Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR 00i?t**t u ?T ALIOS our. My houm in i >w and ?mall. Bat behind a row of tree?, I catch th>- gnideu fail Of the sunaet in the seap. And a atoue wail naaaing white, With rh ? of th<> May, Were leas p|pa-*tit to my sight Than the fading of to-day. From a brook a h?ifer drinks In a held of pasture groomf. w un wild violi-u and pinks For a border all around. My house ia small and low, But the willow by the door foth ? cool, deep ahadow throw In the aumraer, on my floor. And in into and rainy night-, " hen thf limb* kave? ..fare bare. i ean s?-e the window light ot th? homestead* <??he. wher?. My bous? ia amall and low, rJ*w w"h such as thesr, Of the meadow and the row Of illuminate tree*; And the hfiler u she drinks From the field of m<*a<iow ground With the violets iml pinks For a border all around ? Let me never, foolfcb. pra? For a vision r'Arr spread, But, coni?m*d, ouly say, * me, Lord, my daily bread. ON A pfellftbk. He?e lie-, a form?place no imposing stone To ma>k the b^d where wt-ary h ia lain if *valt**r dp,td ??its n.issiou all being dane To b* dtsu.buted to duot again ; whose impr^s ia the Sp,rit'a d-alu. -s njuie ? - ?u,> 'xi* thrown ?o p, again ' *"* laipfe-?toa hk>s through an .ternal age. ?.^mvbtlan? cattlb sbowoni Hun o*ip \ bars Ago?It is supposed by many persons that our cattle shows are of modern origin. This, however, is a n?f }L r ^ find m the m*rlboro' Ga 1 rJ. fo,,owing- taken from the Ma ryland Gazette of September 8th, 1747; " tt hereas, there is a fair appointed by act of Assembly, to be held in Baltimore Town on the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday in October, yearly the com missioners of the said town hereby inve notice that whoever brings to the said tair on the first day thereof the best steer shall receive eight pounds current money for the same?also, a bounty of forty shillings over and above tho said eight pounds. The said steer afterwards, on the same day, to be run for by anv horse, mare or gelding, not exceeding Are years old, three heats, a quarter of a mile each heat, not confined to carry any certain weight. The winning horse to be entitled to the said steer, or to eight pounds ia money, at the option of the owner. ?' On Friday, the second day of saii2 fair, will be run for the sum of five pounds current money, by any horse, mare or geidwig, the same distance, not confined to carry any certain weight.- Also, a bounty of forty shillings will be given to any person that produces the best piece of yard-wide country made linen, the piece to contain 20 jards. '?On Saturday, the third day, a hat and ribbon will be cudgled for ; a pair of nu.nps wrestled for; and a white shift to be run for by negro girls. "All person? are exempted from any arrest during the said fair, and the day More and the day after except in cases or felony and breaches of the peace, ac cording to the tenure of the above men tioned act Indisputable Facts.?Everything was made lor a puipote. Nature gives boy* an intense passion for noise, deviltry anc alley tore, iome people object to this ar rangement, and yet it plays a very iin portant part in the world's economy * '2"!? and, devilto*" of the boy,1 offend old people. To get rid of the evil lMdrp!tdriv\the ***** out ooon where chey obtain that exercisc and ox ygen on which their usefulness depends Quiet children are generally short lived ptlhe hoU!ie< and as a mat sumn^n?6^ 10 dysp*ps,a con sumption hhow us a boy who is al holler, and we will show you a boy wh< when he reaches manhood, will r.osses *n?rgy enough to giee momentum to From such boys come ou CU*'n"ra' congress ??Klj?rtrno?. Atfourtien Frank to P.erceww looked upon bv the ^ people of Concord the ?acv"'. fZ, ooy. He is now President. muvimaats OF OCEAN STEAMERS Sfc pn.afi'- ????... t.irerttool.^.mar. a> JS::? 2 w ?Ll"^?*32?:r3S:? California *ieaiii#i? li-avp v.._ v.. u the to, and *ub ?f each hmhsi y?'k ?n atwrivals AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. WlllarJs' IXct?l?a * k c. wimau. ?' natiaewa, va C Hpnnger, V L Mar*, uo r J Fay, j', do J \V Copers, >Y Mr ki. <ler, d-i J c Van D>ke, la c f?ay, ny T B BUck^tone, III h C Day, do J H Uavena a lady, NY V V tftevena. jo 8 m SullweJI. do ? do VVitl, do E C Doran, t'sn W Stephens xj L a latlv, i'a National Ilotal -e b. wtitiiu O A Thomp-on, Va J B Brooke. .m.i J 3i Ho.>*. ml eh VVyfilf d> 6 m (ialiaghai, Pa A Eat u, ny P ityiu^ur, NY mi?s E g E^ton, do J V Trump, \"j Mies S A Eaton, d?> J J cs1h!, NY J M Bujerd. Pa f A parker, va J Kcvana, vi J W 1 a< ky, La P Matth? w? ?t lady, rl VV O Kwluail and -ady, D h VVickuain aud ladv. Md IVY H J Eogf?a, do T l Pnyder, do w T Scctt, Va i)r 3 G Barlry a lady, do E Irrln?, do w c huffn gion, Md J l'ar-b?, do Rev i H f aiik^-u, Va tn J Kola/i '., O r M ^raeea, d<j C T ?a*lio, pa b A yuxer, do kb Ehra a lady, NY T Wood, do G P.irbta, ml h h b?ir>, md Bro*>oi' Hole*?t p k ?. no?>, a s h-ea, va T MeGraU, Pa w m Johna??n, Pa vv J m rru, do w A Hull, Mich J u Byson, Del J B Rbod??, do J A Monhonner, Pa o Ruatiman, NY W II Py<>, Md T A Backer, va O Lewu, do J A Biown, Ky 11 Lawrent, Cuba g ii Wnitney, md Mr de Oaoia, Peru T h gamble, do J M d? Uwna, do P C Lord, do *1 a. a a. anurwooa J '-ompaon, NY 8 Hoooell, jr, a iady, Pa abthoaip^h^d.. j B Van lii^.do J R JefT-raon Tei rj t bon<j an Mayo, Va s K do J T adawe, DC W f Berry, Md J i Sloan a lady, Md Z R !'? ted *Utai hotel?.. iumiy J M Bannerm n a lady, K fiord, DC pa r Martin, *J J T Kooatz, Va J VV l*warta. V* h A Jackaon, la D H tebhe, DC c GauJi Md 51analon fio?aa? Alexandria, va. *. mwtm, rax>pai*Toa J Mir*hall. Va f R Bond, NY i B Lewis, NY T r lo?^. Va N u wasflingt^o do Mrs ?1 <ugbt?f, uv b ? *? "? ?' u, . D fl. "I" w 'UiUlH, u wS TnVtV A T n TnTTllt , dc mi/ts k? i, D Eoertck, md if a lA w r Garre 1 ^ DC .VdS^^u" w * "J ?n D " 0 * 8 * ' 5 'INViC+O HA11N U OOltDIAL t rrni^m?iENON IN MBDICINE.? H*d;?LX0K??> AND Iira y.r.r^0^ fWTI0OBlTT^(l <3^01 At-it flrrt tb? rr?Mr ^JTr3; ^OMWS INTHJORArtNa '. J '* ' ? 1 '>n.tIAL -7?rr d~un?d fabuk>ur. The ?-? ??" -vxtttfi* *rtir?i lb# <!