Newspaper of True American, March 2, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 2, 1839 Page 4
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"D l tfýtD g"' 'AI40 SOMME004 1on,iPa on,2, volnoS. Smo I 4044~h 5440004 oln ed photlos S4l14ihll. I o~r.,I nJ nlr nda hslntn I -L Vatr: a ra o " f POP.4R~r!o 4791 Sorarco 10004 04,.0CAT. worms 440 Jo ioprtidance ot Irnca P P04etinr1 on Inannity IV I.Ilttft'orguroery T ontrotoI-pooteo popolir 9Jltdieio oh of Chctistry i " I' ll y41 OCheooistry P ('boolnzry` P CONMJ!RCIor, AND 110054000. Pr 4taI no! Ilopootoro, fit 4431q K i 1 I.*ll)itiontrv, Loo-Ioo aE t~~o.PA*iot',Lo ,,lo o 2v. terraNro ig, Cv Cp l re r m~ncr .t tllj' 1H ",nr: f tfiftee»,", , .o:tdttt ° v. C } lohoow'o Eleobtodlb Looh on Anion000 Iliol Tub0. 1I 1 Atrark7.t.NEnt:S. P ., _a'.ýmercaaing .·rt''r n vnl t 4 i 100441 Ahcorloniionroo the 4 t ta~ntrrkavol ,I. Cd,ntn Iffooyoo4fl.ito urc,l.4 it o C COb, NoI nt t4 lm Ooilea, h!Itrercottr, 1 -ls 10, re fpietudid Cdltine7n, M v sin, oif t' anssortmcnt of l ear, 1odica Svian'ifie :-Mbocrl lan44 Iloo"kt, NIo - " s, 4ra4n4tn, Fnolish0 a0d 30ti 0d Greek. JZ JOHNS & cn. ·~~L~L car. Chelna andnl Commolln stn. t':toloneno Oral cer of ieal re- nond Aeoe. ' 111 artily di*:vered wehrein the Tonic Al ix onit l iary made oI treating -.> aodAeo¢. In the firbot plre, Be ng n Vieo 10 .44444, Pnd fre ont ofr ydlny t J4'eterio44o4d1p4io40n titiiti d hnts, it tiny Ile taken with the nrmnoa safe. he tltetintler iitent, 04 gr414 invalid. It Ipc 000WEutrtuspsIp4 t of 000 di 0tne,44CO0.q44n441V y 44e 44t4t4t4. "iloloenoon Ingoiol its wonted to44e . and octovit. It rnt441 4, int anR4d '4r44too4t oplett4ite, intih04 ettniC 0Rmb1thoe,fttd gbrsen rcliohl to the e44jo04444444 ol n-to. Jng` 1 4 a 404yi pn gepureottO I(nlnlityir emain at ' ohe loe 4 44in44e440 41hi djrlosmlr, or to create °tOItlhiidI~eooooo1 toet410r042,ollvlnesheer! tiqs of dipestion0, nnot thu4 4404444 the 24 414n n whaocver ho t1tio 0 it nuIY be oppressed. I 0M4*4oto, afCt e1,r t -he a-,, 1'44 Tt444 hunt404, 4,t40h4 OR" expose.tnij t ll4e 44,4401 Cetioes of the diseoo, #A O a le tscaped an4y 0Y401444ns of r44k4turn whereas44 b4 t e ·t ofthecrr mmiha lmmn s renlledie-·. thaner is nlw'ays cren Cetino imall iibililt to re&,01o44: Theo 44n4er of fon,,eg reon too of thle Agor, in ve'rv en! 44t, for the ee·tcm will enm I brolre ton muchl prnsnntae In tiqe'able rmelt w40 h 44011144444, s idiilY 1 rio , titin4400u it444l 44te virler o T Ioe'It,,, lint,,r, in ''O OO44 at such it rc40sn4400444rio·,.ns to ptertit,.ii ill . o ý " onoel efrmyofev n,, one. -o 1,0nt II, ,l'or an,! 414it44le .a'r*00 Ilet4by Pttrnnised with assiobolan, is11.ol0l O,,4ljiri,. t0he.akidaml eitl44144nc4 which is freqnctly dlcied to SI0oo.or elno Very r014e444444by 0104404ve44. `Itit titblic are re-prettyv cltintlrtl ltglile t then sail P1001 0this 440edi0in,', that re oily 7oi·roed lit lt prepnr44I only by Dr. John4 . Rowo444, at hi >'boooory b, Dlarket otrwr, P'hiloaldlll0ia. ^J ' ' The aubaerihoro o4 thoe w'hnlonle Oeytto fi4r 414 ' 4Oo1h Wooter, e. 0404, 2ond will nello b t44e 00404, 44 Os Phuladelph,44 price,. 'T.4 b4e hall a0 retill oleo,, a a t afosteitho Apothleonrion i4 II4 , ci0y. JARIVIS & ,0NI4RE\V11, o~n!r 4404C44444444044&I0o.ni444441440 Scoi,, Con) ,In & Tbi'cho, lcru Misao asippi nlnd Louisiana Ilotel, IRS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at hel above establishment, and hopes from her axbrtiens to render visitors comfortable, to receive a :ontinuanco of forner favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during tile himer months, cannot find better acnommedatiorn cthan she can afford them, on more liberal terms. ioer house is pleasantly situated, and well sunpplied With every convenience; the bar is furnished with the mostcchoice liquors, &c. in short, she promises xist nothing 'shall be wanting on her part to give 1 stiri saliefaction to all wlho may patronize tie i.M sasiiptpi and Louisiana Hiotel. je3 O s l E PUBLIC.-.Tle undersignod. having studied under Dr. Sec.midt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for sneo years his assistant inl the practice of medio;ne and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. UIe assures the ladies and gentlomen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and alro offers his services to tile holders of letvon, being well acquainted with the disansee common to them, having attended them in thi sugar Iouse in Charleston. The fantous anti bilious:pills alter the composition ofProfessor Smollette, with directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. The effect which thley have produoed in this and other cities, has been attendedt with the greatest success, to which the best of aeferences can be given. Apply at No. 16l6 Mage. aines street. JNO. M'LORING. jI. L lW W lTV~bl O URES, SAD IRONS, &c. TFHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beilkman stroet, Now York, have -received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to thie stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for tire southern and westerll markets. eollwr ware of superior quality, consisting of shout 1500 tones, viz, Pots of 2 different sizes, from 9:8 to 50 gallons, Xettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frori 3:8 to 18 gallons, ilakepans or Ovens, 7 ditlbrant sizes, 't. Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Coverod Spiders, 2 do briddles, . . 1 do Aire Dogs, . 6( de "Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inheos. TVood Screw., 20,000 gross, iron and brass, froml t8 ihOh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finisll, and less than Jamro's imported pinces. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. sTilor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. .ash weights, 100 tons, assorted from i 4.4 to - Bells for Pt lntatior sesteamboats, chlurches, &S.c. ,made to order, Also steatpbeats and other m::echinery made to .order. Tho labove aosertmont of goodrs is partiocrlarly recommended to t!lne elrcilctiol of lrutelorrl and Western merchantes, arnd are o.f.lrd tclr sale e t tlow prices, and upon the most liber,dl lorcs ; it is ie. Sieved to be the largest and best assorltmct ever offered for sale by any one entablishment in tile UInted States. Marchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can ihaue a prin'ed circular, with deceription of goods, pricesand toers, from which no deviation is ever ir6do, furnished by return of mail. Atl orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. lr3 O MERRURCY IOR COPAIVa ) +]. LT ilx months agon I hod tile nfiefintllhle h, -,l a a ert diceast, li'r thih I hanve atrpplihd to osr.c ldio.tors for a cure, and they dill not cure in, ") tl *+ gto (he albove totn I .lt It..elt unnnler tir coin of I)nltotI, utbltzal [ expert hi to aren me. Since tlhat time i. e.ldiaen got woreo, so aL to break out in larg;e Ilcero to thd nUmtnher of six or eight on ea h Ire, t!l ail over ni3!facet,a nl sore throltnt,tId not ble to l work at Ith Ilraaenkltlitt. onl nCOnittt iif Ihot'flell; Itn;e leer tnn the right aide of the |tire.It. I one non! p ttlilhz Iz lb<2 nty uder the care of Dr. IllIet, f Paril N. ilfee cuored JOHN DEAN. ""I CERTIFY tlattheat.ove n ent.oned disease is : quite well cured to toy swn eatist'hetihn, furT which I ' h Dant Dr. liner; and moreover I :sseure that fIo Imedi e J In have tuken nmat s me fot, an l id itt int jlte loly aeiuth at all; therelore I advic.i my t' toy t outlcres to p.oono uatiaau l e:atly to Dr A. Itlet, 12-1 Coulal otl.alt,.,etlertt Dtaupltt. anid IBourbonl inti- . Itr. lI st bat'Ooane from n o'cl,ek,A ,1 , tntil 4 P Ml. ' ,ill find a trmo diotor oIr this co:lplnier. '' Jt)IIN DEAN, itl Gra rier street. iJ any one wants to soe me, call nt 19o. 40i (;lrai JOlHN iE..'N. Wlow Orleans. Fel 1, 1338. " tb 14 4 F EE tenulot Intlto tnoL nm r el.lrttnnt nd lIn Skltmd,4s pot np in bhttlns at the low prile ofl' f0 esltlenibeanntfiitt thilte etettgtir l" three ounces of i . aunill tile indRirn astjli ciut s in CUlrilng iitp cesi which has attentlded ith er.e of e lalm wherever it hnis been intro t.lned the ntlidonce and rtcot nemls i piysicians, for the ocre of t ounrls, t lda, want of rest, tlitting of blloed, T9 amitoni~lynaceern. This i to cerf tify itlt w. is lt_ ne p fiuentdy prescribed Mors (iurd haIidi alaatf taverwtrt a oitd [ irhlttdt tti tit o.ePt: we cnnllterefor, frnan Itu knlow " al i is miade from, hni! er hetI vraon 7 dil, redommen l it as a `operns - preparation lie.zctiao s of the lung, fior which at i s re At.BERT WI.LIAMS, 31. I[. CALVIN ,LLIS M. D. ei ef Boston Medical Ass.eiatilon. J.IRVIS & ANlDREWS, C!llonaU Il'.:hlitEtlns st ' lencs of Penmoanlhip received, nd .t dlth' permnaemnt Writtn. Aeademlies Sl', New OrJleans, 1J iltroladwayI ! .t.,Mltile. I .ahdl.lned far private learners, and 1 enlh ted for per oall ages. .s.4I*atle6tsu as isviaedteeii.t sail enoinie ! c themauhvea. e ivn att nse Iou as may anit nlit fallr andr to eclas5o-'frmed i nruy o lnrt prefer it cart r ive r'eijns at theieown tef ,r"'= " tll W wild aer'ev w, wit , . fy li , . iUOllt, . is VMInS [IAiSTT J& CO, cre noew remivenelrfl i cn ho'. ship Orleans. Eagle, Iizhlander, t'alkr loiry Andrew,'Frenh and German play cords; nack- I nlmarro Wtitordos ChesIrmet, 1-4 snd 2 3.