Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1855 Page 2
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EV UNING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: TBinAT M?reh 10. (?7* AdvkbtisbmxnT8 should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. Sroaaos.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings/' The central location and easy aooess to thin store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in "Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. _ VPl*ir OF THR MASSING TRESS. Tbs lntelnginetr comment? on the death of the Emperor Nicholas, of which there oan be ao reasonable doubt, coming as the sews does. The e-ti!*>r it evidently at a loos to determine whether be thicks the event will protract the ?lifting war or hasten its conclusion He gives reason* whj it may have the latter, as well as the former effect. Of the late Emperor, per eonally. the editor *sy??we think with great truth . 41 The Emperor Nicholas may be regarded, perhapa. as the grei'.eat sovereign of modern time*, and few have filled a wider space in the history of the world. With an empire extend ing from t!ie Baltio to Behring'e 3'rait*. he ruled twu.thirds of the cireumfercoce of the habitable globe, and over all tbo?e vast terri tories and rasee he was knrwn and felt. Throughout tha* iuncenae region he might be Slid to toe, in every sense, ? the State.' He w<> identified ?Uh all its interests, moral, eoeial, pr'it'cal, and religious He knew ?eery thing inspired every thing, directed every thing, controlled aud ?Uprrinteiid*i eve.-j thing, military, civil, and ecclesiastical. It is rot to be wocdere i at that, to *ueh a la bor of thirty years duration, even hiseolossal frame and strong brain shou'd at last yield and succumb With the genius of the Great Frederick in administrative capacity, he had almost the genius of Nspoleou for war. Qis mora* > nd c >uscieniious qualities surpassed those of either. ' The Union sajaof Nicholas and his eucces eor, Alexander I J..: '? The Emperor Nicholas ww bern July 6, fold s yte ) or Jute 25. i&ew style ) 1798 ; suc ceeded bis brother, the Lmperor Alexandtr. November 19. 1^25 and was crownei Augus* 182^. He was married to Fre-t'rica Loui ?a, daughter of Fredeio William ill , King of Prussia, on July 1, 1817. and has left six cfcil frei the e'.dsst of whom, Alexandra, was b- rn 2Vth (old s'yle) 17th (new style) April, IBIS ; a. ?Triea Apr-1 16. 1841. to the daughter of th: Louii, tirand Duke of Hesse, and wili succeed his father as ihe Emperor of all the Rn<?>as "I will be seen the Emperor waa 59 J ears of age at the time of hi* tlevb and that is son who succeeds him to the throne is 38 years of age " It is already asserted and believed by many in Europe, that Nicholas died by assassina'ion cot from apojlesy, ?.s announced. It will be some time before the truth or falsehood of this rumor esc be definitely ascertained P?B*OMAL. .... Joshua B Cnrrier, who was convieteJ and sentenced to be hung a: Fiuvana, Va , last April, for the murder of K W. B'ackburn, having been granted a new trill, has been tried and acquitted .... A New York paper says: "We are gratified to lean .ha: Oapt. Sam C Reid. who has been lying a: the point of d*ath. h.43 so fsr recovered through the devotion and soien t>fio skill of D-" Francs, that he is now con sidered entirety out of danger .... Hon Juhc M Bot'.s has written to the Richmond Whig that he is not now, and never has been, a candidate for the nomination of Governor of Virginia He says he is eiok of political life. .... In Augusta. Geo . Miss Elita Logan * made such a hit that a planter present desired *> pica nt her with a liule negro boy, which she .... The Charleston papers prcpoie to raise in South Carolina, a* a testimonial to Captain Ingr^au, fur his conduct in the Kossia iflfair, a suQslent ?um of money to purchass bis home. Ihe Mercury g&ys that Cap?. 1 wai aecu-i y tor a friend who failed ard his pro. Certy i? now rdverised tor tale to wake good !s eng gement for another. Lie is the father cf a large family, and the result of this obli gaiicn is readi.y under-tood. .... Lord Brough am is about to print in the edition ?-f his works, now ineturre of publica tion. th" wh le of the correspondence of George III wih bis minister (Lord North) on the subject, of the American War 'ihe origm*l letters were le.jt by Lord Glenbervie to Gtcrge IV., and nevei returned The be lief is, that " tne ?rsr gfn'.leaen in Europe'' deatro} ed them L'?rd Brougham will print them from copies made from the originals by Sir Macintosh ....Mr Charles B. Knowles, nephew of Sheridan Knowles, bus been gasetted to an ensigncy, without purchase in ; he British 77th foot . ...B r Mosea Monteflore has left Paris for Jcrusalen. with the object of founding a he a pita 1 in that ci'y. He has obtained funds from the Jew a of London and the Jews of Australia .... llere la an anecdote recently told of M ac-i Mme <e Girerdin ? "During the worst days of 1S48, Mme. de Girardm said to several pe pie who were visiting her. - Everything goea worse and worse I here is only one. a'ovt who can save us ' The visitors oowed, thinking she spoke of Providence. But she was alluding to her husband, who was at work in a room overhead " HTThe copper area in Polk county, Tenn., la about three milea long and two miles wide Within that apace eight or nine veins have been cpeced, from which alone might be raised three millions of dollars' worth of ore annually* if there could oniy be provided the means of trc-neporting it to market GF^Every day in the week is. by different nations, devoted to the public eelebration of Divine Service Sucday by the Chriatiana, Monday by the Greeks Tuesday by the Per aiars Hedaesday by the Assyrians, Thursday by the Egyptians Friday by the Turks, and Saturday by the Jews. ANsw Acqcibito!