Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1855 Page 4
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R V EN ING ,ST A K. I HZ CHABOE AT WATOL0O. rrtflt wiL-nr* sron-.- - i >n same the wtahmd ?Jiks ih* last ?, Bat ft ?r tea I iwf?p of>m pest blaat? On cam* the wmrTWffcd?ateel |?eams broke L Like lightning thiwagb the rolliag auaoke; The war wii waked aaew. Three hundred cannon moutha roar'd load, And from their throau, *lth dad) and Cloud, Their ahowere of iron threw. Beneath their fire, in fait career, Rush HI on the poodaroui cuirassier, The iaacer couch'd hia ruthless spear, And, hurrying as to bavoAjiear, The cohorts' eagles flew. In ona dark torrent, bra ad and atrong, Tb' advancing onset roll'd alone, Forth-barMnger'd by fierce acclaim. Toat from the shroud of smoke aud flame, Peal'd wildly the imperial name. But on the British heart were tout The urrora of the charging boat; For not an eye the atorm that view'd i hanged iti proud glance ot fortitude; Nor was oae forward foetstep stay'dj As dropp'd the dying and the dead. Fast as their ranka tb* thunder tears, I ant they renew'd each aerned square ! And on the wounded and the alain Closed their diminished flies ?*in; Till irom their line acarce spears' lengths three, Fine-ging from U*e smoke they ae* HHm?t, and plume, and paneply? Then waked their fir* at oac*! Facli musketeer'* rev Hwa# kudU _ A* f:?*t as regularly fell, A* when Ihey practise to display Their discipline on festal day. Tb*u down went betra and lance, (town rant the eagle banners sent, Down reeling steeds and rider* went, l'i>r?leta were pierced, and pennons rent; > And to augment the fray, " Whfl'd full against tbeu etaggaring flanks, Tl?e Kngtieh horsemen'* foaming ranka Forced their r-sistlaae way : Th*u to the luuaket knell succeeds The clash ef swords?the aeigb of stei ds: A* plie* tlie ssntli Ins clangtnf trade. Against the cuiraas rang th* blade; And while maid Uieir clean array The well served cannon rent their way, And wbde amid tbeu scatter* d band B.ifsd the fierce rider's bloody brand, R^nil'd in common rout and fear LaAr?r, the guard, and cuuassier, ll'irsemeu and foot,?s mingled host, Their leaders Tallen, their standards lost. Mrs. Partington.?"What a queer conceit!" said Mrs. Partington, as Ike read in the proceedings of the Senate that sundry persons had introduced a petition for incorporation lor manufacturing pur poses. lie had his mouth full of ginger tread at tbe time, froiL a quantity of such that he had stowed away in his pocket, and his articulation v as not very dis tinct. "Manufacturing porpoises! con tinued she, "what a queer thing to man ufacture, to be sure; as if there wasn't enough already for the manufacture of town porpoises, but they must go and make a regular business of it.'' "Purpo s*s.'"saidlke.with emphasis, 4ip-u-r, pur, p-o, po, purpo, s-e-s, ses, purposes? its for manufacturing purposes." "Oh!" said Mrs. Partington, "that's all, is it? Well, I'm glad it aint no worse, but I djn't see what they waut a law allowing them to manufacture purposes for, when they cant carry out half the purposes they make." She stopped to bite off the thread with which she was contracting a .rent, and Ike turned over to the story of the. "Eleven Brothers of Jfritaoy, or the Brigands of the Lone Mountain," and became absorbed in the adventures of Dona Irena and the Black Knight, in the dark forest, at midnight, in a thunder storm, where in a terrible fight the Black Knight was triumphant and seven brig ands got slewed.?Boston Post. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. fame. Leaia For Dmv?. Atlantic New Y<?rk. ..Liverpool...Feb. 21 t'nwn Havre. New York Jan. 17 America Liverpool... Boston Jan. 90 Atlaauc Liverpool....New York..Jan.87 City .Mancueeu-r. .Liverpool...Philadelphia.Feb 14 ?u Louts Havre New York...Feb. 14 Q^Tbe t'aiitoenia atuMOkirs loav* New York on the 6Ui and !Mb of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL UOTELS. WUiardi' iio>al ? a t k i c. wnuk>. J Gardner, Mass C 8 Buckley, t'al Judge Heeke, NY E L Peirce. Vla? F Flace, N Y Mrs Place, do F A Jones, M T Laiarr, MJ Mr .SprigX, do L D fr?-si ot', I.a F Huger, Md A M Pemiorp 1/SN C .N Fuller, ky K S VV ard J Mann, Va C B Brent, ?'al J C Ward, do T J Clare W T Garret-. Cal t> Read lord, L'riN C Mitt, jr, NV D VV I'lah, d > t oni Stoat, Ut>N R B Forbes, Ma** Mr Mortimer, SC N R AI wood, NY E B Hart, do T 11 (iagger, Vd N L AJpnaw, NH ; t' Aiphaw, do E ilium, N Y W B l 'rait a lady. Miss Craft, do Mass Natl*aal Uotal?a. D. vault. J 11 M.-Gill, Teiin F K. My, Cal G W Wallers. M l fl Edepn, do W !< Powell, Va Mai B VV FioIk-I, Jj J VV Houston, \Y ? L Murn, Va J T Fi-?h, do J S WagiM-r, F ? T P Slutfm r, Ky W D Field. Mm N H Decker. NY C L Preseoti, do W W Haribus, do J McCluskey, Me W ii Ilenaitoii, MlJ J Frost, Mlt li W H Thouia-t, Md J L Hu<-kett, MJ C VV Priest, d<? ? D Hmnb x tadv, Pa J Winston, Va M W Brown, hi Y J Wallace, Pa J F JbiMbua, Ky D F Shad, Aik L W RreJ. pa J K Brut* uiba- k. do M Tsaeedy, do Jlis* W uaihikguiii, Md ... Caiilier, do R Oaldwefl, ."41* :' W Thornton, MY ' J l)*A&aleer V* ? VV II Dangertield & two "?-rvauta, Va 2 Mim Dangerflnld, do i. Vt i** Kiddle, Pa Hr Dare, Md 11 J Uodgere, do / II Choppin, do K J Brent, do J H'lskell, Va Dr Helm, do 1' W t rain, Md VV Bro< ke W J Talbert, Va F H K^NY T H Ingeraotl, do VV D Lewis, Pa . t apt Htnry, USN E W Dean, NY H ?' Gilbert, Mu li fl Fitch, Ind P II Keef??, Va Kauisv, Va M P Piacid, Md J f. James, Tenu G Stanbly J VV rtynde, Chippewa W Howard, Md fl VV M'tttun, do E Wood, do it L ?V'ii> Va F A Lewis, do P W Bnr? (h W H Butts, HY C I! HaiuUtou, HI hri>w>ia' a m. aaowa. ? W Pratt, NY J SheckeU-.. MJ U fl Levis & lady, Pa C C Davis, do D 8 Aupleton, NY" J Fleei. NJ W II Kutan E k Benmt V T lld? lia, Md J Oldham ol sinter, Vt B F Marburv. Md F VVarteth?. |,a ' H A-Aimu. ^ , M Glati*, u?i A 1. Johnson, Md '? J'-'aaaptoaii, G E L? ja,Uo e.daj t, daj Ala NY ? ?- ? ^ i t ?;5}K WcVoateaay, ? *T4?app!l. d?. . F J Salinrau, G? JL VY r*dda?i% Va H VV Woodsou, Mo A HaiaiiUMi, M4 R Ferguson. Md ^ Mrs Greenhouse, child a servant, do Mi?s '' Oreenhouse, Mi* Greeah< ase. T Moorer UBA n Ui^otk, T*x J H Terkins, Ala J D V'j/ris, Ky J pa B F k'jmaon, La 4> J. Mim >V H Buchaiuui, Mi RA'tV Caurv.mass J J Mat i.d, f.a . T.'V AHderna, Ala J C H'jockatell, Ma? J M CuaaiberlWf d*e H K Kiddle. NY A E Gibbs, do A VV Taylor, Va C Vanderbilt, NY * 1 ??an T (Ireen 4 ladv, lo J'T J II S?b?y, do Mr Middlstisi, 4b ' W P Hi]liary^C?