Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1855 Page 2
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K\ hMNG S ( All f NtiluN K ii*V MOWDA? irTERWogy February 12 03^ The Urge and eanvenient dwelling on the oorncr of Pwnsylvania avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. Novice to Scbscbibbbs.- Subscribers to ? he Star, who do not get their papers regular ly, will oonfer a favor on the proprietors by leaving information 0f the feet at the Star ooua ting-room. arau or thi mftmife press The Tntelltcenecr, of course, deprecates a veto oi the French spoliation bill, arguiBg earnestly against such aa event. It will be remembered that that journal har always been an advocate for the paymsnt of those demands upon the Nation*! Treasury. The editor re publishes an artiole against a veto ftom the columns of the Sentinel, and commends its reasoning. Now, we shoald nob again inter fere in the matter, but for the fact that we see evidence around us of a settled disposition to misrepresent the facts connected with this case tor the benefit of the spoliation speculators Mfe are not "an organ" of the Administration, as the Intdlignvcr intimaes, and, therefoie, do not pretend to speah by authority with reference to the ('resident's course in this or any other matter. With reference to our declaration, mmtle a few days ago, that we ex pected ? vetj it will be remembered that in publishing i., we declared that it was but ou. opinion Th .t opinion was founded on various facts. Thus we knew that a large majority of the President s political friends in Congress are opposed to the bill, and most anxious for a veto We knew, jur'her, that the President, when in Congress, steadily set his face against tie payment of tliese unjust demands, and, also that he hold* to the dootrine of the Democratic party that the veto power was not designed to be applicable to cases wherein constitutional questions only are at issue. Or, in other words that he has always held it to be proper for the veto power to be exercised in every case oi importance in which its exercise may, in the judgment oi the Executive, be necessary to prevent what he believes to be improper ac tion on the part of the Government of the United States. On the whole, we think it i* rather late tc attempt to stave off a veto of this bill by newspaper articles. The Union detains a communication from a Texas bori holder, going strenuously for the appropriation of the whole $8,500,000 proposed by lhe >enate. The Union might as well whistle p^ias to dead horses, it strikes us, as publish arguments against the House amendment: - -his bill in the face of the ma. jority of 42, t-y which it was adopted The Uirio,* also deplores the defeat of the re-election of Gen Shields to the United State* Senate, and rehearse? his so valuable military service? in Mexico. L Political Heaven The other day, we published a paragraph from the Philadelphia Pennsylvaman, ar. sorting there wai ' more corruption in the Pennsylvania Legislature than could be found In any body com| sed of the same number ol men on God's esrth." The Harris'ouig Patriot of Thursday last says For weeks Harrisburg has been the scene of plots and counter-plots, of ingenious ma nuvering and deep laid schemes The mid Eigbt lamp ha? shone on many secret and sol emn councils, and the morning dawn has late ly found men witb anxious countenances mut tering m whispers. In 'the nee small hours ' gold has jingled in dim back rooms, and bank notes, fresh iuocl from the press, baverastled with extravagant protuseness Promise have been ?cattered as plentifully as snow flakes, ard pledgee have been given as numberless as the pe.4 sands. The candidates have all been here, each pljicg his busy machinery to man ufaeture popularity and secure votes. ' A writer at Harrisburg, in addressing a dis tant newspaper, says: " The Legislature?consisting of a motley gronp of bigoted looking lealuts, wi-h sharp laces, egg-shaped heads and dull, leaden ?JM-t- doing comparatively nothing but drinking whisky Por men elected as temper ance men, as were many of tbem. they can hold their own at that? dashing down" the -Hobensack as if they all dined on codfish an l supped on No. 1 mackerel, or were making an effort to use up, aoltn* volens all the rot ant in the land. In the above extract there is more of truth than poetry. On one occasion, while at Uar risburg we saw a member of the Legislature ' -er for pay, in a public bar-room, to vote for a certain candidate for ofltoe Is not Harris burg a paradise for politicians7 He are in the receipt of the seventh number of the ??American," an American paper published at Paris, by C. L. Fluihuian It is printed in the English and French lan. fuages, after ?be Paiisian s'yle of typography. It must prove very acceptable to those Paris ian visitors who speak the English language as it contains a directory and the latest news ot Paris and tlie departmeit*. Thb War ?A private letter to one of the editors of the New York Journal of Commerce, dated 2jth ult , says, "Peace is deemed quite practicable, bjt the protraction of the war more probable You will see Lord J. Rue sell s statement of the occurrences at Vienna. It is believed here, in