Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1855 Page 3
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I r*s7 v^NfNr, STAR. CCAL IM ELLIGENCF.. \ rHlLHAmni'C SjCIETT'd COSCEBT LA*T Xioht ?C*n*i'? ^aloor. nrttwitbs'sodtpg *fce onpl-vant weathor *?d other attractions i? the city, drew a Hi a audience of between 40<; and 600 persons 1. at oi^ht, to listen to the splendid masi: ot this excellent -ociefy. The concert opened wi< b the beautiful cantata at Morning wbicb w?? m at admirably rendered by them?tbe ladies and jcentleoren having parti assigned the? acquitting tbemaelve" vory creditably Next followed tbe beaatifal composition by Zingareri?" Sweetly o'er my senses stealing.'' sang by a young lady of tar eity in a manner that charmed the entire an dience, and reoeived their hearty ?pplaase In tbe ab.'ence of Mrs. Franklin, who. we re gret to aay, from indisposition waa unable to j appear. Mr. Joseph F. Hodgson ?nd Mr. Joa H. Daniel filled the parta assigned to that lady, the former ainging the " White Squall" in a moet effective manner, and the latter j Lsingirg the Dying Gtr!" with much oxpr**-j aion and feeling. Mrs. Buma sang the moeb admired aria from I Lombardy?(*'Twaa to vision,M in aplendid stylo. Jnia lady poa r i<e?a a contralto voice of great compass, the opter regiater of ber Toiee being pure and firm This difficult composition showed her ^Tocat powers to great advacta/e, and it wa* ^Xperformed in moat correct and ; ie*sicg style. yj and left an impresion on tbe audience whicb will cot toon be forgotten. Space prevents ns particularising each finger and piece; bat we wiM say that all who e >ntributod solos desen e much praiae for the highly creditable manner in whicb ;hey sustained their parts, while tbe choruses were really grand. Mr J. L Clubb ?9 the oonduc or ef the society and to his pa tient perseverance and fine musical abilities ii attributable iD a degree, tbe -<ac<?es? of last tight. Profecsor Foertscb presided at the piano with his usual ?b?lity and correct ness Tbe piano, a splendid-toned Roeenkras from the eatablisbment of ililbus A. Iiitx, wat in perfect tune, and under the hands of Prof. F prove! to be worthy of the high encomiums passed upon this celebrated manufacturer. At tbe gTeat Fair of Dre.-den they were awarded the gold medal, which is proof positive of their superiority. We trust tbe Philharmonic will, at an early day, favor us with another of these delightful concerts, as we feel assured tha' no entertain ment can be effjred to the public to produce equal sati(faction and erj>jment. Ths Jitxiob Rechabites.?To night, Geo Washington Tent, No 2 of this order of| youths under the direction and control <f the senior order, give their exhibition in be Lave ment ef the Sixth Presbyterian church Sixth street, near Maryland avenue. Island Ca aide* the many beautiful pieces that will be recited and sung, (as-ia'ed in the singing by a| number of yousg girls.) they will perform an ieteresting moral tem(>erance drama. whi:h wia written f?r them t.y a gentleman of tho| senior order, and wh ch they have hal in re? heaisa! for seme time These ycutb: Iofk for a Urge audience to greet tbem to-night, to eo ? inrage them in their efforts to do we 1 and to keep alive, if cot to extend, the temporary cause in the Itlacd ration of the city. <o parents, and encourage your children ; go yourg ladies and youcg men, you Kill hear something interesting acd para a pleasant evening. Metropolitan Fain.?Last night may pro perly be termed as having beeu one of the gala nights of ibis Institution, for seldom have we witnessed within its walls such a galaxy of handsome acd elegantly dressed ladies Whether this arcse from cur ?!nn->uncem?nt ot the intended visit of the President's j Moua.ed Guard, we cannot aay; but wo feel a^ured none regretted bein ? present. On \ their arrival, they were preceded into the ball by F Prosperi's exquisite band, which, on this oecaaion ezeou.ed j me or their best music in a most mas.eily style, to the great de'.ight of the vast ass^mUlsge Tbe company, after having paraded up and down the ball several times to give every one an opportunity to observe their military movements, were per mitted afterwards to ex-mine the various novelties to ba seen in the Fair. During this time their band a*ain favored the large crowd with another fpccimen of their musical abilities, which waa received by all with tbe utmost pleasure We learn tha'. the Fair will cltse positively this day weak. VoLVXTXEt Abuort ?the olose of the I last session of Congrets an appropriation was made providing for the erection of a suitable building for the care acd preservation of tbo ordnance, arms and accoutrements of the vo lunteers and militia of the DLtrict of Colombia and for other purposes Ey the act making this appropriation tbe Secretary of War \e directed to cause to be corstructed. on such site, in aoeutral position, on the public grounds in the city of Washington as may be selected by the President of the United States, a suita ble building for the purposes mined, end also for the care and preservation of tbe military trophies of the revolutionary acd o her wars, and for the deposite of newly invented and model arms for the military service; the ord nance and arm3 acd the building to be used . by the volunteers and militia of the ahst iet of | Columbia, under suck regulations aa may be prescribed by the President For the purpose of carrying this act into effect the sam of thirty thousand dollars is appropriated Tat Board op Majauer* cf the Female I nioa Society gratefully acknowledge the fol lowing liberal contributions to their cause during the peat winter : From Union Choir Aisocia ion.. $<>43 SO From Philbarmon'o Society V9 63 From Mechanics' Institute Far 275 00 From Mr J P Ingle, (including $10 fiom Mi's E. C^yle) 03 00 Totrnl *1 113 13 In addition to lhe?e soma liberal donation! have been made by many benevolent