Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1855 Page 1
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Til R EYKNINO STAR |?UBLIS<!KD KVRKT AFTERNOON, (lltTRPI SCXDAlJ At tKt Xt<t~ Holdings rornt* Pmnrjr/wma +r.4 K!i*ntk *? V4V.L1CI * HOPR, "r'n '* t?? mh?v rib< r? in lie citi-a of Wash lust .?? ?. .< V'einndria, Baltimore* aa?< Phila ?J?, vv ANI? A QPA1TRR ORWT8, paya fete s ri ?, .o thr Jjf-,,;*. To mail subscribers the mib- r?>.. u anCC THKEB DOLLARS AND rtf rv CENTS a rr* in adwmae, TWO DOL US* fnr SIX MONTHS, and ONB DOLLAR far THKEJB MONTHS. &?3.??u conn ou rtirr. '?NDERTAKfitS, Ac. CANINE! MAKilR & UNDERTAKER THK inters m-d would TWT>e-tfuliy infora hk -1 tb* PabUc W~rall; ia?t h* h .11 3"Otin?<w to sx?mt? all orter? in hi' as' aotj neatly aadpromrtly*xecntad FUJIET.AL.3 attaedwi ta at ? the *h^n? t notice, aa J ia tie Lett ? f W manner. r^fitrned in tMe mart f*r/srf mm r**1 ?*-*** '1 ftt rtaiLer. ..?aakful 'or past favors, he wc*?M 'eepectftilly ?Otjc:*, aal ??111 endearo? tr a continuance of dte S*me ANTHONY BUOHLY, * p? a?. <U?, between Wh aad 10th ate. Residence: 3*r. Mirttt'i.Ko. SW, D itmt, tobd boose east of7ths?r??>t. nar IT?ly UNDE&TAMK. WOULD r?nw?etft?!ly r-turn my thank* to tPa _ dtisene of TTaahingten an! it- rldnify for their part p ?tron??-. an d ?%y that ow;DT to the oalia 'n the Undertaking branch of my bashiesa, I hav? induced to d-Vontmaa the maaofaetuje of Fnrnitore, and turn a?y attention fully to the UNDERTAKING. I hare spared no pain* to hare ?very thmg that ia requisite to my barlaesfi, and I am fi?r**>ru tally prepared to meet an? orier after a few moments notice, and I assure there w<s<, Ce a rail that I will apart no pain* ta carrr oni lr er??rs to thafr entire satvrfbotion. ? _ , Jamks r. haryiy, - ? No" 4l0?Tthst.. between O an4 H *? ? ! ?'l?aded to at all houre cf the nirht mar 3?ly I r. H. DA7TDGI, AK3 ' LOMMISSIONJM OF DEKV8 roR -rua F.Arsa or Ylr^Iria New York Main* R?ctu-k7, New Jer?e7 Illinois ItfuiiKna, Mijetasi^i Connecticut M^h-iaata fcSryia.:* r-nosylyaBU Fi?r.ia 1 '?iB'flr.j Ai->kaata ^ California Ar(t*>?s 6 0*roL-a *#., ?4 Oon ^ymciug tit all Its fcraachos rr"mrt'y *u Woa.Atsly eseiutel. 1 1 7 B (MRLouisas* ar^nae, epp Fifth street eet 16?dly PS Or 3? H Oy ESBE R G, TRACHBft AND TRANSLATOR OF Hodarm baaguagti aad Lltsratars. !?o. *>7 M*ssTiTa*ia atihui. iWtf R. n. GILLKT, ronnaallnr at L> a w ? Offl^e anl r^i.ieaoa in Franclin Row, porter o/ R an 1 Tht*t??j)tk ?tre?t *?? Mm SCU0NENBER6, of P'arao and Slnclnr. *o. *-17 mnsTLviHu aviwua. ert SI?tf WM. M. MRU RICK, Attorniy at Law, K>. 39 L9U SIAXA ATlJf CI. Will pr?*t'ce n the ?npreme r^nrt 0f th^ United Ptatee and the Courts of the Disaict of Columbia dw %i?f EBYEMNO CHZSB* in LINODAGK^?prof *CnON EN B E RO Will eie-e?ta Unr?,|^ on MonO-iyTaotS October, at ^ P'uo'T vani* avecae ?vt 7S?tf Private Medical Treaties on rru riiY*U>UK3ICAL YiRilf OF ilARiilAOR. ?? - BT * B LAXROII, 81. D.. , AT.*yr. n. y. 3vQ Tajea and 130 Ftpa Plain and CcWe-1 1 ttho graphs and t'la tea. **- Prlca only 13 Caata n free of pottage to all p*r:s cf the Unlcu-^R CHRAPt-T BOOK RYRR I L ?5LIt?iiEL% ?nd con ainiog nearly d ub e tha quantity ol realing matter in that of the FIFTk CKNTS OPv f?OLL \R PUBLICATIONS It treats on ?he FHYBIOLO j flV OF MARKIAOB.auii tha ?e:ret b flrmiUeeand Jisord?r , ? . ? J 3<'^th and matnriy, re r\ \wflKi "u'tin^ frcm exceesea, which ^ ieairoy the phrsicaJ and maa tal power., w^h ohserrations ?u marr am-, its duties and disqualification*, and their ram-di-s; with lithographs lUastiatinc the anaV>?r aod physiology, and dfeeaata cf the repro. da-'tira argaos of both seiea, their structure, usee and fu-K-uons. A popular and comprehensive trea tise on the duties an J oasualtita of Kingle ?,nl mur n?d life?happy and fruitful alliancw?, mole cf a*. 'B?m infelicitous and infertile ones?their c^*i*K>n and remoral?inportant hints to tho*e ooa>mplatin? naatrimony, that will ov^rcoio* f>b jertions to it; none, however, should take this io> portant ? ?p wi <iout fr?t ooasulting its p^rea? etm aanU'ies on the diw?u?ejanu medical treatment of femiJ^ froa? lufincy to oil a/e, each care sr?ph ica ly il.ustrat^d by b?*antiful lithagTaphic plates? nerroas debii ty, its caus s and cire, t.y a process at onctf *j fiaij?le, ^afe anl eff-ctual, that failure is lapoa*b e-rul-e for daily ra*nag-m?-nt?an ewy oni 3p r?nat .rrh<e? with practical o> serrations on a safrr, aad m re successful m^le of tr-atm^nt?pre eauti.nary hmt? ot thr e?il^ resulting frorj snpiri cal pr?c;ic^??n er<ir on all ^bess-a arming fr-.iL lodis rati n, plain and fimpl* rulfs by w?fch ??' p*r:oiis cau care themselves without mercury? rame liec for tho* ralf in:U?tod miseries acd diiap posaUi h->pee so unf>ricn*t*ly preraient in the young It ia a truthi\il adri er to the married end th^-eeoatemaUtiBg m?rr?^. Iu p?ru al is par tt-ularly recommend-d to p ry>ns enc?rUining se er?t doahts ot th?ir ph>sisal cond tion, and who are eenscwus of hivir* h*?*rd-d the health, hanpin-se aad pnri.egc to which every humu fc-ing ia en titled to. I Prt^l ^c#nt* rer copy, or fiv* oopiea for one dol "? _ *^>!??i fre? o* postage to any part of the Uai IM Put?