some oircles, that i. was decided between Louis Napoleon and Lords Palmerston ani Kussell, during the visit of the latter to Paris, that the enterprise against Sebastopd shon!d be prosecuted, eoute quit rout<, and no serious negotiation for peace pursued until that was ended in some mode or other " Haan to Sarisrr.?Heretofore, the com plaint most prevalent among ioc-dealers has been that the ie waa too thin, and a searcity would ensue, lhis year, we notioe that in Ik-stvn the ice is S]>oken of as provokingly thick. The ice crop, are now nearly harvested. Tbb Coloist Plsce ?The Boeton Tran script says the Boldest spot yet heard from is West Randolph, Yt , where the mercury has indicated the extreme cold of 4i deg. below sero. Spirit t-??jaometers are used in that region, as merai.rj becomes solid at 40 degrees below sero in Fahrenheit's scale 1'RufcRxss or THB Ai.t?A ikwton paper stated, receotly, 'hat, in answer to an adver tisement for a young man to work in a store, eighteen applieeti, ns were feceived; while in answer to one for a jouaggentleman to trav el and play the banjo, over four hundred as pfrants addressed note*. Sacb is young Amer ice?rather make money by acting the negro than by being en honest, industrious white W\S*IH?TOS HEWS ARD GOSSIP. The Ziavy Peform Bill ?The result of earn est inquiry on the subjeot, for t he last two days, has been to satisfy as that the bill of Senator Mallory. for the reform of the per sonne l_of the United States naval service, which is probably to be deposed of to-morrow in the House, will sorely become a law. We have yet to find the first member who fails to realise that those officers who do the work ought to be better paid, while those who do not do their respec - tive shares of it should not be paid as heavily as they are. This jrtoposed reform, which will not cost the Treasury an additional dol lar, is destined to prove the key to changes in the service which will infuse new life and vigor into it, purifying and rendering it far more efficient than at prasent. Under the law in this respect, as it exist* at present, there is really no inducement for tha capable officer to devote his whole heart, mind, and other capacities to his oountry's service, aasuch commendable devotion to his profes sional duties oan hardly be expected to result in his reapiBg as much return as usually falls to the share of the officer who devotes equal capacities to the labor of getting off from arduous and disagieeabla duty, through pleading all conceivable pretexts. There are officers standing high oa the register who can beat any Philadelphia lawyer in scheming to carry a point personal to them selves at the Department. They are the men who really deserve least, yat through perti nacity and t^e adroit use of the influence of friends, until recently, they have almost inva riably carried their point of picking and choos ng their duty when they deign to do an) real professional duty. Tha present Secretary it is well known, early set his face against the blandishments of such gentlemen; but no man in his position can escape being oftencir cumvented by them, unlaws Congress will so shape the law as thit he who does not, in the long run, do bis full share of active duty at sea, shall not, under any pretence, fare as well at the hands of the Government, as him who faithfully, promptly, and cheerfully discharges his whole duty to his country. Promotions in the Navy?Ay and with the advice ind consent of the Senate : Charles H. Bell, to be a Captain from 12th August, 1854, vice Cap*. John Downes. dee d Abraham Bigelow, to ba a Captain from 12th September, 1854, vice Capt. Downing, cashiered. Henry H Bell, to be a Commander, from 12th August, 1854, vice Commander C. H. Bell, promoted. Wo. Smith, to be a Commander from 12th August, 1854, vice Commander A Bigelow, promoted. Master C. C. Simms, to be a Lieutenant from 12ih August, 1354, vice Lieut. H H. Bell, pro moted. Master H. N. Arnold, to be a Lieutenant from 12th September, 1854, vice Lieut. Wm Smith, promoted. Master Thomas Pattison, to be a Lieutenant from lUth September, 1854, vice Lieut J. C. Walsh, resigned. Master Julian Myers, to bo a Lieutenant from 2thh September, 1854, vice Lieut. A. B. Davis, deoeared Master James H'ggins, to be a Lieutenant from 6th October, 1854, vice Lieut J. D Bul loch, re-igned. Master Richmend Auliok, to be a Lieuten ant from 24th November, 1854, vice Lieut. S. E Munn, tieceased. Passed Assistant Surgeen K W. Jeffefy to b? a Surgeen from 5ih Augun, 1854, vice Surj goon Bailey Washington, deceased Passed Assistant Surgeon T. M. Potter, to be a Surgeon from 17th September, 1854, vice Surgeon C. F. (Juillou, resigned Passed Assistant burgeon, S. Ridont Addi son, to be a Surgeon from 221 of September, 1854, vie* Surgeon George Terrill, resigned. Passed Assisanl Surge >?, Wm. A. Nelson, tj be a Surgeon from 21st of NoveinVer, 1854, vice Surgeon Wm Turk, deceased. William Q. iiay. to be an Assistant Surgeon from 12th of September, 1854, vice Jeffory,^ promoted. Daniel B. Conrad, to be an Apftistant Sur geon, from 20th ef September; 1854. vice Pot ter, promoted. J. E sample, to be an Assistant Surgeon from 22d of September, 1854, vice