice thf e bjohi ll. nti3tt ever 330t 3t plfur ton e 11l3,,ju3t re3ceijed at Ills 133033r. 111.391 & AI.I.EN, d il car StCl h.rles.l"C CIo33,,.,rn3..R Exchange1 S PU tNI TU IL ý iJNiTTii.T E!! 39 U .'eived a3 1,3 Lon.i,33.3 Fur3iture Were I " Rane a huge. up,3Iy f3333 New Yorko an 1133.3 to3. I'er,,.3 in talnt wo3l(3(3f nalities 33'tld do aell it, tall, and select 'heir a333 les .13.33 o3.e.3331" k.est anod la3ge',.3l3k.3 now in the city. WV t CARNES. .133 5:1IIi,33.333., N lt-Particular al.e3C i333 fuid to packi33g an33d shop i33 in Fu33lrI33n.331f'039'lurI di-IRe " (OTA'fUES-DNII harn*\r, in, stor and fur sole by ::)? Cl1AJNCLLN itCUDPPEIt kQ1u·ia a *V VVLMIC Natva Mr. Ic. sab l I'ma a raning, riericui Itadi; 'Ner Depuuar, l*1 dintlyou rerrc ararr ite olreritrrrii glade in me I)rcany . flnuorr; Tire White Hicer oIk fe Pepper, Thn. l im lol 1) Lrrcr thul art fnler r,.cuag Iry WilItLhe rii a ini, grand I aarccirre lprera Amnilies IanadrSig 'I'lu" ura'itirla aryl pPrriltg; I care ro ot llr Lpr H an i fickle wilrgý y 1) Ituaxell; Cemrlp eroe , bin arsi· "a ruw; A rifcaon the Ocemar wine, lIv II Itnetill; shp wxllhed folr him; Frr me Ilt l'll a lrrltaere la to acen rringr;i og'rU' rtlle w be e rrnfliht;b ;llInlve',to bear like ray owan, arranged for rhre hkarp vT *axke.. I(lyal \Vulclls, by A Ficruhe; Vipeir Victuria'A Ca. llnlrillec. Jurs received anl I ie alelby dll) IH CiASY, 19 lCmp at N 1":11' GUI)I)S-Hush Sa All q hve jue r·js-jvca r rlendid uun nti ciiilire Fancylhnrr. d,, ,eajc. Idlne Fk crasnrs, cnlririnr lahlimi' rncinag drkt rwre.-iu, -rark Inniuic, tn aricnl br:an, peurrlina. needleilbiknu l perrel,cl inliI ivnry, rcrdtraeaes andl ci' anriii ilarid citI pearl aiRdgnld;IpIockrt breakmpur. sea g opea g engndd aid t iier reeNcili. Pci Iunnty o all kindr,cnller. \"c,nit 'IIIEIA DZ4A, dlLI 'i i Chale s & Carrnrnpt n., knlennge TO 'I'.Ii I.AISIES. ATKINSON'Il DEILILI.A'TDJatYtin, remoing anc A Irriaous lain from the fuele, necki and cans, with aiiiral saiiti iirdileeueairt, I ncciag tIn skin finer cant awhiter than baeira Itc ctlplirautib. A ftlah supply juat releiled al GUION'd, Na' I Eachangr Hael, canem St Coaulee and Comori s nlts "u. alp FALL do WINTFI'2CLIITHIN(;. Y, P FREEMAN & CO., M n 3, Mantste Nreet J. fir n~·eiiiig therir suplpiaa of Fall and Winter tClnri.itiil, cad aill rIruliau nn Ia ireher ja iprnenta regm larly rg inneott( tli neIacin. InheiC accertmeaut being lIrga will eatlila leanr to ragnni; a'auhnac trim the nlu lia ,tlrie iones{ auueole; fr Cai wLaoleal. &reiail, a il ccnrruriacnalmngircuc. ro'"1 FiLl. FASIIIi)N:i. IIF: rlEreribt r I tke lance ao ifrarm their petrecca anii life ilarlir Imra1rrlly, hInt tIey are non pry cared!cu cari:ril tlheir fall labhiuac. I, GOSSIP fQ k'acbionabla Ilalters, Ecaacnge MuleS, heals It. Chnme me H AY-75lalrc Ilna leadling trsa ship Jarn Mir. airalilfur ala ky SI tJWPWHITN~ Y, L OJNDlO~N t'ICKI.lic, ScaUCa, &e. jast ceceicc4 L lify solleriiirra. 2 blaas Eingligad h'ucklen, acacrind, 12 °i 11 Sufies, doi JO " Eaten quality Lcndon Muctard 10 Aiinvfcaae in glts jbrrs. 