Newspaper of True American, March 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 1, 1839 Page 4
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y.·, LIw·t ^hFr ýr yký ý doi·:,` ydt V tlr nlii H Ldi'iii ak. goIa a , Meth~ Sucnif ;fi: w Ea~dro 1~1~R IOIonS &~~ co. Rem ayadeleterlona and poison eaao Paeneqr r t oe cnealiti asnnsted tane atdaoivitv. It eniab 'ad pletanen: prtit.^,t by inetaoratlig sat be r h n.oit s he the seso te. s ia t ala y I t reotnis pea w ~ i dis r to create e ;4 tto b tteihs te srscen * 'iut s it otnv he ippres.ned. ns nfrthl 'T'oeii. Utixtlma , hive is thesua:i cnaea of the dlease, syp' i tomsontt rtofrrnat wlhereas by nc medlie', there is alwaya crea Ital tv to rieutrence. The dagner a ils ttle Age, is cacire ntt, for ct ed io'one to each preotatte o li itf dteiuS, a Nd Lpedily fell an vic t rtAn olelte1e The 'ol i Iclixturt .i '+ aetie pre as to placet it Li:, S one-o tharot the pbortrnd deetitote tiltat h ar , rsistanced wtl solicitirg ance. Wich is fregncotlh denied to ,wllct' tit bestownald. ddps.tlly-.uitoncd agalinst i ep Sofsla p lediciae, that are daily e tered red only by Dr. Jooln m . Rornad, at his Markel stmt,; Pliiladelphis. nr. rio tit wholesale aeenls for the iii0at, and ill sell by thlls eruie, at ialhtmnp'teea. l'a be had at retail also, at opn-hoeearjs in thie caity. ; . ,JAtRVIS & ANDREWS, y iqur 1 i Wholesale prugmise, Ai to l'Coinweto& T"choiptroie st at. dLouisiaa H t loe jle .x. .a"oluOndr. h n I1tY KIRKLAND roespctfully an. onee d to her friends and the public gene. 5sho is prepared to anceommordat them at oe mtablishmcnt, and lhopes frtm h.or Sronder viultors comfortaible, to receive nea qt. forlter favors. She fels confi. prsonS visiting Coviggteen during the t lbeannote fied better accommodations afford them, on mlire lieral terms. enpl easatly situated, and well stpplied camonvenie eo ; the bar is furoibhed withl t e quors, &c. in short, ashe promites hshall b wanting on her prrt to give Joidii-faetio s to all whot may patrooize the ai uid Loniaiana Hotel. je3 Jtdie nder iDr. Sclemidt oul Calrleston, elinea, nm for some years his assistelnt in tof mdicino and surgery, has the htteonor NIbi ,professional services in tits city. ", the ladies and gentlmncn lthat the mostI c a will bo paid to the calls whiclh eate aqd also lltrs is services to the e lfvu' ulat being wll acquainted with Lthe onemoi to them, tacing attended thetm in i s L h Wslse in Charleston. heamioaL anti-bitlious pills a titer tLi composition s. Af iWre s rSuaaollctto, with dircetions, can be had SIttmt.Wldetreigned. The ueftet which they ltavo I thist and othlier ities, has been attended Sreatest esucces, to which the best of t. seesualh be given. Applyeat No. 166 naln greet. JNO. MLORING. IRONS, &c. ~1tMWHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. Water, near Bekman streeot, Now York, ''rats eved thle past season, snrd are cor.nstantly Wfhtrgo and extensive additions to the stock .the iho goodn, weticl now elttistsn of the l~ýpgmortaslt, suitable for the southern and , l arkets. sare of superior quality, consisting of M ttq ,,viri: '1 pf trenrt sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, s5 siiese from 3:8 to 30 gallons, .15 a je, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, m:r - a Ovons, 7 ditferent sizes, 6 do 5 . 6 do V Ipidere 6 do c 'SpIlors, 2 do S 4 do . 6 do as fromt 1 14 to 4 3-4 inches. oiEt 7 inches. we, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from o .3e 3:9 iloh, No, 24 of a superior r Sd flisi~l auddjaes than Jame's imported a, ssorted, in casksof aboutZolO lbs for and or's.Irosr, assorted. g1s,r tonts, assorted from 1 4.4 to SPlautatiotnt, steamboats, churches, &c. boats and other machinery made to 'iv asgeot of goods is particularly .to tat.teli:eto of Southern and ihtants, and are offered for sole at low supon the most liberal terms; it is be. ath largest and best assortment ever o sale by any oies establishment in the Mthats bly forwarding a request by small, can ad circular, Wvith descriptio oft goods, titme, from wheh no deviation is over by return of mail. .taiecaive immediate attention. I ,`iT: ne ;rientp, Lnav.l4, 18 S7. } pgss ao bad th~e tnief ,rt00 to gel for wuhick I haoo ajlditd tt 0erc a tad0, tit0 did aotacure (00(1.+o ta te ,put nteYR eltf uaealr t1.' ce ofl anvtn nat1At hit tt cutr alto. since thIatI tittle Sworlie,so a toaal hank louialarge ulacrs of silt r eight bl a tt eg, and al oDrel ,;tpr *atdaaore throat, and tnt able to work ao h. aatuunoorf the disease; loe ulcer oag tde ot'itar throat. I sn o norratting wnniatl ederahe care of Jr. Iltet, of Paris, eed JJUN DEAN. fj1,w.Y dtan Sheanbaoan.araatar,'ii~ ?aa a o 41paasrnedttae~e uen 000stniaf~caira, far canlialat ~ 0yand anoirenro [leam te that flaravada t oakes tee l at, and d id rt iy ll t' rt1 ' ertor I a d vis n ci f If." at c rvilirs o OaA~re~r I na~irl oar af Iinvaaa' irr i . apphxS to Dr A. Hiaat, 21" Cuuat darts and (bourbara ,;tree... jar. il4. U.' tout 4 ri'c , A M, unail 4 P I1. a'trye do tin gnaj comlaiiat. .,: OIJ2 tto~AN,4il lirataieo street. :":ii atdt td see ic cain i at NoI. 4n (iraniea 4 ia · too JOHN .u o N. ,.reliI, 1338. lla It Tly g~toe, od lnltoaala I.ivrroa 0and Iaa a ilo:e otioatultto .a at the urn prico af 0ll a rtneat at th on tntiiarmunl nairi +nilerirte +irtucs .1 ainy orltr.rmrg8 unit uathaljudiaoa C ritajicanciuua iu oaiug tatwlai has ntaeu etr: +Ite al tienaeoaltraoetr irha iaaooaaaaa botan Cadence anti recarnnaaudn Sta, for Olae ire of coughna reot, o iting or blaod, t tigatrtt. ':'htoia is oaar'o yth'at we Iablypreatrihe 3imr (Gardle 4 -alloaaaaolaaaoditbq "tratfoe, Can aaiha, kn ow. ftoam ronI ,to h r.,ttoo "upro~eraa prv~t aaaa 1FIUlý1 P it-L14,Q?, M. 1). 4Y"I.L1S N.1).'·" lytt retl t)eiaat ti i IARVI4 ylo AAN IRbtII t" 'fit WVrit i AtdllLrt t ` e .- Or , lbJ Itrondoay ,Mliite. l Eatt privote Iearatrat .a{ 'ate Cit !ntronat o et)tttiltuio tr1 i0 elen OtPi artated lo1 lay 4ittt itat eive eatotaa at CAOantr ,t.ta isoottare trairad 1 .w, ,u~tvvwt·h P tketo DR alpin lI dcuKlneaus n h d G n me Ba ns; S.lot Delta; Powder V r bf .ika. ia i n Bottles antd D)rinking Capi ; s pn ap atid Cap Holde.rr, (loth, ll4i1, 'fTooth; lmqontI.ta bM ns arl Cthelorino rtoth W las' ' avwder;illot and. Shavin Sonaps, in great '" eat;: Hair Braids, Ri lets and l rizettea; Pear; sahAp;il' iet Powder; Eilery aetl, ornry Tnb Cushions: l.t Shdeos tr.Qonrtor; (atr n; Elatic SIa.opnnIors; a llr P l. mtd .aoaa; Giit Chasinse, Seatls nl (eve; Fdrap n; aWoi.s.prkl.c: Bracelets; Bead tlNeclncesr tllehar lt. rit kt Slivoered Belas; Indian Beads, ol io nod Plnmoest: Sm1ll Twist: Side and nroesineo Cmhnh;which,in addlitioo Ito theirfnnner stock on hand. p atkea their nesortrnpt crv er cmplate, and will he olde ow rod on liberal terms, .n the sign of the Golden Uolb,. i25-tf 70 Chartres atrreet. k. W. & S. llautcher, Shfield,, hale jst seeremd n ver a extensive stt of an' s,, cootin tgof l'hle sand Dcssert Knives of el "^" dalcri;mtion, Pro, Pvcket, Dirk, and Spear poiat Knirves Razors, Sia sars, Edgr Tools, &e S. & c. wliehl tshey acr prenlored o exhibit to the tnade tor ordes. Terms santd condition will be ae kndown at tsi thim. m16 J. RE'IN & A COIEN.OF90 Common o t. 1 IM.