Addison, promoted. Wm. T Hord to be an Assistant Surgeon from 1st of November, 1854, vice Assistant Surgeon Tunstall, resigned. Wyatt M Brown, to be an Assistant Surgeon from 25th of November, 1854, vice Nelson, pre motel. Addison Garland, to be % Captain in the Marino Corps from 15th October, 1854, vice Capt A H. Gillepie, resigned Thomas T. Field, to be a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps from 15th October, 1854, vioe Garland, promoted A. J. Dallas, to be a Seoond Lieutenant in the Marine Corps from 31st October, 1*54, to fill the vacancy oreated by the promotion of T. Y. Field. Charles G. McCawley, to be a First Lieuten ant in the Marine Corps from 2d January, 1855, vice Firt Lieut. H. B. Watson, resigned. Henry B. Tyler, Jr., to be a Seoond L euten ant in the Marine Corps from 2d Januiry, 1 f(SS, to fill vacancy oreated by the promotion of C. 6. McCawley Joseph Smith, to be Navy Agent at Boston vioe J- U. Wright, whose commission had ex pired ? New Business for the Captain of a Reve nue Cutter ?A circumstance of quite a novel character occurred at Seattle, Washington Territory, during the November term of the territorial court, Chief Justice Lander pre siding. Three white oitisens had been indioted by grand jury for the murder of an Indian. One had been tried and acquitted; the seoond was placed upon trial, when the attorney for the Commonwealth was taken suddenly ill, and the court adjourned. It was supposed the prisoner would be discharged, as all the law yers in the town were engaged for the defence. Daring the night the revenue cutter "Jeff Davis." Capt W. C. Pease, came into the har bor and anchored. The continued illness of the prosecuting at torney induced the judge to send for the cap tain of the cotter, who was informed that ho nad been assigned to represent the Territory in the present trial, and was asked if he would accept the appointment. The modest eaptain replied that, under the peculiar oircumstance3 of the case, if the court would allow him until the following day at ten o'clock, he would examine into the matter, and come into ooart urd perform the duty assigned him t? the bctt his ability. At this tine, Col. Wallace, the head of the bar in the Territory, and renior counsel for the defence, moved to the court that i oommittee be appointed to examine Capt Pease, with a ?lew te his admission to the bar, an Attorney and Ceunseller at this Coart The young Captain who was previously known to the Court, and differen1 members of bar, reluctantly submitted to an examination; and the next cay when he made his appear ance in Court, Col. Wallace instantly arose and made the motion for admission, and the Captain was sworn as Counsellor a' Law. When the -third prisoner was brought to trial, the prosecuting Attorney had recovered, and managed the case himself. The Captain of the Cutter was offered a large snm to de fend him, but refused, on the ground that men learned in the law were present, and ready to attend to ^ case "Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel.''?Tho following aro copies of accounts presented by an agent in this city for the prosecution of claims on the Government, to two of his clients, whose extra pay he obtained from the Navy Agent under powers of attorney; the poor sailors being in the Pacific when the money was duly paid on thoir respective orders We republish the accounts by way of cautioning the distant publio how they employ agents here, without satisfying themselves of their trustworthiness: Washington, August 26, 1854. , Lewis De Buff, In account with , attorney : By amount of extra pay claim, prose cuted by attorney $307 30 To hotel expenses (board) whilst in Washington prosecuting tbis claim, from 25th November, 1853, to 18th of August, 1854, 275 days, ut $2 50 per day 687 50 No charge for any oihe1" expense, such as pestage, haek hire, Ac. WisniXGToir, August 8, J 854. John Taylor, In account with , attorney : By amount of extra pay claim, prose cuted by attorney $275 40 To hotel expenses (board) whilst in Washington prosecuting this claim, from 30th April to 8th August, 1854, llOi days, at $2 50 psr day 278 25 No charge for any other expense, such as postage, hack hire, ?tc Confirmed by the 8euate ?Collectors of the Cus cms: Wm. M. Harrison, Richmond, Va , vice John Lynch, deceased; H W. Moreland. Yoiktown, Va , vice Philip H. Bariiga, re signed; A. D. Baaks, Pesersbnrg, Va , vice Lewis Lunsford, resigned ; Joseph Ramsey Plymouth, N. C., reappointed. Naval Officer: JohnMcClintock. Portsmouth, N . H , reappointed Surveyors of the Customs : Martin Russell, Troy. N. Y , vice Edwin Brownell, resigned; ' m. E Starke. New Orleans, vice Thomas c! IWer, appointed collector; Philip Jlarvey, Burlington. Iowa, vice Anthony W. Carpenter, resigned. Appraiser: Francis Leccb, New Orleans vice M in. E Starke, appointed surveyor. Assistant Appraiser: Wm. P. Keyburn, New Orleans, vice Franci.' Leech, appointed appraiser. ihe Close of the Seanon -?Strangers Are pouring into Washington, drawn hither ?