Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. A CAT*00*ICAL COURTSHIP I mt one night ??r*iHe a hi? dyed g?l? The rtrr w>< oat. and ?n, a??, wa? her mother ; A IfN'1 flimr around the lamp <11*1 CW), Making taint <k?l?ir?, b ei.ding ii ? acb other ; Twm near twelve n'rlack, two, in November, Hlit: had a nhinr] on alw, I remember. Well, 1 had b-en to nee her every night For thirteen <iat*. and had a snaaking notion To pop th<- iiu?otion, thinking a'i wm right. Ami one - <it Twlee had made an awkward motion To take li?-r .aand, and dtammered, couched and ?tuttcred. Bat. Komrh. w, rv thing to the point had uttered. I thought this .-l.ancv. too good aow to be I >*t; I hiu hfd my cha r up pretty ?-|o?e be?id> her, Drew a l?*ng hr> >th, and (ben my legs I cros^'d, B?>nt oter, ir.<1 or fire mi utes eyed her; She looked a-> if *itn kpew what next wan coining, And witli her foot up n the floor wm drumming. I didn't know h<rw to hrgiii or where? 1 ci-uMn'i up. sk . tiir ivoriU were always choking. I scarce could ni'>v.? I ?eenied tied to the cWar, I hardly breathed 'iwm awfully provoking ! The perspiration trota each brow wad oozing, ?My heart and hraia* and limb? their power seemed looking. - l At length T saw a briadle tabby eat Walk pamng up, inviting me to pat her; An idea c<?me, electr c like an that? .My doubts. Iik?- summer cloada bepin to scatt r; I *eixed on tabby . though a scrach she gave or:; 1 And sai.'?" t ome, t'u*s, ask .Mary il" ?he'll hav.* me." Twm dooe at onc??the murder wan now out, Th?' th ng wa? ill explained In half a minut ?, ^>"be Mushed, and turned pu**y cat about, Said *? Poesy, tell him yes," her foot was in It! The i at had thus saved me my category. And h? re's the catastrophe of my story. A Msndigah? Lending Fiyb Hcntrrd Dollars.? the following vras related to us yesterday by a business friend, ana may be relied upon as a literal fact. A well-known gentleman doing business and residing in the upper part of the city, had occasion a few days since to make a loan of 6500, and applied to one of his friends tor assistance. His friend happening hi that moment to be "short,' was unable to accommodate him, but of fered to accompany him to the house ol a worthy G- rman in this city, where ht had no doubt the desired object could b. effected. The two accordingly proceeded to th< hou^e of "Myuheer,' when our frient stated hrs object, and having ssiisfiet the German in regard to "usance," ae curity, &c., a weil-illled stocking wa: brought out,, and the $500 forthwith counted down and placed in his hands occompanud by the remark, 4 I lend yot fire hundret t? 'liars more if you waut em." This generous offer was declined the transaction was closed, and as oui friend turned to leave, the door opened and in tropped the three or four ragget children of the money-lender, with ba> kets on their arms, whom the borrowei at once recogaised a "regular custo mer at his house, and who had just thai moment rtturied Irom hi3 larder wit! their customary supply of cold victual: fjT the boarders.?BujfoLo Republic H^The most original spelling that w< have ever seen is the following. It beats phonetics80 you be?A tub: 80 oh pea?A top ; Be *0? Bat; See 80 -Cat Pea 80?Pat; See O double vou?Cow See you be?Cub ; See a bee?Cab ; Bt you double tea?Butt; Be a double ell ? Ball. Significant Motto.?The San Diegr llerald thus hits: " The motto at th* head of the Council Bluffs Bugle is Terms three dollars, truth though crush ed shall rise again, if in advance." movements of ocean steamers Same. Ltun. F>*r Days. Atlantic Liverpool.. .New York...Jai? 2" New Vork Havre P.h. H Africa lf<?t ii LiVTpool.f* b. 1 AtnaMc . ,.\?w Yurk...Liverpool..Feb. 9 fit) Mvn-hen'tn. .'.>v>rpi?l ..Philadelphia Frh I Havre *,-w T<wk...Feb. 1< QSjh The Califveli Me<uuers leave New York or tiie 5th and 9trh of each manUi. ARRIVALS AT principal IIOTELS, H iil*t>>?' ?**j a A k J o. R1LUM A P HaRia, Ti l B V Smith, N T C P Magmrv. t)j c F Siauh, do J B Dmlort!: Mm Bnytiia. do J K t'nrti* S Hoy ton, do Mr Mercer, Pa Col H B Morsell k. lady, Mrs M' reef, d-? Pn L Lang, X Y Mr Schott, do K Redmond, do A J Phelps J A Duncan D* I !i Chtftlin R ladv, Va J f> Mni<'? Tenn |? fi Prig.*, \\ J I' l^yer. Pa A K llouwlna'tng W W Stone, NY L l?r.-ger, M.l l>riac? I, Ma?? A S ?-niui:er, jr, do R A Swam, do |>i Hi2gm,, (;a I. B Coiiiu s, do || y Baehua, Mich E K.jj;. ra, Pa Gen A Ward F Bogera,do j v Ca penter, NY Mi-s Rogers, do D H C..oper, CN Miss O lpliia, do V Lambdia T It Carru't, La ? ?tloa*J Uoul?S. D. WtLI nr. Z t Holme*. La F M Burton & ladv, Ky J II LriUsOaw, Teiiu J ti R.?ch fc la?ly, do ^ ^ Picket;, do Mrs Cair and two young l?r A Raoul, SC ladies, 4o J H B Lang, Mas- \V H Philip, I)C \ 1 iiDip. NJ J B Speiiwi.oil, Del F Pratt, ir, Va P VoorliU a lady, NY W B Phioi|s>, NY J Stevenson. Pa W \ f nyvt G Bourne, Md C W I arrigan. Pa T h Bc urne, do R 1 aaiberlin. Vim F Erdmaau, Pa ? (handler. I?e| c Schrnber, do O U Hughe*, Md ,\fr, Witte a. )i children, G A Dugs, do Pa A I. Kof. r?, Va JF Blaady, Del A J J. ff Ma, NY I W Vo*burgh, NY II < Hu .ier, do B W Harris ii, Va K \X W Bowie; MJ J X Trimble, Md B R llili, do A U Uarriwxi "icwrta' -<r. & k aaowv. T A Marun a family, Va VV Mitchell, >ld J L f'nii a lady, Ga U MiK liell, do M Allliill. Md R Ferguson, do H lla'l a ?on, 'k? II F? rguaou, do J Brown. Pa J H Sbkhji, do T A L W B li t* tin*, dp I, L?ck,>n*on DrS Gilbert, NY f w S**rd W A,< ">?nder. do 4 M H* ard W M E Bartlett, Md A P iaki. ,1tiio K France, de C P M. Guir., do J H T Jerome, do E H t . rmn h. \Y D H McPh?U,do C P leuitu, Ma-? J Simon, Pa D E Small, Ka J Uuuter. do J Blaui- n. Ga W Geraer, do D P Pmith, W Hunter, do H Brannan, * al A SWIuian, Md G Le l?elger. La W IS >1 organ, Va II Roundy, Chin* Kirlv*Ml Ho*a??j. ?. a ?. miwuok, lion W M Twe?d. *Y W P Uurrwun, Xui 8G C.w>p f, p. J S Barboar, Va W \cifrin, nel J Harbour, do R H I m i, ni?, Md A M Barbour, do J ?l Mimp>?n, d.^ H L Cole, Neb t* Elliott, lnd D Stone Pa Mr Ahtatt, do Jr. ? Let*!*, NY ^ do FF6 Triplett, Va I'n! "\^i?.8ii* ' " Uoial?g B, ruuit. u r?, * n 8 Walton. Pa ^ P Dirkm??>n, M.j H Vale ir vv ? wMJBrtrP aV4 j. yrh''^' 11 W Martin, do A \\ arwick ir Va A Simson, La S U*n,m,n fUj II M Bidwell, Ct J Dooiittle C W Snuth. Vt I. L'-ring. Ill Mr- A Boon a children. J Henson, Va NY HUa\%kin?, do ) L Kemper, Va G B Alder, Md Mansion House, Alexandria, Va, a. aawroa, raoraiKToa. J B G? I .ton, NY Maj Z Turner, Va Hon 18 Pe:idi?Mon, Va I) Slaughter, do J A Washington, do B B Washington, do C P H -usiik. Mas* H Gilleece, do T A^.