Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAB. BABY PQXriT. . . . - - Soins hypercritical qld }>ach#k>r may snyjhere is no poetry In the lailosrlsg reported effusion or a young and happy mother. iio|i over her Aral born, in bsby language, true poetry: Where Is the baby ? blew iu heart Where js muuM'u darling boy * Doe* it hold its little hands apart, , The dearest, bessed toy ? And so it does; and wilhits ittle vhtn Grow j u#t an fat as butter i , And will it pofce its ittle fingers it [u turn in ittle mouth, and mutter Nicev wtcey words Just like ittle yaller birds? * And so it will; and so-it may, - - No matter what it* pappy, mammy say, And doe? it wink its ittle eyeses, . . When it's mad and ups and crieses ? Aad dun* it squ?U like elUclr-a dees At everything it sees ? Well it T wRy not, t pray ? Aiotit BMusarWdarli* every day ? Oh! what's the matter: oh my! oh my! What makes my sweetest chicken ky? Oh nasty, uggy pin, to prick it; Its darlin muaxer's darling cricket I There ! There: she thrown it in The fire; the kuel, wicked pin ! There ! hash my honey; go to seep. Rocked in e kadle of a deep! Wist run Etiquette.?Our Yankee traveler, who saw the live hooaier, has again written to his mother : 44 Western people go their death on eti quette. You can't tell a man here that he lies, as you can down east, without fighting. A f?w days ago, a man was telling two ot his neighbors, in my hear ing, a pretty large story. Says I? ?'Stranger, that's a whopper!" Says he, ?'lay there, stranger." And in the twink ling of an eye I found myself in the ditch, a perfect quadruped, the worse for wear and tear. Upon another occasion, says I to a man I never saw before, as a wo man passed, "that isn't a specimen of your Western women, is it?" Says he, "You are afraid of the fever and ague, stranger, aint you?" "Very much," says I. "Well," replied he, "that lady is my wift, and if you dont apologize in two minutes, by the honor of a gentle man, I swear that these two pistols (which he held cocked in his hand) shall cure you of that disorder entirely?so dont fear, stronger!" So I knelt down, and politely apologized. I admire the Western country very much, but curse me if I can stand so much etiquette, it always takes me unawares. Post Office in Boston In 1822, there were nine persons employed in the post-office of Boston; now there are eighty. To show the enormous piles of printed matter, generally newspapers and periodicals, that are sent out of the Boston post-office only, it may be stated that 300 canvass bags are despatched that weigh on an average 150 pounds each; thus giving 22^ tons a day. And the 400 letter bags that pass in and out of the office daily, it is estimated, will weigh one-third as much more. fp- The French colony of Algiers, in Africa, is likely to compete with the United States in the production of fine Sea Island (cotton.) Two years ago ten bags were grown; last year 140, and this year it is stated that 200 bags will be produced. This cotton, so far, has been sent to Havre, and the pr ces real* iaed were from Is 4d<28c) to 4s (SI) pet pound. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. A atne. Lcy&t F&t IJitvi. CUy .Manchester. .Liverpool.. .Philadeipiua.Fe6. M m Lou" Havre New York...Feb. 14 0&- The California steamers leave New York on the 3th and 90th of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wlliardi* (local?g. 4. kic. wilum. R W Lowber, Pa N B Collins a lady, NY CM Wilds, USA Miss Collins, do ? ? Whittles, lady and son, E L Viele R family, NY do M T Warn*, Pa G W Whittlesey, do P Mlxswle, jr, do J R Thompson, Va E B Gardetle, . 0 H Dwinou, USN C F Holdship, do WW Barrett, Mich C D Garden?, do F W Bird. Main C H Fairweaiher, Md N L Pietce, do W B Camp g C Lord, do F Gibson, Mia G W Weston, Md J Hunter, Va || f| Brodrick, Pa H Arcbincl-xb.jr, NY Dr Fullertoa. do A A Belknap, LSN J E Bon ham, Pa Browns' H*t?i ?r. r. a a. stows. T Watkins, Va E R Mason a lady, Md J O Knox, do Mra Mawn, do Dr A Graham, do J J Hayden, Ind G 8 Everhart, Pa G Failey, Mass . J W Griffiths, NY J Levick Pa C M Terry, do B A O'Mallv a lady, Vt J Riee, do j Blamier, NY S ,WnL'P A,a W F Watson, Va ZORock, \n JL Martin, Del I/lf!?10"- La J H W M Payton, do C A Sears, D?1 J 8 R>an a lady, Va H H Tebbs, do W P Johnson, do J C Tmisiey, ito ' A Wheeler, O CP Dexter, Ala W Lackland a lady, Mo F N Wane, do B H Ulntstead 04 lady, J W Bullock, do NY M Hubbard, do ' W N Gilletr, O L Hawkins, Md J W Hankinson, 111 J C Tinsley, Va C M Wiley, USA J C Maps, NY Mism Pratt a st-rv'u, NY P G buffer, Tenn Miss Button, do G Harding, Pa VV D Bishop, Ci Hit Harris a ladv, Md W Foster, Mex F W Winn, do ' H C Johnston, Pa 11 B Ea*all, Va J T Hillyer, NC J White a ladv, do T U Steven*, do JL Walker, do J B Hill, Mi VV 11 Haskell, III H Hurkin<-lon, jr, NY W Houser. Ark ' do K r Smyth, Pa E Abry, do J 8 Craft, do J Britung. Switzerland H Blaokman. Cal r M Patten, pel R Compton, Tenn 4 " ? "W F L Jackson, N V A E Carter, do *,,kwood 1. a a. aiaawooa, Her*a|*4ez, SO c R Thorpe, Md T C Learned, Ct Dr Jones, do I. J Sh'ph ud, do VV D Montgomery, NY A D Beem.NY G W W.Tk d'yJc iv P?Jf' m ^ R'tket a servant, do W Porter, Mw L Timberlake, NY D A Bmalley a lady D 8 Skinner, do W H Prall a lady, NY C Wilkes a children, Pa Mrs L Eim?ndorf, NJ 8 Penney, Ala Miss C PraJl, do J II peCk, Va F Voorheis, do D D Egan, NY GC Lord, Mass J C, NH W B Cnffin, /.la laltad Italss UsUI?>. s. backbit. E Stirser*, NY Col W B Gardner, Ga T s Hammond, Pa V-TrUr1 J* W Law.-on, OreP,? J T Griffin Mi B F Brown, O a B F Bnstow, III J T do Mli l> v Coflma?, do n JZZLX* Mi Z foreman, dc .. - P ' ^ B D do II Maasmgale, do j Lu?t >H; ' TB Wll|iaiu.,do ? H ar< drlek, Pa * L Wallace W H Levitt Va i Jones, NC N B Levitt do O 8 Bond, Ind D Sibhet. do ?lom Ilowse, Alexandria, Va a. mwTos, raoraiiTos. J O Harris a lady, Va * J M Gregory, Va Mrs Pendleton, do RE Scott, do Miss Harris, do W 11 Gaines, do Col W B Slaughter, do G P Wdo T B Ingraham, do DP Montague, do A A Liule, do L Marge, do W C Hume, do E A Foreman, do r n Wootten, Md T B Oarr, NJ * i H Bhaw, CN J Coryell, do ** Mai W Gilorbell, Me J R West, do F G Hume, Va FA Marge, Va M Marye do V K Brent, do * J A Mais, do TB Love, do V R Hurd, do MB Vanard, Jr, Md 8 A Buckner, do A V 8cou, DC J Marshall, do C Hsrndon, Va Col W B Ganldin. 