>y the fact that mo<t of the real business of the region is yet to be disposed of. So we are defined to have a merry time of it inside the 0 ipitol and on Pennsylvania avenue during 'ho next three weeks. Ihe propositions to donate lands to aid the construction of rail roads draw many of thete gentlemen hither. It strikes us, however, that they come in vain, tbero being litt'e present chanse of the success of any bill or bills to that end, however flat tering their prospects at the opening of this Congress The Iowa bill has the best chance of success, unices the sign? of the times de ceive us {.really ^ land Officers and Iidian Agents Confirmed. The Senate have confirmed Robt. D Haden to be receiver of publi? moneys st Columbus. Miss ; 1 ho? Welsh, ditto, at Montgomery, Ale*.; Yi m D. Caldwell ditto, at Shawnee* town, III ; ' has. W. Alorrison, ditto, at Oua chita, La; Robt. Benguerel. to be register of the land office *t Opelousss. La.; Nathan 01 ney, Indian ageut in Oregon Territory ; Geo. H. Ambrose, ditto, ditto. Qeneral Scott.?The House this morning passed the Senate bill confericg the rark of Lieutenant General on Gen. Soott. The Current Cperations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 10th of Feb , there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the payment of Treasury debts &^?63 00 i*or the Customs??????? . ? ? ? ?????? 1 <3 For covering into the Treasury from customs 18,348 77 Forooveringintotlie Treasury from miscellaneous sources. ? 997 41 For the War Department 32,893 83 For repaying in tho War Depart ment 94 71 For the Interior Department 5,050 82 CON?KBN8IO^(AL. In the Senate, on Saturday, after we went to press, Mr. Stuart's international Improve ments bill, was debatbd at length by Messrs Hunter, Stuart, Wade, Bell, Bayard, Rusk, Seward, Clayton, Tousey, Benjami n and others, when, on motion of Mr Bayard, it was re ported back with specifio appropriations? yeas 24, nays 17. In the Bouse, the bill for the construction of four new revenue outters (appropriating $60,000) was passed , and then they went into a Committee of the Whole House, (Mr. Haven in the chair) wherein the bill to renew the reaping and mowing machine patent of Moore A Hascall, was debated by Messrs. Tracy, Stuart of Michigan, Bridges, MoMulleo, Hughes and Clark, for it, aad Messrs. Benton, Perkins, of N. Y., Sage, Goode and Lyon against it. On motion of Mr. Cox, the enacting clause was strioken out. The Committee then rose, and that notion (defeating the bill) was oonourred in by the House?jeas 96, nays 34. Shortly afterwards the House adjourned. Prorrrdinya of T* Day. In tht Senate, to-day, after the introduc tion of petitions, bills, resolutions, Ac ? Mr. Touoey called up^he bill for the estab liihment of a oirouil oourt of the United States in California, which he was advocating at some length when we wen' to press In the House. Mr SkeUon moved a resolu tion to confine all debate in Committee of the Whole, during the balance of the session, to the subject actually under consideration; agreed to. Mr. Edmundson moved to suspend the rules to enable him to oiler a resolution direc'ing the Revolutionary Pensions Committee to in quire into the propriety of subscribing for, on the part of the House, copies of the work on the pension laws by F. C. Triplett; rules not suspended , On motion of Mr. Ball, Ihe coamittee of the whole House was discharged from the further consideration of the bill f>r the relief of Zacbariah Lawrence,~ which said bill was passed. * Mr Bayly, of Virginia, moved to discharge the Committee of the Whole on the state of ! the Union from the further consideration of the bill to oonfer the rank of Lieutenant Gen eral on Major General Winfield Soott, U. S. A.; agreed to. The said bill was then paaeed-yeaa 1*>. nays #5 I BRIOKAI.. ... Mra Farren U at Portland. Me. " .... Dr Achillt, ia now on a tour through Indiana He was in Lafayette on the .... Sir Edward Lytton Bnlwer, denies, ia a letter to the London Critic, the Cory put forth, that he had written to a gentleman in Bolton that he had "clo*ed his career at a writer of fiction, was gloomy and unhappy; bad expended the powers of life in chasing rfaaure where it is not to be found, Ac." He says be knows no Bostonian to whom he could write on a personal matter, and that the whole statement is a complete fabrication. .... A "shonlder hitting" "heavy" perfor mer at the St. Charles Theatre, New Orleans, named Howard, was passing a group of gentle men on his way home the other evening, with his wardrobe and hit wife, when one of them remarked "Is that Farren or Bourcioault?" "he oarries hia bundle like Farren" "It is neither, gentlemen," put in the actor, drop? ping his wife and his bundle, "It is only *a," and he then went at them "a la" Tom nyer, maiming one and putfiag the others to flight. He was arrested and oonveyed to the "Lock up," but speedily released. The following foreign personal item! we ret from papers brought by the last steamer: .... Cardinal Wiseman and the other pre lates ef Great Britain, now at Rome, hare suppli:ated the Pope, and the request bas been baoked by the Bishops of other natio. a that the devotion paid to the venerable Beie may be extended to the whole Church .... Dr. Rutb, the late learned President of Magdalen, bas given his library, amonnting to some 20,000 volumes, to the University of Durham. .... The Shakspeare and Garrick goblet, made