-by. Va A N Yerby, do W B R"*p, do j j Huat r, do ? C While a -*n, d-i II W Kakridge, do P P Robert:". Pa || R Allen, do T II SaiiUi, Va M E Patierwm, Del G V Wharton, do K D WatAHi, Md W Waller, do T R Dent, do M Gtlaton, S*Y UNITED STATES MAIL. () ROPO? ALS for carrying the msilsof the United Ktates from the 1st tiny ot September, 1855, to the 1st day of liilv, in tite Territories of ORE GON ami NEW MEXICO, will he received nt the Contra< t Office of Hie P.?u office Department, in the Citv of Wantoio^ton, until Slimol the 15th day of June. Utf5, (lobe decided by th e next day.) on the routes and in the time* hfein specified, >1x: OREGON TERRITORY. 1*755 From Albany, by Burling"" and Tbursrn, f Willamette Forks, CO miles and back, once n week . , _ Leave Albany ev ry Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Wil ainette Forks next.MJ'b> !* "L l,e ive Willamette Forks "very t nday at 2 p tn Arrive at Albany next day* by 8 p m Pr>j*o?als to commence at Syracuse will bt conaderot- . ? . ... ? i.i7M i- r. 'in < >regon City, b. Harrison W rieht s, Ri char" Miller's, arid ri. Allen's, to Salem, 50 miles ind hack, once a week Leave on?ff n City every Monday atC a m Arrive at S ilcm next day by 12 m . Leave Salem every Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Href m C.ty next rtay by 12 m 1*727 From Linton, by Tualetin flams and Ilarri son's Mill, t^ Fomat Grove, 20 miles and back once a week * Leave Linton e.cry Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Forest Grove same day^ t?y 3 p ni Leave Forest Grove every Tuesday at 6 a m Arm* at Linton same days by-S p m Bids to commence at St. Helen, omitting Lin ton, wil' be considered. 12728 Fr.riu Or gun City,by L banon, to Sublimity. 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Oregon City every Monday at 6 a tn Arrive at Sublimity same days by 7 p m Leave Sublimity every Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at < >regon Ci y same da> s by 7 p m 1?729 From Portland, ly Montsylvama, Taylor's Ferry, Rivk Creek, Chebalain Gap, Roger*-' and Old French Mission, to Salem, 70 mile.-, and back, once a week Leave Portland every Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Salem next days by 4 p m Leave Salem every Friday at 6 a in Arrive at Portland next days by 4 p m 12730 From Salem, by Cincinnati, Fords, and Dal las, to Tiltameok, 70 miles and back, once a week Leave Salem every Tuesday at 6 a ni Arrive at Tillamook next davs by 6 p m Leav- Tillamook every Saturday at 6 a m Ajrive at Salem next days by (5 p in Bids to run only between Dallas and Tillamook pre invited. 1 731 From S ?!? m to E. II. Randall's, in Linn co., and back, once a week Bidders to .-tate dista ce and schedule of arri vals and departure* 18731 Fruui Salem, to Franklin Bute and back, once * week Bidde's to state distance and schedule 12733 From Sublimity, by Santyam Forks, to Pleas ant Hill, 100 miles and back, once a week Leave Sublimity every Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Pleasant fliil next Thursday by 4 p m Leave Pleasant Hill every Saturday at G a m Arrive at Sublimity next Monday bv 4 p m 1273! From Washington Bvte to Grass Hill, in Linn county. 60 miles snd bae*, once a week Leave VV as? ingt< n Bute every Wednesday at 0 a in Arrive at Grass Hill by 12 m same day Leave Grass Hill every Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Washington Bute by 12 m same day. NEW MEXICO. 1-290) Fnm Albuquerque, by Zuni, to Woodvillt, Calitoruia, and back, once a week Bid'ers to date distance and schedule "of arri vals an.l de|?artures 12904 From Taos to Donna Anna and back, once a week Bidders to sutc distance and schedule. 1NSTRU. TIONS. Form of a proposal u-hcre no change from advertise ment is contemplated by the bidder. I, , of , county of . State of , propose to convey the inaiU from Sep iember 1, 1855, ro July 1,1858, on route No. , from to , agreeably to the adver tisement of the Postmaster General, dated January 30, 1855, and by the following mode of conveyance, via: ?or the annual sum of dollars This proposal is ma le with a full knowledge of the distance c.t the route, the weigfct of the mail to be carried, and alloihrr particulars in reference to the route and servce, and also after full examma lion of the instructions and requirements attached to the advertisement. Dated (Signed.) Form of a (ruirantee. The undersigned, residing at , State of , undertake tha?, if the foregoing bid 'or car rying the mail on route No. be accepted by the Postmaster General, tit* bidder shall, prior to the 1st day of Septeinln r, 'Km, or as soon thereafter a may hie, entered into the required obligation to p r form the service proposed, with goo 1 and sufficient sureties. This we do with a full knowledge of th'} obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the 27th section of the act ot Congress of Juiy 2, 1836. Dated 'Signed by two guarantors.) Form of a Certi ficate. Tho undersigned, postmaster of , State of , certifies, under Ins opth of office, that he is acquainted with the alsive guarantors,and knows litem to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. f la ted (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may be certified by a judge of a court of record, and by post m isters at the following offices, and no others: In Oregon Territory by the po.- imagers of Oregon City, A-t'>ria, Salem, I.niton, Sublimity, Portland. Alti my, Willamette Forks, Dallas, Cincinnati, Tu alilin Plains and CorvaMis. In New Mexico by the p wt masters of Santa Fe, Donna Anna, Taos, and Albuquerque. Conditions to be incorporated in tht contract* to the extent th? Department may dtem jrroper. 1. Seven minutes are allowed to eac h in ermedi ate office, when not otherwise specified, fwr assort ing tn<- mail ; but on railroad and steamboat routes there is to be no more delay than is sufficient for an exi'hang'- of mail bag?. 2 On routes where the mode of conveyance ad mits of it, tne special agents of the department, also post office blanks, mail bags, lock* and keys, are to be conveyed without extra charge. 