Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 9, 1855 Page 3
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A l.itiKi, suit is on 'iiil in Vv Yn.u, tfio rin'ntllTlic.iigu iiiMIlnr ii.ilrtfil I'IpIi'Ii cr, nnd tlio Defuiulaiit Mr Mori m ol' the Iiitcrar.v O.izetto. Mr 11. Ic'ir i- 1 1 ) uli lWier of n biorapli.v nf 1!".. Hi. tljdwm. wlilcli li ilip.ipcr tliun lr. W.iyliiiil '5 urk on that pulijopn, nml tlioj-iu uimiiotcs wltli It, unit works serious inji" to Mrs. Juilcon, !io owns tlio copyright of Dr. WnyliimlV work, ntul who nccili nil she can Ret from it for tlio support of lur family. Mr. Xorton piililishcil in hi' piper 11 lftti'r from Dr. Wnjl.uiil, on the MilyVct of l'luti'liel 's Look, nml fur this tlio action U lroitj;lit. . Tiir Trx.s Cr.riiiToiis llu.t.. On Thms il ly the Texas Creditor' Mil was returned to t'10 Senatn, hifiurd liy the l'rendent. It gives $" ,7111,100 to mlisfy n claim ngaiiiEt Go eminent no more just than those which tho President ignored ! the veto of the Spoliation hill. Money pi?s easy enough when it is to ho paid to tho South. Tho hill has yet to he accepted hy tho legislature of Texas. The Comicalities uf I'otilic-. Xo recent political result has to complete ly surprised tlm puhlic ns tho lcportcd re election of William 11. Seward, hy an ocr n helming majority, to the Cnited States Senate. Tho tirt btntCMiiiin of any party to denounce and deprecate tlio " Know Noth ing" moicnient and organization, he is, nev ertheless, nlniost tho unanimous choice nf the New York Assembly in uhichthc reimdi.ited element is aid decidedly to preponileiatc. llcset on all tides hy enemies nt once impla caldo, unscrupulous, and apparently haruio nious; denounced hy tho entire democratic press, and opposed nml discouraged l,y no lueonsiderahle or uiiiudueutial nuiiiVr of the journals still ndhcring to the traditions ol the whig party ns it existed in dajs long gone ; tins asunc, ncuo anil imiciatiganie i.itt" man has managed not only to brush aside all these antagonistic combinations, but to com pel a fusion of tho principal and apparently tho most discordant and irreconcilable ones to do him honor. lie returns to tlio 1'nitcd States Senate stronger than cer, unchanged in character, in conduct, or in principle, n myth nml u man el to his enemies and tlio public. Sevi.ird is truly a wonderful mm. Tiulvo month-, ago no living man could possibly have fore seen how it was within the limits of any or dinarv probability lor him to he re-elected to the Senate ofthc'l'nited States. The Whig t arty broken up ami disjointed, if not nuni'ii fated ; its leaders casting about for new com binations more likely to advance tl cirwaiiing fortunes : its presses ono day railing against slavery, another coquetting with Ireesoil ; the Know Nothings imreasing in numbeis, in pretension ami nttdauty, mid open and im placable ill their hostility to tho boldest and most daring of their opponents ; still Seward blanched not nor quailed, and the journals in his immediate inteiest (undiluted the con test which was to be political life or death to him with an outspoken defiance of his nu merous foes, to us saorcd more of des pair and desperation than of eonlidencc and liopo. ' the Iiiemli ul tliia on.l.'rlol t.n'tici.ui am no 1101 ices at their business, and that it m liters little combination may be in tho ascend. Hit in tho Stateof New York, provided it be not demo cratic, illiam 11. Seward will be its lirst choice for any omeo t j which ho may aspire. We neither undeit.ike to unr.iel the mys teries which rurroiitid the election, nor to ex pound the lesult. A secret association, rc ) resente I to bo o strung ns to have every thing its own wny at the ballot boxe, nml in the Legislature of New Y'orl: which, we nro nld, it controlled has, through, its dolegt tion in the latter body, given in its adlusion to its liankest and most lormidable opponent, thus i.ddiiig another to the tunny occult and inexplicable operation in whieli it has taken part binco its creation in tho l'itt. I tuny ho that the Kree Soil muuiu'iit is stronger than tho Know Nothing, and that tlio same rinciplcs which tonstraiucd the Legislature of Massachusetts to elect Wilson, weru sulli ciently potential in New York to compel tho coalition w hich, with such wood Tful unanim ity, returned Mr. Scnnjd to his place in the foJernl Senate. Be these Fneuil.iti ins as the)' may, the f let of his cleetion is impor tant iiml significant, and, while it proves tho utter impoteney of the new party to contend against n man so strong in the Tree Soil ru g.ird and afl'eetion as Mr. Seward, it also in dicates tlio prubahlo tendency and drift ol tlio next Presidential contest. The election of Mr. Seward is as surprising as unexpected Arte Orleans Delia. An' Advocate or Piekci: o. the Stool or Repentance. Tho editor of the New Yoik Democrat, after quoting the I.ouisvillo Jour nal and tho Richmond Rxaminer upon the in debtedness of politicians to the rcss, makes his own remorseful confession ns follows. "It is not unfrequent that tho friendship of an editor is tho jiolitieian's stock in trade, upon which he draw s for every step lie takes in tho way of fame. Witness for instance, tlio tremendous man tho press made ol .Mr. Pierce during tbo campaign ol his election. Wo confess that we look back avitli elianio upon thu part we burc in that Imsinees uuriiig the lour nioiitli-i ol tlintom Tasti, We wrote font rmiiini;;ii p.iier whieli ' circuliited more tlinn sixty tluniKind cojdes a week, what would make a book of not less i than three hundred folio paes, all proving' raott clearly, that lie was in intellect, gen'iui ' of principles, and liriniicfcs of character,! second J.ickb in. Our head almont aclicsnovv when we remember tlio weary d lys and nights of editorial labor in which wo lollovved him through the battle smoke, over the plains of Mexico, and erected him into a tremendous and most frightfully brave general, who never did faint Iron, fear under the Maze nnd whiz of tho salt-pctre and bullets of tlieeneiiiy. And now, tu see tho bulrush thing ho litis turned out to lia, bows out- own spirit with shamo nnd regret." Prom tho Eutfalo Courier. Ingenious 1'raiul .rrrest of Kiaiic llovvtlicy rniiRlit him Incidents. Tho arrest of K'usme, the notorious bink robber, at U'illi.imsville, on Monday night, tho l'Jth inst., was one of thosa exceedingly neat things that show the progressivencss ol tho science of thief-taking. As our rc tilers may possibly have thu curiosity to know something about the robbery so adroitly cum. initted by Kissane, on the Cliemicil liiul;, New York, in September lust, vv ; will recap itulate the pirtieulars A man ot genteel and business appearance called upon a prominent linn, dumi tovyn, in New York, and presented a letter of intro. dilution from un extensiva house in the Went, stating that tlio beirer was a merchant of high standing, &c. Iho down town firm re- j eeived him well, and give all tho information ' ho inquired about, lie talked largely of his moans, his business, etc., and intimited tint ho was afraid of being robbed liel'oro bo left that vila city. Alter becouiin somewhat familiar with the members of tho linn, lie re. in.irkod that ho wishol to in.iko a deposit in 1 the Chemical Hank, and asked his to accompany him, so as to m.iko him acquaint i.d with tlio II ink. This was done. A iiieni bcr of tho tirm in question took tl'O stranger and introduced him at tho Cliemicil Hank as n Western merchant, who had cuaie to his firm well rcouuimeiided, and who wanted to, laako a deposit, i'lio bank ollicer did nut i doulit fur u moment that the business-liku stranger was anything but u wealthy mer chant, and cheerfully took his dep sit, which was a chock purporting to bo of an esteusivo ' house in Wall street for $12,0110 on tho Amui ic in Exchange Hank, uud cuititiul by the Tel .rot tho latter institution, moo robH naving raauo, uio rquuc . . uewuM kO.UOO in cash, and left, tcforo uny eusi i- cionu wero created. It, was, however, win Baeertuined, W tlio chagrin of all conceniul, except tho biieccbsl'ul one, that thu uliolo thing w.6 a I'oiery, tho signature tu thu chock, nml abo the certilicato ly tho Telltr, A bctrch was ni.nlo for tlio entern i-onli. Jcneo morclmiit, hut all (.Hurts tu ucuro him wero in vain. 