Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1855 Page 1
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THK KYRNINrt STAR prTHr.?~ rvVpv ArrrftvnoN. At tflt >' >' H i?'?f ?, / ???njytvcnto 01 f V t I I, < 4' n A HOCK, Will ??? "-in ?! <nu r)t*.-r? iu iftf <?t W'aah m/HMi. <? ?rt?- o. V"*mdrw. Raltj Bon n?o Phila *ti.itM.. ?ND A vUARTMR CENT*, pay* h,r *'? ?1? ?>> ?h. To maU mbjcnberi the niiworiiHi'ti ;irir?: i* TIIRKE DOLLARS AND nri V fESTil i year in advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE tfOVTHS. rortu ova ca*f. ?BfSGMMBfCSgggM VOL. V. f H 1 ? M <ft*' A A ii 4 V ?4 $1 \ y $ 9 ' e A UM/A V WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1855. NO. 660. I HE WKF.K1 ? STAR. !'<e .**? t.i fxu.ui XtVtmiM "J a r? ??rwi *4 taur?Ki?| fcaJtnj I *- t"W?4 it> ?n ?Ui*f la ..*1 % ?u^U ??p?. *ci _ N OWII. Tr--_rr 4o_" " *" ???*? ? ? ? ? ?.?<?? n? ? ? ? *???????? ? ????? *%?????? V4 ^ ?/" ?*4?r, ?a*4.*i?.aiY ta ttfiica 99- *?*;?? ropHM (ta CM fc. ? lb? J u>, lMUc ^ U5, DJprr Cn r~Tiuirim. K ?TH?.raa. who netaaaf?*.u wui a* il??, a ccmmiMioii of twenty per cent. GRATIS ! Jl'HT PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, y " or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili tv. Low Spirit, Lassitude, WeaX ne? of the Ltin ha and Back, Indispo-, wtion a no Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness ot Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, L.ove of Solitude. Timidity, I Melt Distiust. Dizziness, Head Ache, Involunlnry Discharge ? , Pain in the Side, Affection of the Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man. FR(?M THE FRENCH OF DR. B. I>E LANEY. The important tact ttiat th?*se alarming complaints miy easily be removed without Medicine is, in this small tract, clearly demonstrated; ami the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. V-ut to any address, gratis,, and po*t free in a ?ealed envelope, bv remitting (post paid) two po<t age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lupenard street, X. w York. jan 17?3in IMPOKJAKT TO Tilr* SICK. Tfl* ' --p-neucs and *el! frnown skill of X ^ i ntocx i* a tuftciest guaranty to th# public that ??J ; r. winx \t< of Medicines, such U bavs boen c>u?*a-,tly ussd la hi? pra tice lor the lis thl-ty >*?? *. ?il! fully sustain by thsir effects th? va'usM- qualities attributed to them, and pr>ve to !"? ths bejt Meiianes e*#r offered to the public. I. Dr. McCiiufcci's Pectoral Syrup. An in**<i< <V* remwly Bronchitis, <"on-ump. tk>n, sad !*:: hruiil? of the throat and lur-js. In all l**p s -atei c^inpiaint* of the PulnK ttwy oixads It !.a? pror-i ths id >st safe, certain, an- fwl **- ?y -v?- smj-Ioy^d in tha extensive pr>-tk* of l?r, * For any cf the? forms of dis.?a se : tneiu-elvrs aa Cou^h, fickliag o.'tleThn st. Sews^ ?f Tvhtn-sa in the Throat, jjpittln^ c,1 Bio hJ, biSiaUy ot Brett ing, Hoarse nor' er l*-?a cf '?>.<*, ani Hectic ??7er, in u?e will be ttt?a?'l Titii rhe happiest result", while it is j j.l?3t*?ai to tl.i psiatd *nl etr* u/tienlE/ to the wbo'e.<; -run. I: ??outair..- no Lmifcnca or opium lu taj . * ? Trice $. per piut bx >. 11. J'r. CM ciui Coiigk AJiiiurt. A" '.?* !? :-Tf for r*-?a? ***** s 'Tlctl'ru of j the Vi.!A*t, ;~>jhtoe?j af breath' ..a, Crcon in Chil drou. It s:ntaio<' no ;>r-?paxstion of opium. Pric? iA ? -.>'3 ? *r Ujtt--. Hi r . JliClir.todt s Astkn'.a asUIIoop r-:? Cot^k knntdif. An k?!" i ' i2-r3i? relief for these distress- j lag o-?" '? a; lis i" the ;rrit of an immense I expe.v - ?-*.!?? v*cc!?h5u? iu ite effocis. No per j sua t?--rl S'l' r- ?. d*y from Afthicc or lioopin?; ' Uoc<^ *ii> s;i<asai!. I tice 60 oonts per to;Ue. IV. M&J!i>itock's Diarrkm-i Cordial ii-\JCit 'rra PrcveiUive. A pr-^nj- ?- l Ttiia t.ur? f r Dt^rrhrne. dysen tery. i:ui >Jb '>ra fcxbuf w all stamen. A sure pre ve?ti?-o' ? t.r.i CMM| nliicb no traveler or faodly? ?' - ? i ??* riUiOut P''re 35 ?cd So cents per V -11 f. it" ? M'C'vtiJtAi Tunis Altirztivt .S'yi.i, Ptrpc ' rf tv.e !?!?">? V Ta* ia>^t p:u rioes rv r j>' , v?rr * S\t t.'l Arr >fulont ui^eaecs,1 Uklo di^s'v. "ij,-.."! i. Boii j, V is viae, K*>sip?l*'. I tiW^rs. ^v/r!? ai:.i :jypi<;ii.:c | ooaip:* <)'?, A >t u a UaC\L sacslleut e;> iu.; j cine, p-r-'i'.y piJ i*s.**is. an.! ss> for cim.Uia o: fe-1 males ftivii/'at e;. VI. lh\ I'l.CliiUorL's DffSyip'ic fiizir. I?yi?pst>-'v d:s^ni'*r-l ?lvs'k;ii liiy lm c?l! d th< Nifa?>asn l??>ms-? ct A.vr.a. 1 ^ss^u.i<tom-a:x h*4-U,!,y. <iAiiit.*; u-'isju njis; io-w s? irltj;-ilui brMot >';,j.i"n. ?lt' laf'tn"?. if before tu<* eyes; ltchlu4 of ? t-.''*; d-i!tii"ss ,->f b-av.ay ?q.i 1q? lu tlie en: c. ?i*'??<{:eet.ble ta^te lc t'..* u< >iith; ebOltiv'u>>n ;?( tivi^hivt; d flctiHy .it bre?:J.!Si{; #? ase ??' juffc?aii u :n lying dowa. iriu aaeau'Lac iUli.t palpitations, or un*a*y ['wi n,! abu^t t'.- ti'srt. Irr?*ru!sr or eeuse ot n>a^ n.* st t> si>ina 1^ ac?Aity; )>-ar:bur;i; pain oc talib-?-s the a.Viotu^u, him eMtirrur:>v. Cofu* ol s*ni|>u>ai4 always apnrur in sia; to?i soia t' Jfe rauie ;ao?at h?i xa.ay cf them at tlic mos Ume, ur at aifferent times. For nttncki^if tt e-x Prota?u sy^pto?ia in their ma: siij K>urc?, va:da(angedernniu<Mtof theiigeuUvef jitc tionj, tbe uy.prp'-. ? elixir'->iub!aes all tL^ v-lu-U'.o InrfredUuLi wfcub tno V-,jeUhis Kiugdojc aff'-rj?. Taken in s?ai??