- inch Bit i and all.s; i. l 9 l and 12il inch blade Ilnie Kivneas Leather and other travelling Dressing Cases; Belt, l' Pocket, Hnrolotn' i and Dte.llin Pistols; douale and Cit tincle hbrrllehd Came tlig 'hot aelts; Powder Pip and Pistol Flasks Dran Bottlee .an I)rlH nking Co ps; ior Pere:ssion Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, 'toond t end Nail tlrushee; Orri and Chlorln e Tooth Wnh- per Tooth Powder Toilet atnil Shenvn Soaps, in great an. me 'reat; Inten Hair Rrnids, Rminleti atnd Frilette; Pearl lnd Toilet Powdier; Emery Baes; Ivory Tub Cushions: ae Potent Slides or CiGarters; (ull ElaStic Sspendeors; en Powder Pnfle andal oxes; Gilt Ceiinso, Seals ad Kens; ee Rar-dropol stnt; W lt Buekl; nBracelet; Bead cNeklaen s a nd Chainles; Gill and Siavered Bend; Indlian Beadls, ia BIllri anaid Plne ra.elll Twiat; Side and Dressing I C eNnb;wvih,in adllditin n o heir forner stock on hand, pin makes tleir assortlentt very eoIplete, nnd will be sod ma ow and no liberal terms, at hn o th e Golden Cohb. i5-t f 70 Chartres street. \V. & c. BNStnrr i Sfteld, Enrlauld, have jnst CL neived if very exte;sive set or pile ett.s, oensistial of Table and I)essert KniVre of o"- -" dcrirptnio, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Sp-I." point lnives; Raneore ,Seis eor. E. Toonala, &c. eAc. -c. which they are prepared ni exhihit to thetreade fororderi Ters and uonditions d will he meadi known at the time. auli( J. . REIN & A COIIEN..If Coommon st. e..reoei.n. InTARI'T & CO.--Are now rceivingg &per shilp llntinitlr, Eglte, Merry Andirew Hi,-h anler, FIrench al Germandnn lole leid playloet cards: a t tere, elt and pirket pistolcs; pDin, ribbed and spli it eain cnps: cap hltlders; c lsescste , Razor, tier. t yest fGillott'o eommercid anld othier steel pens; Via- I ns; Violin strings; shedl, ivory nd horn eOnmh; wafersc Ie k, bkadi l nd leather arse; hairle hirail, leont and aek rlinlets; negro pulos; Oermann eed Fi-enech cologne t water. Rnowlanld maeeenas.l oi!. imitation do; aitiille hr ull benlaen ilh pnriable deck, and drestsing cuse: past blrekinge; statiannd toilet glorses; convex mnlraitrt up- lh caglasses and views; indlian lat d, Irellscecl plnmes; or cmrlennl; whlit-teine; toilet and sharing oagps; toilet t, owder, esmetie wshr Italli; scented sain elsallionst pool sandttl; screw elhions; fae y tiad chains an sil neklnace; tIilliani balle ; pIonket rooks ani walelet ;n I eraen lalre. tzner so-ares; fine anlr common ygtl lasti-e suilrnder.c gnrtersdln; Blells lucikr matoches; sil ner peinrils; Creyons, re. &e. Tle nhove in ladditinll t out- former stck of fancv artieles, makesoit ll tnernelt n ie va For sale wholesale n - reltil; as thre sign oefhle eGonhtl Coan h, T, .hlrhiti rn , be n ncut lll. nil Itnirn, Keillpe &Co., of Rlndolrn, wan dii.elred oni I tC2i2st ef Mt In- , le inv tihe det(l[ of Samtuel A Mason, va ne of then pin ers. ,i I tire fitl-n o. I T . tilth ter srt;lin- ani atclnning oatid Iteinens as fiolleows: r rLeviC Harrisne wi u ul t'e settling of the bsinessli lt" M l ra s nct a.i CrttNarthez; and Ifnrrin, Kel- - cv & Cin. t Iillr le; nand Ile rve ICtlley will ntted Ito he acltlion f tine Itllstannsr oaidclleR, ateon n C&O., at e eirin l lt on tlrc. The tnaes of tlhe .veral linsre willie Ie ced oin In cnts, iiI innonln. l'ilninea. illbtled o irlas are carcetl requerted oc inlc frcrwird and m oke early setlelements; amt t thissc p ha ing cl itn Ileanse recnt them wimlloat delay. c l VI C HARRIS, t IIENRY KELLEY. New OIilelan , June 27, 1837. I -a. Aina ea'RI FAiluc NA'- COI.OGNE WATER l2 casnes mre of this sperleior Cologne water, just S received aed fir sale v lthe dozen or single erttl.-- l II Also Alerient ndrl ptenehr toilet pwnders, owdere rilr andllnrxel i p.nitul antil torel onepacosmeie lai btllh Illilk iofrne, etcnisuetie cold e rl al extr, e oI lrsek, il'll n \\'r Iti's vegetablie hair oil, pomnatirnl, i-,rer de paret Fh-loidtl. lveullndar, rose and bv waters, t - reF-to- sialts, iM-arneillen perlnittir~n iii trulnk.e vrnela ilet el It;tqime-u-"e, Chlolurinie ant Orrin tootar wenh, )n a ivaie al sy o f f mlridnne bOi ona n rd sllell r- eIttliennibsnd jimlite etale. low nalwholesele ac retail tbI t iby lSItLtMONS, IIAllAr ACO. r ni n '7ll Cahnlutresrr i street. a CIOn --'hln subohcr.eilrs hlve ten,llstannly e,-n ' hand a large sopp-lv ,f Canetl and Liverpnol coal. It i tn ulk. of stupterior qlualily, nwhich lhey offer for *s nil et i i t ti si it i tre lasrrs. SI Alco exlpclted by lhe lirst arrivals fromt Elln I Iland and the Inrllh, Cannl. , Lehigh and Peacb hI tltuntnin Cdl, hrelken and screened, put up in s Irtrlheillds exprtessly for Inimily l--ill of whinll a dlid t will t.ipose of oa tih most moderate terms. (n erdrs leht n their ukiere, Nu. 53 13ienville ct. up stairs. will lie ptoini lyp aetrnldel io. g net 3 II & A EOTIIJI. a, tolleae Water, P'rftmery &nc.--A sntacit.. lrtiele If rlllegnP, p ct lp expresslyf for ilt retail Ilrde; also the purest Feneh Perfilrlnrr+, riillmbra ; cing every variety lor ielie toilo , for s ile b I e nL REEhS & D'IANG. '0 ' ie Countlry Lrlcllants nrd Platnlurs. in N.ero rllthse, blankets, f innils, Itnscey, lowell a, obhecks, linecns, cnli iace, haldkrilchihfo, &e te,rtceltad otd lor sale low It Ibyhe slhscrl i be: s. IR()'tl'A & Co. rd net. cornerUCanal and Ctartrei se nd I L I t Glenrss Petfeuaeriese of lidian Dye, for coloring hie ltair ; Iear's Oil, a. uilssiallnsen eee bearcriee, Iiliateitlln lhcao's Frel ele ntia, rai.iiinor pearl iowder, hip l rlile, cream ) , rosr vegetabln e rdouge, oitto ol ranr, lip salve, kresle Iiollh wasalh, rair nirce -iturtliei-. orange Il wer waltr, poewder pulfs and loxe., A nerr,.an I, c ;harcoal, n elaty pu ill hler onc-llnl vials, Pres. t,11,11 balls, r g.II, krcsuOte tuolIh ac-lie drops, hair Sbrushes, Ecldlish dressinl elnlbs Indian air oil o with a vtietry ,lf oltherlperflumrir, &c. For seAr bdoy C. J. e '[CINCIIAuo Di od t 3 corncr of anttal and Blourtiolt its IR)ON ROOU S--The enscriers have procured at a great expallse, The right of Iputtnllg onI iron iroft In this a t. T'hey are ndnpled to pu! le buildings, warchouse.,r and private dwellinas,and Io blna atioelt clleapness and durabhlalr, and tare ptrftetly fire and waiter prollf. 'Terms tnay L knownlill , and a nmoldel seen at aur establishmenlai, lipnaite Sa. lary'a mailrker,Ttehapilotas la. act E BI COGSIt ELL, & Co UPI1OLSITE1IY & PAI'ERI IIANG INO STORE. Ienry Siebrecht, (rhrmetrly J. C. WVicka & Co.) awould melt respeccaliul inlrn his flaiends and the publi i in ryl, that ahlie has and is consihtant, ly re eivlnl a tneral a orltmenrln l t on f t Iphllistlery :and papeI'r Ilhanginl. The I.llo. inp LcompiiresP a part of hlis tock, which he of;ers faoraole at whole deoa or retail un tIhe most accoalllamodatlins terms, viz Frtnah velvet and tattli paper, latest sylle ; Io Itll acnllllno ol and tIonlmola n, Pnildrialtahio glazed aid unelli' !t r 1,, . d ", Fru h I anJ. sci te, lire , ira id 1, .Ir . . i , lv t alnd wlr.rtd di d d , :ninr:ra; doe.l.Ir"s ta naidatal tnatasgo e 'l'l :ii/., ,p:alll i and pl rtatt at llll at r i -ad tati n .g.i e , .rited p. t-itar.l paltin as tld c tloard. S il sai:l t litt , Ialstl at.l t plain a n d IillllllJ c eta ll dapery ii ,lrepl a all ar In t Itil ed, itals er ctieal , ra n' si lot 'nee ale wo trk f ir sofa c rtiotons, ft'attrt,'I v'i r, S&e reowi ) ile of Il l pi llers, ml dt it fi2ures find f ap n'ie y tw ow orntaents eia all pa to, . , S i ;c-, F'Ir I batal nult sdrt-a , febaer- t s, a r, ii . II o ItI Ti o ll 1f l· I r chi] fn lil S .rAe si '.t t ntl anl al tas I-, worst ld earll aied iat . set,l ' el ntrtIl a a-ttnt a tl a t fi n hll a ialanl anlltd pa -r J'tthtinetl c,t ln.r tlr:1 lyt n hal 1 ri tta ti o asol atln t lowesti Itacs at h ais 41 tlyarl and .l6 Cu tr an aN ia-- se-ls in trn ll city or o.nt rrl e ud ntry,! are re peci lhlly inl-at d I Colla* iand l x ml n .n Ir llTms lt ves". Carpes t.e d aroll'llS ll in toa he ltellst oIlln rn 'b,I rool s prepl alled tt the I tart snlt rtath nhid" all kinds- to UphSldeterv sanOla! dne wait ns tse.s and dep-latch. act 3 L ;tELit, No 54 Conde stree, teiween! DAloin and St i lt-plline isoallliantly ont hadlla I t * xtnlti-ive a lss lrt ma te of bolts aa nd rl n o att allla ll I nI g t New Ya rk niinui a ac:tnre, llnar. " t,. a -tat -n Irtd chilurrn of all nee,, which be will dispose of at very a oder'te pric, P. IFa nm tles oill t r is at q inla e ta' on e n e n t n ltor r a will tave their wslahes attended to L S SEGOUl ti D)EANESLA. a (-tan nalt-d ptia-t-r Tratatl,) hat justl btat reaeivdot nitan voice iat diotau'tro t.ut "ed to the l ar. Any ono who has ever elen oblilgetllo Ct'oeln ith a velry k' lte.on, Mal tine filiv erluible of Iian difficulty and i n iLarrsn llllent I bollnlle h t temeles alnd te in Ear Trumpet thi, oijeciion is entirely eliviated. The m l , tscepticalltnelhay.s aanded'ltheirdoublallter htavinl, u:.ed th T'l'ruipci. For sale at S FT GUI 0N'S, Sancyv store was( f C..In on and Sit Gkales ese o't ha a, h a a Cl tatto l n. a .t r tii ,3 t.ejrai (tt, to aun.tls s aod blhl faor ale by tJARAVIS & ANDttnIEW:S, haIlckcl. Dlu.gvlga . eorlner Lon.iulanl and T"l'hn Ias stare+. tdelaral ', I - LEAD-'-L - a thin S li i -i, i - 41) kegs, IUO - ', Say Tolt lt do 25 LNOIsh do--n5 I-4 btlr, I401 t n |US Paint [Iro o oit vtwoals size, t nr e t'ermli a n ort l 5 hbtl Calpal Vlarns~l; na 2 " Japea " 20 . ackas Gotl Leaf t 50 ,do Silver ,o; r I alal Datta Mitatol. tr' inDO1W (tl..tS, Amteritait, it tidin nal twntah a 41fe Ibeal, va aitn sdin a nod . Asoa, at 0 assortmentof lartista' rlouroa aod tol'a, thr ,eulo ty A W SCA't El, No 46 Cataal sareet,: N n. Alabatna n-tare takeba at t ra- ttt Missiasippi me. will be rt-eiaia- il 10 peracnt- dio ant for gods, n hi pl-ayrment nf dthat. ja I I pLOUR-.