Newspaper of True American, February 13, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 13, 1839 Page 1
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Paici. 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 13 l1899. Ters of tilhe uivlecspaper Pree. oe Nero Orleaa s uennataia.eli etigreed to at all adtollrneal tieeli- lfit Slea the Proprietlors, hdd on the 13th of March, 1837. Sus0nopIrlruol.- 'wAeIv Ii)laters for the dlily pa ps ann at, Iaptvi.le +e ui-ciltllrly in adanile : ton Pil dollars fir the o i-weekly couttry paper, payable one Su a year in ladvane, whoere no city referoene io given. No Al s ibac.ription will be diecontinued until urrearlges are ettled. In cate of dieeoutinaole, one week's notice r ia wriltaf muat oe, invariably given, previous to thi colac epiotioln of tbsceription. Al AeovRTtrsa so.-o O dollar per nlatre for the first Or nsertion, and half that price fer each sclatequert ole: norm han material altnraion from the original advertiecmeut rom. YEAtB.r AlatlRTlfls.-Merchants andi Tr' era., i arty dollars fat Enghish alone, ned sixty for bouth l- l - tnaage Itankh, lenranece Ofliceas, ane other scmiar eubie Institutiois, fifty dollars in Englih onlay, aend eighty for both laungaaes; Ship and Steaemb.o i Feae tors, or anerheats sixty dollars in English A ne, and eighty for boeth languageN . l MeaRRIAnns, OerreITUhA NoTICes, and artirlel cail lng the attelonlitio of publlic to sole of property, ~1t cards of panssengers, benelfits, l&e. &l. will Ol ealrge I one dollar per square for tile first inosertion in cclh Iot CUNe .Aa toN,na or Adverti em.en.s, of any 1 enature, whoat ediissible, slll be clharged double, and in andvnne. A deduition of twenty-five percent. will he mnad to Auetio nre., Sherdl, Ilegis.rr of \VillI, and Marshls osale I a.i s.alea of reel tnat., painlihehd in bothb laengga, n I weld h0 perentl. in English alone: I0l aectent. Cosasl 01' nothar npri rlay. Aiv.arIalereacte nt of thls direct line of business f Ithe advertisecr, tuch as legal, auction, and plants t an sals, nreaanay slaves, stny animuls, ce. I&. will be charged for reps.atoly, and ut the ordinury rates. ADVenRTIuiatScs not epeeified an to tinm, will he r pubalihed aec eonnthl, nld lehrged acoreliogly No advertieacnaets of bankrultcies will Ie pabliashe lrca in any etieaisei, itesl paid r prevlius toI inaeraion, orlaan 'I'ltaetr and tter an:es oaf annn llml, navaeriiaafe Itaoa, daily o-cthe sacmolh, o he chalrged $1011 for l.-glishl - - 'li let., nadt $150 in olanl Itoguaoaoes. A I nonneouu(aanta tf Cennldintt for palilt'cl oaresR will lne caredl doublethe plrice aof othr advlertise lOwing to theo inlatarc lasoatuil e IId y rwpnelal I.a i aIl iniaorn, they hve onne tn the. a:ol u: o a floll Ilald a,' sea fles f pero 13S whose [I.(!Ulo|1 4 bval Ia e't bee laid withn oe nonte i aer pireaitat lion shall be ital e N knIo[a (oae far as )prcticableI) to ll ey al li aaa - a gting tlhenelvn .not to iandvertie or print faa sueh ,ls ,el dilillaiUcuaat LlllOles ill nce el a tederaoae paynoole. (Signed Jr. I. tin ndS. trItfon Pocin J. I nAYION, u! Ia h '. P. ItEA, d-i J. C. .PRENI)ERGAST, JOIIN fillItSf(N, I,t;iMtd)lN. rri kVreek Pre-s.--\VWe, tal, analdorased, b gre. to lide by Iltae aove rlalitiones as fur as they are applicable to hlr.i I4digned) A. I- I.AW CI8EN C, lla l No ubaecriptions re taken f ior l Ihtalli an m l, I ra. i Lettreas sUist,lin ll casel, Ihe pst jti. e. A baa ta l taI fraall arag I l aaraa liar iroll hall SInaill J a hogii.n liv s II 711 i 73I ANNEIIr. tll.--,l lat. Jirawn 'a'at ........ ,)il, a .eai i latdang and all eole by ja ill S. & J. P. \ TlllTNI:Y T (71unli) ar tlanlill Iaarrc llay I id.4ll I ll la l od ll II I a ,, t er esai by IS01AC .l I l ;l'l 0 . l IcC e 4a j1Il. ll Il a-tatlrP pbtaacl . - ,al "~. l'. 'J5 hall bids 1Ilil;aaa.Ilaiai.ka haat on.-aal, letIlraer d.l, do doala I110 I : hala do d. da i h a . cl IIha llo opi + ral t r aice ,l I llala I. .atICa , n 2a ) hehi'. Ic lllll ph o .l-mll 'd a.sarve aai Ju~t rAi- ,ali anod f,,r -i alV Jack n J j ,. ..J S I'F;'I'".I) (l" ".. ' I 'L 1',' r(;r'i ''r i Splen d i i TasoI f $r 4ale by aa jont31 G. Ii,)ilEl:Y, .14 a ,, I.,Sa-c " I:", Ut aaaallaaai't'ICS- a' ; l.a - , 1-4 I, e'. aa /" 1-u , ,1 41it ' S 'mll C ,.iui,' C I,,r-ali I, " taro IS .AC IIIII'.I'. & l 'i-,i l i \i,',i lara sa a Real g ll It'3.l Sl<, W A N' i'I.:I) I .-l 0 Iierl] w. o li 1 10 , I; , k l a-ll I Ia aI r c( -. . ... f , Jt)fiNt & eel! . . . . I'"e'" -ll af, r sl' a IIa a 'I. I, e I'llt'rel, r . l a . a l ',ll- I,1 itcch 1 aI i I''t. T h .lln l'lalaa i. 1 i lI11 1I. I nl I ... e , str',rI' Ly IG I t 1 "11". \V)II I) Iaaa,, al h II aI lala Cl a aaafaiall - ai. l - h1llaa.r Icogi a l i N I1 alew · , Jotlaa w lp c&(Ie u,r ll.., 1 ' , 1 ' n ' l 4ax, [trr , r ih I vh llllls · laller· e It , i i I oh; u , o vr n nw pn a-aer, nad oclta l oaai g1aa- leaa & I':Ltg nn d,,I Fruoce ad thr ll t h , olf. vr fu h l ll.erf II.: lld I PErr f i awi a ns ll g l . o tf r.l II O l [yl L ',.rrvllo d rld I r l l.o l ll l*; .; d lIo letr.audl a l r p ei ln' i lh e .l aell eaaart, ll orlala ill iltu aliaoa eal aod ddek kcell.e "ai-il. C ald aal. - d utna( amrcalo cale uad lalle'r Rsn ol pp rccs bfro It lhle.r, l-aa i riln l ICr 'r111 ay,,i 111 of lllIal Ia d01. alne dH.; 1 1 - Aekt'rl ol eaaU'Sllld irlrlllllllaaac btl jill llrll.,..,. i (S l.lll t IIem n e ailr I:e:1 l i L I an le ll ll ' IT I 1·a i' tll , Cwrit -in lllu id s Clu\I rnr il lll, t b eard i al lr r s,.'; (I Ilgil aesan eligws sprarq l PIENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSE h NEW CITY, PI'.'StSICOLtA. rI lIE suboi rier lhaving ipurlhase the Israe nld for It nitlre of this well kllownll Uctbli-bmuls , IIloll Ir Tlvl er, the late proprietor, will be cede to re.ytiv %L iera by the It f et Ar'il next. Nmlllll'ris and coltly iIruvlolutsi will be found in ith "arralgn lll ol; the b lunsion (louse. ,ew aid nmore cot- al lditl I glig IlOulsis will bi ltslil, tud - warlm bath,- wlll be plrovlded t alt Ihollrs. :\ sPlble el will be aticheid to tilh. h iui, with good Ceolllllluidu- o tios fr dores iallld carriages. rute Ilrils aIled t:ts ie F arn as will alai be kep tlr hire at iiiaiIiiHd, I rice.d tlhe swilsl l srw r .it whhr lf ll tt itoI lllllltsoi sld hfter'y f ir tit" use ol vi.itlrs . t lilliards iid otIii l IllllsetllllllS sxll V lolun :at walllr'l iedgs placesw ill a ro be I'olerlai rd, Iand s co((niiI teIsi 11 eis to i Inlest vtl stie tile comt i iist cargo i a lready bteis ordred, wdlichl will ltite nhostr l at 'uashillgtl citiv,rs ill eou lld al: l ls hi els is tr Ihre wrl n-iier ho, with 811,11 uid,eonlnhl e tlv uIIn' . el ll|' thi t Istilsili's, as heisiltyrs of last year, asd u i liier nds getl.ll, that Itrie will i.sivse evllery lsaible c ttenticl.; and I Mtl-el) expicts to i he glrl u ati le e e assclion. e'lsocl lodva, tages of Illlon ore too ellth, 188. klnuwn to isetrd a lwig eted de.