Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. fiwOHiN Extrao?pisabt.?Under thia 1|?4 Warrenton Flag of Sat?rday last, Ctl,1Dg Wnuelf Mfcrtia d? Manx, Lrevet Major?came to Warrenton on Hota^'iVl ?,P El lhe W?n (Jreen Hotel He brought a letter of introduction to n-#f ?Ur U>,ra ft,n> ? ?^^OTSnE^SEAS 'V|!?i ** ?r.?U.n,?1 until the following ?r. P**r*d in the Washington8tar." * Here follows the account given in the Star dlyllwt captionMAn *"P<?tcr" on Thurt The Flag continues: The description given above corresponded 1? ?T#r^.r**P?5t so complete!j with the Major Manx, that suspicion was immediate!/ arou ***; . ^ committee of oitisen waited upon him and informed him of the suspicions against am. He could not satisfj the gentle men upon any point, but said he would ?atiafy them when he oould hear from Wash ington citjr He desired to know the conse quences of his failing to produce the evidenoe, when the exercise called "riding on a rail" was explained to him, he then enquired whether it would hurt much?and was in formed that it depended much upon the sharr nees of the ' rail." A new pair of beot* whieh we very muoh ex peet belonged to Mr. Anderson, of Washing ton city, was found on him. lie then demanded an attorney with whom to consult. He failed to convince his attorney of his eharacter. but said that if he left here in the morning he should claim the right to return and prove his identity. We have ne doubt that the Cbeva'ier de Maai of the Waahington Star, and Major M de aW TerJ "?y'J.if not entirely, one and the same individual. His appearance is that of a lightly cross eyed spec tacit d .about 5 feet 11 inchas High, aged between 25 and 30 years. Had with him epauletta, military sash, spur*, and says he if an officer in the French Army who .. j .n ,t0 th?Jprin>^?-*nd that he ?u com polled to leave Europe because of his compli cation m a duel. P. S. Since the above was in print, the un fortunate individual above mentioned has at tempted either to commit suicide or to farther impoee upon the community by feigning to have poisoned himself, 'ihe physician* have been unable to discover any substance of a poisonous natuie, in the emissions from his stoma*h. He wrote a letter to Mr. Beckham ?taung that gambling had been the eacue of bis offence mentioned in the Star, and d-reel ing the sale of his watch to pay his hotel bill. He is now reviving and the physicians con aider him in no danger Whether he did at tempt poison or not, we do not undertake to fay, the physicians do not believe that be has poisoned himself. though they will continue to watch bis case.'' Our oompositor made Marix, as written by us, read Maai ' Moaa Nmw ConsTKRrciTs.-We extract from Bicknell s Reporter, the following list of new covnterfeits: Bank of Chester County, West Chester, Pa. 2i a, altered from 5 s. \ ignette, milk maid, farm house., cattle, Ac. On either a medallion MM. New York Bank. Hadley, N. Y.?10 s nVigDlltZ ka ta*h Butchers A Drovers' Bank, Providen-e, R. of~cauf 1 Vignette, a drove Wainebaug Bank. Norwich. Conn?i s and 10 s altered from l's. Vignette, locomotive ana cars. Merchants Bank, Lynchburg, Va ?5's spurious. \ ignette, two female figure?, child' shipping, Ac. Ship on right end. Milk maid on left end. Mol!stood; Banks A Co, en gravers These notes have been altered to all the^Merchant.'. Bank" in the United Sute" Elliott Bank, Boston?5's, letter N. Mise rably executed, need* but a look to condemn Bawkof Commerce Baltimore-5'?. spuri ous. Vignette, female and shieM?over th' latter the words Agriculture and Commerce Female on right and sailor on left end Im pression dark. These note? have been al tered to'Bank of Commerce, Philadelphia/' ??Bank of Commerce, New York, ' and jroba Statea D"ltUU0Di0f lb"tiU? in th? United Farmers' Bank, Orwell, Vf. 5's, letter A V ignette. reaper reclining On right end a fe male, and cn left medallion bead Orwell spelled with one "L." Engraving coarse Bank of Con-meree, New London, Ct 5's A ignette. female ard fbield?over the latter the words Agriculture and Commerce Fe male rn right and sailor on left end. lias a very dirty black appearance. Farmers A Mechanic.' Bank, Philadelphia 5 s spurious. Vi?ne-te. Pennsylvania Coat of Arms which is wholly unlike the genuine. Koc king ham Bank, Portsmouth, N. H 20's altered fn ? l_s. Vigr.ette. Itate Capirol. Miobftiiici Lank. W .lliamsburjr N V siC.iSsr f'?" m.'b* hop "U bl">k 4 J'?'<"?' B?nk, Jersej Citj 10 <. ?pnrioBi V ignetle, female figure, one arm resting on a sheaf of wheat?female figure wX?;u??n rcr-is-d bj Farmer^* A Mechanic Bank, Easton 5's IS!'V?r*tte' Arn,a State Penm On left end medallion; on right end, female figure Merchants Bank, Burlington. Vt. 5's ?pu ?cmJd. 'gDCUC> two hmales. Miseratlyex gv j I^0I?MIX1CATKD I Editors rmi|TJTS ?Messrs tutors. A little incident oceurre<i in on? lj Illustrates "she working cf our ira'in K v M^lT in ifl-1 Ik derIand' church, on 4i H *tr*ngers entered and nd. yanccd up the centre aisle. Looking for sea's the?*hI5 *Bd l*AAytT tho well fi"?d house, Jhnrrh k pToc.e<ded f0 l?>e middle of the I JH .k k? "ranger in advance, seeing ? pew which oontatned but two oecuparits a topped before its door'as ! . f for *d?isoion. The gentleman ;m mediateJy arose, and with a kind and digni r gasture invited the strangers in Then for the first time, did the s: ranger recogr.;!To jasr. ? p?w the-carsfi Magi, tr^te of the nation. Evidently takei h? surfrwe, and fearir g lest it might be regarded an intrusion, he retreated ? ?ter or tw.