-jrole an-- f.ubt^ae trutha :?ua?3noed bv tb? diwrerer.? r^i. w ??deniable fVrte attxted by wit? ?s?m c 1 tne highest clan aad character, are new triumph ??**** *!! dojbt*. IVCROUI.ITY TS OYSR THUOWV by a na*s of t^inoay which la perfsctlv lrrrwixtab?-. ; Tb# Buan rf ntdi-e, Is r.Il eaS?;,th* deplorable *tJi? arttsefma a-alitwor aba** of tbe varioua org*na which D?*op tiM*?ond--f?l naenl no called H-t1' i! 11^ !?'ttlLTi?or PT<*7 d-Uoats rune ti?n nu?M with that mystenooa eompound agency cf matter nti mind, ne^eesary to thererr?. dcieCfoftej /(.-ma*, /(/%. To pert; .is ot f*?bl? muwiT ?^i?JSidS? ?2?'-ww Tu t? .Tr.*"^/ u'.'f' ""? Th? *??!? rirl ling whey tb? Ii8tiec*f em?rat?d ron*h "fh* wn,. i; 1 P1"1 suffering froa cena-al d* W Ity. or from the vn^ of JAn*? S^ JSi oi cfAnv, relief fron th aw CI Itilr ia?UnpM*b> r?B->T*t5?. To tbo?? who t0 ?fcrt1^ Jt wil1 Prove ? hu ?"1 anSuhng jafegnRrd ualiftt that t-rri trifle* ? Ith ar* 5??Jj p?r*p8. who hare ar trtflM with the:r conetitctfoca, that they think t?a*-ivM beyca<1 tbf rWtCh of ^,5,? y nV, _Th? t'-ixlrdeaia with JIbmmm It ex&to, w,.boat ref*r*n:a to can?*#, t,:ni will rat ? air remove the disorder it*! ', but 0t rtSBUILD TttB B1V04EW <X)N3TrrETI0N. <*?**. ?**nns toner ? if the fornu of uervoua disease H L i, '~1 80th,t lt w^d require % column to eactaerate Lu^ taaladle? fBr which this prapara r?!^?a *B^'sstt5aI A ho wet er, aisy beeaume <t*J-x ?': o??rjI/ia, tic (iol^re?mx, i.-a loche.inclc L " ^iZ818'h7Stpri3' ??Iplsatioi? of the h-irt epV c t a(TectJon?. i3ui:ular't*bl!;ty,trero?ra. flatuience. a pncKiag seasation ia th-? C,> ^h. numbnese, torpid ,iT?r> mental Jeprwa'oa. w-uaknees of th? will, iauifp- -'tlca U- m nre, fsinbicss Mler exercise, orcXea fleop an 1 terr.iyiu* dre*iufl. laabiiitv ?o ro acn :o ce* pl.ioe ; position, weakneee of the pro r5f*^Tf or jaafl, fesuH. Jacomp^teacy. meUnobolr, "oacaasia, fluor alboj r^iap ?t the rtomach. fr malo lrrigulariUef, a cKron:c tendency to rei*car nags, "rav-^atioa, and all comprint* growing cut 01 a.freemdul-^nreot the r?s^ooa. nud ail MrTPncei TJSSl*0* r'"?H b,ycad ???Ihr:?rr or?* *et?d ep:>s are rree t? r31<^on orntiictoral ,iu*eaf?s it;s ?T?rrsf M >HaE> INVIGORATING ELIXXJl ? ui 4-rp.aM ??tkne<4 with ?trwn^tb inwpaMtr wiO > acj .irregularity with oaircrm and natural a< ,^v-7'. *Da Jb,p uo - -uiy ^e?i?cut Luard c?c r*^-ctlc a c?> the u^neri: or/eaitati^t ^-tienr in irinjJ'hat all maladiee, Whert>?rUie gnu, aw., with the oarTou^ ijfetetn, aoj that tn w1'/", ^? ?k ^ *"?'*" ?r Qlf,ti0Q ?u^ ? enawtijn |. '.yjri-?i death. f^*r ?a mind #!*>, that for ew c. trtrvou;? dl"?yn;e tbj Si?xer Oordiiai Lt the >r.ij "liafci# rreparation Laava, _ " . . CACTlOa. . '. .a:e 8 >'ioo?iT.i*o Ccrdiai !a? i^en ecs? rf.'ii? oy bene au;riacipHd pereoiif, la future, all the geuuine Ooioiai wiu have th '"* Pr'":2re t>'?~ d.^iiie pasted j?er the cork of eac1 r, i the iOlic lB5! ?-orda blown ia the glaap ? !?VJl<<>'#"**Cordlal, H H1?0, t'rcp-iftoT, 31,Y 11 1 ^lgWyconctBtrftfld, t Fri'i*.?13 jyrr bottle; two for <.5: for f'S, *?. 9. RTNG, l*TT>pri0i0i', 1?1 Pruad-say, %'?- Ta:5. Ml by Drogrirti thtottxh-'-at :ie U*sIUtl i-tate^ Canv1^, and W??t Ird!.*? ^ AGhNTT. \'."aahjngt???S. i?. Olt Salt<3VT??3. S. II % N( - , U'ohm-ind?riNN'KTT c L^TTLf, C2mr FHOPaSALS FOB FURlflSHISG PAPER FOE TiiE PUBLIC PEI5fIN0 OrriCK SoPEmxTtfnEjrr raiNTrNo, ^VT Wanhington, Januar> V3, 18^5. J > pnnmanet; of tbe provi?.ioi.s of the act entitle i. A "An act to provide for creating 'he pu lie pnntm?," ^ approved August 06. l*.?2, etalod propota h vriil be r-ceived ;?' this office, in ih^ Cap itol, until V\ -dnes^ay, the 28th div of March ne^t at Is ?> clock m , for furni?hina the foilowina tiuaa I hiim <ie?cripii 'hp '?! untiiic papt*r, to wit: 9^? ream*, weie'-ne W [HXind* |?-r rt;ain. and m?a Minn? 1$ by SJ6 in hea ^,100 reams, weighin^'ifl pound's per ream, and m? a *unng Id l?y -i5 inches 1WJ ream-, weighingW ,?und?per ream,andmea "itnng 18 by 22 inchee ' J4,> r' *nM: weighing pound- per ream, and mea suring 18 hy 18 inche 40i> ream-, weighing IS r^inds per ream, and meg 'inn* 19 bv 18 inche-i Ul br ",atic of the ^ muteriala and finished in the i^st m:?nner nnd tree troni a?iul t rai.on A contract will be entered into for sua p una tli laantlUe-. atated. at -itch times as the liNicpervice may require but the pnvileg,. ? rc 'nZ^tA ? "r,1,'r,n* * creator <]u intity of either kin I ^ a Kr. au r qwanuty b.- req ,r, d, at ?u.^i and in ,uch quantitiea a,, may be d-emed ne eaaary **ci!*hii*mnAetsih k,,,,, "f, mu#l iccompaiij es. h bu,?nd all pn.pwaU and !?:impJfK niu^t bi "r i?*v' m """1 <"> "!?,. rh m making a, and must spccify the price pe f??und, and tj.t; consequent Pric. Per reain thad I u | one pnee) of each description oi pP^r. b' ?' ^uch plane or , placet, df may be deilgn it-.f )n VVa-hin ton cit. i. I r?d or... r, free of all and every extra chaie Sr M to the inaction, cSu ?LStt S'ZZZZSZ 27 -iS---4-CSiW be taken into c-n.ideratior, unle-9 ?ubi ^11^1 v agn eing therewith. auMiantiaily BodiN vri'h approved securities wll' he n>mi?.i. and the -?pp,ji? mierior" or J 1!"^ quantity required at any 'Uuit. ^ comUerrd a vtolauonof the contract. each bidder i? rvquired to furrn.h with hln nrow. 'j; *'itul<l?' ??ry evidence of hi* a'.iltty to execute\t ^ -ucKi1' Proposal* wrili be addrn-aad to tke "HawtuMiui ?. <**._ iMb.i? p??Un,. JiTcSi SI55JK13IT' "eropo.,1. f?, _ , A. G. MEA WAN, Jin ?_e!v!rnn enl ?f ** Pub,,c pr,nan? TO LOVERS OF BUTTER 'HE attention ?>f th.nse fond of iroo-1 RU PTK'M i, called to th. fact that I hav k,u.t received M kegs of pnnie frcah BUTTER uidrh i- ?ir ,,J the ;<iwe#t j^ible nrioea, eithar ? hoie?a!c 'or re' tail. I am constantly receiving fr??h H.iii Hut, Which Can -f found ut my -t. ,f Jther l! h '? ? J'ibertie/Wr.rk?.;i?d m?v _ W- <-? JotlSBO*:' A\JA *bl *?"F'WSdN5T ?j* tZJr i?111 tUecl? corn? of M ? ^5,1)00 Frui-. Trees Eve, bJoommu R sc. V<*8 R(J^. Mow ?^T'. H"?'r '?? p"?" ""I ??d?. he. ,bw?^?d I>wan Pears, App:e?, Chertl*. I invite the attention of the out?li>* to thta r,rju~',r,e; . flrfiqul'ny ?f UeC' Wiirran,ed to uame and of | _ ? mar &?eo9w SL'Y**?