3. No pay will be made for trips not performed; lor each of sur h omissions not satisfactorily ex pi ined, three times tne pay of the tr.p may t?e de ducted. For arrivals so far behind time as to break connection with depending mails,ajid not sufficient ly excused, ?ue fourth of the compensation lor the trip i" subjut to forfeiture. Deduction will also lie ordered for abrade of performance inferior to that specified in th - contract. F^r repeated d' iniquen cies ot the kind herein -pecilie I, enlarged penalties, proportioned to the nature thereof ana the import ance of the mail, may be made. 4. Tne Pc.stm ster General may annul the con tractforrepe tied failures to ran agreeably to contract, for di>>obe> ing tlie Post Office law.*, or the instruc tions of the department; for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the department to do so; for assigning the contract without the assent of the P stmaster General; for running an express as afire said; or for transporting persons or packages con veying mailable matter out ol the ma I. 5. The Postmaster General may order an increase of service on a route by allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract pay. tie may change the schedule of arrivals and departures, without in crease of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of ruumng time. He may also oider an in crease of speed, he allowing, within the restrictions of the law, a pro rata increase of pay or tn* addi tional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor uiuy, however, in the ca*e of iaareast: ot speed, relinquish the contract by giving prompt notice to the depart ment that he prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect. Trie Postmaster General may also cur ? ail or discontinue the service, at pro rata decrease of pay, allowing one month's extra compensation on the amount dis|Nense<t with, whenever, in his opin lou, the publie interest* do not require the same, or in case lie d-sires to supersede it by a different grade of transportation. 6 Payin?nts will b*- made for the service by col lections Tom, or drafts on, postmaster*, or other wise, after th ; expiration of each qua :er?say in February, May, August, and November. 7. The distances are given according to the best information ; but no inert ased pay will be allowed should they be greater than advertised, if tlie points to be supplied be correctly stated. Bidders must in form themselves on this point. 8 Bidders should, in all cases, first propose for service strictly according to the advertisement, ami then, if they desire, separately lor different service ; ] and if the regular bid be the lowest offered for the advertised service, the other bids may be considered, if the a terations proposed ars recount ended by the postmasters and citizens interested, or if they .-hall appear manifestly right and proper. 9. There should be but one route bid for in a pro posal. 10. The route, the service, the yearly pay, the name and residence of the bidder, and those of each member of a firm, when a company off. rs, stiould be distinctly sta'ed ; also, the m<ide of conveyance, of a higher mode than horseback be intended. The words "with due celerity, certainty, and security." inserted to indicate the nnde of conveyance, will constitute a Md," which binds contractors to take all the mail offered, but allows them to select the mode of conveyance. 11. Bidders are requested to use, as lar as practi cable, the printed form of proposal furni-hed by the department, to write out hi full the "Uni of their bids, and to retain copies of them. No altered hots can be considered, and no bids once snbmitud can be withdrawn. Each bid must be guarantied by two responsible persons General gmtranteo* cannot be adnutted. 12. The bid should be sealed ; suiiercaibcd " Mail Proposals, Territory of ,? addressed " Second .t*M?lanl Postmaster General,^ Contract Office, and ?tent by 'nail, uot by, or to, an agent, aud postmas ters w?M not en.-lo.e propoaal.i (or letters ot any kind) in rheir quarterly returns. J J. The contracts are to be executed and returned to the department by or before the 1st day of Sep tember, 18.VS, bm the service must be commenced on the .nail day next after that date, whether the contracts be executed or not. No nropoeition for t tnsfers will b?- considered until tile contract* arc executed in due form and received at the d-oart meni ; and then no transfer will I* allowed unless r?nw| and sufficient reason* therefor are given to be dctervuMMl by the depar menL ' 14. A modification of a bid, in any of its essential term., is tantamount to a new bid, and eSTot be received, so as to interfere with regular compel tion, after the last hour set fb receiving kid*. Ij. Postmasters are to be careful.not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without know ' * ?? persons of sufficient responsibility , * L j,dTr"> Kuaraniors, and sureties are distinct iy notified that, on a failure to eater into or perform the contracts for the service proposed for in the ac cepted bids, tlieir legal liabilities will be enforced aga-nst them. .'>r^sent contraciors, and persons known at >' department, must, equally with ttlhers, procure Kiiamtitors and certificates of their sufficiency sul> manually in the forms ab tve prescribed. The cer tiflrnrea of sufficiency must be signed by a postna* ler at one of the places before named, or a judge of a court of record. For further particulars as to conditions of bid ding see advertisement for carrying mails in Cali ronua ami Washington Territory, dated January 19, l85?- JAMES CAMPBELL, _ _ Postmaster General. Post Orrrra Tkpartmbnt, February 9, 1855. feb 5 M4w J01IN 11. BUTHMANN, T 51 PORTER AND DRALCK IN WINS, BRAN L dy. Cigars, Ac., Per nrylvania avenue, so*;th aid* I between and 8ixth streets, hu ree^ved fci* fall ?took and aiaoriment of the above, consisting in I part of? ^ Madeira, gherry, Port of vari ofl grades, Chacvpsrne in qts and pts, diff, r^nt br?