-It anrditg fle an steanter Indepeond. e ran, "-.ln 3 DOItsay, Naneratoan Rt-,r v-ra lSa--Taltee casoa of aht genuine artnlen, jt,,n rtatriv.d Iy era 3. rEaO,-: & t'LAN;, 13 Cii-,ip c, M1inmau-ri Rfop--SO aonit Uia.ntaa haml nopo, otode all of mlanap, tit ,rotr, nad far re.n by at 3 UOGEILhT & ilAWTtlIltN_, aid Gravicr at BOOK BINl ERY. Under ihe PTeyuneo Office, 7'2 COmp's. SRONSF\IA '& HO\VSON hee leave rn infanrm si their eusulmers anod he pnaiic generally, It p, they have removed their establilhment to No. 72 ri Ctrnp street, immedintely under the olfice of tie abs Picnynne-where they are prepared to execute all etn orihrs in their line. tn IInini received from the North a supply olf p- Lg per and tnateriels of a superior quas'ty., for the IW manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser. vice to nmerchnnts and other', who many wish is work of thbn kind ; and havine the edvngiage of h several yoa:lr' experience in that line, they nre jan confident of riving entisfartion to those who mayll me f vnr thesm with their custom. on For ananriec, nrchitects and others, maps and nat plans will he pasted on linen. vatnished and mounted in the lleutost manner, & at the shortest fil nnaioe. ca Plain and fnne hbinding, in nIl its vriirae at. to CCliNAl tLArkEo &nL taitet lt,a n -vai. Cnalutnea if 36 lhnrres sltreet, New Orleans. 1I|TM,. SEGIIEANT & Co. importers of French hit nnald snlseh China and Earthen were. are of now openling new and rich patterns of breakfast, ms dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea e anil cffee cups, teapois, sugars, erernans, bowle., plates, dishes, tureens, wash busin ann. e.otea, s fo',t baths, etc. e. m Rich cut nnd plain French and American gleans to war,--gnhlete, chnlmpaines, lemonndes, jellier, ie iclarets, mine,, nradils, cntr- howlei docitatiers. th tumblers, preserv IedIsh ee cleeries, pitchler nlmps, Sami shnde and glasses, canldle slndo, salt cel- s lres, etc., id Stver pinted, bronzed and britania wanrre--era i e r', liquior stands, cake holukersi eiandlelriecks, ic hranches, a ones, llles, coffn e nd tenlpts, suntgar, crelnam. Inmps, jiltnlned trays, astral stanldr,nd lt hnusing linmps, iina cutlery, German sdlver lto-enti ut ln forks, lo etlher with a reat varlelty f .a icrllles il t for faily eae. Mlerehanta, plnnete, hoit. ls, andt iennanbtars, furnished wt'hl golods at thle mOst r:a uena.ble prices, and paiked sb l anc i ct ltveyivyed mwtth l saetyl t nny part of the couni r. it A- s n. nnt hrnri,.Oc a ,ln w re. nim n TIlHE FLORID.\ LINE Ica.. . or Mltle I tn, (Go '. a hIr.ea.nllaht every dny nt ilarce I e .lace. p m per U S toail hait f,,r Hlinl's I.,ndtlr, aholre Clakrly.--tI.ene aonre ti-t ,co che tol P:nsataol nla-t .ienc, bnnl ati int o n Igrainee, whre ehe landt Irle is re.medel-hence fi i via elarinnlna iati a rnwnsvill, Fla:. nd ibl idPIn I s I' nt, 11 twkitsville. aSo ,adcrevill, &L l. iis. ao ville to A uiustna, Ga, ' necting . rt :ulnrly wetilt ii ar h the r nil ren! cars in Charles.on, nl thf ste.ltm f erkets to Ntow' York, N.tralnk, P.iladelphia, etc. en ite tllrllln ts are tr i h est fior ti.e service, ant a t the rlnvigation piesentc s tn:l re advantales thnou cn be ae founld upon any esalnao nt route in the south.- i ern region.. •ld The great improvemnents in the renl t have been c san produced by the constructian of fifty miles of new Y' road, by the prptietors, viz : from IanGrange on lIFavaette Ieayou, en arm of Santa Rosa B y, to Ilryant's Ferry, on the Chattrlbochee river, ten iilte abaove the Cowlird, or 14 above Cedar Blufft, st whereby the navigattttn of tle river, nod the con setqunt detentions, and more recently the inc on cr veCient crossin at tile Cowforrl, are entirely sh avoidedl, and a fine road from nlarianna direct ntto t inbridllg instead of the roundabout ro'd via tn, i tts;lhoochrt t ., lessening the distance houilt flirty is, mnilesr, and inernasing the facilities nmore than I- once a lly. Ist, Alro, It iranch line of two horse n ao rtn every tell ohcr dt y yi.m IH awkiiavwlle, via P rry no Macott, tal Ga. conlecling with the line to Saitvlnnallh eitl A ta lltlL steleamboat lies regularly al e wern I Bainblidee an.l Apalachieola. Travlile r wishing an to reaelh any point oan Clnallsinnchou or Atiulath':-l cola, eiln toae sIteonalhoat II Btronwnsvlle. for obile ti Pensacola-Lnnd Untie--Durin, the time necenp'el by the repairs hof bne , tilh propn1; ' tars u of fl Flo'rida lino e illi run a line oat ,to tIi Rnrer past e:,cahes every other day betwe n i31, in Iilr and Pensacola. /c Passep.Lrs will leave hIihile a t 3 u'.lek . p m, iS. ill the US lll t bo) a, ad proceed to lills Land,. t. inr, where itn our horse couach will I& in a aiiang ao eonvey thhlt to the excellent Iaoui e of r. Ca r nrln lall, 1 I1 4 mile dista nt, nwhere they uwill lnid j pleauant ileconnmmodn.lions for the tight--loavci. tail next eornintg, they will arrive in l'ena ncul earl an in Ihe Uveantg, t 11a t avoiding the dIsec lnfort tof niht tr:vellint.' Oice at thie Mlansion louse, Mo.ile, nndC.ait. linia' Ilotel, Peinsleal, where seats mustt be acaeu red. STOGh'ON & Co. nov I "l! . . . --- ;- --- --- .. -- - - - o - - - - uPiano Faori Inlstrlion. o 'f W illiam Smrn It tenders his services to tlie ciii z.en of New Orleansa as a taeneler tI the pian , orte. Mr , htae'ial been enp.yta d sverl years as ta ch ler ,I nauSiC i n private flnllllllle in I sttllll, and Malout a ecvc ral of the flatale semtninaries in its Ill, vit citay, cannot but hope to merit their confid rince, re, 11e is permlited to refer to Rev Dr C:l.pp, Mlttsre ,am Steison & Avr ry, Ilonderseni &. Gaite. ve, For terlms, &;c please apply at the bookstore of age AlcxnnderT'lwer,49Capnlst o(t 2 ran tee. )Drugs and .iledirincs, tair J I Prtvnst lihas le~lned himsell in this city for cul, the Ilanrltse of Irncactiant n general \h1la-ensanle tale Iroae husines. lhe is now rece lving a full ls l plty ol Iresh ndn l genuile nrtulhsI , .which he will sell on liberal errus 'To city druggists and iho.l of - te ilntr rior, ,to physielans., nert hants nnd plalnt r, e l hie will oil r indllcen:ents such ss n h1Ve never he. ren fh-re b' en ,tfl re ,I in thlis cit'y. Ilis intention iis to Sli don stuc ly lenitimtate business. Ils stack will nil nsa ion be linplet, on I int a few weel. will ie ran. and itliy r bllsnress. All orders Irom the countlry, nnd noa from terchants o I i- city, receiving such orders ai, will hl hl pr plly'attended to. S n t 2 No 39S amp at l'ROSPEC'IUS. TIE Istbseriher p'oposes to publish, in the be. ginnnmg of tie onrsing winter, a Condensation I f tile twollty volumes of tihe Old and New Series of M5ortm's Looisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumeds, lio., according to tie model of Peters' Conrmes:d Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Elq, of thin city, assisted by Williamti F. Brand, Esq. l'he Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Caslrt, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal srperviierlon all thl tsdv'.rtlllre which masy natrallly bn r.apal from theoir experirneo. Such a work is becoming every day mlrl ne-. esecary, as tlhe origin:l is yotrlllinOlls, epeCtsiv.r and scaree. An inererning curiosity too is ,maui lirt, in the other Stiates of tlie Unin., in roti 'ence to Ihe peclrarjurieprudenoee ol Lorl.siiana; aind the cirOlnmrlncell oflC ll tie nltrlllrotll prenplller:i s here dI, idoed in tlhe djrliistmllrnt of i:ollits of lter~, sl:kes the kirwrr'lrhg of nur adjrudged case. of iprime uti. lily tl throjuritsofC the wirol Union. o loreTvrr,. the rising rtpublieof T'exass ,a Rlldopiod or codes, and tihs ther f is a griet demard for the Louisiana deoisions from a fresh quarter. Contrcnient nIotes, indic:ting the parailel cases decidedt in Lolisiana, nlod ocie'toinally thsose Il t' c more autlhritative forumsa of the other States, wit. oe sadded to each case. 