Newspaper of True American, February 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 13, 1839 Page 4
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t"- BSTANDARD! n' d ratk&~hrat gP+ nt:. 1 '-WN :.HK:;" '.'Pim. vula Soto no 'enta.who,, . ~h'. )edtre tn s.-ent, ithi .. reld ates !.b 'n P -Porithn, d r tuI lut taste 1 Cill'i xai is u Jet eat bsheea NPW nV Et Cat, WORKS :s alef -r _hhi~ir and Ill rul Lcn g MoerWibdt JOor;anritrene on Itsanity n PererePritclharj uon nsanily i " n. t dt·"O.-M.eridtons snurgery hi errlllntrt.d-.notes poput'.r Medicine we" ry of Ihemistry },.., ý yiclt ltni~try COoaRIoaCr. ANnD NAUTZOAI. *'. .. Am,9 .nw e(nd Repnoitory,ftt 1.79 -. o 'aot_ I i o ahdr ictionnnary, L.lun a Attu· vntlOfAr t 1831 " V 3" 5wl c~tri Y9teig·tton S ., r, t . rse-hn n FCII S 97,' RB AN tenotcnANtCS. 'r "fl*~'" n ° f Arehit·ElltlrR , I1Ueodon v hin Aem 4 hl~eettee, 3 voi., toodon Wl ,ehaecture. 'Itredoihl's fa .outry . . h.Lehnmat0i .nryclo ndin, Loud n t+A niet-- ca titnarnt.n, ^ vea V ar;:-" n.'i a, 5I hirellen from the t noanl IltinenOIlot inr aptar.n Wa Ls 2 - nl In Conrlua Wi. ' . ori ,iiti ,s f ...rureL S ' h S ay, do Vetlnka _':. t LIta "of It ter Scott, 2oole ·I*th i bnknlat a ltttnlnla, by Prescott. 3 vela ",'}, }a tletttllid e dition, 7 vol. Rl,au S nl assornment of lw, N.^clionl ,.nin'ific . f '._ aaaeuae ...Hook, Nov , armmnnar, English and Latin and Greek. ... IE JOIINS cp. 8 nor. Clhrles ninoi Cu( ,,1oll stt. A131N;~V~ j i~ TONIC \ilx'I'Uftp1 Far' treamllen nod rare of lhc Fever n l And'gP. l'Prlll !,n mndiy dls:.vcvred whlerein the 'l',.+iu Mix " urw ii spernot Inl tile ordrlin arv mer h t'of Ireting tteand Aen.' fU the first .]het biotg o Veg. .able, nxtret, and froe from env deletr.ris ai it pOis)o y( rdihneth it tiay Il taken with tihe lllnoet noif Irlnbv the tentelr illfant, or aged invalid. It Ile ta.1 Iepe of tihe diseasn, coneequenlly the cmvtith Ios .,ubn reg .s itnonted tone. ,nact'vitv . It ab., lihn a i ott and pernanent appttite, by invigorating th sttmaehnd iires t relishi to thoe enjoymnets of ti-te. Being peculiar in having a purgative quality, it rtumailnm antia Ith howels ti increae this dinsorder, or to create toier dieoteas, btt thoroughly cleanses the teveral or gans at digestint, and thtus benefits tle itystem with whatever other alleotiont it mony he opprcsserd. Ildividonl, anet. thtt one ofthc Toni Mixtlure, have been exloed tal nil the usual cusens of the disease, and have escaped lvsrphsertm hr~sb and tnneenened nat symptomss ofreaturn; whereon by htihe otfthe conmon remedies there is always cen ad on ineneased liability to recurrence. The danger ..equineeM relopies of tte Agee, is very evildent, for ato5ylam will soon become ton much prostiate to hi6 title te renet nile.e po atat t IttS to react ithnmodit ne, and speedily fall a vie ih to sUCh netsanat violence The 'l'onlo Mlixtlo is ubered at such a reasonable price, as to place it within the reach of every oe~l--to that fib poor and destitute nre hereby tarnished with dssistanee, wihout soliciting t aid 'and lattendance which is frequently denird to Y" n easl very reluctantly bestowed. The pu1,Ik ore re ,peetly cautioned ngninst thie apt *oans initations of this medicine, that re daily offered ter tale. It is Prepared nlv by Dr. John R. Rowand, at his thoretor)+, M arkctstrot, Philadelphia. The suoheribern tie niewholnle tgRentl for tihe nouth Westaert e latol, iand will eol by ite oero, at the Philadelphia prices. 'l be hod at retail oieo, at aueotcfthe Apothiecnrias itn th. city. JAftVIS & ANDREWS, tWhotesale Itrt.ggists, .,,vl . oro mn,,,mn 'I'choitoulam s tiansaenppi and Louisiana Hotel, I RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prcpared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes from her exertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. Site feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the simmer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on mere liberal terms. Her house is pllasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with thie most choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises *lat nothing shall bh wanting on her part to give a stire satilkaction to all whJo may patronize the Trimsissippi nnd Looisiana Hotel. je3 THE PUBLIC.-The undersign rd. Laving studied under Dr. Scl.tidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and oIr some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the htonor to effer his professional services in this city. He assures tihe ladies and gentlemen that. the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to tihe holders of slaves, beinlg well acquainted with the diseases cnmmon to tthem, having atteded them in the sugar nouse in Charleston. The btmious anti-bilious pills a ter tie composition lt Professor Sotolletto, with directions, can be had .fthe undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attenderd with the greatest succesn, to which the best of seforenens can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mara. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLOW WARE, WOOfUl SC T, s --; IRONS, &c. II HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, -to. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, eave received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensivo additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern ana western markets. SHollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallueps, "Kettles, 15sizes, from. 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilles., . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, fi am :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inih, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's inlmported prices. 'Bad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for eTtaliling. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Bashl weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to .01bs. Bells for Plmtations, steamboats, churches, &e. sade to order, Also steaabeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. leved to be the largest and best assortment ever sffered for sale by any one establishtment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, pricesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. r'3 N IOMU3OKTYR NOR COPAIVA tRew, Urleuis, Nov. 1, 11187. A BOUT six monilhe ago I had the ilisirtune to get a acrert di.easo, for which I have aplidird to sete vol dc0tors for a cure, oand they did not cure me..o How n thel abore date I put myself under th calte of I)oct, net, andl expect him to cure me. r ince that time the disease got worse, no as to break out in largo ulcers to the number of nix or eight on ea I leg, and all over my face, and mre throat, anld not able to work at he rresnlt titun ol acelutr of the diseaseo; large Icer oll ihe side l f t, ethreat. I ,o c., putling mybelf eonfldently under th care of Dr. llhet, rf Perir, to be perfectly cared JOIN DEAN. feid4hy I UD CERT'PIFY that the btrve mentioned e iusne is qaite well cored to my non satisflction, fotbr whi I Dr. Iunt; and moreover I assore that the s.di tine I hare takean maLk. me fat, oad did at itljure ccy emalth at all; therefore I advise um f Ilhw suolbrers to lose no time and apply to Dr A. Hter, 124 Canal street, between Dauphinle oad tBdrboi streets. IDr. Blut is at hoe from eJo'clochk, A M, until 4 P M. Teay will find a true doctor fr thin c romplaint. JOHN I)EA N.,i c rnvier street. If any one wants to sne me, call at No. 41U ;lovie, JOIN DEAN. New Orleans. debh 1,1838. felh 14 Iy iHE Genuine Indian Italsam of I.iverwrtt mdl iiore d hound, is put ll in bottles at tihe low price fi 5ll eac h, olntaiing thIe stregtilh of three oucces of lalriwort, hesiles IIth irtuea t InRtlV other r,,ts alld herbs known amontg the Indison as eficacious in curing pulmoary eomplaintas. Ph e u trlvaled saccess which, has attended tie use of thin inettmablo Unlorta wherever it lh, leet introo doced. b sa nltaittld the 'confidece riend rrcutnmeda tion of reapectable pltysieians, for he cure of reugnoo, odlds pain ia the side, want of etro, spitting o0 blood, lIver complaint, &c. To whom it olav cnneem. This is t,, certiv tihat we have in ou praEtier lirentuetly pcelcribhd Afrs inard t."ea ladirn Balstt of l.verwort a:d II.erhotod, itih adecidedgod effect: we cun therefore, frs th hu khow ladge d.l.ft aterinle it is made frhou, arnll . bse ralon ad xrp*lalta, recommend it asd u euloeri,, re,ueratinm, o'tli tho .*.actions of tilt lues fior which it is re touiseadtI AI.BER I' Wi I.[.AIS, .'31. D. CAL'VIN ELtIS M. t. Mejtmbe.e of the Boston Medical Aesociotion. Ipton. October t. V fl. sme at their permanent Writng Ancdeires -a., 8l teo raeLt, New Orleans, 189 lBtloTdway 'f z J ipblno at., Mobile. 