Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Nisan 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Nisan 1855 Page 3
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n EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Til Great Foar.snr Case ? Yesterday, ift?r we went to preas, it was definitely asctr taiacd that much " paper" which had lately b?en pot upon many partite by Col. Lewis Littlepage Taj lor. of Missisaippi, for some jitri paat a elerk in the office of the First Comptroller of the Treaanry wm forged. On Saturday night last suspicion was fin*, a roused, and the forger left the ci'y clandestinely on Monday mornirg it ia supposed. It waaonly yoaterday. however, that the fact of his crime wa? definitely ascertain*}. The forged paper oensisted of many of his own motea purporting to be endorsed by tha Hon. Jefferson Davis, and other paper purporting to b? orders from e'.erka on tha disbursing agents of the bureaa to which each ia attached, for their salaries-? drawn in advance of tha time when dae It is supposed by some that the amount of his forgeriea ia aa 1 ar<<? as twenty or thirty thou tend dollars. This we do not believe, as after dae inquiry, we cannot bear of more than five thousand dollars, and not definitely of that amount. Twee, y or thirty persona, moaey-lendars. clerks, meaeengers, and oon fidirg friends are the victims?essentially con fidence men. That is, men of more confidence in human nature than ragaci y in business transaction. As thfy all appear to have a horror of being known as thos* thus " taken in and dona for," we refrain frcra publishing the list The forger is very respectably connected in Miajissippi. and has a family here?a wife and aaven or eight children, for whom all among us feel deeply, indeed, as no oae is more ds eervedly beleved than the lady in question in her cirole of frionds. He (Taylor) ia a men of intelligence, and heretofore atood very fair, though atwaya bearing the reputation of being heedleea and thrift.cs in money mattera Be looka to be from forty to forty .five years of age, ia about five feet tun or eleven iaches tall, atout built, with florid complexion, blue oyer, and thin brown hair, and wore, on elo; in* from Washington, abort whiskera He is aaid to have been seendrnck in Baltimore, rn Mend ay evening last. Gambling is alleged as the cause of his crimes. It has brought miny men of more firmness, promise, and original character than Le?ia Littlepage Taylor, before him, to the commission cf as bad deeds The anteroom of the Secretary of War pre stated a lugubrious scene, shortly before aooa tc-day. there boing half a dozen of Tay 1or'f vk'.iins seated around, awaiting the op portunity to veiify the endorsement of Gene ral Davis, if possible. "We understand that be pronounces all such paper bearing hia name to be forgeriea P S. From what we learn before g iing to press, we ahall not be surprised if Taylor's forgeriea amount to quite $15,010. Musical Artists ir Washirqto*?The eorrespeodent in this city of the New York Masieal World and Times, writes to that paper in tha following eulogistic manner of artista among us, whi-n certainly argnea well for the advancement ani improved state of musical taste ia our midst: " It ra rem irkibl# what a sodden accession t>\. oily has had lately of accomplished musi t aa. Ia the vocal department we have new *u.)3g us. Sig. Leu Is B irtoleszi, late of the thntag troupe; also Sig Strini, late of Mad. Bishop's troupe, both of whom nppear to have good claases In the pianoforte debarment ildlle de Boya recently from Stockho in and Mr Eobert Heller, late y of Bos on. havo be come residents. and are apparently well 7 a troniaed. I had the pleasure or attendla* a soiree at which Bldlde de Bo e performed 1L0 piano pirt cf Beetaoven s <!? :ud Septcur, ar ranged as quartet Her performances on ti e Eiano are certainly vary t-jmmondable, and er renderrg of boeth'.veu inimitable. 4 Mr Heller -ave a public soiree here last week, at whica tke t its of tho city were present. Tou and al Bostonima m-iet cer tainly have beard bits; for hia baautiful legato style and perfect resdorin^ cf Meiidels^hn has already beccma proverbial here among all lovera of good muaie. Upon the whole wo now certainly have not mere teachers but artistes aa well among us, cf which any city might be proud. Prcperatlona are alrendy making for the great masieal conventi n which is to tako place here next May, ard t? judge frem tho energy of the parties having' tho matior in charge it will be a grand affair." Taker is a3d i>one for!?All old real-1 dects of Waiain<ton remember wo!! their lata fellow eitizen. Mr. Hanson Gateway, who,1 after beitg many yean an ao ive businen man among ua. lost hi* mi-id, and was in the habit, in bis periodic*1 walks, of giving checka for lar*e amounts to his old acquaintances, whLb were saver g'od, of course. With this iatroducticn, tl^ following letter will show that he extendi his financial transactions after that faahioa, beyond tLs limits of tba Caued States; in this case runoiug a very deep-i?t aiw indeed, upon a very diatin. gxiabei individuoJ. who nibbled glorious'y at the gilded bait, and fairly got the hook in hia jaws. This Utter, we may aud, reaohed Wash, ing.'jn aubio juer.t to the death of the late Mr. G : Eok-a. I>??c.