> nr i waived hisccmpanions-two distingui-hed'een t emen from the South-into the?Print s #slip, and himself occupied a seat wMch wJ t?litely offered to him in au adjoining one. The grace and urbanity of the President were admirable, tut admirable as the* were they sink into insignificant when view*! in conn?tion with the simpl?;ity ?vi true repub lican feeling which i?h >ne ?ven ii so trivial an ?ct. and wbi :h magnify an office second in dig nity, importance, and power to ntne on the SSL *?? di&vity ? simple, and needs Banner hollow ceremony nor the supercilious Jrown to make itself felt and resiected Monday, Feb..l?, 1*65. Civis. Tbk1m\ i?iblkCoat ?Westated, laat week, that ? sisgulai exchange of coats bad been made at the fair On Sa'urday we were in formed that 'be person having seen tbe notice in the Star bad returned it to tbe doorktef er, and had requested bim to speak to us to make the correetion. as be said it wu dune by mis take Our cocrte-y is prover> iat, and we can not but ccmply with hia solicitation, but we must do it in our own way. The two coa's were very similar in rolor and i/ualtty, one being biarl and nearly new. and the other a gray that bad ^e?.n its best days. Now, when we remember the tmlli w.t lights which shine in the hall, an optical dclu?i<>n w^iid be very likely to occur and the coat* imafTkrn cae f. r the other, especially as ihey were t: icvch alike in eolor We trust the explanation will be setisfactory to the gentleman; bit if cot wo cxnnot a?-iet ctm furtket. Umnkr Wabtkd ? Outfil iu?*U?ardi picked up a Lair bracelet, with v Id iri looWet. en the avenue last night, *i.i u tne owner :ao have by oalliog on Captain Bitch A Sbriocs ArrAim ?Thl? morning an affair oooorred on Twelfth street near the bridge 2?"?t >? the death of one ;f r? Ji* ^?S* ? difficulty originated in the familiarity of ? child about three years old witn a lodger in the house. The man'a came was Danier Gould, and the obild, it ia said, slapped him in the faoe. when he grew angry end threatened to whip the child. Mr. Heury Webster, who was present, interfered, and | aorue worda passed between bim and Gould. This morning some angry worda pas.-ei again between then, and Webster orderel Gould from the house and he refused to go. A fi^ht ensued, and during the fight, Gould stabbed Webster in the abdomen, inflicting a wound from which his entrails gushed. Gould at. tempted to escape, but was arrested by officers Fanning and Wollard. It is thought the wound will prove fatal to Webeter, and Gould was sent to jail by Justice Clark to await the result of the wound and a further hearing. LeuR P' -att***i?w !?The following, In the handwriting of the editor of the Truth was found in our letter box this mornin*: ' Feb 19 1855 at 5 o clock P. M. injustice B K Mors alls office, st near C st. will be tried the three most re ntable eittaens that abused The Editor of the Truth, in the National Hotel on the 11 ipst, which was so graphicly diseribed in The Evening Star on the 13 A 14-Let every E R ?i. Vj? h*Dr J? thtt Ja*^ce is done To The Editor of The Truth. By order of your 1st President, and The Author of The E. R. 0. Thk Great Raffli,?There seems to be a determined spirit manifested that the beau tiful automaton singing bird shall be retained in our midst. The chances are rapidly being taken, and we advise our friends to call at the establishment of Messrs. Hilbus A Bite, Star Buildings end procure a chaaae ere it is too late Bee advertisement in another column. Thk Effectof Carelessness.?Last week we notioed an accident that occurred at Haven - ner s bakery, by which a little boy was se verely lacerated by the cutting machine. The day after that occurred, another boy was hurt by foolishly running his fingers in the pu'. leys that regulate the machine. He placed' his fingers on the wheels, and fo'lowed them with his hand while turning. But, finally, one of his fingers was caught in the machine, and the end of it cut off. Persons employed about machinery can never be too careful. Oitkicers The following is a correct list of the officers of Franklin Fire Company re cently elected: President. Robt E Dovle vice president, Jos. Williamson; secretary! Geo. R Cross field ; assistant do. R. G Eckloff; Treasurer, W H Fanning; keeper of appare cUiTv j1' ^art'n! captain of engine, H. ?a V i dlrrtc.t,jrs of enW,#> J- T. Chancey, Jos. S. Sessford; captain of hose, Thos. ?! Martin ; directors of hoso. Jno. B. Medley Jas B Moran, E. Fitagerdd; standing corn, mittee, R E Doyle, J. Williamson, H 8. Ward, T. L. Martin, G. R. Crossfield; com mittee on contributing members, W. H Fan | ning, E. C. Eckloff. A Tait. Loakisg o* Corn ers.?Is there no ordi nance in our Corporation to break up the habit ot loafing on the oorners of streets It has of late become a source of great annoyance to the respectable laJies who promenade tho Avenue who cannot take their customary walk without encountering some or other of these impudent fellows gatiqg them full in the ace, and oftentimes making use of improper language within their hearing. If there be any ordinance in exigence to put a stop there to, we trust our authoritk-a will at onco en force it ? Ujclf. To* as re is.-This piece, now being enacted at the National Theatre, ia ad , arable. It shows tho real condition of the s.aves at the South in contradistinction to that , miserable abortion of Southern life, which has ! been so frequently presented on the boards of the Northern stage Those fond of stair* good P'ajs well enacted should go to the Na tional to-night. Akotier Yet ?The demand for tickots to Macalliater s golden entertainments being still on the inorease. it will be seon that he gives another on Tuesday. 