*. N. rh we who prater may eon?u't Dr La C'aoix up n any of the 1U>as-? up u which hi> book t? au e:th r +n* nally or by m*;l. Medicine eeui U> any pert ?f tue Union ar<x?rding ta direct;o ia, mfeli packed aad carefully secured from all observation Aidre-.? Dr. M. H. L\ CH01X, No 81 Maiden ' me or Poet Odlja Box 679, AlUuy. N Y. <X?-s op^n LaLy from y a m tj 0 p m. and on eanday frou it until 6 pm. ? ,^Bo*J4*n"ov?*1 from No 66 B.aver st, to 31 Maiden Luas, Albany, N. Y. eec 7 DENTISTRY. ?pkR. MtJNSjN .-eepwcifally cal s pablie attentioB XJ V) his new, patent, aad OBRATLY , IWPl^YlID -aet >1 of e^'f a? ArtiflciaV'f Taeth. with <>nt.a'jo as Outa?tha very^ PKKFf-'TION O*' 1 ? K ArtT. Thisstele ?frhe ft'-!ow alran^fee c'r-r all others , *1?: QHi'T fTRC^OTn, CLK tNLINEe>3, CT?K F0RT,aai BRAUTY, -ieiu^ aith Natrrsln the^a resf^cta, and ?ome o?h-rs *xcelll*g. Public in Won %* raen?qtta!ij aoli^itad. Pieaaa call aud s^a spMmens. CwTIOJI ?No fttb'j Dsntlrt In tha District of OolicaVta h?3 a right to ai Us tais alyla of Teath. B ? TeetJi omMltationiiiy b-.oithy, alas^ed B?1 warranted for :iTe. Office aal house at No. 299 R street, near the cor ner of Pea"t?jlr*aia avenue and 14th street. n>y 13?tf TO INVENTORS. T*? of "Th? Inventor.' Protection Naticaal Uai* is oa 7ih street, opposite tha Kat Por tico of the Patent OfBce, aal ia now realy to attend to t^e No(u*<)a of ita nem^ers, namely : 1a making exa-n aa* -. a? arid erliaiting pat^atc, Ac. lET?aton are Isrltai ia tall and get a copy cf tfli C^wnitutioc and By-fvwa, an1 where any tnlbrrM' C^n will be given resp^rfng the V'aioa. A i letter- co hu =a?3? mist tea dirseted to this o? Bc?, where attsatsoa will be given Immediataly A B?l?i shop ia ia coco^jttoa with the ofllia, ?hT? model* can be m?ie to wrder at ths shorter! ?ca?- T. 0. CLAYTON, , . ?P 10?dy PresMsnt I. P. N. U. GOOD NEWS. " WK have this moruiag received a fre h supply of Rue Farter Meele and Pearl IuUid GOOD8 such as W ?rfc Poses, Oeeka. ~a:d Oases, Por a Mon nai?e, Port FoU^a, kc Notwi'h>tandiig the creat ru?h mad* upon our store dmuig the la.?; week we htve yet *??<? e-rr fl-r 0 oja left, to which *a In Tita th? attention at thrs? rl^eirins New Yesrs' presea ? JOHN F. PUIS, No 30# Pa sve~ne, bet 9;h aul lUth st*. dec V - 1M1K AMERICAN 8P0KTHMA!?; coalMii^g hmte sp"ft?rm*n, no?ee on efextmg. and uia l;cb.ia oC th ? rnaie Mt?<h and wild fowl of AaicHca ; bf r11?'ia I !. w-, M It. Wuh numerou* iMus tranoHe * A fWLUk X MAlfKI''? i** J VtOiUHW*, RCV tU) ?< VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JANUARY 29. 1855. NO. fUfi. ? _ Dr. DUPONCCS GOLD EH MOJITHLY PILLS, ABOVEBEIGN HEWEDi for the cure of all Painful Obstruction* and Female Irregularities ansui from whatever cause. SSSS^JSiSSff,is*" -">? ? ?S2?JSi Thesr Fills are the resuli of OVP tufdtv ISSSWS"*M SSLS?*K S'V^.i"c?Z?1lh'?, u reases peculiar tn their sex, may have the onnor tumty of givinc them a trial. The?e pui? have o?lr !h*i i yearrUSy?10 * * ,ltt,C WOTt . , SEVERAL- THOUSAND BOXES Sib55TlStlimSdi*i!25l|e prT)rt,on ?f wbrch ?as t>een ?eut by mail to todies 10 different Dart* of 5*?WrJ ? af"? letter. ar? betnr received dlilv ????nf 'hft warmest expression. of grautud? for !"?? J^ following W an extract from a letter of a n L *fandll,? who has authorized her name to he '-ommumcnted confidentially to other ladies gSLSSZulT** 22.ssras x&ttsA v*'*: tetn *0 lunch dtsMMd tUtfhtw. Jjf1- w,'?,e "y 17 ??>!?.* Into con.umi.tion It 22","'^ to * r???M lament Id ? N?w York ,,w ~>?? ir: r eomp?rl.on with the happi?e? rMnUing from vSSk u*? N. B.?The ingredients of tiles* piii? are perfect ZoJ^,L'V ?? "<* medicinal SperatEnCUie most delicate female con titution., yet as prepared to ISTSr1 bT '^rVcllt .S is suoii that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use ig net at all ZfSSPSr* Tanc> * For the "me retson thkwZ?^rt^l nojvs medicines which act in ilAC, very be?t that can b- used for re *vsten1 ihpnnatUr ' b'alth> tone a?<l functions of tlie system when so much impaired and deranged as to Action" *7Pnilef' K?f fUK her Particnla? ?* di behadat^he b?*' and C'rCU'^ f0 J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Stott by Kiowkli' Lacehc., stott kLo.. \\ . H. Oilman, 8. R. Stlvkstfk J B. Moose Fim Ward; O. Bo.welt^ Island! J F.' CaniuJNk 11 k 8r*enth ?" H " McPheeiok t.v rl m . VV AL"H' N,Vt Var'1- 'n Georteuwn by f'ook St'i'!!,1 IpU,Vv'mL' K"1*p"? l? Alexandria y 00k S Co., I e?l fc Htevens, Fou itain St Co., and b> Druggist.' generally. jan i6_]V?tn<t OFFICIAL Treasi e* Department, Jan. 3,18S5. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the lol lowing described stock* of the United State., that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time lM?:ween the date hereof and Uie 1st March next, portions of those stock*, amounting in the aggre gate to ?1,900,000, in th* manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wil: In case of any contingent competition, within tlie amount Mated, preference will be given ta the order ofti:ne in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigaed to the United States by the parties who arts to receive the amount tli-reof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price wilt be paid compounded of the following particulars : 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. ?2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by ihe act of July, 1*40, redeemable November 12, 1856 of per c*nt.; on the stock of the loan au t hurt zed by th-act f lt*4o redeemable 31st Decern ber, 1B6-2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of Ihe loans -uihorized by ihe act. of 1347 and 184*, and redeem able, ihe former on ihe 31st Deeember, 1867, and the 'alter on Mth June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorised by the act of 1&30, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864 (comsionly called the Texan indemnity) six per ceut 8. Interest on the par of each certificate irotn tlie 1st of January, ltSoj, to the dale of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, %vith the allowance (lor the money to reach tlie owner) of one day's interest in rdditiou. Payment lor said stocks will be made in d afts of tin Treasurer of the United States, on the a^utam tr. aaurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be eutitJed to th? b? nefit of this notice which shall aot be uctually received at the Treasury on or bt.fjre the said 1st day of March next. ^ ? . JA*ES GUTHRIE, J n 4?dt.Marl Secretary of Treasury. HEAR THE WITNESS! RIGHTEOUS YIKDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN in SIDE, fcc. fKTuNDEKFUL cure after nx years suffering of Maryland Ulost hlShl* '^pectable citizen, of Prejudice and skepiicuui cau*t sUnd before the many curcs made by Hampton'. Vegetable Tine Kendall1. Ukove, Montgomery Co., Md ,) mg t ? . December 2, 1854. / **icz&Ts* Mortimer & Atowbruy .* Gaitlemen?In 1M4 I had what tr.y doctors called a vi.dent and combined atuck of Chronic Rheuina owi and Gout, Irntn which I wa? confined to my bed lr>r three months. I had the verv best phvsi ciai'?, who tried other various remedies, none of Winch gave me any penuanent relief. Not bavins ease town pain day or night, 1 became much . maci ate J, my wliole system a mass of disease, literallv '/""' the crown of my he d to tie sol. 6i ! J. Is fo :,?hb|e about?most of the time confined to the hon*e; at times so helpless that I wan . Hr^n'i t0 "11 b"d- ' wa" h'J,? afflicted with a dri sdiul oougb, great shortness of breath ride^hTa 1 ,i!,",,on.of,be h,an' J""1 p*in ln n,y s'de *o bad I eon! not lay on it. My appeUte e? 1! hi m ,nL'' rHVe "P aJI hopes of being restored 'J'?*"1 ??",n- 1 ^>?tinued thus to snffer on from 1844 to 1M,V?, a period ot si* years. At this time my daughter kiw at her grandmoUier'.a pamphlet, with numerous certificates of cures made by Dr. llunr ton ? Vegetable Tincture. I knew Mine of thtMe who ccriified to cure, per fnraied on themselves and friends. 1 was resolved t<? ?ive it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my sufferings Were so great 1 hat 1 pro cureti one botUe, und, before I liad taken the whole of it, I felt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After making the second bottle I was better than tor the past six years, iny appetite re turned cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath a A. gone. I continued using thw won derful medicine unul I had taken seven bottles, ac cord ng to ihe direction.; and I am happy to say Hampton1. Tincture, and tbat aloue restored ine to perfect health, which has conunued up to U11* time -a period ol three year.. | am m the 65th year of ?0 , w^';d yen',day 506 ,,w- ???* 1 never fclt better in my life. One ol my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Kbeuuiatwm, kc. He has also been restored by the Tincture. | heard or other cases; but I am satisfied this Tinetur--, if tried, will .peak for iL-^lf. My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and the way I obtained reliel, 1. to iik luce the aiflfted to try this Tincture which has, under the blesMugs of God done so much for me. Yours, respectfully, t HENRY GA1THER. <>UI and get pamphlets sratis, and see cun s of Tough, Hroiu uitts, Hheuuiausm, Neuralgia, l)ya Crpsia, NerTou*ne*? aud Oueral Weakness. A. a male un-dieine or for delicate children we believe it Uliequjillett. Hbld by MORPIMEK. k MOWBKAY, 140 Balti more street, [taltim'>re, and 3i>4 Broadway, N. York CitA.. Htoit k Co., J. B. Mooaa, D. B. Claeke, Ct abkk k UowLtxH. \V, Eluot, and H McPher .o*, Washiiigtou ; also, bv R. H. F. Ct skl, Georse town ; and C. C. Behkv, Alexandria, and by Drag gi-L- everywhere. jan 5?tr CMWJWO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPEB THAN EV ER.?lu order to run off the remain ?et <01 our large .lock ol' Cloths, Cawumeres, and renting* we Mull at this sea-on take measur- nn I innke w ordgr Gentlemen2. Garment, of firsi quality twenty [??'r ccri. cheaper than oor usually low pri c<*- WALL a STEPHENS, . 3548 Pa. ?v., uext 10 JruA liftiJ. |?l? A 1 important to the sick. w,lJkfxp"rie?c# tT"1 well-known skill r>f _^rviV?v ^*cCu*toce if a sufficient guaranty to the ru Itc that the foliowing lint of Medicinss, such as Jureib*?a ooostautl? ased jD bin pmrtieo tor tb? 1m. thirty yeara, will fatly suatain by tb?