6a J Jnt, do 0 Ctulion, DC C VV blioeosj do UNITED STATES MAIL" :: ? J**? 1 ? - ? i ? - - - - ? T>ROPG? A.L* tor carrying the SMdhof tbt Unite* JL States from flu* t?t day of September. 1855. to ths 1st day dT Ju?y, 1858, in the Territories-of ORE GON ajjd NEW MEXICO,-writ he received ni the Contract Ofloe- of the t'oat Office Department, in theCity of VVasMngton, until 9 a m of the 13*h day of June,. 1855, <(?o be decided by the next-day,) on the routes and in the limes herein specified, viz: OREGON TERRITORY. 18735 From Albany, by Burlington and Thurston, to Wilamette Fork?, SO miles and back, once ft week Leave Albany every Thursday at 6? in Arrive at Willamette Forks next days by 12 ni ' LeaveAyillamette 1 orks every Friday at 2 p m i - .. Arrive at Albany next days by 8 p m Proposalf to commence at Syracuse will be considered. * i%7M -From Oregon City, by Harrison Wright's, Ri '* chard Miller**, and 9. Allen's, to Salem, .">0 miles and back, once a week Leave Oregon City every Monday at6 a m .^rrive at Salem nex: day by 19 ? Leave Salem every Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Oregon City next day by 19 in 19727 From Linton, b> Tualetin Plains and Harri son's Mill, to Forest Grove, 90 miles and back once a week Leave Linton every Wednesday at C a m Arrive at Forest Grove sauie days by 3 p m Leave Forest Grove every Tuesday at C a in Arrive at Linton same days by 3 p m Bids to commence at St. Helen, omitting IJn ton, will be considered. 12728 From Oregon City, by Lebanon, to Sublimity, 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Oregon City every Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Sublimity aume days by 7 p m Leave Sublimity every Saturday at (i a m Arrive at Oregon Cliv same days by 7 p in 12729 From Portland, by MonUylvama, Taylor's Ferry, Rock Creek. Chehalam Gap, Roger*7 and Old French Mission, to Saltm, 70 iniles and back, oncc a week Leave Portland every Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Salem next days by 4 p m Leave Salem every Friday at 6 a in Arrive at Portland next days by 4 p m 12730 From Salem, by Cincinnati, Fords, and Dal las, to Tillameok, 70 miles and back, once a week Leave Salem every Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Tillamook next days by C p in Leave Tillamook every Saturday at 6 a m Airive at Salem next days by 6 p m Bids to run only between Dallas and Tillamook are iavited. 1*731 Froiu Salem to E. II. Randall's, in Linn CO., and back, once a week Bidder* to stale distance and schedule of arri vals and departures 12732 From Salem, to Franklin Bute and back, once a week Bidders to stale distance and schedule 12733 From Sublimity, by Santyaiu Forka, to Pleas ant Hilt, 100 iniles and back, once a week Leave Sublimity every Tuesday at C a in Arrive at Pleasant Hill next Thursday by 4 p in Leave Pleasant Hill every Saturday at 6 a im Arrive at Sublimity next Monday by 4 p m 12734 From Washington Bute to Grass Hill, in Linn enmity, 60 uules and hack, once a week L4Be Waaiington Bute every Wednesday at 0 a m Arnve at Grass IIill by 12 in same day Leave <Jra-?s llill every Saturday at 6 a in Arrive at Washington Bute by 12 m same day. NEW MEXICO. 129)3 Front Albuquerque, by Zuni, to Woodville, California, and back, once a week Bidder* to state distance and schedule 'of arri vals and departures 129)4 F rout Taw to Donna Anna and back, once a week Bidders to stite distance and schedule. INSTRUCTIONS. For in of a proposal whrreno change from advertise ment is contemplated by the bidder. I, , of , county of , State of , propose to convey the mails from Sep tember 1, l&w, lo July 1,1H0H, on route No. . from ? to ??, agreeably to the adver tiscinent ot the Postmaster General, dated January 30, 1860, and by the following mode of conveyance, via: for the annual sum of dollars This proposal is made with a full knowledge ol the distance ct ?lie rout.-, the weigfct ot tin-mail to be carried, and all other particulars iu reference to the route and service, and also after full examina tion of the instruction* and requirements attached to the advertisement. Dated (Signed.) Form of a Gun untcc. The undersigned, residing at , State of , undertake thai, if the foregoing bid for car rying tlie mail on route No. be accepted by the Postmaster General, the bidder shall, prior to the 1st day of September, ?iv*?, or aa soon thereafter a* may be, entered into the required obligation to per form the service proposed, with good and sufficient sureties. This we do with a full knowledge of the obi iga uons and iiabilitiea assumed by guarantors undct the 27th section of the act of Congress of July 2, 1S3G. Dated '.Signed by two guarantors.) Form of a Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of , State of , certifies, under his oath of office, that he u acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows thsin to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may be certified by a judge of a court of record, and by j,o-t maater* at the followmg offices,and no other*: In Oregon Territory by the postmasters of Oregon City, Astoria, Salem, Linton, Sublimity, Portland, Albany, Willamette F<>rks, Dallas, Cincinnati, Tu aliun Plains and Corvaiiis. In New Mexico by the p wtmasters of Santa Fo, Donna Anna, Taos, and Albuquerque. Conditvjni to le incorporated in thi contrails to the extent the Departiiunt may deem jirojier. 