*?ltossia.n Avituci ? A singular piece of diplomatio news appears in th? London papers, received by the Pacifio. under the head of telegraphic advice from Vienna respecting the Russian Possessions in North America. It is to this effect: \ i*5*a. Saturday, 9 a. x.?According to the local papers, 'be Russian tienerai rott, who nas recently arrived at Brussels, is the b;arer of the cession of the Russian Pos sessions In N >rtn America to tkr. U*ued Stafs for $30,000,000. ty Ihe fires in the woods of Georgia and Norta and South Carolina seem to be aubaidicg, though the details of the ravages are fiUl given by the papers J3T The New York ioe eompaniea have "hsrvested ' 294.000 tons about the sane quantity as in 1864. The democracy of Louisiana will ho!d a State Convention on the third Wednesday of Jaae WASHINGTON NF.WS AM) GO,SIP. The Probability of the War ?The new* of tha death of Nicholas oame like a clap of thunder, ye* erd%y afternoon, upon the publie mea of alt nations now in Wmifogton. As they are gentlemen who may fairly be pra turned to have better means of lorming correct *iewa of the probable politisal ef?otc? ka event then (a? a clas<) any others in our fioun try, we have labored to acq ire an insight into their opinion? on It. at d we And that, with great unanimity, they are of the impref ?ion that England w 11 offjr terms cf peace more favorable than those she lately declared to be her ultimatum, alleging that as her quarrel was with Nicholas personally, rather than Russia, she oar come to a settlement with the new government on terms to which she could not agrse wih Nicholas as her antago nist without a forfeiture ot something of her national dignity. It is not thought among those to whom we refer above that the new Emperor oan cr will recede an iota from the demands of his late father. Nicholas could have done so, inas much as he had fairly won the entire confi dence of his people, with whom the war, with all its consequences, is far mora popular than even our revolutionary war was when it was being fought. The weight of his influence would have carried him through in sacrificing what is conceived in Russia to be points of national honor. Not so, howover, with the P:\cce who succeeds him llis jolicy is to contend, to the bitter end, for all the point? his predecessor claimed. Otherwise, his throne roost be "shakey" from the beginning. We need hardly add, after this explanation, that fe* diplomatists in Washington fancy thai the death of Nicholas will be likely to result in the abatement of any of thi demands cf Russia, in even the most unimportant par ticular A Gallant Achievement?There has been, aod is, much excitement In the Territory cf New Mexico growing out of the Indian sicres and depredations which have been per petrated with impunity, in a great measure for the want of a sufficient military force in that country. Our little army there now however, small as it is, has visited prompt rotribution, in several instance*, upon th< murderous favagts who have been preying upon the heipless and dtfrnceless inhabitant*, without regard to age or sex For tnese dar ing acts of bravery cn the part of our and men, the people of New Mexico manifest the highest approbati >n and gratitude. The recent patera from that Territory refer ia high terms of praise to an expedition under Lieut. 5. D Sturgis, of the 1st drugoons, and bis command. A band of Indians had mur dered a number of men, brutally outraged their women, and then decamped to the moun tains with a large number of stolen animal*, laformation of it received at Santa Fe, at 9 o'clock at night, and at 10 Lieutenant Stui gii and his command were moun'ed and 11 pursuit. In sixty hours, having marched 175 milee, he oarne up with th? Inllans, anc a battle en?ued, m which several of the s?va g*s were kille^, a number wounded, and the remainder rcu'ed. and the whole cf the stolei property recovered 1 he dragoons had ihret men wounded. Such prompt and summary punishment will go far to oheck Indian out. rages. Toe Legislature of New Mexico manifested their gratitude ard appreciation of the achiev ment by parsing a joint i evolution of thanks to Lieutenant Sturgis, and the ci.isens invited him to a public dinner. Deeming the service rendered worthy of a more ma-k. the Legislature unanimously p?c*ed a resolu tion arking the President to appoint him a major in one of the now regiment*, in whicl tt<e citizens of Santa Fe joined by petition ihe=e documents were not received here be fore the field appointments were mad*. Lieut. S urgis g.aduated at West Point it: 1 1846 and lumeciately joined the army \i i Mexico under General Taylor. Oa the da; ? preceding the battle of Buena Vista, be ac complied tha squadron of dragoons undor Col. May, cn a recornoieaneo. Arriving at a hi^h mountain behind which clouds of dust or smuke were seen rising, and the squadron being unable to afcend, Lieut St irgis volun teered to go himself and reconnoitre, lie amended on horseback, acoompanied by a private until the steepness of the mountain prevented that mode, when ihey dismounted, tied their torsos, and proceeded on ft>or. in many places upon their