Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1855 Page 2
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evening star. yr ASH IN^TON ciT Y : WXDITWDA* AJTKT^OOH.. January 84. ^7" The large and convenient dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses ?on given immediately. For term* ap ply at the Star office. SPIRIT OF TH^ MERINO PRESS. The Union argnes that the n.w party rigor oualy proacribef Democrat.. and i> indignant against Bishop Potter, of Rhode I?land for toadying Que?n Victoria and England. The lnt4lligeve*r\t devoted to sews to dav J ? I3TOur (team boiler .prung a leak 'hi. aorning, whieh caused as to stop running our presses. We are, however, enabled to make our appearanoa this afternoon through the kindness ot the proprietors of the Sentinel, who allowed ua the use of their preas. Hxcbli^bbt In*?Taylor A Maury hire sent as a bottle of '? Otia Record and Copying Ink," which we hare tried and find to be oellent It flow. freely, j. a b9^m j#| black, and doc. not corrode the pen or thicken in the stand as mo?t other ink. do. We ad Ti.aall who want good ink-and what writer does no*?to give it a trial. T ha School Ccmmioionera elected, yc?. terday, by tba Council, of Baltimore, are *11 P??tMta?ta, and. with a single axceptien, members of the Know Nothing orgaui.ati, n It is Mso said th at every man was formerly a Whig Mr. B. T tames ha. invented what ha term, an <? embossing telegnph.' which is ci?imed to z- msess qtairiee .uperiur ?o all systems of telegraph heretofore in use. Moj 4r? Pointed in a olear Romanoharaot?r. and are sent to correspondent, from the sl'pa on which they are received. ihe New York papers say that the difficulty of getting "something to drink'' in town on Sunday, drove all tha thirsty ola^es over to Hoboken, where an unu.ually bri.k business was done by the hotels and groggo. ries ' Shillingtun had tent us No. 2 of Hsr P*r * St07 80011 for Chll<*"i?- It is entitled Willie, ' is well wiittan, and filled with handsome engravings. A Marrtixo Man.?The Pitt-burg (Pa) Post .ays : " A man. nauied David Bate., wa. convicted, at iha last term of the Indiana Couo'y Court, of bigamy, and sentenced to twenty ;wo months imprisonment in the Western Pantienuary, to whieh place ho w*. <*?*? '? h. ... commute. for the sauie offence ia 1851, ai d hadl juat got oot lie returned to the neish ^?lKtfl#,r,FiLle "d b* d^in* Mar. and changing his naois to Dai id Beany wis ag*in married to a young widow, by the very same Justice of the Pe.oe who mar ird *H#{kr6. t. of witnesses on the tri ?l stated that Bates had huh wives living or even more. ?- j PEBtO.ViL. .... lib sta ed in the Nww Orleans Pic*-' vune that tiere has been farmed a matrim o engagement between Mis* Julia bean, the accomplished young aetrees and Dr. Havte, orb. C , a sun of tte great oratar and states t i?T r*t,r,B* fr*"? the stage. Mis? D will fulfill engagements at New Orleans ai.d several northern cities. .... Clark Mill., Esq , tha sculptor, i. in New Orlean., making arrangements for the erection of a oolloial bron.e equestrian statue of'Jen Jaoksou in that city. .... Tha Washington correspondent of tho if 8473 lh4t Capt Gib-on< during h ?ut of Gunmen!; c?L * determined to give up lobbying ccngres., and Las gone to writing oat h's wnrk n"i mad* :0m* ^ work. It is to 00 entitled "The Prisoner of AMhfnir."? *Ld J gl"?* at theEa.t Indir n Archipelago, and will oontaia about With eD?raTin?8- I? b .aid to spirit #Dt' t0 b# "TiiUn will? .... In Leipeig, Jaell, $0 well kuown here, has been playing with great sueees. some of his own eompo.ition* Abo, a young Ruasian named Rubinstein, ha* distinguished himself in the Uewondhaui Concert., being j ro rfn"?Li,??% V" 8" PUno f"rt* PI***' slnoa Lisat. Mu. JeBnv Bu-k, of Baltimore kstudjing in Leipjig, at tho Conserva tory, gues promise of eieelling in vocai ma ....In the di*jussicn In the New York Chamber of Commeroe as to a crcnor rM>? eJUrma W? ff*" " ^ diP'?*'W Mr" " thaf C n ^D* "r? aDa"nS o'her things, Commodore Perrv hai long and fK ?J"!ita,nVteiart!?DS Wi roUtiv* 10 tbe ^,? J* *r< btfore the plan was fully consummated It ,eembd al^t a mo" ?k r* r Uh He DOW' comes ?ack to cs having accomplished all be propo ?*a, in thi. aceompli.hment having done that for American comic?ice whioL cat.not to too highly estimated and honored." .... The Kentucky Statesman expresses i . belief that Mr. Breckinridgo will not ant?r up- n the duties of his m-saion to Soain until & & .... Commander Jolly, late of the Britbh ?chooner-of-war Bermuda, died on his passage from Jamaica to England P*w?ge .... The Hutchinson, a-e singing in Boaton and op Tueeday atoning Fred. Douglas made a speech at their ooncert. .... A .t eet preacher has appeared in St SmitK"" .... Miss Julia Dean has rroducad in New Orleans a new piay. written by herself, oalled R.lioioc s ExciTaua.fT at tbb Mabtlakd PaxiTaxTiaav ?H e learn from the Baltimore Argu. that there ha. been a most remarkable religion, excitement amtng the female con vict. of the Maryland penitentiary. I'nder tha preaching of a stranger, who visitej the inetitatios on the Sabbath before la.t, a deen and .enou. feeling was aroused, and seve-Jl manifested deep contrition. Sounds of ween ?ng *nd praying were heard thioogheut the frU.,J "'j1' *od the w*rd?n and o?her frletds prayed and exhorted with them. One <Te forward, uotll K" Tmad# * Prof?