<r effe<*? !i, ? l^ It 1?alitte6 attributed to them, and pubho MeJicinea avor offered to tho I Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Sirup. mwdy fer Bronchitis Oonsump r, -. *n.d *\\ Tronic diaeases of the throat and Jung*. In all deep seared c ^mplaints of the Pulmn !?** Proved the na~st cafe, oertain. ^ n to tbeeiteneire practice of Dr, McOUntock For any of thjae forma -r^TST' 9??^n8 tho??elv*s as Cough, Tickling ^ "?**??? >? th. Throat, spitting ol Blood, DiAcuity of Breathing. Hoarse^ ST"*?r "d Hectic fever, its bm will be attended with the happiaat results, while it is vi* . and strengthening to the whole ays torn. It contains no lamiaaum or opium in any shtpe. Price $( per pi?t bottk. H Dr. McClintock's Cdd md Cough Mixture #fc^nfc!M?*?2?*forreoent 0*gfc?, TlekUng ef ' Ughtneae ofPr*atblng, Group In Chil dren, *e. It oonUina no preparation of cpiuaj. Prk* ift oents per bottle. III. Dr. McClintock's Asthma and Hoof ing Cough Remedy. An aim oat Instantaneous relief for thee* distress, to* ooroplaints. This U the fruit of an immense experience, and is astonishing in its ellacte. No per jjon need suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping (bigh who w?,l use it. Price 60 oents per bottle. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhma Cordicl and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and certain cure Jbr Diarrhea. Dyaen tny, and Cholera Morbus la all atagea. A sure pre ITn?" Z1 Aaiatfo Cholera, which no travaler or faintly should bo without. Price 24 and *0 oanU per bottle. V. Dr ? McClintock,s Tonit Alter at ivt Syrup, ro; purifying the Mooi. The moat p^werfal pn rifler ever dficOT*frV For ail BrroftJoua diseases, nun vlaeaees, Eruptions, Bolis, Pimples, Bryaipsia*, ulcers, Bore Legs, and all R>?6maUe and Syphilitic complaints, Ac. It is a moat excellent spring medi etas, perfectly palatable, nnd safe tor children or fe males. Prico(pint Bottles) fl. VI. Dr. McChntock's Dyspeptic Elixir. ? ^^"ed dig-etion, may be called the National Disease of Amerioa. Its symptoms are headache; giiiin?sa; nerroumesir, low spirits; dim neaa of virion, with mot?? or sp?*ks before the erst; itching of the noftrild; duilne^ of beirf^^ And rintr lag id the earr, J??>gr?t*bl? U*t? In th# roruth; ?onatriction or weight nbout the chest; difficulty ol bi->;t'<tng; s*nse of erTocation i? lying down, oc in ar-ending stairs; imitations, or uneasy feelings about the heart: irregular or deficient appetite, sense of sinking at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or fullners of* the abdomen, and costlvenese. o* these symptoms always appear In Dyepep* tis; and sonetim-s the same patient has many of them at the -erne time, or at different times. For attacking these Protean symptoms in their seat and source, vi* deranged condition of the digestive func tions, the Dyspeptic Elixir combines all the valuable ingredients whi-h the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Taken In coan'ctioa with the Veg, table Purgative Pllli, in cases where there is much oostiver?fle, or with the Anti-Bilious Hi's, where tbe functions of J?e hTsr are irregularly discharged, It will be found a moot effectual remedy. Price (in pint bottles.)$l. VII. Dr. MtClivtock's Rheumatic Mix ture. For int-ros! use; a f.nrely vegetable combiDation for thacure of Rheumatism, Clout, and all Neural glc and Rheumatic IHseae^a. This remedy is offered with mc nta?^t oouildence. It ha* b?en used most extenairely, is a? near a Specific fn- BheumaOc I>L?aar-s a?. the wi r'.u has erw seen. Priso per bot? tl* M) e?nt?. ^ fll. Dr. McClintock i Rheumatic Lini ment, An infallible oatward application for the relief cf au rheupafie vr neuralgic nain.r, apr*ine, swellinge, stiff neck, etiffne*? of thofo|.;ts, pains i?i the shoaN ders, back, cr limb>. It affords ic.m^diate r lltf from ohulic i ti'i^ in th^ 5*oni4ch Md aMroito, As a oounter irritant, it is Inralnab e In all ?ss*? where aa exurnij si,mal?nc is needed. Price (per bolt';) ftO cents. IX* Dr. McClintoch's Anodyrm Mixture, Or Pain Eitra'-tor. used Internally and externally, for the iCEtiut relief of all palos. Toothache, Head &ache, ChoUc, Agne in the Face, Chilblains; Niural Rtoaa or Urnrel, Ae., Ac. No pain need be an ed a moment by aoy person who will use (hia laralnaoie Anodyne, rrfca 60 cents per botttle. X. Dr. MrJJtintodk's Fever and A rue Specific. Thl*b?Mb*en found an infallible specific for this seoarga ol new oouutrioi, and for intermittent fevers. Nn tni?? '?r or rr*fddent in any ague dis trict shonii fail to provide themselves with this sure prsrentlve- Price fl per bottle. XL Dr. McClintock1 s Vegetable JTmpa tive riUs, For the ulief cf Constipation and ita painful ro aulta, auoh as Headache, Diaainess, Sick Stomach. Pains, and all the symptoms enumerated uuder the "Dyapapti. Hiiiir." Price 26 cants per box. XI J. Dr. McClintoch's PilU, For Livr ;>?uiplaints, and all forma cf diaaaMS ariaiag from d 'raugement of tha liver, with symn toma such a' Dizsinaas, Headache, dinging