bands and knees As they reached the summit, & large pirty of Mexicans lying in ambutii, watching the squadron, ruehed upon aud fired at tbem, and their lives were only saved by the Mexican officer in charge. They were taken prisoner* and carried into'ien. Minon's camp and were with his cavalry In the battle of buena Vista prisoners cf war They were exchanged abcu. eight days after the battle. lhe firing of the Mexicans upon Lieut. Sturgis. gave Col. May sufficient Information cf the position of the enemy, and giving Surgia up for lost, he returned, commuoxiaiej the fie"; to General Taylor, who immediately prepared for the great battle, which crowned him, and his gallant army Kith imperishable honor and glory. Appointment* and Promotion* in th^ Rev enue (Marine) Service -Wm B Whitehead, dropped at the reduotiou of the service in 1B53, reappointed to a eaptalncy. First lieutenants promoted to be captain*? John Faunce and Cbas W. Bennett. lhomas S. S Ch&ddock, formerly a first lieutenant, reappointed to ?ame grade. second lieutenants promoted to be first lieu tenant*?Wm J. Roger*. John M. Jones, G R Slicer. A. D Stanford, and W. N. J. God win. Third lieutenants promoted to be second lieutenants?Joseph Amateen, J. G. Revnoldr, W B.Berr.yman, D C. Constable, John M. Nones, J: me* E. Hainson, aud Richard A. Mor sel I Appointment* to third lieutenanoie*?John ston de Lagnel. James II Claridge. Constan tino A Riohardson. Henry C. Hunter, Wm S. Uudgins, Henry Key, John Quin, James F. M.lligan. R. G. Auchinloss. R. P. Noah. Ste phen L ngl'ellow, and John U. Gladding. A Ccmplimeat Worthily Ba*tow*d ? Tboce who appreciate the neces ity for euoouraging the rank and file of the United States army to chsrish a proper ?tprit du corps, will feel greatly pleased, a* we are, with the following general cder, from under the hand of Lieut. General icoU: axusnaL ossiui, no I. Bsao QcaatEKg or Aanr. ) N?w You, Mareh S, ldtt J Tha General-ia-Chiaf take* plea*ure in pub lishing to the army, the following order of Brevet Major General 6iai'.h, commending th* energy and e&eieney of Bergwaat Traoev, and IA a party of men of the Regiment of Mounted Rifleman. These soldiers have the General's thanks for the important service rendered, oitoaas i Head Quarter* Dtpartm't of Teaas, No 3 J Co i ns Chrii l, Feb 16, 1855 " On the 4th ins'ant ? number of n >r*es and male# were stolen fnm the neighborhood of Fort Merrill, m.d the theft pctri a cd to Indians Serjeant Traoey and a part; of : men of Brevet Lieinenati* Colonel Porter's j Company, F m un ed Riflemen, were dls ! patched in searoh of (.he marauders (sergeant fraoey. by skill ard good management, after a rapid pursuit of 55 miies. overtook and cap tured *he thi*ves aid animals and brought them in The offenders proved to be a party of citizens and Mexioans. '? The General da-ires that Bergasnt Traoey, and his men, be thanked publicly for their ;ood oonduot in thin matter. hy order of Bt. MaJ. General Smith. "DC Bcell, 44 Ass't Adj't Gen " By oommand of Bt. Lieut General Scott. L. Thomas, Assistant Adjutant Genaral. A Startling Bumor.?It was said in diplo matic circles of Washington, last night, that n private dispatch had reached this city, say ng that Victoria was fast goiog the way of her ancestors?that is, becoming deranged, the symptoms having shown themselves in her ro cciit illness We have not been able to trace this rumor to an authentio source. The Voyage of tho United States Sloop-of war Decatur.?We have duly received from a correspondent on board the Decatur, an ab st act of an interesting portion of that ship's og Its perusal will explain to our friends in theservioe, how i'.oame about that she (the Decatur) was recently so bng unheard-of, un it apprehensions of her I?s* began to be en? ertained The abstract is as follows, vis : Jrnite of th* United State* Sloop-of-war Drcatur, Isaac S Sterett, is*?., cjmmand? i#r, in the iitraxttof Magellan. 1844?Oct 13, entered the Straits. Oc 14 12 m came to with stream anchor; 2 30 pm got underway; 9 pm. anchored off Baraucho Point. Oct 15. 2 p m underway; 6.40 p. m an chored in Gregory Bav. Cc4.. 18, 4 30, got underway; 10 30 a. m. re urned to Gregory Bay and anchored. 0*t 19 6 a. m. underway; 10 52 anchored ir. R^yal R??ad Oct. 23, 7 25 a m underway; 10 20 anchor sd off east end of Elisabeth Island. Cot 24, 1 20 p m. got underway; 6 40 an ?bored in Loredo Bay. Oct 25, S 05 a. m. weighed anchor, shoal ? vers, anchored, out Kelge. warped off, up mchnr and ran back to Loredo Buy.nndoamo a^ain; a* 2 3o p. m up anchor; (I 30 p to ame to in Ca'silina Bay. Ojt 24, 10 30 underway; 11 39 a. m. came to in Catalinu Bty. Oot 27 3 p m. up anohor; 5 30 anchored ff Chili Se Moment 0?t 31, 9 52 a. m. weighed anohor. Nov 1, 9 p m. anchored in Port Famine. Nov 4. 8 50 a m weighed anchor; 8 10 p. ?E. on chore d is Nicholas Bay. Nov 6. 5 45 a m up* anchor. Nov 7. 4 35 p m. cama to in Snug Bay. N<-v 8 9am underway; 5.10 p. m. an. hored in Word Bay. Nov 9 5am got underway. Nov. 10, 2 30 p in anchored in Forteecue Bay N )V. 14 5 15 a m g t underway, 6tood back; 1pm, anchored again in Fortesjue Bay, ;Port Gallant ) Nov 16, 9 30 a m. unde-way; 1 p. m an bored ag*in in Fortesoue Bay. Nov. 18 12 30p m . up anchor; 8 p. m , an chored again in Fortesoue Bay N v 10. 