10 uelavll pastalu 3 blr. llaklking. Iany & Martie, 5 beamRsIper.O(liluar Iglaaajara, S iteilad ,)it, 5 " Aanr.rli'dFruits. G \l'PRIf CHA A 11 & JO TAGShIT taiv?4 car PaydranIs&agfl iigc ('Iilit.-Autlrc , .aircl in lucrk mcacd ie aell delh C erect in Irate 1, sutit pr~rvcllrerr, ordxn Isft fit tbs coal ral, il iiur iil stret., or to jiri3 Ilitli.N1 fod MIIAl.U, R eck Plac voluniie; MlIlecUrnu'a di., inlc6vluaner; (lulbick WHtii Arc!U; WIndLrilge & IViluceIcd Univlcecel, wth Ata;Ole', \Vllolllrilgo'r. dlnill's, Hufitill~tou'l 1alirw I uni's Abraide mclats. FParley & Re. ea,'. do. For Ibegii nere Alna, IlnmIIrnI'c Gieograpthy in, thie aleirrs iiili thle i laa. A lilieral dusciunai alloawc ta cuaichi cund ciucra. pur.-luaiaa n,- tlie quaalitc. x1H 5 - At.Sý'(ttlA t,49 Ucap. I It llV t -lt air: it rim thenal; by aie aadcar of 1.1 Sluic -uiic Robnsornui, ()lifer Twiirl, in 2 vollnmter compllete. I'lle n cif raYclrnel.. aerlile( a Solute u; or cule tiuiulleeiu,, ola man 2f" rltulu~rl-ull'?,2vaielr Shlllob~nIru, ui a, ur oveulegp with iii..ei Cin , Almaxndlcr'a D)ircrmr-nV iii Amima. 2 rutc, T her mitv if thic(reat, T'hec Wife llaiiter, 'd ela Slit Illrictiuale.'dttr, ve, huny uud Iar illrlniue, buMn' tl I.aendaaPrhel rr~lyi rcivraed irid fur tmale A l E X 'OWAII, 49 Ce-njq £1 LITi iINt. - It ens a eu'uuctuurtitl Cluirting, oiading ) ran ( lrrmrip Nouumrruitulrfur sarleby te4 ISArAC iil;tti;t:lanr:u, 134 Mlcrainu e l It vS~y l I)IIR:Il'I.I(iJ -II hlillsr F team Sheet'· ý,"iug, for rule by Cn'HI'I'Rr .)!,E & l,, j~f1U t. .tnagaainca. V INEGIl-hii huila rcluriaciiail ic ciry frue for cale by 1' LAll)It.Air. j3 66 Cane at jý EIlI(tAl I.tJOKS-Jiunlrceiceivld ift rireale c VJ te iiliik Slcie, 49 Canip crreei-Hacaaata Pra . ice Iof hccc-lirill '.i Miedical Jan.ant. 12 vcld. harund-Iiauir Ptractical Surgern; Wiaar'n Arlatocei. a eIlw editiii. ly IIc. Parn-autis; Krarcrr nli tre ear, tlrgirra 'lI'Ccapeniiaca-Slmaa. run Anatnmai; Tcaeat'e lIiaaeelnur;lnurniulheri Phtranirlorg; lirelutnrdis Anlatomy, Idwardicsl lllAhnuriu a ti.nika; idatlk' a Anatomy, be SrIcn1 itr mtle lly jaii7 ' AlLX. 'SIIWASI. 13UNI; I;1: SIL.KS- 4 riae ierinted fnthioclble pet. R inrcn.; fiin puugae silk unrdkberihi in t laliim 4 for aale. by ISAAC BIIDGE &Cea, _n17 134 A1 I-.l A 1l.C. Wirurerlnrcin- srrl ri )OJ1 l ihli tr Frll naiwined i I I0 illS Reauined Whalirin Oil 15Iltl ila'i'carier'a Oil Fair, sle bry W ITRITIGE & CO, jell 716 Magazine A NcbPr, in G iils, lItia, Alti., circw editlion cf lih, WIIacverly Nnvelr, in 5 rlen juat received auld aor ale niy A T WIVA , jiul 49t'aicpcl I\ta-Juuai rinrived lrld luk,; iC icnirare, aclaolaa c I privacme, musc. I aidiei rill find it for ruemlrla puainuting, vininieueaeiad, he.. to baes cupirtir to rine lan .rynt utllrudinuui ti ilii lucilic. HUSd & ALLAN. jam'l Fancy Srtre, Exchange Hinel SA (i S- L u l icd O il c o lid r rr ., in d ua e for ca le ii lii. Di iRISEY, 44 New AtUs 1 OlAF 'dJGAR-And Sugpc IlHoue Mulacat i ore A le auo v SHIIAI.LL&iBROWN, Jx19 91 Mlagaazue TO 'ititF i A1)S-Atkbmsce'u Depillawry, 1irre. ,Woong sperfuon hai frot te face, neck anid altos , illqa f o certiny, leavingt ki lor uccd whiter fit -b belore the cppiisatiou. A tash supply just rcccaIca e Blazaar. a111811 & ALLEN, I, Excaunge Hotel, car St Charles & Laauaoaaf WYINES atEducation. Hlow shall I govern my eehuol, uddres-a-d to you t teachers . rod I· Ylil -L· adapted to ansiel parents in tihe aautdgenoeeas of Iami. ice:by EE Winecs, nuthor onnf2earealnda halft the Naov. Hints a m Eduration, Iby the acee anther; also,lRAlI'a lentures to eel d mahtnrs. For tale by dal A TOWEI 49 Campus \j/ HALE Oi.