in the Ear?, jelio ' furre-J tongue, pain in the right shoulder, sen*aol fullne* or pain in tha right side, disordered stomach or bow?l?, deficient action cf the kidneys, clay-oelored atoola, Ac. Thete Pills, if taken in tha inaipient stages of Bilioua and Yellow or other Favera, w;il generally ward off the attack. Prioa 26 cents j er box. The ab? va Medicines may be procured of all the pringipal Drnggist^ and Apothecariea in this Dia trict, and of J. L. Uitsnaw, Agent, Waahington. **P *~" COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texas, California, JJ*W Uisoouri, Ptfinuylrmnia, Aiibum^ Kentuoky, Maryland, Q-or*i*, Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States. OEORGE G THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AJSD NOTARY PUBLIC, Washington Plar*, n*ar Odd-Fellows' Hall SBvENTU STREET, W.snii^O!.. D^J. ' ?n* 10 -If NORTH AMERICAN RKVIEVV for January Pro eaeional Ethics, by Geo. Kharswood rtax and Hemp, tbeir culture and manipulation?25 cents The Rose and the Ring, by Thackeray, illustrated Almau >eh Francais dee Euts Uais pour I'annee 1805 A Night in Ruenos Ayros. a new drama, in 5 acts Parish and other Pencilling*, by Kirwan Humanity in the City, by Kav. E. H. Chapin Sociology for the South, or the failure of Free Soci ety, by George Pitzhugh Canaille, a novel, by Alexander Dumas. j"'4 FRANCE TAYLOR. RW MADE CLOTHING AT RE duced prices?Aa the season is advanced w? nave determined to sell olf tlie remaining portion ol our winter stock at jjreatly reduced prices, therefore gentlemen wishing to consult economy in purclias ing line Overcoats, Talmas, dreg*, hack and busi neKa Coats, black and fancy Cashmere P;intr, ve| vet, !?iIk, satin and Merino Vests, Cnderstntts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garment^ of fine ipiality will lind our present v;trieiy to Ite an w? II .is sorted as ui tli? begiumnij ^iUbe season wrJi the ad vaiitag* ol much lower prices. o?? WALL h. STEPHENS. 322 Pa. avenue, next to iron Hall. Jan 1- (Sentinel & News) British almanac and companion w? I?.v>, rontsinmg List<? or Parliament, of Royal Households, Ministry, Judiciary, Forvun Mm i^r-j fac, ia England, British Ministers abroad, Military and Colonial <iov*rMBjen's Juid prr^nel; Imparts, Expoits, Taxes, Dti ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1&54, Lnronicl!' ot the Session of Parliament 1K54, Ahstracts of impnrtint Parliamentary Do.a' iiieni s, and valuiblc articles on ilwOaiiiiwieii, oil the I mted ^mteK Census, mi tiic hea th oi JJwe!iiit| . Uccupanons ol the ueoole. Flue tuali m.oi ih? Funds; Canals and Itiilr-^ds, ruiiti.- Improv m.-r.u. i luomju-y *,?i mreli other use!ill aud valuable matter, coniidete ui )bn 16- If FR ^NPK 1AV ^ 'B r?w. CATHOLW? ALMANAC tor 1?^6. JL Ju*l iMiilnliaU Wid for ?ale at TAVLOR at MAURY'S J*? * AveJutorv, ?rw m, BALLS, Ac. HO! FOB THE HIGHTMQAL13. FIRST ANNUAL BALL or TUB HpHE member* of this Club take pleasure in an J. nouncing to their friend* and Ihe public fen rttily that their first AnuuaJ RaJI will take place at Temperance Hall, oil 91UNDAY, January 29th, INkw Every exertion will be made by the Club to give satisfaction to all who may honor them with their prtdence. A superior Cotillon Hand has beeu engaged for Uie occasion. The Refreshments are placed in the hanlsofan experienced caterer. No hats or caps allowed in the room except those worn by Clubs. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had of any of the Managers and at the door on the evening of the ball. MANAGERS: J A Butler, C E Tretler, W II 8wceny C M Murphey, A H Hill, M B Gordon, I Morrice, H Boweu. Committee on Reception. C M Murphey, C E Tretler, A H Hill, W II Sweeny. Floor Managers. J A Butler, I Morrice, C E Tretler. jan 15?eo7t* iisioictoi uit GRAND BALL _ FOR THE fiBNEFIT or THB POOR OF WA8HIH0TOH. IN announcing this Bull the Managers would moat respectfully state thai it will be conducted in a style uiiMirpassed by any heretofore given, and Will be worthy ot the g<x>d objecLt'or which it is intended. It i< h(>|>ed iliat iliu effort will receive the liberal supjtort of the whole community, and that they will be ab e to relieve the w:mts of thoK that are now suffering in our city. The Ball will take place at the A-semblv Roetin, TDKSD.lT. February 6th. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Managers on part of the MiliUirn. Maj Gen VV Jones, Lt Col Reilly, Br Gen H C VVei-htman, Maj R Kevworth, Col W I lie key, Surg Morgan, Capl E C Carrington, Cir Mr McCullom. Capt P B Key, Capt Jamison, Capt J A Tail, Capt W Lasselle, 4 "apt G A $chwarxman, Lt J Tucker, CajK J L Smith. Lt Feeiiy, Capt Bright, Lt J H Bird, < apt L Towers, Lt J H De Bille, Capt O Byrne, Lt Beseres, Capt F M Sheckell, Lt P Otterback, Cajit Jos Pe;k, Lt J W Baden, Lt J Sntton, Lt J Kelly, Lt E F Queen, Lt F Reilly, Lt C P VVroe, Lt E F Alle?, Lt S Wales, LtG N'utzy, Lt J J Mullov, Lt Brown. Lt C VV Flint. Mmtageri on part 0/ the Citizen*. ft">n J T Towers, K Doyle H TaTlor J W Maury, K?.| Win Dougherty J D Hoovrr Walter Lenox U Knnia Archibald Campbell W W teuton C Dnnalngton J?