1. Seven minutes are allowed to each in erm^ili ate office, when not otherwise -perilled, t*r assoit uig tne mails; but on railroad and steamboat loittea there is to fie no more delay than is sufficient for an exchange of mail bags. 2. On routes where the mode of conveyance ad mits of it, the special .agents of the department, al.?o post; office blanks, mail bags, locks and keys, are to be c6nveyed without extra charge. 3. *No pay will be made for trips* not performed; and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily ex plained, three times Uie pay ol the trip may be de ducted. For arrivals so far behind time as to break connection with depending mails,and not sufficient ly excused, one fourth of tac compensation for the urip is aubjeat to forfeiture. Deduction will also be ordered for a grade of performance inferior to tliat specified in th? contract. F.>r rej?HUed delinquen cies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penal ties, proportioned lo the nature thereof aim the import ance of the mail, may be made. 4. Th? Postmaster General may annul the con tract fur repeated f ailures to run agreeably to contract, fur disobeying the Pont Office laws, or tlie instruc tions of the department; tor refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the department to do so ; fur asBignum the contract without the absent of tlie Postmaster General; f< r running an express as afore said; or for transporting persons or packages con veying mailable matter oat of the ma I. 5. The Postmaster General may order an increase of service on a route by allowing therefor a yro rata increase on the contract pay. He may change the schedule ol arrivals and departures, without in crease of pay, provided he doe* not curtail the amount of running time. He may also order an in crease of speed, he allowing, within the restrictions of the law, a prorata increase of pay for the addi tunal stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, in the cast of increase of speed, relinquish the contract by giving prompt notice to the depart ment (hat In.* prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect. The Postmaster Generai may also cur tail or discontinue the service, at pro rata decrease oi pay, allowing one month's extra compensation on the amount dispensed with, whenever, in his opin ion, tlie publie interest, do not require the same, or in case he desires to supersede it by a different grade of transportation. 6. Pay menu will be made for ihe ?ervice by col lecUona from, or drafts on, jpoetmaslcr*, or other wise, after the expiration ot each quartet?say hi February, May, August, aud November. 7. The distances are given acCordiug to the host iiitormation ; but no incrcawd pay will be allowed ahould they be greater than adveitised, if the points to be supplied l>e correctly stated. Bidders must in form themselves oil this point. 8 Bidders should, iu all cases, first propose for service strictly according to the advertisement, and then, if they desire, separately lor diflereiit service; aud if the regular bid be the lowest offered for the advertised service, the other bids may be considered, if the a terations proposed ar? recommended by the liostiiiuster? and citizens interested, or if they shall appear manifestly right and proper. 9. There should be but one route bid for iu a pro poaal. 10. The route, the seivice, the yeaily pay, the name and residence ot the bidder, aud those of each member of a firm, when a company offers, should be distinctly staled; also, tlie node of conveyance, of a higher mode than horseback be intended. The words "with due celerity, certainty, and security." inserted to indicate the iiirde of conveyance, will constitute a "rfar />iW," which binds contractors to take all Uic mail offered, but allows them to sclcct the mode of conveyance. 11. Bidder* are requested to use, as far as practi cable, the printed forni of proposal furnished bv the department, to write out in lull the sum of their bids, and to retain copies of them. No altered bid* ean be considered, and no bids once submitted can be withdrawn. Each bid must he guarantied by two responsible Guarantees cannot be admitted. 12. The bid should be sealed ; supercaibed " Mail Proposals, Territory of addressed "Second A Atant Joetmastw General," Contract Office, and aanl by maii, not by, or to, an agent, and postmas ters Will not enclose proposals (or letters of any kind) la their quarterly returns. 13.The contracts are to be executed and returned tp tin deuartmeot &jLflrhefiafe the 1st Jay of Sep tember, 1859,Service Oust be comp^ped o* the mull day belt after that date, whetfaar tlj* contracts' be executed or not. No propotmoo for transfefe veil ba considered-until the contracts are eiacuted ia dUe Torfn arid received at the depart uignt; and then no transfeis will be allowed unless ?ood and sufficient reasons therefor arc riven to be determined by lbc.depar mem. 14. A modiflcirtion of a bid, in any of its essential terms, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be received, so as to interfere with regular compel! lion, after the last hour set for receiving bids. 15. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without know ing that they are persons of sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinct ly notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for the service proposed for in the ac cepted bids, their legal liabilities will be enforced against them. 16. Present contractor*, and persons known at the department, must, equally with others, procure guarantors and certificates of their sufficiency sub ttanually in the forms above prescribed. Tbe cer tificates of sufficiency must be signed by a post nas ter at one of the places before named, or a judge of a court of record. For further particulars as to conditions of bid ding, see advertisement for carrying mails in Cali fornia and Washington Terriiory, dated January 19, 1855. JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster General. Post Office Department, February -2,1655. feb 5-M4vv m vigoratmg cordial A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. ITSALTI1 RESTORED AHD LIFE JUL