Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1855 Page 1
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VENTNG STAR f! aUMilKD K\XKY AFTERNOON, (MTCtn W7HDAT,) /< i/i$ Star H*tidingt, ecrn0* Prr-ryfTmn s**hv$ mn4 Kltvt itk strut, IT WAf-LlB?? * IIOPK, wot V- ?rv?l to aabacnber* is lb# eiuet of Wuk Alfundrto, Baltimoresod Phila 4. ?{>?, at SIX 1VD A QUARTER CE*T8, pay*, fc- j 10 the Afeata. To mail mbwriban lit ?utvcnpuoa price la THREE DOLLAH8 AND f rrTCE.VTSa r**r in mimnet, TWO DOL L MIS for SIX HONTflS, and QUE DOLLAR fo. T H B E 8 MONTHS. ft?-Si*?u conn on Cl?T. VOL. V WASHINGTON ac., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1855. NOl IMPORTANT to the sick. ri'HI grrat experience sod wMlkDown skill of I prof. MoCuwu-CE If ? aufflrient guaranty to the Jiblk that the following lift of Medicines, such u Lr. been constantly used In his practice lor the K thirty yean, will fully sustain by their .ffiK. tt? value-> qualities attributed to them, ud pr ve to bs the best Medietas# stor offered to the ^ f!* Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable r-*m-d? far Bronchitis, Ooneump tfa o and *11 chronic diseases of the throat sod laa? In ell e >mplaiuta of the Pulm?. ?Btr or,:*w it b?a proved the m, at sate, oertain, aid rapid remedy *?er employed in the ixtinilTi ?.-?ctfce of Dr. McClintock Fcr any of these forma o? lk<i" showing themselves u Cough, tickling ot the Throat, 8?-n? of Tightness in the Throat, flLittio/ ot Blood, 1/ifficuity of Breathing, Hoarse *>isor Loas of Voice, end Hectic Fever, its om will b* attended with the happiest roeults, while it ia ?> to the pa'ate and atr*ng Isniag to th? vuoleiyitem. It contains no kiadaaum or opium la any ihspe. Price $! per pint bettfe. J/. Dr. McCUntock's CM md Cough MlMlLTt. An infhlL'Me cure for re? ent Oamgh?, T1c*lin* of II? Throat, Tightaeaa of Breathirg, O.oup In Chi) gr?n, 4c- It attains uo preparation of opium. f- *6 asnts p? lot tie. 111. Dr. McCUntock's Aithma and Hooy ing Cough Rmctly. An alnost '.?laTaEtan'oua relief for these ibtrnaa in; xaiplaiuta. This i< the fruit of an ioQenM sx patience, and is aa;oni*hing in its effect*. No per se j c>eed euffer a day froai Asthma or Hcoping IX a^h who win um it. Prte? 60 c-suta per bottle. IS. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhsu Ccrdial mdChoUra Preventive. A prompt and certain cure for Diarrhea, Dysen ta f, fj J Obolers Moibtu in all atarss. A pare pre ventre of Asiatic Choice, which no traveler or U ally ahooid la without, Prtt* ai and 60 ceate p?r bottle. F. Di. hl'.Cliuloi+s Tonit Aileralive Syrup, for par If, Ins th? bl.x>4. The rao?t new^rfal pu ll tet ever discovered. k> r all Pcroleloua dueaaee, 0 .in dues*?*, Kruptica*, b.^i!*, Fiui^l<w, Br reip?la?, 1 sera, Sote Le*-, and ail ttheumaik. and Syphilitic <* ipUint i, 4c. It la a mr-si. excellent spring medi (jf, peifectly pa' ataUa, aud aale tor children ot fe mi!'.?. Price (pi at Bottles) %\. 1 I. Dr. AhCiintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or <li*ord?-?d du-e ion* nay be call*?l t?.e Nttionai D5?a."?- cf America. It3 symptoms <\n h'vlaoh-; y.lliriwn; aarrovi ^aiT. low dim r ?e uf ?i9it-n, *?-Ito mat-e or cp*.-iibfcfcre thr ?T?t; It :biuj oftSe no-trile, auiln-^fi ft h-nriu.; au i ring, tog in the e?r?; tv-te in t?i? ^j"Ulh; O uat-ioti' u or w?uht about thts oliejt; difl .?!?>? of b' eathrng; a>nae of auil>c4t!c i in iying down, or m aMemlina atairs; palpitntif^uc, cr 'iu.-.^y ?bout the heart; irr. .{ui'*r or d-sncient app^ti:?s; a*aoe of Bii^k ng at the etoiua L; a iJ.ty; r.-i.f'ur l; rain or tnl'ceee of the abdc^iert, k..! ?vt;TcaP3#. om* of tb?*>e ?yEJpt?.'ins *iv.a,.> arf-*r ia !?/ t>a. Mid eourtriatr ibe -iru" airai hi' iu ny of tben at to? Jaaf tire.-. ? r at C.STeifi'. tir. *?. Ko? attacking th^-* Pr neaj -y:*-}.t u-; in tiu'ir s- :;t?r.d p-.aroe, ?isderaagaileoadittub ? f i;.edU*?r:Te:ui.c t:^ns, the r?y*?-p:;c>?Hii lb? wnliuiLie Ingredients which the Veij-Uib'e Kingdoiu iJToris. T*k>u in connection with the Ve^ tnbie furgativa Pi!!a, la ca??K wh?-re th-re i??nu:b co^ti*??.^s, or vith du AaU-Bliiois ?her? the fui-ctioLe of t"?e Uter are irre^larly di3ch?r/'4, i? wji. tcund a mc*t reueuy. frls* (iu pintfcoiL'c9.)$l. VII. Dr. AhClintock't llheuviatic Mix ture. For internal o?r, a purely T?g*table combination for the cure of Rhsuraatiem, G?^it, aud all N?nral gic and ilheumatic Diaea-ea. Thl? iviaedy i? off-red with the utmost con&len.^. It h?i !;-en u;'?<d esUnaively, and ia w near a Epa^.tCc for Hheumatic rij*aa*? u the woxld hiaeve: ??ea. i'iice per bot* tie 60 sea?%. VIII. Dr. ALClintock's Rhcurrmtu, Lini l meaty k An infallible outward application for the relief fcf Ka ! rheumat: ? r neuralgic pain#; apraina, awaliinge, [? Iff a eel, atirfue - (?< th joicU, puna in th<? shorn* | d -re, bi-:k, or lia'*'. Ii nfforJa ic-m;lsat* r-ll?t | f .a sholk and pains in the stomach and a'-lo^ec. Ae a eouuter irritant, it la inraiuab.e in all -aik 1 vbsre an sxMrn^l atanuiaut ia nsedei. Price ^er t>.t'.le) w0 ^Ute. JX. Dr. M:Cii)Ucth s Ar.ody-is Mature, Or Pain-extractor,tteedinterbail/ and eiur -ally, kr ths instant relief of all j alns, Toothacbt, liead a-he, Choi: *, K*?l?m the face. Ohilblaiua, Naural* g a, etons or #revel. A?., Ac. No tai . n*e?l be en core-1 ain^icn'. by a ?y person who wiii n? th.s iavaiuabie A lodyaa. Pi'oe 60 cants per totttle. X. Dr. MiClinlock't Fever and Ague Sptzijlc. * This ha- been found au iufallible spe-t'fla for this t ^urgi ot l r count:.m, and for lnt?:mittent ftvara. No tr?re!ier or r?