Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Thb Gbasd Ball Last Fiobt ?The ball At the National, last night, wu the crowning enter ainment of the h&ko, so Tat. The ball room?the ladies dining ball of ike establish ment??u not too crowded, (he lndiee sojourn ing in the bo nee who took on themselvee the charge of the Affair, as hostesses of the even ing, having exhibited good taste. indeed in not issuing too many cards of invitation. Thus, there were not store thaa, rvrhaps, fire ban tired ladies and aantlemet pr?Mnt, nearly all of them baiag leading pertona in society here (General Scott towerOd above the throng looking erea more distinguished, habited in the neat end elegant attire of an Amerioan gentleman ot fashion, than we ever saw him appear at tha bead of his staff, on parade. There ware many other distinguished military and naval gentlemen there, as well as Judges of the Surreme Court, Senators, Representa tives, and many gentlemen connected with European embassies in this metropolis, irtlose refined manners and really elegant bearing never fail to render their presence a very agraesble feature of snob entertsioments. The ladies were all attired with capital taste, a >me of tbem with a profusion of aparaling jewelry. Real!), we ne?er before attended a ball in Washington whereat the fair sex seemed to have studied, so oritioally, the divine art of rendering their appearanoe captivating. Ne r ly all the guests of all agee and stations, par ticipated in the dance, a venerable Comm> do re and half a soore of Senators tripping as artlessly through its maaes as a ^'raoef bl little creature cf fifteen summers, whose mout-st bearing end sparkling eyes attracted uaiver sal homage; though, to teil tha truth, the sight of her made as involuntarily rub the spot on our head which is beginning to ba somewhat inclined to bald, for it brought to our mind I soores of dances with her gleesome mother at her age. The supper table was probably the most ele gsnt and rrchtrrh* thing of the kind ever otten up in this City, and to the credit of the cuse be it written, it was entirely the work of ibe artists of that establishment Every plate set for every one of the five hundred guests was graced with a beautiful bequet at ita tide, in which there was a japonlca, all of them grown at Kiversd*le. the extate of Mr Calvert Mr. Alex. Tonet, the head oock of the house, deserves great credit for his share of the happiness then and there oreated. His dishes were prepa:ed as a real artiste of the cusiae oan alone prepare the substantial of such an entertain uent. A boar's bead and pyramid of partridges dr?ssed with heads and necks in full feather, were conspicuous orna men's, as well as a sugar fountain, with the spray apparently falling in all directions with inimitable graoe. and a huge temple full of figeres. designed and arranged in h^nor of America. We must not omit to mention the stjle in which the table was *ei under the direction of J. J. Johnson, the colored head waiter of the buute, and the prompt and efficient service of bis large eorpe of assistants, who really did much, indeed, to rsnder all presort comforta ble. Johnson's excellent :a#te was loudly praised by all the favored ones who were ad mitted to a view of the table before the rush of the five hundred guests demolished "he per fection of its appearance, in a twinkle as it were, The ball was continued until the small hours of the morning by as happy a company as ever congregated in Washington city. RotiBcav or Topp'b Hat Stobb ?Yester day morning, a little after 13 o'clock a m., some of our night police discovered a light in the store of Todd's hat establishment on Pa. avenue. The circums!anoa?being something unusual, suspicion wasarouahd. which induced j the cffi3ers to make an examination, and on looking through some openings at'he front door they discovered a person in the store, openieg drawers, ransacking goods, do , which ltduced them to get other aAccrs to a*sisr tnem in the examination, ^^^vdingly others were plaoed in the reer <^^^ on C street, and they then dlscove^MWurglar at work in selecting goods to be taken away, looming it prudent to wait until the thief would sapply himself, they atationel them selves at the opening whioh be had made, in order to eatch him in the aot. In a few min utes be m*de his appearance with a large number of umbrellas, and on his egress was immediately arrested and taken before the thief of the Police at the guard house The person arrested proved to be Levi Pumphrey, ' a youth of fome eighteen years of age, the ? son of a worthy and esteemed eitiien of Wash- , ington. The facts were so palpable that there was no diffioalty in the mind of the Chief of tha Peliea in boldlag him to bail for his ap pearance at ocurt, under bond of $1000. Bail was accordingly entered by his father, and he was released. Thus it will be aeen thai the young men has added the worst of sorrows to bis grey haired sire, who hap.alwaya bean indulgent and kind to him Exqiisitb WonxMAxaHir. ? We were this morning shown by Messrs. Hilbus A Hits, two of tne mos' exquisite pieces of workman* ship we ever saw, the handiwork of Mr Henry Cap. of Genera Switierland who is now on a visit to Washington. One piece is a paper weight, made of gold and ailver, curiously wrought, containing a miniature clock and eight day chronometer on the front side, with tne ends and back ornamented by beaatiially enamelled paintings of scenes in Switzerland The whole is surmounted by a miniature me chanical canary seated on a bed of fruit and flowers, so construoted as to imitate the sweetest notes of the little yellow soagster The other is a card case, of massive or namented with flowers of diamonds of the finest water and a perfect gem ot a painting in enamel, repreMnting tbg "return from ti e harvekt " Ibis case ooniains a oomplioati . watoh, with ?ix faoes. denotiag the time of ths with seconds, the wonta, days of tha month, week, and the quarter ot the moon. It is not often that one sees such beautifel specimens of skill; and we therefore advise our readers to call at the store of llilbus ?k Hits, Star