| ^ Hlrkw oo?i II aaaa-i. -TTtUh?- *7 JF n S. at a awo4> A. Matron, t a?\ , t, I WbU<i^-Md Vanderhke, NY ; ' V V PansaTdo AMB|Kri fa ? P Faat?. NY ?" 1 fuSB* ? & n MhHser, WY' - J W Da via. Md J fa ,//??/?. , VV A Kmslea, Pa NV - - 4 A PrawUidee. Md Wdiaiilh ?**> ii VV Dabney, do .'.i IV E B.rd, do Mia* Bard, dt> , M B B Ch^oowiih, Ind - R W Whcboock, I'riK F K Kellv, Cal . - I ? K Cod tea a lady, Ta C Barchard, KY . -SMEIJLLJt M - ?B San/o?i,aV- . . c w t'hiflaod, do J Ffaisoa, do. ?5*. " Sami?,.NV A It J d<CI C S Bulklej^jQ^ , THE MAILS. I^EOPOiALS for carrying the mails of the Uni .ted States from the 1st day of August, 1855, to J* <l?y of July, 1868, in the Stat- of CALIFOR *IA| and in the Territory of WASHI NGTON, will ?T tfceived at the Contract Office of the Post Office eut in the city of Washington, until 3 p. in., --j- 15lh day of May, 1855, to be decided by tiic 18i? day of May, 1855, on the routei and in the umds herein specified, viz: ?v. IN CALIFORNIA. 13538 From Auborn, by Illinoistown, to Mountain Spring*, 30 mile* and back, twice a week Leave Auburn Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 a m Arrive at Mountain Springs by o p m same days Leave Mountain Spnaga VVednewJavs and Fri days at 6 a m Arrive at Auburn by < p m same days Bids for tri weekly service will be considered ; also, bids to extend to Green Valley 19SSB From Crescent City to Jacksonville, Oregon Territory, 125 mites and back, once in two weeks Leave Crescent City every other Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Jacksonville next Thursday by 12 m Leave Jacksonville every other Monday at 7 ? m Arrive at Crescent City next Thursday by 12 m 12540 From Diamond Spring, by Newtown and Wisconsin Bar, to Grizzly Flat, in Eldorado count}". 24 miles and back, once a week Leave Diamond Springs Tuesdays at 8 a in Arrive a Grizzly Flat by 2pm same days Leave Grizzly Flat Wednesdays at 8 a in Arrive at Diamond Springs by 2 p m fame days 12541 From Drytown, by Fiddletown and Cedarville to Indian Diggings, 28 miles and back, once a week Leave Drytown Tuesdays at 6 a m Airive at Indian Digging!) by 6 p m same days Leave Indian Diggings Wednesdays at 6 a lit Arrive at Drytown by 6 p m same days 12542 From Foster's Bar, by Foster City and Mos cow, to Minnesota, in Sierra county,and back once a week Bidders to state distance and schedule of arri vals and departures 12543 From Jackson, by Butte City, Clinton, Vol cano, and Upper Rancheria, to Fiddletown and back, once a week Bidders to Male distance and schedule of arri vals and departures 12544 From Los Angelos, by Tejon Pass, to Wood ville, in Tulare county, 230 miles and baca, twice a monte ' Leave Los Angelos on the 1st and 15th of each month, at 8 a m Arrive at Woodvilte by 12 in the lOtli and 25tli of tlie same mouth Leave Woodville oil the 1st and 15Ui of each month at 8 a in Arrive at Los Angelos by 1-2 ui on the 10th and 25th of same month 12>i"> From Marysville, by Spanish F'at, Chandler ville. St Louis, and Puie Grove, to Gibson ville 75 miles and back, onee a week l*?ave Marvsville Mondays at G a ui Arrive at Gibsonville next Wednesdays by 12 m Leave Gibsonville Thursdays at 6 a in Arrive at Marysville next Saturdays by 12 in 1254) From Marysvillc, by Park's Bar, Empire Ranch, Bough and heady, and Grass Valley, to Nevada, 45 miles and back, six times a week from 1st of April to 1st December, tri weekly the residue of the year. Leave Marysville daily, exeep- Sunday, at 6 am Arrive at Nevada by 5 p in same days Leave Nevada daily, except Sunday at 6 a m Arrive at Marysville by 4 p iu same days Bids to commence a! Rough and Ready are in vited ; also for tri weekly service; also, to take in Linda, Owsley's Bar, and Keunebeck Bar, between Marysville aud Empire Ranch 12547 From Mary ??ville, by Mount Ophir, Bidwell's Bar, and Forbestown, to Gibson ville and back ouce a week Bidders to suite distance and schedule ol arri vals and departures Proposals to run only between Bid well's Bar and Gibsonville are invited 12548 From Mokelumne lliil, by Cam no Seco, Win ter's Bar, and Lanclia Plana, to* lone Valley, 23 miles and back, once a week Leave Mokelumne IIill Tuesdays at 8 a ni Arrive at lone Valley by 2 p in s ime days Leave lone Valley YVedue?days at 8 a m Arrive at Mokwiuinne Hill Fame day? by 2pm 1254J From Mokeluuine Hill, by MeKiuney's, and Humbug, to Murphy's, 23 miles and back, ouce a week Leave Mokelumne Hill Tuesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Murphy's by 2 p m same days Leave Murphy's Wednesdays at 6 a in Ajrive at Mokelumne Hill by 2 p m same davs 12550 From Nevada, by Robeson's Ferry, Emory's Crossings, and Forest City, to Downieviile, 40 miles and back, three times a week Leave Nevada Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri days at 6 a m Arrive at Downieviile b) 8 p in sa -ie days Leave Downieviile Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6 a m Arrive at Nevada b, 8 p ni same days 12&01 From Oakland, by San Lcandro, Saa Loren zo, Alvarado, and San Jose Mission, to San Jose, 52 miles and back, twice a week Leave Oakland Mondays and Fridays at 9 a ui Arrive at San Jose by 6 p m same days Leave San Jose Tuesday.