Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1855 Page 2
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EV ENING STAR. # VVAS1HNGT0N CITY: WEDWESDAT AFTKMOQH. -Tabrmuy 14 The large and oonvenifnt dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue an.] Eleventh street is for rent. Posses bi,*Q Sivea immediately. For terms ap pl) ihe Star offi^. ? PI KIT OP THE Md&H IHO PRESS Toe Union defends General Cam against the recent assault of the New York l\i announces the almost entire convalee cerce of Judge John Y. lluon, which news *tll gladden man; hear La indeed, and pre dict.; tae entire destruction of the Britiah army before 5ebastopol. ihe Intel'ig>. car publishes a strong oom mur.icafion from aome friend of Senator Shield;, at-routing hia defeat in a great measure to the lukew?*rmaeaa of the Washington Union iu Lis b half before the eieotion, of which the editor a*Ji : AJmuaion for the article which appears in auo tisr part of-this paper on Ihe sibjeot of .,/Cf eKl e'ectwn of n^ed States Senator in l.lir.i i? ha? been requested by a personal and ,,l,t .1 frienj ofoln. Shwi. JSToSn*?! atuirg the very crowded state of our col u it was a courtesy which could not be de -i 1 ?o a resectable political adversary any a.orc tLan it could have been consistently with tb , I,re?p?c; we entertain for the distin KU ihcd gentleman who is the chief aubjeot of '. ar,lli.'e . communication relates to 1 hGi ulties and dissensions in whioh we i ?t?: no im nediate concern, and on which we hive nothing to say further than to express our regret that, ?o long as the seat whioh has '*L ' ho2?i ably and so usefully filled in the . tnate bj ?Jen shields wss to be filled by a g'.of eman of his party, any circumstance ui t have owurred to remove him from it \ a m iy udd. without impropriety, that the. ?!?poriuient of tira. bhielos, his attention to ' du'M>3> h'? liberality and gentlemanly i f :'ff c'jmblnod with his brilliant antece ' hi*Tc mad? b s retirement frem the Sen a.e a 'al J*ct of general regret in that body, -s wt u a, amongst numerous friends of both i a-riitt out of it." a tOLi iw,, a??p Gor.DSMiTH ? Gray A l?a!!anfyne, bookseller-,'49S Seventh stree', h ?vefent us the complete poetical works or v? in. Collins, Thomas Gray, and Oliver Gold ii-.ith, with biographical sketches and notes, ciiicd by Epos Sargeant The whole ooirl ! c'.e in cne volume, handsomely printed on fine paper. Z sr I he proprietor of the London Times has ) ten Pored a seat in the House of Lords under tea title of the Karl of Bearwold, on the pro V.'So that he immediately turns off his thunder e glad to say he has refused the bribe ^ the :>me time Lord Lyndhurst, the ex chanci'ior of England, son of John Copley t e p <.inter of Philadelphia, and himself a na ' tue < f Pennsylvania, stands up in hia place in ?ir.i . uent, a white headed veteran of four *Curs ';nvl ?nd demands the impeachment oi the ministers Good. Bi. !.y Afkkat in Marihall Hes^UJepubl^angives an account ol an y hat took place in a drinking house at t?>:gar >h!l, Panola county, in which three men ncre killed, and another desperately, if ai t aerially wounded. Two men, Glass and ' 'if, v.eie about to use pistols on each other auold man, named Yeary; the only sober mat except some strangers, interfered and wasshet dead by GlaM Young Yaary killed Glass, a^J .nether Glass was killed by others while suemptirg to kill yottnj Yeary, who was ' laiiy wjud led flSlil?UPfAL. The Richmond Enquirer publiahes a 1 "'l'r , ,ien Francis M Boykin, a Demo crat ^tD -rea.ional aspirant, defining his po -iti , .. K w Nothingism, in which heukes 5CSi' order '1 fuDdameQlAl Principle. .... The late John Gaas, Esq., for many LW '?x'V" h0et of the A?>erican House ton , N H , once remarked of one of the ' Id. Vines thathe liked Mr T _! *c.y l: t-h because when in the pulrit he Ticter mediled with politics er religion. ' .??? It is reported that the wardens and of Trinity Church, New York, have vo t: I "V* ^?right, the 'widow of relt':^0/t2ionDJl buhop' the haQdsome j c_ t. .i % Miy per annum J he State Treasurer of Pennsylvania *? jt-CLVy arrested in the railroad cars on ,n latcied oallmT^ u'tVr? I "" od ,h? |<K>k ??< Aii " ^ cu" T"""n ? ihe I. jndjn Alorning Herald says that j-t tie : vai tluba. a rumor is very current ? c sequence of the (feciaion of the -? .t . to continue Sir Charlea Nanier ' - >ni ot the Baltic fleet, Kear Admfril w, A utIraIr,5uPcrintendent of Porta* n. - l>uca>ard, wnl be selected for that wuefou3 p. n, and that he will have uuder ^ .-cuud in command, Kear-Admiral -i >e>tt.our. wh . so ably and saUsfao ,i ' ^ ^* 1 the of captain of the during the past season in the Baltic. ? M'erday had the pleasure of meet !Q;. L lra C'ro"we1': E;q ? of Fork, in the -nis is his first Visit to Washington fcil v., so was some tine since afllioted irith a -iio? , i parallels. It affords us great pleaa Uie t that his person bears alight tracea i-dtoJ ot the effecta of his affliction. .... Simeon Draper, Esq , the distinguished rai'ro. i stock auctioneer of 5ew York, is now looks well, and CM thJ { a? bUJphatically as usual He is the m.a who has raised for the development ?.i tlif resources of our country by the con |tiucuin ui railroads, perhaps one hundred . . . " " mone^ 88 *?y olher in the takiL - "U*,'ei310 bls I)Ublic spirited under. .... Mr bvllers. who is a K. N , in debate 13 ti 0 UoOM of Representatives, while al lu li: ' to the now party said : ill^11 as ceruinly obtain possession of the ?.?... lument as there is a God in Heaven -..d v i.l aiminis;er it with purity without ?"