-grilicn hire. tile taelt tl'al l'llr saeill is the nlrgest t oolvat et/lliolll th" ile (t iv'rrlcIltm tile genelal re lldt zvo:lis odel' GllCil 'sq tlad too; tile a:111 br y el'its clinlte rel'rcellod esllstle nti.' do tinilite Uiier 111ess i b th e coplllest, t I ree.ea li',ol Slu. Sit ll ri Traylsr; the afealr plce sd lecy at of' te fi 'h with uwhc h tshe wmrer i . nlls, , ; nnd its p eximiItv Ato Ih best utlller , llarket, reive 'emaeuniatins fpre p oersnis ite h Ill oe pilatel, in Ied -se atitde hitas 's healthy 1d delSlgChtll salnier ch retrt. First rate bsats aill rth betweh, Pensanedln and Mso bile, and will at all times e abe i to take the palssttlgIrs froim Ilha Nenr Orleals Ibnats. I N B AKNOLD. lesuaola, Feb. 1,th, 1838. h ntl etlllemc wUshisng to cngsie rooms for their i1ailies wll fun:ddris the Proritotrg at, i stmnaola, or Mr Sewellr T'l'oylor the forsr prOffitr, at NeAle Or' leans. Rrefrenes. T Sanfu'd, Raq, Mlr C CIhluu,, li M.eAlpin, Esq., I t. Kibby, in Mob le; S r Taylor, P P RGea, Esq, ial Nc, Orleans. I' S--A letter bog, to receive enmtiuncnineaton for rsolSa I1tit1te .,boys hotel, is pilaced at Gee Whitman's olfiee 51 St Charles Elxeh rage. FLORIDAt ROUTE. FOR NEW YORK. ltr Travellers desirous of taking the Florida roars, via Pensacola, to the North, are informned that firsl rate boats will eonstamtly ran fron. lollile to Pensacola, leaving Mobile sad Pensacola awry other dnv aper the I st of N ay. Good stages will a hlays be provided i. the subserdber to be in r eadine ss to lake passengers I 'ron Mobile, in case of the failure of the boats N B AKNOID. The stealnlonat Champion loaves Mobile for Peasa cola twice a week. feb 58 I - Gas Li;lit Banigg Camp' y, Janary 30, 11;39. T I' 1 S t or k or C o k e be in g musu h red u eed th is ( 'm e Spony will fnrirlsh Pittsburg Coal, ia small quar I;(iel, to their ensumrer. Ordlors received nl the Gas Office, Bank Alley. jail E W WELLS Ucc'y' NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and I Iillman. No. 90. Moreoau (' Ltie I'otcthartrain Rail Road.) Pilot end Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Iiacuit, Sugar, Butter, Midflrd and Water Crackers. All tile above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Priechard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreeely for family use. 15nor 'LOUR--000 barrels landing in star, and fir Ssale by Li. DIiCSEY. d13 44 New I.eve AILS -700 akegs Nils, assrtd sizes, for sal by dl5 AI)AMS &I. W ITALL, 67 Griier et 1UN,!dS-lisaissippi Funnds takeno at 7, Fr,.on Lea- t vce, for (iGroceries. d15 I EItSIY4-78 bales Kerseys, i 011.--35 barrels Tanoers Oil, 311 cako winter Oil,, 40 casks fnlll siraied do, f CANDILES--300 boxes Sperm Candles, fori sale bL It GALE, d7 . 91 Conlllnon e' NEW 1,111 I & REEF-2l hlla eirns, and 40 bl. I' prime Pork t 2e iblos primce Beael fr snle bIv G DOItSEY, dG 4 1Nt4 w .vL're A CARD-). MItR. ONES,+ PrTossor of cinging, f'. ".Gita" and I i o-foite, Iber s II ..nor lil. i :r arrival 11 truo tlllagtw d rillseo l yerroi oroly'an mtrotlicre in Ili Jlllrg'll aInd (JlasZO\ w. SIll ls latleru. t hr a t(ll her ys- i h'en of ilntrution a ill give alitits l n to puo+ils. Ii Louiin Furnitruroe Wiarti: olt i m.'. i Id O Ir --orntr o Camot, Mi.Coir veol igo 1a w "llS "~I st Middy, or O elin s frd' mt Ito l o irf i tfI II 0,i ll. i nl t vl;ll astOry a' Cl iIs'n illd Iaur 1llcI. I ru ey' irite io f t lot 1cele; just retived and forrsi a 'h y liMt rreaii liarN ire 1t - tlo corner of Camo &' CO imi n Isa LOUISIANA INSTI'r1u'rN,. H Sl lll.'.; ii lllhiOn foIr tl educationl el* lng Fantle- i mll ,r ', ilr l rt inlt l op Ler'lt b Illroo rllslt lelo- " her. in the -id .ent v1or1Nof , uMehodist ('hureh, ci tii-r ll 1 I lt, tii lch rnl ptirn idrea t, ru ier e dilefllit ihe n-lrt'l.ignd wiret Ira h o.cpied thie chir ,, InthlD 'si c 'rsl i('o lle rso oftime oritl, aid who i ai trlante, iol irriof nitmus celebirraed oniversitiesn I t, ritu. it udlie. at he turod tlin tlltis smIlnrv I. Then lEl thal u dw Ch ti na a rs;lu a i llllh .l Ihe k11I 11 [l' iIrkllllll l. 9. The rll.iedier depiartmient, comtpretinding tie I, nrlil a nd I Jrtpi"k Tlll gil, ler4. 'O a Tn slp rtie t l et ndt inthlioe rg l Ing el hi li iilllt ti uti rrirl l 'itlll h tIa , So il, . ni l i t t'rl a ll lnall 1 . Tu-hed l hiili incy colod mIllll rilld ig ll d.rew lianl d. lre 1itrtr Go Iiv d ndo it riaui al dtibrcerrt o nvillti llt , ir-a o -iiyiot .ii Nly i . ll I'llIttli'll hrNi )r W lr lhL rl hr IlPl.rop eia xperlne Is, r h i ir 't ri ilt ied tla td ot t f , Ibr litc t oton eal, ar t r' J IInIIIEtICMANN, A At. o r J 1 I IIriN rI'+I, BlIta i'rtidut cttI.tANsON, Louisiano Cotlegr I n I .' It'..t I/ 1 11 IIG,1 1 I.n l Ii I;ta ,\ Iork, u s c imn , irc. : I t, I i t t IeN) f:-q. Ne t (rl,. iI E I y' 1'iS '" "l .. l ,tI l o ',p Itai.nt; ,o t rriv'd 'r, uc " - f . i. iI ,1+l1 , tctr . 'tlhti' ri,l titi', rn ttt'+ o dinl.l I rill: ,lll.. tI. ;..i It,1 , Ii l.l'rtllt d t lhIn itiI h.tti dI .l I I ~i~l lh ul l'l,., .<.111 ii; , l' l Jd IL IiI 1.51 d · l,.l i a. Io ii i ll t h'- ;'I It ,1 lllbtt o .t I orid inpl i't . "Il ll.l Thlley tbo 1 n1 I ll .Ib e r-, ii 11nd o ollt IIii theIr line oa f I ne1". they will execute at the dIly ollt N: IllN'l nt N I r'. RIneai " Son's ii' lia'nt t. l lst l . ,d id I lt'ineil; Ietoik i tlas . Ie nl l 111 . 't ll I ti ' I tilll s. &ie., .A Il''evio's tou* rVv..r t'tiroo; N'iwiool do; he 'rot t.o tll. o t,,It 'ravie--llt, 72 unai 1441 dilri-lcnl ' i ts aIi, !iicllla "'olund tiol und ilvue ti ll o Marllll .ru , a rl it lltriat ,i ; .llst l ehirll II a d 'r s l.r aillll+ be 11d t il'; I r ii l s t s f 'ie do. ' , I'rla rae l tsncom i.- t lt ii , T I x I .ihl'r Clo - il,",ti a -td l.l,''il. Ilr anutYr lloo-. orl a ttt a -1 c ; Nill :iu hlllaN.I lit & rilni rr I'l t'il l Ill' l n i nS & T \VAI.I.E'T . ihlls au na .ll, ,li'.wv I kel i ;lil l okf ; i as-in I'er.illu ialchl triiao I d. a th e tllcl l.t .rks, 3 k .ar I hroly, r t l llyr t i yl 1i i : x,2 l'. i b Ilorn, rlo Irebd ld ra.,lry, o traito l, Mal cold, I Iralluiedl giolod, oan'y collofe, .. gal ry dar Itie. C i'N Irolin, 4lll do L.I. ea and;rlldton,l 3 '4 der; n' ld ridgc, tBhir maonl, an40de J ulic in at wen.,ra. , 1 hey abccly the 1is are all nop, oT9 tle rot Intolas street, wcIer they keIp opnnPartly on llRand by opellr, Tofrantd Sex t rile l lWare, go every descriptiona , ,ihll a s copllpr slts, kettles, e abin; cry atnltin bath. Iid to Il, ad il cans, of all sorts and sizes, proall other brass elsting done at pulllortest notice.rd in rb eaite i urraivf everydoer d ipuo, arlly as ostodm. bg ist toiirups, aog llLh itr, ascrew Bldlt, aohl tot hiaccd ofleaibot ork, uch as practicableys, bto reechiv. Os, steam pail --. Tahey rwill als o of kiods of out door work, ate ca- tirges, cold tran ati ll rofig on gutteriod, S&c. Theyi ill labove and all othe and Gt of cr i II ltir lio fei t or pia, they wipl executo te atge the I Shoretestiiiteir. dti7r __ * OMli.