Newspaper of True American, 2 Mart 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 2 Mart 1839 Page 1
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0*O e RICE 12, CENTS. Palz .NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 2 1839 V VI No I,1.;.:... 1 1,1,¢ ,ne nu,,,m.. . , , r n.n. . r ...... .. .. .. . . . . . . ...... ........ . ....... •A l . ,,, _.. . . ......... . .. . , --" - - - _ - Terms of Mhe Neresspaper Press of New Orleran unaniinmouslv agreed tot an t adiournad ineeting of the Proprielore, held on the IT3it f March, 1837. Sunscnrtrrios.-'rtwlve Dollars for thedaily pa per annu.n, Ilvalyablo semi-annllly in advance: tell d:ollrs for tite ii-weoklly country paper, payable one year in advalce, whore no city rasyrenee is given. NIo a tbst.ription will be discontinuedl until ar rerages are settled. Ih ease of dis.ontinuanlce, ieo week's notice do lriting must on ivariably given, previous to th zptration of subsleription. ADVsRTansto.-One dollar per enilare for tle first semrtion, and half that price for each olbseqtlert oille la tpaterial alteration roml tia original adverti-ement will be charged as a new one. YaALe ADVERTInRSn.--Merelants and Tral.ere, prty dollars fin Englist alotne, and sixty for both Inn 'Iaa-Banl1kst Intnranue Oliftcea, oal oilier sominr abl institutios, fifty dillors in Englinsh only, and lghty for both laagtlnges; Ship a id Stenmbo.rt Pae. I lýbn, or Comlisaionm merclhant sixty dollere in Engllsh Me, andeighty far both languageO. MARIao sr, Ot'rcuanVY NOTICESti, id artlecs eall "ig the attention of tile pulioi to ales of prllwrlty, .d of passengers, henefito, &e. &e. will ibe rlaer i dollar per square for the irst insertion in each Ian Cogauxo.IOc.nos, or Advertisvcmntn, of any persn n ature, when admissible, shalnl b charged double, td ia adranne. " A deduction of tvwetytiive percent. will lie miaes to AAuctioleers, Sherfe, Itgisaern vl' Will, aind lnrahuls soles of real eostate. puanlilstd in both languages, 5i1h 1 per cent. in Engllsh alone: il par cent. on sales .Other prlopeTrty. " Auveltesna W.eT olt of the direct liine or businest o: the adbvertiser, itoll as legal, auction, and ilualito -1i1a' tbales runaway laies, stray IinnlA, &te. neC. will hb N elarged for sepattely, and at the ordinary rates. AoDegaraTISMnNT tt meruieclld as to tilne, will be published one moatlh, nd clhargedl aeevoril.gly Lo advertisements of bankriltciis will ibe irlblislhedl Sany cane, lel paid r preios ptil r inerllol)t, or Siynymeat gnranteed by a reapti-.ti person in t0own. Theisatrs and other places f aotnsemanl, advertisiag daily rt the season. to he chargeid l11l for Inglishb a, and $t50 In bothi lnguies.r. All annouace eatts if vaeiliiiates Gfr tolitveal eilcee will bto clArged daoble the prce *lf ither advertise .unts r Owing to the ititi en, os bI r!ninltniinev bi nnewespaper pmrphitors, tiev have coem to thie lnelntion thInt Ill names of perotos whboe aneevntie hlis i oe t been npaid within one montbt afiner rentation , shall be made known (lo far as practicale n t el othle r--lthey obli sting thoemselves not to advertise or print fvr asch deliajnqets, tnless in caseol advance pryntente. (Signed) J. C. I)E ST. ILOtlES J. BAYON, P. P. REiA, J. C. PRENI)ERGAST, JOIIN iIYSON, LU.1SI)IEN. Weekty Press.--We, thi, ildersigeed, agree to abide by eIm above vnditionns, as Itr an they are applieable to weairly plaper d(gnied) A. It. L.A\VRtNCf, L o subacriptions are taken for leny tealli 6 moitola. Lttersmnlustin ll casnee, le tent nill. PrEE[ PlNSin l-elt's ine. ith in petre a Datniel Webler lee, Fei's large n rviel pn Congrese large dty l'erry's U lat prr g to. do emall d do 3 alit do SVindel's laldies Io c it doubll ptle p t t Iperia Doble pstet do Gil:tut's barrel rio do .NairiinCri do And Gillaot's Clmerial, for sale oit DAVl I) l)FEIT & Cii, ii Coartree et, fein N ¥ Sanliivts [lhul L %S.-i00 be*ts in n.,re f r sale bv Tifell SII Tll , IIri)\,N, sl irlileSine it an on tlie Ifg'ebrlliiv--ly vltv hi i G 126 ilr I'l rtu thre el, kl, t.e ul H AY'S ,lINIM\'L.LNT.-N Fielti,.--Tl'is ox ei traordinary hlnlncl eo lllL sitio, tlre resti ti of scoince - and the invente n ,i tu eoll rn t irInPei cai nlal, iliae introdu'~l n of which to the n llllhi wa invasoed with ie IsolieI l aeet l d,:leled beq lhs sineor gaitied a rerI[ atlltnll unllrlh'led,u flly sstalnlg tilne orr.etaesi l' tile Iianhlitede Dr aGriltey's Ilvt n, thllat lie dlrled niot die without rgivintli to psrittc y Ih dnelt of hi"i knowledil on ltii clllijec," anild le i mt lvrli IltlRitathed to Ilia anl and amtil tbIdI·nIt, SOl Hoay, lie ne.rkid bf t.n divertiyry. It is now in th, pritetl~lii i:pilvl, a dil the private pretiet ii ioll ei I:ivntry, firsLt inl Iovlat ceortainly for the vote vit' ih. vie', ind s y xtra wAere iterfries ,nirtiavlo-l lEaernvlliy in toe follicaitig cotapoitntli Fir Drovpny-Creavtiitg eeanutr viary rvbaorpyttie at once. All Swellilvigs--ltRdlcdm i iveliv in a tfew lullnit, hlenlnliit-lll--Al:vtta tiu (eII Crmeee, givling tlllckl asne. Sore Throat--Ily (Cane-r, Uleers or Cellos. Croup ati.l Wviilllping Couglh-iE]xt-.rlI.vlly, atd over tite Chelt. All lruiies, Sprains, anil lBlrns--Cvringr it a few hours. Sores and Ulcers--WeVlthelr fresh or lung I standing, and levcr sores. Ito operations upon adults and elhilren in reduc itg rheunalic swelliegs, dtil loosaening coughs and tighlltnesa of tleo cteslt iy ielxaltion of tie parts, Ihas been surprising beyontl eoiiel.ption. 'ilt colmnon rtItark of tiLoso \rlv ave uised it in tihe Piles. is " It acts liklne aciari.'" TIIE PILES-Tie price, ,1 is refrunddl to any person wiho will usae a bolttle of loy't Linimntlt for thi Piles, and return the emtpty bottle without being cured. These are the positive orders of live proprietor to the Agents; and tivt of mamny thou. aands sold, not one a.s been uttvieiccessfal. WIV might insert eirltflcstas lit vny lovgtLi, but prefer that thrnin who stll l .he arlicle, aiould ex CAUTION-Nouvo can he geltine waitlnout a splindil oengravedl wrapp'er, on wyllt.h is iy Itlivme,. and alsu thaut of the Agelts. . I SaLIIM)aN .l.YS. Sold whinlesali l I reltail, by CUOmS'I'O(:liK & (Co, Now York, and by onu IDruggistl in avery town in tha Uvion. For sal vby tine \Vihnle.vlu Agenit, corner of Coin ann & T"l'taouitaiu lts .a.tet,, and by tihe Atotiveriesiulonorali.. . . :11 RIL.JOOIINSON, ()ic li stri ', p fines Itl. practice to the intll at ,tof VIeureal Disease,oan ll its ddlfrnt farmts. Dr. Johnson, fll'o a rosidenco of rnanny yPears in Ilos ltals in Eurolpe, devoted to thi trentlln t of Vellnrel Diseasesandti frlno hi, res.,t Ixteuaive practice in that particular brunclh ofl the prole suillu, garaontes a a afuet RIt.edy and :'.' tal l i :troL to stuch p]tIsl.uns as are (iOllrrhllen. iileeto, U'intmot.a'*, (lhhnCres, Iulboat, SBeminal IVctlklln , Alift.tiollt tlhlt I[ldher, Kidtneys, Loitsi. Uretbra, itrotrate t-landl, Swelled I eel c 4, Eruptions on the Skin, Sort Throat, Pains in the S Ani the nuoterou. symptoms whlich geanrally follow Ihia dliseae. Recent cases curol inl two or three days without the use of Mercury, iultrr.ption IIOa btusine. or altera tion in the mode of lilaig. A to dicin , it proeetl Venereal Disease can be ob tained of 1lr.Julnsonn. It is lioln the recipe of the liaron Larry, a celebrated Frtnclh Surgeono, and was usned by hint during thesveral caulpai:us ia which he oervod ats urgeln Utla t l titlin t'nclall Armuy. p Sold by Dr. Johnson, ll hioi nlli'e. lThosea prrronstt having any nitt tion of Venmrl IDiieann, noltl pioeltt taking sea v0oyngc. or relntuvitlg to the cuntr, wollld do wall by giving Dr.Jolhnson n ciall, no propr metl- t 'ines for their caire in the sholrtest lil cani bei put up witth writle directions fa thoeir tuse. P Onice open frotn 7 in the molrning until 10 o'clock at night. ABEIiNTiIY'S DYSPtPPL IIXiR. t DIr. berntethy, th, gr0atOest of lgn:ioh surgeotos wa opinion thatl ni "-io-thnh of the diahoins that aflct' mankind origintie in ti stomach.t Thin Elixir was used by hint with tlo most inprncedentedt d Rnt:eel int his privtoe and public praction itr upwards of forty years, for tiha removanl