'Iho letter to tl.o down town lirni, was, ol course, u lurgeiy. Now lur tho iiiciilenta leil to tho cap. turo, On .MonJay of I it week, a man iinmcd A illiam Sparrow, u, Ihing nhrut Raven miles oast of Villiann ille, on hi way hlthrr atoppeil at Williainstillo, and while tin ro pitssi'il thnw i'M hills of thu Interna tional ILiuk, nf thi- city, that h.i'l Ivcn eut an'l ultiTcil , it Inning liem fjmo adroit r::'ie had 'j cut an I ii.nted iho Kills tog thcr, nsthat Un of tliem ueruuuuiu i weruumiiUs !"Lua f.iitiiiLd intu rlrrtn, and, tin f. rilvll liia, iirj iiauu iiuuiu in nun mrv, cLle obs-rvution Tho Krson to whom narrow nansod the Mlla wero Mcs us. Zont, Hestow ni John Koch, who detected fraud. Thev immediately stirtcd for Itnll'ih. in compaiivwith officer Prentiss, In tho hopo t r arrest oi;; Sparrow, though not very s.m tiiuoori-'iecc-.' They had paid no Jul lieu- 1 .r iittenlio i to his or njijinrrl, and wero Irom Main of being to identify Inm- i 1 .1... ....... II..., mIiOOk.iI tiersMls. I Tl'l TLf ! lug tacn wi'tli being tho man, and lm.illy did mu't Slianow nnd arrested liiiu. lie bad h en to tho International Hank, obtained twenty-six 02(1 bills, out of w hich his friend i'lssinc, would make twenty-eight. Jlo was brought luck to tho city and taken to tho re Hiilenee o rMr. Colt. Cashier of tho lS'.ukaiiid tlicnce to jiil, a jierson being sent along to " iuinp" him, if jwrsiblo, which wii duno I with success. Preiitis started immedintely for Sparrow's house, whele he found K j-ine, armed with it revolver and bovvlo knife. ar- : rested him, and brought him to tho jail in this city. On Thursday Prentiss went to the j iiil for "tlio iiiirjioso of seeing what Ac iionld. ' 'get out of Sparrow, who was upjuircntl.v not I itulisjioscd to divulge. Alter some talk, Prentiss sHrtcil 1121111 for Sparrow's, and . alter considerable talking and coaxing, finally succeeded in obtaining fiom Sparrow's wile n jiackige, which on being opened, was found to contain $3,fitMI (r tho missing bills of the Chemical IS ink . On Situtd.iy, the Teller of tho I. ink, .Mr. Parsons, was bere, identified tho money and tonk it liack to New York, less $00, which . vvns iiahl to l'rentis as lib reward. Another incident : On Saturday, ns Mr, Coit was going to the j til, he called nt the American, and hajipened to seo n gentleman fiom New Y'ork, u -Mr. V.inllrunt, who, it was said was one of tho "down town firm," alluded to at tho commencement of this ar ticle. Mr. Coit nsked if ho would not likoto visit thojiil and see tho Mr. Lynch in whoo po'scsMun tho Chemical II ink money was lound. Assenting, they went over, nnd or. being confronted with "Monsieur "Lynch," Mr. Van Hi unt said why, that is Mr. Kissane. Know Nohiimi Mon at J'ociiestkr. The New Y'ork Americans are sadly damaging j the jirospecis oi toe nrty uospectsof the ) nrty in nil the other , states. Their bitter persecution of Wil- II. Seward and proscrililion of all w ho d not prosciiho him, lost them the svm. lrec states li.un would not pro: luthy of all earnest uud true friends of tree dom ill the North, and they have resorted to a inub-liko inteifercneo with tlio rights of free discussion at Rochester, which will bring the actors and abettors into serious dis reiuite witli right-minded people everywhere. Some 1500 people of that city and -vicinity called a jiuljlie meeting; of all persons op posed to secret political associations. The leaders in tho movement were Seward whij-s. Tho know nothings uiide arrangements in their secret councils to attend, overpower and break up the meeting. Thev eucccederl, hy going cuily, in filing the hall nnd i'ed in adv.i'nco of the presence of tho leal getters up of tlio meeting. When tho latter came and stw how they had been outwited, they called their meeting in another hall ; but niiny of the know nothings followed there, and by hisses, groans and every variety id' coarso interruptions interfered with the speeches, and endeavored to break uji the-assemblage. In this last, however, they were not successful, nnd the anti-know nothings hid a spirited series of speeches and resolu tions, condemnatory of " Hindoo" o iths and secret convocations and vulgar jiioscriptions ui aiiwnouo not siiuare tlieir motives ana votes to tho decisions ol tho rulina: voices. 'his event lias added greatly to the feeling against th,, ,10. orgmu niou in New Vork, which feeling was i-rr ,cry .jerful, and embraced the class ol lunals ,, ulur with our New IaiglanJ jieople. Springjiew It'publiLan. Iloni;ii;i.i; Discovery. Tex Persons Per lsiiLn ox the Pkairhs We aro furnished by a gentleman Irum Lafayette, Ind., with the iletiils of a rumor current in that city on Thursday, which lilts the mind with horror, I in view of the sull'erihgoof tho party to whom it refers. Wo only hope that tho rumor may , j.rove a exaggeration, if not unfounded. It j is possible that it is only n highly-soisoncd rehash of tho account of the loss of :i family I between this city and Galena, published in tlio l'ns of tho'ldth inst. On tho Saturday jncceding tho memorable j storm ot tho 21st of January, two families, i numbering ten persons, moving from southern j Indiana to northern Illinois, arrived at Ox ford, the county seat of Denton county, Ind. about forty miles northwest of Lafayette, with two ox teams, and well Jirovidcd" withi necessaries for tho road. They remained thero through tho storm, nnd on Mondiy morning resumed their journey. Last Tues day morning a man passing oyer the prairie, only about live mile-, from Oxfurd, came ujion hi. mutii uiicu inm wuu norrur. 'llio carcases of two oxen, from which tlio viscera had been removed, lay ujion the. ground. Inside of ono of them were the frozen bodies of four children, and in tho other the frozen corpse of tlio mother with a nursing infant at her breast. I.'ndcr the now was a heap of ashes in which the iron of the wagons showed that tho Jiarty hail broken them ujt, and burned everything they bad in them, in the effort to savo their lives. Not far Irum this spot was found the body of the other woman of tlio arty, partly concealed in a snow drift, and near her, ono of the men. The two other men hud not been found. It is probablo that the party became inex . 1 1 :.. !. .l!r. ... .!.. llie.liny llivuivt-o in mu snow Irifts oil tiiej bleak prairie and lost their presence of mind After burning up their wastms it would sceia that the men hail killed two of the oxen for a. shelter to those found in them, ami then, ac companied by one woman, vainly endeavored to reach the town they had left, and procuro aid to rescue tlieir compani"iis. The two other oxen bad wnndered off. There, was nothing about tho persons to indicate w lu they were, and nothing moro is known almut them than was accidentally communicated by tlit.Mii during their brief stay at Oxford. Chicago Press, Feb. 21. Corruption is- Congrlss. Tho all the prulcssed attempts ot Congress to lei-- . f, . , i ret out tlio corruption that is openly charged utinn members, the refusal of tho llouso to enforco tho attendance uf witnesses, and the quiet indiO'crenco with which witnesses in at tendance aro permitted to refuse to answer questions which no honest man could be alr.iid of, all theso givo a color to the accu s itioiis that aro ringing through thn land and aro destroying the confidence oftho people in tlieir government. It is charged, and wo aro sorry to belinvo that it is trii", that measures aro carried through Congress by sheer bribery, not merely by bribery in tho promises uf ollico nnd tho distribution of patronage, but bribery in its lowest form, the payment of money." Cases aro named in which great sums lmio been expt tided to secure the passage of private acts, and lohbv ing and boring and bribing havo ' been reduced tua profession. It is not strango j that when members of Congress are tho men tu bo acted upon, cx-menil'crs should bo found among the agonts of such corruptions. ' it is ililticul t , even with the best disposi tion to make ofdcial prool of this kind, though tho evideme may bo sufficient to con iiico the privato judgment. It is altogether out of tho question, when among tho judges nro the very persons who aro accused. Tho honorahlu uienil cr3 of both Houses of Con 1 gross owo it to themselves and to tho country to give ample ceope to an investigation of this kind , but there is no prospect of it, Kverv attempt has been put down, and tho evil, great us it is, Las not risen to that point vvhcio it will correct itself. Prov. Jour News of the Week ro run FREE rilESS. Ylc Days Later fiom Europe No Change in Crimean Aflbir3. Tlio btcainsliip St. Louif, from Cowcs, Tub, l5thi nniui tttNcwyolU, noon, with iio days later ncwn fiora Unropa 'Iho nows from the Crimea is un-iraportant, thoro hcing no decided change in tho 6tato of uQ'airi. 1'lour had declined eix penco and wheat 3d nt Liverpool. Coin dull nnd unchanged, r.irlianic nt ns to the IStlr j-ir John IliiEsel had In en nppoiuted l'leni putentiary to tho I'oaro C'oiifcrenco nt Vienna, whieli had cauecd a slight rio. in Consols closing nt 01 1. Iurd John would leavo England in a few d:if, Mr- Hammond, under Secretary of Mate for fuvcin afhirs, wan to accompany hi I,jrdshi , Tho Paris correspondent of tho London vNeBy8 thut .Mr. Soul, considered . . , p ., , the 6el,e.o for the purclmo of tuha com- ph'lely knocked in the Load tho Tho Duke of Hanoi is dead BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, Despatches from Lord Itaghiu dated tho7th report thn weather fine with sevcro frosts nt night. 