Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1855 Page 1
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Jim - . ' ' t , ; f THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?' 1 WHOLE NO. 6746. CORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. milTBHIBfrs REHEWfB KTBRT UT. SPECIAL NOTICES. BAVANA, BLAND OF CUBA? GENERAL AND ooesmisaion agency. ? Mercadere* atreet, No. 6.? I. Q. Soxarte, for ft moderate rat* of commission, will execute order* for tbe purchase ot the different ? rod nets of tbe island of Cute, such >? sugar, molasses, l#?00' ??***?? vu, Ac., as also the effecting sales or ffplgaaeats of merchaouise entrusted te hi* care. In broke race department, Mr. .^uiarte will attend to the rchase of shares of the different stock companies, landed property, bouee* villa* and country eeats in the delightfal oavirons of Havana, allotment* of land, coffee and sugar eatatoe, farm* and cottage*, Ac. Hid loaf ex perience aad extensive acquaintance place* h'm in a po sition to obtain the moat favorable purchase* and selec tion*. and tatter* himreif that person* entruclng order* to him will be satisfied Mr. Susarte will pro<' uoe the J'e?t reference* ma to ataudiug and capability. Order* to directed a* abor*. J. Q . 8UZARTB. TkTCmat IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THERE WILL BE JL1 ? ewelnl meeting of the itockholder* of the Ameri can and rorotga Iron Pavement Company, at their oOce, 1 10 Broadsray, New York, on the 16th day of February Best, at 12 M., tor the election of seven trustee*. New Tort. Jan. 24. 1866 L H. SAG E, Sec'y. SOTIOL? THH COLLECTOR OF THE TOWN OF PEL ham wiU Meet at tbe North American Hotel, iry, earner Bayard street, to receive tax** of unre .<ident lot* of PeUuanville and I'roipect hill in said town, on the ltth February, in the city of New York. BtNJ. F. HORTON, Collector. ~\TEW YORK AND UVERPOOL UNITED STATHH _Ll Mail Steamship Company, 60 Wall *treet ? New York, Feb. let, 18*6. Notice ? The annnal election for fHwetom of thia Company will be held at thl* office, on Xhureday, let March next, between the honri of 12 M. ?nd 2 P. M. WM. L. YOULE, Secretary. Notice.? hie lady who was in one or the Bleecker street omnibuses, at the corner of Bleeck rr and Carmine streets, oo tbe 28tb day of August, 1862, when a gig was upset and a gentleman injured, i* re quested to lsnve her address with Dr. Giiswold, at No. 427 Hudson street. -\rOTlCK.? ALL HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE JJl lata Agnes Whlttaker of Weaver's Arm*, No. 338 Hudsoa street, of tbe city of New York, are requested to send in the aame, with the vouchers; and all out standing debts doe are to be paid to tbe undersigned on or before the flrst of May, 1805. Parties having luifgaife left in tbe Wcavcr'e Arms, must call for the same by the above date, or it will bo t-oltl to pay expense*. The bouse, itock and fixtures of the Weaver'* Arms are for sale. All information-can be had by applying t? , GEORGE DICKSON, 60S Hudson street, I WM. BRUCE, 284 Eighth avenue, / Meoutori. C\ V. A.? OOMT1NEN TAL CHAPTER, NO. 12 ? J ? Brothers, you aie requested to attend the next regular meeting of Continental Chapter on Thursday the 1 ">th, at P.M., to make arrangements for celebrating tha 123d aoniver ary of the birthday of Washington, and to receive your tickets or admiiaion into the Academf of Muiic on that day. By crier of JAMES B. DUFF, ?achem, Gaoaoc L. C*A3nt, C C., pro t?m. U. A.? CELEBRATION OF WASHINGTON'S BIRTH Vfi day.? The procession will be u&der the direction ofCapt. J. C. Hslme, Grand Marshal. Hon. Thomas R. Whltnay, Past Noble Arcb Grand Sachem of the order, has received and accepted an Invitation to deliver the annnal oratioa. Exercises at the Academy of Music in Fourteenth street. Member* of tbe order will receive through their chapters tickets for distribution. W. W. OSBORN, Chairman, 278 Grand street. {^retariei. OC. A. REGALIA. ? CHAPTERS OR MKMBER3 OF o the order desiring regalia for tbe celebration will please give orders early. Equipment* provided for the cavalcade or marshals. Order* should be left without delay. W. W. OS BORN, 278 Grand street. fpHE SABBATH SCHOOL ATTACHED TO THE BIXrH L Unteerealiat society will hold its fourth annual exhibition on Wednesday evening, Feb. 14, 186.% at Knickerbockar Hall, oorner of Eighth avenue and Twen ty-third stieet, commencing at 7 o'clock. Ticket* 12 X cents ? to be had at the door. THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE PHENiX MINING and Manufacturing Company of Virginia are inform ed that at the request of several of thestockhslders who misapprehended the object of forming the new mining company, the subscriptions for the remaining share* will be rcopcncHi nntil Saturday n?xt, the 17th in*t. On that day the subscription* Will be finally closed and the stock apportioned. Apply at 13 Broadway, ro>m So. 6, second story, between 1 and 4 P. M. flxHE ZVaUCC RATION OF THE TOURO UTERARV JL Institute, devoted to tbe literary and social advance meat of the Hebrew community, wiU take piaceonThurs day, the 16th inst , at 7X P. M, at the room*, No. 448 Broome street, three doors west of Broadway. Rev, H. A. Henry and Jona* B l'hillip*. Esq. will deliver ad dresses, who have kindly volunteered their services. The member*, their friends and the public, are respect fully invited to attend. B II. MAYER'S, President. Utiw Ekaxikl, Secretary. T) THE EDITOR OF THE TRIBUNE:? 1 PERCEIVED in tbe Tribune of ye*terdty mjrnlng, an article re jecting oo me, wherein you state '-that a challenge en dued between Morriisey and myaelf, and that Mornaaey, with bis second, was, at the appointed time, on the ground, bat that the other half did not appear." I beg leave to state, aad can prove all I assert t>y a hundred Semens that were present, that th( following was the iffionlty which enauei between him and me and that no challenge passed between uiv The facts are as follow* ? On Sunday afternoon, 1 rode out to Jones' with a friend, and we went to tbe bar to get a drink ; Mor rissey aad his friends were standing at the bar talk ing ight, and on seeing me asked me to take a drink, which I refused ; he asked what for, and I replied, 1 had told him several time* befbre the rea*on that I never wanted to drink with him. H* then aaked me if he could speak, to me after I get through drink ing. I aaid yes. We went in the back room together. He asked what I was going to do with tho hundred dol lars stake. I told him that I would give it to him aay time Mr. Hyor would sav so, or if they would come to gether I would give each of them the money, and let them appoint another stakeholder. Morriasey then said, you dare not got Hjer to fight me for that Lundred or Ave thousand dollar*. When I came out of the room two of his frirads spoke to me. and I replied to them that Paigeeaad all hi* frond* were after me to make me fight them, and what could I do? when Morriesey came up and ssidPatgee was a gentleman and his particular friend; stating that Pargee could li :k me for as much money as I wanted. I replied I did not waat to fight for money, but would rather fight him than Psrgee; when be replied in a very abraat manner, I can lick you any way or any other man in America. ? anv way or any how. I told him be could not lick me; that he had aaid the same thing to me several ttssM before. He said, "you lie; I can Tick you aay we/.'