(MOS, IIAR T' & CO-Arc now raeeivitng ..lnr ship lOitniltctle, Easle, Merryi Aodtn, -tIi.h ater, Frerc, n elrleaO n double lhead ptlavin egards; e ster,hlt-aantl pocket listols; pdiat , ribhhed atl split EUSotRn cps; capl heslders; saissrts, Razors, tet. sea: (ftllltt's connter;al nhod ther steel pens; Vioa as; Vioi stin ell, ivoyT and horn aoehs; walrs:a at 1 ringlets; ategro tt's; Gerran and Fenech colorgne, 'Rontlaids masceasse oil, imitation ido; anltiqac ,aleheirs oil;I portable tlesk and dlressing cla.s: past Steling; statainnd toilet glasses; cotvne mirrPOs; op el gl.asses andl views; Indlian beadsr, hells and ptimes; .toordeon; wlhit-twin tnoilettatd slniitgsonps; toitet ovder, osamctie wash halls; scentled satin o:tshiona; pNool stanls: nmsw ousl1tious; fanev ttera eitins at aicesklhceso billi; l halls; Iponket ;ooks and walletis; - teriman hones; ranzon siean; fine and comolnon guta c~stic sKuspenders, datters at; Halls lucifer mathets; sil ig er rpen;ils; Greyinas , &c. &e. sThe abovse illo al itio to our former stock of fancy i articles, makesnour aslstimcrt vcty c ntloete. PFor ile whlolesnle m" rctail; as the sign of the Golden Uomh, 7t0., ( inartr, e street. sn. SN OTI(:E---The artnerlshil of Kelley, Maonn &CaG it of New COrle0 i ; Mason, Harris &Co,.,, of Nahez; nied Harris, Klle &Co., of Rodevy, nwas dissolved oni 'l hol21 st of My last, bv thle death of Satuel A luson, atte of the pnriners l the fir'as. 'a- The undersigned, sutviving partners, will be chargod ciwith th setteling nl closinlg nsaid bIsiness as follows: or LeviC IHarris will trtand totle settling of tle businesai to of Ihson, Hlrri;r & Co.. t Natchez; atnl tlrrlsa, Kel I sv n& Co,.,at ltodev; aid Henrv Kelley will atte;d to 1 Ie seottling -f tho basiness of Ktlley, Mlson & Co., at New Orleans. lThe names of the saecral finrms willho te used in liaipdtidtntnonly. a aThose idmrbtd to said lrms are eansttly requested o come firorward and make early secttlemetts; atd those having claims will elenstr preent them witllout delay. Il ,.EVIC IHARRIS, d HtENRY KELLEY. . NewOrleano, June 27,1837. "E AN- I1 - R I IFA RItIN .A'S -OI.OG NE W AT' PE R 2 ases moreof this superaor Cologne swator, just received and for sale i, tle dozen or single bottl.. Also American snd F'renich toilet pr wders, powder r uffs and boxes ,sharing snd toilet Rsaps, cosmetic wasl Lslls, milk of roses, coshmetic cold croam, oetrne o ausk, kepohs, W,arld's vegetable hair oil, pountusLn, rreme de perse, Florida. lavendar, rose and bay waters, fres' ao:so salts, Mlooseilles perlilmers is truntk. ve;;et, - hble r d liqoid roue, Chllorine aoltd lOrris tooth wash, cloth,air,tooth, uail and Ilesh brushes; together with an additional spplyv of fashionable horn and shell combs and jeell',(or sa low at wholesale or rotail by "SI1MMONS, lIARTT' &CO, ini~y f 710 Chartres street. COAL -The sbsrbcibr v cvo stamtly on hand a large supply of Cansnel and Liverpol coal, in blkl,, of suprrisr quality, which they oflkr for sol, in lo's to snit purchasers. Also sexperted by the first arrivals from EnI land and lhe North, Cannal, Lehigh sned Peach Mountnin C)oall, hrolkel and screened, put up in h, gahends expressly for family us-!til of wolci ithy will dtpo,se ,of on the Iosl t mIlIOerl, tarms. Orders left at their snfice, No. 53 iiouville at up stairs, sill be pionmptly attended tso. ,el 3 D. & A SlT'LW. Colog'po \'al, r. Prltcury, &c.-A so, 'lu-.A oaritles of cologne, put up exprtsly for Ih t, retil t lnde; also the purest F'encl Ptri lmer , rlblta cing every variety luor the luiloi, lor sle b ,I et2 RI[hEd & D'IA" I To too'try os\lc.lhaoao aslld l1tltel' NeS rocllths,blianketr, flnnel ,o Is n , .e" , I,, ,i. shirlitss , checks, linens, calicose, hutuli chi'ir, &se &csrcetved and lotr sale low bi the ubsci. b as. ROTTA & C,,. oct. cornro'Cional aroi ( I s te s 1 1, IV Glena's Perfulmeicts. lndian Dye, for coloaieg the flair ; Lie-.t's oil, Rultiot s hee's otreese, polta ati:, .1. lit ' I J le \ ash, sutperir pearl powdert irs, litv , fI' rosss, vegetable rotuge, otlo lo ro .' Il)s sa.lve, kreosote tsuilh wash, calhbonit d~--sili,.s oaign . flwer water, Ipowder puff nand box,,+, A , rt,:tin charcoalli, o atly t, t tp I our Ounli sil,::o Pros. ton salts, oltioyGe, kreosutl tooth acheu drlops, halir brushes,' iliOsh dressintg coibs, Idianl hair il, switlo a valleys of othl perlIuosvries, &,st. F1r ssle by C. J. 'RINCtIARD oct 3 corut r ol Canal and 13ourlon tis IRON ROOFS-The' subscribers have pro,ures at a great expense, the right of pllting on irlon rotdl isn Iliis I . 'IThey ore adnpted to puilie buildings, warehu.eL, and trivsat dwellillls,o ind comblnei at lonce cleapness and durablity, land are perofctly ;ire antd water lroof. '1'T rnls mIay Le knowll,, and a model seen at our esotoblishmlent, opposite St. Malry's morkel, Telnpisoulas s'. osts E [I COOSi'EL & Co UI'IIOLSTERY & l'APElR [IANIINiG STORE. Ilenry Siebrecht, (Iormerly J. C. Wictks & Cot.) woult meet respectlillv illlors his friends and the pubihc in general, that he has and is constant, ly receiving a soneral assortmnl of" upholstery andl poper halnging. Thea Ilofring cotlmprices part ofl is stock, which lie offers for salt at whIle, eale, Or.t til on the It astl accol a tlo dlt:s:d i t:il :.ts , viz : French velvet and satin paper, Ia tE s tyle ; do hall common and coommno, I'niladelphia glazed and Ulgiazed do do, Jrench landsces, lim ,'ords, 1.1:nd, &-. do tsivet and wors.ttd dods, IImoreaze dellolr.I s:lk tringe and ?all,,oos oota:l q:atl iis, pai r I and pric s, wor etl Iris g s as ottrlsd pLatters. p'aint tia d color d. Soi a im lin, alrsr style plain and tolosn ed, c,tto5 draperyt nulluliap.,ain and ta!led, os-oould color',s,n e .sl)hiof needle wtoik for so!fa cushions, Itolstol oavert-,&c niew Elsh. ul boll pslles, raiosed Iigures iand p:in , gilt i ,,o w orael orns r tsolf all res and sizes, g;ilt eagIs batr.l and spears, flathesl , &sc, glase hlobe, cos.lrsO , ltair tl-,h, ligsled anid plsl a large as rltm nlt tof toyI f r chitlrenll; silk cord land lossls, worated cor:l and las. soa ,Rgenral assortment of uphllstlro anld llpaper hlihgii.b , eo.stai'loo y on halnd anJ .fon sale at tih lourst prolers at sNa 41 Royal amd 0s- Ct tollt i N D-l ..slls in the ct;ly o r:lorn ile coultry , aie respectilly hirvl:ed I otall r n I xstmitnte tor dhemee lve,. Carpels and Curtains made in the laIstitt moderm v'vlIt, moms preipated at the sgort est m.t . ' i a td sail kind I of uphsld. tt1y' st uik doho with naeotest alnd de-;ptch. os 3 1, eEJUUL , N. 54 Conde etr«ri, C treea j Dumair n d St ?Iiilrp, krr'r cn rrrr } or r~rl : IlllrP~of New\ Y nit li anuf lacc Ilr, for in cn, _p p, tII ad-li drt' of ar l awnm whrichanLe irt: rrr usu r at ry mm. Iilim'mre pairmF. lraarrlirmaimr Iis .jiiriramin rnce oirn aadinar in Irdri ttill h~vv· Iheir iishes n eadedrr Li SEiOUR IiI-- AFNESS. { 1A n n ti"i e 1. r rrrrs tnroulelrrd with dira'nrre, IX (nrl~lerd the: Earl rwipier~r,) mar jit brres reciivrd, I oIar,,~1!i~h~tes!,~t,:~rtinlu i rnu'iyerirr I I; e ri divrneci rmari th ::ur. Ady oir i h'ui e erer iwrr ll rmir arrrrr to t....Iri a i ith (.rn rk y deb Oe lon, jraoL h:i: n -ir ri le rl iae4 dilr tlty and llo b,:rra;=meut rx p,"t inured both nc IY raem'elrt ad therltk ill Sir-hin d' Fo unti·ri ~a tely nrr· 11 ellr 13y 11 1 aci c of ll lle Sha.).' It-ird ili:i'l ira., ryvi. Fur suit a1 Cst~rcaystnre r,.trnrr u! I'. ,m in anld at Cilatce 'lrd[ I. .r ~ It: r.:I' I f" im `ti ffWEj( Xj Ol-.Ildilgh Ic gnu rr~ n i On urn Inlsalor cute by ~~ErrauirrrimrI.i 1-1irin % lir ali Ilrrrritraaruri-imr t' unman ns dr r riprrI.. I1i; 'ý10 2011mdo S ild Cr linitai ?rnl 'OIN~ja r~r (IL.