- and Saturdays at 6 a m Arrive at Oakland by 4 p m same days Bids for three trips a week are invited 12552 From Oatland to Martinez,28 miles and back once a week Leave Oakland Mondays at 9 a m Arrive at Martinez by 4 p in same days Leave Martinez Tuesdays at 0 a in Arrive at Oakland by 4pm same days Bids to end route at Alamo will he considered 12553 From Petaluma, by Santa Rosa. to Heald's Store, on Russian river, 33 miles and bar k, once a w^ek Leave Petaluma Tuesdays at 6 a in Amve at Heald's Store by 6pm same days Leave Heald's Store Wednesdays at G a in Arrive at Petaluma same days by 6 p m 135ol From Petal uiiu, by Bodega, to finith's Ranch 30miles and back, twice a week Leave Petaluina Mondays and Wednesdays at Cam Arrive at Smith's Ranch by 4 p ni same days Leave Smith's Ranch Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 a m Arrive at Petal uma by 4 p in same davs Proposals to ext *nd, via Fort Ross, to Big River are invited; al*o, to run only between Bodo ga and Sirilh's Ranch 135'i5 From Placerville, by Logtoivn, Nashville and Saratoga, to Drytown, 3d miles and back, once a week Leave Placerville Tuesdays at G a m Arrive at Drytown by 4 p m same days Leave Drytown Wednesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Placerville by 4 p in same days 12556 From Uuartsburg, by MeDermottV, Millerton Campbell's Ferry, on King's rivsr, and Visa lia, to Woodville, 125 miles and back, once a week Leave Uuart*burg Mondays at G a m Arrive at Woodville Wednesdays by G p m <aine days Leave Woodville Thursdays at G a m Arrive at Uuartsburg Saturdays by 6 p ui tamu days * Bids to end trips at Visalia, It) miles less are in vited 19 ?57 From Round Tent, by Lower CrosMing of Deer ('reek, Point Defiance, French Corral, Sweetiands, Cherokee, and Moore's Flat, to Minnesota, in Sierra county, 37 miles and back, once a week Leave Round Tent Tuesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Minnesota next days by 12 in Leave Minnesota Thursdays at G a hi Arrive at lUmud Tent next days by 12 m 1255* From Sacramento city, by lone Valley, Jack sou, and Mokelumne llill, to Sonora, 90 miles an?t bark, three times a week ., Leave Sacramento city Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6 a m Arrive at Sonora next days by 4 p iu Leave Sonora Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days at 6 a m rr- Arrive at Sacramento city next davs by 4 p in * Proposals to cam six rimes a week fn' dry fd a sons will be considered; also, for the separute portions of the route between Sac ram. ii to city and Jackson, and Jackson and Sonora' 11559 Fsom Sacramento city, by BealeV, Conrfemicd and Dotan's Bars, to Rattlesnake Bar, 35 mile* and back, three times a week Leave Sacramento eitv Mondays, Wednesdays and Fritters at 6 a ui Arrive at Rattlesnake Bar by 4 p in same days Leave Rattlesnake Bar Tuesdays, Thursdays, and -Saturdays at ti a in ' Arrive at Sacramento ciiy by 4pm same d^js 12560 From Sacrauieuto city, by Deer Creek, Bock Eye Flat, and Mud Springs, to Diamond Springs, 4" miles aud back, six times a \vv*k . from the 1st of April to 1st or December, resi due of the year tri weekly Leave Sacramento city daily, except Sunday, atVam Amve a Diamond Springs hy 4 p m same diys Leave Diamoud Spring* daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m Arrive at Sacramento city by 4 p m same dgys 12561 From Sacramento cttr, by lone Valley, Baa -Andreas. Fm man's Ranch, Angel's C?up, and Carson'* Cretrk, to Sonora, 90 miles and \ bas k, thffd times a weelr Leave Sacramento city Mondays, Wedm^ays and Fridays at 6 a m " 'Arriveat Sonoranext days by 4 p ui ? J^eave Sonora Tuesdays, Thursdays and S? tur c-rrfc d#ya*ttf am *? ' Arrive at Sacranienfo ct?y liexfdayj by.4 p m 1250U From San Diego, by Santa Isabel, to Fort Yu ma, on Rio Colorado, 222 miles a^d b ick, twice a month ' z Isr?v? S?n Hi ego on tlie 1st and I5lh of ach nxifcth at 6 fa - AW'v.e at Fort Yuma hythelOthamffcSthat |Qm Leave Port Yuma 6n the 1st and 1?Ui of faeh ' 4 mceith arCa m ..." 'he 10th snd?*h atfl*m Pranct?o, uy Humboldt's Bat ami Trinidad,wCrwcent City, ?e mile* and baofc, three iHnes a mon-h . Bidders to vuur schedule of arrivals and depar? BH 12564 From San Pranciaco, to Ban Ratal, 90 milm and back, one* a week % I.pave See Franei^co Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at dan Rafael by 2 p re same dav? liMVf Han Rafael Tuesuavs at 8 a in Afnfc at Hail Francisco bv 2 p hi samp dsv^ 12565 fST *?". JrnH,c,-co ,0 P'tHuma, 60 miles and hack, three times a week Leave Han Francisco Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fndayx at 10 a in " Arrive at Petalnma by 4 p m same days uTaAC? i^a ?TUeM4y"' TnnndWnd 8a? 12.V*FiV1? Francisco by 4 p ai same days 12.166 From Pan Juan, by WauonvUle, to Santa t-mz, 34 miles and back, three times a week troin 1st of April to 1st December, once a week the residue of the year ?an ^uan Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1 p m I ^rnTe ?* Santa Cru* by 9 p m same davs Leave Santa Cruz Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 4 a m Arrive at San Juan by 12 in same days *r?m Cniontown, b? South Fork, to Big flar, I 60 miles and back, once a week Leave Uniontown Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at Big Bar next daya by 4 p m Leave Big Bar Wednesdays at 8 a m io??TTe at Uniontown next days by 4 p in 12563 From Yankee Jims, by Eliz^bethtown, to Iowa Hill, 10 miles and back,once a week Leave Yankee Jims Wednesdays at 6 a in Arrive at Iowa Hill by 12 m same days brave Iowa Hill Thursdays at 6 a m Arrive at V ankce Jims by 12 in tame days WASHINGTON TERRITORY. 12725 Yrom Astoria, by Clienook, Edinnn ton, Tar lilt, Oyster Beach, Brigltain City, to intersec lion with route from Olympia, to Gray's Har bor, 120 miles find back, once a week Leave Astori.1 Mondays at 7 a m - Arrive at Intersection of Olympia and Gray's Harbor route Thursdays by 12 m Leave Intersection of Ol vuipia and Gray's Har bor route Mondays at 7 a in Ariive at Astoria Thursdays by 12 in 12720 From Cathlamette to S. Fords, 45 milue and back, once a wrek ? Leave Cathlamette Tuesdavs at 6 n m Arrive at S. Fords next days U? 14 iu Leave S. Fords Thursdays at 6 a m Arrive at Cathlamette next days by 12 in 12727 From < Hyinpia to (iray's llarli irj 4'J miles and back, *M?<-e in two weeks Leave Oiympla i-wry other Monday at G a m Arrive at Gray's llaibor next Wednesday bv 5 p m Leave, Gray's Harbor every oilier Thursday at 6 a m Ariive at Olympia next Saturday by 5 p in 12728 From Olympia, by Ford's, to Lhenook City, .?0 iiiiU'8 and hack, once m two weeks Leave OTjnnpia every other Friday at 9 a m Arrive at (Jhenook City next Tuesday by 5 p m Leave Chenook City every other Thursday at 7 I a in ^ 1 Arrive at Olympia next Saturday by 5 p m Bids for weekly trips are invited , 12729 From Olympia, to Slioalwater Bay, 75 miles and back, once a week Leave Olvuipia Friday* at 10 a in Arrive at Slioal water Bay next Mondays by 11 a in Leave Shoalwatcr Bay Tuesday at 6' a in Arrive at Olympia next Friday bv 9 a m 127JO From Olympia to Seattle, 60 miles and back, once a week - 1 Leave Olympia Fridays at 10 a m Arrive at Seattle next days by 8 p m Leave Sua'tle Wednesdays at 6 a in Arrive at Olympia next days by 6pm 12731 From Columbnr Oky. bv Cascade Citv and Fort Walla walla, to tVa?