of tihe fioluwing diseonsers: Loss ofa1ptite, tt intioleoty, Di)otttioat of lthe Som ach,Pain in th aile, Iletvinessof the licad and incli na'ion to sleep, Irregularity of tile Bowels, and io all cases where Indigestion or a costive habit is found to exiatl / Tlis medicine mnst not be numabeeld among tho host ofqouak oostltumia now Iefore tile public, as i ii tile sole inveltion of lhe ableet and mosnt scieotifie surgeon Eurole rver ptroduced and tit secret of prepnrituo it was piurchaed by the naent fr it very lnrge suttt. It is agroenole au, pleasant to ti.e ito-t, actn s as a mild oper icnrt.alway keeps the bowels free, imlparts vigor and ntrengll to tilo systen, and eleerflllnest to the mind, , ind a few botles reoIIves. the lmot contrlmeod cases of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and preveant a return at any Sro. N Yon,17th August, 1838. I5 Mladison.street. in:-n-ll eoaseoeoneq ofleafling a nelentary life, I Itve been troubled, mrne or less, with ,tligestiton for ton years; for the last thrca years tny sufierings have been insppartahlo. I haqve tried averal pthysncius, uandu a unberof qunck :rtdicines, witoiutlderiving any benefit. I dosltoired of ever ubtainititg av permanent relief, and rasiged myoellf to hlia rtot hIopeless deslair I was persuaded by many friands to try Aheronel y'a Iyspepoic Elixir. I htove now fioished til folth bITt ti',and kmoiw laot how to asxpress Inm i .riration of its wonderful virtnes and tie mnotraclo ithlr performted in reotoring tan to that hahtllh wrhichl I: Illghlt Iot fotr over. end me half ot dozen hotlres it r a e. a el. my thanks firtmre bleasitns you have ona erredhy re toring me to pettiact health. I retoion Yours, )COr l MONROE. Floe agent han in hi: porsrs.ion si eve hundred Icso tinonialts sililar to the above, of thte ottnurdinaory vit Itelaof this milicine. Sonl by appointmeut, at* Dr. Jo.hnoq'a. 111) Iliville Otte t. uov. S j'.~ PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. 71HE eabscriberhavbigpun.haeed Ibh lnee and flr A ilitureof thie well knuwn oetabliebimenl, from Air Taylor, the late proprieto, will be ready to rceeive vn oe by the let or April next. Numerous and eostlyitnprovemenes will be fAund in tile orrangtaleuts of Ite alioleai Ilouse New and more eoonldlious bthlinig tresee will ae built, anod warm lattlt will lie provideld at cilin rs. A etalle will be atrnchcd to the house, with goldl nceommoda lioine for htorses and carriages. Fi:st atit ehorses and carriages will alsoi be kept fir hire at moternte Irices, tand tsil nd row boats, wih, persena to malnIge them Sfor Ith use ofrislters. Ililliardl and olthert amuseelet venally foaufll at wntering places, wi nllso be furnlshed, Saed es cornuel an eoont to iltaerfre wit the cb nltlrt nd qoietofthie bortrdare. ThI wines and liquors wiil be of the best quality, eand to ensre a iell siippiy ice, u cargo hc aclready baee nrdered, wahicet will arrier nbuut lire lit at May. 61r Frederick Brnaetrd, who for erly kept o pon ltlnr Shotel at Wasel il.etn city, oill eindhlct ,Ir be Ie for tile proprietor, who, witlh satuca II,coufid.tle asstres thie eiilPIee of lat year,atid lia friens gieies.ll. tIhat they will relAivo every toanible a:tentioun ndI tllhrby l ex cacl to give geniral a ilutislc i irn. js'hn local advantugsels a Ih a o:; n are too well known to need a lensgt.esedl dcriptinl Tir 1facts lat Prnsacolt is the largunt norl slatenl of tle Giovrnmnti tlhe general rendezvea of tae fiif lunad. Sran; tie salubrity u ilte climate retl"ehed eoslaently, du ring the summer montlie by tle cn let retsora e ot n rhe tlf; thie bletnt of the10; y and tile .igluboring icande aid rivere ille boundaice cod l olity of Itr a fah witl winlh the waters nbru td; atl ins pr.oxiity to bIho best Southern nanrkete, iv'ei stlaaalh. Ie re ferener over al etotlher places in thLse latitulde, aus brealthy ealt deliitfil sumit er retreat. F.rst rate boats will ru., helwteen Perneulla ad Mlo a bile, anld tillat all tlnres le al:l to talie tle pasasngers tfrom thi Now Orleaia e onts. N I ARNOLD. rseeecele, erli. 15th1 l,:tl. [137 Gerutleen wibshiag to engage roets for tleoir familice, ice eddress tile prillri r i t a ltetaildo, or r Seweill ' Tal'ylor, the former Iruprietor, at Nav Or. leans. Refrreaces. T Sanflrdl, Esq, MlrC Cullio, R McAlpin, Eaq., Lt. Kiby, in Mobile; S T Taylor, P P Rea, Esq,in Ntt, Orlens0. P S--A letter hag, to reeive comlnunications for pern i at the uboce hotel, is placed at (ee Whitman't office, 51 St Charles Exobunge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NIEW YOlRK, 3Travellers desirolus of takilg the Flerida route, via Peaaeolo t ille Nortlh nre infirned tlnt ret rate* boats will conietally ron free. tabile t Peonsaoenla, levisc Anbluil. and I'ennecolii evry itiher day alter tile Ist of May. Gond stages will alavs lie provided uy the snbserluberto he in rpadiiss to tauke passengers fro Molbile, iu esas ote f tbilure arf tile bsl N 1I AilNOt,D. Tlhe siteut boat Chamnpioin loaves lMoblile or Penna cora twie n week fth 1l Iv NtIII:l. & Ci,, N;. 311 Ur;Inrtt-raie t , .iree ceiviti daily from thleir hoiase in, as elegrat anti enlatpete assortent of eltaillrtllnlllia and fabthlutable elothing. Theliy invite lir ofen luo ofl tlhe public, tie atiey nre warrnnt.ld in sayin uita etrangers and citizens cannot furnishl Ihli. p clves uore advantseousrlv in any city in the N. II. A few d-,zen eleant ivory handle eiin brelln, frntll 32 t 3 llnhles. Asle, a large itI twhir pine packialg blxos, v ari,. sizees, very taw r\ ''lpi L ,A I1t1-,tL kibi.,u', -tlilantu,;I. fi,s re Smovaig ellperllulot hauir frol tltre fri, Ierck aod turse witlh ulsui e llveut and culaitrlalt y, I nga li iskin liner and wliier tllse befort the t ppiitalio.l.ii A IreshI IIsupply jut r,,etid at ihe usaar. 1, I%:Ilaigllp e iHote, '{r St C(rolllhrv & CommolnnIt1lt st jtt S t b t J Ib \\'laItI'IeNEt, 73 i 111t irto _- aiit ] ,,k v ir' . ine , I( l l idp , t r 7 y tAVIti 0t EItTai tt ra. 13 New Yolk F t rt,, r ',: Ital an Cheartres et IA .(Y1T'4 W(R.S--viz: Tl'he Y(IIn. 11111g Ihlousy' Keeper, neld The Ylfiok Mioh.r, Ib, %%m. Aaahl, u.,ihlrt aIy n'ha I lirn 'Yuln u,' 4, 'rat lit d tiltur lfeir I iteml o l f h I lo. t"e dl ,b ,y AI .I"\';. Itl. I. TI t\VAIL ja'1:t .1i Coallp s ' t , - - N,,v iedl;ut i " Itl gallo \ew Bedhrd it siltI oil, ta llty S1 '1 t IerlIr eltit tta l¢ iy d i 1!n1) It). in *Ioll, it , l itofi 1110 tuavso t Ilt, littI,.u ri ·g lia doI. do ',II ':xr s ,,ri tr tal iow caus,,v t atyuaatlguadyodmi. ea'aha g Ibb a peieir, (alilt olt Ir zier's futiuti ; 1 l t ta ea, e7.i ha., prhie ge;.n ItlaKa 5,, lit, • vi r i| l ll l l;loa riCm rd t711 bd Oli---tned tlolte Ihl Clursiozil Viteu he ',fUo..ti.r quylity tack I-cad 'lt, alnlrl ites tm , tI ir -aie by mmt.! ... IuIlAC I/IIIII.{IE_&.Co,131 Mlngnzine .t SiUliAt ol plantation above thie rity, fir snil by I READl L l\I:-' Sf 6 No? Itank PIle.. teit edoand Itr sule ly SIIAILL & tI t%\\N, d10 96 3Inenniiie t IT)EC'PI:I--I-oo ba in sto-tiaed t hl.r sRiale-t Ily j_ .l o J 'IAl'ts E l & t, (r .7. IPot ras stl u ItE;IAtN'I" 1tRtir i' llE'.