\ainS~arrrrirrrri. Er ~Ieh rin nll trrrrmalr ?ilrO baxre, rarrac iiJrr ururrlqealiiiir. Ilartira ~ruv,rari da.-rjU hLra;re rrarrigaaarrr, rIII k\imb ar'ld Imma (;l te~ boldl low. tAlZ,,a rrarrrrl aars~nnrIrrl of rlirts' rmmlourrre and Ia ol~a Iraaie by A 1V SCA'I I, , mNa IS (lanral errec.' N R Alama rorrr Ilaker.; at mi r. anrd iai.niasulrir, aertra iI Le rereived at.l1 per near discaut fargragyder, aa inprrirvrrrrlf-dilrre. r ilr I IrwA I r; i I ik ratrilg fIr at .taamsr m Idrraerd er ~nrrvr -II *III n InNY.elrl , mirarirmr'a jWar Hm·rraiiatop-1rr caa sa j ma tr trrierir errmImia. jire mrmrijvi+r try n err II. I(ERi'i & I)iI,ArIV. In (mm r. p J &i-s..un &&up Oa-- 6J aifs :tits u~t nitas rpe, mx~iý ail a (h.'N , i t P4.ra, ·-d for ,+- U Iy .3 +ý"r1A '1' <TW~l aN, 61 Utavler bi 'Uils'nr ito ' lrriis 0117,-e its5" ONSE ii 'ilA& 110W SO N h I o itt Ie Stheir cIstomers an the public e~nertll, tani psi 'hipy hIav reinoved their estblbsholient to N'o. 7 till G tnp street, ot nrediterly u ilcer the ollieo of rlhe Ia Pitavunoe-wtherte Iley are prepared to elieute all tIe or 'los in theirlto, too IIeoing receiv, d from Ithe Norlth n o pply oPTr i1g per and nialniiale of n superior qua'itl, for the r1 Inaonullacure of llank Books, they ffer Ilhir ser viers to merchants nnd other', who alny wish a werk of tthat kitd ; ld hIiviol thle ndvatgine of wit several yntore' experience in tlhat line, they are j cIolidont of eivint satisfactlion to hore wio il)y 1me over thern withl their costtom. of For lotariet , arehitects and oilthers, maps and nat plans w aill be pole d ni lilnen. v.lniO ed and mlounlted in the nleatlst manner, & at the shllreilt it Plin ndil fatnev'hlindinn, in nil irs vlitrio * el. to 36 Ciihrres street, Noew Orleans. Tol, StIlOGEAINT & Cio. importerr of Frenoch bh I n'f eed Enltah Chion tned l;erthlle wore. ere of no.v opiin, niew a.ld rich patterns of breakfais, m dIliti o nnd tl a servioes, iti!et sets, pitcolel, teon l t n I c i rups, :elollluts, ( Itng rsl r'!e:s s Ihow, les, plate,, dilies, lurel.t , wash lholsinr in- oete s, footl La, th, ere. erle. fi RIch cut and plaoin French nnd Aomtrican lTai. to wni,-- ohlblets, thllnpaillnes, Ulnlonades, ]'ills fit elimo ir, cile. e rdial= , centret bowilcs, dlo tuters, th tlumblers, preoerved shesceleries,ptllehere,ltaltps, o h itp slhadet i d glasses, calldlU alia !os, sailt el- st lerr, rte. Slvsi'-r plated, hrnnzed nJ t r:lo ia wnrl's--erst- to e ir, liquitr stands, cnke huskelts, contll!sti ckli ', branchesll slpoon, Ialles,totf oelnd Itolp,olsultar, tcreois. Intl p, t Ipllnllpd trate, natrai l sinnd,,nnl da han!ing lalptslO, io cphllery, C ernlon silver spoon ti tand forks, together with a l renl variet oflrlplrs it ht r ,featly use. Merchants, pinner, hiolt!, uand seamblloats, furnished w:h igoods at tlhe Iot lIea d ,on ,ble prices, and pa' ked s, n0o lite col.vly d b with safetl y to t 't p0 r IllI t h l coun ry. lt pi- ot .-, n -t ree rtI "e' l c .wnt. . -t 2 STil+ FLURIDL\ LINE e ho i tid F'r .st. .ii 'oti to Au .usto, Goe. I lea cor It tiry r riepoeddo'. fitph . 1e im per i moil te a ' far -ldll'p L adtlrt , abov-e l kerly,- eine. four z; Lnot etches to Pl.o illl in.- - .i e'tsll llie II tp It , via Man sainen a nl Ilr .w sville, I1 I. ;lab;,ri .ge, Pindertow n, I | l ie vi oi. i tih. e..Vrirlrt L L.lie . ed villeto Anguenr , ,;II ,i nnectin rtiolCarly willh ithe rwil oh cai t S . t'It t uleslto . I no i Ioh- " stcd rih l t i ra1. els o N ow t t .C k, Not.hd k, ' ii u ti , thi, etc. I to ' TIle stenhan are, the t i (rt lo I si r ice, inill It Ithei'ti lion pler t.lls l rl. aD\llinltales than run ll lbe e founllld upon &iay tt alim route i.l tilL sJoUtlo. ern rergiOr. ed iThe great imnrovenlrens in tih, routl hae been ose produced by the cons,l r;lion of fifty aI'es of new 7* I road, by the prop'irors, viz : fronm LnGranne on LnFayrliee tyou,etill r.,il of Snnta Rosa Bay, to B oyint'i Ferry, on the Chaltnhoochel liver, ten i l hsabovethe Cowlerd,or 14 iabuve Cedt r BIalti, t whereby the o nviganoll of the river, and the clll. as ell nt detentio s, alld inore recently the hienn ter venient crossing it the Cowforll , , re entire'yl ,h ivotided,anld a fill,. roud fromn lariannna :o to UI.nbridler, instead o Ithe roundabout ro ,d via . 0, i Chatiahoclhee, lessening thtedislnnce about ftrlo mrs, rtilt!, and incrasiitn the fntilities more than ,Il- once a day. Al, a A lo branch line of two Ihorse st every Il other day fom 1,+, kinsvlle, via P & ry to ,1-.-,e tail Ga. cnnctiong with thle linh to iSanalllih andi Darien, Ge,. r. A mull all aream1 oar illih. rPgllairly I.0 w0Pll B llihlidy e nod Ap lachicoln. ']Trlvell rs wt is'.,i "I to reach any p)I rn on C lti.lllll,:vc e or A rli a ll II - tel, cola, can 00t,01' steoul,(at at LloW .... i v11e. for ,Mobile to tenac,,la-Land Rou U---unln+t.,ih, titlme occup el by 1i11 r, pairs ofIt h.;I-,, t!ll prI , il. h tors of ihe,,l Floria hne u 1 It n dina i ...". | I , horse poosl eo ehe t very o0: ' .1 :y ,t t..., , :t; in il and IPense, Io',1. c Paso.enger.. w l leave 11 ,I , a,3 W'. I . , Ils. in ti, U S 11ntail'lli,a l anud p}, y' ed to 11.,l sr , li; st in., where a liu r holrsee e ,tc 1 ill :.. : \ ti,:' . o conve thlc:nlu l he ,xce I nr iti-o l , ,f ' . . liatl, I 14 uile dtle lani " I ','h ro .. v \'ill 1 i .I . , p l e a s a a t a c c o rl l ln l ti O .n 1 l f oi t e h ',) t - - I .!t, : m , , t il next m 00orn ng, they will il-l t, In Pe;:o - ',,!} tfa i i no t o evening, thus l l ullng the ýlll-I L] 1U t -' nieh t ,r -.ili,!. O .ie or Iht1 :, 3 'iio, n ii, tis,', 11 ,bile, :,rd 1'.'. lin o l' '. 'el, [ 'en ,v I,,l , w h , ... . . 1a 1, h - i , l ,n.'