Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. t^iSinTATid* ?We were present. last even ing, to witneed, OB tbe fart of the working n>?n of the WaahiD^ron Gae Light Company, one of those agreeable gatherings which ex hi bit th? social character of that bodj. The oocasion of the meeting waa to testify their eeteem and appreciation for their sui e ii.ten dent. Mr. John Cartwright who had resigned h'' situaMon wi h the oompany to go to a more lucrative p->st at ?he We?t, and to preeu him with some tangible testimonial of tbe e.-tima tion in wbioh be waa held by them. An ele gant supper, at a very abort notioe, wae fur nished at Kapp a res'aurant, on the avenue, previous to which Bergman 4 Tucker1! band played some exquisite music. Prior to com mencing supper, Capt. Reeae, of the High lander, who acted aa chairman on the ocea ? ? ob, roee, and in a very neat speech presented Mr. Cartwright with a handaome mahogany box of drawing iastruments, bearing on the ' cover, neatly engraved, the following inscrip tion : " Presented to John Cartwright. by the operatiTee of the Washington Gas Works, as a token of reepeet, Feb 16. 1855 " Mr. C. having tea ponded in a very feeling manner, a member of the Highlanders a roee. and hivicg referred to bis liberality on the occasion of the ball lately given for the benefit of the poor, in haviag at hia own expense furnish) d the gas for that night, said that aucb an act as bis would never be forgotten, and aa a remem brance thereof the oompany to which he be longed reoorded it in the work which they row preeented to him. Mr. C. having replied, the chairman again rote, and after a few compli mentary words produced a handsome p^rte monnie wbioh, he aaid, was the gift ot a ff n tleman ot thia city to hia lady It having been duly acknowledged, the oompany pro. oeeded to discuss the entertainment provided, which was occasionally interrupted by the giving of toasts, among whioh was numbeied that of the Star offered by Capt. Reese in a most flattering speech. We did not remain till the end ; but during our stay nothing but harmony prevailed, each one atriving to emu late in rendering happiness and comfort to the other. The box of inatrumenta, we learn, was Krchased at Taylor A Maury'a. and cost 169. e name of the work preeented by the Higb laaders to Mr. C., ia ?* Owen'a Geological Sur. ?ey of Wiaeonain. Iowa, and Minneaota," with the Appendix. May health and happiness at tend Mr C. in hia new aphere. A Quins Cotillo* Pabtt ? Our readers, we are sure, will thank oa for reminding them that Monday evening next, the 19th insv ia the time set apart for the Grand (Villon 'arty of the Tepsichore Club, at the Columbia Hall, Capitol Hill The young gentlemen having the affair in charge have the qualifica tiona and means to render it one of unal'oyed delight to all who may attend The ohoiceet muaio and best refreahments will be dispensed on the occasion, and the aoene wi I be brightened by theamUe* of .<ome of beauty's fairest daughters. The proceeda are to be ap propria ted to the further embeliahmentof the already handsome Library hall of the Colum bia Fire Company. The object ia a commendable one, and we wiah the diaciplea of Terpaicbore the most bril liant aucceaa. truating that they may all " Glide jT>y?Hi.,'ly through fairy dance, And driiik delight in beauty's glance." A Oewbrocs Tbief?A few days ainse a colored man named Tom Pratt waa caught in the act of robbing the store of Mr. J. L Mar ceron in the Seventh Ward Tom bad been in tbe habit of opening the atore for Mr. Mar eeron. and bad alwaya enjoyed hia confidence But Mr M missing a considerable quantity of hia bacon, thought he would watoh Tom. After Tom tad opened the store. Mr. M caught another colored man erming from the worn with a baaket containing a large quantity of groceries, a ham. a half pig, and a jug of rum. I pon searching Tom'a borne, he wa* found to be well supplied k m?elf, and it is said he supplied severai fa mi lies with provision'. Tom is something of a Mormon in hia doctrines, having several wivea to aupport, and one of them a white one. He was taken before Jua tioe Aabford. who sent him to jail to await * trial at Court. Articles or Food for tbb Exhibition.? Mr T. C Connolly, the auperinteddent of tbe Metropitan Exhibition, requests us to atate that bread, biscuit. cake, and other articles of food th*t cannot be long preaerved, will be tested by the persons on every Wednesday and Saturday, between the hours of 10 A M. and IP- M.. and immediately afterward sent to some charitable injtitution of tbe city Narrow Escape ?Yesterday afternoon, a small colored boy. who works in Havener's cneker bakery, had his neck oanght in a-cog wheel of the cutting machine, and was severe ly lacerated Fortunately, tbe machine was stepped in time to save the little fellow's life. Ibe machinery in this bakery was turned by steam, and at tbe time of the aocident in full blast Tib National Tbeatrb To Night.? Mr J. A Keenan having leased the National The atre of this eity will open it to night wiih a good dramatic company, when "Uncle Tom as be is will be presented for the first time to a Washington audience It is said that tbe play is well written, and admirably performed by Mr. Keenan's company. ? Tbb Fair lest evening wsa a complete j?m. so much so tbat promenading at times w&s a difficult matter. Tbe ladies surpassed in lovelino'S those on any other occasion Tbe music of the band and singing by a party of gentlemen and ladies, wi'h Prof S-heel at tbe organ, added greatly to the enjoyment of the dense mass of visitors. t Dbowrbd ?A man named Ash was found drowned in one of the canal locks, in George town, this morning It is sugposed that he was drunk when be fell in tne canal, as an *?pty wbisky bottle was found in his pocket. Rby. Mr Milbobr ?This gentleman will Breach to-morrow rooming, at eleven o'clock, id 'he ball ol the House of Representatives