Newspaper of True American, February 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 20, 1839 Page 3
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Sn Palli lli m arrlirr ai atG , ali . Exchango Office, 75 Canal "O THER EBXCIANGEI--Bills of Exchange on I [New York, at slort night, and at 3011 and tl daye. Apply to ANDREWS & BRaO's, jn26-2t 50 Camp st *OAF SUGAR-l0 ihbls in cstoe, and for sale ly N J26 J THAYII & Co, 74 Poydra et R AD A V OW, 7 Bank Place' ] OCO LAT 15 case. sweet Ckocolate, lading J from ship Constfaltre,fr tale by ja26 ISAAC BRIHIE 4. CO 134 Magazcie .t SATER BOOT-1 0 case. thick water boot., Ior sale by II AAC BRIDGE & Co, Ja2O 131 MaOogaine Ct IAV ANA SEIIARS-35 Al. Principte lavuna Set EL gar., il quarter braoe, lor cale by Sa26 ISAAC ItlRIIE & Co, 134 Magazine R OMAN CEMENT, landing from ship Elizabeth from London, fi0 sale by jLan6 READ & BAIISTOW,7 Bank Place. UGAR on plantation above Ile city, for sale by, d26 READL & IARSTOW, 7 Bank Place OSTON SOAP-200 boxes inl tore for sale by SR KIlEt, 34 ,raviar rt QPERM CANDLES-S-I5 baoes it store, formnle by jIlJ 6 ABRAHIAM TRIERl. 34 Gravier at TAt OES-200 hampers-100 Iarrels irenchl - otatoe, of a superior qttalitA londia" far sale by 4l6 L t GA!.E, 93 Caommon st / ORDACE-An invoice of tnrred Rope, assorted tines, for sale by READ & BA REI'OW, ntl0 7 BIank Place TINDBEYS-50 bates Lowell I.indseye, landing for ale by StETSON & AVERY, JIo 88 Gravier at IADIES' Velvet Riding Hals, of the latest styles L o aise by GOSSIP & Co,-St Clharle st, 18 Exclhange lhotel O K--ess & Prime, at tim inspection, for sale by S ja4 G I)OILISY, New I.eve ~_UNNY BAGS-35 bales in stira, for sale by U DOISEY, Jalb 44 New .Levee FASHIONABLE PARIS MAILt.INEItY. T HE subscriber hna the hoanor of infirming tlta li. Sdiae, that Ibe hos recetvcd per alips I.aftlyette aI Marengo a .tpply of fall atl winter Millinery, al the aIntt and richest materialo in Paris, wbhich Ira. Scanlan expects to have opened aud ready bar exam. iation on Motday and Tuadooy acxt. D P ~).NIAN, mne3- 25 Chlrt.rt t . ALE R(OPE--80 coils) Ke.otaa hbale rope, in Iton and for sale by J T'IIAYIKt &t:O, jal4 74 Provdr.l at BAZAAR . Crner of S. Charles 4r Common street, ExcHAN rs noTRt.. B USH & ALLAN would respe.tllilly call the at testin ofntiliens and trls llager. totlleir'elonpleto asmlStalenatl (Gentleamen's line -airnts do enmrnbric with linen frionts. fashionl e lilnel "rm: linen el-o ters: ilk, cn tto and lerio ilvr shlirts alld drawers: cambric and silk handklercbiefs: lack anild fncsy eon vats in great variety: stocks of every dscripeioi- gost ula tic nl cotton sapeader: silk, cotton nsld threol gloves: alts hoskin gloves: ulolirelluo and canes gold unusted. Alo,--.rlendld assortnellot of ladles and gelts wpri tingdesks, drnseini eases, port folios, perfumery, eut lery, ramd rich foaty goTls. Tb 1OI0O SALI AThe lnasif l.etorv of Illah nlbsrihr, hlnisting A Wtsel as, lald lilpe, il allTexa, eshi l'Pl..ler lnir dtac. Turning, lawing and c rinilig d.e as usual by Jy. i ' I'. . LAW NO'FIGCE. PAMES n. MaY11 lll: , Cionl.lloir indi Attorney at .,ie of Tl'elxa, liln nmlde a tll llrlgemilltit witlh ,sasepL M. While Fqi., Iate lehlr.,te il Ciongress, robn Florida. aod Conellior at Lop of the opl)rllle Cort of the United Stnat., to give his advitn, hgal opinilns and insttoeticna in all causr in wlich hj ik retlained in TPexa. Cl. Wlite will in all i:asso give written inasrulltiot, and in, eases of geiat ilolilirtilloi, will attend in person the Supreme Couert il'Texhs, lIe is in poessiot of ail hIe Solpanieoaonl Mxlrici, )rdi - asstesad has at Nerw Orloaea, tie largest civil law lhbnry in America. Lead Titles, In all cases Is which James S. Mlnyfield i retni.rdl Its an attorney and Lad Agent il Texan, le will receive my desistanee, and advice as ia cllnselhtr. Aia7 ,1ii.1 W ilIIE. CYCLOPA DIASI DIC'TIONAIIES!! U)EE' CyTclopedia, 7 vol .; lEdinburg Eneycuhi L palint 18 vile, Pnaay Cyclmplaedin, vl I thL. Eacycilopadia Aoer icons, 13 vols. Penny Mgarillo falr I n.37; e osrton's lliga eul icul Iic bionary, .3 volw; Walkedr's Ditiomr y, I vcol. lluytr' DL)ietioonry, I vol, Webstor'n do I vl. Johiiio .L ]'ulkor'o I llltllaV , I vol; Newlmno I lllrroeeltt'e Iictionarv. . voiý. Julisotn llI)iciu,tull', luulloeil+ltui'ls I)i.iuOll Jlmoia'S liatuuirtuuy Io 1-0 flg"ish S iuoiui tor by \Vli cI .% , C:. I) II) i lie 1 , 1 111 I S. . .1 S1ll01,1A+4l 111E , No. III ll alr tlrcrt,'acthl S lies it lllllulcth e t1I1 lrllklui ,lrlr , o,1l ,,1l1d er silher in aity firli wlhltever, Ilid pliy tllw hglhc( ri"ce int Orltt ts. l.adies wl.tIo may d fui llillled gold j'oelrll , vi t: l tir tIleui t ll llol, ehalillo, Illa ihllV , a Illlekli lhlli e rings, ll r atlr i I nl y ly richit of111 tlu lilS. ', 1 iii..illal i li,. t oi adviiullog , Ih .iling ot .il NU ll-WVutlit;, Juiwelry IIold N10l:racoie) reaiulrd li ldbestl Iiiniler---llrge ll"liiider lC. FAMILY MESS IECId- I-i, lfli,, l. i.iliv aiii, ., esf, loadiig Iromiie'tett buiitt nvaouui'.tl, td; I for sale by ja30 J lPHAYEIf& Co, I l'oydini V UILKS ISLANDI) SALT--IlS bulhlel in store, for 1 nleby S & J PWl'llITNEY, jaJ0 73 (iiulln lt I)IMENTO--lo00 socks Pimento, iallding frlet shlip Colottt.lla l d lor dole by S jai3 L L G.LE, 93 Coutnloon iL RLEANS' ;LIIIIoItAPIIICt I'IlIN'I'INt( tIlF FLUE, 13 lMoagazie street, oplpositl Billks' Ar W tGRLENE ltakes plneaure in announcing to hlis hmnds sndthe citilens ol New (tJrleins, tlhati lte hlio it Isgtlh brouglt Litltogrlll hy i 11n i r n llh Olllicr plate pintingand fronl the silcilitie ls the art hoe 0010r cololler bls esgianvtln, Ie coal execute all orrulert lllrtltetl to hi. aast onh ae ltl peut ol.llf eugraving oand tnearly as chlap an type printing. .Merhants wshig Cireulors re silt out in their owl hand writing can hiave any quantity at a fiew hlturs otiee; or thesy will be eoxeculted for them in a beatliul istyle. suci as has heretoufore given general eaoliflction tool lse most roepletable conntissioii holuite ill this Eiy. Geotlellten desirons of hliving Visitilng or Iloai sans Cardls tniashedt ill the best liinittirI, will io well bi calling at he 13llie and see sllecimlens. Fel. !, 1839 N 5--Bank notes neatly eecuted, and circulars, lrhested at one hour's notiea. SANDKERICIIEFS-:I eases pongoee hnolker chiefs, for sl by ISAAC BRIDGE ,F t Co, f _ _ 134 Magaittiute et .B EEF--55 bbl, prime Beef lending from steam Sboat Norma, for sale by G. nl)IRSEV, j•an - 4 N..lev.vee F.LOUR--I0 bbls superfine flour, landing and for s ;ale by J TIIAYEIt & CO, ja29 71 Prrvdras a IL & SALT--10 bbls Tanners oil,in prime order O 30 bbls summer strained .sern oil, 1200 sacks Turk's Island sotl, in store for- sale by ja28 L L l iALI, 93 Co ontn HAVANA COFPFEE-400 bags prime quality ,l in star., and for sale by jetl ABsItAll Al TItIER, 31 Graover s HAVAENA SEGARS--30 t priuclte Havan so gars fur sale by ISAAC tIlII)JGE & Co, fel 131 alugazine a OSIN--70 batrele io trehlrod hl" sole by j30 J TIAYEIt & Co, 74 P'ydroas st SIUM IER, &c.