-il'ilin lit/I, CIIIhatI - J _I teeni-tt., he li ( this l v 1a '',ire ved a "traill titsortment ot ltrge tnitielled ind nl.iic brebtiipits, i et up in the l sty h'. f lt by A i - TRt I" n, efe to ar i-.. olnu zit .:e i t .f.i . tr .. .. of C -abu Ioo, o ar' '.i l EI N in T. fire ighl t llntLi, n (.'w ip'!! Jnnr. + :lit, Ii;,.9. T \llF Pt ~,'k ul ' C Iak he Ing muth redtIt:dtl }m (:thi ipiny Hill firif i Ptitbnr ttCitl, i n all Inarot ni-e, to llmlr cunllicwte. h Ordrro reccivid it tile Ga e Oalce, tlink Aller. ja3i le t oV EtI. cise's. tJ lew OPilhiou. The t uhar ilhes to tikls WUork 1d' gentlemena oftile iiar in.g Cgeerl, aort infoallt d tIht ther IIP -t'dtiotn ftli.t Colde oif Ico'et-ie, it low flii tl atll reldv i llelivarv l t h atty the ofllst inc'ilerl, i ' l'h, (oneto of is nininto.r d w it kill extei It iti ditoerent tollr Rules ropio ctat iel In t, ten uhe Ih ti, ap of anil tip olir. I I it )111 , 1.1". & , 'l the lihers, New Orlenot S ntnloillr Iilalt i2 0ense durllt ich t thy I we r III trio Cte man m iy Si e oyoll, ir i &, a I tIWou wlli aidrt har le tes S rl18 ISAAC tItIItiGE &Co, 131 vIng.hi. rst h B URNcIAI'S DiItI PS.e-This rile iocii '.Vo e1 di.ovested by hu e proprietor and has been sub jeried it his careful obtlsrtltin ir't r mitt. years ain everyio), om-c o pioootier, and all tbh dierts-e,' A of the divercified Anlyi, ri climate; nod itt i lOt gIgiven to tle uliolic willth ie itnito.t contiidne nrod believe that i is e as most clearly st fiorth in he BptlUlepl nila l tio llplrig Ie snuti, thle bisall irel t cie ever hrown wi hibe ai h reach of o.I classes ,f scierty. l il with tile h realt ei prnirie.y livren in all the malodies which ai i tie i holUln r ee frmiota te esotablisuhed fact, that. wher ttka n tie t ltot u sti onleb it Ntis tcllirt till; tot he state of le atS i h sod the nIaturotte f the dieasei, e ither at lr i ratutier diiretii, sudorific, relaetorsiit .r trp. ret amledictne. That it io reniyt what it porpiets it bo, -eds enly at triali to ntls3y the ost inoredlttoui., a- The lct isdaily atniihlt it lhe kuowledlge of ihe i propri'irs of ills beneficial and sviig etlt'els in Scases cl tile graner frver, billius, typhllo, lcr. to voills ad rmTlet favers, itlloel.ot, violent crldr, t dysetnltrry olr flix, ilyspel:pa r itnesle, sally iltei lhtst bhry are not o rly warralted in aintllll t rrecmmendin, it, bal they onr rolied upon p ronl i it sense uldi) whlillch Ihe owe Ito tie hittnn famiily is to say to all, try it, and you will bosr nntlpl trsi etn to all we linave mid on the 8tlllject. S The chilern itself, tilre worsetourge bhich he ofeverviailed our cuhtrty, hos been seurePofula con qteored tibe prprietor in IhirlePn crser with tle Iio lyof this mrrlicte only, wilit.ul lil I ts of eeilgrle pitient. Th mcedictre is pem.ored only by doctorsu BIIRNIIAMi & DAVIS, Si. Ltois r Nii,'uri; rid it I iot ap i phials 'esh ccomlpoanied with plain Irand distinct direction, and contosinlag aboit rilt) 0e dseis, to be had for lseventy livo acrs, which e, mnk ts it illlli tihu elleeapelt medicie ever nfiered nto the public. t The absove tedilthle is gold whairolse and rtliil ,,t by our Aotent, tilnry Iunnao el, l)tuoiot and SApothecnry 'T'letupitiilntr stir., New Orlireons. in 10(C Ialf ltbls fttuilv Fluur, te- tS5 tlftibbls Philntdrphiohbuckwheot metl, it 100 Qnorter do do do b100 Il'ihlth dn dl do t IltItmett extrr siord llavre pot.toes, 533 saltl loueeatserelero, 51i catnister preserovd nsalmon. 1- o boxes I'hiladelphia asneortl poeggyl it- Just received tnd for eie by Or. ti hi PITCtfIlAtt) F4 ,ItS 'I'AGElt'I', Jr., jae3 coir Ptydral & alsgaruc s OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans SLieo of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships lihs been expressly built to run betweeon the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: cocommodations for passengers, and every effort will be nmade to give general satiseaction, The line is composed of thle fo lowing shipe: Cherokeeo, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Soeaman, 240 tie J Howes, Bomlbay, 625 l0l D hUlnphrey. Tho above ships are all now, of tile first hlass, copper fastened and coppered, commanded by men of great experience, hare largo accommodations, with a separate ladescabinl; every attention will be paid to passengers, and the very Loest of stores pro vided for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippl, and the strictest punctualily o' served in the time of sailing, tnd should the regular vessels bi detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A shiar of patron age is solicited, and tie agents pledge themselves to acncommodatetln as inucll as practicable, to receive and forward goods by s id line at the most reoder. ate charges, and to advance all uxposaes on goods shipped, if required. Tire ships vill leave thle lst and 16th of every month. For freight or passogo, apply to the agents. J A MFRIITT, 82 Commorn at. N. B. Ardvanleeornts ima;de oo consigrmi ::ts to Messra. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 A 1IERIICAN BRrANI)Y. Gosh.n hutter, ic. 30 harrels American Brunrdy, 0o kegs Goshen lButter, 2i0 boxes starch, 50 kngs Iltlckwlleat mieal, 25 boxes hlnmprial t a, It do do canis ters dro., 20 half barrels miere shad, Landing from ship Adriorlducl, for sale by fe5 G W PRITC'IIARD &t JO ,' IkTEW MUSIU C-O, Native Music; Tie Convert Bali i a ranting, rovinel Ilade; Never Despair, Ohi duar yon roemembr thie beartilol glade ia thse rUain . i-omanre; 'lie Whirle Hlrac of hte Peppere; 'hllo I elole and t ) Loyvep rhi art near me, sung by misS Shee ri I in the grand liomentic Utaera A mile; Good Nigl 'lre ineeting ant parting; I enre not for spring on ee fiekble wing, by II Russrell; Conlie, come, ti,, art in oen row A lire o, the Oeollr wave, by II lRusserli; She atcllell IOr lilll; r"O me olt fall a er;; r Come to m,+ t Ilornilrg; O'er the waters by ironligr''ht here's no hbnse like Itn own, arriaaed for th" harp ry '1' Laborre. Iloytl ialltzes, by A FIdikare; Qsueern Vicltoria's Cuurt Quadrilles. Jusi received and Ior alte Iv 119 B CAS,'Y, 19 Cnmp at N EIl'si Gii.IS--Bush O Allen have jaisr e.rceivd n srlendid asanrrtiieit of lilln riancyC Goods, itita. lile for I R'SE.TS, crmprising ladies' ritilng desks, dresing casers,work boxes, nusical boxes, portfdlios, needle blikr of pcarl, shell oallll ivory, card cases and sor'renirs inlaild wilh pearl slid r old; tlrkt'l hrnkrl, par een, oleras gle, gold santid eilver pencils. pr.flmery ol all kidIrl, crlerr , rr,c at 'I'lE BAZAAR, d12J _ ar it Charles & Commorn ort., ExRc!hnge TO 'TIll' LADIES. A TKINSON'S I)EPILI.AIOItY, fr rtemvine s." Sperfltous hair from tIhe face, neck and arms, with anul safetry and certainly, leaving ithe skin finer aid w liter than before the applie'tiari. A flesh supply just received at GUION'S, Noi Exchange Ilotel, corne StCnearre and Colemor sire 'Is. o ; "ALL -K 0,INT CLirHi1Ni;. J . P. FIIEEAN & CO., o. n., lugazina street, J are rrrceiineg tll'ir sipprliaes o Fall aid Winter Clothing, and will rlltinu- to receive shipiiiets regu larly Ilrigout th oseas'on. fT'heir iasirtlnenit being iirv'n will enable Idllel to nirply tnrehlltts Irllm te iollntrvy, I the shlortst notilce; fr sale wllolesale &retail onI acconluooating telrs. FAL FASlIIONM. TIll er subscribers take lie've IR illlrnl their Iptrols, 1 a tl i ie ptlblire gPntrlr, Irnt they are s110o pro pared'nto exlibltr ieir eill fiashrioas. I;OSSIP l- (f'O, IFa nionable Ilatters, E:xc;ane elotel, no10 St. -Charles os 1\ IL inthrreite fial in bulk aid in rnrsks delivc r reell r ill l1 it IluTrchslers, orderl.s left al the tl)l n tl, ill ita t r I I street, or toi .-u,3 I .\II.> IES a d lll II.I. s , D. a k Place N EW .S:OOKS--Ih: oI tie l o. lI"by the slithore.f I trlier'1" iri. hill r vohlune, ,onpll tete, '1'he lllauy I buigiihlerl ii o g ,li It Ihirof r elwoi d, iri llll! 'i: or the Recolleeltitlons ifi l mal of Ihe Rll'eirtron'a I' ar , .ray,2 l.s, Niilllrrounil tlelloils , or eveninige r itil Price Camn E:lh'n Ghuaiville, 2 velt, \lexalnder'.. Dieivery in Alliiet. 2 eols, 'e Cilnire of the Cza r, Il ellsri ofa 'il'rirl a, I)ur a nd r Inrlinrati, by Ilis. I.oadon, 8 oles, Iratrle reeivucli and for aehr by __jal AIEX 'ITOWAI, 49 ' lsmps .r LOTII ItNG-13 Irmens seasronnle Clothing, laudi.r_ - irom ship Nonanturnl, for sile by fIel IAA IS IlA rlll Gl & (Co, 131 Macazine tr V INEOAIb-.0 bile irpresented nr very fine fir sale by 1 1AIt AWt, NK-Just reeeivd ;oldl Ink, fir :,rtints, schools ant privare .ise. Ladies will find it tir ornamenta painting, viEishrni crds, e..o to rie pariori ano Ink sever Ilridueetl toI the piulic. BIUniS Sc AIt LAN. jl Fancy tolr', Exehnge llitrel NG(I.ISII VII' I.:AD)--0 keas 6 bs elsach 2a0.1 do. 28lhn; 150 do II lb" just tc rIed, and g1 UI'l d ll P ...E I-Jut riercttl t I dan. CJ) 1ititas' Potent LeverC'aaviitt I'tes, far sale Iy DAVII I"FEIT &r t'o, ft NY Slat ionerr Iall, I Chartres at Sl WAE at N e lor . ra , y- avtr t article of Tin tand sle., warrmnaulfilcured at the short e-t notice, and t a superior style by fel3 i LOUKE & Co,8 Frnt at N Il-Un hand at all limes a InrgC nasortlent of Tin aad copper wtllla. Country Ilerlllant are particular Iv invittd to call S'('i) Pt.ANTEI1S-l-T' e stbsertbers nPoffr fer sale, lt Mllicl's tCorn l;ills,a.taerackerr. corn shellers, !lrni llll de cIl es daroieri tols; glaio, gaa.d garden pe.l,; a g; lad rilnanlllal trees and plants. :niatlnloglea coltail Itg ntallle, Ili,.t lltlaa dea.'ri lion of e:lch rli'let for sata Sfarnished by lthe d rulscaliiri or hy Shaill 1. Blruw. w ta ale appointed agattl a.r lhi+ ent hliahanent. IttIlEIll' IN(CLAIIr Jr &Ca.. fe9 Seedsnco and Almanllihclrern, Bnltimore t.L--I75 boxes .l1. I land eolr sl, b:und. Ja. Gould. Jackson . Irowbr dge, Gemge Ilobbins and J II 1rt tan or sale by jalG lSAAIC IJlillGE & An, 131t Maazina at Iý XCIIA.1I " otn Now ork. litr sale by 2 AN)iOr.eWS & Irilo'S, fI 1 50 Camp street Utt. R-25 ll tltds nagar tn plantatint .or sale Itt l I ItEIIaOGji.NE BIRlOWN & Co, fell lContiat A NI.