-.I ! nr.- on our garments. The gentleman I' m Virginia might talk as much as be ' i K-Mij- tthe Know Nothings?they will i-o.o the Government to its original purity iU-eiJo*' W hat a relief ! .... lWy Rogers, Jr., one of the publish Uh f hC L,^on Journal, died on Sunday, lh U.utc ot Mr Rogers, died on Friday last, ??, ? ?*?!.? M Milton, Jr-kM b"n .... ".rroroor Pull?k. ?f peI1D,,lr,oi, ht3 ?piu .?i e4 th. R? Stephen Miller of U.rri. was the first to raise the name ?f G* PoR^f *' "ead of his paper, tha Harrisbn*. aJd, as the K. 21. Presidential nomineTor 'M .... "n Monday last, a meeting of K. N '? wa held in tha New York Tabernacle to da-' routeo the recreant brothers who voted fop "iu II Seward. .... l>r W. A. Smith, of the M. E. Chnreh, Eoutt h ? gone to Cincinnati, where his area r- e i* uem^nded in the final settlement of cu m on the Methodist Episcopal Church wcuch, < n the Western Book Concern. .... \\ e are inlormea that the Rer. Charles i snn<srn iste Consul to Deinsrsrs has bscoma (jontoeoted wftb tha ?litorial depart Vf the Aistr^PvliMMI 9f tin Vity. WABHlHOTOH HEW8 AID GOSSIP. The Extension of Patent* by Congrats, e commend to oar Congressional readers, particularly, the well balanced oommunlca tion following tkeeo remarks. It treats of the claims of inventors to the consideration of the National Legislature, and places the propria, y of tbe extension of patent* by Congress in a far more favorable light than any in which we have ever before viewed it. It is mild, moderate, and cogent, and, we think, oannot fail to strike others, as it certainly strikes us as being a powerful and almost conclusive argument in favor of the more frequent exercise of tha power of Congress to g-ant extension of patents for useful inventions. Wo take occa sion to say, without the writer's knowledge or consent, that he has himself done perhaps ai much for his country's progress in tho useful arts, and in its intellectual improvement, as any man now living; being the inventor of a machine whioh has been the means of diffusing more useful knowledge among men, upon all oonceivable su bjects, than that of any other in. ventor who has lived sinoe the days of Faust having achieved, too, a world-wide reputation by his invention, if it has not, as we know it has not, been the means of adding to his world ly weaith. He, too, has an application before CoDgress for an extension of his patent for the machine to which we refer above, to whioh our names will be foucd tppended among those of the petitioners in his favor, in oom mon with the names of every other person in the Inited States who have occasion to use his maehines in their business. Indeed, his case i? ? most remarkable one; inasmuch as every one of his countrymen, who have occasion to use his patent, unite in a*king Congress to ex tend it, while no rival in business or other person raises his voioe against the granting of his prayer. The secret oi this remarkable s'ate of things in his case, lie? in tho fret, that, in order to bring his beautilal, compli cated and oomplete machine into general use he has put .down its price at go lo w a figure, that no one has undertaken to infringe his patent. As all in the printing business who have exteniive offices are well aware of the fact that he has sold his machines at tho low est possible prices, all of them come forward to ask Congress to extend his patent, that he and they may continue hereafter to work as harmoniously together, as heretofore: TO THE EDITORS OF THE STAB. .St? .?I have the impression that you have, from the beginning, been opposed to the ex tension of the patents pertaining to the two ca5?8 decided on Friday and Saturday ad versely to the prayers of tbe petitioners Whatever the merits or demerits of those par ticular cases may be. I cannot help believiue that you will agree with me in thinking that injustice was done to mechanics in the debates on those cases. It was, in substanoo unjrd that everything bai been done for mechanics, while nothing of conse<juouce had been done for agriculturists. It was, however, at the same time admitted that Congress b*d made a direct grant of $25.0O(j to turnish Agriculturists with seeds; and an honorable member oom plained that Congress had refused to e tablifh an agricultural school. Now, Mme aek, Messrs E litors. when Con gress made a direct grant of $25,000 or any other sum, to mechanics a? a class, to furnish them with -stock ' or "tools," by which to improve or carry on the mechani: arts Also when mechanics asked Congress for appropri ations to establish mechanical schools ' Me chanics ask for no such help from Congress .1' ?nt:ar'' lhe* evor government tor all patent expenses, and appropriate every year, from their own hard earnings, hundreds or thousands of dollars to the improvement of the mechanic arts in every branch of indus try ; and it is notorious that as a goncral rule they are not half paid for their efforts and ex' ponditures. It is true that a few inventors have succeed ed in g-iining comfortable fortunes by means of their inventions, joined with untiring efforts and all the means they could possibly raise to vonture upon an uncertain ocean of enter prise ; i,nd the law has been barely sufficient to furnish those few bright spots in the horo scope to servo as will o'-tho wisps to other inventors, and delude so many of them over untrod wastes all tho best years of their lives where, but tor them, unmitigated and eternal poverty would reign. Look at the record of thoir names, ascertain their situations and con<-ider their efforts and trials, and you will find that few of them have much tangible reason to bless Government for ?ts protection of their inventions The inventor of tho shoe last and gunetock machine (an invention worth millions of dol lar! to tho country, is said now to be comfort ably situated as to property. But had he not gained an exten.