-uber 23, 1554. Sir: In July la;:. I received a Utter direct ed te ma at Minckestar, theoontcnts of which were as follows: WASaisoTox Citt, J une 27, laji. Bank of Calcutta, India : Pay to the Eari of Warwick (of England) fifty thousand dollars $30,600 HASSuS Gabsawat. Wishing for soma explanation. I forwarded the letter, through my tankers, to India, and I reoaived an ana#er that there was no suoh bank in exiateace. Not knowing your proper direction, I send thia to Washington, and should be obliged to you, if you rtosive it, to forward aome particulars to n?y agent, ''Hugh Williams, K 4 , Warwick CasUe, Kcgland." Four obd't serv't, Warwick. To L*n_on Ga*taway, 1L^ Tax PecpLB's Theatuk ?There waa still aaoiher fine bouse at Iron H;ll, last evening. to witneaa Mim iiorant'a representation of J alien a In the "Honey M on. ' Tbojgb evi dently Buffering wi;h a e<>?4, Miss M., aa usual, acquitted herself to the irfiuiteg.a'i&oationof ker audience. Mr. Allen ? Luke Aran a was also vary woll presented. He 14 a capital reader, and pca;?a?es a fine votes and person, betides being ecis.cendably atten ire to the busi&tss of the s'.age. Mis-* 'ly<k>n, as Volante, wen much praiie, as t>su?l, thou/h the part *a? one cf the uinor characters of the piece. Mr Whaiiey played Holando much to the astisfaetion ol the house, and Air. Stuart ?tuiained the character of Lopez with ere lit. Tke la*t menliontd, though au^tiue, i> already ?ee of '.he beet actors in his line cf bu.4>B?SJ in the country In the han U M Burton h? would aaon become an icdis;*n<ril>lo adjinct of so a 9 N?w York theatre lie d.-'crvci pre it credit for the rapidity with whiah hi h?a mn^to.ed his uaw profeaaion taken up wilhiu ths last jaar. He left our ofii:a? beii g ono cf our app:.Btioee?for the stage W e parted with k.L with regret, inafieuch ai we know that &4t youtha who take to theatricals do not i m-ceed in that line Ills sa--ecjs, however, | >u so far oeea all that his friends could wish, the more gratifying becauas b a new employ Bent has not weakened his excellent habi a T- night, lo^omar ia again to be plajed, wi* . lius Morai.t as i'arthenia to Mr AUea'a dr. uar. It ia a fins play?one in which hui M exhibits bar peculiar powers to great * advantage, indeed, ho we take it for granted that the audience that will attend will prove . amply aatiaTurtory to the manager as wtll as the fair atar of the e?eniog. Tax Jacksox ?ciu>iy? Association has keen fally organized. It w?i iisUiuted mare eepcclally to benefit G*rmiu? *ho do not well understand the Lnglls^ laa^u'ga. To ahoa with what seal tLey have e-.-twicd upon the business, we state that tho limited number of ahares?six bandied?hive been taken; ani further applications r' j ied in acoordance with the proviaioas of too cosatitativn. Dos Kam?R Fikto ? Aiu;cg tho letters dis played at the window of the city post cfiice. aa sot forwarded by the n.a!la on account of tke non-payment o: parage, is one addreased to Hon Kam n Pinto, Idabtno. Cuba We jidge, from the ehir^graphy of tha direction, that It waa written by a foreigner. Alas! the poor fellow has fallen a victim ti Spanish eruelty, a fact of which evidbnily his corre ?{x>?deat wm wt aware at the tiut tt wrote. Tm* Am Know Nothwq Tickit ?oe Ra visort CoDiriaws.?We understand that the member* of the Board of Alderman who ara oppoeed to the party in power in the Councils, have determined among themselves to support the following ticket for revieorv coilflsrs of the District laws, to be elected under the act of the last session of Congress so frequently referred to in the 8tsr, vis: James M. Car lisle, Philip R Fend all, Walter Lenox, Pater Force, aad Charles Abert. ? W* published, some days ago, the list whleh the Know Nothing members of both boards hare agreed to eupport, vis: Jos. H. Bradley, K. C. CarriosloD, John 11. MoCalla, Sam. Sbelon, and Josiah F. Polk. The two tickets beiog now befjre the public, our fellow oitisens ean judge for themselves as to their respective qualifl nations, for most of them are generally well known here A< a matter of course the Know Nothing ticket will be elected, inasmuch as that party are overwhelmingly in the majority in joint meet ing of the Washington Councils. Maekbt Thieves ? Several days ago we stated that the covered stand of Mr. Caldwell, at the Centre Market, was broken open, and half a desen hams stolen therefrom, bat whtah property was afterwards found in the street, the thief being so narrowly eyed by the watch men as to cause him to run away from his booty; and we now have to announce that, since that time, the lccker of Mr. Wilson, the butcher, was broken open, aai a pair of Sal ter's spring balances abstracted The loser offers a reward, as appears by an advertise ment in another column of the Star. We frequently hear of larcenies in the Centre Market such as the stealing of baskets filled with domestic produoe One one occasion, while a lady was purchasing beef, her basket, containing her kutter, (worth $1 75,) together with the kettle, was slilv removed by an in genius rogue who escaptd detection. We conceive it to be our duty to suggest to our readers that they b > watchful while makirg their purchases, for there are always prowlers in the Centre Market " seekiog" for that whioh " they may devour." Ciactrit CouaT ?In this court, yesterday, the case of James Gr. Barry, of St. Louis, egainst James Adams, administrator of the estate of Thomas Law, deceased, was tried and brought ta a conclusion. As we understand the matter, it appears that in 1828, Mr. Barry advance*! Mr Law $250, in part payment for a lot in Washington. Mr. Law being on the eve of going to the Springs, instructed his b.