-ction with the Vr-r;- table Par?' Pi 11a, in whete tti -re -.s maca coativeasu, or with the A ati- Hliiou i Pilis, vhera Uis r'ua r, ;. ua c t t?ie liv??r are iriwclnriy umch^r/cl, 1; will lou^J n most efl?v tui! rtcnd|. i't't- (it pi&tbOtttej.)|l. fll. Jh-. bhClintock's i. Urviiatu Mix tun. Wot lar-ruhl M'W; a ^uroly v^eis'-'s c^a'oinaiion fcr tUe vux$ c< l.heuctawoi. U Kit, and all Ncuibl gic and Bueuuiat c L U??-*- . a: i Kiae'y li^jferid With the ntei-nt -onti teoce 1: has been Ob * cirst exUaslvUy. an-1 i? a- uur a Oj.e":u?: U,( iilse-iuiuJ.; DUMars aa the ?(>:!?! '??jswi b.ia P 'r? i ?. Ui. tie 60 eents. VIII. InCiifdoJSi L::.i mziii, Ac IcuuiL!) vjUi j sj ^.iw'xtici &>; t>?* reiieftf ali thtua it - uiauliic 'tii; sptAlae, swellings, sU5 wet, <Uuu39j o: tL ;oiitw', p.ina ia tha shcu'. dare, b? >, r l'>_ib . it u3uri?i iu.mcuiata r- lief from ohj'..o fc-?J ; %iits h ilia s> -ms;b aa ! aliomen. A? a eottiiUr it b invaluable la a'l where an JtuUuUai Ij tM^^ui. Tries (per bottle) oO II. Dr. liluClli.loik s AajUj.: Miv'.w.t, Or Pa v^tfs'Uf.uMdiblet'UaJykousXbt ti.y, Ibr tbe la sKtreiicfoi a<l o^lu^, To.>rJiasue, He. d lds.ciio<i^ ijutiii tiu r?9e, 0:;i!t'.*!ca, Nfutal* gls, StJ_. or Ur?. d, A-]., Ij. Ko paiu Bead he en aurwl e. ipjo-'a: '?y oyutcja -*n>~. will i's thi< Invalaaois Aoouycs. Pries W csai^ per Uft w VeC? X* Dr' M-ClLitotk'* JTtVir a-.J -^2ut /i?. Till* ii- V^j:! i-.ii aa iLiiaii'?ia P. thk Ujj si jj naw oonntrjea, aai i ?r int^ru^ltdut fo/eri SlotrnvslleT or real lent in any a^>ia die trlst bou<<- tj piovUsiiyuo^elvas with iiiittiur prsr-ntlve- per hotUa. XI. Dr. AtiClbUdzk's Vt^tiablt Pvugu tl04 Piili, for the relisf of Uoiui'pition aai its palufal re ?alto, eueh ?* Uesls;kf, em, dicA Btomacb, p,lL^ cDi all the sy;apu uis nuumtnisl undsr lu "Uyep<pc c IUa:r." Pricw 3* cants par bor. Jill. Dr. lykCUriiock's Pills, fjT Liver iV>aip!aiaie, and all lorma of dijease* ari^ng iroa d?raugement of tbe llT-r, with Bymp gg? ae i>ls?uae.i, ils dacu', uaii^Iui i?i tu? Kjts, yall-jw i^urr*-J U5u<u-?. ;v.a !i: tket^hc - hoc! ler. ?enae of ittlinss^ or pain iu lae li^'utsl ie. It^.isre. avofl&jscb or bo<r*"le, J*ii'iout a .ivj of the kidneys, cUy-a>lored st-v?U. Ac. The f PiUa, if tsksn !n th Incipient si of Utlioas sal isiiow or oth? Pe?er?, w 11 g.usrally #*rd oS tie atUsi. Prit* M eents |e. ?>t. Iha abi ?e VieLcia^' a.*y l?s p.'or:irsi of a1.: thr prtaoipal Apot'u?c*rie i in this Ln.? trWrt, an-1 of 37U- IttNaiW, Agsnt, WMhiQ$ton. a?p 1ft??m BEAUTIFCL WHITE TfLElII. gEALTHY GLTMr<,AND \ SWEEP BREATH, All who are doirous of oi>taiiiiii ? thejtc I>ene aiiould nse ZKR.ll lN,J CELEBKAT2U TOOTH IVA*11. This delicious article combine, so many neniisMMi qualities, that it ha< now bc eom, 4 staudard favorite with the citizens of New fy,! p>ii'ad< l|riua and C.i t. nore. Dentists pre scribe it in Uieir practice most successfully, and froui every source the ino?t> ring Uuuauous art awarded ?t- .. , . Iuflame i and W?-diii! ruins are immediately ben edited by it* use; its action upon Uieiu is luiid, soothing and eir.ciive. It cleanses the teeth wi thoroughly, that Uiey are made to rival pearl in wbitrne <?, and diffuses chr?Migh the mouth such a daiighUul ire-dness, that the hreatti is rendered ex quiMt?ly sweet. It dis.i.feats a!l those linpnriuer which tend to produce decay and as a consequence, when these are reiuove.1, the leeth mu>i always it main sound. It is u*e<l and recommended by all the emiuen Dm lists in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities where it has be n introduced. All ?hoald give u ? trial. Prepared only by FRANl IS ZLRMAN, Druggi-i kd UhenMs*. Ninth anJ Caibaiuie streeta, Phi a gdplua, aad *old by all Druggists everywhere, at '.25 acuta dm bntUe. W. H. G1LLM AN, f Jap 17?3m Anent 0>r Washm<toa fim. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS j MRS ANOHRAOK has r?c?iv?d a large and eumpUu assort moot of Mathsma'Joal lnstr u its and Drawing Materia s of superior quality Math* m ati mi InstrumenU are chitflj of B^ias iafcs>ory in s, as wall as ia Separate pieces; ? eolon and oil colors. Drawing papara of ev ?ry qnaifty. , StudWsia Drawing ani Painting. -U MljSl?^ UNDERTAKERS, Ac. CABINET MAKER k UNDERTAKRR. 'THX arliriim1 would wp?cWillT Inform hi* 1 friends. ecqn&lnteEc?e, and the pnblic generally that be still confirm*3 to ex*cnt? *11 order. in hi? llns of bnsinAaa ;n the be** Kaaner a-d at the ahort m: no".1 >.. HKPA IHl i.ea? I y a?4 prouij'ti / *xt36b?d PDIWRAL8 itt?iW to at - || , the shortest notioe. and In the beat 'SSBBBHBv Banner. Bo>iies ttruened ir, the ir.ezi ptrfeU atan ner, even t?* the i.^cmusi tenter. ?.a*nkfulfor pant favors, ha would respectfully solicit, and will endeavor to merit a eontinoasee ot tha same ANTHONY BUCI1LY, Pa. ava^ t. ride, between 9th and 10th >ta. tteeidencs: Mr. Martia'i, Mo. 890, D street, tsird iosm east ol 7 th street. mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD re?T*?ctfully retnrn my thanks to tha oitiae-j4 it Washington and ite vicinity for their past patron v'. and ??y that owing to the freqnent sail? In lb* Undertaking branch of my basii.eM, I hac- ixwn induced to discontinue the manufacture of ForaUure. and tu'-n my attention fully to the UNDERTAKING. I hare (pared no pains to have ?very thing tuat is requisite to ciy businea?, and I am therefore fully prepared to ir.oet any order after a '?