->d9 A great rarity of Rhine Wine, s of It spaik liog Also, 8t. Perry sparkling red and white Glaret, at T rices from $8 60 per doseu to the highest or d?T , And namer>a* other kinds of Wiae Also, very superior Ooguac, pal# and dark: Scheid* ^ J?m4iRum floe old Whttkey, a ^ 0?rdl*l?, and Havana Cigars, ce* 19?a* wht PROPOSALS FOtf, MAIL BAGS. Post Ofeick Departmkitt, January 12,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Department until 9 o'clock a m., of the 23d of Apiu next, for furn:sliinj> for four years from the 1st day of July next, in such quantities and at such I limes as may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bags ot the following description, to Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, an I 62 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and nve-fo'd. Size No. 2, (41 inches ?n length, and 48 "inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas wvighing H ounces to the yard of 27 inches width! arid the cloth to he woven in every re*pec I like that of the first size of bag*. Size No. 3, (32 inches i i length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of c.tton canvass w?i|j:iint? 10 ounces to th- yard of 22 inches width' and ill ? cloth to be woven as above described. ' [ The canvafs bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be Mild* with a *umcief?t number of evelet holes and provided with strong cord to secure their mouth-. All are to be well and distinctly marked "U. s'. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sires above specified. I*ath*r and Canvass Pouches. Size No. 1 48 in in length, and 60 in. circumference Size No. 2. 41 do ?jn 48 do Size No. 3. 36 do do 42 Size No. 4. 36 do do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The liody of the leather pouches is to be made of g >od and subrantial bag leather, well tanned, wtieh i'ig lor Nos. 1 aud 2 not 1 ss tiian 8 ouiic s, and for t ie smaller sizes not les* than 7 otitic?** to the sq foot ; the bottom and tlap to be of good ikirtin. leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and stro .gly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvas* pouches are to be made of densely woven canvass, ? a* to resist water or at lna>t equal to that of which the pouches now in the service are made. leather and Cavvass Horse-mail Hags, (in 8fldd'e bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 12 inches in circumference at the wi lest parts ; ends or bottoms | of sf me, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches i?ng. and 36 inches in . ircumference at the widest parts ; ends or l.ottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. Bo ;> 42 inches long, and 32 inches in cireumlercnce at the widest ^.rts; .rrds or bottoms ot same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mall bag* arc to he made ol ?o,?d and ptih-aaiitiaJ hag leather, wel* tanned and weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square foot and the seam- to be well and strongly sewed ? ?,r if n vetted, to be so done as not to chafe the hotse'or rider. The canvas horse mail liags an; to be made of the same quality ol fabric as the pouchy above de scribed. e Canvass and 1 sat fur Drop letter Pouches i . (with side pockets.) fcixe No. 4. 3u iir in length,and 36 in clrcuinferencr Size No. 5. 26 do do 2h do Canrasi Afeiiipapcr Mail Haft. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length' and 62 inchi >? in circumference,) to bs made of c.uton canva?s w ighing at leaM 15 ounce* to the yard of 22 inches width ; the ynrn ot the fabric to be doubled and twisted aud fiv.; told, and the ba8 to be so obstructed as to b. lcK-k< <1 and t?. hav* a handle at eacn end. >ize No. 2, (41 inch m long ami 48 inche* in cir cumtsrence,) to be ol the same material and man ner oi construction with size So. 1. Prop sais tor improvements in the construction of a''.V ot the above-described mail-bags, or in the ma terials thereaf, ire in vile J ; an 1 the relative valine aiij S'laptation to the service as well m price ?,f such improvemtnt wdl be considered in de'ermin mg the lowest and best bidder. No pro,sisals will be considered if not accom panied with samtdes ofe-ich article bid for, show ins the construction,quality o: materials, and workman ship proposed, and a'so with evidence of the coin pettney and ability of the hi Iderto.xecutetlie work accorduig to contract. The spi ciioens must be delivered at the Denart went o? or l?efore the 23d day tf April next,Tnd will, in connexion with the pro, osal, form Uie basis "I, * contracts. Specimens d-posi ed by bidders w.nch may with safety aud convenience be used in the mail service will be paid for at the rates pro pos?>d by them. K a decision on the bids will be made on or before the first day of May next, aud the bidder or bidders chosen will be r quired to enter into contract on or before the 15th day ot Jcne next, with bond and sufficient sureties ior a faithful performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles contiac-.ed for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, nt Boston, Massachu setts; New York aud Buffalo, N. Y : I'iilladeliihii and Pittsburgh, P..; Baltimo^, M* ] wSi.nrtm, h L.; Charleston S.t'.; AuguAt;a.: Montgomery' A a.; Jew Orteans, I.a ; Na,f)lu, Tcnn fl 'S' .n ^ .y ; V,.nCi0I,a,.,'Ohlu; a,l*h. Louis, Mo., in ?ulIi quantities and at such times as the l)eDart ment may req.iir. : and Uiey are to be rigidly in ?Sieeted before dc.ivery, n.d none are io be received which shall he inferior to the specimen* or suml nr I n jfs. To enable bidders to estinnte the number of die different kinds ol mail bug* wl,?h will probably be r quired, they arc mionueil that there were fur nished for the u-e of ,tl? Department during the year which ended JO h liine last 2 I."15 leather ?!!!! .V'8' 3?n^ canvass pouches; 450 leather horse mail bagsj, oOo canvass horse mail bags ; and 17 110 cai.vass mail Im.'s. b ,,T.^e,ProPwa,s ?ho,?,d be endorsed " Proposals for .Mail and be addressed to the '? PostmnUer Genera^' JAMES CAMPBELL, _ J,in lav. l~w Postmaster General. BOSENKRANZ PIANOS. J LSI receivid two ot Uie above uuequall<*d in struments direct from Uie iManu Mn ^ictory in Drestien, Gennany. The.~ejgfiS*B Pianos having I Kith, after a loi g and land voyage, arrived in perfrct? ? W V# 8 tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune, t heir beauty and power ol tone elicits the highe t siicoaiums from all the great musical critics of Europe. ? . ^ HILBU8 & IIITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D sU. an o~tt SoS(i??r,1w"f PlAMO? FOK /r?. l *? have in store four Pian<>s, two ot_(.tuckering and two of Andre Steins, which we oner low lor ca-h, or good notes, or will rent on moderate terms. New Music erpected lo morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, Jan ^ 306 Pa. avenue. OEXPEOiED HEW YEAR PBE8EH78. r all th? branch#s of buiiD?