-other E lmund to give Mr. Barry a perfect deed on the payment of the additional $100, which would comprise the entire stipulated price for the property. It did not appear in evidenoe, on the trial. | that Mr. Barry ever offered to pay this last niuiad au <'Unc. and the action was brought to recover the $250 whioh had boon given to Mr Thomas Law. The court instructed the jury that if they believed that Mr Law did not hold a title to tho land, it was not necessary for Mr. Barry to show that he had c(Tared the $100 to Mr. Ed mund Law, or that a title deed had been prof fered to Mr. Barry. The jury rrrJcreJ n verdict for Mr. Barry, ramely. to r? - v?r tho $250, with interest from the j-ir 1S2S to this time, whioh latter amounts to about $-100. Stono and Morgan for Barry, a :d Carlisle for Adams. Imiortant Sbtzurb!?A constable of this ccurry recently notified the publij, in a writ ten notije. prominently pa-ted, that, by virtue of a fi fa., he hal 44 seised seven ebesnut rails, threj old ccdar posts four old boards das ( Id short plank. and a small quantity of wo-xl or lumber," which Ae s lould expose to sale for ca-h, to the highest bidder, at puMic Euc ioa. We h-tve not heard whether the sa'e was lar^ety attended, or whether there was any c-ppsrj handed over to the person at whoso instance the p-ip.-rty was reisei, after paying tbo expense of the writ and the ser* vices of tuo cjosiable auctioneer! FeWALB U5I0N rz.VEVOLBST SoCIBTT ? The report of this useful society, published a short time sine?, over the signature of its Sec retary, Mrs. Ewiri L Hurley, rhows its ope rations to have been on an extended scale, and that an i:m*lculable amount of good has boen dose dutiag the pact severe winter, in relievirg tbo distresses of the poor and pro ourin; employment for the needy. They hold their regular nesting at thoir rooms on Seventh street on Friiay. At 11 o'clock, a. m , for the purpose of devl-ing ne.r measure* to carry out the laudable objects of their association. Rev P. L. Wilson ?This reverend gentle* mun, who has been placed at the Ninth street station of the Methodist P .-otastant Church by the il-ryiard Conference, is expected to ar rive in Washington to-day. Tho members of the church, old and young, male and female, are busiiy engaged in preparing the minis* ter's house for his family, and tije prepara tions indicate that he will be happily received. Fires?Early, last evenicg, the lumlcg of a quantify of brushwood on the other side of the river, occasioned an alarm amor.g the of tboeitv; and at a later hour?lf ter 11 o'clock?a light in the country set the bells to rirging and the engine* to running I but the latter were not haulod to tha sjenw of conflagration. Mr Gabrit.l Lakglet, huckster, we learn, h*d his leg broken, yesterday; having been thrown nut of hie wag in while comiog over Benalng s bridge. Watch Returns ?Hugh Prichard, drunk rnd disorderly; dismissed. Mary Ann Ander sou and E1H Anderson, profanity; fine and oosts Babel Seamoro, (colored,) out after hours; fine and coats. Rod-ty Day, (colored ) oat after hours; fine and costs, jas. Taylor, assault; jail. rr~7?i card to the ladies.?good news fob iux HICK Utt Df-rONCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, tli* bhl uiit biikt iDliUtblt rem?If ever discovered for re Ilex luc end turlmc &1I painful, dlalraeeliiic, end difficult men ?trnaltuu, and removing ell periodical i.Lai ructions, acd Ir regularltlea ar ?in? lieu whatever cauae. Tiieae l'ille are a WtlfllU OBIL MfH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. TliCy ara (jirparnd by a yioceae which concentrates the tapredlrnla Into a email bulk, thue rendering It i:nii*?-ee?aiy lor delicate femalea to take large doaaw aI n?n?enus drug*. Dr. l?o|>otico'? I'.lla ire t'lia re?u t of over Tlllltrr Ykalia' KXPK1MKNGK Id the (realmei.t of the dliea.e? of female*.? (Uajr li??? bean adtetleed f?r a little over on* year, yet TUOl'SAKD llOXKd have *!ret 1y been ad J, an I the demand for tliom rapidly ln c.eaevs wherever they W<?nia known. They have bean thoroughly tried In Weauia?U>Dt and found to act like a di>rni S M by alt Dru(k<e<a la %a?, Guorzetown and Al saudt ta, Va. p?r 1??oSm? fJ-T?NOAH WALKEB S CO , isn.ler Browu^ Hotel, art prr'?re.i to ?Uo'tr of the moet compile eeeurtmeot of 8X-)DY kAUk CI.OTH1NU ever oTered to tlia cHtMni of tin* I'iuric;. T 'eir stock e:abr?ce? everything that ia oaw and ;??Uljnablc for tin eeaaau, n:a:; afaciured ?1U taale and cia?ance, f??r which their ClotLicj la celebrated. war S7 CLOiaiXO A5D CLOTHING MAIEBIALS. Nat* DiriBTM^T, ) Buraau of ProTi?iocs aaJ < ljthlng, , Wit; h ngtJD, April 2, 1666. J Sir ABATE FROrO?AL3, and endor.od **ir.' poet's for Nary CJcthlng and Clcthiog Ma Urla'a," ?III be reccivcl at this oCl-e until 3 o'clock p. ni. en the 1-t day cf Ma? n*it, for furniaHin* a ad (on rocaitiu. b'z'j EO'kwt) at ea^h O" aitLcr cf t e oavy y.rdi at Char>ebto?n, Mafee^Vet n, E ? tlyn how York, orOorpcrt, Vir Kiaia, t * qo:ic ; !?;lyv rrtntio do' aay or all oftief'' <trn^ uaic -1 ^rt eloj of ra?y clmiiug and "c ttbin j tiia c: *is, iilI Fucb furthor quantities cf th-j saat h: *a-y tc o? lered by tb? c>.i-f of th.3 bu r- i'i. o. by tte v^uinirdtnU of tha Ftil uaTj-yarJs j-eapectlTo y, <lt r n_; the QmiI jeir eouime&c'cg op tLe <u day of July ntxt, and ?i.