Buildings, and see these beautiful I pec imens. ?? Tub RocsasTB ?We thought, last evening, ea we witnessed the superb daneing of the Rouaeet sisters, that were three of thein mask* ed, it would be as difficult to distinguish them personally ss to decide upon their relative ar tiitie merits. The tone and emphaais of M'Ue Caroline a style contrasts finely with the sweet and winning manner of Adelaide, who, in the part of page or lover, surpasses any performer we have ever seen. There is a marked grace and abandon in tke style ef Theresine, while the charming naivttt ef Clementine is equally attractive. They appear to night, for the last time, in the splendid play ef Sathaniel, whioh is re p.ete with staking speetaele. Next week, a benefit is In be given to that troupe, tout *n hsr, and if there is taste or sense of merit lin gering in our midst, it will be exhibited by a orowded house. There ia, or ahould be, enough of appreciation in the circles of wealth, fasn ion, and distinction of thia city to encourage opera, ballet, and drama?those real fleids of genius which please, ins ruet, and cheer, while thev distinguish with emphasis the cultivated aad refined from the gaping crowd who habi - a all j pursue mountebanks, jeggiera, and buf foons ?0 Tub Fcxbbal of his Excellency Senor Don Felice Molina, Minister of ^oata Rioa, *iaa temalA and Salvador, took this morning from his reeidenoe, corner of Fifteenih and ti streeta Ibe oorteve consisted of the President of the United states, oabinet minis ters, foreign ministers, headt of epartmonts, tfficers ot the army aad navy, distinguished strangers and oititens The mournful prooee aion moved to St Matthew's ehuroh, where the funeral ceremonies took place in the pres ence of a vast concourse of people His body waa deposited in one of the vaulta attached te tha ehuroh. Of ita future disposition, we did not learn, but presume it will be carried to hia home ia Costa Rica. Par l Jflib*.?This young artist. perhaps for (he last time, girea a concert in our city, to night, at Carwi's Saloon. He ia, boyoad dcubt. one ot tha beat perforate!* on the vio ite We learn that his ooneect given at Alex andria la?t night waa well attended, and ren dered aniveraal satisfaction The vocaliata who aeoompany him ara admirable lingers Tbmfmamos Cow vbbtiosi ?la accordance with previous aotiee. the delegates from (he various Temperanoe Order*, convened on Thursday morning, the 1ft day of February, in Temperance Halt. The Rev. B. P. Phelpa was Invited to the eheir an J Jno. Johnson ap pointed seo rotary. The convention having been oalled to ord- r, a prayer waa delivered hy the Ret D. B. R -eee. The following gentlemen were appointed to draft resolution*: Roy. D. E, Reese, Rev. U. Ward, and ChauncSy R Johnaon; Meantime the following officers were chosen by the oenvention - Rer. E P. Phelpa, pres ident; Jno Johnson. secretary, and H. Du Tall, aaaiataat; H. (J. Fitshugh, treasurer; Ulyaaea Ward, Joseph Lib bay, D. B. Reeae, John C. Harknoss, John ,6hackeiford, B F. Pleasants, and Geo. W. Burgeaa, vice-pres identa After which the committee reported Ibe following preamble and reaolationa for the consideration of the convention Whereaa the traffio in intoxicating drioka, to l>e uae.i at a beverage, within the District of Columbia, haa reaailed in mach crime, degradation, and ruin of many of oar citi tena who In all probability we%td have been honorable at<d uSefhl bat fotthia traAo. Aid whereaa, the continuance of the trafiio, aa w* believe, is against the wi-h of a large majcr. ity of the citi&ens, Therefore be it Ritolved, That we appoint a committee of three, wh?se daty it ahull be to call upon the chairman of the proper committees in Con grew, and urge upon them the propriety of placing auch a l?w as will abolian the traffic in intpxioatinx drinks?aa a beverage within the District of Columbia, with suitable penal ties; and to make attoh regulation as stay seem to then a%fe and prudent for the soppl y of any of the articles included in intoxicating drinks?aa may be neoewry for saeromental, medicinal, and meoLanical purples, and desig nate the proper officers by wnom the provi sions of said law shall b? imposed, and they repeal all act# or part of acta, heretofore passed, which may corfliot with the provisions of said law. That the committees from the Boards of the Counoil f ihe Corporations ef Washington andGeorg ' wn befunushed wi?h a copy of theae resolv oaa, and respectfully roqaeated to act in oon rt with the oommittee appointed by this meeuug. in presenting this subject, and press'ng it upon the consideration of Congress-thfough the proper oomini tees in both Houses ? for their speedy action Rtsolved, That each of the dally newspapers in the oity be furnished with a oepy of the procee lings of this Convention, signed by the President and Secretary, with the '?espectful request of the Convention that they give them an insertion in their respective joarnala. The following resolutions were also adopted: RtuolvU. That all temperanoe men resid ing in this District, who are known to he in favor of a prohibi'orv law. and who mij be in attendance, ahall be considered members of tho Convention. Ktioivtd, That the Beerctary be authorised to addresa a clroular to the pastors of the ohurcbes of this city aod Georgetown, re apectfully requesting them to notity their re spective congregations to attend a public tem perance meting en next 7ue?lay evening, at 7 o'clock, at Temperanoe Hall. The following gentlemen compose the com mittee te attend to the interests for which this Convention waa convened?Rev. I). Ward, Kev. ?. P. Phelps, and H. G. Fitshugh. On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at Temperanoe Hall on Tuesday next, at 7 o'clock p. m Harmony and good feeling prevailed in the Convention ?. P. Pbbli-s, President Jno JoHNsr,w, Secretary. [OOHHFKICATBD. Capivol Extbbsioh?Artirtieal Ar/jut?ttt0n to our )I*tropoh* ?There is now in our oity nnd in the employment of the coutractora of the Capitol eztenaion, a young gentleman by the name of William H. Hickey, scaroely twenty*Ave years of age, who is celebrated