^id<?nt In any ague dia t.ic: shocit. tali t-"? p>-jT?d" iii?nu?l?efl wilh thiasure P"??eut!??- P^ite tl pT bottle. A I. Dr. MiClintock's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, For the raicf of ConzLl|.ation anl ita painful re sults, sn:b as U?adM.-het bisiiiKia, 8i;k Stomach, rains, and &11 the aympUmj enumerated under ths "Uyapsptlc jMixir." Price U6 cants par box. XII. Dr. McClintoik's Pills, Tot Liver Complaints, and all toras of diseases arising from dtrrau^emeut of the liver, with symp tLmaiuchaa Diiziu?*3, Headache, Kinging in the Kxra, yalio w furred tougae, pain in ths right ahoulder. ?aaeof fnlltia? cr pain in the right aide, disordered ?tjmach or boaela, dc? :'.?nt action of the kidneys a *y-colorad stools, Ac. These Pills, if taken in the iusipient eta6*"S of Biliotu anl Yeiiow cr other I-??rswdl generally ward off ths attaoA. Price %> c-nta ]?r box. Tbe aU re Vieaieiuw may be procursd of all the p'incipal i^rujfwiaV ?.-l Apothecaries in this Dis tort, aad of J. L. ilssiHiW, A^aut, Washington, sep It?Cm BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETU. Healthy gi hs, anf> a sweet breath. All wl*o ore iL''iri?aa of -iMaininj b?n? * x.uld ?U^ ZEKVf t'Ei.EBRATKD T'MtTIi WASH. This dflicioaia article coaahlMa ?' Kuijf is(ril?rio>H iju iliiH's, ibat it lia* now b? r iu?- a Mtml-tid li^nrile with ib?* citiarns uf New ^ *h, riuiadrlpliia :<Hd Baltimor>*. Oeutinia pre a riiw a in tlieir pca< lice uiu?t sucr.'Mfully, and Ii in every th? uiunt llattTin< Uudatiuna are aw^fileil u. ? laiharil olrr>,luif tfiiin-i ar?* imiae?lialeiy ben etiu?-,i by it* u*r; its action upon thi iu is mild, fe-Khuic and ??fTe.'iiVr*. It fl??ai>ae>i th? teetli so Uiir .U!?tilv, that thfy are made to rival pearl in *hitriar.4, and tlitf i-m (h^iiieh the mouth such a 4*li|hitul tVf-iiiies-?, that the bicatii is rendered ei %ttoitely sw. rt. |i d.^inle -ts all th<v?. impurities aiiicli lead u> produce decay, and as a consequence, aura Ume a/?- rciu<>v<-d, the iretii must always re B. Illl ?uuud. it ia U-.-4 and recomin nd?-d by all the emim-nt I'sntijb :n New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and o;Vr cities where it has be n introduced. All a i mid ^iv.! it ;l inal. Prepurd only by KR\\Plf< 7.ERM AN, Orugsi-t * id fViuist, Niniii and Catharine streets, Pliita e iptua, and eold by all Drn^?ists everywhere, at 25 *?m* p..-f MUe. w. 11. G1LLM AN, ^ in 17?Jm Afrnt f??r Washinaton City. 1>KADY MADE CLOT III HO AT RE J V tliH'ed ptii-es.?As the seasnn i?? advanced we b <le|rruuned to s^|| nf Un? remaining portion ot 0 if Wiutt-r >to<.k ai greatly reduced price*, thrrefore g Mlein^u wioIiih^ to con.-ult i-conouiy in purchas ?' f ttne Overcoat*, Ta'iuas. dress, frock aud buai n s? t'oats, lilack and fancy Ca^btncre Pjnts, Vel ?? t, silk. i?atm and Merino Vest*, 1'ndersbirta and l>rawer-?, an.t all o her ready made <? iruients of tine ?1 i ility will bnd i/ur pr?-swnt variety to be as W*'ll a.> ???rted as in Hie tx-siniuiiw oil lie season wi.h the ad v image <?( mu. h lower prices. WALL A. STEPHENS, 3*49 Pa. avei.ue, next to Iron Hall. i*n ' t^ntinel k News) KEV. SEPTIMT* TI'STIN'S WORK.?The loiirth edittiin ot The lK>ut>tini{ (Niiuiuunicartl d, by Rev. S. Tustin. l>. !>., late Chaplain 01 the Luitrd States Senate. Further supplie* received at TAYLOR A. M"AURY*3 J*n 5 B<?olBitore, near 9tli st. TO INVENTORS THB o?? of "Ttie Inventory Protection National Union" is on 7th street, opposite the Bast Por ttao of the Patent JIB e, an . is now reaty to attend to the buains<is of its mm^era, n?u?ely; in making ?xaminatioa* and soliciting patents, Ac. Inventora are invited to call aui get a oopy of ths Constliution and By-lawa, and where any inform* ton will be given respecting the Union. All letters on business must be directed to this ot fi?a, where attention will be gives immediate, j. A model shop is la connection with the ofloa, where models ens be auda to orfer at the shortest T. 9. CLAYTON, Prssidsot L P. H. 0. UNDERTAKERS, to. gtBmn maker * dmmbtakml ruw undersigned would respectfully inform hi. ?? n <*iS^ BUCMr tad at the short J^^A3?*2?iS ??? o~?5B5?i -"7^ *uu in in* D^at VaBai Sn^.rf?>tSM/,r"4rwd in '*? ""Xptrftct tt tV vxiTvitst wtother. S! flTora> he would respectfully wm to?Mrtt a eoBthwSSo! P. .M ? M A.iTHONY BUCHLY, "? IT,i ?? rids, between 9th and loti rti JZStiSZ & ???'*' No- *?? D third Ktwt. m, it_it ONDtRTAKlK. LSS^?