L1NGTH1NED, by DR. MOBSi'S 1NVIU0EATINQ KLIXIB OB OOPtDIAL.?At first the promt ties attributed to Prof. MOF^S'g INVIGORATING KLIXIB OB CORDIAL were dsemsd fabalotu. The public oftan debited, v :*iinol 6etieve the aimple and sublime truths announce by tbe discoverer.? But facta, undeniable facts atteetad by witueesee of the highest claaa and character, * re cow triumph ing over all-doubts. INCKKDOLIIY 18 OVRiu THHQ"?7N" by a uasa of testimony wiiioh la perfectly Irresi* table. Tha Kuaia remedl*, la all ca*?:, the deplorable eviia arising from amisuse or abuse of toe vario-oi> organs which make up thaTo-sl/* -fal machine cultod aan. It restores to roil rigor every delicate tuno Uen oonnectol with that Lsyaterit-us compound agency of mattsr snu eiind, nccesaary to the re-pro duct*onoj hitman life. To pernons of feeble muaeu lar frame, or deficient la vital poirer, It Is recom mended as tbe only menu* of r.omnuuioating that energy which Is neoeasai / to the proper enjoyment of all the natural appet>tea, as wall ai the higher mental attributes. Its ber.eCoisl effect* are net ron fined to either Bex or to s:.y as*. The feeb'.e girl, the ailing wife, the listless, ernevated youth, the overworn man of buslner**, the victim of nervouc de E&oion, the individual suffering from general du ty, or from the weakness of a single organ, * ill all find immediate and permanent relief from th? use of this incomparable renovator. To those who have a predisposition to paralysis it will prove a com; late and unfailing safeguard against that terrt ble malady. There are many, perhaps, who have ec trifled with their constitutions, that they thtnk themselves beyond the reach of medicine. Let not even these despair. The Klixlr deala with disease as It exists, without reference to oauses, will not ?aly remove the disorder itself, bat BKBUILD TIIK BitOKKN CONS^iTUTION. The derangements cf the system, leading to ner ;ou? diseases, and the forms of nervous disease It self, are so numerous that it wooid require a column Uo enumerate the malvlieg for which this prepare ration Is a specific. A f*w, however, may lx enume rate 1, vti: neuralgia, tie dol?reaux, h<3?iaehe,incip. I -nt paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spi nal affections, muscular debility, tremors, flatulence, a pricking sensation in the flesh, numbness, tepid ity of th. liver, mental depression, weakn??n of the will, indisp^ltjou t-> ir.o?e, taintue^s after exercise, broken sleep an 1 Le. ulyli.y dreams, inability to re main in one plac? t position, weaknTS of th* pro creative ortf*.?s, eesu*; luootapKecov, aicHtotooly, monomania, huor albu.1, - rkiu^r at lb# stomach, in. mats lrr*y;-ilaritii??, a chisnic t"n?i*ncy to mircer riage, emaciation, ?r<l ill rornpL?irita growing out o| ? free indolence of the pas-ions, and all barrenness that does n'tpro;^ lioja organic <suees boyonfi the reach of medicine. Whenever the oigan* to be actc 1 uj,cn are free from malformation oratrictu-aldlmaea it is averted that M0H8/S ? lNTIOOBATlJIfl KI.IXER wili replace weaWnew with strength, ln?6| adiy witfc efllcienoy, irregularity wi?h uniform and natural ao tlvlty, and ibis noi' .?!y "wloai huU'l ct reaction, but with a happy effect on thi* i/eu*ral organisation 49-Bear in mind that all maladies, wherever the/ begin, Unitk with the nervous sypt?m, snd that tbe parallaation of the nsrve* or morion an ! f ennrtlon L physical death. iu cird &lso, thut for every kind or nerrou - disease the iiifrn C-rdJx! ?s *ii4 only reliable preparation known. tADXIOJI. Da. Moeaa'a IaviocaA?;Ha Uoii3:Ai Lm been ooaa tsrfeltad by some nnprin.ipis J pczacna. In fntnre, ail the genuine C01 tia! will have tin proprietor's fac jiml'.s pa?iau over the oork of eacfc bottle, and the follo^ worile biown in the glaaa Dr.i Morit'i Invigorating Cordial, C. II. BIKG| Proprietor, 31.T. Kf Thi Cordial !c put np highly cos'ectratei It pint bottles. Prise,?$3 psr bottle; two fbr $6; six tor 413. 0. II. RING, l?roprietor, 132 Broadway, New 7ork. Bald by DtazgUta throughout the United 8tateo, Oanadas, and West Indies. AGJBNT' Washington?Z. D GU*Aif. Baltimore?3. 8. HANCJ Bich<nond?BiiNNittT t liiLuU. Bar 80?otf REV. JOHN LANAIIAN, PASTOR OF THE E\KTEK 8TKEET, M. K. CHUKCIL?A strong desire to benefit the afflicted indnccs lum thus to renfy. We rhalienge any oth?^ niedicino to present sneh a of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of bigli standing of our ov*ji wed known citizen*, who testify of cures of COLrf?H, BRON* CHITI3, RIIECMATISM, DYHPEPHIA, ke. Raitimorc, January 3-Uh, 1P55. Menr*. Mortimer \ Mon-bruy: I take pleasure 111 xaung to ynu tli tt I have used your "Hampton V Tincture" with very great profit. From a serious 1.treat ati'ection, .?,y general l?*-al(h had become very much impaired, when I com menced to use '? Hampton's Tincture." I found its eHerts upo:i my general health most salutary.? My nervou* system and digestive ordain sxin right ed up under its n-u. I have several times recommended it tn my friends, and m every esse, as far as I have beui 111 formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, John Lanaiun, Pastor < >f Exeter St., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LI'NGH. Pir.nau, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855. Metigrt. Mortimer 4 Mowlray: I do here ay certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lung* and had four attacks of it I was advised to try I)r. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one bottle, and after tukine which, 1 was satisfieif that I was much better ; and that, alter taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good health as ever I did in niy life. I can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to all persons afflicted in my way. Yours, Geo. \V. \Vbakiey. CURE FITS?RKAD! More to the & irk than Gold.?From one of the liiOft res|*?ctable Druggists 111 South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1^53. Messrs. Mortimkr &. Mowbray :?The side t>f your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends this valuaMe medicine to the attiicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different case* with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half doxens. it lias lM;en found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic atfeetions, and a wonderful cure ha* been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. 