. ; .'I',TU; I'ON & ('. + _+. n;, /,0 I icblco crlicclasrcci'ccc. \ illiamo SmI h Itrii u 'l. hI cm I ,r s to z ii sen*! of N'u., (M~eansl a.. l La th ' .or i.. ir S c ~ c.. . b.e... III,, c i . ,', , . \+t 1111 t 1111 (.ll ir llI+ u lz,++> toI ti' lt lit :·h l" 'll~ i dt II~: I '. and als at cvc'l '1 ce leii lic it "tinihtt'd t,.ruferto~t+'l J:' D e , ],i, 31<t+ ii,.r it viciis, I. ph ' ly i , I i : Ii C . i' i J ; licT i h '.4rit ci '. li,4 t iI '2 ..IlD'c acld .ldliclcci. J 1 L vI i t i:i. be lied illll tII Ill this cily hcr tibe I, urpo-e oe tho n+acttill a gee rlllt w holte saht oLi ilclc ;li civi ;:lii, ic cv.Z++ cocc l2] hcc c \ l ll occ .cvi U i od bu ine cc, 1Cc is IlIce, cc'C Iicin a full i ccciiIp Il tr 'h n + ge nub I 1 ".el es , nlr t'h1 tut.. :wiic I lbJe n 1 he \x 11[ off r in ut tl,.,1 elllg such] las hinvt n~evtr Lo, for,. lent Wible'. d iln chts eity+. [.is intlenno\ i+ It. don snzitll y I,,ilin lar e bu+.ine·SS. 1[J+ ttIck wi l sooltl be> m:l eit andI 1 it l fe. w.'eel.k wt.[ be rn.:a. crcy I cvr line,. Al orlei crlim tioc olnltry innil f'1'm11 111rChtshilll t f t i. e yys rteLycivi g bucIh ordel.'. will Ii cluccily c altcvnde c to. oIt 2 ~ No39Cntpe t L-- PROSP ECTUS.~~ fTicE. c bscriclr c p-o iccest to I)sI, in i the tie. gi.nlnll.i of the 0lsuln winter, n Cuondensation I f the Iwenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Mdrtvu'. Lm uisiaiuna ReHI ort, to be comilricsed in fullr volume',c, c0o., according tio In modI oi ?otor : Uonucael:rd Reports. This work is new i prepaiation biy J. c iurt on clarrico , Esq, o" this ciry, assisted by Willioam F,. Brand, IEsq. The Editor is also permtled by n distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting J.udffe., to expect fr m. their p~ersnn'.l superviHsaon all thi + advana'dae which miay natiurally bu rloped Irotn tIcir lcxperiencc. I. Such a work is |cinioozitg every d,.y more nio? co.ciry,, as lthe originc:l is volulllllllll., ccsp.licc, anid steepe. An ihrvasint. cari'oity teO i, I,,..'-i. 1;c..c in tie o cthcr State of lthe Uicdne ill re rance o to Lith p,+ctuliar juri+ prudec,.s oi" Lo.tleing:¢ aud tJhe circllcltaIcLe of iici ntllecrous prillcilleoi her dfo cided in the adjustment o cottlicts of d , o ntakfte the kncuwledge of our adjudged c:tps of pricnu uic. lity to the juristof the whole Uciont. icy.'ovtir,c thie ri.cig republic of Tex.s hao ildoldlc ounIr ccods, aid tl.ore is a great lldOllil for the Lobiyiaiai decbsiyo;s frolm a fitsh quoarter. Convenient noterc, indieCtilg thc prydlly l cac e decided in Louisiana, anci occaionally Ihon c I tc c more authoritatie forutno of the other Scaiec , wii. oe added to euch ease. The wolrk vill form c or volume, royal ntalvo. and will be deliverud, holund, to subser.b+r* tit 6(i Iper vol.; in case it shoulc l bo ouildl practica!. l to luuycprctJ it iltof th:cc cololuces, tioie p-ice to aci criheor will be $7 per vol. licebscriptcics roccired by WM ,la[:KAN, eij cnr c Canep and d Cl o.rm n1 n Lis.i dcIciOLc:rArIE ANc D Rcf ETAILCO AND VA 9 V RITt ITY S'rolil--at the sign of tit+ go·lden conh, Mo70l Charties e ...t. Tlhe subhcribers have re. caived illc\dditi on to tleir lrviotlc stlc:k onilalld, tl aill cicill'lalod liloliillc oF c i c:lcc ic thlir licne c liZv t'llllls, Ilcrfu nllrv, JI, we "v, I't~elrlrl* Il~ll 5~tf gllt+St2H I'.I1'V .rtiele+s tbt'+.(I',qli~i~lht ill panrt au , iblowa: / qu.illed back, long iruad, dIce.;sing, hidl lput', <'url and nlcatk, Brali·.line conllllh. of every IdeZ(Clritoionl mloongst which urec soll lolilxiCanl o tillers, Ivor comls eof every tasriptin ccirn, dci sifcig rind packet tgcthyer withc gpllenall scoinllclllt uo'lrollnah afctd cmllcricclh PEIIU1l I;IlT--Colojgue, iLasaldler, Florihll, honey, be, v, roldinildl IIa'ati'." fllwer w..libl' oil eel'., size attlld tl. o|" .lii~lll, elg/t~ll hl31+atll (]ol~l~l~ll. r+,trn,,t ef |..'l-camtunt lan'v smns of |ll khm'|, -hau. n itl do in cakeks mutl! pot+, crealc son it io ro's vgololoh, ur il c-rd o t in ti ug le to . l r s eo ul'S s ue lli ng H a lt* p la l a u n al n pr I'fu ml e ( toileaqt wder peroll lowter, pow lor lut.s audboxes pi iilrtillltit~lr l f il~Ls lllh l !:~ l'l| )l''t CLt ehh1rht 11otlt1 .t Itlil nn ci .,ro ' ilhac crllsri-n u lortin ol elt ll was an a. V i n .IIV-ao g t'te ht ort ald triot lusitio~m ,le etts c otllnC slaccc ro~ Iit'c al d red I olc r ll ,ll lt, tl- - tii 0ndllElSll t i.E NluDre, RIb*k i Iill.i of ANeD nOlA tv rciy ].aich114 wltlel til'lll nis~i·el< gill.(\(T Illltl· sild .d10*le ; c'iln'er thhn+le.+~l sinlver tuld~ll ;rt,|d Ecs toil++am grard 1 ~ii htl, iri s'hlte h Naile :.ltsiung f ue uJe LOOlilNio Glo.AiiSSES-iccce'mi n statia aoi l tolet cci, with .it cri ic i tear ul e ier l ew e ilr , d. o i cIvII ockic Ili U ccInc boin l m lmc ccili fa ni Illciip lclllericd ci irtlcnldcckc, cIcccil dc h cigtcloc ca |iris. Ileryli r ehItld i~p. Ijtih;dlali,.++U~ UCIIt'*IItk tl |m.'snd re A.htgici-ciicoihotiidcocicihcceiii|iinci oiccico| ex.. e rdicvc.cince oilarnit lc Icetvcc loc'cey 'c;itar, acildc aid platdiiccccIIicc, iccl ClotIceood, oleecl'i iccf l ulcidcc t'liVliiaio hlK tr. l p llll 91 tul \vOY I h au~d~ whhtmtIIII ca. cs, rit'tlco icll Icicrr t''tttlciit tp e nl c le ltll e~~l li~lll~t;. riers, shthl. itllL(.BU liners atY U U~kIl:. sriv re'it salt ulndr I iun berd eol' rv cyilrd belr attly uuhimes J~ee, lthccci.,sil r ! i i c.ccdll ciiiciiic +. i eun tfhilt| ~lll cle'icic hlcoalncarccids | ,rm| cccccfcitcici~ tlc lilr ccCcciniiihcicicli-tl'diill ccciiit dui 1ti1 tileIL ltit 'ri -ilol i ,i h ccciii l it drccc ioy cictchi cearlc dcIit, Nodr cli ig, ccc cud LOrhltinid udir.A.idplin -Cn,'vor claoclo ccckgtiei b cli4 ilcityiccg.oci iicovic cliccciccccliclu cc'be Ulcnccc edcnt iccicli ch cii of~tl ciclchicc cc griccticccirietyolid. r ce iicdiccccc2c o cl. lredt c~lc'h iccic'lIItZ+,6 icyrc ctcli' .tdelncl ccivit--tltlcdiicciiicblcicccciidcc.. , nioni+.l..tbicci b.incli ,iplccccci v ccr, citc' orendy dulccoic cl.', .\iciccic il a' -i. r C - it l ýutl t n \ lm r - philitio nod mrcunrial siponrset pctrttioulnelv btera oo ipinftitafelc ion of the bones{tleoented thrint at oids trils, ulecsof every dessoei tli fever sores, nld internal t ai ' slesses, istulns; piles, setd head, soulv-y, biles, chrn cil sore eyes el, l 1ttcolldlthlso nt1 evemry trielvntt ll- ' il- t tanenos itloitinl, eholnic Uitnntl'h, hiear tiep. loneedl- li lng -iom ayll ALcrid humor, pain in the stocln: h land lhys- 1 Opelsin pvoeeeding fromnvarilation, olihetion.softhe livtr ext chrtoni iltlammltinn o the kiderys, ad l lleneol hlebili- Iit ty stnlnt by a torpiil ction ofth'vcsscsls otl'he skiin 111tls io siti:ln.l nv cciousin lnovtingthlose costitllions titln whihi have leen brokern down hy injiudicious tleame, licit jlvmoile irregularities. In generlt tertns, it is rIano- m 01 mended ti all those diseases whicharise from impurlilhio o'r of the blood, or initiation of the humoits, of whatever tri0 name hr kind. Some of lthe above complaintsmay require some tri. r fling islitlnt npplicntilns, w hieh tcircumnstanlees ef tile te case will dictat hbut for a general remedy or Purifnoator toremove thecan, the INDl)lIAN'S PANACEA will n generaliy be found ,liicirni. tin T)'1 O 'HIE IUILC. in How true it is, that modern Physicians, m their nm- " bition to excel in thecir prnfession:cs.plot tihe vastol elds e t ofsctienee hb the nid ofoheomisty, andl seek out new re- co medial agenits; in shlort, to tlrrive ait iperfiction in the 1 ractice by means of art alooe,-'-ntirely overlrook nod it tcgleot, as ohenliillhthtletnlottee, tlherich lalld bnll 1. eois stomsofimedicino, ahich the Ahnighilly has enused to trl spring out of the e:irth in every clime! And how tmich it imolre tue iitthatl while the Amnerican Phyeiico loonks to to oreignl oentllriest. or many of Iis Illnmst eoniimotIn and til Itncessirty lttiltos, perpletntlyo ehllnlging is tlhy ine I Al thte dietntes ol'ffntoill or folh, he is sulritlltld i. his own ciountry with 1ii elldlessprnfousinn of medincl plh11o , ill sulticent to nniwetnny indiention inilisense or to cure t; lny Ecurbleo disordler; and yet lhe is'ilt of their vr- th iLtues, nllt they are sufferedto wnastethe:irhealing on thie 1 dlesert air.' 