from the memorable mulberry-tree that grew in Shakspeare's garden at Stratford on Avon, was sold last week at Sotheby and Wil kinson's, for ?32 Garrick drank out of it at the Stratford jubilee. .... Col. Benton, in acknowledging the re oent complimentary testimonial of the Mer cantile Library Association of New York, in forms hi? young correspondents that be at tributes whatever of mental and bodily vigor he now has, and whatever oPbusiness appli cation he has ever shown, to a resolution formed early in life to abstain from ail intoxi cating drinks .... The Kinney expedition is considered abandoned. .... The K. N's of Greenbush, New York, on Wednesday last, burned Speaker Littli jobn, of the New York assembly in effigy .... Tho Baltimore Patriot says : "Gen. Wilson, the newly elected S. S. Sen ator from Massachusetts, on his was to Wash ington, address d an abolition gathering at Worcester. He it said to be of the most ultra school of abolitionists." And yet the Patriot apologises for Mr Wil son's election ....Dr. Newman, the famous Romania, who had tho controversy with Dr. Achilli, the apostate catholio, arrived in tbe Africa last week Achilli is also in the country, and a leading ''Enow Nothing." .... A Mr. Tumerelli. a gentleman who is said to bave traveled in Russia, bas been lec turing in London on tbe " Social and Mor>l characteristics of the Russian people.'' lie related the follwwing anecdote: " When Madame Tag! ioni quitted St. Peters burg she left a pair of slippers at the hotel. I The landlord soon made his good fortune I known, and 50, 100, and even 200 roubles I (?20) were offered for the forgotten sl:p;eis I he landlord, however, finding the public en thusiasm increase as he raised hia deaiacds, peremptorily refused to part with the -Uppers under 1.000 roubles (?100.) This sum beir.g | rather more than any individual appealed willing to give, thirty-five persons olubbed to i gether and purchased tbe slippers. They i then wanted to koow wbat to do with them After many rug^ostiona, none of whicb gave J general satisfaction, it was proposed by one of the speculators, more enthusiastic and ori I ginal than his fellows, that they should them ! The landlord of the hotel pronounccd I the idea to be excellent and proposed to make a fricaase of them, which was accordingly j done, and the tbiriy six enthusiasms, with the lecturer as their guest, did actually eat Tag lioni's slippers, and washed 'hem down in bumpers o'. champagne, in which they drank to the health of the charming danseuse." ....The correspondent of the New York Evening Post, who is probably correct, says: It may be well to state here that Mr Jokn B. Miller s name has been withdrawn at hia own requeat, and Samuel It. Cox, of Ohio, I nominated in his place te tbe office of aeoreta ry of legation to Pern. A statement that :h? I withdrawal was owing to the opposition of I members on the ground of Mr. Miller'a anti Nebraska views is entirely wrong. Tbe President is de'ermined that no dis crimination shall be made on that ace >un , and so do Nebraska-democrats generally in I Congress, in fact; it would not be healtby for I them to adopt any other course. But Mr. I Miller had the misfortune to write an unguard ed letter during the anti-Nebra.-ka excitement, reflecting with severe personality on Douglas I and other prominent Nebraska men, to Mat I teson, a Howard whig, in the Houre, and who I ia now Miller'a bitter enemy This letter was shown to tbe senators. Miller also adop ted in hia paper, the Utica Observer, the in 1 sinuation elsewhere made that Mr We-tbrook I was b ibed to vote for the Nebraska bill, by I tbe promise of the District Attorneyship, in I place of O'Conor Mr. Wes'brook's friends I were accordingly sthnulatod by some unhappy I influence to avenge hia personal griefs by re questing that the nomination be postponed ? I B*fkeen these two oppositions, the nomination of Miller has fallen through; but it ia due to I the administration to say that the withdrawal is nut caused by an illiberal policy on its part, I bat waa attributable Bolely to personal reasons I ?a mere slip of the pen. Horrible Execution. William Young was hung at New Orleans on the 2d instant, for the murder of Christian Rbein, a child of whom he waa the guardian, and whom hia inhuman craelty consigned to an untimely grave. The execution waa at tended by the moat revolting oiroumatancee. One of the accounts aaya: The prisoner was led forward by a negro and the executioner. Hia step was firm; hii face ghastly pale; but no outward aign of emotion waa visible. He appeared, indeed, to be utterly unoonsoious of. tho terrible doom awaiting him. He never opened either his lips or hia eyes, even for an inatant. His face indioated a nature depraved, aenaual, and obstinate. He wore yellow pants, with a white atrirt and a cap of the same color. The attendant hang man was groteaquely dressed. The face of thia wretched minion of the law was concealed *>J a horrible looking blaok muk, which gave tbe ghaatly ceremonial an altogether unnecea sary revolting aspect Aa soon aa the sheriff had read tbe warrant, tbe cap was drawn over the face of the cul prit, the hangman atepped from the scaffold to tbe platform, the