\ItD & CtO'S lBunton and New Orlenos Sa J A i oI Packet .iL.tiT, - Is Cnow i oe oa st.i abos ben i'expressly bodlt to run bottw:on ilbe abovo ports, aid will be frond of otnitale draft' of water: L accomonhdations for passengers, cad cvery rflorti wille n. Advno togivc gnats airo' catstigan 'T..t le ia composed of bah fLa Itilong ships: Cherokee, 41A 5 tosar Capt. J Htarding, Caroilina, 4lii dor S Loiuist, I Charleston, 374 do ]) Eldridge, Cal tibarra, 6't5 do (, Barker, I Saamun, 240 do J lfowes, Boitiay, tr G25 do U Iluipbrey. The above ships aro all now, of tbe firsat olae, So great experiencc,have large accunltaodntionc, with a searu ladlteaes cabita; every ttcntirrt will be paid do pl-Stlgeri, and ti vary rart of stores pro 't1 'l'hie Itnkbt will be towcd rp and down Cire I1is e cisaippr, and the strictiet onilattoiliy a!.atrved in 1t1 file time of cailitig, anid stould tbae rag.iar vessels l bel detained i iarrivhig, other ships equally as good Smstll in o'll casoe be hubtitarol,. A oaure of introi A ICIICAN IIIANLIY,1:"n oIO llcutir,&e. g :30 bay rlol Anrrt ical llorody,, i 21) 1Lers (hohohen Routr, ',?.11 hues attclt, 11 i0 ki) IhI Buckwlllat mol, 25 bdOLoxo1 11peri11 . - 211 dIr do craisrtr, do,, 20 Ifn!t blarrerlmo shad1, 51 Lorrlll ffrothrolni r AlrljoodlllIh, fillo rrle by f,5 (Wh'1'tI''CIIARItt& Jt) hA;ERiTr fo 1 OC:'tIlhE & ;;ciller'- 00:r ti r p1111 ~osits Il Sketchrel of Mlalrried life, by Sers FelIen, ol b, Botorbll, Tlhre .il11 nd charllctrr of tle Re0. S9-II I Just roecivd anld for sale bY ATOWAII, )i fe 4 lCoolpret 0 P ARLOR L1RNA i EN'rS --hore 01111 had oltiflll Olllpsillil, fir tile onlly by Rlees & Ma'iarger, rI end 1t P'lough1's 01useuCI I All th100 10111nInlis corllsislt of the1 mo01t spl1 - lid splcirlnlllroe orlrtinnlogy Iron11 Europe, Asi., Abbrie, and our ow n 00010'I rry. Apprlolvlneldrolra GO dalys wi~ll be en o d I OLAS.S linela ad Iinsheade=00 frst i 1 qurlitr Mflnlioco barrels; e)1n, 75 do. do Ilrg'ircede in Pri0)e orldr.fLor mole by boO W NI I i Ct'I'EIt,95 Corronr 0 NRORRIS & Cr,, No. 33 Charltre etect, 1r1 ro0 ccjnirr doily fromll 1heir horse in Phliladrlpllja,rrro ,ogrgnt ard complete ossrrtlrenr of ,ublrtnnoirl aod r ueltnrrrlelo Tey invite the rlien. tiran of the pubiia, as thleyo owwrranted in b og)ir bho) stenpgers rnd cirizern cnnolllt flluirh IIthrrl selves 10ie udvrrrgeolusly in anly city in tll Uri.r. N.. A few'idt n elrgetj ivore herrlle Inrt brell1,, IT,, 3'2 1o:16 inches. Aio, n lree Ieon -bite p e Plalckilg boner, variorus 01201, very 11ow' ii II I BRALDNESS. A REAUTIFUIL hend ofhnir is the grandest ornes -ment Itelnoint to thie human tcame. How strange ly tile loes of it changes tie eolnttnlee, anl proata torely .roines on the noplearanoe of old sage, which u ass trony to recoil at thetng motsetred.,n a O teldmnes even to sisue s:ietlv to avoid the rests and sneoer of their neqit.tlanoeo: the remlidler of their liven nrecon sequently spont in retittement. In short, not even the lasoof tnoitere fill thse eenemrs thinking leth woithl ttoatneavv sinking ogloom as doe,' the loss of o:. hair. T savert all these oitpeo- sot ciretmstnoort, Ollrilge' Bnnio of Coloomhtl Solpo the hnir from fllio nfefl't the first tplicetion, nod t few hottlPs reotoren it lrlln. It likewtise prmletree evehloom and whihtsker; )revents site ilir Irm ttursinoe grey, mtkes itllrl e Irnotiflullv, nod frees it froln e:cltri. N,onPrt eerlifcnlte 'ol he fires reio'etehilitv in o)pport of the vtrtttes Of Oldridgel' 11lth, are liowtY hv the proprietors. I[D0 Read the following: Robert Wtharton, Esq. late Aoavor of PIllilad it hes Pertiltir' o t aIn ehr eon below, to thehzgh c:hra ter of Ite gentlemesn. T'he undersigned do herehy eertifrv thnt ortnve uset te IlBatt of t tlmhia dlioceread hb J. Ohlridgee. ont thave ftited it highly oterviteoltte to ooly os a prevenfive aegainst the f'lling off of heir, but alsoa certain rester lVIl.IAi1 'I'lATCIIEfR, Senior, Methodist Minister in St teorge elnrtee, No IIf North Fiflh ot. JO3IN I' tfl.ItS,3:I2 t A street. J)lHN 1) 't'lH)tlOAS, I I), 1(131, Iatest JO)tIN S E''I'lt-',ths Sprurestreet. Itl )II c lItlt tY. t 213S thtii d st. JOlAN (AlIt li), Jr, 123 Artih street. It is known thar Ihree of the oiteto siglers are mrt Itsn ,O years of ageo , anil Ithe iothers oit leCs thsa 30. [Fromt the nMVn'r.) Conltnnwmlltlo l lllof Pel.svlani, City of 'Il iltadelldia, i, Rhbert .VWharton. Mayor of "sid ity of I']ih.h'. h phis, do heretev certifv tltllt I. Io weoll ncqtin.d withl f Hsosrs J P inolis, Joon Si Faree, alltd Ihlnh M -Curdy e'lhose names nre sigtled to the nlove. crtificnte,thnt they d are gentlelmaent lf rtclwter and respecta hiliy, oIld us I stlch fadl eredil mit)lh lip giveni tt the satid ertiftcttei. In witsttesi wit reftitttve hIereunto set my loIt ndl rouseed tIh+e "oel of the city t bo he mxed, this 6ish tiy of l)ee'entttr, er. [I.. S.] RIIIEIT WIIARTOfINMyor. ]SFI{V F. that aneIt bottle ofthe (;entioe Balm han a plendlid elg'raved wrapper, on which is reprcsnttnec the IPoll cfNiomette, Ate Su't' .holesnlcitetld retail by the sole ncollts ftlr An riet. o 2 FleiChe stret, , 'r Meide Ln'e, ene ,lout f hel .- 'eiarl olre.t,o od by moost druggitslauad perfuulers t' tough h coUlltry. JARVIS & ANIltEIfWSR, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orlans. I 'ORRiSd Co. N-,. 33 Chatraes s:rets, are iw L recelving andl opepllllng the most plendid, sil sinntial and tishhinable stoch of Cllnthn they have ever e hibltl d in th's t llrket, t'nt tistiton in part fl lhe t lolinwi.n rliti lee : I l e. hi ie, lacklI, t bhLek, ltndot browe, t i'o, olive,i uttd,on sanoko and golden ol've Ir ck cnld d es, coets; heaver, s,,hland harin hton i lock t n ts, oa ,le, at ]iv lit s',. edl; funcv and plain t hi t ck reasimtreo nld cloth pentfaloi t. ett.tll toad french fancy and plo I i hilk andt ioal n v.cts; retl hlew Illarket co)ti tll ; tt english anid ,n nl ihll f'n y and lit n s rirls and I hitk.s; chamois, silks.w, h and ,_um eIas ic su - polnders; chamois, l lll on . ] eIm.,'s wool, wll e s.' h fler I n'l, silk l uo i t'l i ri t sherts and drawl r-; tin IIIn and etlionl Fillets, W ith litil l ,l ,rlll"m , plainll anlll rmill l; ivorV p",art and plain; h tlil,:sllk Umll. I brehlls; (tslilt's" premium i t(v,,--- s,. n .- nttlll arts l,: ,l ih lt . k. i, hlr w cJ, , 110F l, r. . .e.: S r:llel bli silk nt,,d randth ia tltlt; tpii, i di !ur td ntid eItL nbro it c d I(-II:,r a tl :; s k, tI h w\ u ll lrc, m i e, N tI rmtt lhtin n , ah d rodn i ltl, wthl' ' I S Ist,o to pit hI t-c..i ,tit, t us t ,l Nt .v. I i 71\\. li t I l (1r l l lrll), , ) i Tit l . Jn , l - . N ll itt g t lFie . ttt lh h-rI t ,l n '. e t, o rll wit. i u fatrmtit S co.t. * tItdc lltti n e t i il i Ithe leaoll, ,II'd 'i eW l i I ; tlte I [, I U ; prest , tiil tloa oi1n"" ,' I rLl\ il tI bl l a It'l, ,llli r, ] II,' el ls 1 'd ,o's to et him 1.0 mT F.e 'c bee0 III rc" lit trepared only ILv T F. Wnig'r,r,, . - ,i n.lls , Is i le -n-l t Coll Ioe, and i do i owh' t lesi le andI r - I,+ IT ls I. r l nng - r'. r ),erol n. t ! SADDEIY w\ARI.-lThe subsereIers, manr. ijnte-n lactureta anlltdalbah ale dialers i an saddlery t ''l g.odes, are Ilno. reet Ivll by llae arrivals iromnl het ;et e i· rth, in additi nia to llelr I ormer stcki aln extle - a ' sllne u crUr llselt lof arlltles in their ltl ll',l a onll I N w ich are the r lltow -ig, viz: ltao Ltdie and misales p.hla .ad quilted saddlies, Sa UGentlimen'S do Spaln.ll do wart do do Alex(:an do A do do Creole do C I uo dl Anler. do appI do do English do Luz Youth's do Spanish da do do ,Creole do Ant r. and Lng. brdlea atnd bridle mountings, a ca do tao inalltrngols, o. Nobr Pluaed, brarss, unl J paled coach harneshs, a len do do do g'g and sulkeu do - I!o do do ltruuoucle do Al Dray, cart and wagon do Sj Oladdie bhas, dathb'e oads ngle; valies; oeal deal bap, BIrus,a Is es rlle bi gs; best irol I raoIe lulhlr lohro trunks, bilas nailed; leather boot tp do, assorred sizes aidl Varlous styrle-; I-is eras nd pI-tel beltls; tcoach, ida, sulkey, twig a.d planters rrp whip: ou,, aourated, coUttt anid leather glrlib anld Hursttal les; stLrrup lea'her-; ttnllll sa iaps antd waartm e l rallst "el ; llatil t nd n ot k alnllls; bli d bridles anld Illes; S oeth ct lla-l , antl ihtorseu and iaaie e lllarstr.; l aI qua lti s ; Itat. roecco, buck,aor. !