-ion of his patent by Coj-gress (14 yearsj he would have boon a loser by that invention. It was intimated in the debate that Morse nad, or was likely to realize large suras om his telegraph. \\ ell, who can estimate the value of the electric telegraph to the world' Its value oannot bo stated in dollars and cents It was also said that Colt had $750,000 worth of machinery and other business appli ances in his posstesion. So bo it. Bat if he has given to his country an instrument which has saved it hundreds of thousands oi dollars contributed largely to our late victories, and in that way beeu the means of savin* hun died*?perhaps thousand.-?of the lives of hi. countrymen ; an instrument which to the emi grant upon his wild path to tbe western world is equal to five men armed with the old fash toned pistol; and if be and his friends twenty years ago invested $300 000, and expended it in perfecting and introducing that instrument it seems reasonable that he should now have something to show for it. Yes, something beside* a mere living and interest on money ex ponded?something for his invention. In regard to agriculturists, the same laws which protect mechanical inventors, equally protect them. It is not, however, to Congress that ?g icultunsts are principally indebted for their prosperity; but it is to mechan'cal inventors. Have not tho "gin," and other cotton ma cninery, enabled the cotton planter to eubsti P^^tonof his fields for the silks tent thl^i0, k sU?lnd EuroP? t0 eQob ex * ""'j*-'1 ' If a man has invented a machine that will reap, thresh, and clean, twenty acres of wheat in a siuglo day, is not that invention likely to advance tho interests of agriculturists?to M Pro?tfl~wl?Ue at the same time it will enable them to furnish bread to the mere laborer at much lower rates ? In oheap emng, largely, the production, will it not ena ble the farmers of this country to furnith breadstufls to other parts of the world to a much greater extent than they could do with out such an invention ' And in this way will not agriculturists, and the people at largo, be a thousand fold more benefitted by tho ma. chino than it is possible for the inventor to be by having secured to him a small i^rtion of the advantage of his production lor the space oi twenty one or twenty eight years ' Without mechanical inventions there oould be no agriculture People, in such case, would be worse off than the " Digger Indians for it appears from the description of the hon orable member from Missouri, that they even k**? * hook?a m*c*ian'cal invention?with whioh they draw lizards out of thoir holes to servo them as food. Since a comparison has been made between mechanio* and farmers, perhaps it may be right to suggest one between mechanics and authors ,a7a of tm^eDation enable the honorable f f[0m Mueouri-without expense-'.o h"a??If?.nd representatives, the ex torts*?* r?ubl a*1"* sell his writings f?rty-two years. This advaS aS?i i a? no doubt ?mbrare. Why, then 8?eito5*sho!iU WUUng lbat th* me?banical Pr?ioett?n U I.Ti honorable gentleman's work may he invalu able. The Mm* may be said of mechanical invention!; for many of them are also Invalu able. The honorable gentleman could not have put hts tsork in manuscript, even, with out a most important invention (the pen^ of that description. An invention is produced by intellectual labor; and it is perfected and in troduced by means of manual, as well as in tellectual efforts, and by the expenditure of capital." When useful, it is as obviously property as any other production; and the in ventor, equitably, has tbe same right to the protection of Government, in this kind of property, as others have in any property whioh they may have produced If this equitable right conflicts with the interests of the State, let it be ourtailed to tha extent that it clearly so conflicts. Neither justice or good policy will allow more. The protection now afforded to difficult and mportant inventions, does not correspond with their value; neither is it sufficient to enable the inventors to realize tha reward that the people at large would be willing they should realise, when no imposition or extortion are attempted. Congress, it seems to me, ought not to be so grudging of time to afford inventors an op portunity to realize something for their inven tions?something over and above the ordinary profit* of business, and what they would be able to realize by the exercise of pre eminent skill and faithfulness; for these they could re alize without aay patent laws whatsoever. The patent on a bona fide useful invention is no hardship upon the community, for al though it nomally proteots the inventor in the exclusive use of his own production, the com muuity, during the existence of the patent, even realise by far the greatest amount of advantage from the use of the invention. Of what consequenoe, compared with the ends attained, is the patentees' thousand