Watci Rbtobrs -Dan Hayes, a boy found in a market wagon without the owner's eon sent, dismissed; Henry Hudson, runaway boy, delivered to his guardian The frequency of cu* M iheee proves the want of a house cf correction Artialse at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, aa space will permit, to give a d-ecription of the many useful, ingeneoua and exceUeat articles on exhibition Throughout the Fair this inventive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail to interest the r^4dWs buds* moduli ? In the department de voted to civil engineering and architectural devieee, there are several bridge models, one of wbieh, Champion's Patent Permanent and Suspension, seems to present several new and valuable improvement. First. It is on the tapering double lever principle, the hub on the pier beiug the ful crum of the lever, two such levers balanced or counter balanced by the shore ends being longer on two piers and connected in one, form tbe long span of the bridge Second As ia the general ouJjne the taper rerm is observed. so also is the uper main lined and carried out in every ocmpied'sion the*br1dg^^a,10' *** *** oljUBP F0*1 forming Third By this arrangement of the taper, or tl o^her words, proper apportionment of streafta, a great economy of material and iMreaae of strength is obtained and the pro blem solved, proving thereby that almost anv length of span may be obtained to suit a pressing necessity, where great depth of water or iLsecure foundation reader it desiralie to rtu^.terea-e the length .f span, ra her than in ereaaerihe number of pieis. the spaa hei ig ?a capable of ex ensioa as the nriueipiaa of the lever itself, of which it shonld be a type Fourth. By this arrangement of a double lever rtecbing each way from the pie.s, the ccmprsasiori u throwa to the undei aide of the budge, the whole compressive force being thretsa direct ia straight liaes by means of the tapering tabee to e point in the hub oTer the oentre of the pier. While oil the tenson or raipoMiTO foroo, ii drown in stroight lines from o point ot the opoz of the oop ot the top of the eentro tube, or oolumn directly orer the centre of compression Thai plaeing the weightier compreesion boons on the under tide; es in oil nature the heerier below end the lighter nupension abore. This i> of greet advantage in the broeiog of the bridge, end eon not be obtained where the eompreesire force b on the upper side, as it must be where the spon boors on the tnds, insteod of in the Thii tap?ring firm Is edariroblj odopted to ? draw, by turning o whole span, by rollers underoeerh, on the pier, opening and clt.sine e rery large space in a snort time, admit ting several large ships to f as* through oij either s'de of the pier, and, when closed. f*r the heaviest tr-ins to pus orer. Sioee this bridge was patented in this coun trj. two bridges hare been built in England proving the grtet advantages of the taper ' Tn ? J5** ?r<eDOU*&'? Poljteenic Journal of October and November of lost rear taken fto? <b. Cirfl Engineer* ud Sill;r Ware and Jrwlry -Our eyes have "fteKQpon :uoh ?wb ?nd >? fi 7 . u, ^b? ,e<n in ? k*ndsome caee from the establishment of fl Semken, 330 Peon sjrlrema erenue It ia one of the many at ?k8 * ? 5 uf ' for' we fare oeen tnero. it bos been aurrounded by o I arm ]*dief aDd gentlemen, who express their admiration of its contents by rations commendations Aid, rruly, it ia entitled to ?X, 1," """J" i-portbl. for u. toV, ?m^!.J* ??*?J beou'iee, but there is exhibited 7 "f i0 th*l American ert in this particular, ean fairl^halleBre comparison with any other notlH But we cannot resist making mention of a magn.ficen' pair of d-.kmond earrings, rained at $700, ai d .th, 4>ut for two tufting causes, we should !l?2? Proprietor of; the fir* is not baring tbo?h ? ^IDg ttarri#d * Md the otherf though not quite so remarkable, not harini ml .m" wber#wl h t0 Purchase them Bu* ai JfffmTJ ' !?ie" of art to mak* ? call at Mr Semk< >s store, where, in aidi J??' !?' e Mock of jowelrj, Ihoj wresden school that hare rarely been oeen br our citueas. lie has els.* two large Chinese rai0Ved'b??rUKrlBg *Dd "ere thltVK J, ChlD^* 11 sufficient to *ar that the store is replete with all the elegancies ?nrt, and that the taste, of all can be gr'T ?BOKOXTOWR COBftKSFOVDCTCK CVy Councils~~ Quarterly Meeting?Celt OnoRooTowii, Feb 17, 1855 Our City Councils had under consideration, last night, the following business: A message was receired from Major Addi son, cover id g one from Mayor Towers of Washington, in relation to the K street bridge rtreets referred to the committee on Also, a message from the Mayor re;urnine the financial statement of the clerk which wee referred to him by the Common Council at ita last ?ession, declining n compliance wi:h ? he resolution of said Board; calling their at iSinl IV" ord4"no* P^^d in 1818 in re latien to financial reports, and raDDin* th? J2!!b? falhrr ?Ver ,h? kBnck,?s tor offering such a proposition, and tickliur ih* pnB.J ?.?U, order lb. rib. for b?L p^"f.' "" M/'or w" '*W ?poo tbi table, and the report of the olerk referred to a ,b,V? OOOsfsthlg I?Jm D nT lBd Cr?pl?y? Of the Counoil SUSS*""??' <"? a*8' r?^err*d committoe on cla ms ..S'0'"1' proeented o memorial from citi tensof Fredenck stroet, asking that n f Ant foot tax be leried to itnprore footwara of ami i Mr Orme, from Committee on Claims r# ported o bill in faror of ? Hushe* whirh passed both Boarda "ugnes, which " A. Trooodl ... A bill impoeing a tax on certain lots cn ? Congress street, for improvement of footwara I meeting ' *D<1 Uid 0Ter unfU *??t! FlUJe<1 ma-h?ri?ing certain Qair "ir SrttiVoX Com re? ? b^i? ",or ot Mr! Botrdi,llDfarUr01 L#wi8Sn,i'h Pwei both Thi?ia.?bil1 ifl/Vor Thomson A Bro A publi; meeting of the frrends of Mr ??'CouncU ST Maj?r " i tne Council chambers on Mondar erenin* We suppose the battle will now beTommer cS i?e"on' ' ?n,J ?D# WMk bein? ?"u thl ha,! bfen torned over t.? tbe ladiet of f0r ,he benefit ?