-30 [thds feat clear lumber, . 80 sprues spar, 151 balres hy, 150 thda steam sawed wlie fpine loades, landing m shipt PlaItI , and fir sale bu ja3n LEVI 11 GALE, 93 Comumon at STEAM SAW MILL. SIITIIATEI) at thes boy of tiluxi, ii tio state of Missisippi, at the cunflnrosce of the Clutekabullfo, £Iochembololand Pine Ilant Itivern. st' imll horse insarge ard nsubstantially built of eat aterils--the engine first rae, and in good or &.r with all ureassary onppendadgee fr sawin'g, danirg aid Gnrooving, and to rbielh is atlotd a grist mdill, sseksmith st!ip and tools, arid houses fur tie arconl aitsatio ofw arkmseP all the necessary topla for putting the will in operation. Four yoke of oxen, 15 r:res of isd,taraiing lthe point on whili the nill is built, ar eftryof 0 actres of wred land in different sections on the tdjoiniug rivers. Tbe itoral convenienceis of aciess Ihr vessels that navigate abe lakes are unrivalled, son at all easona iofthe year to the mdll and tle sever afrivers romn 11t to 100 miles uo. Immediately in front of lto inill, and wihin 50 fereot ths Raump, is a atulal basin that wtil I contalill 20.110 IO log, whic careasily be sobRred against all kinds of weats. The facilities of prncuring timber, arN tmi Burpalsed arty where. The shores of tire bay and water cu'rsen biing savered withb pine. ok, aslb ad lickery, I and easy ofaccess. This valuable property, no coutig- I Uouasto thelsci tyof New Orleans, offers adlvantages to the 5ntn.lwt5lngs rarely to be miet with. It is asut deem- I ed seesswr Ito enumerate them. lathe m.medsata vicinity of tie aforesaid prepertny, is a.Ibs oud d a plastara a o 0f 11 acres of valuable laud, J 20 sf wldeh is cleared and yndor fence, wilth a comfort I able dellig bhaous, frunning uaaa ls, i)hbeir otfslfeep, i 50 stflore cattle, and a quantlity of htig. This tract feats oantos hay about a litle, and is a most desirable situatieon for country seats, tie lands be;ng slesated high bluffs with a rsificient daptih ofeatrer for any of the lakl cranft to approach its baknis. About 500 acres of Its tract Is covered with a thick growth or pirre, snk, ash sd hickory, arid can hbe traasslrord wilth great fciity sad litte rexpense, to markset altering ad. van p.5fl table investment. ' +thstit o propertiss will be sold together ma sela. ate. st leer prier, astid il accutiotutstirg tbrms. Far furtglr frtictntlaraply to R 11 WE IMAN. k 1--7t Exeha...e Place t II - I.s_._-_. bae' of rresier qun f al by 11AAC .,.UR ti.ti, & C: wb I1 131 .lougaoiti at t SCHUYLEIt'8 COUNTERFEIr DETECTOR AND PRICE CURRIENT. IT3IIE delayoeuueedi by the scarcity of the desnrip. on lion oftype required fir the Paper, onmpelled the ys subscriber to postpone the publication for sonc do) si, to the very reat disappointilent of tie public. Ile is h0 Inwever, happy to nefora the nlUm'rEs ,pptihun0 t - tihathe has reeaned by tih last Packet from Now Ynrk, a full assortment of toi kind of typje necessary f.r him0 t to use in , ile Deteolr and eoneiluen.tly ti first nutln her will be Iublishld on I'hurolny next. S This PIlper will conllin a list of all the coulnterfeit Uank notes it circulation throtghlnut the whole U. S. ng and Canada, so necarately dinmcribedl that pprson notll accustolmed to hnllldling bonk nlotes, can etasily detect at a eounterfeit. A list of all tihe broken banks atl Sfraudulent Intit.tianc, will also be found in tile Detector, together with the rates if discounts on it all kinds of Misslssippi, Alahuann, Tennessee, Florlda, Ohio anl eastern nlley getneranlly. Texas Treasury et notes will also be emreflily qooted. T'hePrice C.orrnt will be got up tl great exp0nse, and Iay he relied on as the corret rattes oIthe imarket. ih Sale of-tock in Wall street, New York, and mostevery description of information useful to the merchant. m.. :e. clhnie, tender, stenm boat or ship captain, will be Sfound in tle elpteltor. It will be published ever Sunday morning, at 25centa for a single number, or $8 per anlest, payablee half yearly to advance. Persono re.iding eat of the city it cun have them u enlly enelosedl in wrplpsre, and den prtched by the rdail on Sunday. To cnbscribtrs it t Iluton and Galveston, (Texas,) they will be forwar ded by the regular steam pockets. I 0 AN'THONY It CIIUYLER, SExhanoe Broker, 10 Cnonp st., N (; I Third st;, Cmn 0 lnnati;and 220 IBroodway, New York. fel5 it NEW PIANiOS, from Poris-Jost reeived pIer shil ber Saxon, fromnt lavleo, and for sale by the ubacrs A new assortment splendid horizontal Piantnfirtes r and Piecolan, fromnt the celebrated manulactory of Pley e & Co., of Prin. at ý Thene instrllulmlts are pnrticelarly well finislled caraloully elected and form the last soiply until Miay Snet. E JOlN & Co, fe -9 St Charles ORDAtE, W.-IlKI ceils tarred Hope, nesorted ,_sizes, from eto 6 inciwhe, Spnnyarn and listiie stulfs; also, Deeop sea otld Iunclcad line,; r:ggiig laotlter, &. for sale by ju'8_ REAI) &. RBARSTOW,7 Bank Place I hUI{PI's\ TINE nd I.inned Oril,just received and for sale, wltoleale orretail, by IIt BONNABFL, fel4 cor TeIhpitonllnA & Natchez sit UI ONF.Y lf b he be qality, landil igenod for rale by SII IIONNAB.EL, ftl4 our Natchez andil lchn pilto Ins st I rRAVElN in titho tlire,,greatetun )fIrieso Auitria, L Iussia attd Tiurkeyo by C It Eliott, lA A It t Vicar ofl (iodalnin, ail an iteor of Letters from the SNortll of Europe,just received, ld fiVr sale hy fel4 'I'TO tWAt , 19 Canip st tA NENW tdiltion of Il.tblier on Obligaiitiso, jstt r0 ceivel! and litr sale biy A TOVAI, 49____, . tNp nt SAI.AA;IA WINI.--.Iit invoice of Mntg sCI weet, W \in ,in qurtier casks fir sale Iby kehl I 'EIMI) . IBAIRS'I'OW, No 7 Bank Place GOSIIVT llEN UlTiER-A few ftrkins for eile by IREAD IA ILSTOW, lb 14 No 7 IBank Place INE APIPLE IIEESN-A fi-w bui foi iale by eILEALD &E IIAILRSTOW, fl)14 No 7 Rank Place. li snioll boxes, loatin,,, fit intr lalsh w, fop oaln by I.SAAC lBRItlliE & Co, fal4 1:11 11l ninut IASTfOR I I.