^ ?Va^fnS V S? di*0Btin?? the manufacture TODHRTAKTNa iT* B>T ??entiou fully to the oRTAKING. I hare spared no pains to ha T?ryt,i!cj that is requisite to my business, and 1 un therefore ftiUy prepared to meet any order after ? few moments notice, and I ashore those who mav <1ve m? a call that I will spare no pains t. carry cm <Mv order. to their entire aatufection. ? - JA2LB8 F. UARVXY, ? o ? .. Tth st., between G and H. S*flSS t*n<,#d to ?t ?" hoo? of the night COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR W L?ri? ? rnMf California, ? w Jersev, Louisiana, Missouri ^wSd,UlU, Alabama, Kentucky, ' Michigan, ?? ' , Wisconbin, Ohio, end Minnesota, Florida, other States. OEOBGE 0. THOMAS. ATTORNEY FOK CLAIMS, AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Washington Plaer^ neir Odd- fell010s' Hall BteVKNTH STREET, WaaitwoTO*. D.*a ' F. H. DAYIDG1S, Attorney end Counsellor-at-Law. SKD iiOiCMISSIONKtl OF OKhDS If OH TliK BTATlo <">/ Virginia Kentucky, Louisiana, MAHeechusatt* Florida low? Arcax>cvs New Tor* New Jersey Mtesfsrhc! yarvUui 1 Jureras# ? et- rgia --?? 8. CaroIJar. , s? ??3SVS&S^f1 itMbranchK >"??*> "I ro?l!jiily iaa* aTcn,w' ??- yift& street. Maine Illinois Connecticut F?cn8*lT?nIa California ftfo/'. scnoyKXBKhcJ, TBAOHiiR ANI) "iRANST.ATOR OP 1 * ?'?*??*??? end l.iuratur*, ne* ^^YLVSMU AVsxu*. H. U. GiLLET, <:r,Utt??MorRtIJavr. {a"iuk,ia* - n+* VH?dlT Mm. SOHONENBEKG Teacher of L'ltno a?,i Sflu^iuir, WM. M. MKKEICK, Attorney s ? h a w ? **0. a ? L !; MUM aTlKI L. J. , prJ,^r"^n the ?^uP'1? aiU>urt f f th<s Unifed I 'Sn' ^u U ^!thl " J?lu<?wi ' ."-"ouaies-pk..,-, MiJ?? Tii . Pomjp?n?, r?Ti?-win/ i~- ,\ LanjfOW Of %lond-sy*50th October ?t 267 are aue. ' 1 Private Medical Treaties ?!* THI PflYi>IOr>X>IOAL VfE\? OF MARRIAQg, M. II. BT LAlUtOlX, n. D? ... _ . * Liu NY, y Y. iiO Pages and 130 Fice PUin and Colore! Litho graphs and Plates. tt* Price only 25 Cents. -%M !im of p^Uge to all parts cf the Union"?* CHEAPRiT BOOK F.TKR I PUBLlaUKD, end containing n??arly d uble the quantity of rca ling matter in that of the FIFTY CENTS OR DOLLAR I PUBLICATIONS. It ti*at-> on the PIIYSIOLO- J OY OF MARRIAGE, and the I Secret i ? firmititi?and disorder | | tf yonth and maturity, re | ?ulting from excels, which destroy the physical and men _ -. *?' powers, with obeerrationc on marriage, its duUos and di^naliflcations, and r re??<lies; with lithograph/, illastrating the anatomy and physiology, aud disease of the repro-1 iactivc organs of both sexes, their structure, uses and fuoctions. A popular and oomprehf naive trea Use on the dudes and casual^ioei f angle and mar ried life?h?ppy and truitiul alliances, mode cf ee> suring them -lnfeFeitc^s ^dMnfc-.-tile onee?their obriation aal rtju^ora:? inperunt hints to tho-e aontomplating mstn&^y, that will overcome ob lections to it; noo^ howtr^r. should take this im portaat s*p wKut Crst consulting its paxes? xmmentaries o j th- aiseatsetnnd medical treatment of fea?le? froes Ir^ncy to old a?e, each case grsph icaily illustrate-i by beautiful lithographic plates? cerroas debility, its causes snd cure, hy a process at onw no simple, aafe and eff-^ctual. that failure is i.aponeib'e?rulre for daily iuiinag>>ment?an eoa*T on 9p rmatorrhuea with practical obenrrationa on a satjr, and more buccessfu; mode of tr*atm?nt??re oautionar? hints on the evils resulting from emniri oal practice?an essay on all diseases arisina from Indiaaetion, with plain and simple rules by which ail persons can cure themselves without mensnrr? remedies f,r those self inflicted mis^riee and diran point?l hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young It U a truthful aUviaer to the married ??wi those oon tern plating marriage. Iu perusal is par ocularly reoommsnd'4 to persons entertaining se net doubts of their physical conditien, and who are conscious of hiving h*j*rd?d the health, happiness dlled^to*''*^*' 10 eT#rF human K?iwg j, en. Pri;^ 25 eents per oopy, or five oopies for one dol ar. Mallei free of postage to any pj*rt of the Uni ted Stated. N. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr LaCkoix apon any of the di.^*ses upon ?vhich hi) book treats ?Hth. r era >nally or by maii. Mtxlioine sent to any part tf ths Union according to directions, saf?l. packed aoi car?fnlly secured from all ob&trvation. Address Dr. M. H LA CKOIX, No 31 Maiden Lanr it Post Offl ?? Box 570, Albany N. Y. _ Ofllce open daily from 9 a u to 0 p m, and on Sunday from S until 6pn. Ofllce Ktmovtd from No. M Beaver et to 31 Maiden Last, Albany, N. Y. dec T dentTstry. ?VR. MUNSON respectfully cal s public attenttos F to his new, patent, and GRKATLY PROYBD method of setting Artrfiaial) Teeth, with Continuous Gam?the verys PKRFCCTION OFTHM ART. This style of Teeth has the follow advantages ever all others vis: GRMAT 8TRENGTH, CLKANLINK8S, COM FORT , and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these respects, and eom* others excelling. Publio inspec tion is respectfully solicited. Please call and see tpecimens. CAUTION?No other Dentist In the District of Qolnmhia h->s a right to make tnis style of Teeth. N. B.? Teeth constitutional'y healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Oflce anl he ass at No. ?.