Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1855 Page 4
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KV'-NING STAR. HOW. Tli- following lines from Household Word*, are lull .4' wholesome advice as well aa beautiful mi acery. They convey to the youthful dreamer a lea ? .n Whirh it would be well for him to ponder. Ari?e. for the day i<? pacing While you lie dreaming on; Y our brother* are cased in armor, And f Tth to the fight are gone; Y<>ur pi ice in the nnki awaita you; Each man has a part to play; The pa t and the future are nothing In the face of the ?tern to-day. An-!'* from \our dream* of the future? ? u gaming a hard fougtit field, Of 'forming th?? air>- forTr^s*, Of hiiUine the cunt yield; Y<*ir-future b it deeda of glory, Of honor; (God grant it may'.) Rn? voiir arm will never be stronger, (?r needed as now?to-day. An?e ! If the pa?t detain you, Her sunshine and storm* forget; Xo chain* so unworthy to hold you A? thoae of a vain regret; Sad or bright alie is lifeless ever; ? a t her phantom arms away, Nor took lurk, nave to learn the leaaan ? H a nobler Mrile to-day. Ari**: for^he hour is passin*; The aound that >ou dimly hear, I* vnur enemv marching to battle ! Kise' n<e: for the foe is near I Stay not to brighten your weapon?, Or the hour will strike at last, And fiom dream* of a coming battle, You will waken, and find it past. What RrasiA has bkn Doing.?Rus sia seems to be wide awake to her inter ests, even with a diastrous war on her hands. Ac60rding to recent accounts, she has taken advantage of the Chinese rebellion to obtain from the imperial gov ernment a treaty, yielding to her the nav igation of the Amoor, and she ha* al ready converted that permission into the absolute possession of the whole course of the river and an enormous tract of country about one hundred miles in length, and in some parts as much as live hundred in breadth, which gives her ac - s to the l'aritic ocean in a temperate c'imate. Cannon and stores are already ( arried down the Amoor by steamboats, an>l sent from its mouth to the Russian possessions in America ; and it may be, at no distant day, one of the great chan nels of European and Asiastic commerce, for the water communication between the lialtie and the Caspian has long been complete, and, according to Cottrell, only 4u0 vertes, or 200 miles, of addi tional canal will be required to connect the Tacific with the Caspian. The pro gress of a far-reaching and enterprising nation like this i. not to be easily stopped. 1l ^ives evidence of watchful vigor, which will accomplish its destiny, no mattci what opposition it encounters. l>.u;is ra?'M tm AlbanT Knk kku (x KF.n. ? We take the following darti from the Albany Knickerbocker: It i>. understood that as soon as the r n. from Shakspeare, commenced in th House yesterday, are concluded, nr. otiginal course of preparation will he brought out with a powerful cast. It will K- entitled the Hypocrite.?State Rr<z,<tcr. l he nftcr-piece will be Carrick's cele bralul far. e oi "The Liar," the principle character by S. II. llammond. We an ticipate a full house. Intluspart Hani uionl ha.s no superior on the btage. T7 The Kfw York Express says thai the Albany Knickerbocker is the "sloj bucket' of the Evening Journal. Tht Express has indulged in this sort of 6g ures ever since Mrs. Mulloney hit hire ovtr the head with the swill pail, "foi giwng a goold ring to her Margary. " Knov.- Nothing Legislation.?Th< following, 5ays the Boston Post, wa: dropped from the gallery in the Senati chamber, on Friday, upon the head of i memf^r of the other branch, who hap ] cried to be standing beneath without! hit en. Fortunately, it did him no in jury: ? "(iallery of the Mass. Sennit, Feb. 1 Ortl red. That the committee on Judj K ;rh r n- i-ler the expedition of takins down t o dancing Ingen over the presi d< ut's head, and putting up a real bonj lida American eagle, made of plaster o: ihomaston, Maine, and bronzed, stand ing on two cannons and a cart-load o balls." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS .Viiiif Leave For Dmya. I! i k VV iw.or....Xfw York...Havana Feb. 1 In ion ,.?i New YflSk Ikivre Feb. II A *ii rwii >m<.? ..... .Il ? st ? m........ I. ^^Tpool. Feb. 14 M.'ulic . ? .New York. ..Liverpool,..Feb. 21 I' if i Havre New York .Jan. fi Am r a Liverpool...Ronton Jan. 2< j\.. lu'ti* ..Liverpool. ...New York...Jan. 5". t > V .??M*r. .Liverpool... Philadelphia.Feb 14 S.. Lotus Havre.....:...New York...Feb. 14 i,e < ??lnorma steamar* leave New Yortt or ihf Ath and 5 ?tii of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlllatd*' Ilo:al?u a k j c. ?nui>. li \V Lowae VV E Bird, NY I P Mcl iiwii Miss C Bird, do ii? ;i *i Ikwm Clinton, J B Au-tm, S America NY K <'onklin U' || IV Courcej Md W Warrick, NJ Jo* It Boyd, r? J s* Little St. |y. Me I* R<?\.L do Miss Little, do H *.l ? <ulli ? <uid ly, I> C l'am<" Mass l>. I ll >n B F Hallrtt, do I>' Mi Oirmii'k Hon J Wheeler, NY \r Ward. ? ?a E Crogswell, do r..M'oaal Uotal-i. n. wiiuis. II Pmith, T. nn A S VantbeeiM n. III 11 R*-iijamin, NY II W Thornton, do A Th t/. NY J It He>len, Po I. T? ? . Sr, i ul l> M Warren, do I* K F"\ I'onn II Barrel, .M<1 B L:tureiu. i:?g J T Kice, MJ J C Camp, jr. (Mtio I. And?'nri<?d, Pa S Hrs^er. NY J Hunter. NY t \ii 11 hi.''t >n. d ? M I an, T P F'.or. ne< Pi l? FTuckham. EC G W: i-t i. Ten:? J C A WelU, XY \V I' o!i-\. do I" Boiiiiiwrlor, do P W ?'r u i, Md ?'hhi Stewart, l.'SX I tr ' l(k, .i :i OK M<k?re, \ a P.. v II ^tringMlow, do f A Tracey, NY I' lirawai r, <(>? S II Fowlk.-*, Ala II limit. N't' J Loughridge, do ill Cuiineii, \ i J P sirerly, do y f M ?r ?:.n. Mi- l>r J Calloway, NC J W ? ri-iler, Va J B Gordon, do \ How fit. La If G Bliae^elford, Ya ^ t Va K Petherbr:dg??, Md I ?r K li i;.'. Ti nil K McElroce, do I' Vii'l.tti? il>i L liver, XY J II Mctjill, Co Browna* Ilotal?t. r. k m. iiowi. J F Wlieatb y. HL" T Street, .Md II Morrison, do J M Millan. do I) U Itar'on. Ya A John?on, NY I. Burwell, do J Brad?>> do <? VV lirenlry, Md J 1' Bioay, Kansas S K Sume, Va P ((t-rwe, Pa T4'otthiaii. La E II Corniack and ludy. ?Mis*. )fad<to\. Md NY \V G <\ildw? II, I'.i F S Kiekn, Va N B il? W Harp r, do i. VV Phlfer. Mi*" J \ Bramerd,O I! |i Awlrrwm, 11a ?? I. WiLoii, "|V* I' VI Win!