1 will l?urui?h you with a number of certificates if you wish them I am, gentlemen, yours, \V. <; Troit. (.'all and get pamphlets gratis, and see cores ol Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more st 1 eel, Baltimore, and ;o4 Broadway, N. York Cn as. Stott Jt Co., J. B. Moork, I). B. Clarkk, Clarke fit Bowi.imj, \V. Klliot, and H M< Phlr aoN, Washington ; also^ by R. S. F. Ci nel, George town; and C. C. H^rrv, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feb 21?tr T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY, 471 Eighth at, adjoining Rainey's Livery StabTes OWING to the increased trade which a generous publl- has bnetowed upon me,l have been com pelled to erect a new and larger buibMn? for the carrying on or tat basinet.*. Here X shall bs en abled to ?*xeeute all orders entrusfel t* m? wifc greater facilities and dispatah, and I would respvet ftily solicit a continuance or the publi/s pat'onage. CarrlaRM sn 1 Wngcn?, of th; most mod?rn ?!y>, built of 1 he best m*terials, and wat ranted to give latisfaction, repairs cf every deecrip'Jon punctually attended to. For salt, cheap, a second-hand Clarence Carriage, nesrlv new U OSA DE VRIES WALTZ, Composed by Nuns ? Kruunnacher. Our Polku, dedicated lo Miss Emilia J. Brown, l>v the auutc compos?r, published and ft>r Mile at the Music Depot of HILBU8 h HITZ. feb 5 A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED just received and for sale by SAM'L BACON & CO., feblS? lm Corner Seventli at. and Pa. ave. r TRAVLLU^. I IKKU'fQKY. T HfilE Of ni MIDTIcga *?" le??ve Alexandria at 4 7V !Sl2J&SSi2S*nd 2* p m- ^ thf accnmmo.!ai^>i[^flu!iIlpll*I)"ter *w4 wmm*r for tfiSTTS? Ca'W *" W|J >*">10 theirrendenrp. jane?tf LATHAM It COOK. BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW VORK BALTIMORE k B08T0N_ W"m fiR&f SrSKTXg'* SSS to UImui Baltimore to Bo,"" ?*U>n at either point iwil*'1,'' . ^ Will of ladinc ,0 VV'ashin)fnn of th i P*e a through ?wft..,!,. promptly tmeaded to t,? u,.^^ " ? *-'? fl ALL, 38 Exchang.1Ve Baltimore. Corner Washington and Albany su''!? Y ?IMKNT8 FOR TltAVlT.i Jmportant changes ovaSSnnnSn wlf3B9flQElr> T^# ???Pletk>n of the ud1 SirtSStfJCI? thill0f thH *?'<?? advantages ^wJJh fSr^n ffThlt d^SST* On and if cr M.ivnAv w ! dir^tfon. <?i?. wisu ?iLD",'?^ro,b" "?i8"- th? Two fa*'Sin?5?? 'QHM^8SEN?BR9. 2'7t?#|ES2 ?8A| 'flffieS', instead of at 7 n ? ?Bt 5 P- ? . throuch to \l*>i i ? heretofore, and running S loain^'A'Sai swr* t*5? '???., Sjlt"Tlll?, Monoeacr, "llfcrtjlrt.' ?UPSHHJS Srn?PrthW#flt wTU Cieir*,?d and bl? for 3 the 0hio 18 niTiga. bv leaving Baltimore ?nV Maf&SS?aT??a" ?o,rt ?? ?1??? ?? Jsssus "? " "" Ticl? ??*? of!" TUP vjif?^,WAV *M8SKN*EBfl. tok. -l^wrlf^in'.'Krt?" OudJ-o Jutioa ?|ii " 1016 ? ? Will be ran dally, (except 8nnda< O L E. 0 I> ;ve C&uultn 8tatir.ii at 6 ? n nd a bT Leave JJl?ioott'? Mills at 7 30 ?. m. and ?Jo p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. T ptva JBjVN8 KDiV AS P0LLOW8: L a,I? iZ&i'Z*' ***"' ?'6 ?>* ?* ?. On Sunday at e a m and 6 p m. pi!*Te B4itimo" ?? allium; KuJ 6 and 8 On Sunday at 4* a u and 5 p m. fom? Weat aJi'byrta!lJk?S?ial ?5? ?d -V.. T.,k ? ?j s>< fK? l? W?rXr" W,<" OBAJIOE A1TD ALEXAHDRIA SAHJtOAD. On end after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1864, TIIK Can leave Alexandria dally for Gordons vilie and iaU^uc^di ite stations at "% o'clock, a. m., on tha arrival of tha boat from Washington, (iring ample time for breakfast on hoard. Con nootlng at Mannwan Junction ?ith a tr*io for Stras bar^, at Warrenton Junction with a train for War renton, and at UordoneTiile with th? trains on the Virginia Central Railroad forKi*hmoLd,Charlott<? rille, and fctaunton. The ear.* leave (jiordocsrH'e d^.l!y fur Alexandria and intermediate Btfctionn, at % before 12, a. u., cn the arriral of the trainn or the Virginia Central rail road from Uicbmoad, Charlcttesville, and fctauutoa. THROUGH TICUBTS. from Alexandria to Warrentou J2 00 - M Oordonsrllle 3 60 " " CbariotteflTiUe 4 Ub M " Btaonton 6 00 " " btrwbnrg 3 60 44 44 Lynchburg 0 76 44 44 Wineheater S 60 44 " Larar 4 *i6 44 44 t'ew Market............. 6 00 44 44 Middle bur 4 - 2 26 For Lyrrhbtirp, connecting with tha atagee at Charlotteaville, on Mondays, Wednesday*, and frl laya for Lur?.y and Nev Murket, icnnectiij with tLe a.agea at Oulpeper,oa Tuaedaya,Tburadi?ys, and B^t aaay. For Win;barter dally, eonnestlcg with the ctaft$ at Piudaioiit For Middlebar? daily, connecting with the stages at the Plates. Per order: W. B. bROOJLWTT, A^eut. dot 7-^1 if 1 OR MOUNT VERNON. Oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip $1; from Alex andria 76 cente^The THOMAS COLLYKR leaves Washington atO Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Oapltol for the boat at o'clk. Coach fire 10 oents. Persons wishing tha Ooacbo wiil.luTe tL&ir reii de ice with Geo. A Tlios. Parker. Uef.eshraents on the boat. on 28?dtf 8 AM'L QffDNlY, Capt THE SEW YORK A LIVERPOOL united status MAIL STEAMKRS7 rf^HR ?UIPB COMPRISING THIS UNI ARB 1 TIIK? ATLANTIC, Cart. West. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cemstock, ADRIATIC, C^pt Grafton. These ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government aerrbe; every care has been taken in their oonstrnetlon, as in the Engines to Insure strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for pasaengers are unequalled for elegance and oomfort. Price of paaaage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin .$130 Beooad Cabin ????????????tee??????????ti**ff?f| ? e e m????