<e condmoted in this city, tirwrks, p^rkaps, of a'l ethers afford tlie xinullest profits, and should htve the preference for ?ash, aui no one in th-*t busiBess can continue if his customer^ are net prompt in settlement by hhort notes cr fifh. De; irous of closing up for the past, I earnestly request al! sho ?re indebted to oall and settlivwl houtdeJar. I will further >rive notice that all fatura bills whi^h m*y U crr.traeted with me must be msde with ref-r-uoe to, and with the dia inct understand ing that 'b?y are lo bs c osed monthly, by cash or notes at JO day*, which I have prepared for the pur pose, exo?pt ? nch of my old customers whD have -al ways ben prompt. Z. M. P KINO. d*e 'Hi?tf (lATIIOLIC BOOKS.? A large and varied a.-son / ment of Catholic Works, iuclit ling St. Vincent Manual Chri;tian's Guidef Genn of ppvo'ioii ; f)o nay Bishop in plain and elegant bindings, at the low est price, just received at TAYLOR & MAURY'S Jnn I? Bookstore, near 9th nt TRAVELERS' DII^?(/rORT. IATTIABI'S LIMB OP" OHHIBUSB* i ^T,n ,e-ve Alexandria at 4, 7V, ??d 9k a m, 1* and 3# p m. VVTildflfifcj^ leave Washington at 6, 11, u4 19 a m .3J< *nd 7 pm. Seats can be secured at the 0?ce, Palrfax ?t., *B? aMansion "0U!,? ? <n Washington, at f,~ ' 9tore "n1 Kirkwood Houee. This Line mm regularly winter and ?nai'r for the accommodation of the Public. P??enjferi called to* and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and la?t trip down, SO cents ; all other regular trips 25 cent*. Trunks extra. LATHAM ft COOK, jin 8?tf _ CBOIWBLL'I BALTIMORE STKAMSHrP LINE BETWEEN \ MEW YORK BALTIMORE k BOSTON', WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Bo?ton to U ilumore and Baltimore to Breton. This line affords unequalled facilities to the bud nesa men of the District of Colombia. The Af-nt at either poiru will receive freight and give a through kill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates o. freight and iio commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the foilowini M*?U: A. C. HALL, 56 Exchange Phce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany sta., n. Y. _ JfiO. W. BCHANK, Jan 14?<CVn Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE Y\ EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIliKOAD. ^5??VI1> arrano*mknts FOR TRAVBM IMPORTANT CHANGES 0F SCFTKDVDX! 1 SChB^HBK 1st* completion of the jpKSHEfSBOentral Ohio Railroad betwe n wheeling and Columbus. uniting, m it doea. bv 'o short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Kallr'.ad with all portions of the West (and NorL\ and Southwest,) give* this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that dlrer-ticn. On and afar M IN DAY, November 27, 1864, the tralna will be run a* follows: FOR THROUGH PAS8BNGBR8. ? dally will run In each direction ?J"1*?Abe MAIL TRAIN, leading Camden Station " *? ro., instead ol 8 o'clock as heretofore, f except on Sunday,) and arriving %t Wheeling at 2 40 a^m 8ecorvi?The KXPRB88 TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , Instead of at 7 p. m., aa heretofore, and runntrg through to Wheeling in about 17 hcura, reaohlrg there ?t 10 26 a. m. This traia will sUp at Warh logt on Junction, gykeeville, Monocacr, Harm's r*cry, Martinaburg, *4r John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlasburg, Newburg, Betterman,F?rm ingtao, Cameron and Mounds vrle only, lor woo-1 and water and meala. Both theee ttalos mak prompt and regular connection wPh ?h? cjw? of th? Central Ohio Road for Oambridg-, Zan-sville, Mew ark, Columbus, Cin-innati, Locisviiie, I>ayton ^andusky, Tol^d\ Letroit. Indianapolis Ohioepp, 2.* 9tc- P?B?ng^rs leaving Baltimore by the j * Trwn; wi'l rencH Cincinnati fer dinnrr next by tha Express Traia they arrive ther* at 12 the next night, beiog kept but one night ot the route by eith-r train Passengers for the Northwest via Cleve'and and a I intermediate points can make a direct onnee non with <he trains upon th? Cleveland and Pitts burg RaQrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble for steanwra between Wheeling ard Welleville, by leaving Baltimore in the Mall Train at 7 a. in mu iSI!!?!'lhe l**ve Wheelirg a? foilews: The BXPRB8S TRAIN at 4 JO p m., reaching Pal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. ? . reaching Baltimore at 7 p m. *3-Through tickets by beat from Wheeling fbr Cincinnati, Madison. Lou!eville, 8t. ?*uis and othfr River Cities, ill he so'd at a 1 times when theftajre Of water ?ill admit. ^ Thr^uuh 'ick?t* between B\ltimore and Wasnington, and all the important cities ?nd towns ?n the West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the (X>mp<iEj. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. TIIE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Statioi aill tA/te passencers f>r all the usual stopping places on the K*td Returning, ?his train leaves Wheeling ?t 11.45 midnight, Cumb#riai*d at 1016 a. m.,ani arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THK FRKDB^ICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and ir Wm?diite plaoes, will n'art at 4 p. m , daily (except Sundayp) arriving in Fr-toer ic_ 8t 7.49 Ke'urning ?ill leave Frederick at 9 a. m.. arriving nt Faltimore at 12.30. noon Ti?K ELL1C iTTB M1LL8 ACCOMMODATION will be run daily, (exc-pt SaodaTB.) as follows: L'*ave Ctund-n Station at 0 a ra. and 3 p. in Leare Bli oott's MilU at 7.30 a m. and 0^0 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RATLRO <VD. LTRUN* RUN A8 FOLL )W8: EAVr daily, escej.t Sunday, at 6 and 8* a. a. aod Z and 5 p m. On Suntiay at G a to and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore n i% aud 9 a m; an J 6 and 8 P On Sunday at 4 i( am and 5 p m. The conneatims with Baltimore k Ohio Railroad for the West ara by trains leaving ai fl a m and 3 pa. For Philadelphia and New York at (5. and 8U^a m and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8^ a m asd 6 p m. For Norfolk at 8 p m. T, _ T. H. PARSONS, Agent . artlcu ar attention is called to the Rule re^ulr ing e ra-ronsib!e voucher for any person of coler who mty wi<h to pam ov-r the road. dec l?s~~dif ORANue AHD ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD, On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THK Cars !t*ve Alexandria daily for OoMooa viile and intermediate stations at 7* o'clock, a. m., o? the arrival of the boat from Waehiagton, giring ample time for breakfast on board. Con necting at M*n*isas Junctien with a trsia for Strut burg, at Warrenton J a- .