*?on of religion. teM rzr?cb"" have bef n .ndowod ^I n.w ? be filled with love and affection for e^h^l? in place oi their former viaciou. propensities Quietness and Mrioas ihoughtfulness rei^n? in tnis departmenc of the prison. Th? ^ 2 allctud the inmate, is dona well and eh^r fully, and there is at Preeent the manifelu tiot. of a permanent reform PorcLATio* or Pebbstltaru ?According to the annual report of tne Audi tor General the nambar of taxable inhabitant, in Penn.y[! vania ia WSU?. Taking tbe ratio of 6i of tha population to every taxable, tha aggregate SSSTi* f*7?D',n the 8ut? weuldthi be *hi?, if a oorrect estimate, .how. ?n as tombing increase ia the lajt five years. WASHntQTO* HEWS AHD OOBSIT. ?poliatj<ra.?Aa many of tht Star's readers know of the French spoliation claima only by name, a ay nop tic si history of theui may not prove unintargeting In, we believe,our first treaty with Franoe, it wu stipulated that the ither country ahould protect many de scription! of good* and merchandise, in the ships of either nation, whioh are contraband of war under the lawa of nation*. Thia ar ticle worked badly for Franoe in her war with Engl- nd alter onr revolution?aj another ar ticle of the aame treaty worked badly for Eng land during that war. Thia aecond article authorised Prance to bring her priiea into our porta, to oondemn them, and to fit out priva teera here and man them with American aea men Turing that war our Government was harraesed by complaints from both those na tiona. The Engliah complained that, aa neu trals, we had no right to make our harbora a refuge for their enemies, wherein they re ceived most material aid and oomfort, or to fight their battlea nnder their flag. The French complained that, under their original treaty with os, we were aupplying the English with the most needed means cf carrying on the war, while they were bound to aba'ain from aeisiag those supplies on the high seas by our reading of the obligations of the treaty above referred to. In all thia time some of our merchanta were apeculating on the obancea of the war ; a portion of them were furnish ing privateers ?o oruise under French colora and the English, with varioua articles contra band of war, some of which the French seised, carried into their porta and appropriated them to their own use, paying for them, however, in all oases their foil market value, but de taining the shipa for montha, and often a year or more. Other aeisurea of American property I were made by the French, of, perhaps, more I questionable propriety. Thia Government, I wearied out by the troublea with both beliger- I ents, ariaing from ihe treaty proviaions above I referred to, af length acquieaoed in the act of I France formally abrogating them. Subse quent to that act, the war between Franoe and I England continuing, Franoe made many more I 6ueh seisnres of Amerioan merchandise des I ticed for England which was oontraband of war I The loeaera urged the Amerioan Government I to force France to pay for the articles so seised, I for the detention of the American vessels. Ac ; I and the most powerful diplomatic efforts on I our part, known to history, were made with-1 out avail. Our Congress then virtually de- I clawed war against France, putting in opera- I tkn against her all the small maritime force] at its command?authorising American priva- I teers to despoil her commerce, and providing 1 sustenance for the'FreDch prisoners that might 1 be taken by our ships, private and public I We alsv adopted the non-intercourse system, J and imposed heavy penalties on American [ vesfeio voluntarily going into a French port. I Thus matters continued until the treaty of I 1800 was ratified by the United Statea Senate. I to which Napoleon consented conditionally? I that ia, expunging the second article of the I treaty, which provided that the clai na in I question (*hich Franoe nfver acknowledged. I notwithstanding the assertions to the contra I T) fbou'd bo left sutjeot to adjustment by I future negotiatioas On our part, we gained I by that treaty a release from certain u oner I oua obligationa"?that is, from the obligation I to permit Fiance to use our ports pretty mach I aa her own iu time of war, to fit out iu them I Ameriean privateers under her flag, Ao , which I kept ua in interminable hot-water with her I enemy, and, aa mueh aa anything else, laid I the foundation of cur war of 1812. These I 44 obligationa," however, were by no means I peouniary I Our Government did not oease ita effort* to I obtain for them what the elaimanta asserted I to oe their righta from France. In 1?03, the I treaty for the purchase of Louiaiana was I made. Acoording to hia instructions, the I French Minister was to have taken fifty mil- I lions of franca for the territory, if the United I Statea would pay no more But by adr itly I agreeing taat twenty milliona of franca of the I money to be paid for the territory should go I to the liquidation of Ameriean claims on I Franoe, he obtained eighty milliona fjr the I Louisiana territory ; and the twenty millions I was reserved and duly paid out on such of I the claims ls Franoe, on due investigation, ao- I knowledged. Moat of the balance?the claims I now bein0 urged on the Ameriean Congress? I arose from the aata of our citisena, after both I France and the United Statea had proclaimed I the treaty obligationa under which they were 1 aaaumed to be lawful, to be no longer binding I on either nation. ' J The elaimanta who got none of the money I ao diatributed, immediately turned on their I own Government; and from that day to this I have been urging that, by agreeing with Napo leon in 1800 to expunge the aeoond erticle of I the treaty ol that year?whioh provided "that I the Amerioan claims on Franoe should be the I subject of future negotiation"?and also by I becoming in the same treaty releaaed from I 4 onerous obligations" to Franoe, the United I Statea had made themadvea justly and legally I bound to pay the olaims in question. To this we objeot? 