>8 E street, near tha cor asr ef Peauyivasia avenue and 14th street. nov 13?tf TBANS-ALLEOIIANY BANK AND 8SLDEN Withers k Co.'s Notes purchased at the highest rates. Unc?rrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virginia Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities sold to suit pur chasers. Persons at a distance sending me Trans Alleghany notse or Land Warrants, may rely upon receiving the best rates, and remittance** mads by draft on any city in the Union. HAMILTON 0. FANT, Banher, dec 0?3m No i32 Penna avenue. pOOp NEWS FROM HOME.?JU8T RE U ceived 100 copies of the above popular song at the Mu*ic Depot of HILBlTS R HITZ, Corner Penna, avenue and 11th street, jta 13-U w ?? * OmCIAL Treasury Department, Jan. 3,1855. Notice is hereby given to the hotdert of the fol lowing described stocks nf the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In caw of any contingent competition, within the amountstated, preference will be given in the order of time ui which said stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly aligned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, ldf<6 of2>$ per cunt.; on the stoak of the loan an thorized by the act ?< 18*2, redeemable Slst Decem ber, 186-2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acta of 181? and 1813, and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and the latter on 30f!i June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 3l-<t December, 1864, (commonly called tha TYxan irulontnity) ski per cent 8. Interest on the pnr of cacti certificate from the 1st of Janunry, lef?5, to the date of receipt and set tlement at tlic Treasury, with tho allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest iu rddition. Payiwent lor paid stocks will he made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Phflsdelphia, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at tiie Treasury on or b< fare tlie said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. [No. 528.] NOTICE OF THE DISCONTINUANCE Of the United States land office at Jeffcr?onviUet Vin crnnes and Witiamac, Indiana. LfXDER the provisions of the second section of the act of Congress, approved June 12,1810, which declare* "that whenever the quantity of pub lic la; (Is remaining unsold in any land district hliall be reduced to a numlcr of acres !?** than one hun dred thousand, it shrill be the duty of the Sec retary of the Trea?iiry to discontinue the laud office for such district; and it* any land in any such district shall remain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land office, the same shall be ?object to f-.Ue at some one ol the existing land of fices most convenient to the district in which the laud office shall have been discontinue.!, of which the Secretary of the Treasury sh.iil gtw notice;" and inasmuch as the Ttli section >1 the act approved 4th September, ?*ll, authorizes the Secret ry of ihe Treasury to continue any land district hi which t* situated the seat of government if any one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity ol land unsold in i- ueh district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in ins opinion s*urh continuance maybe required by public convenience or in order to close the hind system in s'ich fe'tate at a convenient point under the provisions of tbe art on that subject approved June 12, 1840, and iii?? ti.iuh os the dutif above required hits teen devolved upon the Secretary of th* Interior by "the act to ei t.ihli \ the Home bejiarlment," approved 31 .March, 1*4!*: Notice i net irdingly hereby given that, in view of report.-* in th* I roi l officer* at lt? fkrsonvili.k, Visr f.nnf?, and Wisam ac, that the vacant land in each of said di. tin ts is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, the Se?.vef-?ry of the Interior, u-ith the iiyiiro'- ti,n of the Pretidenf. has directed that the land office* at Jkffersonvii.i.e, Vincennks and Winamac ; in lite State ot Indiana, be disconunaed, and the lands remaining unsold at the tim^ of the discontinuance be made subject to f-ale at the land . office at Indian a, the seat of government of | said State. Lauds remaining [unsold, and impropriated by law, and subject to pr.vale entry within the limits of the districts now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices, from the date of the receipt of this notice by the reg sters and receivers thereof, and the land officers at iNni a n a poms will give public notice of the day on which they will be prupared to receive applications for entries of any such lands at their office. JOHN v. ILFON. Commissioner of General Land Office. January 25,1B55. jan 29?2aw6w II E A R THE WITNESS! BIGHTEOUS VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE, fcc. WONDERFUL cure after six year's suffering of one of the most highly respectable citizens of Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand before the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tinc ture. Krmdall's Guove, Montgomery Co., Md ,\ December 2, 1854. / Menrt. Mortimer !r Mowbray: Gentlemen?In 1844 I had what try doctors called a violent and combined attack of Chronic Rheuma usiu and Gout, from which I was confined to my bed for three mouths. I had the very best physi cians, who tried other various remedies, none of | which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ease from pain day or night, I became much emaci ated ; my whole system a mass of disease, literally speaking, from the crown of my head to the sole ot my feet. I had to hobble about?most of the time confined to the honse ; at times so helpless that I had to be assisted to my bed. I was also afflicted with a dreadful cough, great shortness of breath, sore throat, palpitation of the heart, and pain in my side so bad 1 could not lay on it. My appetite en tirely failed me. I gave up all hopes of being restored to health again. 