* Then I stepped outside the door aud he followed, when I drew a pistol and told him to stand, when ho throw his coat open and said he had nothing with him. I thea replied that I would take no advan tage of him. Thea he aaid to me he would light me with pistols if I would go to Canada with him I then told him I would be liable in the aame way if I went to Canada as I weald be here. I stated that I would fight bias in Hobokea or any other place. He told me to pick my friend aad be would pick bis, which I did. aud show edbhn to Merrtssey; be said be would send bis friend in five minutes, but he did not send bis Mend, nor did be fix aay time or place that we were to meet, nor I I seen or heard from btm since. By inserting this be fix nay tin* or place that we were to meet, nor have I seen or heard from btm since. By inserting this yo? wKl do aa act of justice to JAMES HUGHKs. CiMPIJMIKTARY BAIL TO MR T. BELL 8UPER inteadoat of the Chinese Assembly Rooms, on Thurs day 1 1 ding 16th Instant, at the above rooms, No. 639 Broadway. Tickets tl. For his kind attention to the fteqneatsre of the Chine oo Assembly Rooms tils friend* abonid give bias a bumper. Monday ?*?? ??????#???. ? ?? ?,???? :*. ?*? ? A. ?>AD?. TT^HTASr EN01 ?f monsieiT ^g^wffrw*, of **?? So- 41 Snit> or thk rooR in thi twenty jocund Wank Tntiirct'i report of the Aaeclation lor HfaW af Um Poor in the f weoir aacond ward.? Thi? aaaoeiatioa ni org aniMxI ca th? 30th ol Deoember Uet. AMm? Wi. B. (Take 1* the prael lent Wm Haddaa, ?wxtMj: MiOto. H. Mulier, tr*??jrer, TLe aaeorl* lion a collecting committee of Ore for each or tka foor etactiua dlatricta In the ward, to -otloct rwli to cairy oat tbe ohjact* of tho aaaoclatlon. I hair aoap baaae ud toyit la eaUbliahad at the corner of fort; ami rtrM and Ninth irtau.-. Thar hare aappliad daily, ihM tho 10th of January . about 3M familiea, or ahoai LM peraona, with -oup. B j th? tanned report, it ffflMM that tho faoda of tho aaaooUtioo are jet tla( I Mr, Hi all thoaa who feal d.apoae '. to roller# tho poor ara aar aaaUr re^uestM to ateUttha aeeoeiatloa la tWf laaiahia aflorta to leeeea the an Seriate of the poor I is wsvA* Jan. 1 to tab from t?>a 4i threat baa, m ft>Uow?. ? HQ* io m ? i TfcW " 300 (0 to?rtfc " 147 M Tatal H40 It Kieeeded tm mm Jim. 1 to Fafc. #, for aapplla* for the eaop kowae, fee 474 to Ba'aara ia ka*? of treaty rer WM B. MUX* (TMidaat. Can. BL Twaaurat. METROPOLITAN AND SUBURBAN AFFAIRS. THE MAYOR AND THE BELGIAN PAUPERS. WilfU Attempt at Asausinatlon. CUBBEJfT EVENTS OF THE ?1T. 4 Ac., Ao., Ao. The Italian and English Opera Lut Wight. The tiriai and Mario "C'orpt Lyrique"?(i quotation from the bllli) ? commenced ita final farewell perform - ancea it the Metropolitan theatre last evening. The opera waa the "Puritan!" of Bellini, with Qriai, Murio, Suainl and Bernardi In the principal c ha rasters. Ber nard! waa a very bad aubatltute for Badiali? the laat named artiat being on tho sick liat. The price of ad miaaion to the houie waa cne dollar, and fifty cent* ex tra waa charged for the aecuring of tne aeati. Ah the manager, Mr. Hackett, had announced in the bllla that thia waa the "lowest remunerative standard" at which the prieee could be fixed, it waa expected that a very large number of people would take advantage of this picce of condeacenaloa on hla part. Such, however, was not the caae. There were many vacant aeata in the lower boxes and parquette: the second tier waa about half filled, and the third tier eould have accommodated three times aa many paople. The houae waa a mixed one? there waa a little of the "beataociety," considerable codfish, anda good re pretentation of the unterrified democracy. The laat named came from curiosity ? they chatted through the over ture, yawned over the firat act, and evidently thought the whole thing a decided bore. The 11 beat society" wrapped itself up in Icy dignity, and looked down with an affectation of anpreme contempt upon the lower mil lion. The delegates from the aeoond strata behave! as usual. They atared at everybody through their lorg nettes, ferociously applauded in the wrong places, and otherwiae made themselves disagreeably conspicuous. One young woman, in the centre ef the parquette, got up without the ?lightest regard to expenae, made her self an object of interest by standing up during the entri acts, gating at people, at point blank distance, through an eyo-glass, and otherwise displaying that free-and-easy deportment, that total absence from all restraint, and that general disregard for the proprieties of life, which can only be learned by a lengthy expe rience in New York fashionable aociety. The "Puritan!" has been done here ho often by this troupe, that little need be aaid about the performance laat night. Orial acted aa well aa uaual, and was in good voice. She had a good reception ; and being loudly called for, appeared before the curtain, alone, at the end of the first act. Mario sang superbly, but waa unuaually awkward in hi* acting. He seemed to think that be waa conferring a great favor on the audience by appearing before it. Bernardi ia an indifferent alngtr and a bad actor. Suslnl waa not in good voice. The oborus was small, and not well up la the music. The orchestra was fair, but too loud. The scenery and accesaoriea of the opera generally are below crittciam. The hall In the Puritan fortress had panels painted with representations of a chevalior and dame of the reign of Louis XV., and the flat represented the pa lace of Cliude Melnotte by tho lake of Como! This was rather a strong aeries of anomalies for one scene. The opera waa not half ao well done as at Castla Garden or the Academy, although the Metropolitan theatre is su perior to either of these houses in regard to its optical and acoustic properties. The opera goers complain ed bitterly of the redaction of the chorus and ths general inattention to the business of the scene. One specimen of Young New York remarked that it waa dono "on the Canal atreet plan." The houso was not a cordial one? there did not seem to be much sympathy between the artists and tho audience. The only warm applause waa given for Oriti'a acting, at tbe end of the first act, which was very fine Mr. Hackett announces that Grisi and Mario will sail for Europe on the 31st. At the Broalway theatre, last night, the Pyne and Barrlaon troupe gave the " Cinderella" of Kossinf, in Enfliah, for the twenty-first time. Tbe house waa filled in every part, as It has been on every night when this opera has been performed. Although the performance ia net a perfect one in every respect, yet it ia so good that it might be profitably repeated twenty nights more. The audience laat night aeemed to injoy the