1 ho huts wero being got uji with much diflicalty. Tho India mall had been telegraphed. A desj'titch dated llmubay, Jan. lOlli, says, nn insurrection had broken out nt Cabttl. 12,00(1 jiersons wero besciging Bcnda Itclasl. A murderous conflict hnd tuken jdaco but tlio beseiged continued their resistance. A Preneh Company had ofTercd to raise 111 ! 1 J . Franco n legion consisting of from 10,000 to 25,000 men for tho service of the Hritish Uo (.eminent half tho number to bo ready within fifteen days. It is stnted that tho DnglUh (lovcrnmelit is favorably disposed towards 1 the proposition. A telegraphic liisjiiUch from Yicnn.i s.vjs that tho has issued n manifesto under date of St. Pctcrsbrrgh, I'eb. 12, in which ho i, calls the entire male population underarms. : An additional forco of 300,000 men will bo ordered to ha dispatched to tho Crimea. Tho latest dates from Sobastopol nro to tlio alstot . mihkn Mr. S iSUtof Jan. and report tho weather growing nilo nud family nro jiasscngers in the St. Luuis. Still Later from Colore. Ilosro.v, March 1st. 1, P. M. The steamship Canada has reached Halifax with dates fiom Kurope thrco days later than thosa of the St. Louis, Lord John Kussell has left England for Vi enna, where tho Poaco conference was soon to rc-asseinhlc. Tho Kingdom of Najdes has joined tho Western alliance. No imjiortant news from Scbastojiol. rum ('alirorniii. Steamship Daniel Wcl 0 , j-terday, with , , , ' v . tch' Jtll ,or,y lu"r ,,a Steamship Daniel Webster, arrived at New ith California dates to ballots bad been taken tho California Lcsislaturo for a lT. S. Senator without making a choice Tho .mining interests continued to suffer for want of water. The Xativo Californians held n meeting nt San I'r.mcisco, I'eb. 7th, to con sider tho expediency of Hinigration to Sonora on account of the oppressive taxes. Tho Close of Congress Another Veto. Washington, March 5th. Tho U. S. Senate adjourned at 11 o'clock, Siturdiy, P. M Tho House broke up at about 12 o'clock. The great battle, for thu last 21 hours of tho session was on thoumend mcnts to tlio Civ il uud Diplomatic appropria tion Hill of vvhiuh there wero about 150. fi'rcat confusion -prevailed and occasionally ha itcd deputation. The President sent in a veto of tlio Collins Ocean Mail Steamer Dill urnl they sustained tlio veto by refusing for the bill a two thirds vote. The most intense debate in tho Senate was on a. Jull authorizing Oregon to form a State constitution and apply for admission to th, I Lini ii. Mr. Jones of Tenn., said that they ; were destroying the balance of jiovrer. ! " When you reject a state that comes with , slavery tliero will bo revolution. Then , 1 11 Uglll ioi uicm. .1 uiaon uiqio-iou ( made by Southern Senators nnd the bill was I finally 1 lid on tho table, yeas 27, nays 1 1 . j In thn llouso a Hill to prohibit tho intro- diictioiiof foreign paupeis and criminals into i the United States, was laid on tho table. Thu. House concuried in tho Senate's amen dmciits to tho liill requiring tho Pre payment of postago in all cases, and in Post age i.tamjis after next January. The reporter at Washington, says tlio pro ceedings throughout the night wero orderly, there being no insults or lighting. Washington-, March Oth. i Tho party of Americans who were arrested 1 hy the Grcytown people on the San Juan j were not fillilmstcrs but American citizens , engaged in a lawful and jieacifablo enterprizc. I It is now believed in duo time tho will bo bo given to ! Jefferson Davis. He expects it to bo a step. I ping stouo to tho jiost of Commander in I Chief. : AdiertUeuient. The Answer to the Other Side Answered. Wiliistov, .March 6, 1833. I To the Editors of the llurlinton Free Press ; j In your rapcr of to-day, I noticed an articlo en titled "The other side .ln,U'rrr." In that article it ii stated by those vvhese names aro appended, that j they have tho proofs fur each nnd every charge , made against Jolis UitowN in their "Caution la the j Public." Now I have not a shadow of a doubt, A from tho evidences of total depravity which they i have already exhibited, that they can prove any fctutcments which they have maae, or may hcrcaltcr Cud it ncceisary to make, in order to screen them- selves, if they can bo, and if they should i be believed. Tlio i-t.iteiuent that they called upon me, and that I ngreod to pay for nil and every urti. 'I clo of goods or money, which they could show into his hands th it had nut been accounted fort is tntc ; , but that l did so on condition that they would not c.pose my Eon, Is not true. That my son in my , presenco and theirs, admitted that certain articles, ' a list of which they presented, wero bought in Uur ; lington and paid lor in money, is true ; but my son nci tr udmltted, and they never havo proved, that j these arlicleswtre purchased with tholr money. It is truu ul.o, that 1 did tor the saku of avoiding a law ruit, allow them out of John's wages, all they claiiucd, but with the express statement beforo wit liiilurc of nesscs, who can bo produced at any time, that I did i , , ' , v. ) the sako of peace, aud to avoid a latv-smt. After , ' . , ',. : rn , fii .... ,i ,i,'.i. i not tt'lrall tlio claim to no iui ; out auowo.i it tor passing receipts in full of all accounts nnd demands X known to cxl-t between us, tu tho dato of thi. set. t tlcmciit, I did voluntarily give them a writing, .tat . ing that if it could hereatter bo shown conclusively , that John had used any of thoir money, or goods, . nut herttofore accounted for, I would most willing i ly pay fur them ; but the statement, If nny other 1 such in such acts ho proved, I will scttto for them, is not in lual wrltlir-', unit is as any one will no uy relenng to it, n gion. .at. , oscillation, whether intentional or not, 1 lo ivo othere to judge. The trouble and mlfurtuno of these men is, that thev have taken a oouiso in this matter whkh tho public con Icmn, and tin y nro writhing under it. Of tho contemptous languago nud spirit which their communication nreutiu'S, l win say nothing, it ex cites in inu only n. feeling of pity, and I loavo them to glory in then- .bamc. .. II. 11KOW.V. it It O i c At his icsiJcrce, tn Colelicster, on Wednesday, the SItt ult. Mr. William IIi'rciiisoy, ned 1 years. In Iknninpton, on the ?Jd ult., Mr. Reuben CuUin, uged 7. At Clneinuati, Oliio, I'eb. 1th, Thomas Hurntidc Tine, ton of Hon. John l'ino of Ogdcnsburgli, X. V., aged 20, Jit Lowell, Vt., Ftb. 3d, Andrew Dodge, aped CO, In Muntptlier, Teb, 1, Mrs. Suphli L. Loniuis, re lict of the Into lion, Jeduthun Luonii-". ojifd 70. t In Lit Montpolier, lh. Ut, .Mr- John Ttnijdc- ton, iigeti u. In YorI, Jan. 2(th, ?ln rcck,wifo tf the Hon. Luc in. 11, Vccl, of Monti'Clicr. FARMS FOR SALE. SfQ rjMIUSULSCRinEH HAS TIlKEEFAIlMs JkL for ealo In tbe town of Milton, within a. mile of CLeckerbcrry flreen ono containing 30 acres, ona 150 acres, and the other 100 acros, all 1) ing on the main road to llurlington. I will sell one or all of said farms on rcasonablo torms. Pos. session given tho first day of April next. Persons withins to tiuroharo real istato would do well to mamlno said farms. 1 A.M05 DROWK. 