individ ual, who, doubttew. feel amply rewarded by the aaaurance that their gitta have ministered to the relief of the needy and the comfort of tbe tuffe-ing Tha5ks ?Oa Monday eight, the Board of Aldermen unanimously pas<j. d a resolution of thanka to the Exscutive of th* Uni ed States, to Congress, and the Comoii tee for the Dis trict of Cclumbia in oach lipase, for their friendliness to the in er^sts of this city, and for the liberal acd enlightened policy in tnak ing appropriations for aupplyiog the city with water, and for other improvements tending to render it worthy of tho came it bears; but when the resolution waa cent to the Board of Com mon Council, for its concurrence, one of tbe leaden of the Know nothing party ^Dr. Eusey) attacked it, not being willing to think the Exe cutive for any thing; so, the lut named body patched up a substitute, expressive of thanks '?to those persona in and out of Congress who have been a*sidu~us in obtaining tne liberal appropriati >na " Generous hearted men -vill even thank their enemies for benefits confer red ?SentiMel. Accident ? Last eight a man who, it iasnp poaed, bad laid hiicself down on the portico o/ the P?tcnt Office, rolled dovn while ?le^p iog. and was dangerously injured. lie waa taken to tbe store of Mr V llarbough, where several phy*ic:ana atteaded him. lie was af terwarda taken to the infirmary, when, as we j learn, the money bad been paid by rice kind hearted workicg uan who was standing by If we are net miataken all that i< necessary to obtain admtsaim for itose unfortunate per aona. is to get a certificate from the Com'uia aioner of Public Buildings, which oan be done without the payment of ten dcllars Sbbbbade ?The National Ems Band were cut again laat evetieg and called at the resi dence of our friend Jimmy serenade the Indians stopping there. After having given them a specimen of thsir fine playin?, one of'he Indians wh bad already retired for tho night, came down amorgit the-n, almcst in n state of nudity, and ten !e ed ihe band some money, which, (f course, they declined ac eeptinx We observed in tbeetowd tbe Hon Mike Walsh, and many other rclebrated char acters of oar eity, all of which ware moet h?3 pitably enter aicei by :hs liberal host Athospbebic Tbleobapi ?Those who take1 an intoreet in telegraphing should attend at Carust'a Solooo, to night, to listen to a lecture on tho Btsoosphcrio toiegrapb, by Mr Rlch?rd > r K MriRs 4 Midway's Cttctr* at the Natiocai are winning golden opinion, for their acting and golden linings to their pocket* jadcin? from the audiences they draw. Lut mgh* they wero well attended, and the audience ?oenaed perfectly astounded by the daring eat* of L? Km atd King Br ihs wav ikoT 1?? ^?'lted t0 h""m* fQ Ef!S? ??? Vmnt day, for they can ? ' ?is?1?brtam eo well, they i ? ?ftnC9- 0i*u in h? ?etmr of th? ahipr. r*ck*i sailor ?m well re oeued, and little Master Madigau mu?t hare _een cradled in tho eaddle, he eeemed ?:> pei '?eMy fdinilUr with the movements of the ?orw- Bot tbe crowning scene of tbe evening was the graceful riding, the beautiful ar.d classic featares, and the daring feats of the beautiful little Mile. Ro3a. The entertain* men is of the evening closed with the panto mine r f tbe Red Qnome. in which Sig. Carlo made hitn*elf appear to be any thing but a h'iman being Myers's jokei kept the audience in a perfect rca*-. He does not deal in ilang phrases and *tH|? sayings, but the best of hli j)k?s seex t) be coined imoromptu. Sig; Carlo'a j-kes ara more by pantomime. IV bo that has seen him will forget the new ex ereiae he proposes to introduce into the arm? Sam Long i comic songs we can't trust our i fiTrlf?i kV' ir w* wUI ?? off iot? such a fit of laughter that we shall shake the pen out of our hands. Washington Libht Infantry?At a meet M- 'Ami v held oa MondaJ ui?ht Mr. James Y. Dana was elected Captain in the place of k. C. Carricgton, resigned. In this selection the company have ac ed with a good deal of judgment lor fe conceive that a bo tar selection could hardly have bean made in tbiscity. Having but a short time since been one of iLs most active membe s we know from our acquaintance with him that he posjes.ei all the qualifies to make a popular commander, and if the con piny does not re earn it! ascendency io as to make it tbe pride ol tho city, as in days pss>., the fault will be with the members and not the commanding officer Native Pluck -It is well known that for several weeks past a number of gtuui Americans have been roving about our s'reets attracting tbe attention of children and other.* ? y their fancy dresses. night ate jourg gen ? , wisaipg to tce bow good a K. N h* aould be, dressed h.mseif up as an Indian and went into the beventh Ward to Irightcn the ci .23D3. lie raised the whoop and attacked a gantltman who was passing at the time; but tbe white man bounced him. and was about taking his scalp, when tbe K N. took to his neeli and left for hi.* home on Eighth itreet He ought to be turned out of the coucoil. Supreme Court ?The Senate Chamber is now occupied by the Snpreme Court of the United States, in hearing tho argument on both sides of the Wheeling Bridge case Mr ^argent spoke yesterday, and lion. Reverdy Johnson is speaking in favor of the comoanv as we go to press. ' lh? jury met, but for want of business were discharged unftlto morrow at 11 o clock Susan Anderson, James Rutle-, (jeorge Mitchell. Jane Johnson and Martha Long, all colored, and Thorns! Reese were ordered to be discharged from jail at the suggestion of the grand jury, if they are de tamed for no further caa.