> . Mi - I Laiir?:ii?'e, NY A \ iii.i.i % M: T H iiiiiiioimI. Md |; Hlrti l. 11 BJ Hh-Ih -. w i; W l?ivHy, .NY J rbdliacru, do L?ipt Law Iiii^s \a CP Montgomery, do f nil??1 Stain ilotal- a. a. BtcillTi >\ ? I Kulin, Md |i t? Mi-tcrr, ilwi J Si anion. Va VV W Walls, do L Chcuwurth, .Md J X rfae-?er, do ZiADIBS, TRY Dr. DUPOHCO'8 GOLDEV MONTHLY PILLS, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of nil Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities arising from whatever can**. Sold by >1] Druggists st |l per box, tnd will b? uul confl dentisll* by mall, on enclosing 111* "Or. A. J. RAN WOLD. Washington, D. C Qsrisrsl Agent, V y wbcm all order* will b? filled st the proprietor's prices. The*e Pills are the result of OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the treatment of the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Duponco with the most happy effects, they are now published to the world, so that all Females suffering trom the diseases peculiar to their sex, may have the oppor tunity of giving them a trial. These pills have only been advertised to a limited extent for a little more than a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND ROXES have already been sold, a large proportion of which has been sent by mail to ladies in different partr of the country; and letters are being received daily containing the warmest expressions of gratitude for the benefits winch have been derived from their use. The following is an extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized h** name to be communicated confidentially to otlwr ladies wishing to make inquiries respecting tlie moJiis oprraiuit of the pills : "?fy daughter, now ?r?d 17, was for three ys?rs painfully afflicted with obstructions from wlitrh, at time*, ahe suffered eererely. We expended a Urge sum in phyniriana' l-ee. but with very trifling mid temporary relief. Her complexiou be came tinged with a saUow greenish hue, and her whole sys tem so much dl<eaeed that she was pronounced to be rapid ly going Into consumption. At this stxge I saw yonr adver tisement Id a New York paper. M>- fsith was very weak, bat as a-last resort 1 sent for a box. It gave so much relief that a second and third were naed, and 1 now have the great pleasure of informing yon that ray daughter's health is com pletely restored ; her sallow complexion is replaced by the rosy glow of health , her gloomy melancholy, t>y thnt cheer ful buoyancy of spirits, which is nsual in girls of lier age; afid if the pills bad cost ten times as much, it would be no comparison wltli the happiness resulting from their nse." N. B.?The ingredients of these pills are perfect ly harmi.kss in their medicinal operation on the most delicate female con-titutums, yet as prepared and combined by Dr. Duponco, their specific action is such that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all indicated during pregnancy. For the same reason, a* every physician knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be used for re storing the natural, healthy tone and functions of the system when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars see di rections, &c. sent with each box, and circulars to be had at the Druggists. J. DCPONCO, M. D , Projirietor, X. Y. Sold in Washington by Kidwei.i. & Lairence, Stott St Co., W. tl.Gtt.MAN, S. R. Svt.vrsTER, J. B. Mooke, First Ward; O. Hoswei.l, Island ; J. F., I II Stone, Seventh st.; II II McPherson Capitol Hill; F, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by ?>. M. Liuthicum, J. L. Kidwell. In Alexandria by l ook St Co., Peel At Stevens, Fountain Co.. and by Druggists generally. jan lfi -luC PROPOSALS FOtt MAIL BAGS Post Office Department, January 12, 1 H.V.. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Depailmeiil until 'J o'clock a. in., of the 23d ol April next, for furnishing for lour years Iroin the 1st day of July next, in such quantities and at Mich times as may be required and ordered lor the mail service, mail bags of the following description, to wit: Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (-t't inches in length, and f>2 incli< s in circumference,) to be made ol' cotton cantass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-l'o!d. Size No. 2, V*1 inches in length, and 4d inches in circuinlcr* ace,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 37 inches width, and the cloth to l?e woven in every respect like that of the ti:st size of bass. Size No.(.*12 inches in length and .18 inches in circumference.) to be made ol cotton canvass, weighing lu ounces to the yard ul'22 inches width, and III ? cloth to l,e woven a.> above described. The canvass bags ol' *izes Nt>s. 1 and 2 are to b< made with .i ?u then t miniIm r of < yeb t !i b ?, and provided ? ith slroit<: cord to set-lire their moutlis. All are lo Im: well and distinct) v mark-<1 ?' / *. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the size.-; above bpceilied. I A (\ and (J tin vast Vonchr*. Size No. 1.4- in. in I* ii^'ih,and l>'? hi. circumference Size No. "J. 41 do d* 4H do Size No. 3 ;*'? do do 4 J do Size No. 4. 3rt ?'o do !*> do Size No. 5. 20 do do ilrt do The b*>dy of tin- leather pouches is to be made ol good and substantial h:i? leather, w ell tanned, weigh ing lor Nos. 1 and 'J not less than 8 ouuc.s, and foi the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounct s to the >q. foot; the bottom and flap to be of good skirting leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and ?tro igly secured with the best iron rives, well tinned. The canvass (touched are to be made oi densely woven canvass, * ? a- In resist water, oral Sist equal to th it of which the pouchc- now in the rvice arc uiadc. Leather and Canvass Horse-mail lings, (in sadd'e bag? form.) Size No. 1. Body 4- inches lone, and 42 inches m circumference at?lie widest parts ; ends or bottom^ of s me, 14 by 2o inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, nn-5 3fi in-hes in ciscumference at the widest parts ; ends or bottom? of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. Ho .y 42 inches long, and 32 inches in circuuiWence at ih? widest parts; ends or bottoms of same lu by 20 inches The leaih^-r horse mail bigs arc to be made ol good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, ami weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square font, and the seam- to be well and strongly sewed ; or, ii rivetted, to be ?o done as not to chale the horse r-i nder. The canvas horse mail bags are to l.e made ol the Mine quality ol fabric as the pouches aliove de scribed. Canvass and L*at/i'r Drop-letter Pouches, (with ?ide pocket?.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length,and 3f. in ciretimferenct Size No. 5. 26 do do 23 do Canrast Xetnpajirr Mail Hti'i. Size No. 1, (i" inches in length and 62 inh-s in circumference,) to br! made of cottini canvass, wi ighing at least 15 ounces to tic yard of 2-2 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and the hag to be so constructed as to bi locked and to have a handle at each end. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inchej in cir cumference,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Proposals for improvements in the construction ol any of the above described mail-bags, or in the ma terials thereof, are invited ; hiiJ the relative value and adaptation to the service a* well as price ol such improvement will tie consulted hi detcrmin ing the lowest ami beat bidder. No pro|iosals will be considered if not aecom [lamed wjj|i simples of each article bid lor, showing the construction quality of materials, and workman ship proposed, and also w ith evidence of the com petency and ability of the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The specimens must be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the 23d day of April nest, and will, in connexion with the pro|iosals form the basis of the contracts. Specimens deposited by bidders whicfc may with safety and convenience be used in the mail service will be paid for at the rates pro jiosed by them. A decision on ihe bids will be made on or before the first day of May neit. and the bidder or bidders chosen will be required to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of Jcue next, with bond and sulficient sureties for a faithful performance ol the obiigat.ons as entered into. All the articles contracted for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, at Boston, Massachu setts; New York and Buffalo, N. Y.j 1'fciladelplua and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.: Washington, D. C.; Charleston S.C.; Augue^Ga.; Montgomery. Ala.; New Orleans, La; Nasli^Ple, Temi.; Louis ville, Ky ; Cincinnati, Ohio; andfct. Louis, Mo., in 6uch quantities and at such limes as the l>-.-|>art inent may require ; and they are to be rigidly in spected before delivery, and none are to be received wlix-li shall be inferior to the specuneusor suml urd To enable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of mail bags which will probably be required, they are intoruied that there were fur lushed lor the use of the Department, during the year which ended 30 h June last. 2 I3f> leather pouches; 3,97t< canvass [Ktuches; 4;*S) leather horse mail bags; co.'i canvass horse mail bags ; and 17,110 catVLss mail basrs. The proposals should lie endorsed " Propo\alt for Mail bugi," and be addressed to the '? Gntn-iJ." JAMES CAMPBELL, jan 15?lawl2w Postmaster tieneral. JOHN II. BUTIIMANN, IMPORTER AND DIALSH IN WINK, BKAN dy, Cigars, *<?., Pfnnsylvania aveuoe, south side bet wet q 4* and Sixth streets, liu rec-ived bit fall ?took and aiaortineat of the above, consisting in part of? Madeira, Sherry, Port of varioui grades, Champagne in qU and pts, dlfterent brands A great variety of Rhine Wine, s of it spark ling Abo, fit. Perry sparkling red and wbite Claret, at t rices from $8 50 per doien to the highest or der And numerous other kinds of Win* Also, very superior Cognac, pale and dark: Fcheid* am Gin, Jamaica Bum. fine-old WLitkey, Irish Malt, Cordials, and Havana Cigars, dee 10?2awb w t'llAULKH 1IASKINS, Architect. (i'u. arm lie, let wren Truth and KletCtJh sheetJ,) \\ imiiinmton, l>. c. WILL eoiitmue to iiiiiii-Ii Plans, detail working Drawings, and S|>eciliratioiis of buildings <4 every dcscnptioiT^and also to Mi|?ctiiilciid tlirir er? c tion. lib I?dlf riMIE "FOREIGN I >FFM.*E LhST, (llnlisbTcor J. lected to AI, IBjI, this day received IroBl London. FRANCK TAVLOR. jan 15 TJOtlKET and Quarto Diaries for lt?55 tor sale by Jt jCa 6?tf FRANCK TAYLOR, [No. SK ] NOTICE OP KBITORATIOR And Withdrawal of certain Lands in the Cairo and Fulton Railroad Grant in Mis souri. . NOTICE I* HEREBY GIVEN, that in conse quence of th? representations of part of the legation in Congress from the 8taU of Missouri of . material change in the nppoMd root, of th. Cairo and Fniton railroad In said State. heretofore assumed in withdrawing lands from market for the grant to said road, and on their teqneat that oer tfci? ? !!idllanl?, B^ald be released, and others substituted in lien thereof, conformably to Mid amended route which U direct and situated eoneid eSb,yK '"1th ?i roats; ?be President, by his order bearing date the let February instant, has directed that the lands eitnated in the tewnehipe hereinafter enumerated, which were withdrawn irom market by his order of the 18th of May, 1853, Mjd thMr reservationoontlnued by public notice No 497 bearin? date 23-1 January, IBM, for the Ca iro and Fulton railrrad grant in the Bute of Mis souri, shall be restored to market, and that oertain Ti situated In townships nam*d below ( "ludlng a portion of the old original reservation) sttua'ed within the proba le limit, 0f the grant ts 2?^,^ t^roa,teofMldrotd u amsnd'd shill be sub'titutsd and merr-d from sale or entry ipr ? emption claims not excepted) until fur'her notice. Therefore^ all the vacant lands subject to sale at Jackson, MisdocRi, which were euhject to private entry at the date ot withdrawal, end which hive not since b en preempted in the following town ? hips, w?ll *71110 be subiect t-) private entry on and after the nineteenth day of March next, to wit: North of the bit* line and east of the fifth principal meridian. Township* 21, 22, 23. 2i, 26, and 26, of range 3 Townahips 22, 2J, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, of range Townships 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30, of rangeB. .. ' ' 6 Townships 25, 2fl, 27, 28, 29, 80, and 31, of range Townships 25, 26, 27, 28 , 29, 30, 31, and 32, of range 7, ' Town* hips 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of ranged. Townships 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of ranee 9. ' l^Townf-hips 27, 28,29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of ran ge Township. 2**, 29,30 31, 32, and 33. of range 11 Towm hips 28, 29 30, 31, 32, and 33, of range 12 Tr.wnfhtps 20, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of rang* 13 Townships 29. 30. 31, 32, and 34, ot range 14 Town hips 29, 31, and 32, of range 15 ALSO, That all 'he Tands situated in the 8am? district within the following named townships will be re served from rale tr entrv (not excptlog preerap iione) foi tha purpose above rpvc'.fied until further Orders, viz: North oj the base line and east of the fifth principal Meridian. Townships 22*, 23*, and 21*, of rang- tf Tc ? nsMpn '11*, 23* and 24*. of range 7 Tow whips 21*, lc\ 23* 24*, tad 25*. of range 8 TV wn?liips 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 26*, of range 9 loT 'WUi-hips JO, 21,22,23, 24,26, and 26*. of range ^Townships 21, 22, 23, 24,25, 23, and 27*, of range ^ Towni hips 21, 22, 23, 24,26, 26, and 27*, of range Townships 22, 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27*, and 29* of range li Townsli|w 22,23, 24, t6*, 26* 27*, and 28* of range 11 ^owuehips 23, 24*, 26*, 2G*,27*, and 28*, of range ^Tuwuships 23, 24*, 26*, 26*, 27*, and 28*, of range T ^wnships 24*. 