20th, on evon a more at ! tr*CLive fcale than betoro Those who neglect , to buy tickets in time will, assuredly, rgain j bo shut out. b | Satirdat Night ?Last Saturday night, our ci'iiens were much disturbed by drunken per. i eons, who were yelling and howling .about the streets The guards were kept busy trying to keep the peace by persuasion ; and where that would not do, by enforcing the law. James E. Murdoch.?We learn that thia distinguished American actor will appear in this city one evening this wrek. when he will bo sustained by a talented stock company. Watch Hettrnr ? S. J Fearfon. disorderly in the theatre, fine and coats; John Keefe, i slave, do , d ?; John Lyons, profanity, do.; Lndwjg Lew-s drunk and disorderly in mar ! ; Charles Coombs, profanity, I fine and costs; John Edsor. do ; do ; Wiliiam ta.on, disoiderly, dismissed ; Peter McCavey, drunk, do; J*bex Jav, disturbing tho peace security; Murray, do , do ; Jno. Ilurbert! assaulting females, 'enttojail ; MaitinTouhy larceny, sont to jail. 7' Articles at the Metropolitan Mechanics1 Institute. It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and ciocllent articles on exhibition. Throughout the Fair thia inventive gonius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thoreof cannot fail to interest the reader Musical Instrument* ?We have on exhi bition at the Fair a large number of musical instruments from the mrst celebrated maeu facturersin the United States Mr. Elli? on Pennsylvania avenue has deposited four pianos there one from the factory of Hallet, Davis A Co , Boston; two manufactured by Bacon A Kaven? ?ew Vork; and another from the house of Messrs Knabe, Gaehle A Co , of Bal. timore These pianos were made for Mr E for exhibition, and may be relied on as first rate instruments in hII respects. Any one intonding to purch ee a piano should at once secure oce of these. Mr. E also exhibits a very superior guitar, Tilton s patent, which has been pronounced to bo preferable to any other kind In the painting room Mr. E has placed an oil painting, painted at Naples and a raided print of the Madona and Child Both are superi >r specimens of the fine arts. Dana .? P afat Html Com Planttr? This is tru'y one of the most ingenious and use'ul inventions r{ the day. Its excellence consists in performing tho work with the utmost ac curacy acd speed It is so exceedingly sim ple, that any one, by two minutes explanation can use !t It may emphatically be termed a self ac .itig machine. It is already in ex ersive use, as we learn, at the North, and we have no doubt, if our farmers would call at tno fair, la the machine department, where it u to bo seen, they would at once decide in its tayor. as being superior to any oorn planter ye presented. It hjs already received the prize premium at several agricultural fairs A, tides Shell \Vorl \r -Amongst a^nfHnin^K^r6- ti"t considerable a/tent ion in the fair, is a case from the estab lishment of Hutchinson 4 Monro, Pennsyl vania avenuo It cons:st4 of fome mawi.ifi cent shell work, in the shape of boxe- piB cushions, and various other article. They 3?3 really elegant, and would be a prefy ,1Ed asoful ornament to aty ladies parlor and work table. They have 2lso in the same car* two ladies' hate, which are fit tocrowu any ber>nty. A visit to their store, and an examir.a'ion of (he variety of goods just op? ned, cannot fail to afford pleasure. ?Efery viaitor at the Fair bus >aken a look at thi^ handsome Mammoth Cako. manuftctured by Mr Weave, thekcer cr of the fansas res'su'-ant in the Hall W e the.t there ?re a large number of tjHt! "b'.t pid rings d;p:s"ted therein, that i is io ro disposod oi at oi ots a pcuni, so that it may truly to called a prise cake Tom* who wiati io Lec?ujQ possessed ot one ot the.<e d.d gi-ts, should at cnoe record their names on the list, now lying in the xelresh ment room in the hall ??OBtKTOW* CORBUrOHDXBCS. 8 ,bt*uk School Fair?Our Hirbor?Verdict of Inquest?College Cadets?Market*. Georgetown, Feb. 19,1855 The teaohers and schoUre of the Bryantown Mission Sabbath Sohool are busily engaged in making preparations for a fair for the benefit of the sohool. We understand that they will have quite a collection of useful and fancy articles for sale, and that a handsome sapper will be set out eaoh evening for the accommo dation of those who may patroniio the fair. It will be held in the room now occupied by the school, and will be opened to-morrow (Taesday) evening at six o clock We hope the friends of Sabbath schools will liberally patronise them. The little nucleus formed but a few months ago by some benevolent ladie# and gentlemen hat already grown to a school of considerable moment, and is doing much good in the neighborhood among the children, many of whom were before nearly entirely neglected We are aiso informed that the work on the new church for the mission will be resumed as soon as the weather will permit and will be poshed forw ird to completion as fast as poffible. Oar harbor is again clear of ice The steamer Salem left this morning with the packet schooner Arc ie, of the Messrs Dodge's line, in tow. She is laden with flour and boand for New York Several vessels that have been ice-bound below are hourly expected to arrive. Amon; them are northern paakets laden with merchandise. The coroner's jury in the oaae of the man Ash, noticed in the Star of Saturday, have found a verdict of accidental drowning It appeared that he left his boarding house on Thursday evening, about eight o'clock, with two bottles to buy some liquor, and that he bought two pints of liquor at the grog shop cf Rose Ann Staunton, and started to go home, and wan not seen again antil Saturday, when he was found drowned in canal loek No \ The oollege cadets, in full uniform, paraded several of our streets this morning en roate to the villa where they intend sponding the day. They were headed by a fine band of martial music, and mado a very handsome and soldier like appearance indeed. Tho beautiful uni forms of the company, and the swoet strains of music from tho band, attrsc'el great atten tion. especially from the ladies. No change in the flour or grian market rffnee our last report of Saturday, prioes re main the same. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Churches ? Ctlebration Arrange men t*?