in New fork, Philadelphia and others of our large citiea, as being not only one of the best stone outters in the country, but aa being a genius of auperior and growing merit. From ' what I know of Mr. Hickcy myself, and frctu * information derived from others more quali- I fled to jqJge of his meri's, 1 would say that be , is destined to make his mark in the annals of fame, and the da; is not distant when he will ; favorably compare with a Greenough and a Powers in sculpture. A Naw Youkbb. Mb. Wisb's Spbbcb ?Those wishing to hear Mr. Wise apeak to-night in Alexandria will have an opportunity of ao doing by taking a trip in the steamer George Page, which leaves the foot ef Seventh street this evening at 6 o'clock. Pbasbvbbancb Firs Comi>abv ? At n meet* ing of this Company on Thursday night the following gentleman was duly elected officers for the ensuing year : A Hatih. president;] W. W. Grant, vioe president; John Y Donn, secretnry; Henry Janey, treasurer; John H. Thompson, eaptain engine; James Williams, captain hose. A Dosbb Fbibo.?Our friend Hamlin has just sent as adosen delightfully fried bivalves. Who will imitate his example? Don't all speak or send nt the same time. For the convenience of caterers, we will appoint a separate day for each. Who sends first* We pause for a reply. Ronsuav.? On Wednesday night la?t, Mr. Wm. Carr, who resides at the eorner of B and Niath street, was robbed of 9164, after he had retired to bed. We have not beard that aa effort baa been made by the victim to recover his money. WiTra Rbtcbbs ?Geo. Brown, out after hoars; floe and costs. Jas Minor, do. d". Geo. Harris, do. workhouse SO days. John Wheatly, profanity; fine and costs. ?S0R9KT0WB OOBBIIFOXDEIOB. City Cfuncih?TAvwu/s <V Co.Dissolving] Vttiot?Sugar Sal*, fye. I Gbobsbtowb, Feb. 9, 18&6. The following is the most important bulV I nese had under consideration by oar City Councils last night: | A message wai received by Coma:oa Coun cil from the clerk, oovering his report of the I condition of the Aaanoes of the Corp/r at ion at I the cicae of the year ISM The report was I read aod referred to the committee on finaaoe, I and ordered to he printed; and the communl cation ?nd vouchers of the clerk to the Board I of Aldermen Mr Cropley presented a communication from Hugh Haghea, complaining of bad treat* I ment towards him, by tne commissioners ap I I pointed to superintend the construction of tbe Causeway The communication was referred} to a special committee consisting of Messrs. I Cropley, Berry and Jones. A communication was alse received from the I Mayer in relation to the same matter, ooier-1 ing estimates, and report of work, cost, Ao., in its construction from Louis Carberry, Esq , I one of the commissioner*, and the then town surveyor; which was referred to thessme 00m mittee The bill from the Board of Aldermen mak ing an appropriation for the benefit of the lev v court, was taken up, when Mr English made some laughable revelations in relation to seme of the claims aet forth; the bill waa then put apen its passage and lost. Mr. English offered a resolution, wbieh was pasted, directing tbe reoorder to prepare a I memorial to be laid before Congress for thel repeal of the law of May 20,1826, in relation I to roads in Washington oounty. This should I be done as the law is most najust. We weald advise the numerous readers of tbe Star in Georgetown to be on band at For* I rest Hall this evening, to witness Thomas A Co.'s Dissolving Views. We have conversed with a number of persons who have seen them, all of whom speak of them in tbe highest terms. There will he plenty of pod musio on hand te eelivea the oeoasioa At the sugar sale by B 8. Wright, apea Ihe wharf ef Measrs F A A H. Dedge, yaMarday, ] 222 hbds , the entire oargc of the bng Fidelia, were aold at the following prices: JO hbds at 96 60; 78 do., |6 70; 06 do , $6 76; 29 do, $6.89; 10da,$686; 4do.,9690; 10 de ,96.96; 111 do, 90; 6 do, 98.06; aad 196 bbla. mo lasses. 28eJ0o The oompany was very and tho bidding throughout quite spirited. I Navigation upon our river aad canal having stopped, there ia nothing of WMMit being done io either flour or grab. The price of beth articlea remain fim and unchanged. . fc?FUCTATOH. BAuTIH^SX COHL&POVDSICK Tk* French Spoliation BUI?A Singular Affmir? Trial of tk* St*am Fir* Engirt*, if* . tfc. Baltiwokb, February J, 1866. There eontinuea to exist here, eepeoially tmonget thoae direotly intonated, consider able aniiaty regarding the Ultimate fate of the Fronoh Spoiliation bill. ttome art appre hensive that it will smother ifl the Senate, Others that President Pierce may ehoak it off ifoih hii mm to*. If thfcre be so teriom ob jaetiona to this groat lfieasure, t hope it may become a law, ao that juatiee may b? done to the many olaimanta. It ia a matter of long atanding, and ahould be pat at rest in aome taogible shape. A somewhat singular oiNumstftnde, altniler in importance and oharaoter to thoae whioh agitated the great Papal See at Rome, haa ro tently tracapired among us One of our prom inent phyaieiaril #at mysteriously called upon, aome eveninga ago, to render bu professional tervioes. The parent aeemed wholly ignorant of the oomplaint. .?soulapius pronounced it a decided case, which wae obatiuately contra dioted by the sulTerer. Such a thing eoald not poxeibly be?there we* no reaaon for it lime lingered alowly, tedioualy, until a new oreation appeared upon the atage of aotion. i he trial uf the new ateam Are-engine, which took place here yaaterday, waa, all things oonaidered, umatisuetory. Thia, how ever, may have been attributable to the ap pitratua being alightly oat of order. I find there ia quito a strong prejudice against it by a large portion of our firemen?more especial ly those of them known as the active runners, werkere, and enjpne-house lonngera. Thuy have apprehenaiona that the general adoption of ateam apparatus by the fire department Would takeaway 'Othello's oocupatian"?that j they would no longer be able to bate a grand jollifioaiion, or to kiok up an occasional glo rious row. So far, however, from this beirg an obj?otion, it would be a very powerful re commendation. Some of the ambitious oppo nents have proffered a public wager that with their hand-engines they can beat the ateemer. It does aeem to me that without a very abun dant supply of water, more than can usually be obtained, it oannot do very efficient ser vice; and in oaae of an accident, or derange ment of maohinery, there must be a suspen sion of hoatilitiea against the fiery element. I learn that Brants Mayer and Mr Peter ken, agenta of the McDonough estate, aresoen to depart for New Orleans and enter Bpon tbe duties of their oflae They purpose residing there during the winter and until the sickly season approaches, when they again return North to spend the summer. It ia aaid that Mayor Hinka has naarly or quite completed his eeleotion of appointees to office. Tbe sequel, or futare developments will show quite an unexpected list. The dis appointments are innumerable. 