*|?a, 200 miles and back, once a month. Leave Columb.a City on the 1st day of each month Arrive at Wails-pia by 6 p ni nf the 9tli ot same I iiiontli 1 Leave Waileptaon tlie 12ih day of each month , Arrive at Columbia by 6 p in of the 20ih of the same month Bids to run only between Cascade City and Waliawalia are invited 12732 From Fort Towmeud, by Port Discovery, to .New Dungeruess, 45 utiles and back, ouce a week 1 Leave Port Town-end Tuesdays at 6 a m Airive t New Duugerness next days by 11 a in leave New Dungemers Wednesdays at I p m Arrivejtt Fort Townsend next days by 6 p m Bids lor two trips a week will be considered 1273J From Seattle, by Port Madison, Kelt's Mills,, Penn's Cove, and Whatcooib, to Port Town send, 45 miles and back, once a week I.cave Seattle Mondays at 6 a in Arrive at Port Townsend by 8pm same days Leave Port Townsend Tuesday at 6 a in Arrive at Seattle same days by 8pm Bids f<?r two irips a wuek w II be considered i 12734 From Seattle to De Warnish Mills, i2 miles J and back, once a week Leave Seattle Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at De Warnrsh Mdls by 12 m same daya Leave De Warmdi Mills Monday at 1 p in Airive at Seattle by 5 p in same days 12735 From St. Helens, by Catlilapootle, to Pekiu 2U miles and back, once a week Le?ve St. Helens Wednesdays at 8 a til A?rive at Pekin by 4 p m -auie days Leave Pekin Thursdays at 8 a m Arrive at St Helens by 4 p m saute days . 12736 From Steilacoom, by Alki,to Seattle,30 miles | a id back, once a wee Leave Steilacoom Saturdays at 6 a m Arrive at Seattle by 7 p m same days Leave Seattle Fridays at 6 a in Arrive at Steilacoom by 7 p m same days Bids for two trips a week are invited. 12737 From Wallepta, by Craig's Coeur D'Aleine Mission, and St. Mary's Valley, to Fort Ben ton, Nebr. Ter., 800 miles and back, once a month Leave Wadepta on the 1st of each month Arrive at Fort Benton in four weeks Leave Fort Benton on the 1st of each month Arrive at Wailepta in four weuks 12738 From Wailepta, bv Walla walla, Walker's, Ki-I's Mission,and Brown's, to Fort Colville, 200 miles and back, once a month Leave Wailepta on 1st of each month Arrive at Fort Colville in ten days Leave Fort Colville on 16th of each month Arrive at Wailepta in ten da,s INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a jrropoial where no change from wh ertise men/ i? route initiate J hy the bidder. 'i ? of , county of , State I of , propose to convey the mails from Au fus 1,1855, to July 1, 1858, on route No , from ?to , agreeably to the adver t seinent ot the Postmaster General, dated January j 19, 1855, and by the follownig mode of conveyance via: 1 f>r the annual sum of dollars. This proposal is made wiili full knowledge ol the distance of the route, the weight of the mail to be carried, and all other particulars in reference ui the route and service, and also arter lull examination ot the instructions and requirement* attended to the ad vertisement. Dated (Signed.) F<,rtn of:i (JuaranUe. The undersigned, residing at , State of -, under ake that, if the foregoing bid for car 9 ? 1 BVI ? ^"?ISf^ >'IU IVI Vrtl ? rying the mail on route No. be accepted by tiie PostmaMer General, the b dder shall, prior to the 1st day of July, 1855, or as soon thereafter as j may be, entered into the required obligation to per form the service pro|ioeed, with good and sufficient sureties. This we do with a full knowledge of the obliga turns and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the 27th section of the act of Congress of July 2, 1KB. Dated. (Signed bv two guarantors) F<ynn of-* Certificate. . The undersigned, postmaster of , Stale of | , certifies, under his oath of office, that he is acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows them to lie men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantors on proposal* may be certified by ajud^e of a court of record, and by post masters at the tollowing offices, an i no others: For California?Auburn, Illinoistown, Crescent City, Diamond Springs, Dry town, Fiddletown, Foe ter'e 1W. Jack*>n, Clinton, Vulcano, MarysvUle, Spanish PtaLRotigfi and KeaHv. Graee Valley, Ne vada. Bidwell's Bar, Mokelumne Hill, lone Vailey,< McKinney's, MurphyIfcywnievHIe, Oakland. AI varadn. San Jose, Martinez, Petal uina, Bodega. Pla ^cerville, Drytown, Ounrtzhun;, Round Tent, Sacra mento City, Soeora, Mud S|>ring, An|felrs Camp, 8an Diego, San Francisco, Trinidad, Sfcn Kniliel, San Juan, Sinta Cruz. Big Bar, and Ynnltee Jim's. Fnr Washington Territory - Astoria, Chenqok, Tarlilt, Olympia, Cathlamette, Seattle. Celmalua City,Steilacoom, Cathlapootfeand Port Townsend. Conditions to he incorporated in the contract* la the extent the Department may deem proper. 1. Seven minutes are jlIlowed to each intermedi ate oflloe, when not otherwise specilbd, for aasorting the mails; but on railroad and atoamboat ruutsis there t* to be no more delay than is sufficient tor an exchange or the mail bags. ' , . 2. On route* where ths mode of conveyance admits of It, the special agents of the Department, also Cit offiee blanks, mail bags, locks and keya, are to oouteyed without extra charge. . . j a. No ">sde for trips not performed; and tor each of such omissions not saUsIaatyril^ ex plained three times the pay ef the trip be deducted. For aastvala so far behiatltimeaato hreak eMMiiM wlth4epemling mails,and not sufficiently excused, oa?frarth ofahe compensation for the trip Is sul^ect to forfeiture Deduction Will also be or dered for a grade of performance inferior to, that spedfiedja the oontract. For repeated delinquencies ot the kind herein specified, enlarged pensitiaa, pro portioned to the nature, thereof and the importance of the matt, may be made. 4. For leaving behind or throwing off the mails qg a?T pprtioisof than for theediaisaion of pa?ongera^ or f^r being ooneerned In setting up or running an i express aoavejing oomineedal InfceiljgenM ahgafl of I tbe-ehdl/a-^nartor'epey may be dedueCnl. ? I f. Fine* ^lU-ba imphsml, upriaas ths daiia^aanpSr * ] ? | b? promptly and satisfcetorlly explained by enrttt ntci of poetmasten, or the affidavits of other end itable per*ens, for failing to arrive In oontraet time, for neglecting to take the mail from, or deliver It into, a post office; Buffering it (owin* either to the unsuitableness of the place or manner of aarrying it) to be injured, destrjyed, robbed, or loet; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mail as fre quently a* the contractor runs, or fa concerned in running, a coach, car, or steamboat on a route. 