-t1 oarrel, No. I. Cstort Oil, at LJ prime article, i store :tl fir Pale by JAIIVIS & ANIIIltOVW, 1l12 or C(ommnla &. Tehprntll e itOlll. a N.Y) grn.s J iiiif v tl a ieioer lu tte itrnnotre - edito aultrior .rtiol, hov tDAVI I II'EI.'I' kCo, Iloi NY SVtationero loll, 21 Cihartres ··~~lli·Clii 1·l1R IIIIIcriltcr are noIW TCe:civillC n nllllitiorlnl supply0 of 0arl4, el, gl444 0silver, wool04444 ir44 n 0are; c04tr 0(h0n41s 44(4d (0 '4ble ,041 4utlery, lt 11. hy or (4a(e low, ol4r4(4l04,0m4 c4 44, m moda(4i4g4 f t4,whal. ( s((4, 1,r retail. (Country merchants thd others wIuld It` Alit to t Iheir nslvnlllngo U) call stll nxnlnitprevious to, I""r·llsai g elsewhere. It III(()\Y1·:R J, Co, openers at' 'tie -hov~le warese, 17 Camp & 841l· Common.el l N II. Also, . fe0(0 s .ot ' (.44 o'i.sowb othilvr,( Ihanes, a new eltd superior article. f:· ell I 04044do414,*4i,,barel, iuta l o r~ fiot t1 S fa4r 04le ly (, IK4ORSEY. frli 44 Nepw Levee G UNNVY II(iS-1(2,o00 o om 040' 1,r sole by felfi (1I) D('4( Y,V 41 New Le G UJ(NNY 11BA(S-14-IM io bakles d L..1 lod , ca~rted Piers, li,r PIeiC lie felti IS 1A(' 5((ll)(.E & 1a. 1154 0logo4 440n A Reiie.,oII44(44' 444 I'R((4"(4'I, 441 ,'ooot of A thestj t Cofl4, Iuiio -, £4.n' f,,roIo ;rl fP ,'edamr in, Civ·il Acie, &e f ,:,r solo b yl 1')l MI·IEFN ____ olf, 4l44c4 0f i tort usel article (44 r404 r.iv ' ,,, the 4to ,40aet11.,,fthe Pretend coomie, on tl ol14144444II, lo,4 sole (' 14(0444 III:1& u 1.1,1-,I C art, ast ~ 1 ' 41 44t' ilC1i, . Mary l taci lnoit In llsl l otl. r'1"alles by 11r, (bore ln I)l1 'T ho 11 ri Altl olhe L'III no d Moo g ller.(,dl `s.. m'! vols. to~ il 1(4ll, ( ( hei 440 ý ll l 444144444l0044444,. 00yho , t(44 4l 04(4 I'm'oelb14,(( I ti ,i e 4 4 .1lie, 4 uth(444444 l' r 4'.(il l\Ike lch I·l," ; . 11, ('n. 41 vol.' 4 440err'I'a tat, .(..... 41 i °, v44 by 4444 4 , 4 b(4 rill4 - It(4 oW 014 0p1 IE.N, - jana~l col-('xollll 1,11.1 (_onol in 1-ttf NEW It111 ;jK5_-Rob of [I,,- B.".1, o Lrgcod lei·II i t t Im";;rrs. I,_v the 11I1 eor oI(· I·ojllow(I Ilill ,l''l(llrs Sho40e I(o144440o4,' &c. &c. fn 2 yul(. Just 440l4'44'4'4(4444 44r '4ale l4y OV.0( M'KEAN, JI004 car (04(p & (4,04n44il4 A RU nl((A 'I';FOR SALE..-Situatecd o0 Tchapilmllas Strout. I ··opi lllle of 1. II 4ll(NNAI , -l ,, 141 3 ca d &chtl: S& hlllhliN, 51'l Ieta t adngudi sto4re f.or ocle by TNDLAN'S I'444444404, Sw04im4'0 d(4.. lmgether wib a4 1 laone 000r4444'4.r( Of patent4(4444di4(i044404. Rcrivcd lately 0nd for (ule (0 II It(44NA4OEIl,, 4 44 c7r Natlche,, & I'4140h14it44441o 4ts F NGLS(( (l1oth P(iper00-Ilu4t r0ceived ao fowr 040a44 4.f 4ery f i Ine Elisho loth(1ap(r, 30 by 45 nc40h.,32 ht 454 i4 .,.444d136 by 45 inch1.; a .(4.rr44r 0rticle0 Also, "4 "r )0 D 4 05004rtin4 (400(4 blacking for otle dy !(AVID FELT& Co, 34 C44(144040004 e (10- N Y Staj0i4ners Holl HlYDRAULIL' 421 N'f4 'our sal" b4 4. jllll READ & 53AI(S1'OW,' 7Io,,k Pbo00 O IL-An in4oi4e hill '44(04440 warran4ed,4 f44 r tole4 l by 121,01LI. & I(IROWN, (~~~9 Ma4Ig4.014e s i. B 1(iiNG anld hanle Rope, fur sale ), B fell 1tE~l) & AIll TOW, Dank 7 l'ace 5 v ALT -10,11111 Ibushels Cadi Sat afloat, in bulk; y Fy 1,0111 Pack do 1a for sale by fe8 WIII'I'I(11U4' &o Co, 76( Mugorine at B 1ACON- ((iL511 c44(44 c44aiali44g 40 (444, 0(ho044 4rro 44 nd side14, (or P4l( by G 1)OI(EV, ell 44 No, Lerr e j LjLOUIL-950 bills in st(0 n14404' 444 f(r saoe oo 0.16 DO(4OItS1lY, 44 New Le.vee " J ISISKE1V-20 borrels rectiliod, in 0tore for sale byVG D(40IJEYY, 4 New. evee .0 (0010FE11-1((444bags Sun 144444,44g4 Coffre for sale lJby Will I 1111.44. & Co, Y feIl 7(6 401 040zl 01 b tALLOW' t'AN0L4LI 0 Luxes,0 brooed ,,fJu..1 sun 1 04&'4'r rig(£4, for aleo y 1012 ISbAAC 444l44)4E &,I Ca, 134 M4 gazimn o4 t )1£4INTIS.-.4 c4400 FreInch and .l44ri40.4 lPrint0 4 1 000uus 4044(4li40(444 fo 044(e (4y " foeb7 IsAA'C .t 1(014.1i &Co, (344I Bog.o hest OAP1'--5 1111 404,,oow J'10004a 4 444441 (te Gorg4e ((o4ioO' 0 0 brand, t'ar Fat by SHALL d IRIOWNbI. fell 9 grnea it IACUIN-42(Cooks cansooo414d 444440 44444i 4(eill4(0 (0 - 1 o'by ISAAC (((lODGE & Co, fe8 131 Mla.gineo 0t e '?ALE ROPE-Su coils Dale R(ope, of superior 4 I= qulity, for Pule ley st js2 IS.1ArC BIRIDGIE &LCo, 13 Magalzines at CL'IV DlANK, NfoNew Orle0( s, 54th IFebruary. 11139. \ EXCIIA7IOE on Engl(nd, for0.noi this In4otdu- 4 .0, rationI. 11OU1' J PALFREYSY of fei Cashierc o - -o fingo ord ( 41er, for role by (1054 (G 1)4)(4EY, 44 Noew .eve it L. L)ULR-3110 brig (4la44ng (('04404044 (40044 oun., leg .1'for solelby 4. 5) 41RSEY, of fell _ _ 44 Newr I.evee ) ° 1a4HAKR- 0 barel fresh Cincinnati t letl 4 ano water d4 r0cker( , (04n(ing fromn 0team boa of Tribune, form t(0 b G DORSiEY, :r (h12 44 Camp so U'INSEEI).OIL-10 bblo in s0404 and for sale by 4 1. feIl (G D0414EY,4 New Lerro of JAW REPORTS'. .o PEW5'ERS' U. S'5'ATEI IS, vole; Peters' 0ond0414. 0r 445ad, 40at; Eng4(4(4( E4XCIhequ40r, 6rvobe; 04nden41 ed ry, English 0..140rer4'0 9 vol0 , Cr44444('0, 9 vots; Br40ken - brnobsg'a U Stlooo., 2 nobs; larrow's, 2 ro(s; Massa to 500l4 4a, 1£4 04410' Pi.keringo, (7 v044; 15I)rilfurd 4& 44. [ten,. voles its44 Eglis4 C4n4Lon L4aw, 32 vote; Eng lish Ecclesiastcnal, i( vurr; Atkin0on's, 3 vole Hall', is 0up44rior court, t vol5e Jo4444on's c600444440w4 (41 vale; 44, Joblnsou's Chanoery,7 tots; (ir(enlea00( Ma(fn1, 9 voles rt. P04451dor40, 15 veoa' P444 Wiili4440, 3 vaot; 0(0as004's 1 ,p, St.9u0, 6 vols; SaOoir'4 do 2 0o444 Saunders, 3 vo(0: 4044 Wusbiag£4oO'4455Sta4es, 4 4ot, f0or sle by( )le ALEiX,. TOWAR. ad fah Q 29' " lale 00 // ( -09 r0cks o4ts, in 0(ore for mod(4 by 440, 0-4 JO CHAMPLIN & C0OOER,01.44o li All 1 PERM O1.-Il) crass uni0441 barrels winter oil 1 landiang f gfobrig Elizalbeth, 1'ic4yu44 '4'ier, 044 for 444(s by W111 P(ORT'ER, foi _l 95 Co44444on street f IAR-20044k fo'I'00.4I.£4olr4Orae - dordefor sit by 14e js". n C1A015.IN & C4OPEIL· 8! Juljia Jil (0 E:M1t£1'-Ilo414o4lio 044 I4'44444444o.j44,44'444j0.4 4411 li(t 'r y h1& I(.l('SI44W. 1105 7 ('ank 1'14c00. R SHIPING. 1oFr urope. FOR HAVRE.-Reguloar Picket. _ lTihe A.1 and fast sailing ihip RICH MOND, Cnpt Winship, will receive tnme , diate despatch foir tle ehove port, having the greeter g trt ofl itereorgro engagedl nd mgoing on bord. I'ortnlance offreight or passage, havinlg aelterior oa luroneodations, apply on board oppos;e thel Mint, or to fe , L II (iAI.E, 93 Comnmoni t FOR LIVERPOOL. o Thie Al anod fast sailing ship GANGES, A Cpt Joines, requires 310i baloe cotton to fill it ·up. Aply to" IROGERS, iRAY &Co, S or, LEVI I G(ALE, 93 Commnons FOR GLASGOW. T'lhe Al Clyde built and very fastsad ing barque MAIIAICA, Capt Jump, has t, neanrly ailliercargo engaged and will haIve ry deplatclt Ti eiais eoing erry surperior, passen geraert te e comfortably reeomtnrdoted, for freight or o paessge, apply on board or to fal2 IIOLIE S & MILLS, Bank Place - FOR LIVERPOOL. i The At hst rniling slip JOIIN IIHALE Capt Crowel,wil receivne immendiate despatche i. for Ihe labove Irort. For freight of 20I04 bales cr otton to comprlete her carg ol apply to fa6 - L II GALE, 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 fast sailing lship EUROPE, Capt Drummond, will receive i.l.medite des itopatch'or tire aboerport. I,'r oreighlt of 2110 hIlma cototon to omplete hercargo, or passage, ninlly to LEVI H GALE, .fe 93 CommO on at FOR LIVERPOOL. The Alo r ,pered sbili EQUATOR, y hJ Bin. noster, owill heeship Elnllt. For freight l 2110 boals, or pnoasre, aplpy to le5 S&J P W 1i . EI',7 e73Caemn -d FOR LIVERPOOL, I Te Tlse now and fat sailineg shi BOW Dr ITCI, I'eomeion, master, having mist off her cargo engageId, will have dspir.tch.I For e Ialuncetfrergiet or