mil lionth part of a mill inoluded in the three oents paid lor the newspaper which is burdened with a world of intelkctual and statistical matter, and descriptions of men, things, and events, from every quarter of the globe; all brought to us with velocities whioh, a very few years since would have been considered impossible; but to attain which the civilized nations would have been willing to yield to almost any con oeiveable demand? There is not a particle of evidence to show that the principle of protecting mechanical inventions has been carried to the utmost that would be beuefioial to the country. On the contrary, every people have increased their prosperity in proportion as they have extended protection to this indispensable kind of pro PertJ- 1. A. Discipline in the Navy.?Though the bill of Mr. Bocack to this end, which pasted the House yesterday, may do some good, we seri ously question whether it can be expected to oure the terrible and growing evil of insubor dination on ship-board, with which the naval service of this government has been afflicted ever since the abolishment of oorpereal pun ishment therein. We were an original advo cate of that change, but oonfess our mistake Subsequent experience has demonstrated that the idea of governing the class of sailors who require punishment by "moral suasion," is one of tbe baldest humbugs of the age. .Such sailors are not reasonable creatures, it not be ing possible to reach their mind* so as to con trol their conduct by means which are usually elective with all others. Sailors- men before the mast ?have convinced us that the old fashion ot managing the unruly seaman is best, and that unless he stands in fear of the '?cat,?' he is the most dangorotis and really un manageable man alive We have yet to find the first habitually temporatc and well behav ed sailor who does not regard the banishment of the ' cat'1 from on ship- board as a grand and most unfortunate mistake in tbe legislation of Congress Wc know that the?o remarks of ours will net be popular. But as we aim to publish the truth, without caring the snap of our fin ger whether it is palatable or unpalatable to the kinks of the (so called) philanthrophy of the hour, we here speak our mind freely and fearlessly upon this subject. We loDg to see the American navy again as efficient as it was during the last war with Britain. Yet we never expect to find it so, until its seamen are all first class Yankee-born sailors, or until the tear of instant corporeal punishment other than confinement is again constantly before the eyes of the sailor in whose breast there L no pride of personal character. Important and Interesting from Cuba.?We have letters from Havana to the 31st ultimo, wherein we are informed by our attentive cor respondent that the colonial government, alarmed at the universality of the discontent on the island, and in order to gain back the confidence of the Spanish residents, who are planters and otherwise slaveholders there, has abandoned all measures looking to the eman cipation of the slaves. That is to say, the further prosecution of all such plans. On the 31st ult., an English and a Frenoh fleet were momentarily expected to reach Havana from Europe. The first expected to arrive were two English 74 gun ships. A Misapprehension?The Journal of Com merce of yesterday, commenting on the rumor that General Shields will be tendered by the President a brigadier generalship in the U. b. army in case the proposition to increase the regular toroe become* a law ere the ses sion ends, starts a constitutional objection to such an appointment, vis : that no member of Congress oan be appointed to any office created by law during the term of hit servioe in the National Legislature. This is an error; the constitutional diiability to which the Journal refers, applies to civil officers. (See Art. I., Section or clause 6, of the Constitution of the United States. A Change Coming o'er the Spirit of his Dream ?W'e have an interesting private let ter from P^ria by the last steamer, wherein we learn that Louis Napoleon has relaxed the rigidity of the formalities of his reoeptions, adopted, it will be reoollected, as a sort of counteraction of the now famous oostume eir-1 cular of our State Department. Thus, at his morning receptions at the Tuilleries he now admits gentlemen in simple dress ooats, pro vided they are out with standing collars and! rounded skirts, and ladies in their ordinary walking dresses. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, the 13th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $2,136 41 For paying other Troasury debts. 9,691 40 For the Customs 1.888 00 For the War Department 66,285 49 For repaying in the War Depart ment ?.????????..????I 26,622 49 For the Navy Department....... 