* WARD, Preai.ent. HAS V\ ILSON, ^ecreiarv. MATHEVV g. E?"ERV, Trcaaurei. ... Kanaukrh LTlyaKS Hard John Van Riswick Jh2?M?l,?del, P W Browi ing M,u"w G- E?'?y PU':"' C"nl" L"u?'?? avenue 2?at?S7 f"*?3?'dock p- ??? I XT O. NUGAH m. 91ULAS8KB i.1 . 90 hhds V O. Sugar '25 t>bls do -Molas?et Just received and for sale by BAKMOf'R 8t SEMME3, mar 12?eo3t No. 6 7 Louisiana avenue. ORNAMENTAL TREES FOR SALE. S Of the best quality, for streets, avenues (.'?'lueteriea, and lawns. Tht.y are all ?eed-2EZ lings, fr^e growth, Irer from suckcrs and insects, and are nut stunted. No. 1 Silver Leal .Mnple?, flroni 13 'O 15 feet In the clear, and well furnishe -; Hurae Chestnut from 4 to 6 feet littb ; European Sycamore ot rich toliage ; do. Catalpa, of Urge a<x?. Of the above tree- there ia a large stock nu hand. Pneea according to aige and numb*r,fro(n 95 cu. to 91- Come and ^ce for your Hf. vail upon JAMEi MAQE& iaai 10?Mw* Public Uarde&ti (bait lawtw, P"PWaV'a A>rt) ?JtLOTf?a effifeL plsa, vai <hi? kind* and siz?^, boufht in per.on from the uia*< r- and 'vartaniod g**iiumfl. 'nar 6 FRANCK TAYLOR ( United 8t?tN P*f??t 0?e?. Washijotoi*, Maroh ?, 1866 ON tbe petition ofWuLUMS Gioso*, of HaDi mors, Md. praying for the utmnoo of a pat granted to him ou the 29ih cf May. 1841, fcr improTunent In '? Maahiiies for Riving and L'r*?rlng 8hi.-'glea " for seven yearn from the expi ration of th? said pat"nt, whicb takes place on the day of M *v 1M4? It is ordered, thai the ai l petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 14'h day of May. next st 12 o'clock ni; and all pemns are notified to up pHiir and show cause, if any they have, why said p?? tition ought not to be granted P?raonw opposing the extension are required tc file in the Patent Office their objections, specially eel forth iu writing, at least twenty days btfbre the day of bearing; all testimony fli. d by either party to fc* used at the said bearing must be taken and trans mined iu Mcordanoe with the rules of the office, which will oe furnished ou application The testimony in the case will be closed on the 4th ot May, 195*; depositions and othor papers re lied on as testimony, must be filed in tbe Office ou or before the morning of that day; the arguments, it any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and KvenlngStar, Washington. D. O4 Arttui B a!ti?jor<?. Mr; Evening rgue, Philadelphia. Pa.; Seientifc American, New York; once a week for three successive weeks previous to the liih day of >fay next, the day of hearing. C11&KLK4 MASON, Commissioner ot Patents. P. 3.?Editors of the above paper* will please copy and s'nd their bills to the Patent Office, with a pa per containing this notice. mar 10?law3w Ualttd Statu PatsntOfflcs, I WAbBlNOTOS, March 9,1856. j N the petition of Jam* Britt. of M tt??wan, New Viri, preying fcr the extension ot a pit-nt granted to him on the 10th of Joly, 184', for Improvement in 4 Key Wrenches," for seven y ars from the expiration it said patent, which ik*sr j place on the 10th day ofJ"-y, 1866: It is ordered, that the said peiitiou be heard at the Patent Office en Monday, the *5th fcy of June, next, at 13 o'clock, m.; and all persons are netlfied to appea- and ebow cause, if any they hare, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in t^w Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the da} of bearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and trans mitted in accordance witb the rulep of this Offic?. which will be furnished on application. Tbe testimony in the case will be closed on tbe 15 b Jn?e; depositions and other papers relied up iu hp testimony must be filed in the office on or be fore the morning ot that day; the arguments, 11 any within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice bo published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washington l>. 0., PeansytvaoUki, Philadelphia, Ps , Scientifii Vmerican. New York: and tbe Pott, bo-t< n. Ma b. ?nco a week Tor three sweoossive weeks previous tc the 25th of Jun- next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. F. S?Edltorsofthe above papers will please copy and aen-1 their bills to the Patent Office, with a p* per containing this notice mar 10? la?^w [No. 531.] Notice of the. temporary continuance of the iMtid Office, at Vincennes, Indiana. IN compliance wiih the act of rnngre*s approved IVb uary 13,1-55, which provides ?4tha' the <>f 4icr< oi reg ster and receiver *hall be continued at Vinceanes. Indiana, until after a final report shall nav e been m?de by the commissioners, pursuant to ihe act ot Congress approved July twenty seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty four, ' entitled u \n act to ascertain and adjust the titles to certain lauds In the State of Indiana," notice is herehv given that the o-der iNo. 528) dated January 25,1855,directina the discontinuance ol'ceitain land offices in Indiana, is suspended in its application to the offi -e at Vin i cennes '-until the services required by the act of 27th July, 1854 of the coinmiss.oners sha'l have been fully performed," of which due notice will be given. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, tin- 17th day of February, 1855. JOHN WILSON, Commissioner General Land Office. [ fs-b l'J? lawfiw REV. JOHN LAN AH \N, PASTOR OF THE EXETER SIREEP, M E. CHURCH?A sirong desire to b?-??erii the afflicted induces Uirr iluis to cenfy. We chal enge any otlier medicine t > present s??ch a mass of tes imony from gentlemen amt ladies of high ttandmg of our own we.l-known citizens, who testily of cures of COUGH, BRON CHITIj5, RHEUMATISM, DYSPEPSIA, <fcc ^ ItAL-riMoRK, January 21th, 1835. Jt/r-rrs. Jtfominer <V Motrlray: I t ?'*?? pieat-ure in sa-. ing to you that I have used y ur ?? Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit From a scriottsUroat allocUon, uiy general health hu>1 become very much unpaired, when I com mence! to use *? Hampton's Tincture." I found it e^- cts iipo mv gerier I liealth most salutary ? M\ nervou' system and digestive organ* :?-onn right ed tip under its use. I have ecv-ral times rectrm mended it ti my t'rfn-i-, and in every esse, as far as 1 have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, Joh!