* A Jamt Peter Force Juo I. Wirt Thou Paivn* SiL-u. H Hilt R J Rorhe K C M. ntaa W W Corcoran H W Bull J a Linton O Parker J I. Hfnatiaw Jo* (;?]<?? J H K.tton Col J W Forin'r Andrew Uar:>*ork W H Winter TC?rberry H S Polkiuhoru A Pr?vo?t Jh? o Berrett A Dlcken* J F Coyle, C ttjM J H KIrkw.KMt K Wallaili J?o CartwrigiiL A T Kirk hotter Chn? Maury W H Hoj>? A J H White 5 Be<1fern C Wheeler H Lewl? K Smith l?r Maynard U A JilUrd WT Oore T S, J J , J no Eunia li F Mlildlaton P A Hoe J P Pepper K F Bell E Wlieelor 8 C Barney Jo* Manner J C McGuire O S Oideon, C M Calvar' W J MrOrmlck G Cuneron. H A Willar* K Stuait C S Walla< !| W F Bayly Ja? Claikv H Sweeney M Brown J c; Fi</|>atrlck K S Pendleton Or W B Ma^rU'R'i* Or Snoot Kranck Taylor N P Franklin J H M<-Biair, Edw Owen Ve?j>ariau Ellis W K Si.aJdinz Cliaa K toman K Coyle Major li U French, Treasurer. On the pari oj >he Company. t'apt J Reese, Lt llaine, Lt Cone, O S Campbell, Lt Walker, Qr Mr G W Flood. W Forsyth, Secretary. II at* and Caps to be left in the hat room. Milita ry huts will only be allowed iu the hall. jaw 27?dtb GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Snirits, Latitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back, Indispo sition and Incapacity for Study and Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Lo*s of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distrust, Diazineas, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of Ui Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual aud other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The iiopo.ta-il fact that the*: alarming complaints may ea.-ily be removed without Meilkme is, in ill s small tract, ch arly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least poesiblu co?t, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a st aled envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispenard street, New York. jan 17?3in ?+0* ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in struments direct from the Manu-^^^^^^i^ factory in Dresden, Germany. These^^^^HBH Pianos having both, after a lorg seal^^^^^^^Tj and land voyage, arrived in perfect* ? W \| " tune, afford another guarantee of their auperiority in keeping in tune. Their beauty and power of tone elicit* the bigheit enconiuins from all the great musical critics of Europe. HILBUS 8i HIT/, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th aud D sis. jan 8 - tl" MEDIUALNOTIOE PROFESSOR THOMSON, from Buffalo, New York, has opened an office in Washing ton, D. C., No. 483 Eighth street, lor the suppression of quackery and for the aiievia itien of human suffering, by of Ifering tn the unfortunate af flicted with Private Disease,* r-ure and safe method of cure, [tnande?| on the solid basis o| fscittuct and sound philoso phy. Having practised in Eiiro|ie, Asia, Africa and America for u. aiiy 31) years, during which time he made the treatment of syphilis in all ii.- species, ?ta g?s, ramifications, and phase* throughout, a special ity, he feels confident that he discovered and pos sesses specific remedies for the cure of these rum plaints which are unknown to the faculty, aid that he has made perfect and permaii* nt cures of paticris who tiad been uuder the treatment of such eminent men as Ilicord, Acton, Parker, and a host of others. The various complicated and distressing diseases incident to lemales confidentially treated, and with eminent success. i Htice hour* from pMt 8 ? m to 12, and *rom 2 to 10 p in. Evening visitors, observe the uight sign. Office, 483 Eighth st, bet. Pa. avenue and D st. jan 16?2w * rilKANb-ALLMQiiAKY BANK. AND 4XLDKN X Withers A Co.'? Notes purchased at the highest rates. Un;trrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virginia Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities eo'.d to rait pur chasers. Persons at a distance sanding me Trans-Alleghany n?te? or Lar d Warrants, may rely upon receiving the best rates, end remittance* made by draft on any aity in the Union. HAMILTON G. FA NT, Banker, dee 9?8m No 481 Penna avenge. MiE GREAT JOURNEY t A pilfrimage through the Valley of Tears, to Mount Ziun, by the au thor ofthe "Word* of Jesus" Follow Jesus, by ti>e author of Conte u> Jesus Tlie Foiitiiutn of [ ivuig Waters, by Tlieo. Irving Tin* !>aleh in Newuort, by i.eila Flower Fables, by Louisa M. Albott Fasuoid, or Household Sietchej, by W. Brooke The Pictonsl Catechism of ihe M. E Church MMites of 4he Annual (>)atereu e of U)e Methodtot ?0t*&>M\ L'nurch for 1&54. QfiAY k BALLANTYNE, ju4 Lev?tt? wet u 1 iCVKNING ST AH. [WTERESriHO F0REIG5 ITEMS BT THE LAST STEAMER ? According to private accounts from ?it. Petersburg, great distress is expe rienced in that city, and much dissatis raction prevails at the hardships imposed !