/fi re tdiarism?Presentation. Alexandria, February 18, 1855. The pleasant weather and bright sunshine has drawn crowds to our ohurches to day. Little id stirring worthy of record. The meeting convened at Carson's restau-' rant to secure an appropriate celebration of the coming 22d, was presided over by the Major Resolutions requesting the Mechani cal Artillery to fire a salute, inviting Edgar Snowden, Esq., to deliver the oration, and Fendall Marburgh, Esq , to rend the Farewell Address, were adopted ; the clergy, military, firemen <fcc , were request*! to participate, and coannit'.eea appointed to carry out the objects of tho meeting. Daring the progress of the cor.flftgration on Thursday night, a daring attempt was made to fire the engine house of the Ilydrnulian Fire Company A box about six inche? by twelve, filled with lanipwick and other com bustibles saturated with camphene, was placcd beneath the in.?ide steps and set on fire. For tunately some ol tho w.vch passing in thai direction made a timely discovery of the fire an 1 extinguished it before serious damage wr.p done. Some time since sonn villain mu tilated, at midnight, the superb suction of tbi' company. Wo learn that tLe company in'end requos:iug our city authorities to offer a reward lor the appieheofion of the iccen diary. At the clo.*e of the engage jent cf Kaensn't troupe at Washington hall, a large numhor oi our citizens united in presenting a valuable watch to Mr Wbaley as a slight testimonial of their e?'iraa*ion of his geniaf as on actor and his worth as a map Ami. rX~~r- PKKM II MS A t THK K A IBS.?WlllTEUl'KST'8 rtiit iii lli? ascendnnre?Tlie Inrie* of eirli of tli? lat falrn at It l'lmore, HirliiuntiiL and New York awarded llieir highest i remluins t<? J. II W. f ir tliir su|*ri<-riiy of Pho lograpV, Stereoscopes ami Da;(uerreot*|M-* exhibited. Air. W. .iln> jeceived 'wo Medal.- at Hi* World's K.iir, Loti don, and .? premium at Crystal P-la e, New York. Al'o, t*)? tlikt awards of the Ma ylml Institute for Ihre* year* past. Wtiileimrst'a tia'lery iu tUie city is on Pa avenue, betw. 4)4 and 6t!i streets. fsb 17 \f"r* WATCllE^.?Member* of Congress and others In ' want of a Brat rale timekeeper would do well to make a stlertlon at once tliat their quality may be thoroughly *? ?t ed before lenviug the city. M W. UALT A BRU'S assort nient was never s.i complete an at preseut, embracing every des<-rip ion, ail warranted, and at prices eertain'y ?n low ?? similar articles cau be purchased for in any city iu this country. M. W. UAI.T A BKO., jau JO?dtf Pi avenue between 9t:i and 10th -te ft?READY MAOKCLOTHING FOlt OENTI.RVKN AND U?' Y.-uths' wear manufactured with tastenud tie;;*nce b> NOAH WALKKR * CO., nudw Browns' Hotel, 'liteir ?!<??? embrace tiie l'alitot or burtout Overcoat, Overssrks, shaped and Me*la?e*; Taluiaa, black and blue Cloth Dreaa Coats, Fiock C* *ts of all fashionable colors, Caaaiuier, lld'iuess Suites, rjcli Velvet V*sts, Silks, *c., black doeskin Oassiuier, figured Caij'imer. and plain Cae**;mer Pantaloons. For the youth?Jacke s, Pant*, Vesta, Overcoats, Ac. As they are their owu liiaiiufa tuiers they are enabled and will sell at the very lowest pi icee. Shirts of superior Bt, Collars, O'.ovts, Ties, 4?., "I Ute styles always on hand. dec 10? FOR BRONCHITIS, Throat Diseases, Hading Ciash, aud the efl-"-ts of Imprudent nse of Mercury, no tncd leine has ever been discovered which has e!T?:ted su< b C'.res as Carter'e Speni-ih M'ature. Throst dlaeaaM produced by salivation, Hacklug C^n^b, Bronchial Affections, Livtr D.sease, Neuralgia, and It hen matlstn, li ive *11 been relieved and corsd in a wouderfcl manner' by the great pnrlOer of tue blood, Carter's Spauisb Mixtare. . The case ?: Mr. T. H. Ban:sey dkine should eaMsfy any Who doubt. C<11 on the Agent and procure* pamphlet, contalnluj cure\ wh'ch will astound you. advertieemeut. ?OrjOF SniLLIwaTOM receives all theuew Books an l News papers aa fast as published, lie Is areut for Harper's and all Ui- other M?s?ilnes, and our reader* will always End a large and good assortmeut of Blauk Ilooks andatationory at his Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenne aud ?M at. mAiiiiiicu. On the 15th insiatit, liy the R? v. John F. Cook, Mr. JOHN PETEKS, ol" W'.-uliiii^ton, t<? Aii.-n SE L1NA A. GKAV, tlie only tlaughier of Mr. Alfred Gray, of Alexandria, Va. OIKO. At FortGih-on, Chero'.ec Nation, on the31?tof Januarv, 185o, EUGKVE JOSEPH MORH1SOM, in the 19lli year of hw age, only mmi of Luut. CqI Jj. MorriKon, U. 8. Aniiy. NEW POLKA. JU3T pi'.lilishcd and f?>r t.aic ai HlLBUriSt i!ITZ' Music Detmt, the TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob llilbus, E-q., by J. Esputa, embellished with a beauiiiu) and cor reet likto^tof the vctetan tuner. Price J5 ceuts. Tn?- trade supplied on very liberal terms. feb 6 tf II. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Ha. arenue, between ntul HX* ?tre*tt., Offer8 for saio a maguiAcent assort men! of DIAMONII JEWELRY, Gold HraeelPts, Br?*aeipin?, Earriu^, Peal Rings Wedding Rim", Fob and Vest Chair*, Seals, L >ck et-?, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted as represented and w ld unusually low. j a 19 ROBINSON'S PRACTICE.?The Practice in Caiurts of Justice in England and the United States, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, Va.; vol 1?price ?6, jitel published, feb ? FRANCE TAYLOR. VfOTlCCi-Wlirreai Jobn K<?ilf and Caioltne i^| KorfT, his wife, live ap iri, und^r a deed of sep aration, the public are hen by warned not to tnii-t the said Cnroiiae on account of the subscriber, wli? is not responsible for any debts contracted by her and wi.l not ray the Mine. JOHN KORFF. feb 3?law3w* NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL the accounts of th* late linn ot of <JF.<l. W. UtRUEIT A CO., and ol ihe firm ot THOM AS OVER, in the lumber business in this eiry. have Imm'ii placed iii my hands, with instritetioiis to have the ^aiite srlll d or secured fortliWitii. All p. i .on? in any wi?? indebted to the firms above mentioned will please attend at ?nce, and save expense. W.VlT II. WARP, Attorney, Officc over Todd ? Co.'s Hat Store, feb 13 -eogw ??y K\5 A TV II , Va-, Canh s j i) JJ bought ir.d ? id by M. 8NYDEB * CO , ' Bi'tkera, coimi tjit. sir, r| an,| Pi avenue 4r I ran All- _lnnv, Va., N >t< > l?>ii<:bl and sold !ij A. M SNVnEK Sc C<?. fag- Si Withers &. Co'a Cxehangtt Hank Nottrs bought aud bold by A. M. SNYDER fc CO. feb tt?eclm For Bala and Rant f1 reat bargains IN REAL R8TATE and vJT Slave*. - I have for s?le some very valuable Houses and Lot*^Srick and frame, In tnia city. Also, some valuable Slaves?Men, Women, and Children. Great barraira may be expected for I cash. GEO. I. MASSE*, Agent. 