1 Milton, March 3d, IS' 5. wJinot" Auction Bale. JWILL SELL AT I'DBLIO AUCTION oa Saturday, March 21, at hephord's Inn, in ltichmond, a good sited 5 year old HAY HOUSE, of tbe Morgan breed, Tbo said borsc Is well broke, kind in every respect, aud is a good traveller. X, 6. TOMLINSOK. Kichmond, March 5, 165. w3Cw3w Notice, rgHH COlUlTXi:USniP Urotoforo exUtin-in tiC nam of HO0U & HUNT, U tbli Jay dis. oloi Ly imit'iat consent. WILLIAM HUNT. Jerichn, Marh 5th, l&M, w3Cw3w Notice. rpiiv; sumcTMnx ok this town of bur. L line ton will, for the ensuing year, hold ft meetlrz at the Seluctuieii Iloom in tho Tonn Hall, ( on the 1st an 1 3d Mondajs i .ton'S .Monuct edch month at 10 itiipiictlon ot Jown buit Monday tho 10th lust.. heinf; tho 3d Monday of March. J.M1. . i'U.MUKU),) ,M L C1IUKC11. Felertmtn. L. II lllOELO'V, ! hats far, & caps, n 1 SPRING (1855) STYLES! 1 TK nro rourcl to show oar SPUING 8TYI.1H I ' for tho present season, which wc can safely Siir ciuuiot tint plinse thntunst fntltlliilis In-te. out ii our rtylc siniulil lull tn please, we tun pro I'arcil to meet your w Hits by making to your order, nay stylo which jour fancy inny mncpt. Ilurini; the Into ilepriMinii of business vvc liavo been n.lJing tu our facilities for MAXUCACTinilNt;, "," ch 7f,!n "w n.r, nro not cxoollt-1 by ny, L'lllirr In f? lv nr rVitnlrt. Mi.ilil n.r ii In fti- n I'lrst Itnip Article nt ii Low Ttlco! Wet nrenhnot dally receiving direct from tlio Mumifuctuiics, biru additions to our rrcfent stock of Hungarian, WldcAwake,Young America and Know-Nothing HATS, OL0VI1S, TrtL'.VKS, TUAVUM.tJfn.lUOS, r.Miiiu:i.Ms.tcA.Ni:s, Alt of which will be Bold at a low figure. X. ALLKN CO. Burlington, March, 1S55, diwtf B urli iig 1 6 iTF e nTf-TH omlriaryT rjlllE SPUING TIIIIM will coramoaco on Wed .L nesday, March 7lh. Itcv. .1. K. CONVI'.KSI, A. 31., Latin, Chemistry, Natural, Moral, and Intellectual PMIoicphy. Itcv. II. W. S3IITII, A. 31., Kngllsh Language and Literature, Hhctorio and History. Prof. T 1'. Molt, Piano nnd Vocal Music aud Prof. T. 11. Molt, 5 Thorough Il.i". Prof. .1. H. Hills, Drawing, Crayoning, Ac. Prof. I. I Williams, ) n., i,i. Miss S. L.CoxvMisr, ' Oil I alntlng. Tho Princh Language is taught by a Lady to whom the hinguago is vernacular. Applications should bo ui.ido early. Catalogues will bo sent to order. .T.lMI',-5 W. HlCKOK.fcccrctary. Burlington, Jan. ii", 1833. UAwtf Trotting Match. Uninronr, Vt , March 2, 1S33. To inn UniTOR or Tin; 1'nrB Prsss i ltrir Sir lrnder dato of Jan. 21th, Mr. Juoies McNTaser challenged to trot his entlro2cars old colt, by Hying Morgan, one ndlo beat, b"t two In three, againtt any 2 years old in tho Mato, lor a premium of $25 or S0. I accepted his challenge for tho largest premium, nnd would trot a 2 years old entire colt of tho lllack Hawk family with him, and olTered him $10 to come hero and trot, leaving it for him to set tho time, I hear nothing fiom Mr. McXasscr, which I consider unfair. I there fore choUengo him to trot hls2yearsohl as nhovo proposed hy me ,on his own ground (Ilurlington Pay) any day ho may name (giving mo timely notice) between the 11th nnd Uth of .March. My premium Is deposited in llurlington to await his answer. Mr. Ii. P. Illodgett Is nuthorucd to confer with Mr Mc Xascr, and arrange with whom the premiums arc to bo deposited all fair. 1). J. MVHICK. P. S. If the day set should provo nnf.iror.ible, the trot to come o' fair day. dOHislw' "lost. OX the morning of Sunday, I'eb. 23th, n Dear Skin Kobe, between Winonsk! I'sills and tho Exchange, Hotel in llurlington. Tho finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it with tho l-ubscri-ber, L. P. llLOIKllITT. March 5. diwtf jaiie Mor s"L'cci:3ri'X7MLri!fcA It I' T II II A I- I, , A DOMESTIC T.U.E 01' THE PKKiEN'T TIME, lly l'anuy Pern. 3U0 pp., 12mo. Cloth. Price, SI 23. It has been reserved to this distinguished author ess to nehieve what tiny, under the ciicumst.ince, bo legarded as tlio most brill i ii nt succcji over ib tuncil hy an Amcrieni ivrltcr of fiction. HUTU HAlilj," lier i'ntt coutiimoua fctory, thuiigh -.Ifriiing of t!ioo vuxcJ quctlona which ngit.ite tlio public miii 1, h.t", in the twu tuontli since Hi firtt npp' ar .uicp, roncliclu l.ircry.ilc tlinn iiny other American work of fiction whsUcvcr within the ,-ame pi-rio-I. Thia CAtiaortlinnry fact is, of itsolf, abur.'Ijiit c i denco of the nbsorliins intercit ami graphic power nf this remarkable work. Woha-.ein our pn.se5 fion tLvernl huntlretl reviews of ' Hl'TII JlLL,' which hao already appeared in tlic principal news papers jnI periodicals. Xcarly ail of thoio pro nonnco it c.rphatically a work of penim, many pre dicting for it the largest sale of any American boult, and devoting whole columns to its oulogism, while mo have jtt seen but very few (not twehe tu all) whi'Mi deny its cinsular fncination. UUTJl UAU' i? for sale by Ilookiellf-rs gen eratly. ruMishcd by masox r.noTiinns, ditr .'o. 'J3 I'ark How, Xcw York. " ROOM WANTED. IXPEHIE.N'CE his doinoiuti-atod to hundreds, t thnosinds. that 3TANIFOK.'J'S is the placo to rnrohasc CarpetinR. OU-CIolh, rnncyaml Staple Dry Goods, CHEAP I ata now offering a better opportunity to the Pub lic than over before, to secure bargain, as room is wantsd for TVIUV i!00 3i : I will close out my entire stock bcfoie 1st March noil, at pricon that will, perhaps, surprise Hie pur chaser. C. F. SfAXirORK. llurlington, tobruary, 1655. d.lntf RARE BEE DAfiG 1MB nt the IL 1 V E ! Tho remainder of our Rich Pattern Cloaks, ill now bo sold nt pnrt tt sri't jiurrhntrs, truant- 1 m fi c'jf, to close thtm nut. A MO, All W i n 4 e r U o a il h Will bo offered at prices to insure their sale. Fur nithin; a rare opportunity fur thusu in ant ofruch Kuod--, tu Stccuie good fnrgnii, Our I'atious arc especially iuviud to call In time to fecuic umo of them. . LSO, Juit rrcetvt't by F.rprt Shnwls Dnivs d'noils rianih'ls Merino Wrappers und Irn"ers fur Indies and tlcn tlcmen, Knitted l'ulka ifacks fur LadU, Mi-t'cs nnd Children, Knitted Under Alcoves, Wriitlcts and Ovor acke, Legging for Men and Hoys. A I.IO, COM roilTKRS, SO.VKTS, GLOVKS, ?tockings,':ilk Pocket Hdkl'i, & Cravats; Linen do. AUO, .uoiiicrCaniiori:Mnuoii)i:nirs, Cambric and Shire Lawn lidkfij. Misses HemUtitch do., A great variety of Dress Trimmings, iJIrdlci fjr Uube, Dicusing tiowns and Apronn. ALSO. Another Cai ten of tho-c Superior Fiench Kid OIoicp. ALMJ. White iV Col'd Marseilles Quilts, for French and inla Ili-d.-tcad-i, Cribs an t Cradlee, HLA.KUri,nll sizes, Together with a great vaiicty of Window iSImdr, Cm Main (ioods, and IloUiO l'urui'liing (loods generally. ALSO, P A C K J .V (' V It U SKS "II sizes. Our fc-Uck cmhuifoi i vi i llilng u?ually kcjit in Dry (iooda S'toivP, and wi.l lo toldt cry ClllLU1 for CAill. Wodn.otC.IALLL.Viii; and 1HIFV TUT WOULD to COMI'LTL with .ur i'LICi;-, but v.o DOIXVim LLtoeall and tA.tuiiuo for them. ecloi,anl aio willing to hIj'Jo tho decision ot u discriminating I'uidic, toMlmui the above U Hub inltted. Vny rc.pttt fully, N. rJXK, Jn. Jan. ICth, ISji. dAwtf Cash Mu3ic and Piano Store OT UOHACJ; WA'JLK-?, No. Uroadwdy.New York. Oppi'tHiun tu tie Combiuatioii! I MUSIC AT OHLATLV liLlJLX'Ll) KAIL?, 1 NutwithUaiidinc tho cninMndticn cf lusio Ital- ! er to kcip up thoprictpot non-eupyright inuiic a gaunt tuo uiitreu vi .utnouutiiKtLir?, aim tuuir telusul tu extend tu Mr. WATKHa tho oourtvbici cf the tiade, ho is making immenso ealcs Lavinj; abundant orldouco that ho has puhlio countenance and support in his oppniitif-n to the (treat Monopo ly, aud in Lis ttTuru to aid NatlvoTalcut aud adopt tho National Cuncucy. His fc lock of American aud Luropvan Muolc U iuuenbf, and the cutalouo of his o a publication ii ono of the largest aud lc:t 6eic.tea tu too umtoa tuici. lie um aifo mauc a (iruat Kuduction in tbo puecsrf 1'ianoi, Mclodccr.i, aud Muiu) IcMitUHnu t nil Mulf. bUj-critr tontd Octavo 1-iauds for S1T5, $VU0, and $223, iuterioruf as god quality and initiutucntias (troni; aud as durable as those which cott550u, Thncs ot every variety of style and price, up to $ I0LO, coui prUinb' those of t n difftreLt uiauu factor Us ; and a triune them the celebrated modern improved lloitACC Watths' I'lanoi, and tho fir ft premium Xoleah ruot of T, OiLctar k Co,f. male (uwn era of tho .K 'Ipanratcnt). Bccoud-hand Tianoi at great bargaius. I'r ices from $40 tu $150, Melu doom from tiro dilfeient mauuf.ictirie, including tho well-known c, IK .V Jl, W, Smith's MchHoou( (tmud tho if( temperament,) tho best mako iu the I'nited fctatet, i'licce, fr5, 5l'H, $75, if 100, $115, -I25, $35, $150. tnuitb-tf I'.n.blo Mc i h'dcuus, SVUU. Kaclj 1'iar.o and Milcduon guaran teed, 'ihe beet terms to tho trade, schools, Ac, 12 I per cent, discuuut to Clergymtn and Churchis, All ordt ra promptly attended to, Music soi.t to alt pails of the country, post paid, at the nduccd rates. General and elect Catalogues and Schedules of prices of Musical Instrument forwarded to any ad. dress flee of charg- Feb, Ih, w3tni IIsUCIKO-fiALVAXIC llATnilllUi so bene Li ficial lu KbcumutUiu, N'curalu, Xcrvoueness, .lo rouii'U'to in casts. 