6. The Postmaeter General may annul the oontraet for repeated failures to run agreeably to oontraet; for disobeying the poet offlc** laws, or the instruo tiona of the Department; for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the Department to do so; for assigning the contract without the assent of the Postmaster General; for running an express as afor? said; or for transporting persons or packages con ?eying- mailable matter out of the mail. 7. The Postmaster General may order an increase cf service on a route by allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the oontraet pay. He may change the schedule of arrivals and departures, without increase of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of running time. He mar also order an increase of speed, he allowing, within the restric tions of the law, a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or carriers, if aay. The contractor may, however, in the case of increase of speed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt notice to the Department that he prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect. The Postmaster General may also ourtail or discontinue the service, at pre rata de> erease of pay, allowing one month's extra com pensation on toe amount dispensed with, whenever in his opinion the public interests do not require the same, or lo case he desires to supersede it by a differ ? jt irrsd* of transportation. 8. Payments will be made for the service by collec tions from, or drafts on postmasters, or otherwise, after the expiration of each quarter?pay in Febru ary, May, August,and November. 9. The distances are given according to the bett information; but no increased pay will be allowed should they be greater than advertised, if the points to be supplied be correctly stated. Bidders must In form themselves on this point. 10. The Postmaster General la prohibited by law from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mails with any person who shall have entered into, or proposed to enter into, any combina tion to prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract by any other person or persons, or who shall have mad* any agreement, or shall have given or performed, or promised to give or perform, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to iuduce any other person or persons not to bid for a mail contract. Particular attention is called to the 28th section of the act ol 1S'>6, prohibiting combinations to prevent bidding. 11. A bid received nfter time, via: 3pm of the 15th May, 1855, or without the guaranty required by law, or that combines several routes in one sum ol couipensatiou, cannot Ikj considered in competition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 1*2. Bidders should, in all cases, first propose for service strictly aecordiug to the advertisement, and then, If they desire, separably for different service; and if the regular bid be the lowest offered for the advertised service, the other bids may be considered; if the alterations propo-nxi are recommended by the postmasters and citiaens interested, or if they shall appear manifestly right and proper. 13. There should be but one route bid for In a proposal. 11. The route, the service, the yearly pay, the name and residence of the bidder, und those ol each member of a Arm, where a company offers, should be distinctly stated, also the mode of conveyance, if a h!gher mode than horseback be intended. Tbe words 4,with JusWclerity, certainty, and security," inserted to indicate the mode ef conveyance, will constitute a 44 star bid." 15. feildTS are rageusted to us?, as far as practi cable, t e p ia.ed f <ria of p."opoeal furnished by the depirtm-rot, to wiiteout in >u 1 the mm of their bids and to re'.ain cftpitAcf .hrm ?,o alter-d bids cau be considered, and no bids once buhml'ted can be withdrawn. Each bd mu?t be guaranteed by t?ro responsible pe sons G-iutral gnaautees can net be admitted. 10. lh'jbii should bs sea'ad; superscribed " Mai1 Proposals, otateofcr Territory of >"(as the etse m*r b-,) aldrnsaed " Second Assistant Po?t master G-.m tal,' Contrast Office, and seit mail, n t l-f, or to, ?n agent, and postinvters will not ??rl?e properdin, (or lexers cf sl> kind) in th^ir quarterly retur n*. 17. The contracts are to be executed and returned to the Department by or before the 1st of August. 1855, but the service mu-t b- c uimenced on the mall day next after tha: date, whe'her ?he c utracts ba ex? cu'i'd or not No proposition for tranMers wdl be con iie-td u t.l tbe ?-ontracte are executed in due firm and received at the d?faituient; aud hen no ;rajsfers will be allowed unl-sj good and sufficient reasons therefor are siven, to be determined by the department. 18. Section 18 of an aot of Congress, approved March 3, 1845, provides that contracts for the trans portation of the mail shall be let, '? In every case to the lowest bidder tendering sufficient guaranties lor faithful performance, without other reference tc the mode of such transportation than may be neces sary to provide for the due celerity, certainty, and security of such transportation." Under this law a new description of kids has been received. It does not specify a mode of conveyance, but engages to take the entire mail each trip with celerity t certain ty, and security, using the terms of the law. These bids are styled, from the manner in which they are lesignated on the books of the Department, 44 star bid*," and they will be construed as providing for the entire mail, however large, and whatever may be the mode of conveyance necessary to insure it* " celerity, certainty, and security " In all cases where the lowest grade of service la believed to be sufficient, the lowest bid will be accep ted, if duly guarantied, in preference to a 41 star" or specific bid. When the lowest bid is not a star bid, and specifies either no mode or an inadequate mode ofconveyance, it will not be accepted, but set aside for a specific bid proposing the necessary service. When the bid does not specify a mode of con veyance, also, when it proposes to carry "according to the advertisement," but without such specification it will be considered as a proposal for herseba< k ser vice . 