^e. Jcsticm or THE Pkace -At the Close of ' 1?ot 8?f*,on of Congress tbe following named gentlemen were appointed bvthe Pres. idont and confirmed by the Senate, to be Jus ices c. the Peace for the county of Wjtihimr u?' ? ^ AStM<5t,0f William 11. ' IS r? i u'ei - Sin,th' J,jhn S Hollings -ead, Ch-rles P. Waanall. Zaea-iah Walker aamueHDrury, and Henry iiaw. u~A!. ame?t,in8 of the PreuJent'i Mcuated Guard, yes'erday, the followirg reso lution was unanimously passed : .Ji'th1*"*' Th&tttLe thanks of this corps be and the same are hereby tendered to the Hon L. ^'T,/0!4?13 exertion* suaccssfully made in behall of the appropriation made by Congre? for an armory for the Distriet of Columbia volunteers. Bouett Land.?Since tho passngo of the bounty land bill by ?he I a*t Confess We wir?9f lV,2many Ve:'lr*D3 Wh0 "rved iDth? war uf 1112 are commencing to presi their claims for portion of the bounty. AgenU t0 d*y wriJng and proving the doc uments neccssary to >ecure the warrant! Correction ? We accidentally made it an uo? co?^':rkof liose.Company buried a mcmbor on the day wuofc name was Jjhn Long. This was a: itshoaU hat. b,eD ElB.rU In" Jhops, fine and co;t, Andrew Wom^do.? fatitv ? Vk '6r' d? 'od? Ed5rard Lee, pro JM-ity, workhruse Caleb Barton, out a'tor ^Br"b^ffiryrjoa Hijhara? ?a UPTON S V K (i KlA B L ax l.NJT IK L h Vi t ... tluo cn tb? stomacQ n t ?r ?...i V< ? ~ ' ' ? wlM ?c ?i.. cones. ru,r*Dy^' lD ?br B?rh, BrH.t fl;:!?,' Aff?ctlon? P.t., mail.-., Go.t, Mcrofu,?. Hh^u ?-.4 N?rvna* l>*Mlltl?? with *11^''*'*'*' **"*"? ?p? []f7? "S^TKYOrPHTSIC-AYPii s PHf? lho?.! .M.u!i or.ll#^.; Th^? iri S Ut h,r,Cn '? ,be v#rT eoi.M b? < ure.1 f r ?s cenU. ?r*r? " ttey koew they Try Ai?r'a Pin* aod jrou wl'l kbow ft Pariry tha blood .Dd ,i:.a*?e will be aUrvad oat r?T" " 4U'U fr"? ^"rou Z cnra-1 al In1l,e:t1nn. matl-?i, daraagiieuta of ib? Liver Ki I R,'?u all aaraocement* an.1 .11 whlV? *n 'j ii" fri^:'T,roA:,nd 11 ta to bM bt'" Coui;, U ^*w?",rr0Vwb^U *' ? ar^. b?.l of au PUla, u Uowo U,"^ wh.^bV/, ui'^ ^ Pr-^4 by DR. J. C. ATER, Low,,,. U.M., -anJ OILMAN, Waihiagton * ?0..rr*l.rick?tUr,.a.dL, Drn?l.U . fab 17??blm the otLar Mt^uluat an 1 our rL/ fo.r.,H4fP*r'a and all urt,?ad rjw*^ u ? hi. Hwfion 'M>.? CO, '? ^OOFLASfD-a CKLEBRAXItiij OERUASi llITj j-. wDrri^!ru?r^ s grz"r p!M-r land ()?ra> ia JITm*^w?V^ rlr.f . pnbUcU^^^'rn/h^rr^rtT8^' Have Um?u Induce.. to Uk, . K. wrsr.I'T2JSSR ao:u on y ty l>r C ki JlCXvtM ? .? Pr*P*''?d and f? iS&XfiSiiSiS? ??"?'? rj^7?XKI RALGIA.?Thl? formidable dlaeaa* whirl, n^m. ?o cxTTSrZX?;^ TixjKVlcU^ Uk ...5 r? ,Tr'"? U one ?f the hundred, who h.TVl.^-, r, r? 1 V ?31"1' J" ? l.Ul*. by CAltTEK'.'i bPAN|?H >11 XT I UK ? "r,r,; er?w^wVrV;.a;XTuT*-,J,<i U w nnn,b'" ?' w?b the m.^t w^nderA1 iarce?* of dl,ea*-, H? Bay* It !? tbe rnuet ettranrditiarv ii?i_ V . ??? naad, aud the beat purlUer known ,r" ?.?M?ead\ertla?u>.t.t lu aooUier coluau. TJ? PRZillUMS AT TUK FAms-WHlTim MH lu tli? aacen lance ?Tlie jorte* ?+r\, .!r ,i y . tk.r* at B.IUtnore, Richmond, and N?w T rk the Kit* hUbeai rremliuna to J. U. W. t?r t, lupertorlty^^'plio' to^rapha, yuireoacopea auj l?a?;uarre?t.^axhlblud Mr. W. al*o re.-?t?e l tw3 Me.lala at U.e Worlds r^lr L.,n ?ob, and a premlaiu at Crystal P?iare, New Vnrk A let.. ?H? Brat award* of tiie Ma-ylai.l Instituie for tbr*e year* |>aat. ^ Wal -abu'd'a U?Nery iu Uiia city u ?u Pa. avauueL b*tw ?)* u>J SUt elreeta. f%t/ 17 * VklD. In tecorriin^ tiic dcth of Mr. II. X. YOUNG, a re?.kriit of tliu city for thirty ycar3, we coii strainfd tu say of liiiu, that a in ro lionert, upriftit hun ?,,?> heart bivci aninil'ed the brca?t of iiii.n, u* haj, be Mid, cIi'mcii f* himself the {tath of aut fen.ia and trll-deaial, end though lingular iu hi< way#, ih- world knew biin not. The greater por moii i.f for* iuue Wii gr^.ui lu efforts t?? relieve rlie ustM.:#?;d, and he deptim) blma< If of every comfort P!, jCt J'1'" purpose; often wa? he found at the ,.'Vtr? the ?"??""*? aud afflicted; and to fa-give h? e on,y re*e"lt? ever eeught. If iJ ti^ M,^T ev,'n a "CUP ol ^0,", water g??eth not rewarJ," may we not have reaaon to 5?^'hh,l ,e ZMJSS U,e frttit of bi? whilat For Bala and Kant. Foil BENT-ON MODERATE TERMS a rmall furnished llouse on E street, between 6th Bad 7 b strwt*- Apply to J C. G. KENNEDY", lOtb nr. aa.l Punv^nue. mar 7?if HOUSE FOR UP NT AND FIXTURES FOR *ate, softnMe for a Confectioner and Cake Bi kery, or anv o:b?r tmn'ne?<? V* arcrar, between 19th and 2 th rtree? Apply^>n the premises. . mar &?Si* FOR RENT-A NEW BKIPK HOUSE on 13th ?treet. near %f. containing eitht room* and a kurae n Rent ?cr month. Inquire at 418 M street, between 13th and 14th at?., of mar ?"?6.* L RICHARDS lDZO\. [30R RENT?A LARGE PLEASANT ROOM ; on aecond floor, Ni. 311 nouth wde Pennayl vania avenue, 4 iloor? weft of Ninth st. e* ?.* mar 6?3t* Furnished house for rent?That com nwdiou* House, No. 450 H atreet; containing "leven rooms, with bath room, (an fixture**, tic , completely furnished in every particular, is for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th ?treet. feb 23?tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORV1E, corner of H ridge and Congre ss sts., No. 87. feh 6?tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Good* Groceries, lie-, to be stored, wiil And ample ac cnmuiodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved and Dry Kasi menu under the Mar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleve.ith st. Apply at the Star ofli.-e. jan 31?tf IjtOR RENT- THE DWELLING AND STORE on ltth ?treet wert, one door from Pa. avenue, north aide, "djoinins F^rr.ham's Bookrtore. App'.v to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 14th and ?