1'c.r sale by TU 10. A, TKCK, Dealer la Surgical Instruments. l'h. II. dtf FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 9, 1855. By Tclcgrapli tnovi ,YM "iS'MSTOIll, lit'HIitNUTON ! illlilVM. ()!' TIMSTKAMIU!' TIIHKH "Wj MTl-.ll UtOM SMV Vllllltll! NEW.- OP ((HEAT I.MPOIITANIIEI I I I lirtinrncitu Hill Passu! ! ! ! ! ! r I mia in: lv imiy hoods veiiv iiiimj. the .R. receipts of Dry (loods qullo hirfj. tfnloj quick, and at very low figures. In staple Roods, il ! filice'lugs, Hhli tings, Uonlms,1'trlpc", Ac. .con siderable n.tlv lly displayed, at prices much lower than ltl spring. MOOliENtf nro hesvv and firm, nt pilces that at tract eonshlerablo ultentloni roltl'.m.V C00D.-1. Cisslmeres, Shawls, He Lalnc, Ac, nto very c, cip. Pilces of all aitlele, excepting worthlosi and unprofitable kinds, exhibit greater regularity and firtunoss. Tho Styles nro tho best In Market, Conscqi'.c'jtly meet with ready sales. I EMllllOIDEnil. Inlhls llnewonotlecnlariro nnd beautiful assortment, and al loft prices. Tho styles aro cholco and the goods nro good. Much at tention has been devoted in this lino by tlio Ladles, Slid nioro anhn.ltlon displayed limn uual, TIIIHETS, MEUIXOS, COllLltllllS, AC. Largo Importations of these goods this season, and prices aro from 20 to 30 per cent, less than last year. A beautiful assortment of theso goods nro now ready for exhibition and sale. Pilichascrs aio Invited to givo them nlook beforo purchasing elsewhere. HOSIERY A OLOVES. As usual, a well selected stock of Hosiery and Oloves nro In tho market, but for cbolco goods, gndsthnt ate ponds, the COKXEH STOUE Is jappllcd with on endless variety, nnd at tovipn -M. CyWll arelr.;lted to call and examine for them selves. (JOKN'EH STOltE, Wickmrc limiting, ) Scpttmbcr 23, 18.M. 5 UAVIXfi rtetdrned to my old stand on Church Street, I noi now prepared to supply tho needy with the best of Ten, Cnllt'C, Sugar, Splrci, lUiicnronl, T'.iplucn, Vcriiili'lll.i, I'.-itlli.-l, Coin Smith, KiU-iiix. Spill foil-, Canary ami llmp Seal, all kinds nf Soap, Mtvlrrrl, Salmon, Cod I'tslt, Lamp Oil, Hunting Fluid, Cider Vinegar, Park Lard, Flour by tho hiriel or pound, lluck Wheat and Mca1,nta very mo ler.ito a lvaneo from cost, and aslmiko all my purchases for cash think my prices will b found satisfactory (1. I,. WAllN'EIt. Jan. 25lh, 13 dAwCmos. HLMILINOTON CARPET WAREHOUSE CIUXKIRV stoui:, CIIL'IICH STliEEl. 150 15 A fresh lot of new and beautiful style" of Fnnnnv txn A.MEinc.irv ! ! 1 TUIlliEY VELVET, TAPESritV, liuus-ir.i,'-, TIIUI'.E PI.Y, IN'ORAIN. nnd Common VooJ, Cntton end Wool, nnd nil Cotton, Eocklug, Crumb doth, Hug", Mats, Stair Carpets, Ac. Al.xn, FLOOEOILCI.OTIIS.all widths fiom 1 yd to 0 yds. Straw Matting, Ac Also Crockery, China & Glar-fj Ware. A largo and entire new stock., PAPEIi HANlllNlS-S of every quality. All the nhovo goods have been bouirht at grc.tlly reduced prices, and will bo sold accordingly. NICHOLS & I10YNTOV llurlington, Oct. 154. dAntl 1)11. I,.. AVII.1,1 3IS' t'MVK.IKVI, PAIN EXTPcAOTCR; !)it Tin: ciHii: or NEKVOUS HEADACHE, Chronic Tl li n-.-- i UXLLIXO and Pain In tho l.imbiiide,or Uuw 5 et, Crniup-, XcrvciiR lleadjcliv. Tic ltolori'iix, Xeuralgi.i, ."pralii', I!niic;.l ah Wound, Spurn, S'iru, IJurns ami Scald, Lnek-Jaw, Criuin, Whito S-velling, Ujilropliobi.i, lVo'tcd l'cct, Timth- I Ache, llilhus Ciilic, A)v.--ppai i, l-oli-onous IJite, hting", Ac, Ac, Ac. ' This Ukmi:iv Ii ts been sol I In ltl States, und in j some 3,O0U Citic and Town", and lias ghen prcat Fati'faction t all who havo used it. It is giur.ui tccd in nil Xcrvm' and Chrnnic coniplainta, tu bo superior to all nthcr preparations e.xt.iut. Mr. T. 1 V, Lovkll, of I'uilint'ji), Vt., is well acquainted witli thor.viv IlvTitvcTiut," hiivins both sold and 1 used it. PUIOU 't -ind .') crnt" per buttle. Ii. Wlhbl..MS, .M. O., Vojri''ir, Stw Vork. tUft"M hoU-salcand Kctall, hy JIIIKIUCIv .1 MILES, Vhole5iilo (irccerv, Vat.,r street, IJurlinj;. ton.Vt.; Xow Vurk, ALCXAXUUll A ShATKli, liucits TO Uirclay Stuet, Xi'w Vuik. Burling.tcn.Oot. K', l.'il. d.twly. Deccmbor 30th, Ucw Goods, I UEri'KN-UD TKOM XliW YORK LAal -M evening and have lecuivcd tcnin Ihittcr-nic!, llird-i ami lo-aa lioavyilvci Snuff IIom;?, Silver lack Coiubi, JSuffalo liack ami Puff Combs, Il'uifaTo and other hair Pins, Crochet lii.'s, llctioulc? ani lots now goods. J- i:. IIltrX.S.MAUt, OllStaud ChurchStrett. Dec 30th, 151. diwtf Ileal Estate for Sale. rgMIU "(H.k Plck so called, nbout two milc 5 "South nf tho viltio ot Kuriinton, on thoShel burn ru ul, containing -3 :icies uf land, excellent fruit, ami liruly waternl. ALSO ,i5 ncirs of Ijnd ni-arto it, on tho Westfcirle of Sliclbum mid, boln tlio South pirt of tlio old Iloiito l'arm f tho l.ity Ju-eiih Harrington. It is f.nel)' eituatod. Tboy will bo sold nt u low j.ricc, 1-cparately or together, and a liueial credit Rirt'n, A. Vb. 53, 1R55. dAtttt Kid Gloves. A. FliKall LOT uf ery nlco M'hitc and Coloied Jvid (ilo'.i'', nil hUe?, lur (tentlemen and Ladie, jut recehed at LYMAWS Teb. 1 7, Is.')". d.lwtt FALL 4? 5. EDMONDS, Siiccf-iir tu I. KM'.H, Nt.XT miOlt 111 I.YMW.S ' ' . IHI.MM. KNiKCT. iuorin iiii'ix'iiii.iiV indium thi: tt Cilieni f 111. iliiiten ami vieinily, tbnt be haBreeciml a large supply nf l'asbii.n.ible Hats ami Caps fir men ami buy.., suit.iblo fnr tbo present Tall Trn.le, A g'.nl iisHuitincnt i-f Trunks, VnlUen, r.unnet Caet, Traielm;; I!a?, schoel S.itcbel,, Umbrella, U.uies, liloles, Mltteni., lloyn' Uelts, .to. Tbn.o wishini; uny uf the above- named goiids, will please eall ni.t examine. 55f lints find Cap made tu order. Repairing done ivitb neatness and dl.-pati b. WILLIAM C. UI'.UW ill remain as IV.nuerly. furs : : furs : : : L'ST l.cceiiod.u fre.b lot rf Ladies and flents UUIS ITKN (eleeted flomlitrjiO stoek. in "VeN loll; ullIloFtnn., Kursilo nt J. UIi.MUNll?, College .-trctt. Oct. 'JO, lhoi. d .lilt II A i: j: ii a li ; a i n s oo;,i v." vti::mm - comi; a xi) km: ' ' ' DRY GOODS, GfiOCSniES, I'apcr i Lmins, LooKi!! (;ias.o?, raipt'linu itiul Oil 'loth. T nur .picinui M;V OUi:, 150 Church ft., (fine door North nf our eld bt.uul,) whhh aro how offered for iah at prices aro without a precedent ' hero rr tiUewhue." We hftll ollcrour entire tt"cl f'ir -0 days 41 without regnid to coyt, mil ny things fur 0 a-nU on the dollar Now is tlio time to buy tii'oda. Money ii want d und gfoda inuft he ucilficid ' A penny m ed i two pinco earned. " Kccidlect the New ."'toic, 150 Chinch St. NICHOLS .1 IIOV.N'ION. Feb. 14, .855. Uw Jan 20, 1055, New Goods, , -RUST Ol'KNlNtl A NLW AND lIXrF.NSiVK ! ari'ty nf l'ir Uingii, Tin, Finer lVickct lto"lvs, nruhpf. C.nhii, Jtritanma C.mdle fttick. Te.i l'utf, y tcr ladle f, FlU'jd Spoon?, Hunting Watehc?, Ac., all of!iich will be Mild as low as can ho had .it any place in town -v out of it, at tho old stand, Church Mrcit. J, U. IHUNSMAID. Lite lirinnmaid, Drothei A Co. Jau. lf5tL, lb55. d.lwtf I.I . O G T II 13 I M , lutcnTEa or W 1 N K 8 and LIQUORS, its E'VosU MJs't'et, s s v .yoit K, MircM. 1?:5 wtf Valuable Farm for Sale, rn H I S DE3IRAT1LE TAHM, contiining Two ft Hundred and Ninety Acres, is situated four tulles north of VcrgouncH, nn the old stago road, and ) one ana a nan miicj irom ino (vnnroii cianon. ii is pleasantly situated, and tbo soil is of excellent quality. On the picmis is a Couni lio i iJrick I)ivc1Iji . built iu n subrtantlal uianner nnil tho most approved modern st lo; tojjcthtr with all the necctsaiy IIAItS AMI OTIIIIIt ni'lI.DIMiS, For Palrjlng and other 1'arrair.s rurpescs, Also an Orchard ff nearly 700 APPLE TllEES, just coining luto bearing, Oftho Clioii'pst rnrirllc. Alt'sether, this is tho must dcdrablo l'arm ever otfvrod for salo in this region. ItOWIiANll Tl 'ROBIN'SON' Frrlsburgh, 1855, wSSwS jMAL nottoer. Gytrhaw't Rloc'i: Kntntc. J STAT! Ol' VlillMONI', JT.i tho lion, the Pro l)llilct of Clittteii liMi, h. S Into Court for tho lll'lriel of Cblttondeil, Tu nil persom eonecrnel In tho e-lalo ol Spirhnwk lllce, lutoof vveslfonl, In said liUtnrl, ileconed, (Innnmi!. WllliltHAS, tho Kvecutors of tho Ut will nud tcstauient of said dcccacd propose to render an account of their admlnUtrnlion, and present their ncuottnl nx-ilu"! s.ild ctato for examination nnd nl lowatcu nt a sslon of the Coin! of Pii.bate, lo bo holdcn nt (ho 1'iob.ito oKOo, on the 21th day of April next. Ihercfore, you nro hereby notified to appear be fore said court at tho time und place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account afoic b.i 1 1 should not bo allowed. (liven under my hand nt llurlington this 5th day of 'lurch, A. 1). 