152,960 26 For the Interior Department 8,780 17 CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, the Indian ap propriation bill was taken np and discussed on various amendments by Messrs. Bell, Pettit, Sebastian, Chase, Brown. Adams, Stuart, and others, until it was laid aside without baing finally disposed of. Shortly after which, they adjourned without the consummation of further business. tha House, after we went to press, Mr. pk a bill to provide a mora efficient dit ia tfat ww pwwl Mr. Booock then reported back from the Naral Affairs Committee Senator Mallory's bill to promote efficiency in the Nary, with sundry amendments, wbioh wu discussed by Mr. Bocook for it, end Mr. Bkelton against it The amendments .being adopted, the said bill was passed The House then west into a Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, Mr Ham ilton in the chair, wherein the bill to author ise the construction of seven additional steam sloops-of war was taken up. and drba'iMi by Mr. Bcoock for it, Mr. Stanton, of Tenn., for bis amendment for the oonstruotion of one of the said steam sloops at the Memphis Nary \ ard. provided the authorities ef the town of Memphis. Tenn . will reconvey to the United States the said Navy YarJ, and by Messrs Sollers and Seward against the bill. The committee then rose, and the House Ad journed. Proceedings of T?-Daj. In the Senate, to-day, a resolution to change the hour of their meeting for the balance oi the session to 11 a. m , instead of 12 m , as at present, was passed?yeas 24, nays 21. Petitions, reports, bill*, Ac., were then in troduced, and were being disposed as we went to press. In the Home, Mr. Harris, by leave, report ed lrom the military affairs committee, a bill appropriating $125,000 for the construction of proper military defences in the neighborhood of New Orleans. Read twice. After a few remarks from Mr. H. in explanation of the provisions of this bill, it was passed. Mr. Murray reported from the printing com mittee a resolution ordering the printing of 100,000 oopies of the agricultural branob of the annual report of the Commissioner of Pat ents, and 10,000 copies of the mechanical branch of said report. Mr. Murray also reported frrm the printing oommittee a resolution calling on tho Seere tary of the Navy for a copy of the report of Commodore Perry on bis Japan expedition, directing the Clerk to have 10,000 extra copies thereof printed for the use of the members, and 500 copies f?ir the use of the said Commo dore Perry himself, to be bound as the report of Lieut. Herndon i3 bound. After conversa tion, in which Messrs. Jones, of Tennessee, and Haven participated, this resolution was adopted. Mr. Stanton, of Kentucky, reported from the Printing Committee a resolution directing the printing of Stanbury's and Fremont's re porta on surveys for the proposed Pacific rail road; parsed. The reguiar order of business being insisted on? 'I he Speaker annourced the first business in order to be the consideration of Mr. Bosock's resolution to close debate in five minutes after it shall again bs taken up in Committee of the Whole. Mr. Houston moved to lay this resolution on the table, on which motion the question was being taken by yeas and nays as we went to press. The Spiritualists on the Virginia Election An Exchange paper says. The generally re ceived saying 'you can't tell who is Governor till after the election,' is all altered now, by the ministration of spirits who very kindly in form us what the result of the election will be before it takes placo. 'Harry of the West,' al though not with us in flesh, etill ontrives to have a finger in the politics of the country ? At a spirit circle held a few days ago in Nor folk, Va.. as we learn by the Christian Spirit ualist, the spirit of Jlenry Clay wag present, and the following scene transpired: Very shortly a great rapping was heard un der the table and on it, tho company at the tiaie sitting at least three feot from it Dr. Miih ?What spirit is present, and who dues it wish to converse with? i>jnrii.?Houry Clay. There is one present who is greatly disturbed in his mind about the result of the coming election for Governor in your State. I wish to relieve him. Jjr Mash..?Who is the person' Spirit.?Richard Love. tiichird Love ?Tho Spirit of Henry Clay will indeed greitly relieve my uneasiness, by enlightening my mind on that question. ?'Henry A. Wise will crrta%n(y be derated, the candidate of the American party will be ?'acted. He will be General Bayly or A H cuuart, probably the latter. The great Amer ican party have my spirit sympatbios and re spect. 'lhey will elect the next President.? ^ our C?ngressman, General Millson, will, at. ter his term expires, never again take his seat in Congress. This you may depend on. Hesry Clay." Wise, if he be wise, will retire from thecon test after this. It must be gratifying to the K. N 's to know that they have the ghostly support, and spirit sympathies of the "Mill boy of the Slashes. ' 1 ?WASHINGTON ENC AM I'MENT No. 1 Knights Templar*, will assemble mMa some Hall, coinei 9th and D *ts., THIS EVENING at 7 o'clock. frb 14- It ATTENTION, -UNION GUARDS!?YOU tare hereby notified tha you will meet THIS |(Wednesday) EVENING, at 7 o'clock, at the .room of the Light Infantry, comet 'Jill street and La- avenue. Every member is requested to be present. Bv order of J. J. Mullov, Lt. Commanding : feb 14 ?It THOS. BHIGNS.O. P. -^METROPORITAN MECHANICS' IN Zk^?r~riTlTLTE. Ttie regular monthly meeting will be held at ?hc Institute Room#, at "o'clock, WEDNESDAY EVE N1NG, February 14'h. Mr. A. F. Harvey will read a paper descriptive of the new Atmospheric Telc^ aph, invented by Mr. I. S. Richardson. Business ol importance will be transacted which denmnds the punctual attendance of every member. By order: F. M. PEARSON, Rec. Sec. feb 13?at v fc PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at JhL tention.?You arc hereby notified to attend /flCQ the regular weekly drills at tlie armory on ?L*ZmXL.every TUESDAY, at 7 o'clock, unul fur ther notice. All new members, as well a& all otherE, are ex pected to be punctual in their attendance. By order of the Captain : SERGEANT HAMILTON, Instructor, feb 10?3t* A SLAVE MAN FOR HIRE.?Enquire at room No. 20, first fioor of the Geneial Post Office Building. feb 14?4t* II WO SERVANT WOMEN h. TWO GIRLS? j_ one 10, the other <2 years old -to lure. Also, a middle ;!ged woman for sale. She i- a 5ood cook, washer, 8tc , and will be sold on time it ebired. fcnquiie at No. 55 8 Sevehtli *t , opposite the market. A. B. BERRY'. feb 14?2t? PIANO FOR RENT.?AM EXCELLENT Pi ano, from the manufactory ot Knabe Gaehle Baltui ore, will be rented on very moderate terms, if immediate application !