passage, upliv t d fee S& J P WIITN El', 73 Camp ost FOR LIVERPOOL. Thile Al dll fest sailing ship MASSA. S SOI'tr, Caut lnaretllt, having tihe greater part of Ier cargo engaged, will meet with tespalch. For Iahce of freight or passage, apply to t le2 L HmALE,93 Cormmon st FiR IIVEIRPOOL. irre AI flast nsailing ship SAXON, Capt Mansfield, havitg thie greater trrt orf ir ear go eagaedo, will mrert with deelatleh. For it fregit of 2i rIles cotton, ifi itnUIediete npplieation be ende, nrtpassage, apply L II GALE, fil 93 tommon int FOR LIVE:RYOOL. , te A I fast rniling ship UNITEDI) STA'TES, Cpt. Jrer, hiavin inert of hcr .. .cargigo elgaged, will irne deepnrath. For freight f tewo lhuadrnd holes, r paornae, niplly to jar sl S & J P WlII I'Nr Y, 73 Cap te a SFOR IlAVRIgE--1ti.ular'rarr ... . hie Al splendid slip VILI.E DE I ARlIS, Catli Trott, noaer, will rereive im. mediate deai)chI. IFor freight if 21.1 halos coterllo, or poassge, apply to L II GALE, fel 93 Canteen st FOl IIAVANA--i.ceket Srhooncr. Tih first ratRr fast sailing packet ser - ueWARtD I'ltl"ll|.E, Copr thike,, will pIoe. itlely snil 'l'lIIli EVENIN(G. For fr giht or l,.l| lll relem, t I e;gl Relegal eet leulodations, anily Ira Ihird, I'icayne rtier, WV. PtIIlIElt, Ih:ll 9 Ti Ccmoolne nt T( Ooastwise. FOR NEW YORK Regular Packet of the 25th inst. HOIME'S L.INEOF PACKETSI'. A KThe auperior, fast sailing packet ship ARKANSAS, I)ennis, mater, will i alltve. For freight ill pr assage, haig elegant letcolltoaodtiollo apply to tile Capttain on board, two tialr I g low the Vegetable market, or to ftelli A COIIEN,91 Common at FOR NEW YORK. - Tihe Al and fast sailing ship IIOIIART Capt oeldea will rreceive d re atch, laving ~ tIe greter parlorflier cargo engetd. For sitt frlight or pansoage,applv to I. H tiALE, ti S12 9D3 iCoamo:lo n at FOR NEW YORK. The eh MALION, Cant Torrey, will hove despatoh. For lreight ;r puarem,, ap-. a ply to S & J P WVlltlrtNF', i, __et _ _ 73 Camp st) FOR BOSTON. S Tie .. I faot sailing ship COPI A, Capt Moore, will ltve despatch. For freight vf 2:)0 balc. Cti l, , lly tto , Stt .o J I nVtltc sn, `o Camtpot 2l l b al s c v tn 1 .3 C a m p st FOIL NOttttIl.K( AND BIALTIMORE. 4 lThe goto, schr Atiltl)N, A Farnham, ina,- o l tr. Ilhvignogust (if er rgou. t board, will di Tmeet with ilmiudiate dislpatlh. FR Italance oh t'it;tt e lassage, aIply to S & J \' !IItI"NEKV It,".?. 73 CIamp pt I.'O O II IN'lUt N. The A I fat sailitg sli, FI"I.RAX Ilea- nta Sed, hill .M ve k ri Oae,I dilre iol al i Nr o I.s pi ,r liuage , having ga 1 1ccInmatni , npdy f'l7 s. &.t 1' WIII'I'N I,, Ia fIl 7 7:1 CoIII t alt v- ae eptlc.t taollfe th I 1 ampat FO RI N EWOItI ,'OI A ,\IY 1RK - Ittals- .ag -O n The A I tst sailio g hr I. lttAlNON, t, ,k'll lit. hid e, will1 cail it a tew days. No F, = "or i"ssago olv, bavig ".+d ancetoottnela bo tt,,t, apply to IVit . POtlTEIt, Ca fel / !IS InrICllutllo att IOR NEW YORK. Mo I. The tfast Nailnlg opplred brig All , ýtn&\ CASOl'. lol'tt, Iatter, wil have despatch. art For feight or Ia .agl~ e; appy to oi teN S &J I' WitltN'EY, 73Campai 'e -FO AE F E IT A of F'Ot MOIBILE. Tle flst sailin c oper C erfastenled sehr p O0T WVO()Itn U k'F, Gorttan, master, will pi ve despatch. totr fleight apply t fr Ii O AMRS:W,41 Calnp, st FOR NEW YORK-Pas-ago Only. ciTse At last sailig Ithip CHAIli.OTTE, t l r. llce, will receive innnediote ates- r' lettlht For pasetigO tnly, having sauperior e mttllmutdationa , alttly to ihe Caplain on board, or ta to jali . I. LH AIAI.E,:t _(noatnot ins FOR NEW YORK. sl Te fast sailing COlpperetd brig HAR- lit - RIET, Cpt;. Finshcr, will havo despnatch. For freight or, apply to ja an &t J P1' IlTNEY, 72 Coamp at Fr -OR SALE. FREGical O CHARIk Tile Al rchoonetr CEYLON, Tioll P - Delano, tus aster, 7e 9 tols nlld 15 month old; S ra for tera, apply to Coapt Delano above tie Orlt~atle Cotton Press, or vo S iol4 READ & BAtS'TOW, 7 Bank Place FOR SALE, FREIGHT OIL CHARTER, . Tile fIht sailiang oepper fastened, and - ..coppere brig MAIIR ELIZABE'ITIh 1I70 tlotn, built etxpressy for a packet, mlahogany cabinto, ste rooms fir tile accoaodation "5 taset- ea gets. For terms, apply to Capt Baboo, on board, Pies yunu Iier, or to Wr M Ptrn tel'l, Sta3 95 Cotnnn att TO RENT-PI , ssession cal bte givet it i aitel. Ii That desirnableand well f lishied hve llig oleLse, now in complete order, at tie corner of. Cap sld J ilia streets. Apptly n nle ptemics,, tot t G V PRfrCliAlRD& .IO'TAGE'I'J r. fv5 ,Aydrar & DMtagazine st - S Ats, lia fr lroe by a Ic 1 oad .dJPWIIITPNEY,7.C almpat N EW ILAW and Medical Itooks: tCurtis' Diigostofcare. snljtdicatetl in courts of Admlraltv ,of tite U. S. and Eaglnd; a new and ovalua ble work. t f'eers' Digest ofeasesr it tle Supremae, Circuit and Sl)islriet CotatS, a new tapply, I Vol, Wisltar's Anatomty, a new edition, received by Patn Tine Ameriaen Medicael Anlmanac for 1339, anew anl a' uaefull medical puocket hohk Ifbr ledicael gentlemen, Atd atl assortmtent of the most plaproved Law and t editeal works. I. JOHINS & Co, ; jl17 eor Caommaon t St Charles sita `,f INE-Aa itlvtice of Sicily Madeira, in pipes, d, 5 half pipes,l10 alm tor caskas, and 2I octaves, sortitlled to debenture, braons bIy ltgrtlt Colli & Zizza errano by jana5 ISAAC BRILDGE & CO, B B ITTUM INATRD PEET--L100 barrels for sale by S. Loiake4 Co,No. 8 Front Lonve. Masters Itfsteatll boats are Iparteularly requested to tmake trial u- ef iis nw and very valuable anrticle Ill fuel, so much It sten ed by enagineers in every part of the country r were it has bIeen oasd. fellB - C OIL CHAINS--2i casks coil clains jnst rreeined 4 andt for sarle ly S LOCKE & Co fie 8 Front L.evee tt UNNY BAGS--tll0 boles Gunny BagI ofa close Wnad i priame texture, suitable for Stitby 4 ja.5 I BRIDGE, 134 Magazine st t I OWLETT'S InterestTi'nables-Fnntor's ltoukkeep-t L ing;l Bennett's do. Harris' do. Expeditlons na l sleeurar, ant Edward's bookkeeper's Altlas, received - and for sale bIy A T"IWAII, je2 49 Camp st A LLA ILL lEEN MAIIO.ED'Al Ttrkish Dye, I. or ohunging grey or red hair on tie (read, or e wliskersr, or eye brows, by a single oapplication, to d ,n. etrmanent brown, varying ton comlplete black, wtitl o out staianang eithor the hands or linen, jt received - at tlne Bazlar, corner t. ChaCarles & Contan streets. IIBIUSH & ALLAN, fe8 Exchlallge Hotel - T C TONS--90 bales 7-8th and 4-4tha twilled Low ell Cottons, for sale by fE8 ISAAl C lItIIt)iE & Co, 131 Mngrizne st PERM CANDI.ES--6G0 boxes New Bedford, Bus toan and Nantucket Spermn Candles. for ruale by fell ISAAC bRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazne at I (t IIAIN Cobler atd Achatrs--Two chtain cabies J and atetehra, landing from brig Mary Elialthi, Piocvateaa Tier, aed fur ale by WM PORTER, nil ll 5 " 95 Coonnat st t Iut AYl.-3' ilea tllNrl . I ay. in ttret ft atila ty e -- fall CIIAlII.IN . COOPElI, ,8 Jllla st by Y "E AS.