1955. W. 11. 1'P.r.XCII, Judo. w30w3 Ana Iletsford's Entatc. STATU OP Vnit.MON'T, )Tho Hon. tho Probate District of Chittenden, ss. J Court for the District of Ohlltenlen. To all persons concerned In the es. Into of As.v Ilasford, hto of Charlotte, In said Dis trict, deceased, (Inp.BtlSO. WIIllltrJAS, tho administrator of tho ctnte of said deceased proposes to render an account of his n Imlnlstrntlon and present hli account asainU sit 1 etatc for eximlnitlon and nllowaneo at n session of tho Court of Probate, to bo hohltn nt tho Probate Offico in llurlington on tho 27th day of .March noxt, A. D. 1855. Therefore you nro hereby notified to appear before said court at tho time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you hav o, why the account afore said hould not bo allowed. Olicn under my hand nt Durllngton, thl 1st day of March, A. D. HSi. wJCwIl W. II. I'RUXCII, Judge. Perkins B. Allen's Estate. STATU OF VnP.MOXT, ) The Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, j Court for the Dl-trict of Chittenden. To all persen Interested In the Lstntcnf Tciklni 1!. Allen, a minor under the ago of fourteen vrarj, (lur.r.Tl-to. n'ltnAS, tho Ouardi.m ofperhlns li. Allen, ' ' a minor under the nno of fourteen vear'.hath mado application toild Court In wrlllnir'f.T lloen-e and authority to sell the real oslate of his. a Id warl, settinc; forth therein that It would bo conducive lo tho lntcret of his l!d ward to pell the real elnle of .aid ward bequeathed to him by the lnl will and tetament of Isalali Tham, late or Shellmrne, ile. censed, ituated in the town of lllncburh, in ald DNtrlct. AVhereunon the said Court appointed nod alined the second dav of April. A. II. l(l!5,for berln? and desidlnc upon s lid application, nt the Probate Court Uoom in ai I district, nnd ordered that publle no. tleo thereof bo clren to all n"rons Interested lo aid estitn bv pnbUshlns said order threo week succcll elv in the Pnrllneton I'reo Pres. n rows paper which circulates in the iietijbborbonil of lboe interested, all which publications to be previous to the time appointed for sntd hearlnir. Y"ti aro therefore hereby nottfic to nopear beforo s lid Court at the time and plaee aforesaid, nnd make your objections to Mich pale If you eo cause. (Mren un-ler mv nana at liurlineton, .itn uay of March, A. I). 1855. I). 1'ItnXCIt, Uegistcr. w3Cw3 Caleb Nash's Estate. STATU OP VmtMONT, ) The Hon. tho Probate HWriet of Chittenden,". S Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden. To all persons concerned In the estate of Catch Xash, late of Jericho, In pal 1 Dis trict, decease, 1, : "lnii:i!i:AS, application hath been made in T writing for lieenso and authority to the Administrator upon the folate of ald decease.Mo deed twentv-fivo acres of land beina part of lot Xo. in Jeriehn, which sabl iteeeased was under con tract to deed to Xoah Chittenden, r f pail Jericho Whereupon tho paid Court nnpolnle.l tlio I'llh ilay of March, A. D. l", at the Probate Tourt Uonin", to hear and deeblo upon said applieatlon nnd it i; further ordered that notice thereof be piv-en toall person" Interested inereln by puhli.hine tU order v ,,1-cks sucee.slrelv In the P.urlincton 1 ree Press previous to the time so nppointo.l. j Yon are thereforo hereby notified to nppcar ot i the time and ptaco aforesaid, anl show cause, if j any you have, why puch licenso should not be j granted. j (liven unler my band nt Burlington, this 23d i day of Tobruarv, A. I)., 1S53. I w35n3 D. ritr.XCII, Kcgi-dcr, Martin L. Grossman's Estate. TU T1IU SUllSCIUIlIillS. having been up 'V pointed by tho Honorable tho Probato Court fur tho District of Chittenden, Commissioners t.. receive, examine and adjust tho claliusand demands of nil persons, against tho cstato of Martin ,. Ciossman, late of Ilincsburgh, In said district, de coded, represented insolvent, and alo nil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being al lowed by said Court fur that purpose, we do therclore hereby givo notice, that wo will attend to the busi ness of our appointment, nt tho dwelling of Mrs. Laura A. Crossmnn,in Iliiiesburgh, in said iJistricI, on the first Mondays of April and July next, at 10 o'clock, A..M.,on each of said days. Dated tbis2Jd day of February, A. D. 1?55. Ii. u. lUliLU, 1 f.mml,nt. KENfiAL IlltlllOS, 3 w3ow3 Martin Barbor'fa Flstatn. VUTIIU SUnSCIUnEKS, having beenappolnt- ed by the Honorablo tho Probate Court tor the District of Chittenden, Commissioners tn re ceive, examine and adjust tho claims nnd demand" of all pt-rsons against the estate of Martin Catbcr, late of Kichmond, iu slid District, deceased, repro sented insolvent, and also all claims aud demand? exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the dato hoieof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wc do therefore horeby give i.i. lice, that wo will attend to the bu sines s of our ap pointment, at the dwelling uf Fanny Paibcr in Jlichmrind, in said Ditrict, on tho third Thursdays oi .'lay and August next, at 10 o clock, A. M., on I each of said dayj. i Dated this 2'M day of February, A. D. 1S53. i;. 11. GULL'.V, NATHAN I'AVA Coinmissio K. I). .MASOX, b issioner Henry C. Eoardman's Estate. hTATU OF VKUMONT, ) Tho lion, tho I'robatc Di-trict of Chittenden, 8, n. J Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons Interested in the e'tato of Henry C, Ilourdman, hitoofM lton, in said district, deceased, lliiKtUM.. V I11HIUAS, Hector Adam, mrvii ing Kxecuturt f tha last will tcst.uncnt of Henry C. lSoardma i, I itc of Milton, deceased, and trustee of tnbl e state, propofes to len ler an account cf Lis adiiuniitra tion, and present UU account a-;.iiiut said estate fur cx.iininiitiun and allowance at a tei-sioii of the Cuui t of 1-robato, to be holdcn at tho I'robatc Court Kuom, in Hurliugtou, ou the 25th day of April, A, D., Ib55. Thcrofore, you are hereby notified to appear be fore said Court at tho time and placo aforc-ald, and shms caue, it any yau have, why the account afore paid should not bo allowed. (liven under my hand at llurlington this 25th day of February, A. D, 155. wJ5w3 D. l'KEXCH, Register. MiiMcnl Journal for the Million! f1HE NKW Y0KK MUSICAL ItUVIUW contains L annually over Ono Hundred ricccs of New Music, besides a vast amount of critic il, iu-tructho and entcitainin reading ; also, a woik (published iu chapter1) by Low.ll Mason, embodying the ik ticil retulli, as npplied to pr-iaieal tea hmst ot hit experience, during a long and industrious career, in an author and teacher ol music. And jet the Mtiicat Hnirw is only one dollar a year, or elx cop ies for lire dollars inflexibly in advance. Anybody lectin;; an interest in tho cau-e of music, ii in tted to get upclubs, anl forward fcuberiptious. Pub lished fortnightly. Specimen copies tent on leceipt ot flvo Ciut-, or two postago stamps. Address, poBUpaid, MASON HUOTHFUS, 2J Iark Uuw,Nuw Verk, dAwJw FllIHtLllV aiVU NOTICr., that I have given mv fon TKU.MAN McNALL his time during the ictrulndcr of his minority, and that from this date I (dull claim nono of his earnings nor pay uuv debts of hi contracting. JOHN MeNALL. itness, Jun' D, Oai f. Colchester, Feb, 10, 1855, w3.w3 Notice. I HUIU;UV OIVK NOriCU that I havo givui my two eons LJIW;..U Uhl. ami MM. It. DVKUtho remiinin part of their minority with permission to transact business for themselus, and as I khalt claim nono of their earnings, I shall piy iif debts ot tneir contracting alter ttiis iiatc, HEM AN DVKL. Turit in Williams, Witness, Notice. ffMIC COrARTXEIlsIUl' licrctoforo existing in Jl tho namo cf ADAMS .t CO. is this Jay di.. solrcd by mutual consent. D. I. Griswold