19. A modification of a bid, in any of its essential terms, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be received, so as to iuterfere with regular competition, after the last hour set for receiving bids. 20. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without knowing that they are persons of sufficient respon sibility ; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinctly notified that on n failure to enter into or perform the -ontracts for the service proposed for in the accepted bids th?*ir legal liabilities will be en forced against them. 21. Present contractors ar.d persons known at the Department, must, equally with others, procure guarantors and certificates of their sufficiency sub stantially in the forms above prescribed. The c*r tificates of sufficiency must be aigned by a postma* ter, at one of the (laces before named, or a judge of a court of record. JAMES CAMPBELL, Pos'mtster General. Post OrriCE Dipartiiicnt, January 19. 185>. j in 25?ilitw NEW STORE, NEW STOKE. IiVHitiana, oj^tiU the Bank of Washington \\ R- THOMAS DKI.KANY respectfully iu\iter the a't-u.i^u r>l the public to examine hi* stock of GOODS, wtii- h he has opened <>u Lou?i?B* a7euue M'-ca Sixth and Keveuih ?treetf,opposite the Bank ot Washington, coosietiug of all descrip tions of Ac., Imperial Guupow J*r, and Illaei Ten ; Win a and Liquors, of all ?orta, which be cat 01*11 at tho lowest prised f ?r aaah or approved piper. Besides ad thi uoesaarie* for Uro.ery UuMneas. vi*: Hr'-otiis, t*u< kets, Ced-r Tubs, Match**, be , Ac. Please call nut lino for your elves. nov ?2?%a SKCOVDHAND PIANOS F??R BAI.E OH KEN r.?We have in Htore loui Pianos, two of Cliickenng and two of Andre Steins, which we offer low for ca.h, or good notes, or will rent oil moderate terms. New Music expected to morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, Jan 4 3Q6 I'a. av?wue. ~ ? A R N Y , No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, IS prepared to furnish Bai.i.s, Dinners, Sottm* Wkodinos, &.c., with everything m the Cor.fec tionary tine, in any part of the District, at the xhuit e?t notice, and on tiie most reasonable terms, jan 19?tf WHO'S WHO IN 1855, 1 pockct volume D ?l's Parliamentary Companion for 1836, 1 packet volume British Army Li-t for 1855 1 ritish Navy List d > Tlie Planetary Worlds, their Topography and Telescopic. Anpcarances, by J. Breer, Cambridge Observatory, I vol ~ - ? - - Blackwood's Almanac for 1855 Imported by last steamer by fob a FRANCK TAYLOR. CHARLES WALTERS GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO. 55a SEVENTH ST. - ? OFPMITB CRNTRE MaRKBT. Office hours from 0 to 12 a. m., and from 2 to f p. m. - jan 17?lia* /CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTOBY. The Geograpical and Commercial Gazette?a monthly publication devoted to physical, com mercial, and political Geography, edited by au nrwociation of practical and Scientific gel* tlemen. Subrcription $2 pet annam, sgigle ' * "number 25 cents. Disturnell's Rhfiway Guide for Jannary?pric? ?eau,.w4tti map . ... .. . , jan 13 FRANCK TAYLqft. B6SA DE WIES WALTZ, CoropoMd by Ham Kroinmactier. utfr Polka, dedicated to Mtw Emma J. Brftwu, bv the taifte composer, published and for sale at the Music Depot of HILBUS & HIT7T. feb * ? r?|? IVY WALTZ. I /COMPOSED and dedicated to Miss M. J. T^W?" ?yj by Piofc A- F. Little, jun published and lo Ml* m . HILRl'8 & HITZ'S MUftc I* ot, ^T > <3. TRAVELERS' nfRKCTORY. I' athaM'i Linh. or ? ?iii&riKR j will le?ve Alexandria at 4, TM, and a hi. 1H and 3j| |i m. Willi leave Washington at 6, II. and 12 a in., 3Jtf and 7 p m. Heats can be geared at the t??re, Fairfax el. ami Newton's Mansion House ; m Washington, a Hall's Segar Store an?i Kirk wood Hoase. This Line rum rciularly winter and summer for tile accommodation of th? Public. Passengers called lor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular tripe 25 cent*. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. Jan 8?tf CROI WILL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YO*K BALTIMORE k BOSTON', WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will rece^^ freight and give a through bill of lading to Washmcton at the lowest rate* o? freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following V"sJ A. U. HALL, 58 Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany st*., X. T. JNO. W. 8CHANK, jan 14?il'tin Foot of Inilia Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KA1 l:KUA?>. 1MPROVKP ARRAN.JKMRNT8 FOR T.?AVKl.I IMPORTANT CUASQKS OFSTIlKDUDKIl deCtiBBSKSK Tb# <*>mpl*tion of tbr gPff 'Nfr ""SP*Jen' ral Ohio Kailioad between W\e. ling ?oTT O.lumbui. uniting as It do*s, by ro short and dir??t a line, the Baltimore an 1 Ohio Railroad with all portions of th? W??t (aoi North an 1 Southwest,) gives this rvute gr*itl> iu< r?a?-d advantages to ttirocgli travelers In that direction Do and *f er M <Nl)A Y, November S7, 1864. the trains wii be rcu as f Hows: FOR TllRoUQIl PASSKNOrRS. Two Cast train* daily will ion In each d'reetlon Mrst?The MAIL TRAIN, tearing Camden j*teti>n at 7 a m , instead ol 8 < Vl<v-k s.s Laretofor#, (except no Sunday,) and arriving st Wheeling at 2 40 a. rn 8<*rond?The MXPKKb8 TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , Instead ot at 7 p. re., as h?retoror?, and runuii g through to Wbe.- lug fc about IT Lcnrs, reaehicg there e.t 10 25 a. m. This train will st*p at Wash ington Junrtico, SykesvHle, Monocary, Harm's K'rrv, Marttnsburg, ?ir Johu's Rua. Cumberland, Piedmont, ltowlesburg, New burg, Kette.Tu^r. Farm ingtec, Oanieroo and klouads-vill* only, for woo) and water and meals. Both tteer train* tnak* prompt and regular connection wl h th? c?r. of tli Central Ohio Hoal 'or Cembridg., Zan-svllle, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, I<ooisvil:?, T^aytoo, Sandusky, Tol*d\ 1 etr< it. Indianapolis. Chi<*t<r>, 8t Louis, etc. Passengers leaving Paltimota by the Mail Trs'n; w]:| rescv Cincinnati f-r dlunrr uext day, whil?