1st. fiecauae their reading of the " onerou-11 obligationa" ia glaringly a false ore-tboae I obligationa being political, not pecuniary. Next: Because the Government of the Uni I ted Statea did ita whole duty in the premise*, I even if the olaima on France had not arisen I for the most part from the deaire of our mer-1 chants to make money by violating the letter I and spirit of the laws of nations applioable to I neutrals The Government waa a faithful attorney for I the elaimanta, eaaaying most powerfully to I obtain payment for them by negotiation : and I that failing, virtually declared and made war I on their solicitation againat France The act I' of making war againat her on that acoount I was the highest possible discharge in full ofT the obligationa of the United Statea to aee the I j elaimanta paid. Under all national Iawitiali so considered; absolving our Government from I all shadow of obligation on any suoh account, I' if any such ever existed, which we do not be-1 < lieve. There is not a Government in Christendom I that aeknowledgea ita obligation to pay any such claims to ita citisena aa theae, and more IJ especially after having gone aa far, in vain, 11 aa our Government went, t> procure from ' France payment of these olaima of queationa-1 ble propriety. To admit the obligation by I passing the five million bill now before Con-1 greea, will be but laying, the foundation?act-1 ting the precedent?for the diaentombment of I a hundred milliona of dollars worth of other I claima en account of French snotiationa, pra tence for urging which the apeculatora will be aure to find in due time. It will involve ua in a virtual ob^gation to pay out of the treaaury of the United State* any and all olaima what-1 ?v?r, of Amerioan oititens on any and all for eign Governments Claims on Mexico alona, to tha amount of parhapa ona or two hnndrad million* of dollars oan ba spirited into prom inence before tha public in a twinkle, and it only requires the precedent of the legislation sought to ba obtained under this bill, to bare tham put in train to ba similarly paid, after sime dosen or more years of pertinaeious drumming. By-the-by, there are tha olaims for the negroee carried off by Britain in the Revolutionary war and tha war of 1812. We abandoned them by treaty, obtaining formal release at the same time from tha " onerous obligation" of fealty to the British crowa, and other political considerations. Efforts hare often been made by individuals who lost negro property in that way to obtain indem nification for it from the U. S. Government Now, if this bill passes, In a trioe there will be a general organisation of stockholders in such claims, who will leave no stone unturned to engineer Congrew Into the notion that tha preoedent now sought to be tat, should be ex tended to them, far mere justly entitled to such payments, m they seally are. List of Patent* issued from the United Statee Patent Offioe for the week ending Jan uary 23, 18*5?each bearing that date : Wm M Bon will, of Camden. Del ?For im provement in hernial trusses. Wm. F Shaw, of Boston, Mass.?For im proved gas heater. Solomon O. Booth, of New York, N. T.?For improvement in rollers for corrugating sheet metal George A Brown, of Middletown, R. I.?For hay making machine Henry J. Brunner, of Nasareth, Pa ?For improvod instrument for outting out stone. Dexter fl Chamberlain and John Harts horn, of Boston, Ma*s?For improvement in rollers for curtains. George R. Comstook, of Manheim, N. Y. For improvement in carriage Keats George R Comstook, of Manheim, N. Y. For improvement in oarriages. James Eocles. of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement in looms. Henry A. Fruet, cf Worcester, Mass.?For improvement in means for holding window blinds Louis Francis Oroebl, of Philadelphia, Pa. For improved marquetry. Michael Greenebaum, of Chicago, Illinois. For improved hot air furnace. ^ m. H. Ham, of Carlisle. Pa ?For improved mi'I for cutting and grinding vegetables Wm Ives, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For btok brace Samuel G. Jones, ef Fitiwater Town, Pa.? For improvement in lifting jacks Charles Mettam of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in rolling iron shutters. Daniel Newton, of Southampton, Conn ? For improvement in metal folding maohines Horace W Peaslee, of Maiden Bridge, N. Y ?For improvement in machine? for washing paper stock. Patented in England, Sept. 20, 1854. Albert W. Uoberts. of Hartford, Conn.?For improvement in fire engines. E. K. Root, of Hartford, Conn.?For im proved compound ritt<ng machine. Eloy Schmi'a, of New York, N. Y.? For improved apparatus f..r supplying furnaces with pulverized metal. R. P. Benton, of Roohester, N. Y ? For im provement in feeding mortioing machines Isaac. J. Cole, of Piermont, Y.?For im proved compound crow bar. Abel W. Streetor. of Shelburne