* ncm'Rto notice, and T aa?ure thoee who may ' e ma a call that I will spare uo pains ta carrj on* rfr orders to their entire satv'action. JAMB8 P. HARVKP, No. 410, 7th st.. between G and II. K. i?.??Oati 4 attended to at all hours of the night ciar 9?1 OOllMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Ne# y->rk, T***-', California, N' w Jers^v, . Louuians. Missouri, P no*/lT-uii?, Ai ib-ro*. Kentucky, M&rylaal, 0-<>ri{!.a, Michigan, Vair>a, Wi'- t.^lo, Obk?, and Miua'sota, Pi<>rkr.i, other States, GEORGE C 1 HUM A3, ATTORN H Y FOR CLAIMS, AND NOTAUY PUBLIC. '<Vmj,iuu^ton Plaer, mm.r Odd- Fellow' Hall, SSVg.VTH HTKIOCT. Washlvitmi. DvO. ?f.? to s P. H. DAYIDa?r A.toiaty aad r.o'.?Kn?l!cr-at-Law, .?in COMMISSION Ell Of DHL OS FOR TT1K PT1T23 ?T Virginia New Yc-V >f4lne Eeiitusky. FswJer.*/ Illinois Louisiana, Oouuectlcat ii fachusciOi Maryland fVnunylvani* Florida "Isanassv A'ehama Iowa G errg?a Jili;.ri:ia Arkansas 3 Carolina Ac., ts Conveyancing in all Its breaches promptly ?n? an-: rataly executed. Otnoe, Lr>ui:<i??a avenue, cpp. Fifth street, not 16?II y FHOr. aCUOXEttBKKQ, VSACHBR AND TRANSLATOR OP Hodsra l.angiiagt< and Lltsraturt, !??>. U-'?" pmsrLVANiA avtatra. oct 23?*J R. H. GILLET. Counsellor at haw. Otto* ?ti rad-iscc* in Pr??klij l'.ow, comer of R m-1 TWrl ? ?> H uliM eel 'W 41 f Mm. SU1JONRNBERG, Ttachcr <?f .'iaii<> ?;id ^lugluKi x<j. 'Z'?7 psixstiv^.vii jran ~-l . i' WIL V. MCKHICK, Attoruaf at !? * w , fn>. 3 8 v,v aiv>\ \V5Nck. Will ir* t.c-r n thf ^uprenss "ouit ?-f th?- United M';?t*< i?id tiif C.?url; of tit** I) etri<*t. of jolumMa 'Kh; f V.1 >'?:*?' iS I.ANttJa?1'itOfr". fj V il >! N h'l H r. K<1 wii' romiu^TiM rrvii?wiii5 cla-i??i-i l iti-'UH.-es on ^'"u-r.iy? (..'.'t'.'.b'sr, at bi<; re^i.!?Hi .e, 'J5>7 ?veno.e ? ?? Private Modical TreaUos 3N Til a '*? V^iOU.KliOili VI i,'.V '.ij1 "?? .VKiil AtlR, av R1 It. I A/JHOIX, Bl. I),. Armxr, a y i-.O ) snl 1.10 "I'.e PIasu Co'.ocei Litbo ^rHjthii oUil l*lat?M. ?a* Price oisty 145 Cent a -J( ta-: ?ut ?.e? r f po^ia.;et> *51 j>nr ? . f th ? t'uloii"fc? iliIE\i'K-T brJK KTK? PLThi.S^iie.i, aJ conialnmg u*-*rly d ub'e tLe <|u*atity ot r h iiuK ^natter in tl-ut of the 11H V UKNTd OH ?iLL.\!t HUiJlIC \ l !*.?." ?. It tre*> ou 'he J'U? S:OL<> OYuP SJARIUAGH, *nd the fte ret i'flrciiti:-.''?i. J auord-sr ef yunlit and maturi.y, re eultlnir fr .u j-a, which di atr()_v th-* pu airal ?nd ti?n t?l powers, with on miTTiHg'-, it* <iut!e< ?ud di?}UM!:flcationa, and thrfir remeJi'a; with li'.ho^rnph ?, l?lu: tr&;ing th anafom? ar d phyaiclogy. *na of tb?; r?pr> lactiva organs uf h:;tu 3*Tr i, B*ructur?, uaefl and fuootione. A poituUr at.d <:ouptehr uaivr tr*, tise on the duties and ctiue1"' >. f ningle aud iaar ri?^l Aife?happy and ?m.tinl ^'Viuvs, mcde (i se ouricg thi-ci iDf?P *i:. . ? .-\u n;-?.*til^ ones- their obrifcuon and ?irj?u??r>;i-t*at hints to tho-?e jont^mpiating t>~*t wit; ov^r<?sia ob lectious to it; n?aj >*?,?v^T<?r. ahouid tak? thio im portant a*e?. vr SfOtti irat consulticg its pag???? x mrj'jiuaiu-s o the jiRe??esand medical treatment ot temnles trow :".>ancy to old & '*, e^oh ca^e graph ically ttiustr?te<! by beiutifol iithogr&phlc plates? aerroaa debil ty, its causra and curs, b7 a proce*.' at one.' *j ?fe and t (f*c ual. that taiiure u Uaf-oscible?rulrti for daily iuikoag->uient? an on dp ?rraat>r-h,jea vdtb practical o^ocrvation-j or a and ti -re sucedMfui ni<>le of tr-atm*nt?pre j.'iU^mirT hino < u ti?e evils reculiiog l'roia smpiri 3c.i prv-tioe?m ?- -ar on all a^'as -a hrisiag Jtobb indiitraUon, witi plain ?nd;<iinplu rules by which ai' p jlie r.kti iUre tut^jifflved without cioroury? rejs j ii? < for (ii. ?elf iuhlolel mifli-riis ta i di-ap po .ite< hopes so ur.P-rrua .U?iy pruv?lent In the youui U u m trutlful advi-er -o the married and :h)e'. ccat?mpUtii.^ rairria/^. 1U phru&al is par ci :uLarly recoium^n i<-d t> p-r oaa <rulor.aiuicK ee :ret dou >ts o" tnnt ph/sicai coadiLi^n, nu<l who are TonisCioiW ot h h*iird->d fbe h?alth, Lappiu^ss ind t>riviie{;? :?? ^hish erery human beiaj is en titled to. Price jeuta per copy, or fltre oopiej fbr dol lar. Mailed ties ot to any put ot ih-t Uni ted 3Utee. N. B.?Thjt'M i r? ar ci^y coasu'.t Dr ?.aCKu!X ?P"n ?uy i>t U.e v?? apjn which feu trjate ttithcr er-i ? i y ?>. b ti*ii. Medicine a?ut to any p?rt t in ? at. m corJUn? to directlo'?e, aaf^i> oac? vi s?ui ? i p<jcured frcm all ot:-ei ration. A lit t. .J/ v*. ?* J. i v3.?0iX, No >it Maidxu IjiiUt ur 031 e t-^s J Albany. N. Y ?ir 0:uj- -,.??! daiiy iroui iiaufp ?u a.vl o,. iao4ay fruui - until St p m. lUmovid from So 60 Yt+ver st., so 31 *1 *??! ais Loans, AlUny, N. Y. ?iec " T? EN 1 IST^KY. DP.. MUNa jN r??pectfudy '-a! r piiLlic attaauon tohianuw patent, ml Git?.\xLY - ? iMPROVfej uietsod of oe.tiug ArUlicwJ^Sfcr^ Pecth, wi Ji Couttuuo.13 Gi-'a- t'a; rcry ^ PsUTLUflON 0*' r -AUT. Tui6bijii jfTaethLvt th?r fol'-iw adTavle^^s ov?r nil Others rU: QdlsiT oTRKNOTtl, Cl.S-vN'Ll C M VOKT, ml BEAU TY, vi^.n* with feature in the t reepeote, aui ?om? o !?>??'