'a !p klarhe'cyderigned for private letrlrs,. and it calcuatedfor persona of all ares. tgintlemen are invited totacll aid examine ite given at r eh houires ma tay uit the UllU, and to eclasuea formed in ny plrt cirloprefer iteaa recsive Iesrone at tileorown ref naaoh ftr one,, tr) e oflr,,ons ear desired - -- rihewrtt'c rel nthrey wIILh. DULkAAH & BIIOTllt.R. on board ship Orleans, Eagle, Highlander, 'oker ltrny. Andrew, French and German play cards; nBack jalnoon Bardn; Chessman, 2 1-4 and 23-8 inch li ard Balls; 8, 9,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Kniveo: Lea the r trvelling Dressing Ctass Belt. Poreke, Horeeman'a, and Dotlling Pistols; doaile ean sinrgle hnrroelldl Gon; Game egs; Shot Belts; Powder ad Pistol Flanksl; DIm; Bottles and DIrinking Cops; Pere:seion Caps mnd Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; arid Nall Irlah'ss: Oerrs ondl Chlorine Tooth Wash: lonolh Powder; Toilet and Shaving Se ps, in great vs raite: Ilog Hair Braids, Riiglets and Prizette; Pear: and Toilet Powder, Eoery l.ccs; ivory Tub Cushions: Patent Slides er Gnrteri Golln Elstic Sonspenders; Powder Pnlt0 andl Boxes; ilt Chains, Seals and Keys; cEar-drops; W\Vat Bucklers; Brneletsr Bend Nccklareo and Chlis; Gilt nod Slmered Beads; Indtlian eads, Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist: Side ind Dressine Cwoolbs; wltichin addition to thlsirfornr stock o Ihatl, makes their assortment very complete, and will he olmd ow and on liboral tenon, at the sign of the Golden Comh. ..5-tf 70 Ihnrtres street. 0iIE Snbsceriberr, Agents fir elh extensive hiouse of L W. & 8. Botcher, Sheffield, Enlendo, have just rceiv~S a very cxtensove set of n. j lsa, consistin lof Table nol Dessennrt Knives of e' co ldescriltion, Pen, Pocket, l)irk, nd Spear oiont Ilovesa; Razors, Seis soErs. Edze Tnols,&. &c. d&c. which they are prepared o exhibit to the tradeorordles. Terms and conditions will lie asd,- known at the time. sIl J. I. BEIN & A COHEN.90 C Anmmon t. O NEW O60011. IMiMONS, H.RTT& CO.-Are now receiviing se l ship Ilulsnvillen Eaglc, Berry Andlew, Hip!h aaerI-, Fench eio d Germsn slosidle lce,! itlovinzearins tier, solt ntis Inckht ipistols; tiloin, rushbes nisl split tissina paps; rotp Isldcihs- mcisa"im, IRanor-n, icc,. nen; (iillot's' om.e.oinld asd olther steel peons; Vi ns; Violinl strings shell, ivory and horn eomnh; waferss k, headloill a lher irncs; halir hanidls font anod olk rlinglci;s negro plns; German mnll Frech ecologne enter, Itowlnds innaccasser oil, imitatins d; antique land vc:lsnoil; pi nlshle ldeok and adesleg e.les: Iorstl klackslag stallani to iiel rglasses; CoILVX nmisrs; ot eal glasnses and ieNws; dslCan linel, Ihllsand iPlltea ; coordeon; whit- twine; toilet anld rlshenig soapsu toilet owder, cnnmetie washs halls; scented satin cnshniots; pool stalns; serew esldhons; Ilncy bead chains nmul eykllcens; billiard balls; lmeket tooks and ralletts; dermanll holes; razor ste; flne and common gllm aolastic suslender, igrtersdo; Bells lucifor matches; sil ver pencils; Crevous, &c. & ere. Tihe aove ; inhdilion to oor fomer stnck of faney it-sclos, iketniat lnssociatnt vct e-inntlcts. ior sii c whocsalre or Ietail! as the sigl oflthe Golden Comb, 70, Chrit.e. sire. . m& 8. 1OTICE- he partnershlip of Kallev, lsso. &Co I of New OrIn-; lMans,, HaIrris &Ci.., of Noc:hez; ld Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodtev, was diss.'lverl o he21st of May last, by the death ol Soamuel A Mason, rle oftthe Iartncrs ol the firnts. Tile undereigned, nrviveng partners, will be charged with the setling tnd closing said buinress as fillows: Levi*C Harri will attend to tile settling of the businales of lnason, Harris& Co.. at Natchez; and Ilarris, Kel ey & Co.,at lodev; and lenry KIlley will aottend heeltlin of the bilscness ofl ellcy, Manoon s& C, at BNew Orleans. T 'lhe noics of lit several firms will bo used in liqsidetioionly. Tihose indebled to said firms are ernectly requested ocomne forward and make early settlements; and those having claims will pleasnc preo7st them without delay. - LEVI C ilARRIS, IIENRY KELLEY. NewOrlueno, June 27,1837. -I-aN IiATi- FARINA'S COLOGNE WA.TER Scases wlore of this superior Cologne water, just received anod for solo by the dozen or siogle bottlol- t Also American lnd ':crnch toilet ipowders, piowder Prfl and boxes, shkoving and toilet soips, ceosletic wsasi blls, mnilk of roses, cosmetico rcoll 'cream, extre o onink, keiphlnhl, Ward's vegetsble hair oil, polntumo, csee sde dseroe, Florida, lavendar, rose and bay wloiers, Presto'ns salts, Marseilles pesfnmery ia truonk. veeta se r id liquid sonce, Chlorine nnd Orris tooth wash, cloth, hair, toth, nnil anld flesh eruoshc; together wiml on additionel roilply of fashiolble lornl and shell colnbs and "oecsclfr sale low at holeeole or rvtail t by SIMMONS, IIART1' &CO, Sju!v I 70 Cllartre street. COAt- fli-h subscribers vesn constanily on land a large esupply nf Cannel ndl Liverpool coal, in bolk. ef superior quality, which they offer for sale is IolsIIa seuispurchnanrra. Also expecterd by tile first arrivale frnm Eng lnno and vil e North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach lMontasin Coanl, brke and screened, put up in I.,glicheads exlpressly for lamily ose--oll of wshicl they will dispoase of on the nostn moerate terms. Orders leI;l: at their ofici, No. 53 Bionville at up stairs, nwill be promptly atteaded io. nci3 ".l&ASOULIP. Choltine lire ar, ,'rsoscery, &c.-A o,55c,.,. ,risrleflr colagne, pu uop expresely for Ihe retail trade; also the purest F' ench Psriofemsrs, mbra cing every vnaristy or the toilet, forr SInt by .I 2 tIES & D'LANI. Tis, toLssna llr lhinnis acnd Planter.s, Neros c lisRs, Islanketls, fl tnclec~ lsecy, soawll olsirtisur, eiscks, li;.tsirs. calioes, landslkerchiels, &v &crrcceived and lur sale low by he sbebscri. b le . RO'r'l'A & C,,. o:nt. rorner(Cnonltstl C'tontre st 1 IF Gleisi's /'erfsss rii., Indian Use. for coloring tlie lair ; Beal's Oil, Rolssillnsac Ien'screese, posnlonlU, Mtihllan'a Frel elo Wlsh, syuselior pearl piowder, Ils?; whie, cre-am ,to r eut F, v-glabile, ststo sll rsso-, s1A salvsc, Ireiis. te ti o l washI tlsto , sll.llsla C dslrl iiP e, oratl p ft ,wsr wahes, poswodlr puffs and hlxes, A r elharcalsovl, plt UoI) in Iour nesoce viosI, Pres tll ' salis, aisedjn, k reots,,. tlsih atehs dreps hair, IbrloshCeE Isllsl dreecsien Combss s dldian hair ln i,, pith n' rsllUly o othlelserlum0,li5i.-,S.. a eF'r soly by C.J. 'Ilt\CJA!lI, ets3 eornrr e- Canial ald s llsrsol ass of IRN l{ ) )-T-Ie h s.tscribers have p ucul_ e at na reait expi nle, Ihe right of pullinng on irni ',' infIs in thies .vy. ''lhei ' are adO pted to pullo , buihhngs, warnlusel , nad privale di ellinads- nll ro Itne n.t ,lonce chnpriiess and durnhntliiy, and are Ircholy firu and water promf. T erms inmi ie knoi'i, and ia model soen at our eistablishmenti+i 'pposite Si. Mary's markttii Tichlpioielon asc. .1 2 E 13 COUSin EL, & Ce UIP'IOl;'I EItiY & PAPIER IIANti.ING STOIRE. Henry Sioehorechlt,(Iormerly J. C. WVicks & Co,.) tIvouh ine(e respeIctfull illorm hlis friends nelm the ptillie in gei'ni'ral, lhd t hle lins and is constant ?In ly.reneivin, a neral si I e milent ot uphllolstery 'ior tan, paper IinntOin;l. T' hc +tllnin c'lin-rm ted pat o i al'lhioteiiik, which Ihii oftin' foroI.ahi, at WhiIl, ir P. or retail i-n the Iowotl cco lliimodal intl tel lis, for viz : Fnrnch ve!ver and osain paper, latest siyle : do Ihall conimoot n commnin, Pniladelphia glazedn to and nnglaznid hdo do, French landsonper, liren onarlds, bnllllnd, &o. di velvet nIId worsted do di, Le. !morennze dIoi ulrs,sil inilge and gallIn;o s o all to sorted pattern. plain and viurlded. Swis In ueht, loins style ploail al tollouned, colllt l J llpry ly nusatinsiplain and twilled, as-orted coloro, neon I'd ,tlof needle work lfor ofa cushions, fooisioo I w cuv, r, &c new stile of bell pollers, ranisd lieures e. iand plain, gilt window ornamlen ts' 11if a palttrns 'or nd.rizesn , gilt engles batol and spetare , leathetrs, ii e &c, gln l ,nos, osltersi ilah,hmir cltlo, ligureolnd ta pla n n . nuei assortment of teys I r cilildren; a art Ilre silk cold iand inasie,s worsted ord anrd las. d l ', ise', I gen'ral nesortlc i t of u pholslero and paper or lhilinealine_ cll nsta ly l In lhand andl fe, snale o l te Iwe-st prices at Nus 41 RIo)l aud i64 Cu-tonm It II use ots. N ti-P'craone in the city or f m thle enctry, are reopectfully invited in annill and exuallmlle tcr ar thllemnslvs. C:Irpets and curilins malde in tie pe at latest molld, rn syly, rnmons prepared at tbo slortit e- Ie otlie, anId i ll kns of uphofldntlery nonlr I: Sdonne with neatsess and destparch. oct :l L S SEJOult., No o4 Conde street, between or Dumnin and St Phili.cik ,.epseconstantilyou lond o an oxtensive nenrtnent n of lom tnld brogans, nid u o ll,,e ,,, New York manufactlure, for men. l womenll ,If and children of nil seer, which he will dispose of c at very mno.erae pliie. cc Fn nilies of Ihis ae qiinl ncne on sendina no orderat will h ,ve their wishes attenoded io L S SE-.OUR It . . . .. . . .. . .--- -- . . . . . .. . . I)EAFNIES. A NEW nrticle tair persons troubled with denltlness, n n' (clled tlhe l'anr 'trumpetil hns ,in llst lben reennl l,n f in-lne non ii i iIn. nh. o' iti;. , t artii'lution o" the Inn fin lian voice is disni iy co:el end to tile a onr. AlnI oel dividnnlu o ni lltnlrlu natel' t i fliteln. ly ti linue of tn Ie Ear Trumpet thin obijetioin is entirely nlinted. The cir nmost septipal have ll. ilys n. indonnki t'leir doubt, alier ti, having used the ''rupllet. For sale at to 'r F (;ttION't , n, Fancy store.onrler ofll'. nionl and St C.narlelr streets n if tir Ihe nine E't ii.rna hotel. fib 13 S' PEM 11 I 1 OIIf-1(00 gonios pire winter d li ,g lSpermll il,in casksn ak i llsl, for sile by JAIVI& &+ ANIJItEWIS - f fl holesale I)'ngg t, corllner (1 Ilenoin and Tcha 1 ] Is sl reet.. alir I _r I 3. W il l-g- L :1 S bls, 1- b-as';- h-- --- .......... . 41)1 kr-, 100 - d, 11 Llt i21 ie 5 il EngDlish dn-- I5d I-4 lle. -4110 n" . " Sl0 I' lx;.t Ilrloushrves +anriud qizes N I con.e Vlrmteillie en oh blhlnaCopal Vaornish; o, - Japn n sr. 0 " Joi"tho i0 pbeks (told Leaf; .50 do Slver de; tint do Ditnh "etl . ione. WIINOW (:lI.AS, American, Erglish and Frennuh "e I1 I IIxs, arnoua si.,telnC and qunalitires. n S -$I'II 11t t.r liinc d n.