(Ui;g ou tbe 80tn ct June, lMtd, >ia: P?a ja-keL*, male of b'ne pilot 2 000 K'und Jackets, n*a-le cf *luo cloth...'. 3,000 Tiow^jri, taids of b us clo'.h 3.500 Biue fiaondl orerifcirti 5,00 Blue Ha-jtel under hirta.... 6 000 Fl le tlinnsi draper- 5,0X? B'.ui K-Liiii juftjp3.'r..., 8,0v0 Blue flaan-1, in the phcr ya:tls ^,000 ua'ns'ty tbeeting frotks 1C00 C*nv? du'k 2,0 0 Banj.V??7?h-et1n*, la tfce iie? yarda 15,CC0 tanTatdbck Snt^epi*?' ....yards 3,000 B'.ue clo h ca;s .... 4,010 Call f. in ? ho v. p*irs 4 00t! Ki? *kln sht cj, hi/h cut * al'S 4.000 Wcollf n ? eks, Noe. 1 and 1 j'alrs 8,0C0 Matt:?.y?i (with twocort-rs each) 8/00 ^aakin, biU?... .............9*.....?yarJs 8,000 Blaakea 8,0v0 Black silk tan-Ike;clil-ts. 6,00-3 Bice h i^et trowa*-n ?? 3,000 ?l--e satinet. In tfee pie ? yards 6,000 Tha elotb for the pea j~~keta rhal) be twlUed tlk>? c!oth of American manuf*c urc, j.ur? inllgo rlu?, erosl dyed. It ahaU bs 64 in?hee wide, and veifh ;0 ou?c*? r?f }ard. It ihail bate u iUton each edge composed of 34 white threads, of all wool. All pte ?? weighing lesa tban 05 ounces per ya-d will be rqjectod; and ca:h bale of aboatBOO yard/, mu?t av m? se ouEoee per yam. The elotb f x rocnd Jacks*#, M?e cloth trowaers, ?ad blue cap* sha'l be twilled, all wocl, of Amerieaa macjic'ure. asd pare indigo blue, wool dyed. It shall bare a list cn ea:h r ig* ecmpo ed of 24 white threat, cf all wool. All pieces under 17| ounses psr jard will be rejected; and each bale of about UOi yard* mast avrrage 18 ounoes per yaTd. Tre satinet meat be American manufactured, 27 leches win* lasfde of 1 at, which list mu?t consist of not leea than 13 white wot Ilea threada on each edge of the cloth, woven in the whole length of the pese; must wei*h not Itn tban fii ounces par yard to ooataln in each pieoe about 29 yardi; the warp meat be cotton, pore i dig* blue, yarn dyd; and ?be filling wocl, pure indigo bl ?e, wool dyel. Kach bale of 400 yard* shall average 9# ounces to tfce yard, and no plcce s> all be btkw 9% ounce* to the yard. The satinet tro waera anat be made of mat ? rial like th? above. Tfce fluowl matt be a1! wool, American manufac tured, wocl dyed, pure iodigo blue, an* twilled ; must be i' pieces of 50 y. r !p in length, 57 itches wide, weighing 5 oun*e? per yard, with a Hit on ?aab edge of 4 white woollen threats woven in the whole length of the pi c3.? To be jacked in bale* ol 10 pieces, tbe pi-c* to be rolled *piratsly ioithout cloth beards. Etch balet> contain 300 yards and 156J4 pounds flannel. No pieoe to h've a lesa aver age welgfe tban 4-8-10 0"Eces per yarl The overshirts, undershirt*, drawer?, and jump ers mu?t be male of flsnn-l like the above. The Barnsley sheet ng mutt be free from ectton, 80 inchei in width; weight twelve ounces31-100 per y-rd; teitura. 4 by 4 t> 1-16 Ineh. Tte canvas duck mast be free from cotton, 27 Inches in width, and about 36 yards in the plrce, doufclj thread, w?rp and ft lior. Weight elfht ounces '3 100 per yard. Texture !) by 10 to inch. Tbe shoei must be i tamped with the contractor's pame number of shoe, acd year when made; the a'x-s t> be in the ftilowing proportion for each 60 Tair', unless other* ise r?r<icred, vis: 4 of No. 6, 9 of No 8. 12 of No. 7,13 of No. 8, 9 of No. 9, 8 of No. i 0, 1 of No 11. They are to conform fn all respects to ths sampler at ths yard , and te be dtl.vered in good ftrong boxen. 61 pa'rs In each. The na ae of the contrac tor. contents, and the year when male, marked on ?a h box. The e?If skin and the kip-skin shoes to be packed in separate be xe* The woollen arcks mut be woven or knit, and conform to samp'e. The mattreafes mu t wei<b 10 pound*, im lading ticking, wfcich is to be cut 6 feel in lennth ani 31 Irohetwide Thec3ter?mu t measure 71 inshealn length and 29 inches in width. The hair, tickitg, and cover* mu t coLfcrm to ramp es. The nankin must N? the best blue American nan kin. 26 inch?s wide, texture 5 threads by 4 thr??ds to the lflth of an inch, dyed with fure Bengal in The b'ankete must weigh six pounds per pair, and meaiure 53 by 78 inches ea-b. A tale of 60 pairs must weigh 303 pounds, and no pair shall weigh less thai 6 pounds 13 oucos. They must be ol Amrrican msnu'acture, made r.f cl*an wcol, and ?a<-h b a-iket must te markcl "U. 8. Navy " The black ad* hsadhorchi f? must te 31%by31# luehe*. and weigh 1 ountc and 12 graite Ti. y ; t* x ture 14 by 23 to inch. A ac^elul* of the tbr^e sizes fcr eseh 100 pieces of mxde up clr.thiag wiil be foand with thi s*mplcs at 'he respective ysrds; ar.d all the above articlea, in ducing ttie necessary butters, ringa, *c , are t?