* L*nahak, Pastor of Eieter st.. M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS. Ralkioh, N. C., Feb. P, lb55. Hi**r*. Mortimer ?V Mowbray: I do here y certify that about twelve months ago I ?ac laden with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs a id had four attack*of it ( was advised to try Dr. Hampton'! Vegetable Tinctnre I procored on? Ij-ntb-, and after taktns which, I was satisfied that I tvai much better: and that, at er taking the f urth b ?ttle, I wa* entirely well, and now I e< joy as good u* ever I did in my life. I can, and do with out the least limitation, recommend the Tincture to all persons afflicted in my way. Your?, Gro. W. Wraxlit. CURE FITS?RE\I>: *fe?e lothc bU-l; than Gold?Prom op.e of tlie most ft. ?[? stable Drug.-iKts 111 S >tnh Carolina. ChaBLKstojt, P. C. Sept. 21,1^33. Me ?rs. M -stixir at M0WBR*T ^h- fa,e v .'ti "lampion's V^getsb'e Puietnre is incrca.iing ev ry i!ay, and every b??ttle sold recommends ibis valtia le medieinc to the nffiictcd. Several of our piasters have tried it in diflVrent case< with aston i^tiing auccesii, end are getting it by half dor.ene. It it ???* been found to be the greatest >em dy for rheu mitte affections, and a wonderful cute ha< been performed 011 a ne?ro bov, suflVjring from Fits. I will fu niah >ou with a number of certificates tf you u i ll litem I am, gentlemen yours, VV. G. Trott. Call and get [iaiuniilets gratis, and see cur* s of 1 iriigli, Bronchitis, Khetitnailsui, Nt tiraigia, D.vs ^epsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a f -Male medicine or f-?r dclicat; children we boliev?! it un nuallrn. Sold by MORTIMEa fc. MOWBIIAY, 140 Ba'li more stieet, Baltimore, and 3?1 Broadway, N. York <"uas. 8tott 81 Co., J. B. Moors, D. B. Ci.arkc, Clarke & Bowunw, W. Elliot, and H McPiisa son, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ct skl, Geome town; and C. C. Berrt, Alexandria, and bv Druj gists everywlyrc. feb 21?tr TQE"aRT'IjNIONOF LONDON. PL AS FOR THE CURREXT YE.1R. r|lHKIi-tie now open, nnd crery ^ubsenber of I- $5.50 will be enl tb d to? L An impression of a Plate, by J. T. Willmore, A. R. A.,from the original picMre by J. J. Cba lon, R. A., "A Water Party." II. ^ Volume containing thirty Wood Engravings lllusirnting subjccu from Lord Byron's Poem of " Childe Harolde." And III. The chance of obtaining: one ?f the prices to be allotted a', the general meeting in April, which will include? The r ght to select for himself a valuable work of ?:t from one <>i the public exhibitions. Statuttea iu bronxe of her Majtsty on H< rseback, by T. Thor i< *ycroft. Copies in bronze, from an ordinal Model in relief by R Jefferuon, of ?' The Entry 01 the Duke ot Wellington into Madrid dtaiutteb iu porcelain 01 parian. Pr of finpre-smus of a large Litho raph, byT. H. Magmre, after tliu original picture by W P. Frith, It A.. " The Three B. ws," from Mo liere's " B >urgeois Oentilhomme." Honorary Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR h MAURY, B^ksellers. jap 24 PHH,An?LPIH t LAG-R BKFR DEPOT, 3 81 Pi. at- n it, bet/ cm 4 >4 end 11th /tree!? \\: E have at all times the bes: Philadelphia La it ger Beer on l and, and offer It now for sale for $3 per keg, aud in quart bottles for $1 50 per dozen. We send the Beer free of costs to all parts of the city. Many physicians have recommended this Beer as one of the best remedies for weak stomachs, mar ?-lui* F. C. 8t W. GERECKE ATCHKS AND JKWKMtl.-l have on hand a mod supply 01 fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to su.t the times. Gold Le v r Watcbes as low as $25, warranted to" keep good time. Call and see tor yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. feb !2e?dim & ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood CARL' tR ORG AN, both now on exhibitmti at the Metrop .litan Mechanics.' (air. They are from the inrnufaetory ??f HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, kc , applv to Prof. HCHEEL, on 1 ?t?l? sueet. north of F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 26 -eotf - LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPRI'.MErOURT OFTHEUNITED STATE8. P.OBERT J. WALK .<R and LOmS JaNIN formed a c partnership under the name 01 >*Walker and Janln,"lbr the argument of oases in tha Supreme ?'ourt of thu Urdted States, at Wa-*h Injionctiy, wheie both will attend throughout the tu'ure sessions of that court They may be addressed at Washington. N. York, or New Orleans. jan 19?eo3m* TKAV fiLERS' I IKh< T< ?<Y. LATHAM'S LINE OP <?A AT I B I's JC ?? will lc^v? Alexandra at 4, TV. and 9X * m? IU and 3 p m. W ill I leave Washington at 6,11, and IS a m., 3% and 7 pm. Seats can l>e secured at the Office, Fairfax at., and NewtouV Mansion Howe ; in Washington, at linllH* Hfgar Store an' Kirkwood House. This Line ran* rrgularly winter and summer for the accommodation of the Public. Passenger* called tor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARC?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trip- 25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. jan 8?tf CROMWBIL'* BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL diRpatcb a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a week from Boston to B ilt I more and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the baa ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through till of lading to Washin?ton at the lowest rates oi freight ami no commission* charged. Applications fir freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. U. HALL, 58 Exchange PI c*, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL. Cornet Washington and Albany sis., N. Y. JNO. W. 8CHANK, jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FObT THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO EAlkEOAD. IMPROVED ARRAN .KMkN'S F<?R T.tAVBLl IMPORTANT CUA SO AS OF SCHEDUDK J / The late completion of the Central Ohio Railroad between Wbe ling and Co umboi. uniting as it do**, bv ro abort and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Railr ad with all portions of the West (an\ North and Southwest,) gives Ibis route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in tbat direction On and aI er MONDAY, November 27, 1864, the trains wil1 be ran as follows: FOR THROUGH PAS3KNGER3 Two tot trains daily wil' run in eaob direction rirst?