-60 tiacks Gerlan Pena ill sams for sale by as febll CIIAMPI'LIN & COOPER 12 lJtlin nt ld rIIOBACCt)-2- 5 boxes I\lyer's) manuoaclured To lb aene, ill ntllre far ale by till CII. MI'LIN & COUPER:e2 Julia st FOR NEW YORK. IIOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. 10 ail punctually as advertised, foreach part-The line ill consist of tie r 'lowing shipa-viz: ,B Shipi Naruui/r, Captain Wood. d Arkansas, Captain E S eonnin, c. Alabma, Captain C C Berry, Hr Orleans, Captai SSearsr, Vicksburg, Captain J Eunker, *Pontrhca, Captain Asllly. The above hips are all of the first class, ropperd, arid cpler fastenedl, and were built in New York r presslv for this trade-they are ot' ight draught of wa Ser, and almost invariably cross the bar without deten tion. '1 lere packeti are commanded by Captains well ex. perteneed in the trade, end will alwayes exert ,ithemive Io tacoonthr e. 'lthey willlsasy be towed u lad s down tie river, alnd will pC'anptly srail as arvertisedl. e hey hae hlandsomelv funiashed aecntmodstions, antd Sstlre of tle first quality will always be furnished, aod Sevrvy .ttention paid t de comfort and satisfaction of passengers. ST'le price oftho cabin is fixed at o 8, without wine or liquor. For further particulars apply to A COrEN, Jambl 90 C nmnmon street Ulo hie ships are not accountable fr breakage o glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of tin or rust ofiten or steel: nor reslnrlsilde for any packaoge t or parcel pit on coard, itless a regular bill ofludilg be signed therefor, at c ie office of the agents. FOR NEW YORK. .Mee Yerk )Veto Or lea LCine. A NEW LINE of packets has been estlablishead to run between New Orleans aund New York, to co tlset of five Irst rate ships, vin: Sltip St. Mlaryv, It V Foster, emaster, " Republican, J G Rueoserll Aulturo, 11 Pliurfey, " e,, ' building, aThese ships were built in New YVrk'exprvealy for this Strade; ur of a light draneglr of water,'and will not In subaject todletenlion at tihe liar. 'ITheir aucom.ceolctichats et for oread eonvepencle; and theirl commadersc are men oexrfrietce. LUntil the ships now ar Sco:lpletcd, two first class elhipn will snulpply tIeir places. Thie greatelst puectaality will be ohserved in the t time of nailing, and every reasonable accoemrodlation xtnlded to shippers and parseogers. For furter partiealars apply to Mlesra. Jelnson and Lowden, No. CG Wall street, New iork, or to ja M PETER I.AIILAW, 66 Camp st Por the Interior. O TOR MOIIILE. 'iThe regFlar packet low prteenre Sasteaer I LP \'.IFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave thie lake end of the hail N r ta ,every TIURSIDAYS & SUNI)DAYS, I anter the arrival of tle IS' o'clock car, and on lier rel turn, leave Moblile, entry Tuesdaysanrl Fridanys. For passage apply oea bour to CAPT. SWILER. I S-Wlhnever a sufficient natalber of povaeagers o )fret thie (;irali. will touch at any of the intermediate laadings, upon previousnuotioa being given to C(apt nwiler.. nnv7--tf MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, I)ReTovedr fo o 17 Cualcmanure StL TO NEXT ir1e1 To ST. CGHARLES TIEATRE, CORNER OF PovDRAS A. ST. CHiARLES STREET. nuo9--1838. TO RENT. A LARGE ned comemodieus Room over Levy's unetion storee,'53 Mlgazior street. Apply to W GREENE, Lithoprapher, on thie preaises. N B-The above would make a good drill roen. nov3 JEFFERSON ACADEMY. P EPA LA'TOIY to Jefersota Colleo e and to otlh ersenduccd by II. Granet, L l). Exchange Alley, Ibetween Conti cnd Iliocville. Thi; sitlation was the most eligilde that could bIe found being entirely free from the eoise of tle streets and the - rattling of drays and carriages. The Jefl'rars Academey is divided ltoe two depart meets. 'The Junior or elccenairy department foIbr tice variote brmeches ofcommon education in Frenc unJ r, i Eglltish--'l'e Senior departlment foer Latin, ipeek, Matlh'aoties, &c. Punctuality, order an., disaCvlline are strictly ctoined atletl observed. Te'' a. Junior )epartmennot,,h r n oetl h $111 Senior do 15 a.,...,,sa f Ist. BOasut , nistes, paper, Sc. charged separately c acld. A mntlth once bepl, to be paid in full; 3rd. No dedctiont for tbseo nor oar holidays: 4aeh. I'aylnents to bh mndtle regularly every montl. cllool leoar L trol 1-J to 3 a oluck, except 'rbirs' S days. 0epw 1 EXCHIANGE READING ROOMl. C ltEprlrtccietor ctcs re-lilted hisa Reading tl,,coif n dI tIIe St. ChurIi Exc llo:c, Corlner ol Gravicr anld St. C:larles street, in the Ilacetrl mtllanner. lelsides all tlie crincipal vpapers 'f thle Unitedl States, f every city sad stante. tlhe Cnaaadas,'l'xas and Mexi-i co anfd tlValln'a, tie roomn is regularly and extensive.. Iv nuppiliedl will tile latest E careottn papIers, Loyd'sa lists, lad Prieou'a 'rice Current. Also wilth, erly all te Literary Periodicals of thle day, tod has tie re pullivaicals of ltne London, Edinburg, \Vestminster dletroplclitau I.eviews socd Blackwooil Malogzine. T'le Norlt Ainoricaan Review; tle Southerc I.iteorvrr Knick bocker,'J'le Anaerican Joarnl alf Stieoce- and Artse, Caliaet Mincellany Dectccratic Review, (erntlemetn'n [a gaoiclc, Aalc:0c n Ico.;lly, lirentiv' liseelieny, ltle Mcxico Cllirurgicat Review, aant a vriety ef others. All thlse wrk'a arerpcalarly suoscruoed icr and rove, ved, 'It'he room is alsa suplied withi a large valicty ofleaps and atlaoes, Niles IReggiete, Levy's Price Cur. tentfrotclf t it coaollrellccltece, tazateers, and a variety of works ol'reftrence. The most active & intelligent news collectors are em ploved, ta give the earliest arrivals, and co ipauis norex petce will be spared to render tllia Reading RoOml tile first tle Unitecd States. Slhsceriptlons are respectflly receive 1. octll- tf CARD. rIt HE Principal of tha Ecgllih, French ond Spanl Is I Academy NIo. 14, St. Charles street, announcea to Ihis friende aocd the. pulcli witllh satisoaction, that his institutionll is now it; successeful oleration, that le hopes -soot to Iave his compliment of pupils, which will be limitcd to fifty. HPe nies tiis opportunity of assunring parents that nolilng snail Ie wanting, which nov contribute to the t ctlert and ilprolvement of their souns d7: 183811 LINSEEDOIL-Cc pperas and Red Beans, in stoe G 6 DORSEY, a ja3O 44 New Levee AAGS--5,A00 Gunny Bags, of superior quality Sand for sale low by fe6 SHALL& BROWN, 96 Magazine at IM ACKEREL-.