2.'?*, 26*, 27*, and 28* of range 17 Town-Hp* -ii*y 2:.*, 2')*, and 27*. of range 13. All th* t .wn-hlps marked thus * were included in th-> original re*.r vitir n of 1S53. Preemption claimants entitled to any of the a>.ov<?K!Hutionvd Unds to be restored to market on the nin'ti rnth day of March next on settlements al r. ody, or which may hereafter be made, and there cUiaiing within any of the above town eliips -?itlalr.iw:i r?r con intied to be reserved on s*t t'-.n.nti i.? d? p ior to the date of the present withdrawal, will uiuke prrofand pay for the same, at vh - pr.oe l by Uw, within tw?-l\e months af t-i th-- il.t> of the r respective sattiem? nts; other w ..-e their c'a'm* wi 1 he forfeited. It is fuygt,;tei that pre-euip'.ion claimants to ':,nJs within the township!! to be rest red to private entry shonli give notice of their claims and file the pro I* with the I ui' offlcers before the day ajp int 1 f >r tiie i <*-tort?t.r.n ot the I-inJs, po a* to pro'ect th?dr ? iaim ; from private ?ntry on and sfier that d iv. and pi -vent much d.fflculty and d-Uy. Given u d.-r in r hand, at the city of Washington, this t: viii nay of 11 oruary, Anno Domini one thou sand. eiiiht hisnd cd and fi ty fire. By ordtr of thr Fivtident: JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of General Land Offlee. INVIGORATING CORDIAL A I'HhSOMKtSON IN MEDICINE. HEALTH RESTORED AND LIFE LENGTllJil.'KD, by i'K MOUSE'S INVIGOEATrNG ^ fcli.Alh Oiv COiiDiAL.?At Crst the rrcosr ^ORHX-3 invioouat?n? ijii vjit jsAL wpre de*ciiNl fabalom The public often deoeirei, touldnot Lditoe the *lmple and ^ab!ise trails Hoaoucoei b7 tha dlsc<iverar ? ijfci fa:t?, ukdeniable facts attsstei by witoeoes./ol the .n.;he?t ciaed and ohaxacter, are new tzium^h ,louhld- INCREDULITY IS OVKJU THHOW^ by amass of t&fitimony which i? nerfectl? irrejis-a^ ie. ' Tcs *u2i?remel:?, In all case:, the deferable evus ariMng irom amisuneor abuse of the various cr^aao which maioup the Tond"ful machine felled aaa. It restores to tail r.gor every dedicate funis Uen connected with that mysterious compound agency or matter nd mini, necessary to the repr> duu;i m ,f human life. To persons of feeble muscu iar frame, cr Jufl.'ient la vital power, It is r*com men.K?d a<? the only ?ue ina of communicating that energy *hi^h is necen^iry to tha proper enjoyment i. aL the nitural appetites, ^ well as the high? intniH, attributes. Its beneficial effects are not con flnH to either iox or to any uge. The feeble gi/L the,; wife, the liitless, ernevated youth, the overworn man or buslneas, the victim of nervous do pree-:ion, tha individual suffering from general de ? i ?'0r weakness of a single organ, will aw find immediate and permanent relief from the uee of thi? incomparable renovator. To those who have a predispoeition to paralyse it wiU prove a oomplete and unfailing safeguard against that terri r snm-i wv Tu*,re ar* m*"j> perKps, Who have so tritied with their constitutions, that they think thems-.ves beyond the reach of medicine. Let not ?ven these despair. The Elixir deals with disease as l exists, without reference to oauses, will not onlv remove tne disorder itself, but ? _BKUDILD Tnu BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The derangements of the system, leading to ner Tons lisensee, and the forms of nervous disease it self, are so numerous that it would require a column to enumerate the maladies for which this prenara ration is a specific. A few, however, may be enume rated, vii: neuralgia, tic dolereaux, haalache, Incip. lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi na affections, miuculardebility,tremors,flatulence, *?nH*tion in the flesh, numbness, torpid fn j r? m*ntal depression, weakness of the will, indi-ipoy.tion t? move, faintness after exercise, broken sleep an 1 terrifying dreams, inability lo re malnin one place n position, weakness of the pro creative organs, sexua. incompetency, melancholy monomania, fluor albue,. nking at the stomach, & male irregularities, a chronic tendency to miscar riage, emaciation, and all complaints growing out of a free in lul*enr-e of the passions, and all barrenness that does net proceed from organic causes beyond the reach of medicine. Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free from mai.ormation or etrictural diseases it is averred MORSE'S INVIGORATING KLIXER rill replace weakness with strength, incapacity with eiacieuoy, irregularity with uniform and natural ao hni' afjt2a]y ^out hasard of reaction, LIL^. 4 ippf effect on the general organiaation. ^r^ar in mind that *1! maladies, wherever they ri ., *?th the nervous svatem, and that the ?.*raii2at,'in of the nerves or motion and sensation is ^hysictf death. Lear in mind also, that for every kind of nervous disease the Klhter Cordial Is the anly reliable preparaUon known. . u caltioji. ? r i. j1?" 8 ^?'floaAVwo CokDUL has been eonn> lerfslted by some unprincipled persons In future, all the genuine Cordial will have the boUle^nVi?0 0Tet th? cork of each bottle, and the following words blown in the glass 1 c* II" VSiV'^* Cordial, ' RlltQ? P'QprUtor, M.V. li put up L1?L1J?>noentrated,ln 1 rloe,-|3 per bottle; two for $6; Ax for >12. O- H. RING, Proprietor, 1?2 Broadway, New York. Sold by Druggists throughout the United States. Oanadae, and West Indies UUJfc*a HUtM? m AGKNTU Washington?Z. D. GIL MAM Baltimore?8. 8. HAMf Richmond?BENNITT A asm* Mar Rft?f EXPECTED NEW YKAB PRESENTS. OF all the branches of business conducted in this city, Grcceries, perhaps, of all others afford the smallest profits, and should have the preference for cash, and no one in that business can continue if his customers are not prompt in settlement by short notes or c tnh. Desirous of closing up tor the past, I earnestly request all who are indebted to call and settle vri hout delay. 