·la sheepad IaothLoallt:ei; pioted brass anld teel brlh' bi;ts ofl ev ry dscrlptlion, plated, brals anld steel spurs uo every descrlpiol; paied, crass anld steel stalrupa of every deserlp. Mr 'Tugeltcr with a co.npllltto assortlmenlt of every Amn artiol Ian h.eaIr it cto bauslers--lil of which lthy oiler for stle on acctsniaoatataangtertms. SlI .ey. will also contlinu e Il r ceive illrtugtll tlt a )year, by p tcketsa Iroul New Yorki, Ircl stpplate to run ieep thlat stock amipl ailtndl complllleei: OI)UI'El, DAVIDStN & co, 18 l' Canal st. lInE1Il GARDEN FIEElI-The sLtaobsen er lt gs to exprIa ly hi gratelul tihanks to alte pub. I c, orT the Itheral tupport hC hats eeiived since he contintlrenett bl rll esr e n Itttlts olty. Hll Irg srale tpro preter ol tie seed store, 17 Commolnln trl . eit is Ioit ald Never twas agelat . r any northern aceed vender; rei' her tos e reconceaed aliti nay hause IIt alals country-but lie assures the public lit his conllvnetlunS 1t esory att hof h seed bush aieas, in the dlluesu t cotnliues ofl Europe are equal Ito Ihat of all)y Ihouse inl t se llUnited tlLt . 11e in lpts a eds, planite, le,. Irln the o most extensLive anld respect.,ble nurseries and seeldslen in France, illand, Engiland, .i o laotnd, ald the o lthern Sstatles- ud t will at aill tlatlt1 etit r his ltrere , as it is his study, to ret :lv, III addiltlon tlo Is llresent nto, k, large arlivals o t very dtlecripltion, r ally t eilt groath vi 11138; also, aingoalted trust ire s, ol all kllnlds. The public Iaiay rely ol tfinding a lull as eartllent ol avery nrucle in t.e Leed linr,aol genua y iiie qualty, and lnported dirltI by ni Wms. DINN. a EIDUCA'l.)N-lFREINCII and ENGISHIII. Mr J,rlt a, lecenlty rativ d in tlis c;ly, beges tal e to t111 rll the ci otz uis of Newe Uleans thala ie will e _ pen an neademy onil Monday, 14, January, at No. 19 ''uouluueo ertirlt, r tI e instrer ioln of youth ol o botlllhxte, in Frelch anrd EItngllsh, in which he will be ably asei-rtod by ilrs. Javia! antd Mrs. Ile.ther, who speal; both labuse Inngloaget wvta a great flueley anlld purity, and wh wl i latl.e clar~ rt l the delp riatl l t o' t:e youl g ladies. Mlr.Jane.e will givte bia wholl e attr ion to tihe I various branchea of education, and lltters ha imsll t- that l e will glae entire satislactiont to tbose who [ray lllnor himila wIal lbtireonllidenrae. nav I NU l'lCE --l'te cu iparlalltlllp liint oa th f .1th July lear, betweenl John Yallt)yliss, J.-seph A. tl.ard and Charles L. h eorett, h be condluted unl der lte st)le and iane ul Lla)lissr Ile..rd &,l it s her.b)y dissolved : cnd th s thseillutatn is to do take efect as trou lthe lt ult Dl ee tlber rust. t 'ahe unldersigned w;ll ploalptl v dais :urge all the o ,ligallona of the la:o liitl , aa id in lloure coniinut le in lteir own inames, atd lor ila ir own account, to drhe slame busilles, as ."acto:s and General CoI in l mitssioen a r ha nI s, under the st)lo ana l i I e of n ll"rd & lullnl and rullrvi a shareol the p trlo. o u ot ul their rielnds land ite public. JO-SEPII A. BIARD, la nov I CIIARLES B. BIORIIN. ia- \ iiSKElI--36hlbislt cified,landing iroal stall S V n abult .alnube lor l-lir Il y tea a;. DtRSEY, 41 New Leire VTALUAIII. llut)(KS-Just recuited al ito.i,i.e of i standard and valu b!oe books, ch;etly L.odon ed itiols.r It ''1w l)idrcn, wit'e superbt plater, 31 lieaties If Bl roeo or I dameots de Byron, e1lttdId it lyro Illostrated, do do II Seotl's landscape illustration%, Ilutes. Breekendent'o Alps, Roeoie's \Vt Wes. I Fitdeo's Teblcnox. Ip (illerv of lBrilish Artists, ial sp!endli ehgravings; at Life ofiJolh lly lton, witlh olored sportinog pltrt1s; Luatin atd lrelik Classictl Library, il Englhah, n, Iivi, T'citull, Xenopihon &c., Ivrort"' works, oI.doon tolket editiot, & Shlaktere I, ondon diamonod edition, Ilogg'o, Id.t Ihttrick Sheperd's, tales, a Aikcu'c Ithitisit poets, lkThe Sjclator, 6 vols, in 10Mno Selectln, t Irots IBritish lots, It,:ceace:io's ]),:ltlereo, ill 2 olr , f Cariositlies o Literetlrei by It'Israli, tMarlshall's lif of \VaWlshingto, 1 tol, l'oin, VWithl a variety of rslrttdid Anounl anod worlks of i Alt, in handsome bindinogs. eT r. JOIINS & , & C I', feG cor St Chnrle' and Cmltl .l rll 1it EL P NS-Felit's Aos. l,2i i.4 pett 01 t Daniel \Veltslter ot, Foll's large. otrel pen i. Con g'essr rg I'ero. ' frr's flaltpr n"g di do i srnll do dit 3 lit Id io SVio.lel's lalies do dI double pllrtent , D)tllle lt oullt do( I ' Gill;ot's itt.trt do dtt NUtiotal dt to And Gtllot's Collmercl il, f stle at DAVID FET & C., 2i Chartres rl, ,3 I 116 NtM N V ritati m s Illd w SUAUGIw\l& MiI,AlýSI:S--IS llthls 111,1110 S I(UtV(l i0 galls Moass--+ llllllllinll ot iltlll)aloe the city for ,.le by AIDAMS & WIITHlI.I., _G LASS-l-00 hottse in store ftor sil, It, 1 Nit a_ .1&. i__I.-WN, 9.1 MAtote tttcot 7IO It:Nl'--.ti offlice , tihe Ret nd ttflor, etpird . Iv Mestrs. Kelly, IlUrris & Co. Porssessio giv on on tli I £ 1st l'eltrtouv- >ly toO i jlt;i ct ItPoytlrst& Mioniltlr tIc !t I IIASIORROIIOIDS. JIAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex I 1 traordinary cltesical comp, sition, tile result il of science, atnd the invention of a celelbrtedl mdi w cal mant, the introdto,' In of which to the was invested with the solemtttty of a deathlbed C iequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, t ftlly sustaining the correctness of the lamontod' i . Dr Gridley's last confession, that " hl dared not y die without giving to posterity the beuefit of his m tO knowledge on this ulbject," and lie thereforo F pl Sbtqueathed to his 'tliend and attendantt, Solomon i.' liays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and ,, the private practice in our country, first and most s Scertainlv for the cure of tlhe Piles. Ilnl So extec sively aod effi.ctually as to bafle credulity, unlo o where its efflcts are witnessed Externally in tkto r'' follotwinct comtplaints: atFor Droisy-Creating extraordinary absorption , at alnce. All Swellings-Reduocing them in a few Ihours, I I Rhieumatismt-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. ,t;1 Sure Throt-- By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. F SCroeup and Whooping Cough--Externally, and 'l over tlhl. Chest. , All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a I. few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long et setanding, nod f'ever sores. It Its operations upon adults and children in redut n inog rheumatli swellings, and looseniang coughs alnd 10 tigltness of thle chestuy oelaxation oft the parts, : has been surprising beyond conception. 'I'he I common rermark of those who htave used it in the fi ! Piles, is " It nets tlile acharlo." ,rt t : 'IIl PILES-'The pricn, . 