'Iheeffectsf lvegetahle nmeicines upon the system nare teemoorary-those of minlerals laling. The Ilimer ex. elt their neoctsanll lnss ol--llothe latoer, mrllcryl inll pr- li ticlll,, c.t c.hlloii nlly Illo n the! solids, tlrcolllnll, sing the hones anld tillerlllltin the canstlltitie bI a slow ail soire deStltlutiolln. The eot.geniaility, cthioncy ieid SAFE1TY of vegena d ble remellies over minerlal, no:Iy Ite ctstillted i bcontlal- It ing the ancient practice with te modern;l or, to br'ing it I ttnoimnmediitel' un.i-eroiur on obsit'irvotiioni, ilh l5iii ima p1satice with tfhit elf the whitesi.Wtoin, i Americ:, i0o lsnt knllWiolln lelrd ofr rleredll ills:lllct l l ein her siplle e riele i illtlltclinlln ls alliet llii lllst ,npid iti .i t 1anldtstl Intllli ll , ull lterthe ..lovlei Mhdicn of tlll. -Ir mmoan practice, directed in the most skilful mnllnner, I, has feiled? Ain i who has not Pibeen solrprs 'd at theo ii parativecaselnldAtility nithwhichlherndint''esaim- i, tselfl' orni any ditsenise, toIIIaI l the Illmnst totela nbsinence I tocl lie linie diemenmm tho m I \'I o has i·cl heard i I al n Indiatln with ia colltiltutin roknl l alnd rltile by n ill tgtl. enlli tc A:id canllo, a dolubit cois tili this hel py ex emtion iof the savage from most of the ills which the ', fle.h lo'man is Iheir to, is cl:ielly owina to m.ore geLi anndll satfe romedhes which he emp'lotii)s) 'i'his astonish-I ing difference in success, is I hir exemlpliliation, of thepi ilit- te stlperiority the fitptle tlt-ltlsif eminn of tif e it I lwhirh o ihals created fo thf e bIenefit cf tl" ctilttihln, Sover thaose which tlle ipldo and the art of man have in vellnted. From a long residenee among n portion oflthe horigin alllinhtlitalntsof thincontlty.,l nlan inltimtnite uctain n lane with the methlds oif cure of somei of their most en snesstlil prielitioners, thie ploprietor of 'The llils I's t, 'allinceno,'wlltiell n kllotledlge ol' iolltie of the tmosti eti- tt tli'ultnnd fcvoltteorineois. From thesr e iitsilecteon s'uch as were most efficenlon anlllld Itllpropristes, and niieri S ivailus eIlt e ti etlll1 t IIntest tlhir priiltiplesollll slntlgth, Sh as combinedl themn in the l tooml here presented, as ft mIost perf. et nld :bulleial lf lach purpose tilt which itfil ;io The nlro prietor oF.evsthis 'rep, alion to th public, willh the colisciottllsO thIt bIl is llo:ci llg iihillthoiI sot, ri.. hx"d capalbll e (It' I- li e\ ng i nliiy ll I is nhis fli l i l loy be% T 'ilg, wat n :ii% a!ll.rh. It1g t he :ll.i ii. (.llsltllicic ni lobstiatlle non llal: lintsi l o l:ivhl is appll lie:bl e. Ti o such it will ro.Ue of itu.lcnlable vahlu.:tcs th0 t' lan oand in lllall cI: is ,t i only i1111soi11 hein.itlol i111sul i s. 'This is io( lii red as ; -o ll 1 l emediii tii It) [illti,:r '' ai: llh I d Il A ti l s 111:11-~u~ ell l I' 1 I· l. i:| llt l , h c: ( i' llt ilo !i.( hhl~ 111, 111IL . l (1111)1 i t0 oiti I'i, ll[ * as tnei . Melh t is e:. ,·b! l" of :I t . life , it , to ll the, :: ',ll C:· h.'ll:ntrctlla s:. IIIUI .-ihhll. u0:: 1etI·· iS I . has tinc repe,,|it'd a ocm t.a , h, i ..c r'pt t..t 1n ithnsob I d. I1.I . i 'I' I i h v. t i i i tle.lll iitl. pre teel 1 t!"hI i oril:d: h Indr .: l il l IIII I. I111 0 11 1. f: i lll III le s:ical by it, lid i0 ii a h! , the, had ird talny s ill 111 oi lil ll he o I, . II " l oin.i \ hl} '11111 0.I 1 1l 1 i'y t l.i k ll . i iti i ll C oi , . .,i 1 :11 -' eii i 1n:" ,', 0llo 1i0ii aI e,8,! h'ls l h :d l oh clr.M l rd,. elu i lr g proof of' it 12 The vlher, frtht, I' aP ,,.: i It1t,. eni, c ii .i: i n (i st: I Ill 1II; l' ii l liii ,11llI0 . IIII .Ii' l. do'i, :n li - 11 S. , h :.h h:-- dvlivd til .ol r ' ,m dl , ,, t,,,l l,.n '000o, h i i l , I lE' , t les l t . lll t.0:l;1 Ii ,,I l ll I. .I' 1 II lilt i 1 , .di.:tll l li ' :n i .l 1,2 . l l:, . I . I :t i ,,i,. - I, ' 11 II - T 0 , ; i: llt natih it ,,, 0t: ~ ; .., l i l g 1fl t ilil ll III, I , Ill0' I l il' l l !i , fi i ',ii , . e I. l , .. i , hl s l Irant -iii ,o,, iloik .,l I illl, ,."l, ,O r, [ ahrbiguus dis, not here s1v !, i,; 1 I, I O P1'' used wi't1 w.tot l i r l uc es:" : , , ,; ; mi .ý i l 'l ' t ,:le;"rn l 'h, l l ,otll hIhIi ll t i .hl, i icl',l; l ll ,,h nld llto r i ts i Uhl.., n et o\it.' l ,O. h l's ,, 1it' 00 , ti, el i1. :in , pa,, isns will do wti l to h' v0,0 tl t' l ban. h10 0;00'n s, o I I', I se. W heotercl' adlit<t, iok i" c:,I.-idle0 h t'sl<} this ultn1e1ratake.IIl in aI snudl0hh1 .; i1 ell lSt.0r :,it i[s iop u r p o s e s , in sm u c . le s s li m ,, i t h ..s t p e nl :.: .. t 'i i t, :, I riu. mlore agreeable ma)no,' IhIn the e~mtt, diet driok. The fillowing cv.etilic'tes, rut .f hundr'ds sh lnr, a which might be procur'd, are gthie to %how Ihn I'elet ot n the hllhin's !':uitucca, in thle arimis cmonplaitlinto r...,I e l mentol+nul;:unll s t lsotoexhibit in thle )l st s:tislilctory llmanner its superlorit'y ote the Sylrtilts in ''mslls tl5r. exposul"e" in bull waitherl . I lloi t';k ss -a iss ,st u il sstilting,ilthltsixi,.itllissslitha |,slisitt'i m c.h I'~,'~ Iole{ trl Ilcl~l lr·;I. ] l~ldtjlstitt ] COliafdCL~III TCO .I ltIC?! l~l[] ( diLi a:rl i i tli ittid, .IOiNs FistGt L tSo N, i.- R st. ClUE'tI:S, M'lrch 27, ISI.". I was sti.zcd sabiut ttlce it l sil c with I i lt t srui; rheullntismilil, c lltsd It tkiiing It er, co ld, h ilt tlnlh (thi .hlElue lce lsl' i hlllncr t) ll d wI hi II:is (I s:hled i 'lolm busi ss m:wlr) I:t r ahlc . I nl l ill:4 rhlb pjurihl SItix. he t I a alti ii i. tih itL · rli i, " lIhl . tI l. i i tsi lls -.CB IL ~i(i CIll- i- a:.~li tii lllintilel Iklit n r l ptl, iii ili iinst I ii'Itlii ii tlits 1 llts(i s' itl . 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Ati:lI wards bl ook tw'entyt+," bottles o lw inl's I'nIUIIn cn:i: ll] I Itt Is oftItitter'sd .aStt holt ii i ls tt iistii. itd enell )esp5 ri oflif, whch 5s ul fIow bitssill me ai hurl hell it fli t+ returnexid to say ]+ilrelts hi New York, hi lb ;J, nol sill. ysellstial lsiss t 'il death. i lesi-s -s o" t ..rt.;it success <The I slit la.snatea, su it' Iinill-Ar to mS' ,1wn, 2 1as pru' t dtt tr sort, To uit) su pi lse, at. \ell as~ !.ii..ttl -I~l [l'lllll] Is l Itl 'l S itlS l 1 I tII ] *l tlu- -2st 1 1) scele bottles, the uhcers<he' dcd u.