'i'its work will forlem foulr volumes, royal octave, and will he delivered, bound, to subrse:hers at O6l per vol,; in aose it lourl I be ralund practicable to compress it inte to hree volumes, the p-ice to si.i ecrihere will ie t 7 pr vol. ,u;bscriptione receievd by WVM MlicIEAN, .l r Eor (lCamp and C(omIon siIlli. Tl IIOI.ESALE AND Ii.TAII.COMIt AND VA . R IEfI'Y S'1'ORll:-at the sign of tile gohlen comb, lMo70 'Chlttres steet. The 'llhCcribers rave re eocivdil. iuldiliotlo their pretr:ols stlnk (in hand, ia fall nd completr.e .ortnent of nlticles ill their liune; i: cari., prrflmirro, Jiwrllrv, biruoihes, lceking, glassee, ti's'y artir le,' , t ;.t', i "th i l itltop rt tarr, 'r ',c: ('C ltS-lortoi.e'r-hell, wrrt r ht anrlrdaie r r tuh.rt leri ,, qIilledl hack, lotn r.ud, dres. ing, sid,! pull; curl and qlerk, Bzliaerl conesi of every dIescription iciamongst whlill ar: omine Mtexienn putter;, Ivar;y cotmU}. of evetv daseriuo;ne, hbrer, drh and )paicket, tog.,:her with ti generi l ni=orliltmentolFlreoat ill n Amrill,. I' reRFU-MII Y-Cologrne, Iaveider, Floridte, houey, bhil, rol,, and oranl flhtnwaer of everry srizn i drIy cription, camphorated Cololgner, extract'of Ic:rtearnt, lauiy rnaps of 'll kindr, shaving ri ir rraket nd r tote el lta .lonphn, 'ltrd's vegetsably lair nil. heavs auI an-. iioer plmdehr, pearl powder, tow 'ler pllf- nt d huxtn s I t .e mt nce ii n poa' talr rolle,orrTn llhloriln toothl wra.h mnd lloldrl.a., with It eerlue i Rasolilneltofl J:l"\V:E..It '--·onle of the latest umd roo't't fna<.h a. ide Netts, CellsiSip f r'hlite and red 'olnrni llll, tIq - I jet errprrlprs, .tet in filratreec, hrtest pinr ofa preror" ,,oIr it of. I tplirll.,, Wllth trimlmlil:_-, i ndll cnd iai· ovtklses silver tlhlimle.., silvr ui d 1ul P Iil nu r e ll l d uarsd chaini lRUStic Slt --Cloth, hair, .Ilst, r l,crilm,hearllilionr, Ilre, teilt, tlloS , pirlte, conlb, Nail, haliig, sho Ice nd IOO1KINi (iLASSES-Gernmat ltlli anrd toilet tlnai.s iirlnorlfyrino r int l'relch dreesehi, hboe do, rwhtih s.uriiv ot olther ki!tl.r not enairerntred. IF'ANC'Y AND VARIETY AlTIl'ICLEiS-Frelchr oodd American portalne decks reln drecsiag 'aees, uorte venyrid' an, lioritr G tistId hlircv riork bIeisuilnd dir'e enig .elles willt anr without nn.sie, cosical boxe- e cordianns o Ivariourts kinds, violits and goiters, silver atnds plated prencilr ind leadcr,wood petlcils for arpterilrrrs alnd erayontimltle clockr,gunann llopistols with and witholt fineand coo1lllo n knives, razors and sciessors, trllibl;e, t rled it, tlill', silver 'lh'tl , steel niid collntllrnin r n et'I canlr llnld Irrd cases, iyilno clrds of rLrelhr. tie , rlitill inu Amerorien isiooaulotcluro. dnllee ilairrlirra ferrlit,rcnil boxes, prntll of varioul kinds, Sanlldres' llrolery's, Ensnerio'sdllillman'e oid lsawkin't s razor strulas and nmetallie hineuo,dirks, fmusy eadl neekluerr, doi wsllrh rr drnp, toy watelhes, parlbnttoens, pc oder tihsk. at cuota Irloiri sereMC~ends. gilt eod silver doo, gout eorutie seaa-cit der, rid glerrs, plain and owrd caner, Ihb gtamoteon bonrds, dice, opticalviereues,jwonhnrps, hlsrrtlbeo norrlc soand drinking cps, with variety ol uller arti sles, nIl ofwlur h will Ibe sold fir eolsh or city eercplran. ees on 12 rnuithe credit. B 1 8lMlAIOi5, & co. .14 7d0 Ctlit € 01s' Nhtdi-rll Bnor.kL-leuia on Plhhibio, doI. o A i o4lletitil, ar ew sopplpy, reld by fe I Ao 'OWAIt, 19 Ca1i 111HK IS I)Lihoa I'ANAi,KAl. the ..n ..... lefotism.e .fi ola kigrsl,ogni, niatic or hip go, i , t, inc;i it ci a rs, sti rhll.n, 1' iphiliti candl mercirial ,tiseses. arItlatlnrlv ulernoI pasittulaffectiol i"f the bones, leeratetlthroni.tas nose rils, uloaers of every descripltion, fever sores, and iiternal ca obsesses, fistulas, piles, seal headn, senury, hiles, cdno lc sloreeyes, er'siprels,hlollrs, anes every varietyoflco- 1'l nerous alfeetini, clronic Cotnrh, leiit ache ploceeed- OOi ng from any neiid humor, paii in tile stomach unid dtr wpdsla proceeding f'onvmsrintion, aflt'etioncof the liver, chronic inflammstinn oflthe kihleros, anet genel-A dhllili- Cii y causedl hya torpid action of thevesselsof the skin. It e si l icacious in renovating those eonstitcions to whielihave wbee broken down iby iljodieiouts Ireatmeot, liEi juvenile irree-ulaities. In general terms, it is reinm- n mesed In all those diseasesr wlieh arise From impurities of the blool, or initiation of thie Iumoro, of whatever nameor kild. Some of the shove complaloints may require some trii- " flingasistaot applications, whihil thelirceumstanees oftthe ease will dlictact;but for a geieralremedy or Plorielator i toremove the ense, tlhe N DIAN'S PANACEA will generally be founod sufficient. TO THFE PUBLIC. Ilow trnue it is, that modlern Pllysicians, m their am- f bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ot of science by the aihl ofehemistr, ani seek olt new re- c medilal agesilts; in short, to arrive at perftrction in the practice iy mesas of art alone,-eontirely overlook aid ineglect, as beneathl theuIrnttce, the rich and bosuious in stores ofmedleine, which the Almightly haes catsedl to in sprilg ouit of the earthI i every eliime Anl how moch more true isit that whilethe Americnn P'hysiainn looks In to iforeign eontriesfor many of his most eonmmn and th oecesulry atlieles, ilrpetonaly ehanging as theyn are at A the ilictates of fashion or folly, tie is seroriianll i llhis .1 own eountry withll an elndless profusino of nmedical pkins, ot sufiieiont to answerany illediation in disease or to cure I one cnurlo disordler anid yet he is ignorant of thleir vieht tuoes, tld thiey ace sufferedlto 'wsste tieir healing on the n desert air.' Thle etffects of vegetahle medicines upon the s stem are temnpoinry--those of minernls lasting. The Ifirnmer ex ert the ireelfets ald palss off-thle latter, merueory in palr ' tieulr, act chemically upon the solildso, deeomposnlg the bonles and esndermininiog tile constlittios by a slow an r sll n destronltnl. The colgeniallity, eficiency anei SAFEYInv ofe.neta ile remedies over miineal, m.y. lte estimated verollntirt- ii ingthe aneient p.irctice with thie molern; or, to birig il muore immediately no;ler orr owe observltion, i Il",lu at praectice with thot of the whites. lWho, in Ameriaen, isl not knowolrtheard of reeraltl instances whereilo some stecrphil, o titi'etendinog femnle Illan, by measnso[ nier simptle heeedie aloon, hsesrfted the snort rapitl Ic aclnistonishing eores, .tderthe M:lteira Meliea of thei I -ammon practice, dlirected it the mnost skilfl manllner, I lhals foiled? And who hais not been slrprised at the eomn parativerase nid iltility witeh which the Inlian fres hi m i self from any dlisease, lid at the almost Iota ohstihneie ofehleroieidisen:sE amog them1 Who h:lo erel heard ol an Ildian withla econstitutioo bhroki ani rItiedi by 1 ilitreatmeatt? A:ndl caon a dobt exist that this happy ex emption of tle avage frnom most of thle ills whicl the flesh c moan is heir to, is chielly owing to more gRellia andl safe remediles which hle em ploys? 'his asltnish-lI inge dtcifreoce in suecess, is a fair exemplifiecation of the idfilote superiority of tile simnple and safe means of core I which God has crented for the henefit of his ehillren, over those which the plride atd the art of mnnm have in vented. From a long residence among a portion of thie aborigin alinhabitantsof thisconatey, atao ilotimlate aeniaen tancewiththe, methods of ereof some of their ,most sucessfil pralctitioners, the proprietor ot 'The tldinn's Panacees,'aciqired a knowledge of some of the most powerliland Ftroriteremedies. Fmntheseheselectedl such as wner most eflcaeios nld approlpriatnes, lned after va rious experiments toI test their principles nled striengtIh,~ he has eomnbined thlem in thile form hiere preseited, as the most perfect lai ineficial tor the puirpose for which iti is recommended. 'The Iroprietor oll.rsnhis preparatioe n to the public, I width tile consciousness that he is pacing withintlheir sea, I a remedyn cnpble ofrclevilg mIay of his alioteld iul low beings, whlo are slluiieng neder tile varonl eo chioni nlsiohistiniiecoolainilis to rwhichi t is appliclable. lTo such it will prve ofl' inlenlcuhle all ne, as the meaiss, antd in many rases, the oly Imansoftelievngthcir snl ferings and restoriing them once more to health atl npl P iness. Thiss notoltleril nae enm eon rcme'dv, that may per elhance hIe cntlv good width mans y othelrs orn in Sae, baut as one hih is caplal~le of sa\ ing lie in alan" Sextre e eases h tichall theuiuatlruci edicsfdiit. 'This it Ihas dole r'epeatedlv; anl this is the I'rtputl:tion itihasobo itained whlerever itluhas lcel intirmilled. SIt is onllyV iabout i hl.'e veirs sie thisprepa i.rRatlion was i preletell to ihe illlie:itt lliti Ihit slhirt slace e tllite, soenliienlhntils"f pel'SIlISllli'ht holueilun, i hel wt lhI solemn l dcclalle t1at Ihiiir Ileved tliat heil. lives wevlI saved brT it, and in moS ~.Ses ali'er they lhnt tried many v and elnii all the comIni itemdiesIIC ii vainig. Wh.ieiI: ever at hkown it ise'aptlly cliig into ibeI anl th s affordsthe n totlaubstantlalaed onvincing Iproof of it T melrits. Thle valle< In Ittll CPll ci iost eolllpicto ll in tllos. toeei sieltoiier evl svnihi e etie ttcs. tni ls eeiiti s ictleh have die i., all ihfv re t.l iss : i l rtitleh ll Sin ilthosu Eastes 'ere nrcs lurl es bceel so laiti l !' ,el as to cttSe diStlreSSillng p:lilS ill Ltht blOnes, slOIlls, mIi 'c1.11 I hi ullcers, Iciallr tlllll f lihle I i I.sive norit ' , t ' .t. 