1is relttnded to any o person who will use. a bottle of lay's Linilment Fitr the Pils, and return tihe empty bottlo without' F Sbeing eolred. Those are the positive orders of the proplietor to the Agentls; and out of umny thou. sanrds sold. InIt ielt htas been unsOrllC sfl. \Vo might insert corhflicateo It any length, but Iprefer that thote who sell the article, shoulld ex Shthit the mriniml to Ip.lrchasers. CAU'TION-Noie can bei genuin withllout a FI splen.dia ertlvcteld wrappolr, on which is mly name, and oalo that of the Agents. I SOL()\(I N HIAYS. * S,..Il alwhlrtl-e and rtoail, by COM l'I'tOC1K &. -I C('o, Now York. and by one )ruggist in every ot tn io the I.oilo,. i For sale itv t'vlt Whlesale Agents, cornelr of e ('ll non & 'l'ail'oll,itulat s slrLot, anld by the S' Apothe' aries gt nL raFllvc . .. __... -31) PRANKLIN INrJFZlY ARY- an pllll, l: I hlh. mr, r.::i.m'lif, lto. r m; .u I that lots hlsl|lt:n l ` tuliIll is .1". [ 'tl "r 't", the oa I n rl trl klti~ , InI Q IoI lll to lll 0 awl 0t 'oh r ili' so oo ooloooo i I0to: i ,o llol. r ^: Flruo klito, uon holl ruih'fd, uoe o h",1 i the o i- is l1'le;ol,,,inl,, i, ti .....r .. Ir .l . n...ot.o.o... lio ,sl, ditii. I, into ipo tolnms, for k.opnno seoparate diferent classes.. , ,no l d fferent ,lismttr: . TIhl ilattlltio 0dl osUiplllil with toe moo t skiltlul ndo atten:tive Intle and fIe Olltllt il e-, and speaking tie ru00 t ri(lllon III(tlu'rn Illgunl" es b+ PriVte rooll IhV lie hl l gPet el lent Vee dolt In hta per day, incldiooo n, tenrlc, , .It&o. 'Trerl inl tl or illllry twod , tl dollar pmr da . Slaves s.. l t.wo dollars. Sooull Pox in the"o t aiok, five d.lltrm. All clolotl LtrZilnl operalions extra..a Th'e reiilrent pto i'i00 i0 I)r (V'etddomnno, to woohoom 00pl 0 otion foi r nlutliolsso inu tnlbe o rl l uo or oo Or (0 I.uorolllrlog, Nooo l.tootlllloor l stroo l, b llIlt. to "I- 1'.·1C,:N0 CAIII.)IL-J r.'I'o o \bvo' 000 a id e) It .n o over t0 teel ellt ravilln , llllrarlionls o I Nn ltr flame toe Poori, 1)noient Colathedrllr, Charlns do Bleauvais drol:w do, ux d ', o do. Pri'e $o. $ 1 1e ANNUAI.8 AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. S' I..NDID London Aolol',-lIThe (look oof jIo talty, sllperb ro ,ollldltes; Findeln' Tubleaux, und ot "lollery of (hrooo.f Fishlcr' Iratoinog (oom Skreth took; .le.ticr Co(stum -ll ud.s Int lsoanIs; \\'oo'erlv Ioooqo,"k.--''he hlperOp '; l (0i c tool (.,loootl; l,'oro't lle Not al .orolto.l' 00,rt00lt :tllllot; at ( ,:rloatoro .\(nual; CoUioC Aonnutlt; o. o l otont ship s ttf'fiotlg; "\.Iihiq 1an i ,'s and you;llll Le ithrole(6 Alnnulal Atlo i, A \ tolt-; C('lrlstlnas Talet . y oAmrica r A0u,0ls. at TheIn "rnl aol.\ti:lltif Suuvoeni; I o'h 0 Violett 'rl'o €;it0l; Mrs Gitltoo's lUnllllal t: iteo r & lotuseowie Alhanaic. Almanuac's. Aoerice m Almanac & lepo.itoo y of Ib'oell Knowledge HI.ut's Nulical \lmnarte; EJohns:t & ('o . L.oti.nmo Alnanne; Crockett--(Conc--Ge-lnllotl AII hlio , L( m 'tewort's Iory Tr tbbtO, coouotoiug o blofok oo00ce -1 ran dol for eerry day of thloo year. S lOIINS & Co., cornerofd St Clharles Itll Col nlo t. v 98--w5 F ONDON Editions of scare andl vnlalle works jlust levCeid umid for sale hy the ahcri r (r. I linre Dnuph.'s Cnlnercloil Poser of Gront MIlitin, exhibiting a comlplete view , f the Baron D)tpin's limrv oand actal sta e of the Milita Inoorwotof rtoet Britin. I Marquis de Ioo .lol ce'to. SSvWt of the \\'orlf , tl'la lrtd fromul t t"o:n.llh, anIh ellcidtled w0it PxlF l tnt lelY nllrl . W F P Nnalor's llisotm oyfthie ar ito the. Peninsu la in, o ,d toutt FranoeyI . Jeremy lienltloul's Ifmiolde of Juldicil :tvidenrC. J It MoCullocrt's lictfrio ryo, lPrat.icl. Th. mll 1 andi [I~ll. 'Ia , of ~tntlel ad dI oetlllllllll ill IIt i n . Ii llustra tell with oon ps n l pIJ s, 0 new I oeditiof , \V(0:t1 to N, oo Co aro tt Camp 2 Counl Si -,\POT'rANT-ro 3I.S E.ItS oor STEAM 3 li'M' 1 The stbs.ribor- h lw iln More It bw arrlels of ittotooted Poata ' oo v ooloisoeoIht,.lo invetteood io oNew LrYork. :\ few Ihr,l" ., sIli Pent tnsIp" on board ie, G(rea Westero or hoer hbto too 0; Ithe o nor oer stot es that the result otoft ti thbial l alti- iledii Ihut I100 Ibs. o l' r .. ua tI,. :,I Ib.. -IICoo t that iln case gL o,l hleed of stWIlt h c l h', l ,e .dinpebl,.. The di ' I fetoo rsro ttheo Great \Ve-t,rllt d.iled ute purchlte o 20t 0 br0s flr the use of tifr oi. .hicL Was put n board o0i tior last 0eparture. ('or a trilot. lty to S IoCf K Co. , i toro, for a ole b 1y tI ItvIJ t tN l--ut o' bls it th. can 0 nly be I ,to ivtered to n ostorm Ioat;util roe gt a urtho r .Lppoy whichrd j1 i )t Pooolroo 0t le D (in n - tLo. c o s. Gde " " -.t't & IOT II, I-o, • I llion, in store, for Sale Sy GJ 1)+1 {5 :'. t of t ot I 41 Nw loevee .INS D ITIN -oxes ,Nie lttinlos, .uri g's brand, pil sore anile te ll e r jtT.5 JTI Ts? EI Tl & C7, 7o1 Pot- drs s In ptorr sat for eb J Tt.Il.\n',l I.o (',, to 2r " 74 l m t dro s st "I-'I DAF'I'rS n New I'ml i. for c,,. by polpolso too tonnp tR S in s to rel nt t , l t ok l l c a - two 'll49 (Tamp - I)AIN'I'S,ILS, GLASS, IILUSIIES,, &c.--ens L hulding from shrp Cons itutitutin, Tnia for sale--vI : 1l.000 fi; t fi t sI,n bLest (t Luit i- , from .i l lO i .2 X ; liter. el a ~ ; hzjnpmled~t t ins11111 inllini ' b.. e hry r rll l l ]oz. splendd Inu ruit-, tt l+oG )1|'0¢,}r )11 i ltl S) 1100 hdo s i .nein itroreo .ren n i nll p nwdenr t erior 11 t licl w tize ant i !th ;I sable pentils for artist:; Glht mnarking - IThe w.U. fir ine cl i.rts, t wartiPt O elors i Oil rerad Iircu- an oaire:lel h oxe, fitted "."p wih oll neeess.ry brtIlsh ; tt o trli dt' tolret, S r.. nit tFlke and, 'mn wite; w O kgold leaf; hhe an | yellow waux; gln arIhnlies; and s h i r ei at c elt' Us I oprtaleot Oflinuts, dry cit olorl. a il, thrpentiue, varnit h e I by T - I IOI, 01 nTa 5;3( nm .emr. tx - - i-i- >mit'ii iiiilii' lii u r In tin iiill.oin ulu . tt . vIery EDITIO,'v 01,F TllE C IFL CODE o1;I ,:I *lnn uh liin'. t-itit iiit l -ntro ben 11toln Itan'rtl ld iuaiin ti l i l I t ll nl.u h rl fi tr Iptti lme tinn lll ni ii t-n iiih p mu I1 that the , su o rbmul alr ena ged ir preparing ft r flit Sile irel re t iIew II i ii illit i nod taur e , I; n rd nit - 1 t lhev w ., the Til first, anidr+ t ihe, gretat ddi}ioeu y (1 lnd r rp i nsl.h iitir ntt idhing nhte nilitnnani the workm eln nd it was n oil 11 1 wit llhe i g le lIn1lltihrlli tht tiny co.l- ! t11 have elcllt i dt v n it lree'tl + .,tiri I nl ini thl lllat l hoad cc tlosr t St:t),: (llllr, timn iln h t Ithilln ( 1d d hllos, ioi" waoes wirihv tllll Of ,ri. o r l. ollle lll thae twor tl irs ',1 li tis thm ua ul prait of the ( olN hits h.I1 in e frii (thirty I' tO iofTiry doll . lr p .-t . t II re l Wrlltll l ll n I ce mllleh itlmmedia ly 1 i eri en. s ld llo vil er h.llvid T l of i he ,i l t il l n 'Ii lt'l U n either hn ue-i i ii llhr2 11 vo meltl l"aIIr ll .(h+1 iv --lll4 l ai..h o P Iv. tIle P+ Ui lslpit Iin ofI l".o uLc h ' i . r t llll i h lrine o; Ire,~ : other f itI UllUUUt a + other th intist upon l.(--il i i in, nneh rild iilx b k Illlo lilo Sil tie ine chait ll ( e plol m b ril e 'ult I bhhel" ry the nri, t e ) l w tl i rll t ihe { ti ue Io lt! 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"Pn i r tl c I s ill t (lith ante be'. r mpIh y hilml dnl Ie (he whlh rit. ,t IO I I liio im di.iinminlnsh lid Itro i l thur. TnhSn i ublin - t il' irnn thlei L in. r il i re ll o lt i ( l llln u t n lnl o ii1 he .iilUk iIe t' 1111ll e il t i li-hl liitc .I la . urn slini ed b1, u h1I- I til ii Iir I thll pr ispl et- llt solihhllg- In c n al sl-riors i o Ihe Iark, A ilhdnhe rs take iprihn iti e th l e tI , toernIor llo t 'rt l l h Lon IIh ]) ll I es I i of i " ir h ' sit form( ,Ic e it m osiio n unfrie n , v to thiE let im teilr m hll I ttll a e ,I a Iti dl l iunl i d e llh it li i II- e 1 n1se tf ile ol hollllll Il- il Ie ' llv thayl tl ) Ien lld· t - Ith i thnl t Aonliltii' ilml lt t ilitII the i Ih.i li ail tll. cullh (i-n, (hhig ii Ito ,ld isln' I.'hO -llv lu -In iti.r . cwtot, Il l t itt (Ir-'a ilhit- )'r'at I'mll )L, I h < hin Ii w n I ll i- tlli l 11h. r11 u l l 'li h.!)ver in lle tiini h im i l ii i i, llh ir , i -n tInt Illin.rit - , i ll h , g l iil? fni h- i, l it l11 d1l,1i hy - in d.tIari t-n ll paI i a . 