-? be fu ly eouel In th* quality, tcxtmo, e lor, weight, and finish of material, and con'orm iu putt-rn. slz 'P, an 1 workmanship to fai 1 samples. Tbe number or quantity wfcich will requlr'd of each of th^ foreroinj? article? e&nnot te preci??ly stated. It will not b-< lesi, however, tfc?n th* qaan tlty so?;](i^i in the foresting li.-t. Tie ?x>alr.cts wi I, th?jvfire, be made for the quantify of e?ch ar tic e so sp ciiled, and fcr f>u h farther quantity ? s the hur^an m y require. Tht price must be uniform at oil the.tAlt ns All the sb- vear!iclei TEc.?t bd subject to tuch H spcition at th-? p't ci of delivery as th* chi^f of th^s burenu may direct; and no article will ho rrcei.ed that is net fully equtl to the Famp'e in every re fpect. and which dres n:t confirm to the popula tions end proii.-'ons of ?h? con'rart to to rrale 1ho?ho!imu=t>9 dtltrer^d a' the ri k and ex pen" of the contactor. >arh box end b?!e to be itiarkM \ei'h t^ec"rit!"actor*s name. Ihe In'pocting offM-ers to te ajptiBted by the Ntvy Dcpartmert. The offers m'i?t di?ringu!sh the priceg for < ach ar t!c!e ni-rtioned. an I rna-t be ealculat-d tr? cover ?-v?ry ex'onsa attonlin? tbe { jliiiraent ef the ccn ir?et, inclu ?ir.c the oe u>*ry bui^.n?. In eve of f>iiure on th* pirt f>f the contra'tors to Ji'ivtr the 'everal art;cU*a whfoh may b? orl'red f-om t'lem. a' the proper Hme jnd of the prr-p-rfj wl i-'y, the Chi jf ? f the i'ureaa of I'r .vision* and Cloth i-g sha 1 be sufhorliel t^ purchase or'lirect pur cha<o? tc- le male of wh*.t ma> be requlrel to sup p'y tho deQ.*iency. under the penalty to bi *xpres?el in the c ntract; the rvcord of a r.-quiajtion,' r a du? piictte copy tfie*eof at the Itursau ol Provisions an 1 Clothlnr. or at either ot the navy yard< afore said, sha'l te evld^- ce that such requisition Las be?n m'de ?cd re-eiv'd. Two o- more approved sureties ?n a rem squal to the estimated amount cf ths respective contracts <*i!l b^ r;quiri:d, and foa per c-ntum wi l be *ith held frota the emouDt of ?1I pavmsnts on account thereof a i coilat-ral security; and n't in any ?7?nt be raid until it is, ia aU rerpto scooiplio-d with; and nirefy per cent itn rf th? amojnt of all de i*e*les made will t? raid by the navy rg-nt within tbirty r:ay* a >r tr p'!cn> b lla. 'uly auihentkated. shall have teen presented to fcim. Didders -.chore proposals are accepted (and noie others) will bo forthwith notifle-d, ar.d as early as practia?Me a uoi.tift?t be transmitted to them for execution, which contract tun.'t ba reiurnna to the b..reau within fire dajn, exclusive of the time required for the regular transmission of the niaiL A rec rd, ar durllcato cf the Uttfr Informing a bldd r ot tbe acceptance of hl< proposal: wilt be deeiue! n n-'tifination thereof, within the meaning of the act of IStfl. and bis b;d will be made and se cepi^ l ia con'cr.n'ty with tbs understmding. Every otter ma e tavsi b> av:otcp^u:ed (as di re tA-d in tha act of fon^re^s making approj ri-tions f r the n*>al s-rviee f.-r I 84C-'47, approved ICth August, 1S??> by a written guarantee, ^ign?-d by one r,r inon re*possible persons, to tbe eff-ct that he or tt.ay uoiertaka tbaf the bid teror bidd.-rs will, if h's fr th*ir b'd bo aw 'pted. enter into o'jliati:n within five days, with goo 1 atd suflicient sur^t'ex to f ir>is'i the s ippllee prooorel. Ihe bureau vill act be to oons!d"r any n epo'al unles< ac nompaniod b? the ;uar*nt?e required by ; the crjm^teacy of ths guer.ntee to bs cert fiel by the na.y agent, diatrici attorney, or tho collector ol the cust'ms. D'ank f-mtef prspas all may bt obtained on rp ffication to the riivy agents et Po> tsmnuth, New Hampshire, F(ts'on, Aeta }'>rk. I'/iiladeiphia, Fait'.' more, Kashin jun, Norfolk, Ftnsacda, and at this hwezu. The atienti m of bithlers is ailed ts the samples and *e<criptxon of artirlu re'[wreitu, in the in spec'itm before rec-p'ion, a just La' rigid comparison will te mnU b> \a ei the articles ? fferel -and th* samples and contrac', rtc.- vng nunet'ia ? fall below th'm; and r heir nttention it olso pa'.i idarly directed to the annertd joint rrto'uHtm, in addition to tht act of the 10M of August, 16& IsUract from t\e a:i of Congress approved Auzust 10. 1846. "Bsc 8 And be ii further exacted, Tha1: from and afta* th* pa r-a^e of this a-.t every pro oaal for na v*l supplies invited by tho S?.-retiry of the Navy, under the proviso to the general apprrprlation b 11 for th? navy, approved March third, eighteen bun d?*(>i and t rty lhrca, ?hall be aecompaiied by a wric en guarantee, signed by one or more mponei M. ****pa n^. to the elT-?t that h^ or Mlev un JsrtakM hbt the bidder cr bidders will, Ii Lis or their kid be a'Meptei, ettar fnto sn cbiigatirn in t me eg rosv bt? pr>eOf loed by tho Secretary of tfce Vavy, irith (;ood aud scdclsnt sureties, to furnbh the sup> pi ts prrp tea. Mo proposal sha 1 be considered un >? ao omp-nied by su^h guarantee. If after the a-c p?