> hm ? Ter^ ''?ndsome snm of $232 ?e the net receipts of the lecture ot Ben Per ley Poore, Esq The poor and ourtowS ien paVaMrJlt la ' i ?W? Mf P00r*? he btin? c,,n> omoo win Mr. Chandler, as a fioe speaker, together with cjjion, will doubtless attract a crowded au. u_j?6J0?Ul# ol#M o{ 'tardy bexcars an ahl* dwelHnirrof1M,,11^ni.C*il*d ?? "lhur,d,|y ?t tbe dwWIIDg of Mr John ? Carter, and solicited I -SSiTWTtSmn?'/?.d ail'^r benefactor's kindness, he stole a silver spoon. Fortunately, however Mr C hiK "d Vie Jroplrty. rfl. ?ld not him over to justice Ihe . ffenngs of beef cattle at Droreri' Rest this week has been rery limited, and of infe *3?y ?^dK '?r WhiC>1 M,d at net Hhl*^,l { "*atl to *7 ? W 25 net bheep?large ?upply?galea at t4 15 * $4*> f 100 lb? Hoa $7 75 Flour market rather inactive-trade alto gather of a local character-sales as wanted Ef.'T ?? ? 75 bujors, bo?.",W"old alxzavoua OOEBSSFOVDXIICX Conftagration-Salaries?Business. Aiuubiu, February 16, 1845 nWhi rfI^ t411^ ?ttt ?Ur ^"ies last _ ,f pM4 u" o'?Iock fire was discored in the frame tenement on Union street, occupied as a store hou* by Mr. (J. W Harrison, and in a few moments the light roof ol that end the adjoining stye and dwellinx Of M O'Sulliran w? 4fpp- in Reedy et tbe firjt olera, oar gallent firemen were ?oon et werk domping the order of the eoBflsgretion with floods ot Mount Cameron. On the eost end south the burning house waa nBJ?nt!St7 to bJu,ldlD8?. ?>d on the north and weet bounded by Q U Smoot A Wheeier s lumber yaid Ihe sioreg wero n?led with liquors end other combustible ma teriala, whion fed the flamea Heightened bv e brisk l.ree?e. the fi.e for some time d?fi?d tb- iLdotuirwble energy with *bicb it na< ? tight, mqi (hieateaoJ the cuiroun?!lng pr><p yl- ? b*tiho i. uu, ot the oortoeaai ejroer ., d#TOttring element; th# Retief end Friendship, with the Ster, sared the' 00 the eaa/, whilst the Hydr.uhon ^h.W##l pr***rT'd ?>?ck b-ild..,g Wf theburning stores, and thus prevented the cowiuwotion of fire to th? iorgo lumber piles In tk? t?t After u bour'i hard flfkt, tbe (Iudm b?f ?a to yt?M; portion after per tion vm extinguished, and about 1J o'olock. danger wai part, the firemen limbered up, and won wu done. Tbe fire vm undoubted! j the werk of an inoendiarj. ? eolored boj, named Dogan, who, it la mid, wae Jeen to ran from the bmtf* ing, is charged with the araon. Mr. Sal lit an'? family esoaped with diAoultj from One of the upper windows. The lorn will Onoeed $10,000, ana fells almost entirely upon insurance com panies. . The Citj Connoil, at its lart mmIod, adopted the bill fixing the annoal oompenaation to onr city officers No shing* from lart year, ex cept an addition of 950 to the salary of the ohief engineer of the Are department. The weather and barioess oon'inue moder ate. Am. FORXION ir*B8 ?The w hole Aoademy of Vienna are em ployed illoatratiog a prayer book as a present to the Ktnpre<s of Austria. ? Mr Charles Kean hag just entered into aa ar.angfment with the lersee of the Prin cess's theatre for the renewal of his lease for a term of years. ?It is the intention of the Emperor of the French to invite most of the erowned heeds of Europe to the Exhibition. The Emperor of Austria is said to have already accepted ?Some excitement has been crea'ed in ec clesiastioal circles, by the announcement that the Prinoe de Canino has resolved to take or ders in the expectation of becoming a cardinal, and perhaps of attaining higher honors. ?Dorothy VVoodsworih, sister of the Poet Laureate, expired at Rhjdal Mount, on tbe 231 ult.,in the85:h year of her age. She was herself a poetess of no mean pretensions, and assisted her brother in many of his composi tions. ?The Prussian Order of Merit Tor sciences and arts, the decorations of which are but rarely giren, has just held a chapter, M. Alex ander de Humboldt, its President in the ohair. As illus rious men of Prussia, the medal of the order was granted to M. Ksnke, tbe historian, and to M Overbook, the painter; and as roreign men of merit, to M. Dumas, the great French Chemist, and to Daron Desnojert, the French engraver ?Several hundred stoves have been shipped fo. oonveyacce to Balaklava. Compartments are in each for boiling, baking and stewing, the opper surface may be used as a hot plate for frying, Ao . while over the furnace spare is left for broiling. The entire apparatus stands about three feet high, and is thirty in;hee squire; rtund its sides are books whereon to hang oeffee and tea boilers; and it is calcula ted ibat with regular order, each s'ore will oook for forty men. A ?An extraordinary report is current in Paris, to tbe effect that the Emperor has re. solved to declare the Count de Morny the If gitimate son of King Louis of Holland and Queen Hortense, and so consequently his own brother. It is added that bis M?jes>y will at { the same time raise the count to the rank of i Imperial Highnrs<, and declare him heir to tbe Empire. It is said that recent events which have oceorred at the east, together with the fact that that there appears to be no ohanee of a direct heir to the Imperial throne, has of late forced this measure on tbe attention of the Emperor In Paris, and throughout France. PrinceNapo]>on's career ss a warrior bat become the aabjest of j -kes, dis'iches. and all that artillery of satire for which the French have ever been noted. OT-J? PREMIUMS AT THE FAIRS. ?WHITBHfRHT'S l>?' Mill In th? acenrianre ?Tlie jnrtea of each of tb? lata f*1ra at Baltimore. Richmond, and ?? Tork awar*le?l thcli hlgheat premium* Co J. H W. for IMr *aj>eri"r1t> of I?hu tograpli*. Slereoacopa* and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. f.l?o received two Medal* at Uir World'* Kair, Lon dou, aud a premium at Cryatal Palare, Raw York. AI?o, the first ?w?rli of the MarylanJ Inatitute for tlirea rear* paat. Whlteliuret's Oa'lery In city ia on Ta avenue. l.etw. ? H and MU ?treeH. f?b 17 (V WATCRBf.? M?iut>?r? of OmirMi and other* lu ?