4 45 p m . up anchor; 7 p. m.. an* jbored Eg tin in Foitereua Bay. Nov 21.415 a m, uuderway; 3.05 p m., a'lfhored in B ya Bay. Nov 23 2 50 p. m., up anchor. N v 24 ran bark to York Road, and an chored there at 11 30 a. in Nov 25 4 45 a. m , underway. Nov. 29 & 45 a. m., returned to York Roads and &i>chored. Dec 9 4 1&. a m , bove up port anchor, *;i'pei alteid, let go starbo?rd anchor, our rd^e. hove up (tarboard anchor, warped *.b H i. and lot go port anchor ; at 6 30 a m in f tthoir.6 water; 1 30 p m got undotway; 6 3l> p tn came to in B >ya Bay. Dec 12 9 a. m , underway; 2 05, towed ba-k; 4 p m , anchored in Boy? B-?j Deo 14. 10 25 got uederway; 12 20 p.m. ?v.od btck, and at 2 40 p. m anchored in Boya Bay use 17, 10 15, underway; 7.36 occho-ei *^&in in Boya Bay. Dec 18 4 15 a m , weighed anchor; 8 a. n, anchored again in Boya Boy; steamer Massachusetts bove in sight, and at 3 15 p m. ih? aLcbored in the Bay Deo 20, 9 30 a m , underway in tow of steamer; c*st <>ff and ran back. Dec. 21 7 50 p m , eamo to in Wood's Boy. Daj 22, 5 a m., weighed; 7 p m. clewed up and anclnred in Corde'a Bay Dej 24 9 am. got underway; 10 40 a. m. anchored in Forteecue Biy Dee 25, 6 30 am, got underway in tow of 'nc Massachusetts; 435 p m. anchored in Bo) a Bay Dea. 20 10 10 a m , underwny in tow cf the Ma fa'ihuM'.ti; 3 30 cast tff, and at 8 p. to. ?n-br>red in Boya Bay Dec. 11. 3 p in., g-jt underway in tow of the 1* ;S Scatter Mas?achu*etU, and at 8 60 an chored in Playa Gar ia 11 amor, (outer ) 1455?Jan. ], at anchor in Playa Garda llr'bor. .'an 2, 4 30 a m , got underway in tow of <ttnmer Maasachusetts. Jan 3, 6.15 a m., anchored in Harbor of Meiay. Jan 4. 4 30 a ro., go4 underway in tow of Massachusetts and at 6 45 p na cast off at eea 70 miles west of Cape Pillar. An Important Correction aid very Im portant Information.?In alluding to the new pojtago law a day or t*o since, wo fell into an error, saying that it goe3 into effect on the 1st of July next, instead of on the 1j* of the next month?April; on and after which time, all loiters between places .n the United States must be prepaid, cither by postage stamps, stamped envelopes, or in money. On and after the 1st of January next, prepayment mcst be either by postage stamps or stamped envelopes. Single rate, under 3,000 milf? in the United States, three cents; over 3.000 miles ten cents There is no alteration aajegards letters for foreign countries. The franking privilege remains unchanged The Current Operations of the Treasury Lepartment.?On yesterday, the 15th March there were of Treasury Warrants entered cn tho books of the Department? For the redemption of stock ?6 007 12 For p?ying Treasury deb's 50.946 98 Per the Customs 8,402 83 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 4 210 94 For the War Department 93,264 11 For repaying in the War Depart ment 93,064 01 For the Navy Department 1.600 00 For thelnterior Department 9,768 17 woman in Buffalo having been de teeted in etealing a piece of ribbon from a dry goods store, a searoh warrant was rent to her bou?e, where large quantities of goods, value 1 $2000 at least were found?including five gold and three silver watches, gold braoelets, chains, rings, pins, ear ring8, pencil cases, Se , and every variety of dry goods, suob as laces, embroideries, undersleeves, hatdker eniefs, silk;, ratins, gloves furs, oombs, 6c The woman and her husband were both lodged in jail Rr Coal gas is to be introdaoed into Win chester, Va , by the first of October neat, at a oost of $36,000. INTKEE3TIHG FOBBIGN ITEMS BY THE PACIFIC. ?Pureb, after HTsril condemnations from the Prussian courts of law, has been pr??hib ited throughout 'ha whole Kingdom of Prus sia, by hd order from the Minister of the In. terior Couat WestphalcQ. ? ?A floe swan was found recen lj in the Plain of St Denis, alive, hut much exhausted. It had round its xeok a silver eollar, with an msorip-ion ergnveJ on it, staling that the bird belonged to the domain of Prince Hohen lobe in Germany. ?It has been mentioned, a; a proof of tha tinceri<y and amity sub?isti"g between tho conns of Vienna and Paris, that the request of the Emperor of the Freaoh to have the mortal remains of his relative, the Du^e de lieiohstadr, transferred to farls. was imme diately acceded to by tha Emperor Francis Joseph. ? The distribution of space in the French exhibition will hardly please English ex hi bitors. England has not tha place ef honor; this prominonce is given to the United Sta'^s On entering the building by the grand en trance, the visitor at onoe advances into the American pari of the exhibition; to the right is that devoted to Great B'itain; opposite Great Britain lies the French space, with the great hall between. ? A trial of a nci^y-invented self breech loading and priming carbine has been made at the School of Musketry at Hythe, in Eng land. Sixty shots oan be flred from this weapon in seven minutes; out of that number, at a range of 100 yards, 47 struck the bull's eye. Total immersion in water of the car bine, loaded, did not affeot its explosive power, the fusee being readily discharged The ra pidity of the firing did not produce the slight est derangement, the piece neither requiring oiling nor oleanlng. ? Tha bombardment of Sebastopol was to begin as soon as all tha guns wera placed and the ammunition ready. The English lines, it was calculated, wouli fire away 420 tons of shot in twelve hours, and the Frenoh nearly 800 tons. ? The navvies have commenced on the railways in the Crimea They are ruddy with he.ilth. and astonish every body by the labor which they are enabled to get through ; but they lock their indispensible element of exist ence?beer. The navvies grumble consider