rope that ausUined it waa severed, and the body of the murderer dangled in the air. Hia fall was partly broken by a portion of the scaffold, wbieh waa not released until tbe head of tbe unbappy m ?n waa .in contact with it It will be remembered that the culprit en deavored to evade the penalty annexed to hia crime by an aot of auicide He succeeded in cutting biathroat, in a moat frightful manner; so'much so, that bad thu execution bean post Kned a few boura longer, be would not hava en hanged at all In order to render an ex ecution poaaible tho wounds were bound with Knt and lineo. Such is the tender mereiea ol the law to tbe violatora ot ita de rees ! Partly in oonsequence of the obetruotion al ready alluded to that broke the fall, and part ly owiag to tbe knot of the rope having caught ; cjmediately beneath his obin as soon aa th? bolt wae withdrawn.tne ghaatly wounda wars reopened and enlarged?the wind pipe waa en tirely severed?the blood flowea eopiovslj from hia throat and mouth. staining hit white neckerchief and cap?and the wind rushed through the blaading opening with a fright f?l, Host unaarthly load report, whieh eaued ?vary spectator in the yard to ebndder ar?d to * n away hia face in horror The agony of the ufferer mast have been intenee Hi? leg* r'd bi< arm* ? although firmly tied behind hu back?writh'd aboat for at leant ten min utes The vains of hia hands increased in fi?e. It vu the moet revolMng spectacle (ha*, we hare ever aeen or read of. Tn British Hcspitals at Servant, (w?a* Constant i nop lb.)?A letter from Scutari of Jan. 7th, after mentioning the arrival of the Royal Albert from England, with 2,600 freak troope on board bound to Balaklava, aaya: 4 We have now 1,150 men buried finee Al .ma, S.500 in theee hospital a, but in all togeih er, ihipa included, 4.600. The deatba from wounda of the above 1 150 are 303; poor fel Iowa, though wonnda heal slowly between the two seas, they hare done well on the whole, and almost all the amputations on the field have succeeded; the n n-success of many o?h ers is accounted for by the wiah of the surgeons to avoid amputations, if possible, and the con sequent stigma of performing them to ge' troublesome cases through, and therefore ma ny have been deferred too long, till the pa tient had not circulation enough to make t he vitviUM triumph. I believe there has beer a good share of medical talent and medical care since we came ( he eve of the battla?viz the 4th of November); generally the sick have been well attended, but particularly the* would have wanted clothing and extra die ? Miss Nightingale has been enabled by be supporters to afford theee in enormous pro portions?2.000 flannel shirts for instance? and to 550 to 720 men. 16 mi kpails full of ar rowroot, with li bottle of port wine in each evory evening, and on arrival; the men eoin< down now sadly worn out. Lord Napier i. often here, and his exoellent wife, and eier cigea a judicious kindness and sound discrioii nation in this very preeai^g state of calamity II flCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTIONVol a'e hereby notified that a dre^n drill of via* Comonny will take place at the armory '111 MORROW (Tuesday) EVENIVG, Februii 13th, at o'clock. All member* not appe ring in uniform will l> struck from Ih?* roll of the company. B. A. JAMISON, Captain A. H. Wnutss,O, S. teb 12 li* NOIICE.-THE MEMBERS oF THI Amicus Cloh arc requested lo meet at theo room on WEDNESDEVENING, the Mth iu*t , at 7 o'clock, as there is business of importance t. be t ansacted. JAS. T. McGOWAS, feb 12?It* Sec. pro teui. va PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at jHL tention.?You are hereby notified to /HPl the regular weekly drills at the armor* ei ' n .every TUESDAY, at 7 o'clock, uu il fui th< r notice. All new members, as well as all others, are ex pected t<> be punctual in their attendance. By order of the I'nptain : SERGEANT HAMILTON, Instructor, feb 10-St* . J(l?T RBC/KIVED From New York, by A Jam* fc (X'tEiptwuOl fice, JO kegs fresh MALAGA GRAPES, in good 01 der. at 75 cent* per iiouiid. C. GAUTIER, leb 12?3t - il.19 PeansyIvania aveeee. NOTlCfc.?STOLEN ON THE 6th JAM' nry. a proroissorv not* drawn by B. S. Magai in favor ol John S. Allen, for ?5.5. Any one is fnt hidden in irading in Mid note. a? the pa tm* nt ? tin same h**- been stopped. feb 19?3C KKWAKD,?Lost, on or about the 161 ? * January, 1855, at or near the Omsibnt sian in Georgetow n, a Leonard Paf iit revolving hainuiei PIS I'OL, size of the bullet 140 to the lb. Any per "on who tinds and return* the same to the I'uioi Line Omnibus office, Georgetown, will rec eive il>. aUive reward. leb 19?'.V PIANO FOR RENT.?AN EXCELLENT I'! ano, from the manufactory of Krtab. St GaHd-, Baltimore, will be rented on very moderate t? r.-'i* it immediate application be made to G F. Schalet 5881 Pa. avenue or llilbu* St llitz, corner Pa. a\ and D st. feb 9 ? 3t? VALKNTINE8. A LARGE ami >-pl< ndid assortment of VALEN TINES for fale at low prices, at Mrs. G. ANDERSON S. feb 12?4t* No. #76 Pa. avenue. I.-UiR SALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS i?n sale a aorrel liarn<vs and ndine llor^e K)w.