1 continued thus to suffer on from 1844 to 1850, a period of six years. At this tune my daughter saw at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with nnmcrous certificates of cures made by Dr. Hamp ton's Vegetable Tincture. I knew some of those who certified to cures per formed on themselves and friends. I was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected; but my sufferings were so great that 1 pro cured one bottle, and, before I had taken the whole of it, I felt much relidf, wtiich encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle I was better than f'?r the past six years, my appetite re turned?cougii, pain in the side, shortness of breath tc., nearly all gone. I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and I am happy to say Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restored me to perfect health, which has continued up to this time ?a period of thr??e years. I am in the 65th year of | my ago. I weighed yesti rday 238 llw.. and I never Celt better In my life. One ot my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism. ?c. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, u | tried, will speak tor itself. My only object "in scribing to you my sufferings and the way I obtained relief, is to induce the afflict??d to try this Tincture, which has, under the blessings of God done so much for me. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAITHER. Call and get pamphlet* gratis, and see cures of | Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. " Sold by MORTIMER k. MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott fit Co., J. B. Moore, 1. B. Clarke, Clarke 8t Bowling, W. Elliot, and H. McPher son, Washington; also, by R. S. F. Ci-sel, George town ; and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. ' jan 5?tr union Academy. Comer of Fourteenth tt. and flew York avenue. AWRW more pupils oan be received to make up the limited number. Application must be made soon. Tbe discipline, instruction, and means of Illustration are such as to insure satisfactory pro gres? la those pupils who ate punctual, regular and obedient. Circulars at the Bookstores. dec 90?3m Z. RICHARDS. Principal. CHARLES WALTER'S GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE! OFFICE, NO. 553 SEVENTH ST. orrosrrc centre market. OfBce hours from 9 to 12 a. m., and from 2 to ? p. at. 17-1?* BALLS, Ac. THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL or THE HUM I11KTM U WILL be given at FORREST HALL, George town, on THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 15. The member* of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense will be spared tn make it one of the most pleasant Balls of the teason Scott's Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion* Refreshments will be served up by an experienced caterer. No hats or caps will be admitted in the room, ex cept those worn by the respective clubs. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be had of any of the members of the club. Committee of Arrangements. Ttaos Dowling, Thomas Serrins, Samuel Howard, J L Lipscomb, George W Graves, A W Ward. Managers. Jno lizard, Jno Thomas, A J Qements, F.dward Lippett, ChanJw Grime#, Jno Cost. J Rooles, s Floor Managers. Geo Graves, J 11 Thomas, J Rcoles. feb 12-tb GRAND BIRTHNIGI1T BALL. THE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully Inform the citizens of Alexandria and the vicin ity that th?y will give a MILITARY, ri&EMEB'S AND CIVIC BALL on THl'RkD%Y KVKJflNG, February^, lf<55,at SAREPTA HALL. The company pledge to use every exertion to give the utmost satisfaction to those who may honor ilie corps with their presence. Refreshments will be furnished for ladies and gen tlemen. The military and firemen are requested to appear in uniform. Hacks will be in attendance to convey ladies to And from the ball. Tickets $9; to be had of the Committe and at the dour on the night ol the ball. Committee of Invitation and Reception. Capt J W As=hby, Henry Blonhnem, Lt W H Smith, A F Skidmort, Lt C D Rurid, Jno L Smith, jr l.t C Javens, JnoBreen, Sgt W W Allen, Jas H Simpson, Sgt C W Neale, Geo Lyles. feb 9?eoitdh GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC TIIE-WASIIINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY rc spectfully infoini the citizens ol Washington that they intend to n?v.