*iiit of a flr*t r*te timekeeper would do well ro makr ? aelectlon at otic? that their quality may be thoroughly te*t ed before leavl ug the <-|?r. M. W. a ALT Jt BRUM *??nrt meat wae never *?> complete ae at present, "intraclug every deecripttoa, all warranted, and at price* < ertaln'y ae low ?? ? Imllar article* can be purchased for In any <ity li. thi* conntry. M W. MALT A HHO., Jan JO?dtf Pa avenue between nth and ltth ?u fT~r? READY MADE CLOTHINQ FOR GKNTLHVKN AND Youtha' wear m?uu facta red with teat* and elegance by NOAH W ALRKR * CO , nnder Brow**' Hotel. Tlieir -tock embrace the Palltot or Aartout Overcoat, Overeack*. ?l.ap>-d and ae/la^ee; Talma*. black and blae n?th Dree* Coat*, Frock Qiata of all faahloriable colors, C***lmer, Uoainexe Snlte* rJcli Velvet Veate, Silk*, Ac., black doeekla Ca?? mcr, figured Caaaliner, au 1 plain CaeMmer Pantaloon*. For (lie youth?Jacket*, Pant*, Vente, Overcoata. Ac. Ae they are their own maunfacturera they are enabled and will eell ?t the very lowest prlora. Sh.rt* of auperier lit. Cullara, Ol ivaa. Tie*, Ac., of late <<tyl?e alway* uu hand. dec Jit ? fry ATIR'H CHERRY PKfTORAL.?For ti e rapid cure ***** of OMtgfcs, Cold*. H<>ar?*n**?, Hrandiitt*, Whooping Coiilth, Aatlim* and Consumption, I* nnlveraally known aa < the l>?el remedy ever yet diao.(\er?-d for every variety ot | Pnlmooary <li<e*?e So wide la the tMd of i?a n*?niltieaa, ami *o numeron* the c?aea of ita mr?, that almr.'t every ?action ?f tii* coantry abonnd* In pef?<.n* puidicly Wn wn, . have Lewi l-eatored from alarmlnc aud ei >n deaperate dlaeaae^ of the Iuim? by ita c*e When once ti led Ite -upe riorlty over ev^ry ?.Uier medicine of It* kind la too appnrrnt to eacape i.baervatton, ar?<l Where It* virtue* *re kliowi.. the public no longer hneiute what antidote to employ for the dl-tre**lnit and dan<er<>aa aJfectl<<n* of the pmuoHar y or gan* which are im-ldeut to anr climate. By It- timely u*e, many, nay alraoat all attack* of di*?*aee np>-ti tiie Lnii{*er throat, are arretted and tlioa are *ave<l many thouaauda ev ery year from a prematme crave. Re family ahoald be with oat it, and tbo*e-wh<> do neglect t<> provide th?7in*el vc* with a remedy which warda ojf thl* daii|f*runa ctaaa of dla>-a^e* will have caaae to deplore It wheu it I* too late. Proof* of the aurprUini eBlcacy of the Clierry Pectoral need uot be given t<j the American people?they have living pruota In every neighborhood. But th.?ae who wieh to read the fUte meut* of th<iae wb<m whole health ha* b?eu reetorrd ?nd whose live* have bean naved by it* u*e, will And ihem In my Am?ilc*n Almanac which the agent* beluw ntmed has to farnlah gratia for every ona, Pmpared by OR. J. C. A YKU Lowell, Ma**.t?Aud ?<.ld kf Z. I) OILM AN, Wa*hlngton O. M. I.INTHICIIM, Oeargetown. J COOK A CO., Fre<lertck?burgf and l.y all Ornrglatn everywhere. dec 17?e<i2m rv?y run BRONCHITIS, Thro^ Di*aa*e*. Hacking Coofh, *-id the effect* of Impradent n*a of Mercury, ao med Iclna ha* ever been diacovered which ha* effected ?uch eurea a* Oartar'* Spaa I ah Mixture. Throat ciiaaaaaa produced by *allvatio?, Hacking Cough, Rronehial Affect!) 11*, Liver Dl*ea*e, Neuralgia, and Kheu matlam, h iv* all beeti relieved and carad In a wonderful manner, by the treat parider of th* blood, Carter'* Hp?ul*li Mixta r*. The caaa ?? Mr. T. H. Ramsey alone i^ould aatinfy any who doabt. Call on tha Ageut and procure a pamphlet, containing cure*, which will a*t?uad yjo. ??*?ee advertlsemant. SW* Job SBiLLmaro* receive* all the new Rook* and Newt papers a* fast a* pabllahed. He I* age at for Harper's and all the other Mvgaalue*, and oar reader* will always find a large aad good aaaortmeut of Blank Rook* and Stationery at hie Bookstore. Odeon BatNlug, cor Fa. aveuae and at HAHRIKO. On ita?r 15th nis,ant, bv the Rev. Dr. Duck. Mr. SPfcNCEK C. HENHAM, of Canatitlaisua, New York, to PALLIE E., dau(ht*r ol Win. <?. W. While, ol" Uiia city. * UIUU. <?f chronic diarrhce 8U8 D., wife ol R. T. Has aett. (/&- Her friend* and tho#e of th- lainily are invited to attend her funeral, M<<nd?y next, at 3^ o'clock. NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MEbHKii. HVDBK fit I L ANT have taken the old ami well known confectionery eMahlish ?lent, No. 490 Seventh etreet, opposite Odd Kel lowa' Hall, where they will be tuoei liappy to Uieir friend, and the public gencrnlly. We will keep cona.a tly on hand a choice elec tion of ad kind* of CONFECTIONEB Y . AUo, dealers in foreign and domestic FKU1T8, of ail kind*. We hope by a strict attention to busineaa to win th approbation of our friends, and uierit a liberal share of patronage generally. N. B. Ball*, Part1' s, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory term?, at the short est notice. RVDEK k fLAN T. febB?tf BARKING HOUSE OF FAIRO ft S0UBSI BOjivotite United State* Trtatury. ONDt*, Stocks and othor securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of *11 per cent p? r annum al lowed on deposits when left for 30 day* ot louder, jan 34?6m Nile*' register for amebic an state Papers.?A coot pi te eet ot Nilea' Brgitter, 76 vol', or any other Books will be given in exchange tor the 1 American State Paper*" and " American Archivea," or they will be purchased at d liberal price. TAYLOR ?l MAURY'S feb 14 Bookstore, near Ninth stre?t CHEAP-YKRY CHEAP! I^IIE ?ubscrtbe(s have ?m< hand a latge at-sortmeut . otCAHINEi' FUHNltURB. andtverv artic'e in the H"U?e kecp'n^ li>.e, wliith the* tvti: ???II, al vert fric- < lor >.? ti. ? ? Hnuaekeepeie ai"1 ail ?<li? r* in wa t ol b?rgaine can Mtve tuoai y by exaiut tung <atr stock be lore making their p*n cheats. Fnmita e n-atly lepaiH and varnisbetl, on tbe mo.t rea?utt<ini terms Furniture bought, *old, 01 rxrhnnKcd. BON rZ k tOOUBS, SevenUi street, between I and K streets. t?b 14?eo3t ? ?