> sU. FOR KENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE TERMS? A two-sto y frame House, with hick building, containing six roonm, on 13y$ rtrtet, between 0 and C streets south Applv to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-Mory Frame, with bas-ment, on N. York ivenue, between 4ih and 5th sts west. A three-?tory Frame, with btek building, on I st north, betw. en 4th and 5th sts. wmt. Apply fortlie two last mentioned to JAME' VV B ARKER, on II a reel north, between 12th and 13tb sts. west. Also a two-story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON fc KING, feb 7 ?eotf George own. FWILDINGL0NI FOR SALE?A VARIETY ")ol Building Lou in the vicinity of tie City Hall. AUo. in all other paru of the city, on a conimoJat ing terms. Enquire at Mr*. ADAMS1 Boarding H<>use, opposite to Itfownn' Hotel, to be seen from tf to 0 a m. or 3 to 4 p ui. Abo, an address through the offiec will receive attention. mar 5?e?2 n DAVID MVEBLE. HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and healthily located Building LoU, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streeU, can, tfiitil spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th ?t., above Odd Fallows' Hall, jan 9?Cm JOHN FOX. Secretary. Want*. VET ANTS?A SITUATION AS GARDENER, Yf or <hardener and Overseer. VVruld have no 0'ijection to go into the country. The be-t ot refer enee given. Apply to Mr. T. BARKEY, No. 61 Seventh street Win. U '\vel'- Str.rc. tnar 7?It* A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as cook, or cook, w.?sher and ir<?i>er in a sinill wno can be wel! recommended Drop a note at this offioc for "D S." mar 7?3t* O |VERSEF,R AND FARM HANDS WANTED.? ' I w ish to hire an Overseer or Foreman on my farm in Fannx county A linn with a wife an 1 no children would be preferred. I also wish to hire two good hands. None need ajip'y unless th?*v com?' well recoioin nd< d. Ad-Ires* tue either at Washington City, or Avon dale, Fairfax co., Va. mar 7-3t? FRANCIS A DICKENS. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON a Situation as Ntirss, anil having no objec tion to travel with a family. Best of reference* giv en Please ca!| at No. 16 T. st, between C and D. mar 7?2t* WANTED?TWENTY FIVEGfM?D VESTanJ pant Makers. None n. ?d apply except those who are competent hands. Constant work given. WALL fe STEPHENS, P t avenue, between 9th and 10th its. mar 6? 6t WANTED?A YOUNG MAN OF INDUSTRI otis and moral hrVlts, to learn the A,irithe"a ry busiuesa. One who ha.^ s'jRie knowledge oi the bumness preferred. Ais >, lor *a!e, two Soda Fountains, and Draw Pipe in perfect ord r. For further iiilorwaiion ap ply to \-?. 317 Seventh street. tnar 6 3i* il' ANTED?A STEADY CAPABLE MAN TO VV take ca?e of and drive horses. Also, a man ti uiiik and work in a dairy, auJ a man who understands general larm work. Such as can b? Weil recommenced may apply at the Locust Hill Farm, on 7ih street road, near first toll gate, max 4 -3l* ~ BOYS'CLOTHING. IN er.ler to sell offo ir presvnt stock of Boys' and \ ouths* Winter Clothing wc have determined to offer onr large and fine as*0'tm?:nt, consisting of ev ery desirable style and quality ot fashionable Ready made Garments, suitable lor dresa and s.hool wear, at greatly reduced prices. WALL St. STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall feb 24 (3entinel&.New*) WATCH KS AND JKWKI.aY.-l have c n hand a rood sup. ly of fine W WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold vi-ry cheap to nu.t the times. Gold Le-JCJA v r Watci es as low as .$?25, warranted to^^1^^ kv-ep j;ood tnue. Call and see for yourselves at the store ot' J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave-,oppo. Browns' Hotel, feb 2d?dim FANC? G0jL8, PERPUMEBY, &c. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, are now open ins at the r store, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splenili l assortment of GOODS, in the above, line, enutne. rating in part as follows, vizi fine Cabas, Dressing Casrs, Po te Monnaies, Lard Case*. Jewell Boxes. Shells, Suell Boxes, Jet Ornaments, Lubins', Piver'e and other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, and Brushes in gr>at variety, and In -hou ever> thing ui be usually found in a first class Fancy Store, and they corciully invite tlieir friends and the public to give' them a call. Their Store is ihe first door west of Messrs. Har per &. i.'o.'a, between Ninth and Tenth sta. mar 2?tf STEAMER ?GEO. PAGE? OR.iXQE 4" ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. II1E undersigned having beeome proprietors of the large and commodious Steamer GEORGE PAGE, intend, by tUeireffoiu, to accommodate the community travelling between Washington and Alexandria, and the t.'cihues which they offer for the transportation of freight a id the employment of none but courteous and gentlema'd ke officers and obliging servants, to merit a share of the public pa tronage, and would respectful y call the attention of m>*rcUants and other citizens of Itoth places to the loiiowing schedule of prices at which their Boat will hereafter be run: Passengers 5 cents ; B isay wag ui and one horse, 1 i; Buggy wagon and 2 horses, 25 ; Horse and ri uer, 12J4 5 Market wag^n and I horse, 25 ; Market wagnn rooi d trip 37J4; Market wagoii and 2 horses, 25; Market wa^on round trip 37 Drays 25; I'ray; round trip 37.}$; Hacks 25; Hacks round trip 3*^ ; Flour per barrel 5 cents. And all rvher freight in p oportioa. lu connection Willi this boa: are Latham k Cook line of On tubuses. JOHN VAN RISWICK,) p , RICH'D WALLACH, / rrol'"? nnr-J 2w K. A. RYTHER, Captain. SPECIAL NOTICE. I^QE subscriber, aa adniini'tral'ir of Ihe estate of L tue late John D. Bmwn, offers for sale the ex tensive and well selected stock of Furniture and House Furriuning Goods, in w hole or in lots, at ap preaewenf pri.;ca, for cash or unJoubted pap?r, bear ng iuteiest; a!<o the leu^e of the I udding in which it i* containvd, known as >'A|m'lo Hall." To |>erso!is desiring to engage in busiae.-s this af fords it fin*.- opportunity, a- the rent of th? builtiing is moderate and tlie run o'en^tom very giod. N. B.?All persons in lcb.ed to the estate are earn e? ly requested to maKe imincJiatu seulcmcnt, by < a^U > r notes, otherw ise their accounU will be pi a -ed in tho hands ot counsel for Aetlleinent. JAS. C. MeGUlRE, feb 27?ct.6'. Administrate Organs for sale. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a hue Rosewood PARl.uR ORGAN, ImjiIi now on exbiUliou It tlie Mctrup diian Mechaiucs' Fair. They are from the tnrnuiactory of HENRY ERBEN of^w Yoik. Fjt terms lie , apply to Prof. SCI1EEL, on 14th ?ue?t. north of P. HENRY ERBEN. teb 96 - eotf A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED just receive4 and sals by SAMTj BACON li CO, lut ? Coiu^r Seventh n. and Pa. ?ve. Auction Sales. By J. C. HeGUIRBi AucOoaxr. STOCK AND FUTURES OF A SHOE STOEE at Auction -On HATURDAY a.Vmooo, th? lOlh instant, at 3 o'clock, at the 6 lore et Mr H O. Noyes.on l'? in-y*vanU av?n??. near 73 h ?:e?T, I shall oell 'IK" balance of hu nock ??? d f.x'vr i com print ug? ?200 pvra ladlrs' ribbed O .iter? and Alcrccoo ?< its Misse*' do do <Jo* Gentlemen'* king Boctsssd Shoes Beys* d? do Ladies' Toilet Slipper* Gentlemen'* Calf and Putent Leather 3ha??. ALSO ? r>iioiv<i>k, I rawer*, Row Window* Gn Fixture'', Se.tees, Counters Oilcloth, lot Tool*, 8lc T? rm<: #20 and under cash ; over that ion a credit of 30, 60, and 90 day*, for note* satisfactorily ei.d-irsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. MrGUIRE, mar 7?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McODlRKt Auctioneer. VAI.TT \BIjR BUILDING LOT ON PEfcNSYL vania avenue.?On FR< DAY af ernoon, the 9th in. t int, at 5 o'. lock, on the premises, | shall veil part of Lot No. 5, in Square No. 166, fr uiting 29^ feet on Pennsjlvania avenue, between 1 rth and 10th street* west, running hick one hundred and twenty feet. Term*: One third cash ; balance ia six and nine months, wilh interest, secured by a deed ot truM on the premise*. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 1?1 Auctioneer. By J. V. UcOUIRK, Anctlonier. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED I'ROIER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, Anil il, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, hy virtue of ?v.o deed* ol tru?t to the rubtcriher, one dited May JO. 1847, au<2 recorded in III* r W B , No. 134, folio-Hill, he , the 0 lie' dated Ju e 10 1847, and recorded in libei \V. B? No. 130, folio 470, kc two of the land records for Washington o? unty, in the District -I'Columbia, 1 ? hall eel , on the premise*, lot-' numVred 10,11, 13,14.l."?, and 16 in square No 35A,frontingon ill ? street we t. lietween F and G street* MNilh,with the im;iro\e.Ntei t*, ci ii*:*ting of an e\cell?*ui two *tory brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash; the rcfiJui- in six, twelve and eighteeu month , with interest, to lie secured to the. satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAV Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE. mar 7?co Auctioneer. By J. C. McGDIRIC, Auctioneer. IRCSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? On THURSDAY afiernoon, March 1st, 1855, at 4 o'clock, on the p enuses, by virtue ?f a deed ol trust ft tin sub* liber, b date the 14th May 1852, and duly recorded in Iiibcr J. A. S., N i. 40. folio* 4118, 4J9, and 440, one of the laud records fo? Washington county, I shall sell the north half of Lot No 19, in fqunn; 293, fronting 23 feet 4 inchef on 12th street west. between north C and D street*, runiing lutck 1(0 feel to n wide alley, with improve ment*, confuting of a substantial brick dwelling bouse. Terms: One tliiid ca-li; (he residue in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed ol tru?t on the premise*. NICIIOL \S C VLLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. M GUIRE, fab 12-coflid- Auctioneer. H*Th? above Rale In pnatpoB?d until WEDNESDAY, March 7sh. same hour. NICHOLAS CALL \N. Trustee, feb 28 J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. (Xf- Tlie ?bovs sale la fnrf lie* post* pon d un:il TUESDAY, tha 13:h March, snni" hour and plaed. NICHOLAS f'ALLAM, Trustee, mar 7 JAS. C. MrGUIRE; Auctioneer. Boarding. BOAROINO.?MBS. CARTER, C.iritol Hill wiil lie prepared to accommoi' .t- boarders? permanent or transient?immediately .?fter tl.? ad joumment of I'liurriM and the Supreme Court. K'-stdenvc No. 4. near North Cite of Capitol, uiar 2 -eo2w* BOAKOINO.? A lady havinr ti:ken (he hr'iid somf Dwelling, No 3, Union Row,??n F street, lietween 6ili and 7ih, can offer fine large ioom? fot families, either Iurni*hc4 or u?ifuinn-!i? d Also, ha*' room* for geu'lemen much larger than are general!) approp-inted to single p- rson?. TabU: Isiarders a:id permanent ??r transient p?r sons wdl be accommodated on the most reason a bh terms fib 21?2w MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JOVE*'ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now eomtn.nly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK, uilkout key or Ao.'e is the Lock iliat secur> d the outer dooraof the 11 > < !ii^ Sa<etbni contained ^I C00 ;it the World's Fair, London, 165i it biing neces-ary to unlock (hi - lielou other lock? in th? safe could he unlocked- All putics interested ate referred to the following notice: THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. I have this day sold ti Messrs. F"T.\RNS & MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILI'EH'S Pateiil Salamander SAFEJ, New York, iln j'atciit right ot my HOT AT 1X (3 PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Coinnioidv called ?JON ES ' ANTI GUNIM?V\ DEK L<>CK," or. "THE WOULirS FAIR l.?X:K." The latter title was acquired in con.-cquence ol this Lock being placed in a Safe at the World'.* Fair, with ?1,000 in the Safe, ?<i he the leward ot any petnoo who could open the door. The g<dd n mi.i'.ed therein for a period ttf forty five da>s, whilst the visiters got tired of turning tl.r dials, w itli fUth p<sir pro-peel of euccess, the num ber of changes being 24..300 000. Hanker*, Jewelers, and Merchant" wh'i det-ire to have these Locks upon tin ir doors, can have lh< n. by applying to Stearns & Marvin, N<i I4G Wale street, who have the exclusive right to inanufacture stid Locks in the United States. IIENRV C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January C-0;h_ 1853. STEARNS & MARVIN, Sue .saor.sto Rich fit Co , .11 Si 146 Water st-, N. Y., THE ONLY MAK Kri OF SALAMANDER SAFES, combining A'lLDER'S and RICH PAT ENTS. S. II. HOWELL. Agent, u?ar 1 - 1m Georgetown, D. C. PALMER S PATENT LEG. 1MIIS AMERICAN INVENTION f stands unrivalled both in thia country ' and in Fnro;:c. It is worn by 1.000 p- r^ins, and with most astonishing Mtcces*. In cotn[ieti'.ion with 30 other substitutes ?