1icillfl l l it s bh ithre n ino ptr-t i-f thu nidici ni tl-ft to liiiger in ll w Sill be In l s to cu er oiru ci ons, ld otitr eviln , I .nrii iron i h u,. i iny of i tI re-n D ln ii . IIo r~-Ifr Nn r teun curnave iuf tti elafcitione. I It Ilnas be , iniud ilsos- i I-in rvtn tivtuin ,y i i, l who t wip re t n - i-n ni-li j firn t n liriodicul rltcurrne i to tite l putli , anud it : I. Obs ! U 1i f1 I ,'th Prorien t tatio;ll I .ai.ilind w iti tI il C Ilnpiilllled ivn d uoh er i eti l ocss t he Anicl , tn euln-. I. ar itly hIl, endd k n (ctual and reiular usr or Ah t a ly ltn iIi i lliet'urlle in tier c ls eti of I Olr in ) llllnlAgiull 'i'tnall .,un l' i n l- nlt-u uu ,,tt o nly t i i- r cltved, I 'lcorlid cln n it tle I re lcribt d vi r thri , ll its a~ llu Tny; I tllW ernlibrs iI tihe rllh- i tll'vIn i iatien miyr ti-n I ý U r ti l ni l y ), i. s d w e ~ h h a nd ,u i p mIS -ii a t i rII I . I , tU is IS ,ll ~etd I f' . Inh Ilot i t; lul ntrinciplh.nis are iSouth eltlrI n niatnive, haltd hu ye itll wu of i I liJ in il- iIi tl cio . of whiS h.d.IInOe, w i' is th ilf. rh ateli d fre hll. all'd gth iinc . F]r 1a ills t lla Oar s, IL ll it lrdicu. u ilh tl+ ('Mol' ttll n,hehlusvl, t 1)rug tle, ill nt7 us _ C m oo th llin rici l Ih y el i ull .Id 1 .ll It OR6DERSat IRECEIVEI) FUR .I o.V1ES' 1' TEVT CO TTOC.Q " (;I. V, N Ilythlr I'atto, e' No. .53 N\loazgl slrcal, Nte ()lh len si/ 'O BE MANI F.\TI'IINL) I N N i:\1 IVO.)I. BY. ItOBiERSLT 11UE & CO. I SCALE OF PRICES-D-ouh h;,is. For a tdojtble (.l to" > sat s or mre I)n ach s c tlindetr, kitg IGt ssoill the st 4, d I woit thar i, h:tit, &c. atl fi per s:,w, or $960 to s l'For It llllbl (tiiu o -) tt s vs a ca, o 1Sat) slaws in thte l ld, iclders, e. n tI .o tlot t of. t"t sas o ll do. or Is saws in a stand, Ill .,f 1 per sw\, or 500 00. For tlt. of t't sawas oi do. or 40 clws in a standtl, att tilj.30 per saw, or 26. 00o SING,'L GINS. t For a sgle ill of tl saws or more, with one set o eedcrsr , bralds, &c. at $ft per 80 0 For d1 . of 60 stws, with tlecdrs, &r at ·( So . iper sn, 390 o00 5paw00 Iti For do. otltl saws, wiith fteltCers, &e. t6 It .Ot per SAto, 15i\ oa ill clents ta; tle IItnumer olteeth breing alotl ual ( o e nIIIIIor of si.. (ttle set of Ieeders, it is clt t sidered hIoaeter, will wear t o ut two r three sets of sows. I.:xllt sarws sltli id nl 8U cIenlts t':eah. "al'llt G;ins t ea iredt will be iltivercdll In tile agells o" tplttts a st y of the sea part towns u0 th ethan pl;:n ialttt Statt-S atitte chote pics, tatlgtiens ptt int t !.a t tII Ift or hid tele s:mlle |romll New "Yor"k, saml hreahlil'..e It' SslI.. ible oir the aoliunt of theI a . A i il m ill be sent i.l thel Gins to Futt them up thee ir'I-e i sired; the charges lUir h.ase cti- tCeas will be oxtra, but ll l';ti t. it Iro ulirt liItgtgarcantll sotbe orteitriD wh't ta desitred, ot rcisotablt e tr'mi , lut w ill be charge . extra. lh Orse lwrttieoltttlt cltiiiliOtt a ttao liae 'torititd tn like Nllrs. SmII l .Itllll nllt ill.r oill aitl be atdflird t if de ethat shouild aco qotny Sth.a wit, their views ull rgat lI L toi ncrr'un.g etnl saws, breasts, bn'ushes, &c. It is t mud the\ dilke, . , opiniotl. barte d.o ic sawn It hltter diitecurr ho. others. The tot t moltt sizt is 9 or 10 incel.s . so e wisl thlll 11 inches. Sw t o cs w Iilh 5 olr tl rI'WS I Itrushles on .a axle, h hli" ellthers Lio nell w ltdmore hI:.l .lit iilllltt. Somlm.r wish sa s tt illl ai . .ltorcth I a tile ' i: cht, wlilte oll l'es \llt 1 ior II. o\V" uch dlreo eiht p:t n , wne wlre n tlhe s tin h, , t the tkie ofinte lluers, torfiahe sttetlr.Tt of tht'im islcs, nll tiI he I:lltlllilhLltTs Eor l illll tlnroa ir n cta t ri ' l ollsLLIII . L '. ]llrer it is lfIt t I oll r O1" lii l lll , . shlm l i, ýallcrthlrmloll ll n~o Ilosl mlllldulll nodll applrolled pI~lot. i,. I relll rsC.. II(e UeI , tr'Olll tIhe titlme it is IreCrtO(·IPd r t the s. I c o t'ienht lr igt, for n. t ol tle of ile cil, tot ,: "11 Ig Sl:tes, illbe sold on reaou:able triLts. t In; CnlJ ,Ž1 'i ,t ,I1 JY AIE IAULI A UB' , . s.UN "I CINE. TIIOIN'. S C.omponml Extll:t of Copni anlld Sarln l pAlillt -A certain, sale, and most eillitctt rente d c\ disered fl' tilhe l.o of lolno'Iheo, (;leets' dl Strlictures, \\hIites, Pains l il te bank ll d l ins, slenu llllll ,caklles, illfeetio. s of' the kidlllier, gravel, scorbt;tic 'ltl ebt.ilclls t.c iA. nc tile iItruduetion of a me diine. ossessingc the usefu and llactive virtue lttl ofi tile line lnoe w atiered to thle public, (ile in1oprietor llas blut torlefelto tIle lnlerol' us recolll Inelldatiolnls reeive.l troln the lmost ellline.t of the ile dlcaI thollhy in IlmoApe, Aelieving thlt: it uill be duly lltlteei' ttlll wvlt ll its Arc ceil l+a tet,.ar e . 1.1 k tk w.. . ll All T t b:,LcIt of Ctcailtlc, so ext.elsitely dseed, ais mutch of its credit frll. the dislike which patients torlielr 1 expres d its disegtcblltle tlast, ilstui.lttcae d Itroluced ill tile bolels nill ctolutll , ll its htll lelot'lcle inellfficiency when iseMd ill the inflalmtln:ory stage. 'The o Itopro ieltlltr tsmadt an titnalysis of A te Ialsamll, conceiv it tag Ilat tle . eO't' eti telqualities would therelY bAe m.t ll h Illlmore ucentIut and mole lusetllly adminllistieredll Ithan i tlhe tlprest stItet ThA e lbote. me, I ecine .ocllliles ill- t lmelliellts uw iclh ie ill tli e hihestl repute ul.l:tlA IIthe meit ientilic :,l I learned in the prcstl;.isitt on. t ieh Idrug ill the conlpositiol of thnis prterllatiol illncmtre:ISes (Le ellicey of the other, productt ilig n operation truly astlo llshing, and surpassing the most sllgutin etinetatioll; Spossessilg.~lt tue sate the At ,ll ttudge io its cbei,,g administereld willt perfelt success in the different stages . i of 'the ablove diselse. T"he imost emlenut hll sicians andp I'o,"''alien it ,tt e e of tdtlte ca Ail iA, t&hl .l ts tutse it the p ri lcipal hosplitalls :tllun Ilili u medielt i9 ,t6lio ll- Ilhas hIe II, alnd still c:llllilltllns, tu1% exttllhite. It Ia t,\ r tlte r.eiedv withl Itle tellatted li)e Abet'netlthy in all At el ' cal nllietilsl, ill lt tint e lllttt t A 11 1 . l-u llltl'l io , rlisil i tm in Idisorltletll stae ol'theldigesltit llt iol ls. Ii lg been Iin. t litt edl t the test and experience o the m tt celebratl ed ttt tt tt Atct Otit .i ttlttt e11t 11), thl etty le tcttv i ltcttrs w' ti;se unde't thir cll. , Iby ailllltin g it oiII ill IAltir tilller e le'e:liclr. lhepulared I,) J B Thbutu, Chemist I.tmlon. Price $1 50 peri pt. .'ESTI \ONI A L.S. From A II Sa.Imon, Ilst, FR AI, St.rgeon to tht St 'lh, +a s Ilspit:al, llI Le .urer illotn lllt. 1The t i:; l hi h Ik hatre made ol+ s our pIrt+ep|aition in a I valriety . t"olc lts, boil matle nlold e lle, in Its results hite d llled his Iigly lll4l llle, that I d l not l esitate in t 'em . lilt r alibred to the public, umt one in wthich, ! h l I expe riat ec, 1 con place eve's reiance, whilst iti d sll. pro I(IIIIIU L tile s:Iue LIIIIIkiai atellctsusually ex eri' t4Lcedll h'ftom coptaiha t Fr-m . 