---ol e iox zneis , sill fe lili SAbsos, a pnerl assortment ofarrsits' colurs and ' roos, Itr eae iy _A IV SCA E, di Notni ('nello inreel.: ' N Il. Alabomn notes takee at ic r. .id Mlisissipnpi I notes will Ie received a i I pon er Bent diseountl or fgocd, or in ipyment Dfdebts. .i. Io I a1 LoOUtR--.00 nniig fl in rieanourIn ledepetnd Ie l eilt'e, le It)SEYe in .M.{ 44 i 'e I .vye. b+. Fonrsolli' It ner Sirens-'l'leeC Ciss of th tun nenuinenrlltnl jeJ.t rnceived hy nOs ' o,+t3. r;tFS' &D'LAG c, 1 ('n p n,, MI-b alt l(o..,---h cols Nissou'i hole rope, inadnI all of hrlp, il tlore, and for osl, by t.3 IUO;EIRT & H-IAI T;IORN, 63 C;ravier -t BOOK BINiERa'. Under the Picayune Ofice, 72 Cmnp at. SRONSEMA '& HOWSON beg leave tq inform I theirBeu'omers nn.l the pnhlio generall., tan, t. hey have removed Iheir estalhlllhment to Nio. 72 SCtmp street, i-mmediately under the ofise of the ir Pt a~rne-w-here they are prepared to execute all ; or irs in their line.. h; H ving received from the North a sop; ly of ip. ' per and mnterials of a superior quat'l., for the tmanuaincture of Blank lolanks, they offer itlit s.rr r vices to merchants and other', who ltay wish x work of ihat kind ; and haviina the advoginoe of several yalre'a experience in that line, they are s confidentof civing satisfaction to those who may a, ftvor theln with their cestltn. ir For notariee, architucts and others, maps and d. plans x ill be pasted oil linen. vainished and Id mounted in the neatoet manner, & at the shortest nnotice. Plaiin and fancy hbnninie n all iti vrietich'e i. of I-- - - - iGuIaINA (.LAS &9 . tRI'mIllN WAlIlCIUlIt, if 36 Charrel street, New Orleans. n, UTM SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and Enl: eh Chinn and Earthen ware. are lnoW openttlin new and rich patterns of breakfast, his lninm and tea services, toilel sets, pitchers, tea in I e.df e cups, tlenpits, sugars, creanls, bowler, plates, dishes, aureles, wash basins an! eweic, loot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. war--liolets, canmpaignes, lemonades, jellies, clare's, tiies, cordials, centre ,aowles, doea ters, t umblere, preserve dlshea, celeries, pitchers, Inaps, I lnp shade and glasses, candle shades, salt cel st lers, etc. cI Silver plated, branzed and hritania warens--car ie tors, liquor stands, cles baskets, cnndlesticks, me hranrehe, a ons, ladlev,coffie andl tea pots, segarn, It creams. lamps, :japanned'trays, astral ianldsanil I'- ITnaing laips, tin cutlery, German silver lspoons s and lorts, lugether .with a arcnt variety i f aticles elt iiri fantly use. Merchatls, plaulers, ho nIs, dll stenslblant, furnished wih goods at the tea m sonulble prices, and pInaked no as to be convesy d with salely t I any part of ie con ry. i- Ali1, nthereriec'istnsn.".are. nsv2 THE FLORIDA LINE From Moeniu ito Augustao, Ce . 0, leaves Moile ivery day at three o',.Iock, pmt per US mail bot Sfoir llall's I., iLdine, above Sllakely.-thence four z; itel noaches nt Pensaeoln--lthl.en telmboat to on Igrmnee, wherelthe laed loltle is resumed-tlhence in, v.n Mariatnnlaand Ilrwneaville, Flu. Bathrilidge, Plt ,h.ride in nI, .II I.ltnsville. Sinndirsvills & Louie. ed vil.cI Auguta, ns , i n CClllleng rcCularly with ' the rail road enr. t ('Charl asno. and the steam epackets to Now Y'ork, N lloltk, P.viladelphin, etc. t i The stlealbns are r it the for the service, and at the naovigution presents la ore advantail ges than can be be fIulnd uapon ally steamboat route in the suth. ern resion,. ed 'lhe great improvements in the roure have been isO produced by the construction of fifty niles of new m'" road, by the proprietors, viz : fromn, LaGrane onil LnnFavette Bavou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, oni the Chatnihoochee river, ten tmilhs above the Cowford, or 14 above Cedar Bluffil it whereby the navianotin of the river, and the cnn vseqient detentions, anld more recently the ineon Icr venient crossing at the Cowlord, are entirely uh avoided, and a line road from Marianna direct o to Iainbridg, instead ui the roundabout road via i, Cha ttahulachre, lessecing thealiestnce about forty re, miles, and incrsasiig the facilities more than once o day. iAI.,, ta hranch line of two hInrse stoes every oel ither day fitin II iwkinsvells, via PFrry Ito Malno, ail (a. concecting wilth the line to Savannah and Driean, Ger. A mail steamboan t lies regulanrly be wen Bainbridge and Apalaehiula. 'T'ravellers wishing i to reaChl lny point on Chalinboiochee r Ap alactti i, cola, rnll lke steosii. no t at il rownville. Mar obile I PellsacilaI-Luntd RU oe-During the tiltle occupied by the repairs of liUs, the prullrie. c Ils oif thll Florida line will run a line a l tiur cII hore post coclhes every other day between Miu. i' le nd Pensacolan. cPassenuers will leave Mnhilu at 3 u'clockp in, is. in the U S nail boat, and proceed io Illl's Land inE, where n lour Itorso coach will tl. in waiting to convey itleam to the exceneia llhouse of Mir. Charles Ilall, I 14 t nile dsmtani, whnere they \will find plealant accomllloudaltions for the night--leaving l next mnorning, they will arrive in Pensacola early iII tile evening, lthus aLvidineg the discomfort el niglht iravelling. O'Mie uit the Mansion Ilouse, Molile, and Co!. lins' litel, P'ensaconl, where slats inusi be seun re. STUOhK'l'ON & Co. nov I Is JPiano orte a lrearultion. ri- W illinm Soii h tendeIrs his services to the citit iens of New Orleans as a alo cher of the Plin a forle. llr S haling been empl.oyed sveral )enta s an teacller of musie in private fumilies in B .slon, and altu at several of i letl ale e al senlinlnarsi n ill its il, vi inity, cannot hlut hope Ito neril their co fidnllee. el Hl is 'perniltted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.pp, Mess.e it Slteson & Avery, Henderent &i Gai.ies. e, For ermsi. &e please apply at tie buukstlare iof e AlexanlderTower,49C0 nip t act 2 Druags and .thledicince. ir J B Pi vot hnas loaled himself in this city for 1l, the iurpose of lrnsancting a general Wholllesale Ie Drllc business. I1e is onw receiving a full supply of Iresh and genuinle triecleIs, lhlh h i will sell ont libernl ernli . 'To' cii LIruemnists, and tllose of the inleri , tii phlysicinl , merchllntll s nnd plalnt re, S lie i ill ofi r ilil ceun ents such ne have nvet r le S forl leut flervdil in Ihis city. lHis intention is , o sniti tly ilitinmantel blulsiness. Iles stlck h ill sooen be collpleln, ond in a few weeks will Ie r-n. I ev focr busines.s. All ordersi rnm Ithe coualry,nnd fr n ellrchi llt of t, i cilty, receiving such orders will e promlptly ailended to. aii1 2 No 39Camp st PROSPEClTUS. TtlE subscriber p-ypoesa to publish, in the be. ginning ol'the onsuing winter, a Codondensatlion (' the twenty volumes Of the Old and New Series of Malirtln Louisiana Reports, to be comprised In four voluelll, !!to., according to thi model of Peters' CColllntolse Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton larris.on, Eq , q, lthis city, asuisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguised retired Judge of the Supreme Court, aind by one of the iLtting Judges, to expect fromn their persyonal supervision all tih advantago wlliclh may naturallr e reaped ftiron thir experiencea. Such a wcur. is becoming every day more no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and secarce. An increasing curioity too is manaiu fhat, in the otlher States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louasiana; and the I ircumlllstanie e the niulgerous principles here dce elded in time udjustnent of conflicts of lans, makes the knowledge of our aljudged casoes of pritmoe ntil lily to the jurists of the whole Ulilon. lorerouvIl, thle rising republic of Tl'xas hlas adoptod our iodes, and tlhus there is a great dtunand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter, rCotvenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiann, and ocncaioenlly thIose i tl te miore authoritantive forumns of thie other States, witn. cc added to each case. TheO worlk will form four volumes, royal octanvo, and will be delivered, bonl, to subsor.bers ant O$(6 Iper vol.; iu case it shoulil be found piractincablo to colpress it ito thl ree Volunmleso, tle p-ic to suo nvriiarn will ie $7 per vol. hubscriptions received by WM McKEAN, I_ c_ r Coamp alp d CConm.o. as. Ild ntJ 110L1 ?AN[) RI 'IAII.CO!B AND VA tui B vETY STIORE-a the sign of titr gulden, of comb, ottr0 Cltunrtees stret. TliultuebsiboSlt hoe oc. toivml, illoddiuiot to tI irereviou tuottk n Itihdo toll Iure d COmplete ussortuent o1 tittlet in their linu; viz: tR rOtl, tetrfuoery, Jeoellry, Ibtulue, locking gIttsos, fn ctty nrtulesRc t. leticti in portttt follows: (,()I IfIS-tortoiso shell, w, rtnout atnd plioi tuekcctiot, qutllod bock, long rouno dressiog, ilde ptulleurl od Ot meek,IBraztilan Uombs of evtory descriptioutaongst rdl, tilt are toette Mletican Itutotee, Ivtry ctlts of every loo- 'ntslriti ono(orn, d ttttSIng ad pteket, togeftrwitlton Ioogttneral toooient t'of tetttlt,otla Aottrictt. F'f2 P:IIIfFI 11 -fllotgte, I.oveotrltr, Florido, honey, !It- hay, ttur, and or lltower wafers of every size and des. int- uutttimt, clplralt Cologntr, extruct ofl BUergtutttt, ltojttttt Votts tl1':ttlkitln, sltving dol inte t us aldtots, 'htrn ostdWrd'ovegetablte httiettil,tbuorutttnd al. ttcy tlqueo I cotuttt stttllintg salto, ploin anolperfuttted toilet powderlr, Ilrurl powder, p ow adirlt pi's and bonusn po tltttut in pots amp rolla,o jtandrpolhorie toudhu wt t od nIde·ts, with tpettterl ttuortment of J I:\\'Eflilf-.