>i the best trench, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the oiE^TMEnAL at the Wori.d'i Ekiitm TtoN in London a* the best artit; ial limb known. In 'his country it has l.een thirty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the printipal cities, and has, in < xe.y instance, received the award of the highest or liist picmium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of au interna tional council, the " First Premium" - only Silier Altdal giveu for Limbi?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crj>tal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent gratis to every applicant. R. FRANK PALMER, 375 Chesuut.strci f, Philadelphia feb 28?3m I?OR SALE?A PAIR OF FIXE YOUNG North ' ern Hob tail Hone*, perfectly gentle in single or double harness. I will sell tin in very low and upou lime ifde-ired. GEO S MASSEY, mar 6 - 3t* Auen?, No. 455 8 Thirteenth st. HATH, HATS, HATH! ?We have lust reciived a large aijA latliionahlf assortment of gent's travelling Hata ana f'aps, wliitai we offer for sale, at extii'iutly low prices, at the Temple <1 Fashion. RI7TT fit HOPKINS'S. Cornet 6tli st and I'a. avenue, Eetwc?u Urowna' and Nali'ual Hotels, mar 1?eo3?v I O MEMBERS OF CONGRESS h OTHERS. SILVER SPOONS, F?>BKS, Ac.-M. W. GALT fit BRO. invi c special attention to their s-tcck of pute Silver Table, Dessert, and Tea S(>oons and Forks, Ladles, Bn ter Knives, and all other ar ticles of | ure Silver Ware, whi<-h is hrceran 1 more vaiied than ever offered to their cu>loniers. ?t. W. GALT 4t ItRO., 344 Pa. av jiue b< tw. 9(h aud 10 h eu. feb 23?u TOBIAS r OFFICE No 5158 Seventh ttrcei, flir.^e doors Iroin Odd Fellows' Hall. SPECTACLES and GLA8SES suited to every sight, on a true and sci entific pr?ncl|l4 Sec circulars, to be had at the office. feh 23?lni* EXCELSIOR 13 OUR MOTTO. WE have jti?t received a fresli lot i.f PRUNES, FlG-?, ORANGES, LEMONS, fitc. Al?o, a Ca?" of SARDINES, put u,i in superior Mjle, Give us a call and judge f<?r yoursi Ives Don't forget the N>> , 409 Seventh ?t;eci, oppo. Odd Fellows' Ila I. N. B. Ralls, I'artiec, and FaniUics <t.;rpl,rd on the most reas ''table and ?aU*factoiy leriu-, ji the ahult e-t notice RYDER fit rLANT. mar I?lm ALK ATRANOtllS virt ing th? City Should sew Hi..iter's Cut also. Eu Deacriution if Powell's gre-i Picture ?Iogue of the curiosiucs of the Patent o?ce. feb 33? Auction fral?. B/C. W. BOT1CL.BR, AmII*Mw. EX I ENDIVE BALE OP WINES, LIQUOB9. aixi Groceries at th* Store of Win LUtno,cor ner 01 g?nri!h u.4 D ?Tie raS?enb?r 4? ?jruii ci cbn?.girg Lis bwiw??, wiii ad l, withou re-erve, on FBI'. A V, March S. ronm^Kiiir at If* o'cVck ?- m.. his r-: re **x-K of Gro??erte?, W|iw> an 1 L'q iOfs, fcto e Ti ituree. kc., In pa t n( ? New or|e .ns, Por*/Ri?r\C:u*%?d and Pulvenaenl 3lf ni Very snpe<rar old Government Java C?dfle? Fine T^s. UimHoi, Candle*. Soaps, Spices Su.r. h, Pepper. Salaretus, lla-kcts, "lom* Imp- ted t igars, Tobscco an 1 SnntT ?*J'J ?r?, Smew. Am-'tican and Enf*i?h PicklM Br. ncies, Gin, Whskey, Jamaica Rum, Wine* Buckets, Tuba, fcc. Store I-mines, *u b as Counters. Shelve*, Bir.a count r anl platform Scale*, Store Truck.?e Ttifethrr *uh a Ur?f assortment of food* usuiPy ?>>1.1 bjr Grucera, which ? deemed unnece, > ary in particulate. Special attention la called to ihe Chateau. Ber n?rd Ma e.t k Co ; London Dock and Old Imperial Brandies. Also, superior Old Wh.skey, Vadena Wir?e?, kc. These Liquor* an; unrir|?*vd ?n quaitity, an?l wurihv the hitention of < onnotm ur? Tti' trade general!) and families will find thin sale worthy <>4" th* preten e. T? rms: All sums of and under $.r>0 caah, ow %50 a credit uf 30, 60 and 90 da a, far approved endorsed note- h?a*i :g ii.terest. WM. LINTON. C. W. BOTELKU. mar 6?tf Auction er. By J. C. BIcGl'IRK, Aactlon<?r. IJXTENS VE SALE OF EXCELLENT PI R J mlu e i nl lloifNf keei>iric LtTect*.- O.iTlll KS DA V mornm?, the *ih March. at 10 o'clock, at Uie re id* uce ot" J H Eberhach, Esq , on Pel n*)lvanta ivei.ue. between 21st and tM street*. I shall mII without reserve, ail hi? Furniture and KiT?ct*, com pricing? Pair ol hand? uie mahogany Shrills Sofia One dozen ni^>h<rtfanv spring s at Chair* I Marble and mahogany top centre and sof* Tabl -s I Gi't and mahogany framed French plat?* Mirrors lland-oui>' mantel Clocks, G (aridities Damask and Uce Curtains, Cornice and Fixtun s Vei.i lan Bliif's, T annparent Shades r>ictu e', Chandeliers, Gas Fiitur*** Mahoginy dirunc and Centre Tat le< Si ring rejl Lounges, cane seat Chairs ihml i ine Bilism Is pari r a-d ?ta-r Ca pe s Tfiroe- fly and ingrain Carpeu, Oi'cloth Kngs. M ttiri! Si air Rods, Crash Enanullvd C Ita^e Set Mahogany ai d Walnut Fr? neh Bedstead4 Dressing and [lain Bun au--, Washsiands Exc llent double and sin le Wardrobes Secretary and Bookcase, Rockers Superi r douhl-* and single Feather B< ds Best hair ami hu?k Maitrerscs Bolsters and Pillows Blankets,Cotnlorts. Coun'erpanes Pire Irons, Toilet Sets lland.-ome Glassfront China Closet Refiiterator. Sideboard, Si.fe Tables Frrncli find Slone China Dinner Kiid Tea Ware | Glassware, Tabic Cutleiy,?*a*tor? | Cooking It u>ee, small Cook Stove i'arlor and clia:sil??-r Srov?-s various ttyle Exeell nt cot i? r and tin C.iok ng I 'tensiU Together with a lar^e as.