-tion with a train Ibr M ar renton, and at Gordonj-ville with the trains < n the Virginia Central lUUroau forRi.hmon LChariotU* viile, and Staunton The cars leave Oordonsrllie dally fbr Alexandria and intermediate atations, at U before 12, a. rs.. on toe arrival of the trains * the Virginia Ceutr&l rail road fr-m Richmond. CharlctVsTllU, and Stanatcn T JROUGH TI0KBT8. From Alexandria to Warrenton J2 00 ** Oordonsvilie....? 3 fiO ** M ChariottesTUJe 4 26 " " Buunt-iu 6 90 Stra^burg 3 60 Lvnchburg fl 76 * " WinchieUrr 3 60 ? u Luray 4 >M New Market 6 00 " Midileburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, ooucectirg with the etagea at daya 6' 0U MhndtJli? Wednesdays, a;:d Fri r ani* Market, oonne-tlng with the stages at Culpe^,,0a Tueadays,Thursdays, and 8at at^nLimSf*1" d4ii/' cocnectln* *itJ1 the stagw at'he piinsbar8 ??nn9ctia? t11? Per onier: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. . On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. , . round trip f i; from Alex jndna 76 cents -lhe THOMAS COLLYKR leaves W aahmgton at 9 an I Alexandria at 9U o'clock. Coaches l<eve the Capitol lor tfce boat at 8* o'clk. Coach fire iQ conl*. Po.-Hon.i winding the Ciaohee will iMVe their real | daaoe with Geo. A Tbos. Parker. Hafreehment? on the boaf~ ?ct 28?dtf SAM'L GKDNBY, Capt TI'g HICW YORK Ol LIVCRPOOL UNITED STATES "MAIL STEAMERS? | ^'^mP8 COMPRISING THIS UNB ARE ATLANTIC, Capt. Weet PACIFIC, Cant. Nye, BALTIC. Capt. Com stock, _ ... AD.UATIC, Capt. G rat ton. Theee ships hare l>?en built by oontract, exprea - ly for Government service; eiery care has been | tak -n in their oonstruition, as in the Engines to insure strength and ap*ed, and their aonrmmods. tions tor passengers are unequalled for e'eiranw. ! and comfort. , Pnee of passage from New York to . Liverpool, in urit cabin tl&> ! 8eoond Cab:n "**'*" Excliuire UM> of extra site stare rooms..800 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. " An exyerienoed surgeon attached to each ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or passage apply to BDWARD K. COLLINS ft 00., 6<5 Wall street, Ne% York. BROWN, SniPLBY A CO, E. a. ROBERTS ft 00., Liwpocl 13 Ring's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROB A CO, 20 Rue Notre Dame de? Tictoiree. Paris SKO H DRAPER, Havae. The owners of theee ships will aot be accountable t>t gold, silver, bullion, spect% jewelry, preHon* ?ton?s or metals, unlee. hfils ef lading\r?XnS SlMly lh*wof lh,r?ln "*Pres^d PAPER MOISTENER.-A New Inv.a^T^ moistemiie the leaves of a Copyitu Hook Po?t asje 8tunpM, Envelopes, and moisten the inter* Also, useful lor nrita! It wilibe lound an ituhsprnsiblc article for everv desk. H is perfectly *| JjJ,, am| cbe<| d v come into general use. H' 1 ?ul8 TAYLOR ft MAURY, ^ 10 Agents for Washington. iiLTIIHI iiniTBSIilT!. hoiud 9. nun. - ?wui ?. turv D. SMITH * CO , MngMmn ?t Dealers to ALCOHOL, CAMPBKNB, *TH? OIL, fa. Ro.NL OALTIRT 8TUII, ? Mrtte Watw street, BALTWOli. Md. ivfl-lr ftlVAA Si! i sDill oootob. *. e spinon Often hi* PwtiBlwil ? rtm to ?? eittaens of Ba timers. [loan eve all kind* of Oaneere? tokotlML oat without pain, or th? ?n of mt knife. I ?t nn *11 kind* of fit* and iytn&i, >*????*gf P??ne, Consumption, Dropsy, Dysp'-pale,***Jt ?*r lay other liliMBt the honu family in enhJwt to. Ho cob stop Bleeding (na the Lean or H M Leaf* or How, n? k?OWtog tt>?JO*W? _ w? jot* blind, y?*r* under on Indian Doctor who Wti wild Indian* thini? yenre. DR. pTltNCCR hoc removed from Mr. Beard'ng L'ouss, to Wo. M, HAVOTMl 8TEBR, ang 11?tf / Baltimore, Md. N m W BOOK# PERIODICAL AND NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHMENT, Wn. TAYLOR * COM BALTIMORB, MX WM. TAYLOR tf CO. b?? leavs to eoll tho attei tton of tho reeding people and ali dtollng to Book* to their now BOOK, PERIODICAL, and NEWS PAPER ESTABLISHMENT, whore can bo tounc o large and general assortment of all the late popu lar publications of the day. They abw keop on hand a splendid assortment o plain and fancy STAJFIOITBRY of every description All order* thankfully received and filled with <W snatch, and sent by return of the mail, express, o st*<*. or in any other way the person ordering ma Booksellers, New* Agents, Pedlars, and all otbei supplied with any Book*, M t^uisw, etc., at tb lowest rates. Any Book published in this osunt i y eaa bo h ?? %J ssudtng your order to us. WM. TAYLOR A 00, Onr. Baltimore and Oharles eta., Baltimore, MC. ??a* 93? "for poor and Laboring men. SMALL BUILDING I/O TP of 10 fret er more, u Ti*rious parts ol tb* City, and Georgetown. r lev price*, and term* to suit. LLOYD A 00. < BUILDI B Q 8 T O M B , lor rale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharro* 1' Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A 00. llth street, opp Treaaug Department. lT?-lT 00UGI1S, COLDS, HOARSENESS, iUIUf la Vlwa HI nates. TYLF.tCX COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRU1 THK increasing demand fbr this most pleasan* '*fe, and eflca?nu<i remedy tor all pulmonar disease*, has enabled the proprietor to reduce tb prioe er a* to place It wttbla the reaeh of all clause* It* superiority over moat shniler preparations is a' tested by msnv eminent physicians wbo have i*e. eve witue?*?? Of Its efficacy when the usna' rem? dies have felled; also by thousand of oar most r? ?pec table rltiaen* wbo have ne?d it in tbeir *amllir both as preventive and cure wkh never failing sui oees f>r the lest twent? Tears, daring which peric With very little aid lrom advertising. Ae , It be gradually spread reputa'lon nvtr the wbo'e Uniot In oaof recent (hidi Coug\?, Hoartenest, tfc, i gieee immediate relief sad |? tally cures in a da or two, without Interfering with diet or buslneas, r rendering the system more susceptible ot Colds,!' chronic cases, Jsthma, Wkmfnf Cowjh, Onuj Rronchilit, AJpeetiotu of the LamfS, and Coitfum tion. It is always very b-cefidal. anl seldom feiP when commenced in time tc perfect a cure. Price 25 and 60 cer.ts s bottle. Bold wboie??ale by Psttersoa A Nairn, Ptott A Oo Rldpr-ly A Oo. Alexandria by Peel A Stevens. 1 Georgetown bv Mr. Ci?>el JfV TYLKWE OHM ARABIC CANDY DROP?* a similsr cocip'v?ltlon to the ibore, bat in a mild* snd more portable ton* ; tbey act W*e a ebarm e a troublesome Ougb, a*?d ot*ar. the throat an voice; J hey contain no injori^ia drug, are partfcr lerly reoommeod-1 tor children, frttqaenters ofpm'' He assemblies, public speak*^?. Rlngnre, Ae. Price 12}^ and 26 'eat* per box. for sale at m.^st Drug and Oandy Btoree. oct 17?tf Ikjmething"newT ~~ OPl^ITK Tlir MAltKET ON P?NN?YLVA NIA AVlt.XUK 4 doors below Ninth stre-. InaNBW CF/OTUING STORE tor Men snd Boyr openod this day. DUCK Kit. <ne of tin cbttape.