- n B II on WKDSFSD4Y, Feb. 1*, 1853, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Toe Company pledge themselves I* use every ex erfl ?n to giv>' th? utmost satisfaction to those who may hon?r the Corp. with their presence. Refreshments will lie furnished by an experienced caterer. The military arc r< qiitwted to appear ill full uni form. No hats or cap-< allowed in the Ball Room except those worn bv the miliary. Tieketn ONF. DOLLAR-<o be had of tiie Com mittee and at Hie doorou the night of the bail. Committee on Invitation and Reception. Capt 1".'' Carrington, Surgeon \V B Butt, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut t'lark, I. Will ams, Lieut Kelley, J Marceron, Sgt Power, Sam Butt, jan 30 -eo2w&t!b PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING PAFLR FOR THE PUBLIC PRINIIAO Office Superintendent Public Washington, January 25,18^5. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, "An act to provide lor executing the pu lie printing,'' Btc., approved August 26, 1852, sealed proposa.8 will be received ar this the Cap itol, iiutil Wednesday, the '28th day ot March next, at 1*2 o'clock in., for turmsliiiig the following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8,500 reams, weighing 28 pounds per ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 inches 3,100 reams, weighing -26 pounds per ream, and mea suring 1? by 25 inches 100 reams, weiching -21 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inclie-> 400 ream--, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the best materials, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration. A contract will be entered into for sup plying the qaantities stated, at such times as the public service may require, but the privilege is re served of ordering a greater quantity of either kind, should a greater quantity be required, at such times i^id ia such quantities a- may be deemed necessary. Samples of each kind of paper must accompany each bid, and all proposals and samples mu?t be transmitted to this office, free of postage or other expense Each proposal must be signed by the individual or fi'm making it, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Washington city; in good or<ier, free ol all and every extra charge or ex pense, and subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement ol the Superintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; and the supplying of au inferior article, or a failuie to supply the quantity required at'any time will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with his propo sals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute it, and any-proposal unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected.* Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the United States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper.'* A. G. SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing. Jan 28?eotd FROM PARIS.?Oeuvres completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, in fine binding, $55 De Thofi; Histoire Universelle, 11 volumes, quarto, bound, $9 Regnard; oeuvres completes. 4 vols, octavo, bound, $3 SO Oeuvres de D'Alcmbert, 5 vols, octavo, bound $6 Condillac; oeuvres completes, 16 vols, octavo, fine calf, $30 Bibliotheque Historique, 13 vols, octavo, halfbound $5 50 Duual ; oeuvres completes, 9 vols, octavo, half bound, $4 50 Memoires du Due de Rovigo, 8 vols, octavo, half bound, $<$ 50 Oginski; Nemoires Snr la Pologne, 4 vols, octavo, half calf, $3 * ' Boussuet; Histoire des Variations des E^lises Prot estant, 4 vols, octavo, half morocco ?4 Lavater; Physlonomie, 10 vols, full calf, numerous illustrations, $23 Annates du Parlemeni Francais, 8 folio, vols, hall calf, 914 Reimpreseiou de I'Ancien Moniteur. 17**9 to 1799, 32 vols, folio, in fine binding, %95 And many others at the same range of prices, im ported direct from Paris, by feb 10 FBANCK TAYLOR. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. MK8. O. ANDKRSOM has reoeived a large and complete assortment of Ma them a tie si Instru ments ana Drawing Materials of superior quality The Mathematical Instruments are chiefly of Swiss manufactory in cas*s, as well as in separate pieoes; water colors and oil colors. Drawing papers of ev ery quality. Alio, Studies in Drawing and Painting. dee 22?tf 876 P*nn. avenue. ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in struments direct from the Manu factory in Dresden, Germany. Thesefl^^3HH Pianos having both, after a lorg and land voyage, arrived in perfect* * * W ? tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune. Their beauty and power of tone elicits the highest encouiutns from all the ere at musical critics of Europe. HILBUS It HITZ, Music Depot, cor, Pa, av. 11th and D sts, an 8?tf A THBILLIRG TALI OF PAXIS. It was in the summer of 1846, as I a* in,tke "PP?r P*rt of the State of \ ermont on horse-back I wis suddenly overukea bv . thuoXr'sl? wL. SLST* " /U" ^ : ?d. M he Sut* v Smart tr*veler. reached the Tillage of Vergennes as the rain down in torrents. I stopped at?neat little cottage sheltered by honey-suckl# ?nd woodbine .nd WM g4 Si dial welcome from the occupants, espe cially mine host, who was the pattern^ Yankee hospitality. ^ 01 He was a short, thick-set old gentle man, polite and courteous. His hair was whitened with the frosts of many years and his pale, white countenanLf wai farT 1 rt lare ; Jet' at times' *** face would brighten up as the merry throng around him jumped on his knee and kissed his ashey lips. On the whole, it