>e made to G. F. S chafer, 54 84 Pa. avenve, or llilbus K llitz, corner Pa. an. and D st. feb 9?Ji* 1MIE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY INFORMS the citizens of Washington and Georgetown that he will attend to the laying out of new and the repair ing of old gardens. Also the pruning of shrubs, graperies, fiic. Charges moderate. Orders left at Mr. Nairn's. Druggist, corner of Pa. avenue and 9ih street, and the grocery store of Mr. F. Hits, Capslol Hill, will be promptly attended to. fe'i 14?eoMt* G. SCHAD. dUQ RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen on Sun tjpOday evening, from the neighborhood of Nailor's Stablr, a small red Buffalo COW. I will give the above reward to any one who will leave information with me so I can get the Cow at the comer ot 13th and D streets. PATRICK RAGAN. feb 14?lt* CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PERSONS wishing to decline housekeeping, and desiring to avoid the trouble and expense of an aucliou, we will, if called upon, pu-chase their eu Ure stock ; or tho.-e having a surplus of articles iu the housekeeping liue, wUI find us at all tunes pre pared to pay the highest cash prices for such arti cles aa tht-y may wish to wll. Call at BONTZ & COOMBS, Cheap Furniture Store, Seventh street, between I and K stieeta. feb 14?3t NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale at I1ILBUS k HITZ' Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob Hilbus, Esq., by J. Inputs, embellished whh a beautiful and cor rect likeness of the veteran tuner. Price S5 ccnts. The trade supplied on *?r) liberal term*. f?b C-tf FBBHCH LAKOUAGE AlfD DRAWING A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate of the University of Paris, is i)e?irnu? t? give LES SONS in hi- native loug'ie, and DR\WING to schools, classes, or private pupils in this city and vicinity. He is also w illing to give complete instruc Uon in the above branches in compensation of board in a rc?pectable family of this city. 1 he advertiser feels confident to undortake the following engac* m^nt. vi* : If a'tcr * course of 48 lessons hts pupil ha- noi acquired the facility of speaking an<t under standing well the French, he Hill continue to give instruction free from chatge. The highest testimo nials of character and success in teaching will be given. Address "F V.''at this office. feb 14?1?* NOTICE?The undersigned gives notice thai the rumors now in circulation about him are false. He fives nonce that he will make every el tort to ferret om the ptr<o? or persons who ma* have started ihem, jnd bring the parties to puni'h mem to the full ex'ent olthe law. feh 14?it* CIIAS. M. fAA NTER. OARUSTS SALOON. GALAXY OF JUVENILE GENIUS, THE BOON CHILDREN. The?e celebrated children, three in number, ANNA ISABELLA, LORA GORDON, and NOROAUNT BOOST, Will give an entertainment at CARusrs sALooy. THURSDAY EV1CNINO, Feb 15, In which they will appear in sobk of thtir favorite characters, LADY OF LYONS, HONKY MOON. ROM BO AND JULIET. SCHOOL. FOR SCANDAL. And eoncludc with the LOW RACKED CAR, And a genuine Irish Sing. Adnvssion 50 cents. - Doors open at 7?commence at 0 o'clock. feb 14 THK THIRD?LAST?AN<? GREATEST Golden and Magical b'oirec of the renowned M ACALLISTER. SAOO worth ofsflendid Jewelry, in FIFTY el eganl Gifts will he given away at the last pe.form auce of the great Magician at Odd Fellows' Hall THURSDAY EVENING, Feb. 5th. including lour sp'endid Gold Watches- two Silver do., rings, brooches, Pencils, Bracelets, fcc. Still no increase in the price nt iiekcts. Tickets only .Ml cents?to be had at Gait fc Bre.V Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, where the presents max be seen; at Kirk wood House, and Odd Fellows' Hall, day and evening. Tickets limited to the glre of the hall. feh 14?2t* WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLA TED WARE, AT REDUCED PRICES. In anticipation of the approaching duW ^ season we ofle/ our entire stock of elegant GOLD WATCHES. RICH JEWELRY, #V1 PURE SILVERWARE, kc., at greatly re JhA duced rates Persons would do well to examine our assort inept which is by tar the largest. mo?t fashionable, amt best selected ever offered to our customers. M. W. GALT Hi BRO., 334 Fa. ave.. between 3th and 10th >u. feb 14-?t (News) WABFIJOrON ft ALEXANDRIA jSTEA M BOAT.?The splendid a?d icommodiona steamer GEO. PAGE will resume her regular trips THURSDAV, Fcbru ary 13tli. Great attention paid to Freight. Fire FIVE CENTS. Latham's splendid une of Couches connect witli the 1'iat. E. A. RVTHER. Captain. CHEAP?VERY CIJEAP! 1'IIF ^ubscnbei have on liaiid a laige assortment oft \HINEP TlTNI I URC. and everv article m the House ' keeping line, whic li they will ? ll j at \ery reduced priccs lor eash. Hon !'K< epcis and all olhcr> in want of bargainc can save money by examining our stock before making their pur< he-?