-oituient of Kitchen Re q- i*i es Terms : $30 snd Ltiier ca*li ; over that Kum a credit of CO ar d 90 da>s, for satisfa torily ern'or^td nnte#. berirng infreM. J AS. C McGIJIRE, mar 6?1 Auctioiieer. By J. C. HcOCIRB, Anctloucir CHOICE OLD WINES, LlUl'ORS, SToi K k Fixtures of a Cunfet t oner.' L&l tblishm* nt. tic. On FRIDAY morning, March 9th. at 10 o'clock,?t he Confi ctiouary sioie of J. II. Eberbacb, on Penn sylvania avenue between 2L *. and 22d st-, I shall si:? G'aea Case*, Counters, Drawi rs Shelving, l! ir Counters, Oyster Boxes Candy Jars, Bottles, S ales and Weights, fct. ALSO. A U' AN HTV OF Madeira. Sherry anl Hhine V\ines, ol very ?? p-rnw quality, which lias been in b titles ?ouic ten year.-. ALSO - \ small k>tot' Candi s. Prunes, iUi ins, Oiive o.l Piek<es, I'reservea Nuts, lie. Tt-iir.s: .?*-?? anl under cash; over llul hiii a i r dit < f f?0 an I 90 days, for Siti.M'actorily endor ed note.-. Iteaiu e interest. JA^. C. McGUIKE, mar 6? d Auctioneer. By (illEEX dt SH?T P, Anctlonsti*. \PALUABLE TWO STORY* FRAME HOUSE a^id L >t at Auction.? O.i MONDAY, the 12th nstarit ai 5 o'clock p. hi., w?- -h^ll sell, iii frout ol the prem'ses, lots No 51 aud 62: in the subdivision dt~SqHare 4C5, improved by a two story frame botes* wuh hick liutlding, wandhouse, kc attached. The abave de crib?'d property is ?iiuatej on th* Island, betseeu 6Ui and "lb streets west, and D an?i E sfe? u eontii. on a wi4e street Uirough the said square. Title indisputable. Tera*s ? o?? third ea-h , the balance iu 6 and 12 months, on ii<>tes bearing interest. A deed given and a d? ed of trust taken GREEN & SCOTT, mar ft? d Auc.ioneers By J. ? . MtGl IKK. Anctlonttr> I'll I* S T E E'S SALE OF COUNTER*? AND D-aivers.?On THURSDAY morniiig, Marcl 3lh, st !0 o'clock, by order of the Trustee, i smil ??!!, at the Star Bu.ldin^s, a uuiuber of Couuteis and I rsivrri. in lo's to suit putcha.-i r#. Teiuis ca h, in cur>rut funds RICHARD WALL4CII. Truster. JAS. C. McGUIRE, tuAi 5- d A11CU<111< < r. y OBK*?ft dt SCOTT, Auctioneers. G1 ROCER1ES, ^ I OuE FIXTURES, i.o a' Auc T u<?... On TilURSD \Y. the 8th iustau*, we | m< II sell, at 10 o'clock a in., at the -tore of Messrs II >r 1 r St Taylor, c tuer of L street north, and 9th sir* 1 vest, aii excellent assortment of Groceries, ki;., viz: I'< a, *i l?Ttr, CefTee and Spices Oil, M?>la.-se?, Flour, Lar.l and Hams ? mar- and Tobacco, Soap an I Candles >ioils, liroeia.s. Crushes, Crockity a .d Wood ware Macker<-I aiiJ Hcnings, Stand Cuska La c PlMforn ??ri't Counter Balance S a!ea Wuli many other article* which we deem uni.e cr-aury to ? iuuuTate. Terms: I n ;er %2b cash; over ?25 a credrt of 60 ' ind 9J ,1a. s, lor notes satisfactorily e- dorsed. 1 GREEN k SCOTT, niiT.'i <1 AacthMMi By J. C. McGUIUik, .?? uelUnctr. i'BOVTEii S SA1.EOF8TOCR A PIXTCKES of a M? reliant Tailor.?Oil MONDAY, March 12th, at lo o'clock, at the store 011 -he ea-t side ?u st'eet, two doors niiih of Pa avenue. I slirll ?? i. by virtue of a deed of trust dated J'ebrnary 7 iti55. and du'y recordetl amoiit: the laud rtcor.l? ot l W' ifti.ui^u ii county, all the stock iu trade aitd f.x , unee, cou.piiaing - Blue, black, olive, |?r*-*-ii, and brown Cloths Dout"; a:'<1 sing e milled plain and taucy Cassi uu rea >ilk, satin, cloth, Mnraeilled and Cas-siuu-re Vest Scwu.g S.Ik, Thread, Buttons, Cord, Bindings I Satin lacid lining Silk, Brown Hokund Paddins Canton Flannel, t'anvasa, Cott m StU?ia, AJpaca, Waddinz. fcc. ALSO? Oae l^ige French plate Mirror, si^c of j late 72 b) 50 inches Two French p ale Pier Glaasts Cult g and btiow Counters, Side Counter; Slum's Draw rs, Show Hacks Clock, stove- Chairs, Tables, kc. T< rms: and under cash; over that suru a dttiit of I'U.Cl), auil 9U oays, for noies *atistnctoril} endorsed, bearing interest. J NO. C. KENNEDY. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUlRK, ttmi 2 ??] Anctionier. By UliltttX dt IUOTT, Anctton??r?. rpwo TWO TOUY tKAME DOUSES AND 1 LOTS at Auc ioa -On PRIDAY, the 9 h in9*. we qba'l ? 1,111 front of the pteittises, at 4)^ o'clock p. nt-, two gonj two-story Prutae llou es, with trick bvtquieul.4. containing six c<<nveui) inly airanged rootu-i < a(h and ti e lo!s on which th-y stand, be iog part of Lot No. 19, in Square 126 One Jot liyiifs I* *nl the 19 feet on north K. Iietween IT1I1 ?ud l?th streets west, runniug bar k 113 feet to a 10 feel alley, w ith afoui feet alley between tiiele uses fnr h ' eoHvetiience of rack. Tule indisputable. Terui.: One third cash; die btlunr iu sia awl twelve months, for notes bearing tnt< rest A deed given arid a deed i f irnst taken. GBEEN k SCOTT, m ir 5?eodkils Auctioneers IROBI BALL BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK ?7? TAB LIS HJUt: NT. Just received and ;cceiv? ??I ing a large supply o t?c t fw qualityTiavelingTRl'NKd ^?CARKET BAGS, kc. winch* will be ? ?'d low. 1 shall s. II mjr stock of Winter ROOTS k SHOES on hand, which embrace every article, at reduced prices; a id as my stock is large, my cu*t> niert> and | the public art requested to cail and exstmne. To thoj; who t now tlicmselves indrbt< d to me. I would say that I i*esire prompt settlement. Fm the future I sull n-n 'er my accounts monthly- this sys tem having b?r> me necessary because ol the thauge of tlie ereiii ?\st< m at the North. 8. P. HOOVER, teb 9S?e. 3< Iron Hall. Pennsylvania avenue. JUST RECEIVED, per brie Ana Bicabrth, a prime lot ot Blue and White Harcor POTA TORS. ^ ltd) barrels prime Baldwin Apples All will be sold low to close consignment by M. E^riTBGE, ? if J>-lw total Wharf, AletandtU. -?? ? TELEGRAPHIC Eirrritmly for At HHj Ifti* Loritg before the BLaaaaotRsatta Lap ieUrrra Ji sros, VMpch G.?T:? L.