Falls, Mass. For improvement in fastening centre bits John Sutton, of New York, N. Y.?For lu bjica'ion for steam machinery. Lewis Hoover, of Jersey City, N J.?For improvement in lantern* Henry Blakely, of New York. If. Y ? For improvement in iron window blinds Geo Copeland, of Lewiston, Ma ?For im provement in loom*. Isaao Williams and Isaac W. Bausman, of Alleghany county, Pa.?For improvement in ootton tteed plamers. Samuel Hoffman, of Charlestown, III., as- i *ul?Du? l? and Dennis 0. Hare, of Washington, D. C ?For improvement in re peating cannon Edmund Morris, of Burlington, N. J.?For improvement in buckets for chain pumps. Leopold and Jos Thomas, ef Allegheny City, Pa ?For match machine. Jno. U. Wallis, of Danville, N. Y?For Im provement in paddle wheels Geo. F Wood, ot Ulyaaes, N. Y.?For im povement in oscillating engines. Jno M. Bull, of Sidney, Ohio ?For im provement in hand raila for stairs i Newell A Pr nce, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For improved fountain pen 1 jptngHj ?UtTtiu H Crane, of CincinnaM, Ohio, assignor to Crane, Breed A Co , of same p oV>V,(""Sn for metallic coffins 1 NrTtoj. S T , M.ignor to rL , 7' ?I L Lou,a' Mo.?For design for parlor ?pen front stoves. 1 N. S. Vedder A Eara Ripley, of Troy, N Y assignors to G F Filley, *of St. Louis Mo - ror design for parlor stoves Conrad Harris A Paul W. Zeiner, of Cincin nati, Ohio.?lor design for coal stoves. Extra per diem to Cold lers for Cons'ant L*bor ?By the .^ixth section of the aot of Au gust 4, 1854, "to increase the pay of the rank ind .le of the army,'' Ao., the allowarce eighteen cants a day) to eoldiers employed at sonstant labor of not less than ten days, au thorised by the act of March 2, 1819. was in creased to twenty-five cents a day to men em ployed as laborers and teamater*, and forty >ents par day whon employed as mechanics, tasl of the Kooky Mountain?, and to thirty 5ve and fifty cents at stations west of those mountains. Under tha act of 1854, claims were presented bv artificers and ordaanoemen for the extsa pay, on the ground that the act of 1819 was in all respeats superseded by the act of 1854 It was held that they ware not antitled to it. The sixth section of the act of August 4, 1854, merely inoreased the daily | extra pay, leaving ila application and the | 3]asses of parsons entitled to it tha same as under the act of 1819. Artiicers and ord aance men are enlisted for oonstant labor at| ligher pay than other enlisted men, and tha recruiting offieer is obliged to certify that they are competent mechanics; and tha regulations >f the War Department expressly excluded hem from the extra per diem for fatigue duty provided by the act of 1819. Tha Current Operation* of tha Treasury Department.?-On yesterday, the 23d<of Jan., here were of Treasury Warrants entered on' he books of the Department ?or the redemption of stock $2,207 981 for paying Treasury debts 42 392 46 "or the Customs jjg qj j for oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 17,207 99 for covering into the Treasury from * customs......... 1,907,849 67 covered into the Treasury from 218,640 04 "or the War Department 29 840 65 for repaying in the War Depart ' ment 4 793 15 ?or the.Navy Department \\ 43,562 37 I for the Interim- department.45 297 18 for repaying in the Interior De partment 62C] t'OKMBKSSIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, afar we went to press, the question was taken on Mr. Brod lead's substitute for his Bounty Land bill, aa it has been amended by the Senate: and it was agreed to-yeas 29, nays 20; as follows, ris: ' D ?*y*rd, Benjamin, Bright, Brodhead, Brown, Butler, Cass, Chase, ?!?*' Wl<?0D'in, Dodge of Iawa, Fitspatnck, #eyer, Gwin, Houston, Hunter, Johnson, Jones of Iowa, Huod, Pettit, Raid, Ru?k, Sebastian, Stuart, Sumner, Toucey. Weller, and Wright?29. ?ey>?Meesrs. Badger.Ball. Brainerd. Clay ton, Cooper. Dawson, Dixon, Douglas, Evans, FeaaenJen, Pith. Foot, Gillette, Jonea of Ten neaaae. Morton, Pratt, Seward. Thompson of K?Q*ucky, Wade, and Welli-20 This till was further discussed, on other amendments, bj Meaara. Stuart. Wellar, Ua d^jl 1 Chaaa, Brown, Butler, Brodhead, Hunter, Foot, Fessenden, Shielda, Pratt, before they adjourned, without finally diapoaing of tha bill. In the Houm, tha bill for tha relief of Sam uel A. Bel den * Co., wu discussed by Maura Uunt, and Stanton of Tennessee. They then t informally, and went into Com mute of tha whole on the state of tha Union, (Mr Seymour in tha ehair,) wherein Mr. Houston moved to take up the oivil and diplo matic appropriation bill; not ajrrrei to 0n ?otion of Mr. Bayly, the Frei.oh Spolia tion bill was taken up and it wai diaouaaed by Meawr Bayly and Chandler for it. and Meaara Orr, Hibbard, Cuttiag, Keitt and Letcher against it, ere the Committee roae Mr. Bajlv then moved to close the debate on tha French Spoliation bill in two houra after it sh mid again be taken up in Committee of the Whole Mr. Orr moved to lay that reaolution on the table. Pandingthe question on that motion, the House adjourned Note ?The following ia the vote by which they went into Committee, Mr. Bayly having avowed that he should move to take up the Spoliation bill it hia motion prevailed : Ye"~M""*Abercrombie, Aiken, Apple ton. Thomas H Bayly, Ball, Banks. Belch or, Bell, Benson, Bristow, Bugg, Campbell, Ca ruthers, Chamberlain, Chandler, Clingman Cook, Cox, Crocker, Curtis, Thos Uavis Diek, Dickinson, Dianey, Dunbar, E4 girton, Edmaadt, Etberidge, Everhart, Far ley. Fenton, Flagler, Florence, Franklin, Ful ler, Gamble, Giddings, Goodrich, Grey, Aaron Harlao, A J Harlan, Harrison, Hastings, Haven, Hughes, Hunt, Ingeraoll, J Glancj Jones, Katt, Kerr, Lane, Lyon, MoCullough, Maodonald, McDougall, Mace, Maoy, Matte i?Dd"rri0H> Middleswarth. John n **1Ur' Norton, Moriecai Oliver, Parker. Peckham, Pennington, Bishop Perkins. Pratt. PrmgU, Ready, Reese, Riddle, David Ritchie, Rltob,y> Robbin,> Rogera, Ru?seil oabin, Sage, Sapp, 8hower, Simmons. San 1 A Smith Frederick P Stanton. Richard II Stanton, Siraub, Andrew Stuart. John J Ta?