Newspaper of True American, 2 Mart 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 2 Mart 1839 Page 3
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I A('t) N.-- I. ilmni rm l 101h111i .Iles .J rsulso by I BIiIDEI & Co. fill 1 'd hingl tilne St. PiRM OIl,-.-2u tskd wincer and flll stlrnied wsperm oil, w rrmoted pore, for sole by t1mD ISAAC RIIDGE & Co, 134 Mnazinen at ".O'I'H IN. -.ilo cases Ciohuig, tummjri.riing ll e.x S ensalive assortment, various qh m ch lending for sale by ISAAC BiiDGE, & Co, feb9 131 iMagazine at COM I'PILOIl.IERI 8 OLFFIICE, Second Mtnicipllity. New OrleaIns, .llarel 1, 1839. UIBLIC NOTICEis herecy given thIatoil Mousla the Iilth March m1;39,aI 2o'clock, I will adjudieate at my office, to tie lowest bihdder, tie repahitg for one year, folll rlie caveld street and side walks ilrdering on ioe oame, winimi tihe limits of this mi niEimity- includinlk all ime side wlks in bricks bordered withll curb stones; gitter stones, s od paoed support, ler-. ever smch imdewalks may exist wtlhln the iaoerpormted limtits. iThe said repairs shtll consist in bringing to their former line and level, any part ofloid streets and sidewalks, whi:eh may e found out nf order, anti holl lie sewollied in suchi manler s to Lrl, tit ill tilllei, aneasy anld convenirnt ctunlunietio n. l'ayment ito be nmde md nnthly, ii coasi on tha certifti cate of the surveyor, thla tihe work lhas been executed according to contract. 'hs person to slml the contract shall be adjudicated, to give bond with one or more eveurities in lme senm of $3h00 for tile faithful pirformuance of thie duies devolv ing upmn him. The nCmns tif tile t ecurriies must be lhanded in ot thu time of sle, when if itey are not satis lactory, the contract will be imm.ediately re-adjudi carend. JOlIN CA;,IIOUN, marl to II Comptroller, C£ ANDLES--50l hboxes New Betford, Boston and Nantucket Sperm (:andles, fr sale by fe2] ISAAC IIII)P.E & Co, i:14 Mlgax ine s FASHIIONAIILE IARILS MIILIILNEIIV. HE subscribetr has the honor of infoirminr time I. T lie, that ll e ios recrivod per sloit I.afcyetle cand Mrengo. i a supply of fall nmd winer Mlillineryy, ol tile latesntma riehest maitetinlo in Tatis, ..hilt Mra. Scanlin expects to have i lened olld reedy ftr exam ination on Molday and 'l'uaoday next. 1) 1' SCANIAN, nov3 25 Chlmroms t BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles ti Common street, EXCIIANO E hOTEL. 18.1.! & ALlAN womnli reepectfilly call the at mnntiill of eiltenml and etrnllmgerm to liirtmll plrete _-'mttrtmeint el ientlemmen's linen i iirts, do cminbric wbm linen irirot. feitm.hnmale litri fmimmen: lintm eol Imrs: silk, eottion and m leriln unllder shirmls nd drawers: onambrim and silk hlandkmrchmiefs: ilnck nmd fancy cra vats illgrei vo'ietvmk: mlokII levnery description: gilnm oioatic oaln cotton etlmomntliers: silk, cottonm ull thiread gloves: gmts loslkin gloves: mllibrellns ald canes gold Also,-Spllendid assortment nf ladies ndmll gents wri ting dleks, droessing carses, port folios, Iprlm'uery, cut lery, amd rich fancy goods. -nvl4 A T th tmlfacttry of tle sobecriiler, Titniting Wheels, Lead I'ipe, of all izex; Sash, Plaster Hair, &c. Turning, Sowing anld Grinldig done as usual by J. OTT. ,CARD TO TIlE LADIES. ILI.IAM BEL., No. 10 Chllrlrces os t, Eoalin Susa to pltilshse old ibriken Jawelre, old gld or silver in any form watever, andll pay tile highest price in Orleans. Ladies who may hlave old flashioned gold jewelry, viz: ear ornaents, e inains, te:khle, Ilouklesi , finger rings, or in lact tity articles o' tile line, whliei is lyiig die nit of no use to thera, caln nxchlunge thle samo to good advantange, by callitg ad above.i N B--Wott les, Jewelry iI v liinectaclio repaired in the best malnnerl-charges mioderate. Ja2'. 18139 O RLEANs' LIT-IOGIltAIlit PItINTINt; OF. FICE, 53 Magazine street, opposite littks' Ar c.oe. 84W GIilENE takes pleaulre i nllnlllllillg to his friends ld tihe citizens of New Orienas, tihait e has na lengtiibrougllh l.itblogrii llel oi a ipar till cOippler plaie irlntilg, alid irotlll thine ltiliiti tih altl lssi over copIlter pltto enataving. Ite canl exeiute all orderi enlltrulted to hiol, at one Ialfthei expenle of engrttaving and neorly as cheap ao trie prillltte. lerltoto. walsiog Cinrelars ment oit in thitr own hand writing,calln have any uttlatitity ai t ftw ihrs lotien; rli they viii ie nexnctiui ftr them ini a hlautlil styile, soUl lla s b leretoitiltrr givel geonern elttiO ntin toll thie it nsrt rpectable cimti untini I to.n . it .lie city. (i.totll tien tr d.riirois of haiiglt t tiihhig or tlhlsi.i callini at eli ,ilce iland eie N iB- liiunkl notes .ttl exected, ItI circularl. pirhined ttat one hour'. noin .. . I -- --IA E T.'1 --., t- 1hu of lnperior qul 1t. it,,for sal. by I1AAC 2InilIriE & Co nubl;" 131 I2nlizin oI E1' 1-1. Il 'T Chart ito the l 'Iy iTrsi r l in c a rtlri is c . pill (frani i iuftItIt ;ti rv eY.l i (;ti rei j 'lllI tiqit.,r In g !ly ollr llhfRt Ilritio s \dlntir.t ihv, and iia hily i iied, ip ; raI it itrtte, r i int n Ntorill iht ¶ar t orae, ini stlcet iun .iIthli tiit re fi, channel,tci Jusl t Ipllll i I l ll ienj r nlllin ol in , li. to , and firi l ale' tit Ilia mhltiwr's tuuu, eeT tI osb Ck,3 VIa ) Ft 1,T { ll(i., N fI rtionert Ihll, (-90 24 Chartreaslt U1 Uctiet-9h---i tilt- t lietnc, Iai nFintc finTarhe i, iT Iati nIl'liE tilt L 11Ii ll i ttll-, ('90 *,Q (Il ComLn cor MleA ll...Pt 4 -AW stl))lK--i.e a ' \ is iPrihl, 2 vol<: I,oui _Ii ill Code: I!loonlan'.. Jusrselle of l.lal Stulllilv, rlls: Ila. :hil. t Ins r.oltl-: I.lnwe' Illarler I',lhe-.\ : F.ot lin'. Ih 11: Cal.evs' .lin Ile.Plaa:llli.." Uih ,. ri lhlt I Evi ln e: ot iivi l do., I isll i i ll ri rI , ii : Norl is' Pteke on tl I lince-o inuthiit'iir's In. t iti t'-o: New Voiae k Aalytlrie I)e,.tlr i vols: Powell ol 1tllllrnes: Junlse ei;'.-R 'i'rial: 0\'lMtoih's ita li of Ito: Imlw: tnotcolb"s ot itt'tittllttitt Iitoihini: i it. tl on Pleid inE.:1 MoCtg lit It IviJ,': Tuoiitellthst 11 Lihitilo( nt: 'The.old o Princi pal coId Surety: Tt'lthma's Coke, 3 vols. tolley ,n 'xecrurs: Tomli+'s Law Dictionary, 3 voSle i'reatise Ion the of ,'ixtlre.: Sita rkie ton Evid'l.e: Io. on lalider: Sigden ol Velltrs: Satn tiers nil I'leadin, til Evidence: Smltit's (aliChan er Praeuice, vol St.ens t anl Ineket on Averne. t: atory's Citio netitriesoa the ('Olithtutih: imo. sctft. uranes: c Itoto itio: tron lilmmli' ml I k.m Ill conllh'l ot eLaw: Sttlarl 's tiora in Equity: Wlthwot lh it n l:xe culnrn: \Valker' Amtileat l Iowl: \lillnuiami s tiln Exelu. tors, n mols; for satle at 4I nmll p ti el' fel3 A II:X r(iWAR. ECEl''PT IIl1tKs-Jluit reeivedl at Davil Felt S oet r. a ilenw nd extensive asoirlilent of Rtu ecillt ilolks, for male low, at fe9 24 Chrrtres i t STANI)AII) PERkIO)ICASI,--ltittle's Mluasonm and "lutr Globe illustrated." Mr HAUSMAN, the agent fur tbhese publicatiuns, is ieow in New Orleans, anlld will be lhappy to ru eive eubseliptioun to either work. TIi,: Museum a repntltinlll inriorto lalte, iin fact it has beienl a jaosnlrd publics;_t_. "( 25r (;ll.he Illastreted" in publlished h b weekly ilners, 19 of whlicth will finr1 at spleandld volume. lochll nultlber canlltain two i. uti ill steel enlgravinlg=, frao ehilp Noe eitgh, Ipe f t lesirl tinle It is iA qgaCrio sie, and is ItE &ll.Crhte i bLlit c lion of ithe kind in the wor. tuliseripion price..5" nullbers lfor $;GI mlore thailn $-0),i01) liu leell ,,xepellede on the work alid it is coufiderly ollecunelded at Ihlly wortllv o opiotronage. LilUaNtrllptiun received at No 44 Camp