-li bonarcls in rand forealeby jt17 AiflIIAMI ikIbl.34 Poileas (UVJ 4. CALF'-l irtc caen, (ilcnclccnc) areamo ay ju23 1ij L.AIDLA %h , ' Camp as 11AV.NA ClGAllS-lRcccjeied froma hi kmneaib-. tl y in Ilavaacc, ccc :,ecnln t an31)l,Otl1 Cigars, otit Lest quality-'l1nbucoa, lIrgalian, Caimnan, for auleaby R"FAHI I6, ja? 17 & 56 Cuotom [loans B II1'TEIL..5o kelpa ;irGnheccltocec. baldce and fee slet by 1 Tj 0lnd J P W IiiTNEY.7d3 Catmp PO(iT' Fc1LIOS. .A pleclid asortmrent at Frach Web. 1 clog henstcc, enriuun riea and pat'erecs for i aby DAVID FELTed ca. jO New Yclk StetiOaera' uIall. PACheesemss Thler Youncg fouseae Keeper, and TI'mYou'lnee.g Mether, Blv WVill A Alcctt, cnthrel 'HOUse I lIve In,' 'Ta., hllee (Gluid,' and Editor ol'the Library af lealib. F. ecnle by ALEXIANDIER 'V (WAS, joiN 49 Casp e IIOO'fN-Leclicng frlm ship Aru, 1 ciassa at ias En alt sew'cl Buote, flr sale by jan7 I BRIDGE Ib co, I MaYgaina at SPERIt CANDLESI-300 boxse sNw ledford asuerc Ccandles, asortedeslaizes, 'apwaetdjma ., 2000 gallons Niew Iledllbrd wiuear operm ailaats ecuctrior qucality, 100 bcax'esNo I, liasta Soap, 100 do 2, do dil boxea supleri'cr taltr ceandles, Ll eI a ca 12 oz. zinc, in sheetr, 5 rasee,511 elceetranclh,10 lb ec'ppsr0 '200 heet brczier'"e coppcerj asbarted, 175 Icags prime green iiavaa cunee, 50 thousand l Hnvuuneigars, L '10 Ibln refined 11 bale Oil baujnaiga Win.: ofsauperioe quality Imperial, guapoawer, youag hytea & a&oalseg 'l'eas Coplper, in eheets, fret 12t(i II') lb. 1j~tiluck Lead Puaiasncsrted siestior rale by jatc25 JOSEtPHl COCVAYNE,25 Grpwlere R tWANU'S TIINIC MIIX'TLUiE-Jaulm e'eaaud 1L eaa e ibsofhis invaluable eeeady for Ths btvaf and Agar.narraaicd geauine, direct fram t.e manasa lacy in I'ilsTujiteia, tier tale by JA tVIS & Att)REWg, ja15 ro l'etapitoulaa s at H NK'-I10 tierrra neal, Cuba Hoatlayacw aud ainfrom brig BIatone iremlt H rnae fr sale by J IRVIS & aNbIIEWS jnn 30 Cer Ccceein andTrbs ie PERIM OILL-4 1 rasak wilter at' A7 wariaaed pure, for sale by lAB ISAAC BItlGE &t Co, 134 NSanu u UtsLn las uabve, theeity, hr aaqI y S~bAIL ia jilaaiuhcai IhAI &At AIte,0W ( oh P - r d 5 Ia 8ll[ream. Bibadvwinaletttarpapae~bu.t 200 1)Iubbnrd'a do do do 100 " IIDAme do 5011 a HRdos'a do fl 500 fine QLsuerfneea IsasIt Partof the above ate plainasad pyeat li, witii a good nscriaueat at large wr1)p lulii poat, Ila,, meediumu, royal td acd liwte, cr solo on sceamaiadat lAVII IELT drCe, NI ``t tt.1 Catcdler-Lull Iwu f ies º7oeiual and cu sale by HAW. 4b 1)ti'f' :l-ttl ·) b 'HrA WElt(e a(lsw 4 LLEGA.% 1. .R NM Hr:ý-t- Hlltia Strot -t., luethi day rneirnda regai tl:rge cn.acllad and ceeusa bgIaslea.p lOL up ttaudtiastyle.

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