entertain ment immensely. It waa something which they eould understand, and they were not forced to appear Inte rested when they were diapoted to go out or to go to sleep, as they are at the Italian opera. Miss L. Pyne'a execu tion in "The Skylark" ia worthy of high praise laat night It was received with great applause. The production of "Cinderella'' la a great treat for old and young, and the Broadway theatre in these days la the place for oM to see childhood In ita halcyon ilays. The orchestra Interprets Roisini's delicioua instrumentation capitally. The sceuery, machinery, dresses, etc., ete. are all excellent, and tbe performance, aa far as aocea lories go, could hardly be more perfect. Certain it is, that "Ciaiderella'' never waa ao well done before in New York. The present ia announced as the last week of the English opera at the Broadway. A ?ill-Slavery Lecture? ?o. XII* The twelfth anti a la very lecture of the aeanon waa de liver"] laat evening Id the Tabernacle, by the Rev. ? ami u. J. Mat, of Syracuae, fon the rlae and progreaa of the anti *lavvry movement ainee 1(30. The audience w aa small. The following In the aubatanee of the lec tnxer'a remark*:? The aeotiment of right, the aaplratlon after freedom, and the tore of liberty com" from above. Thin lore of liberty abldeth lot on the rocky mountain* of mo narchical aupremacy. But what Ultra la of thla apirit of liberty that alight* on the prend eminence of human aoclety trickle* down Into the valley*. Too often It I* bidden la dark caveroa; but it never die* there. ?'Eternal apirit of the chainlet" mind, Brigkteat in dungeon*, Liberty, thou art." Ever In the world'* hutory there have been tome who hare broken ont a* tiring apirit* of thla humanity. It i* thna the apirit of a aingle mind make* thoae of inultltudea take one direction. Such waa the apirit of the mind tf that man In our own country who advo cated unlverael liberty. 1 claim for Mr. ' >arri*on that the vpirlt of hia mind ha? made the miada of multitude* take a new direction. The apirit of liberty muit run In xorne earthly channel, and It ia often laa reeky one, be tween high bank*. But far leea than water can It be reatrlcted to a given channel. II will rlee to empy rean height*, that it may fall again among the children of men. Ixng had tbc lover* of liberty tolled ere they could exact from thair tyrant* that freedom which waa given in magna chart*. The American eelo aie* having grown Into State* became Impatient of re atrlctioaa imnoee<l upon them by Koglanl They roM, vanuaiahe<i that tinliatb of nation*, an<l became inde pendent. Hate It would atom that freedom would be ?how end like the rain upon all m~n, but alaa it wa* not ao. Somehow It waa provided in the constitution that thoee who bad been In alavery * bo a Id continue *o to be. It aeeme etrange to u* that men who had *o nobly claim e>l their own right* abeuld have forced upon u* a bond age. one hour of which waa more dreadful than whole age* of that from which they had revolted. That tnomna Jefferaon or Patrick Iienrr ahonkl have oonaent ad to thla, 1* paaaing strange. But more than all. that Waahlagten? nuralmoot Moiiaed Waahington ? that he 'houl.i have given hia example to the malntainanc- of ao great a wrong, haa thrown a ahade upon hia majeatlc character. However much we may dealt* to excuae their Infidelity to the eauae of down trodden tfnmaolty, there the fhet atanda, that the American RevolutionUta did not intend that liberty aheuid tie given to nO? no. not to all thnee who had fought It* bettlna There the fact atanda, that the aim, (he tendency, the raault of that great atruggl* for freedom. wenQpurtinl, restrict*!, and ealSah. the con*equeneee of *ro?| mart alway* be wrong, and It can never he eipedlcat to do that which ia wrong. Bee the evil* which thla lyatem of oompro miae haa broeaht tate our land, The compromise* that have been made to the elavu no war have bm n each that the free Statea have baea virtually euMngated, ami the diaaolution of the I'nlon may be the only adequate prtee for enr restoration tn Uborty. Tor twenty year* after the formation of our government trne hearted men and women (poke agninat aUvejv and the atave trade Bet after they obtained tie prohibition of the 'lave trade, ia IMC, they aubetded, tor? gr?. ting that aa long aa the maitet waa ofoa the mean* of innplyiag N would net long he waatlng The n*an. m ulen of aa* vow a* *oon prohibited In all tte Bout hern Btatae. The tret event that rouaed the attewMen of Northern mam to the vendition of the alave power, waa the movement tn admit Mlaaonrl to the Union, in 1?1?. W* are naked aemeUaeee wby we take eneb nn tntevr.t In tt? abolition of alavnrv. Waanewav, m On *rov4* of Tev rente, we are men, and therefore mnat be ew*aa*ned la ' eerttb'eg that raw* * ma bamaaity Bit am hev? ?ac.w luitt- vt Win w :n wjri 7 the iU.'fholder* themselves. Mr. Garrison, Garritt Smith, a*."4 esrlj abolitionists were aroussd by the speeches *n?. tracti of the colonUatioalsts of the South Om the 16th *1 'October, 183P? when I Ant heard Mr. Garrison lecture? ' "that young ibm u destined to shako our republic" to "? centre, end do more is the cause of llborty then ? a7 other men exoept the So* at God." It wa* aeedful th* * on* ihoultl true among u? and show ue that the bunuu. of the two raoae, lirinc here in such en unnatural rei*t'onsbip, was Identical. The ant time Mr. GarrUon opened hli month after hie imprisonment in Baltimore, he repudiated the cotbnia tian scheme and advocated immediate emancipation. It wai thin which brought upon him the hatred of ttie North. Mr. Garrison baa always been a profoundly reli gious man. No cne can nay otherwise, untesa heisae tuated by prejudice and sectional bias. It le (rue that lis opinion! are different from those cf the niaseea ? ai much' as the opinion* of Jesus Christ differed from those ef thfl people of hU day. Be ha* at muei cause to denounce tip American church a* Jesus Christ had to denounce He Scribes and Pharisee*. God be praise 1, Christianity and the American church are not Identical Mr. Garrison never nttered a syllable againat Christianity. Christ and his religion are dear to him as his own souti It is because the American church has not been faithful to the teachings of Chilstianity that be ban denounced It. Great *tate>men and solium divines have resisted the plan of sudden emancipation ? but they are deceived. Sooner or later they will discover thst without any aid of theirs, they have been brought with the nation out of the dismal swamp of slavery. The spirit of that trath wh'ch Mr. Carrison proclaimed Is now admitted by many, though the* reject the letter. l?t m? say again for Mr. Garrison, that the spirit of his mind has made the spi rlta of many take the direction of liberty. lie showed that the wickedness of slaver* was te be found In the relation Itself of master ana slave. This great idea la spread out in do 'ail in the declaration of the American Anti-Slavery itociety? a document which as far trans cerds the Declaration of Independence as that