st, and at the llPost rune. i9 ORIE-IOIl bbla mess prilnie P O., for tale by te6 G I)I)ItASIY, I4 New Lesee SPFFF &I.GlGARIS-36 doe ainioe green la :l,000 Ilavoanu CigarsJT 11 (!ing fr kNlwhut c iger Williams, for snle iy JOtiEI'II COkin tae N LACKINS -Sbble Scontlining lno, eFln, i ritd 12 ealows, conainling 44 dal eaeh Dunllp'a piasd blacking, landing fort ship Nahrilht,, fi r oale oy fel ISAAC BRI GE &t C,13 mluaiazir R AL SU-fot boxa NTI l atlns, o R 41 1l 2 hoxes Ia do 100 1-4 boxes do do do In store and for ale Iy v feb9 CHAM PI.1N & COOPER, 82 Julia It jali CHAM11 PLIN &. Of)li:r., 112 Jw;lic st , . UNNIY 11A(S--;,lI In lin ars in aolle for Gt sale by CIIAlIPLIN rC( OPEII, fX9 82 Juleia t 10ME-1301) casksTric n bor bieo for sIlo in los to suit purchaser". A rpphlto le9 P I..AIIII,__AW, 66 _C.n', st SPERII M l OIL --50 A calls. winter strained sperl n oil just received nd Ilr Pala bv l0, ,S LOC(KE &Co, 8 Front l.evee sIole by Felbl ADAMS &WIIITALI., m Gramvier at IR C -lh i casks ric e no o l d brig IS abirol , an d 1fo Feb21 Li G GALE, 93 (ommnn et 'l UBER, IIAY, ILATHE, clc--:3U0 li oat hlllber, .L 400 hales hay, 75 thousand lathes, lauding lid for ale by 121,, 1 1.I l GALE, 93 Cmnnlleo . st F ILO A'S DICTIONARY, with d 11 olored platle y ae of snhoppls rhi d d anad, for al by feh 91 ALEX. TOWAII, 49 Camp st. F ROST'S BRITISH POETS--Belngr alect work of the British Poets in a clbr,dogical series, freo Falcooerjo Sir Walter cont, with biomraphical and cretial notieea; deaigand as a t.onotitiattlo of Dr. At kin's Britlsh Pouts, just received and for ade lby foblt ALEX. 'rOWAR, 49 Caampat. ARSH ALL'S WASHINGTON, abtidgedfor the S erstL of sehodls, aecived iend far a ln by ,feb i1 ALEX. TOWAR,49 (atmp st. CODE OF PRACTICE in civil casesfor Louisilana with annotations, by Vheelrlck S. Upton, eoun sellr t law,Jest receis aned nd fir sale by fait 2I ALEX. TOWAR, 49 Cao p n t.. ? ROWN SUGAR--ih barels, for salne by SSHAALL & BROWN, foh.l 96 Mlngazine al '-P.-5OO boxes fleachact. etOa, 6ir Sale by SIIAI, & BRO\VN febol 96 Magazine at 'U-L-A few caaks, pare winter oil, fer h-ds - SHAL. & IBROWN, feb 96 Mlagnazine rt EOR SALE-A light colored Mulnttreas, alout 17 1 years of age, an eaxcelsleant washer atl ironer, a general lolse cetr nt aelnd a filrt rao.rhlild'a tllrse- being clearly andl nent in her person, atd very good empered. 'ally guarasmnteed agaitst all the vices and mtaladie p reterlted bylaw. frb SI A ntly at 6fi ttmp st. r sleitr Iby ItEAl) & BAI, (ý ICII.R S15a gnxsefbert manlIhy .ar... r, odi]. . r a fap skip iAesader (ratt r tr met, for sale hy So.b$ .1 "'I;JER, ~4 Gtavaet st 2000 ,ArS A ýs iz alt,,hiIl dI in bulk, ml WHITRIIDGE & Co, 76 Magnzine Ht FLOUIt-441 brlslanding from ae ernc Allnn fur sale, by 0 I)OI{SEY, ml 44 New leve F.OUR.-300, hbids lalding fran steamer Prineean, and ifor sale y ml tDORS-Y, 44 New l.evee IUIIEAU I)U CONlTROLEUit, Do In Seendle Mnnicipalil(, iLa .aoureele Orleans, Mars 1, 1839. A VIS eat donaie que Llndi 11 marse, 1839, midi, an bureau, is mnttraia lI'djudicalion, le control pour lea rearlatron necesanire pcedant ua an, de loutes as rues pnvoesnt le Irutltois de mmie, dens lea !imites de ceire lunleiiplit6-conlprnnant t:nll le Iruttoia en ,riqaes entour6as a siou aTnu par pinesme, qi se troowvnt dana lea liiilren iiocrptr6sR. Lea diioa repa rations devront compreadro Ic travail necessairo pour meltre en ordre eI Ihire cammuniqluer tolaur ligne on route deja Itrace, aia que I'on pout les npprocher dans aucune mnalon et avec lailit6. L paiemnelt sera Fail par notie I'ouvrage accompli, ur le eertieicat die I'ienpoloter. L'entreprenour sera telln do fonrnir caution dana Is samme de troin mil le pianre pour garanir du contral, lequel doll dire prtaenti6 to meu telmpa. JOIIN CAI.HOUIN, rart llo CoUtrolear. T O STEAM ST1'EAM BOAT eapinaa aed awleri, S5011 barrels bituatanedl panl, an exollellt article ol horn on board of steam boats when good wood is not to be obtained. ('natains of steamerr will do well by pnrchasing a few barrels, as they will find it to be the Ist aubstntlto everlUTloered oir wood, for ale Iby, ml S LOCKE & Co, 8 Front Levee IANO FOILTEIM-2 more splendid instramenta, n with rose olored oases,juslt opaerd al far stale by lell8 A 'lO\VAR, 49 Camp st LASS--Specie, tindtiaar anal sail mouth Jarsi rould and square white bottles of every sine, vials fraim -.2draehu, to 8 e., for wmldlsal andf retail, by II BONNAIIEL, febl8 corner Natcheb & 'rehopitnaloa G UM ELASTIC BALLS for sale wholesnle and retail, at I IIONNABEL'S fell8 Store, car Natcrhe & T'ehapitoulan st 1EW PIANOS, finna IParia-J io t received per shal Ne axonu, rnot Ilavre, and for sale aby thi suiernu berox A new asortlment plrendid lorizontal Piaoftritec and Pirealan, from lthe elebrated iaanullory of I'Pley S&, Co., o&f Paris. O lcAese instraments are parlieelarly well fliished nc aally selected and r tor tla r t-spptv auil luay betr. E JOINA I & Co, Toe9 I Charle a r-UItPE.-P rI5E anld Linseed Oil, receired and for sale, whloneale or retail, by VII BONNABEL, fel4 eor ochnpio elas i & Natchez als Ii RAVELS in tib tiree great empires onf Asalria Iluasia anad Turkey, by C I1 Hllit, i A I IaF S, Vicar oa (lodalmin, and autler of Letters from the North of Earopo,juat received, and for sale by fel4 A TOWAR,i.b Camp st A NEW Edilioan of Pothier ua Obnigtioa, just re eoined snl for sale by A TOWAR, fel4 49 Camps s PINE iPZLE IIh S E--A fev box esfor nale iy SliA)AD & IIAItSTOW, feb14 No 7 IlntT k Place (lIIOCtllAnfl:-tlt rasca ware Cbhocolate, put ip Sint .alloxe ls landlia mfrI iara IBashiw, fop mile by ISAAc BRIDGEA &1 Co, lal4 13 1 Manir.neot (1AITAOII. l- 1-0 tIarrt No. I. Cantor Oil, at M prinlu article, ill saore anal l r sale byy JAItVIS & ANIIREWVS, fel2 cor Conimnlo & l'chrnpitoalasa la flI.Ut INK--Jane rreeivel Itar slip Arkasas two gross Johnavl's very snlleifor hlbre ink, warrnl ed an parior artiide, byi I)AVII) IK.'I &4. Cn, felt N V Sitaliiiera fHall, 24 Chartrea a YlO COUNTILY IEI(CIIANN''S & (oIIliRS- A Thio sunsieribers are now reeeciviue an mdditionul supply of earthen, chini a glasa silver, wal and iron ware; castors, laotn II nld tablle cullery, which theyolffir fir sinle low, il thie ilostar nrion dntiiig erlnu,whole vale or retnil. Coutllry Inerthanlit andi others would ilnl to Ieir to call and ex ine, previllus to inrcl atsing relsewhelre. It IIlLOWItIL Co, inlnlrtra of thn lhove warei,, 17 (:CaIp i.& i Cmonnlll(. N I. Alaso a It wv sarts lal,r klives wiIt silver a har lee , i ne ce lld it seplior nretirlr. fIel I manIsl r inl I -lll,/.ll.-tiiiui e-ro mc t, S for stalelly t, IORaIaY. firlf 41 New Irevri Vi -I NY ISAI;S--I+!,ýIII0I mll a+tlne fo r t im e hv - lil 1 ltiiSI', 14 New Levee SIN' k tlt.:S--fllt in baurn and btniilhl, an I h#e slnti, of I,(llsimilll n a lllt i'inia rules of Pro icnllore in Civil , lliu , for lh hy I. nelchinlns f ilotloriw clllllaiOigtr h rte'nn-lltioo r.I aiver tlhe lrearwlll.el ll the , pver& l &o eniript ,iyll ih l1o ntinl IN lr nein by IlrnvtItI)l n,'I mI' & Cir fillII Chalrtes t A DI1RUG S'i;ll111K FOR AL-"','--itla-d--n II IiONNAlEt., clr NioIchI, z & Tcllal)ilnlal:. etc ] IV.ERPIII)It , H.'AIT--I15cI0 irlks colursoe ind i,,r ta i h n t tod in Stoie for s-ile In d bnl9 IliI.i:tIME & 5I1.I.S, Bank Plnce ItIIN'S Ilan lrPa, i Swnalil'a ll., Iogelher with a hIare ,,rlnrifl llct intenanl rdche,. irorecived lately annd fir sale bly II IIttNNAIIEI.I, jj lr alcllrez & Tchnpiallltlar stsa l-by i 3II.