#?? 70 Exclusive use of extra rise state rooms ???????????? 800 From Lirerpooi to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each (hip. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight er parage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS k CO., 68 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY * CO, Liverpool. E. O. ROBERTS k 00-, 13 Ring's Arms Yard, London. * JOHN MUNROEk 00, 24 Rue Notre Dame des YU toires, Paris GEO. H. DRAPICR, Uftvee. The owners of tbeee ships will not be accountable 'or gold, silver, bullion, rpecie, jewelry, precious itones or metals, unless bills ef filing are signed iierefor, an J the value thereof (IhMd expressed ncv 16?dly RECORD HAND PIANOS FOB SALR 3 OR BENT.?We have in store four Pianos, two if ChlckfelSpg and two of Andre ? terns, which we iffer low for cash, or good notes, or will rent oa noderate terms. New Music expected to-morrow moraine. JOHN. F. EL LI8, jan 4 900 Pa. u fl ABTFP 'fi SPANISH MIXTURE. fhi ?M#I P?rl??e of m? Blood I Vol a Particle of X?rcnry 1b It! An Ittimtu Ramxdt for Scrofhla, King's EviL Fhiumatisa, Obstinate Outaneaus Eruption*. P.mvlM or Pnstnlee on th? r?cj, Blotches, BoUs Chroclo Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Heed. Enlargement and Fain of the Bones and Joints Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorder*, Lumbago Spinal Com p la at a, and all th? diseases arising from an injudicious o* of Mercury, lm prnd in I ife, or Impurity of the Blood. TfUIS valuable Medicine, which haa become oel?? Xjwated ftr the number of *xtrardlnary onrea. effected through ita agency, Lm induced the propri etors, at the urgent request of their friends, to cffer it to the public, which they do with the utmost eon fideac* in ita rlrtu#s ad J wonderful raratJT* prop art! ? The following certificates, selected trcm a large number, are, however. stioug-r testimony than the m?re word of the proprietor*; and are all fto-n gentlemen w?!l known in th-ir localities, aud of the bigheer respectability, many of th m re<Cdlm in the city cf Richtnord. Va. W.BOYD&S, Esq,, of the Exchange Hotel, Rich mord, known everywhere eeys h? hasreea the Med {dm, called Cartu's SrinwH M.xTURa, administered aeariy ?" disease* for which it Is reoouunen !ed, with the icoet asfcon | ishingly good result- It* say. it is the met er ' tntruiDiry Bcdlcioe ut hy ?Yer Mtu. AGUE AND FSVJkR?-GREAP CURB.?I hereby i oarttfy that for thie- years 1 had Ague and Fevei of tha most violent description. I hid several Pbv gid?*??k nf Wuinine, Mercury, aad I believe all the Tonice advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carters Spanish Mixture, two bottle* of which effectually meJ aad 1 *m t0 **11 Bwitr? chills or fevers since. I ccwUer it the beet Touk In this world, and the only medi'ine tbut ever reaohed my case. JOHN LONUDEN. Bhavk Ditoh, near Richmond, Va. 0. B. LUCE, Jteq., now in th* city of Richmond and for many yeers in the Poet office, bae such oonfldence in the astonishing effleasy of Carters Spanish Mixture, that In has bought upwards of fce bottles, which Le Las given away to th? afii cted.? Mr. Lack says h? has never known It to fall wher taken aoooruing to directions. ef hk* !^I.NQiig,.aiPfart^lr^ Physician, and former!) Cf the City Hotel, in the city of B|. hmond, ssy? L? * "umbfr ?*hntaneesi;,e eff- ct? uf Car er"s Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising, lie snya in a mm ?f 0.,n 'umption, d* u"r'"?* ^ *?? ? SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the fliu of Drinker A Worns, Richmond, was cured cured of Lirer Ccm P"J?j standing, by tbe us-cf twe battles oi Car.e* a Spsni*h Mixture. rKkT CU/'u 0r, ?CROFTLA -The Editors ot the Richmond Republican h d a servsnt employed in tkeir press room, cured of viob nt Scrofula, com with Rheumatism, whkh , dise'led him from work. Two bottle* of Carter's ipw^iab Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the luli in*paV),c "otic<"? f?y they ?chcarfully rec m theWood!*' * a? 4ffl,,5te<1 *^7 diMaa.-e ol STILL ANOTHER CUR! OF SCROFULA.?' hid 2T*r7J^L<?abl"boy?nr*d of Scrofula by Or.rterV ' oonsider it truly a valuable medicine JAMES M. TAYI/>R, Conductor onthe R. F. and P. R. li. Co., Richmond, Va. PALT RHEUM OF 1WENTY YEARS STANDIhO CU ^ LI) Mr. JOIL'x THOMPSON, residing in the city ot Riobxaond. was cnre.J by three b .ttles of Carter's gpamsh iiixture, of 6alt Lheum, Mhich he hs<l for cuT^i/'pttViMa*i^^VPf Ri bm'>rd LiJ 1 wvant cured 04 Pjphi'is, in the woret foixr., by Ca tar'i | Spanish Mixture. He vjs he rh ?HV.y r,"L mendo it, and Cv nsliers it a vtry invaluable me ii EDWIN BURTON, commi^nerot the revenue, rays he haseeen the gotd effect ofCi.U?i's J-jniielj Mix.Brc in a number of eyphnitic cse^e, and ^ u L' * t>?rfcK:t ?or? ftr that horrib'e di? ;.i. I- O. niclioiuad. cured cf rid ,fr^?d Ulanrs, wh cb di^bjej b:.n fr.m w,lkin" (Tojk nfjw bottlas of oarter s Spanish Mixture, and to walk without a crutch, in i shot I time pt-imauen ly cured. * <-"h ko. rZ\^Zjn * e0!'-' ="?!S1 JTviTr 4 BEEB?,' "?125 M?ta i:"?. ??? And fr.r sale by CHAttLEo 3101T Wa*h(r>^? ^ ,5uk- 3Z bott'.e, cr six bottle for $5; pkKUUYN ANT) IRON >1 AN'i'tLJ?Mn/tyj^Q ^K1 1 -m';nt of ihte?''t -P scd du thec?f?-rof iVnrivIwaniaav-nu ?ndTanth strwt, over tha Wa^fclapton ^irini. *2?;^,, SA1-?i, u?*i"v PIANOS!?PIANOS! WE beg leave to call the attention of the public to our stock of Pianos now on \ hand, ennsuung of bup? rh fini.<hcJ ?,mQhU 6X and 6 octave ro-ewood caw sUuments from the world renowned/ ? S \J ? manufactontrs of II llet, Davis & To., Boston, and Knabe, Oaehle & t'o., Baltimore, comM-iMiig in all the largest, most reliable and select assortment over offered in ihin city. ALso. Stools. Lovers, fcc. Old Piano* taken in eichangp. VVe will make rea-onahie discounts for ea?di or sell on time. JOHN P. ELLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, n^ar Tenth sirea. jan J1 TIIE ART UNION OF L0XD0n7 Til'rV^.roR TIlk ( LrRRF'XT vr~ih. isll?1 w..n,ow ??H'n' a,,d e*ery ?ulMcriber .d ??j.50 will bp ent tlt-tl to ? I. An impressios of a Plate, by J. T. VViilu. >r", A. K. A.,from the orisin?il picturr by J. J. rha lon, R. A., 4< A Wnter I'any M II. A Volume cont ii! u?