'lhese it cllneticelt Ici wt, ait d ierll casis it tntilr Ily ealicalte.s thie hiscut.s re d ieilticnI al~tltl n lwe., rlLIo. volestlhe conllstihlloo, Indl heilhSe e paliCtm so'llld ilnl i well. In Ihen.lllt itllt ain 1 i iltll.crted silt e thralls, it s hi 1:is5 tItieCts ei U i ot h le s III parii hi ;. toil i :II o't ill lnt cii t'rsrpiit:tJi° t/ ITaki n in riit ,pl"e 'tilt(se, itttielttlia 'th enit neesli ni plra li.t ai san 'tlel.llal ivti ee11t i iett~rlc;ll a ii:lpl iltit c, dirllltliLe, nt lll itxatigtvs, :li :n'ie-spisii lllteic lllill :o e )ilinle '11111e ill pn'lOt e r elii'Se S, lllle ' 1tus u.c llenellll .dnu .ao ue. Gtiel lily exreiIssell, ih iclle:isies nlil thie scelatlimolS ll tIii et Erltians ciives InpI'io Ie i tI yelrlllleCyI rpe Lxcit(esetlilln iin itsoleratillns tiiiit' It iulciti'igl tie. s "lhisn melicin~e has been ihunl highiv ~sethf l io sunny r o hrusguni..iisetil.nilwo.i i . tpteited, ai'un it Ies hcen e Isel with wondlerl'lll ' as a Sprlinl. iiil Ii Fall I'11 Srilaerlti, y those \I hliiitie sulte tit' lt'sicit ocol Its" th Ihest, an wHlodse Contt.l utlolilonaqltue: nIw uIC e. Silt:[I pl).! snls will do well to uie t vlo or Ihl'ce hbotlle. ill s;,ll Ih.:, ses. W\henever a diet drink is ecl=Sidere nc e 'ts. ire this Panaaea,tlakenl in a slnell hi]sc; w\ill unlswe ial iI's purn'loses, ill ilChe less lime, at lItss expcist, a lllllin nl farmo 1r11)e ahgreeltble nillalllnl tllllnl the c1Ollmlnn diCLt Iinik. S The fnllowii i d erntiticaty s oi t of lnidrels s iimih,t Swhic might be proeuredl ae gFivo to showi tii.iect ol I the llrleel's Ionlrleal illntihetalunr uS eomll:aic nIrerii ia lentei~nedliel isotoexhibit ii the most satislIctoIrT a'ntu lnr its soprir y overthe sce llcte in etiOll nsei CASES OF' ]ILIFU.IATIISMI. Clu.IaItS.ror x .ov. 15, 1F3J. leuing the lasc ictei us1 sIl inlg I as anleiibict hith aI ver" severe amt lldisrell: I'he uOl:ltisnl, ocensionlall hv l ex oIi'OS 'i ll ball wl',rlthel·. Ill:),& l~lk at~r Ileasllr~e Il ofslalh~lltat si Itlrcles oftlhe I~~inl.'s I'mmlaea, I'e..l+l'[,ll lme seiott Iheblllil lll i eololldlllly rle mndlllll it to a ie ltlehtmls tlltititic iti JOtINi FI RGlU'SONr Kitii g st. ( Ium.stox.., .\arch '.7, 18,].. n I weas seJeilze SloIt Lhl'ee l ars sillce, l itll adistres in'. r heu latisll, cnlusll ti taking i I sivel. ollt, hllile niiii4 k theinfluenceof mercury, ulro which has dIsable, I r" n have hcon a patien in the .Maine bn pitalS ia Ihis iS II-l sti or months, and neary thue reey itttthci ii e tilt nir :h i it ret I hi spitall an t.'i't l hns, t it ter tinm i, lt ii h lite le leii - cit t he 1: t o i lto lIst, at ihat t- cl v aleto more +*tholull. iiol cr.lllth. 12l ', I c l umn l t ul.ll u th u uisie c htlilllS I')tallnu.n e . Ii l 11' I!r'mllh I theibd mt If lllnirtl i'' tieed l'ini Iini, aiin :ir Snow h:'lpy Ito sltae thnt I cuo etcT i , .Illf .-li lv w ell. \V.\. TIUCIK.E , !3 .\':rke.t st. C' A .'iSES O)1. SCH(OrFUI.(US UIC'ItIS. S Thiuclvmnr erslify lhat Icol thI l I I l l. .i" el d' . niti aIsweIt lineniny k Inl' i ,l.ltrsillatee, Ihich oe alli:ll n Ai'r vings,.cl e ihyi sicla n ton e' l.eI gn , I wen tro Ihilhdelphnn, ad plered wlussl" mulelr. the talrea w irdsllolaktyIll c' Iirl'esolSwnil's PaceI'n:lt i-111 cakihc rsles ol iolctleris ltele licnItl, 'itiittio tIerilcll Ieticlil ])us ail'ilg of Ile, \. ]lch had Ilow Ibecome a [bu'theni to ie, I r tultrne o iy paceiltste ill N i ot l itlle 29, ar Sgalemsel iipio a linite'riig death. Ileaiinc of tin oge eat suettss of1 The holland's l'+nacea, Ihowever, to ear - smilar to may own11 I was persllaledl to ty it, :s a iast rl sort*. "|on i) e nlt;t sllrprise, asq well as saitisfthetionl slletll bllrlll nl..fl~lll~a lltl Le~lllll.( SI~llllll illlkl· takilll1 Ietl, l ti.n holesiders Iai. life slrllle " i iisbove rr. iii, F"P- 1VSI. 111511A? Ciestcsrois.July li, I ni31. I w.ns tliteeti, fine y'ers iilli aill tlcr il thle leg, oi. url i a;'ionaflly leonypaniedwt ryinos nlla o:Ial eecsnSiv vlil' i tihle le ei-l ticle jointi. SciCinil f thInen t phyticiant e l lt. tlhc'inhkll 0irinli]t, Ittite 'e,,Tl ptmyorupiitiseattioetio Htteymykm ail hu t ntpr ehe t Ihis solrrtvll. ltide e boelc e Ih liti:oS I 'incei mu evahii . peet yect cite. r, MAtAI A WESt, 2 kt ol"n r ile lile II:lY IINNAllIIL, ,hyggis, ni e .; ,i I : a tile nlIicitr. ll, l'l,'eivhotiitlanosilrit he leo INiW OIL EANS hNAWlitVLLEL 1 RAIL ti)0,1 CO31P.tNV. S II: st Ir1kh111er.1 ef this c tmlley are hereby to . ilid al t nl. it by ren dill lu of tile hIu:trd 1 f (]irer ,et:.n peassede : e ll.e 19th inltt, the cull ut efin the il oIl ihe 13tlh "ebrualry last.lir thIn pwnwlnt of Gtire bill re Share, wnT recilcled, :and the said stockihleldcr nre ier thei Ilowigjlpaymeutleln the ilte stock hold re,_),e iveh" Iy (hllu, vi:--hvo .loiari per sharI , itmvohle oil ]nt le nl` the first lday of DeCeher . t;b 'rl, till doilur.i per silne pnyl iee lel the list dlv lof lareci inet. Nl'witheeivele ho it roee olie, t. thit.,ilcrta' of this company shlll otif" theN shreI hldersi t herin, thro ugh tihe plulic pr.nts o" ithe citythIlat in Ioulormitt with leilt sixth slctlionl f tle chiarter, they are perittIl i I postl.pieanlly IIpaymenUe led in i tli e eOel d eIllFaid Clllllmn for f ile tete llllfeixtl days, lrtt rai otllter ile ally o thlich it i.Iie n iltehe, t tle ilit ixle on o esaid protllloltiouv of lVixtyllt ayil, ltlllll anlaldr I 1r h," ' OU which it should have IeeII IIil, thile then the s.t k on chit.listihutuk ofilen leehul.uhave l utuiad l lj IC etr "a .ar rllh ito the eoIad nlue ly tie ch rt lirl o ih t a elItil arle it Itty meltllled bu postpond r the in htietillll pd iint tH'ile ilil erell iv e. f eoI lfo nllity tlherioreC IIC, o ii cenll, nllstnek of te slocklrolden i'e said ui,oltn Illlie thik pron r tIn piutltten ttif ti1te iltlt. h ck las perI siNre eAll oil teruad inUe Ito tlhe first of ,ele teiler ilex, inay be postpout t under the sillh secJlo. of said charter, until lne :llt dloy of IOtoher Ilet, tII the payment o: Iwn dulllra per share cilletl for, Pllod dUO OILu fu*ist day Of December nelt, mlly lbe pilot poled uutil the 30th day of JlllluarI Iex.\t; id ihe ipit melt of two dolllars per shIre celled for aulhle uol Ih Illtday of Mlarhll next, iIay be pUolllpl nd tllil "fle the X1 day of'April next. Extrecti of tits ulmhule of the hoard,. june 21 . A It MoNAIrI, tierr . ! r ' lltn:;,fi se _Jl IlllN II (I1LA1)t1M. sp 16 Royal College of Physiicns, Laonlldo. JU Tr1iI origilial Vegetab:le Itciahm Uo l rsl:d Mall- i cine, prempared by \V .liskin, EI.q. M1cnum er .r he It.e al College of lSurgeons, Li'entiate of A1pihe ciy'sComplRny. Follen of' Bolt Court Society, S.lgen.ill n i to the Royll Union Pension Asociltiln, Locnas.r etso Place, Waterloo Bridge, nild Plrpetual Pupil of Guy' vari and St. 'l'hoInls's Ilospitals, Londlon. Tih This valuable medicine, the result of twenly yenrs'o it experielce and mlunralleled suicces in the extensivett ai iland highly respetlble lpnwtiee of the propriety, punto iised by the facolty anI nobiliti, ati is now inoirotuctod ing to the notice of the American ipublie, at the earnest so- 1 licitoliio ef a etlmber olgentletnltl of log and tIliii tie. standing in the profesion. It is hoped, as a prelimi- co| nlry step, to check the evils aild Ioatil coseqtlleincesa i lrising from the use of tile numiterous andll deleteriotus vet naostlnmli toisted upon the poblic hy the aid of lideitcl tall prooof r miraculoui etoll s, n o the frtauds, byn set of eld telrlTclnly, oinitincipled icretelllers, so totally ignliollaoit of mIcical science, thrat it imnpossille the monstrous lir dllusinl clan any longer go down with the intelligent Illi people ofthisco nat y. 'lolsl. siills, mlilil anll grIeeablo eo in their lntllre, should te keplt to every fimity in tal of suldlcll illless, fot', by their peromll.t adminituIlion, nIt cholera, ernuntt c atsiies, fevers, land other alarmiing yr eomplaillnts, wlic too oftern plrove tittal, I.y be specili- cit Iv erced or preventeud. lnt fi.t, all those who vllle good or ilealth, sholld never be wcithoilt thelm. They are solt' to, in plckets at 51t cents, $ nud $c lchI, ly every resplec p falble drlluggist, boksellet', andlc venitllrlf imedolicnlle ti United Sltates tl e Ca asllill withll colious irectlions, in Iogether with. cnlaniinias of profssionial lbility tit ft the folltwhig etlillient gretillcln: Sir Asllty UCllpr, J of Ahertiell., Janes lllnidell, I. I)., 9V. IlHck, M. DI., tv J. Aston "Ky, A. EPrimpton, M. 1)., tland numeorolus C o.tlers. The originials may e seen ir I ipossssionl o the ia lelneral Agent, by whom the mledioince is lnlportedl ilto ii, thlis ciunttry, anld to whio all lapplicaltions fIorageliea i tllltt i e mnlae. iof JNO. IIOLlEIN, 129 Wareily Place, N. York, 01 Sole ieneral Agentll lir the q.uite States, .e. it: For sale by alppoiltmlt nt of the original aprolrinetlr. cr b-y Swant U tIleorant, 1ruggist, No U l Ciaa street, v Ig 'ienrn Agent lbor Slattlthe of L.nllliio. jul VS In SEMILNY It LEE & co, No nagatzin e streetl, ore ns i row receivitng froam ships Nastvrille, loistili, it (iitieChon, Eglte,oawl other late arrivals ronm :It, ir il :leriin cite. ltge t aild Inew scleslcd :asaso'llllt t I!:tIs, loot00, loesi and Ol l a.gust eantnslitng ofl.gitleleuin'st fll calf' isl Morlcco blons b ido l. quaitiliti; to