1 feb 19?3t* For rent?the subscriber wishes todispive of his stock and fiitnrr* of a Con I feciionery Establishment on High, one door from Bridge street, Georgetown. The stand ta one ef (he heat, being an old established stand, with a good run of custom. To a person who wL<hes to engage in business a fine chancc is offered B. F. EVANS, Ajent. frb 16 -~3t (Organ) FOR PENT?A CONVENIENT modern builr, two story and nttie brick (louse, in ?t health) and good neighborhood. 1 he home contain* nine good rooms and a kitcken, good yard attached?it is nearly new having been occupied but a short time. To a jood tenant the rent will be moderate. Fur terms apply to R. B. IRONSIDE, 358 Ninth street, or Room No 11 General Land Officc. feb l?-4t* ?R ?ENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE ThRMo? F A two sto v frame House, with hick building, containing ?it rooms, on 13'>? street, between ti and | C streets south. Apply to C. A. DOUGH ERTV. neit door. A three-story Frame, witli basement, on N. York avenue, between 4ih and 5th sts. west. A three-Mory Frame, with bick building, on I ft. north, between 4th and 5th sts. west. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAMES W. BARKER, on H street north, between 13th and 13th | sts. west. AIso a two story Frame, with back building, oil Montgomery street, G-*onreiown. DICKSON k KING, feb 7?eotf George-own. I AND FOR SALE ?I will sell at public snle, at J Mr. Thomas Grime.*' Store, in Spalding's dis trict. on the 10th day of Maech next en>unu, one hundred acres of land, more or less, 30 acres cleared and a portion in grain, the balance well timbered. This lot adjoins the lands ol *lfemas Grimes, Dr. P. II. Heiskell, and Dr. Gunton,^^bly estimable neigh bors. There is a portion of meadow land very desi rable, finely wntercd?the distance from Alexandria i is about three mile*, and Irom Washington sis or seven. There are good situations for gardening. The sale to commence at 12 Vclock. Mr. Grimes will show the lot. or the subscriber. WILLIAM TOLSON. Prince George County, Mar) land, f, h 13? l..wtWarl6 [The Weekly Sun, Bait., will copy once a week until lOtb March, and forward one copy each week i to Mciint Welby Post Office, Prince George county, | Md., and forward the account to the subscriber, j STORE FOR RENT?IN BRICK BUILDING on the corm r of Pa. a\'enfte and Fourteenth s?., opposite Wri lards' Hotel, a good location for a fir t cla<s Book and Stationery, Tailor,' Boot and Shoe, Drug, or Fancv Store. Possession can br had im mediately. None need apply but those who can brina the best of references. Apply at WilUrd?' Hotel. feb Ifi?lw A DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN ONE OF TIIE most desirable* positions in Washington, doing a fins business. With it there im a most excellent j and valuable Soda Wafer Apparatus. The soda wa ter business is one of the best in Washington. Ad dress "X W," Washington. feb 13?2w OR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgeiown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Hridge and Congress sts., No. 87. feb 6-tf A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT? The. large and commodious dwelling at the corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 j large rooms, with a fine kitchen in the btsement, having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being j in fine repair, is now lor rent. Its excellent loca tion and fine accommodations make it one of the inos: desirable places for a large hoarding house or , dw lling in Washington. For terms apply at the | Star office. feb8-tf IJOMES FOR ALL.?Beautiful'y and healthily tj[ located Building Lots, 24 fc< t front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, !?>? bought at Hie exceeding low price of payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th si., above Odd Fellows' Ilail. jan 9?6.n JOHN FoX, Secretary. STOR AGE.?Those having Furniture, Diy Cortds Groceries, !ic., to be stored, will find ample ae commo!ation< in the large, airy, flagstone paved and Dry P.asements under the Star office. corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at lh>* Star office, ja.i 31?tf Wants. llf ANTED?A NURSE, SLAVE. ENUI'IRF. IT at I). CI igett's, neit door to corner of Ninth "trei t and Pennsylvania avenue. f. b 19?3t WANTED.?A YOUTII, OF 10 tEARSOF| age, who is a first ra'c penman, would like to have a pl.iee as bookkeeper or clerk in >oinc r ipec'aUr business. The hrst of recommendation* given. Address ' Z Y X," Evening Star oflW, or Mlenrv," through the Georgetown Post office, feb 16-If 11/ AITERS WANTED?TWO THREE GOOD Yf Waiters (white.) Enquire at this office, feb 17?3i WA5BI "G OH & ALEXANDRIA lSPE*\MBOAT.?The splendid and jcouimodious steamer GEO. PA'iE will resume ber rcgu'ar trips THUR5DAY, Febru ary 15 it-. Great attention pa d to Freight. Fare FIVE CENTS. Latham's splendid line of Coaches connect with the b E. A. RYTHElt, Captain. feb 14-7.* AT B W RESTAU^a?T, Penney I vanla avenue, North side, betwe:n Third and Four and-a half i/? (Formerly the iMetropolis,) - how the ELDORADO RESTAURANT. .CLEMENT REYNOLDS, ^ (late of Willards' Hotel,) Begs to inform his friends and the public generally,* that, h.ivine leased the hou-e formerly known n. thc Metropolis Restaurant, two doors ab ive United State* Hotel, north side Pa avenue,he has re titled, I e furnished, and re organized the same iii a neat and handsome style, und> r the name of the " ELDORADO RESTAURANT!" where he invites them to call, as he can furuisb them with first quality Liquors, such as BKAN I)1K*?. WJ1IHKIKS, CORDIAL 8, WINKS, ALK8, *c. AND CIOA11S. Of every brand and to suit all tastes. 