< thirty Wood E igravinm llliiUrhiinj? subjects Iroin Lord Uyron's I'otui of ? Ohilde lliroldf." And 111 "I' chance of obtnmins one ?f the niize* to be allotted a, th.* general ni<-ttir-? in Aiiril which will include? 4 ' The ri?lit to select for 'simseif a variable work ot art from one of the pub'ir exhibit,ons. Sututtes bronreof her Majesty ot, Horseback, by T. TL: r iieycrolt. Cop,e^, in hrir.ze, froiu an on<ii,?i Mod< l in rel'eti by R. JeflerMtn, of ?? The K,.try ot the Duke ? MriInnPV" '"r*? Madr,d Statuttes in porceln,n Z Impress,one of a large Litho<ranh, by r. H. MagUi/e, alter t]ie original picture by \V P. Frith, R. A., "The Three B Wd,-' iroci klo lier?'s '? B /iirgeois Gojiulhnmm,-." rivfrnT*1^^a?far W^?"r'gton, Ms^rs. TATIUNt St MAIJRY, Booksellera. jan 1 No, .mi NOTICE OF TUE DISCONTINUANCE Oj the I nuM Statet land office at JejfersonviUe, fin Uvncii^'!""1 anA In,liana. MilEL the provisions of the set ??d secbon of the act of Congress, approved June 12 ltuo Which declares "tint whenever the tjuantity of pub'' lie lai d- remaining unsold in any land district Khnll be reduced to a number of acren less than one ored thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec masy of uie Treasury to di eonui^e the land office for sucu uistria; and .t* au>- land in any such district shall remain unsold at the t,,ueof"e discontinuance of a land office, the same shall ? subject to sale at ?ome one of the existin? land of ""V'"i*"1 to the district ,n which the land officu khsll have bee,, discontinued, of which ? nVi^Cr^ i.01 l."e Trt'utfu0' sii-ill give notice and utasuiuch as the ,th section of the act approved II >^1 /' ?' tlie Secrot ry of he Treasury to co!:tinue any land district in which SfalL-11 ?en? tlf*41 <lfg<>Vernm<!l,t >f ?"y ?n?-' ? lh?" States, notwithstanding tbe quantity ot land unsold hl.nrfr h /fU'Cl m.hy DWt an,ou"t lo ?nor? than oue hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion 9Ucii conunuance may be required by public convenience or in order to close the land system in such Suae at a convenient point under the provisions of the act ouihat "abject approved June 12, 1840, thuck (U the duty above TtLuifid Ac* brcn AumI ,?! " jl" A Va Se.?eiarY?fth' Interior by "tAe <ut to ct IMt* bejxitlrnent," approved 3J March, fS'KfSi S (housdii i acres, ti,e Scc.?tcru of *k. r ? niu,drv<' the apyiolnUioii Of t/lt l'i rsilri i h > irith the land h"IMdlrect''J Wihamac; in the "s" o, fvY^Cnnd and tlie lauds remaining unl?hi >^lfcontIr,u^, discontinuance be maile *ui,i, .-, , ! ? ( ,he office at IsDU,ISt: WU,e UlMl said State. ' f?veri,uient of i?ifS5 rfc**""'""" "-pf-p.u.ej b> .. .. JOHN WILSON. aS"'sJT'""'r 01 Uc,',n" "*?? jan 99-2aw0w NEW STORK, NEW STORE. ^raina?a avenue, orwtitr th, Bank qf WatkingUm VfR- THUMAS McleanY rw^ctfally invit? Pub ?c to examine hU _ ? r?- ?v w ranuilOQ IIIf rtouk of GOODS, which h* bsa r p-nad on Lou?i?n? avenue between Sixth aad Seventh streeti,opposite ( the Bank ot Wuahlngton. ooeslstlng ol all Oeterip tioua of Teaa, Ac., Imperial. Gunpowdnr. and Black Tea | Win ? and L'q iora, of all "CTta, which he cas ?ell at tbe loweet prions fw aaah or approved psper. Besides all the m aiwrlee for Ore ety Pa.laiss via: Brooms, Buclusta, Oed,r Tube, Matafcea, k*, Aft. Pleaee eall and Me for yourselvea. on. 0 PHIJ.DElPKiA ADVERTISEMENT* BJflDLRB WINB8 AT PHILADELPHIA. Jotia v.miuiR,D??4iiiinMtttii former old aetebifched WW ?tor? of JACOB alflDJUL Jr^ No T? Wainot street, fc>ar toon 'our h low Four& street, ?h?r? orwmKri will b? sapptted with f7MS iod UQUORS ct tht morl noecw dtdai terru JACOB ?I*IDk.I(. Jr , A^Dtlor be Im porta ti an of rORkJQS HJM.S, OS or ?o. T? Wei ?at rtr*?t, Philadelphia, ?b*re 1m ItpnMndtt rsesive order* for the special importation of Wiaea. Afc, from nrtow kooM Ic Bnrcpe, in <outittn of a Magi* do ton sod upwards; ted aieoscltatts for lw Don, JOHN YAUOHAN ft> IL'KR, the fatroneg* o' blj friends and former customer*. %? All Wln?a ordered for Waehiaftca will he Aa> llvered by Brp'?es/V,',? )? ??lJ DOCTOR TOlRIBLr. THE POOKTT *S0ULAPIU8: Oft. BYtRY ONI HI3 OWN PHYftlCLAJt. The Fiftieth Elitioa, with One hundred birtvlv' ?bowing Diesaei s and Ma formation* of the Unman Ijdmd In ?t?rr ihu? and i form. To which to ad lad a | TraatiM on^h* Diaeawe of Frusta*, ths hieh ?et luiportaarTto married poorlo, or ?hoew eoateai plating trarrlage. By WM. YCCNG, K. D. Let ao lather be ubautl u> pr*??t a aej of tki JUsCC LA PIUS to hi* akU4 , it e?x> uTf him troia ea early grav*. Let no 5-1004 or on tor is to tii' secret ooi italics; of married l'fo wlUioei rcedlig the POCK*! JE?cULAPIOB. Let tM om I raSwlBjt froc a hacknl?d Cough, Pn!o la tha Ma, re*tlc*g n.^hts nervops f?aMu??, and *te wLoie Irani of Dyspeptic sensations ?nJ riven op by tbwtr pby aician, he ancthai without -cufulting the ^?CULAPIC8. liars lo a married, or Uoee aboal to b? married any impediment, ??aJ ? hie truly u*? fnl boob, a* It has l*a.'ii Vi*rz: una 01 saving thr u* and* of unfortunate ctfala*" fton the vary Jaw* ?.* ieath. 4VAay person nudicjr TWBN77-7IVB OftNTd eailoeed ?n a letter, will receive cne eopy of tbta work tj uail, or C?* capiat will be Mat for 0&e Dol lar. Addreaa, (pet paldl DR. ^ M. YOUNG, No. ICS Bpra itra u Philade-fbie. ap 12?ly ; ilifiiflBi ifljiaTiagmr I eiceard B. ?*->a?a ?. tuira fl D. SMITH A CO.. Wauafa-tarerr va 1 T. D*a!*r? in Al CoaOL. 'IPUIt.VB, LTH*. RIAL OIL, Ac. No. S4 o. L 3 LVkuT HTliBlf?, op ponte Water straet, BALlDfORB. Ml mar 21?ly IBDIA1 DOCTOR. K e. BPKNCJUi Off?ra Mr Proia^Monal tarrloee to the Httaeaa of Bat <lxn'>re. II ran cur* all kiad* of Cancer*? tab* tbaaa mt without pain, or the na* of any bnif*. I oaa *cr* ail bindao! Pit# tu S 6pa*D*, Rb*ac^*ta? Paiaa^ Oonsusptlon. DrtvT? Djoj";''*, Pll*. Paiay, or any other ailment th? hnmnn lausily are aub^eot to. II* can stop Bi??l n* !rr>m the Lunga or Nc**. any Itetauc* from the patient, by hnowiaf tha patienra name. I %m bo<-n blinJ, and baa *laJJ?d aererai .'