\I1.. &. IIRRO\VN, G l91ii lngioiae lst SALT -111,14111 itls.lin Calliz Silt allnat, in Illk; 1,0110 ea-tine d dn fAir sate hv frb WlII'liIllIi i' , o, 7 v.._-...:: . I 'ALLOWV CVANDI)IIl-IO mloxs, brandl t Jack son & Trowbridge, hr sale fell ISAAC II8IIl)UE & Co, 134 Magazine st RINIl'-20 cases French and American Print various nqalnitie, fr saile by fel,7 I.\ IC lILsI; &Co.131 P" t Tribu -''an va wa~ aerissed lanilng H ideos, fat 'e bIn ISA.\C Bltll) I) : & Co, fell 13 Mangonzine st lCI'ItY BANK, New O)rlenan, 5it Feblr Ne'. 1839. U-XCIIANtUE oni Egland, irsnlle et thid In Isttu 1J[ titlin. lO1 I' J PALFRIEY, f11i Caslnierr IEOTA'I'OEi--A few hundredl brrels enatern 4tae I lmes in goodl rder, fyr stile by fepl4 .. D)llU EY, 44 New Levee F LOUR--3110 blls loadilng from uesa 'not Inn, fior saleby G. I) IRSEY, ' fe ls2 44 New Levee -RACKEll S-50 Ii rals frilcs Cincinnati bullet C and waer crackers, landing from l team boa Tribune, for qle by G I)ORSEY, 1512 44CnalpSt LINSELN OIL--10 bbh isal e and for sale by .L e eS i I IIRSEY, 4I New Levee p i PERM 011.-l40 casks and 51 barrels winter oil S landing fion brig Elizabothl, IPioayunt Tier, and for sale Iy W , 1 POIoTEIR - fe2 ( IDORISE~ ,44 New Levee OIR4ISKIY and Ilo'r--i1n Illsd of rectified whis.. key; 590l bls flour ant 32 bbla viOegar, In lo tg uarm flat binat, fir sale by C D OItRIE, l .0 44 New Loevee IsUdUR.--85Ib Ibls onltarfnie, naitl do., flue, it fine shilp ing order arfloRat, fr sle by fe:0 (O DOIRSEY, 44 New LeveeI Q -UNN'Y 11At--1(00 bi- bus.el Gunny . n. ., toreis, id for sale Iby fe5 J TIIAYER & Co, 74 IPoydros st FI OLL-ANI) G|'N-t0 pipes Crown eesp gir, it u SlIerior article in st ire andl for sale hby e5 J 'I'HAYER & Co, 74 Poydras t TO .PIERCIº.JYTS. 'ANNEI. COAL, tIr sale at feo0 No. 25 Gravier street. uu'I'J nL lllt+.)t.*A6--1l caseas, consisting of men's coal sewe:l face Iooti, clfa nd kip iweg'd do., and Inetsl' kip brolans, Inlding from lip Coanclur die, for sale by ISAAC BIIItGn &, Co, fell 134 ldlgazirue LOOKING GI.ASSES--Tblt sulicribers are Ilow opeting a lorreo onl well selecteid e'sorncat of mahlloany and gill framed mirror. of esriass sies arnd descrnplionar,.for sale at No. 17 Caotpt and 84 Commona streets. fe2S-Gt 1 B LOWER & CO. POTATOES-4e0 bils in fite oarder, in fliur 'bar. rein. it store, fttr ale by G DORSEY. fe2A 41 'New I.evoi ARD--00 kegs Leal Lard, in store for sale by I &2 Ii)ORSEY, 44 New Levce WHISKEY--4 bIbls Reclifiedl, laodiog friol tile ateaner Ssequelanta, for sale by fag22 G. DORSEY, 4t New Levee POR INE-3 don vere saperinr oltl Port Wineforsale by "W.[ PORTE I, f'22 915 Common at 'A-IE e' KNGa-Lt pairs of superior a. quality, land ng from snip Alexansler from Iien, fr Bale by A Tr'ILEr, fbn 3(4 Gravier st SUPERIOR Madeira and Port Wine, just received drmet frets Madeira, pter brig Sanel and Joln. fret Londons, Franco and earnany. Madeira, in talfq.nrter casks, old London Particu lar, and choiee Reserye. do. in cases, choicest Soial. Reserve and London Particular. Genines Port witn,, old, in valts, bottled in Opor[a. And theIrir well known assortment of Bnrdreaurx.'+ur. eltdy, C'hbnopaigo. anl Rhenisll Wines, Musaschino, fierat Marlinilqae cordisla, Loadtm Portlo aned Ale, all first aqulit'. 1 JOHNS & 6t, Is il comrner Cnarmoa . St Charles ati NGLI.ItS INSEI.ED OII--500 galls, EnglishL Linsseed Oil,jest received, and fkr sale by fe'i il CANNON, 11 Tahopiioula at ' HIPPING. For Europe. FOR HAVRE, pasaan' only. InThe A 1 and fant rial lling Isi PA!r[S 'TILNE,capt Littlefield, will hava imnuedi a t ate dena rch. For passage only, havi.Lg su perior eeemmodatioaM apply to m let 1. H GALE, art Caolaaaaa nt FOIR HAVANA. Packet Brig. STie A I fiLat .ailing coppered nand opper Lfastenld imkot brig GANNICLIFF', 2.1)0 tons, John )elelsdum master, will have immes diatelispatelch. For freght or passage havig, very superior accommnodnation fnr 25 passengers, apply to J ROIIkRT & Co. Ilianville et. ar fre2 W PORTER, 95 Conmnon at FOR HAVREI. Tihe line ship RtICHMOND, Cap Winship, wil take two passengers if immedna te appli cation be made to fI27 L II GALE,93 Cammon st F)R LIVEIRPOOL. The A I fast sailing ship St. LEON, J Wecolt mnuster, having part of her cargo engaged, will meet with daspathl . F'or Irei'at ananaage applv Int le 25 S b J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and fast sailing aarquea NIM 11OD, Capt. Chlandbrue, will raceta imzedi ate dispatch. For freight of 125 Ieetla nattn at pasasge apply ta t. H GALE, feb25 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL Tihe A 1 ship MARY HOWLAND, Sam uel Wear mnater, having moat oflar cargo aengaged, will have despatclh, for balanace of reiaht or panlage, apply to febni5 2w ADAMS &WIIITAI..l FO HAVRE. SThe A I and fast sailing ship PROPON 'TIS, capt. Nelson, will receive hnn diate drtanlch for tie above port, haning thel greater part olther cnarga engaged. For freight of 150 bales ctatton, or Ipasage, aapply to fe321 L A GAI.E,93 Common st. FOR IIAVRE.-Regular Packet. The .11 and fast sailing ship RICHI MOND, Capt Winship, will receive inue diate despatch for thle alove port, having the grrater art of liher cargo engaged and going on board. IF'orlalaaaooffreiglht or pasnsage, hvingsuperior n eamloaaadatiaans, alply on hoard apposite tlh Mint, or It, ft15 I II AIlE, 93 Coaomoa at FOR LIVERPOOL., lThe Al and fast cading chip IIGA, Capt Sanitl, havin tile great r Iart of hler oe~anargagaged will meet witll immediate dnal.s. patch. For freight of 200 bales, or 10ll barrels llour, apply to 2 L I GALE, 93 Commnon st FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al and fast sailing ahip GANGES, Capt Jones, requires 3111 bale eolnatt to fill up. Applyto ROGERS, GRAY &Co, ell aor, LEVIII GALE, 93 Common a' FOR GLASGOW. T.he At Clyde built and very fastsall ing barque MAIAICA, Capt Jump, has nearly all her cargo engaged and will have depatich. Th labins heang very superior, parsen gerscanu I e omfortably accommodated, for freight or passage,aapply on board ar to fal2 HOLMES & MILLS, Bank Place - FOR LIVERPOOL. Th'le A I fatsaniling ship JO)lN IIALE, Capt Crowelliwill receive inmmediate dlesparetch for Inn ahnvea port. For freight of 211( bales cotton to completl hercargo, apply to fef L II GALE, 193 Cmnman at FOR LIVERPOOL. Th'le new and fast sailing lhip BOW I ITCH, TTahompson, master, having naost of ther crgo engagred, will haven desatllh. Far balance of frelight or passage, aplply to to & S JI' WIIITN.EYt ,Cal st CoastWIseO. FOR CHARLESTON, S.C. PTie, fast sailin; A I copper fastrnedl brig MARY ELIZABETH, Brown master, will hare quick despatch, a portion of her cargo being egaged. For remailldur ot freiglht or passage, avi.g oleg.atn( frnished cerommodtirra fr 25 as- . snoiers, apply on board at Picvnn tiet or to al" W PI)IITEIR, 2;, Crnnmtl st FOIl. NEW YIORIK. 'IThe A 1 and firt sailing harque ItOIIE l bM0A, Capt. Daniel Nasona. will r.ceive it ilnedliato deslatch. For balance of lcriglht or 'upsage ippi!y to uapt Nason on bloard, poet 1i, id mulniciamlity or to L i (.\ALE, mar (9IIIIO)II C o t N. II. Cash will Ie advanced frLrcltarges on all goods shtippedi by this vessel if required. FOIL NEW tIV lK. ll 4 'rl fast sailtig copper tltrned blrig CIIItF l AIN, J Sears lster, I cving 'art of her cargo engaged, will nrtc witit depuatch r tr ghtlor apnsage, hay ng handsomle Iurnished ae cnulloudslonis, a pply on btoard ol usite ithu larklt, or Ito S &J P WHItINEY, nt4 73i __amp u t FOIL NEW YORK. Packet of (ih of Marclh. I.ruistar ana d Are: York Linre. ,. The elegant copper fastetned packet ship , (tOCONI+I.K, Lylcsa Itmtster, avilg two thirds I.of her curgo engalged, ell sail als above. ,'or Inlnlll ofl freight or passrae , havinlg ell golull laco i lotdotichtt, npply to the captain oit board, cpp-itre tie kc,gtrcklc nrrekot, or to 1 :9t A COIIEN, 901 ColinoII st FOR .It ST)N. . . IThe A I fat sailicg lthip CALUMI ET, capt. , Sr.ore, will lave desloatlh, fir passage .