* ? ?p?unnit;tti For Sale and R*nt T^OI RENT?THE SUBSCBIBEB WtSHKS r to dispUM of bis stock nd fixtures of a Con fecuonery Establishment on High, one door from Bridge street, Georgetown. The stud is on* of the ben, being an oid established stand, with a good ran of custom. To a person who wishes to engage bi business a fine chance is offered B. P. EVANS, Agent. feb 16?3t (Organ) ITOR BENT-A CONVENIENT modern-bnilt, I two stongand attic brick Wouse, in a health* and good neighborhood. The boose contain* nine good rooms and a kitcken, good yard attached? ii i" nearly new having been occupied but a short time. r? a good tenant the rent will be jnodftrate Pur apply 'o R. B. IBONSIDE, 381 Ninth street, or Room No 11 General Land Oflca. febH-4t? For rent or pale on reasonable I TERMS? ! A two ?o y frame Hoaw, wftb bark building, containing six room.*, on 13}^ street, between B and C streets south. Apply to , C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three slnry Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4?h ami 5th sis. Wfrt. A three-ftory Fume. with luck building on I *t north, between 4th and 5th t-t*. we?t. Applv fonhe two la*t mentioned to J A M K ' W BARKER, on H s'reet north between l*2th and 13th st*. west. Also ? two story Frame, with hack building, 011 Montgomery street, O orire'nwn. DICKPON A KING, feb 7?eotf ^ George own. STORE FOR RENT?IN RRICK BUILDING on the eorn* r of P.i. avenfte and Fourteoath <t.. opposite Willarda' Hotel, a ?ood loca'ton for a fir t cla-s Book snd Stationery, Tailor, Boot and Sho?. Dn?g, or Faifv S?or?". I'os esslon can !??: Iwd im mediately. None need apply but those wlf> can hrtng the best of references. Apply at Wi'lards* | Hotel. feb 16?lw ' A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN ONE OF THE | t\ most desirable positions in Washington, doing a fine business. With it there m a moKi einll. nl and val'iaMe Soda Water Appar.itm. The soda *a ter business is one of the he?t in Washington. Ad dress "X W," Wellington. feb f J?8w FOR RENT OK EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or Ci?y Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Vit. Enquire of J. ORME. comer of rfri.lg* and C?mgre*s s*sM No. 8f. feh 6?tf A COMMODIOUS DUELLING FOR RENT The large ami tomm'tdioiu dwelling at the corner of Uth street an I Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rpoms, with a fine kitchen in the biaement., having a fine cellar and back yard, the who!?* h?ing in line repair, is now lor rent. Its excelleM hie* tion and fine accommodation* make, it one of the most desirabl-- place* for a large bearding house or dw -lling in Washington. For terms apply at the Star office. feb ft ?f ? IOMES FOR ALL. - Beautifully and healthily IX located Building Lots, 24 feit front by leel deep, on graded streets, can, until spring. b? botirhi at tlm exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Tith* indisputable. Union Land office, 7th *t., above Odd Fellows" Hall, jan 9?fim JOHN FOX. Secretary. STORAGE.?Tliotx having Furniinre, Dry Goods Groceries, fcc , to be stored, will find am pi* ao comaiodations In the large, airy, flaj s'one paved and Dry Basement' under the "'tar offce. corner Pa avenue and Eleve.ith at. Apply at the Star offioe. jan 31?tf Wants. WAITERS WANTBD?TWO THREE GOOD Waiters (white.) Enquire at thi> office, feb 17?3t WA4BI30 Oil &\LfcX*lfDBIA STEAMBOAT?The sphndiJ and icommod'ous steamer LEO. PAliE will resume her regu ar trips THURSDAY, Ft b;u ary 15H-. Great a'tenti'Ui pad to Freight. Fare FIVE CENTS. Latham\ splendid ?ine of Coaches connect with the kw. ? E. A. BYTHEK, Captain. feb 14?7t* NEW REBTAUuAN*, Pennsylvania svtnat, North tide, btt-reen Third and Four and a halt ?f?. (Formerly the Metropolis,) NoVV THE ELDORADO RESTAURANT. CLEMENT REYNOLDS, (late <tl IVillar ?' Hotel,) Begs to inform his friends and the public generady,4 that, having leas* d the hnuse formeily known as the Metropolis Restaurant, l? u doors ab >vc United States Hotel, no?th side Pa. avenue, he has re lilted, >e lurni-hed, and rc organised the same in a neat and haii'lsi-inr sivle, under the name of the 44 EL DO *A DO R ESTA lilt ANT!" where he invito th< m to ca'l, as he can furnish them with firyt quality Liquor*. ?ueh as Bl< AN OIK-. WlIISftlBH, count ALA, WIN ICS, ALK?, Ac. AN O CIGARS* Of every brand and to sntt a'l tastes. His Ion? ? xperience in this lHi>iness at Willnrd*' and el-ewhere, ju-tili s him in essuiiiiiig to l ave sin h tb^OMigh knowledge of it as will enable him 10 pr<f?? nt unsurp s?ed attraction to his visitors. IlIS EATING SALOON will at all times contain ev**ry delicacy ihe market and season affords, selected with ati eye to quality ?and which will Im? pr. (tared by a masterly band. He has organized h:s e lablisitm* nl so that g< utle mini will always enjoy qniet without ob rusion by any one, and i* determined ibal it sliall always ex hibit order, comfort, ami ease, combined with ele ganoe and every attention from those in his employ. 1 feh 13?tf SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL be Raffled l r as soon a? the reqnistie number of Chanc?s h?ve U-en taken, the i<4 lowing rplend d ami <-)Hiily articles,.vix: 1st Prize. One splendid gold I'm >-r Weight. co. tai' nig an Automaton Singing Bird and CiUy Chronometer, mo.t henu'ifully tl?coraied and adorned with enamelled Pointings ^ 1.60(1 2d Prize. One Lady's Gobi Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel... ? V*1 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly s? t with Diamonds, and Painting ? n L amt l.. 1J<' 4th Pnze. One Gents, Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Compens itor) fol 1 Hunting Watch - *0? 