ably, and caoh fresh complaint ii met by an additional supply of rum. They are now re ceivmg four rations of rum per day, and this so (ar from satisfying the men, appears to have led to some mutinous proceeding* on board the 'hips The provost marshal, Cap*. Johnson, ha? bad t?j deal with some of the culprits ?Among the numberless new inventuns cf engin e ot destruction to whbh the war ha given birth, ob? much talked of at present in j >he scientific world of Paris, is a shell invent ' ed by M Chaslin a member of the Council of the Yonne, which be asserts will not oply double the force of the powder used. but, be ing wi'hout ? match, will have the estimable advantage of falling on the spot desired with out giving notice to the enemy by that stream oi' light in the air which accompanies the pre sent shill Ignition is brought about by a chemical process, which is sail to be so com plo'ely under control, that a shell may ex ? pi-de, Recording to the will of the projector, either in two minutes or twenty-four hours af ter i!8 being projected .Thus it would be pos sible to throw nny number of shells successive ly upon a given point, and to adjust the period of their explosion, to that all should . burst at the same moment. Thin shell would explode as oert'tr ly under water as on land, and it is assarted tha' the principle will complete the idea of the fou/e s aspkixiirti, which hitherto ' have not been very eifrotive. A First Bate Notice. The Albany Atlas in noticing the very lac-t political demons'raiion of our fellow-eitixen, Duff Green, takes occasion to present the fol lo*i g funny sjnoj.sicif his political labor* and propensities The "^American" Partt?The Hospital for ?upbra33(jatkd Hacks !?It is said that j tbo ecceutric Mr. Wbitciieid replied to some one ?bo was op osed to lively airs in church music, 4 I do not think the Devil ought to have the best tunes;" so believing that there ia a deep philosophy in popular "dii-content," and thai the maintenance of true religion and pa l trio'ism (by wh eh I mean the maintenance of Evangelh truth, in opposition to popish idjla. try and a preference for our own people and go\ernment over alt ethers) t* be tbe basis of the organization of the American party. I am not willing to surrender that organisation, with the power and infiuenoo which "pbiloso phy," '"true religion" and "patriotism" must rve. into the hand* cf northern fanaticism, for oue. am not willing thus to sArender my birtb.rignt; and I respectfully submit that instead of wasting our energies in a fruitless war upon the Amerioen party, it is much bet ter to unite in tbe movement, and give it a right direction. Very respectfully, your friend, Dcrr Qrbx.v This Is the conclusion of an epistle from this old demagogue and political speculator, iu relation to the new party?the KnowNo'.h ings. Twenty five yeara ago, Duff Green under took to lead tho Calhcun movement egainat (Jen Jark'on?and ain;e then he has tioun derodfrim party to party, retaining his old Hg , his youthful itch for wriing, and his inevitable ill luck. lie has lead innumerable parties, many glaring speculations and many prepossessing journals, into the land of Chaos and Knox Oid Charon Wis not a mora fatal leader to a predestined crowd than the inevita le Dull This man proposes to tike the lead of the Amcrioan movement; and give it a right di rection In bia letter announcing thl*, he parades all hia old sores ? denounces the usurper Jackson and the traitor Van Buren, and moans over the U. S Bank and tha de positee ! Be has gained nothing by age but querulousness; has lost nothing, not eves that cacoeihei, which tbe sorateh of the pea only allays for a while. The Collins Line?The Steamship F&ciflo to be Overhauled and Repaired?The flash ville to take her plaoe. The New York Express of yesterday says : "As wo have before stated, the U S. M. Steamship Nashville, Captain Per y, Com mander, is to take the placo of the Pacific next Wednesday, and will e>ii! for Liverpool at the usual hour, from tee wharf of the New Yorx and Liverpool Sveamstip Company, foot of Canal street " Tbe Pacifio has now gone nearly two yeara without any overhauling of ber machinery, and her la-t boiateroua passage aoross the ocean, has had the effeot to cause a thorough overlooking and repairing of the steamer ne oes^ury. rlbe Nashville which feis been cho sen to supplv her plaoe, is in good order, and one of the best steamers on our coast She h.?s already mado two paassges across the t'Cean in the Havre line and has thus shown herself a good substitute in the Collins line to take the place of the Pacifio. Captain Barry, the oourteoua oommander of the Nashville, la too well known to need any comment or re commendation on our part. Suffice it to say be ia in all reapeot a thorough gentleman and an experienced and competent officer. BRiADSTcrFs ik thu United States?