\V I)iCtimry of the English aI.naguage by t Charles Ii ehnrdson,eomplute i!n vols. Aleo,, No. ,ot1 \i.lalnas Nickleba,jat recerived, nnld ferule I by Wit I'KEAN, fell coar Cmp and Common streetes i30t 1 ) E M IYll h'l l' . .l.. and , f .r .a le by f SIIALI. & IIROVN, jal8 96 MaEnazine at 3 C~BS PIS olngee silk Handkerchief,, of handilltue Spatterus, for sale by GI )SIt' & Co, jai St.t Chades st Irehange IfIte AIIIkENlEI'T."'S Thermometers,a very beautifil F na ,clenew at e,ju-t rece'vaed ITom Eaurapea, and far sale by )AVII) FEL'T & Co, tel3 N Y Statilaers Itall, 24 Chartrer st -'-Lot I il.-li t barrels i atore. anl fur al by 1 jal AIIIAIIAM 'IT|EtL, 34 Poydra st ('OAL--.7 i tons otfthe beat English coal, well suited J for steam boatl e, onboardal atnull Abaolla, from New "aste, Ior sile by IHILMLle A MtILLS, ja.!f Bank Plaen SAL.MON-l-k t r Iartela, S5 eiahthats ttad UII begs salmon, laandtong fromn chip Charlestnt, for aale by fe9 8 & J P lHIIT NEY, 73 Camltp at UT -I-IRI LAk- U taes, 28 to 3ai in. Manta • SGingham umbrellas Ifr sale by feG ISAAt: BRIIDGI & Co, 134 Magazine at ACON SIDE --50 btda Cincina ti, Atred in stor L` and furanle bv S'I'ETSuN & AVERY, j29 88 Gravier sn r -1OCO '-'Fr IoE-s & ARS_-T nha subnacrib.r tave just reivredl a large assortment of Gltl I Tumblers, Iecannters, Sugar Howls and silver panch d Ladles and toddy pootas, whirch laey offer fir sale lta ja- B BROWER & Co, 17 Campn s SATIN Letter Paper-Gil ealged, a vary splendid arlicle,a o every -ata, quality and alizn. Also black edged letter nad billet tnlmr, for sale by DAVID FELT * Co, fal2 N Y Stattnern Hall, 21 Chartre st m \LIE PI')LI.SII al{I'tIAN, or Vieissitudes-A atea I by the authllor of the Swiss tleiress, just received and forr sal by A. I( WAR, jatn 30 49 Cap ast .EWA YOtK lSatoner's iall, 24 .hartrea street 1 by DAVID FELT & CO. Every artircle in stnlionarv readv made, or to order piatl lp, at nltnt Itaier. Whtolsls or relail, cas ll or a approvtd errclit. re A EFAUTIFU. bhend ofhair is the grande.t orno, ment helontine to the human tname. How arraneo ly thl loss ol it chnrnes the con'ennince,and proms tnrelv brines on the apprarance of old age, which e u os moonn to reooil nt being uncovered, and Rnlrthlres even to hnie ioiiety to avoid tih tests and neers of their ncqunit.tanre: the remnainlter of their lives re cann coquontly slpot in retirement. To shllort. not evon the loos if property lill tfe ounerouto th;ikinh vitll with that nevv sinkig glonom as diond tte loss of rio hair. Tn av-ert all these npleor ant irritlmtnnmoroo., tllrdee' Rlh nof lColtmlia stops the hnir fron;t ftllin off nl thll first opplicetion, oad o few hottles restores it agnin. It likewiseo prolres eoerowo r anil w'iskern; prevents tih hair fronm turnin grnv makes it curl hotifutllt, innd frees it frotn sentr. Numeroi. erntifioten of the first respeetahlitv in rsapport of the virtues of Oldsidger Balm are oliown hV theproprietors. 73 Read tihe following: Robert Whnrton. Enq. lat Mayvor of Phil:.allpli has 'ertifine or nlav b" .een below, to the high c!lar ter of tohe followiln entlenmen. 'Ine ondier.ined do iherely eeotofv tlhat wrenve uoed the iftoh of Coltmin n lidicovered lbyv J. Oldridee. atd have f Lund it Itighlv servieable noo nl aos a preventire a.ninst tie folling ol'of hair, but also acertoin rotero WI.LLTAMI THATCIIER, Senior, Methodist lMinister in St feorge e'lnrte, No 1, North Fifilth t. JOHN P INGL1S,321 Alch street. JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 1063 Racest JOHN S FU'REY',I01 Spruce street. IIUGH McCURl)Y.2d3Southb2d at. JOHN GARD,Jr, I23 Arch street. It is known that three of thi ablove siEnerS are f or0: than 50 years of age, and the others not lesn then 30. [Fromt the Mavorn. Commonwealh . of Peinvlnni, City of Pliladelphlina. I, Robert Wharton. Mayor of said city of Phlilna. plnia,do herehy certify tlnt I an well neqninted with pleare J P Inglis, John S Farer, and Ihnt h M -Curdv, whose namenn are sined to the nhove certifiete,t thtey are gentlemen of clnratnr and respectanhilitv, and ns such full oredit should lie give to thie said certificnate. In witnert wh'reofl have hereunto set my hlnoi and caused the nenl ofthe cify to be: ffixed, thin 6th day of December. &e. . S. ROBIERT' WIIAITON, Mnvor. OBSEiVE hlot each bottle ofth Genuine fn nin Ilnmt n splendid enrved wrapper, on which is represented the Fell ,Iafiocran, ac, Sold' .holesale and retail hv the sole n.ente fr Anm riea. o2 Fletcher street, near Maiden Lane, one ,oeo bet . Pearl strt,and by most druggistanod perfltsure t' ough he country. JAIRVIS & ANDRII:WS, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chariras street, ne now receiving and opening the most vplendid, sni-I etantial and faohinonal i stock of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this manrkhe, consistine it, part of the folinwing arrieles: hlun, hlm llack, jet hlnck, lnndon hrown, cilron, olive, london nmokt and goIlden olive froek and dress cats: henaver, stable and harrinton frock coabr elegdnily lrnis:t. I ed: fancy and plnin black cnssimere and lehth pantaloonsn enalish and french fancy andl l:,i silk and satin vests: real new market comforts: I english and french fancy and p:lnn scarfs and hdk f; chnnlis, silke-weh and eotnm-lnstic ans penderns: re lnoin, merin. Imbll's wool, we'sh Hnio nel, silk and cotton net sherts and drnawers; fine linin and cotlon shirts, with linin hosonr, plain and rufled; ivonr pearl and piini handle silk 1ti. brellas: " Grnat's" premium Glhvwe--nln, a hanoriful article of white kid, fobr weddinc, hbal Ar.; Spritllefield silk anl randnna hdkfs; plin I fi orod and embhroidered Cansibrc do.; silks, ltan Os wools, nMrino, germanltown, asld brown and wolite ' cottn hinll hose; all of which they lffer low fori cnsh,or to po'lun customers nn usual. Nov. I I AGINER'S LIQUI) ODENTI A.---l s V Ieen lang ntsed. b.iiI here and in the n-othI with uniformn sl cess. lfor cleansinn nod whiltening the tenth, and preventing the lotolbache; prese\ ing.g taie gnmsn pritint ll, bratl1,n and r.lolvng mostl 1disneer. to which the monuh is lnahle in either the ril iir infant --ne tOea ipo)nlllt, mixed in a wine clnsnful of pore water. and i npthelld to thr i i Ith in usual iotnne, with a lhrlnl, will efelinially pre vent scnrvy, and ward off that excrutiating pain, thIl tooth ache. Prepared only lhv T. F. W2anger, Sureron Den. liest It Jinifereon Collrue, and sold whlsnle l and renail by CARLETON & Co. 31 Canal ls'. (IU nle agents Ior W\aner's ()dentican S ADDLERY WARE.