is autboriicd to tctllo all claims and dcraands for ai.d aainit tbo concern. Grand Isln, Fob. V, IS55. E. ADAM?. P, E. GUISH'OLD. Tho subscriber having tho business of tho late jrc cf II. Adams A Co. to scttlo is Jc.lroui of bar. ing all Interested call as soon as practicable. And rould also say that bo will contlnuo tho mercantile business at tho old staud, Tobias' Landing, where goods can bo had at ooet fur cash. 1), E. GIUSWOLl), leb, 17. w3lw3 Piano Fortes & Melodious. IS it policy to buy a poor urticlo nlilch la.ts only a short time ond Is Ihcn northlcss, or would yMi havo a thini; uf tho best quality, lteiuoiubcr that i tho I'lANO rOKTUS an I .MCLODCONS for sale by 1 I.. S. Hl.aT, aro warranted of tho first quality, and I aro manufactured by tho best makers in tho coun try. Just call at tho Mi's 10 S TO 11 U nnd couiparo thera Ith i other instrnmcnts of tbo hind. J-b. 7- d ttf Hnomt in Hie (lily of New York. GKTI,KME.V Vlt-ITIXO TIIK CITY OFXCT' YOItK, can find pleasant ticcoinn'odations at Xo. 18, West Ttntli Street. Th, locality is ery I airy and heal thy and ounienlent for strangers, being near to tho Cth Aicnuo IUilroad, and soveral llces of Stages ; and tho rooms "ill bo found moro plsasant than nt any hoUl. June Sl.ltiSl. diwtf I., x t U30 Acitlcmy, I'llTM) UI, Ns V. rivin: ii ut Term will eh 'o on Ihe lltu uuy t ;i.i Ii next. Tbo ne:,t torn will tjnoii' ueo on Thiir dav, M in. il 2'ith. Hi -ii v II. lltTKtuw, A, H., Wai.iio tlRlninv, A. II., Assistant. Alt" AiUMpA 11. H .vimrv, n "raduito of the .Mount Ihily.iki' .'einl niry, h.n oi iroof tlio 1V.JIAI.B Di.i.autsik.h. Titl iim per Term nf 1 1 Wceln ! linkages, mil tho higher branches of Digllsh IMu" cation, 91 M momentary Dngllsh Studies, 4 10 .Music on tho Piano Forte, Drawing and Palntlur, nro also taught In tho School, by otlur and eompo cnt teachers, for nhlch cxtrncharge.' mo mode, Hie TittnTKBs) aro happy to Inform tho public that Messrs. Iluclihim anil llrlgham, graluatcs of tho tfniverslty of Vermont, who hare now been In tho seli iol mole than half n year, halo fully ustalned the high reputation fur loathing, they previously enjoved, Tho Tiii'itep.s feci assured that this Institution aXords f icillticj for no-iiirlng n superior Academi cal Lducilion. The Academy building! aro atnplo and Ciioimodlotis, with Library, Astronoinleal and Chemical Apparatus, together with a respectable Ciblntt of .Minerals. Public pitronagc Is solicited. lly order of tho Hoard of Trustee, S. It U'.MO.VD, Secretary. PotSftlM, Fib. 2", 1835. Xoln. The Acidemia yenr Is dlri led 1 nt i three terms, of fourteen weeks oich. Tho fiist tsrruCom nicucul on tho sccon 1 Thursdiy of August, every year. At tlio eloso of tho fust term, la v.icjt-ull of thretr-wecks, and at the ch'ao of tho socind term, a vacation of twii weeks. (Tultbu formerly o'oarged by the 0.1111 ti-r, 11 weeks) w35 w3' use AJ! TIE tMl CIPE res ' - Lb m"1''' vi Dcafncsg Curscl. 1!U wlnt ?4Trpi' Acoiii-tic Oil hn! dnnf ! - Tim srentft enrn cr yt pt formed liy any medicine. It nver f'ilt ' frum the Albany Daily Knh-,r(nrhoiv(,rt -( nir'tiTr')V' Tun'3 Tl.l i- to cfrtity tint T, W'1' 'r'1 .trnl, iror.rl--tnr r.f tlio Weit Trnv lltchin-;'5 l!tr! hivln'T Viern nTlictrd with dnfii, In nn fnr tht In t twpntv vmr nnl in the rthor fur llin 1 vnr, n thit tt wn tm-'ihln fir m t" hr'ir th lenid- t vnl"nt nnd iftfij. trvin? v iriin ftn'-'llf wit'i'tut trnnrnt in" mv hearini in th" t'"it, T tt Indued to t-v fnrni'l fnmnimid pnii'tlf Oit. f-r the fire nf T)fnrnA, nnd it Is with groat "rilricntlnn T phi rntHlrltn tntf thnt It ln p"rf4"tl v mtrirc 1 mv hfiri-i-r. nnd T will tit1 lnn-tv tn vt an" nrr m win wJhf lnf(ir mntiin In rf! ttinn to invt'-itninih-- H 'ot Trov. wtr.r, ln .TTVK. V.o rnrffnt nd purphno f Mr. T. IMIC. l.iirlinTtnn. A. 11 .t 1). W1)-!, ini TiitHi -trfot, Xpw Yorl, ns there a cjnnterfelt in Ok rh jr.. w1mr. FORT EDWARD INSTITUTE. IJp.r. JOSF.IMl KlXf't. A. M.. Pittv-r tr M'.fMr'TII hrl"' h Hi I, In t'cj o ti'nltinn nf intftlint vi-"lt'rt, un,n'iili',l tv nnv ftn imrv pdid'" in Vnrif!. Thr Iriiidln-f ilAmrt mrnt Aiv , full frvn t!i- !?'i i h ?. P.mrl,fnr. ni-heil ronn, nrcpiri! fn"l, wihln-2, tultl'.n In cnininnn nn-rlin, ind Ind lntal, In advinc", fnr whfilf tfrm nf 1 1 wrl(, ?".oi. nnr-inn tnini afc rrducfd f)irf, liptwcn Trv nnl C.i''tl,t'n, nn the f.rt ind lit ihy of otc'i tim. Fprin? term 1'pt-in" Mareh 2ith. Tin' vhn il-irn nn"riir fi iilitifrf( ra tlmrf-ush rlnfitinn, PimmTfiil, cl "icil, or nrm-Tienf il, nnd nrc rimttf nf lreps vh trv.'rutr, nro Inrltr-.I tn uppty for C.itflltguc, or f.r hninl. tn Mm Irin-'lnnl. !nrt niw.inl, X. V., .Un. 27, 13. w12 vl., Do Y(n Hny 'onti nnd liiO' fir Pnsh ! If V"'l di fnll in T. C. WALSS (.i CO., 2!5 I'rllll "I'rvU Who will -ell you finnl) IlI'T II.TXfl Boots, ShooT, Rubbers &. Gaitero, of all kinds and ii'."s, rroin the ,-nvllos child's to the lirirest men's, br the Cist; ,,r HOW,', al LOWHU I'ltlCI'.-i than have been known for vol's. ID'CUc 2'1 PCAP.I. STKrr.Ta try, beforo buying. Pofton, Teb. 3, 111",. wlmos. :LRThii(i. Jil'T Tilinr WHAT VEOY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. Ilnw (ip.'-n it Inj j in-', th ' i l"ijirs frni.1 yen hi .i.'ar 1:1 tun pliable ci-rd t'..'i u, not cvtn out il. v la led tli" li.i jy 111 a fxh.lar.itin4 inua e..f.. 1 1. u!t.nt to tlie incut of b".i!ih TllIO IJI.OO.MI.VO IIIIIDK, Ei' .i ftw je.irs nso hi tin- flii'h of hi-nllli ai d joulli, ind tiiMurcj of cnintrf, rntitdlr, and im i-nicntlv in ip' il U . bt'eiime- a lecblc. itklv. niillnw. dtlili- d wite, with frame rut.i.-',!iited,rcres unitiuf?. tp nt d.- res-cl, ccui.t'Mian' br.irin-; tlic impress of eiifftrm?, ntid an utter plisicd find nuttal pos tiniion, anmg from i-;iioutiie of tic "-.nip'- ft and .thic-t rul"S of health ai connected with tho mir rinp -'ate, tho iohtion of winch email du-ei e, Eutltnng nd mipry. not only to the wife, bat often EShifL'lTlKi' COMFLilN'I" UrjN Ti!3 CHILDREN ' VT" THE Till I'D AM p t Rill GHM Rnn," TinnoinlUlni; l MlTlt V. -CltUI-U'I. , IIM'IK ll(IM)ltl, lsMl'V, tun r, KI;H i:vil nnt( (lh r anil uore Dlitatfrf, nn n DREADFUL INHERITANCE rilOM TIIH PAKHNTS. Mn1 mutit ttili continue f Mu-t thu be f Ii tbsro at re f' No rel kft .Nulioi-e The rriMily n bv kn.-nj tho rnnt nnd Rioilirj tlifm, Rtiil kiiKwiiu Hie i i- uh anl bciefi'iuj hy lliea lln-i-e arts p'.inteil ual in THE MARRIED WOMAN'S ritlVATE MKDICAL f'OMl'AXION, BV I'R. A. M SMtTdCKtf, fROFOR OF CMUR 0! ftOUEV. Ore llunttxtith KdUion, (."jOCOiW), 1sji-) ,f;i.2:3. ON n.M I-AFFti, LXTRl IUMHMI, II 00 J A Ftaniir-l -rortv of i-tab'iBl.t. J rpputAtinn, fuuni clasol In the'-jiie-. of the reat tn (a ul-1 fn New Vfrk, f'jrin'cllilil.i, nn ! oth' r pitle-i, and oM by th principal Imokhel.pi sj in thn t'nitpj Mates It Mflt'firi.t fiubtithed In 1S47, Ince wtmh time FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES liavo 1st en H-ili, of which there ero ujin ardi of (Il. llL'NDllliin ililL'SAXI) SEN 1" 11Y MAIL, MoMst.; th hmh eitunitlun ia which It U bell a a ru Mtk iomLir MfJical 1:001c I'm! i:vi:itv tl." outt r Iisttn; (levuted hi etclunte attention to tbe treat ii etit of cut.! pi itnt'- peculiar to female-, In renect to whu .1 lie N early cyQiuittJ hy thoutdnlj buth tn i'ernn aai hy Irltcr. 1'cto ciery woman ran tlUcotT, by comparing her ii-rn F-iUspton with thou ilescnbel, tho nature, charae'vr, Csuei of, ar.J the pryjer rciue'lioH for, her complaintn. llvn wife about beccrain; a mother bai ofim need f i uiruction and adtlce of tl.o Lt.noi Importance to fatjro health, In reipcct to which her nensitjreneM for tiJi conuUtn,i a geutleman, will fin 1 cc!i la htrnctinn nnd adlce, and alo explain many njmj'iom which other'-, Uu woull occaion anxiety or a'arta ai nil tho i eculuniiei incident to lu r situation are 1 I low tuanv Ira nutTenu from obtUuctloua or IrreaUr Itica eculur to the fcu-dta nyiteto, uliuh undermine tbe health, the crfect of which they i,jtiorjiit, anl fnr rvhi"h thvir tlilicacy forbid.1 feeUio,; melical aJice Man aulTcuo,; from prcliptia tUwx (QUmj cf th womb), vr freiii Jiuor alius (wtuLceKi, dtb.hty, Ks.) Many Are lu L4instnut Pgony for many uiuntln iitctIln; confinti-ii-er.t Miny haru illficult if not dingoroud tldnenei, raid blow ju4 unccrtalu recocrie4. fmo hoo II re aro haiii JeJ duiln; uch time, will each finl In It rage-i tlio Cleans cf 1'reifHtion, amehoratiuu &u ieht-f. It is of couro 1m practicable to cenvey taV.y the .niuu-i fl.d-.eit trtate-1 of, as they are of a uaturo In tended for iho maniedor IboMJ coutemi Utinff mariLige. I'.caiaer, are jou a hnaband or a Cither? u whv or a rotlmr? lUo jou the hlucero welfare of tlio.e 5011 t at l. rt? 1'roit) jour kuicenly, aui be no time in Icflruinj what cfluoe iuttrfeio with their IumUIi unl ii'-t le than jouro-tn. It willax-il to anl j.iuM in it U,u tu thouwnJ', many a day L-f jam anl mi), followed by tlft-plert uifliti, ihciitacfliitaig the m.ul for it ordinary auction, nul exhau-t tho ratan me'uuil a.ttvudauce, mcdit-me uul Uc:ti,el iKwtiuin nhnb mhtrviI-Ht woull irJnlg f 1 fhlnng t-a:, tho iui. nutiei vt .13a uud th jioptriJ-itton rf jour thil'ifti In i."iii 11 n 1 f the ur.Mftsal 1 pulanlj f thi? woik, aiM'leTe.l l 1'. extraoiniiin wile, .inon4 imixW I on bi s'li ill' u pie I, im m 11 on In-. Um IU it on the ublic, bj tmilniioui ot iillo un. u etlti qi, stil 1'irKi' U4 mirmijeiiieiin - c'iji ?lt md otLer iuK.