^ Clothing Merchants In th? N^rth, has determine to offer to th? c>'li?u of v^ashincton snd vi?4nity hi* excellent CWulngst the ioweet Ncrtberr prior* for cash only. Th?re the POOR MAN will find just cucli a Clothing 9tore ashes lnng bee war.'e-l In Washington. His motto is cheap fc ca^h, and *!f t pairs oi*LT. A good ml Ftantial woollen ooat he will tell fr $2 7S; and heavy winter pants, well lined, tor $1 26 and flee coats, orercoats, and vests, in proportk i Good wool and ootton undershirts, hosiery, ^loTet Ac., cheaoer than the cheapest. nov 11?tf KIRWAN'S \vork?= Parish and otlier Pencilling*, 75c R?ii^uiisn> at Home, Letters to Chief Justict Tane Men and Things as I sow them in Europe 75c Letters to Bishop Hughe*, in mu*Jin 40 cents, pape 20 cents American Principles on National Prosp? rity, i. tliankseivinf! se.mon, pnper 10c JAY'S W'f?RKs?. ^ Autdhiogr.ipliy ntiM Keminiscences of ihv Rev. V\*n. Jay, with note* of distinguished contemK>raiie in 2 vols, .yJ 50 Female 8criprure Clia>acters, $1 Morning and Evcniiif Eiercises. 2 vols, fl 50 Fine edition of the Same in 4 vols u5 Christian Contemplated 40c QUAY A BALLANTYNE, j*n 15 498 Hcventh strert. icw Merit; - Ni JIJBT PUBLISH?!), 411 do not ask to otTer thee," a very pretty snifr inbcribed to .Mws fJigdon, Portsmouth, Va. ?'The Elves," being beautiful variations on Tho' ajl gone from my gaz'-. '?VVe stood Ijcneath the moon's blight rays,", beautiful ballad. rc*p?*ctfuily dedicated to Miss Nan nie Maury, of Washington. ??Souvenir," a brilliant Waltz, by Prof. Focrtsch and dedicated V) Miss Chariotle Davis, of Washing ton city. Fairy Star and Sunbeam Schottisohe*, Sparklin: Waltz Old Defender's Quickstep, nt the Music, Pi ano, and Fancy Store ot JOHN F. ELLIS, 30B Pa. avenue, between 9di and 20th st*. jan 10?U' MATHEMATICAL ISSTBUMENTS MBS Q. ANDKR.^OM has received a tono anc comply ?^?ortmeat of Mith^made^l lustru m-nts and Drkwing Mat?ria s of enperior qnalit; Ths Wath mati -ai fns'rutnents arochistly of Swi't manuftotory in ca. *s, as well as in separate ple-v<s WaUr oolora and oil ooiors. Drawing papers ofe? ery quality. Al-o, ts*udl<*s in Drawing and Painting. dsc 22?tf 970 C#an avenut VTAPIKR't English Battles and Sieges in lite 11 Peuinsula, I vol, London, 1854 Manual oi Field <>p<>iation, by Lt Jervis. Roval Ar tillery, 1 vol, 1852 The You ni; Ollicc's Companion, by Col Lord de Ros, 1 vol, 1851 Tha War in Ku&xa and Uennany in 1812-13, by Col Calhcart, (killed at Inkerman) 1 vol, "maps, an l diazratns, 1H50 Six Familiar Lectures, by a Held officer, 1 vol, 1851 General Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers, 1 vol (out of print) 1768 The Mediterranean, a Meat ar, P *s:cal. Historical, and Nautical, by R?ar Admiral Smyth, I vol. 1854 The Miscellaneous Literary Works of General Bur goyne, 9 vols, (out of print) 1808 J?n 24 FRANCK TAYLOR. BRITISH SrATESMEN.?Lives of Aberde?R Russell, Pdlmermon, Graham, Gladstone, Ac. 1 vol, London, 1854 Thirty Years'ot For<-ira Policy, a history of the Se cr? taryships of Aberdeen and Palmerston, 1 vol, London 1855 Beedell's British TaritT for 1854-i Special Rcprrt to Parliament on the manufactures of t;ie New York Industrial Exhibition, by Wallis Special R< (>ort to do., on the machinery of do., bv Whitworth ' J Special Report to do, on the Raw M iterials and Agriculture of do., by Wilson Special Report pi do., on the Geological Department of do., by Lyell Banficld's Statistical Companion for 1854 Rickard's <m Population and Capittt, 1 vol, London don 1854, comnlete Set (scarce) of the British Almanac and (Companion from its commence mem M 18JH ian 26 FRANCK TAYLOR. NEW STORE, NEW STORE. M "MRU PRlXaNY rospectfhlly invites ?ttentlon ol tb? public to izinlBi bit stock of G00D8, which he has opened on Lousi*na avenue hetwwn 8ixth and Seventh streets oppodto th - Bank of Washington, consisting of all di-crip. M0<1" C?,A*a*? lB?P*rial, Gunpowder, and Bls^i l^uors, of all sorts, wiiich he can Mil at the lowest prices for aash or approved paper Beeklw all the nectaries for Orole^BnSSi: rls: Brxmw, Buckets, Oed*r Tubs, Matches, A^Z e*u *** fer yoursalvso. ro? Ti "lm ~~ ABNY, IAo. 84 Bridge ttrtet, Oeorrdokw 9 prepared to furnish Balls, Dikh*??, ^orrrxs \VcopiNoa, fcc., with everything in the Conrec ^nlj? ' *? fcnyup*rl of the at the sS^J notice, and on the most reasonable terms. J&Q lUf PHItADFtFHIA ADYFimSFMFNTS. 6NIDEH B WrWEB AT PHILADELPHIA. J OH* f. IfflDKR) IWJ? ta Wtnoe, it tfco to:met oM sotabifebod PW JMr* at) A COM lUHDJUL Jr. No. 7? Walnat otToeC, few low Pourth street. ?Wn niMWn vffl ho i With WlIfKS and UqrVMJfoo the : dating tmu. JACOB IR1DBR, Jr , Afntftr he portatlon at WOMEWN WUfF.A, Ofeoe No. T? ?at Itrnt, Philadelphia, ?km ho to peel vo ordiors for the apodal Ipyortartoa of ftMu Son, J OH.?* V A US flANSN fDWTV the patr tango of U^'H, VVOil ? ? W ?? his frteud* Md fanBOV ? , _OI AU Wlneo ordered tor W aeh?ac%oB wiu llvrnt by BsfnaA** W*** doctor touublp. THX POOUT JCS0ULAPIU8: OH, EVBKY 0N? nia OWH The PWUeth One Londred cbcvlfig M*l formations of Ik* *i W*. T0CN4, Ut bo klkai ha lo pnaiat i eopy of JDtOULAPIVet?Ui< It M7 i?w Mb troi early jnn Lot bo yoaag boa or vouo i to tbf secret obigatlrna of married Ufe rendiag tho POOUT AMCLLAPIV3. Lot m om ralering from o hrkuM Ocmcl, Pada l? the Ma, restless Bights, nerroua fee!!ag% and the wbole tnk of Pyr,-apt* seaaotioas. and given op by tUr ply> <i- tn.b?iB0th?ra0Mtlvttha?t oaaraltwi tko *8CULAPIUS. Have tho married. or thoos ?kool to he married any Impediment, read this trmJy (U hook, as It boo boos the niooi of aorta* tbn? anl? of oafertaiBto erootaraa frea tho Tory Jin f Lb- V"r>'--r. Banding TWBHTT-PITB CI1 enclosed fa ? letter, vUl loualit om eopy at work by tsoU, or Br* ccples will bo Mtfor Om M> Ibc. AMraa, (foot paid) DR. WM. TOU*?, Ho. - " ~ =V a?u~iy AN APPEAL TO COMMON MiNSK. lbt t?? sice hbab mm tbvtb. not know U>o Captain ehould be ecepuooJ, Dv.? ?aw ?>n h Bro., with others of tb? boot know* and highly respectable citizens of Eaaton, t-ndufBe hw wonderful cure by Hampton's vbobtablb tinctur*. Kiitoi, Oct. 4, IBM.* Mortimer k Uotrbrm : G- ntU-ni.n?I feel it my duur to yoo lie f? certify V? the effects at Hampton a TerloNe Tincture. I wan for more th?n five years laboring under a d. ease of Chronic Khrumatwn and the irmi part of that time I wiu so helices that IISad t'i be helped from my be< and dre*.?e<! Ul I became reduced to a mere skeleton. AU tb?maa icint-o I tor k done me no r?od, aod l eiBiOOM IQ gruw worse I hrar l of Hampton'? TinctBro ood thouglit I wmiM five it a trial. At thia time I did not erp^et to liv? one day after another I ow ??