-- Then ubserntlc r, lmnon. facturers and,whotlesule dealers in a.ddlern goode, are non w receivine by iant nrrivals from the north, in additii, i to their former lrock, an exten sive assnrtment of arnicles in their line, among which are hlle ifollowing, viz: Ladies and omisses plain and quilldl saddlese, t entleuein's do Spanish do do do Mexican do do do Creole do C do do Amer. do do do English do Youth's do Spamnish di t do do Creole do Anter.and Eng. brdles andi bIidle otluntling., do mot rtinul Plated, brats, and jnaanned reanch hoomes, do do do og t onI, sulkel do do do do Badrouhe do Drni, cnrt and wnann do Saddle bhus, dnou!e andslnle; entices; oetdient satlile ban,l 1111ls 19 ls nrpel bags; best Iron frame leather fol lo trllunks, llblrass il Ied; leatheill r boll t tL do, nssorted sizes and varnios slyles; holsers and pistol belti; coach, gin, eilkeyb , Iwig lal d pilllert crop whips: iwonot, worst, iotion and leather girlhs nnd oursinliles; stirni lealthers: btatdsk straps nnt worste reio wath; ci hain and I n,,k homes; blind hlld!es and lines; Srothh collars, and hbre noand mnile cllar.' el ato l quhllt s: o n.l rcc,,,beuck,hear. sheep and buflfalookins; pha'ed Sbras and ti eel bridle b!ts of everry dIlcritptinn pIlnted, branss and lerl spurs ol every deo'; plnared, brass nnd steel stirrups of every desciip tiart Tue'tdlger with a compnllte assortment of every a.rticrioe in oheirlineof busitness-all of which they uoffer for sale on nccomodtosn ilernne. " They will also Cnltinll to r cnive tlhrough the ver, by ptckets fronl New York, Irtsh eo pplira to Lteep their stuck naipll., nd so.I lr, lee. KOCES, DAVIDSON & on. 1 . 15 Cnanl st. IESII G ARDIEN SEaIll.-'l'he sen'scriber b'egs to enxpress his griteful thanks to the plbt I e, for the liberal support he hnsneceived since he commenced business in this city. tsing sile pro prietorof the seed slnrer 17 Commoni t street, - h i not and never was a~'ngt inr aonv norlhen snL'd vender; neither is be cornn'ered with any house in thits country-hut he so.reooa thel ptlic that his connPctionsin evory dep.trltmnt 'of he cerd bllsin ness, i the diflrent coolrlren of Europe ar equal to that of anl' hiuse in Ihi Untied lnates. IHe im. tI)rS -,edi, planlt, &c. frltlo the most eiteliotve and resperblhle nlsllstnr and iseeJslnen in France, HIolland, Elelnnd, Sien:land, and the no iher i states--and it will at lli limes he his inrcrs,, as it is his stluov, ht reteivo, in addition t,, hbe Ireoent sthck. Ilrge artivnls of every dtacription, rllr the growth ot I 1138; nlso, en.r:oftedl fruit tirets, aif ll kinds. The public mnay rely on finding a loll n s sortlneot of every nrtycle in tile sed bIorofn genu t itquality, and inmported direct by Un I n \i'. IN., EDUCA'I'IUN-FRENCH and ENGLISHIl. Mr Jamts, recenity arivld in this city, begs leave to inform tl: citizens of New Otleans that be will open an academy on Monday, 14, January, at No. 19 Toulouse street, for tire instruction of youth of both sexes, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Meo.bher, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will tale charge ol the department of the young lamlies. Mr. James will give his wholle attentiotn to the variouesbranches oedlucatiotn, and fl ttters hitmsell that Ihe will give entire s tistoction to those who may honor hiim with theirconllidence. tnov NOTICE.-The co.partnership formed on the 28th July lest, between John Y. BItylies, Joseph A. Beard and Charles B. Bloren, ti be conducted un. derthestle s end title of Ilylias, Beard & BI n-i, is hbrrby dissolved : and ihis dsssolution isd it take effect as from the Ist of ID)eember inst. The undersigned will promptly dlscharge all the obligations ol the late tirm, a id in future continue ill tleiown names, sand tor thtir own account, the same business, as Factors and Genesal Cots mission merchants, under the style and title of Beard & Bioren, and solicit a share of the patron age of their Iriends and the public. JOSEPH A. BEARD, nov I CHARLES B. BlolREN. FUNDS-Mieissippi Funds taken at 7, Front Le. " aes , tar lrttert!.r. LAINT'Sa.ttLA,.LAcS, ISIUSiJ1IO, Slandingtrotn shipC.llntitutiond and for ule-vz 10.000 feet otglase, boat qntlitr, from 8XIOf t 23X211I 30(10 kegs white lead, pore; 3.50 do green point, in 23 libr. kege; 9,i dna jIapncd tina Ibrsigons;lilllO ll: lithrage 26 trz splendlid 00000 ground Iroiehlt, also io'OiU ldO 000 do; 2 come croeme green in powder; superior article dodoo an calls; It large assortment of sash tools of every sizae sid qlenlii lablelpenei.ntbr artisn: lbtt arking. broliea for nme.clnts; artist's colors in oil reads pre. pared,.n hoxee, fitted :p With all necesac.ry bruhiet; acrtist's taolp, ,e. Flake and tIinnity white; 60 packs gold leaf; white nd yellow wax;gtei arablc; and a large reel choice as sort ioeotof paints, drv colol oil, turentine varlns "., fur sale,whulesale and rtail,ti alte lowestprce, by AIUNDELLI, a22 i 5Camp St. KlUak'LUI LO. NVEW EDITIONV OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI si,.. I T hars been fr eomt time made known to the pubilh that tile rsbseribnra are engared in preparing for t'ie ptres ai new edition of ltie Laouisaln Cii l Code. TIhey wet rl. Ir the tirst, nwnar of the great dilliculty and reelsmuisiiiiv att-nding the pnubliction c t the work, and it was not without great lhesitation tht at tec ont I sentodct tthe undertaking. But the preoent elition. amnountini to bout threeo thousand copies, land which had cost tile State more than thlirty thousa:ld dollers, was entirely out of print. For moree taon two veers pasR, ltbe usual p ice of the work has been from thirty to fity dollarars. It is a syvatle of written rules wnieh ie immediancel operates upon every individual of the state, intreratel either in agiclhtur; e or comluerce .and w hich toverns tle dilposnition of ano itttto pre.perty ennimn to, ti frolt other states, tant-outl ie alllloe4. a V otber treatise pn lat--it is as irluch the ioxt-brk nir maunoal of lthe merchant ndl rte tilanter, a. it is of the private gentle man and the prurfr.ioitnl alvoe it. T'ie lawyers of the odjlolini stares, and in falt of ln ihos stltes upon the Oltio and ilis-isippl ripioiver wltih find a mttet lr their produce in louirianat~ i ve a lnr. qIlnt Ilree.sit of rmfcirtrent, ttnde codn, d make it nat inditpensable reqliisite to tieir libranries; td in tle rite of New Orleroi the book in as sure to L.t found in the merchant's counticng room, as upoRn lie ilesk of thle judre, or tile table of th attorneyr. It is nat atrprisiug Itherefire that the first edition nfihe work was so quick ly disposed of; and although a mere reprirt of it wnulll in aome mensore supply tile public ncessity, yet it would be ilrprr'eot, and uanstisfortnry uolea. annotated with referetlces to the Reporrts and Stantute., in orrder to em-rneeo tie numerous amtendaeita d which fbavr teen made by the Lt.iislatore, and the important decisiona antl eonstrictions wilec have been given upon mtany o its articles brv tille pree prn rt. The publiheri hlive sectrsed, r tlhe eneral sruper intendeal ce and editorial department of the work, the professional services of V lleelock S & Upton, Esq. a tiemlmerof the New Orleans liar. Tl e irn . Jut it Ilullard, Judt o Biermades, and lHon (leorrge Estiari, itare each kindly assistedl Mlr Utlton with the' valatble otes whaich thle have collected i taie eollrSe oh thleir rlndiei avl practice;rend to e1r N i.lenni.,tlte ern.t er of 1r LUprton, who is also eangaged in the work, Gee Strawbridlge, Esq. lhai presented the a reat eita.s of ref.a ap.s otncarined i n his ofiCee copyIof the eiode, and which nave been madet t by hits durilg tile whole period at his dia:ianuislied Irifaeosioeal labors. T'll publisih ra a thIerflre well trust thlat tile annoeltiona of tile work will be all halt ihanstrv and labour, assisted by ;earning and exy ericiree, crll perforl.l In puttig forth this pr reilretns .irl solicritig eenr aol oplseuoribers to thte work,, ttttlrliiien take eride ill alhe fnt that tte Legislature of Ih,otiiantion t authlr ized the Governor to order one tlloantd copies of it for the ofture oie of the State. 