| We lake tbe following from Hunt a Magazine: 44 When the spring opens the oanala and the lukea a stream of breadatulfs will set towa'ds the Old World in uninterrupted flow The ground sown la the moat extensive ever under eulture within our limits, and if there be no blight on onr harvest we oan feed the nationa of Europe, ao far aa thev may need beyond their own production. Previous to the com ir.g forward of the new, thestoreaof old, which have accumulated at the various points of in land shipment, will be sent forward; and that whioh was hoarded during tbe fall, when a high price was offered for it in vain, will he sold far below the rates now current." Mors New Hampshire Gold Di??i??i.? The Exeter Newa-Letter Say a that for soneaix weaka past five men have been industrloualy employed In digging for gold in tbe neighbor log town of Stratbam, under the direotion of a woman from Portamouth, who pretends to have discovered, by means of a divining ro4, the precise locality ef the precious metal. Ybllow Fever Prevented bt Inoccla tiow.?We notice in La Cronica that Dr Wa. L. Humboldt has discovered a means to pra rent jellow ferar by inocalation The Gov emmeir of Caba. as La Croniea ia informed, baa directed tbe Inoculation of tba majir part, amotto<ing to one thousand, r.f tba newly ar rived troops, which ha* reanltad in tba great est luecesf. aii ee none bare been attache! by this terrible disease, wbioh generally deer, mates tbe foreign population shortly af:er their arrival. The operation ia similar to vacoination, by inserting the virtu discovered by Dr Hutuboldt, generally in both arms. A tew boars after this trifling operation, th? symptoms of a miniature yellow fever com mence, and all the pa'bologieal consequences follow rapidly and slightly, rarely exceeding forty-eight hoars in duration, and with nothing tnore than a slight feverish aetion. fr.?o O F? WASHINGTON LODGE, Officers an.1 members are request eo tn ui>et at the Hall, at 7 o'clock, lor the purpose of making arratigemen a to attend the fun -jal of out late brother P. <i , Isaac 1J. Waiiee. JAS A. BROWN, mar 16?It* Secretary. af-^^GERMAN PREACHING.-Rev. P. Meis #vS tt* will "old a German service next Run ?lay morning, th- l?h instant, at 10 o'clock, at the Columbia Engine House, Capitol Hill, and in thr aft- moon of me same day, at 3 o'clock, at the Sue nei boraian Church, N rth Capitol stree , Capitol IMI. .VI German friend* are invred to attend. P. MEISTER. nir.r 16?2.*_ German Reformed Preache*-. ^? SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION LEC WCSTtURES. On FRIDAY evening, March lfith. a lecture will be delivered by Dr. W. F. Cbanniho, of Boi-ton, oi the "Fire Alarm Telegraph,'* with working model* and illustration*. Lecture will commence at o'clock. mar 14 ? 3c as-^-^REPETITION ?1 HE MEMIERS OF wKJSi 1George Washington Tent, No. 2, Junior Order of Rechabites, will give an entertainment ii the basrni'-nt of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, cor ner of Maryland avepiie and 6th btre?t frdand, on FRIDAY EVENING, March 16ih, when they will (bv tequest) prerent tin; original mor^l Temperance drama, entitled, JONAD \B, SON OF RECIIA^ or. Washington City in 1855. Tickets 25 cents?Children under 10 year* half price ? mar 14 fl? -^NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBERS to the New Building Association are requested to meet at Temperance Hall, E street, on TUES DAY EVENING, the 20th inst., at o'clock, "or the purpose of organizing the Association. Person* wishing to subscribe for stock, in the meantime, are informed that hooks of subscription are still open at T. M. Hanson's Office, No. 519 Seventh street, and E. C. Dyke's Store, No. JI56 Pa. avenue. mar 14 eo3t EASTER BALL?THE WASHINGTON fcK GERMAN YAGERS announce to their frttuds tliat they intend giving a BALL on Easter Monday, at Carusi's Saioou. - particulars in a future advertisement. mar 12? cu3t attevtion, CONTINEN TAL GUARDS * meeting of th" company will be rield at th? Maud Hall, on FRII4IY EVtNING, Maicn *6ih, at 7 o'clock. Every member is requested io come forward, as business ot importance to the welfare of the com pa tiv r< quires your attendance. By order of WM TUCKER, Lieut. Command'g. EIlW'D HAMMEi.SLEY, Secre *ry mar 11 -3t* ^^NOTICE?THE FIRST GRAND AN nual Ball of tlie Eagle Clnb will be given t Forrest Ha I, Georgetown, on THURSDAY, the I9.h April. See future advertisement. mar 12?lw* LOST.? Strayed on yesterday mortdng, from No 39T Thirteenth street, between G and H, a NiWtoumJand DOG?color, black, tore pawn h lit tie tinged with gray, and answers to the name oi "Leo.'" Had on, when he lift, a proarf brass collar with the name and residence of the ownei thereon. Any on- returning him to the subscriber will be lib craily rewarded. WILLIAM HANCY mar 10?3t* SfrO ^ A H *' W A RD?The "Union Bindery," ?Jp-wtJl/ in Naylor'n Building, corner E and 13>. streets, wa? la*t night bur?lariouslv entered, and a 11rge amount of property destroyed and stolen, anu attempts made to fire the building. "* The above reward will be p*id at the clerk's office of' the Union," ? n the arrest and conviction of tLe burgl r, thief and incendiary mar 1C 2i [Intel&Sen:inel] CtOAL FOR SALE LuvV.?A SUPERIOR l.or t of Winte Ash COAL for sale low for ca?h, to cl 'seout, if applied tor soon at the subscriber's yard oo New Voik avenue, between 13 h and 14th sis. mar fi- 3i* JAMES DALY. TO THE PUBLIC. ON the 12th d?* of Mar h, lfcoV an advertisement tba m\ goo?i>- had been distrained and would b? sold at putdic auction for tent cue George E. Kirk, appeared in the Evening Star. As such an adver u.ement, it unexplained, would have U?e tendency to tnjuie my credit, which is my only fortune, and only means of supporting my family, I make the fol lowing statement: On ihe 1st day of August, 1P54, I entered into an ag ei ment to lease, for five yea a, from Geo. E. Kirk the part of M No. ?, in Squ-ire No 437, and prem ises, tor .3400 |>er annum. Mr. Kirk on his pan aeneing t? furnish a new planing Michuie ana al> its fixtures, at his c st, an bave them finished fully tor use v.fhin two months from said 1st tugut , 18J4. litis .Mr. Kirk failed to do. Tbe said n.a chine wa? not finished and fitter up for use for two months affer the time specified. This was a great loss to me. The planing machine was worth m >re fiar. all tbe machinery on the premises. Mr. Kin further agreed to build a b ick shop on said ground, move ami set all the machinery, and put tnem in gooi running order, at his own cost and ex?