traescend* the Magna Cbarta. The lecturer concluded by reading a passage from an early number of the Libtmtfm ? Mr. Can won'* paper. Progrm of the Municipal Revolution. TUK MAYOR'S COMPLAINT BOOK? THI BKMIl AN FAD MM TO BE 8KVT BACK? A LAW AO ALV6T FBIZI riOHTINO. Tie Mayor, determined to put a stop t} the brutal and disgraceful practice of prize lighting, has drawn up the following law, which will be introduced immediately in the I eginlature ? An act entitled an act to prn-m'. Friit Fight* among <lamr Animals Be It enacted by the people of the .State or New York, rejireunted in Senate ami Assembly, aa follow* ? Sec. I . Every peraon who ahall set on foot or instigate, or move to, or carry on, or promote, or engage tn, or witness, (unless so witnessing for the purpose of justice, after authority no to do flrat given by any magistrate of the county.) or do any act towards the furtherance of any premeditated fight or contention between person* with their Art*, commonly called a prize tight, or any light between game birds, dogs, bulls, bears, or between dog* and rata, or dogs and Integer*, that shall hare been premeditated by auy person having custody of such aniumis shall be liable to arrest and prosacution for so doing, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail, for a term not exceed ing one year, or by fine not exceeding one thousand dol lars. Sec. 2. I'pon complaint under oath before any magis trate having power to take complaint* of a criminal nature, that an ilence within any of the ?pacifications of section flint is ubout to be committed, and setting forth in auch coiuplaint the grounda thereof, such magistrate shall, in his discretion, ba empowered to Istue a warrant to any officer of the county having power to execute a warrant, reciting therein the nam* of the complainant and bin residence, and the substernal of his complaint, and therein directing auch officer to proceed end prevent the aaid prize fight, or the aaid . fight among animals, aa mentioned in section flrat of { this act, by arresting any person or persou* wbooi he | may find wilfully witnessing the sime. Such officer shall have suthority to call to his aid the civil power c f arrest of the county, and upon any arrest or arrests ! being made in pursuant of this siction, the person or | persona so arrested shall be taken before the magistrate i co haviag issued the warrant, and In the said magi* | trate's discretion may be then and there compiled to I enter into a bond in the sum of one thousand dolUrs to : tie people of the lHate of New York, conditioned that ! he will not for the apace of one year nezt succeeding the date of said bond olfend agalast any of the provisions , of this act the laid bond, after l>eing taken, to be for- I warded to the distr ct attorney of the county, and he I by him retained one year and prow-cuted for tueecbes In any ol the courts of this State, if any shall have Iwen committed. Pec 3. Thla art shall take effect immediately. In the case of the alleged Belgian paupers, the Mayor intends to have tbem sent back to their own country, and will, we underatand, address a letter to the llelgian Consul informing him of his intention. The aaen, of 1 whom there are tbirtaen, bare been imprisoned in the j Tombs nearly two months. A few days ago Mr. Mange, the Belgian Consul at Philadelphia, wrote a letter to the Mayor, pledging himself that If liberated he would pro cure employment for them, so that tbey should tot be a burden apon the Stat e. TIIK mayor's ROOK. That the M'lilary Marshals, I'l Fulton street, endeavor ' to collect fines fiom persons over age, and others who are not citizens. That the ash carts fall to rimove the a- lies from tb'' vicinity of 45 Norfolk street, anl that filth is constantly accumulating there. That the ashes in front of 8H Chamber* at rest have nut been removed, and also in front of 30 klant Eleventh street. [Prom the long list of conplaiats against the a<h cartmrn, it appears as if they wen engaged in a conspi racy against every householder in the city j That the snow and ice have not been removed from I nlon I'ark, and that ihe sidewulk* in ?tuyvesant square are encumbeied with snow. That the eoal hole coverings in front of Walla :k's theatre ate exceedingly dangerous, being raised up from the sidewalk 'bbout six inches The complainaat has in jured himself severely by knocking against them. That the lampa In Heventy ninth street, bet ween Thirl sad Fifth avenues, have cot been lighted for a week I'"* The Tan Governors. A meeting of the Board of Ten Uovernors wai held yeeterday afternoon at 4 P. M. Present, 'lovernor Town send, In 'be chair, and Ileriick, Duke, Dugro, Henry, West, and Taylor. In last week's report we slated that Governor Ilerrlck bad not attended the meeting of the Hoard since his defeat for the offiee of Mayor last fall. It le bat justice to that gentleman to say that he ha* been absent fiom the city on urgent private busines*. This explanation la due to Mr. Herrick, aa he has here tofore been noted for his regular attendance. After the nsnal requisition* were real and approved. Governor Wb-t submitted ths following, which was adopted Resolved. That the Committee on Out door Poor have authority to prosecute or settle the various ?mts com menced by th s department s gainst persons concerned In gift enterprises or lotteries. Rover tor Weft also moved the followi^;? Resolved, That the chief clerk of this department pre pare a liat of the pay daya for blila due by this dspart ? meat, and that SOO copies of the same be printed for die ttribolon by the Supply Clerk. Adopted. Governor Drxr moved the following ? Resolved, That the warden of Bellevue Hospital, report the circniriKtaDeee under which llreanen. com mitted by Judge Benson, was retried in that Institution ontheJaph instant: the nature of his disease; whether causedY sec i 'lent or otherwise, and bow msny such eonmltVl* have been m*lc by police justices wltbm the last year. Adopted. A number of communication* were received from the wardens ef the various Institution* on Black well's Island, in response to the enquiries of I l*e State Senate on the subject of in tempore ace. Gov. Den was oppoeed to sending any of them on to Albany as they were necessarily incomplete, and calcu lated U convey t wrong impression. Thus, a vagrant or criminal Is generally taken to the city prison first, where his sge, habits, and occupation are taken down and recorded. He then goee to the Penitentiary o work house, where the same facte are again noted, and as tkey are passed from one Institution to aootlier the same operation being performed n each place Now, when the aggregate anmbess are reek/toad up tb* same perron IS perlwps eonntedfive or ?l? times, snd U* result Is so far inaccurate? the tables being enormously swelled thereby. Gov. Wsst feared that the opposition toem lini those returns te Albany arose from a deelre to withhold Infor mation that might enhance the probabilities of the pas sage of the Maine law. Be moved that the returns he Immediately transmitted, with such expiaaati<*i 1 a* the president and secretary might le?m proper This motion, after some farther deOaU. was carried, The following was rend ?? I'Drngmiiv Blackwells Island, Feb. 1-1, 1*66, Gentlemen In answer to your resolution of Jaouary ?TO, an the subject of Intemperance, I respectfully *tato that there were sent to tkie lasMtatten during the /ear 1IM? Malee fro* eenrt Ml Females US Total I Of. Oat ef which tw w. re mnnltisi from one to three tints e, and. In my opinion, a eery large majority at the above number were addicted to lntoniperaa<?? Male vagrants l ot 'i.W* Total... sea Oat ef which 1.M0 were cemmittod from eae to two, els, eeeea, end eight times And I ran eefMy ay that latomietanae wae the prints ry aaaee ef the tmm- I mMmeat of tkenbeee ember at ? eg mate We tot tt I ears diflealt to heap a stwstly sartaet aeeonnt of the j mmto <c *?