> o!d, of fine style ami movement He maybe seen at Hie s'-able >A' RoBT. EARL, H street, n- ar 21st feb 12 3t* [Into] C MPLIMCKTAKY TO PROF. MUlf EE I'IIE subscribers *? the COMPLIMENTARY BALL to Pr< f H. W. M under, on Wednssy , next, February t4!h. are requested to procorc th? i i ticktts be ore the night of the Rail. Tickets to l> 1 had of any of the manager*, and auhe Piano. Muti<, Iand Station* ry tSore of John F. KIlis, where lit subscription Its; may be -*>en. Tb ise who t subscribe in time, will have to send their name*, -o the committee, on the n;ght of the P.all, at the S? loon. feb It? :<i IRON HALL. "IAGICAL A WO MIMICAL SOIUK ! Great Con'bination of Attraction ' koberT heller AH PI AXIS? AND HAOICIAN On tlie same evei ing, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, 185T?. Owins to the numerous applications at the Ho\ oi lice to hear Professor HELLER in his ren dwrinc of the Music by the ?reat Mast* rs, he will, on Mon day Evening, in coll ection with bis MAGICAL WONDERS, lutn duce a GranJ r I A NO FORTE SOLO. D<?>rs open at 7 ; curtain rise at 8 o'clock. QtJ- Secure your seats ea'ly. Admission?Orchestia t 'hairs (cushioned) 50 ct? Dresa Circle 37ceuls- Family Circle 25 cents. feb It- It ANOTHER GOLDEN GALA7 The former grand Golden Soiree of the great MACALLISTER, having been received by a crowded* and hrilliart audience with rapturous approbation, another still greater and higher in value will be given al Odd F?U lows' llal1, Tt'&SDAY KVBIIkO Feb. 13tli, Gol.i Watches,'lewels, Bracelets, Rings, Brooches, Pencil*. 8tc., V??. In num her and valued at #350. No incr lie in the price Ml tickets. TickcU only 50 cents?to be had at tialt k Br*.V Jewelry Store, Pa avenue, where the presents may lie seen; at KirkwooJ llouse. and Odd Fellows' Hall, day and evening. Tickets limited to the aiz' of the hall. leb 12 <RTASRIllflTOl IRVIKfl'S New Hook yj for Fale at SHILLINGTOM'P BOOKSTORE. VVolfert's lloost, by Washington Irving London lllustraued News by the last steamer Leslie's Gaz> tie of Fashion for February Hunt's Merchant'* Magazine do Ranking'* Abstract tor January Westminster Review do Loi.don Lancet for February Ecle tic Magazine do All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards aud for sale at SHILLING TOM'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner st. and Pa. av?. feb li?3t ~THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL Of THK GEORGETOffS V WTOI CUB o ILL b* giv.-n at FORREST HALL, George Vf town, on THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. LV The uii-iiibers ol the I lub pledge themselves that no pains or expense will Imv spared t?? make it one of the most pleasant Balls of Uic i-euson Scott's Coutlou Band bas bet^u engaged for the occasion. Refreshments will be served up by an experienced eatrrer. No hats or caps will be admitted in the room, ex cept tl?o*e worn by the respective clubs.' Itcktls ONE DOLL\R - admitting a gentleman and ladien io be bad ol any of the memliers of the club. ComfiiUet oj AmingemenU. Thos Dowling, Thomas Serrtus, Samuel Howard, J L LipacAmb, George W Graves. A W Ward. Manager*. Jno Heard, Jrvo Thomas, A J Oements, Edvard Kipped, Ciianes Grimes, Jno Oast. J Rooios. ? Floor Managers. Ge*? Graves, J U Thomas, J Kooiev. feb 12 - tb Amusements. THE CHOIR OF WESLEY CHAPEL, AwwttH bv sevrraJ of th. m uiwH -tirinnun of Baltimore and Washington, will give a Concert of Bscred Music Attheir Church.on Ihe corner of Fdih and p IUM| Ob TUff OAT ITEMING Fib i:<U, When the flhSawrtaf Pnigraioioe of IrauuTri aad popular pieces wnl be presented m their Mm Mjlf, uMrr the direction of Prnf. J. H. IUiiil. riir i. 1. Hrnl, Great CrtHi* 9. Solo, UaiNi'Mtr whI at (he Pukn leas M i Reed, Mr*. MwBeM, k Mr?ri, liodg?*?n. Slw?lfr and l*aanl jL Soto^Vockrf iu the Cradle el lite Itefp K. Ball *. Choniv w' h ^olo?Methiaks I bear the full hwiial ? ?HMf, Sok> by Mm Rued 5. Sulo-Ttai* ?y?rtr Squall J- Hodrwi 6. UntrtMir n,an,?WI,rrecan t'?o Soul ^ Ami (by Ally) T*Mrf Musers. Alby Daniel -.iidTabl. t , 7. Ihiet Whatan-ihe ?J Waves Saying M??* Rend and Mr Dawvm . _ H. Solo, witli Fluie ??h!ig*t<> Sai' *ff (*?? Al by)? Mrs. Butter 9. Anthem Thrn-fc lla^\ Maa. P*>T II. I. Chorus. With OMigato soio?Tha Mnrvtllow" W<?rt, Solo by Mms Reed 9. Duel?Have Mercy upon aa Mrs. Bauer k Mrs. Tabler 3. Solo?TIm tanas Girl 1. Tablsr 4. UHirtrU*-iv Christian Pilgrim (by Gran)Mrt. Ru'ter. Mrs. Tabl. r, and Mfwi. TaMer aad Albv y Sol?_ | be Sfar Spangled Banner Mia Reed 6. Quartette?Slumber Gentle Piipiim (arttaH ky Alby)..Mi*. Tabler and Messrs. Tabtar, Alby and Hani' I 7. (Wo-B?e> Lamentation Mra. Ratter 8. Solo* and Chorus - Let ua with a juvtuk mind, Solo* by.........Mrs. MornrJI Card* of admission AS rent*, to be had at the Bo ?ksturea of P. Taylor, Taylor k Maury, Usay k Balianiyue. and oi the ladies of the Choir Concert to coanneiice at 7 J* o'clock, feh 8?ThMS3i* SELDEN. WITHERS k CU. BANK NOTES will be taken a? eal rates for Paper, Blank Book*, Fancy Go*]*, Envelop* a, and all other kind* of Stationary, by \VM. P. BAYLY, No 87 8 Pa. avenue, bet. 11th and I9ih sts. feb 9?8t ABEAITIFCL COLLECTION i IP 8 HELL WORK. ?At llutcbcnson k Miinrr.