-200 barrels 00 Ilhalf barrels, and 50 Sqr barrels, Nos. , 2, and 3, Mackerel. in store for sale by ja24 J THAYER & Co, 74 Poydmras at S1[ UI.LBERRY & Silk Wormms-A Treatise on the t11 Mulberry and Silk Worms. translated from the Chinese, I eol, 8vo, just received anti for rola at the Ilookstore of A 'TOWAIt, lot 49 Camp st W lISKEY-25 barrels rectilied, for suleby j25 G. DORSEY, 41 New Levee LONtON slonnad library editions, of erarce and valuable works, fr sale by Ithe subscribert CONSlSTING OF THtE" Works of Williato Congreve, il 3 vols, do Shirley, dramatic and poetical, 6 role, f do Sbaflskl ry. ill : veid, do ieaanmont & Fletteir, 14 vole, do lhtway. intl vyle, do Homer, 3 v.Ie, wihi an acnecount of his life, by Henry Mckernzie; do Sir Wlllain l'enile, iln 4 vole, S o EhlbrorJ ulian,. vols, S do Fielding, it vole, du laoco, Lou Xt, 4 vols, d d Lorenzo tie Modii, :1 vole, do Richaerdon Clariocs Ilrlow, O vole, do Sir Charles Grodisun, 7 vola, In addition to the above, a large collection of Lon e, don edition scarce works. WSI M'KRAN, , ja2i corCamp and Common ste CIlOOL BOOKS-A supply oe Emerson's Books, viza National epelling Book, 7 First, second, ihlrd and fiurth Class Renders, SAlso, filrSt, serconld Ihird parts Aritkbtetio, 51 And a eneral assnortmnot of sslaool and classical h books, for sale by ALEX TrOWAII, 7 feb16 49 Caop a !'COPPER DROSS andKentledge- l J 16 tons ciper irosse fel ton A COHEN, 90 Common at li HANCEILY REI'OILTS-A new edition of oall S& Broiy 's Chancery Kltiorte, lust received, for atsale by fel AltEX TOWAI, 44 Camp ot 1 C LOCKS & TIMEPIECES-Just opened at It is Chartres t.,tdozen warranted 8 day Timepieces superiorarticle. Pleasemtall and examine tlhe same., N.B. Clocks, Timepiecees, Watcles. Music lBoes, and Jewelry carefully repaired, and warranted; charges iodertle. fe2:5S 'TOLLAN ýi[N-tll pipon, Crow,, Wee.1, ii7, a d L uperiior article, in store and for selo by . fell J 'I'IAYEIt & L o, 74 Poydroe st d U3AINTED BUCKETS-250 doz. painted buckets, r landing fromship Noanntom, and for sale by full J I'IIAYER & Co, 74 Poydrs ast - CHOOL BOOKS-Blank books, paper of all kinds S ink, quills and a gelteral assortment of books suitable for country meretants, cal be bad on good terms at A To WAR'S s fel Bookstore, 49 Ca np 50 U IASi HAVANA COF"EE, at 5 300 thousend do. seges, 1oo boxes Virginia chewing tobacco, ISO00 do. freush Malaga laisis, I 5, 50 do do lemons, t 37 fruitl do alsonds, 3I00 boxpbn aprnmn canldlres, T 110 do Boston w oap, at 40 barrels sperm andl whale oil, - fill tiercs Curolila rice, by 175 bbls l tf arg ar, ill store for sale b at jua6 ABRAIIASI 'l'lIERL, 31Grilaicet OOTSu-4 ases astout calf sewed Boats, landing f uam hark Bkllar, for sale ,by a ell ISAAC BKIDGE & Co, L4 Megazie at BUSINESS CARDS, PRED WILEINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Jr LUUISIANA, 1P l FFn.RS his services to the public in the deparl a ment o Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in tow ald country. From onsliderable experience in Ilis professiin. and by promeptness and fidelith in she execution 'f busi.e. enatrusted to him, lie hopes to merit aid aeceive a siar, of publlic irtroinage. He wil' ulnao ieaure aad calculate tile .ollteltui of wallas andi excuvationsl. Wlice No C(lIrtrea sreeet,seond atory Inack. ije BANK NOT E ENGItAVINU. RAWDON WRIGHT, IHATCH & EDSON H , AVE openeld no office in Now Orleans. possesoing eR I alviantngee with ltheir Ihsrr in NewI Yolk, fIr the plrpose o fergreving aiil plilnliuig Bilnk Notas, Bondl, Bills ofl Exhlange, Cerlticartes of t)elrOSte, Checks and other impurallt paiers, rellllring seenrty against iorgerltel; in have tiritdr tle)ilIr povision for the rafe keeping of all plutes ali impressions entruyt r ed to their care; their speci ens emlbracelhe iutre of over fivehundled hbnkinl instuitutions, ad all trders will be executed with prii1iitidie, an I lt the Iusua ferile. Olice, corner on Royal & CaLia street. ja7--tf SAMUEL TOBY, "Mferchandise Broker 4. Commission .lerchanl, (113 Offire, 36. Camp nt.-For the present. O. II. BLISS. SIIIPBROKER &. COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. i63, Po)draa Streat, J. P. FREEMAN & CO., WI olesale Clolthlg Elnabllkmeast; No. 3, Magazine street, H AVEconstantlyon hand a large ealnply of Cloth ine, calculated for thie couatry trdeI. Their as. eortiient being large, merchalints r m thle country ca be supplied at tile shortest notice. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 OC artrens Mreet HAVE anaonantsuaiiply of every article petraalittii to geatlemiea' dress, o the latest atle, at ew YOlirk pr iers eh 20 }.B.Rons BURGEON DENTIST nov S No. 33, Riynl street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Opposite Banks' Arcadle. IVILLIA..I GRIEINE, PROPRIETOIl nrl J H. PARKER Commtission and Porwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O rlens, Feb. 21. JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WHOLES.Ad, AND IRETAIL I)hlALI.tS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DF':S'I'UFFI'S AN ID VINDOIW GL. SS, Corner ol Comanon andi Tehaoupitotua streets, XEw oRL.EA S. NATAIIN JA RVIS. JOHIN W. ANIDIEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warranted the gruwthl oft 1837. DOYLISI mAT, L DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONaDEL.ET SrnREr. io FIRl:EMEN'S INSURANCE COMP ANY I OF NEW ORLEANS. Thin Company are now pronrced to take RISE. AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Building, can"l t eet. / L TRlACY, New Orleans, Many i. t8N3. Secretary. tiIlERtl CLANNON, IOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 12 Caimp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, II nt30 Window nnd Picture Glass &.e. &c. T. W. COLLINS Ia .dTTORNEY & COUOSLL OR 9T L.AT NOW praitiaing in the State anil City Courae. Cli- el enats will ind hinm at lthe Clerk's offlice, US CircitI Conrt, in thie Custom IlnHose buildiln. j, ll 11 f III' toisubskri beaino received u catnmilsiio tie v, 1. Deputy Survoeyor of United .oalos loauds, for thiI State, oteras li services to the Illlic to survey and an locate Landsl in lly partot tIoloulolan. An heretofore, ll opelralilll, aither oif Surve? ing or Civil Engintering, nch l a liunl cat ,serveys -pltl, mibankmeilt, i utntI tf wal t, .. either in Itoo n or country, will lu lpromptly ald faithfllly attended to. Chllo'ices rollsonlalc llnd ttlns ctoltl. tilte 55 )Mn gszine streel, ill Bankls' Arcote. dc ol -L.onw-.l n FIRED. WIILKINSON. )IIILAlI')LPIIIA Iluckwoant lel, Yesst poleiroe I Shald, Ileef, pickled ITongnes, orrtanls, Citrlon dling frot dkip Mlersey, dirot li'.tn I Phildlplont, 20 hulfbarrels Buckn heart mool 1110 qurter barrels Buckwhseat ,ouul, 25 lalfobnrcls No. I :had, 25 ltlfberrlts 6onily oltef, 10 halfbarsJels pickled Tongues, 2 barrels smoked T'lgues. I hhd Sumatra now Curronte, I gross )liver's Yeast Powders, for ensl by d28 I W P'I{[TCllIARD & JO TAGEILI'. F LOUR-2U00brla a F Flour, (linking) for sale byt L tj3 P I.AI)I.AW,6 iti llp os I T VEIRPOOL SALT'-750 sacks fine, cnd 7511 sacks coarse Liverpool Stlt, received per shitps Queen Adelaide sod Daeuntlos, flont Livcrpldo, IIId f r sole by !3 HIOLMI, S & MILLS, Hlllk I'lace B LEACIIEI) OiltlI tierets bleached Laoll oil- landing front ship St. Mary. ' 32 i boxes sperm Candles, New Bedford brands landing frmn schlr Maria, or sal by jan3 JOESPr a COCKASfNE, 23 Grarier st F RESH IMALAGA KAlSINS-IOl o1 wholk and I haol boxes, for sale by ABUIAHAM l''BIER, jan14 1I tlrovierst OMESTIC BRIANIIY--l bbil Brandv--first and fourth plnof, Ilndins iran srip FitrOn. fbr sale by L.AWRENCE & L.E(i ENItE. jan3 28 aud 2'J Now Levee, T'HE Subscribers offer at wholesal, the following goods. HATS-100 cases moleskin silks, as sorted sizes and blrims. 