?? "i. .'llil'ablic inf-,.?c ^k>n is re'ipentu i; ?oiicii?a. lMe*s? call and see ?peciinfU6. OAUXION ?No Oth-r I>enti?t In the District ot Joluuibi* im * eight ' ) m>ka taia aiyle uf T--eth. N. M ? tV^th ^>n.4titutional!y hrliihy, plugged *ni warranted for tlfu. Offl v ani hou-M at No. 23d 2 street, near the cor aer of INna'flraila areuue and 14th strait. no 13--tf Trana-allkguany bank and n Withers k Co.'e Notes purchased at Che higheet UnoMT^nt Money, Land WarranU, and Virginia Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities sold to auft pur chasers. Furonj a' a distanc 1 sen li?g me Trans Alleghany noten or La>jd Warrant*, may rely upon reoeiring the best raU*, and remittance* mads by draft on *uy city iu the Union. HAMILTON 0. PANT, Banker, deo 0?3m No 482 Penna avenue. GOOD NBWrt FROM HOME-JUST KB >^*?vcd lOOcoptn* <?f the abov** popular ?uig at (lit- Mu-Me Druiti of HILBrd h HITZ, Curner Penna. avenae and 11th street. . JWW-tf 11-* . . . : .-z _ OFFICIAL Trkiscky Department, Jan. 3,18.V>. Notice i? hereby given to tlie holders of tiie fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department u prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st .March next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate t?? ?1,900.000, in the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within thl> amount stated, preference will be given in the order of time iu which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate 2. A premium on the stock ol the loan autliohzed by the act of July, 18-16, redeemable Novembet 12, 1m.'i6 of 2^ per cunt.; on the stoak of the loan au thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per mil.; on the stock of the loans authorized J>y the acts of 1847 aud 1848. and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and tlie latter on JWth June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act ol 1850, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity) s? per cent 8. Interest on the parol each certificate from ihe 1st ?>f January, 1855, to tlie date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in Pddition. Payment ior said stocks Will be made in diafts of ihe Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or I'hilidelphia, as ihe parties may direct. But no Ci ttificale will be entitled to tlie benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Trca-ury on or le. f ?re the said 1st day of March JAMBS GUTHRIE, jan 4? dt.Marl Secretary of Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR iURSISHIKG PAFER FOR TbE PUBLIC PRINTING Orrirg Supkrintrmdent Ptnttc I'rintisu, Washington, January v5, 18f>5. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, ??An act to provide for executing the pu lie printing." fiic., approved August V!6, 18.VJ, sealed proposa-s will he received at this office, in the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the "8th day ol March next, at 12 o'clock in., for iiirnisliing tlie following qiinit ?';ie-. and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: e. /Ki reams, weighing '28 |>ouiids par ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 niches 3.100 reams, weighing 26 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 10t) reams, weighing 24 pounds per ream, and niea suriiig 18 by 22 inches 3-10 reams, weighing 22 pound- p-r ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inch. 4i?.) reams, weighing 12 pounds;?er ream,and niea Miniig 12 by 18 inches All these papers td be made of the best material*, and lini?hed in the best manner and tree from ailni tetalion A contract will be entered into for sup plving the qaanthies stated, at cuch times as the public service may require, but the privilege is re served o: ordering a *reu/er quantity of either km (, should a great, r quantity be required, at such times Uiid in -ueh quantities as may be deemed necessary. Simples ot each kind of paper mun accompany each bi *, and all proposals and samples mu>t l>e transmitted to this office, tree of postage or other expense Each proposal n.u-i be signed bv the individual or h in making it, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered :.t Mich place or places as may be designated in VVa.-Inn.ton city, in .jood or.ier, free of all and every extra charge or ex ".en-e, and subject to the inspection, count, wejptit anJ measurement of the Supeiiuteiideiit, and In- iii all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposal- will be furnished at this to persons applying lor ihem ; and none will lie taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; and the supplying of au inferior article, or a la-line to supply the quantity required at any tiin: will be considered a violation ol the contact. Each bidder is required to turin-h with his propo sals satisfactory evidence of his n'nlitv to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with bucli evi dence will Ih- rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend enl of the Public Printing, < apilol ot tiie United States, Washington, and endorsed '-proposals for Supplying Paper. ' A G. SEAMAN, Superintendent ol' the Public Priming, jan 20?eotn UEAR TIIE WITNESS! RIGHTEOUS VE3UICT! RHEUMATISM, C0UGI1, PAIN IN Sll?E, fiic. WONDEHPUli cun* after >u year's suffering of one of the most highly rcapcclabie citizens ot Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism can't itand before the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tinc ture. K.fcN9ALL's Guovs, Montgomery Co., Md ,) December 2, 1854. j Alextrt. Mortimer Mown ay : (Gentlemen?In 18-14 1 had whatir.y doctors called a violent and combined attack oi Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from which I was confuted to my bed for three mouths. I had tiie verv best pliysi cians, who tried other various remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ease troin pain day or night, I Uvamc much t-maci atsd ; my whole system a masj to disease, literally speaking, from the crown or my lie d to the sole ot my feel. 1 had to hobble about?most of the uiue confined to the hoase ; at times so helpless that 1 had lo be assisted to my bed. I was also alliicied with a dreadtul cough, freut shortness of breath, sore throat, palpitaiion ot tins he^rt, mid pain in my side so bad 1 could not lay on it. My appetite en tirely failed me. I gave up all hopes of being restored to health agmn. 1 continued thus to suffer on from 1844 to 18i0, a period of six years. At this time my d -.ughter saw at lit r grandmother's a pamphlet, with uiiutcrous certificates of cure-, made by Dr. Hamil ton's Vegetable Tincture. 