5:h Prize. Lad)'sGoid Hunting Watch,splen didly cha-ed la) | Total value ^Q.UtiU | There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each The raffle will take place at llilbus 81 Hitx' Mil sic I>epot. Star Buildings, corner Pa avenue and | lltli street, where Ticketj can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Prrsun* desirtius of |>ot?etsiug some of the ino-i superb articles ol workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered Uiem of obtaining rut h at an exiremely low price. Call and examine for yourse lves at the Music De pot of IIILBUS fc IIITZ, Star Building)-, between the hours of U o'clock a. in. and 6 p. m. M 7- tf S EL DEN, WITHERS k CUT BANK NOTES will be taken at cash rat* s for Paper, Blank Books, Fancy Goods, Envelopes, aud all other kinds of Stationery-, ^v WM. F. BAYLY, No. 3TB Pa. avenue^lnet. 11th aud 12th sts. fsb 9?Mt C1BKAT INDUCBnKNTVf JT CANFIELD. BROTHER fc CO . 3HB baltxmore street, Balttmoi e, A/J., Offtr to buyers, previous to taking ibeir annual ac count ol stock, a large stock of recently imported goods, such its WATCHES. 1EWELRY, 61LVER WARK, and Plated Good*, Cloek*, V omet, K'im, Musical Botes, Dresden China, tic , AT PRI CES TO SUIT T11E TIMES, WITHOUT REr GJIRD TO COST. jan 31- fr DRAUGHT ALE. THE undersigned respectfully announce thai they have obtained the sole .Agency of lb*' District for the sale of Kurtz fc Nes s \ ork Draught Ale, and have innde arrangements so a* to have it con stantly on hand; so that all who may favor them with their custom will be punctually served As usual, a supply of Porter, Ale, Cider and Min entl Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet j with ftrict attention. Terms cash. AKNY A SHINN. A first rate Wagou, hut little used, for sale Apply as above, to AtlNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, feb 8?eolai Georgetown PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NEW nad sseo-d hand PIANOS, of my own and , several other factories. a*? always tOjfiggM he had at n? I inno Warero m, on Blev.^^^^^ enth at., between Pa. avenue and B St. ??14 Pianos t*k?n in exchange. Tuning aUo attandad to P. 0. KKICHKNMAOH P B ? A law vary low pr'ead aaeoad-hand Piano* 1 T <m |M ft r ml*. d*o 1 ?%u SILVER WAKE. \VEI? Y pretty a?>ort "eni ot Silver f'offee Sets, I Pncb~is, Gonlets, Cup . Creams, and all kit ds ol Spoints ami Forlu, aud a v?iiet> of Fancy Stiver ware, suitable for pr^enu viz: Soun and Oystet Ladles, Crumb Scraperi, fish, pie and cake Kii.vt s. Cream and Sumr SjH>inr, etc., is offered at liiw pi ?is, and warranted sitilmg. H. SEtlKEN, No. 999 Pa, aveuua, bru Mi and 10th au, jan 19 ?HHP A notion PalM ?* 3 tin LHm. u. . V ,?;* Mor?(l, u?? >fdM j*|icriafiW pr-ace in 4nd for ihe cou..ty of n r tiuw?- M ?bm U"- food. ani c hatcU of Julm Htinmot*d to w'uircrltil I hat* sir*ed and aim in eiecutrtlh a? the rich- title an.' interest of (be mhI John Ha.*o?d. ,a.J,n **, h?*rae, w?r?n and harness, and ( hereby cive net if r that on SATURDAY, the 34ih February. 18j3. at 10 0 clock a in , in front of the Centre Market Hen-, n -aid county of Washington, D.C.l Mil offer f r f Ule "a'*1 *"ods and chattels ae sieacd, .tod take* in execution to t|e high-st bidder for ca fc f?bl?_A. H A *ARYMAV. It P 17 y ? '? ? HcOOiKlC, Aactloatrr SMuL^ AND DE?'RABLB MABKKT FARM a. ?j?h . I - **''<*??<>? SATURDAY, February US' ? ,af m, at my Abcuom Rr~?., I IIm . J V? rr"uk,t farw containing 24 a. r s, rttiiatod about aix M.lec dMam from ,V Centre | Marke . and one ha'f mde fro* Brvenih ai/^ef ? P BUir pL", l",,etoWJr ihe Fiw-im of ./'Hy, v??n-?iU const* of a small fiamr ri^H --^ can *"*. and other ?,rc ?i ? I'*1" 'l?'"* "? w?r.t OI, ---iISm' ' """* ~ * ,rua lur* Sale peremptory and till* perfcet. .-r,*WV : Q!,*-Ul>nl c:"h ? Ihe residne f? .i, iliiS?5SS.wJSL",fc '""? ?*cut"1"> ? ?*' <" """ C - Alctioti^ir. toy J. C. ???UlintrA?etlM?r. 1 RUSPEES 5ALF. ?>F HOC HE AMI LOT I OnTHUR-DAY ItoBooB, March lit, '.'a,, liaJ'tT .L?" T by V,r,0e * f " ,lr,?' ?* ia"? . 1 ^ ' b *r ?*?*??? ?he ? Mnjr. I8j2, and . uiy recorded m Lib*-r J. A. t? to foj.?? 4.*. UU, ,?d 440, one of fhr |J| Wa?ftmct * co??fj, | .hall #-11 il,e north - J '* *qi,;!r'- ^ ^"'int 23 tie. i t iortwk on l*Ui sctn e- went between north C and ?fr^et?. run'iiny hack H-0 f.rl to a *rnl?- altcy. with impraw. hour*' <>f a tub"u,,t *1 'rich d??Jling| Tema: One third ca*h; the ra?'.)?e |n sit nnd 1 '** ii"?"tli-, with i?trre|t, secured by a de?- J ??f tni^t on ibe (ireuti?ee. NICHOLAS C*LLAW, Tn?-t e. f . ,, . . J\*. C. NcVt'lRK. fob H-eofcd? Au< tmweer. By J. c. ?caUIRV, AvHIrartr. I'KIJSTEE'S riAI.B OF VALUABLE H??r E I and Lo'.?By virtue ?>t a deed ot ?rn t fr<?n rt m i t. Au? n and wife, branny date on the 6<b d..y oT January, 18.>4, and recorded in Lit* r J. A. H , >'o 70,| 3 6, J ?7, 338, 33?, an.I 34 ). tlie ibrr ofl!! V ?n *?WIIA*f the ft.1, diy *' Ist ? cl"fk, p ui., on the i-r-Mii on f ir?t (itreet rast, h-tween N and O wrerta *ouih, pa^"f Lot 5, in square ?- uth ol qwarr 741, fronting ti^teet II inchec on aaid Fir t etreet, br 75 feet deep, un a 60 re.:t alley, together with tlie bn'ik* '"f a,,d improreme. u, which ( on!<i?t of a well .ind aubsuntially built two tnty irame dweinnc-hoii^. I he term, of ?ale will be: One half r?*h. and the haUuce in equal payment* ai ??* aixl iweir.- ne urit tor iiotM bearing int. re-t fr?.? .lav of (*le, at-cir^d *y deed in tru*t upon tli?- property. It the trims of ealc ara not co'mpli. d in mi dsya a Her th? oale the prop, r y wtll be re ?.| ?, . t the ri*k and expen e of the purchaser, U|e>n one w?-.-4t * OUQC "? All conveyancing at expen?e of pu'< ha??r. UllAS. H. WALLACILTrMce. .... iAS. C. McGCIKB, 10 ??ofcd6 Auctin^yer. ?y '? C. McQUIHE, Awctlon??r. rnHUSTEE'.-l SALE OF VALUA'-LE ANIi FX JL Uibly "innii'd I la proved and Unimproved R?al Ea ;?? on the Mwd,- By virtue of a d ?i of >ru^ be -niHt date on the lat day Decea.b. r. 1853 and recorded in Lib. r J. A. S., So. f-, folio 31. fcc., ibe fh ?!! **"' *' puNic sale, on THURdliAV, he ?BW day ol F. biu.ry, IW3 at 4 oVIock p. in.. oB l nU *T- l' \4- 5 ' to rn the * ii Mi virion of Hqua e Vo 43.S. the whole fronting 74 feet on 7th rtreet we t. 180 fret on E rt. i^outh, and 1?2 feet ?