'e rrndinteas with which tis anmber was tker Iry tile Assemblr, evinced their rqt eanse of tbe vaueti of tbr whrkeand they tere i v extend Stt ea cidencea in til ability of thie pullirbe.o anid diltorn which i not is ri l is n rt rwholly itledaerved. ilhe work will It inttedi in Frndli and IEnglrih, pon good paper and o ith clear tmpe; nor will aat e ox perke ortire oe spired ic llake ite wlole mecadticall xecutin of it enrrepnpo d with itu renr t itmportanea. It will probably he reead for delivery in tie nnlrth to Se ptritteer next; and tiit ,leire will It, to oithseihenr, iftem n oll are-fiv dollar t bae paid at lie time of sub scrillbing. The subscriotiop lists once closed, tie store price it he twety dollaers per ctnro. oIp Ii E JII'INS & Co. Prublierre.L ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, Fell FEVER nAn ,AGUE. TrEN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regrlorly l subilteo i to the puible; but it i lha attained the ihighest reputation; and has arip. planted eveery oier mledicine for the Ague, wteriv. . or it ihas been known and appreciated. Already as it beoon carried in every direction theroitughout tleo nited States, and still realizes more tthan could have been anticipltld by its most sanguine frietds. I Tihoaiandd of persons lave not only been relieved, but restored t, healbth and vigor lthroug its agren. cy; andi they now cheerfully testily, at every op portinity, to its de'ided anid siupremeo effiaay. I: is composed of esuch meicinal priniiprrlosa areoj canlclated to renew the healthy action of the stom noll, liver, and other imiortant digestive organs, the loaw of wlich harmony is the immediatae causee of the disease. It is apparent also, tnhat it produ. es arna oetire change in tihe condition of tile nvytelm, and eraeinly destroys the native liability to relap. seos of the nifection. Whlen tlhe Agri is attended with any other coairpin lt, the employnment of the 'anic lixtureo will not inltcrl'ere with the treat. ment of tihe other dieease, but wi. even afford as. rtst:ince by lurniashing strengthl and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. 'rltoso who miake use of this medicine nay hbe nassured that there in no Arsenic, fBark, Mercury, or any other article in its composition uinfriendly to thie hrmann oostilution; being entirely a egeltabl exctrarl; andi thley may hay e additional aonfidnc in tiheI sic tlterenf, when they perceive that it hlas the ef ibeleof a gento laxative iabot trhe time hallf a ot. ie fall lhas bean taken--ri eornaquiono of hlielh, Itere is on pert of the nmdicinea left to linier in the bronwel to canus obnsruclions, andi othli evils, arising from the tnee of manyi of the reilltdire nowi offired for tln eure of this afflction. It Ila been sed also as a prevUentivet, by inatiy who were sub le to a periodical recurrence iof trihe Clhillr, an it i thas nrv:rtiibly wardetld ir tle apprelhetded nattte. Obserre! The Propritiar, lilly satisllil t itihe iprilhIntileld ntid IIutriveraa rccot- lriclhthas otn. I 'Ltlltly attended it Illnctual aod regular r s o rnt'teir Toie Mrexture, in all enses of b':wer and Algue, reeli wrraantedl iien g rgitg to refuand ithe price tI alt thise who hav takono tihle medicine in strict to. cordianeo with the prescribed directions, wilthout tatnil;r beent perfectly and lastingly cureed. The srbscrliern tire the wihotlesia ngeotll for (ile Sotl \VWesltern Stales, aild have now on hand six tr eases of thlis tiedlicie, whichl is warranted flethl anlld gemine. For sale at thie Irltnonllltcrr d prieio JA I{VInq & .ANI[..I.V', \Vehrnh.,tlre Dera.gitu ec' rncfr o'rtmit Oiur Talrtitoult.t .ice:;. ORDERS RIIECEIVED FOR V JOES' P1 TE'NT CGOT'i'O.V (T'G ; V I.llthe Iortolllee, No. 5. Maglazone street, New Orleans si l'O E 31ANI 'ACTURlII IN NEI\V YORK BY e ROliERT 11O0 & CO. Io SC.TLf OF PRICES-Double Clls.I. For a doo,ble Gin of 8t0 eos or mote oil each eyflioder, maIllking 160 , il the stand,] I with l..edhhr ;, Ialltuds, &e. at $6 lieusaw, or $3f'0 tlal r FPL· a Ioullble lain ul' el sa vs ,n ae lind 1010, m o 110 saws in tlhe sl lll, Iclders, & $c. a $6 ,er saw, or 7'00 00 0 e or oFl. of 40o sawson do. or S snws inl a stado , at $1 -2l5 per saw, or 5600 0( For do. of "o0 saws onL do or 40 saws in a stand, t~o6.50 tper saw, or 260O0 1 is SINGLE GINS. i+ For a single gin of O suas or more, with i oloe se fof i:eders, Inslds, &e. at $6 per o . s~rs, ',iso oo e For o'. of 60 saw's, with leeders, &r at $6 F . o 4t saws, with feedlers, &. $6 9 00 s Fordo. ol"il saws, with fe eders, &e. at $7 50 per 1 aw, 150 00 1i 4Ioxtfrateeth whelredesirel, for feeders, slpplile ao 40 cents cashl; tile number of teeth behing aholt equal ( o the noolber of saws. One set of f'eelers, it is can Ssi idered owever, will wear out tI.w or three sets of sou r Exllt saws supplidcl at 80 celtos each. The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of I laoters il ay of tile sea urlt towns of tile cottonl plan -I tin States, a the anlose porices, the ogeoos 0Io)o g the rei lifeh1 of thle same lrosm New York, oood beromil.o Ir If sp.sible fl r the amoont of the G(;i. A Itin wrlighl , willbe sent with lihe Gins to p;ut them fl p where de ot sired; the lchafses for whose sersices will be extra, but ,t malerate. 7 S Iron running gearcan alsohe ordered where desired, 1 It on reasonoble te:rms, but will be chrg-ed extra. HorsIt l poxwe., oflany description, can be turllished on like terms. Small steam engines can alfs be or.derell if de sired. it i sdesiahibe, when planters .,ie orders for Gins, II thke shounl acompny tllhem wit their lie'sin regard 0o to tleoarrangeomcntol saws, breasts, brushes, &e. It is ti ulnd they sdiFl el, opinion. Some desire sewa ol - larger dinmeter thafy others. Thie most common size Sis 9 or l10 inhes; -t . some wish them 12 inches. Some I wish 5 or 6 Iownst o brushes on an axle, while othelrs do "' not want more thLn .at most. Somoe wish saws with 3 s orl teeth to the inch, while others want 0 o or II. t' W f uch discrepancy, we prelfer they should, at the time of gioing ordlers, urnish a statement of thitl ie wishes, and llle lanuloctnr rs can lillli them in evers oe fparticular. Where it is leftl to ou'r discretion, we shilt it, m bake them on the most mxlern and approved plan. - An ordllr canl he exceuted, from the time it is received, Sto0 the space ofcightl or nine weeks,and tile Gin in that n | time placedinr the hands of' tahefetor. To be in tnme for tlhe next crop, all orders ought to fe in the hasls of 'hoso maulactu.araely the first or middle of lsay; except :olr pFsntations where they arelate in commencing to Spick or gin cotton. . N.I. The 1atent Right, for any one of the eetton g +'ng States, willbo sold on reasoable terms. r s3.-ino N CTIUNED l BY lcE FAULTi OF AMli CIIOR n'S Compound Extrnact ofCopniba and Sarsan Intrilla -A certain, sate, and tmot efei'ctual reme dy ever discovered for the eore of Gjonorrhen, Gleets, Striietures, Whites, Pains inl the back and tins, semlntl weakliess, n.lietiotns kidlier, gravel, scorbutic eruptions, fee. In the introdection of a medicine pomsessing thle usefu and active virtue of the one now oltered to the public, le prolpr.ieolr has but to refer to the numerous recom mentlations received li'ln tihe most eminent of tie rme lcal f:Icully in Europe, believing that it will be duly a!ppreciated whent i.s nlmits are unr e fully known. The Illisn of ;Coliban, snorxtensivel nsced, has lost much o" its credit fromt the dislike l hirlt patients orlmerly exptress i rregaldinilg its dis:igreb'e tastei, disturbance produced in tie bowels atn stolmach, lend its heretofhre inellticiencv lwhen useed in the intlanmundory stage. 'I he 1l'oprietor ha:s Imade :It ai al) sis of tie [Iuladn, conceiv ttg that tthe more acltivequalities would thereby ie nmchtt morte cunr'entratd and moe usefully tdministered than in the present state. 