- a pply to 1 & J Pt VIt ', li"2t 7:1 ( lnt st F.... NEWV Ytt)ltK. I Nete York and Nete Orleans Iiae. il'l. relegnot packet ship *UItUIltN, Capt. I)arfev, will Itave immediatel, diilitch, Itor thirlds ofher cargo egaggedl. Flrr freiglht of the remainder, apply on board olorsite St Philip lt or to PEI'ERK LAIIDLAVW, feb97 i66 Canp at 1FOR HARTFOIRD. The fart sailing brig SAMUEL & JOHN, enpt. Grittith, will nlcet with despatch. For passauge otlly apply to fei:t S & J P WHITFEY,73 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. Tileteh rt ailing ship FLAVIIIS, Jones, tlnalsr, will hIave immediate despatchl. For freight or passage, apply to iel'l AiDAMS & WHITAI.I,g67 Gravierat FOR CHARLESTON. ~i The fine brig FREDERICK PEARL, I Capt Sallird, halviotg excellent uccmntlodra. ftione, will take 5 or i passengers, aRtl a deck load tof about 50 hhds, if imtmediate a )plicatiotl be luatle to fu2l 1 II GAt.E, 9:1 Cttttont0t st FOR NEW YORK. The Al and fast sailin t ship IIOBART Capt Seldell, will receive despatch, having tIt greater part of her cargo elgrgerl. For ticighttr or pausige, nlalplv ta . II GAIE, o1 3Cmo CFOR, NEW nYORK. . . .. The slhr MARION, Cant Torrec, will l Ive despatlh For freighlt or Isaote, lt fela 73 CamI p st FOR BOSTON. The Al fast sailing ship COPI.\, Capt Moore, will have despatch. For freight of 2110 bales cottonapplv tto 9 0 S A J I WVIIITNEY, 73 Camp et FOIR NORFOLK AND BALTIMORE. Tite goat sehr ALIION, A Falrnllanl rac tr, haviog most of her cargo nn board, will Inret withll inediate dispatch. For Ibalance f hgt or pasrsge. apply to S & JP sfI:ITNE', felb 773 Cnnp At rllIE SUBUSCIIIBER haR just received, per sillp SAtbulrn from New York, tile follouwillg arlicles whlich lie olers for sale:- 511 laoxes N I sperm eardles. 31 cases pickles, assaorted 5 do 'l onalo entaup 1t't0 whole and half boxes no I sonp 15 Ioxes imnporial and gunpowder tea 5 bags of black pepper 10 boxes patent maoull candles 20 boxes no I Poland starch in papers 4 gross aste bllckittg 5 cases groand pepper in pd and hf pd papers 28 thousand uegars 95 firkins gosher bultter Sri dozen Londar MostMald 30 boxes goshenl cheese Sbtoxespttne apple do-And in store a geneal asrortltntt of groceries. febrSi J CHRISTIE, 27 Common at 1ODFISlH-2510 boxes Codfish, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, feI9 131 Maogazine t EW \OIIRKS-- Tleo. illustrating the I'aslons, c by G P R James, author of Darnley, thre Gypey, &c., &re. Travels in the Three Great Empires of Austria, Russia, and Turkey, by C B Eliiott, author of 'Ietter from tlhe North of Europe' in2 vols, jlust receiveldl attd for sale by - WiM MeKEAN; fel9 coner of Camp and Common at LONDON EDITIONS ofvaluable works Phillip's elonentary introduction to ntineralogy. Jameson's mineralogy, according to the t.tural history system. Conversations on geology, comprising a fanilior explanation of the Huattonin and Werneriatn ystems Thel' mosaic geology, as explained by Mr Granville Penn. engrings. Philip's treatise on geology. with engravings. Flelning'" treatise on molluseaus animals, in sludiog etell flah, with eighteen plates. Bmewsneen tre atise on magnetisnm. For ale by W McKEAN.cor Camp & Common .si felt27 TO SHIP MASTERS & OTHERS. I UST received nonw chart of thledry Tortugas showing all the soundings, reefs, clhannels, and dan goes fromTtortugna lank to Key-west, warranted at, curate. Also the following charts : Gulf of Mexico--VWest Indies. Medliternean--St Gorges ehanlnIel English ehannal--Conast of Broail Coast of Africa. Bloat's nautical alnoanaes for 1839 & 49; coast pilot, Sand Baowditchl's navigator, far sale at 1) FELT & Co, New York stationers hall, faS 24 l4hartree t W FnL(EY-81 tIbbls eretified, landing tirm rtratll boat HavallOn, for Pale by f1.?6 G DORSEY,44 New levee SPERM CANDLES--300thoxes, tIr sIle by~ SI no|I BRIDGE .Z Cs, FOR NEW YORK. HOLMAIS' I.INI': O" PI'ACKFIf0.. O T sail .u..c.ually as advertised, fir acl m...t-The i- T- i Igil consiet of tche fo lowiag rlli -.tiz: _Shil Nxl, rille. Captaial Wood. Arknn/nsa, Captlin E S I)ennis, Altbnote, CapItia CC IBerry, Orleans, C'upain .S Scars, Vicklbursc, Cutuinl J Eunker, Pantheea, Caploain Aosldn. TiThe chore shills ore iall of tihe fir.r clbso, roppered, and clppr faseraClene, end were buLiltin New York ex prnesal for this rale.--theIy re of tliht Ira.gist of wtr-o tr r,nll ailmostinvariablv cross the bar without dotec 'Tlhese pockets are vcomrnantul by Captains well ex pearteced in the trade, and will lwahI s exert themselves to aneolltmoalto. T'les willualsav he towed up 1In1d down the river, and will pIltmp yI1' sail as ndvortised. hl'ey love handsomely furnishedl o I e a llll LtioS, wd ntltres oc the first latylity will ula avs le firnislhd, lu every alientiol paid tIo the comfort' and stlitdlaelio of' possrnger, The price of the cabin is fixed at $11', without wine or liqaor. For iurtlther particulars lpply to A COIIIN, Jsy8 " 9t0 Concnoi street LfI'en ships are not e.lnunt'' le for breakuge o lass, Ihollow wolre, miarblc or g.iuite, cotipernge. if linl or rust of iron or steel: nor responsible litr lan poakaee or parcel plt on board, unleso a regular bill oflditng be signed therefdr, at the ffice of the agelns. FOR NEW YORK. - New York 4 Yre (Orhers Line. NEW IN Eof packets has beeun established ,to run belween New Orleans and Ner York, to conusitatofive firt rate sllips, viz: Ship St. laerv, i WtFurter, master, ItRepulican, J (1 Russell " Auburn, I P urlcy, - e hbuilding, Thse ships were built in New YOr.kexpressly fir tthis trade; or: oEa light draught of water','nd will no t ba cubjeettodetentiolu at the tar. Their n ncotmnlodatiolns for passengers comprise all that may be required for comfort and eonvenience; and their comlmannders iore cen ofexpprience. Untt lkia nhip nowr Iilding oare. en:oploted, to first clhlss a hil, will supply tl:eir placer. T'le greatest punctuality will he observed in the timce of sailing, alIl every rneasonablel anccommilodatlion etrellll d ltol shipllper lad it'lcrc ellgr.. For ftrthler particalarls apply Ic bcssrs. Johnson uad I,.Lde, No. .i \Wall street, New York, or in jat el'T;I'ER11 I ll)LtW, tit( Camp et __ ror the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE & CINCINNATI. l The fast rutaing light draglht steamer ATALANTA, 1. Fagia, "ý; : tasster, will leaver tter ie ahove and uinteamodiate landings on nSaturday, March 2d.. For Ireight or passage apply on board at Common st fre28 LEWIS FAGIN FOR ALEXANDRIA, NACHITOCIIES Shreveport, Fulton and Jones Borough. t' ''r new annl ntlaltlltitll steamer CAtlPT1'E, \V B Carroll master, will leaove itr tile above and interoe diats ports on onday 4 o'clock P l. 4th of March. For fieighlt or passage, apdy oa loared or to til T B LbI &. Co, 2. New LeveR FOIL MOBILE via the Lake. The ine lonw ipressure srceamer GI. t RAFFE,will leave is albve on Sntur day next the .d March, i nmediately alter th arrival of the 12 o'clock cars. For freight or passage apply on hoard or to al RI YNOI )S, IIYINE & C, Co, Canal st FOR FORT GIBSON q. LITTI.E ROCK. M wThe will known, light thaIntdt and _ fim t running ctrelncr ()ZAlK, R Hosea Jr master, is hourly expected to arrive, and will leave for the blltlve and