· -same, of'l re l euteafdittn,ttsltinnj a oI ltuel, erdjt rsot i tn filcreet',boeut joinof fo pore'" ,ren v of pllatetots watch trimmingslCC L'ill and s alve' acklesB s tilver thimbles eilver utnloBlhl pt toilotnd guard ltujoo It fbil'USIIotS-tClot , hllrft dust:. :lttorutttlaltrltgur, hlt, l. h, ttoolth, itlate, coumb, Noil, hauoingo, ohoe and tolttnwntoo broulthe IO)OlK I'%t LASSt'S-Getrwat sttia ti od toilet elttuoo, magtlfttt i ton ! caul ettenc drcusit:o glosto, htoto tlt, wtth lt vuriiv of othler kitdsnottfeto::terated. 'I ANCV At!) tAIft!'I'Y A!,TICfI.Ei-Freoelt :ttd ,Amrtictan pto:rtablle doektf cud dreotiog aeooo, sott. vory rich and Bu filrly ))disheld Indic,, worIk ho)XeX1111d drei) sie; castsowt h toletl oothtttuu ,t imucabon,.. courdin!t o o !tltOtlutS kn, toteli' ubt nIt utrlld, slvltrtan plnted pencils and lsadlls~wuud pencI(ilS for I'iponterlPTJ andI It tset, tetts-on cps tuottuo sin l ctduptt chrert' 'uttt le:e eh s,,rdrivers, e hot uttsotf Jltltt true to Lluitjto ttt te, els tui~,bed lo t vrkn,! btell: coud ttotoltt he tinenulld vn(InnIwn knives, razors anl llld scissors, tIiiialblei; tltuttpu, t , stlter ulto lt oodfttt,tts',-unud omot sttlterr oleo, peleof thunks alllutd t lletf variouo s tkito , Viitin o n f otottthcard ctner, ,laying Larch of French, German and AmeI1,rican manufacture, inlls111*. i!,ltation frluit, stllo Pi Loxes, pr ints of va r'riouls I~iildl, Sanludlro' 1'ou11Cl.?'( n U:, O'tltllso' Ilillt'o ntd -I ittttu Iril taiior . tatst * -jftalliC hont,,llllo famtttg d u tot o o doet ith rII drnof ntu rllpr, ,curl lllll lus, powder plank, rJ1u poan I. plait ro ord headsl, L~ilt .mr d ilvo~r tilt, Lam c lastic 602spen decrs,amplc garters, pain coll sward i fiaue:, Ilalrhgau!llllr l to and drinlking cups, withll it gnat 1Ucety of other rrti Iles, all ofwhir I will he nuI fll fo cool, city n :elp:III. cos on 12 m11ohII creIT.~f It If SdlII~li:: :S, & u. of 1 dtrrsi 011'Iw: alBnsIoi .tIlh f o i'fHE lNliAN'e, rIANAtuI &, Oll the ureofrlenlm t ism.aerolila or kingrevil,gou, . aiatica or hip gout, incitieint cancers, salt rheuo, silitic and mercurial diseases, .lrticularly ulcers ond paioiiulaffeetions of the bones, leerated throat aod nns trils,icers of every descrpltion, fever sores, omo internsa asesses, fistulas, piles, sculd heooi, sourvr, blles, chro nic sore eyes., cr sipelis,lotlhe, all every variety ofcn. itloeon afllotion, cloolie Catalnh, head ache inoceed ing fpom a' neacrid hulumor, pain in the stomach and dye epsinl proceedtlingfrn variation, nlectioHsofthe liter, chronic inlltmmation ofthe kidneys, and generl ldehili ty caused by a torlid actiol of the vessels of the skin. It is silgularlyeflicaeious in renovatin those oostiltutiodt whhlechave bee bhroken down by injudlicius trletment, juvenile irregularitles In genrral terms, it is reeom mwnded iall those diseases which arise from imlnrilials of tie blood, or ilitiatiou of the humors, of watever name or kind. Some of the above complsintsmay require some tri fling asistant applietslions, which theeireomsNnces of the case will dictalt buot for a general remedy or Purificatmo to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he found sufficient. TO THE PUBLIC. HIow true it is, that modern Physicians, m their am hition to excel ill their rofession; explore the vast fields of science be the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re medial agelts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the epratice by means of art slooe,--entirely overlook aml neglect, as beneath thel nottice, the rich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth inevery clime! And how much more true is it that while the American Physioian looks to foreign comntriesfor many of Ili most common and nlecesiry articles, permltually changing as they are at the dlitates offashlion or folly, he is surrounded in his own c6untry with a endless profulsion of medical plants, slfficient to answero ally diolton ill disease or to core asy eUlrble disorder;o all yet lie is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are sufered to 'wastetheir healing oi the desertl air.' Th'lle eltl sof vegethble medicines ulopn the system are tempnoay--thuse of minernls laoting. 'The forimer ex ert l ,eheffects tld panss off--the latter, miercury ill phr ticnlar, act lchemically ipon the solids, dLcomnposing tile bones anld utlnderminiog the oestitulio by a slow anil sure destruction. The eongeniallity, effciency and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may he estimaltel bycoltnsrst ingtsle ancient practice with tite onllern; or, to bring ii motreimmediatelv un:leroiur own observation, thb Imli nl practice with tihat of the whites. Who, in America, nlas notknown ol heard of rellcated instlnces whereil some decrepid, nopreteciltng fcmale Indian, ly meansof her simple remedies aone, hlas afflecte the moost rapidi all ustonishlinlg cuoes, after the 1teira Mediea of tile -cmmo prlactice, directed iu tile most skilful conner, hals foiledl? Alnli who hIts inot been Sllprisod t thie coin arativea.semntllcility witlhwhichl tile hnlia firceshim self i'om any disease, and ait the almost tota abstinenoe ofehronie disease among them? Who has evl helnrt elan hldlian willtha costitution brokek anil rined by illlrealnen.t? Aol cal a luobt exist that this happly ex em tionl of the savage from most of the ills whichLl tile Ilith of ma:s i heirto, is lchielly owilg to illor gelia 'an sli: rcmedlhes whICh lie emlloyls?' Thi arstonis ing tliff'get tce in success, is a fair exemplileialion of the inlitte superiority of thile silmple alld saln means ot cure wbhiht God has clatletl for the lenefit tl' tis chilhren, over lthose wic the pride and the art of maon have in vented. From a long residence among a porthil oftlhe aborigin alinhabitantsof thiscontlry, andal intimate acquaill tance with the methods of cureof some of their most uecessl'ul practitioners, the roprlietor of 'The Indian's Poanaa,'ocqoired a knowledlgeof some of thIe most sucB as were most ellioncious and appropriates, and after yvrious experiments to test tlheir principles and strength, lie has ombined them in tile form here presented, as the most perfefct and beneficialfor the pulolse for which it y is recommendled. 1The pIroprietor olfersthis plreparation to the public, with the consciousutss that he is placing withintheir sea, a remedy- capable ofrelieving many of his afflicted fel low beings, who oarl suflriig under thie various chronic iandt ostillnatteompainits to which it is alitlicable. l'o such it will prove of inealculable valte, as the means, and inl many eases, the only means of elieving their suf lelrings and restoring them once more to healds and habp piness. Thiis s nototoered ns a commlon remedy, that -may per chance be equally good with may others tow in use, butas one which isnapable of savio g life in mny extreme cases which ail tile unusual remedieasfil. 'This t hoas lon re letledlyi; tnl tltis is the re lulation ithasob tainetl lerever itllaus been ittrodlneil. It Is otly anlut three veansosite etlispreparation was iresentell lothle piblic:'but in tlltt short space of notie, isome hunclrels peorsnons might be osllll, who wonld solemolyl declre that ttley believed that thellie livtes were sated by it, aidl il mostnasesal'ter they had tried many and perhaps all tile common remedles in vain. Wher ever it is known it isn rapidly coming into use, and this d folrdsthelmost substantniland convicing proof of it f mnriis. The value if thle Panacea i most conslincuous in those I long standing atid l sihilitic iaid serofiulous Idlntlions which have defied all other re.encdies, antdl ipaticularly in those cases where mercury has been so lavilt !y used as to caltse tlistressinig pains in the hones, nodes, ilneen rinl olcers, leralgemient of the igestive olrgans, &tc. 'IlcThese it cotitletely rettocves, ancil iltil olses it utlire Ily etotlieates lthe discse itl lloodfects of limtertuly-, reoi. voteslthe constitution, and leavesithe patient soundand well. lt rhenmatisa andt inll ul.erted sore throit, its hiIpy efflots are not leis apparh ti ,r givinitg llnioat hui e dilte'le'ilef 't'akilluO'o i to de io thies Inedll' Ialn'o cea nperles Ils al nn dtltalltivealla deturgelt; a dliaphnlrlee, t ilt ttlic, and laxatives, an otlln-stinmtdilc attlnd ofotlytne; ad in 'propercase, as astonulllmtioalni emnulnigolue. . eier ally exprlesscd, it hlcleascs all the sece'eti, s am] cx I cleietils, gitcstOlle to Ithe nstolnach, an eXEiltotletir i l the glaniu ill a pati tltiltor onlotnter. Fro ,lthese pritini. ples itsopeiltions nay lie underlstoold. Tl'lisimediine has beel fioundl highlyv utlfitl ilt maniy amhigullo.s diseases not hlere slpecified, tll it has lasle with wolnlerl'li l success as a Sprllilng alnlld iI Fall P Srifle., bytllhose who alre sulecelconlplaillntsofthec ellest, anl hllose ionslitutionsrll lliUle ilnaew ignlr. Sulch Ilpr sons will io well to use t i ur ithre bottles ill smnll do ses. hllellnever a Ilit rllilnk is considerelllCd Ilecessrt., this Piatittcet, haken in a titll idose; will aniswer all its Iul'roses, ill much less lilt, at t es J exlellsoc, atn il I lar Dolra areeable Illltlllleer thanl rite colmuou tliet d rillk. The follwing cerliic:ltes, oulf l hulndred(s similar, whichl Iight be pruocuel, are given to show I"" ef'ct o ithe indlit 'S I'allutcea, ill ihe tlitos omllilhllhinocilo illentiocllelllanalso to exlhlllit io thie must smiiftallory anller its SUllorioriy nito the syrups io comnoiln luse. VASES OF ISIII.EUMATISSM. C-HIIIInLoSTONNo 15, 1832. D)uritg thel asl witer told sniig, I was nlfliCetel with a very severe tolnl dislressin- li ull. ltisn , occasioned iy exnosure ill Ihadl wtnlther. iow tnLkegena leasutre in J slaiiltg, Ih:lt sinx blotles oflhe ldilian'a Pull'ce, mslored ale io ilerlclt healtlh, anod I cofidcnllyc ronilmen d it to all sililarly lllictecdl. JIHN FERGUSON, Kingst. CH.RLTsroTr, March 17, 183.. >n I was seized about three years since, with adistressaig Frhematism, caused by taking a severe cold, while o ldr la heinllueneeef mercury, and which has dlsabled rr , liom business nearly ever since. Durling this period in have beln a patient in the Marine lospital, i dthis cif Ii upwardsol four months, andll nearly tile same ielng lh time in tie laltimore Ilospital, anod tried almost ever e. remedy, with little benefit. On the IGth of Februar last, natlbt tihne scovely ahleto move alout upon crutch es, I omolelned the Ilase of ltisao's 'nPanaa. III olr month I ftund myself entielitly freed from pain, ad ir Snow nhppy to state thlt eonstdermysyelf perfectly well. WNM. TUCKEI{t, 13 Merket st. CASES t)O SCRIOFULOUS ULCERS Is Now YoiK, Sept. Ii), 1830. 