>eiis.-. Mr Kirk has entirely failed to perform his part 01 agreement, anu et demanded of me the payment of the tu!l rent of $400 p-r annum, for a 11 old shop without root or glas- in the windows, or shutters to keep out the cold. It is impossible for a-j one to work in the sin pin r-<iny wea her, or to keep any thing dry A man cannot carry on business 111 the ? hop in its present condition. I think when Mr. K weighs the muter well in his mind his conscience wtll not let him charge: me as much r> nt for an old shop that is in a manner worth nothing, as I have had to pay for a new one. if Mr K. had demanded of me a small and just rent, I would have settled i? with him, notwithstanding the failure to comply with hi* agreement. J. W. JORDON. mar 16 ? lw* 010B0ir C~~B?00KK, Attorney and Couwsellor-at-Law, LTPER MALBOROUG1I, Maryland, Will practice in the Courts of Prince George's, Cal vert, Cbarlea and St. Ma-y's Counties, and in THE COURT OF APPEALS, And give prompt attention to the collection of all claims in either of the above Couutics. mar 16 d3w NEW CATUOLIO BOOKS. FABIO'.A, or the Church of the Catacombs, by Card nal Wiseman. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of the Moai Blessed Vi-gin Mary. THE CHRIST! 1N VIRTUES, by St. Ligumi. The Prophelf f the Rumed Abbey, Alton Park, &c , together with a large assortment of School Books and tati'jnerj, for sale by. W. A. KENNEDY, 498 Seventh st., between G and H. mar 16?eo3i* GIFTS FOR EVERYBODY AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. MOKOAY KVM.NINO, March 19, THOMAS k. CO'S EXHIBITION OF DISSOLVING VIEWS, On which occasion every purchaser ef a ticket will t< a box containing a splendid GOLD WATCH, VALUED AT $35 ! An article of Jewelry, or some Fancy Articles, free of charge. Tickets only 25 cents. The Gol Watch and Jewelry may be seen at Messrs. GALT fc BROTHER'S Store, Pa. aveuue. until Momtay evening, when they will be enclosed lri ihe boxes and indiscriminately mixed with the the other gi ts to b<* distributed to the audience For particulars aee small bills. mar 16?St* STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, per Adama k Co.'s Express one case of Ma llard's x t w York Gold Medal GUM DROPS, consisting cf Banana, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon and Horehouud flavors. Also, a complete araortuu-ul of his celebrated Cbocdates, of universal reputation and without rival in the United States. ? For sale at Z. M. P, KING '8, 968 Vermont avenue, corner I street, mar 16?tf MORE BARGAINS AT the "Vtashmgtoo Store," Jate Magruder k Calvert ?t. Irish Linens all prices Pillew do Beauiilul siOe* white and col'd Brilliants S nped and tUured Chintaes New style Chaiiey erege Do Silas, Mouaseiine, Lawna Reref?de Lama, ke. In addidon to the above theie la a iarge strek 0 spring and summer Goods, purchased of the late firm, which wi I be a?ld run ark ally low, to cloee out the entire flock. Cusunuers can rely upon great bargaina at No. 10 opp. Centre Market, mar l?-lw (Int) brtw. Mi and 9tn *1, Amusement*. NATIONAL THEATRE. iicrM?ii| pepularity of thr Splendid Circus Company or RTEHI * aADIOAV, Th?* b*?M Equestrian Company in Amertte AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Every WKDKCBDAT and SATURDAY* KVKRT KVK5 ISO, G tar.d (luinfe o( EUCE9TKIAN NOVELTIES, In which appear- Mile Rn.?. Mr. Thns King. Mom Le Rueii, A. A> mer, W Od<ll, Mwm Ran, an l l'h?r1f?, Mr. H. P Midiftn, William Fosicr. ?n<l the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS, inn .Myers, Carlo, ind Sam Long. WANTED?FIFTY LITTLE CHILDREN for the Fain' Pant-miinc of V I K D E K E L L A. Those accustomed to Dancing will he pr? ferred. bkucction or rtlCKS. Private Boxes. ?4; Dree* Circle and Pnequett*, trentlemen with lanes. *25 centa; Single g? ntlcn?> p, 37>g rent*; Family Circle, 25 cent*; Colon d Gallery ?> ee t*. mar S A BAFFLE. ON THE CORNER OF SEVENTH STREET AND MARYLAND A YEM'E.ol SlOO w*mh of CLOI HKS, ihc Clothe* to he mri^ured for and made after ihe Raffle. One hundred chance* at f 1 J'ter chance; fifteen premiums List of premiums - Cloth Coat, valued ?( 2 ?One T*?eed C.*?t. $12 14 3 and 4 - Premium (am*. $y and j#r. 5 IT 17 5,? and*7 ?Pant* Vest f6, Vent $18.... 1? fc. 9 and 10.?Vntij. V<?t|S, Vm 4,|M...... 14 II, 12. and 13.?a VMI $4 .acta. Vm *3 ? II | 14 and 15.? a Vest* .?;< each 1. 