>y the war. It is mentioned that in all the churches prayers are now offered for peace. As religious services in Russia *re subject to the direct control of the government, this statement is some what remarkable. ? Recruiting for the English army is proceeding in Switzerland with decided success. The bounty much exceeds that )ffered by the Pope and the King of N?J pies, both of whom have been drawing arge numbers of young Swiss into their ;ervice. In the Bernese Oberland, the French Jura, and in the neighborhood of 3eneva work is scarce, and those dis ricts will doubtless yield a large number )f recruits. ? The Avisatore Alessandrino states .hat the Sardinian Government, at the Jemand of England, will authorize the latter to recruit, in the country, among the Sardinian citizens, who have accom plished their time of military service, ind among those who have drawn a number exempting them from the con scription. ? According to the Russian aecouats, the Emperor Nicholas will have the fol owing armies in the field next Spring : viz: 1. The Crimean army of 120,000 Ben in the field and 30,000 in Sebasto pol; 2. The Tchernomorish (Cossacks >f the Kuban) army, 40,000 men; 3 Danubian army, 40,000 men: 4. The irmy in Dithunia and Volhynia, 120,000 nen ; 5. The Baltic army, CO.OOi) men ; >. Tlie reserve army, 80,000 men. Yoa prill hardly fail to observe that no men .ion is made either of the Guard and irenadier corps in Poland, or of the Jaucassian army. The garrison of Odessa ?as been frequently changed lately, but t is probably exaggeration to say that it snow 50,000 strong. ? General report gives out that on the ?2d, and not far from Odessa, more than $60 foot soldiers and several Jewish car ers perished in a snow storm. The causes of death were the want of ade quate warm clothing, and the sudden ;et in of a frost; and it is also said tha he wagons aHd teams had gone on be ore the men, who were thus left behind, ind as the soldiers had on wet clothes rrom the previous rain, they froze into a :rust of ice when the frost began. They ooked about for a bridge, but could not ind any. The day after, groups of fro s?n dead bodies were found, and between 20 and 30 men lay in each heap. ? A Private letter from St. Petersburg }tates that the Crown serfs have ottered he Emperor Nicholas a contingent ef >0 000 men, who are to be employed as iharpshooters. Among them are to be til the ermine hunters, who are estimat ed at 20.000. They are said to be skill ul marksmen, who pass their whole ives on the banks of the Oural or the 3by, in the chase of *lhe fox, the beaver, ind the ermine, ffhe whole of these lunters, so the letter says, are to be im nediately ordered and sent to the Crim ea. They are to be armed with the klinie rifle. ? There is said to be good reason tor >elieving that it is intended to add 7,000 o the British naval forces in the forth coming estimates for the year 1355-'6, naking the number to be voted for this iervice 70,000. ? Gen. Lord Gough is named in the nilitary circles at Vienna as the succes ?r of the late Brigadier General Du Plat, is the representative of England at Aus sian headquarters. ? The Emperor of France has pre cnted the Grand Cordon of the Legion >f Honor his highness the Emperor of ^ustrift. ? On the 1st instant, the English esidents at Pau presented a handsome iilver chased coffee service to Madame iasquet, the mother of the French gene al who so gallantly brought up the roops under his command to the aid of he British at the battle of Inkermann. ? M. Frossard, a Protestant clergy nan, has been sent to the Crimea, to or ganize a body of Protestant chaplains to ninister to the spiritual wants of the nembers of the French army belonging o the reformed religion. ? A rumor is prevalent in Paris of a iroject for making the Archduke Louis >rother of the Emperor Fronds, King of >oland. The Pope has admitted Cardinal Viseman among the cardinals composing he sacred congregation of the Index. ? The Sultan's brother-in-law, the x Grand Vizier Mehemet Ali Pacha, has teen condemned to restore to the treas try 75,0t)0 piastres?a bribe which, it .ppears, had been accepted during the nterminable judicial inquiry set on foot especting the affairs of Djczaeulu, the Armenian banker. ?Mr. Mark Sill, an emigrant from the iorth of England, writing from Australia ays: " I took the other day ? load of egetables to Mel borne, and sole them for C13, which will show you that market tuff is very dear in this country. About , fortnight previously, I took a load, and nade ?14 of it. Eggs are 6d. each, but er 3s. 6d. per pound, and milk Is. [uart. Wages are also very high : labor uen are getting 10s. per day, and cooks rom ?40 to ?45 a year. Fattening Animals with Cod Liver )1L ?The London Lancet gives an am ount of a series of experiments made by )r. James Pollock, upon fattening am nals with cod liver oil. They were con lucted upon a large scale, and he found hat pigs taking the oil ate less meal reighed the heaviest, and brought more aoney per stone in the London market he fat being firm and white. He fed rom two ounctb to a quarto) of a yiui Ail/, with ?oo4 roiulti; bat wbeaiargw THE WEEKLY STAR. wr VASB, WAftltftLT Ul ASV&aCa. 9(F~ Mnfte copiet (la Wrfcpyrn'i caa h* ? Um connitr, paper. Price?raau PorntASTsat "who act u ifcnu vill fee a ? conwumoo of twenty per eeau quantities were used, the fat became yel low and the llesh tasted fiahy. He states that when sheep were fed one ounce a Jay, the fat was beautifully white, and