1ll0 do best No I do do 1111 do tdo No do do 100 cases best No 3, assorled sizes and brime. '0 do Ileaer, a superior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 50 de Extra do P 200 do Bllck nnd White Russia; 50 do Extra Black RIussa; 100 do Muskrat & Coney lur broad and narrow brnas, for Levee antd country tr.Ile;t 41do All illks ofitnililitrv zo nIatl Cihio.ptI;s lo Ctlidrecns silu ead IItts, otiizes Caps-Fut, Oiler, ,for Senl, ,volrt, Olurl/oe, andl S hrat Sal, n tro dozen cases. Sealette. Cloth Llps--Piokwick, Polish Avril's lhnt ritpe,.sutn t top, Foret, i'ourage, Military uldress, dot Leatllerlilagkng. hildren's Fancy 'lurbans, Plaid and inrvet Caps, Frecth pnttlern. Stoeks--Snl.lSilk and Bombazine, ol the neatest styles. ltlsbrellas-slilk and cotton. Military Plunss, oiled silk. Silk antdkerohiels-Poongee and Spilalflelds. Bandboxes for hatters, wood cnoeo,doouble for dry goods. 'rtt nbove goods comprise a large stock, and all afthelatest patteins, and will be nol, aLt a stumll ad vane, with cost and charoes onl New York rilces. 'rTh subseribersr will tak ordcrs for sontlater, weserm iuld TexaslnatkeLstI fir tile liaSC ofA II Gossip & Co., Ilut Manufacturers, New Yolk, attl at lha ellolrtst p1ossibie uotice. Gerllian and French l'll..e1es ioughlt. (GOHSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, and Fanhiolnallle Ilicrles, Exchaogc Ilotel, anoril II Couarles t NO'i iCoL. Mr. GEOIIGE MERIPIlICK having resigned the of fico oclhlcf Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. Johna Hlampseo hs lIbeen i pl oiot ed in his place, to whom all persons Iavlog busincas with, or wishing inlormation regarding said Rail Road willapply at the Rail Road Office, I'oydras street, By order of tlt Board. (Sigo1Id) JOHN NICHOLSON, novl7-_ f Cashitr COKE. TIHE price ofCoke floa and after te stt day o October, willbe fifty oets per bIarrelill the Gas 6Work's yardl, asd if taken in ntuoitlite. ott on tnllt dred barrels, ilio be.ltlioreol free lof lotovage. The advantage thal t tllis artcle of fuel peesesseo er tile antlhratelleandsittu ilittas coals, igtling e nre readily thin the fonrel ad fnet frono hllte opleasonl smoke ofile lattor,sllnold induce every family to ilake use ofit. Orders received at the Gas Office inll Bnlk Alley. SWV \VEILLS, r_ sep29 See'y G W.PRITCIIARD & JO.TAG IIT Jr.,corner 1 Poydras and loagaziuo sis., have just received Sasnd olr fur sale. 20 barrels American brandy, 15 firkiosbolter, 51 gross corks, 0 barrels N E Rum, 10 boxes storeb. I chesat, ) 6 case, poucnhong, imperlal & gunpowder tea 40 boxes, 0 half barrels No. 1, Mackerel, 10 " do 2, do. 10 " do Shad, 2 barrels alhnnde, 50 barrels Madeirawins, 5 qr casks Port wine, 5 qr. do. Tenneriff do. 5 ltds potre sllirit, extra pronf, I hhild nil ine I.odllol Dock Cgnliuc, $t30) qr. cOauk sweet l inte. fi12 Ag .AGINn and lope 9110 piece bslbgilg, t 'i HEroils tOKNpe, for sale i et 1 full HERIdOOYiNE BROWN & Co, ') Coati at BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DVECRIPt':ION, PE IEEDILY, IIANDSOMI.Y AND CIIEAIPLYE I:XELIUTED I AT THE OFFICE OP THE Triue cAmtnerician, S'i'. CHARLES STREET, NEAlR I'OYDILRAS. McCOLLUI & DOSSY, Factors & Ge(neral Comnmission nlerchants, g IlOILE. Referenres in New On AibmOVVn, Abernnth I&aInna, Cnhrt/'ell & Ilieky, PoI'pe, Pners & Co. fBAZAA R. VBUSR d ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANGE HIOTEL, orner of St. Clarles nod Common sas,. NEW t IltlS.ANS. MiIPORTEIRS and Ie'llers in I'renh nid English PIr|allltrv ; Dressing Cs'll ali Portatleh IltkS. Ctlltrrv, ile t iy, Gloves, Shjirts, Stoek, Ul,,ellnnr, Ctten'.tl l n.I InvV Artiele. d5 FASHIONABLE CLOL'THING. ROBI.NSO.w & GOOD lWi NI No. *OS, Chilatres Street, OUt iotr below Birnville, AVE eonanintlyon hnndeverty nrltl'e npperttrsi lg tc gi llge lll n ten' lesi , 11de i ft II, Let mm. ter'nd most fndlsitnnbl e syle, whiohtiheV h offer Lor cash. at rednced prices. Idec4--1U31 L(U)IIIIAN A FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53:, lie tnlleC strret. lV l.lIAMl R. CAIItNES, wuald rel~peetteull it frln lus fiiSieuds and the public hIt he is c"t lalnnly receiving fromll New .rk Rdt lI lon It 1 dllll a ollslsltn-t of FUrllitulli., sLlcl as 1In ogl)nl y Cluhirs, flof. I ed-tends, Inple d llpa Itted chairs, I"pe e nr l cherry hletatead.+ mhllhor.lly llrl d shrr' Iy tabe fa-ll dlescrilplion+, hbureausii , rillt+ seCletirvs, wr iu dI:k ans, w trros IlllntnlO tlll 't and clerrv, w adt s'rtnd., nokinrg glnnrea, Ifllttrr , tteddilg, c & Ni11. Furniture peeked[ lit trunsporan titn o with gr'tnl coer. htnvl . JOHN S'TrE WARIT, No.. 5, nhtl Street. aeow fork, COMMISSIO. N ERCIIANT, MPI'ORTER andi tlellr n Hnlatter I'I+.Stet u Itrimmnings. Amtpile shtnlge may hte had ti Iand errte tertll, n leverjy ttetion patid tto tsg l I'urrt vrd. nll Ih. a care. leasrs. Lt It.o &. I'rovnst, N O. o? ossuip ,. Cu. ttott2 IS.t5 -. ly A CARD. - CIIRISTI E & SING OTET, HllTresole Grocers and Cronlltutlisl'.l .'.(rrl'an:l t No. W7 ('llllEt otll .trctt Ntvtt On rlarls. [ar-'Partie be nttet n h paid to the letting up ea| Stubll bhallld Ship stlres. "C"ekt-er a-K To i ,r n O e- 4lu. e m . glazinell, l 4 Iruet, oppue U , Ittts' A rcade, lES'TABuieSISIED for the lecuttlun ef mlntis, llaplst and drawings, lerehalSt ' circulars, business ant lddl ss cards of enrtsts derirtion, flrlern etrahlir oi deepI Iorf pperri anprglheLary and dh'tlgistl'lixels book checks, dtray reeeip.t., &c. .rhll tI( and exec id acimatl and 'editliuos ste, by tihe rinprtlr 4p " Ni. lonk Notes ,tanttv executr'__v It_4 • - .s, Bi... to ,tlreet,"l0ll nlllelp ltl tdherry n dsll te ado , I fate nrticl e. Also, n ai d n siorl ment of -;le. \VWIalnt, Blhl Puilted Coiiars, hllch i all sold tlr th lar.t st cashll it . :es \\e It CA INES jy7 5"ll iitttville street A Ctard. ORIdEANS LIT'HfOGIl4PlIC EEST.IBLIAII ME T, 53 Ail GAdZINV E NT'REE'', OPPOSITE BAiNK'S ArCVArE. rV GREENE rtrtlms his sianere I stnins it Ihis f li e tLui anid Ihr ulllllie of New ) lea. lior tihe ntronne lo besteowed olt hi litr the Ilt two VnIea's it i Iegl btavls to assure th'el tllbint all elr nve Ollllitlt i'l his Tharge shrall he [rollncllal r nIh y l Hlnllo; Ie will as stoul, kee1s thie n oen s ei' Te sumaer, andi shallh i u alw tys r iv It sirike off i'trkatnt ' citretr - lurs, busilnnestsnsd addrenss crtlls flerll ntieen, innp.e, plnno, anld Ilrawiugs, o every dwl'wriein aetl oIIt sIort estI not l ie, ttid Ott le, 1111: reasnalllle Lermla . Ileisll antintedi vy alltilt sutlerior 11t nIl allt er tulish tett in tio it , ned Io hint lt o eXcrhn its n i eee lithograllic liut , he t etls conltident uf gitving eair. fni~t llvl ion. N II Aliotheenariea and ilrtggistl ' ihlble eXCtlhnt d ill as good style as etlolerlate lengraVillg, andI of 1110 Illir of Ihtl expense. "v?4 n al ca;e of C.otbsn. HlllGil T' 'roTUISE T.t-ci t (mill tin ll Tirse 'sTack, do , lnn do dn Side., BRAZILIANX Clitt BS It all lhe nbove vnariety of Edngliit, French: oltd Aleerican Illustututl' re. Ivnry fitaetoolh Comtbs5 in alnil tllitetrie t nf size tnd 1tolity. l'ocket, Riaci, Horse. coarse aad tinl, and til oher Conlt bs, Str sale by REES & I)'LANGE, noel3 18 Celni st INDO\V CIAS, LINIiSEEls OIL--7t00 -11x es of eVi..dow (Gin-sn, 131)0 gallont Oil; 11 bar rels of Varlllnhes; 65 iBulz of" Paint |lllrtthu receiled pIer olip St Louis and Barque VouChetI antd til sa:ile by ROJit'. CLANN5 N, nnnS7 IS Comp E\J V E ltA tiSiC-ItRos liie--I tll ltIt'ltt it ti eli N you her namne--'l'huu it fst lenrnt tn love Allother Stweet Afton Water; 'rte lKntght's Fltaretell; li Iss es her in sorrow; Ilindn's i.atllt; 'lThey hSove glivt T'lheas to Anotherti Lovel Lady Minte; l'lt l. Ilridal, The lrketn Heart; Slv leanrt is tll Alittte Olh! Melet what silly things tau atre; O I coal I itve hto ()lIt Patnlrick, Fly frolll tle; Thlls thtln art slt'. Iv aho'll de iv; Think ilv Lnove, (it! 'TI'hik l' iMe; Yea tlhink t IHave t tllevrr" heart; Tiue V'ilnltae SunIgt. The ship is rendy; "h'e Silv er Mooi; Nl crl eaetst griesrves le; Not flr Mli; I've bIeetn v iere iet t li Flotwers are S.rihglnla I deUrl love 'itte lee; Wecn dto hitstattanre tbat 'Tree'I 'lhe Will Allnlnlmss Rlise I.'iles, Rise: RosIe of Jelset'llTid Aiitstrtnel wlld it lleaenns lilidn 'litreien were bhidiet; n1y t'lthlser Lnttlid; 'tllhe lid ol'the ionntains; Bi nll tive Ltove; ly hearl's t esl trea sure; Mi \Votlodlnnt lridet; M;ine initst be It siltent Teal; My enliillinond'nltum P'"newell; The (Gndrwonlsl 'T'ree; Stollllmn Lob, a comic stllg; iSho wore aI wreath of Rases; BMi pretty June, Just received and for sale at ii CASEY'S Piauuo Forte and Mstnie salorne, novln 19 CCplllB C t NEW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD CO7I PA N Y. Atilt ANEtI BTo FO0 TilE WERIE IbIS. Flro Carrollton. Feoo! 01. Itat Car at o'loobk, AM. I.,li Co oloiCa 5 uOb.IýIek, A. l utult 1 "' " oo IIta 10 "I I " 11 " P al I .. ;I l , 16 II 01 ·.1 :1 Aftc tl0 ol. luoCk a l C oIl be ulihl Il. by payinI 110 liralfor the Trip. TIIEC JACKSON AND 1.ACOCR6I: SIOE:E'1101 CAOIs I.1111Cinrlttr 1t111 lljOitlwk. A. M. nodl rano hearty. Al lf pIInt 7 o'll ck thllls car will cu00 111 run01 '1i 1s uvur1 b10l1 I,,ur, nod continuo throne hauI the day1 ulltil 0111 uvlo It. ;tnlike lheadl~ uf Jack ·ol iren.l Persaon oing Iby the Looo 1110 m10t plovide tlh olenlo withl Tickets, as no monelly will betaken byIFtllu on it .tura. OIOoo Nel Orllnlls tod Corrollton Iloil Lood Colmpany, I'olydlaletlll. JIDIO IIAIIP6ON. _______ ChiefC Eu. N. O q C RI.R N W OCRLEIANSI & CARRIIII ON.'lO. I1AII. ROAD (01 .-NI l'I'lCb-Il01 11111 and r t111 Io Ito'., l6.186,111 til llarlter 111ice, an Eoxtra niight C(r w1ill lealve thle cite Itmtsen I'nydras s treet, at all' b jast it o'oclll*0, I'. 30. CIr 1.Ilfoyelte and1 interedloiaiolac111111 Single Tickets 37 1.'J elnllt or at $l5 Ill Illhunred III)ViHI_1F ( Jul!' II A()·LC·K·N, ItISa''(('1'1) II ASTE-1n eleganqilt anld highly oft aproved dentifrice; thle ben' pre milnlion ever put p, for the teeth~IjIal received at the maznor. IIUSH& ALI EN, d"20P cr St Charlell & Ciomi001 s16 ., t l lal all1pu FURNITURE! FURN1TURIIE!! US'P received at the l.nnisiinnl Furlliillire "'tire hone~i, u large supply fromll Newv )'irk and Il esl~ tn. PI'ersona in the w0010, fu0rniture I.liol l P1 ell to ell.l I, an elect01 th011 atcl 1 11liOl]l lon06 1t1111e11 be1 largent stocko ,01ow ill tIhe cily. W II ( NES, dlit 53: OliOeilOs a N Bl-Particulaor attention paid to packing a ;nd s~lipl iNg Furitulre, llllp If pe t pkigad .hl [,ARD-I50 koegsupoeione. loof Loo.I, in 111100, tor n It by.ORSE , feb 40 New L.evee H AY-1611 4110 11l10 1110o 87110 brrels puotntuos, 6116 1111101 M1 71 feet lumlber, oaodiing troiutt 0hip 11nn11 and tor sale by LEVI Hi (d.E, jo:200 9:3 IC'o cooFt l 0 cIip C llllot011llld tinta lll 0.0 jn11 SHALL & BLROWN, 11 Mogazooo 01 COIRN BRtOOIS-416 o Ill O tOre, tlr tab O.) feb 7 I7 IOORSEY, 44 Niew L.evee COIY O BOOKS for Lotter prlestl juot received I rom 0 Nw York. an1d will be sIold l lao 1o1a1h, or approved credit. Also, I lerer pre an011d the last of th01111vo110, at IIAVID 04!,0jL & C0 jna311 N 1' StoaiIonrs tIil, 24 2 ll loloooot VR[NE-15O boxes Claret and Sa1010 1Witm, in store and lioe' saleo. h jua8 CII A7II'IJ(N & COOPEP1,82 JIllia al 7 ALE :ROPE-15ll eoil Bale alpe, ul' s1per10r B qluality, far sale by ColA ISAAC BlOoDOI & Co, 131 Mognliole e0 S'IATIN Let.1terPaper-(iilto edgd, uj lry l~plledid 0. . a , ol , 'ery n qlor, gwd~ly and size. Asoa black ad; Ieri letter anld billet papellr, Inc ante byl DAVID FI.t' A Co, t.IA N V Ystt len. ra U1101.2l (11011100 st F LOUR-8t'l I11100 Ilpoillr Ilblrd, forobid by 1 ailT? 0 11 BLISS, 63 P01lrydoo a N EV WIUSIC-o, Native Mulase; 'iteuvenaraiaa I'm n.l ing, ar.via l;lade; l eluer De.spair, Lbs - dal yo remielmier ther beautifluli gld in tile Iiraua - l.lmlale; Tlhe While IirHeoe of le Pbppers; T'lu E id () Love lhou art IePIr Im, Mung ll y Mlius ihla ri 1 iu Ih rad I:oaininl: J iplel Alibe; Goold Nigll Th.1 illoeli. lte oip...d.l ar I care a lloa fr sprlng osn e lickl. wiln, by II Ituasxeil; Come, icome, hlski.. ia noga roa; A Lifie lie h ear, w.ave, by II lhimauall; Sbe w llc yhe I fr iin; li l w let iIiill a te.rl; Cont Iso I as Illrlillg ; )'(l IIa le aer.l. by mI. Oa lrii]t a Iltr'lnoi hom . like ll). iWlly Ior, ryl.d foer Ih.a li hrp hV 'P Iaburle. i l ll,,eis by A Fldch.; (Lieill Virclbiu'u Courlt - linu rities. IJ r reeaived , d lair ale ly 19 It (; lI(ISKF. 19 ramp alf 1 ;.)11 1 aii.-Balush &I Alt ,ae.' j.s reris*ad Iea sphlndld asslrllmlello iai r fli n,e (ilun i , e , iln ble for I r rirls, cmtnprislnJ la hiies' b roi, detlls, IIt llh ! I04 L-e, n worlk boli , l ul tii'nl liarl, po lltf il nrdhlle books of pt'nrl, shell aotl ivory, tmld coas siltr I.i, llpla -gila-r. g.i ntlllil ilver prelei!a puflllllery old ll kils-, illerv & 'tile BAZAAI. dtl i9 i:r l Ch.ll.ies & Cosiiln at. Eir.ahlln TO l'I(TIH LADIES. A TI(INS)ON'S IPlll'Il.lATl'(IL',tfur rslruvinsg uai A " Irlli'n".. Ia r linls te .ilet fp noek and 1ano, wilh s;siul enaf'.,l 'l snd crtai uty, l"silg she ski'n line and whiter thatli s t r. t. e .llIilisnliim. A fresh anpplj jusrt received at " ilJON'S, No I alllltlllg Il.illI, cornrl SI Cnarles and Cusmmet IALlI & - IN'ilE CLlIlTHING. J . FILI'MIAN & CO.. N. 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