<s. Furnitu e neatly repaired and varnished, on the most reasonable terms. Furniture bought, *old, or exchanged. RONTZ Si. CO' ?MBS, Seventh gtieet, between I and K streets. Icb 14?c?'3i NILL-T REGISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE Papers.?A complete set of Niles: Register, #6 xols, or any other Books will be given in exchange for the ?? American State Papers" and "American Archives," or they will be purchased at a liberal l?nce. TAYLOR fc MAURY'S f'1' H Bookstore, near Ninth sir* t. A BOOK OF GREAT VALUE ft INTEBE8T (CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. Harvey J Newcomb, 1 vol., large octavo, double columns, <*4 p.ges; price *3. Embracing a comprehensive view ol all the Missionary operation- in the World, with geographical descriptions, condition of the un evangelized, he., together with Ihc religious move nieiits of the age, under an alphabetical arrange ineht, illustrated with thirty-two Missionary Map?.. '?The Cyclopedia of Mission*, by Rev. Harvey Newcomb, 1 rejjard as a work of great perman< nt value. It contains within a moderate eoinpiss and in a convenient Ion#, a large amount of just tilt kind of information, historical, statistical, and illus trativc on the subject of Missions, which every Min ister, and every chrii-tian la\m in need* to possess, and which could be gained only hy Utioriou* re search in books and d'cumeiit-, inanv of which are not easily accessible. Geo. VV. Wood, Sec. A. B. C. F. M." Agent - lor the District: GR\Y k BALLANTVNE, l? 498 Seventh st. OFFICE OF TI1K INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA, PHILADELPHIA, JANUARY 8, lc65. STATEMENT OF THK ASSKTS Of the President And Directors of the Insurance Company of North America, Published hi conformity with the provisions of the Act ot AweniMv MORTGAGES. All. of which are first Mortgages .$J;-2,50o ?"J LOAN BONDS. *40,000 Ciiesapc-ake and Dtlavvare Canal Company. 6 ^ par 40.000 00 10.000 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, 1853. 6 V 67 8,703 00 "25.000 Lehigh Coal and Navigation Com pany. par 85,000 oo 1,000 Schuylkill Navigation Company's Boat Loan, 6!? 75 ,50 00 10,000 Sthuylk II Navigation Company convertible, 1852,6^ 75 7,500 00 50,000 Phila. City Loan " par 50,000 00 25.000 Cincinnati City " par 20,l*>0 00 19.000 Phila., Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Co., 6 V- 10,000 00 20,000 Delaware and Raritan Canal Com piny, and the Camden and Am boy Railrcad and Transportation ,.^,.r?'6V' Par 20,000 00 11,090 Alleghany County, 6 V1 par 11.000 00 30,000 Penti. Railroad Co.,b ^ par 20,000 00 STOCKS. b3 shares in the Germantown and Perki otuen Turnpike Road Co.,50 3,150 00 o4 " Schuylkill Navigation Co. 20 1,0e0 00 53 " " Preferred. 1852, 2) 1,000 00 5" ?' Union Canal Co., 1&52, 51 2,500 00 35 " Chesapeake h. D law are (.'a nal Company, 100 3.500 0<> 8j " Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company 50 4,250 00 50 ?? Philadelphia Rank, 100 5,01*0 00 100 " North Penwylvama Railroad i^a ?? ?C?mp^DV' ? 50 5.000 00 15<) Pennsylvania Railroad Co 50 7.500 00 5 " Philadelphia and Havre de Grace Steam Tow Boat Coni o? .? 50 250 00 28 Cap?j Henlopen Steamboat C unpany, 05 71U, ?? 2 " Philadelphia and Pavamiah Steam Navigation Co., 5 0 1/00 00 2 ?' American Steamship Co, 50) 1,000 00 MISCELLANEOUS. Real Estate, .m qqa Cash, in Bank and on hand TV?W? ori Notes receivable Policies, the premium of which remain unsettled and debts due in account 73,267 75 **09.179 82 By order of the Board : HENRY I). SIIERRERD, Secretary. INCORPORATED 1H not. Capital - - - $500,000! MARINE, FIRE, AND INLAND TR.1SSPOR TA TION IXSURJiXCE. CHARTKRPERPETUAL. DIRECTORS. Arthur G. Coffin, William WeUh, Saui'l W. Jones, Francis Hoskins, Edward 8mith, P. Austin Allibonc. John A Brown, E. Bow^n, ? tU,1 1 ^8"!ith' J,1,,,es N Dickaon, Charles Taylor, a. Morris Wain, Ainbro.e J^hite, John Ma*>n, SA, ?r?. nm, D. ***m> c?n?er $<vem?*atli street west and New \ ork av(nu?, M 14? Amusements. IRON HALL. VILV LAST RIGHT ROBERT HELLER'S GREAT magical wonders, WBOIllOAr KVKRINO, Feb. u. ' fch M-n? COMPLIMKFTAKT 10 PEOT MUM LIB r'pV.r*"^ l,,r 1 ?>'ri.!MKNrARV ,.rt. J"1* "? w- Wedmadaw K&rCSKJ^'r ,njww?rr fbe.r had of I I, the Hall. TVkeUtO K ? r.rf ?.??? "??nager*. a,,d at tlir, Musk inn Maiionrrv Slurr nf ](ji. v ph. T* ? .uUrnm.r... i..? '"'V "? Elbs, wbe?e the sujwcnptioii l.?t may h. ?rn. Th.w ?ho i.ii t? snbarnbe in time. will have in send their ?uk? ?o ,^nC<",^l,er' Pn "** ?'*ht of thr Hull, M lb. f*a ?ch ia_ji L?mTof^ ^ 12th MUM, |. one of tli# exhibition rooms of the Mechanic** Institute, on the road to tli* 8mttii?oman from I' *i Anyone finding the same and retn ning it to Mrs Gregory, at Mrs Evan*', corner E and Ml *ts wiri receive the thanks of the owner, or it require he ?UltaWy reward. |rb 13? j[. L'rlfT*0!! ua"da,r tvtmH ?*?. ? wall white , ' w,,|? hl? ?*?' cropped. The hnder will re. ccive a liberal reward if left at Mr-. AUSTIN'S. on I3fli. between C and D su. jvb 13?3,* IO0T?The first and third volume* of "The ad J venture* of Gil Bias of Santil lane.'* Translat*d troni the h tench of Le Sage. by T. Srnrllet. M D. '7^.7iT'h *-v B * j- rol?m, New York, pnmed and published by H. Duvall, 18jn, NVW Vork A icb i w"d Wl 1 ** paid if ,c,t "f lh" 0,Rcc fj*OR HIRE?\ YOr\G NEGRO WOMAN ?he is a good Iioiim* ?en ant, wa-lier, ironer, ?"j iiiii *? 'OS Wtwart avenue, t'apt "* feb 13?*? A NOTICE TO DEBTORS. #? V?u??