1li? lohg ex [.? rieucc in this buMiiess at Wiltards' snd il-ewherc, ju-ti.i s biin in assuming to liave ?uieh thorough knowledge of it as will enable hiui o present unsurpisscd attraction to his visitors. HIS EATING SALOON will at nil times contain every delicacy the market and season affords, selected with un eye to quality and which will be prepared by a masterly hand. He has organised his e tablishmeut t>o that gentle iiioii will always enjoy quiet without ob rusiou by any one, and is determined that it shall always ex liibit order, comfort, and ease, combined with ele Sjance and every attention from those in his empby. feb 13?tf "splendid raffle. WILL be Raffled fcr as ?oon as the requisite number of Chances have been taken, the to) lowing splend d and costly articles, via: 1st Pnze. One splendid gold Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and edav Chronometer, mo-i beautifully decorated and adorned with enamelled Paintings $1,600 2d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds anl Painting on Enamel... 3d Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, hnd Painting on Enamel.. 1-0 4th l'ri?e. One Gents Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Compensator) gol 1 Hunting Wawh J0.| S'.h Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased f.0 Total vjlue f2,lK?0 There will be Two Hundred Chance*, at Ten Dollars each. The rr.ftle will lake place at llilhu* h llitz' Mil sic Depot, Star Buildings, comer Pa. avenue and 11 til rtreet, where Ticket* can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Ptrsons desirous of posseting some of tlie most tiiperb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such ai an extiemely low price. Call and examine for yourselves at the Music De potof HILBUS fc H1TZ, Star Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. in. and 6 p. m. feb 7- If MUTUAL EIBE INSURANCE COMPART, OF THE D1STFICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered by f.Vmgrrw, OFFERS to the citizens of the Distiiet the safest and cheapest means of insurance again? t io?-? by fire on all descriptions of property, as may be M-en by an examintr.ion of the charter and by laws. Applications for iiuttrnnce can !>e made to ibe un . dersigned or at ;hs oJE^c, Colirn.i ia Tince, Seventh | street and Louisiana avenue, wlieie e*pies r.f the [ eharier and by laws may l.e pi? urej. I1LYSSF.S WARD, President. MoH'i?cn Tlioma" 8i?g?l? n, UI>ss^-? Ward. Dr. F. Ilow. rd, J C. MeKeldeii, lolin Van Ki?uick, p. W. Browning aud M.G. Eoierj. an 31??o|u? NOT1CK.?Bv virtu** ?fa writ of fire farm. I* sued bv B. K Mornell, <ne V tlie Justices of the pence in and for the county of Washington, D. C., at the suit "( Jorph Rubier. against the fond, toil r ha. lei* of Jobn Himiuond. 10 uie'iiirected, I h.v? riezed and taken in execution nil the rifht, uile and int*rest of the Mid John Hauwuond. in and t > *on? horse w a iron and ha roe**, and I hereby fire i> iticr lhat on SATURDAY, the iNth February, IBM. nt 1( o'clock a. m , in front of the Centre Market llon?e in ?aid county of Wa?ii ingt*n, D. t, 1 * 111 offer f i tale the said goods and chattels no aeacd, and ukei in execution to the (ugliest bidder frr ca?h. II. A MARY MAN, feb 17?3t* Cwwtnbe By J. C. NcGllRK, 1>RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE and Lnt By virtue of a deed of trad from Win F. Aus n and wife, b?\uin: d te on tlie 6<h d*v ol January, 1854, and recorded in l.iber J. A. S., Vo 70, folios 3J6, 337,338, 3*. and 340, the suh-c>ilni will ae'l, at public Mile, on MOND.At, the 5It day of March, 1856, at 4yf o'cl<ickr p in., on the |Tvm> nes, on First street east, b? tween N and O *reet* south, part of L<*t 5, in squires utk of equat e 741, fronting 69 feet 11 inchcs on ??aid Fir-t street, by 75 feet deep, on a 60 feet alley, together with the boiM inis anil unpwvewerts, which consist of a well mid substantially built two -tory Iramc dwelling h<m??. The t? rms of sale will be : One halt etw>h, an J th? balancc la equal payments at *11 and twelve m ?ntii foc notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured by deed in mm upen the property. If the terms of hale are not complied wi h in si* days nftcr the aale the property will he rrrol', nt the risk and ripen e ?I "the purchaser., upon out* week s notice. All conrcjancing at eipen-e of purchaser. CHA8. S. WALL ACH. Truster. J A3. C. McGUIRE, fell 10?rokd? Auatirweer. T' By J? C. RIcOUIRK, Aneflontcr. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF IIOUSE AMII L<>r.? On THURSDAY afternoon, Match 1st, 1A.V?, at 4 o'clock, on the p'eimses, by virtu? '?( a dted o' trust to the sul?s^iib?r, h anng date the 14th May. 1862, and rtuly recorded m Liber J. A. S., Ne. i0. folios 438, 4J9, an<l 110, one of flic land records *>r Washington county, I shall sell the north half of Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 feet 4 t:?ch? on 18th street west, between north C and D street*, running back 100 feel to a wide alley, with improve ments, convicting of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash; the reierfue in six and twelve months, with interest, necored by a deol of trust on th'c premises. NICHOL AS C4LL AN. Trustee. IAS. C. McGUIRE, feb 12?eokd< Aueti->neev. By J. C HeUt'lRK, Auction*! r. SMALL AND DESIRABLE MARKET FARM at Public Auction.?<>n SATURDAY. February 21ih, at 12 o'clock, in , nt my Anetion r.?o;ni, I shall sell a small market farm, containing 24 acrra, situated about six miles distant from the Centre Market, and one ha'f mile from th>- S? veath street Plank Road, and immediately opposite the iiwia o' F- P. Blair, Psq The impr vcments consist of a -wall frame dwel ling house, leg ntable, corn erib, and other nec> ss i ry oiithuilJiiigs. There i< a g<>oit spring of \y <tw on th** place, also, some choice fruit trees in bearing condition. Sale pen mptorv and title perfect. Terms: One-third cash; the residue m .-dx an?i tw? Ive months, with interest, secured by a de**.i +>. trust on th* premises. JAMKS O MoGUlRE. ftb Ift? d TIIE LATE MR. MEADE'S PrCTL'RKS rATBys: ? ? ... PRI7.E no. I P 'Jhomi,s nneva, giving Alois to the EELraZ . M"nU?> hy nn(- of bis PUf'ls m.d uched by ''"t greut artist?said to be equal to the original, eost *4.000. 