|l l( Mrn 'e parbthet well in tihe lour le ftwo mo Ithis old srv" rlll n.ltl c i vere' illei+. ( Inke tl is s1tatemnl\il :(inil w1(h it blh lilhed I.I I. t 05ll t oAltioss w hi a-re. utLIIIV i 1.te111 Isilalrsi ll, R I I I, I aa-sl sttss f ise itti s'lii Iri's l T11( trsllu tlu i"'' srlIphlilti' ll _iilhnl , tillnt it '" ims ksS oi ilisltlilslssssaast tlhois tils stitisidowrtitg u as s I al--tutu |1oI tit i tlls it. . 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Sotigitul V ble ljs elh Ulivcstl Mlctli eite, l Inolenuer of.' SlloLvnliCualego.e Su.otns. iogLstateie of Aplothe 'net'y'sanorgsoy, Follow Flolt.Uonrt 8EOiet, Surgeon o| Sn t1tS ilot;lI Comesn PFension Ameeilnnm, Lootuotee dol lonee, Wlcterloo Bridge, and Perpetutlfupit of Guy' vart not! St. 'tomots's Iloptels, Lltont. 'hisn vatludnle t elticr, the result of Btwenty ves' go exrptinee nd unottetalleled success it the extense iv n no hlh" tilrres erethle plretter of tile proptrioty, potro ilise ih ilt thenlty n oltilt n is o olti w introdol t! tothIe notice 'of he Americl l ptlblielo, at the eornest so licittion sf a numbeler ol'ge.lentlemen of lonetid htigh h ;tnl!h;tngin the prolession. It is hopced, as a ptelln;ii nnrl step, to checkl the evils nld foatl eousentuenet es eloing fomn the use of the oloomerohs snd lcleteeiotls .Iosllllf oiftc lon thm u publie b tile rhl of tlbh csetef l I"rool' ol" milalclollon elll'es, emrl nlher |L':ttnls, byn e t'tof l IllelIOCen:ll'X" ;ml~l'linl~el|.el IIIretendej..'110 tm~lly I~IBIORII1 ll nI mtli netl sittlce, tIllt it imttptsitll the monstionls i Illihmcmt enon y tottgee gtt tlott tilth Ito ittlti:gtel I tteo;tlc of'tltiscunoloe. 'thlose pills, mihtt :ttlttgeOo:hltlo en in their ltulre, should Ihe keptll in every fLmtily in cose t lt'sudden illtes, for, It Ilteir trotlnit adllministatiot, m caOleu, campsm sl msn,S fers, ottl olthelrtlaemirlng eo loltuose, wlliCh to tfltIen prove ttl, ttty Ihe speedli I ctelr or 'evelted. Inll t t, all those who Vnhlte go c ulieulhh, shouli neer be willthot tthetm. iThey tre sol' I inl I:lcketcs st 5.1 EcntP I .I tlid BLL eeeh, hv every I.C.Il .¢ o I t~bledruote Il,ktelleR rlteoftht' el"ieine it tlt "it litel Stlnlesn I C I ,ntltdas,' with copious dnmleetionts, with: es.notinls of ,trofessioneal blility lieo t Alte folin wirlg tminett L metllente: Sir 'Sstley Cnoper, I ol ItAterttetlty,,.ontcn ltlttutlll, NI. Di., .r flook, M. Ii., i SI. Aston Key, A. hrontttotn, M. I)., RnI tnlmerous othes. 'l'hte originls may be seen t postsesson l tl e Gctlneral Agent, by whom th'l modlicle is ihtortlted itto i Sthis ultllrlty, a cl to whol ill atpltlications 'for;tgeocieis l tlo obe nmNle. o JiNO. IIO.IIEIN, 129 Waerly Phne, N. Yook, Sole Genttleo Agent ilor Ithe United sItotes, t. ]lor ole bh vptointment t of the oitingl ItOltietor. hy Swo,. U IloriTR, I ru.t n gi'ts, NO 11 Cani d Stlt eet, g tenerer Agentfor Stottlheof Louisn"ott. jott8 ' 'RYLf 11 lFlR E cUo, Nc Lotton rtlue trcti, urtet I c w receifing from ships N:ishlle, I.nouisille, i K.enticlyi, F.Ilhi tt otthem hImte t'rlivals gtn.l :li l "::'t~ibn es~teen :. inrge anul new seke~ted ussolrtme+nt l. Ir:l, ]lools, Nhoes Il|Rud Iroga'lll. tonnttnotfe gntlenn.n'nlioostnlt' andottwlotn'olool Its itthI 1" S ulltrto ittylt tr.tttettSn tll' a rot s not ws O p d Nootnstit I lntlllolto lllctoll'el Lelll, tttillt ktl]lelll Netotto'co hee 0 ou , tn lalti t mllentn', tAien olfoni otl i it lottee. So.l o ,is ttl d brognn ls, bucldll shin shoeot '1o.ans ;n x-1it~ Alnots ttgtttet'ttll[ oOIt~IITttntet 'ttntt's( t1tnttc'1 etIet gllpr, s: totll-eslite otilon ed kippeottd irltel loe etI tItoI't to boIts; do o o il.ll Iitlnd w i1Iset(ell ' tlll i tt bro. s"cel.n e t' best tle org q lity co f Ottl iet sl o s. 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C Ilt', eithr ii French or 'Eiiigh, may alttavys be obtained ol plleis, i l ap'.l:t .tion It uital, hti i'! i ·1 i ll , t il.led torll4 , .t T ('illp tuil c ii(I s!, I)'c't,.-.ti tt int i iiapcly ui iai .ra ,:.d, ei r :,',I or p1 in; pf l' lvI.rtz i -.un pi; h .:s , n : t , :r :sd Iherlbl: -,-t. , ib ta .uyi lly o'f pe ll l n d t,,:h.". a i nl eyt iii i i iii't lt--Unchi r tcit I i t , 'i. t ;,tu tinl a p-l it,!ld vatiety of ledtl, ' a I I ',r,: 1,, t, hlcrk.', ln t , i. , ld. lld n '' e ttld l , .:l, (d'"- .id 'l u.t cy :-to t, -ll, : i, il,] i. ; e.- U ,' 1i hti lit:e. -t I:, i lat rci d stI llut , h ubat z.c n, ve i vet t id cho1 h tiut , i li nnl ia lt st, p l, iii l It,[ lluc'' titi li tnlli ,r .oi t l r:t l,' ri , s' lit l l a s, i lt ii t tiaihi l c llied IaI slhington ai pc'd :i, a.t ll'istin dal st wIcl lt et'l aIti cottonutt doI, with ainad wil!,t t rollera, p.etiJt l l colstrapl wihitb t'tr prinlg ;i aill great %-I . ritly of g'i ctl .ttii 's ' I t tetr, i tl ,xpreu .ly for llt rtatil tradei, by A. L. V iiof niut anld i fit oti Phil t. d alphi is r s:li i t-A gnt.ra' tiad ci upilllto las I nl of coIlios flion their IimuIlact rt'.A soi l lt1 has RUSII'TON & ASPINALIL'S 0·l'Oi'UUND I'TONIC MIXTlURE.-A "pecy ,l a - altnd emtt.ii c rtll' Ir e r ati e ii r andl l Ata , Atl:nt aun inter.'itnnt nh'it; priplatiti. a}O the aoi ginal re'lpe. LULJ In:Ih ta.lulttall.s d ilni ver. t ,at.l 1rs .:e 3t n t 9, bly ,er-onvl of the highest reslitabiil v i t uhi cil y, as stated in s I , .lll t ,l cer tificateh. Tlisd tmedicin,+ is hihly re' o-t ndld, I and hsas b",een r.xt:n:i v l'y utit in filte ubs'o diseat w ll I ll istinguts' d success, that it proprilor t'! Litmit r iecis hasllt bn induted to lits r il tio thile ph. li it, p'resnt t hrill, i tihe hope Ithat it itiay Ie the lieFts oi'" rctleving ainyt of thostet tiho aret iutl ring uinder the teourge Ill ilat ti ot:ntr'. It is a Inedicino posxssing groat vituo, and when uiled to Ille directionl has nevei r ,tuild of t'li'ctig a Cre, even inl io iltmot obstinate s tag of the disolter. It is inot at all dagreabie, andt p]rsons of the wvakest stomach, aud childlen rioay take it with iinpnity. It trien itahes the digt'vie, ori ;is, credte: 111 appetile, and scldnii-rct!uires liori thltl c tte, or ic obstiiti e i sis, f tvo ,i otilteIs to iifL:t i cute. There is ei,:thr mcrc'rv ne r ient iii the llicino, nor iny thin[ injiniu.: to tle human constitution. The proprictor. tiro so wll eonvineud of its efliaac,, th:t they gntre It, ilid the price of every bottle whfici 1511 been tdiau in ilcordltlcn with the directuons ani has not rtctacie: I. +: perfi et cure, o the 1'ver & eguo. A. OLIVE0", sore ngeit tbr New Orleans, at his whohlslu aid retail drug and inu.cite store, corner ril' Ilienvldle and Chartres streets. For District Ageniees apli!v it, ] .lea 'P+. IV. U 111'1'11, 48 (',onli r:, 7TIIREI. U.11'.1 JOURNEY FlOI11 N'EWIV ORLE LN S. 7 Fti'll r proprietor of this eslabliblhnent has the plea .i pore of antotlnir g to his fielnlds the T ubiie t1 ;cuelultt at he will be in readine' sbv the rst d of ,h v to receive visirers,. 