-2UI!ti' l<(th* lat' ,1rm o' Of GEO. W . fc nva? * L?? . and ??t the- firm of THOW 1?^ . . ' "Lthr ,n,n," r buMiiew. in this eity. ? r" p *ted m> hw,d*' ?'?* ""trucuona to have tli? mim M ill- d or m cured forthwith. All persons in any wise indebted to the fiima above mrntioiieii pi,w atteud at ? "e, and ^avc cxlK?* W ?T II. W ARD. Attorney, feb ia-cojw To44 k to '? "?8* TS&SEr- ALBATA F?iRKte AND 01 FnRK>4ev?n?fim^*x q????r albata kft5' 1L A SKTS' C'AKE BA" h.. iv./fc .-'? . r ' wh,ch w,,, ^NadtlN N ,-t substitute for real silver ever di?covT-red n M VV CALT k. RR..;, (S?w*lW- ** UKh ?," 1IIE IIMiHMT I'RH'E I'AID EtlR KOTIJt ..r SELUCC. WITB.*? ? ?,.'e x.-m/SIe ? bf , C. G. KENNEDY, ,w(,^' '',e N^hM'fton Sdvinp- Rank, feb 13^, Cnn?' dvcnu? a,,?1 Ttnth street. . w0"JD FOR SALE. T'srM^^rarftfflr r..h n-2,. M""" AS WHAtE*. , ? H<lt?\iHe. WEW REST A U* AWT, v ,l ?venvi*, Ao,lh tide, K(?rfn Th,,* a?4 aka!f $U. (Fonorrlv the Metropolis,) ELDORADO RESTAURANT. /T^^e^entreynoldh, lo\|^ (l??p Of V\ illards' Hotel.) mfc# B,*Ss fo inform hu friend* -? ?'??l ?he public generative ?hat havmf leaned the house l..ri?eHy kuov?,, ?. the M-Utipolu RekUttrant, two door* a'??v. I'nritd State. Hotel, north >,de Ta avenue, he haa re h"!?d ??l"|ri"^,e "d re "rci""7' d ",fr fa,,,c ,n * and handsome rt)1e, under tl?e buk of the '? EI,|miRAIhj RESTAURANT?** where lie invitee them t? call, as he tail ,Urnish BRAWNDIlCl2Ua,Uy L,,1,0r*' "u,-h ? WI1I8KIK8, CORDIALS, WIARS, ALKI, *c. g w* . , ASO CIGARS. 11 ? evpfy 'nd to miit all taste*. ...J'ii'""S^Wtnrc in this Mimhcm at WilUrdu' and el-cwhere, JuMlfi** htm m assnmiis to h*\? eucb thorough knowted^ U it at. will enable lutii to preaent u?fUrpt*ed attraction to his viMWra. ... . "IS EATING SALOON will at all time* contain every Oeficacv the mark, t and season affords -lected w?h an eve to S2?y and which will be prepared by a mnstertv hand. 11J.1 w.?r ?I^*n h,< e'u,hl""in,, nt so that gentle men will always enjoy quiet without oh rusioii hv any one. and is determined Uiat it thall alw?>sei U ord?, comfort, and case, combined with e|r. CJ|^13,drr> atUn,IOB ,ro,u ,hws? 111 j. J VST RBCRIVKD 1 ''>'M N>*v \?,k- Adams k Co.'s Expre*?< H m-e, .10 kegs frctfli MAI. \GA GRAPES in rood or dcr, at 75 cents ,^r pound. ' W M.i? ??. . C. GAUTIER, 31 5*54 Pennavlvania avenne. NOTICJS.--STOLEN ?'N the 6tb JAVU ary. a promissory note drawn by B. H. Magar, in tavot.of John rt. Allen, for ?.?o. Any one is for t'ldil' ii in tradme in said iiMc, as the paxiir nt "1 the ?ame has teen stopped. feb 14- 3t* REWARD,-Lwl. on 'k about the Ib'h tJpiJ January, at or near the Omnibus etand in Georeetown, a Leonard Patent revolving hammer PISroL, sue of the bullet 140 to the lb. A?v per son who finds and returns the same to the I'nion Line Omnibus oflice, Georgetown, will receive the above reward. fcbli-3l* VALENTINES. A LARGE and spl-ndid assortment of VALEN TINES foi s*!f at low prue,., at Mr-*. G. ANDERSON'S, feb 12?It* No. '4 7 0 Pa. avenue. FOR SALE.-THE SUBSCRIBER Ol FERb for rale a eorrel harii? ^t> and riding Hois. 6 >uri old, ??t hue stjle and movement. He may be ae^n at the liable ol ROBT. EARL, II street, ntar 31m. t? h 1-2 ? 3t* (Intel 1 WASI1IHGTOH IRVINC'S Nf* Book lor tale at HHILLINGTOVS BO??KSTORE. Wolfert's Roost, by \Va?liuigi?>n living London lltu.?Udted News by the lut ?t?auicr Leslie V Gazette of Fashion tor February Hunt's Merchant's .Magazine do Ranking'* Abstract tor January Westminster Review do London Lancet lor February Eule tic M^canae do All the new bor?k? publi-hed received tmmtdiate ly afterwards and for oale at SIIILLINGTON'S Bookstoic. fbleon Ruildins, corner st. and Pa. ave. feb 12- 3?. SELDEN, WITHERS k CO. IMNK NOTLt* will be taken at casta rate* lor Paper, B'ank Books, Fancy Goods, Envelopes, and all other kind* of Stationery, by WM. F. BAYLY, No 31 8 i'a. avenue, Nt. 11 tit and l-'h st-. Uli 9?Ht TODUO LADIES' CLASSICAL IH8TITUTS, No. 0 Indiana a> enue. THE second term of tlie present scboiaatic >e?r has just commenced. A few more boar. i"g and dav pupils can be acer mmo lated. STEPHEN H. MI RICK, A. M., feh 6?2w* Principal. Gold, pii.ver, steel * plated srEc TACLES to suit every age and^ eye, Riding Specs, R. R. Glasses, Eye' Protectorg, Eye Glasses of all descrip ' tions. Readme Gl&ssira, Goggles; kc., - Paraltola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored Glasses put in frames at the aborted notice. Persons in want of glaoaes may be snrc to gtt tbose which benefit the eye at II. SEMKF.X'S, No. 330 Pa. avenue. b?tw. 9th and 10th ?ts. jan 20 NOTICE. FTMIE un^rsigned respecUnlly announces to the I public Wat he is ready now to sell Ins PATENT REPEATING PISTOLS, or to take contracts for making the tame. Those winning to ?ec me, can have an interview between the hours ol 3 and ~ p. m. A full eipltnation will be given by me or by my legal agent, A. B Stroughton. Please addte^ J. W. Brown, U. S. Hotel, Washington, D C. j W. brown. [The Register of New Haven, Conn., will pleuse copy.] feh %?2?' MR. BUSIINELL'S SCHOOL, So. 441 Thirteenth rfreW. between Vami t ?''? THE next quarter will commence on the 12th in stant. Circulars may be bad at ttae principal bookstore?, and at the School rocmi. feb 10 eorfw* > ROBINMOVS PRACTICE.?Tbe Praei*re m Couru ot Justice in England aad the Dnaej States, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, Ya.; vol 1?prict $f>, Junt published febT^ K FRANCS TAYLORi

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