1 knew soma of those who certified lo cures t>er foruied on themselves and friends. I was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. lie objected ; but my sufferings were so great, hat I pro cured oue bottle, and, l.eiore 1 had tJ'.ken the whole of it, I felt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle 1 was beiter than for the past six years, my appetite re titrued?cough, pain iii the side, shortness o| biea'li Xc . nearly all giH??. I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven hottlcs, ac cording to the directions; and i am happy to say ilamptonN Tincture, and that alone restored me to perfect health, which has continued up to Uns time ?a period of three years. 1 am in the 65th year of my age. I weighed yesterday 338 lbs., and I never fi-lt better in my life. One ol my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism. &.c. lie has aiso been restored by the Tincture. 1 heard ot oibpr cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if tried, will speak for itself. My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and the way 1 obtained r.-lief. is to m 'nee the afflicted to try this Tiuc'ure, which has, under the bleraiugs ol God done so much for ine. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAimER. Cull and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Khemii.ttisin, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nerrouatiess and General V\ eakue*s. As a female medicine or for delicat-j children we believe it uin uualled. Sold by MORTIMEa fc. MOVVBKAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 3^ Broadw?y, N. York Cu*s. Stott fit Co., J. H. Moore, k. B.Clarke, Ci.arkk fit Bowliho, W. Ei.liot, aud H McPher son, Washington; also, by K. S. K. Ct sel, George town; aud C. C. Merky, Alexandria, and by Drug gfts everywhere. jao 5?tr UNION ACADEMY. Corner of WiurUmth tt. and ?to Yotk aretiws. AVEW id re pupils osu b? r*oai*ad to make up the limited number. A|>pltc*ti<*n must be msde soon. The discipline, instru.-liou, ?d1 mnai of illustration are such sj to insure ?atisf?ctory pro gns ia thoM t upils who am punctual, regular and obadwnt. Otre.alats at the Bookstores. ?Uc 30?3m Z. RICHARDS, Principal. ; v "I BALLS, &c. THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF THE WILL be given .at FORREST HALL, George town, on THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 15. The members of the Clubpledffe themselves that no pains or expense will be spared to make it one of the miKt pleasant Ball* of the >ea*on Scott's Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion Refreshments will be aetved up by an experienced caterer. \o hats or cap* will be admitted in the room, ex cept those worn by the respective clubs. Tick'is ONE DOLLAR - admitting a eentb-tnan and ladies- to be had ol any of the members of the club. Committee of .Irrangemevts. Ttaos Dowling, Thomas Serrin. Samuel Howard, J I. Lipscomb, George VV Graves, A \V Ward. Managers. Jno ll .ar', Jno Thomas, A J Oemeut*, Edward Tippett. Charles Grime?, Jno Cost. J R lies, L Fdwf, Hoor Manager*. Geo W Graves. J H Thomas, J R lies. fell 12 tb U NFR EC ED fe A' TE D AT Tli A C TIG IV. GRAND FANCY DRESS BALL OF TIIE ISLAND SOCiaI. CLUB. 'J'HE members of the Club reapectfu ly announce i to their friends ami the public generally that their Second (irand Ball of th<* sea-on will take place at the Wa?lnngtoii Assembly Room*. nOX? DAY, Feb. ISHIi. Ail necessan arrangements have been made ?o as to insure to all who may honor them with :li?ir presence an evening of ??xqui ite pleasure. Apart from the novelty of this b ill (which will be tli- first Fancy Dres-, Ball given in Washington for many years) they would iniorni their friends and the public that the proceeds of Uie ball will be dcvo:? d to tlmr new Library, which i* already pro?re??i-ig finely Celebrated Cotillon Mu-uc lis* been engaged f?r the occasion. Refreshments will be furnish* d by an experienced caterer. Tickets $1?admit'iug a gentleman and ladies, to be had of the Manas rs and at the door on the eve ning of tile ball. Managers on part of the Cttii*n*. Ho.i F n Stanton, Temi Wall* < Lenox. E*<| Hon It II Stanton. Ky Rich'd Waliadi. F-u Hon T B Floruiee. fa t'ol lla-r^tt Capt Tyler l>r 'Mak ? B B French, Esq Jas A Brown, E^o Mana^ert On part of thv f'hiS. Richard Evans, <. W K'tunmcr, II S Litchfield. Harry Dudley, .1 Smilhley, G F Adams, F Guest. Wm H Dalton, Jo* B Walling, Win Williams, L Anderson, Daniel Driscol. fell 3,7.14 & 17 GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC 'IMIF. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re I ijH-eifiilly inform the citizens of Washington that they inti-. d to give a B II on WiiliKKSUiY, FVb 14. 