8ome who were "cock aure" are laid upon the table, and others puahed ole?r under it, to make their own way out as beat they oan. A regular atorm is brewing, more fully charged with im precations than the brooding cloud is with thunder. Weil may Ilia Honor ezolaim? "(> for * lodge in meie vae? wilderness, Soinr boundles* contiguity of shade r" Or, if he wishea to ohanga the aolilvquy? "O tliat tho ilcecrt were my dwelling place!.'" I observe that the venerable (were it not for Jones1 indellible hair dye) eontinuea to thunder anathemas upon the order of know nothings lie walks forth Qoliah of Oath, or 8ampaon of old. andalays them hip and thigh They fall befefe hiaa as forest trees at the hurrioane's bfast Annihilation is in his pen and extermination ef the whole tribe his ul timatum The bill of Senator Pearce, providing lor tbe purohaae of a aui table place for the Bal timore Post Office and United Statea Courta, is I a good ene Tha Movernment ahould own such buildlnca in all the large eities. The present Merchants' Exchange, as a large por tion of it is already owned oy the Govern ment for Custom House purposes, and where tbe Post Office is now kept, is amply suffi cient. All that need be dene is to purchase this property, whioh being contiguous to other publio buildings, would suit admirably If tbe proprietors will sell, no time should be lost in securing it. Tbe great Colvin will esse is still progress ing in our court. Strenuous efforts are being made to show that Miss C. was of unsound mind One circumstance I have heard whieh goes far to favor her mental equilibrium Two ladies onoe visited her, and asked a donation fer some charitable purpose She desired them to be seated, while they made known the object of their visit. She oooly replied, 411 have nothing to give you. I lave been called upon every day fer a month by Tagranta, for similar purposes. Tou can go." The ladiee left, impreaaed with the idea that ahe knew a little too mueh for them. Rooirice. rr~7* A Til l OH SEET riCTORA L.?For tbs rapM vara of Csnghs, Olds, Hoarsoa^ee, Bronchitis, W hooping Orn*h, Asthma and ConsamcUon, 1* universally known as tha beat rernedv ever yet discovered for every variety ef | Pulmonary dleease. So wide U lb* fleid of IU usefnlneea, anil ao numerous the oessa of Ha cures, that almoet every section ef the couutry aboauda tu persona publicly kiown, who have been restored front alarming and even desperate diseases of tha Ion** by Its Baa. When once tried ite ante riority over every other medicine of lie klad la too apparent to eecep* ..baervatlon, and where Its ?I rises are known, the public n-> I >nger hesitate what antidote to employ for the 11*t:e??>tr.* and dangerons affections of Uis pulmonary or gar.? which are Incident to ear cMmste. By Its timely ass, many, nay almost ell attacks of disease upon the Loup or throat, are ? rreeled and thai ere saved Many thousands ev ery y<-?r from s premstnre grave. He family ahottld be with out It, and those who do neglect to provide themselves with a remedy which wards e(T this dangarotia class of disease* will have cease to dsplors It whsn It is too IMS. Proofk of | M?e surprising efficery of the Cherry Pectoral need not be iflven to the American people?thay have living preofk In 'very neighborhood. Hat thoee who Wlah to read the state meuta of thoae whoee whole health has been restored and whose lives bars been aaTsd by Its use, will Snd them In my Anertcsn Almanac which the agenta below named ha* to ftrul'h gratis for every one. Prepared hy 1>B. J. C. aYBB, Lowell, Mau., ?And sold t>r Z. D. OILMaE, Washington. G M. UNTHICVM, Georgetown. JAB OOOIL A CO., KYe-lerlnkabarg, and by all Drngglata ! everywhere. dec 17 - mrjtn rr-y?-roK BKONCH1T1S, Throat DI leasee. Hacking Coagh, and the elTacta oMaipradaat-.aa of Msrcary, no mad Idne baa ever been disoovered whieh haa effected sack car's ss Carter's Hpantsh Mlstars. Tii roe t dlssaaaa prod need by sellvatlow. Hacking Oough, Bronchial Affectlous, Ltvsr Dlseass Kenralgis, and Bhan matiim, have ali been relieved and eared Ln a wcudarfui manner, by the great purifier of the blood, Oarter'a Spanlah ?lite re. The oase af Mr. T. H. Bemsey alona sboald satisfy any who deabt. Call on tha Ageut and procure a pamphlet, eon talnlng carea, which will astound yen. ?a*Hee adtertlseusnt. aw Awm ruaiva.