'This mary ertify- that in the fdll o 185, o was seize with a swellingin my neck and lhee, which afeirwa.ri , ullernated and became Inrge ghastly ulcers in my tech. Ahrllryillg so-veal phlsiihlls to Io aiiaitago, I wel' to hiladclian. anmtl miilaced m)self uodler tile carel I)ra. Phvste and Beaco, when, after repeated sudivatioon Sto Ilo effect, I was ptlotnulcedl uatterly incumble. Afler. •wallts toank twenty bolttlesot'Swaimt's PaonoeaaOn eigh h otlesol'Potter's Calutblicoo, with no maturedl benefit i)esl"rinlgoflile, wlich had iow becme a bur:ihein i t" me, I retul.ned to a)" Iprents in New York, in 18" J, an Sgoave myseliup to a li'eviiieg doeth. Ilainog of tflt 0 le:lt slecss ofai'lle Iind l's Planlca, Inoonio.t.elr ih Ca . sililar o i)my own, I wats 1ersuaded to try it, as a last . sort. T'o iy great surprise, as well as satisllctioll, sooti iiid Io)yslif rpildly recoverling, ali uI0o0 takinjg mevel bottles, tilhe ulers healedi ami t became pn c letl well in tile course ol'two months, and have remaintted d ever since. I iakellia stlitelmeull ad wlil itlublished liar rot belefit oftlost wOln niuc asliring under similar scrlblous or syphilitic affections, that they may know hbt ih curled oe wieo ihas sunfered every tlilg but death, :.nd ~ho considers his life saved by the above oy Iru p. WM. IHINHA' C.ltvsnrooe. July 12, 11i3. i i was afflicteid, four yeara with:in ulcer It the leg, oa. ecasionally acompanllied with cr .sipelatous i nfini ati t andl excessive ain in the legI anld anle joint. Sevaoil eminent physiiians exerted their skill upon it, but with aout lpermanent benefit. In this case live bottle Ili:nl's Panacea made a perfect coIe. MAIIGARtET A \VESI.', 1t1 Mariket ;iFor sale by ItENIY iONN ABIEL, tdruggiat, ages , to:- the irolirietors, 'I'houliitoulasstoraet i NEW ORLEANS A NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. TIlE stockholders of thllis comnpony are hiereby no Stif d that by a resolutioin of tbe board of diree. Sli*n pnassed on thle 1)th isit. thecolal lald n tihent on lie t31th February lust, for the panoent of fivo dollars i sharec, wals rscinded, aol tlhe id stock holders are fr thler notified thlilt Viil.REi S, iby a IeOlllltin of tphi ioard asslled on tile .oth list. a call has blci ia 'nde 0ll tli stockhloldlers Sof lhe New Orleau inld Nashville Rail toad Co.mpnIiIy Iowr the ullcnii g ynuyii ts n litile tile stock hIcld resp-e i i)' oi lll iz:-- w loiiirs pller shareOl, payable oIC n ie list dy of Sllteier ex two dlla.s er share l t I tilnl lle lirst dily of IDecember oexl; alid to llu ier srite piIble oi thie Ii st daly if .iorth 'lext. Nowtl, erefyor be it resolved, tlhat ttlle seretlrv o1' tils coanlaay atoll iolify the slhre hotders thereil thrluh tp, lie vlic t le of tile city,t lot in "onforality wilh tilhe sixth setil of tile charellnter thellcv are .Itt V tII lo lpoitle aly ipviitlallt llld ill i tile stock n fsaiTf evllllipiv rlilia ".rltiermi sixty yasI, frolll Ind after thle ,Iv lo which it is iole p-dlIv , wit the expies cots l lil'r hIwuveri that if in rCegul aiy ilid within tie it1,1 lhii.:i.said uIsiiivltnSoid ililnve beenIcildelisdild ri rsln il: lorlitrd to the rollnllylp tie cha1rter oil l! It oiillll iick of llthe silkhol ers ile said omaeylii, ivs i thIllk iprocr to uit o ii tle lcayments o thelir stolfk to lili end ol" thie ac,l i ai inI l- days, which ltle elh arter II allhws, tire elilid tiihlt thle oyetlnlt o"' loto ll ]nas par share called for,ad d ue ,o the first of Sop. . tenlhvr lext, nmay he pottltoed under the sixlh seetlimt n ot" said CIarttr, until te ;:llt dUy of October next, that ea Ili Iliiyvllet n. two dllair ilcr soilre aelled for, oiiii due oli l ii faist ifiv iT ieceliber ext, nay Ie !at, tIt hieg. Illltil tli :tll li day of Jinllnarv Olct; am ii tilpnv i tail oif slresare eialll for aead dt e IcI Ste fi t daIv if iitll 'i et, i mll1y btie psoliloed ililil the 3ll dehi of Alril tonXt. t:xllrais ol iloillnutes of thIlle Iloard. jillie l A It ieAIR, See'ry. t ItV liifr sale JItiN i GlIIASI. sp 16 Royal College of PPhysicans, Laosidon. VPHE original Vegetable Ilygeian Universald lelli Seine, proLered by W Miskin, Esq. .lemner of i 'I Ronal Colleg; of Surgeons, Licenitiate of Alotbe camsy'suoslipay, Follow of Bolt Court Soiety, lSurgeon o tho e ltoyal Union Pension Asocintion, Place, Vaterloo lridge, -nd Perpetual Pupil of Guy' andl St. IThom'a llosplitals, London. This valuable metdicine, the result of twcntyv years' exprnlerile and unpaandleled success in the extensire atd Ilhighl iespectable prateice of the propriety, i"alsu ainedn by lhe tfoClty nod nobility, and is ttow.iltrodoucrd to the notice of the Americann publio, at the earnest so licitation .f a number oflgentlemen of longind high standing in the profession. It Is hoped, as a prelimi nary step, to check the evils and fattal ousequenees arising from the use of the nlumerous and deleterious nostrums toisted upon the poblic by the aid of fabiricated proofslof mirnulous ures, and otthler fmudsi, hya set of emerlceary, usoprineipled pretenders. no totally igolrant oI mtedial scienee, that it impossible the monlcstlous I todelusiotH ai esy longer go downss wit the iltll igest penople nftllis contry. Thes pills, mill aSnd igresilale in their nature, shoulnd be kept in every flltityl it cases ofaudden illness, fou, 1by tiir prompt anlmillstaitiioo, s Jolera, cramps, spiasmns fevers, anti oter ala'rming Soolmplailsts, whichl tow often prove fotal, may te spelli Ie v cred or luevented. In fact, all those who value giod liealth, kholil never be withoot them. Thley are sohl' in nokets at n50 ecln, $t and $2 eachb, by every respee o table drggists buknsellern, anl velotsof mdicie it tillt Is United Stlatesl tll Ie Lannldan, with copious tlirectinos, together withl essloonials of professioual ability iota d the following elient gentleolee : Sir Astley Coopler, J it Abernethy, James Bluodell, . D., WV. uack, M. 1)., J. Atonw Key, A. Framipton, M. D., nrud isnumero oilser. The originals may be seen si poassion of l'the General Agent, by whlso tie medaeinde is inporteds into this euusruly, Aid to whom ani sapplicatios foIbrgeiclen amust be smade. JNO. lite IEINl, 129 Woselyl- Place, N. Yornk, e Sole Geeeral Agent for the United Stlates, he. For sale by sppointlssent of thc originial s gtoaieslb. by Swll. .e Ituo.nrss, Druggits, t os II Cans sorvet g esliser Agent fl'or Snltitee of Louiialsa. jol vS I E.MLY It LEE U co, No a Magttzite street, ait. now receiving from ships Nasullvile, |a.lisville, l- Kenoertkl, Eagle, snd otller late arlnivals tromn h.h i ..tslierns cities a largeanld new sele lsed anssortnilt e lin, n oots, Shoes anli Brogllns, aonsioting of gentlemen's fine calf aund lortoo heools It do 2lustulity; do butllt, nld slut waxn pegged il ons , if naionsllqd.iltiest men's fino calf seal satd ilosraelo d rllss. ittsetlt ltati blog.nltS, buckskil stoes, brogaus ait. r Itlslinls mln sline calf andti kippnd leggei shloeualit I rogauts do boots; do stout kip anid wax hegged shoes tl n1I brtulls; gentilelen's best qut:lity Call' sewed shltes I'voahs aid .Iack I)ownlings; do Elof ond sAlro-s, sgtI. Iwkle Rslii(e alir b n'egnlls; a e:i, s ea ticnl lorooc. I Itsliant shloes atl si tilll-.s, dlo calf,- butll cstu sstl wilgs, y arewoartile; do litlne callf, sc.l stland lUorocoqapter iots; Ioys', misses' and childleret'a peggest tcil estoll b.ogalls, and sos lato t eery qunlit aold ild. nAlso a genril sssortment of oinl's s tout wax mnu rust lirogans otli shioes, togetiter tits 10,00t0 pail.