the fitsh light and easj- of digestion, and gave general satisfaction to the oonsura crs. The experiments with bullocks have been equally satisfactory. lie feeds the bullocks with oil mixed up with meal and chatf; the pigs have it mixed with dry meal; the sneop have split beans soaked in oil. The commonest oil costs in Rowland about seventv-five cents per gallon, and the saving 01 expeuae is vary considerable. Dr. Pollock a'so says the rdlief to a broken-winded horse from the administration of cod liver oil, is very soon perceptible. Whether these ex pari - ments are of any practical value to farm ers ia this country or not, they are in teresting, inasmuch a* they show the im portance of studying tb? application and physiological action of different food and oils in the animal system.?Country Gen 'leouni A CLERICAL W\E*I*G-PAJT In many parts of Ireland a warmmg l>*u is called a 44 friar " Not many years '?go an unsophisticated girl took servioe in a hotel in the town of . Poor thing ! she had never heard of a warm ing-pan iH her life, though she had regu larly confessed to a friar. It so happened that on a cool and driz zly night a priest took lodgings at the hotel. He had traveled far, and being wearv retired at an early hour. Soon after, the mistress of the house mailed to the servant girl? 44 Betty, put the friar into No. 6." The poor girl, not dreaming that by the word friar her mistress meant the warming-pan, hastened to the priest, who was comfortably settled in bed, and rousing him, said? 44 Your riverence must go into Ns. 6, tny mistress says." ?4 Why so ?" asked the priest, alarmed it being distut bed. " Your riverence must go into No. 0." There was no help for it, and the priest irose, put on a dressing gown, and went to No. 6. In about tifteen minutes the mistress :alled to Betty? 44 Betty, put the friar into No. 4." Betty said something about disturbing lis reverence, which the mistress did not luderstand; so she told the girl, in a iharp voice to do as she was directed, tnd she would always do right. Up went Betty, and the unhappy priest, despite his angry protestations, was obliged to turn out of No. 6, and go nto No. 4. But a little time elapsed ere the girl was told to put the friar into No. 8. The poor priest, thinking that every one in :he house was mad, and sturdily resolv ag to quit it the next morning, crept into he damp sheets of No. 8. But he was to enjoy no peace there. Betty was directed to put the friar into ^o. 3, and with tears in her eyes she >beyed. In about an hour, the landlady con cluded to go to bed herself, and the friar was ordered into her room. Wondering what it meant. Betty roused the priest, tnd told him he must go intsNo. 11. Ihe patient monk crossed himself, count ed his beads, and went into No. 11. It so happened that the husband of the ady was troubled with the "green-eyed uonster"?jealousy. Going to bed, there ore, before his wife, his* suspicions were continued by seeing between his own sheets a man faat asleep. To rouse the sleeper, and to kick him nto the street, was the work of a very ew minutes ; nor was the mistake ex plained till the next day, when the priest nformed the landlord what outrages had >een committed upon him; and be earned, to his astonishment, that he bad *en serving the whole night aa a warm ng-pan. Thi Hokky-Moon Season.?The San lusky Register attims that the "honey - noon season" is raging some m its neigh* x>rhood, and publishes the following di ignosis of the "affection " for the benefit >f those who may fall victims to its rav ages. Second day?speechless ecstacy?bliss nipossible to be expressed. Fifth day?bliss in the ascendant?ap atite begins to " look up.'' Ninth day?ladv eats her dinner with ut being kissed between every mouth ul. Twelfth dav?"Oh! vou naughty? aughty boy. not said* quite so fre uently. Fifteenth day?gentlemen fancies a talk solus?comes home and dicovers is charmer in tears. Sixteenth day?gentlemen and lady ave returned to the world of sighs, and entle chiding* and promises " never to o out alone in future." Are invisible 11 dav. Eighteenth day?lady is presented rith magnificent breastpins; gentlemen onsults her about the details of their do icstic ariangemenu. Th? Ci.kkgt.?"A Clergyman,'' wil ing to the National Intelligencer, says : "The term 'Clergyman1 has a much rider application now than formerly. In our issoe of this morning, we are in >rmed that in the Legislature of Massa huaetts there are 'five clergymen in the lenate and seventeen in tke House of Representatives.' Can you tell us to rhat denomination of Christians they *long ? Is a single one of them a cler Kman of the Protestant Episcopal urch ? Do you know a minister in hat branch of the church that has a seat n the Legislature ef anv of oar States f should not bold all responsible for ar the acts of a tew. If every Bute and very Church would enact laws whereby iinisters of the Gospel should be ex luded from political stations, and am ine th^ni to the duties of their calling, it rould be Letter for Um cause of rtl%io? ad their oqumt/i" r?H

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