appeared to me that he had seen better days ; and, after I had been with them some tune, in the course of conversation about the wealthy men in the great cities, he informed me that he could once count his thousands, and that in his younger days lie had traveled over many parts of Lurope, but that, being bondsman for a mercantile friend whose credit was con sidered reliable, by the change " Se market in some uncertain business, he Culed and made a bankrupt of him, and after paying his honest debts, he had but enough left to buy the small farm he now occupied, where he and his family lived in happy retirement. As the rain continued, they invited me to stop to tea assuring me that my horee should be well provided for, and that it woild put them to no serious inconve nience. Supper came and we sat down to a nice disn of pretty speckled brook trout. After supper 1 was invited to stay all night; and lie told me that, as I was a traveler, he would tell me of a little adventure he had when he was in Paris. He said he liked to warn youn^ people not to be allured into places whore they would be likely to get caught by the police. ? 3 It was about the middle of an after noon, in the mouth of September, that I arrived at Paris, and entered my name at a weli-known hotel. After supper I took a stroll around Some of the princi pal streets of the capital, and concluded to go to the theater in the evening. Eve ning came; it was warm and pleasant just swud to my pleasure. Off ! started to relieve my ennui. It was just eleven 0 clock when it was done, and I wander ed around to enjoy my silent reveries of home, and take a moonlight view of the noted metropolis. Ilow far I had wan I could not tell, when raising my, eyes suddenly 1 saw a female form, ar rayed in white, leaning agaiast a lamp post. She stood there, more like an an gel of beauty t han a missive of crime. As 1 neared she stepped forward, bowed and told me that by some mistake her partner had lost her. She was afraid to ?o home alone, and wished that I would iccompany her home. She was sorry to put me to such inconvenience, but she tvas really afraid to go. I, who was' :hen a young man, politely took her arm ind proceeded as she directed. She led me through numerous streets, until we :ame to a very pleasant looking brick aouse of two stories. She stopped, en-i :ered, and invited me up one flight of jtair.s into a small bed-room, neatlv fur lished, and left me, without a light, to -all her mother, who would be glad' to ?ee a gentleman who had been so kind as x) wait upon her home. Suddenly, I thought I had better go?I had done, 'hem but a slight service at best. I went 0 the door to go out. I was fastened. [ was a prisoner ! My mind conceived I >f all sorts of ideas regarding my welfare; t>ut I felt now that I was in an abode of wickedness. The artful woman had en trapped me. A feeling of fear began to Jtart over me. I look around for a place >f egress, but could see none. At last I lame in contact with something?it was \ bed. Perhaps it might be placed near I 1 window. As I was groping around, my feet hit against something under the I bed. It seemed like a human body. I stooped down and felt it. It was a hu-i man body, warm, in its last sleep?the deep of death. The shrill cry of murder i low rang on the air. j My hair stood on its ends, and my ?eeth chattered with inward horror. I x>uld hear a poliee posse clattering on m Pav,t'ments- They were on the stairs. The gallows would drink the blood of .ne innocent; there was no hope for me I was a stranger in a strange land; no! counsel could save me from my doom. Luckily the moon just then peeped into the window, and I jumped on ashed near by, from thence some fifteen feet to the ^rmind. My hotel was soon reached, md I sought my bed. In the morning, an looking over the newspaper, I read the following; Mubdrb.?Last night about 12 o'clock, the cry of murder rose from the second story of a house of ill-fame in the street . On entering the building, the murderer, as is supposed, escaped through the window, leaving his victim under the bed, with his throat cut from ear to ear. The police are on his track, and will arrest him by noon if he is in the city. After reading this I quietly settled mv bills, and left the city, resolving that I never would go home with another strange ifoman. 1 VTUUIAUi | Morning came?the bright sun bespoke i pleasant day; and after breakfast, I mounted my horse to proceed on my journey, determined to follow the old man's advice. A Flat Contrapictiok:?An orator holding forth in favor of "woman?dear iivine, concluded in this wise: I ih&r "H ?v*HBCS THE WEEKLY STAR. 1XAUTY AID ROYALTY?ntllLTT AJTD urmrm A beautiful girl was brought before Mr. Staler, of the Emigrant Department of the Mayor's Court, on Wednesday even ing. iier form was slender and grace ful, her features beautiful symmetrical, and the world seldom sees so sweet a smile as played about her mouth. But her roice, although it seemed to have once been the very soul of tenderness, was now roughened; she spoke and acted strangely, and told a sad story in a laughingway. She was slightly erased, ana it anected her as it