` I.tllks, Iloadsm exo rssly fore pltttlitint lties a goiod as , I rmeat of met'st ltle atd stout kits russett tll'gttis, a I w neicle, oitd a arge quatity of all istrior qua1lity r, .Set anld :wax b lrogaes. L dlies' rehle cf,o seal, mrocco and gtorina welts. mld ptimp sole sloesit lln fe Fr'eowh Morocco nIod kidi rn It ·t'.nlt slier rs; do roat shoes, with and witloalt heels; s ieyll ; s sl tlut itot leather rbootens; do Prnllellashoe, it )lall kitluisnd ualities do Inslil broamens slo ttiter d o gtld fos(Ie bioteetsc. Miets' ahttsingoo'jtitg slnouSalsti .r itigus. Chilldrcll'colored aorloe saed hlating beo p, lSn nd linOs, icu. ne llstlen en's fielshlaiolnable Iacik silk iats lo tblck it n Ildrab besversdo ot a superior qualtity; do iillatio, it tam do; broad nsld olrtWn brim mnoo's liltes l.a, r ll:tsk Rtnsia horot aptped habts, au ewrticle. Voellls' SI:ane size hits of diltereot quanlities; do chilirel's. A n's and bc)'a black aioud drsb wool hats of various o litpes, with goetolsl ssorthlent o boys' and llmn's Ssolt iapl e S This'l assoltmnen will be repleoiashd ibytieo arrival of ear. t slketslromn te anoe ura ed lntics, all t' wi ich nilibo sold os aconl momdtiog termsn. anlg --if Mw ONTAGUE'S 7 B.LA/ FOR THE TEETH. t iHEestahlilned reputation and coastn.tly tInrearo; 1 deooand for this effet.tool relredl otfplin, ad piro servatlive of the teeth, has iiloced t'io subscriber i offer it to tile Ascrican poblic. Arragesrents he y + beel loude to sua e ilv agents i nil tll te ricil eiti nu and toVla ill the United States, so ists to Ilacc it ithi Sthe reoach i thlose soflrinig anil likely to sutlr thlia ilts y iharassing of all rcel, T'ooth-achle. r- \'len applied ccording to directions oiven on is bottle, it has never foile d to liffi lo l itillllU alie slt d t ollllUet relief. II also arrests tle deo m iI dsl'ectiv teelh, nid relieves tllalt eretles s icll t freqUlrltl so rCsners a stelrong "taol lllleas 'Tise It)lanlicastin oirlsl is reledy are silllest illln., msn ioit unpleasael; tn 11 y the large nolllber of perss ill dii'll'rt ectlils of III l cosstrv tlatl l ave alre .dv e lericllled o : deli'hst lll slld snlutary eToclta Ifrnt oilte iuse IIf t'It Isth, are roal. ritallie quialities. II is aali e ihs remedy. , ttliIId singlarly anl Sro rietlrdly, tt" be rtarte. by i te ciu ilizd twould ti the :iost vailuable dishokvr red lll o1f ri.e tapls. o' Ilice 1 ler b llh. ot ld y t s J.ple"Ibooku rot , &,r ,NrNtllh'\cecs, patrn 0 a l tiriNSl) cSitinl; plin inr diseotl tsured his olid s., otet and I ss loltltls rud GAtllulEN SEELD ST.'')I 1[g, t:i Havin! been salst illplrluri, ly ciell ited biy self. intarensted partlic, the selbscriber bes In assure Ilis ' ietclo glenerally, ald tte porlic at largrl tlhat !ie ' till sUtiuues withis two dooro el siss late, ,)r hlrioer ita old, loo h Urnislhed t.ithil flfth otiln ex. tensiv sutllllly iS. oll tile stlandlrd Itio of i ilCel or vegetablu .;ar.drn S.tdsa, of tle growth and ilo port of Itoh present eoason, 1837. I Since tilhe early part of Slpttomlber, lie ihas re ceived atsplo nulpius, by thle pIltelut slhips Viclis. burg, K.eoieltcy, and AbrlaIoaie, aii arrived in lsortL ir posagos, direct from New York. By tlia Missis. Scippi md anlshler packet, lie is in doily expelrt. Iloll of a supllly of Fruit Trocrs nid Aspoarlguso y tools, hlaving already received iivoicc thbreol by mail. The asubscriber begu furthlr to nassor rtlh pnblis at larec, that l ihe is at ,roaotl us well IInablcLd to y meet asd oocuto orders for all the kinds orf Gardsli Seeds, cillier wholesolle or retail, as io ever was Ssineo Ihis first establishmoent it Jainuary, 1822. Cuotntry Dealers and Mohbket Gardnecr.' orders filled at tihe lowest and nltnst roasonablo rates. by thi poutd weiglht, soid gallo or buseOl miasure. Catalogueso , citlir it Fercoll or Engllsl, nayv g always be obtainiued on personaul aillliclion as r usuol, to WM.. SI'['il, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custnltoouse str it. NO'TE.-A constnut su pply ofllird Sredl, citl or mixed or plain; pulverized soup; llerbs, and Slhakers' dried Ilerlbs,--withl a upply of peas o nd beone. 1 Fancy Pocket l sooks--Uonder th ls oac willlbe found a n slendid varilety of lidis' alnd getllllenlle'S po.'ket books, liuto, tard, needle od thlreand cases. Faocy .toreka, ouspondirs, &c.-Of tile latest pattortl oid of asperior qoality, colisistiig uftllsilli nlld fitgBurod slto, bo:ib.lz.lo, vlvet uudl olotl tlocls, linol busuomn, pioiu, and limecy wilb atid wiolitls rstflie,, shirt collars, uolsp!s.ders calledl Walhisgollno n stpinsdllers, also, gluiu elastic wores. ed old cettollllt do, withll oald wilthout rollers, potaloool p strnia witl wire springsl;lold n great v= riaoy of glntlletn's wear, imade exltresoly tor Ito1 rentil teade, by A. L. Vssnlsoru and boo ofl'silo. delphsin. t'olubs--A gooraol unal eootlpleio oasoronen ofconlbs froml tlsoir tnnn fuclory.A no Etiglinsh and Foonlls dressing etjuslo, erc. dec27 --..6 r e. uiec01 RUSIIIHTON & AMPINALL'S . OMPOUND TONIC MIX1'URIU'.--A peedy and cot&lin curn for tie Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent lfvert; prepared froml tile original recipo. Used with eminent and ioi Sversal success ln 1832, by persons of the highest d respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed cerltificatest. This medicine is highly reeommeendod, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with suchl distinguisbed success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the hope that it may bhe the means of relieving many of those who are euffering under the scourge of our couintry. It is d a medicine pissessing great viitue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeablc, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nlor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the humuan constitution. The lpreprietors are sa no well convinced of its efleiacy, that Ihey agree to refund the price of every bottle whlich has been taken in accordancm with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, solo angent fr New Orleans, at his wholesale atd retail drug and medicine alore, corner of Ilienvdlo and Chartres streets. For District Agencies nppiv to je5 T. W. SMJTII. 48 Conti St. InARROWGATE SPRIINGS Moln'gmery meat'yt, l.tlnt'llll|G THREE 1DA1'S JOIURE I' IPRO.l E IV ORLEASN. [UiE priiliietir o' Ilis estabishmati I as tle Iten sure o|' am rell nll, t0 his ifriie iwl e I c te ih geetal,tht lie ewill lie in rcadine..aby thc first lta ofi M1ay to Irceive visile'L lie will nIe einlCe fir the hr eeiit of Ihser at in dltanec, that there ltve bieei l'ge inprov rlmrllllt nadoIe tied eItherlllls ian go lii mii l illd in rapid progress for eoempIlelion, ItIlh wil enabr fbe su nblerar to ul:tllanullllldl a muIIch I Ci t larcer nilluber tIillI Ihlretoforc, auil il the same time tuehn blti'r. Fumilie mlu be aeclulnutditedl, ith good imm.i , or those whta Ipu.r I:h hanvea large ebia racllhtl liroillI t ie aiteniih liilidin tyg. et a erlarn iu Ileis dee . Jtnul t.R e1-.ry te .ay ant ingl nr e • lar "' tIeel r utiIrer I ehe w ier lc, floriti i ul' believed that IIey sre nIt illlhferior IIIie he lt Sleatll. ern Statie. All the aUl..ierlnuuolc that lire gienrilly lilund ai \ atierinl I'lce.s, will lbe fih. it ili ai+. 'Il'li h e .s t I n i c t Il t 'l h i s p it if t h m u ii n ir u i l.h e tu - ie. s e enlE;cried, ulll nill te ilurOet-Cllt altldtlUeUe lit tile Sp.imea dllilg thIe whole sleslo. 'I lim i u. iCe C l will latl I lit l feIoii iif tI l I ei:rlnt erli i in retulirnlicl lis 1111t'uill el l lke fh r t e itrit v i ihe e l Ii siiii rt h iici hii la.t .-aisi n nail ll..i- I.v fo ~ern lioi i- th it h wui .l': u.Tir ade iii ih priu ilia an d i . r i ,hi ' til+ nrrol "J t La 1J1.ll t t'I t JUSTP ULISHIEDRoiMtO TEli'OT)PV PLJTES, The Filh Edilionof ROWILET'"S TABLES OF IN'i'TREST: O whilch is now ullsed an Average l'ime Cideula tor, tort easy methods a*' finding the avenrge time 'oln stlorge, sotes of hleen or bills of goods, nnellen lnino elasedl at llilffes~rlt drtea, eon lil'erllt credits, anl Fonr vtriollr i mnotts; belside llt sefull ail copletel sankinag l'ine Tit'l e, the heat thaL an lie Olntrivedl. or test li gtr"ts can iPr itadCe within thie sante coiceltud caotmpass, atil aiac e, In In . Aln an:criisement in the book is in nearly the follow ittg worlds: The high dllstlinotiln this wonk .has received tltnough tile ten legislotive acts prefixed to tie tile npage, is a re. commtne:.ldlhio in itself, so Incommon~o, anll so eonllct a sle, tb tnt intig is ntecessary itore tIta bway. of nd vertisenlet, to give a elodllesetd tier of o te oits tie colinorities:nsfor istance, the Interest has beeno aom.s. cf ld li'om,nted tompared wil, rwlmt is eteuivstiet to l'ot.. lell sets osefealexlatione, exaniued itl tile press teirtt Sanfe tines, antI pritsedl ront itarentyphe tslts ledtsd it trllty-ne- lltimes from nl which it most bs oniden t event so the skep ic (ey e cially on t ll e.sool 'tie de aoil of utoof in the prlisee)tl.tiet Itel work ma stle seilh I, meticlly itfallible, old ill coefilrmtion of tlis be liof s priemum of two hloidred and fift dollears, is lowe oRr -cd er I't .ldeteetion all erlor ofa cent in the present or fifthi editioein, expressed ins tie preface, isnklngfive lalrge preniooll atered far tie mlnle ror since tbe flrst lnllienttitn it tile year 1802. tOne of thto most eonslicuooss fclttnres of the tables is Ssilllhe tirrlenmtncet otf the Tine lld Amounts, wht ic fano ex ctdililst, referlnee onldpterstlsty, wilht lte lelt Softhe side and index, cannot be ecelledt n amd tl sally ty and ease wifh which the in:retse t al bre Ifot lo tile Sextenlt of getnstl business, wilthot omtblinf ol'sutos is lisides.a convenience essetlllial, hllat i Ithe estlmn tion of some l the mons coimetent and p busi eIss mnel t nd lalic ot: lers whlto Ihe n:tale grels lre of tile workli it Ilas beenl tlisti lguill cd b. tio Ilmonlloele appeihllian efcfsa malster pine". AntI eosiderl.g the infllinitility oif the telhoil origitally ton tetl in cominOOll tle nkwork, ynd dihm e r Einriiiamoty