*s, No. 3IO Pa. arena*, will be found the moat magntdcant Shell Work ever offered to a Washington public, j consisting of Work Boxes, pin fashions, Wat; h Stands Mirror*, Card Receiver*, kc. I Which tliev will m II very rcasonabV, aad invite all to call and inspect, even it they do not b?ijr. feh 9?3t HIJTCIIINSON k MUNBQ YOUNG LADIES' CLASSICAL 1SIIITUTX, So 0 Indiana arcane. THK fecoml term of the present scholastic year ka? jn-t commenced. A few store boar. l'i( and Jav |?ttpil- can be accr-mmoiated. STEPHEN H. Ml KICK, A. M .. feh 6?8? * Principal. C2PI.II, SILVKB, S1EKL k PLATED 8PEC JT TACLES to ^uii every aye ami eye, R .tine Sjwo.-, R k. Gla<?e?. Kve' Protectors, Eye Cts-ae, of ail de*c*.p ' tipus Reading Glu ????<. f^wlee ; ke..' ? Parabola, Perif>>eal, Ikweave, Citnvei, and (ttlored Gl iseea put in frames at the sliortest notice. Person* hi unntof fUsten may be tore to yet thoae w hich beiw lit the eye ar H. f4 KM KEN'S, No. 330 Pa. avenue b?tw. 5Hn and 10th *t>. jan '20 NOTICE. TIIK undersigned rp#j?-< t!u!lv annouucea to the public ffiat he is ready now to sell his PATEM' REPEATING PISTttLf, or to take contract* lor making ?hf r*uie. Tnose wisning to see me. can have an interview between ?he hours of 3 and 7 n. in. A full eipl <nation will lie given by me or by my legal a^ent, A B Siroughton. Plt-a* address J. W Brou n, IT. S. floiH, Wasliiaglna, I) C. J W. BROWv ( The K< gi,t> r of New Haven, C?.?,n., will please <*?py J f. b !-?*? EXTRA ? EXTRA ? F,XTRA~ STORMING (not of) SEHASTXJPOL ' FlUt ol every KOHT, CI rY, AND CAS TLB lit the doimnioii* ol' o U I- I r> ! By the cotubmed funai ol tii? Allies of 8 AIR T VALBW1 IRE !! I'nder (lie commaud of that ? ? xper?e?c< d veferan. C?t. JilK SIllLLIKUTOIf, Hacked b) a twice amounting in more than 100,000 Dart*, levelled at tin heretofore impregaabie liae* BACHEL0RD0M ! The nus-ive* used b%- I he ColonHV force* la this assault, w^re forged by BEAITTV and AF K?-iCTIf>N. and rivete.l by the g|;-n ??? ?'-yea t > wliom all sin gle lad:- and la-?i. ? HOUND TO SURRENDER ' The engagement will ' uoe during Ui" eve* memorable < |H>< h of ?T YAI.E \Ti !N K, and c<?ntmiie aiitil not a single sighing maid or bach elor 1* left to uII the tale* 100,000 VALENTINES Willi o tvi hout P.nvel ?pe?, r?ady lor deliwr% to the force* encased, (or m lio cr ut> uiplate uktug part iu the ?<skault> at the ? orKon," f 'oeaer 4% liireet and p*. av?nuM. BY JOE SUILLINUTON, COMMANDER IN CHIEF. I'eb 10?3t LOST?On Thirteenth meei, between Pa. ave nue and G hp et, a small Silver WATCH, for which a suitable reward ? ill be given whea dHiv eret at the store of II. SF.MKEN, Jeweler, between Nintk and T eath ?treets, Penua arcane feb 10? 3i* VALK ?TIH fc.*?AtLAMWOND S, 7tb at., can be found a large ai d beauuiul a ?ortw nt oi benuiiieuul and Comie Valentines and f*t sale cbeaP- feb 10-31 NOTICk: ? ALL PERSONS ARP. HEKEIiV cautioned against receiviuc wr paying a certain I roawasory note drawn by G. V anderwerkea, in la vor of Henry A. Weeder or <w^er, aad by him en dorsed to me, dated January 87th, 1853^ for f50<?. a.* ?aid noto hai got out of ai\ imuM-aaion without my knowledge or consent. A liberal reward will be given to any person who will return the um? to me as speedily as potable. L. B- TRI E, leb 10-3C Eighteenth and H Mreets. MR. BUSIINELL'S SCHOOL, -Vo. 441 Thirteenth $trcH. Mwm F and G tU. '? HE next quarter will commence on the 12th in J slant. Circulars m iy be had at the principal hookerorc?. and at the School ro ms. f-b IU eoSw* KANAWHA, Vat, Balk Wf ? bought and a Id by A. M. SNYDER k Co., Brokers, corner 15ih sueet and Pa avenue. f 'I ran -Allegany, Va., Note* bought and sold by A. M. SNYDER k CO. ft*- Seldeu, Withers k Co'a Kichangf Bank Note, bought and aold by A. M. SNYDER k CO. leb 8- er.lm ? KTROPOlalTAS PAIR HOriCK TO CIIIZXM8 AID 8T&AF0K&S '?MIL. enure stack ot Dry Goods of the late lirrn of X Magrmler k Calvert will he closed oat at very reduced priae*. We name in part? Rich strip* d and plaid Silks Biacade Silks, cost fl, to. 64Jg cenu Changeable Silks, for SOc. V\ hite Crape Shawls at hall price Colored do do Linen Kh?api.r. wort fl for 75c. Pi.low I.ia??i, worth Tic for M I'll ow case Cotton, worth lit-, lor 11 jf 19-4 cotton Sheeting, worth 30e. f?r 35 fine French Ginyhauis. worth 95, for 18\ White and ? olor?d Brilliants, very cheap Also, a large lot of DoiMwtics of 'lbe beat claw, which will he sold very low. Cad ear y and -ecure great bargains, at No. 10, opn Centre Market, between R'li and Ml sta. fob 9 eotfw BOYS' CLOTHING. WALL k siTEPIIENfl, Wholesale aad Retail C?ottiiU| ami turnii>lung Merchants, Pa ave nue, nexi ibtor to Iron Hall, have on hand oae o( Uit large.! and no*t varied a sorttaeru of READY MADE BOYS* C|? .THING in the country . which is au>|f up ta every style, and calculated u. suit all taxes. Their Goods are aade of the best materials and by the bast workaaa, and will be disposed of at ratra that cannot fail to ptaase. Tna paMie are respeetftdty invited lo eall nad ex annoe the ?ack. fob g-tf f>0! 0 a BAIXOI8 H0USX 0J FAIB0 ft I0VUK, Opmomte faded SUdss Tinsiuiy >NDS, Stocks and otltor ?erariiies purchased and ?sold. In teres; at the rale of six per ?n; per uau al lowed cn deposits when left for ?l day* at loocar. ja? 94?6m

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