-. lor John L Taylor, Teller, Trout, Tweed, ?ShX wTk1' Wtd!' Y*lbridg*> barren, EjhuB Washburn. John Wentworth, Tappan V\ entworth, Westbrook, Wheeler ondYaiw Nays -Meaara David J Bailey. Barksdale. Bennett, Benton, Brocock, B.yce, Breckinridge, Bridges, Carpenter, Ca-kie. Lhasa. Chaatain. Chriaman. Clark. Cobb, Col quitt, Corwin, Craige. John G Davia, Dawson, Dunham, Eastman, 1 llison, Greenwood, Grow Hamilton, Hendrioks, Henn. Hill, Houston, Daniel T. Joner Geortje W. Jonea, Roland Jonea, Kidwell. Knox, Hurts, Lamb, Latham, Letcher, Lindaley, McQueen. Smith Miller. Morna-*n, Murray, Nichola, Noble, Olds, Orr, John Perkins. Phelps. Phillips. Puryear. Had rn' i?w.*rd' ShAW- Singlaton. Skelton, Wil liam R Smith, George W. Smyth, H L. Sto d*,?k 2,Wringh,-V*,l?r' W"'h' Proceeding* of Te-Daf. In the Senate, to-day, they want into exeo utiva session, and again opened their dcors a? we were going to press. In the House, Mr Orr withdrew hia motion ?o lay on the table the reaolution of Mr. Bayly to aloea the debate on the French Spoliation bill in two h'>urs after it should again betaken up in Committee of the Whole ol 'he State of too Union, and moved to amend the res* Iu uon by striking out "two houra" and insert ing in lieu thereof " to morrow at 3 p m Jonaa, of Tenn., and Mr. Houston urged a further amendment, confining tho debate whan that subject ahould be again taken up to tha merits of the bill in queation ' Bui many members objeoting, leave to move tnat further amendment was not granted. Mr. Jonaa, of Tenn., then moved to amend Mr. Orr a amendment; by striking cut "three p. m.," and inserting " one p. m n?.t agreed The amendment of Mr Orr waa then adoptaJ. Mr. Letoher gave notice that on Frdav uiorning next he should call up his peud n-' question of privilege, The Housei then went into Committee of the "Dole, Mr. Seymour in tha chair. Jbn'upFrenCh sP?'iation bill being then Mr Letehar having resigned hi? right to tba fioor to Mr. Benton, the latter addressed tha eommittee at length, againat tha bill. eSOH^ETOWH CORRSSPOHDEFCt. Fira Company Parade?Visit to Georgetown College?The Ball?House?to Kent?Mai Arts Georgetown, Jan. 21, 1855. The Vigilant boya made a very handsome display during their parade on Mcnday. Af ter marching, in full uniform, through several of our prinoipal streets, headed by Proaperi's fine ban l, and carrying wi'.h them their en gine beautifully decorated, they availed them selves of the friendly invitation of Pro?Meut Maguire to visit Georgetown College They were received in the most cordial manner by the inmataa, and entertained in a style hat no one, however, faatldious, oould have found fault with. On leaving the college the whole eompany gave three hearty cheers for the col lege, which waa returned by the studeuta for the oompany. The bad of the company at Forrest Hall, l?st night, more than met the anticipations of the most sanguine, far aurpaasing in numbers and brilliaucy any heretofore given by them. In addition to the large number of gentlemen who are not members of any fire company and ladies from your eity, tha following companies wore well represented: Columbia, Franklin, Perseverano*, Northern Liberties, and Union. Everything calculated to highten the plea sures of the occasion flowed in abundance Every member of the company acquitted them selves in gallant style; and from 8 o'clock yesterday evening to 5i this morning, loud resounded mirth and d<noing After which the company repaired to their homes to fill up the measure of their night's fun by a long soooze, and an aching head. Well, we sup pose it is but reasonable that we should pay tor our fun as well as every thing else. A day's bead ache, wa believe, is genarally un derstood to be one artiola in the programme of every ball. We have not, as yet, been able to aaoertain the net proceeds. Wa would oall the attention of those in want o la fine atore, or eomfortablo private dwelling, to the advertiaements of Mr Fulla lova and Mr. Simpson, in another oolumn. Since our last report, there haa been ne sates of moment of either flour or wheat. The mar ket for eaoh appears dull and drooping. The stock on hand being light, holders are unwil ling to sell for lesa than $9. This being con siderably above the Baltimore market, buy ers are unwilling to operate, and are holding off for the next European news Some of the lots of wheat noticed in our letter of Mondiy are still in the market A very prime articie of red would oommand $1 90, and of white $1.95. Spectator. Pat Your BiLls?An Incentive.?Some ye%rs ago a farmer in Frederick county, Md , owed a neighbor of his $50, and^as soon as he eonld realise the sum, he promptly paid it over The morning he oalled to pay it, his friend appeared to be every thankful, remark ing that