6 Total ?....flOn mar 15?A- W DALTON. Merchant Tader. IOOK HERE. ALL VE!?I OFFER for sale j the cast half of Square 304, fronting oa l4ih at. The whole leng'h well cm lowed, all rich ia calun H ?n and well set in uinoiliy. It ia well Miuaied tor a vegetable garden. Till* from the government tn me in lfc4l. The term* will be ea*y on appi iug to me, own*-r and proprietor, No 3 Fourteenth at. mar 15 3C WM. MURPHY. VLMANACH POUR R1RE, pour 1855. Alma] ? acli Coaiique, d?. Almanach Sunarlqne, do. Almanacs Ai-trologique, do. Almanacli Propfi. t ?jue, d<>. Almanach Pitferesque. do. Almanach d< < Jcux de St>ckle, do Almanach de ITIIiMrau?ti do. * FRANCE TAYLOR, mar 15 'I'OILKT IOAPS- At LAMNOMP8. Hev | enth street, can he had, cheap f? r cash, Low'# llrown Windsor and Clearer** Honey Soap, war ranted genuine. Al#o, Transparent Soap in bar*. r??ar 14?3t I ATCK1K8( 7 >V JEWELRV, SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS. PEARLS. ' FANCY GOOD*. Ac. Ac. At extrtinelv LOW PRICES, by CANFIELD, HRO. k CO.. 429 BaKiinort* street, Baltimore, Md mar 14? tr ARLINGTON POLKA. JI'ST published by IIILRI'S k H1TZ, and for calc at all ihe principal Mu'ic Store*. It ia em- 1 b- ili-h'd with a correct likeness of aabinfton * lavnrite, the venerable Gt-crge Washington P. Cu? IK and dedicated to him by the popular cemposcr of thi* city, Han* k'ummacher. Music Depot,Star Buildings. Comer of Eleventh ftreet and Pa avenue, mar 13?tf AR VRE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the Sinubsoaian Institute, four superb PlAKug, w Inch were made expressly tor Ui e lair and may be r< lied upoi a* superior instruments. We will dis iiose of them upon very rea*o< able terms, give any r? av.nalile time on them, divide the pavmenta into small iioic*. in fact, make any reasonable micm - ai? nts to suit punhamti We have also on hand in store lbs largret and VM reliable a* nrtment r'f Piano* ever offered 111 tl is city, the renowned manor ctortea of Hal le', Davis, Co , Boston, and bacon & Riven. New York. old Pianos taken in exchange. New Music and an assortment of ever) article pertaining lo the music trade. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Penna. avenue, near Tenth etrr-t. mar 13?tf BLANK BOOKS ot every site and varietyTof the mat naN and workmanship, as well ai other* of the cheapest kinds. A targe supply b<>ugt:t for cash hy the undersigned, f ?r sale at raus mucb N l?>w the usual prices. 13 FRANCK TAYLOt LOUDON WALTZ. CIOMPOSED and dedicated to the ount ladies t Ot I.eesburr, Va., *y Prof. J A. Young. A very ??leasing composition, published at the Music Pet01 ?*f IIILSL'S A HJTZ. 13? tf WATCHES. JEWELRY, SrLVERAND PLATED WARE AT KEDCCEI) PRICES. E off'r our entire stock of ?|e*ant GOLD ' WATCHES, RICH 'EWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, \c , at greatly reduced rate*. Persons would do will 'oexanuneour as*ortinrftt. winch is by far the largest, most fashionable, aud b.'rt selected ever offered loour customers. M. W. GALT ?l BRO 394 Penn avenue, between Vth and 10Ui *ts mar 13?tf OFFICIAL ARMY AND RAVI RE GISTER for 1855 The Navy Register for the United Statea for :he year 1855 Ofli lal Army Register for 1855 Just published and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S mar 10 Book?t<>re, near 9th ?t. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, ANE A' SONG, words written and dedicated to Mrs. Franklin Pierce, hy Sheelah ; mu*ic com posed by Frederick Kley, Emj. Ju t published and for sale at HILBU^ k. IIIT/'S M.isi-: Depot, Star Ruildiug*. mar 10 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SrtHiNS, kr | L'.ST received a larg? assortmentol su;?erior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. Also, every st le of the finest quality ALBATA *ORK8, SPOONS, TEl SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, Ac. M. W. GAI T fc BRO., 324 Pa. ave., betw. 9ih aud 10 b eta. mar 18?tf NEW MUSIC. \\TE are this day in receipt of a large atwertment M of NEW MUSIC from the |>rincipal publuh mg bouse* in the coujitry, consisting of Song^ Dueets, 'i'no*, Marchcs, Rondo*.Gallop*, Quadrille*, Polkas, Mazourka*, SchotUschcs, Gems Irani the Op? ras, kc. Also, Music Book*. Portfolio*, Music Paper, In struction Books, Music foi Btands, arranged .a eh'-ap style; Rows, Pegs Roam, and every article pertaining to the iiiuhic trade always on hand at the PiAao and Music Establi hment of JOHN F. ELLIS, mar 3 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth it. A LI. STRANG* RS jl jL visi ing tlie City Should see Hunter's Cat also, hi* Description of Powell's great Pictuie aiocue of ;he curio&tiva of the Patent office, feb S3?3m* boyF clothing! ]N order to sell off o?ir present stock of Boys' and Youths' Winter Clothing we have determined to offer our large and tine a-?<>Mineiit. consisting of ev ery desirable style aud quality ot fashionable Ready male Garment*, suitable for dresa and a*.boo) wear, at greatly reduced prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave., next to Iron Halt feb 21 (SentinelANews) IKON II ALL. SALE AT AUCTION. THE undersigned having resumed the Auction Business, begs leave to offer his services to at tend to sale* ot Household Purritare, Real Estate. Stocks, kc. Particular attention given to the ar nnrement and disposal of Household Furniture, and the entire arle (if dettrad) will be settled up *nH cached in twenty-four hours' after the dehv< ry ?'f Ue goods. Cash advances on every description ot Merchandise consigned lor unlimited Mle. Evrr> effort will be made to render satisfactorily- a'l sale* entnut. d to hi* care. C. W. BOTELLR. marS?eo3w iron Hall IMP0RTANT DOCUMENTS. J) AY Rolls of Militia entitled to Land Bount) u"i A der the act of Cougreas September S?, 1850, compiled from rolls m the Auditor's office at Kith m"nd. , Mu,?ter Rolia of the Virginia Miliiia in the War ol 1812, being a supplement to the pay rolla. A few copea for sale at R FARNH.AM'S Corner Pa. averue and lltb ft* Alto, %t FltENCH'd, Alexandria, Vn mar 8 / 1LOCKS, CLO( K9, CLOl'K* 1?If )l1 \y want a good Clock, warrant-d to keep tune. cull at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., opno. Browns' Ho?-' tab 98?dim ^

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