1 will turtlier give notice that all future bills which may be contracted with me must be made with reterepo* to, and with the distinct understand ing that they are to be closed monthly, by cash or notes at 30 days, which I have prepared for the pu> pose, except Fucb of my old customers who have al ways been prompt. Z. M. P. KING, dec 27?tf travelers; directory. LATHAM'S LINK OK OHNIBUSBa will le*ve Alexandria at 4, 73?, and 9# a in, 1}^ and p m. \\ ilU leave Washington at C, 11. and 12 a' m., 3% and 7 p ni. Seat* can be secured at the Office, Fairfax st., and Newton's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Segar Store an t Kirk wood House. This Line runs regularly winter and summer for the accommodation or the Public. Passengers called for and taken to their residencea if not too far. FARE? For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents; all other regular tripe 25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM h. COOK. jan 8?tf CBOHWBLL'R BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE, BETWEEN "V NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the l>usi ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to Washinetouar the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 56 Exchange Pl*ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. J NO. W. SCH AN K, jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE W EST^ND SOUTLL BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIliKOAD. HHPROVED ARRANGEMENTS FOR TRAVKLI IMPORTANT CHANGES OF-SCHKDUDK!! Tbe completion of th? ?e3B*5fe>ntral Ohio Railroad between Wheeling and Columbus, uniting. as it does, by eo short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the West (anl North and Southwest.) gives this route greatly increase a Wantages to through travelers in that direction. On and afcr MONDAY, November S7, 1?64, the trains wil'. be run as follows: FOR THROUGH PAS3KNQKRS. Two Cast trains daily wilt run in each d'rection first?Tlie MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m., instead ot 8 o'clock as heretofore, (except on Sunday,) and arriving st Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN", leaving at 5 p m , instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, aud running through to Whea'ing in about 17 hcurs, raaehir.g there at 10 25 a. m. This train will st?p at Wash ington Junction, SykeFville, Monocacy, llsrpet's F?rry, MarMnsburg, M. Jobu's Run, Cuuitvi laud, Piedmont, Row lesburg, New burg, ketteraian, Fsrm ington, Cameron and Moundavllle only, for wood and water and meals. Both tLe-e trains make prompt and regular connection with th? csjr? of the Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, 7.?n*sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, I-ouisvllh', Dayton, Sandusky, Toled% Letroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, St Louis, etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the Mall Tra'n; wi'l reach Cincinnati f*?r dlnn?r next day, while by the Express Train they there at 12 tbe next night, beiug kept but one night on the route by eith?r traiu Passenger* for the Northwest via Cleveland and a'l intermediate points can make a direct connec tion with 'he trains upon th? Cleveland and Pitts burg Railrord at all times when tbe Ohio is naviga ble for steamers between Whaling ard Wellrville, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. pi. Returning, the Trains l?ave Wheeling as follewp: The EXPRESS TR\1N at 4 30 p m., reaching Pal timore at 9.50 a. m. Tbe MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. m . rearhieir Baltimore at 7 p. m #S"-T!l!$u>;h tickets by beat from WlieeMng for Cincinnati. Madison. Louisville, St. Vuis and otfc?r River Cities, will be sold at a 1 times when the stage of water vill admit. Through iick?ts between Baltimore and Wasnington, and all the impor'iftit citi^a *nd towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Off.cts of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station "?ill take passengers for alltlv usual stopping place? on the Road Returning, this train lenv?-s Wheeling at 11.45 milnight, Cumberland at 10.15 a. in., ana arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FRKDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and iot?rmedi-?te places, will g'art at 4 p. m , daily, (except Sun^ayc) ar.ivi^ in Freder ick at 7.10 Re'urriug *ill l.?a\e Fi)<Vri:k at 9 a. m., a<rivirig at Baltimore at 12.30. noon TUK EI.LIC JlT'S MILLS ACToMM0DATI0N will be run daily, (? Suudave.) a? follow?: Leave Camden Str<ti<~n at ti a m. and 3 p. m. Leave Eilicott's Mill* at 7.30 a. m. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN A3 FOLLOWS: IEAYn daily, exempt Sunday, at 0 and i a. m. j and 3 and 6pm. On Sunday at 0 a m and 5 pm. Leave Baiumcre at 4^ aud 9am; and ? and 8 p m. On Sunday at 44 a ui aivl 5 p in. TLi- connections with Baltimore A Ohio Roil: ad for the Went are by trains leaving at 6 a la aud 3 p!?. For Pliilaltli Lla aud I?e"? York at 6, t.ul ? a m ard 5 pm. For Annapolis at 8V$ a m and 5 p m. For Noriolk at 3 p m. T. II. PARSONS, Agent Particu ar attention is calle-l to the Rule ri.juir* log a responsible Vuu.h*-r for an/ psrsca of color who m^y wi'h to pass ov.r the road. dec 13??ltf CHANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and ujter Tuesday, Nov. 7, 18G4, THE Cars leave Alexandria da'ly for GorJons ville and intermediate stations at 7 o'clock, a. m., on the arrival of tbe boat from Wa.-hin;tor, giving ampie time for breakfast on hoard C<n neetipg at Maua.<so.s J unction with a iram t:>r >' r ;u burg, at Warreuton Ju- ctiou with a traiu ivt War reutun, aud at Oordonovillc with the trains cn the Virginia Central Railroai for Richmond, Charlottes ville, an-1 Staunton. The caw ieave tiordonsviile daiiy for Altxtrdrla and intermeliata stations, at before 12, a. m., ou the arrival of the trains ot the Vi'giniaCential rail road from Richmond, Charlottesville, aud Staunton THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 * 44 Ocrionsville 3 50 44 M Charlottesville * 25 ** ** Staunton ? 5 90 ** ?? Ptrasbarg 3 50 ** " Lynchburg ~.6 76 u 44 Winchester 3 50 " ** Luray 4 25 ? " New Market 6 00 ? 44 Midileburg .2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with the stages at Chariotteeville, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the ? ages at Culpeper, ou Tuesdays,Thursdays, aud Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Middleburg daily, connecting with the stagee at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BROCKETT, Agent. nov 7?-dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip $1; from Alex andria T6 cents?Tbe THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9'/$ o'clock. CoauhM leave tbe Capitol for the boat at o'clk. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the Coach's will leave their resi dence with Oeo*. k Thos. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. oat 28?dtf SAM'L QEDNBY, Capt Tlllfi HEW YORK A LI V1C It POOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? TIIE HIIIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE ARE THE-* ATLANTIC, Capt. West. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cometock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Gralton. These ship* have been built by coutract, express ly for Government service; every care has been taken In their construction, as in the Engines to insure atreugth anl sp??i, and their acccmmoda tions for paserngers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, In first cabin $130 Seoond Cabin 70 Exclusive use ofextra size state rooms 300 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to ?a?h ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. ' For freight or passage apply to BDWARD K. COLLINS k CO., 66 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO, Liverpool. ' E. O. ROBERTS k CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE k CO, 26 Rue Notre Dame dee Yictoires, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of th?*e ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, ppecie, jewelry, precious ?tones or metals, unless bills of lading are feigned therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed, nov 16?dly ]).M'I.R MOISTENER.?A New Invention for _ moistening the leaves of a Copying Book, Post agu Stamps, Luvclopes, and moisten the fingers when counting bank bills. Also, useful lor various oilier pui poses. It will be lound an indispensiblc article for every desk. It is perfectly simple and cheap, and must come into general use. TAYLOR k MAURY, Jan 18 Agenu for Wasluugton, Mini IHllflSIHITS KICBABD M. RKIT1. D. IIITV, p D. SMITH * CO., Minutoetmn VT, Dealer* <n ALCOHOL, CAMPHSNft. KT HI RIAL OIL, Ae. No 34 8. CALVERT PTRitT, op portU Water street, BALTIMORE, MA. mar ?1?ly rOIAl DOCTOR. R 9. BPKNCm Offer* hlf ProHHstenal mrrtoes to the altitona of BaJ* timors. (I can mr? all kinds of Oaaeera?taketbee out without pain, or the qm of anv kmlf*. I eaa euro all kinds of Vita And Bpanaa, Rheumatic Palna, Oonsumptlon, Dropsy, Dyaperfia, Pllsa, Palsy, or any other ail meet the human family are subject to.' He can atop Bleeding from the Lnnga or Nose. an? dietanoe from the patient, by knowing the patierri nam*. I* was born blind, and bu Studied several ysars nrder an Indian Doctor who wae among the wild Indian* thirteen years. TJR. SPENCHK has removed from Mc. Buckley's Boarding House, to No. 84, HANOVER PTRKT, tn7 11?tf ? Maltimor?, Md. ' nrwr i ,91 ? 51 COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Heltaftn Flwe Minutes* TYLERS COMPOUND GUX ARABIC SYRUP. lc<*rejwin* demand for this moet pieasant, safe, and eftcaoious remedy tor all pulmonary diseases, has eonblM th? proprietor to redoce the price eo as to place it within thr reach of ali el?*s?-? It* superiority over most aim-.lar preparations ia at tested by many eminent ;hysici?us who hate t-een ey? witnesses cf in efficacy when the usual reme d!e? fcive failed; also by thousand of oar m<xt re spectable citiaens who have used It in tkeir 'emlliea both as preveutiva and cure with never failing suc cess f-r the last twmty years, during which period With very little aid trom advertising, Ac., it ha gradually spread reputation orer the whole Union In cases of recent Obldt Cottght, JJoartenesi, dtc , it gives immediate relief, and generally cure? in a day or two, without interfering with diet or business, oi rendering the system more susceptible ot Colds, is chronic coses, Aithma, IT?ioop ng Cough, Cr -up. Bronchitit, Afftetiotu of the J-un^i, and Connmy tvm, it is always very b?ncfiol&l. and seldom fails, when commenced in time to perfect a cure. Price 2r> aud 60 ceiits a bottl?. Sold wholeea'e Ly Patterson A Ka?rn. Stott A 0o. RiJgely A Go. Alexan dria by Peel A Stevens. Is Georgetown by Mr. Cisnel. 4?- TYLER'S am ARABIC CANDY DROP* a similar composition to the above, but in a mildei and mere portable form ; they act like a charm oa a troublesome Cough, and cl?ar the throat and voice; they contalu no injurious drug, are partleu larly recommended for children, frequenters of pub lie assemblies, public speakrrs, singers, Ac. Pri^e l'JV* ^ rents per box. Por tale at moet Drug r.u-1 Can Jv Stores. oct 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOSITE T1IK MARKET ON PKNNSYLVA NIA AVkNUK 4 <i^ors below Ninth street, is a NEW CLOTHING STodC for Men and Boys, openod this day. DKCKKtt, cue of the chespesl Clothing Merchants In th? North, has determined to offer to th'' ritiit na of Washington aud viciuity his excellent Clothing at the lowest Northeru pricee for cash only. There the roUK MAN will find just such a CJothinjt store a?has long beet WK'ited in Washington. ilia motto is cheap foi cash, an<l peic*. A g'Wl substauti&l woollen ecat he will sell foi $2 76; au.l heavy winter pants, well lined, for $1.26: aud fine coats, overcoats, and vests, ia proportion Good wool and cotton undershirts, hosiery, gloves Ac., cheaper thin the cheapest. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF ail eizesaui quat.ty, F-encb or German plate Fancy or plain i'ortrait aud Picture Frauite, Gilt or Frii :y Colored. A1.-0, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets and Tables. Cornic -? made to order. Alse, all kinds of old ?ork regilded with dispatch and ou reus<>uab!e t rrna by J. WAGNER, >155 Pa. avenue, ppp. Kirkwood ll- use. dec 20?tf _ T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACX0BY~ 47 7 Eighth st, adj ininx Rain-y's Liver> ?tab'es OWINU to the increased trsde whi ;h a ienerou. publi" has bertov.ed upon ur-,l Lave been rom peliel to erect a n' * aud Ur^i-r buii 'ing for the c-rrving on ot my business. Here I shall bs en abled to -xe<*ute all or l-rs erstru^ed t* iu-? wilt, greater twlitiea aud dispa'ah, aud I would re^pect i'ul v solicit a conttnuence o: the publi V pat'onage. Carr:*g?w an 1 Wegons, ot th . most modern sty.e, bailt ot the best materials, and wairnnUd to giv* aatist'actiou, repairs oi every description punctually attended to. For 5<*Ie, cheap, a second baud Clarence Carriage, I nearlv new ,-ec2ft?ti PIANOS!?PIANOS ! TIf H l?? g le;i\<? id call tin att'-ntion ??l the piihlic I I to our lock <?! I'i.i:i'i~ im>w on tiand, coii-i-tini! ol >iip?-rl< (im-lie 1 7,1 6% .ind G n?,vw?N?<l < ,?!>?? i,i-f Etramh ftaa ike world leeoweed* iii;iiiiit'actori> ~ ot II -Ikt, H.tvis \ ("?i., Ro. ioii, ami | Kir-tbc, <>:i*-lii-? St l\?.. Haliimore, <-oni;,ri~ine in all llie lai2e?i. most i liable ami ~vlect a.-.