-Br. WHiTBHUBHTieaftaaa awarded anoU^erpramlom tor hla aaearlor Oaguarraotypas, I exhibited at Ike WorWs Fair, Haw Terfc. It will he raetam v>erad that ? y. W. received from tha World'a Fair, London, two Medals lar hla aarlvaUad dagaerreotypaa of Praaldani nilaore aod Oahlnet, and Pantlacoeea of Hlagara Palls, k ?Idea prwlsKa et all tha Hlri at which ha has exhibited f naiy years peat. Thla speaks volaaaaa la favor of hla galla- I rtea. Call and have yoar llkeaeesaa taken at Wlilteharst's Oal1g( ' ry, near Poar aud-a-half street, Pennsylvania avenaa. eap 1??tf f>?BBAOT MADS CLOTHING POB OB.VTLBk'BN AED Touths' wear manafhetnrad with tasteaad elegauoa by HOAH WALEBB * ander Browne' Hotal. Their stvek embrace the Palltot er Surtonl Overcoat, Overaaoks, shaped and oeslagee ; Telmaa, black and blaa Cloth Ureas Ceata, Proek Coats of all flaahtoaeble colore, Oaaataer, Uuslasas Suites, \ielt Velvet Ynata, rtUks, Ac., black doaakln Oasslmer, figure*! Ceaaimer, and plain Casetmsr Paataloaaa. Por the youth -Jackets, Pan la, Testa, Ovarcoata, Sc. Aa they are their own mannfhrtarers tbsy are enabled and will aall at the very loweet prloee. Hhlrta of superior at, Collars, Glove*. Tlse, Ac., of late styles always on hand. dec tf avjea SatLLiaaroa raeatvaa all tbe new Book* andMawa paper* as fast as pahllshed. He Is ageut for Harper's and all the other Magaalnaa, and otir reader* win alwaya Bod a large aad good aseorw.eot of Blank Boaka and Stationery hla Bookstore, Odaon Baildiug, dot Pa. arena* aad Afe at. fWATCHES?Hem tiers of Osngress and others ya waut of a Brst rate timekeeper woulJ do wall to aaka a selection ak^nce that their quality may be thoruughly teat, ed befrire leaving the rlty. B. W. UALT A BBO'B aaaort tnaat was never oowpUte as at preeaat, embracing every description, all warrante-1. and at prloea certainly as low as similar articles cau be nnrchaaad tof In any city In thla cuotry. B. W. GALT A UBO., jau S? -dtr P?. aeanaa between ?**? and Mth s?a IMPORTANT TO LADIES. MH9. UU&CK1KT, ol New York will remain a C?w daya at Miaa Morle/'a, 30# Pa. avenue, north aide, near 10th atreel, for the purpoae ol teacliing Mr- a. T. Taylor'* great improvement for cutting mod making lartie*' dreaeea. I.n4ie* are r ap?*ctnilly iuvited t"> give her a call, and if diaf^d lake take a lining with job an-^ have tlie inatifr dfinon irete.i t?? your own wtlfta^lion. VU. 1K4CKNEY, ^ 40T Broadway. N. Y. GV A V A JKLLYj from tbe factor)' ot Conta kTrt., flavan*. and 1 la. koxca For sale by 8UEKEI.L BBOTHEKH, So. 40| epposiu tbe Cenue Aloiket. teb 1?3t Tot gald and F+ftt. For rent or sale.?hie beautiful ?evidence of Col. Robe ts, U 8. A., M G?orge town Heights Furnished or untarnished. Fnarte ?ion given immediately. Apply for terms at this of flce. Jan 31?lw_ Ij'OR SALE.?THE GOOD WILL AMD FIX lure# of the tiTfrn and boarding house, known a* the u Washington and Raltimor* House," ?its ated on First street and nrar the Railroad Depot, it wHi He sold in pert,the purchaser havtog the p'ivil 'f of tAkiftf 4 portion if he wlsfcee To any one with a rnnall capital it is a good Hand for business. For particulars enquire on the premise*. Ja.i 31?lw* STORAGE.?'Tboee ha Ting Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, lie., to He stored, will And ample ae commods linns In the large, nlry, fine aione puvud. And thy Basymeni* under the Snw odice. corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. jan 31?tf T70R RENT?FOR ONE YEAR OR A TBRM F rf j ars. the we.'l situated,, commodious, well- i ffntithed, and coiirotiienl dwelling House, over the | Music Huire of Hilton* A Hltx. al ibe corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street. It contains seventeen rooms without the baaetnett, in which the kitchen is situated. litis is a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a Huge house en P.v avenue,orfor a per son desiring 'he best location in W nshington fur a large and well kept hoitrdiug house. Po?aes*iou given immediately. Apply at this office. Jan 19?if ^ FOR RENT?Possesion givim immediately, a! three story brick House and Store, No. 161 Bridge street, near the Market Hou*e, contniiur.g 10 L rooms and kitchon. u perfertie dry cellar, capable of I holding 90 cords or wood. This is a first rate Mtunrf I for business, particularly as the Falls Brldg- (* now in (tassable older. To n good tenant the rent wil' be reasonable. Apply to T. O. DONNOOIIUK. Also, a eery convenient Dwelling, containing flvr noma, kitchen and cellar, lately Amsbod, situated on Lingan street, near Hick'a Cottage. oue ->f the most he?lt!iv and pleasent situations in Georgetown,j Apply as abote. T. O. D. jan 94?9w* * ; ? HOMES FOR ALL. - Beautifully and healtlrily ioeated Building I "U, 94 feet front by 190 feet deep, on graded streets, an, until spring, be bough: at the exceeding low ,>rice of $73, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows" Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wonts. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN to nurse one child and wash for a small family. Inquire at No. Hlj G street. feb 3?St* WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WHO CAN come well recommended. German woman preferred. Apdly at 483 Thirteenth ?tr? et. feb 3?It* WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP IX dustrioua, sober and steady habit*, a situation in a grocery store, willing to devote all of hi? time and talent* to hia business. Good references given if required. Applv to "M II J," through Ciiy Post Offi e. fe.b 9?9t* MO EY TO LEND.?9400 TO 9300 AT 3J to 90 days or longer. Address through City Post Office (post paid) until Sth, giving full darticuiars of effer, " Ticonderoga." feb 9 _3t* _ \1TANTED?BY A YOUNG AND HEALTHY fj Scotch Woman, a Situa'ion in n p-ivate fam ily as wet nurse, she :b a very good Shin maker. Inquire at No. 3ft 3 Twelfth street went. feb 1?3t* W ANTED?A CLERK IN A DKUG HTOlE, I One wiio has somo knowledge of the bust nesa is required. Address "Druggist," Washington D. C. jan 97 Boarding. BOARDMO.-A lady having taken tlis band some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on I street, between ttth and 7th, can offer fine large rooms for families, either furnished or uiilurnnbed. Alan, has , rooms for gentlemen much larger than are generally | appropriated to' single persons. Table hoarder* and permanent or transient per* sons will he accommodated on the moot reasonable terms. jan 99?lw* SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castors, Cult* and Fruft Basket*, Waiters on white metal, Table, Des sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and triple plated on Albnta, the best mbsutute fbr kilver, war ranted and eold by II. SEMREV No. 330 Pa. avenue between 0th and 10;a sts. Jan 19 (IB. A Fl BKRAT RAVOB, domestic pre J pared. Foraale by PHERELL BROTHERS, No. 40, opposite the Centre Market. frb 1?3t PIPPIE CURED PA.eiILT HANI Ala-?, the Lewis sugar-cnred Hams for sale by SHEKELL BROHHER*, No. 40, opposite the Centre Market. feb 