11 1 la, ov, di, l it C S, IPht.sia.i to tIh Stt M- cIChuee tb I tkle c g'e 1 llllsure ill ddling y testln y to thle alh e l| op i Ix lor prep"teratiroet wishing you the o s.t.e+s onu so fIli deerset, in an1lnhpie rewlad Ior the hlbuli an! ex pscle inculnted in bringing it to such com rleo \\ j UCo l"Oopr, P It S, Sm'gemn to Guy's IIns A e teetif l 'ncr" i tiic IA b ta tendedec the Aldmini. Ih a te di: -t hI ttlit t A" lilieed nt that it has ot ly itl be klnow Ito b truly ailit'llL . jtlA the s c . l es yu s well d ,'mo l , m pl;y) awnd speedily repay you If 1 1'\r, t tiril" A t .t Iet ', iti S I' ItC S, &e. k.t t l o o Ia It ll n i tyyt' our l xtr'"tt ct' in sevtit i o:n t' t" i,,lient ( ;u ,· I!u.:l, w. ih halt hithellto b:.tiled e\t sr pll 'Sc.iiti lip ni tW rdl by 1I]!, bIInlle g illllllnd sa.. unt spe.. lt. 1 t'm' elleced h, i1, in it..a ' lIlw U I s Ifel m et ifll~ dulull r1 11, thsal Il l ma L w k" pract lide both ipullEll:oll d i .:te reel l tl tlaltl d use n Flroml G \ illair, \1 1), IPhysician to G(:'s Iio tpiid. lhe strict tlrt which I il giil yo l" mtdiit, w eell i-iei -e tttl, i t - t.t'llte- nt II( I- o l t deem it Fllcl i tt act ot.t' ice 111 lltt tscntl add I1fIeeI ble ttsli i tll i lell llcr.neu I ll l ' lll etrIl 1 ·iL .o '11 ". nlilFeturn vol m e s tillre thc'( s h'r t valebll e e pre s at I t t l1/" I' trieel t . ihite e t, litt e t ii tui ll , e t . I l'', lrltl filll ;hull Colt hals e I h, nu ht a ulll ch i l, ih lo use w. hl will p t :(11 |i' lt esiderlt.l ml I I stulghl I -lr i lhu el lic : 10hlle-: i L l '. l'll II-,Il i l t' ultll ll l ll eIne i l Ic I, h 'IIlt ll e A rlts. It e aitltlli I lrte .lgr l ple sur ie pclising to the, o l the ahtbIle qtAmlitiC uf your \W ere it, tihe prop,'ietoi meult htere'l furnish S:lnll lllil',v ¢..tin .li.ds ut'l ll l\ as c n nwCl rll lll at( ry a' fl oe tht S x enll. setli l ihlch if t hil tet . i eAll Ipa'l tt, \ ill II lr it, g u' t2 es l litttc t mett on t I e ls \ - it ttt :it. SI "l. Ie, llllt, ioln thies pei.ele'll.u. c- s :lh c ' i:e' c th l l ttt' liti Atl.I c t-I e, 'I s.,t ell:te l' e letirtl i.dlt \yu(dll fwd lb;, III - C 4-iuetIlCS : it tiee etllt:etIec A letite t"i iubt he ~l lh.l .hm e hI t'll, I tl i 't ei ta, s l ' I;ti IAe ! oI " T fI' 1 the 1 '1 tl all l rl S . l i (Ih II IS'.sC: " , Ut Ou, j lt i N e t'IIT ., ,I; .ni g l .ll and I .t l r e I Al' et. car ' 1 i Ja : 1 il1 fie' , ellf.ll l io I 11 - .-I. ' I , 1 .lNl h t"1.Ai I l l ll ,l ' i 11 I141' . h ll, lFreons ts ilt ) to :tc i. it 'i A o i et. i ti ltl 1 ttAleler tlerc Atdet I A: ck.i tthl ,i; e the ,flit' et lite, te frt ~ New t A It,, , L 1. th llbu i, tll l til. n , I SA I'OAJIA 1.A I ,. lts l .tc itcc ' ;to C I Illlt t el, lle ntil t . t l: t ll:,ll I, , ('. l th 1I 1nl ni t t\ er. , iiln i t.te, 'lht, l in~iA i.' l11At ., I Il l Ail it is it IC11etI I I eintIa IIet A. pre tl hr'"o- ly u \,l" n!,!\iI " i:to I-s l c 1 .+ L 11,1" 1)A %. nI is: i ts eIll . llft l, d ll l c I,''r lln l i 11 licce, N:id etyC ti-c cc ells, "A beet-a . hlr'rI Iilliat : :11' In I rI " our:il g II ('LIIT(I.I T l ll lh Ii. i Ar : at utt s a'nitl 'lll , liFer ·.- Illti i: l , il h trophe sholhl o-~1C'. Ther Ireat Ne w OY lene , 3;.I is c lrried I y this ls n e. The Agents f or necoi.,c'tlnliu tih -l, A i, C rl i lets u Ate i e lh .t e ri' 'e ieot be sit e.l'd tht s t t btthetn Ioiiti .t. the Imrothn hintt, lmtliurl rondsl, ihe siellllleand ntllertI , watet o Il atit i the ltime l tl ld el ne c modi tionI Albrd thet ttra.elertt spit.el, .crtint i, comfort, and e ijg va. it.; conec'te c 1s it wett ,eit Aith Atte aatil aodt C.arl'ston, S. C. and lhe steam pltckets to \ew Ytsrk, ltrllers coI r1 iet New York trAi New U.i ei .sC TIoN 11 Inr. -WVe-'hington elte in 1it. eieFrom C i.tuitahochee, Floridt, Je have AA liric olie tI hlilledgtjuille, iiull one to Mlatcon, light two lho e Artie rA, 21th t aill i. 14,35. "'Distance, New Orleans to .1o'0ile, 151 mils Mollbile to Aug.slta, Fin Augusta to Ch:arlesltm, 1111 '" Charlestmn to New York, J8.1- 1,f0 Time, Nhw ()rkw: - to .hiohile, "' hours Mebile to A\1gusta, Charleston to New York. tfi- 25% Making I16 miles per day, or i milles h .r hour, inchi N. Il. I lt;" lepave to inform I plulic that thl fridges onvr th:e Clhtuoheswamip and hlard L.abo creek hav'e just been completed t the general goven.11 Insti ( th ,ivallstdc]es operatingi gains l ist l hissafe an' s peldy illtc ore thusihappily rilmo'ed; aoln I haveth pleasure ofI. t:ing I'rtm t1rvellters tha the coaches,,hor. 1s "s, drivera mln -.ds are itf ic ti'st o.ider. and us to chI Iwater route from elnsacot to Cedar IllTuff it is admit. teld hv ull who he:av passed fl.'nnlli it to be iunsrposset, ilnlatellirs eat' y i" nll safety. The bridges t|,rougl (Goeria have ilso beenrepiled.=(+. J NI C IIAKERit AUARBIE CHIMNEY PIECE WarnirersE, i ý CIustomhouse street, opposite the poat.otlice. The oubscribers are now receiving from their the. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment . lMarble iMantle Pieces ofu.perir workm;anship, and of the latebt patterns, made of the beit ERyltian, Italian, Irish and Amlericnen marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble, facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Riomarn & Hydraulic Cement and Plaster ing tair, together with a splendid assortment of brrass unonted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of thie nwest and most approved patterns.r, Lettering done in tihe neatest manner and at the shiortest notice. T'hey have fiat rate workman to ret the above work. ji5 'AMES IAIN & S'I'ROK D TPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. !POURNAI, of an Exploring 'ear beyond the |Rocky Molntailns, ihuner the direetion of the A B C F M, ptirtrmer d ins the years 1833, '36 aind 73; contaiing a description of the geography, go. ulogy, cllllitta anld productinos, and tihe tmrbieo, manIers and Iutolms of thie natives; with a Map) of Oregon Territory, by Riv. Samn:rl Parker, A .l. 'I he River and ire D)csrt; or Recolections of the Ihone and the ',ihartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author otthe City of . So tan, &c. in 2 vols. ''Thel Rubbr, a 'rle, '. the author of Richelion, ''nii, tGypsy, Attat; in 2v 1 'lihe Lao lihrts; or Ad.-lurre in a Country Ilouse, ant: other Tatles, by Lady Diessnington, E L Bulaner, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwinm, and others; in 2 vols. Tire Ilir an.l Adventures uf Nichollas Nie!oeby, edited by Buz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just ro,eived aidforale by I:ENJ (, iitP.'ý.s, Ti'o'lt:roEis ''lEts, 1ar:,ttsi i ()'ES, i c-Just received etr, for sale b1 \1'm. M.c(reatlllorllrl II'r a ulotnp et Comlmln streets, age Ierall l UasstI)Ine!t of u..Stltver'a (O'i)pUF' iuueg ltirihrndiri e.n , iog Boov leas, ory Pro-' Ivory .relie, siunter's S.'ales, Glass a Triangles, I'arallel Ituler.,icroeorcpes, Thtirlrrometo , t'alnera Olaellnre, Srve i Chaip, r Masuring l'ape, Sc. " d7 N. York d Baltimore laolkts jIACIKETS FOR NEW YORK-Now Linen S--To saRl punctually every seconn d Moadkb during the Elasou, full or not i'ull. Hlip Orleans, 599 tons Capt.%. Sears, Ship, 474 do C. C.' Hrirr Ship Arkansas, 621 do E S Donlnei Ship S ratuog, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackbouu Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Badlt. The above chips are of the first cOlas oplllP and copper fastened, and having ben, built in Now York exrpressly for this tradd, they are of light draft of water ad almnost invarihbly eross thl0 %fy without any detention. The conmnainders are mai of great experieoco, and the ships will always be towed up nod down the Mississippi by stenmbghts: They have handsomon fitrnisihed accommodstipeo; and stores of the best deserlption will always be fu'rnishtd. The onli.n passage it $90 withu l9 wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnishadbtat the officer, or crew. For freight or pansage apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Campdt. 