^itlatlTt commit t#e ?PPolated to r???rt on the application for removal of Juige Luring, vera fa tceror. tlx k an to^iv, UtoJor* Parker iJrcetUi hit removal upoa tta ground of a \ tolation oi marsl law. and the Uw of State, tod jeatify ln^' lu-'b violet:,* E. II Dana made aa arf utaent of four fears length, in which he contended that the power of removal by add ran was Intended only to ha ?trtriiad in cztrama cases; and la ealy ?m instance, (*evecty-five yeart sinea) has it ?var been appealed 'o, and than only froas tha cause of incompetency. "If azeretaad <B This oa a," ha raid, "by party, another party of a different character might make this a preoe dent to remove any obnoxious opponaat for an o?h? teuton whatever. Such a ramoral would impair the integrity af the judiciary and be a violation vf the Constitution of tha Si ate " Wcuicll Phillips closad tha bearing before ?h? committee in behalf of the pecitkaerf. iloaf of war Jam* town an! tha Baiabridfe Nokkolk, March 6.?Naval eoastrwetor Hart has exaxined the Jamestown atd reports hor tea woithy, bat tie officers attached to her disagree in the opinion. A survey will s K?n be ordered by thedepar men. The liainbridge has been towed ap to the navy yard. The cfiicers state that the atom which caused bar disaster was terrifi* in tha cxtrow*. liar lait three guns, twj anchors ?ad bulwarks w ra carried away and she was otbf?|jbfmach injured Her officers say th.t she ?? tine sea vaasel. Change in Sailing cf Viearagua Steamer t Naw York, March Oa aad after tha 20h of April, the Nicaragua Steamers will ra t-an to their former dates of tal'.ag, via* oa the jib and 20th of each month?the same day as those for A?plnwall. Tha Sardinian Frigate?Poll tit ll Naw York, March 6.?The Sardiaia Frigate Des Ueneyt has been from I'aarantine by the health officer, and is aow coming up to tha ci ty. Fifty eight of her pa?sengera state that they >?re palitfeal exiles. Chicago Klrctioa. Chicago, March 6. ?L. D ttoooa. the Know Nothing candidate for Mayor, was elected by a eo all majority. Sailirg cf tha Baltie. Naw York, March 7.v-Tbe Baltic sailed to day at 11 a. m , for L:varpool, with M pas senger*, and $1,137,000 in rpeole. Among bar p^aren^ors was tbe Marquis of Taliacorne and 11 js. John Ap^leton. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. March 7 ?At the afternoon change flout adtatced 12; cents. Sales this morning of ILiward street at $8 r>Ja$V75; Citj Mills at $8 2js$S 50. Wheat is unchanged; ;a'es of white at$2a$2.10 for prime, and $1 90 r$l V5 fer ordir a*y; goel to prime reds at $1 97a{2 jj. Corn has slightly e'ec ined in oonsrqr:ence of heavy receipts?tales of whi'e at SiaS6 cts ; yellow at h6a87 ets The grain salts sre not so active as on yesterday. Hew York Stock Market Naw York, March 7.?Stocks opened heavy, tut improved at the close Money it unchanged Salei at the lir<t board of Erie Railroad 46i; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 73; Cleveland a&d Pittsburg Railroad 40; Cumberland 31 for '6s of '60; Reading 79f; Canton 24); Macon and Meahern Railroad 100; Louisiana 6's 87c. Hew Ycrk Markets Nf* York, ManhT ?Cotton is unchangel, with a moderate demirnd at previous rates. Floor?Prices have advanced a trifle ; sales of 4,000 bbls. good Ohio at $'J.3Ua$9 75; aalae of 1,700 bbla. Southern at *9a$# 621. Corn has declined a trifle; sales of 42,000 bushels Western mixed at 94?94fc. Pork is Arm and upward ; sales of old mess at $13 75 Deef ia unchangel Lard is tpward and firm. W'hisky is firm ; sales of Ohio at 3113. Knew Nothing Defeat?Indiana Bark Lrgti lation Cisownati, March 6*.h.?The municipal election >eaierday. at Newport Ky , teealted in the defeat of the K. N ticket The Legislature cf Indiana has parted tbe Sure and free bank billt over tbe (tjveraor's veto, tLd they are now laws. Mayoralty Electi jns in Hew York. Acbirw, March 6 ?The Know Nothings eleottd their ma} or here to day by 200 ma jority. Oawcoo, March 6.?The mayor'e election here to-day was very exsiting The Know Nothing candidste wss defeated by 500 ma [ jori y "1 huY, March 6 ?Griawoll (da u ) wat elect ed mayor to d.y by about 2t)0 majority over the Know Nothing candidate. Political Fxilee. New V or a M?r^b G ?Tbe Sardinian frigate Dee Oeneys bat been discharged from quaraa tiie by tbo health o fiber and is row comiag up to the city Fifty eight of her passengers state that they are political exilee. PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PR03PERI beg* leave to ir I' mi his trien*i? and fme; pairoua ituil tkie laud li;t. been fully re-organized sea ia low under ln? direction, and he ia fully prepared w.tb a bai d of tbe mo.+t S^ientilic Mu>ai:<n? iu tb?- citv, to fur nish muaic t.?r Ball*, Parties, Parades, Pie Mica, Es curilus*, kc., at tbe i>bortek( notice poariUe, by ap ply n a H. FREDERICK. PRCMPERi, L* ?der,CHAF. l'ROdPERJ, Conductor; IIILBUH fc HITZ'a Mu mc Depot, or at PETER TALTAVULU, oppoatre 'he t.::rr'?oii, tiarrison stract, Navy Yard, fel. DUAiTAIBSK Cl'IlKO?Tbe fcLowing la uktu limm Soou'a Weekly: l?E \FNEd4.?We undern u l tbat the aacpeae ivbich ba.< followed Uic u?e of tfCAKPA'H ACOUS TIC < llli, in caiet of Ixaiue-*, lian been Mtoniib tut, liMtu.-aiida of persons i avui? been cured, wkoee ea-vi arcn conaiideied Impdo*. Tb<* calla for tbfta medicine are froui all part* ??l tbe country, it kiaf, we hdirve, tbe only arrie'e be lore tbe public for the i ure of that diotrciwiiif Uiseaw. B>' (Mrticiilar B'jii buy of Z. P. GIL MAM, YVaah i ui*ti>n. D. C-, anJ S ?. IIANCE, Baltimore. Md., aa there i? a coiuurfeit article iu ihe market, feb '28- iu SIGNOR SEVERO STRINI HAStlie |>leanuie of aiiauancinc to tbe . ot VVa b njni.u tbat be can lake oue i pit on tin* Vocal Iiiwuuciiun for tlie spring Tenu-' ^10 per quarter, twenty- tour le* una. T?a I a* us per wee*. Arply at Mr. DAVIS'S Muste ^tocc. (Intel) mar 8?Iw COMK LEARN YOUR FAT*. MRS Gl OKOB, late of England, wuhaa te inform tin* Udiea and geutlcuieu <W VVufchlnf ton ;oid (irwjftowu that ilit can be aenn and coa ? ilt d on Hie pent, present and fniure eveuu, at tha l ?l? residence, So 84 F rtreet, between ?l?t aad 2?T f UeeU, Fifrt Ward,?p^*<t? 0!?ervatary. Her uatne is on tbe door. Hour* fr ui 9 a n te 8 o'clock p ??. Lailtet ajfr?Qentlcaaen SO eeata feb M W* FRBXCn JiORBIIBO OOWII. C uiere, Velvet,M'r.nojuat opened thW^ay BUTT k HOPKINS'S, Coraerhka and Pa. ami Between Browns' aad Nauoaal H< nv 1??viw

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