illlerlmediate laredinga on Sunadav the 3d blarch next; at 10 o'clock F 3. For freight oTr passnge, apply to H T R HYI) E IIIROTIIER, fe2r7 omner Colcmmnon & Magazine sts FOR MIOBILE. Thle regular plocket law penssere steamer IIlAIt'FE, ('Cat. Swiler, will leave the lake end of tilhe Rail 'IIHURSDAYS & StUNIA\'YS, after the arrivl of thet 1l o'clock char, and on her re turn, leave Mobile, every uesdanyl and oFridayI. For passage apply ouil to ) WI P S--Whenever a sulliectIct cctoc of lc llscleeCrace oitir tllh firtlcb will ftlch lt tin Ic ' thile ltrnelialt Inillgs, upon previous noticee ingcl given to Cla t riler.. nciv7-tf EXCHANGE RI,.ADING+ ROOM. I alld St. lChaPrle street, ln the Itat.o t IanII r. llusidet all til,' orinciat l laperse of Ite Unitl Stlates, , ofleverv city and state. lhe (Cullla s,T''es and llexi ro ll lld l ll t It lU, tcereo lllt i l. ree lar ly olUd exlOllSiv.. Ic supplied with the latest Iccdrpecc ittet, Locd's Itiol, cnd tL'ciea'e trice ct.rcnt. Alcsc cicli ceicly nll lia laterary ler.cle o i" dl e av d ias thr re pulblientisllll l(f the Lhon, .licln'r, Westmlllinster SAlMeltrl'plitacl kesews cIccdl lllcekwol'c allcgazini. The Nrtllh Alll rican lieew; thieo Mtcchere I.iteturn llniek hckrc, tIc:, l l eXIrcecllc Jolvllelto l i ll 'Sc'irc'c and Arilr, lh. -tccct litc hlltnc I nolllc,l, tci It vicore ti.ctlle loe l' ct g'ieet, A c ic:c'ic c ccncthlcl e, r IR c :h." ' , the tlexicol Chirurgicel lReviewv, tdlll it aricey of alters. AII lthee workI c reregtltrly succrived for anld reCei wed. Thlle ronom is al.o nc tlied cclctllh a lac,-e votiety fctils is alnd ctlasce, Niles legiser Ilevy's Ptrice Lcr rPu folll ir. commeUCcementt (Gazaters, and a variety of works h freft'roecp. The nltetactive & illtelieonl nIews collectors areme SplovIedo .iele ellrliest itrival.s,ttIc I pailll tt r ci X pease will lie sa'ed to render tlls Rlteading IRotic cle firstl tle U llcel Stales. nll triplll~oare respeetfilly receis i. AILA ILL DEIEN M1AIttOll I)',= 'Turkisll Dye, for changing grey or red hair oe i1 head or whlliskers, or e brows, by a single npplication, to a peralllnnt brown, varving ton cloplete black, wtit out staining either tlte hlnds or linen, just received at ite Bazuar, corer et. Charles Cllllllo streets. lBUSjo & sl1.LAN, feC Exchange Hotel O'ITroNt-90 baies 7- ..h and I-4cths twilled Low l11 ell Cottlons, for sale by 1e3 ISAC t 1t l3tct*E & Co, 131 leg lcineat SSIc It3 CANDI.ES--601t boxels New Icldfclrd, Ioo S lo l and Nunlltllke St rlll Canlllles. r s.sle by fel IS .\AC BlItltIC & Cou, 1:34 Magaznme at c 11Ah, Cnbles and Anchorsc-Two chain cables .J ind aaelcs, lacudlinc from brig Marv Elizabethli, Pieavune Tier, andforsale by .,\ dI t'ilI'E R, f1 5 t e 11 Cnulnna st PEAS-flU Sorkb GO tron t'roo inotore for role by feb II CH*Af1PI.N & fCOOIPE'It Ii.l82 lia st 7 OI.ACCO--'3 hboxes (11yer's) manuflhetureJ 'l'o hoalo, ie store frr sahl by fell CIIAn1PIN & COOPER6,8 Julia st j)OT,\'t'OES-300 bblt nor It rn omtto s , in siore. eand Ir sale by J '.1 YERi k C ~e574 (Poydras FfO RtfNT--Possestou ran Ie rgiveu igmt edis atel. I Thait desirable,land ell finishedld dowPellllag oo, now in complete order, at the corner of Camp and Julia streets. Apply on the pletitoes, or to G \V PRIT'1CHAltI) & .t) TAGEIti' Jr. " :5 Il'eydra &'. Magazine st a 'rITTfU)ItNATfItD PEE'T--l0l ,artls Ibrsale Is v S. Locke & Co, No. 8 Front Lever. Mastelr of slenu baals are particularly reqoeted to make trial rf his now and very valuable article of fuel, so much rtec ed by enginoers in every putt of tie ronltry lwhere it h'as bet, used. I8. 'lOl CIIAINS-- U casks coil claill just re eired I .nid for sale hy S L.OLKI. & Co feB8 ]rr Levee jL)UIL--1 tll brltr superline flor, in- ale bt IANIfES-6f1i boxes Spoerm andlces, vriou i m reds for sale o y fil S G IC. A.ANCIIARD S oAFº-fl )hrl0 oxs'ost on roop to I od 0 tttt n 1, S (for sale bIy o CG IIt.ANChrAII) C HINESE 'l'RUNKS--Just reocivrtd ai assort. smeot .f the above article, pr.vrtuatites against orftis, with Iteoliar hraos locks, well adapted for Is dies dsresses or for holding papers &t, hiin rrerrtemely light and honds oe, obr sole at ;f)SSI 0 ' & Co feof6 Exclhange hle St Char'r st ''u DEN stORN--Pt hfatfsl , farrels, in toret ad L for rsale by S A LL & BRWt N, 1Ž26 96i Magavite st LOH--itL2 ibbl, lading Iroin steari boat North 1 Stalr, for sale by fel6 . DORSEY, 41 New Levee U INE APPLE CH EESfI jost re rioldi daid for sale by RhEAD & BARIl -OW, ia'20 7 ansk Plac C ASHII OXE.-50 Casoh Ioxeo offourown iatteti feature, for superior to thie ESglilo, for sale by jl10 S LOCKE & Co, 8 Front Lei)ce i THPITE LEAD--500 kegs, No I in store, for sale ttby S LOCKE A Co, joasl 8 Frootoro t I S. PARILY, Dentisl, reopetftally gives n0 J5 tire, that he ny e ortetsultled annouall in Nes Orleans, during the monolI of Pebruarry, March and April. Ilia assoviate in the practice, Dr I.yon, whose profesinlonl skill aod expterieree, both in tte st.rgical and mechanical dep rtltents, is unsurprassed i thlis country, will remain permanclonllrv. f9COE O"Rce,59 ('anal street. SOSIIHEN BUT IlER-A few fir kinis r sale by a READ) IIARSTT\V, lIb 21 No 7 Back tPlace SEMEN'i--Ilydrauliefl e oean.jus rrdeivo nd . 1 firsaleby READ & BARST'OW, fe21 7 Pock Place. SICILY MAD)IItA WINE --Inghsm'r L. P; Col, 1 Zizzn brands, ie tiip0es, hllff ipos, quarter casks and ootaves, ior sale by ISAAC Btiif)iE &Co, fy15 134 Magazine al T EXAS LAND SCRIP FOR SALE--The suttrri . b.r oiler for salo twenty Floats of six hundred and forty acres of land, reach. 'By the st ot'tf h Legis Slstoro this script can be Iheld asd locateI by foreigor and it :ransferable by nasignmeOar. oollt9 'R11OS IB LEE & CO. II.ALAGA WVINE-An invoicer of Malaga sweet " | ] .\Vine, in quarter csokfs. fior rosale .t febft. REEt) 4. BIARS'rOw, No 7 Baok Place OIL=-1'! osobs fteoo:cs. iltrosoitl ofirs rni F qita ity, for saleby Sf IfBLANCHARIO, BUSINESS CARDS:` FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Or LOUISIANA, S)FFI{'ERS his services io ith, imblic in the depart LF uezt.R of Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in town and coulltry. Fnrol onideraslle ex)prience in his profession. oanl by promprneav and fidelitn in i le execition ol' lilsiiness entrusted to himi, he hpe s to imeritn od receive a shi eof lulic paltroinee. lieawil" also nlealsre all cadlul et le t .oltenllts of wali anId exanvations. Office No 8 Clhartres street, second toty 1ro, cU. jc7 BANK NOTE ENGitAVINU. SRAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON tII AV opened clt ofliee ito New Orleans. poseesil.g leqaI advantages ith lltheir holllse ia New Yin k, r ir thie pIar nine ofegrlav: g nll I pililnig Blook Noont, ollsl, Billsa of Exnchagrn , Certificates of I)eptsite, Checks and oilher illllportanllt Ipapers, re aring secnrity naginst orgelice; anld hlave Ilnltde alelt piioivnsioiinl tor tile sae keeillng I ll plats al illlpression, entrust ed t to eir cllre; theiir seci, ens ciIrilnce the notes of over five hundredl Ihiking inlitutiotis, and all orders will be executed with Ilrllllllitln, and on ate usual torne. Ollice, corner ot iloyl &, Cn ul srreei. s SAMUEL TOJY, 1 '.erchandsJe Broker 4. Cnnommission Jlerehanl, idl13 tlitce, 31i. Camp li.-For tl, present. (). II. IIL ISS. 8IIP BROKER & COM.MIRRSION ME RCh ANT, No. Cl, Poydras SEtret, NEw-nR I.N..s. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., hIPolesrle sa lolkIng rtabhllishmetI No. 3, lagazine street, TH AVE eonstantly on hand a Inare supply of Cloth in, calculea tel lIbr tlte countlry tradel. ITheir as. sortlllellt being large, mllrellchant frotl tile cluatry can be supnllied at th1 e shrtrost notice. octIl FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, N.. 14 bhartre. lgreeet HIIAVi.E aconsltanti sudly tf reer article pelrt-lmils to iglelllelle's dress, of tile latest style, at Newi York ,priers .dhr 4I1 J. . Ross SURGEON DENTIST 8 Nno.33, Iovnl street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAIBLISII D ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Balink' Arcade. WILLIAM GREENE, PROPRIETOR 1 H. PARKER r Comnmission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New 0 :leans, Feb. 2i. JARVIS & ANDRE WS, WIOOLESALE AND RETAII. IEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS ANDI) WINDOW GLASS, Corner of Conlanon and Tnhoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS. NAH'I'A.\N JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANI)IIEWL S. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. DOYLE1 & S.AI , I)EAI.IEtS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, N0. 3 CARONnIF.ia T St.-neT. oa INSURAN 'E COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. Thin Company are now prenared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 MIusson's Building, Connl steert. E . 'I'TRACY, New Orlensn, IMay 15,1738. Secretary. ROBEIRT CI.ANNOIJN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I2 ('amp street. Wholesale I)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishles, IBrushes, il30 W\\'ilow ann d PI'iie re Glas &. &c. T. W. COLLINS i ATTORINEY & UOIV'SP..ILOR AT L.A . OW u rain tiiia ithen t l Stn 11t a City Courts. Cli ienli . il liil hiim it tti Cierk's t tiice, U S Circnut T 11E slucriber, lor ing' received a Comlin0osin its a Uepotat Sllrvr\'r of United~ Stala* Lennll, fo~r this State, Ill~s his services to fIle public to survey adt Ilocull· Estill., in any paI~rt ti t (1o1*1i111: 1 As olrretu o onl nil raertion, oiloier of Survering or Cioil hs coo5, otin oF such a lllgaoelntS0rvel0 , plane, eui llolao..ol, c..,.ct ta wa4lls, Oe. eirtlor in to wn or coutry, willll 10 I llro lltl Iandl'iltlly attendedr to. tlaaress reiaoroblro ord tronia cash. Oltoce 55 all gnzIinr 'teeml~, in hanks' :\ rr(.:ll. di-lnt-2o t _ FREl). WILKINSON. tttl*0tJEI'it'4al Iltllkwlaltt .Illf, Yeant 4t00-tlro Shol, Betre; picle Tonlga's, r'arrllltt, Citront dlig from shilp Mlrsey, direct firo 1'hiludelphi.t, 10 11ollborrla llltckaoot utaool. 1(00 qullnrtrllorI IbrIrel lrsuw atlmal, 525 blrlfarrels No. 1 Sltid, 25 Iltftl,ao rrclolia uilY ity f, t0 l~tllflbooteb pirleled T'ologos, 2 1,0010(0 rookarlI'onoooa, I lhlld oa nlra n0w Culroant, I gross ()liv(er's Yrot I'oo'drrr, forHoole l (50 (t \\ PI'OITCIlARI0t & JO T'AOiCtt. T IVERPIROOL SAI[':'-730 sticks fi10, f1.1d 750 saclIC I E o a101rsel o rrpooll Stilrrlciveldl Ipr ships1 (l4luill Adelaide and tJ011llel0, 1na01 l.iverO(111l, elnd iler Oale Iby !3 10101,812S & HILlS, htlulk Place T'HE Sulbscribers 040~r at wloleral l 2 Iarlblh olliog gol~rdo. - 1AfPS-l0l c0es trtatleskF silks, as s t & '0160 0h00 flniggood., 11115 1(0 do a tl NolI dt o do do14,1 do No d o 100 cases rlost No 3, o~ol~lrlod circaltI s rilm. ;411 d Itarocr, ori atce 701 do~ bItlO yartraia; (ill do Eatr~a dl' 2004 dlo B1,04llak i I Wlo'~ Ilartia; 511 doa 1atotn la1II ltulilm 10110 lo llllltaot o C'loy llarlaronlo ad nnrrnw Ims,00,, for Iorn fallllIounllllttrade; alad All rola ofmoilitanry& aaoolCapu; L' CI, 41idrr'rn ilk aoa Itoarian lalt,, 1111sizs. Cops-Fall. O0er, Jiar Seal, Nalirn, Islularat, oad I dotr, Nlco, in tIer dozencas. a (I'Ih tpll(l-Pickwick, Polioh Aarilo alht 1lilitnre un b'raa' it. Lather lotoging. hlildlreaa I'uolaa 'laarlhalua, PlaId and Velvot Capo, 7 llrellOc a Ia 0 000111 Itlotorllnao-lk anldraltoila. illilitnry flumes, o iled silk. L Salk oaaulkercalnls-l'ooiy' an:lI Spltonlallla. IUtllobxr lolaaI'r h O0tr l0,l oelod 0llec, do bleafr drr goods. lItil alae rood.;a ealaotprioa a laror iook, 1nd1 tall of thll Inlfst ptetln, alall ad ill beroaal l of anmaatall ad valnc, litllh costafall([hareaaaon New York priobo. 'IThe sluaoaribers willltoae orldero for a1ouItlaernl,aoa'rO nl, l an aXt olmarkers, l fitr llareraoue ofA II (i4orip t& Ca., Hat 2lnalaolfctularrs, New Yolrk, nolldllttlleallrltest possiblae oatlIce. (Gelrlmoanad F~reahaa lal'la.lrn blolalht. (10111111 & CO., Naval, Military, aod Foshionaalrl Iltaltsrr, Eaxchange Hotel, t rolv14 St Cnarlre at Mr. GdEOtLGE1 MIl.RI{ICK ItRavlig resignd olto al fle oflolaef Elngilaeer of tlia Ne, Orleans ant Carroll. taan ail lionll, Mr. John, /lraplahro bo 10een tppoint ed in Ilia plae, to toultlata all persons having blaain wilh, or wishing illltrrmttrola regnrding said alailRoad will apply at tlte iRail Rlalad Offic, L'aydras 1tr,000 By ordor of te Boarlr. (Sigaaedl) JOHIIN NICIiOLOON, nnvl7-t'f Cashier G. W. l'RtrCII.\RD & JO. TAllEST Jr., corne Po.1' ralsand latguzioa ata., have justloorrived and afr far sale. O2l bnarorelAmtriono brandy, 15 firlkns buflrr, 51) grosts orks, WL a rreela N E Rat, 111 bolxes elumh. 6 cases, pOOatcong, ialallral & guntpowderrtea 40 laboe, 310 aIlf horrelo NI. 1, Mackorel, a '.N ) lo 0, dot. 10 ' do Slhaad, 2 barrelaallnndlle, 50 barreol snlleira win , 5 gr. casks fo~rt wine, 5 qlr. on. lrnoneriflaln. 5 nllha pre sllpirits, xtlra plroo, 1 IlolaIrlrl fina.hololnld Ialk Cglniac, 50 gtr.rokas soaeet wine. 'f-b) t IlOPI'ER l111SS , alnd Kantlraga Cr totnsu ropllar diross, 0 to0ns 10 lllatleage, jlply t1 cl11 A COVEN, 00 Camallonl Iat (I H1IIANCEIY REIPOtIRT-A tnew rdilioln of 1lull 0 &lla\It)y'a Chltacery It p ortoj lt receirold, for role by ftll At LEN''ll WAll, 4i Coamp at H OLIANIU (IN-Ill pittec, Croon Werost din, a i aperoor articrl, in st110 andi far a'oo by loll J 'ill'IAS 1 &t (20, 74 Povdaraoat HAtdN-5,000l Gunnaay Bags, of ouptriorr quaaity Blldl fr srle I lao It r f SIiAI.L& iROWN, 90 Magnoins 0t SMULIIIbIerry & Silk Wooaato-:a 'Treatito a, t11 MIulberry nod Silk Waell. Iralnsllated fb,, t Chinese, I vol, avo,just reorivad and for ralo at oil Boktoaolare ni A 'i'0O\Vt'.0, loe 49 Catttpt 0 FOlR IIBYOU SARA R'egualar PanLcl. Thea splalaleni plassenger alealllnalt IIHIILI:\NR's Jeese Hart master, willl tear Now Orleons erorv Wed eodar. at 111 a oclok A. i. for iaynla Saron &aery It oottrdty at if n'rlrk A. 5l iakingthoo rnoot down oa laladaty: F'ar freighl or passage aOpply to Capjtt. Hart otn hotr.l 'rto 14.315 ADAMS & %VHITAI L G 1 INNY IBAGtS-lit halot elnd luniP", fat, oal 110 naut ISAAC W0R1DGt & Co, V Slogaziat it BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPe5N. ~PEEDILY, IIANDNOMEIY AND CFIEAPLY EXECIUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True ..mericau, sr. CHIIALES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. McCOLLUY1I & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission o lerachants, blOIILE. Refiesrences in New n Kirranu, AhBerillhy & IlHanna, ) Pope, POters & Co. Ill--In 1AZAAR. BVSIE & AL.LEN, No. 1, EXCIIANGE lHOTEL, .'orner sf ,'t. (harles and Common sal,. NEW OltlIANS. TIMPOII'TERS nnd Dealers in French lld Engli-h " lierlhmrv; )lseaailssg UC-an dlsd Plrtnble Ilraka. Cntlerv, I.i.ilvy, Gloves, lShirts, Stosks, Ulnbrellna, Cnnes,aln I dansv Articles. d5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIJIV',SO." " GOOD W01IA', No. OS, Chanrlre* S'ntrt, Une Dsoor below Bienville, HAVE constantly on shla, every article ap ertl5n Sinn to ge ntlelln's dress, maden in tlhe lest lual er and 5 m oat hlsaasnnble rtyle, wlich they ofler Ifr cash, at redlcrd prices. dee4--1838 Llllt' IANA URIINITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Hrenvslle street. . 