butiill, and stoiit wal peggel bIoots ii f sariOlis quilaities; tmen's fine calf sealt and l Morote p ir lo. llpimps anldi broga.ns, bIckkhii shlocs, lbrogas illa I stppeysia: men's ie call nlid kippei peggeld slhoesaa l p, rI ogtus;i do boots; tilo stot kip uilwax pegged shoes L P ul adbr'ahans; gentlemen's best luality cllf 'aredi shoets. I I .gotl iord lJack )Iwnlitgs; do cailf andii Morncco c t hckle sliitos and brogois; itl calf, seal noti l N)orocro" .i i Itdlial slhoes ilnd sliipe .s, ido colt, huff Iiian seatl wnIFg y .oew article; do line calf, se:.l nnll moroco irlollrl, a tIts; boys', misses' tid childr.'s al.pgged antod soweIl leonins, iid shliesof icel -jtltitv ld kiind. Also t geneRl tI ssolatlnuti of men's stlalt wla r al p rlr broganls and: shill s, ogether with 10,,001) pallilr agro g lost quality, russtt Ibrogans, uniled in th it banlks, made cxrel Sly for ilantatlioon use o goiodls- it I rltntal of menas fine andi stout kil ruetIlltt hrlons, a - t iw article, anld l arge lquantity of al inerior quality it rilsst alnl wax brogams. Lildies' file calf, seal, mnoroccon ad grain wells, alt a '- pump sole shoes; ido fine Fie.ich ) ltroco and kid uilll t '.lnl satlippelrs; o rolnt shoes, with atd witlhot lihlsl; a l ucalf, seal and slot leathleri hooltctls do tiruneltl shoe ac at Ifail kidIs and qualities; do lasting i rogansl; o gIiter dI t,'and foxed bolotees. Mliases' lastiagoping sheras:llt t m.gins. Chihhrent'scolor ul'rcoi u l:astillng brl , b llak:ldnd boots, kc. i" i.letlitenu'sflefthstlionable blac k ilk hats; ilo black it i I dllb beavr to a snperelioar llli i dot iilltilion it ram .do; Ibroad :.tld narrow brimn lt. liln, ir:ll dra w ll c1: b k Iussint short unpped hats, a new rutilrl. Y a-bls" 0 lt ;e size hats of lilteriecnt qualities; i i chliircli't. l- n'll l anild bl:y's black and drlb:l wlI hlils of vlilll o lit les, with genelaal asaortlireit of ll s' wald lmen's 0 s.at1 cips. ' 1is aso tells nt will be r ,plhnibhld h, lljh ilrival of Aeat h nicketstrolni thentive naediCil ities, iall of which itiibe soldol accoimmodatitng lers. l 1-11 ,nt ---- i nl (l)NT'Ami (;I' II.'lLIl NFO l THE ll T1i::71. git Illloetali llichell retlullt ionll at'ull ril:ul I lClc 'ii-l l '' 1 demul fir tIO ril i:P11 td 111nly p, a : !arr ,e servntiv l o1 the lt th, hi, iti l ,t.t d ta .i h-ctrib r as it il the Amtariran it blia. A'aaarllratli hiln a, beent Hrti e to i t lt tagr.tnis hi till tihea i iti l rid. e I lIteii1'1 reach of those suf11 ,rin) and lil, , toV sul' l r III < ol.; Vhlit'iI l iallii lll, ill hi* l toll ilie'i'etalllu _iva i In Ihtstlht I ,it hIa a i litv r thi .ir ' I ,iii' ii'.l i t ulll it In enllt relihf. It also airrlest he I, ,.v y I i, I id:liv teeth,annl relli.evs tIhat taw ll .ltt ich , f ol I se ruii r l i a ttic. i ,00i h it lia h ' l'ht I .i ,litr' a i Ii its remedy are iill :h, i:1mng L'.lh :i 11. ':.,llit; 00tl i the I., mio ,rr o l, .i t ii.iT rent il o'i. . I t ied r inn I ,that llll iar ooht i hh' Idy "p:"1l ll ' 1 1- h hlihif, ni titi $1 I r o li ,,. wto . h .I .\1:11 Ii. &.l l \lill.'ii\\' t11r 5 (l'- , ll!il!.,,' il,, Znthl '!','l.nloli, Il',. 1 .00 iIOTI 1 'IO 'lli: i l.i'.t --- ,lii ,,, S rumors th ll Ill te u I~nller ld hevlng ,IJ lil ar dictat+'dInu:dl his obl ntil lngl e ICbb· hed GAItDi:i N Se Ii'I) ''tit'tl ' Ivillt t ,iia li .t iilet tri' i r illl.!' et r-ill t tit t btiy si lf. interelstd palrites, the Isua rther ' ., ta o a lsui lr hr frienlds ,ilnl rally, anltd I he c ill: i I l r2,, th.:t !d+ still continuies within Iw0 tWorsll o. " hsll ilt,, or Ilorct r atal, d, ti o it liars a hd It ith a full ' nl e i toalac suppl al ti a t tr ll O sta ,rd iti.i o1F it atcho or v t, blo .W !' M Stch, of : CL I Irow h i' l III. l doit ti" lh it Sll tl e'llLr c llt ll i '. tin3 . tiilc t Ith i, t e airly part t. ; ,ph llall r, h r h la ra coived mi Ill su p lil,ld t,+ byIli le ilackeltLll~l i s Vicks bliu , 1.i"1twilt, atld Ar li 1', ni irrIt IId in th'r t p ti +as a g e s., d ire c t f Ir o lll N e Cw Y o r k . IO v t hi M l i:i - 'ppitid anlthr pttcke qt1 is it n d taly xpeci a. lin oft sur llal, y of A it T air ll Ac.lilrll lla Route, ha'ig airctidy received ienvits thereitt by mi . The tbscirite1- hogs urthe r to tier, the putl2 ,t tl'rU, th ht 'IO It IrieI It as well 1 iA bltre tt meet and xecuilerctrt for all 1o kines eati gi'rde Seeds, either witholt tl t or retat',ll as ever w, sillcO hi.s first estuablishmlntn inl ,lalouary, 1822. ;ountiy Dtaiers aIind Mtyrkt Girtirs' orderi tilllod it Ialto lowei t ii titot tly, . r ia llnttbl ri atesit. d ithe t ittedjl t teight, il itt igalloc ' or bushel mel 1 tulte.a Ciatialottll., gititl.r en Friieci or EtItCt , mitiatt all eitl+) br obttiIt oit ptrianI I tIIt ati e .l al, tit tOlt r usUIa , i o 1titii e etl ' t ta "t.1tlt I 1lle, it iad an rllt ed S eor nn titt ('ltl, ! l I1a . NOTe l-c-A otitttitt t su t plt y el:rt i tsrit I, eitlc ti tI or Ipli.; I, ulverized I ., sp II h,1+ a + . : drial htrc' ,-a illt . t eat I oit pIt is t itant itt a.tii i- Pac et -li .l ..-- U .,rL, t!, : h uld -\ill 1 'atit a tlphle'did varitly o ata tll d ligtealil~elns po kt L book t, nottiy, i Itir rt tftidie 'uttI hilta Fatncy tt. trci att ilpeltttit, ar tc.-td I 1l latest patterti anlllt of trllior qillu liti , ln e Lt !iii g o pltit , lllietrt d Itt att in, t bttttt izltt , 'e It ,t uti ti clothi a t'Itcrlls, ti i buiellli, pir einl r, iid theli. wilh a nod wlilltait raullet, ttr ct llt r)lhr, h uileidetrs calledt t \Vatrilteedan ptse'n r.L, att, o tie ,'at'o;'rsitrt. d all cOiitttlo tt do g wit ;aI N 'itlloIt r clh.l tj pilaltals it cranp. with i rug aiprinl ts;tnlud a gre ,t v! - flruit tlllr,+ull, by .L,.iliht-l tbiili(: ;BIlP tof i'lD~l1. hdlphsia. it f llatui ! cu- erl d cotititio otr t nrttant of co b.s iroit t 'irt1 nit l' a 11-t1y.A i TO, n lgll sl and FrIeInc dlresinclg omibh, Me. thd, fled [ '. < O M O' oU N D "T'O N I C M I X 'I'IT R I I I.- - .A s nl e d y 'U (aand cont ·hl cu1- for tih Fever nllld 1\gteIl, Ion re ttel t ,and ieaital lritlei t t ir' ; Oa ropt red frol verstl bllucc s lin 1830, b~y p rO nl of t)ehLlii est rf js tbitlitV ir t t tiscatt- i lits statedi i iil. .tta.nx d ce.rtificates." lrit tndicirn it highly rCtlIemli ded, anl hs b aeie i text,'uiive ty uit ed ii e thltl e cl, it, asiti with tch dtisit nshd succit ll, thalt tllo e lroprietor f he recie , t e lae i t titdcd ito orer itl. ito t h at pu. l lr llic ii, it n i fmi h p it ni". ho t ih mlePailts of re eellvhlg it ia o1i thioItI who rii ei suittet'r titunder ti' y carentlitlr erato it t i" aoltry. It aa t i itott pAslt aitng gra at virtui , alita t nir e d ncitrt aillt to I he direclt ill lit ic hi tilever i iled of offect ig 0. a re, even in the m1ost. bsiin+ ate3.l. stagr ol ai ti 'i or. It i a ot alt dia'a ctt ab h , ,anaad plrUols or the reaakesit itomt l a het a intd chih.nret iy tako it wl itg thu iaiy tl t renaia the . s il dill stili. olrga+ll~l tire fitat a utlppal titc, and i-'tl ia rouitrtes ulorii thtlial onle , or iCn ll ol I tl i rt oattlza t\o b~ lOtllit s atrrtona in tc l llledhia0, nor illy thi lg injurlou. ao the dilnal conStilotion. The p-odriots are sI well covncllelbd of its edentcyc., thrt they a1releO to refuiid tho pritce of every, bottle whadoha biiehen t,+a iti n h neoor1dan.eO with the dire'1ct oiis .nid ias I nIot c~el}ted na perfect cure of Ihe1or r~v,1 & aguet, A. OL[VER, solo agent frr Now erlleas at his whollutie lo allnd ret ail dtlrl ti lllld I ici'ni] Istre, crlnar of [li nvlle and Chalil'rtrOs Itrui' . ] For District Agencies ,a ) )v to j5T. W. V+,I 8ITil, ,i, Conti ,.t. -.l-lhll lt )rll ii llill'lV ell lllprYII .\ l.l~ l oxpli. y THIREE. DAVA 1" A ,o I.. y FROM ,%':11 neritllE prorioa e t u r a ·0lf t t hreslkb lln te ¢n Inae _lL msic tfat11111o par1 of!1 h ) oh ntry1 utibrd i hat il eniitl t,,at lowill I. inc'athonst h 1 at endIc-sl thevo| T~l It, 1-becal|v+ vstr .Ih will avilhm l .of ths o, otbr he ty: ticn rofr n t hose uink tittnce, thatk tilr. I10 wr' i bert I. - r1i6 h Iecrmanslafor on,1 melaol a1 1 (' i pulloag o tdh," le hprsrP~lllut.,a l lliasnt hne Iitl o Cw i ter, JUS PUVtLISIIEI)h! ,kf STER-o671'!'