4 tl PRICC 2. The adorntion of the Mm of th?* Fa^i * ? genu ne Murillo; cost ^3,0(W. ' ?? , , PRirs 3 HeaJ ofour Saviour," by ?'orrep;io; cost *1,000. .... . rntzs 4. 1,000 Blessed Virgin," by Carrefjio; cost Mr. 5. A. MATLACK i? authorized to recHve su -c"?MK>ns in this city, of whom rietets may u> obtain" I, or of >h *?rs. TAYLOR X MAURY. All money received on acrnii;-,t of Ui?> Raf}l~ will berfeposiN in Rank until the drawing ttke< tJace which Will be duly annonneed. ' From t\r Nutional Ifitettigrncfr. i? i ',rnl,ar *?' ?h" mnexr-d We have observed in aereral distant papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondenre. We are eiad to sr. a meinfHT of the family is wili ng to .hspoM- of a ;?n of the rare collection of the I t, R.etiard W. HJende who, durin; hi: long residence in Spain, hai onoor totuties, Which hi- opulence enabled him to ml .IT-, or selecting many of the finest pnintingx m Sn.?in? that freartire lious* of pictorial riches. Tli>- dis n^-tn iC'rtc 01 .'!,e ,c"u",ry M u"* "me, morei ver, made_ it favorihle for obtaining nnrvgems of an which would otherwise never have keen* ptin hs.a From the Bo it en Chronu 'e. JJl"? ?y?v?K* or Art?Several .AefrfWrre. f Murillo, Correjjgin, and other mast |s, which were he"* 'e R?VV %T,nt dU|r'nC ,ullonr,ry t'me. Ia t!i. I.?te R. \V Meade, have .h ind the a-lrtur.i'ion of conimisseurs during the p?-t nc kin the Hot undo ol he Capitol. They ar? t. !??> di?j>o*ed of f..r rtie ben. fit of a dan hterof Mr Mea.'e/residing ?n New lie f *M ?P??rtM?ity has betn civ* li to tile pulilic for an examination. ft.\, q (| CHEAP?VFRY C11EA1>! T of JSfcS'EfreSNn and even- articic in the 1J ,i,*e keeping line, which they will s. II, at very reduce.I prices for ca*li. Ilousekeepei* and all otli- rs in want of barCMin, can save money by cxiuiimug our ?totk befbrt making their purchescs. Furnitu e u- aUy reputed an J va nu-hed, on the most reasonabl ? t< nns. Furniture Loui'ht, ?K>ld, or exchanccrf. bon rz &. COOV BS, feb l4^lUihUtCi:,' kctwceB 1 K ^traeu. fT^TAr^'eH^' 8TEEL k PLATED SPEC JfltLliH to Milt every a*e and cje, Riding Specs, R. K. Gli-ws, Eve! Protectors, Eye Ulasnc* of all descrm lions, Reading Glaswrs, Goggle* ? j|C. Parabola, Perifocal, Cone ive, Convex, and Colored Glares put m frames at the abac test notice. Pers-ns in want of glasses may be sure to get tho c which benefit the eye at ? ? H. SEMKKN'S, jan 30 a venue, betw. 9th and 10th ,u. DRAUGHT ALE. 'TIIE undersigned respectiully ant.onnec that thev .1 have obtained the sole Agency o# th" IN<iri>i for .be sale of Kum k Nes^k Dr.uglitX and have made arrangements ?o a- to have n c,.? stantly on lwnd,M) that all whotna> favor th-m wtih their custom will be punctually served As wu'il, a upjMy i>f Porter, Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet with strict attention. Terms cask. ARNY k SHINN. A first rate W ajon, but little used, lor sale Aoi?ly as abive, to ARNY A SIIINN, ,. _ . Union Bottling De(s?t, feb 8?eoliu Georgetown THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY INFORMS the I citizens of Washington and George'owu that he will attend to the laying out of new and the renair mg of old gardens. Also the pruoing *?,*1 I Charges mcnleratV. 5 ? Ordew Irft at Mr. Nairn'*, hrupitt, coivicr of Pa -2fR P-I^ ' wlH ^ Proa,P*l)p ?ttended to. ' 14?eoJt* G. SCIIAD. qbtropolitar fair ?i?heCE T0 Cl!lz? ABD WEAJI0IB8 I m"! T of Dry Goods of the late flt.n of I ? Magruder A Calvert will be closed out at vert reduced priaes. We name ,n part- 3 Rich striped and plaid Silks Brocade Silks, cost *1. fo. 62jtf cenu Changeable Silks, 87^, for 50c. White Crape Shawl* at half price Colored do do Linen Sheeting, wort $1 for 75c. Pi.low Linen worth 75c for 50 Pil ow case Cotton, worth 15c, lor 11 U 12-4 cotton Kheetirg.qporth 50c, f?r 3a " Fine French Ginghams, worth 25, fi?r 18*? White and colored Brillnnts, very cheap Also, a large lot of Domestic* of the best class which will he sold very low. '1 Call early and secure great batgnius, at No. 16 I opp Centre Market, between 8ih and 9th sts. feb 9? eoSw CIGARS!?TOBACCO! | AMES E. POWERS,Colut-bia Place, comer of I ? S seventh Street and Lotiisinna avenu*, has j? rrceivcd the niost extensive and varied a rnrtwcul I of Cigars to b? found in thi? city, and invites ail who I desire anything in hi* line to call cn turn. All the favorite brands of Cigars besides several new ohm, can be found in his stock. A large supply ol ?? Rou?h and Ready ?? Tobacc* I also received. frb )6_^ 3,. I SILVERWARE; pretty assortment of Silver CofTre Beu I noona and F?rtr<*^*' Ca?P ' Cr'ain'' nnJ ?"?'! kindi ^P00"* Md Forks, and a variety cf Fanrv s .Vcr EJV?c?i,h ZJZTT: S"?P IS Cr. nm an'7^.-^T^ ** and cn,? Kn'r-. " "*m*v ** "? i,? Sr330''' ?5*UYSiScKTAYlSi."'' TELEQRAPUIC. hprtaly for a<* Pally Imhi iu>" Aa Adjutant General imatW Boaroa, f?b. IV?Adjataat OtMrtl Stoo? WM on Sitardtj in W?rr?.l?r lor <r*s pass, ia breaking open the srmory of the ackson Gmrda This r*ar?Dj wti fc?re:< . f-r.ordT*i to be disbanded. bet tbej to d^rw up tbeir am. g^, VM allowed to retare, without bail, ?<> B-atoo to eonrolt with tba Co.maader in ehiof Later from Htviu. Naw Oataaae, Feb 19 -Tba Bl;ek War r or. with Ilsvsr.a dates of tba U<b, has ar. | rived with highly inte'e*ti-g Intelltgeuee. Great fiitement existed from the anticipated de cent of tba Fillibastora. A new militia oompanj haa been formed The whole island hai brea declared in a atr.te of siege, and all the port* declared io a state of Hoekade. A proclamation baa been finished orde ? ing the enlistment d all volunteers, between 18 and 50 years of age who are oapabla ot bearing anna Military coaaiNioDS are creatod for the eastern part of the Islaad. Another Earthquake ia Haire Basgok. Feb. 19 ?A violent earthquake oocarred here at 5 o clock thu aoning T&s building* ware violently shaken Baltimore Markets BALtiaoaa, Feb 19 -Flour i? upward and Arm?Howard street fS 50. Wheat?red, $1 90 ?