1H55, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY KMIMS. Ti:e Company pledge themselves l< Use every ex ertion to giv*'the utmost >-aii-"laeiion to those v\ho hih v lion vr tiie Corps Willi their presence. Refreshments will lie l"uritt?hei! by a;i experienced caterer. The military are requested to appear in full uni form. No hats oi caps allowed in the Ball Room except those wor* hv the military. Tickets ONE IKILLAR to bv had of the Com mittee and at Hie door on the night ot'tbe ball. Cotnuiittee oh Imitution and Recejtioii. ("apt E I" Carrington, Su'gi oti W It I'.iiit. I.ii iit Tucker, J Coleman. Lieut Clark, L Will am*, Lieut Kelle/, J Ma-ceron, Sgt Power, Sam Bull. jan 3<J - eo"Jwkt!b Dr. DJPOA-CO'SQJLDaJV MONTHLY PILLS, A SOVEREIGN REMEbY for the cine ol all Painful obstructions aiid female Irregularities arisin ? from whatever cause. Sold by all Druggist* At |t per box, t?l will bo seut confi dentially by until, on enclosing $1 tn "l>r?. A J., W?-hiiJKt?ii, l?. C," General Agent, by wlu :u all crdt-; s will be filled at tlia proprietor's prlco. These Pills are the result of OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the treatment of tli-? Diseases of' Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies tor whom they were prescribed by Dr. Dtqiouco with tlie most iiappy effects, they are now published to the world, so that all Females suffering from the diseases peculiar to tlieir sex, may have the oppnr tunny of giving them a trial. Tin si- pills have only been advertised to a limited extent tor a little more thftu a year, vet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES fcave already been sold, a largt proportion ?;f which fias l?een by mail to ladies in different parts of the country ; and letters are being rec< ived daily containing the warmest expressions 01 grtitudtj for the benefits which have been derived from the,r use. The following is an extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized le-r name to be communicated confidentially to other ladies wishing lo make inquiries icsprcting tlic ino<lus Ojtrramli of the pills : ?My daughter, uow aged 17, w*? for three ye?r* tialnfully ? fllu to.1 with obstruction*from winch, ?i time*, she ?altered severely. We expeudeJ* Urge ?uia tu |>hy*lcUns' tees, but with very trifling and temporary relief. Her complexion be came tinged with a sallow giventsh hue, and lier whole xya tein ao much df?oa?ed that she w*i pr<mounced to Ihi rapid ly <?1bk into consumption. At tlna ?U;?e I saw your adver tiaeiu^feit In a New York paper. My faith wan very weak, but a-latt rasoi t I ceut Tor a box. It gave ro mu- h relief that a second and third were used, aud i now have the great pleasure of Informing yon that my daughter's health Is com pletely restored; liei sallow complexion Is replai ed by the rosy {low of health ; her gloomy melancholy, Dy that cheer ful buoyancy of spirits, which Is usual in girls of her a^e; and if the pills had coei ten times as muck. It Would be no comparison with the happiness resulting from tbelr use." N. B.?Toe ingredients of these pills are perfect ly iiakmi.ess in tlieir medicinal o|>eratiou on lite most delicate female con titutions, yet as prejiared and eombiucd by,Dr. Dujioiico. their specific aciion is such that married ladii-s ?h u.d use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all indicated during pregnancy. For the same rea. ou, as every plnsician knows, medicines which act in tilts way are the very best that can be used for re storing the natuial, healthy tone ami functions of the system w hen so much impaired aud deranged as to romt in barrenness. For further particulars set? di rections. &e. wnt wiih each box, and citculars to be had at the Druggist*. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Sold in Washing on by Kidwki.i. 8t I,acrlni t, Hhitt fcCo., VV. -!.Gilman, S. It. Stlvkstkr, J. B. Moohe, First Ward; O. itosvvm.i., Island ; J. F. Callan, i II SroKt, H. ventli si.; II II Mi Piikrson Capiud Hill; F Walsh, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by O. M. Liutmcum, J. L. Kidwcll. In Alexandria by >. ook ftc Co., Peel jk Stevens. Fountain & <"<>., and by Druggists generally. jan 16?liu* Mott Bedell's Line. SEW YORK'. .il.EXJlSDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, JiSD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. This line of packet* sails weekly from pier 14 East River, New York.aud oftener if iiec??*ary, aud arc composed ol the following firtt class vessels: aqw achr. A. Y. Bedell, matter. New schr. Molt Btdell, A. V. Tredwell. Schr. Ann />., Wm. Oliver, master. Sell-". YolaiU, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. CommanAer-in-Ckuf, Wogl d?, master Schr. GreeiiuHiy, VVilnou, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the masters men of experimce in th'- trade, tn.i the ottly regu lar line of Washington City packet*. .MOTT BE ELL, Wall struct, N. Y. 9. 8. MASTERS fc ftONU, Alexandria, Vs. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1 ?Bin v\ ashingtou and I>. C. U. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, Kelwecti 9th and 10M street*., Offers fur sale a magnificent assortment of diamond jewelry, Gold Brace'ets, Breastpins, Earring*, Seal Kings i Wedding Ring-. Fob and Vest Chains, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All abides are warranted as represented and sold unusually low. , j*n 19 evening star, A 8P:KI r Mfc'SSENQEB IN WASHINGTON A person who rejoices in the cogno men of II. G. Reddout, has address ed us a communication setting forth thai | having given two years' labors to the ! subject of spiritualism, he has conceived j ideas exhaustive of the arcana of knowl edge, human and divine. His expenses have reached the alarming sum of nin< hundred dollars, doubtless most of ii paid in tho shape ol fees to the spirits The Pythia, regarding Washington a: the spot above all others requiring th< presence of a prophet, have directed hin to repair hither, which lie has according ly done. We append his letter to us, an< call especial attention to that portioi which exemplifies that cold contemp which patient merit from the unwoi tin takes : Washington, Feb. 12, 1*55. Spirituality explains the following : It reveals what Heaven is, and how i is to be obtained. It explains why these spiritual iaani flotations aic more common within a few years than they were formerlv. The Spirit gives the reison'why mar.i festations are sometimes given, and a other times denied. It defines the mind of man, the law un der which it is given, an 1 explains tin reason for the differences of mental capa cities. It defines hin. righteousness, and ter fection. It explains how sin will he doneaway, and how mankind will be made perfect. It explains mesmerism, clairvoyance, j and other similar mysterious manifesta ; tious that have not been weil under* ! stood. I It gives the law under which human beings are created, and the extent to which they are punished. It describes the sun. and gives the rea son why it presents a different appear ance from the planets that revolve around it. ! It explains the Old and New Testa i ments, ami reveals the character of Jesm ! Christ. | It gives the reason why* this revelation ? is given to me in preference to any other . man. I have been near two years investi0^ ! ting these revelations, and have paid i out about $900, which has taken all the j money I have, except fifty cents. ' The i next I hursday S-5 is due tor boarding. , 1 was directed by the spirit to come to Washington, make known the revelation, and ask Congress for pecuniary aid to | enable me to make mankind acquainted {with the revelation. 1 made known my | business to Governor Brown, of Missis ; sippi. lie promised to aid ine, hut after | wards said ho had not time. I calkd i upon Judge Harris, of Mississippi, a j member of the House, lie said if I would draw up a memorial he would present it ; but he did not think I could obtain any assistance th..> session of Congress. I &aw Senator Wade, of Ohio, who professed much ignorance upon the subject and desired to remain so. 1 talked with Senator Shields, of Illinois, on the sulject; he treated it with con tempt, and I came av?ay. 1 saw i ro lessor Henry, of the Smithsonian Insti tul.0! an^ a^ed permission to ixplain Spiritualism to the public, in t?ie lecture room : but it was denied me. An}' person wishing to converse with me concerning the revelation, or desiring to inform where I can address a public audience on this subj-.ct can- find me at the 1 ranklin House, on the corner ol Eighth and D streets. II. G. Ukddout. Degeneracy of the Ministry.?As a sample of the way in which ministers are electioneering and working for elec tion to different posts, we clip the follow ing from a Boston paper. The ticket was gotten up with the American flag on it, and in a style somewhat like the "b'hoys" of the ?ixth ward of New York electioneer: The election of a clergyman to preach the sermon before the legislature of 1856, was attended by a goo t deal of ex citement and patriotic devotion to men, in the House of Representatives, yester day. Mr. Scattering had votes from all sides ol the chamber, and it will be seen by reference to the official vote, in an other column, that his holiness Pius IX , has an agent in the House, who had the audacity to cast an open ballot for the Rt. Rev. John B. Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Boston. Let there be a committee of luquiry to ferret out this disguised emissary of the Pope. The tickets circulated were, in many in stances, quite unique. Here is a speci men : Cod sore Ike Commonwealth,. PREACHER OF the ELECTION SERMON, REV OTIS A. SKINNER, OF BOSTON. The Ameiican flag did not save Mr. Skinner, as Rev. Mr. Setley, of Spriug tield, a Congregationalism was elected on the second ballot. Matrimonial Advertising.?Matri mony is becoming more and more "mu/ tcr-of-money. ' We copy a couple of ad vertisements: A gentleman entirely worthy and re spectable, with an income of $3,000, in dependent of bis business, wishes to cor respond with a matrimonial view with an accomplished and refined lady. None but eligible and wealthy ladies are in vited to address A. R. T., Brooklyn, L. I., post paid. A young man of the first standing in society wishes to open a correspondence with a young lady of good disposition, ?fcc., with a view to matrimony. Addrt ss U. J. W-, Box No. 150, Holyoke, Mass. THI LATE JULIA D*AJI Ai gossips everywhere irt talking about the marriage of this lady with Dr. Hayne, of South Carolina, we deem it proper to publish the following biogra phy. taken from the New York Sunday Atlas: Some one. whom we very charitably believe was