- rtm. iit cm r offered in tins city. Al>??, Stools, t ovcis, etc, < 'til Plains taken hi i-xchaii;*'. Wo will make icasouuhic ili><nuiit.> for < a.-li, ot I sell oil time. JUllV I*. I1LI.IS, \o. 300 l'a. avenue, near Tenth <tre"t. J?n-:l Tns ART UNION OP LONDON. PL A X FOR THh. CURRF.ST YPUiR. f l^ilE 11-1 !.- now open, and every sui-scrib< r ot 1 3.i.:>o Will l?-- ?*:it il?-d to? I. An inipif--ioj? of a Plate, by J. T. Wiilinore, | A. It. A.,froin the originalspicttire by J. J. Cha Ion, H. A.. '? A Writer Party." II. A Vol nine containing thirty Wood Engraving? illu trating subjects trom Lord Byron's Poem I of " Cliilde llarolde.*' And III. The chance ot obtaining one ?t the prises to | be nllntt<-il at t!ie general meeting in April, which will include ? The i glit to select f*?r himself a valuable work of | art from one of ttie public exhibitions. Statuttes in bronze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Thor- | neycroft. Copies in bronze, t'roin an original Mmlel in relief by II. Jefferson, of '' The Entry ot the l?uk? of Wellington into Madrid Statuttes in |MtrcHam or p.iriati. Proof Impressions of a large Lithograph, | by T. H. Maguire, after the original picturc by \V. P. Frith, H. A., " The Three Bows," from Mo liere's '? II turgeois Geniilhouiuie." Honorary Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR St MAURY, Booksellers. jan JI NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lvuistana atwt.u.', oj)j?>site thr Bank <>f WatiiinyU* MR. THOMAS DKLKANY respectfully invite* the attention ol the public to examine hir stock of GOODS, whi h he has opened on Lousoca avenue between Fixtli and Seventh street!,opposite the Hank ot Washington, cocsisting of all descrip tions of Teas, Ac., Imperial. Gunpowder, aud Black Tea; Win.-a and Liquors, of all forts, which he cat ?ell at the lowest prices f>r cash or approved paper. Besides all tho necessaries for Gro:ery Business, via: Broun, Huckets, Ced?r Tubs, .Matches, kc, j Ac. Please call aud see for yourselves. nov 'li?.'tm SKCOHD HAND PIANOS F<?H SALE OK REN'P.?We have in store four Pianos, two of Cbicketlng aud two of Andre Stems, which we offer low Ibr cash, or good notes, or will rent on moderate tfrm-. New Music expected tomorrow morning. J<?HN. F. ELLIS, jan 4 3tit* Pa. avenue. ARNY, So. 8# Bridge street, IS prepared to furuish Bai.i.s, Dinners, Sotei* VVkodinos, &c., with everytbing in the <'onfee tionary line, in any part of the District, at theshott est notice, aud on the most reasonable terms, jan 19?tf WHO'S Wlh) IN 18.V?, 1 |iockf| volume 1) .d's Parliamentary Companion for 1855, 1 pocket volume British Army List for I8.V> Priush Navy Li?t d ? I'he Plinetary Worlds, their Topography and Telescopic Appearance?, by J. Breer, Cambridge ! Observatory, 1 vol 1 Blackwood's Almanac lor Imported by last steamer by r"b 2 FRANCK TAYLOR. CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. J The Geograpiciil and rontmercisl Gazette?a monthly punlication devoied to physical,com mercial, and political Geography, edited by an association ol practical and Scientific gen tlemen. Subreription pet annum, siugle number 25 cents. Disturnell's Rlulway Guide for Jannary? 2T> cents, with map. jan 13 FRANCE TAYLOR. 03A DE VRIES WALTZ, Composed by Hans Kruiumacher. Our Polka, dedicated to Miss Emma J. Brown, by the same composer, published and for sale at the Music Depot of 11ILBUS & H1TZ. feb 5 FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more, la various parts or tb? City, Md Georg?town, at lew prices, and tsrau to suit LLOYD ft 00. BUILDI If O 8TONK, For sals, deliverable at the Canal, or WhaiTM la .Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD ft 00. If th strsst, opp. Treasury Department, |y ??lv IVY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to Mtas M. J. Tabler, by Prot. A. F. Little, just published and tor sale at HILBU8 i HItZ'S Music Depot. Frtce 12* cents, ? R PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. SITIDBR? WTBTBB AT PHILADELPHIA. J OHM V. II1DBE, Mir la Wines, it the Ibrmer oid established Wint Hurt of JACOB SiriDMM, Jrn No. T? Walnut street, kmr door* be low Fourth itreet, *hir? rnwm will be supplied rlth WD> U and LIQUORS cm the Mt nrw? kttJni terms. JACOB SNIDBE, Jr..Agent for hi i? portation of FOREIGN *IItoJS, Ofoos Mo. Tl Wal ?at street. Philadelphia, where 1m to prepared U rewire orders for the special Importation of Wtnee, ke_ fro* vartoas hoaee* in Burope, la a me* tit lee of inilitoM end nvwirdi; m4 ilioioltoti for hie fc?n,JOHN TAUOHAN SNIDBR, the patroaage of Si* friends end former rnrtomers. %? All Winee ordered for Weshiagtna will be <Je fvered by IipwMfrt* ff Jo t-Iy DOCTOR fOlHSELF. TDK POCKET JCSCULAPIT8: OK, BVBRY ONE HIS OWN PUT8ICIAN. The Fiftieth Bdittoa, with One hundred ?b*t?*Iv' showing Diseeer* end Mai formations of the Bit? Krmem In ever? ?! ope ond i t nt To which li idto< ? I Treatise oa U? l^eseeee of Females, the htgh eet Imp- -tJitifce to sirrM people, or (ho*? content plating a ft'iiij'. By WM. ?01 NU, M. U Let bo fether be uhiatt to present e copy of the JttOULAPlUB to hto ohlid ^ It may save htm trom oa mrly grave. Let do young moo or womaa enter in to the secret obligations of married life wlthoal reeding the POCKET ^SCULAPIUS. Let no one lufferlng from a hackuied Ooogh, Pain la ths tod a, reetlees nights, nerroas tee lings, ond the whole train >f tyspeptle sensations, anl given ap by their pby rician, be another moment, without consulting tk? S90ULAPIUS. Hots the married, or those about to be married any Impediment, read this truly u*e ?ul booh, as It has beea the m?ens ot soring thou, inds of unfortunate creature* from the vary Jawi ef _ -Any person aaadicg TWBNTY-FIYB CENTS mcloeed In a letter, will reoelve one ocpy of tfcti rork by mall, or Ire ooptos will be seat for One Dal Addrses, (post paid) LB WM.YOUNO, No. 1M Bpraoe strs t, PhUedelptla. ap IB?ly AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. UTTAt SICK HE tR THI TIU1S. Captain Hfnj\ m i v?Wherever Iuk sii hie teMi hi,.ny will bf coneluetv."1. But l?t ibflM alw dn not know the Captain -dimild be sceptical, (lr. D m ion Ik. Bro., with other- ol tin* h< *t knowu mil most Uitfhlv respe. table cinzt lis of F:i?t->n, ?i.?l.Uis AundVrtuI curt- by Hampton's vegetable tincture. KikT?s, Ort. 4, It&i Afev*r?. Mori inter 4' Sfou-hra* : Gentlemen ? I leel it my duly to you and the pab lic to certify U? llse* effect* of Hampton'* \?*t' tiMi* Tincture. I wik for nure than fivf >e*rs laUmng under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and llif great part ot that time I w b' lplf" that i bid to he helped from my i? d :i*'d dte--ei1 in my cli?th< ?? 