> U* i*r? *i r 7 obvtou*, their tfrm* of eommitmont varying from thirty daya to aix moathi, ?nd ilmwt erery time by an ?? turned name, ami ho i.'iaflgured M to dafy recognition, and a large numkr ata/ing only a few day? in priaon, being dlaehargod by babe ?? corpua and otharwiea. You will ptrceltv that one to.wn mar be committed lis tiaei !n the eotiree of the y i?r, and almoat every time by a different nam-. I would reapeclfully ?un?*t that a more accurate result may be armed at by takng the Ulatory of errry peraon immediately on thefr commit ?< nt to the City I'rleon. The vary aama i*li*uluaU ,pa?? Bnauepeeted to ine that pan* now thffougb the ??? antaaticii of the Warden of tlia Worklumn', thereby cc^pui ij t km two and three time* ?rar. JOWI1 KICKS', Warden of ttn I'eulteutiary, Af / th ? hi, ictieti of lome other unimportant bu.4 iA* ,ri ?.lioi.rned. JtCMHT* O IN TH? VAKIOCS INWrrrTIONU 7 IK OOrEKKOBH, JANI'AHY 10, IMA. Bellarue K. -,iitai art# (.unatic >??l".nl,. 659 Aim* il< . 1,403 IValUut a. ? At ? b'fi WuA l.lJW Small i -,i llojf. tkl * 4 Randall* 1 1 In .1 9*4 Do. L!o?|j.tal . !W4 Pity Frlwn* Colored Ilojre 310 Colored Orphan Asylum 180 Children at nuroe in the city... 1H2 Total 7,31*6 Admitted 1,0*5 Wed 88 Dlacliarfred 914 East to 1'ciutcnUar) 42? -1,020 Inereafi* & ^"} Inltlllgtnrf, ?*INT VALR.NTI.NB'* D*r. 0?A?fl ^?,r.r0W ' 'H* 8t Valentin*'.* Day All in the nmrnfng batlme, : ? /"utb at rour window ~ To he y< ur Valent'ne. ' 'Uj' ",1 thUP?tr?n fWTtd eo.k.? h Lfan' f,?"C -J aniorou. rhyme,, I ' ***? "*t*d, or would .carcaly bar. prayed rtfebtaf ?riM' WeuU,er for iu du? The ' Si 'I*?; rnto' ih? ,"Mt pltiely .ub.lded, and the fair one* of the city baring? I nS'"," wMr' E" M"l"m-??, trayeraed, at B ' uni^L . , ; ire",*rU*J' tlJr"u?,, * C0lJ *rm of ?>'? unprecedented duration of three hundred un I ,l,t. boor, will be found by tl.a bu?y po.tmen In that p|,., I log itnte of amiable languor produced by returning j L T^iCh dUf0W Xht"" t0 r*cciTt th* I of de,ot^l b?,??K, undying affection, which they ,1,,lTt,r *lt!' ?*"'? "<1 thanks. And am, on thi. W.h*n- ??"*??? ?? tradition, tba f*.th*r*t tribe 'ilb rhooNn u mat*,'' if any young lady ,houM be forgotten entirely, or nome receire an uograciou* or latirlcai t alentine, it l? to be hop*d that the bracing ex erclea winch they hare lately enj.ned ou the avenue* and ap and down Broadway, will hare enabled them to bear the-und*?rved or temporary annoyance with equanimity ?n,l without narrou* derangement. Such are the advantage* of "cold trrma" and .high-riding. A* uauaJ to th? approach of thi* annirwaarr, the dealer* in valentine, have aade iasneaa* preparation* to mit cur I tomer. of every ram. in life, of T4n#l/ j t* te, and of *lmo?? any calibre of pur** The re -ait of their exertion* can be <een by taking a peep at the ' window. In Breadway, Naaaau atreet, the Ik.wery, Canal ?treet, w any of the leading thoroughfare*, iter* .re to to bad .beet, rarylng in price from. tbre. eent. up to thirty aod fifty dollar*, but It ia remarked that none of j the eiMBdlagly high priced aheat. whieh people ware ! wont to gate at in furrow year., a*e exhibited, perhapa In deference to the Imperiou* n?e...lti**of hard tlm*. " However, quit* enough xtill remain t. Uve <lven full cop* to the decorative geni*. of artlat* of ev-ry grade anC the po, t eal taleata? au l 'M,. , ?**.? " .Uo~,.f rhym. i of every degree of morality. lud?? In many place, the valentine* exhibited are decidedly vulgar' an.1 to hroau aod gro<. are the caricature* that they be tray rath, r a vlt.ated tone of public taate. Kvery one of them will be bought up. and th* good, bad, and in Sitter ent with all that I. dtllcate, aent.'metital and truthful, will be delivered to the partie* to whom they will b* di reeled, brtw?en the I lib and 17th in.taot Whitiut leriag iof the heart, what fun, what doubt*, what jeal ourte., whatgae, ee, what mi.givlng,. an 1 what a her of really true *ttaeL??nL will follow, ft 1. Im|*...1 I bit to eMlemUU. Ibt minuti {.rHomlnanc# of tht U|. ! t'T, and the many happy union, brought about by \alentiLe writing, farmed, it I. presumed, the rra-toa whlth lnunc*d our forefather, to ' de- 11- ! eate the d.y to Saint, for a'th.ngh nel ?her hi.tory, tradition, nor the r#cor.|. of the , ?" ?heth*r hi. I!erer?a-e wu* tv#r wi'uoded by CqiiI'J'i ftrrow ?? all k.nB ,? , . Z" i" "" 'narked" rounder the tmprror C laudiua tl.* dec, nd sooner than 4l*o?o t \ ,1* pu" ??d ""delile.1 |s looke-'. on a. the twin ?iVa? ??'?" Valeiitlne ha, bi!en voUd tl? JJ"* | fitting on th* calendar to receive the himage of nil the " true and (ruating, |? ?,n.....u,nce no dmiot of om objlcV -on-^ .?'a!i U?^trr*W'' ''*vo,i?n to for the 'UHv^a diU'T?^r1thJir^T'ouf PurcL^ ?t certain rata*, ?d Mr 'iVr I T. I If t V, ^ b,T# * ftlr fiance of an eailv Deru I r&tvS.' I rw<m bjiH, tht/ rount b^tr op !.k# ?*mrn ' disappoint the libeller or " Inv.frate ^,'.ke"- Thi we ran tru.t to. bat the '? nervou* ' r -ntUraea ' we aympathlie with. r>ne and all muYt t. ? Ddeach aaaur* th.rn.elv*, " Lt tb?"l. ^t valeotin* who will truly eonjnre them th j? - Doubt, then, the atar* are tire l)?nbt that th* aun do u>o?? Doubt truth to h* a liar But never doubt 1 love. T?. Tw.u? TMiati Wa.n._|, u thtt , mov^n*nt * ? fowt to create a new ward to he c.lM tl e Twenty I third ward, which will b* eom,K?ed of portion* of the t^ev*ate*Bth a ixl hl.**?th w,rdj. ? wl? rBbrMa ? u '"or#r l?C4Utl- in : bLlk oftbed.mocra'Ic.tre.gtlnenerally lie. The o, e.?lhU re.aon for the elation of th|, new w.,d 1* the fact that the population would thereby b* re>luced to an I war mth Ztm' V th,? ?*?'? dUtricU iaXi fh! JiT '? W?te? A.-roMy the^ SSla, *h'cn will f.^w tTH' ,h*tJb* b'" -ll,n "^'bW-d threib^lhV'ugUu" : IW>ud4 tbt| Id tb# t?f?nt of It4 th|h. ?'^rth '^,h# '?'?**oth ward. wojM^h! d??\u .!r?.l4*m0Lr*"r " {h0T are, by ron.l will blT Wh*' tb* MHl limit* rrf the ward h*? ?"t red 1 "f4*l-*T ? Thil di*ea*e probably aever prevailed to aueh an eiWat la thi* vleialty, o, pr,v| ? fatal I among children a* it ha* dariag the preeeat winter, and *een up to the peeeeat time Iti ravage* ar? truly fright- , faUowtag, t.k*a from th* aty . rw C!l' "?