not aware that he was per petrating an act of superlative imperti nence, has addressed us a note, in which he asks ua to state, bv what authority we inserted the other day that Miss Ju lian-Dean fe the daughter of her reputed father. W ith the domestic affairs of Miss Julia Dean we have nothidg to do. 1 hey are as snored as thoae of other peo ple, and are not to be violated with im punity. Miss Dean is the daughter of a lady with whom we had the pleasure of an intimate acquaintance in our school boy days. Miss Julia Drake. She was a decided favoiite in the western theaters ? a;>d ahonl the year 1819, with htr brother Alexander, one of the best low come dians the woild ever knew.performed an engagement at the Park Theater. Both were eminently successful, and strong efforts we made to induce them to remain on this side of the Allegheny mountains, liul as Alexander had visited New York to receive performers from En-land, and engage others then in the city, for his father's stock company, all overtures that Were made were ncccss*rily disregarded. Mis:> Julia Drake?and her daughter. Miss Julia Dean, is an exact opy of her mother in figure, though not in counte nance was sought arid sued for bj num bered worshippers. .She had otters fur inatiimonial alliance from several of the most wealthy and resj>cctable men of Kentucky. Ohio, Tennessee, and Louisi ana, all of which she rejected, probably in consequence of the iact that her por fe-sional services were a 1 important to liie fortunes of her father, who was theu the leading and only manager west of the mountains. One of the earliest and moat ai d. nt admirers of Miss Julia Drake is now a resident of this city. We meet him often in our walks up town ; and thougn flge and infirmity have somewhat marked him, he still kelps " harpiug ou niy daughter," the beloved aud never to be forgotten Julia. At last Julia Drake made up her mind to marry, aud did marry a lawyer of Lou i.sviile or Cincinnati, uameJ Fosdick. \\ e cuuld i?ot recollect his name last week ; but have since been reminded oi it. Mr. Fosdick was a nati?e of New Kugland?of Nantucket, we believe -and wa.s brother of a man of the same name who married a lady of some euiineuce of this city, originally Miss Harriet tJeoffry, who was the grand-daughter of the ofe biateJ Major General (Jieene, second m command in the army of the revolution, and wiio subsequently, as Mrs. Muzzy, after she had passed through two matri monial editions, distinguished herself by writing the once popular and beautiful ?ong of ?? I l?n iliet ?litre i toniij lov*.*" Mr. Fosdick, the first husband of Miss Juiia Drake, died, and, as we always understood, left no issue. Mrs. Fosdick lckiained a widow we know not how long, but ultimately married Mr. tdwin Dean, an actor, and a man of very great worth, who became associated with a Mr. McKenney, in the management of the Buffalo an J other theatres. It is now said ihat Miss Julia Dean is the daughter of the first husbaud, Fosdick, and not of Mr. Dean. The rising reputation of Miss L>can - her great success?her virtue ?the honor tiie world chooses to heap upou her?the career she is lending and is destined to lead ?all conspire to tender her an object of envy. And the corres pondent w ho has thought lit to address us a note on the subject, in the exercise of his unintentional impertinence, under takes to impress upon us the belief that Miss D-an is the offspring of a man named Muzzy, who, we well recollect, was at one time a small lawyer in Ken tucky. It is not at all material whether Miss Dean is or is not the daughter of the gentleman who represents her in the guise of father and guardian. 'i hat she is a young lady of excellent worth that she is the offspring of virtuous love?that she is entitled to the laudation and homage she has received?all are matters that no one need or dare ques tion. The eulogy of the country is here; and the fame that attended Mrs. Siddins, Miss Brunton, Miss Oger, and Mit>s Mel ton, will most assuredly mark her path way in life. A Novki, Cask?The New York Her ald says the proprietor of a Sunday news paper, in that city, sued an individual for work and labor performed by the pub lication of an advertisement in said news paper. The defence set up is that the contract is illegal under the statute, which declares all agreements made for labor to be performed oa the Sabbath, to be null aud void. Tiie case is before the Su preme Court of New York, and the Her ald sa> s: "The Court evidently inclined to the belief that plaintiff could not recover, but reserved the decision until tl?e general term. It may be held that the labor is performed during the week; but that would not be a competent defenre, be cause the publication is made on Sunday, and that publication is the only proof of the contiact. In fact it is the contract itself, should the general term decide according to the principles laid down by the defence in this action, the proprietors of the Sunday newspapers will not be able to receive any debts due to them by the process of the law, either for adver tisements or for subscriptions. It will be equivalent to an act of outlawry." The son of a Icing, and the heir to a kingdom aud the honors of the house of Uustavus Vasa IV. of Sweden, has i been for thirty years past keeper of ? lighthouse in Boston harbor.

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