?ars uiiOer ac Indian Doctor wbo via aacag taa wild Indian* thirteea year*. D". Sl'JCVCKK ha? r>mor*d ficn Mr. Backlsy'a Board.Boum, to No. Si, UANOVER JTRKT, _ii!w- n?t' i'tlHmnw. Md AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENS*. LET THE a:CK HEAR THE TKCTI. C*rT4i"i ? VVh<T< v?T known hi* test! mony will ti ? r ,i?olU"ive. Hut lent th?r?e wbu d3 ?'}t ktum lite i .ptaia >boul<i tx* act-ptical, Hr. [I** s?'ii fc Pro., vviiiioilu r-nt'ttie beat known and utont hisliiv re-pwi?i?l?- citizens ol Ca:t<?. endorv bis wonderful cur** by HAMPTON S VEGBTAHLR TINCTTB.B. ? . ba?TON, <XL 4, 1034. Mc .trt Mai timer i Mtubrc*.? GenUcmen?I f? ej :t my out* 10 ^nd the pub lie to errtily to the. e?. cts o[ lUmptou\ Ve^naUe Tincture. I was lor i;i'ir? tii u five yewra 'aboritii u?der a dix*a?e of Chioaic Rbrmnatnai. and the great part ot tiiat tiuw I was ao helplen* that I had to be helped froui my tied and dr. *?cd in my clottiea I reduced to a mere -keietnn. Ail lbt; ui?d icinea I unk ?iout wc no ji?xl, and I con;ini:?*d to grow worae. I iiearu of Ha^iptortV Tincture aud thought 1 would give it a trial. At Urn time I did not expect 10 live one day after another. I did nn( lake it (Uic Tincture) for the Htieitmatiimi, but in a short tune I waa well ?.f that diaeaae. FYotn t.i* effect* of your 1 mcture and the help of God 1 4mi now gi-ttiiig i;i gou,| health. * I wish all tin afflicted to try Hampton'* Veertai le Tincture, as I have dme, with the uiue effect that it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac BkbjaXIW. We are acquainted with I*a;tc Benjamin; soid him some of Hampton'd Vefetablf Tinctcre, and be lieve the above statement corrcct. Dawso* k Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are coufident uiat tlie above rtatement in true and uu exajeratej. j. a. Johns?*, ,, ? Charles Rosinsoi. < ?U and gd pamphlets grat'*, and see curea at Lough, llronchitia, Rheumatism, Neuralria, Dya |iep?iia, Nervousnes? and General VVe^,,A#. Asa female tacdieine or for delicate children we believe it uitequalbd. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Bale more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. N. Yurk Chas. Stott * Co., J. B. Moore, I) B. Curki Llarrr k Bowliko. W. Ei.i toT.and H. McPuer son, \\ ashinron ; al??, by R. 8. F. CiasaL, Georce lown, an J C. C. Blrry, Alexandria, and by Drue g'"t* cvwry whe e. JXlJ C0U(tlLS, COLDS, HOARSENESS ~ Relief In Five 711 nut as. 1Y7.K3 8 COMFOCWD GUM ARABIC ST SUP 'IlliB iucr?^cg denaad for tbi* aoct p: JL? ? site fid eflev . >u.i remedy tar all pulraooaiv dl*?aa e, tii en-H?a th* proprietor to redom tha T^rioe en ta to pi*ce it within the r**ch of all rlanacn. lt? PH^iH'Tjty OT'T sirular preparaUona la at i tefc.fe-i ..y m. ny n ;t 1 hys' iins who havs Itia ey< witrt- ci ?- \^ f wL?n tL* usual rem*, dies &.?? > ty rbott>aaJ of oar niiet ra q>ectabl3 c.Liicun who kaT? a* -d it in tbeir 'amiltei both a-<pr .v--ntiv* and eure with saver failing ?ue. lx* years, during which parted With very little a-i tycu aavertkiog, 4;^ it Ealualiy fpreai repuUrion ? >er the whole Union. OA^es of mer.t CUdt f/oarttneu, ?Cc, it gi^cs .muedUto relief, aed genrrally cures in a day or two, w.t-:cut Irterlerlng with diet or buaina*. or roidwin^ the ^j?:eia mere rerceptib'a ef Colda, in ehrocle csmr,(f wop-%g C<ma\, Ovua. liroiiCHUU, Ahtdicntof the Lumfft, ar.a Crnrntm^ non, ltifi r?ty b'neieial and sel ioni tal.a. wnen in t f to fii'rfcct a mi'i Prlca 2* and lAi ?.its a ?SSjSft^a^ PgtJt T,Jr * N*!rB Stott k Ct> ,^.y k Op. Alexandria by Peel k Stevens, la Oeowetcwn by Mr. Oiseei. " . ?t?Ti i : i SR"S.Gbij ^ BASIC CJIKDT DR01* ? BiiaiUi .1 upari&.tt to t!.s atcv?, but in a milder \V * ":U"18 10:18 ' ^7 act Uke ? oharxu ca 8 * ne Co,'^h? kI?J tloar the thrw and voice; tL^vccnUin ui icjbeio^* drug, are parties, larly reconuaeaied for clili^a. fre^tura^flaS pnblio speakers siazers. Ac Pri^s |sl>i aud 525 cents per to*. c?tl7'-i*t D'a1 *** Btbr*^ O SOMETHING NEW. P1W1TB Tily MARKET ON PANN8VLYA _ NIA AYRNUi; i l;"t? W m Niath atreet, Is a NtW CijGTUi.N3 8T?)*E i-* M?n and Boys, open^ 2 t!a.> day. L-KCK k tt, r rie o; tha cb?ape*t Clothing Merchants in th<. N\ rU?. Lac determine t to <.ffur to Iho citUi'a? of Watihiagton and vifltalty, bio exoellent Clothing at the Uwejt Northern prioae, tot caxb cnly. Thtra the rO^sL UAJf will find jurt auji s Cloihl^g Store as ha* l'ng been wanted In VFaabfrgtoa. liis motto is cheap for ca-h, and ore price onlt. A good substantial wrollea eoat he will sell tor |2 76; and heavy winter pantf, wail lined, for $ I Jib, and flee coats, overeo*1*, and vests, in proportion. Good wool aed eo tou undershirts, hoaiery, glares, Ac., chre:er th/c .he chespeet. nov 11?tf 01 Ollt 255 Looking Glasses, 255 iPaii fixe* ani quality, Fiencbor German plate, Fancy or plain Portrait and Picture Framsa, or F?n~y Oolotad. AUo, Gilt ik JOi Mculdiug, Marble top Bracket* and') aLlrs. Ornlo-i trulls tt cr?ler. Alee, ail k:u *? of oil eork regilded with dispatch and C& i>aaoaable t rmb by J. WAGS Kit, H55 Pa. aTenue, cpp. Kirk wood lieuse. dec 2d?tf FOR POOR AN D LABORINQ M?N SMALL BUILDING LOld of 10 feet er more, la varioaa (arts of the City, and Oeorretowa. at la * pricea, and terma to suit. LLOYD A 00. DUILDI ti O 8 T O BI B, Por sale, deliverable at the Oaaal, or Wharves la Wasbir^toa, Georzt town, or Alaaaadria. LLOYD A 00. Uth ftreat cpp Treaear? Departaeal It M ~tv niARLVS HAIK1NS, Architect. (Pa. artnue, feiwecn TtiUK and KltvtrJU WreaCsJ w a a ata oto h , a. c. WILL eonrlnae to ftirnieb Plane, detail wort ins Draariaps, and apecifleatloae of buildings a( every description, and also to superintend ibeir erec Ooo, leb 1? 4tf

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