11.1.TAMl R1. CARlNES, wasldl reselstfullly in lsrns Ihisa lii'estls ansd tile polatic tlhat he is jan trantlly receivill fromln New\ York and IlBostona a good assorlsrelnens o'FrFlrnitllre, sluh as salslslogsI chalirr, s.Tyas, l.edoteads, stalle alntd laiatedl elhairs, msplr slind cherry bedsteada, mahe.any and lherry tablls of all description , hureanu , fileto, sccretarvs, wrili" de, ks, wsrdrs'ls ilf lsnthsloally and cherry, wslla sandsi, lohking glasanss, tsesllms, bedlding, &c. &c. Nit. irnatilura packed lbr transportatiun witlh great care. v13 JOHN ST \VWART, .no. 5, Plant Street, Nertt Yodrk, COMMISSION MERCIIANT, I MPOaITER andl dealer n lHaters Plashes and trinmmings6 Ample storage aIlly be had on mod. erate terms, and every attention paid to goods forward. ed to his care. lIfelarences: IlMssr. Larnua& Provost, N O, nov22 183 - Cly i A CARD. CHRISTIE & SIN TT, l/Wholesale Grocers and Commissssn lerumants, No. 27 Colltln Streeta.N Orleans. ]PjTPnrticular attentisn paid t a I tlu taing up of Stonua bsat and lShip stores. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIII OFFICE No. 53 ,$lagazihnss treet, opposaia nsIsksa' Arcnde, E STABLISHIEI for the execution of maps, plans E land drawings, Ierchantls' cirnlar lsas, asines and adldress carls of en!rv description, flneral cilrlnrra an dleep lsourninlg paler, aplthecnry and druggiaas'lalbels; bank chliks, dray receits, &c. printed asut ex~i ua d ila achleap and. a'editious stye, Ibv the s roprietor. SW)I.I.iAM Glt:ItFNE NB. Bank Notes nallr executedl. nll4 T US'La receisaed at the I.ouisiaslsna Furnitlure Vure e Rosanns, 53 Iliets ill street, 200 Maple and Cherry Biedsteads; a first rate arlicle. Also, a good assori meat of 3 alsle, Wnlits, anrl Painted Chairs, which will be sold Ior the lowest csasll priesa. \V R CAItNES jy7 53 ilsnville l treet A Card. ORLEANS LITI' OGRAPHIC ESTABLIS.I ME 7', 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OIsl(SIrs. IlBANK'S A5CAIIE. y GEI1ENE. rntnlrns his inceare talank to hisi S liido ids land theII publi af New Orlersa. ifr the patronae bestowed onil Iiial f ir the last two years, and begs Ileve, to ansure ttill that all orders cotn llited to Ils charge shall ble lpunlci llyls aatendd to; lhe will nrs alalin, kenp thile oili: pen "jdl'tl the llnttnar and lars, u.ills , anl iddiress ecsrds fulneratl notices, mnp s,, planss, nard drawinses, a every dIecription, at the shortest notice, lnd an the most reasonable terns. leina ng assi.sted bly rtists sullerior to ally other establishl Mlleelt ill tile .ity, ath] frol' Inlns expearielnc IhI tile litlhoslnrplic lina, Iha lacla collidant a" giving entire eatisfaction. N i Apotlhecaries and drusgists' labels i lecuted In as good style its col lperplate engraving, ndslit one thirdl of tim expanse. jyd4 'S1O 51,i-''lMa suscribers have just opened seveor / al caao.s Css bs. I1G11l Toll TiRTOISE TUICK. Quill top T'orlaise 'luck, ln ldo 'l'wit, do do Tit, st, do BSide. BRAZlIAN CoMaBS In all tlhealbove variety of English, French nnd Amlerican nsltlnsfctnre. Ivory fine tmoth Combs, in all the variety of size and uaaslity. L'okset, Ialk, Ilorse. coarse and fine, and all other Cosls ba, fur sale by REES & D'LANGE, noel3 I8tllant ast I LIa\V GI.Asss. LINSI:I':D OIll.-711l0 bos V es of WVidhw (:ls a, 130100 eallons Oil; 1I liar rels f Varnishes; 65 dia of Paint', received per ship lt Louis and Barqsue Vonehel, dt foll sale by tOWIT. CLANNI N, sa7 I _ Catulp tI2 I I\I S(CI. -lloar It ',alie- I adoIa't meaa to te ( l T von hter na- e--I'ThoIu II(t larnt o love Anotlter Sw'net At\on \Vter, Thie Kniglht':- Farewell; Ile pass es her ina erruow; llintda' Lamna t/; 'They have given Thtra to Aaotlohr; Lovely Lady Mliae; The lBridal, The Broken Ileart; My HIenrt is all k Alaone; O! Mon what silly things yo .are; Ob I sol I love hlen; t! P'ilatrick, i'lv frnIo ac; Tliat ahou oart love. Iv who'll deny; ''hii k I ilb v Love, ()it! Thiok of Aip; 1'aln think I lrave n merry heart; The intage Song The ship is ready; lThe Silver Moon; ra crare ever grieves me; Not tir 1Me; I've been w here reah IFlowers t re SHalac f; I dearh, love Teie free; \V haa aaan aj are e that T'ree; The \Vildl Allatrass; ti-e Flar,, Risr: IRoe of Jeslsey; The ' Minstrel woa'd a tbeautreoas Maid; The Guestavere biddenl Mly Father Land; Tlhe Maid afthe Mulnutain; My lative Love; 31v heart's hest trea sure; M Wodluad Bride; ainae amust Ih a silent 'leal lIv childho lllloid'sa 1a reaa; 'a (3wrrnal; a T r, alTree; S;aolaaomon olb, a comlli song; iShe were a wreall ofl IRuaes; )I, aretlty lanno, Just racLiv,'l atnd tor sale ut u CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, a navlf 19 Calllmp st NEWV ORLEANS & CARIU).IITION RAIL RO-AD Co ilPANV. A RRANGI.E.ENTa S FU THEt \aWtE D.AtS. Fral|m Carnlloa. I Flonlt r e Orleans. [lnrse Car at 4 o'clork, A. M.llorse Car at 5 cluo:k, A. Locrmotive Ii I.a al ariVe 7 s . P. . a SI 4.. 8 9 lard for tie Trip. I~nA oo aCkarcaaa be oataliaaed by payiag 10 do 'I'1l, JACKSON AND LACOIURSE STRI EE CARS lra(talllal tet aat6 aja'o, A. M. at d i I rui hollrly. At ena pila nt7 o'rlok ithis ar will aeolnlalln e ra llill every hall tLur,nllad conti nuear tIaaalalll a thlo day ulatil a u'clu P. 01. faro tlt hbad ofjakhoua atreat. Personsgoing by the Lnacootaaa amuat prorvide themselves with'Iickea , as no a laacaav will het Laaa talby h. codlatoas. Ollice N.ew Orlrlaa adlud Carrolaton Rail Ratad Company, Poydrar atreet. JOIN IIAMPIISON. alova Chief EuntN. NO C It.R. N1 W OI.I.EANS & CARlKOLLTON RAIL RIOAI) , )-:YOTIC.--O .a.l. afte.r Ile Iat IDec., 1:13, Ilotil furtlter notice an Extr a sight Cur will leave ile car hblse, I'vlldraa street, at half poat It o'clock, I' M. ur. alafayte e tand ianernarodiate plaeso. Single Ticketsa37 -'2 ceual,aor .t $.5 ler hlundred. JOHN HAMPfSON, nov2--tf Clih. Eng. N. O.& C. R. It. lRRIS TOOTH PASTE--An elegant and highly Sap nroved dentifrice; the best prparation ever put p for tie teelnt,jualt recaeiel at Ihe Italora. LiIUaS & ALLEN, d29 eanor St Charlea & C.lll ai,., Ecxellang V AR'TI.N & MIACl.AV, AatoraeVS at Lar, 14 W\V'aIl street, eall of New York.' Colleclolantosd Iao baaisine l attteiidea tar i llnny part of til state of New i dark. Ilcerrelre:- dMark Walton REq, hllo Ogden lHaflmna, \Valton & Kep, Mlessrs. Crippls a \&yeth, C wHorrod Fest., Crtie iKr, Frame & Kimberlv, Robet Stark Esq, A'-- York. Near Oele.ans. StIFING ZINC--1i casks beat Roofiag Zin Snaow nolalndin roan barqlla Basbaw, fr snle llv fol JUSEPII COUCKAYNE, 25 Gruviter t ) A(i GINIS and Rope 200 pieces bagging, )l 200 coilsrate, ur satle by fGI I HERAMO)I(N E RO WN &Co, 9 Contis SONISON Edittnas of stauitrald works, colsatisting 0 I il i Mlenmoirs of Craducki. literary and taisllanenoos, 4 vrlaums. do Napoleon, as dedicated to Mtntholo & Giourgnud, 7 vole, do Phillip ale Cualmines,l vpls, do Crunt tie Gramnaenont, 4 voei, do Gibbon, 4 vol, do Catlterine 2d,3 volt, do Guilford, dt Sir Itudlev Nat!,, ilo SirJaltah North. do Nltapleon, lv W H Ireland, 4 ea rlr; l Napoletal, y Savaory, Duke of Rrvigo in 4 vols. In adlltlion to Ite above, a larg supply Ofastlolnlrd Sworks, aUSt reeelird, fr sale fly ja96 WAI MIcKEAN, eor Canp & Commol ast, CURTI"S' Admlraltys D1iti-A D)iget of eases in the eeurts al Admairalty in Englnld, it I vol. 8re, iust treived anod for sale by f t ALEX 'rOWA RI, 49 dtmp a t ARVIS on ls I'a.einotr, a teav dad interamtlll a Wtll.cby tills aery lapulnl ot ntlr, ose tst reeeivetd and far anls by ALEX TOWAR, # lrbi5 49 Cnlnp at ".