>" * ?? th* which hav.ocearr?t OartaTthlTw^i e^|^ 7 4uri* lh* ^ ?" ??*' jji' ? ? * 34 j" if >' r*k. * .. m Jm- 90 m reb io Total "JJJ ml* ,k# 'e *ttew<tet With aim I*/ tat* 7, '* ?o*l**a?** awewplng off entire fsmllie* of chil Iren * Ua"** Hi.tJWaD ? Y*.terd*y a aaaiber of labor ""*? kB,,'r ?"P4"T*d .bovelhag now oa the track U* *** ? Utile wbila before it bad been elearad off It la aaid tb?r !^tt,,'twri?# ?r4'n ** ,U mnmX who ob ,Ik* -??paoy packed the w?r?.wir.i1*^^5l.m fatur. the .mall ear. **rloa*ly lmp*d?i by tba oararrewr* r?* a tin Hwiinwiv ?The a .am of Ire oa How t "ffct, at abawt 10 a'aiock, la Um Htith dutriet. wu eaaaad by a (re baiag dUe/.rere i ia the carrUge *h*p ?f ^ ^r?ar >* *?< ,r* "M by r>l?aa. l""'* 1 '? ??Uarn?btaf It with a few ! *?"' ? ?aUr. f'amege trtfl,^ j A* UntliTlm, _ *?? Voa?,reb. II. 104 1. ? *' wfa or twi wmw. **V ?* *^a meeting ef the hoard ef bg|. b*ar* awl farea m* aty rot* at tial rwaetiaw wu 1 like la have H wnairtad i* peer a?*t ieeue WM M ftHK. ***? of htbr Bill la., >*. t T'wWi < MMm ?atehal'a OAae. > ?? U^ JUtwka Tarotah itm arraakd oa ? cfcf o ti ?a? H villi ? teigmm waapoa, vWto at Col?o. Omadttad tor *x**twhm Wiaui Ccntof, ormM f i oM?t* <* ?4m? ?tin* M> make a me* <m Ward too ahlp Hoartaa, on krr *t rwyegi turn Ut-r-w. C fflf ?< It^'Vk Deliberate AU-'?'4 <n tiiMdwajr, ESCAPE OF Til* PPJtPrT. **TO?? THK AFFAIR WRAPP1P IN Ml A moat deliberate attempt > ?urJ ?* ? J?""* '?<1> >n Rroadway, ?m made by lont ttn oown ?*? "n Monday evening la at, which up to the |)ri *?< '? wrappwi in wyatery, although afrlct Inquiry ha* u?ade into tUa affair by tie autbortie a. About 8>< .'?'??look on the above evening, Mra. Eleanor Mary Joaephine ?'fe of Nathaniel Iliahop, of No. Broadway, while fitting In tLe back parlor, alone at the piano, wan flred at >f an unknown peraon, who entered the rtom ?t-althlly, a.*d cm llhsf the weapon hastily made hi* eacape. The report of the pietol alarming the domeatlea, they ruahel into the apartment and found Mra. iliahop lying on the floor >|ulte ioaemihle. Her bo abend, Mr. Biahop, ?a? Immediately aent for, and oo arriving at hi* | returnee found hie oife In fainting a aondltlon, but happily uninjured ; the ball bad mieeed the mark. Reatoratlve* wer<> Immediately applle I with aucceaa. ?>n ncorerlng, Mra. BiKbep atatrl that while playing the piano, tbu unknown, a tall maa, en tered tte parlor i!?or, being dreaaed with a large cloak and hi* face covered with a nlouchtd hat or loinUrfro, ?he could not recogrolae hla feature ; that regarding her 1 for an Inatant, he drew from under hla elaak a piatol, and preaenting It toward* her ilacharged the weapon at her head. Mra. Hlabop thinking that ?be wa.i mortally wounded, fainted, and fell from the muale at.vd to tlie floor, where ahe wax fouad by the 4omeatic<, at already described. Ihe manner in which tlie entianre of the ? unknown to the houae waa elleetexl. le not exactly aacer i tainej , but be either muat hare opentd the hal'. door with'a falae sight key, orelae rtolen naietly up atalra hy I the baaemrut entrarce. About II ocM on the *atm* day, a tall man, dreaaed In a titu lar manner to lb* per *on who Bred the piatol at Mre. Iflabep, callol at i her realdence, and lni|tiir?d If abe waa in th? I liuufe ; but ahe being away from home, he went ! a -ray withoat aaylng whether he would call again or not. The description given of tlie afternoon j vleltfr, rorre pond* exactly wlUi that given by Mra. I Biahop of the perasn who attempted tu take ber hie. j On an examination of the premium it waa feund that the ball discharged from the piatol had paa*ed through , the w nOow of the hack p*rlt>r} imnindlatvly over the I htad of Mra II. when the waa altting at the piano. an<l ' pnaaisg from thence lodged In the wall of a hou-e in the lear of tl.e prenii-ea. The otola'** with which tb? attimptto murder Mm. II. waa nat'e, la really aurprla Itig. The ga* waa found to liave bean ahul ott In the liall, jo aa to tender recognition aim' at Irapoaaibla, ovan ! though the aaiu ain ahould l>e autprtaod Tl.e determination of aotne party yet unknown, to take , the life of tUia lady la clearly eve eut, fur It la scarcely i aix uoutha alnce i-he wna II red at hy a man at Tartytowtr. I u that occinlon ahe waa celebrating the anuiteri-ary of her twentieth birthday, (the tth of Heptember. j along with a purl y of her lileuda, at the houae of her hr> tlii-r, flaptain Fletcher, curnaiaadar of one of the Liverpool pac ket* , aad on thatetemng, aa well aa the one In i|ueatlou, the tnlendad aaaaxain e>cap?d, r.j clue having ever Imm found to hi* Identity or whereabout. Thla attempt made on the life of Mr* II . together with that made at Tarrytown, bai thrown the famly into the greatest a'nte of alarm, and It la very doubtful ehetlM-r the lady will have aufllclent nerve to muture abroad after nightfall until tie aireatof the unknown iaeflicte.i. No cauae ran he aaal ;ued for the Intended murdirofil her Mra. II Of bar huahaud ; rowee.jueutly they i annot juatly auapect any on" of having been a party to aueh a co warily attempt at aaaaaaination. H la hoped, however, that ia a few dnv* >oiue rlna may tie ob'ufaed leaoing to the diaoovery or the unknown, or In mibi .oanncr clear no the ilark and fetr'ol myater / that aem>i to hatig over tlie life of Mra. Illahop. Poller liilrllli^rnt r. T1IE AM ruin MARK IT UNI KM UCZZI.CMI <T t'AHE ? Till ACCTUD ADMITTED TO RAIL. Yaaterilay, William I'oal Saekett, the late rrt- 1*1 ler of the Market Itaok, ebargf4 by the I'fwi.leiit and director* with Laving eui?arr\rd about b'Jb.OOOof the f iutla of tin- institution, w*a brought be for# Justice Con nolljr, at the I ower 1'ollce Court, on the char** pt#f*r red again*! bitn A motion to admit the accused to bail ??i ira If kv b!a e< utwel. ami the amiurit r*<jairad by I tbe court an autUcient *urely waa ?letaanda.I Juatlre Conm 11/ decided to admit Mackett to bail In tba aum of Tilt propoaai waa accept"! bjr tlie ronnael, who forthwith i.ale preparation. to l.ate tbe i?r! wht lit## rated. Tbe latbtr In law of the aoruae4, Mr tiardlner, of Look l?lati.j, and blf mother, wbo I* a wl tow lad/, ap rr' ii Ufor# tb# a.aglitrate laat earn nm, an I o(T#r"?l to ball for ackitt Tt.elr rrpieaenlatT'n ? reUt re to tbrlr wealth bnag entirely aaliafaclory, the/ b#cen?" I ouiUiaen lor tbe appoaraacr of the a<'ca*#d, aacb in tb# Mini of $? <'(>. The da/ of loreatigatloa ia fit* I f r Moo, la/ next, at ball paat Ibrea a'click. ?l,-n tbe whole matter will be thorough)/ meeallgat'd by tl.a magistrate. it la alleged (bat the arcu**d, on balog qkeatiooed aa to the deficiency mating to hia tc<Mitli, admitted ualr.^ tb# inooej fri-io time to tune, hut la tended to oaike h.a arcounta ail rigbt In a few daya that although tbe arrne<-d promia#<l to make ao<d tb" i it in law ?. be haa u< rer MMiM la fulflTtlag hi* 1 egieetni ut. and ?onae<iutatly tl. t Hirer, of the haak determined to make a criminal complaint agalnat him. fackett ia verj highly can net ted, and haa of late beaa It ia aald, dabbling in atocka, am. baring but Indifferent luck aa > unable v> meet the demaid* or tba officer* of tbe li.tli, la a young man, about tweaty flee veer* of age, and *ay* ha ia full/ confident of being able to . proa* Lit innocent* el an/ riim .aUatlou on hia part. bkiaij' n i r or as ai.LMRD moobl AtiriiMT KRTA RLINM ?RM l> MJCIICER f.UKMT. Captain Turabull, of tL - Klghih war I police, alung with a ?