did Ophelia, only that this dark-eyed Julia spoke with a greater vivacity and voluptuousness She said that she was born in Mecklenburgh, and the German was her mother tongue. When she was fifteen or sixteen she came to Brussels to visit her friend*. Iier beauty was noticed there by some of the panderers of the King of Belgium, and she became his mistress. His love of variety soon led him to discard her,* and she took refuge in a house of ill fame. She came to America soon after? which was only about a year ago?and was married to a shoemaker. But he did not please her, and she 44 did not like tLa smell of the wax," so she formed other intimacies. Her story is somewhat frag mentary and disconnected, but we have a glimpse of her husband finding her in a louse kept by colored people, lie could endure amounts of white amours, but that was too much, and so he gave her a vigorous beating. She could not enduie this, especially from a shoemaker, and so they parted. She was soon after taken to a police station, where she says she was entertained in a very friendly way by many of the officers. From went to a house in Mulberry street, near Chatham square, where she staid only one night. For three or four nights afterward, she slept about in one place and another, and then she was taken by a runner to a place in Reade street. The next day, she went to live with a tailor on First avenue. Two days after, she found her way, by some means, to the Commis sioners of Emigration, and having left ar ticles of dress in all these places, She was sent by them to the Mayor for a po lice officer to go with her to find theni. The Mayor sent to the house in Reade street, ordering the keepers to appear be fore him and produce this runner, or they should repent it. The lady of the establishment stated, on her arrest, that she gave the runner two dollars for bring ing the girl to her, and had not seen him since: that the girl was there only one night, and that she would rather have given fifty dollars than that she should have been there at ail. She also stated that this girl pretended she could be all sorts of "models," and that when they tried her in a tableau she could not do a thing, ilow long the poor girl has been crazy has not yet been ascertained; pro bably she has been so for some time. The outrages that have been committed upon her, and the places at which they have been committed, certainly reouire the at tention of the authorities. The enforce ment of the Sunday liquor law will do little for the reputation of the city, while the beauty of an unprotected crazy girl renders her liable to violation, and the wretches who committed it are suffered to go unwhipped, and while the pimps who furthered it are allowed to carry on their detestable avocation?well known as many of them are to the police.?S. Y. Tribune, Feb. 2. Using up tiik Turxs.?A Constantinef pie correspondent of the Lendon Times shows how the war is using un the mil itary power and resources of the Turks. The "sick man" is at the point of death, and this correspondent seems to think that the sending of the remnant of Omar Pacha's army of the Danube to the Cri mea, will give him the finishing stroke. lie says "a few months have proved how baseless was the great fabric of Turkish military power, and how much the well appointed force which encouraged even veteran statesmen to connive at or insti gate the rejfetion of the Vienna note, was beyond the real resources of the country, and incapable of being replaced when destroyed by the calamities of war."? And adds: In the year 1854, the Turks have lost upwards of 100,000 men. The army of Romello is now not more than 80,000 strong. The forces at Kars and Batcum have been destroyed by the enemy, and still more by the crimes of the comman ders. Egypt will hardly supply any more men, and little is to be eipectcai from Tunis. The troops sent to the Cri mea have perished miserably in the hov els of Balaklava. What remains of the Ottoman array is dispirited, wanting in most necessaries, and totally changed from the fine force which first met the enemy a year ago. There are no longer men to be had for the army, nor do there exist funds for the re-constitution of it The Turkish Ministry has not the energy nor even the will to make great exertions: tbey seem to have left their country entirely in the hands of the Western Powers, and to be indisposed to do any thing which they can avoid. As the Austrians have en gaged to defend the Principalities, the remains of Omar Pacha's army need not be left on the Danube; the Porte has there fore sent them to the Crimea, with what results a short time will show. A Veteran Whist Pasty.?In Boston, Mass., there is a party of four gentlemen who have been in the habit of meeting to gether to play whist every Friday night for 27 years, still hale and hearty, and likely to meet for twenty-seven years more. Spiritxd Rxplt.?"You look like death on a pale horse" said Jem to a to per, who was grotmng pale and emacia ted. "I don't know anything about that,'* said the toper, "but I'm death on vait i a* ww ? ? # brandy, Mr. Horn."

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