* by ihe Kxpress Traiu th??y arr ve ther at 12 the next ulght, being kept but one nlgbt on the route by rith-r train Panenger* for the Ncrlhwe't viaCleveaud and all interm"diate joints can m?ke a direct cnoeo lion with he trains upon th* C eveland acd Pitts burg ltalrord at all time; wb?- the Ohio is naviga ble for steamer? b*twe?n Whirling acd Well/Tllle, by leaving Baltimore i'i the Ma'l Train at 7 a a. Peturnicg, the Tralsts J?ave Wheeling as follows: The EXPRH8S TR AIN at 4 30 p m, r?-ecM.i* Pal ticiore at 0.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11 45 p. ? . reachh g Ba. tiiaorf at 7 p m 4#"Through tickets by boat from Wheeling fcr Ci^cii.Dati. Mcdlstn. Lra'^ville, e>t. L' ulr a"d oJWr River titiea. ?1H b<* ao'd at a I times when :li? stags cf w*ter will aduJr. tTt~ Throuah uck-t^ ***? e. n Baltimore and Was;iingu>n, an l all the important citirs -nU towns In the VTe?', nre sold at the Ticie Otfe?-s of the Ooupany. FOR WAY P483KN 'tiLS THK MAIL TRAIN', leaviug CarnJ^n Statio i ?ill take puseu^erb tyr all ib** stopplog pla<*e* on the Iload Re'uruint;, 'his traiu leavre \\ heeling at 11.45 mi Inight, Cumb< rla:>?! at 10 10 a. o^anJ arrives at Baltimore at 7 p m. T1IK ifRaDKHICK , Ct> <MMOr>ATION TRAIN, for Frederick and int'imedi-ite ?-la-t ts will s'ait at 4 p. m , daily (exaest Sou ayf) ar.ivng in Pr*?J?r ickat7.4d Re'urring *111 l^ave FredTi^k at 9 a. m , arriving at Battinior* at 12 SO. noon THE KLLIC>TTVi MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be run d4>ly, (exe-pt SiidJh' e ) a- tol'ows: Lfave Camd>n BKiiioQ at 0 a iu. an l -t p. ui L Kii oott'o MIH? at 7-30 a. ui ai?J 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RA1LROAD. TRAINS liOS AS FOLL IV.A\'5 (iuily. ? ui. Sunday, at f> a:i? tf a m j a.J'l aiid up ta. On i^an lay at 6 * in and 5 p in. Lfave Ba tita xe at 4^ au l tf a m; and 5 etui S f On Suriay at 4.'^ a ui An?l p ci. The cr-noectl' n* with H illiuiOra Jl Ohio Railrcad for the W'lsl are by trains lerivleg at 2 a pi and 3 p oa. For FLilade'rbJa and Nsu V'.rk aten J S' ^ a m asd 5 p ta. For Aunapollf at 8)^ a m tnd 5 p ti. Fur Nor iu!'*. at o p iu. T II PA*8?>H3, Agent ar attention ij i-nll 'i U the Uue re^ulr Ing a respeueii.le vou Iit for any p*r*.u o? coivt who in-v with to pa^s ov r <Ue rosd 0RAKGK AKD ALEXANDRIA RAILK jAD. On and ajter Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, TUIK Cars leave AUxaudria da ly for (lon!;>o> vllle and inte'm^liHte tatious at 7 V o'clock, a m., or. the arrival ot th? boat troni V* v-hiu .?trp, jiving amt>e time for bre '.ki.utt on board. Con ?etlng at Mamuxae Janet.-m with a tr?iutor Strs? burg, at Warrentun J a ?-tiou ?it a train for War ronton, and at Gonlr-usv ?)?. with the trtiLS on the Virginia Central Hailroa! f' i P.i^hu*>nd,0hatlotte? vllle, and Stauu'.< *i The cars leavt U..rd.-ns?ire dallf f< r Al?x<i.dr'a and int?rm?^ltat* rlatious, at before 12. a. nt?, on the arrival of th? trnlim o th?- \ i'piulaCeutial rail road ft( ia Rie.hmoad.C.'iar'oti?*vills,and Staunton T 'ROUOU TlOKKTS Ftdtu Ab-rei ?':!* to Warreutou J'i CO " M iJor'onavi'ie 3 M ?? " CUtr'i-tt^ville 4 25 ?? " 6 W 44 " Stravb^rg 3 50 " ** Lvnchburg ? 76 " " Winch-st*r............... 8 W " 14 Lnwy 4 2m ?* ?? Now Mttrket b 00 " 44 >udileburg 2 *5 For Lynchburg, ccn*.v;tijg with tlie stage? at CharluttxSTiile, on Mondays, VY?Ji>?alny?, aud Kri laVM For Lur*7 and New Markrt, ooncftlug with the i ages !kt Culpt per,0uTutii:layt ,Vhurxiia>% cud Bat urday Fi r Wiucbeeter daily, C02.n?0ting ?itb the stag^ at l imioioiit Fi .? Middlrburg, cccn?. tiog w>th tha ctage at the I-lains. l'er order: W 1>. blioCituiT, Ageut nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and PKIDAY8. Kam roond trip Si; from Alex aiidtU 76 veuts?The TlloMA^ OOMYKK Utvct Wasblogton at 0 and Alexandria at v- o'el'vk. (.'oachvs leave the Capitol lor ite boui at S % o'olk Coach fare 10 oeuts. Person* wishlug the 0Ofccii-s will leiv? th-1: re^i dance with Qeo. & Tbos. P?rkf-r RefreshmeuU on th;- boat. Oct 28?dtf 8AM'l, GKriMfY. C*j4 VI1K RRW YORK * LI POOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? riMIK SHIPS OOM -R181NO Tflle LINK ARK 1 TIIK? ATLANTIC, Capt. Weei PACIFIC, C?pt. Nye, BALTIC Capt. Cot;;3ti<?k, AD '.IATIC, C:<pu Oratt'Q These ships have been br.ilt by coutract, expr^s - ly fur Qovernment eorvit; every c-Are has be<-n taken In their construi ion. as In th* Koginoa to loswre htrength aud -<p>ei. aud ho.r a-x-- uaftls tkins tor j aet'-iigers are utie^ualleJ f r e egauo and comfort. Pri-e of passage frr ai New York to l^verpool, in Brtt eaMn ?..$l'd0 8^(1SS(1 70 ?xalodhra nae af extra mte sute raomv ?AH) From Liverpool to New York aad An experienced curgeou <>turhe.! to eui^i tLip. No berth Can oe aecurfl until p^id u-r. Fot freight or pa ***** apply to ftOWUKD K. OOM.IMA k CO., . 64 Wall street, K* * Vftlk. BBOWN, B1IIPLKV A t O, i i. r Li>erjK*L . -ec. u ?. aoaicRTd A Co. 13 King's Ara.e v*rl, london. . _ ' JOfiw MURRO* a CO, - ^8 Ru* Nob* l>amr dt-? TVt?res, Parts, i ? S - H DRAFtB, Uavte. ' THe owneM'of tHe?e ships wlM aet b* apa far geld, Mtrer. Mttien, ?peciv if 1? ?tCMS ?r Ws?li, pB*ayt hJUs ef Irtie*. thereJDT^ ay Um? xalu?i thereof lh?rtlc a It wiM b? toand an mliapeoaMearticle tu *vt*y Aask.< It m iierfueily atmple aari dMsap, a*d'niM6 In ? *? ?* f ^Wflaia Mi nusi. 1| W" 1 PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENT! 01TIDBR8 AT r HILADKL I on I V. IMIDBR, DooW ta Vlw, at the ?l ?riM rid DftiMtaM Mn ?ara of JACOB Alt J DIM, Jr^ No. 71 Walnut atroot. tow doors be low Fourth street, *Wn wmun will fee supplied with WZ>Mud LIQUORSoa r #ACOI IIIDBE. Jr , A*ect for be la portation of roMEIGS 41JTE1, omm No. T? Wol Ml atraot, Philadelphia, Thm ha ta mvr4 te reeuiwe orders tor the specloi Importation of Wlaan, *c- ftotn Tirtoat Immm in Baiupa. la qanatlttae of ? and g|vu^;a4 uwiMWt* fbr hie Boo. JOHN VAUGHAN SMDIR, lk? piUliif* of hla Mndi ond fo %? All Wines ordered tor Woahmftoa vfll bo do Itrwod by Bxproea frm fmgkt )o ??Ij DOCTO* TOUEIBLV. TH1 POOUT JBCULAPIU8: OR, ITI1T ONB HIS OWN FHTPIC1AB. The fiftieth Edition, with One hundred Bagrevtaf* ?bo?itx( Difw>Ai?a otd Mai formation# of Ui? lOMI ?f?!?B io ?un at of* nad torn To whkh It iMril Treotiee oatlu * mi of fomolaa^W^r *h?birv poop'e. or ihotw coatons plattaf oorrl?f . By WHi. YCUNO, M. D. Lot nc father U unarmed |o present a co;y of tfc* MXJVLAPJDt U hlaabi'd It Boy MTt bl? INB M ?