- I'L.TEO, 'hie bEF'lh lsdilit o,f a or RosVIl.iPT'l TAttlElS Ol IN'i'lltEt T: iO whillh is new added aI Average Time alela.We tor, or easy methods for fieding the average l Wme l storalge, notes of head or bills of goods, when m'ur. by elhased at different lnates, on different credits, a1d1 for v'arioullsamoutst; ibesles n sefiel tid complete litnking 'lre Time Ta'nir, the best that. ea ble contrivel, or that fi gtres caen iriahe within the tune eondeseod compalss, and size of t ye. An adcvertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow- q ing words: The high distlention this work has received through & tile ten legislative aets prefixed to the title page, is a re- N commendatlio in itself, so uteommon,, and so eonelu sive, th t nothing is necessary more thanee b way of a vertisenlelt, to givee e olcllsed view of smle oelits ei- jo0 eliaritie s: fsfeinstance, tile Interest has been compas. Col eld fom,lld compared wilth, woht is equivalentto four- AMill teen setls efeaelatione, examiedin the presslhirty- (l:tl five tille, ad printled from l .tereolype plates testced int llirtytly-nee timles, from aill which it mnst bie evident W even t the skheltic (e.pecially onl the pe.ollal of'the de- I'r tull "r' i'nli |h preltee) lthalt tile week mlst Il nreith- Ile lmetieally ilfallible, n01d in eonfirlmation of this belief s re f p'mium Iof two mlllred and fifty dollars, is now otelr- We - oe fto lhe detcetion of an error tfi cent in tile Iresentl ilo I or fifth edition, as expressed i the pIrefaet, making five PI laI Il'prelioos ali red fr the s:amlee rror since he frst Ne tllhlieatinllll i the year 1802. (One of tho meaot eoestPieoons features of the tbles is in the erraoyeeneltt of tite Time adIl Atmount which No fir expedlitionlas, rftolrence ond perspicuity, with the help e ofthe sidel ad index, lcannt tie excelled; and thel sale.l to anrd .ose with whlih tile in:erestl can he tIlll tothi a exentc of gtleral siiess, wilhonllt doubling of sums e is bei lesh a convenlience ) essential, that illn the ellmt- t 0 lioe of'some oi ilte lost eomletellt allI prctelcal hsi Se09s glel adlll Ilite olliteos who Ie h lttoc enotreat uella of lthelwork, it hastbeee ditisinglishedi hthli honttetaltte a pellation efofa "1lstler piece". Alln eosidering by te inlithililhty of tile elhlld originally ndteliel inll composingll e le work, nd tlhe extraoldiiry mlllltler alt go valtiety of llth e'lminations, and tests flt every editioll it t hspassedin the press, eotwilhstadino tile llhole is il en stertellipe, coltideilllg. in sh6rt, he positise ocect:lney f secured b" Iby te nlnl'l decllted mlens elmplmodl, thle vn trahl ttt 1and elmphltically styled "tle at mollst wolnderfl bklli ill the w,.tslk;" mollst crt'ainly net lnll caln lIoola 'ig .re work of the same extent, lwhic since the begiltilgoI eteation, hs1 had tIle same lU Sher all. variety of tests ill the same nllmher of editers; thi ino, nor i e half tle ulltnberlll , its is cleatly srrotn in the prelhae. cir Ilesilhes, nstest nid standard, it hs been tried and I' preIel ill newly, aIl thie Iallk and pllhlic oedc€es in the t Unliltte Slatet,,and ell t pu llbllllic gotleltlly, dllillg the s. long period lofthirt l 1 ' Il, re , let lO eor litof the lial :o eoltions has ever beeh, ronmd in paior, althongh vontinu ally challl.enged b the oler of very large prenmiums. iT'he itll tlet exl'presly ndopteld by ll the ourlt I l of law cl sevral ol'tle States a:s the "iralt of e:allelatilol alr I't11r e1t0, illlterest," is llso Iby law for llllak ilnterest, acncordig nS the book is used, and as way he stae ill 1 part, bly ..,te mines of the sulscrlbCes, toll a few of the rt slbseullelt plchasel:s s, in thle list :t tIecllnd of the booI(k, is in Ilosoession cl'eveyla €oss of citizens in every guar- ti sl teal It Unitedt Stoies. It iis moreover well known that, by its rearty check, I o it has sn ftel deetected large errors, hlllg aftler they were, evell hy the most enrelaln anll most competllent l ithetlCietlas fat its lsefllless, a11nd tIhe abCsolute nle Il cessit for its us:, have been extensively insisted tolln R 0a a leoCtll t, inceed, ivc bieen, its aivnatagelts, l t Cr its , saving%, thIat, sc0err0 yorsago, whilst the first editiol CI ,- was sarlete, nod olt of print,' gre'at l.umber of seeondl C hand copllies welr soughlt for, sme to :i gre t dlis1tace. I- nld llepI' sedl :tt nriouls l0ict1s, as they comld ol.isionl Oily to Ilicktl up 1 t from $tlto t $25 per copy, adl k stci p1ersonls h:ave recenl.:y declared, ilnd islatnc t colbl lie quoted that lhyc wollt p:ay$5, $100, Iand $iItl o for a eopy,, Il notto he hadi f less, ant d t an imliidutd ill thnie l:title ilnstance patlr vOrl, Ihavinlg : It the sallle ltno rI'xhibitcd satistctlolly prol', to seI l pes 111 lonspre is slet tho i hilll it was Irllly wirth tlht IM tt)ol'y 1111Id I's ole thlu gh Ihe s:latillng ofll his erlv vln ahle ime, he tttheitg 0ry rich ma a t. l in . tblic ofi ee. of It is like isc wo'th I of ti teoolf i lded ipro er to el ispl're'.·* tt sulch is Iithe.i lalre o" filtte wolrk gnel'ally tld :aelll illy• when of Ie xtlllnt lIIIt ilmportncllllle o - th Ie hi Is, ih t h:.l this Look or its like bem prepar el ill the Ilslal lan:nher viol, It the most coperltlll icaal.lator in Ihe lorll, and :litrwartls print d t mtt f Entioiell1% IIDlak' his.ownl cOI.rclio f proof she.ts, it would, s11111t l Cto l. c tai l r, i .,e 1 tel 11us1h' feli Ir - C' tire oll I1iat 1 liit any ic tpltc', llle lpr tt'e Ilalllot - I hllrlI, explai., Ihll s'I o pa tet a: d ani.,' ble have tihe ist-1 ltl.,; i. ils ol this w" olkl beilllle nt e, tll.t to1 telllC 'o Slhctlll, w iththeir llll'rclls and eXItrLordinaryr ex alllill, ti .ns, ngainst ilr,, t.r Ihe gencral htm ft, tihey ae' (by :dvrlisenlll) ro st: ltlv kept ll a place of specil v nlealoft- ilrclih tl toll InI..d Il:llloth : ha k l dstlall(tu illlo ' I est wilth seful n.otes, filow the .,.prefac., which, inthis u~l Ifinth as il 's ..' tt' p te ltting e Idilions, co htai l m t i I ' 'TIIn:l ,ll OoutO tig llthe two It 'ul i' s of c"lilptll-lti th mii st w :1 i, te d". s d a"gl aine, ke. iti i t tl l' ll it 1 li it oll l k 010.1 l O lil l illl d ing tI0 is It 1111000e ln1 In 11 " work, 1'h lth vi s lhih . +l' i At o ollts tol llll. s t'll o t l iltott ill' to ihtr ell l il 'rll s I,' II\ I'111 - mlllalhllllll ' hlts h,:. It sooI I.X ).llivt lh :.1d s1 h l',lc llC I I ýII:ll'''olisell. it II1as notl ytl sol l o"".:.h, I1. I,:lill o'ilol -, l si 1 . l. 1: I.i: It. mls e ote I l 1ur i lnot 'tt glilHoni l tl . itiy , l0f t t:1 t c b1 t 1111i e h1 o r f 11i b looo ll, , %111:ai1e' ol l toII trIo1 Sdlikie,', o', ;011l . s,';. : sink 6lq : 01 Ii ln, ilts ,.hli ;a I l l ll ..nL .Gil11 lll's oIi :111 t ll4*' t, sft id . I I) o lfhilo f [ S o~tL . .l. a t prolll it imo tato ' li t el to i lI t, tI cil i Si rnoi enllll :Lotl lgentrosity ofi) e p ioli etI a e1n i 1l I0 , V rck t f o lloittt sle 1(1 ,s ief hoot lI o '; Ice ' 1.1 ;l 1i 1 1 i ollll N IIWlt i l ... (,ot o . 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'rj a> (r:l Charcoal, ladilyV pu. lip ill four tico vial; ; ,P eton Salls; ('colC'lo; lKr"-, tuto l'ooth,-+l lci Drop ; Hl,.ir Ile-J.-; Eng ', Di 1 m)r. u ' Co 1,. er In Irtn II.-ir (l!;--wth a variity of lcher Pcr', - i, mIn,'i, &e. For sale by L W GLENN', iP'ER+U1 iltI1. bel, J C 'T'RINt Al,1), :'s Corner ,f C-',la|.tnd []ouibno streets S I() i. i \\', IImts,., Si,..l n, (hi nli m :1 SI' a Inhr.I, \.i (,'E bl rL'. l, tn i dotiluS fror m C:nn:d sli'ee'. Iniil :| lll ls II ` '.) l lll nnlllllr: 0,9l : 111 'it'iicrlxC . R II I..R. In. Wont F.A i:dn' ., I"Eli. 1t, Ic ,h k m gold, Aol, (;in:tI ml An ticr ,! d n,, (Orinl.1 l or rlI.. d hlill. .e, oil er.d do, Ins:han rml 1111i d.l, 11w .,., il):t y ( :P ite 'in llWnon'llt, lair \1 nod, \ p I lollni : rde lio, Y 'w Tlrltei, Iiilhi:m Whllile. 'oro madle or IIlack .mo rm, and lirctella, Aln. Wl\i l, . AnImIri s Grey, Ash \\ hie li n k, habl t .. I ,ltat . 11ihd I 'tm, tn)im,, , "on s to he sl' ln ati the ishop. .aits. n tsi, III i. T 'lIi'lll'll i . tnllll:I tV ilelt & l , :egn" te IL told hlndhl i ndm, well SeId.rtnl. llaio, n i olnl nmd rod iron, nil rolds od in.llth ll t, G rT nfl., lh:lla , blhiser 'd i, sprig, .llt l shi nd fllolow more, ut nxUd wrlohtlllnils nIod ciikCes L iI o, llo..k l ti, mill .tl tu grind stolnes, a til kittles Ct:l lillth dilhal ca.hors ~ hos)1, II, ' O , ,n'hlno n'nd i rce is, ilcorn mills :at oili , tino"s, r leemll at o ePlloht k st ga oll un, ntlnt Iooki ln, , sl ioteis -Am-s, Ilowinnd'.st u, 'hera sples tned sho(,!s Ilnook , d Pite hllinges, ldoor: ni wimdlow Ihooks getn hl'. Iullr a, lita'i i ll, and tllhel onga o is rlu'd tol n d ta il'.' i a t gea11 g ai sn.n' Iit.t , n nl i. toe ai B l nt ei i, tlte i copptI a aie d lena l . i storespi mo nod P;nllilttt Iii .l4, ud rnld nrtil l Ird I. t A n li lltwl irtmenlt oa har e ailllnl, ship chamtll-'ry, atlwoyen I .aol, noIl l,ic t e oarnltti red fer ialent thole sadnal II elil, on the mos.t favoI ble terms, by n- I..AYO k Co.53 Ohld Isev¢r. 'i-l G(I(e(itd-S-ioni a irita & co ria n now 're J-1i%,l ilo.I'rl· P ll i ll i tol( nod hix l'nzo o, nid II Ilrmilll ant s irn their lin , w'bi ch ogain h_,r with their ft rmarit i Ntltock o ti tlln, ma nlkes their nla irtt,, et very:. plete. ia r tbber, silk andi worsted elra tic iglarte, common &i line elastic sulsprnders, loca i, .o :aid lnueiler mnatches, ioclkei Iook s Aa ii., n.t i letls, nee . ir oks, t lrai l, p narl, gait tllo part git itnla &t.t r to I nory Id ril roco 'ca, head ralCltoh pIcka hin e o nei nkl nce u, ruit l. s. g las a winme, incer, d ;nill beush I n beads, 1 ellll. 4 an d r lumeies; pinsla nd i llrge taly h'r llt-lr shot belt horeag, beltn. ,pckie.l ad d l ie .iratnlt ioablte midn-iuItl, barrelled ion a, n:ovie kdnites, MAI. Altl6AlN .E lENI' ' . ltn e.Ia r flay at 12 Al, Norahern Mil, Clases Eery cy at 10 A. A Weter. Ma Dus aevery tnday, Wednesday wesern maYl, Friday, by , P.M. by Cn lh loes every Monday, Wednesde , Lad Saturday, bly 9,P. M. , )ao every Tt eolsy, Thursday, Il IThe I.ake lMail t rd I Tus;y5 P.M. via Closes every Mondavy, Wedesday TMO EXPREIS MAIL. - T1MES OF ARRIVAL,, I)EPARITUKIC DISTANCR &c. of the Express Mail, belwea Mooile and New York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. I. Norchwar New TYork daily at 5 P. M Nouthward. Arrivre Arrive NoartIwral. Diatance. Time. Hecum'g -Mluntgomery, Ala. 21um. 198 e's 231. 