'Thle abue ell cine combines in-t .ictdieets Hlieh c lelr ill tile highest re :iccte eamo? tile most scientille and learned in thle lprtllss.iou. E-ell drug in tihe composition oi this preparation inereaties tle r, iticac of the other, producing oti oplitll Itiruly ntlo SnishicEg, andl u'rpussing the most sanc uim -xc.ecl.ccticcs t ipossessingltti. sait ce ti t se te the nlitu e OI its being I ami nllistrt-nci with purcl'et sueet t·s c ilthe illi.ent scti es of [the above diseaet. Ti'he most erlnent ihysiciansl cd i 111-genuls of thie preselnt day express th 11i ecided Sp pro .tion in tf'tur oft arscpariltl, whilt its use in ithe principal hospitals at nd pablie medice l iustituctio s i ias hie n, and still vetr extlecsige. It was n fit-. rlte remedylv with thle celebrated lDr Abernathy in all vene'rvia lt.tli onlls, and ill olbstinat.echultt l uns el'rtl ionsl, arising trom ad lisorderell fstate of|'tlhedigestitellnt lions.l titllvinl been submitted to( tile test i and experienct of the most eclebrated nmogll clte cIcutlly, the hitaveex 'res't their satishaction of its ext lntordincry ilfcaev u eveil. ese under theilr cthge, by:delctiing it lboth in their public, cnd pria:tr practice. lTheir' olb rvatiotc wtill Ir inher ed hereaellrc . Prcl:treel by J B 'Thorn, Chemist I.ondlo. Price $ GU$ llie pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A II Salmon, Esq, F R S, Surgeon to the St Thomas Hlospitl, and Lee urer on Anatomy. The trial which I have made of your lprepaLotion in a I variety ofcases, bothl tmle nnd female, in its results ihve t proved so highly taernhtble, that I do not hesitate in Ipronouncing it one of thie most vnaluable anl elieitoious remedies eter ofleredic to he public, andt one in which, Irom experience, I can place every reliance, whilst it ldoes notproduce the samesacr unpleasant effcctssualty ex perienclled fnm copniba. From G II Ilaneurd, 31 I C S, Ph) sciuan to the St Alhrvilebonle DIislensarv. I take great ple:asure itl adding my testimony to the vacmablet propeties otfyour prepairatuon, wishing you the success you so fiully deserve, in an :sniple reward tr tile iabornlad expense incurretd ill btin.g it to such coiit. r plet perfectlon. IFrom \V ti Cooper, F I S, Surgeon to ruty's Ilns The uniformlll seceess which has a'tended the radminis it 'iitt yourI medeciie a oncc tmy latients afitlicted wilhi itile alonc diseases, las futlly satisfied tie that it ilas nily Sto be known to be truly iap;pecited. :May the snecess you so well desot ve, aImply and speedily repay you for yonr %alua~le prepaition, From Sir A Cuooper, F It S P RC S, .re. nc. Ilaving been ilnduced to try your E'xtc'net int seveual cases r violent ic lln .arrho, which hain hitherto Icllced 1 every lrescripltit ladministered by me, Itaving found sure and speedy cures enfieted by it, in a few days I feel myself in dutyl bound to state that I now ill my in'a t ice both public land private recollmmendt and use non other. From G VW Blair, 1 I), Physinn to Gty's lie picd. The strict test which I lhve given your medicine an lng nmy pIatients, andit its iuvariible scc-lles thus tfri, will i cndtctie oe to iel"severe in its uise, aml I deem it but alc act of ajstire all of diluty to add Ici) feeble testi monial in colendaltion of itstvirtucs. From L C Thompson1, At ) F It S L. Ireturna you my sincere thanks fr t e valuable pre sent of your Extrc lact tu fth t.e e of icnnorrlhe: , ke. I inlo use which will prove a desiderit'ulll long sought ibr il the medico: wo lt--a sure, speedy and el'ectual cure in cases fi 'the above class. It ati'ortli me gr'eat lICeasure in iatblislting to thel w or-ld the valuable qualitieaof your t Were it neeessar, thie opeprcitor could here furnish anly more testimonials e(qually as commendatorv as tile abolv; but trusts that its great suceessehitherto the care & expense at w.hich it hias been p eu'earle, wi!l prove its greatest recommendation among a ditscerning public. One recontmendation this prepar:otioin enjoys allore all others is its neat, portab e torn--put up in pots-ith mI nde in which it imay be taken, beinlg Ith easy tn1 Splct'ant-its t1tatech nitnlre, witl no restrictionin idiet or confinement i'rDm bsintess. Travellers espeeiallh - would find this medicine highly usettll, and ocught neve :to be unprovicled with a preparation possessing the all v t:lnages whicll the present one combinie t. Accompanying the d Medicine is a pamphlet expc.tIn terV of the dilicrent stages of the disease, without any extri elchae, contaiing full andc ample direetions. For salte by : SICKLES & CO. tl 143Saw3m 40 Canal street. THROUGH IN FIVE AND A H.AL1 DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (OGeo LEAVES Mobile every other a1s, immnisiately afte the arrival of the mail from New Orlreas, per the stemlbost EMtELINE, to Blakely, cosches to IPeonaolp steamboats (per Pensacola ato, St ttot sound and Choc. tahachie Rio er and Itsy) to Cedlr dlu, coaches thence via slrian.a, Chattuooehee, (tiformerly Mount Vesi c non,) laihbrdlge, Pioslerto; Ilsawkitsville anl Ilois. ville, to Autlsin. A passengeertatkinIghis seat at Me . bile is in no ldanger of heig thrown out or losing hhi ipre.tence by other conflietiag interests, as the FLORI. F I1)A LINE is bt ont econcern, and oilder one coi tro i throghout, ani nmay rely WITrH roaTrNTT upon Ih t srrliv:dat Auogsti in time specified, through all weath er and at :ay sensost, unless some most unforeseen cntan. tophe should occur. ThIe (Great New ()Orleans Mai is carried ly this route. The Agents itor neconiTodo tion ,leams, C(onel solund l)rivers nee not surpassed the soitlhern inneilt-v. The snmooth, hasd, natural retlt, the sife and inter o.ting I te1r naiviagtion, rite time uand ccomol i t ion, . llb ' the trea le. s peed, eelrtint,', ron fort, al:lld a pleas ing v r]ety; connected is it were u ilh the Rail Road CiUhfleston, S. . . and the steam pfckets to New Yoerk, travel.irs -t ren sll New Yok firolt New (iOrleaIns i.s-is rirAN It iArs-tVashltugton city ie 12 . firom Cihattiabothee, Florida, we hse ae In tlr ilner vi Quitinvy :ul Ti:l:lissee, to St f Marks, 4 htor post conches, also two Hranches firom i Ilakinstills one tI Mflilledgeille, andi one to \lahe, light two hll s oneh.. S: CKIt S 't) :S & I o., thil Jan. 159F5. Ilfilent Mansmion Itlose Mobile sl)istauei., New ()rlcts to 3lh'.ilh, 150 mile :lhile to Augusta, ,50 1, I . l isI u ^t to ClhulsleC oll, 1I l. " Charlentoi to New nh k, Oi0- 11 i Time, Now Orlean to lo!bilc, S hours .Mobile to Augusta, 3.1 *n Augnsta to Chalesten, 12 "I , Chatleston to New York, FfI- 158 Iaking 16t miles per day. ort 7 miles per hour, inclu si ve it ;allstOlplpageo. nov I s. It. I hiso I e to inform the publiethat thl lbridges over the Ch'taholnoltheswmui1 a.d Hlard Loabhu creek iv* hll-enl completed t v the general govern. mneat, (th". uly obst:clesI operatiig againstlthis safe ani' speedyc routtae eth.s Ihppily r.loend; anld I have th, ipleaslure olf .lanTg rom travellers tihus the cone.-ls,hor. Ss,, driverls tlld :llos are o the fiLtt ordelr; and as tu tihet water Irolute lonm .lcnstcole, to Cl dar Ilufl; it is admit. telld y all ho have pasted I.throulgh it to be unIsuOrplsses. in.lnelties beauty hnd salrty. The bridges tlurougl. Georgia hauve also been repaired. J 1 C BAKiER I) ARBLE CIIMIINEY PIECE Wa\rsneusE, 0 Custumhouse street, opposite the post.oflice. Tihe *ubscrihors are nost receiving from their fc-. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a gonral assortment otf Marble Mantle Pieces ofsoperior workmanship., and of the latest patterns, nmade of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, onumentlls, Tombs and Grave Stones, irulded landi plain sills and lintels, t marble facings, hearths and bonodary stone. plaster of Paris, R.otun & IIydraulie Cement and Plaster. ing H[air, together with a splendid assortment ol hrass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the ih ,hortest notice. They lave first rate workmun to set the above work. je5 t\MES KAIN & STROUD e JPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. IOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed iu the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography. ge. eolgy, climate and produettons, and the nutLomt, manners and customs of the natives; with a Map e of Oregon Territory, by Rcv. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I hto River and hc Desert; or Recollections of the Rhonl andl tht "ihartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of . St tan, &e. in 2 vols. The Rubber, an Tale, '; the author of Richelieu, Thtt Gypsy, Attiln; in2s '. 'Ilhe Two Flirts: or Ad.otttre, in a Country [lousoe, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L i IBlwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Mediwin, and others; in 2 vols. - The Life anJ Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, o editd by Roz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1 Just received and for sale hy f BENJ ~t OMP'ASSES, '1IITElROAIE'I'ER, SIlUCItRS. I, 1 COPES, &c -Just received and for sale ly at 1Wm. McKean, eorner of Camp and Common street., toa genoral oasot otent of Sureiyor'r Coopitis oes, of Mathnematieal Inltruontts, Drawing Pott. t Sieuing Dividends, Spring ute Pens, Ivory Pro. to tractors, Ivory Seales, (unter's rcates, Glass Triantlos,' Paer.llel Rtders.lMieroseorne, Therometn o , l emresnObserssBrvny Chains, r catlrring "Tl'epes, ie. d7 IA Fork & 3Ral tjore ACKETS FOR NIEV YORK. .L nO sail punctually every seuicees4 . eofI0 during the season, fuillr not full. Lihp Orleans, Illiipnas Capt. St Ship Alabamn. 