number tintl , alnaiety o ltll examilatioas, naul tests of every edlitio it hs lpassed lil tll [lreas, eontwidtnhtiteng the whlel is ile strenotyie, considerntg, in shortc , I he pIositive aneet'sc Sfelu'rd linh tie In ttI'eedtllel means elnsplotl, tile vo I me has lbeau held III) o tall emphatically styled o thle Ioster weoerll took in the woslk;" miost ctt laoilll n ilell ItilUn(r figure wirk of then snore extent, wnicb siste the i ginlt'gtig of creatieien ha hal Ihea same us - bhr and vanriety of tests ill Isa selnse t lbe r of etlitals liot, o ee halfhlte nulmber as is clearly sfhown in thie irzlie c. Rtesides, .srtst ellnd sltalnlarl, ithas tentriet ' ndll it . leed in ear ntall flhe ht stlll tu litc ffttes in tsi ist ithe Slatrstul itslop tIullici goleerally, tring thle I ongit-rtiod col'"ir tt hei i rlals, yetl oeror of ite ral lt cttionts hs ever Ityr-etlound in print, nlthotIgh aoi ttit ;tite lfv eliregrl i ilt te o-rttf t'ivy lar ge pnrlie els. ie l in uclexi realy olts ted i by all Illie.tolls Stl lai sev.inal tthe Stlnes as ise t rlate ol'e:inIialloni II ri(trttlute illt.erst," as nlso by law itf batk ilterest, aCarldi igas tie I)Lk is osed, ull as isasy ne sele i tirlt, b'y ,t, IaIII s of the sulbsribl's, slld a few of tlha siallset lten tiuhasers, iethe list tte al lel ofr I' sanok, tisioll m'csnin al'everye cls of l'citizeOns ill evenry ir tc of Iefh ULit eld States. It is moleover weell kIowI that, by itsyetIrly cheek, it has so ol'tc deletetd large erlrors, l:a.giter nt y were 'lale, oven ly ti IItelost earel'ul 1a i ot ca mple1teit di 'ilhmt liciit., t itsa trseftlsess, aod ttit e a ottie tn e tessie-i for its usa, arla been extletsively inslistetd nI, as evs deiltit intcecl, inea beenll its itt trtges, o its savilngs,nltn srevrll yeallrsagl, n.lilttite first ehlition was senlre, alld olt or Int, itge oa glue ntir f seoad lad it pies were sOinllt ilr, I'snle ito a g'e. t lisntoee. tal iuaeraastle dtit .aorions ti'it'ss hi the aolde crionia ally ho picked up t t frant $oi kI $5 per vitl iteil os persos hllitt rc'co..y diruelaled a, iltisances t bealrotnletl at tmItlry wmold I v$.ith p10d1, b It $5n)1 lssrtelltrn it ti, e ilttt .be ha. for leitiill ; ttn ta tltydtal is the sller itlta o cemrticvl rlyt e intig at thte sac Aloe rxhibiled satislachoay poafaf to seeral personp s o rI. 'f nstlat to his it was really tatih, tthtat noln tatill 'msoe whtoeg h ate o.ig tli loeg vnal alc lile, h being l vcery rlich latiri; st rill n l;yliC office. I' Ilt isliku ,isc worthlhy of ' .oti ....ll.. indeed 1) I,,11' to iI inetse, thoat utl is dte noture or uguae work g utllllvy lle at sptei ll' wilelt of tlhe cxlelltnt d i ullle llrllle I these to Ils, Ithtatld tlis honk or its like bean pro elir. ed in Itie Tusual mannser vlonae, Iy lhe n.olt eoillelelnt caloulater il he world, anll afterwards p'iolld most Setilliily oInder his own correction iof proofl sheets, i naln , aihot to a certailty, have Ielr It 1nssaffr it 'e frertanalt deaCr al any tl'ine as the fole.aee clriiou 'I1i it exphlans. Bul so annel.[leI and ,t.ailtblee I theII Slel'n e lirlles tilitis n'orklnec. tnae, that tnesellre Ihem, . iiIhei ur Oilllll;elitl al extllr)ordinar' exrnin tliols,ngniest fire, for tle lgreilral llhfit, tluy are (bIy advertla.ihntuiu ) no.itiluttly kl'lit in a tlace of sleUial snfoity, rxcept whihe I'se I in priitng. Atlntli'retittis to tilad butl teaks ind stattute titer est wilh [usefil] mutes, follow flhe prefabce, which, in lhis tlth as in, lhe two i..erdlittng 'ditionsS, onlltaill Inutltt in i ternatrioit oneneiring the Ini lawful inuales af ealnaut IUl iltetir ets, tor d1t s if gt arr, One t rnllls onrly ottoemo t illark ih I witldig Ihit lllelEolnltlllyl" cosly work, which was il li hd beholvl'e srx y oars c l time, irI f it h 1 llt r i stini t lllr a i etlili'nl titir, ,l) .)o,it a : ",isite g tte tthial It'St lionits f ir a. to. a1t thatlitle, a o :u nde~hi r prifei " Ii i sy a,,nt sr h.tI cmiipeuiool~o l or 1)-flit sttsn imos a litc-tine tu tu i a, toII :1111 sucriffu i i herNI f, t iult i,,n still relics oe the f li:e "l. tIrtul n i ga ntlll rl, ail r rlithe llllli i 'I, l)lillll: i ' f, :r ,,I 1 olc.,ll ,s ii fhe l " d S!ap .. Ihi ,lara t rth authrui "A Year in pniaa' " in Ne,, , I)e! 't eat \V , ' i e 'fn, illn t 'ftI t The 'l W'onn;; \ifer's IRouk, It It Uanaill I Moral ril! iiiia tlllut dt · , tin i lT ,lll, ... V E &.-CIIItiAlE'R'S CinupuT.aitiu l Id tre net' iarca pariehi, far iho eoree ofriti tincate liolls ot tlre kiti; lialhs or pustilte. or the r; bils whi, it arise Iro, au ianiliiru ettatit fthe t nd; scdv Orll,,liollS; p ,ins ill Ihem boils' ehrontc h.eunleutra te; st t r; (:ruflui, or kehug evil; whit,; sev.iillg; syphilitice ditaabrs, a ditll ,Itsorders iartinig tronl an inmpurte atni of tha blhantI, by a hltg 1 ruaeidnc iln a Iho clitmate, or tile injudicious use ol' Inereurny. Also,--Cave & SchalTff r's Worm, or It. 'ant Preservative: tI:+ befst pnrealatitioaa exla;lllt. Aloung which acer tie f, lowlag:-lIndiao IDye, tfer coltrlll. Lh air; e r's Od;hn' Il ssian Boanr's Glrcenel;latinalt' irllitaW'a fn'e.,i WaVasnit: Su, perior iPearl Pot'der; Lily \VWhilel; Cream of ilniens; Veugtable iRtagi; Otto ofi if' ra; Lip, Silve; Ere onilu 'Yoeath Washi Ccarbonie ialltuicee; Orhsge Foiser Ware; Pa' la'ua il tit l Bia .; Amcrl.e leat ( P;Iarcoal, neatly put up ii' four vials; Plreotnt Silts; Coognet; Krlirsotro l'oothit-eitC Dlrops; flir Brnlitos; Etglish li)r ng Coatha In ian ulair Oil;--wit l va riety of )th!er Perlu mcries, &C. For sale ly[ L IW GLENN'S PEIRFUM RIES. J C T'LLINf ARD, Corcer of Canal and Bourbon strceots i? O'l., Z MA\'Y, Ilo)se, Sill, :I ()r tonala i J Ih11Ntcr; . .3 I::u.J.:lel e slrlet, two Idoors ro(11 id (lil streel . 11,i mitations qf thie ollowing woods and mwaoblesex eicutld i It maasterly mlalser, W LO I i. MAL 11.E.. hilr'gaiy, Lgyptiail Ildck uild gold, a Oak, (idi Iard Antico, S Polltrd do, Oriclt:dl or erd antlique, rled dio), J ,lasper, Cured Maple, lood Stone, a irds tie Wo, ltirby (roanite, Satil 'sWood, 'olluuc, IIir Wouod, Dive or Ilurdello, Yew Tree, iat lic While, ColOlllle or lack Siil awl d Ilawctella, Iv lwc W'iid Amui ;an (irey, Ash 1i hile Oak, ' le. k ka. ( Curled Ehn, .lpeimenis to be seIn at (li shopI. 'caillts, aill at glass, copal larnish, kc. oil tand lit or sale. I ItON,''IL & IIEAVY 1()OD)S-liut, eqtmle U cud hIUdld irOL, well) assolrtelld. S lhoop, scroll andl rod iron, nil rodis ,nd ploulgh f moull.s . Cat llillli m hear, blisteread, spllrig, shellet an ' Crowle s sle ]Iollow r:are, cuit anld wrllotlhll iiils Iscd spikes :Zic, bldak tic, mill laid gr nd stones, salt keltles i Il "Oil cl bles, :llllh rll, hoes d Ox, In als trece llnills, corn mills If Atsilsil, iesl, lllllmrald bellows Wire, sheet pig I andIlr IC ]d; sh.ot d Crl, Ldlcd eullldkill stoies y -A lne, l Ilnia'i lltlll lleother spadesi l l ishovels S look and ilate hinges, door iId window hooks Collila tlloswi ll r Sips, alud thller cxes s 'ar'd adMlslll ill . cor llil nes l and lll twine Iloc mel shcahinag copper; Nasil swores P'i1ts, linseed aln splelm oil A liill lihardware sin siip ElChadllelry Ih:i sa l o hn ,I u illah which ll'e o1iiid ftl rsaae t whl le si le orl retalIi il, on the molt Iollle terms, by m4 A..Y l'ON k Co. 53 Old Levee. EW GOOD)S--Simmons llartl & ol are now 're .L loininllleu onl bOl lIIships)R YIZuiO oa1d SRl'litOg; alldilrin C.nlicordia, frOllm Ne• l'Ylok, li gr'at volrieiy" o goodsll ill Itheir line, which togllthelr with their forluel stoclk inn hc.d, makes itheir iassirt et verys iletle. The liillecicy scnllso iaartvila: I eli twisl,,, t.,lsde, ituck rli glr'ouin r ol.dcill.iiis h iordofillddcrtI IoaIshl-. dii rulbbr, silk iiid wortled elastiic gartlrr, c.Oulllln & fine elastic sicspelders, locorlce and Luaifer ilmatchels, Sehllitz, nliwd, rr ll'fist ilff|, toiler powder, lclct looks anld wallets, lsneedtle bllooka, shll, iIarl, loulrv anilld rl 'rlle!,o eard, hllll hea lllcllolts, dlain co r atl " isdsi, lietaies sluii negllgees, bead colius llelid I lI l'ldlr s ,;1 lullc'sl loid lai,soed,cilet'r slid gilleadi, Indian inls, helill and IdumesI; i1tol aIId large I).w .er Ilhsks, shIt[ bltS, horse, belt. pocket and duelling aisills; dolullle adil sinlgle barrelleld llOn, Iowie klives, and dil-ks. sissors, c hllellrlplrket ksiinals, narl ehnills, anud riblos, wist uili els, cloth, hair, tooth, unil ,oii1ub, ircnin sheo, pils'i, floir and dustinilg rushcs, Cologne, Fllotii IilavidiirI, irse nd buy wll ter,esorlll.rlted eslncis, and I c relll ,lll IlIC cL.., Iii, Illllil lile, lllll W rd's vc gelllllle hllir ilis, s!llavingr inid toii lt silaip l all o i s crliptions la ier:' and g'lltltallnt ' desk and dress i l wrs, hair rietl ' ia i rllh s fri'ltes nill d Iraids, plain, fht cy and muslllil wVnk h igosl dlain and i ilieki i.i'1, 1,lc nid et1 h ttll , ll .I er: nd i rii il hi doi shir Sii Itudds, ii en nod silll ver pl il l I sI ., llliii il m l l lan tweeil ell rs, I l a eluillit h.k ,i I sisiitri Iii, cihiir, lirue s us it S riio rIlil. ,hll lri l ig, I "i ir litll nllll l'l'I+I I Iland plilin , Iru Isoll us, liiIn 1ine, scented Ilill, rri'n old and ccle ie ' Ind i'.,. latter pa tler, , tie iuls , rin i, w itsi s i, i l,il s i'ea', p sliars' r .ls, is i . s,, il, l lnl..Ii : t, olti-il c j site,-lrr c \:,,. i" l h i The ia-ve, h11 edw1r c ith n .rnt varir v of ots lri ii 11 It li- iell o11oaht rlledrld. MAIL A&RANG(EMRINT Northern Mail, Duo Evr Day at 12 A. CIoses Every day at 10Jit. M Ul, Due, iyyWelsdy SWestern b Mail Friday, by a, P.. M. by tay CaCloses every Mortalla *t edtesdl r(:lat, sand Saturday by 9, P. M. STheLake i"ail lire every Tuirds , T1dirod'ny, 6 ;ia'". Sacrilnt , Iby 5 P. 51' vi Closes every Monday,loVddneleday TIMES OF ARRIVAL I)EPATI'URI DItlANlM &e. of athe Eapreas MSai, betwen Mohile and NaIs York--leavig a Mobile dail at 3 P. Me Northwar New York daily at 5P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northwardnl. Distance. Time, Itsrna'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pIt. 198 m's -23 th i8. Cclumoab,, GIa. 114 81 91 1 ital tMilledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 p. ' Cioieitia. S.C. 7 aet. 163 171 tiIleig, N C. 54 215 22 12 at Warrenon, Va. 12 m. 55 iii Pretersbrg. Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9nsa -tleh Itinh , dVa t. am. 21 3 61 Frederickdal l, 8 67 7 lp l. r- lahington ty, 21pm. 61 6 6 SBaltimore, 64 38 4 0 Philtedelphia, 64 am. 110 II 2 at New York; 2 pat. 9 81 is 1305 143 h. or d M Nortlward. Coming Southward, the tina i asiL hour by 'lEN DOLLARS OEWAND. less; Rbeinl5 days and 17 hourio lie mu ANAWAY from 169 Crmndelet'eorner of JIlevi seen ;be next moraing in Pavdras triet, a negro bolh . namned CHARIlE, albout 17 years of age, slnd L tel' or tlere bouts inI beigt, very blaek, and has an.tmledS Ac iment in riis speech, one of his lags is sore, oerasionee by a recent hur; lie Iad onr when he went away a wlit c rbloitn ar linen lirt oni wllite Sotton Iolaalotna. m dMasters of vessels nd stealm lboats are enautioned a giainast reeivinig orhahrlbring said negro, as well s ill lioter peronsi, as the ctmoit rigour of the law will ht oit oifreed ogainst them. Tbe above reward will be pail '7 fordelivoreig bIe li it any if the jacils of either nftibs to muaeipalities, or at 169 Carocndelet, coraer of Heel. to nearse. ___ _ do m lea n ntei emt mill 1TOTI CE--The coparterslhip heretofore eaisting IA under the fir of itbois &. Gareltms, has beer dlissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the allair' o the concern in this city, and requireIs al persons - to e e to nake paylent io ilts only, and all Ibhosharih l elaimao, tc iipraset beta, fnrsetlenaeilt. tii ca--e al 8H GARITOl TSONp V W. W. SWAIN. Weo. IlICanal &treel Arle Orlaos T AS alwana' unhailrd cas:tly s & rseiviog Dr t c Iyer, heiebcatlse,ed I'ul~alllli, tllelr aie ,, DI Uas . DVYESa Aolitimny, erlde, . Argdol, red, do regulus, r Anntelto, Spasi. Arl Asenie, crude, Aleln, to iwdeleredl, lhazillette rwaoa, Il.also eelotavi., Colteiiral, liovc, etllr, Coppccrs, Ameriasn, do refined, CeiAbl;a, Pllilastone, crulde, Flsltie, Tamldao, so roll,' do Cuba, do flower, do Maine, Iirsmtllt, Frenal berries, isVtsloroil, Iidigo, Bengal, Creiam tartir, do Matnill, i Uctilirtlv,, do - I arlraresel, l(ttinote, sies do t',tsimaals, do Altlaic Logwead, Cainllesehy do icscol'tidi, ti St liotDomisoa can ocioninc, do Jamasisa, to a lebvoeitzt, Clntwootl, I cupidt, ouh, Mldidter, nilitia, d, o do Secl-vle, Nictil'lgnl, lonltrre lo tdo S Aelcrine, Ido Cero, II t cic plhcolr, ctelt'a do Mlactieti l to ti r fit do IllBeahe. do goiceon, CHEMICAL-. to o kio, Aeild, itiviocs, ticdo a do unnghmlr t w i th c h ainst H r ll e ln t rlta l ne s do Op.ium., I .....osulpric, ,_ sh ellac, tie n t , lit d,.Senegal, cllomvl, II'.P, at do sland s a. trroti. elENlietei. it adOc togcantks uCliltorice r lite, TG almoge, G m ar on silts, - Jutipehri r Atries, A le,leillnnlr csllastit, lo do iForeigi, Iltl lleveillitatr , lelaganasic, Raiglislit, Ilceblelle lt, do Aniei.icaai IRl chombate poleials iMauialiii lake, Suli cirp Sala,5 Sdo sortst Suli pl(otl. Liq',or.iec ball, SIugta leaI, Oil ( ll e,, caltS)ni zinc, is do c+llie, lUp qunic e. Itb iergcilOt Tartar entaic, o IcmOi, PAIN'TS BllaseaL ,to pelliiiitnt, B1lure, Ilcigid geulill nCboiciyellow, lry, ire to ilpecal, de do in oil tio iticaa, do gEen, dry, tdo licuorice, daii do itc oil, ," iorhuilbarb, IC , Iuhlllhcak Englils, ' Ire sellcet, ti i rtll el ow:4. , Sio setilt l vieg, i.itli.lge, rng6ltmh, d, tc tic ITampico, Paris lhite Riagliit, ,I nIsI do Alcericau ,c , ISled leadl, Palters tic, cllclci Ollli, iti tssaiivker, do leoi'hdaer, Sl bwit n, altra, Karnlilh, i" Iic fto~tivticl, h do Airilina h Itnlnlilglcckc do ground in nil ii I ti"i hu. t clt ic d A.;tirit h't i S itlle, cal.lles tb ll l j t , n ii hi ict. rail av dle l gttrt inl i 'ait Snihin illo n liuede In Ca mile, tat g'noll in Qtiuckkilhvr Am wlartiiaUd iare. ic d.0--stln is CAPT'A IN \1.1101 '.11TTS NIeW NO VE'I.. la pi the' 5 l %eIftr, h I Sl o tieho r o l P e te r Si m pl, an ! violos. I ( 'cmmicats. or i Victrer at Sltllloes ltai.field in Loan Stri", bey (itoti [B asil Hall, Royal Navy, F. L ' liord Jobldicr, c rcinnacr, bIv Alln Ccllninglane,l v t. c.hcpaPrll li,. wraiirc by hiicelf, ili c vrols. tcL Cormpendis Ilis oryoffltnl r, ircaicrnie from tal S eriginll cllitn Icy Nilltcniei (Itrene, ina ilt. for tilig Nio. 79 f Iliirlceir'e I'Elilv Litrary. V'ola. 3 & 4 oflllt Ia nw clmllllee and unitrnl editio a; of Il/ashic.gtc Irrvino's leorkc. Rocptr'a I"raro/ andt Enolisi io eel, 3rea -oA'uent'c ts Frech ari Englirsh Ditioariary. A ItSl-A IW i/canre elrlirlt cf Coboai's Phrenology .rr"lliriizi," unrLnr? Srl r's('nu iasses(fs riworquu iltr, with ehails, lillilcrd Ils Ilec "'1-4 anl 2 1-2 incra he (it Inn:'simlt e riittUli nelc I 'eojcalotlied pacpers, waigh. Just received, for scol by - _ _ BIENJ. LEVY. SPA IN RI+E'VISITE_),dr&e. &e SPAIN Ito:VISIT'F ':&c, by Ihe auletr o Ayesr in Npain;' ill2Ol. STrairs a/'lnd1ar rhnrtrn as genera llf applicable to tile ,All,rriginirs of Norlh AImerica, by (I T.rner, E.lq n/The Political rammatr, of tI i l'eiled States, or Collplete view orftl tlhetorv anct Irl:tive oflhe gearra cil scI g(veraItlllllltS, wlitl, tlhe riicsitic i.atecIi hem --cd'nt itt-nod act/ctl Ie heusig s Cei oPltlt Uitedl iStailltls, by IE i) J:A ilirid, Eca. A'ict'aile Iutic/iNc 'iors ittirspereed wi hel braeter isthc: iiecdltt, .ned lens nII dtlings ofstOrai ne. inc, in eluding notic ofbllr (pirinciiai rcvk riders of Englanl witl "mllvtiCh tres, lou. geuerI l iidei : f .. m FioH T.. el'lt Or Sernnaln or King's Evil, Chronie Rheumntisl, Chronie Cultnneous Din- P'aina in tihe Bones, by free cases, use of Merclry thle blood being in vitiated c state Thls very concentrated Syrnup is prepared with the gratest phnrmaceuticnlen care and een racv, s deuntain tihe n.tive pnnciple of Sarsaparlla in Ile lant ioncert trated degree, combined witlsother vegetalde saubstanll of konwn effllcaery. ''lle ent demderatnm with phv-sieins in beinlg bl ln exblibit n Inrge qnnnt~j, of Sarsnparilla in a Inna dos:, has been O btaited ifi.lls prepration--they, be ng filly convincced of its n'rilt, confidently adlinister the course of their practice. 'rie $1 51) per blottle. Sold only at SWAI. IliRO'IIER'IS drag store, No. I ,Canal street, wthe nov be Ihld, fresh and gennine, dirree ttro the tref rla torn, Swanim's Panacea and Vermnifuge, Potter's Cm.tolil con, Cnaenter's Prepanratinnns, and tlargeand genera assoertment of fresh dru gn, a PINNO(CK'S ROME, &e. PINNOCK'S I'MPItOVEI) EDITION OF DR J Goldsmith's Abrildgtment of the History of R on. to vwhich is prefixed tnt tntdrouction to tIle ittdy a Rtnomn Ilistory, and t grent variety ofvnlunble itfor tnmtion added throughoutl thle work, on tlhe Malner lnstitotions and Antlqtities of tine Rontans; with n. mteronos biogrnphieol and Ihistoriaol Notes; and qne inhtes ftr exantnntiota at tile end of eatb section. || lstlrnlted with thirtveegrving gaon wood, by Atherto3 I'Pltocn'sr o lved Edlition of Dr Golnlnith'a History of Engand, bio'nll Ile ltnvasion of Julius Cmsar to the death of George id, with a emliotttntiont to tho yea 1832. With questions for exoninaotion at thie slid u atch section. lesidels a voriety of valnlable ilnformn lion added tllroaghol CIlte wtrk. Consisting of table of contenlplernnov Soncreignt and emintent personl Copious exidtunotory Inlots. Remnerks ot tite polil ties, natnne anl'Snl lilentnuren of tie aoe. An ottliluel tile Constitotiont &c. &c. Illastnrtred by many ona.e l eg s . Guys' ELEtM r.'r or Anreo.on.y, and on Aaridgmer of Keilth'n New Treatise oil the aUse of Globes. N.. Aterieal edition, with additions and imlproventaoa and oi expiation of the astrnnonunicnl part of thel A riean Almnaule. Just received and for sale by WM M'KEAN nev24 coener of Camp and Common at, IIARPEIt'S CLASSICAL LIBRARy. . ORACE, translatod by Plillilp Francis, D D, with i nn appendix, containing translations of varilas odes, &e. by Blen Jonson, Cowley, Milton, Dryden Pope Addisaon, Swift Clhtterlton, G W\Vakefield, Ptone Bryan, &c. and sonea of the mnore eminent poets of th dny-oand i'1tDI)RUS, with the nppenldix n cuidius transis ted by ClhristllIer S.rtnrt, in 3 vinl foe nmis, volunesi nnid hf "il:trler's Cilassictil i.ibrarv TI'hli E~peditnlnn If itllUI'i(Ey CLINKER, by t:aonllatt,1 ),t t, n thi a nttn.tmir te , tl.e AIttir, by Timl ts In.ncote, Esq., inV ehtiot, with illustrations, by Gi Vt? aniknlnhnnt 'l'll: 'r'I.". & Oir lhy .aathwlinorof "RiclliC i aroty ,f UIguIl.I I c., , ot, ditila, 2 vela w., - . I'.hit 'l.I t" IF tO Ity tihe ntatler t "Pilln.. The I)ir It l," :te, bLiaa onluae IV atotlt new ag not i" Lr.e LoiCutplen ifj1. Jnntr.aceive4 sale .yWMt McKk.AN [] \: N Slt)1'S-'t "i " . .. c . .. .hcaatsI I 151).t tI lt i c.8 rob inciunatia,,,,,0 lj arnelnt ft on I, s..,tlatba, ECnO, nln Itr aoLL t J)UERI & llAWr

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