12, . Colao~l~arOa 11 C I 94 24aatu - olilleudgvile. Ga. 2ll 133 1 p. Ilclei.a',NC. 54 215 12 It Warrealon, Va. 1 It n. 55 Ia a SI'rltrbulaOb n.l. I 10o. El I 9n. . -litihnee.l,lo. lao. 21 3 6. a Federih:kslurg, 8 67 7 It p m. I c ite, 24 .o. 61 GI 1' ti nllieair,, - 32 4 04 I'il.,iploll Chil .. .... · (l30 5l g Pl itesl tl a io, 61 aol. lOll I ii .ilNew Ycrk. 2 plo. 90 ti I 1305 143 h. or 5d 23 SNorthward. C(olin Southward, the timoe is six houre ree; heio.'5 doye ano 17 houvr. Ro ANAWAY frem 11t (iolraeteltet reorner of Hevie S streetsoa tle higlt of I3.h of AIIo.gst, and was he onroet ornie n in I'eydle lrstret, a orgre boy nemed C"IIAIII,F.S, slout 17 yene.fe gf rl, oal feo or therelbouts in hei i t, very hleck, anld Iitsarn imlpled toint in l is ltioeeh, ae el' hit logie is sare, ooeoioned by a recent ]nret; he ltd ea wlboe Ie wedtt nooov a albits rollll eor litleall shil ad while colion , lll.ltaI-onu . latrr of rves.sels nled prealn boats a ore caotilld a i gtiosl receiving or harborie g anid nlege , as wella all otlher personl, as the Iltlollst ri'eroar of tle iaw will he enforced against i.thela. 'T'I, ahore rewa-lrd willbe plaie le rdelir.'etiolg him int. ony of I1 jaills of either oftlhe marneipalilico, or at 169' Car'Udellet, coroer of lrvin. Ie etroet. MImit "]N il~l l11l.-- l'lt ooo at..;t.rsi v..eret;..ce eaisting lclndrr ttiolm fle Iollomic &. (&h(larretco, hlia heer dissolved. Thle asubscrier will litluidate tln affairso the crnernr ii. thiilyity nod reqoiret Ill Il'o lia indeb;. Iel r.l l'nakehrayolleott to hh~ on, ooly oi al thorelltarinp siln, toe Pl.useut tIL fortsettl. ll ItiARtETSON c W.W.SWAIN. S No. Il7Cnnal S,reet ~ter Orlmtan "]ITAS ahvays ouhand eatn;Ittly k reila int Dc,. tll ryes Clhelmic alsand L'd llsl lll, lla g thai. tr. ollown .·:: Jill GI. I)\'EOlI 1%iUGEI. 1)YKS,. t,1'0ti0n.y, ,'cule, Argols, red, i It rIeg.In, AUtlc, Apsl. . e ArMlSllCle, 01iale Alltm, k, do powlered, lrnlzillette wooi. - talsuam liopnvi, Couchitnest, liorax, etlude, otiplras, Americtn, do tefinrd, Cllbear, S Uritolustone, crude, Fustic, Tempic. t i do roll, dto (n1s, d lo flower, .do Maite, Birmllthb, French I.rcies, SCnsiterooil, Inligo,lleogal, l Cralm tlartar, dlo Macnill, od aoibarittee, Ia E.aeraeoaa. u(;m Rloes, to I a'otoamala. do Aeod~ie Logwnotc. (ta, l CacIlh dto acealietida, |ia Si Ilesilnge ta itlo alatollao, lie .Jamoiaa da hnoeoic, Clamwoctt, dlc h1 Iellzain, I(aHllelX011 aIo Ilo eoptal, augh, Mladler, omblin, 1 le Io s lela . Nic.n ur1gc, Hocare, do Io S Alerie"., do Core., eIIrl tIc Salnllollai eeu'teh l a do do refh. dIt Ilnehle. dl gelincoum, CIIEIICMAI.S. Ily ~ d 'loooiO.ito ia d kino, Aw l, lltlllllu, oIll Islltic, o in liatic, :l: op . · (·~.iS IeiellllHI e...|llniic· ii.L st-oogol, otolomel, p pI Ido salmih'e. I itrrosai-istlldiliatie] o i -rlo tel.g Str, Itihl lrieoi " llue, (hmboge, 'Iipsmn salts, l. t tl herlie r taelic, lllllr a nr ell tllli e, l d 1 e1 . Ili aoreign c Cioed rIcatlal Mngaesi~b I'=ngliih, II~htlh'..It do Amielricaul led chromatop t,*ash M:imna flake, Sup tcrp Sl.', d s lo s Sulll illt, I ,i wice ball, SBag1 e loe . .l tesot. loltIrc, tdo h'ne Io 'Io ill Ue. IIl II' [f l 'lt II l l' aohbrk Il, lacniblak Egih I o evlrni, ( l y erll ow, to o c ,.i ie A. , t i. 1l, . <11111&:P. 1 dt it ' i A fl r I ill` i Ic'cus,3nPuilpa eSt wehltslt .o III5ld , l lh , 't1 iPlllt:le I S lll I tl.lh J.Ohs .a 11,1 'lIII llll ,ila l- i I't y, d "l'hoo ioo E;yI, Ilul 0bihlIt.~ih to oa I'tlii m tli I P ll'' I hI tI X'I Sll:llI cl llfl I'l 'h il- l , SI..,tri a att . 'rhesi," ,is.', rl" ,o,, o.,'h i" Irloto ohroetcorr. lv Alloci C ro.ogbac ilee Olo ord)le lai~e bylaoefi2 't'.Irll7! .ll11't'l .i..l. Kt ," .11.1 iin l i iloto, . a l l il, t do t l·,e Icol1 t cl', i u tl tll, l N t it :it liaee I'i ol far ofllryredll 'oatit li hrrvl S'illll['l'elo , l4 i0.leloI.IlOllltolac llairdlacdilioit or1 tt, hlaoh Ire oe 14,cM-lc.~ Ceo Coctoli 1Vl]i i'0001 odllciq, D1 ir oaneiloI cot, Aliiaei ltlt lII " tlaaceofleillh.i 7; *o "'lit '-I ,,,,tiii ,~ It~l~ . - ,iarl t0eec11 ac-- bis Itart (:.\I'.lt/i. the ./E'rt. y i·r1 a le ST:il tyay(a inIla l L. Nv FL 11,, I~nord Rleldr,, a roane, rr·l,v Alhmlr ('unnh~lghaunl 1 v /tt~(. Fh,>;,,nrdl ....... ri ...... by f~iimself , I'i vnal. I.o il ('ompndrnious Ilistoryo!'ltW.ry ransb tel from t •· ,,I., ,iriillhl hIhnaII I I,v NIlllelnel (;~reeal, 1s vol. for I~it iin .l.. 791 of II'ar ler'a Eamnity ~ibrary eS"' Vols. 3 , 4 , fll llr ............ l ... ...I tlnifa"... dilion r. of I|'ashiag.lonr Irein¢a I'l'arkd. r. R #ol.,r's I·'·re,'# n,,, Engflish Di<'li .... .ia I ol, 3ro i16 o,(~lr j''.,nS ;"reah Iuud Ea~lish Dietioanr,/. A~ I; i " I .r--.'' I.;lc: w iiir·ler' etll llell o UIac oe'nlqlpr eln olo (; illrlll'· imll~l·II)l·d1 ,1 tallcU I'CnsPjalulned mI Ill~ers ws~i~h t I· . &...,.,.. Ill·LIlIEN J. L.EVT. t'.IN |'lVIt-'l'I), &.'llt he authlro Ayer "'1i/,c n ll.,lnee rhnteh ctnrr, wýe er nllr tprlil'nlle to she *\ , , ri-hhuies " N Ati c" l eholy (1 1 arnr, Es, ;vo -. IThe l'olii.r , (Jrani a t r, of the t['ted Stnten, o nr couldt, te .ice wf +/tho theory amti uetice of tle generr aitd c tr te _ rl-ewl n al sr W ill t I th e nela tio n .s lo tl. reer i th e ta -dhdivntedl 1a 1 lll dtlell ll thle )tealg ll ot' I oe Unittrd :'tatl,* , bt I l ) i :aeo flehl, l"q. At lle'of l/untin." Tours iteernplore ] wit chlarater itlie arrldott't es, enr IIIBi tIo llit ags ofSj )rtillle Ietn, in eludgllp notoriee of' th prenipl c dr k rifr .l t:egload w illl allyticat collt, ts alld geellrl indrex of almlet,: I vtlulelcs." vo_ ..s , Tr,,lln .Itoet I Eeoil, o " h i (:;rlir.l ...Uln. c eti.,. Clhrlnie Cluttaneous I)i.- 'lobh in tite lhoal', by fIre e! es, n~~e of Mtercury tlhe lblodl bellg in ilinted ilnte. 'h'iis very coerntltcled Srtup is prepared nitlthet gIrete lt.I hllelnr:rll ilc ll e nre nl I clollr trar lllt Co in tile eltaive p'cip'e lf Sllrnlarinllo ill the ttosI concer Iratcel de.ree, omlllhineled itlother vegetable oubstance oIt kllnrwll etlifca c",' 'I"hc ;;rent 1It-0lhreturt ,ith phienitiona in being alb t exhibit it I:i'.,d qu lltlity llf Surp.nrillhtn ll a ln doe, has lenu otll:alined ill tlhi pre llrtltin-they, bell= lnlly convinced of its tnlrit, conlidiently dmijiaster tie eOllre Ill their prac'tice. Price i 1 St I poP Iottle. Soll only at SWAIN. SIl'fttI Ei'S drug stoare, Nol. I I(Canal ttreet, wenir tllwlie Itthad, fresh trl geneine, ditre t f'ont tile gr,. rci ts, .wi, ......t'.nn.e . n V ,,ernigetter'. a.t.rlt, nIt, Callpelater's Prelprnltitnt, and a large and getera asnortmellt of reslh drttln , oil I'INNOI:K'S ROME, &e. TINNOCK'S II'IOPR ViVE, EDITION OF DR .l (oldhirlll,' *lrlrdg'melit of the Itistorry or RoaIte tl which i. plretlxedl nl Intrltc:tion to tilo Shltty a Ilmnln, listor,, nda great variety of valtableo infe Illilti(nlltelded llhronthlett th(, work, on tlhe M nmmre Itteitution tntl Antiquitins of tle Rnond; rwithll nit ellrols biogrnjhie nl ai tiototrieal Notes; and qtee btiollte ftr exnmtttion lit the elld of each section. It l Inrtcdrt with thirtyellgl.tnv :gn on wootl, hy AtliertoI l'i-nrct's Improvet EdtMlit of DIr Goldsmlith'l HiItory o llgtndlu taltotoli titlh ItovnioI Of Jaliuo Caor to0 tlh dlcath of Giroree 2i, with a continoation to the yea 1I3'. \ilth qllenstions litr exanination at the end erch etitioi, lhbsrite a variety of rltahtlo itufoulo till Illdedl throie'lghol the work. Coooisting of table of eoltelllc-lray Sovereigan and emieOt prson.M Copionu explllIlatory Ilote. Itettarko ao tlth polR ties, Illtalllerc nad litlrOtlte If the a ge. All outline a ithe oullstittitin, O&. &e. llustrated by tnay euL . I GhUrs' EtlenEyrs oP Artunoxomy, ntld an Aoridame. of Keith's New 'rretlie nn tlhe Use of (Globes.' Nae Amloerietl edition, with aditlions and ioprovetot ndl an explatlon Iof tie astrnolamicl part of the Am riean Allllllone. J u.t reeivedandfd for sale hy WM Ml'KEAN nov 1 eoruer ul CuoJat and Common ate IlAItIPEIt's CIAAHIICAI. LIBRARY. I1 OI.ACE,trantlsted by Phllip Franeis, I) DI, with a-I llt alppentlix, elltahIIilg translatiols of various oer,i &e. by lien Joa:ltnn, Cowlvey, 3ill,tt, DrydoO Pope .\ddioll, Swillt Clhttertalull, G \VokoEeld, Porao rylll, &ee. l1ld 1 otle of the lllte elllilnett ptanIt of th 1111"--ant I'II'I].DRUS, wih the appnlaix of ,.]di n traltsle ted bIv Christlopller •ltmart, i ll1 vldt ftrnilta. vlumosl adll fof"'llorpcr's Cluaoioul Lihbrary 'lle Expeditiotu ofl IIU.I'II[:Y CLINKER,. by Sllollet.t, .1 I witlh Iltenlemoir ol'ittt Atllhor, by Thuim It Rocoeo, Esq., new edilion, wlthi ill.totratioa, by (s ('Crak.-lank 'I'lE E lPIPY; aTale',,ly theIll tthor of ltabeiieel 3larv of:t! urgnady," l .., tow editiont, . val tmplt .P11it. 'LIFFORlt;by tho autlhr ye "Palbh. Tit tit Ir .e," &,a, heinq vtimt tl, IV olttmw t It. ngf"Elt atroiouopltoe Vake. Juetra.-Xy"e. soat 3 WM McK&EA. Iý At:tiN SIUtt.j--7It casks a :ink c thnle.l o " LD~un'noWtf os t'o'oetoottnl, Eerie,,. so4

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