- unit lUiejiLoj it u U-en touud M-iiSMry, lLei tote, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC toliiv n 1 bU uiiK th vorJ '-IV. A M. Mm un -r, 1 j I Knj Knit, N, V ," i oil (attl thi cnu in the tUn. (.'.lo u the bttk ol ) lii) tttlo fl;e, nud buy (it., ot I.' tv'-itlu nut ' ii-' lle,, u heul by iu. i. tn.iaiidtt'- ti IT A U-tVn uccit t Vulnr 'TIIC MAR lULJ WOMA"'S PitlVA'lC I.'.lOIt'AL CCM. ll"j'' i r't n.i j-c ) u ki.y j-ait cf the ITnt'id fcMlifc, he ClcL Ur'i.h I'l C itf ri. ti i. ti o t .it, . 1 . ti treft d to Dr. A. :.. 1 L'..,..l . ' 3". i. I City . .; t iui, w Vo'J Agents In Vermont. Smith .1 rierce, Mintpeliet O T Hale, CW EM Urown, ll'jj..nel Hod gold. I l!rauniss,.lfxi. peiirr CliOaio A Co. Jnn. n I! W Illaisdell, i'rrrnif Collins A I'oiter, Mmtpelier l1 Welch, Itrandon V 11 Wallace, Liuburtt L I'ratt. Jr.. I llirf.(or S K Cullini, Mmtpelier S 1) Nichols, ilri,S(,i I'Merryfield, H'milier U O Tylor, MJni.tlitr ii .uoii, ,'r. .tuuni. I Jan. 10, wCmtn , i French Glass, Snshand Pnttv. J-pBEXClI ULASS ALWAYS OX lIAXf), FOR X Salo by tho liox or Kctall. Glass Out to any Shape and Sire, nnd Set In test StIt. ffi)" Orders promptly attended to. Callnndiee, two doors East of tho 11! EU TllESS OFl'ICE, Col. logo Street. HEnVEY EUUJCETT. Dibusciox JlayJ.S, ) ISS1. J ly NORTHERN RAILROAD, N.Y. wiy 1 i:it Aiit.N( (JO.M.MKNCINO .lAXtUUV U. 1855, ff JAS-l!.Vlli:il Til MX.' leave llouo' Point t 11. 10.45 A.M., on nnlval of trains from tho llast and North, arriving nt Ogden-burgh 4.4ft P.M. connecting with tho 11 town and Prescolt Hallway for Ottawa, and stages for Urockvllle, Kingston, Dillillle, Toronto, Ac, I,ravo Ogdensburgh at 10.00 A. M on thoarrlval of the llj town .1 1'rescott train, arriving nt House's Point at 3. Ii P. M., connecting with tho Vermont Central Ilallroad for tho South and lla-t, and Chim plain .1 St. Lanrcnco lor Montreal nnd Quebec. OLO. V. llOYI.i:, Sup't. Ol rii r N'oiiTiirni IHII.noAD, ) Malone, January) 16 jj. wlf Corn Planter. rmr. .MAKCIt 10, t shall bo ready to furnlili C. II. Dam's Patent Corn Planter, one of thoso labor-suing machines which will suit tho most par ticular. Itsoperatlons are very slmplo nnd easy, and four acre of corn can bo planted in a day with ease by ono man. For plantlnr s.nall seols of any kind It c.inuot bo surpassc 1. Price $3 00, Anv one wanting the nhovo will direct to II. J . fluttolph, Uascx, owner of the right for Chittenden Co. I'lsex, Feb. 10,1855. w3mos BRfcn's xnw YortK TYpn-rouxDitv, es. tablls'icd in 1813, his now on band, ready for unmedi'ite deli furry, lu foi Is to suit purchasers, lb". rtO.MA.V TVPC of new cut, 100,000 SO.fiOO 10,000 5,000 S,000 5.00S I'AXCV TYPIl, SCKIPT-S of various styles, (inilMAN'S, Olt.VAMUN'Tn In great variety, HOitlillKS, 30,000 feet IIP. 153 AND TVPK MKTAL RULES, ami all the voveltles In tlio business, All th npovo Types are east by steam power, of tho new composition nf metal peeuliar lo this foun dry, and which isciiitr.u.N'i.vsL'pniuoiito aa'y ever used before In any part of the world. Tho unequalled rapidity In tho process of casting, ena bles me to el these moro durable types at the pri ce, of ordinary types, cither oncredlt or for cash. Presses, Wood Type, and nil other Printing Ma terials, eveept Paper and Cards, (which havo no fmd quality or price,) furnished at manufacturers' prices. The latest Specimen Hook of the Toundry Is free, ly given to all printing owces, on th receipt of 50 cents to prepay 'he tiostage. Printer, of newspapers who choose to publish this ndierlhement, inelndlni this note, three times before tho first d ly of July, I'm", and forward mo one of the paper", will be allowed their bills it tho time of purchasing file time" the amount of my manufactures. Address CiLOl'.OC DRt'CK. 11 Chamdeus-St., .Viw 'rk. Kcw-Vork, Feb. 13, 1S5). w3Sw3 Come and See BUY GOODS, A T miUMirm riticiis. rri II 1! st'tisp KUililiS AI1E Sr.I.Ll.N'O ALL descriptions of s3E!afs T4.r era caia3"cj59rsjS MwhlHvrr thn anv other house In llurlington. Contempt Ulng a clnn.'o in our business arrange 1 iticnti wo aro desirous of closing out our stock as c irly pnssibl ,. To thoso In want of Dry llood cither at Wholesale or ltetall, wo would say Com. nnd see, nnt sffiie, ym Kill come nenn.. HIOIiLE A WEDD. I'eb. 3, 1SJ5. wlw L')!)arlnrrfliin. 1 H E ItMlEIlSIOXED HAVE THIS DAY formed a Copirtncrslilp under the name nnd style of DAVEY X D0OI.ITTLE, for the transac tion of the Ihrdwire, Azrtrultitrit 'ind Commission liiKiiist, at the ni l stand of Davcy i Allen, sign of the Saw, College Street. C. M. DAVEY, II. II. DOOLITTI.E. llurlington, I'eb. 21, lfll. wlf HUTCHIflS &. SAWYEK, '(iiii!iii-ioii Mrrrlmnts,, AND WHOLESALE DEALEP.S IN Buttor, Cheese, Grain, AMI AM. KINO OF COUNTRY PRODUCE. No. 78 IlI.V-STItnr.T, New-York. January 1C, 1S55. 3m " BLODGETT SWEET'S l tl ilviiiii-ro'l I'ortnliln flvpn ! II1V1I1 "nj,it, vj -7it I , , " HiV- iMi'-'iR-j-rf.- -a. SIIVE.V SIZES, for tbo smallest prii CH'tTADLE for tbo smallest private family or Hotels anil Steamers of tbo largest class. Every Oven warranted to gii o j i i'iii fti faction. Manufactured by P. T. SWT.I'T, College St. ISiirlingtou, Vt. ntf CO CO CSL ca U2 5I 5 a 2-5 a s- o z o Eh M 'X. - T s (0 4 tt Eh ni H K S - T 1 f- S 'CO 2 2 it - B tr. X s I; 5 4 .HiM'M'M'IM" I 60 J z tr. 'a u ZS DA VI' V & DOOf.riTLE. srecrsj-sortf! T0 DAVEY &. ALLEN, WHOLES ILK AND HFTAIL rrVLI9 Heavy asisl fciholtf llarilunrr, ComjtrMie an extenavt assorfrnmt of House rinrnlnss Mecfnnie.s' Tools, l iilillri)', Tnlilr niut 1'ucl.t I fuller .Ac. A.,. PRII.EHH 11 .Vaii ; .If., Troji-Oir and CircuUr Saws; Steel Springs; Pump Chun; llitntt TafC and IhooKs Axes ; .inn1 Shoiels ; Paints ; Oi; UWi-irf Glass, 4-c, J-c. And Ilealersin toilICl'I.Tl.!ML ImI'LI'MFXTS fc MCI1IXE, Field, flrtvii, Oardfi jin Flower Peeps. AciMiti or lliirlinetdii nml Vicinitv for Proutv A Jlear's Celebrated Centre Draught Plows i R. Tabor A Co.'s Plows i Rlanchard's, TerVIns, Jlesscr A Colby's nn t Tart's Scythes ; Th, Gcnuino riroohfield Forks i Wheeler, .Mclick A Co's Worse Powers and Threshers Ac. Ac., Ac, Our "took of I'nrniins Tools in exy lorje, Such as Corn Miellers, Straw Cutters, Hors, Rakes, Hand Rales, Fanning Mills, Grain Cadles, Snaths, .Manure and Hay Forks, Hav Knives, Cattle Ties, Halter, Traoo and Rinding Chains, Grind Stones, Scytho Stones Ac, .to. All of which wo are rt. pared to sell at the Manufacturers' Wholtsal, Prices. And. also. Dealers in Hiirlinlon Wapon ixlcs, WiirrACTCREB BY DAVEY, KIXG3LA.ND k CO. These Ailei are mad, of the best English Reflusd Iron, and are superior in quality, style and finish to thoso used In tho celebrated Conaord Vagoa Combining lightness., strength and ease of run nlng, they commend themselves to all makers and users of Wagons, and sesure for tb,mselvts a repu tation and prcfercnoe in every market whero they are Introduced. Wo avail ourselves of the present opportunity ot returning our thanks for the patronage wo hav, heretofore received, and respectfully solicit a conlln. uancoof llko favors, Sign ol Iho Saw, Collese St., llurlington, Vermont, C. M. DAVEY, II, 11. DOOLITTLE, rebruary21,mi wtf 17" RASIVE SOAP, for romoilng soil, oil, paint, U Ac, from garments 1 also, tho genuine Salt of Lemon, for removing ink, Iron-mould, stains, Ac, from linen, silk, Ac. For sale at Feb. 50. diwtf TUEOA.jPEClCe.

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