{uad of men under bli 'ammaad, made a la ?cent on Mondaj a'ght upon ILa bona* No. 1UI Merrer ?treat, which from inforiret.oo h* recelre4, waa tba re. *?irt of proetituV ? ami otbera for unlawful purpose, and that a!?o there waa tbera nightly a model art at aa- I bibiticiB, pati onlred by tb* lepra red youlba of that part of tb* city. On a birring tli a bouae be dkaeovere I In/** wi mac diaplaytng tbeir tbeatrieal lalrata In a atata of I IM'I entire audlty. Tbey were ail tak*u In cuatody, ? Bi dat tba graataat eoaaternat <n on tb* part of tb* audience, who. oa tha approach of Iba police, <|oltklr let I tba prtoi??e, Ymterday tba pri'oner* wrr* taken ! eferf Justice Urea Da a at the Jefleraoa Markrt Police Court, wbo committed them to prlaon preaioua to a#i?4 lug tbem to tba peaiteatlary aa dlaordrrly character* lha keeper ot the hvua* waa one of tba prlaoarr*. and will, it i* very bkaly, go to tb* penitaatiary for a taw montb*. AH ALLrolD I'RAt Di:LEKT COI.I.RCTOH. Veaterda/ offi-er Wright, of tha Mlntb ward p'dka, arreated a uau, naoi'-l Thomaa N Waadoaer, tba romplaiat af Ilaar/ K Rull, of tb* Arm of Archer. f?w * Ball, of Xo. I'M Water atraet ebaryed with baelag preaantrd a Mil pa r port lag to bar* bawn l**ua4 from tba above boure t(> William II l? H'i if Ho '/M lludaaa atraet, for tba aum of $2i 74, and raeaMag pay meal for tb# ?aa>a witLoat tba aalbor t/ or coaaaat af the c*aa plalraata from tba romplaiat II *pp#ara tba< lha a r cured w>nt to tbe atora of Mr I?lara, and praa#at* t hiui a bill for tb* abore aum for one t aaa of guai ahaliar, aui cbaawl hi tbem from Meaare Arebar. l/i?a k Hull, and that Mr I?iaa* bellaelaa tbe Mil to barw ferea eaat there by tba i r< j?r parl.aa, le* bald tba Ml, tba eoner g I r ng hi* r*'*)pt at tba bolt/ tb af tba daeaaa#at The accuaad waa takea !<#fore Juatlaa Hrenaaa al tba Tefleraou Market Pwllca Court, w tao 'oaaia lla4 blm for I efi ailaatioa. (Raiuiiof MiKiriDO aroi.rjr uoon*. Ya?*>r4*/ afl'ar* Mania aad Moore atl*eba4 to tba Fnmh) Uatrict foltca Court, a/raat*4 a liaraM gr*er Darned John Hbultaa, ka#f4ag a atora al 14 l#oaar4 I atreat, rharged oa tba caaaplaiat af William K Had ?, of ID llaaa#r*|ay atraal with baa ag baea tba r#a#trer af a 'laaalil/ of anba, ?al?#d at 97't a portion af wblah war* eiole* froaa bia a toe# aa tba Mb laet Tb* oofltplaiaaal atatae la bia aftdarlt tbat tb# eM?i#e wara pwr.taard by Pbnltaa, kaowlag tba aaaaa to taaea t<a#a atowa. from tba fad af Multaa a par' baaaog a*M apple* far lb# aua uf 13 par barrel, aa 1 tbat tb# raal ?ala# ot tba imI#< aa* frawa $1 t? M to par laarrwl, market ptkw, a?d tbat ?a*4 appi## weea *t*i*a frwm tba aoe**i#toa >4 4#paaaat ky e/ #at#? Miuball aa4 Haary latbrop wbo aoM tba aakd apalM to Maaltaa, a* da ? oa* at la iafi,rm#4 be aaM )<;laa?tar aad Rear/ aad tbat *ai4 Mb a Ita* toM tlaewi to brt ag more aaptaa to Ikra. for ' b# pwrpoa* af pwrebaatag tbe* Oa toe aaaapkxai r f Mr rat#, tba prlaoaar waa 'fa-agbt tofara J*? tva Hreaaaa at tba lb'o?4 (Metrft fa Ilea ('?art. wbo baM blm to tail ia tba a am tA to a*r??r tba 'Karg# pea ferrwd agaiaet blm A warraat tar tba arraet of ia<Uer gr?<?#r , aai4 to b* >a*ol*a4 to tba trtaaacllea baa Wara . [#*a*4 ?> triCMMI "9 0?A#D LAITtaf. Ta#t#fda y awrgiaat PaUar4 of tbe tUlMt WaH p*bn, afreet" 4 two wa?a. aaaaad ioarpb M array a*4 Ma Car raa, ai.aa W itoaaaawtb. oa auaftaWi* af gra*4 tor***/? tba/ baa tog I* tbe r niainlia at tba Maaa af Iba arraet a iarge haabet of iblrteai, 4aab* amTgaoae eila?lil|M, wbtob, lb# i Hear aU?f?*, ba eagpaai i to bare baa* ?Ma*, aa lb* yrt?***e? w?ra to bte ka*art*4fa aatod tldeara. Tba fa?1a vara I* faS faatbar, a*4 bad aat to*g bee* dead. It ia w|f<a>l tbat tba baabH Mat bare bee* takea *?t af turn ta fanner*' * ag-e *Ma He eaa w4 L<a guard, *?4 1U/ w?r* *f|ar**i>l* bitkat by ? aria^ag ibalr aeeia ' to a*e a *a**?i etareamea TV# p*t#ea art vera Ulan H tba Taaaka, >ai W*k#4 up tar eiaala atto*. 7? TMK tvron or fttl ?r?AJ.r>. Haw 1 aaa. fat U. 1*U Aa a da** aaa* t wa* ptbb#ba^. ia tba ?a-1y a*(#r< af yaataraaa, raie i at#4 la ka p*.;a4'e1aJ *a aay -baaaator, ft. 'Ha * Mr** h? ? U4 ?Mtult i p?n Jut tie* llrannan, wbllat dhoharg.c* ki^ dutla* a lire m Kulton ttrt-et, aa M4?f night laet? allow m* t? vh your column* to flva tha following cor rected tcrt.on of tL? cm*, wb'.ob trill be aabetaatlatad l-y reaper table wltucacea when It cotcee to trial Tha fai'aai* u follow* -On the night abora matrttoaed, 1 wat walking up Fullon ?tr*et, tn company with t wa friend*, an I whrn between IVarl aad Cliff atrarta, a |M tliman(aal judged frou. liUdratt,) eomtof Aomo tk? ?trcet In hatte, put bed tltiently agtiatt mr, and tuna' rouB.1 rmiueClat *ly, an/1 tn aa etr.ited aauaw iteil'i me with ruahiou; agalnat bim ptirpoeely ; tbla I denied, anil Intlaiatrd tn*: be aa* the aggre.wir, whan ba a ee l tome threatening 'aaifiiaT*, am' at the ?aa*e tlnia aet*a4 ma b* tbe throat. upon my rrtittin* thi* outrage ba e? - | claimed that be wa* a magiatrate; Imt of court* I atUL ' atruggltd to liberate anielf fr< a what I luppatwl to ba ? the gra*p of a ruffian Mb than colled tor a pol.eernan , au< | to oomplrta tha outrage rauaed ma t?> ba locked up far ttfa night In tha Steotti waul atatlon bouaa, whence I I wax taken n**t <ncp?lng ra lb* Tout* airl without a at lag ?)' t>ro>acuiar, wat ramniittvd until ball could b? procured. , . 1 l'tlievlmr roytelf to bare been unjnally treated, youi >ne?.-U?nof tha ibwa Will abllge, air y>'ur?mc.t raa j aelfall/, WWAllP THOS OOODU1TE. (Vy Hliruiq or THI fltMl 1W ' NOiT gllELI. OOM Virrii. A meeting wat baM U?? i'lg??* Tammany Hall, of tba Young Men'* Soft Hbal) G*eeral Committee, to ra al? t peimaneut .'??era for tbt coiaing yaar. The BUaodeare aaa i|ult* tbto, tbara not balag" more Iban thlrt) peraaoa promt The Ration tog* I a to ???> alaetlon for permaaet.t ? .filter* wa* oppnitd by aeaerel ot 4h? delegate*. on tba around that It wat unu.aal for *? email a a umber ta o0 oar tl... .nmmltt.. 1c r tba yaar The mot an, bo war m . I rt\ met lb? Cininitlwi jitotwJN U> wivi the folliwlat raault ? l-rtiidmt-n T. ? atr, Tweaty Drat wa?4 | i? I'rm Unit? t Lariat K >Sli?a Ki?htaa?tb war J, John Haul. F.rti do ?rrt'artr>? I* K MaeCollot |b. Nlnat?*t??b wart: ft L Houghton, With go Treaturtr? l*avld J. fbatftald, Twratr u-eond war*. .Sf, grant al *?ni? Joaaph IU(?rty, ?ou(t?aatt> wa*l. Tlia (.'ommlttaa tbaa a?lj<>ur?rd, to luaat agat* <M %km 9 rat Tuaaday In Maroh. Rrooklfria CHy Intc?%Mica. Mi mim. ion rua Hku*< ?r thi Bfcooatrs I'ooa? Ovaa ? < OtiO tUmn.?A puMW m?atlo| of tka eltlaaoa o' llrot* 1/n to ral-a mi ant for tbalnimtdiata rellaf of tha ? jffcrlng powr, aaa bald .u tba tfupr?in? Coi ?t room, City llait, laat atrnlng. A larga amliauaa, ?