>n 8th street west, u tli Ihe mi provniei t*, which con?i-tof a large. c<>mmodi<>u*. and HtilMianMal double co tag- built frame Hou?e, stahle and oilier out hon<r8. The hjca-ion on the corner ot 7ih a'.d F. t? . ?nd 8th and E streets, on th?- I Ian ', i? healths and de i ralve, in a rapidly impiovi' j part of ihe c-ny. The property will be s?ld n?< a wh.rte or in .ep? rate lo^ ais may be d< em< d de-irable, nnd oft. r* a rajorable om-mnnity to f>er~onK t>f pUr Cha-ing a han ls<>me residence or huii^'uie lot , or njakiiif investments. The teriiK of Mle will be : One-third ? f the rWi-. cha-e nt?n-y in cash, and the balance io m*, t#Hve, *?ii4 Hthfrpft fr.onthc, for note* bf*nr?f); ivt!?-r**-4 I #!rty?nlP' <4CC,,refi dtCcl of ln<t HP?51 tlir pr?ip lithe l?rm? of sale arc r.ot complied wuh in *ix day* after the sale, the property will be reaold. at tin- risk and expanse of the jmn h^ser un-n one week's notice. All conv* yanr-inf ai th- r t wc ol pu..-|i ver. CHAS. i?. WALLACU. Trustee. , , . ^ . JAi. V. McCUIRE. frh l-?awft<U AneUonerr. TIIE LATE MB. .MEADE'S PlCTl RKS. TO Bd RAFFLED FOR IS 5100 tlI.\M'.ES AT 045 EACH. I ratzr no. i "St. Thomas of \ ill iiu. va, giving Aim- io rhe Poor." a |opy of Murillo, by one of hi* pupil* and touched that -r. at artist?saul m be eq? to the ori*i;.al, eo?t .^4,(100. mm *2. ?' Thr ail<'ration of the ?\ ise Men of the Kwat," a ge.'iu ne Murulo; cm >3.000. rim: 3 " Head ol our Saviour," by Corrcggio; cOi< gl .000. PRI7.C 4. ->l" of ihe Blessed Virgin," by Carr?g*io; .-o^t .000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK is authorize! r> receive suinscriptions in this city, of whom ticktts may oe obtained, or of M- i^r.-. TAYLOR & MACIV. All money rec? iv?"d on account of the Rafll mil be deposited in B <nk until Ut? drawing mk<* i.l >ce. which will he duly announced. From the StUiosial InUUige*trrr. Article# similar to Uic annex, d we have obsrived in several di<-tMit papers, contained in their W a^i injton We are glad t ? thai a flienilm ot the family i? to dispose ol a part ot the rare collection of the I te Richard W . M.-adt, who, durinc hi* long residen ;e in rt^ain, ha<l oP?.^ tunnies, which his opulencr cnabkil him windidr? tor selecting many ol ibe fin. st pwntingh in Sp.iin? that treasure-house of pictorial riches Th. dis lurbed stnte of the country at the fine, iiiort* ver, made it favnrable for obtaining manv irem- ot ?n which would otlierwisc never havf. hrV n imrch r? Ne .From the Bo-Ion CJtronici*. Cm?r n'ravRKK or Aet?Several .Ae/ of Murillo, Corrcggio, and other uiaat rs, which w.-re brought from S(win during rev. lut:onary une - h\ the. late R. VV Mea>!e, haw elicited the admir.. ion ot connoit^?nrs ilurii.g the past wc kin the hotnodo ot the Capitol. They are to be disjiosed oi t.<i t'i? benefit of a dau liter of Mr Meade, re?idirc ?n N. w York, after an opj ortmuty has be.n i?iv?-ii t*? lis public for an examination. frl. h A BOOK OT GREAT TALUK ft IITTFBIST. C1VCLOPEDIA OF MldSIONt?. by Rev. ll^v?.y j Nowconib 1 vol.,large < ctavo. double e..i mmb, 784 pasea; price ?3. Kinbracinf a coni|M. h> n-ive new of a I tli Missionary operation* in th< World, with g<*-graphical descnptious, condition <u di.^ u i evangelized, he., toeeth.-r with the r? lisioo? m*>ve ment-. of tbe aff, under an alphabetical arianie meht, illustiated wi h ?hiny two Missionary Alaps. " The Cyclopedia of m'issioiuu by Rev. Il.irvey Newcoiub, I regaid as a wo k of freat p? rman-nt value. It contains wi-hin a moderate eonip and in a cmventent lorin. a large amount. oCj*nt the kind of information, historical, statistic*!, -<nd illos trattve on the aubject ot Minsmaa, nhKSh every Mm later, and ? very christian lavoian need? to po-?esa and which could be earned only by laborious re aearch in books and d cuments, manv of which are not rasily accessildr Oto. iV. Wood, See. A. B. C. F. ??.*' Agents for tbe District: CRAY k BALLANTYNB, ?eh H . 49 8 Heventh ?t. WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLA I ED WARE, AT REDUCED PRICE*. In anticipation of tbe approachinc du I season we offer our eutire stock of elegant GOLD WATCHEH, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, he., at greatly re duced rates Prisons would do wrll to examine our as.>rtmr-nt which is by tar ihe lamest, most fkshioiiabie, and best mdected ever offered to our customers. M. W. GALT h BRO, 334 Fa. ave., between 9th and lOili sts. feb 14 ?t (New?) PIANOS FOE SALE AND RENT. TBE subscriber has always M h nd a eewt I ment nt German and American PI v^k ABfOS, Iroin the very best manufacturers which he offer* for sale at lower pneea than can be purchnsed in the District of Columbia, and n the most accommodating tenu.-. All i'ia o? |Mirchas?td tram me are warranted to g ve suttafac tiou. Old Pianos taken in axchange. B. REI8-*, Prdessor of M?t?h*, G, hem . Fourteenth and Fitteeeih stre ts. frb r :A (10LD. MLVKh, St EEL k I L A I r*i? ?PE< Jt TACLES to ?uit every age an?t e?e, U.liu^ ?-i??ec?, R R. Gla-se-. Fy^' Protectuis. Eye Glat?ea (H all des?-rh? j twns. heading Gtasaee, Goggie.; he., ?? Parrbola. Perifocal, Concave, Conv. x and ( ..lorad Gl^s- ? put ?. frames at the shorten Persons in want of vlassis may b.? s?r> u? &ei lUrtre whicti Oeueht ibe e.y* ji ^ ^ H. SEMRLN'S, No. ISO fa. avenue, Wtw. ihk and lOUi <M jmW TELbu.. , tiffi*!) for'.jt iti!) si|t Arrival of ihe Oahawba - c ? rom Naw Yoa? Feb. IT ?Tbe ? bawba Arrived this aoroiti with Btrui dates of the 12th A descent of the ftlibmste?s had sot taken place but the authorities coo tinned on the qm vw Arres's of consplratlrs were cot - ?tantly bemg ib> i? J?