*np j of a propo?al and a notification thsreot'fo tha bidder or bidder*), be or tlfsy shall loll to eater Into an obll^atir n within tfce time prereribed by tfce SM ^ry of the Navy with good aud sufficient sure tios, fcr lurtilshicg the tupplia1, theu tre Pecietary of ths Navy shall proceed to <r?ntrect wi'h seme other person or persons far fitnLhii:g ths said sup plies au l shall forthwith cau- e tfce difference & twem the amount contained In the proposal so cutra'.'tird an ! tin'iat for which he may have contrac.ei lor farni hing the said tuppliea tc-r the who;4 reriod of the proposal to fcs rh? i,"vi up ?walnst na d bidd t or bidden, and his cr tht ir guar antor or gu5van'ors; and the sima mtv bs lmmodl ately recovered by the United ^ta'es, for thi use ol the Navy Dip'rtm <nt, in an txUcnof dab; agaiift either or ail of :ald ffr?ouR.*' rpub^<,7.] Jorxr Rt80T.cn0? relative to tlds for provisions, c'.othing, and small stores for the u?eof the navy. Rtsoiv-d by the Senate and ilotu? cf Representee titej of the United States of Aa.erica in Cbugrtss as se'iUed, That all bids for suppU^s of provbieub clothing rnd pmall etores for the uh? of the navy may te r.j 'cted, at the option of the department, it made by or?e wh i is not known ss a manufacturer ef, or re^a'ar dealer in, tho article prop*.sod to b? furnish? i, which fact, or tbe reverse, must be dis tinctly slated iu ths bids offered; that tha bids of all poTfccns who may have fail?d to c:uu-1 y n ith the oovdiUona of any oontracts they rnsy have prev ouely entered into with the UDitsd t Utes shall, at the optioa of ihe d^pnrtment, te rejected; that il ir ore than one bid be offered for the tuf jjly cf at artcle on account of any one party, either in hit own name, or in the nam < of his nartner. clerk, oi iny other p -rsor, tlie whole of such bids shall be re jeot?d ut the option of the department; and that co partners of auy firm sbail tot be r?eived as sura tios for each other; and that, whenever it ?ay be deemed nec-seary, Icr the itterea t of tha govern ment and the health cf the crews of the United State* versels, to pr xrure particular branch of Cou. which are known to keep host on distant stations, the Bureaa of Provisions and ard Clothing, with the approbation of the SeeratMry of tha Navy, be end hnrebv is, authorised to procure the """ on the beet Urras, tu ma ket overt. Approved 27 March, 1864. April t?law4w FARISTA UU1LK.HS all sizea, for sale by W. H. HARKOVEB, ap S? Seventh >t, u?ar Pa, avenue, Iba y For Bala and Pent. FOR RENT OR 8ALE?THREE NLW BRICK House* on N, between 12th and 13th ?U. north. The buildings contain eight rooms, kitchen and cel lar, with pantry, closet, wardrobes, dumb waiters, and are handsomely finished with marble mantel centre piece*. Tliey are located in a desirable part of the ciiy, nenr the market, and bavo many other advantages. Terms of rent or sale moderate. En quire of Mrs. MORRISON, corner K and 14th sts. mar 24?e?j6t* For rent-three new frame houses, containing six roams, situated on P street, be tween L and M streets, four squares from the Rail road Depot. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOM A, on the opposite side of the street. ap 4?lm* House for rent.-a well furnished and desirable hnnscin the First Ward, may be rented low. The furniture to bs purchased at a cheap valuation. Apnlv to JOS. C. O. KENNEDY, ap 3 - 3t over Savings Bat^. For rent?from the first of may, a neat, comfortable, and weil-arranged two story frame Dwelling House, on the west side of Thir teenth street, two doors iouth of Pcnna. avenue. Apply at the counter of .he Star office. ap 3?tf House for rent and furniture for SALE ?The house is a new three story brick, with attic and back kitchen. The furniture is all new, nnd has been in use only a shor? time. Rent of hou?c $12# per month. Inquire at the house. No 381 L ttreet north, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, or at room N?. 42 Regi-ter's office, Treasury Department. ap 2?3t# A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOP-1 tune ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispos ing of her establishment, and retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city,and is a rare opportunity for one acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this | office. rnnr 29 -1 m THE RESIDENCE OF COL. ROBERTS, U. S. A., continues to be offered on pr vate sale. It i is one ot the best appointed Cottage* in the District, J containing three acres of Ground, a large garden, excellent water, stables ani outhouses in perfect order, and ornamental grounds, Iruit trees, &c , in lite best condi ion. For information apply at this office. mar 28?2w ROOMS FOR RENT?TWO OR THREE new ly furnished and very desirable Rooms for rent with board, at 403 F St., Union Row. mar 26?2w* F> R RENT?ABOUT FIFTY ACRES OF | Land across the Long Bridge, in Virginia, aud east of the Alexandria Canal. Apply to R. P. & A. DODGE, mar 28?lw Georgetown. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? The ^block of buildings known a; thg "Union Buildings," and now occup ed by the Union news paper establishment. Tney arc situated on E street between 13:h and 14th streets, and front;ng directly on Peunsylvahia avenue. The let is 70 feet front by 159 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its positi.n tueii as must rank it among the bc.