10 will takI u l Ieh th1 lies wllit orf tose wt a di-lany,, that tbere h,tne been harg, ihm'rovemlent, mile, and others anow goirg on al| in rnptid Ipt~iiress for coimplelion, tuhie will enala the S't -.-cr hbr to ccoiuninudae if tuch inrger uuntberthani hit,, , lid at i10s-11ule time Itn1c better. teh, uab prefert, tcin hutt ofrge tabih u a llbrhed front It i., enledn d wOll hii:nry ls say atlinhg hillgarcthe hte of ith charat,:r of these tim-.i'fou ithis p d ruil.: ern rtaMil il li Ithu. nh ftr t lthatlare a it',yulrtl! !'luene, will i e fiund t. 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I nll il i couilll1t it oftI el t srltt l ofllle tatni hIn he 'L I.'Int t oe t tlllhd , ol ' tn'.t lllle inltler t,"( isalsto y Ipll ." , t i I ul . t r h rnII'o's, n lo tr, by .. i lou s ont i ttitg s'lhti-s c r', al l :i f ew fI-c b iis l ll rttyiicatuti inti h l i' t It l'hict l'h li ookt h isi0 ll0 ie cs u l c t.' - e t u closs ol'eitiz n'ls in kve nr'lll) q a: t e i otf ile Uiit ell S lales. uIt islIcovalT well kow ttlhlt, h! its early check, ill it (he o o tel t elitectled laitt ell-ors iti, litelt Ioy eree MI. ti '(et ll e ii h the most cll.t i ll ah In(ll t conllpetei i all illlicu , llt=, ta is t sefwllnes, andi the:l.ldiLtd loe ceasily for its 1s nVte been cxlclsitlyv insised ipn,, l so i lt , lint, ineru, i.a n e itt , t'llt llehsi, t illl itsi lici'- w tas ce, ie oua l of priul , it l l t.C r Itinlll te f l ri.alI 1111h11:00,01 copies were Ontlit t, soleOgol-llt ll ill 1t ilislanc li- a dull ceasel , t io lls oup ices, as l th y 1 1t n l i oce:lsilltl tilIy el i cled of la from xl10ton . i', tpe lnl), aliill , so ul iertso iS |l:oie 'cc n.,v tlt lll'e , in s rh - ilo Ior .acllopy t hif , vo lt w b eb i ld b l: b3i, 11 , l il .ae ii(h fl.s, in thit er iflsioE c ll h l f " h".kle i lll P-l t th eilSun. o h, lne l IIIIibih d s Ilila 'lticO h 'iy, In h'pi n. rIll )C1 h -li qil, en thait Ito h ll it was I r ty word, ll t h molni I oil s notei Ihiliil, h thie li iI i' n iti p eintlTin ol c til , i i be nng ledw t'i.-Ii ich iiu io d in- ;. t lie o.a o h It is likewise v·rll ll, of inor-cc, nIodI hl Ic I'''' 'n. i t i nod alp"ciall \hln "l l t exenltll ilill()ll':.""" a1 I 11 ill ih i io us.ll Imate foll no .1111t1h h i . It h , to(o, c I.| .is uealnl. lr o' ill tlhel world, m. I ale 'i s ,rtl , i loi., iis ni:illiiy lald, i. (0iO w,:c wre.-t',ll'l''io io f IS I lll"rm' IsI1·lI it i: I i0 w .ould, ha1 : I l olco , ltl, ll',. 'l Ililv,"u 1~ i:l" Ie" r' t s, ui rl,:) c pton t hv l i na pllh:c ,'.f lsu, ir r. d' lý, t. XC l.l o IIhl, IIoe I- ill I !rinli lv I lh:, e t a ill1o o~'0,1 n I I fo l ils~ Ir llr p , eI"lilll a l Mi ch i . i. i !. illtl:l,,hithlll le I,; ,, , .rdo l rh \tl llll ll , llit llo Ion1,1¢1, . a o , 1 1'l 1 1'0 . 0 '.a l li v .i:r , , : i i q li i, l .[ ii i : , : , 0 0 0 0 F h!. Ip)r i ' ,- li h , ,l;. . I . 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I oit I T ioth aih; i l r' onic Du trI l i e; Orahg .s-rui>&i ! 1w' F, ll.-lr \'.t'eIl, ; [ wdr Puff(7 an SIH x .; AIl:Lr . 11·1:;ll (.ll':l~i., ElI' llly Iid O tllpll Iill 'ltl d ,h~I \ir . aJ; 'n Sth ; C ; ri : i tn l.ninthnii 'hn l~~ll~~~i ~ lii lii i(cIl, ll~ll~:III ICIUI I i.o'.." r l huh h.; E' .ah , 1)rI hg |'im ui In n I .r OI ;-- th a vnut i i r rlldii l la 5.)ries, n. I"Iir sa]l l & ' S 'i L I V GLENN'S Ii11iIi'1 filES. J C Tl' I+, .+1; +!' , I CotSe r II. Ci l and iil ..:: 1 . A i+( il-;;l +zllle~ I.\V Ilt ,,..,., . il,,l :.dlll'h:.nll +ltl· I Ii''to (,.ii:h:'', (,i 'ii,, nluu .ii' ,,, Fl .isuii,'c, t~iiu, d,+n I, ' noilllttl str+ ¢ . |lli+ i llu lll (il" I I l nl i, \il* ,m imaG,isi' lln nuilnik llu ll ie t llninlg' indiiii s l s ni ilkiiliEs thui (1! I·1 I i iillliliiSuilII:i iiliin iiSr!(rlrrI JICU 1 utilIe i iiiuid i i ll n. il];J l Iumimi l i. tutu', Ii r 'dircl l,' ,E:.t:ri) S *ln : C hi:I k r . hle Cnlluhidm d sl i"n, . l : I r i i, lilms, rF.i iuuilult'n,, u lmu i l , ,iluuiu illmllluu l lumll ' iitilln 11\ 0 Iiii lO I li e, Hiir l\Vuuud, haul ti i r ill·i ll' I DI n lw Ti cc liur, llic a , i i ''li ic Ie. 11(( Til :;htliv* ill* Ior Bl Oac S inh nce a'm'(.c ·(ella, iuuiln l iuls, 'ir'l, l Ilu iil I uiiimu iii tl uuumll iuugii eiui' 1/,'++ \'-,,l .ta it ",nn nni lhnnmu. Crowl tr l |} st,, l Il'll F `i uitw shi ns,nlt m i' irim I th l uuns'. sn dtr 'lint. I1lmuiun, lm- ia ','ltn.s, ll sum ' ill i.s g in tin u. | Ist , k ilu I Chin cal; nhrl o ita 0 rc tmncrll s Id l miln I'l.-lr. l l a, s ta',.l t l. r ot| i tlea d sh o t ' d nt d l l t ni lg 'lsii'u'+ii limu! ur-nn m lttmm I1a Lnt'm ninbunl uhtl'n bitl uiitmlmll i·' l., m mtnumtr {lilt] IA hw , sillrm ' ,nillmhi r i ndlis rual s rovIln, i v hi k tlt pkti iniill A grt i d w doim , l lootiki A lil nnknuni ent ow's h nwt p n' itdlt 'han bli nnl s h'ik,l iun.t I hlnrlilums oili' i t'l r suictn oi sae Ir i+ i i, in iS i the ul t innsl , 'mbl i t ,'ms n l, i \i , hl i YTuul nutsilt n. a. Cal o uh (:ohlnsro o~nts lh: nrud shihpr Yuioxcsan **nud aritl C1ncori~lonlA i~it~l.v Yhrk, a thln lvaietye nlguo+od .i lreIt an,, whieh t'eet itr thlc It Wrl+le= stock on rutail makte ill theirasor anl tilS hay :apec Th fllowi n I.A\o TO patvZ :( 11ii. 5 (ll l r. 90,, t ak'. (m i tre )ins-- i m o ns, llrn tt1 or .l d . reiipit n,, d .ia r libe r,'tl s ilk and nrsd Austi c a:i\ lt ers~, ii eIn riti g~~t.+in th cirklme whitclt, horte, elhtL pokith ahhnd c~n >istotsk doii l anld, sinlelk~ Iur-il ed 11 nuo111i. Bowi e kivpete. 'lnh, dol}i lls. w is lll.sor i il, \'iar : poc e l k \nive i, cu r ,leu,,i1. tunk ribbl n~s in, ,)ist ,+c , lohm , hir, tl o th', riplcmb.,Il ilarunh,bher, pintk tn ll o ni(rod dasting <.:nlt,.r , ,Cohqu en cril eation c bylie t' it gl' rutlrem let ' II!1, k t ncid]r essnlnc es ei , hi ir lt~wihrl oth,i r iztte i and b d s plal,. tlilc li nt r I'tlVand sle u ilt''l c "a 1'1 i~t-othpws andll l'.lltwo ts , p la t e i ar tli+k 0,+ -htytlerl t h al+'+, lleh. foke hn r ariiih iblt~l.Idon le lnl..,,.e barelld . n+, dotie i nvt AIL Att$rr.a at l2 -nrthern Mail CtIot vyory at 1 .Weakoery Wht, Prbý , P i. yto I, V .l Gles every oandoy, Wedue o ars!, lan SRnttrnrt; by 9l P, h1. The ail e ovary r ''t·sda Thursrloy, 71e1.Pi Satr ritlay, by0 P.Mlt. vin Clooa every hlonlay, Vednded EX S fAIL TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPAR'TURLt TIJSPANCI &c. of the Expruaa M0alr,betw"oa M~aolta Rnd Now Yolk--leaving 2tobile tlallt att P. MrI. -Northwar New York doily at 5 P. A Southwardl. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Th''imt,. turtg. Montgomery, Ala. 2pm. 1911 m's 3 I Vim. Colamlhus, oti 81 94 34a.m Milledgcville. Ga. 2 133 144 24 p.m ombiaS. C. 74.a. l3 17 I Male:i i, N C. ,5 215 2t2 It CWarreason, Vi. .2 m. 55 Gi a Peorniura . Va. ll Ila. 83 10 00a. am ItichmouiI, Va. I , m. 21 3 6i lFrederiickshurp, 8 67 7 I p tm. aVIhiagtoa ecity, 241 p)m. 61 16 a SBaltimonre, 61 38 4 0 Philfdclphiia, G4 am. 100 11 SNew York 2 pin. 90 8i 1305 143 t. or Sd 2 Northward. Coming SoIIthword, tl time is six hour Ir.s; ihing5 days aar 17 liours. 