< day on which the Cihtfbi uiltd. a highly dis^CUishnd lawjer, nam<. i Citaa. was ?rmttd. The British acrew K?b? CoI^ni baa left Harare for Engl end. The Bcscawen shipof-the-'io* tloop of war Vert*!, n-id the brig L*l>p?gla roit ? ill in barb' f. far.her rarti *lar* froa t.ubv New Tvik Feb IT?At Harax?, the M, ? report prevailed that the Gore: tor ot' Peoria Pfinoipe had been arrested as & party io it* eonapireej against Concha; bat tbe truth of it waa denbted A decree ba* been iatued tra?elin? licensee :o ftftaea days, lastoorf of a year a* heretofore The Brit lab war steamer Media bad at Haraaa. Sugars are quiet, and prieae ?re soacwhat easier Molsnes s?ld for Sia4 seals p*r he*. Tobacco is firm, and pricoe are so *. f[.at hlgto; Exchange on New Yotk lali pi -ciaia, Tbe Ohio Hirer at Lor]?t111o Lom*vtLLK. Fab 16 ?Tbe oaetgnn. n o4. the Lowar Ohio w?? resumel this c rn?ng, r>oats are leering for New Orleaas ?yl th? mail packets to Ciix ionaii will ra?o their reguler trip* to- lay. lew York (trek Market F?w Yosa. Feb 17 ? Shocks are. ?wi r a monej la easy?sterling nominal; F ? si" r >ad at 4i?; Cleveland and To'elo Kai. tit Reading Railroad 7M;^U*. t Jc i Company 100;. few Osloams Ma krs. New Oniiiii. Feb Id ?r^tto .?pr**' ate easier, bat not quotehly lower :*? *? 4,i(MI bales?for !be neek li KO bait* r?oc on htnd 179 000 baler, the recei pts -u ?> -'I Of baiM ahead of Inst year S <gar h's a ranoed ; feir Orleam 3Ja4j F.our?Goiv Ohio a* f 1W i$lfl 111 Coffee ? saler at 7;a8lc. Baltimore Mark*;* BaLTixoaa, Feb. 17 ?Flour is dull, and held at jesterd ?t s rates, having declined in the afternoon boar J 19} a lie II ward street offered at $H 41. but no sale* and Citj Mills at$S 12i Grain is dall?no sales cf wheat reported Corn?15,000 bu-he!* aold. yellow at H9 a 90 O >ati Mo. for fair Penna/lrania Clorerseed |A 75 a $7. Hew York Market* Ntw York. Feb 17.?Cotton is downward and dall Flour is Arm and j rices are ;ead? iog upward, sa'ee of 4 000 bbis? good Ohio at $8 tof$9. Southern is steady at farmer rates? sales of 2,000 bbla Wheat ic firm and up ward. Corn, rrloee areatr fl* lower?sales of 45,000 buahela Western mixed at 8*> *97 ctr. Pork is cccbar ged, with a moderate l?tuaad ?t previous rates Beef ie u|>?aid ara firm. Whisky?Ohio at 3H ots. rhe Cause cf Lord ?ohn Fusse s ScsigM. tioo Boston. Feb. lfi ?A prieat* disrst'h trom London, dated Feb 3 reoeired here tj the Asia, *avs that Lord John Hawtl t re igaetioo wss owing to Abe deen ? reT'isal t<> recall Lord Raglan Irom tbe eomniaod nf rbe a -it v in tbe Crimea Lcrd P-lm*r*too it is ala? fta'ed, e iineides with Lord KumcII, snd tefu-ts tone cap' office in the cabinet jni??s to* Qoern will a<?ent >o Italian ? recall. gue*i Vis one re fuses to do ?v. K?ow Nothing Yicto j Elmira, N Y. Feb. 14 ?A* the election held here tefteidaj. for t>*- fbseis, the Know Nothing* polled two ti l ?t f *be whole nnmbor of eoiea eait electing tbe-rentiretiok> ef, hy mnjoriti'S ut trem .I'.tO to ?u> over the united Twie of the whig and derr >?ratic par ties Ami' of a Oor>r ? BoHTuy, Feb 16 ?Governor . srdoer was arrested to day for violatirg a p.ty ordinance in havtrg t^e sidewalk in ftca! of his d? / good* store blocked op with boxu ?-od bale, wf gortds lie wiil probaMy pay tLt fine ULinois Lrgiiturc ? FKbsa Feb 15?The Legislature hat <?(. turned. Tbe Governor has approved th< p'o ibitory liqnor lew, and it will Le vote- ou in Jnne next DISSOLUTION '? IIC panacnh.p >n Barron a tfi u th.? lav ? A?salvc4 liy mtaal ctawal. A'i?.'Coant? luv.* rbe >-oncr-r:i nm-t h?ip?i<l to II. Bam n, b< Seii j ?u ltiori<a^ ht cl'ii* tUc b?iMD> m. of *ir lh. tIBNKY BAH RON, >?bruary 3. Iitei. TH?W oHML Tin nnJ?*ri'ig??iM a hi <1 rrapt .?t'ultjr re? ef* ?!'. tliost indclitH to the omre n to ? o???- forv vc nv aettle tbrir IwtU Hy (lie Mi of *laicb, as i v -:y miirortant to lorn to havr the ho?m ?? ti- .. tint. All accounts left oeer at thai ?i i?t?? thf han<la >< an officer for col'cciion. h" count!" due by tbe coocern will p?< m he j ? - ?:t-U for |i.i\*nicut a* noon aa poa* bl<, islani > any tiim to aaect U?e Maf. HF.NRV BA??H< V. ;?> P. H.?TV w4ew%ec4 ^<>n) i re-.^xscif.. ?<< aMlK< cuft'imcr* of tbe late ftrr, ?itO i " fa4flb?ly. tl*'. thcrr will alwa>> b ' K'-pt '< VI c* d and Coal at Ihc old ftand, Or ir.W ?oliritia e*mr?- of public painni^e HH ( ;o b ( Mr b<Nli buvcr and aeller, lie ha* ? to maVe tbe tnraie ca?ti, or on ahort tmir t< n.r, uaomet*. THUS OKME, fcb 5 ? THE UNDERSIGNED HERLBY IKIMkv i ?? eli*a*:rw ot Washington and <? net: o? :? u ' will att^i.d to the layinc out of m a 'ml 'I ' ing of old gaRi**' a. Aln? the on mug it -?<' . gtaneiief, kc. \ 'barce* motferat* (5rder? left at Mr. Nairn's, Druittjti. coir- ' <? f a. avenee aud 9th street. a"d tbe groz-'y st ' *'r. F. Una l>pihH Hill, will h? proiwpJt att-r.-*. .,. fb ?14?eo3t* *?? P t i.1 N BTROf'tlTA 1 KAIK none* TO CI1 IZKVt AJID Srft4&tH.?5 J VIE entn* et?xk ?t Dry of tl ?? 'ate turn ?? .Majruder a Calren will b^ ?at rer^ redvcxil We nam' in pan - Rich airip?<t and H ud Hilka Brocade ."tilk?, co?t fL. I<> 6i)f can Ohanfi-aWe jaiUs, for 50. . M hu*- Crape Hhawle a< ball pricr C<4oreH do do l.iurn !*h?*eiinf, wort f I fr>r 75c. Plihtw Linen, worth 75c Ibr 30 Pil >m tw C'U?on, worth Uc t?. 11^ 12-4 cotton t?'?ceurf, wonh 50c, t?r 35 Fi*? Frtncli Onghims, worth X, f r 1?^ White end cohered Britlnnta, v?nv ? heap Aim), a Urge lot of DuoNMtlo A lie beat cJssu, which will h? eold eery lf?w. Call eat'y and eecure great berg*.f:>?, at No. 1#, opp Centre Market, between *h a?.u W ?'-* Mb 9?eafiw MUTUAL IIHi IWSUEAVCS OOHFAIY, OF THE DltfTI ICT OF CtlLU* MA, f eral *y Co*.grm. OFFCltH to the cttiaena o? ?he Diatnct ?? and cbeap?-at mean# of n??unui'-e h ? - ?* h> Are on all *?? r?ptio?w . f pn |.?tft%, a n- ?. be ?c-^n i?v ?n tnaiHiaira ot rht ct?iit? an ? v?. Ap(.i? an-'ua h'f iifM"a<-v <w ?t?a,t?* ?ir der-^n^d or at tb? ??ee, Ct4un**?M Ha" - "nth ?tr?et ???<) Loninfoa anaw, aiun i ?(* .';J hattfci ?ud bv laa? ra.iy i?e pi- ?!??? I. L'LY^SES WA?n. Pr. ..lent. V<i-i|?n Hi (In, tTl?-^? W ari, Or. F. How-rd, J C. M?Ketd-?, *???? Vai. H >wicfc, P. W. Br<?a>i.ib| ?u tl.R fanny _ an 41 ? < WW? ^ i7Kfc?mtlSi'f

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