4 4 do C.' Ship Arkelans, tir7 do I S Ship Sr.togsn 542 do W Iet. Ship Nas'vdlle, 540 do " D J*tleli Ship Kentecky, 629 do J Buoker': The alhoy,, hipa are of the first elaesi oppoeed, ,, and copper rastened, ned having been hlilt in. ; York exp.resnsly fir this trade, they are f draft of wateur ani alnoat invariably erorstliE. without any detelicion. The co~oaunders are of great uxpericlhe, and the shipl.will alw&y flýb towed ep end down the Mississippi by iteam T'lhny eave handsome. furnished accommod and storac of the best description wilt alT frurirltd. The eahbin passage is 190 w . wine or liquor, cnld there is no liquor firn the IflieerC or crew. For freight orpesellt z,.[ nboard, or in ftC AMES, 4 tip R. The ships are not necountable for bradig . glass, hollow ware, marlle or gracite, cooprare tin, or ruit ofironor steel, norrespoansible tfs .i . pakelage or perce!,lMtleiss a regular bill of Itdin S is excuteid thereolr at the uflice of the ellots - ,cv27 NEW ORLEANS. n BALTIMORE LINEfl.0? PACKETS. This line will conesst of the fallow ,ingvea. , which have been built or purchased ex.r.lly f" the trade, viz:n. Shil, Seamnn, Capt. Mmefj tyi.a; rk Mary, ,, Nickers.oae " I bad ferry, new " Stevens, " Solomnn Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, '" gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some lurnished accommodations, and are of a lighb' draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, a tle i.ity. ' Freight will he taken for ports on tile Cheesapeae or James' River, and forwarded by the agentd, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore; - expenses on goods shipped will be adlvanced when trequired. The price of passage is fxed at *14,. ample stores of thile b at quality will be proeidti y Steam up and down the Mississippi will be take. . ion all oeccasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27, 22 Bienville'l FOR NEW YORK. 'Louisiana and New Yurk Line of Packetsl. 'Il E Ships composing this line will sail frobe New Orleans and New Yorl on every other Mont dny--eomi,:necing on the 20th November-and t., insure the punetuality in the time of ailing, tihe lii w ill lhereafter consist offive ships, via: Ship YN zoo, Captain Trask, to leave on thel 9Igt November. Ship Louiavi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on thj' 4th December. Ship flunteville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tli ]lth December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to learl e " thin lat Jatnuary. Ship Missi.sip;pi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, oepper da and copper fhstened, and upwards of 500 tons burlthon, are of light draught of water, Ifg built in New York expressly for the trade. The prins of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabinsare fitted up in the most inoproved and conveealan plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality ,tllfe neaen[ Sl_ and every regard paid to the comfort and eatnr,, ° aatisfaction of passengers, who will please take so. tice that no berth can be es ured until paid for at the oalf'co of tile cnsignees. These vessels are commannded by eaptains wer experienced in the trade, who will give evey at tention and ixert themselves to acommodate. They will at all tines he towed up and down the Mile. sippi by steamboats, end the strictest punetnullty obrerved in the time of sailing. Tie owners of those ships will not be reaponss. blo for any letter, parcel or package, seent by or put on bordt of themn, unless a regular bill o ladingl be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common as FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Peakets.) It lt ahips cuo this Line w. I. li ilrma U leatm anti New York on every other Moei_,.. cttlunencln0 on the O20th november, and to inasi tili stritest punctunlity in the.r time of atiling, tihe le will Ihereafter consist of five Sthps tis : Slhip Yazoo, (Captain Track to leave on the 20th nOr. Ship Louisville, Captain T'nmer, to letre on thu 41 lDecember. Slip lln1f.reille. Captain Eldridger to leave on Ih tlath lteeemb t. Ship V'ikaburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave en die Iat Jan ory. Ship Alis.atesppi, Captaor Davis, to leave on the 1i* Jatlln lrv. Sl' Tlhe nhove ships are all new. of the Lret elinr rppaired o ua cnlper fIslener and o pwf pard oer500 fr bhothcn, ialr .f light drau.lrt of water, beinfg bail[ l New York aehprleslv for fti tralde. Tei price orpar sage ins fliT a oae lhundred doltre. Their enebimle fitted upl,o" I tImtot iamproved ant convenriet Iplma.tqe fijiahed itn a ,tt and elegantt sttya. Atop'se btureth 6 the lirat qnality will be ,ravided, nod every regraerd to Ihle conlort ad entie saltion of passetget, ° ~ ill tlenaoe thike uriicu that no bertta anti be aeculrd"e.q tat poid lor at lthe offliee o tihe ronsigoees. These i'nCh-t art. oammanded hb Coptnainls wetl e periencar in the trade, who will give every alfe.ol . ateniaxert themselvso to sacantotatnde. 'Iey will-my t rll ti:nea be tlo edl l ,o t mid iad lisenetppi by stanlhos t nan, ta lestrictest puntatuality obaerved j. thie liml of oailinog. 1I1t owaaers aof theie hll will not be rasposible ato let er, tarce or package serrt by or pat n haarln thea,. unle.n a tepnitr Iall oa lading he aigned taie - t t Re R!tieg h)tase of the agents or owners. Pr orl aar particulars, apply to t) IEIN & A COHEN; tav 13 90 Common st. NEWV (lftIf NS &CIIAtRLF:STON PACK. : This li.e coaaaitas of aor vernenlet -a, rlthe itiS elalr, repperefd and coppir fra. ,ene, l td ofr nlaat 200 tens burl rsa with landaoanme acaaamneaodetinns for pateerl . T'lrse vessels ire ommnndedby eapteain wlks explrieaced il thle aIrlae, Woa will give eves r eV tetionn, n :n.t exert thlanrlvar to arolnmndat IsIh ari;p-err. 't1 Ior II hli towed rp annd dowibe... liaaisai, p nalnd ler,,ve Ner Orleans on or thc WOala and 1t511 af e v at month. The followIs v e s s e l s t ,, , , ,- e b l ineb . hviz : o lai, A abiaa ,Chaarles G rlaaa, n master. l'-i C apmona.J. t. Tlompaun, maStn s Bring Anatena, J Donne, mnster. Barn, Roger \\ alloa,s. J. Alliherestntar". F lor Iriit iaatrae,napla t, J. A. BARULLLI & Coa, t (aa',mnaon st. New Oaleant, or . Maa drca, Clhalrlstonr otsel RT i E Landerigned havlnvg raerm.neneaed bhesft as a l)rttugit and Apathecary, in Ihet " ot awnrd hy Mar. J r,,t Oa, at :pea ertero f '.i1. 4 circle and Triltona \lk, respl etlu ly nlieitse Of thl e ,-ablic patrlhge nand a reewal ol the al his former customers. iThe entire " Drlag., mted'ciresanala fancv artilren ie ifesh. oartu flly stlcetare. The foll.wing onay ir. ticulatizeal viz : Pre a.oan, z and .aratega Pawders. Ys nat Pa, d, rea being a whaleome and aahbiaatte i r )yeast, in raisinge bead, b caker, r. tulter' Efferv. .ceat Mt gnesiaten App '" nend grtare lorgaivein dyepupe -,-. gesaitn, nee rrv.nts elitlry, iddine k acditv at thaietomarh,habitual neous eruptionsc, &. Carpenter', Fluid Extrnetonf esp 'li latfa,' aarii)thu" the lood, &e do d, tteandnod . "lukl weaim's Pnnrra altad Vrrmifgle t Dri talraeaeta oils, Olodeldue, &e. . - Reilnrd L qtarire, jiajubo and Geains Toraunh batuaha,, N S Prentier'aee rice, alolrins tooth warh, pnwdei Prentice's earbante dentrtfire, fhloatle t pwader puffs atad b.,xet, Prentie'elg plaia tatalet powder, patmatdin getine orange fllaa r, rs,,-, r- venter end Ie al thr beet quliates. Raawlend'e Mtiedal, rida haa [ bheat o1 Ctlunmbia, enat'l ot . itciler and other natcheas, indtiibh. in .upreaar atlaek ink, &r. -rS Spermn oaat refined whate aol lItate A Itrls astrtment of, Thoedh{_N te Itt) qulit-, fat et. t l - fef2 a' AAUftf-¶Ol G&c,,e

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