he was also in debt to another person who needed tha money, and he would at once take it to him. This remark started a train of thought in the mind of tho first person, who said to himself?why here is f 100 paid with $50. I will at onoe follow up this matter and see where it will end. He then followed up the payments of debts by this one note of $50, until ha traoed it to the large amount of $3,750, when it got out of his reaeh. Now here is a moral: A owes B a bill, which if ha pays promptly, will be paid by B to C, and so on through the whole alphabet, and, ir will be surprising to every one, what a small amount is necessary to pay off hundred^ of thouaands by keeping the "eagleaon the wing.' Mow, when the money market is se tight and the bank* are unable to dieoonnt all the paper offered, let persons begin to p?y their bilit. end by doing this, they, themselves, will be paid back In turn It i? a maebtne whieb feed* itself, nnd propels. by its own offal, the execution of grant exploitj ? HiUtimore Pat. Some of the Fira Insurance Companies of Boston hare reeolred to take no PbUadei phia risks, until they hare a paid Fira De part men t. .y-o* LBCTI RI.-M. C. FARRELLY, Ee-j., JJB will deliver a lecture at Coleinbia Hall. Ca;* rolHill, on THURSDAY EVENING, the95C i ii ? , at 6 o'clock. Subject: "George Washington and hi* Corempo raries." , . Tba public are invited to attrnd. Lecture fr< r. jan 94?9t ______ v9b Metropolitan HsckMlca' In* j ? sMtate Leetnras. The fifth Lecture of Prof. Eepey will be delivered at the Institute Rooms, over Geo. ami T. Parker'* Store, Pa. avenue, on FRIDAY EVENING next, 17th instant, at 7J< o'clock. Subject: "Tiie Monsoon and various otlier Phe nomena." The public are respectfally invited. Lecture free. By order: P. M. PEARSON, Rec. Sec. Jan 24-9t YjP? The Flret Annaal Ball of tk* J3 Otor(e Waihlafton Clab wi l b? fiven at Forrest Hal', Georgetown, February 15 h, S55. The members of thf Club pledge themselves that no pains <>r expense will be spared to make it one of the first Balls of the sea?on. For particulars see future advertisement, jan 22?6i T08T?On Tuesday evenint. January 23d, a j black lace Veil, between 16'Ji and 18th str<rt-. The finder will be suitably rewarded by Icawng it at the Star office. jan 24 -3,? BAHKINfl HOUSE OF PAIBO ft HOVBZK, Opposite United States Treasury. T)ONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased J > and sold. Interact at the rate of aix tt*r eent par annum al lowed on deposits when left for 30 lays or longer. Jan 94?6m ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FBIDAY EVENING, JABOABY 26, IS',5. Fir?t Grand Musical Jubilee of lha AHFIT9I affAHTETTB BAM, GkO M. KILL, T1IOS. P.BF1IIITT, FRANKLIN PRUITT. B. C. GREKRCP, Assisted by Messrs. GEO. W TAYLOR, THOS. STONE, JULIUS KE'"K. and others. THE AMPHIONS most respectfully announce to their liien t* and ?h<* public generally that their fit GRAND CONCERT OF VOCAL M 17*10 w II tak p'ace at Odd Fellows' Hall on Friday eve ning n< it, 26th instant, on which occasion they ?. .11 pres nt a programme of rreat interest, introducing the full Troupe, in nil iheir varied and great ann int of talent. As this i* our first Concert in Wa?lii'ig ton, wts tru<? t.'iat th; present appeal fi r the pr~t eu -e of our friends will not be in vain. Cards of admission 95 cents, which can be had at the hotels, music stores, lie. Doors open at 6)$, and concert to commence at 7*. Jan 24?3: THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PL 4 A* FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. THE list is now open, and erery subscriber of $5 50 will be ent tleJ to? I. An iinpressio* of a Plate, by J. T. Willm<r A. R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. C a Ion, R. A , "A Water Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood K- rravi. gt illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's I' mi of " Childe Harolde." And III. The chance of obtaining one of the prize* to be allotted at th* general met ling in April, which will include? Tne r ght to select for himself a valuable w rl> -rf art from one ot the public exhibitions. Sfatutte- n broete ol" her Majesty on Horseback, by T. 1 h r neycroft. Cop e- in bronze, frein an orcinsl *!< 'el in relief by R Jefferson, of " The Ei.try ot the of Wellington into Madrid Statuttes in pore fain or parian. Proof Impress) ins of a large Litho.r.ip i. byT. H. Meguire, after the original picture by W. P Frith, T. A.. ?? The Three Bows," finm 51c. liere's " B u rgeois Gentilhomme." Honorary Sec etarles for Washington, Me* re. TAVLOR k MAURY, Bookseller*. jan 21 rV HE Illustrated Composition Book, conla mm di J_ rection-, subjects and B>ank leaves for con;;?-s s tion, with beautiful original illustrations This book enables the pupil to choose subjects and arrange and write conjposiuons with but li.t'e atd from the teacher, and to preserve them in a ii .;t and pe rmanent form. Becker's Ornamental Penmanship, a series of ar.a lytibal ar.o finished Alphabet* or Plain and ornano n tal print, German text old English, church t? \t, Tound Hand, Italian and German Epistolary T? \t, kc. The Universal Stair Builder, illustrated by .9 plates, bv R A. Capper, Architect. New Books, by the author of The Retrospect ?.The Village Paster, The Village Observer, and f e Village Church Yard Hours of Christian Devotion, by Dr A TholiKk Twenty Pictures from Switzerland, sketched fr in nature, then arranged and finished by Rev. Cesar >Jalan. D.D. Rem litis of the Rev. Wia. Howels, bv Rev. W. R. Moore. GRAY k BALLANTY NE. jan 24 ? 