~t business ptands on the | avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of the present lessee expires on the 1st Septem ber n? xt, on wl.icli day possession may be h:iJ. Also, that large three story Brick House t.n 17th street west, (opposite tho War Office and three doors south of G street.) Alio, that three-story House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Building, at the comer of F and 17th streets. rinouij the ab ve property not be sold at private sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be sold on that dav at public auction. Terms will be made favrrable t?> the purchaser. App'y to CH. II WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19?2awt?ay{5 ILL A FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which the at present reside*, wrh tight acres of land, situated at ElUville, on the Washington and Kalriuv re Turn pike Read. The h u?e is new, with all the modern improvements, r.nd the situation has many advant- ] agwsfor p<Tso- s engaged in lousiness in Washington ?os it is within five nrnutcs'walk of the Bladei..-burg Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibus tunning twice a day between Wns'nngton and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, | living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. nm27?2awt I )URAL RETREATS ?SEVERAL OF THOSE ___L cottage re-iidsncesat Kendall Green bfingnow vacant,application may be mane t'. the undersisncd for renting the same, with privilege of purchasing on liberal lerm*, either by letter \hrcugh the post offlee, or at !iis residence after office hours. The location is healthy commands a full view of the city, is but a mile and a q iarter froin the I'cst Office, and is in every rerpect desirable. Gaidens of two acres each are attached to every house. A permanent omnibus line communicates with Georgetown, by way of Peniyi- avenue, twico a day, at the usual fare. WM ST1CKNEY. mar 22?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at tiie erceediap low price cf $75, payable $3 j?er month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Ilall. Jan 9?Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Want*. AN AliENT WANTED.?AN ACTIVE AND intelligent young man, who is well acquainted witn Baltimore, who is willing *o attend clokely to business, will hear of an opportunity of getting into a (food business by calling immediately at the Star j office. ap 4?tf WANTED A GOOD COLORED BOY FROM 12 to 15 years of age. O.-ie accustomed to waiting and make himself generally useful, wili find a?iluau>n by ihe ye?r or month. Apply at 36d Pa. avenue. ap4-3t WANTE D-A WOMAN WHO UNDER stan ie making all kinds of desserts, and who is capable of taiing ctiarg.i of a large board ng house may liearol a good situation by addressing at tins office. Also, n good feroalw Cook can find steady employ ment. ^'o?c need apply but tho e who can come wtll recommended. ap4?3t* WANTED?A COMPLETE FH.E OF THE WEEKLY (Washington Cit>) STAR since | its publication up to the present iiate, for which a liberal price will be paid if s.'ntto this office. ap 3?tf A YOUNG GEIIMAN LADY WISHED ABIT J\. uatioii as Seamstress or Ciiamijcrmuid in some respectable family in the city. Address "L N," at at tliis office, ap 3?3;* A SITUATION WANTED BV A YOUNG wo in?u as Chamberm iid or seam-tress, or to go travelliiig with a lady, or take care ofchddreu The best ot reference can b* given. Enquire ax this of fice, two days, at 1 o'clock, the 4th aud 5ih. ap 3 -2t* Apartments wanted for a gentle man, on or near the Heights of Georgetown. Apply to Mr. Redfern, Grocer, First \\ ard. ap 2- 3i* WANTEi>?A ROOM WITH BOARD IN THE First Ward, by a gentleman who will, if de sired, furnish his room. Address, for one week, '^M/'at ?his office. ,nnr 31?tf* WANTED?AN ACTIVE AND INDUSTRI cus colored Boy, and one capable of taking charge of a liors-; and carriage. None need apply units J well recommei ded. BARBOUR & SEMME3, Grocers, No. 0 7 Louisiana avenue, mar 29?ec3t H" OUSE \~A N T E D.-THE AHVEKTIiER wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story bnct Dwelling, suitable for a small rainily, situated north of Pa. avenue. Address ?'S F A," through the Post Office, nat ng location, price, Sic. mar 12?lin* 1 Boarding. BOARDING ?A LADY RESIDING in a healthy part of the Lland has a few vacant ro<ims, in which she would like to accommodate Boarders. Single gentlemen preferred. Applications to be made at thii office. ap3-2t* Board i n a pri vate family can be ub taincd b/ two angle gentlemen, The rooms are pleasantly rituate.1 and comfortably furnished. Tfeey will be reuted either with or without batrd on accommodating terms. Address "OH" City Post Office. ap 3-3t* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM-1 modated with rooms and board, at No. 45 8 Twelfth strut, be.wcen G and 11 streets. ep 2?2w* B' lO.VRDIIVG.