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 am, instead ot 8 ? 'clock ss heretofore, (except on Punday.) and anflving it Wheeling at 2 V) a. n? Second?The KXPRK8S TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead ot at 7 p. m., as heretofore, end runnirg through to Whee ing in.about 17 hoars, reachii g ther^ 10 26 a. m. This train will st?p at Wash lagtoa Junction, Syk^rville, Monocacy, flsr-e-'s K rrv, Mar^nsburg. ?ir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Kowlenburg, Newbarg, 'ettennan, Farm Ington, C?meroa and McuadsvlDe only, for woo' and water and meals Both tl*-e trains mak* rompt aai regular oonnootlon wi h th- ore of th? 'Neutral Ohio Koau tor Carabrldg , Zan- stM*, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, l.ouisvil!?, Peyton. I 'and ?ky, Tol?>d s Letrvlt Indianapoiis Chic*iro, ?it Lruls,*tc. Pavengers leaving Baltimore by tbr v!ail fr ??; wi'l reac Cincinnati far dinner next day, while by the express Tmlu they arr ve ther. xt 12 the next night, being tept but one night on the route by eith- r train Passenger* for the N orthwest via Cleveland ani all intermediate ro|r te can m^ke a direct enneo tion with he train* upon th* Cleveland and Pitts btirg Kailrord at all times whs* the Ohio is naviga b!e v>t steamers between Wheeling ard WelirviUe, by leaving Baltimore In he Ma?l Train at 7 a. m. Leturriog, rhe Trains l?are Wheeling as follew*>: The SXPRKSS TR^IN at 4 30 p m, reaching Ba' tiaace at9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. a . reaching Ba timtre st m 7 p. AirThrough tickets by b at from Wheeling for Ol id nati, M.-difon L^ul-viile, ft. Lruis and oth?r River ' ities, 11 be sold at a 1 times when the stage of w*<er will almlr. O" Through 'ickots between Baltimore and Wa?nington, and all the important citi?s and towns in the West, are acid at the Ticket OCces of the Company. FOR WAY PASSKN KRS THK MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden ftatioa will take pcsAeujers fur all the a?ual stopping places on th* Road Re'aruing, (his train leaves Wheeling at IU4 midnight, Cumberland at 10.15 a. m-,sDi ?rriv^s at Baltimore at 7 p m. TIIK FR?DE<ICK ACCOMMODATION TRAfV tor Frederick and intermediate places, will s'art. at 4 p. in., dally (sxispt Sun ajr) arriving in Freder ic* at 7.40 Re'ur'iicg *111 leave Frederick at 9 a. m . arriving at Baltimore at 12 30. roon "iiK 8I.LTC>n? MiLLd ACCOMMODATION wi'l be ran d^ily, (exept Fnndavs,) as follows: Leave Camd-n tuition at 6 r- n. and 3 p. m I^eare Eitsott's Mil's ai 7.30 a. m. a^d C.30 p. m. W.\SHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: IFAVS dally, esojpt Cunflay, tt S aud 8% h. m. A a-.<l 3 and 5 p m. On Hun-ay at 0 a m and 5 p ip. Leave Baltiiaore c?. 4)? and 9 am; and ft and a p m. On ? vmlay at 4 \ eta and 5 pm. The c.^nnertiots with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for ih; West are b7 traics leaving at 0 a m and 3 p a. For Philadelplda and New York at 9, and 8^ am and 5 pm. For Anoi:r'>H? at 0J4 a m aad h p a. For Noriolk at 3 p n. T. H. PAP.eON8, Agent Particc ar attention is called to the Rnla requir ing a responsible vcu:h?r for any person ef oolor who m *y wi -h to raas ov r the road. deo TS?itf 0RAH6E ARD ALEXANDEIA BAILBjAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Cars leave Alexsodria daMy for Gordons ville and intona-di^te tations et 7 If o'olock, - a m., o? the arrival ot tbe boa* from Wafhinv*t;r, giving aranle time for breakfast on board C< n noc'?ia? a' Mans<!?ae Juu<-'i?n with o train for ^trnc our;?, at Warrentr>n J?* (tion wit^ a train for War ronton, and at Oordonsville witb the trains on the Vir?<in;a Ontral Hsj'.rcad ibr Rl-hraond,Chariot>8 'U;e. and 8taunton 1 ba earn ieeve Ooidocr?il'e daily for Alext;i?lr!a ani iGtermeJ'.at? sUtiocs, at ^4 before IX a. u>, on the arriral of tbe trains 0 ihe Vi giaia Oei.tral rfil road from Richmond. Charlotte-rri'.le, and &tannt< n T ?ROUQ!f TICKKT8. from Alozindria to A'arrenton $2 00 " M OoHoneville..^. 8 50 M " ChariotteevUle 4 26 " " Staunton 5 90 M " Ftrasburg 3 50 " u . J.vncbburg ...? 676 " " Winch?ster.............. 8 60 " u Luray 4 25 " " New Market 6 00 M w Mldileburg 2 25 For L/noliburg, <v nnectirjg with the stages at Oh irlctleevilln, on Mhndays, Wednesdays, and Fri 'lavs ' ror Laray and New Market, connecting with the 9 ages at Oalpeper, on Tuesdays, Thursday", and Sat urday For Winchester dally, connecting with the stages at Siedoont For Mlddlrburg daily, concerting with the stages at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BKOORETT, Agent nor T?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUE8DAY8 and FRIDAYS. 'Fare round trip $1; from Alex mdri-i 76 o-nts ?The THOMAS COI.LYKR leaves Wiisbington at 9 and Alexandria at o'clock. C.-ach?s leave the Capltcl (' - Lk-*1 at 83i o'clk Cos<h fire '0 cents. iVreonj wistdue it.a Goac!.*s w?l? their real dsicw* with Geo. A Thos. Paraer. Hefresbmeot^ oa th" boa?. O* 28 ?dtf 8AM'L QEPN^Y. Capt_ THK HEW YORK * LIVUUPOOL UNITED STATES _ MAIL STEAMERS. Til* ellll'b COMPRISING THIS LIN? ARB TUB ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt Nye, B.lLTIO, Capt. Comstoek, ADRIATIC, Capt. Gra!t'>n. These ships have beeu built by contract, espre* ? ly for Government service; every care bas bc^n taken in thair oonstni^Uon, aa In the Rngines to Insure strength and sp?od, and 4ioir accommoda* tions for passengers are unequalled for e'eganc* an 1 comfort. Price of pasaaga from New York to Liw -rpocl, in first cabin $180 Second Cabin 70 Bi'closive use of extra sixe state rooms 300 irom Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An exparienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berth can be secured until p-tld for. For freight or parage apply to JUDWABD K. COLLINS k 00., M Wall street, Ne 1 York. BROWN, 8UIPLKY k OO, LlverpooL E. G. ROBERTS