~LAKb-i-th ea'' x-s paste blscklng, lot tale b it nt I IILIUDGE I Co, It14 talastj s St .L, roa VoltIA-kigd br suab e, sit le or cantry of n e Sst nd ooks r in ddtoul sutply leT' E1) n robstb kIltanarfer slo rib 1 AAC I TB GBsinsCpi PitESH J MAYN)Q A ,EIG- I00 iru:Asb s for t22 , an e Alaengisi t Chickerize t ecabi'ed malfl ff tir iar store, fa snable sby m fe4 44. Le CANVA=SII ol IluIA1-8-,, becU J urnide, suitable far atvaened sit. fura sle ry THA, S OAPl.t CORDA GE-50 ell "' uad ebalt'a ea in stIore, afr sal by J THAYlIrt. ," popular ac sruul baedok, iby urt 'sluCINA. irrllustratins , places formB. brraleby A Fir Tenapitnus uleau, LtiES ald aRredk B(icrst iBraryWtns pa S.aer, .ustre uCiderld and for etal a t.2l2 cor wargsniped e to. t )EEn -lallbrirrel meen anyd prie, ate OreA letN4G-4lS W buou i artiah .su La crin asiture andtl Por rae l b ju2b JI I'AYEt &CQt,7 I Arh lls lieCt D WasinLE to lemJ r a e i jrtueentor, iuaeuloby JT 4HAY j74/di 74 tAFh S n C erity crk os u rAal l n d anb d',.'e ANDReEWS & P OTNC ' V .etARI.E BuOKS-Just renneetl asn tsikel Storadne bnd a uin. i baook, cliel Loat'do oditloan. 'be Diudrm, wtith F(. erth plaln.), Beati ens ,f Byrun, or e damnes d n Byros, oplemdl gyr, llt LOter, cdnd te ., tul tt'u lneu altes illuatrantie tol, tates, lrockenulen's All,.,e iseorer'- alns d.d n W e I'inrdeu'u 'ITltlenun, (inllcr lftBriti Artics, ral ep!erdid eans.tsngo Life of ollhn ti too, withe colored aportlnplgtret ulrateaie alnd rr Clusicl Litrarr, ilb renlins, lWjv, T llsXite'rrXeophon &c. p uran'n worku, Sllondo puekt edition, Shaklopeane, Londn deiamond edition, Sogg'cc , lthe l.rick Shoperd's, tales Aikre's Bhriti sle ota t d r Tia e SprettIor,o role, in 18mo, Selecthus rour Britis er ts, amp inueraio's feneol c eron, in 2 vnole, Core.sities of Litoratre by Irst lreoeli, olarsell's life of ear ehiogto, I vol, imn, te m With n variety of spiettdi Anpnualos and works it aet, in hstrralsmoe biinlge, EJOHNS &C C e- , Slrn oand Patent iriskit Baker -W-tsra h and, Hillman, No. ' e, ltoras (Iner tIe Ponthartrs. lin tt Rsidp.) ie Pilot and Navy Broad, Sodsand Wino Romidrw , ISugar, Butter, 1oidord and Water C Mackers, GAll thle above articles are warranted ito abe ofths eirs quality, ns b oest eep iL any olimoats, bein comrpleltly kiln dried, Also,-Kiln dried ourn meal, Orders teli at G. \V. Pritesard and Tsgart, Jr. .' eorner 'Magaziao and Poydros streets, wiltreaph.i prtompt sttention. Small kegs put tp ehpeells y ifr family use. !Snot aEn% HinlOOKraNpnSuNa uers Mmoiri,-eva.ngs n 9ith l'rioe,( ale meery h, dby Beain LPagl4ni q vats; The 21i idv, or ceres freat tihe I ifes al Uti mPolbrsh ill', eoli; Parley's Ciri'onas Tales fosle91 Parleys Cinrrirerl u (st ft for 10in just receieed and the ale by V McKEAN, tcc 10 curler of Camp & Common asi i. CArSEY, Na. II Cp lup street, o as just rkcelved fredn I.vondae, par ehip 'Ti iger, Desy, Mdim hRal, S, e Rih Pei per, r Prepvor Iuril e d doaubla Elelpat tir Iuaene paher' eicted Rboers sttd Ivntoerlye ilo. ''inrldll'r oreioon iards. lo d satd '1ited 11istulbereuer Ivory poirer;l Teuoparrtr Horn paper; iroli seld nil Fer taper; olad boed rg, lbite adColor ell tice paler. ENA WING PENCILS. Preera & Son's beet lpepretrd Lead IS'oile; Braok NuWa M & Lagdon's elu. idr. COL.OURlS. &c., &e. Reree's &e St'n Wa;er Colore; Neawmsn', dr~box, te ore Cealka; sutn Crlyet-sho, 72 sl9d 1h44 ditftrll" sleetR; Liqetid Gthld; eel St sed Silver' Sells Mabise anrl iend tenk Slabrirn are Saueerol China itlee,n,61 and 9 divisOlere; Ivtor, blatle , and g n sad p Cit Pisrie ktives; t3iric .ad Skitechin Potllfolios Palper, Leath er send Cernk stuteep; liniature Ivorltes aed Case Swarneuill Pencils do black Skbile do. Prepnare zroer;v e Jaeoaned 'tin rioons BIlselder Cl lerens, eith P'ercila. Drawee, 4.e. Prepared t'inseam 7, T0& o nt; irrewree. POCIt'sE BOOKS & W.Ai LETS. Rtherin rno ilierucn thbket Bwonkst Reess Leather Walrlets; Isaia Lenrher Peebet rooks, 3 4. 4 Ivory Icunen; ptinent .ablett, with t'iloer pencil oases. SCIE\W HI SNIILFS. P'lain ared Receed Raeeenoad, Blexwood, Mat rold Blertisted gold, Fancy eulored satd geld Screw Hes, tiles. PEN HOLDERS. Pearl andl Cold Pen HIolders; Pearl and Silcerto. octle ANDReW SMITH & CO.. respectfully ifopaq thecy occupy tire noe brick shop, 219 Tcttoupiptomlsa strrot, whrere thry neep constanltly on band Copper. Tin ond Sleet Iron Ware, of every description, nulch ea copper stills, kettles, ond purtrps, tin batl. ing ltan, seed nil onoc, of all orts and ainos.&pd all oteler brass ousting done at shortcet notjce. Grate Irar of avery description, such aip %sm.. bout stirrups, hog chains, screw bolte, and sthee kind nfsftoastbontt work, sacb as ettinisys, branhel or, teatn pipes. triey will also do all kinds of out door Wells, *reeia zinc, copeter and tin roofcrg and gslsring See. They atbove and all other kinds of werk iis thteir line sf businnss, they mill encute at tij shorttst notice. ded c FRANICLIN INFIRMAMT F ItIE public are re1rectlfullv inftbrml tlthat Jpsl tutoll i. erected on tie mosl imlp)rOved pl.atand in an airy anod most ndt1nrahie ltnttkIm1 in tthe fba ar I'ruoklii, upon the railt , l, otte mile troln U sitd "ls 'he building Ins rge no I mosteenmnmodiaouly divided into palrtlllprls, lfr klr'pt~ separate dilferent classes, andll dfbrent olisnneot. T'le instlltion n i ulppli.Il wilth In mast skilful and ittentive mtle and flenulo umses.aendspeakingltdovL. rioI Ileernm langunn es. Private ruoonla nmy beh4ld b gentlemen at .ie dol. lars per dnay, incluli., nltenlldnn, e&. 'I'ernlo in tlhe nr.inry waeerd, tan dtll er pfu JAy. Slaves alno two tdlllars. Stll PIt ns inb s'di er OerdO, live dullarln. All copital surgical operations eltra. 'Il'e re0ident pnvsician is lr Wedddmoal, to whom applentinou fir admiisun munt be i.ado. y lo Dr C A LuzRlODreg, No 17 Ram-part stret. spl Iv a-linused Oil aneld Cotpere, r t orte rf I•by G DRSEY. 4 ' LoLsve j0o U(AR-And TSgttr House & Lmm4 s itl fN r sale t.y SHAI.L & BIoRnO OO'IO'S-L-nro ding fmm stlip Arn, i. cases of due I calf sew' C Beoot, for sale by jal7 I BRIDfG &on,l rMagzipe sta ,)W.t.D,+ TrNIC MLtJRm--Jun tece le L2 cas. of this invnluable for the IFetI andL AgUe. 0 rranrrled enmie, direr frmn the inm ug n r tory in Philadelphia, for rale b b JA RVIS & ANI)RK.I jal5 car Tclhapltoultn & Cmtlsu .t . Ti ONE--IO tierces fesrh Cuba lione,.,opwn . l ing front brig Boston from HI vanu, for JiRVIS t ANI)tI.W ' .. jnn30 Cor Cormms at Tbanpitoulse ird |AD ILtt-- ncnn tatdder, itersale by .. "TIt IYYIDE &BO., e 19 9 Commnon, car MngseIl. F LOCK-Ite berarenrlsttics brando, in soo4 ping order at the latnlig, for sale by F)9 M JL RSY, 44 NOW FURNITURE! FURNITUI. i J U '1' remed i t tlre LouisiDsa Fe it ooue, a largeo supply fnom New Y ton. Persons in tihe mat ofe funiluro to call,and select ateir srtiele fbrom o M f larget stockb now in the city. dV + N B-Particular ttention e aid to a p. ing Furnituare, freep ofoepesse. SA RD--450 kbeg aupolte leaf. L eanl by . feb7 74Ns COPY BOOKS for Letter pretwa ou ' trotntNewYoro andl will besoldsowlj, ' or apprn eedl redit. A l o, ! l ot,,.t e .is s i Ihe tnvoice, at DAVID N-E 'A ' js30 N Y Stlioaner Hall, { C LOTHING.-2 eases hasa) d'! C lshiru, for sale by SHAL.L W lNES oanEd.rtiea. Hv dshall.t Sschool, addressed toys aldnpted to asnist premnt in ies : by EE Winee, asitolsr Lof 2}esu, .l' tie Navy. . llints ot Educiaon, b tbhlmme satl ottires to cionl neatern. y till AR tbet thl~seIs*b (C:OFBl 8*JVr~cd

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