3t 49 ? Seventh st. NAPIKK'9 English Battles and Sieges in'I.e Peninsula, I vol, Lon on. 1854 Manual of Pield Operation, by Lt Jervis, Royal 'r tillery, 1 vol, 1F59 The Youug Office-'s Companion, by Col Lord ?*e Ros, 1 vol, 1851 Th? War in Russia and Germany in 1P19-13. by <Jol Cathcart, (killed at Inkerman) 1 vol, ma|? an I diaziauis, IB50 Six Familiar Leciuree, by n field oflleer, I vol, 1K51 General Wolie's Instructions to Young Officers, 1 vol (out of print) 1768 The Mediterranean, a Memoir. Physical, Histori< al, and Nuutieal, by Rear Admirnl Sm>th. 1 vol, 1854 The Miecelianeous Literary Works of General Bur govne, 2 vols, (out of print) 18<te jan 94' PRANCK TAYLOR. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES IN order to make room for Spring Goods, 1 ii.tve determined to offer all kinds of Winter Goods now on liaud, at greatly reduced prices for cash, ana would name in part the following extra bargains: Plain de Lain*,6 cejits; Figured and Plain d * Lniioi-. 10 cents, worth 12; plain, all wool, !)? Lain**, 31 cents, worth 50; figured and plain De Laiues, '<1 cents, worth 50; fine Alpaca 15 cents, worth 25; black silk 25 cents, worth 50; 100 remnants ol ?t? Uines at half price; >ard wide merino 12 ce. is, worth 25; blark anl white calico 6 cents, worth 10: woollen flannel 12 cents ; blankets 95 per cent lest than they have been so d this season. All wool cas simere 50 cents, original cost 75; very good cassi nets 18 cts; fine towels 6 cents ; boys'silk pocket Handkerchiefs 12 cts; gcntleinens'stlk handkercbn t's 96 cents; children*'comforts 6 cts ; ladies' vetfs ?j2 cents, worth 100; gelltlemens, unders lirts 25 ci ts; yard wide bleached and aubleschet cotton 6 Cents bleached sheating 10 cents, worth 12^ Fine Shirting 5Jf cents, fiue bleached muslin r<i ceats worth 17, canton flannel 8 cents, luiie-' gray and black lambs wool hose very cheap, black and cmcred hose and halfhose 6 cents, gentlemen' yarn halfhose 18 cents, ladies black kid gloves 95 worth 69, centlemen's white and colored kid glove? 50c, worth $1, gentlemen's lined burlin gloves Pic. worth 93 long under sleeves 6 and 12c, Chemisetts 18c, cambric flouncing 31c. original cost 42, pate: t leather belts 6 cents. In my Boot and si hoe Department I have a large and well assorted stock, which I am disposed to s< It exceedingly cheap, ladies ga't'-re 87 and $1, ladies' kid boot* 75, wo th 1 25 ladies' patent leather i<:i* kins. 69 ceuts. Worth 100, misses colored gaiter* 6.' and 75 cents, worth 100, misses slippers 95c gentle men's bootj 1 50 worth 2 50, boys boots 75 and 87c. children'n 6hoea in endless variety very cheap. Phis is n rare opportunity of obtaining go d goot't at very low prices, and I would invite any in want of the above articles to examine my -tock before making their purchases. R. B. HALL, No. 373 Seventh st., 4th door above I. jan 19?lw* NXW LINEN ft COTTON bOODB. JUST received and will be sold at fair low prices for ca?h: or to ur most prompt customers. We name in the lot 25 pieces 6 4. 9 4, 10-4, 12 4 bleached and brown Sheeting Cottons, all of the best brands 150 do superior ble.ched and brown Shirti >g Cottons from 6ii to 18 cents per yard 75 do all pure Sht>ting Lln> ns, ranging from 31c to 91 per yard, which we know u> be very cheap 10 do fine Linen Sheetings and Pillow case lin ass A larg ' variety of Table Diapers, Bleached k brown Table Cloths Damask NapkinHackubtc and many other Tow ellings, Scotch and Russia Diapers, Cloth Linen and cotton Table Covers With many otliur desirable Goods which we de sire pu chasers to examine before making their se lections. 4V Observe that all articles sold at our estab lishment are warranted to prove as represented. ( OLLEY k SEARS, No. 0S9 Seventh st, 3 doors above jan 90?eo9w Avenue House. |}E BOW'S REVIEW FOR JANIMRY, JM J ' published and for sain, 8ilbecrlpuon K6 pe< annum. FRANCE TAYLUR. Amusements. niFEssDi iiiiit nun Tbe Grrat Urapproachablr and Unrivalled Enro [>< * ' 9 SECOND BIGHT BE El IS COM ISO. jai gV-li MACALLISTER, TIIF. GRBAT W I Z A R HAS ARRIVED. DOM'T mm rRIUBTBBBD 11 WILL WAVE HIS MAGIC WAND IN A NIGHT OI? TWO. J ?" ? ___ GRAND CONCERT BY THF nilltllDIK SltllTY. In mtd of tk* fundt of tko Imdirt' Umon Benevolent Soci'ty .for tko horn*Jit of the Poor of IVtuAttiglom. THIS Concert will be given at CaRIST* SA LOON, on TV1CMKDAT BVBIIHU aex*. th?* 25th instant, at half pa*t 7 o'clock. The programme consists of Kotos. Duetts. Trias, (iuanettes, CJtoruses from wm<> at the most c?I? braird Operas. Romberg's Cantata, "Tbe Powar of Morning, the "Tramp Chorus." by BMtop, lie. kc, MRS. FRANKLIN will sing bar celebrated Bcfco Song, with oMignto flue accompaniment. Profesaor Poerfcli will i?re?ide *t the piano form. The Piano to he need on ihia occasion bna hr ? k'ndly loaned by JOHN P. El Lid. Penn a^M. Tickets50 cents?o be had at the principal m sic and bookstores. an J at the door ou the evnatag of lb" roiSli. jir St?41 AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL MONDAY, TUESDAY, k WEDNESDAY, Jaa. __ 22d, 23d, 24th. GREAT HISTORICAL PAINTINGS or THB Assyrian Empire, wrm A HISTORICAL LICTURE ON THE RISE, GLORY, DECLINE fc FALL Of JtSCILXT bJIBYI.Of*. Reau'iftill) illusratvd by a aeries ??f line Patellar* each covering 126 feet of canvas. Ethibrtrd fiirTl successive nwhta in Baltimore! Attended by the clerry an ! inanv prominent and most intelligent CH ixens! The pre/? in its favor. Admission 25 cents?Child en I2}j?. For further particulars see band buls. jan 23?3t* THE GREAT MARBLE STATU! or THE DYING GLADIATOR, On exhibition at MORKISOTTS BUJuV IN(J, 4i street, near Pa, avenve, Daily from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. ADMITTANCK 95 CIITI. JOHN S. HOLLINGSHEAD, Agent, jan 10?tf OLD SPECTAC LES LOS F_ Was tofbetw. " J . Indian Office and 20th street, Firat Ward on the 17(b instant, a pair of Gold Hiwctaeles, n-rl morocco case, with owner'a name. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving them with the un dersigned at th<; Indian Office. Jan 23?3t? IIEKRY BF'ITINCEB. FOR HIRE^ A colored t oy for a H >nae Servant, in his 16th year. Enquire at No. 14 north aide ot New * ork avenue, between 8ih and 9lh ?ts. jan 23 -2t* ^L?Vo BrccY AND HARNEY FOR SALE. A Buggy, recently made, but little u-ed *nd in excellent order. (Watson's make) and s good aet ot Harases, nearly new, will be sold verv low f.?r rash. Apply at the Star office. ' jar, J3_3t HKWRY WIKOFF'i C'JIRT?HVP, and its (_ona?<]urnc*?.? Another ?u;>ply of this extraordinary and m?ct ii tru rly int> r<-etmg book received and for mIc at ? o SHILLING-TON'S Bookstore. Godey s Lady s Rook for February Putnatn> Magu/.-ne do . Household Words do Willic Harper a Storv Rook No. o MyMerias of the Cmirt of Uurrn Anne, br Airs. worth May and DsremHer, a tale of Wedded Life. b? the author of th? Forbidden Marrtsee Y anker !fotion? for February New York Journal do London lllmtrated New. for 1855. No. 1 ot new rot utue Subscriptions received for any of the .Maa&rine* and delivered to any part of the city. All the new Rooks published recaved and for sals immediately iflerwards. H.ank Rooks, Paper and Stationery for sale at low pricc.- and ot the verv beet qualitv. SHILLINGToV, B<M?kseller, lan S3?it BuUdln*? cor r*- ? ??<! ?? LOST On Saturdav ''veninr. on C street Pa avenue, 12th ?rret, or rfarvland av^Le . RrP!,lml 'V the Diploma'of of nr vv'm M w certificate of m< nit>en*ip i k i Hrown. in the Cincinnati Society. A liberal reward will be fiven for Uieir return to on . , GEO. T. MASSEY. Vcent. jan 92-3t 4'4* Thirteenth st. >AVY YARD OMNIBUS REGULATIONS T FOR THE PEOPLE. HH last omnibus will leave the Navr Yard for axbinftnn at 8 o'clock p. ui Leave Washington at Sixtli street. precisely at 9 o'clock p. m. < Persona wi?hint to viait the city or places of amusement at a later hour will be 'furnished with Loaches at all times and on the m<?t reasonable terms bv applying at the Un on Line Office, Nary Yard. G. VAXDERWERKEN, Proprietor. ? H' M Gf>LDKN. Agent. jan 22?3t? ? 8teel k flatbd bpec j ALLLS to suit every age and eye, Riding Spec*, R. R Glasses, Eye' Protectors, Eye <;ia^es of all descnp tiona. Heading Gla??u?, Goggles : fcc Parabol.i, Perineal, Concave, Coneex^nd Cotared Slasaes put in frames at the ?hortett notice. Persona in want of g1<u?ea may be ?ure tn ret Jiose which benefit (be eye a* r vn 2,n p H. SEMKEN'S, jan 20 betw. 2u, *Ud l OcH su. T .?8J,..MONEVJ-A LADY? WHILE MAR I_i ketuig \r-stetdav morning, lost a Green Bail Purse .containing f26-one i^n two firea, and a one dollar r?ld piece, and a flvr dollar note on tbc Exchange Bsiifk ot Virgiuia. The flnder will be lib erallyr warded by leaving a with Uie clerk at the S ar o?ce. jaBlJ AWTUL SACRIFICE IN DRY GOODS. L RTHEK reduc tion id pri?c? ai the ?tore of tlx late firm of Mngruder k Calvert. lt?0 yards brocade Si k.cost f 1 tor 83U ds do figured do do 62U eta 433 pieces changeable Silk, cost t7Uc for 50c I velvet Cloak, coat f31 for $13 J iti?b'd e!,*b C'?*k> coat ffcjo for ?13 16 plain do vety low A few pieces raw SUks, C mt 55e for 31c AIs?j, (anion Crape l>re*aes, ivanoua colors) which will be sold exceeding ) chesp^ U ,L ,T"n'! n,alie y"u elections at Mo. 19 jiJ 20^TwP' ElfllUl *"d KlnUl ?*. 1 *J11' ? r?mic 9eatineatal. at wholesale and retail at Fjan 2J 3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. <?R HIRE A Boy, nineteen years old, (aslave,) accustomed to driving and out door work. W.i ft ^pply to No. 519 Nonh L. betw. 9 h an 1 10th street*. Jan . from the of ^ *ub cnl,e' '?"? night, the 19th in?tanl, a Sorrel Msre. She is a nd fYS^Y i?g animal, of much ?pint, and a fine mov /wl er. The only disungui.hable marks are a knot o". ihi. iK4U"e<Lby U,e one bind ft>ot white. t?he is about ten years old. A suitable re ward will be paid for the information thai will leaJ to her reccveiy. FRANCIS N. KKRNT, jan 20?6t Delaware aveuue, Cspitol Hill. L?f TJA New Foundland Dog on Friday mom ^ '* * white and black dog with a white race. A reward of three dollar* will bo given if re turned to tin owner at Cook's Segar Store on Pa avenue, between 3d and 4U streeST jan 22?3t? HAF;??u!i!l*L'8 Ke*uJallon# ?nd Order, for tbe r?.u i-y ','^np,?U' l" ,'y?. ^ vols, London ^854 ' erai,y 1 vol. London Fairholt's Dictionary of Terms of Art, 1 vol, Lon don, ia54 ^ ' Tha Microscope, Its HNtory, construction, and ap 1 500 Hugh?? I uties of Judge Advocates I vol Tha Steam Fngine, lor practical men, by Hann and Genar, 1 vol, London 1854 ? Bn^ne, its history and mechanism by Robert Soott Burn, 1 Ttil, London, 1S54 Kichardfc' Po|Wla*k)D and Capital, 1 vol. Lon.ton, PRANCK TAYLOR. jan 20 F H' l

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