k OO., 18 Klng'd Arms Vard, London. JOHN MUNROB k OO, 28 &a* Notre Dame des Yictoireu, Pari?. GEO- H. DRAPER, Havte. The owners of tne?e nhipj will aot be acooantable for gold, silver, bnlllon, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unless hills of lading are signed therefor, and ihe value thereof therein expressed, nov 16?dly H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, So. 030 Pa. atwnus, between 9th and 10(A itredft, nfier* fdt sale a tuagnffioent aseortment of DUMONlTIfcWELBY. Gold Bnooleta, Breastpins, Earrtn?C Seal Rinp Weeding Rlnffs, Fob and Veel Chann, Seals, Loctr pl-, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All ftrticM art; warranted as repreaenied and sold unuHiially low. Jan 19 PROPOSALS FOR STAMPS. Poet Cwici i iramn, February M, Nft. P*OPO^Al* wffl be T#r+rt>A at lb ? department untJ h< 30th day of Marab next, toi farnah lu itupi for tb? on of Um p?t "ffeea In the Cat ted rftat-s for tour jmh from be lat d \y of April MSt, ?b? offered ?t tve drptrtarat, of the fal lowing deforij-Uona. vis: The mm? of th* cflier a-d State In circular form cat from a to td block of har<l?c?d steel, and mad* in such m??f aa to almli of 1'tiers aud fignrta to dw^jBit* tha moatb and day, with a thumb ?crew to '?a? rwh let*era and fl~ur?s (n place ? Such at?mp, and tha letters e macai g tb? i.m, to b of the aame si?* aa those now manufaet - red and In um A tamed mahoga *y handle, of tha tarn like ?U", I"* baaaewalT farenedte iha tamp. Tha months ef ?he av br?viat?d a? aa to contain bnt thiat M'era ea-b. of ?ha ?ame rise naw in uae, and t-) b? out irom aolid blocka rf hardanad steal. V 1? u-ea for tha daya cf tha month, from 1 to SI, ineia fire, to be mat' of ilka hard* ed metal, and of the a'se laat ai< r?aaid Also, ta<rpa with tha word* Mp?li" and "fr*s o th- f 'rm of ttoie now In uae, wl'h tamed haa Aiao, etarrpa with fit urea denoting tbe ratea of pnatsgt, and aimtlar to thoae now la uae, wl h tum?d handle*. Also, etam c tor foreign mailt naal by the hew York and ticotoo offlow*. A] of the above aiamps to be mtds of hardened Ibe p"?po*al* must a'.ao contain separate bid* tor the ? i cu'ar (fiun , with the month* and figure* Al?>, f. reach separate piece, con ainiog the mcnth, ??ons??tlug of hree letters. A ?**, for each separate pi ca for the days of tha month. AN for e mplete aeta of mcnths and fig urea. A'*o, tor each n pirate place, with tha worda ? paid" and "free." Aleo, for each separate piaoe, with tha figures de noting th? r?tea ot ro?t ge. Themakitgof tb? dif fer ntaets will not, boa ever, be giTen to different contractors, b't the prop ral for the whole which ia jecmad moat favorable to thedepartmert will b* v opted The dep?rtment re??vea to ItMf the right in r jeet all pr- poeala if the pri<? is deemed extrnv agant, and aiao th? right to wco'pt proposal* from tre <am> inllvidual or firm for tfcecinu'ar stamp with namna of aontbs and flguree of hard?ne. at el. a 4alltbeothe.- stamp* of other material, if ?Itemed sdviaabie. I roposa s - 111 be r-eeivel and cons'dared for all the stamps above nsmd to be ecmpof ed of cthet m*'e ial than hardened steel; and the department at rvaa *be right t? accept ?uch prop wala if it aba 1 b? deemed for the Intenst of the department to do ao. . . Specimens of the various kind-* of s am ? required (on a'- 'l ean be aeen at the Appointment ? fflce o* ihi1 deprtm n*. JAME1CAMPBELL, ma-1 1 ?4w Podt- a^ter OenerV TOBIAS, . - - r OFFICE No 519 Seventh rtr?*? t, thr?'e doora tr?Mi> Oda FeUovra' Hall. dPECTACLE3 and GLASSES gulled to every sight, uu a true and aci RMtific principle Bee circulars, to he bad at the office. feb 28?lm* WASHLNGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrica Washington Aq anrcT, 1 W"a hington, March 7, I8C5. / I)R0P03A'.S are invited for gradujtion, stone auti brick maxmry, dams, tunnels, and other w ork* of the Waehirfgton Aqueduct. I'ropoeaU received Hp to the 8th of .May will bo op* ned a< no?u of that day Map*, profiles, and apecifications of the work will bw re dy mr examination on i>nd after the'.Oih day of April next. I'mpo.-ala will be received f? r the work of particu lar culverm, i ridden, kc., aa described ui the plana ?lid specification*. Portions only of some of tha works can be com pleted under the present appropriation, but all the conf-acts for unfinished work wul be subject to fu ture apprnpriaiiona by Congreae. The Enginttr re serves the right to preacribc the amount ot work to be dona and rule of progr^aa under such contract for each appropriation, and, in case of the appro priatinu not holding out tufticienily, to decide when and what works sail be ot.pped uuul funds become available. In ca e of the en'ire 8t-">ppage of any par'icular wrm for want of fund*, the rcaerved ten per cent will be p ud, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, the work lus been properly executed so far aa it has gone. Payments will be made in specie cbccks upon the United States Treasury, upon the monthly estimates of the Eng neer, reaching 10 per cent; and it will be a condition of all contracta that the worktnen shall be pt>n their full wages monthly and in specie. All bids all uld be ealed and endorsed " Propo wiN for work on the Washington Aqucduct." Tha United States reserves the right to reject any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan taeeous, and to make such arrangements a. u ay be cousidared mo?l conducive to the progress ol the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a written guarantee, aigned by one or more re*pom>ible per anns, to the effect that he or they undertake that the bidder or biddera w ill, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten daya, with goo.1 and sufficientaurtuea, lor ihe completion < (the w >rk undertaken; said guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States district judge. United States dist ict attorney, navy agent, ui aotnc officer of the General Gov. rnnunt or im.ividual known to tne Engineer or department of War, that the gtunntors are able to make good their guarantee. ?? form of G .aranter. To Capt- M. C Mc'g-i, U. t$. Engineers : We, the undersigned, residents ot ., in the State of . hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with the United States and guaranty, in case tne foregoing bid of ? l?e accepted, that heor tli'-y will, wiihiu ten da s after the acceptance o! said hid, fiecute a contract for the aauie, with cood nn i sufficient sureties, to perforin the work or furnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the t? nm of the advertisement under which it w&* made ; nnd, in case the said ? MiOflld fail to enter into contrac' as aforesaid, we tniaran'y to make go *1 the difference between the offer by the and the next lowest biMlcr. A. B. C D. I hereby certify that, to the beat of my knowledge and beilet, the above named guarantors are good an.1 suffic lent. E F. M C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers iu Charge, mar 7?eotMayS&wtf HOWARD LIFE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW YORK. II C SPA LtOlNQ, of Washington, Agent. 'I'HE Howard Life Insurance Company, po??ct?e 1 ing an ample capital, and every facility for ex tending its operations upon the moat secure basis, makes every iiiauraucc against Life Risks upon the most favorable terms. Parties insuring upon the mutual' plan arc enti tied to a proportionate share of the profits ; or upon the |oim sto^k plan by which they pay a lower rat'.' of premium, but do not share profits. policies are granted cither lor life, or for a limited period f ho Howard commends iue!f to persons in all stations, but especially to every head of a family. Military or Naval Officers off cr on duty may be insured iu time o peace. Persons insured in One Company have the privi leue of crossing the Atlantic, to ports iu Europe, at all seasons of the year witnout extra i remiuiu.? Speciaj permits for California, Australia, or the Sandwich Islands, at a reduced rate of premium. Office No. 338 North D street, one door east of Tenth mar 3 eolm niiOTHINO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER than ever.?Iu ojder to run off he remainder of our large stock of Cloths, Ca-simcres, and Vast logs, we will at this season take measuic an t make to order Gentlemen's Garments of ft rut quality 20 per cent, cheap i than our usually low prices. WALL i BTEPUKN8. 85)/t'Pa. avenue, next door to Irou Hall, feb 19 (HehtineiJkNews) BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are deairous of obtaining these betic ftta, Could use 2ERM \ N ' S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so many mcritonoue qualities, that it haa now be come a standard faverite with the citizens of New Y?rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Heutista pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every source the moat flattering laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleediug gums are immediately ben cfitted by its use; its action upon thein ia mild, aoothing and effective. It cleanaea the teeth so thoroughly, that they arc made to rival pearl ih whitenesa, and diffuses through the mouth such a delightful freshness, that the breath ic rendered ex quiutely sweet. It disinfens all thoae impuriu?> which tend to produce decay and as a consequence, when these are removed, thu teeth must alwaya re main aound. It is used and recommended by all the emineu' Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, ai.d other cities where it haa be.n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZERMAN, Druggt t and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Druggists everywhere, at enu per bottle. W. H. U1LLMAN, jan 17?3m Agent tor Washington City. 81LVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castors, Cake and Fink Baskets, Waiters on white metal. Table, be* aert, and Tea Spoons and Forka, double and Ui( e plated on Albata, the beat substitute for silver, wat ranted and -oid by H. SEMKEN. No. 930 Pa. avenue, uetween 9th and lOtn art. jan 19 A _ MERICAN TEAR ROOK OF FACT3and An il nual of Scientific Discovery tor 186% 1 volume fePST'fl **' FrANCK TAYLOR fHI.QPfclfHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. BWlDEHB WHTBB AT PHILADKLPH1A. J^oan v.aaiUKH,dhMcIs simmim former old NUl^b^ Wm Bmt ef JACOB syiPKR, Jr^ No Tfl Walaut street, mar Jmh l? i?? Pom :h atreet, *b?* itntimtwi will be MRNI witt WIA AS a?d LIQUOR* ea the moet ?. 11 ?? ? I la2"r tenrs. J ACOB MIDIE. JjNA???tfcf J?J? poru-.kxn of FOREIGN nllTRB, Offloe No. T? Wa* ?1 treat, Pbl'.lelphla, wbfrt ha Hpr?*rr4U !?? erdara tor the Inportittai of Wlrea, ?? ? All Wit)w ordered for WaahinftOD will h* ?a> .leered by KxpreaaJV* )? 8?IJ DOCTOR TOrE?ELr. THX POCKET JC9CULAPIU8: OB, KYtTiT 0X1 HIS OWN PHTBICLA-. Ths Fiftieth RdlUoa, with Om hundred kfrtTiafi showing Plateau tad Hal Unuthmi of the Ban lyiua la wrr iafi u4 Lferm. T* which kail* a [Treetiae the PioMMp of 1 Nntki, bo^of the neb [ r*t Importing to married people, or those oontam plating carriage. By Wrf. YOUNG, M. D. Let do father be i to prwet a Mfi JESCULAI1U8 to I It my mt? hla early <rave. Let no ycung maa or wcbm ?n*to to ths secret ?Hire Ions cf married llf* withoat readi-ig tbe FOCJli'r ^>tTLArJL'f. Let do ooa ivMtef frma ebackcied Oough, Prln to cbf ^ r^st'tus nights, nerTcui snd the whole traia rf TwT*p*.S?r aeessttoe% end given up by tbei* pby ?ic i*a. ba aether, without "onswlting the SSCULAPitfS. Kara the married, or tboee abcut to b* DuriMl lbj lmpedi?fot, read th'.a tiu.y Ofe fil cOck,a> It b?'tf?D tlnra'BM ol earlag awi at-'a cf unfortunate creature- ftvm the Tory Jawa et d*^ADy pacaoo eeadlo, TWTNTY-PIT1 CDJTi re-.loaed Laa Ultec, will receive om WTot thU cork by ?r". or Are ooplot will b? ?e?tioir One Da? * Addreto, Cfo* paid) DK- W^LI?Py9t No. liJ Sproce street, Philadelphia. a?M-lT iumia Mnniamn. t cEAUi.Mm. ?. Man. / 1 D. SMITH * CO* M??f? town ami It. Daalora la AL00II0L, CAMPHENE, K1HE R! '.L OIL, Ac. No. S4 S. CALVERT STRAIT, or p'.dta Witn street, BALTIMORE, M<L mm g?It l )L-UB DOCTO1. R G. 8P*1?CW ! "Lts PiVeericnal aerrloe* to the citii?? of Bol> --.t. I far. rore all ktad* of C*Deer??t*A* tbaa ?i! Wcnnt pale, or tbe tu-e cf bdt kolft. I ooa r-r all k'Bdf of plu and Pjann*, Bbeuniatl' Paloa, ^^umrtioD. r'Tvipey, Djfpepda, PUaa, Pa'ay, or <? ,,th?r ai\ir.ect the boiran fajally are rat^aet to. - *n ncp Hl#ei a? troa the Lob** or Poo*, M? :' *T?r* r.t T3 'be patient, Vy bDowiB? the p?t)??ri -3* 1 *?? t<?ro blind, and hat atndi^d veewnl ;-?r? ur let an IndUn Doctor who waa ajsocg tha ? lid Ii<i;?n- ?LirteeD yoora. uli. i'KN^KR ba- r-morad from Mr. Bocklay*a ?? brd:Dk' I'on^e, to No. <?4, QANOTER fTBEWT, ikfg 11- tt MtaM, *A. AN APPEAL T<> (JOMMON SENSE. Lrr tub atcK iikab thb tbctu. TArTAi* Uk>ija.