*rIt gi*r?. Let Bv joattf man or woman enter io ? t&e aecmt obilratkma cf n_? 1 ft without rutins tb. POCRBT .fiSOULAPICH. Let u r?? naSertn* frna a hackn'.ed (Vugh, P*In la tb? aMe, re tlem ntjrlrta, dttoup feoimg*. an ! tbo wbol# troll oi **y>-peptic soamtioaa, end ziru ?p try Ibetr phy ajcitn, be another mom'-ut, without *ca mlting tb* SiCl'UPICg. Rare the married, or thoee about to i>e married any impeduamt, r?-wi 'ais truly u*~ fy' book, M It l>oa been the ai an* o) rating tboo? and ft uu fort urate creotur* troa U-f Trry Java ?f 'rxth. ts Aaj peraon eeodln* TWBNTT-FIYB OBKTfl *ec!<-:*4 te a letter, win rooaire cue eefj oi thi? e-crk oy mail, or five eopiee will bo eo^t fur Oo? ful ler. Vl J-ow, (post poW) DB. Wif. YCUNO, No. lbs Bpraea atre t. rfc>.?J<-IpLio H?I; AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. lot tbi air* hear the trcth. '? Uknjamih.? Wherever known In* ie?ti mwy Hill ??? oonclu?>ve. Hut le.i Uh?m ??n?do II-" ?"????* tl??! Captain ahould be ?c?-piOr Iba S..M i Bf?., with others <tf t?w b? -t kauou .md U-riily re*pecubl* ciiirfna of Faai .n, ? hi w i.lerftil cure by HAMPTON 8 VKOBTABLJt TINCTUBH. */ tr~ f . ~ Kaaron, On. 4,1854. W?-.?rt ^ Mortimer \ Mowrbray : ?tfiii:caaiio | feel U my ?Juf) to y*u anj the tHih h. ?" certify to tl?. eff- cte ot ftampmn'. \ef.ioble I 1 **" ?w??re th.-i^flve yean latiornu' ?niiler a ..i^-a?e Qf ('bmnic Kheumainmi. and th< jcr.-at pan of that ume | was a<i hH|?ieiw that I ha<l i"': ped from ui y bed and dre^J u, n.y Clothe. I b.-canie reduced to a ruere skrtetMi. All the meo ** 1 too,t nie no p(?rtd, and I rootinued Io sn.w worse | heard oi Ham^oaSi T.ortu^ and Ihoofht I would five it a trial. At thin ume I " ! ?? liva one day after another. | did not take it (the I incture) ??r the Klieiiniau?i but io ?-bo:t time I wa. w.-ll U lluu d.-^aee Fni tl " ertrou of your 'I incture and the beip ,ri G.kI | Liu ?i >v grtuiig in ffrxxl health. I a>h all the affl.ctej to try Hampton** Vegetable Tliietll.-e, an I bare ,| we, With the mi toe eflVri tlial it .m? <hi Vour ftl*M?ent wtvunt, ItAAC UrXJAMllf. Ho are n nti iinie.1 with I-aac K.-njanim; ?oij him M>iiteo( Hampton V VeffeialMe Tincture a^du nrte the ?bove niatcin?*iii correct. ' iliWtnn b Han. I '"in our knowb-dge nfCaplaia Kenjaim,, we are coii.kK-M thai the Ihive Ha:?-iuent h true and un ??footed. J. A. JJSLSr ? -II and ct |?ami>hleu grafin, and a^cnreTof ->??<h, Hroncbitw, KbewMtixoi, N^uralna, D* ''?"I1"'1' Norvouoaena and (himl ^VakneV ' A- a ,,r fw dH,c^ Sold by MWKTIMEU ic MOWBRAY, 14U Balti My Baltimore; IW4 Ur^adway! N. York Ml s. Mnrr V Co., j. H. Moors. |, R V,.Miw ..L w'.r ""'1 W' K,L">T.and fl. McPhrr -on. \\ OehiOftan; aim, by K 8 F. I i^ru ??-or*e ? jan p?tc CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tl.o Groat ParlAor of th? Uiaou , Kot a Particle of Mercury In It! An Imiusu Katnt Ur Horafkio. R!?? i ifvil BheuKiatis ?. OtwTiaata Ouuneoan Vrcp<k>na' ! ' ^ ^ ?r ' us cl,? on the f*cs, Hloteh?s hoil. ?LV1-;'^ ' Worm or T^ter, seu.1 . !* Pain of tb? lioo^.k^4 f' ?'1> 3tub|-oro Uioara, Syphilitic t i a.Mgo Spia i* i\rapla nU, aul all tL* ' ilmi f from an lujadldoua u*? of >Ur xirt 1m ! u I n^e m t if*, cr Impurity of t* e B.^4.' T?,W dicin?, which ha. I^wi,, I br*ted rcr the number of ^xtra. rdtnarr Cur?L rr^.;h,L^h 'U, ???>c3r' Indoe^.l thr projir - ? ato . at the ory nt rrquwt of Lheir fri uda, to cff.f ? t o the public, which they do with the uim *t <x.o ruli ?l'!8fci't,?l,d wonderful cutative prop, ur rct 0'r:,f certlfi^tf folded irum a la.?d number-, are, however, atron^ r t. 6 the mtr* oftbe propriet-r* ,r, .f, fton gontlemen w- 1 know?, <a tb ir 0 the bi<h??. redo* ability, maay ol *.b m >n,iiu ia the my vt K.chnicid, Va. ding ?. UOVON hrq?cf thy Ki_h*t.r?? Hotel, Rlob Ui n !U?.'"n **'<he *??a^n 'he tel.I lej C iRTLc h gPAiriSH Mixrvu,a<lm utator^i I'VTm 1,^? ca*-o, la n^riw tn th# 4,,.. 1 t i !i J j V ?ith the iro?t asi^ ,J- S'7 gfod ran ti Ha aay^ It la the inoet ??. tr-.-a cary raedki .e bo haa eTcr ma. ;V/nK, 4f,a *aVBR?OBI AT CURB.?I bereLr eer'.,/ tuat tor tnrea jean 1 ha J *?ue a ?w ?52 Of t ?? m.^-t *i*?eut deecripttoa. I h'-d a?Terai l'bk aia.uE, took Urf. ^uantitiea of Quinims v?fcttr aoJ . be> eve alt th? i'-nice adr?rU??d, buta-laitS' out ,^inj?ufeac rt,i5-t. At last I tried Car'er , dpa.:i<ib Mixture, mo bottles of whL'b eflUctaall* rurei aie. and I e:u Liupy to Bay I ha.r hid CeitL?, chl. is or fevora ahtooi l consider it the Hint Tnn in i world, and the only that ??^r nw-rtlBTOiM JOHN LONUUaJw cknv"t ok "*" 1UcLmond'Va O. B. o* OK, Bbq., now ID the city of Richmond s^srs sr. ?*r buck say a he never ki..v n It 1 1 suit l U\cU aCC. rdtUjJ tO liilecticbS * ^SjSSSSSS? issrzsn, z Cfth^ firm of DHnker a U<vtig. kichniond, *;m ra>i ,.lir-i r.- ?? 7. nUI- t of three ? iJESSL U"r.(Vni b. ttbw uf Oarter's 8pani?Mhftare. " lW? .h- feii^ptbirrb d^^^t^rof u>r-. ia a public notice, ttv tb^s **J| rui-.*" 'IoyH=i^d of'^i'uu'b^oTrtir'i HALT BKBUM 0* TWENTY YlURS fTAJTDlb'ti MrJOdN THOMI'HOM, residing ia the dty of *tehmoau waa eureJ by three b .rtle? of Oortir? fcpooiab Mix-UPS. of *?*l^ uheum, which he h^J w ??lf t*mty r~r? auil which 'all tiiw 2,3^ of the Oi.^ could not euto. hi r. Tbotuu.JtT,lTt^ i-W-int.n tLe city of kSCKd t ?L ?1 b> muXS fivnrkable. uw Uu> A-it'nann../ri-i,,.,, j .... _ SRSSt 'V.vri, KDWIN BU?T0N, o,,!*,.. ,. ? 1.-*,. cured of old HABWOJD.of Biobnood. cured of old Ulcers, wh-eli dteablod hi4> b?a wUkiu^ Took ? tow botUoe of Carfsr'a Spa&Uh Mixture, and was eadMed to walk without a crutch,tn a short toe y ui nan' ty eared. - Prtaolped DerpoU at M WAR*, CIy08K A <*? No. 'AMMa I aaia. MowYark T. W DYOTT A 8QNA, No. lftl V*rth Beaeaid at., Philadelphia BKNNETT A BKKR8, No. 1^6 Main atrwet, Blob " Jl foraoleby OHARLM STOTT, Waehlo?ton, D. 0;H KN K.Y PBBb, AUxandate, aad by bratfiata P? bottio, or dx bouiea toe |fit ? ^ BNRHYM ANOIBONMANT abs*aMM??><lMalff. ?i a T? A y(i0L.t u I'nti. ? ?k1 ua

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