* take it (the Tinctim-) tor the Rhrumntwrn, but IB a *hort time I wao well . f that dio^aoe. t row the effectaofyonr 1 inctarr tho bnJpof Gud lam bcw getting in for?d h?*aliU. I WL-h all the afflicted to try Hampton a > f*etawe Tincture, an I htv^ with lh* ? C* ct that it Una on Yoar ob???ient norrant, Isaac Bixawi. We are acquainted with l?a*c Benjamin; aold him some of Hampton'* Ve*etabt?? Tmct?re,and be deve the above statement correct. Dawaoit & B*o. From our knowledge of Captain B^njanuo we oro confident that Hie above rtat? ment ?' ?rue and on ezaferated. J- A- Jon*aoii, CH aRLEn KOBIMSOO. C'iH an) pet pamphleta fratla, and aee cureo of Cough, RrnMeliitio, Rheumausm, Nourulzia, Dyo pi i??ia. Neivooaneiw and General W eakneko. As a |V-male mol'Cbt or for dHieate children we belteve 1 SbyMWBriMBR fc MOWBRAY, 140 Bala tnort: atreet, nallimore; and 3M Broa<lwa), W. Yora Cliaa. Pitirr H <'o., J. B. Moore, l> B. CLaBKB, Clarjf k Bowliko, W. Elliot.and H. McPbbb ays, WashinffMi; also, by R- 8. F. CiasBL, Georjf* Hiwb, and C. C. I'.krrt, Aleiainlna, an# by Drut p?tx ^v?rywheie. t*w CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tho Great Partflor of tho Bloodl Hot a Parucle of Moreory In It! Ab I5I.LUBL1 Hebidi lor Serofbla, King'* Bvll, Bheuw.atU OiMtn?ato Ootaoaooa Kru^tk no, P mRlo' or PiM'.alea ^o tho fo?s Blotchoo, Bolla^ CUrcKii: Sore Ryno, ??n* Worm or Tett*r, ft<o?d ItnUric^^ot An4 Pain of th# BoftdlLd Jointa. Stubbcrn Uleera, Sypbldtle Dtoorden, Lu?nbaeo ^>lnal Cempla nta, and all tho llooao-s oriMbc from an ?nJudirloB0 uao of Hor- iry, Im pra?l n't In (4ft*, or Impurity of the B-ood rni: valoaVl* M dleiae, ohlch ha? b<oom? oele* brat?d (tr th* number of .xtra rdmary oarea. affreted through Ita agetscy, ha? iod aeed tbo proptl ???>*?. at tte urg nt rrqurst rl thfl* frt nda, to olfc* It io the |-ubl'c, which lh*j do *4'.h the uimott or? Hen.-* ifa rirtu^a ard oooderiul curative prop ?rtl a Th? following certlflrafe. releexi tro? a large number, or*, however, a* org-r tro'lmoay than the iu"r-> worj cftbo pTcprl^t'-r^; and ?ro all frooi genilea^en w? I kro?u ?ti th lr o.-aiiU?a, and of the bighf?t re?4?e lability, many of !h m roodiog in tb- city of Richmond Va. f. BOYDSN, Raq? of tho Rachange Hotel, Mich m-'ad, kricwa eveirwLere aayp he ha* ieea 'he Med* lei?ie calh^l Oabtlr's Si-axwd Mixturb aim'n'alorod in over a honored ?-*eea, in ne^r!y all the di.oaoea for wH-rhit ia recommended, oilb the ffift aatcn WLingly g^-od rcsulta He says it ia the moot ox* traard nary medicine he haa ?ver i?*3. AGUR AND FltVMR?GK.RAT Cl'HR.?1 h?roby oortify that for thto* yar* 1 Ual *,ue and Pave* of tho ro>?t vr>lent 4^acript:on. I b'Jl Meral I'hv ?atioaa, took larg?- quno'iUoa of Qui-iloo, aercnr* an 1 I bel evo all the T- nlna aJrerti-rd, but oil with out p?; ma.iient relief. At la~t I trird Oartor** Spanish Mixture, iwo bottlea of eff>ctually tu-od B3*. aud I am hepp? to e^y I bar* bad neither ihl'la or fevers ainoa. 1 oonaider It tho boot Toale in thia world, aod the only medV ne that over rao'lfd my cu? JOHN LONG DAN. Biavbr Ditch, roar Rlcbmrod. Va. 0. B. LU'JK, knq., uow In the city of Richaaond and f.'r many years in th? Poot 001*-, baa aoch confidence iu the aitooiabing effl-wcy of Carter'a ip-nuli Mixture that ho haa boo^h*. Bpw^rda of M bMtlaa, wbk-h he has ?iven away to the afR>etod.? >Ir. Luck aaya he haa nev?r known it V? fall whoa taken acc< rding to direcUona. Dr. U1NGK, a pMctiffing rhjaidan, and fomerly of the City lintel, in the city of Klchaond, aoy? be oaa wirneaa^l in a numb*r vt Inotanoe* to* eff eto of Jar er"s Spanish Mixture, win oh were moot truly ^qaprld^g. lie aaya ia a eaoe of 0'*uinmptl0B,do pendent on the Liver, the good offoo'^ wore woa< lorful Indeed. 8 AMURL M. DRINRRR. of the firm of Maker * >ic*rr1a, Richmond, waa cured curad of Liver Ooai oUint of three ?ears standing, by the uoe of twt> t> ttloe at Carter's SpanLb Mixture. GREAT CURS OP HCROPULA ?Tho Ed tora of rhe Bichmoud Ko| ub!l<-an b?d a ao-vant employed ,n their prees room, curad of viobnt Bcrotula. e?<m b ned with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled aim from work. Two bottles of Carter a Iponwb Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and tho Ldi ?or. ia a pobHc notice, ?ay tboy ' cbeerfBUy iwa menJ it to all who are afflicted with any dleeaso of tbe blooa " ?TILL ANOTHER CURB OP BOROPULA.?I bad a vary valuable boy cmvd of 8cr)fula by Carter'a ?paniah Mixture 1 ounaider it truly a valuable cn??icine. J AME8 M. TAYl/^K, Oondaotor oa the &. f. and P. K. h. Co.. Bichmc od, Va SALT HllKUM OP TWBNTY YEAR* STANDING CUbBD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing in the dty of Rlc.tmand. was cured by three h rtlea of Oarter's ?"pan .ai; Mixture, of Salt i.heum. which be bad tor aeatly t?a-ty years, an J wh-ob all tha phya.caaM of the 4a eaald not cure. Mr. Tbompeoa 1b a well kaoaaSrafatut in tha city of Ki:bmoad( and ha b 3>a*& afearkable. WM. L.ii< mifcWd, of Ri"hmoT d had a servant our?4 at ayt>hi>i?, ia tLe worst form, by Carter's ^pan'ah Mixture. lie says be ch-erfuMy roooa^ m-Q'li it, and ocnsklora it a very mvaluaole moli ciuo. EDWIN BURTON, eomatwtoner of the revenue, aaTS he has aeon the good sOec'a of Carter's fponioh M'.xtare in a number of Syphilitic coaea, and aaya It is a perteet eure f r that horrible disease. WM. Q. HARttOOD.of Richmond, cared of old Bora aai Uloera, wh'ch disabled bin from wtlbiag. IV)k t law bottloa of Carter's Spanish Mixtare. and was enabled to walk witboat a eruteb, in a abort Un-e perm an en |y cured. i liacipol Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. ?8 Vaidau Lane, New York T. W DYOTT A SON.-, No. 182 North Beoond at^ Ph ladelpbia KRNNBTT t BEBR8, No. 125 Main street, Rich ?oid,Va. And for aale by OH A BLEB PTOTT. Washington, D. C; HEN <Y PEEL, Alexaaaiia, and by DragglstB averyabeio. Price $1 per boitlo, or Mx bottle* f r |S; -1? _ PENRHYN AND IKON MANYBL-?May be s*,a a beautiful asa rtmeut o( these ch*ap sad du rable article*, at theenrn^mf Pennsylvania arenas aad Tenth street, over the Waahiogtoa Savings n a ? till BALf'H IIABKINP. BOV IS?eott

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