*i*.?Wborever koown hia ?e*il Bi >uy w?H Ih; concloaive. But leet tboee wbo do not know the Captaiu should be acepucal, Dr. Law 3<tn h. Dro., withothewof the best known and inot< h^ffhly r^pectaNe ciuzens of Eaaton t-ndorae h? wjr.ifrful core hy H.UCPTON'S VEdBl ABI?E TINCTrAE. Laktoh, Oct. 4, IBM. Jilt*t?. Mortimer 4' Mou-hrc? : G? ntlcni? n? I fee! it my Juty to yon and the pub He to certify to the effects of H?mpton'? VVfMaMe Tincture. I was for m??re ihsn five yeara 'al?>rin* under a disease of Chronic Rheuiiiau?ni. and the great part of thai time I wm ?o bHpieaa that I h*?l t i be helped from my bed aud dressed in my c'.otJwa 1 fc?*cam?-' rcduccd to a in*re skeleton. All th?: m?"?1 tews I took done me no enod, and I coaAinoed !?? frow worse. I hear! of Hampton's Tincture ?i?d tb'>acht I would give it a trfci!. At tbia I di4 not expect to liv* one day after anoUier. I I'd not tike it (the Tincture) lor the Etieumalwu, uuf in B >hort time I was wdl ?-f thai diseiwe. electa of your 1 incture and the help ol fi'^i I am u< w geitinc in good health. I wisb all the afflicted io try Hampton's VejctaUe Tincture, as I hare d ?re, with the same effect tiiat it has on Vooi obedient servant, 1SAA.C BlMiSIII. W? are acquaints with l^aac &*-njami.?. rofd hiiu some of Hampton's Vegetable Tinciurc,anobc ueve the *bove statement correct. Dawson fc Bbo. ' Prom our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement i* true and un rjageratcd. J- A. Joans?*, Cbabi rs B B:*aoi. Call and ect pamphlet" *ntls, snd ace c ?rra o< C<?ueh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism. Nrtttuim, l?vs I pt psia. Nervousness and General V\ eak.??*.?. As a f- male medicine or for dedicate childieu we tfcJieee it ?;n*'<jualled. .Sold by MORTIMCR A MOWBRAY, :t0 Bultt more street, Baltimore; and *#>4 Broadwv, N. Viwk i C:ias. Stott A Co.. J. U. Moore, D. B. Ci.abbk j Ci arm A Bowuw. W. Elliot.and H. MePnrB ?cs, Washington; also, by R- 8. F. Cissil,C<t.rge ! town, and C. C. lirRRT, Alexandria, and by Drug j ei.^n eTTywheie. jan tt?U COUGHS, COLDS, H0AltSENES3, Relief la Five illlnBtei. I TYLRR8 COMPOUND GUM ARABIC STRVr. rl'lil? increasing demand for thia rr.^t J?:e?a?tt, JL aafe, and efllcan-jiu r?**i'-dj ;or a'l pulmerary di?< aaes, has enabls-1 the proerirtcr to reduce the ' price so as to place it within ihe re^ch of ali cl^a^e. Its saperiority orer moat s'.milar prsparattoue is at Usted by xnaDT eiairent i hyslciata who hare Wi a eye witDesaea of iti efficacy wlwn th? usual rem* dlea have failed; also by tbcasand e4 onr most r? speaiable "Itiaens wbo have ns^d it in tbeir 'amiilea both a6 preventive and cure with nsvsr failing an". ce?a f :r the last twenty yeara, during which nertoJ with very little aid Irca adTertir>.?. Lc , it ba gradually apread reputa *h? whole Un;._o. Id eases of rwent OMs CMtf, Ffoartcmst. A-, tt gieas Immediate relief, ard gfn* rally curw in a day or two, without interfering with diet or bustnev, ot rendering the system more raeoepiibie ot CotOi, io chrorle caaes. Asthma, WKnop fig Ccwgh. Ortmp, hmiefutxs, Affection! of the Is-ifft, and Oiwvmp. Won, it Is always very b?netda! and aeldom talis, when oooimenoed lo time to p< rfact a cure. Price 26 and GO cents a bottle. Bold wholesale by Pattereon A Nairn, Btctt * Co, Ri Igely k Oo. Alexandria by Peel A Stevens, i ?? Qeorgetowu by Mr. Ciasel. TYLZR'S GUM ARABIC CJSKD7 DROI3 a similar composition to the a be re, bnt la a milder ani mere portable form ; they act like a charm oa a troublesome Cough, and clsar the threat and rotes; they oontaiD no injurious drag, are parti-u larly reccmmended for children, frequenter* of pub lic r.rsemblles, public speakers, singers, Ac. Price 12>4 and CS oeuts per box. Por cale at most Drug and Oandy Stores, oct IT?tf O SOMETHING NEW. kVPOSITE Til5'. MARKET ON PKNN-TLVA NIA AVKNUK 4 doors below Ninth tieet, Is a NEW CLOTHING 8T0RE for Meu and Oots, opened thi<? day. DBCKKR, < ne of the cbeape Clothing Merehanta in rhe Nor<h b*a d ter.nine| to r fferto the eidteus of Washington and vicinity, his excellent (3vbing at the lowest Northern prices, to: cash only. lh?re the POUK MAN will find Just such a Clothing Store ashae V"o>* bsea ?anted in Washington. Ilia motto is cheap tot ca b, and on rain oiai. A good substantial woollen coat he w.ii teil f-?: $2 7?; and heavy winter pant*, well linel for }t .?A ao-l fi ? coals, overcoats, ?nJ veata. In pre portion. Good wool aud oVtou unlerrhirts, hasiery, glove*, A?., cbea er 'h ?u tbe rheapeet. dot 11?tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OP all rites end quaiuy, Fieoob or German plate, Fancy or plain Portrait and Picture Pram<a, Gilt or Fkii^y Colored. Also, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets and j ablce. Corniees made to order. Alse, all kinds of old work regilded with dispatch and on reasonable t rma by J. WAGNER, Pa. avenue, opp. KirkaooU Uruae <iec 89?tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BULLD1NO UiPS of 10 teet er more, ia various parts of tbe City, and Georgetown, at low prices, and terms to cult. LLOYD A 00 BC1LDIIO STOHK, far sate, CeUvwcable at the Oanal, or Wharfs l? Waihington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD A 00 lHh street, opp Treasury Depart*noaL jy ??lv CHARLKH HI9KIM, Architect. 'Pa. artnta, Mw:e; 7W* a*4 EUventh rfre./',) aAastxaTos,d c " h detail I ot huiiri<<-e* ^ tend th> ir ? ice iioa " let* l? aaniowivoj as ? V ? iX* ILT. continue *o furnU^Tlana, <i yy ihlWTSfa at:d ape Jl^Smnf q etreiy di'Krlptym.aiid alao tnwpmnt*

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