1 ?3t riSVLTJTIOirOf C^-PAmTF^ESHIFr THR oo-psrtnerahip heretofore existing between the undersigned, is Ibis day dissolved by minus) consent. Chailes Haskins, who will eoniinue the business, is anthnriaed to settle the accounts and at trnd to ihs unfinished business of the late firm. J. H. ADAMS, Ja. feb 1 ?eo3t CHABLB8 HASKINS. CH ARLBI II ASK IK S, Architect. (Pa. orenus, better** Tenth and Eleventh street,) WAantneToa, p c. WILL continue to furnish Plana, detail working Drawings, and specifications of building* of every description,and also to superintend their ereo tion. feb I-d(f MV COURTSHIP fc ITS CONSEQUENCES, by Wikofl". Price f l 36, Slavery in a New Light and its Grand Resulta, by a Citicen of Georgetown. Price 19^ c?s. A Night in Buenos Avrea, a new drama in five acta, | by a Citicen of Georgetown. Price 12}f cW. The Scout, by W. Gilotore Simnu ; fl .9S Ida May; f I 45 Putnani's Magazine for February; 95 centa Ballon'* New Monthly for February: 10 cu Godev's Ladies Rook for February^Bbeta. For sale by R. WPtUNDY, Ne. 198 Bridge street, Geoif et^wu. jan 95?tf KUBIC F0K BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. L. F. W. WEBER RB8PK0TrDLLY INFORMS HID FBI IN Ob i?d | former patran%that he oontinuea to attend BALLS, PARTIIta, In, with bis w*U or??ni>? BAND of acientifte Muaieiaaa. lie ^?U1 Introduce all tha new and faahlonabl? Music An accomplishPlenM fornlahad if d??sir?d. 4V Ordsrs loft nt Enlbus A Uiti' M o. to Depot, Gautisr'a, or MilUr's Oonfaotkmory Ptorsa, or at my raaidenoe, boot dsn ILmJersoa's, Navy Yard, will Blest with prompt at ton t: on. nor 98?2m RICH JEWELRY. JUST received the laie?t styles of Diam nd, Pearl Momic, Lava, anu Caineo Bracelets, Broochea, and Kar-ings in ?eu. Diauioud, Ruby, Emerald, Signet and pore Gold Wedding Rings. Gold ami Pearl Necklaces, Lockets, Thimbles, | Pencila, fee. , Precious Stonea aet in the most elegant magner. and Jewelry Work of whatever description executed in the highest style of the art. M. W. GALT A BRO., 394 Pa av., bet. 9?h and 10th sts. jan 27??t (Int,Union,New*ot) BAVKIEQ HOUSE OF FAIB0 4 H0UK8E. OypwiU United States TVeesMry. BONDS, Stocks and Other aecurittee purchased ?and sold. Interest al the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when l?ft for 30 days or longer. Jan 94?6m PIANOS FOR SALS OR RENT. NkW and aaeo-4hand PIANOS, of my ewa and several other fkctoriae, are always is^gm be had at my Piano Ware room, on Elev-^^^Vn ?nth et, between Pa. avenue and E ft. 91d Pianos taken in axehAaga. Tuning also attended to. ?. 0. RBIOHINBAOH P. A few very low pr oed aeoond-hand Pianos I rem (tt for sale. dec 1?Am THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR THE CURRENT YKJIR. THE list is now open, and every subscriber oi ?5 50 will be eot tied to? I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T. Willtaor*, A. R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Cba lun, R. A., " A Wgter Party." Tl. A Vwlume containing thirty Wood Engraving* illustrsting subjects from Lord Byron's Poem of ?? ChHde Haroide." And HI. The chance of obtaining one ef the prise* to he allotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? The right to select for himself a valuable work ot art from one of the public exhibitions. Statuttrs m broaxn of ber Majesty oii Horseback, Hy T. Thor neyefol*. Copies in brorce, from an original Model in relief by R Jeffsr^on, of ?* The RbWy of the Duke of Wellington into Madrid Statuttee in poreelain or parian. Proof ImnresaUwe of a large Lithograph, byT. H. Maguire, after the original picture by W. P. Frith, R. A., ?* The Three ?< wa,?* from Mo liere's 44 II mrgeois Oi utilln>muie." Honorary t?acretariea for Waahington, Metar?. TAYLOR 4 MAURY, Bookseller*. jan 94 Auction ealM ?T 1 TfrHt ?Mil T?XT?1fSrVB'AND BA4.B OF hi Dry Ooo4i.?On MONDAY a*?f, ?Vf #Qi of retro*ry, at 10 oVioek a. m., 110 be e ttriad from A*j to day uattl closed out,) I ?hall ?*Tj. with oat rAMi*r0i Bt <b* M?r* of M. L. WilUaaa*, %? 190 Bridge ?re#, ^ ?????? *tock af fresh D<f <?**?, consisting of? Super aud Ana Cloths, all cotora 8up?r Meriau and Silk Veatiofi^^ CiMimNti, l'iwn>lii Tweed*, Drillings Collenadee, Duck*, lw Super White and colored flaanets Heavy Woollen Good* fo? eetvaau Drew Good* in Silks, Merino*, D* L^laaa. kip9cm, Poplins, Ginghams, Priam, he. Plaid and striped Cottoae, Ticking* Check*, Brown aad Bleached Cotloaa 0*nabura*. Burlap*. daprr Irish Lin^oe Diaper*, Napkins, Blankets aad Baiae* Sapor Linen, Silk aad Cottoa Hdkfc, Carpcb.i^ Silk, Woollen aad Cotton Hosiery Glove* and Saspender* A larg* vaiieiv of Shawl*. Embroideries Laces, Inserting*, Lawn*, Mastiss Rich andpiain Bonnet Ribbons Sewing fOlks, Spoof Cotfons, Thread* Kuwons, Tapes, Pia*, Nerd**** Latenci s for the ToiJat, Comb*, Br ?*!)<??, ke. Farming Ugetlier the utaal d<-*irnblt iV>cl of Goods ever offered at Anctiou. Terma: All anma of and Under |Si cast , **W fMft an I n:der a credit of JO day a ; ovei f/ nd u-.der CO data; over f75 and and? t $FIV 90 d?y*; and over J|1W a eredit at foar monies JlTr ap proved endomed note*, hetrtag interest. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, jnn 30 -td A uo??6*-ear BOYS' CLOTHING. I \JLT ALL k STKFHRNS, Wholesale ar3 R-Jail ?f Clothing an* lurTtnlrtng Merchant*, Pa. ?ve nae, next 4am to Iron Hall, hare *a hard tfr.e of | the largest nnd most varied a.aortmeara of REM>Y-MADE BOYS' CLOTH 15T* in the country, which is made up in every st&le. and , calculated >?* amt all tastes. Their Goods a^e tt??e ' of the best materials and by the b*at work* a*s a' *1 will be disposed of at rate* , hat cannot fnH ta | lOue.! Tha publio ifrm reap. ctlully iavitei to cj?T1 and *? cmiue the stuck. f?t- 9 if Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA. WAtRlhQTOS, CITY, AAD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P ACKETS HIS LINK or PACKETS BAILS W?X7Xy| . from pier 14 East River, New York, and eft n^r if uect^sary. and ar* composed of the fellow teg Jr?t class vessels: flew achr. A. V. Bede", Iledell, marter. New achr. Mott Brdell, A. V. T red wen. Rehr. Ann Dffm. Oliver, maater. Pch'. T'rUant, L. A. Smith, niasfer. Schr. CommanAer-in-Citef, Wog!