<?aip??a<l of oar aiaat aubttantlal aad l.rtrtad cltfwna, wora praaaat Hhortiy altar tba hour appo4nta4 for aa?aii>i>l;ng. 11m. IC. t. I aubart morn) that Hayor l.?w?a llall Uka Ika chair, "bleb wat unaoiroooaly oarrlal B. ?.C?Mm dan, Kt.( , wat appolu>d ?aer<-Ury. Tka I'lmilmltipltlawl lha ohjaet of Aa aiaati ig to b? to aid tba auffarinR l?tb?a elty throuKb tna aganc? of th^ "Bro< klyn A?ao?lalio? foi Hallatlng tba Conditla* ol tba Ifaor," which InatUukwiu ha lacounradtd a* ami* nantly ankitUd to tba ot>alutaao? of tba cwmaaalty, and any -^inayt put lato thalr would ba aarUla be nil iidlelonilf for lb* poriw ??? M? I tram K i?M tha HacaUry of tba AiMllUj. for r.lla?ln* tba ?ondltlM <* tha Poor aUta.| tna Ita a-ioDiatlon bad baan In aitatanca ? tit yaara, aal tbal tbut far, tbla wlntar, tha draw, upoo tba I fuada b*d baaa ?raatar than a?a, hafora. Laat ?!???; 1 ?M? atpandad, but forth- natt twn montha W.OQi) bad rrady Urn appropriated, and tha wwety waa now M<> In debt. Tie, M.uU howarar, ?"?*'??? ' f r?liaf for h*a or all Jay* longer, but then, " wa. fnrlhroinlnf th?y coaaialU^ to abtit dqr* t),m aate*. Tba nim>?*r af partont dai<*i.<Ua/ u|x? th% aocltlVwaa lM.t.ean I.MO.nd 1 ???. moat of tba m Mr .ontont of amployrnaal , and who had aarar baratofi ra lie In.tanoad ta^aral caa?-? of peculiar bar I ahip Which raina un.lar bU .^aartat^ :on Mr A. P. hTAHTl*!* tli? Mt?bli?fclWDl ?' Intte'nt of tbli kind and <rf toup hootaa w?< or?rjng a boaut to jaopart?m H? d?n?*d that tha matt P* p<f* atra ? IcMma of imalortuoa, bat wara aiada T their own act? by Indulgence 'a '^ pr^. tlr lt* ld!?r.e.t lie wat of tha opto < n ll^t ?*?-*-??* ^n? ha doit4* a ould ba to |?ur?.b*?? Uo t lu tb*Wa?t, a?d aaaa thi m out to earn ib*l? own U*[n* Mr s It f'nrmL?i a? cont?n<la<1 tha' Ua? did n>ita>ma bar* to ooiiiidar the pro act of bajlag farmt a tha ?tl o, .n wblrb to ilare tha.r pau,-.* *t a ful?" ' "T hut to aid tha dlttie??ad, to |Jta*lda fm4 for tha fam th la, woman *nd cblMrao wh' rould .?.( '^g ?? tba atrratt. btl ? bo ?ere dally kn' '"'?I Uourdoor* *?? begg'ng far tha meeai ot auWatonra, AVilar flaw* wemnftetrnd ay Ur. l.rUlgu aM ? hat pr. Uwb aad ataeral otbar gentlaa?a3 ma da jw. merk* ?lrfu a ?oth a wa* tnada ta ao^r* to ?earl|. lion, for the a..oclal? n, wb.rb waa a?rtM A ri#ll*rl.oa wat Inan ant- rail into Two ???"*??* *ubacriba<l gut *arb ?le>ar, ?l<? aacb and * la ?a number I'.' each, aad many mpre gaea '? ???"? ? Ulna unt 1 Iba whole amount to between raacbeg ?S,*?0? tla't ar ].* ??r?r m< ?ed tb*t <h? ata^alatlon be c?m nirn<'.ad lo tb* rltiieoi of Hra-.tlyn wblcb w*t 'arritl. Mr J I' l.twawi ?oi? I that tbecberrlie* be raroe*. ???< ra.'ad to take up aut.arrlpt oa* for the ob|aet, wbH wa* alto carried, and tba meeting ad;eer?e.l Taui ?o? Mi ana* -T!?e t outt fff Oyer aad T*rml?a? romuiancad lha lebrwary ktnu ye.terday, i^foee Jodfa IWckw-ll and Jnttiaee ^yber aad Kmoiana, aad a Jary wat raipai neWd In tlte '*?e of *? baal \ a.Uy aad alfa. indicted for uiurder, lo canaiBi the death of Mre l-arbee, a I oaf'er at their how?e, by admlalttarlaf poltoa TW allage<t mnr-ler t-4 plaae aV>at a year >f motiae. at m! forth waa to oblate aome la tai poead da^eaaej wat poaeetea-1 of Tba were triad at tb* fwoter tara of the ' Mrt. atwblah me Iba teMetwe a a* faMy repwte^. Tba *rVl ttralr clrrumtUatial the <nry waa aatbia ? ? erdict aad the def.adaaU were where tfce> ha?a remataed ete? tiaea Tb* tral Ni ba proceeded with to day M * tob a>o tm> IrraJ raort' t ftrm ra.? At the laat meeting ef the < ????? flsmdt. Mayn* Hall *ubmitte4 ? c-niiri'i ai*ation, la wblab be r^emmeada the paaaa?* ,j iB ordlaaao reiulrtng all lat*IUgaoc# ??caa ta ba hcenaed Ha atatad that t? era are ? large namVer ef ao r alUd loUlli'Bca o?'ea In tbla tltj at ehKb tfca anamatoyad vv r are robbed nt tbelr maaey uader tba pret? ate 'bat awpb'j ma at .11 U f-.aUb^ lh?a tlMB for tad lha' com (> la. at* of tmnoaltloaa jraiUtad by the k. apart placet are d*Q; r?a4a atbU ' <?*?' TW ordinan- a relating thereto wat ao^eodad U tbe torn auaicatioa, aad waa refetrad to the t*w oaiaiiltee va report there- a. Tna Omrumt> Hut or wa or rw *'*** Waan.? Tliafbalrmaa o' *ba fpaatU CwaMlttae af tba Orlriinoa I ' nwll apv latad to coataet the right af William T Mill* lo hi* teat a* ta Aldermaa frem ?b? Ninth ward reported at tka iaat aaeel4a| ?^*t ?'?, rttdeace lakaa It aiwtral that Ike oVarUaa waa ao lit* graaad that Mr Mill e had not raalda 1 la tbe cilr Unm rear*, bat the rebattlag erldanee ahowed tbal Mr MUbi bad lakta op bit r*e?d*n-e la U>* liwalt* <4 the Hty abaal th* M af Koaewiber l?tl, a a- 1 lb?r.f*re tbe -?altl? repa i led that be waa en 1 1 tie J ta bla teal aad tba rapeft wa* adeptad Km an *t faursu fbiWB fraiaa ? ? oraaar Eeddlag balA ta la<,e*et. yeaUrday, spaa tba bady af l<aetd Webb, wbe died a.BMl laetaatly '<a Monday aaaaiag. fram t h* effaat* of a fall. Tb* da?*aee4 reatdad at (4 Gtrltoa * aa ana He wa* aboat rwlirlag for Ike alfbt wh?n . br ? mlaatap La fell dawa a Might af atapa aad frartared kit ? k nil Ha lam atorad after war - Hit age waa *1 yaar* A eerdlrt ta a^cor laa?e ?ltb tbe airiwmtlaacea eaa rendered by tka <ary H-raaitu * Ciaaoraa* t H'i aa ? Tbe ratideaee M Rat, R M. Hatlleld, Wo n? W a-biagtoa alreet. wat fete** oaaly eaterad ta Meade/ areata* laet, aboat ? a 'bit, ebUe tka family waa tbaetM aad tbe koaae waa raa aaebad Iron, baeeaaeat lu #arr?l Amaag tbe artxiel ?to lew ware pertrelte -f Mr aad Mre HaUeld, t .1 exsaey * reaeaood bet irtlald with pearl, til eer apaaa* tad trirlee of >* welfr, Iba abate aamaVK la a eea ek>rable tam in ealae Tka tkteeta made tbax aeaaga aitbaut detect (aa Maie*e - A aet aemed Ckrtetaeaer Htlaa* aaa a/ reeled by <>*n Weaaatt af tba Vewrtb bethtt I ebaa. fer bttia? eg a * "el lea of tbe ear af Tbaame Harm* a. la a eg hi aa Mvaday eight He *m nmwltted la aaeaae. Jtt?f IHf r ?w f' mum Kminnon -taron IU? ? fto C* mu b^Minni ??< r?wt? mk?< n*. i ?m *???*??< ymi?t4?f t '/i*?V'a TW?r? ? lh? rmxtf )I?M m flrU, ??: lw; J.r?/T?j tfcst tWj K?4 a?4* (m4 (???? Is tW" rt>?N A krg* ?4 i^oUtan ta I ?*t Mxitltwi ??"m? tri? p*?aaM. Hto 4tfwl?*tl I* ? W>r IM tUrp ?f Kh M 4. WMiif, ?? imUU* k; *<??? M. r Itrifi, it j ?i^m i- >?< r> iiuiwi, bai. *?1 fMMl) ?n?tai I ? >r? iW>?? u -p*" ' -??' ?f tkl mi *f U.H TW M?lt? W ?a 1W W O* f? *?? 4?|?n?MS< ?f lkl< Mh*2 m vi. a< ?fc? ??W is M m] . It, (k* f?M'J '?? Attoaflfcar girt j 1 ? <t ?Mm tett eV?e4M 4?r. M tW J?M ? tfc? tn?riM T'wUt Uj, iU yr ?mt MmI ?f ??, . ??? *???>?*!, ?tU MtirfbrV*; fM??* At ? ? rt?rt th.? amiM \y? ?T #cW M* ?? J, is *??tk if ilk ?tr??4 ?rl? mmi 111 A rmtn rm* ?A Mr MUMifli mM m ta m?I** i? T?r% ?w( 7?rV"tar *?r. Iu MM fMfcM fMMofi | rr1 ?wssls ' rmimim *4 #V twwi'l IliaWil. Pm?HBiin.-(ki?trr?i h?M m "HHtj V- M; ?f ' . ?? > ?? ?*?? <*? fan MM ill >Mttt ?V> MM <? ?*?%*. '?? Hm S? ' ''MttU; n?/i?4 d Um I t ;. k> IU kMH rf Ul IV U.? -a M 7 Ml 4??*?m4 tk* ??*?' w4t<"l? ?m -?v ??._?[ Inim *ss M srrM ?.? W, -/?! wiU: * >*?*!>? ??/. '? ir"*4 A"t*? , ;

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