$J 98; while $1 95a$2 oi Corn is downward and doll?jellow 87a88; ; wbiU at S5a%7e . mixrd, 83a84e No rye offered, Oats, 47e!0? indden death cf aa Editor Cobcobd, Feb. 18 -Mr Barton. Editor of the He porter, dropped deal yesterday from disease of the beett Another Effljy of c-ptaksr Liultjofcx Pot?HaarrMa. N. Y . Feb 1?-An effl/r labelled "Little Job a, the Perjiirer. may God he.p him, ' was hung on a trae in front or onr oourt House las: niabt. It ertsatad little ea c*m*nt- *ad nat <*o*b ikw in amir./ wtlhou' oppca ivn FaTip%tiai ret umed on the Obio fiaer. Locikvillr. Feb. 17 ?Navigation on the law?r Obio has been resumed and boats are \V'?* for New Orleans Mail paohMa hecoe for Cincinnati retuced :heir trips to day. i ittsctro, teb 17 ?There is nine feet of water in the channel and rapidly NaT. gation will be resumed on Motday. A mat of a Youtfcful fff;nd?r. Bosro*. Feb Id ?Wm Imlay, a |a| || years old, we, arretted in rrovHence t dsy, '?"? Ti?r and Ciffil, of No 21, D ane j. lie had purchased a horse, an eft"61' sleigh, a co?t!v barneas. a buffalo robe. Ac*, and had two trunks filled with cutlerr, jewel, ry, a revolver, Ac Three or four weeks since, be leaned his employers $.VX> for a mouth, which h) pretended was fnrniohed by a rlab uncle, on which he was to bare one dollar in teies*. lie badstolen the rum, it is ercer tsined, from his employers. NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER x I'LAXT have taken the old nn>l wrll kD')<vn confectionery establish ment, No. 499 Seventh *trect, oppo.?t* F?! l"W?' II.ill. wtore they will Ik mo*t ha|ipi to r?- five their friend* and the puUtc p '^rally. VV> will i-ot>. a ilv on han?l a rlmn r ?;on of u'l kiiwl-ot I'ONTW.TlONr.KV ANo, dealer* in foreign and dofrstic FHI'ITi5, ??t all kindii. We h'?p?- hy a rtrirt attention to bu?iin^? 'o ? i tli approbati-Hi of our fra ud*, and m<TH a sliare tM nitronaee p-n<tn?lly. N. B. IJ.tllv Cart., f, r.ti.l Fitinilie* ?tippl ed ??n t?;e rues; n a* ?nable and ratirlactoiy i?na*,at the -h ?rt e-t noiice. RYDER k PLAN I". feb 6?tf ROSENKRANZ TIANOS. ?L'ST received two of the abova ua?-qiial!r-<l in rtrtini<-nl? ditrot front the Manu factory in Dre*4*n, (.Vrm.iny. rtaMH having l?tth, after a hr g and land vnyif, arnvrd in pt-rfact* " ? IT ? lunc, afford an<4her auarant^e of th?ir mipenoiitv in k(?pint in tune. I heir beauty and pitvir o( tone elicit* the frighe-t encraiutn* from all the rt? at rtiUt-ical critics of Knrope. HILBUS k II1TZ, Muse DeprH, ccr. Pa. av. 11th and 1? ?l<. an ?-tt BOYS' CF,0TI1ING. WrAU? *. tfTEPHi;\5, WtKitenatr and P <?! Clothinp an J lurai-hing MercbaMa, P*- av ian', nest d'N>r to lr.?n llall. have on haict out <A the lar:? .-t ami siM varied a forimrei* ot RRADV-MAOC BOYS' Cl.vTIIIWt; in the citintrv, wtiirh i? made up in ever. ?t\|e. and calrula'cd '? mil uli ta-t- s. 'Piicir *1 ?>wls ar<- nt^ lc of ilie t>Ci-' iwatenalf atii K the be>t anliaiw. ai d will be di.-po?i'd ??f at rate* natcamtot foil i'i pi< *? ?. Th- patiHe arc res'pnctluily invited to call ?n.l ev amine the *tock. f< h 3 -tl DISSOLUTION. 1*IIE partnership ot Barron a < trine i* tin* **7 diw.ived by mutual con!?enl. Alt srcaanU mn tlic cnncern maet b?- paid to II. Barron, be hting ?u IhoriiH'il to close the busine** of the firm. ?HENRY B Mtlti iN, ?? hruat) 3. m.'?. TH<?8 OR.M E. The nni'r?ijpi>d wind respectfully re?p?? ?t a!| Ihosw indebted to the marc n to come ton* vd and ??< tile tlmr biiU t y tin 6th of March. a> n t* v*rv mitortant to him io have the hu<in< M c?n>^d by that time. All account* lett ovtr at that time will it fait into the hand* of an officer for c?4leci|on. All ac count* due by the cmcfra * i!l please be pn^enN for payment a* soon a* po** hie, a> | an ready at any time to meet the same. HF.NRY BARRON. P. ?The unr|ef>T;nrd wool I rtapeclTul'y *e> i?? *11 the caslomee# of the late firm, and the public geucra'iv. tlta' (here will always be kept a ?to?.k ot ^'o d and Coal at the old Maud. Oreen *ir?* t, at?d wticit* a r-Wre of ptiblK patrofitfe. Iltlx-vinf ?t to b Ite t (or lioth bu?er and aelh r, he ha* det< rruiaed t) make the terms ca*h, or on short t>me to piinrtiial ewsaasesa. TIl'W. ORME, Agent frb 5 ? IVY WALTZ. CinMPOrjEU ami dedicated to Mim M.J T?W* j by Prol. A F. Little, ju-t ptihlielied and l??r *ale at HILBIJd b. HITZ'K Mu<tc (hpl Price cents. nbft WATCHES, IBWBJT,PILVEt AND PL\ TED WARE. AT REDUCED PRICE-, lii anticipation of the approaehinc du I ^ aea^on we offer our entire stock of H< rant GHLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, lie., at greaUj re Jl m duced rates Peraitna would do wt II to eianune our a*?">?meni which is by lar the lart**t, moat fatJn^naWe, and b*rt selected erer offered to our euatotner*. M. W. (iALT It BRO. 344 Fa. ave., between 9th and 10th at*, feb M (New*) Pianos for sale and rent. XHK *ub?Mher ha* alway* on bnd a ikKMl ntent ot German and American PI OS, trom the verjr beat mauufarturer* w inch fe offer* for *ale at lower pnee* than can be purchased in the Ih*tri<*t of Columbia, and ? n the moat accommodating term- All Ptauotf purchased ir?m me are warranted m aatiauc uon. (Hd Piano.* taken in eirhanf*. B. RRISS, Pp/imw of ?, l>etw. Fourteuith and Fi?\t*oth *w??ts feb 6-:bn* KKAT 1?DUCBHK?TB. CANF*ELn. BROTlIRR b CO a*9 B*U mart 4rct1, Baltimore, Ofl. r to buyeta, previous to takir?c tbeir annu?i me et utit of *ioek, a large * ?H r<*e?t> '?I**!?' PHida.*frh a* WATCHES. JEW ELRY. BIL\ LR WARK, Stlhati r?A piatr l ??A Ctoc*.. V- *et, ifu'iral Bo'e?. /JreWea CAimt. ^ } AT CES TfJ MI IT Ttjfi TIMES, WITHOUT RE VJRD TO COST. *?? liKIIXS H0U8I OP PAIKO 4 X0UE8E. Oppontr f'atteW Stole* Ttfantry B(?NDS, Stock- andotbor aecuriue* |iirch-i**d and sold. Interest at th*? rate of six per rent per annum a! low ed en <>pos't* *.vhm left for 3f? day* or loader j-r 2;? jSrT bushnell's school. A j. 4ft TSntr.uih Jr~t, Fvm4 t* HE nest .(u triet will < ??aimeace uii li?- l^ib iu -laut. Csi ular? m ij be luul at U?e priatipal b <ok*tr>re? id at the Setoool ro m*. fe* IV eu?? * G I

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