*ii?, matte* bchr. Grmivati, Wilson, maater. These venue I* are all lant aailers, gnd ti?? av.*t?rt | men of experience in the trade, an* the cr.ty -fu !tr IJne of Wa?hinfton Citv packet*. MOTT Bte Hi.L, Wall ?ret- N. IT. S. S. MASTERS k SONS. Ale?ae<ir:?. /a. THOM ^8 RTLKY, fett 1?6?n ft ashmgton nd t Q. HA HP ICR'S MAOAZ1NB ft* F_b-a"s^, for sale at HHILLINGTON'S Pork?tort?. Avillion. by the author of The Ogilv.e* ?'r>d Aga tha'* ilusLand Tom Crosby and hia Friends, by the author a?f flan dy Andy Braitbwaite'a R?trrvpex-t, p?rt 30, and f>H January Gratana's Ma<azin< and Godey'a L-d\ > Berk for February D? Row's Rmew for Jnn'iary and Febrati* Ruth flail, Wikofl"? Coorti-hip News Boy, Lamplighter Wide Wide World. Fu'ir*' Doings Heartsease, Heir of Redcliffs All the new book* published received in.a.%-n*te: ly afterwards and for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S B.?okstvef O?leon Ritildin*, corner 4^ st. nnd Pv av*. From whiah place he w:ll *npply all ctaer* for ! any book published in advance of all oihet:.. a p<itr Usher's priccs. (et I Rt BDTTRR, CHBRBB. CODFlPn he. I 67 keps superior Go?hen Butter 110 boxes do do Cheese 3,000 lbs Codfish 80 boxes bdnch and laj'cr Raisin* 5 cases Canton Ginaer 1,900 lbs *oft shell Ahn Ada ?00 do Palm Nuts 800 do Pecan Xuu 55 baaheis Groand Nut* 100 doeen Babbit'a Yean Powder 10 boxea Soap Towder 50 baga old Java Coffee 60 packages fre?b Tea Jgat received from New York hj Crom* *Jr* L1n* and fbr aale by MCRRAT k SBMVK. feb l-3t - 'j'HE QJ'BEN'S Regnlatlor* and Org* r' fly the 1 Army complete to 1^54, 3 vwl*, Lou ' Code Ns^ol^on, literally translated 1 ?? *, !. ?.-d *i Fairholt's Dicuonary of Terms of Art, I to'., ban don,1854 The Microscope, its Hlctory, *onstrncti<">. ? ap Cication, by J. Foag. 1 vol, 300 tn^*v>'??*, ondon,1854 Hnghes I atin* of Judge Advocate* 1 vol The Steaai Engine, fhr practical men, by Tern and Gener, I vol, Loudon 1854 The Steam Engine, its history and mscitan rr S Robert Seott Burn, 1 vol, London, Ifes*^ Richard*' ropolaiion and (npital, 1 to. 1844 F*ANCtf tATI OB. jan 90 Gold, silver, steel k plate:. s*bc TACLBS to suit every age and eie, Riding Specs, R R. Glaxiw, EyeJ Protccto's, Eye nia^ewa of all descrip tiona, Reading Glass**, Goggle* ; he., Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, aM Cc^ored Glaiwes pHt ia frame* at the ahorfrt aotwv. Persona in want of gtaase* may be anrf ft g*-i those which benefit the eya at H. PRMKWN 8. No. SSO Pa. avenu*, betw. 9th and iOt. via. Jan 90 CCONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ) The Geograpical and Commercial Garwrt? monthly punlication d?voted to pbynoai,ecnt mercial, and p-ditical Geography, Mfited by an uxaocumon ot'practical aad Scienrttte g? tlemen. Subrcnptien f9 pei sh jU nnmbar 25 "*n?. Distnrnetl'a Rhilway Guide for Jaanary? 9S eenta, with map Jan 13 PRANOt TAY1X)?. SILVERWARE. AVERT pretty saaonaacnt of Silver CofT** ??!*, | Pitcher*, Goblets, Cap-, ''reams, and ul! ki: da , of Spoona and Forka, and a variaty of F?wn River ware, suitable for pre*ent*. via: Soup an 1 Ladle*, Crumb Scrapers, fi*h, pi* and eake Kvii?^ I Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is offered at l< c. )*? ees, and warranted sterling. H. SBM KIEV, No. 229 Pa. aveaae. bo*. 9th and Tbth s^. Jaa 19 WATCHES! WATCHES! IF YOU w?*h a warranted timekeeper, at a reasonable price, you are invited to calli aud examine my selected stock' of line English and Geneva Watche* for la<fh>s *nd genu. H. SEMKEN. No. S30 Pa. av., between 9;h and lOiH tj-. Jon 18?eotMar4 * LAW PARTNKRSUIP. SrPREME' OUBT OFTBE UNITBO STATfiS. ROBERT J. WALKRR aad LOUIS HX1N have formed a e partnership under the name of "Walker and Jaaia," for the argument of in the Supreme f'ouixi>f the United Stales, at Wu^h ington city, wbe.e both will attead tkroag*intlt riie Aiiurc aession* of that court. They niajr be addresaed at Washington, N York, or New Orleans. jaa 19??-o3o:* MUTUAL SIBX IVIUKAVCK OOKPAST, OF THE DISTFICT Or COLUMBIA, CKarirred by Congress, OFFERS to the citiseas of the Diatriot tee safaot aad cheapest mcaaa of iaaaranc* atati -t loaa by fire on all descriptiona of pro pert r, .-?> i*av be aeen by an examinaiioa of the charter aad by-fcw*. Application* for insurance can be made m un daraigaed or at th? ofte* of John Vaa Ri^wiek. 7th, street and Washington Canal, where c*pt*<< ot' die chartcr and by laws mav be pro- nred. ULY&SES WARD, Pres dent. Managert?Thomas Biagdea, Ulysaea W?rd, Dr. F. Howard, J C. McKelden, John Var. tiinick, P. W. Browning aad M.G. Emery. jan 31?eolm ? GLENWOOD OKMETERY. THE Rules and Rrgulattoa*. and the act a^ in oar pcration ot the C*? nwoudOmeiery hae* beei published in a neat pajapMei form. Aay on" vieh ing a copf-cM receive it at the aAee o? the C tpry or m th* Coaater of the iaa? o*e?> jan 6~lM I FOREIGN OPPITt LBTT, TBriuhTcor reeled to August 1HM, th?* day r?aaKf*i ro Loadon. FBANCK TAYlOi. Jaa 15 TELEGRAPHIC tor HUf Irulw I tat in Cucm4, f eb t ?The - sotber here ia u oomiToly cold All the rat oada are open ?* (?pi the Cklei(? m4 MoMfpl. A email portion of tbo Contra I road boa do* boon hoard *? n? v b CnniUr m, Fob 99?The U B. Falooc, from Ilivui, arrived boro to day. Bbo *m bo?d for Now York, tat being ?bort of oofti, vm oompelled to pat into tbta poet for aoppliaa. 