'I'EN ItOtlI.AII8 I lEWARIi. R ANAWAY 189 awrondelet corner of lervie is 11 rtreo Ithe night of 311hh of Atugust, and woN reen .iha next liorning in Pavidras street, a aigr boyi iamoed CIIt riIt, aboutt i yeaors of agea, aI ,t fee or therenhouits ill Ieighlt,veryv tlsck, and ilran imped illntl in his speech, one of his logs i sIrre, cransiourl ,by a recent hurt; he hlnd oil whlel IlhLeent anay a white colton or lilea shlir anld white cotton puntallllll. n rastirs If r.esels alnd tIea boats iarie llolioelll a gaiinrt receivinig or lharliriug aid negro, as well as all it other persos, a Ihe iimIIt rigonr of tihe law will Ito tlifiifiriil e gctint lhi. 'lIot abor've inwtard will ie rtiia 7 fiirdelive:itg him ilnainn of tihe inis of eilher oalthl mn icpiplities, or at 16 )'Cariondelt, corner of Ilevi. .I .r)he enmrEtleIip hereotolre exi.iilu IllidPlr lillll (II i )Lrm Ibf R Duboi & G nrtl tae boer dissolved. 'h Siubscriber will ltiqidale the alairr o Sthe concnr il tiias city, anwl equires all ptrona inlaei - lt d to make I oryment to him o .ly, and all tlsnehavinp claillles, to rcsellt hlemn Ior settll w t T. N ý'I 7!-rt11 G (tlETION, W. W. WjIN. No. IlCaonal N, rect Arttr (,' . , niwn os llillllndl cOlln tlntly t r.cPi.illn. rt ow s (.vest lhe liclul:end Pantn l ,tnlull the, ir . A lin lly, elnde, Argls, ied, o i, l gllAlus, Ainntt, Spir. . A rsetiet, Alulm, ido podt red, Iirazillette wOOe, ilalntm copnlvia, Cochineal, Intrax, tttde, Colppc n', Amelricnn, ino efittetd, Cupbell, Lhrimtontee, crlute, Fustic, Tampico, do roll, do Culba, to fnower, tIo Minite, lIirmtlth, Fl.nch lerries, CIshurtoil, Indigo, lengal, (:ream :'rtlal, do Mlunilla, Guni:lrides, drt (errancculs, Glunl aoes, to Gal Inmnil, tin A hictal,I loteno, Cta.eemhty du nssal'.ticda, do St Domhng0 do mn illlonae, 1o Jamnlical do e1nzoio, I C woodI ido tllli, rough, iMadder, onlhin, di o 'caedt., Nit ttlarl'n ,'e, do do S Amerie*,, tin Corn, .. clhr, "r .... . tio na ll l,.ib do g titcunl , Ct I 11'e MICA I.t. to kelno, A tid, ii0trt,, .10 mastic, do t nurit tic, n lhi ·in , d 'tollL lllA lit, , 1.. s ll..l, low l,'it p , S 1o s 1:ich e, ,.orroId blinait lia; , " to hr' anth, b.:hloridedof hiotte I 0 A ii et R tCnhr n lllllt c, itt. i \l.: a Ilk S , , Soem it, , SI sorts,' Silt i5uott. .iltn'ricte tall, I Sut gw len, lelows, Stll, zine, ,i lttt tl, Ie'trt:it, Ill e ie . l t..." l'tii, tlhi, tt eic io , iy, i itlllt:ni', do doI lll ill iltd ' l ltli,, l l A ln c E il l l', L 'l .. ..... . : : .... :.u I . i nha,. -, , n l,, ". ,tl, ' l',,; , ,, ' slin hl itA l'] lll1 t , oi I, h . i,, :l ,I , i, t i', eo ...... 1. ICus tIlg l k lllkl i h, (l oi l ,' ,"11 A, a w.; i,, i olqll ll.llll lI 1\l"l T1illdl, II.lllik Al"f'HN NEW NOVELS r R yll l ', ir, by thi I a.thor tl I'tel r Simple, II.I' lord Ilod" ru, a rmnte .byh r Allan uinglalom,I in t, ('lh k vardl i. I ritten he ildensrll'in S v nle, absiti Nor io l ol'f lbr .hr1:1' lbu -ily I Librar h. V. .l :&,h, I I ro w i nll, .ow br l ll ] andu i gitlnr ediin r . ACs s-,\ lino- Ilome cpirt of tlytanbasPhrenology A'r,.el' s i r r owdnotutd Ic 1 ,jl la cd pa. prs, wDig. ts .hi erch,"ei , n oI fr tenic by S 'til 105051N..I.I;VY. CI'.\IN I21:ý'.IV.'.lF:I,. lc, il, thle sulhm1 n A-,eow I'rit. i/Jiin l in rblr, n;er enrral r n jli.nhl: tin the .\lIhri,,iur of A lOriii by d 'I Turnr, Elq 7"', Politicl Gr,.ailnr , of tI 'nitelrl thtei, ior a i npl t' view of th," thIro Ul Ir prI.lie nf the gene-ra and sA l, m'rlertlnlt, i ll th 1 ,r wi iulll betwro: Ihetel -dvdi ruih( l'd Intl ulllptrd It thIe t) .lllg IolleU Uo the Ullllld I' ii.b ) inaPe1 : C eill q. Ain rlod'. IlHunlin. 'I'oars itlltl'epers.ll with elhammne islie tttcdelne, styvilgs mill doitga ofafniOrling nlel, in cludinn; notices of the prihrhipul cmrok rllrern of |ogl.ld ih nalytical collllntnts, and gncril illdex of a.llen,l vohl ltune FOR TitY. FCURE Or S,.rofidl or Ki'i's Evil, Chricl l.heiuttntiem, Clhronic (Cult uatla l)i.i- I'nnii ill the Bolle, bly free enaes%, ulO of Mercury the blood boeing in titinted state. This very rceIIntitrnlt Syrup is prepared with the fretIst Ilierolrllutiiriclll uaruulld IinuriaVy, liand Icontai the Ill live II -rtIuellluhde o lf I).alr.;: pluri I ll ht" h II t IIo L It ( OIE trntd lieri, Ii.biiod ivi illothI r vegctaa e ios-hty hc of I.know)ll eflitay1. Thu arent desideratum with physiyeins in being sbl to exhiit s h;,ne.q Illqlu tity * t' i" arsrpiaril in in a se11. full y eonviicei d i l'is iilno itn, iondiodeutly ,idiiiilter irih l *1 air pboatil. Sold only at SWVAIN lItr i o'lEt'i drI r sto.e, No. I ICaloll strecl, wvo lilay bl, llil, fit-II idi gemoitine, direcifrout dile irl. tri turr, Swuains t'illetnci and Vertifoge, Potter'a tNlti., oell, Carlaetlor'a Preiranltioti, oids d irgl r ud goeller assrtllunot of freslh drugs, Ull I'INNOCK'l K"uAM E, &c. _.)iNNOCK'S I31PROVEI) EDITION 01e DIt . Gohldoliih's Abridgment g thits istliory of hRotie uto hirh is prelixdn 11 n lnrudl:tiou to tlo ttltdy o Ililnltml ilistory, lld ai great va'riety of lUllend Io infor iiiutiA idiideal tl'Ollgholt thi workli, on tihe lmitr• Urastutluol n Illll.In m ihi of tOe ioittlltlll; withl erous binogr.phlleiIol -d hintorinca Note; .nud quet iitona fir enXIit u iiint the elnd of cgilj Jannriei II I nllltted with tlhiri nii ,oi ;gu tl oodr, Io y ti ertn I'ii.Na)is tu )roved Edi ituioi o hllr (olstatiot l' liotor) i ll' glatl d, rio li tvlu[ui,n of 9tlinso Ciear iPltljb iliutl of Georgoe 'd, with u crnDtiantit to thO you li:it. \Vithl tiRiliona lihr exniunuistr at the soud i oiij seatii. IeilSe n variety of valuahbl infornas lion alded tlroughola t tire word. U Consi ting of tsblh of otai tulastoay Suvoereig. ttlid etmiot t tterotuo inupiusol explomutary oatoeI. R inmrks loil tLe poli IjiN oImlUIIIIaI'ro ]iud iilrmtuw of tim Oe An o otitlinot lilt CuontiiotmiutIj . .C. o ltltitted lo iby mlp y nlOfrl. Gurt' oLF.Ityirr. o r, arl'lavowr Sod 0n liridgnecr olKrith' New Treatisu on ihe Use of Globe.. Nu. Alericrsn rdtiiima with lddilioni nlid iolproveleoot ouIt lr ril'uthioll it th d.strolplmuioa.l part of tilhe AP illan AlIhSonuc. J art rcc.:ivrod ai for tale biy WVM M'KEAN Iav d2i corier of Camp nid iioooimnuI It, IIARI'Ii'ER CiASiSICAL IBRAItY. g .| O:A:CEt .lr.slatld by 'Phillip FrnrdioI) D , with 1i 1 all Uipediox, reiuthioiii Lrotulautlom of variousl iiiles, &C. by len Jinsoi, Cowloy, Miltlln, ,)rvdllo lope Addlsot, Swift Ciultiertui, Ci Wakhliold, t';roui illiluon, &cru nd l.lmt i h of tit1 mure olinuti polm nI tit Plihtl-litjS, with tiltl lb Ollldix ii Juii"l tritiltni Lteii Lt Cbrisopher n:.lla', il! villa i'uralin volitima. iild li:. p;'"I lrptrlor ClilasuiCi l lbnrv T1bhe i:' pcdiuou of" II.UPIUI't CILNKIEII., by S i ollea t 1, I Il, with tIjtiemir ol'tic A lutit orito N. it s 11 I 1,t HusJ,:oue, Coq., *tow a.litiatt, with iihlslratru t ,o t by ,. .1)r) o u a.t.. Oirlu.'" .~i., Iaw ediloil 2 "l rt .tullyr FI )U);II. b iy:E)I V te :uluiur to ,P.p!hr iil"';l u drn e C Itit':Cit, l.uule Ltl u er I.- ; .e l,\ I(::iU.--;lli r't-k= i'l lr ltlllllll i

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