1 became reduced to a mere All the nied icines I look d<NN* me no eo**l, and I continued to grow worse. | heard ot Hampton'* Tincture and thought I would give it a trial. At tluv time I did not expert to live one day after another. I did ih< take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumati-m, but iu a short time I was well ?.f that di?< ase. 1'rom the effe cts of your 'J nieture and the help of God I am now getting in g<>-> i health. I wi>h all the atllicied to try Hampton'* V< e.-tiUle Tincture, as I have d ?i?e, with the t-ame effect Uiiit it has ou Your obedient servant, Isaac BcmaMi*. We are arqutiii?*'.! witli f^aac B?-n;>:inn; ?<?ld him M>me of Hampton's Vegetable i'inctutuit4be lieve the above statement corr?*c'. 11 a w on & Pro. From our knowledge nf Captain H?-??j.iMun we are c?>iitid? nt that Uie alMive >ta;? ment i? tru?- and uu ezageiated. J- A. Joh"?^hs, Charles Ui btMsoM. Call and get pamphlets!-?, and ? cuies Courli, Bionciutis, Rlieninati?m, S'liral^ia, l?js pepsi^, Ni-rvou?ine?i? and Ut-iit-ral l^ eaku<*"s. A>a female mtdicine or I'jr delicate ciuldien v.e l??-heve it unequ illt d. 8old by MORTIMER &. MOWBRAY. 140 Balti more street, Baltimore; and .'<01 Bioadwav. S. York Chas. ^tott k Co., J. B. Moori;, H. B. Clarkr, Ci.arse &, W. Et.i.ioT.and II. Mrl'ma son, Waj-hington; al?o, bv B. S. F. Cisset., G?orje towa, and C/C. Barry. Alexandria, and *>v Drug gists nvryw here. jan (? -? CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE. Tlia Great Pmrlfler of thi Uiood I Hot a Particle of Msrcuty In It! An T?i:au.ii<l? Ruicot lor H^rolu'.a, hinjf's Eril, ttheu^iaus u, obftinau Cutaneous Kruptiuni, i'lmpl^.-J or l'u^tuies cu the fa<*s, Blotch**, Boils, Chroni : Here Eye*, l?ing Worai or Tetter, S~sll lfet'1, Kclarijeaieot and Pain cf the Brats ai.4 Joints, Ftabborn Ulcers, Syphi'itic rdfrs, Lubib:igo Spinal C? mpla'nts, au i all the Ci??-?s?e ?rising frviu <?u injudicious u*^ of iier ury, la pi ad mc*- in Lite, cr liupurity of the b:ood. 1^II1? Tc'iuavls, whii'h has be ???a* brstfd rrr ?h- cumber of ?*tr?'rdinoey cure*, effected through its agency. La indac 1 U.* propri eto's, at tbe urg nt request cf their fri'ndf, tr ctlrr it to the public, which they do with tbe u:m -st c u fld?-cce in its rirtu?s and woaderful curatiTe prop erti s The fallowing certill *t?*s, feleeted trom ? large number, tre, however, strorger testimony tban tbe ta*r? vord cf iho proprietor*; end ?re all froai genMc'iaeti we'I known in th<-ir localities, aul of the hiij'i^st re=pe't*bllity, uiauy ct th-ui re^.diug in the city ol KicLiund, Va F. BOYDkN, Esi? cf the K**b*. ge Hotel, R1 b moid, known ever* where pay ; he 'h' M*d? leine ca'.le 1 Cartlr'6 SpaKISU MiXTuas. adtaiaistend in orer a hun lr ?d c-ASee, in nearly all the dii<e<s<-s for wbich it !s reconiaiendf^d, with the iLOst aston ishingly good r-?ults He say^ it is the most ex traordinary medicine he has ev??r wi n. A'iUK AND t tYBR?GRKAT CURE.?I hereby certify that f?>r th:e- years I hal Ague and lever of the DMi-t *i>:l*ut description. I had several I'hv sicians, look Urg>' qusnMties of V^uu.ine, Mercury, an 1 I believe all the Tonka advertised, but all with out peimanen*. relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottle* of which effectually cured me, and 1 am ha; py to say I have had either chills or lexers sinee. 1 consider it the best Tonic in this world, aud the only meli-ine that *ver reached my case. ? JOHN LONUDhN. Biavkr 1)itcu, near Richmond, Ya. C. B. LUCK, now In the city of Uichtnond and for many years in the Post Odiie, has such oonhdenc; iu the astonishing efficacy of Carter's Sp nish Mixture, that h* has bought upward- of M b:ttl*-8, which he has ^iv -n away to tbe afll'cted.? Mr. Luck says he has never known it to fall when taken according to directions. Dr. MINOR, a practising Physician, aud formerly <.f the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, eay? he Las witness* J iu a uumbtr of instances the effects of Car er's t' Mixture, which v>ere most truly surprvdug. He says in a caae of Consumption, de pouicut ou tbe Liver, th* good *ffe aere won derful indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was cur^d euied of Liver Com plaint of three v ears btauiliug, by the use ot two bottle* of Carter's Spam, h Mixture. ORE\T CUKE OK SCROFULA ?The Editor* of the Richmond Republican h-d a servant employed in tbeir pi>ss room, curvd of vioUnt Scroiula. com bhed with Kheuma'ism, which eutlrely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of hire, and the Edi tors in a public notice, say th?*y S heertully rec m mend it to all who are afhicted with any disease of the blood " STILL ANOTHER CURB OP SCROFULA.?I had a verjr valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAY'I/lR, Conductor on tht R. F. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond, Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CUt. ED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, residing In tbe city of Richmond, was cured by three b ttlee ot Carter's Spantok Mixture, of Salt liL.-um, which he hid for nearly trwity year*, and which all the physician* of tha ?Mf oould not care Mr. Thompson is a well kaovft MdMhant in ths city of Richmoudf and hto to m?l SiBarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richmord had a servant cured af Syphilis, in th* worst form, by Carter * SpankA mixture. He says he cheerfully recom mend* it, and oonsiders it a very invaluable me Ji nn* EDWIN BURTON, eomn>i<wioner ot the revenue, says he ha* seen the good effect* of Carter's Spanish Mixture In a number of Syphilitic eases, and say* It is a perfect eure fcr that horrible disenee. WM. 0. HAKHOilD, it Richmond, cared of old Soreaaal Ulcers, wlrch disabled him from walking. Took a fcw bottles of Carter'* Spanish Mixture, and was eaabied to walk without a crutch, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depot* at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. 88 Mai dan Lane, New York. T. W. DYOTT k SONS, No. 182 North Second *t., Philadelphia. BENNETT 4 BEERS, No. 126 Main street, Rich mond, Ya. And tor aale by OHARLES STOTT, WhlngVm, D. C; IiEN K\ PEEL, Alexandria, aud by UruificU everywhere. Priea $1 per bottle, or six bottle* for $5( *ep 21-ly PKNRHYN AND IRON MANTELS?May be aeea a beautiful assortment of these cheap and du rable articles, at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth gtreet, over the Wa?h;affn Raving* Bank. RALPH HASJUNS, . MfU-mr

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