7fan in Boa ton Boptom, Fob I ?Tbo farni'ure factory oJ Jo*oph L Rom war d?mogad *7 Ira tbla mora log Tbo loaa ia autod ni S13>W), wuh an La aoranoo of 94,009 open it. Baltimore Markets fiALTiitonn, Feb 9 ?Tbo market ccntinno* dull. Tb're boa boon no cbnnfo ia 0eor. and hoiJera nro 9raa at prortowe ratoa. If hoot ia unchanged, with aaleeof 1,190 btubcla Oorn? Silea of 6 0W baeaela at a aiifbt advance on ytaterdoy'a ratoa; yellow at S&aOOo Ryo? galea of Penneylvania at $1 19 por baahel. Vow York Now York. Fob 9 ? Cotk.o firm and np ward. iloar ia apnard aod firm; aa'ea of 9,900 bbla. good Obio at lb 79a9 lb| boatb nrn ia atoadj; taloa of 1,200 bbla. Wboat ia npward?rod, |1 lit; white, 93 20 Cora ia ap vard ar>d firm ; white and yellow at 00? Pork ia downward and doll. Boof ia dall, with a declining tendency. Lard ia onebaafed with a limited buaineea at prertona rnbea Whiafcy ?Obio Iti The fin* on Booth, the tlaro Roomer. WAani50To?, fob. 2?The Antl Kebraaka tnombora of Coogreaa eontribate liberally to ward* the payment of tbo ftae of $1*00 in* pieed oo 8. M Booth, in tbo Uaitad Ktaiaa Ciroait Coart at Milwaukee. for aiding ia tho re>oue of a fagitive ilave from tho ofliaera. Tbo Steamer Union Now York. Feb. 9?Tbo Paria oorreapon deot of the Comaereial Adrertioer aoya that the Union aailed frcm Herre with her bold and oabina fts.Il of freight acd only a email oamber of aeoood el awe pomoogera. Daring her atav at Hatr# efnta ware made to eel 1 her to tbo freneh goTcrroteat or the new Franco 8peaiab Tram Atlaatif Company, but aha waa too atuall fur either SOriCS OF'COPARTNERSHIP. WASHING TOR HALL RRtTAUF ART, Oornei P^ruityironta awn* ami 6ik at., ?vth A. S~\ PETBR M DCBANT, vi tar'-r iMtf tO any (O bie lr|eoda aad former eo?tom era thai be baa diapoaed of, bin ent?re iniTim in b*e late a?taMiahaieiit. nuder ihf tit- Cbarlea Hotel, aad to inform thrm that tie will hereafter l>? mand a* ih? abnva named Ke? La'Ukht, which will be co?dnr:?j andrr ihe joint management el HKNTER k. Pl'RANT. The tine tag u> twarr their fheoda aud the puh Uc generally that an exrru<?n? wilt be *pared by Uieia f? deaerva a continuance ot U>e favnr nat pe trwnage tbey have brretnfr?re reeeived. anU tt<at tbrir eetaUiabmen', for erder, el^aaltnwa, aatf at Walton to U?e wan'p of ibeti Timori, al?a!l be aamti >1 in ibte or an? oth?r city. Their Larder will alwajra ba iiwifd with tbe moat rhotoe Vl inda, Unx-ine*, and Deiicacira that lii? market can aflord ; aad tb?ir Bar w?ti ?ixiied with berrraf** of the moat fbTOriia km-1a aod bawl qialitiew, u?ga*h?*r witb a chrica lot ot tifara of aa p> ti t bramia. WILLIAM r. BENTER, jap 31? rETEK it. 1>L'B \NT. Tt? LET?Tho larwc and coioaaodimia ill.oe-atory Bnck OwHIiif. No. kt? 9 etr^e?. between Id and 30 atreeta. E?r aenaa eaqmre of K ft flMITH, Af??t of Adama' Kipnw Co.. Pa aeeaae, betwaea Qd and 3d aweera. ' jan 6?eolai | WW1 WORTH COOPS 5ELUKC *T PRTME CO?T?Tha Hihacnbar baeinf t>o band a inneh larfar antmn; of goofa than ia mual at tbia a^aara. wtl r.ffrr hta anrtre arork at prime coat frr caafe only, wiib-iut tba t?a<w veH?a ot'a v.B|1e aracla, ob ita SNi , in*ant, and coetinmra a^til tbe Wth rahruary Tbe atosk wtM b? r*r? eon?p!ete. having !>een (urcbaa^t moatlr ^r caab at t^a laia perarrp u?ryeai*a in Pliilad?lpKta aad New Yo*k. a .d offera ram mri'i cement a to caab kn*er?. R. tV CARTER. Ue?w 7tk and frb aaa.5 ?p^. Centre MatkK job iM?eO'iw iiy lukr iTcottor ooodr Jl'ifr mrdved and will be aotd at fbn low prtcea f<>r cam.; or to ur moat prompt cwatomera. \\r name ia the lot M |dec<? 6 A ? 4. 10 4, 12 4 Mcadied and brown abeatinf < -ottona, ell of tbe tmat hranda l.Vl di atiparior We obrd and brown t*htruo( I oti^iie ftoai 6% to 18 ceata per yard 75 do all pure 8bt> ling LliKna. ranging lium 31< to jy 1 per yard, which He know to I v?ry cbean 10 do dn? Liaen Sbco*inp> and 1'iUow caaa lin en A larg* varinii ofTaNe Pmpcii, Cf-icb?d A brown Tahi? Clotlia iAoiaak NapLma, II4rkul??c aud many uth*r Tow eiliogf, ti'-otcb aud Kue?ia Diapent. Clotb, Llneu aod cotton 1'abie Cover* WKb many otb?r Joairahlc UooOa which we da ?ire putotoajuY* u> examine t>efv>ra makiog then ac loctioaa. Obearra that all ar<iH?a aold at o?u ??tab lUhmant are warranted to prove aa rrpr?<?oi t?-.l. fcOLLEY A 8I.AHH. No. 599 Bevetitb at, 3 door* aUu>e Jjap O ? e<&rr Avvuu? liwi^. GREM BARGAINS^ WISHING t? reduce my atock ef Ili?>ta and tiboea in ord? r tu mrke room fur -pnng aup pUea, I aball commattee thi? day to e<-ll off my heavy Uoodi at graaUy reduc?d pneea. All in want ef a superior qnality of 8h<j?a at vary low yricea, can Li nd tbem at f>. K WalCa Beoc, fiboe, and Trunk Btora, No. 94 Market Bjr ?a, be tweoa 7ib and 8l)i atreeta. O. K. WALL. fel? 1?ewOw BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. T] EALTUY AND A tiWKKT BKSATH. If AM who are d?aireue of obtain :iif ih?e bene fa, a Mid <i*e ZKRM AN'ti Clfl.HbBAT TOOTM-n Adll. Tina dalictoue arucie cowUne* ai) m-iuy nuriu?rK>we quaUtiea, thai it Uaa sow bc Oimj e auudard fbrente witb tbe atticnaa af New r rk Pbitedalptiia ead BaiUmora. Ueauata pre aerlbe it ia tbeir practice tuoat a?? leeafliily, and Croui ?v*ry aonrce the uioat Raitenag InadaaoaM are i^a InflaaMd and Weeding gniaa ore iiawiediataly b?<n eflltrd by iu ue.; ita aetion ap??n ??*??> m aihd, aootbhig aad effecuea- It ei>aaaaa me leeWi ao Uaaroagwy, that ibey era ma4? a neal paan a wblteneaa. and diffuaea Uwaugb ibe aienHi eueb a dailghtfal freshneaa, tbat iba braaib m reaO^od ei qulHtely eweei. It diwefeala ait Ibeee ?pana?e whlcb taad to produce decay aad aa a coaae^uen^, wbMi lb?e are reatorad, tbe teeth mnat alwaya re msln aonad It ia naed and recontaiended by all tbe mitaeat Depdaia ia Naw York, TbiJadetpbia, Raluame, and otbar ciuea whara it baa ba a introdnc?4. All ah^aid give it e tnaJ- _ P r roared an I y kf FRANtTIB ZRRMAN, t)ramt*t &od Cbeanat, Niutb and Catbahne atreeta, PitHa dutpbla, aad aold be all DraaAeaa eearTWbere, at 36 aaata pmt batUa. W. M. U1LLM AN, jaa 17?3m Agaat kr Waebinftoa Cay. NOTICE. TO ALL WH0V IT KAY CORCRRW. ill AVE tbia day raeaiead aad opened e great ran ety of CL#ckti, WATCHES, aad JBiVELRY. ad Ctocka fro* f 1 30 ae fib, aB warranted oae jrnt. A tea, aotd end aileer W ate baa in great va riatr, ail err W alrbee frwta ft ia fB6 i ft** lemr VTatcbee Craaa IB. aad a grmmi aeaortaieat af jewwlry,altar wbicb witl be aotd abeaper thaa fnoda of aeiaa ^aaUty eaa be boegbt ia tbta wty Tbeae wiabing to get goad Oacka woaid do weR to ^ijjfraa ate, aa I pet ait ay Ctoeka in ai aer '?""?;ussaa5vv"c* . ? J4B appoaite Browne' Hotel. Jpa IMa ffH* AMERICAN ?PORTBWAW; I huita to ap*rt??ea. aotea ?a aporWag, and me habit a of tfc' r*me bird* and wUd fowl pf tmmra ; u^n!k!jl* Witb name/ Mi* Wlua ^Krteilont TA\XO? k HAT7RY 8 ? Btfiat. TlOWARn* (I. B. BITRCME COC9T RB JUL porta, vol M, jaet reeeteed b? J?n > PRAJVCR TAYLOR.

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