'rlu ships are not accountable for breakagepff glass, hollow ware, orbhlo or granite, caoperageof tin, or rust ofiroi or steel, nor responsible fir any pIacligce or parcel, unleos a regular bHolef lading is exLcuted therefor at the oilicO of the all,. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AoN BALTIMORE LINfl or PACKETS. This line will c0o0a t of the followiug vesnmel, which have beenr buiti or puTchased etpransly fa the trade, ciZ: Ship ramlnan, Oopt. Maner, UBrk Mary, " NikerMson o Irad Ferry, naw , n Itcvana, " Solomion Salta.s " Lutham, Blig Architecl, n' Gr T'hese vessels ore of the first Clas, have bhalnd solmo turni-lhed ecooitmodations, bAnd are of a lighlit draft of water, so as to adrit of their receiving and lhschurgiing their cargoes in Baltimote, at uhe city, Freight will be taken for ports on the Chsoapeakli or James' ltiver, and forwarded by the agents, Mersrs. CLARKE & KELL(OGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanried whorl required. 'The price of passage na fixed at $614, alnmle stores of'thb b st qualily will be provided. SteaIi up and down the Mississippi wtill ba tiken oni all occasions. For frcight or passage, apply to GEO, BEDFORD, nov27 22 Iienvil:e t. FOR N:EW YhlRK. [Liouisiana and New York LAne of Packet. }' 'I IlI' Ships rolmpoinig this line itrl sail idfro New Orleans and New York on every other Mon. day--eomrencing oin te 20thi November-and tO inutre the punctuality in the time ofaaniling, the lin, will hercaller oensist of five ships, vi.d Shap Yzoo, Cuaiain 'T'rak, to leave on the 2Otlh Novenmber. Ship Louisvaler Cap.lain Falmer, to leanO on thi 4thl December. ShiiO IlH tsville. Captain Eldridge, ta leave on the Ship ihlt m brg, Captain Woodlrouse, to leave on Ship Missir ippi, Captain Davis, to lete on the 15th of January. Tile aiove ire all new, of the first elass, sopperS d.: and copper i;ltened, iand upwards tof 5111 tonE Iurl hen, are of light draught of watlie, being built in Nie,w Yoik expressly Ibr the trade. The prita ~f p ,ssage is fixed at I00 dollars: their cabiis ard iltted up in tile mustL in pretCd and convenisat plan, and fini.hed in a ntet and ehegunt style= Ampie storts m li the irst quality will lie provided, and cVvey regard pilid to Ihe Iniumlfrt and entire ealisi:.ctiu I Iopa.nellgers, whil i ili please take wno tiic ti.. a" ih Lthi c.i e seacured untll paid far at the itf'co of tie consirlnle. 'l'iesse vesselsare commalIded by enptainl wel experienced in the traoe, .lho waill give every at ttioin anid . xert icithemscune to a olmia oit .id k . . ... ......... . u· c el.a0 uaW i til ie amI S sil r i by steallmboats, ;,ad the strictest puneteality i'sirve d ill tile tiim of sailing. 'I'ne oowners of these slit will not be responsoi ble for aany iltter, parclI or :tckhage, sent by of i put onil oard oif tlnm, unless a regular ball of lading Ie el.g,'d therelor, at the countling house of the ag'ent or o.era. Fr Infurlh r pariiculars ap aply td J ) REIN & A COHEN, 27 90 Cnlitmon s) FO)[ NIEV YORK. [I.,ul-isun and New York Line of Packets.] S .htn 1 .t l lu withl if Jlol n t Aar Si-) I,:, .!ll : w C apt k oil ter6 olher o ond s--i r 1) w~i slurg, Cata:in W'oodbuue-, t tleave us thi T it Ibovmhl in1;,r i tinew.gofsii, iste ling t, ii i l' l'irlll: -. t. . o l i- ,of I;," ips i : II'* I' pie. x ' I'r::, to lealllve on thle ill nu. II wr.Ollo.. t b e.llhis l'yrl toe rlil on thble 4t vI, nib3g E iir. Tllllli:lv io, linea Don ilos, to leave oscab. of ui Ti. he shits are all nwo ofe the an rst cpes burhein, are of lih ht oh0l0lllOf wa tos beig bruille il Ncw York exprenldit r th Itrade. 'tine prieeorf pas. Thrce is fixed at ere lradred dnollarn. bT ,eir eablul are aPried i'ion the tireprll oed lol il rn ive rit p alonaJ Sii, iled itl a neet vei elegant toyle. Ample e trlle ot the li.e qulity will he rioeid ied od evary regail had to t.l.wilr laid lentir a ietiolnl passengers,whd will ple. e teice tait n berth cai be secured sib ill paid ltr at the ofice of the el Thl fognelea. 'l'he r ee eenl n airer ioumanded by Captnis well :a periegleed i. flte trade, h m will dive evers ne nlital ad exert themselves to aeeoanlit e. ' hey will al nil timas be lowed uip nd on the Mississippi b o.lerinids ad theo srictleat lpeltnality obserted Fit the Bnte o.r sailing. The ewriere of tiee hips till! not be tesponeibl fist' aIv let er, prcel r itackalge sent by or lit on hardll them, tie atni regitir hill of lading be signed therefopa it tie culvnting hotlr o the agents or oa hear. Far I) BEIN & A COHIN; tny 13 N1 C.mnaadiIL NE 1\' OR:. EA NS & ChlARLESTON PACKETS This lisre consists of lat enareeel, all of tile first claes, conpered and copper fula rilned, tnd of atout 1300 tona bartaen, it lly slen reCie elntodatins fo ot ponleaners. Three veassels nf, eoleitandnd by captains well expenreIced ill is trade, Who will gie every It Ye1t on, antd exert theanelves to accommode adte tl ship,'trv'. 'hed nwill be towed up and down tihe Nlisoassitut aend Ienoo Now Orleans 0n or before Ihe 1lt11 and /llh of every mnathll. T'he following vesseda coltieoc the lhnta viz : lrig Arathian,Chllales Gi'dod , master. LBig C ,apmtanJ. u. Tlhompeaonr master. Beg An Imena, 3 master . Bark Itioger Williams, J. Allibere master. Fir Irelght or paeso.te, aplv tno I A, BAtlgLL & C), 61 Cms noro st. Nte·w lleans, oe Mh. .e , ilordecairCllalrstoe. olct L T Il C w nderaitned having recum.nenced bncinea I na a Druglgist and Apothecaryi in the I aore w aned by lr. Jileb Ot, at lde corner of Tiouli circle end 'l'rituoi WIalkh respeatlblly solicite a shared of the eutqic platrldg sid a renewal of the favoui Shis fIormt er cuctomcrs. The entire stocb of a Dru;a mediineis and Icncv articles id freeh end a carelully selected. The folluwing only a's pare' ticeularized, viz t l'ee Snda, Seidlial and Saratoga Powders Y, nat l'Pwderst hattlg a wholelone and elegant suslAitute for yeaat, ill raisin. bread# backwlb.em e akee, &e. Bullit'a Effirveatenrt Magnesian Apperirnt-a d plcaslt nlnd genie purgative in dtspeiea or indi, geenii, nervous deblllryr idhtlesie bheadeahe, ecdity Uo the etlilnaeh, hubiltiul Ceuatierce=I seta. ' IU (ot erullt oey , & c. Carpeatel's FIluid Extraet of esareeapalrilla ro if puril)t I the i blood, &c do de. aed cobebro &a. awarn'a Paonaea and Verlnifog: ; Iritilh and Illrlem ovil., Opodaldoe. &c. li, , tined L qiricer jujube and Ouatenauae plta 'l'oili h biiaho. N St Ptaeutir carbaonic dealti V lie, chlrille tootlh washi powder pll saltid bteal. L 're lilttesd earbinic dentr.lice ehhlorear i'tiel weske , povder puffs and h "x'e, Prenlteie aeented'lad pli lll " o pIowder, poilaltml errate de rOl r l o ite f owter, roe, lnven' er and JI'lutlda wlet. l,,i the e bel qlllhsc, l{-' laO'a Ill ecear Oil ,tyl0a rlidei' balli ol C,.lulein, beaot's ell a rii.iy o iuletr ntlld ulilher nliciles, itndltbie tIeebse a1a6 vupnreiir lanck itt, &i; elirin and refiwed whole oil, Ha)'e J.iojameali A It, alt nassurvtvln at bo ltrh.rn'eOtlietei oct v'2 t.'oI ulGE j I Alhlt=dti kegs letaliag tim nteaOTI'OL L hIor sale by t. it)tll.tlCr 44 ,ew Lovae. iey (JTAT0E:3ni3 blills rtietar tn etae isshih and fur rule i J Frl|AVI'k i .rk A Pd ..

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