-CUVALL, No. 331 t Pa- avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several very desirable rooms, suitable fur families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accommodate 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging, inar 8?lm NEW WORK, by the Author of the Heir of Red clyffe. The Castle Bui}der?, by the author of the Heart's Ease, in paper covers ; price 50 cent*; bound, 75 cents. Just publiehed and for Bale at TAYLOR & MAURVS mar 9<) Boo kt tore, scar M< Auction Bain. By GREEN Jfc SCOTT. Valuable fsame house and lots at Alienor..?On TUESDAY, the 10th in?*nt, we s>all tell. In front of the premie, at 5 o clock, p. m-, Dart* L-?W Nor 12 and 13, in Square No. 543, with ?bc improvements, which are a gaod two-sto iv Cottage House. containing five good and con ve nicnt'y arranged room*, with passage and kitchen and cellar, and all necessary outbuilding*. Ti e above described property fronts on 4 % street, 45 feet 6 inches, between K and L att. south, run ning back 100 feet to ? 15 feet alley. Title indisputable. Terms of sale: One-quartrr cash ; the balance a credit of 6, 13 and 18 months, for notes besri- g In terest from the day of >?l? A deed given and a deed of trust taken 'GREEN k SCOTT, apr 4?d Auction'?err ~~By C. W. BOTEIiKaf Anetlonear. PEREMPTORRY SALE OF CALLECH, HOR SS?, Mules, Rockaway, fcc. at Auction.?On THURSDAY morning, April Sth, at 11 o'clock, 1 tliail sell, in front of my store? One elegant Callech, nearly new, cost $^00 One pair bay Horses One pak youn<5 Mule* One Rrvkawav Sett of Double Harney Sale pr-ei-ively without reserve. Tensa: One-third cash; residue in two and four months credit, for approved endorsed note*, bearing interest. C. W. BOTELER, rp2-d Auctioneer. Will be added to the above sale? 1 grey horse and harness 1 light grocer's wagon 1 one horse carriage for four persons. Terms, cash. ap 4 By Ci IV* BOTELER, Aaeilonttr. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON THE Island at Auction?On MONDAY afternoon, April 9th, at 4 o'clock, I shall sell, on the premises. pirt of Lot No. 7, in Square 3oJ, together with the luu-rovementa thereon consisting of two twostoiy frame houses, in one of which there is a store, which is considered a good business location. In the r? ar ot the store there is a lame, convenient and Fubstan tial two story brick bak<- house. This property is located on 11th St., (the principal tho-otighfere to tbe steamboat wharves; between D and E streets south Terms: One-third cath; the balance on a credit of 6,12 and 16 month*, with interest, secured by a deed in trust on tbe property. C. W. BOTELER, ap 4?d Auctioneer. By GREEN ft SCOTT* Auctioneers. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 5 h Apri', we shall bell, at the residence of Mrs. Spnggs, on the south side of north C, between 3J and 4^ sis., at 10 o'clock a m., a large assortment of Furniture, vix: Feather B d-< nnd Mattresses Bedding and Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wa?hstnnds and Chairs Dining, Brcakta*t and card Tables Three piy, ingrain and other Carp fa China, glass, crockery, and st^ne War<; Sofas, Lounges, cane and woed.teat Chairs Cooking, airtight and other Stoves Wi?h a larse assortment of Kitchen Requisites With many oilier articles which we deem unne cessary ti enumerate. Terms: All sums of end under ,fQ.r? cash ; over QQ5 a credit of 60 and M) days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN ft SCOTT, ap 3?d Auctioneers. By BARNARD * BUCBEY, Georgetown. Household effects at auction-en FRIDAY morning, the 6i!i in>t, at 10 o'clock we will sell, at the residence of the Rev. Henry Sli cer No. 5 5 Second street, all the Household Fur mture VVt: nam:: in pa^t? Mahogany 3 la and Rocker Do parlor Chairs, 1'ier T. blcs Parlor and Chamber Stores Do hall and do Carpets Ms.lioganv 8ul? board and Dining Tables Wardrobe, Walnut nnd Frcnch Bedsteads Dress n* and other Bureaus Gilt and other Mirrors, Currains Fir-t rate Cook Stove, Kitchen Tables Wood, Bior.e, and Tinw.-re, he. With other articles n< t enumerated. Term-;: All sums of and under .$-2ocash; over $25 a credit t f s:xty days fur a tistac or ly endorsed notes, belling interest. BARNARD &. BUCKEY, ap 3?;1 Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUlUK, Auctloctir. Catalogue sale of 1,000 hardy ev er blooming Rose*, Fruit Trees, 4cc.?On FRI DAY afternosn, April 0th, at 3?{ o'clock, at my Auction lt'K?m?, I shall sell a large collection of Ev er-blnomife Roses, comprising Perpetual, lljrhnde, Bouibon, Noisette, Moss. Monthly Moss, Standard and Running Roses Also, Chinese Wisteria's Tree Peony, Ppi.-eas, Camellia, Japotiicas, OranjJ Trees, Parlor Plants, Ornament Shrubs, &c. Also, Dwarf Pears Apples, Cherries, Apricots, Pe*ch Trees, Sie. This co'lection comprises the newest and best kinds of Rrse* and Fruit Trees known, f om A Jardix, Florist and Nurseryman, Washington, I). C. Term .cash. J A3. C. McGCIRE, I ap 3?d Auctioneer By GREEK ft SCOTT, Auctioneers, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON next, 5th inst., at 5 o'clock in front ot the premises, we shall s. II the Building Materials ui the houses belonging j to Mr. Z. D. Gilman and Mr. W. II. Ward, on Penn syivanie avenue, near Browns' Hotel. The purcha sers will be required to take down the bouses and remove tbe same within two weeks. Terms at lli?t sale. GREEN & SCOTT, ftp2-d Auctioneers. By J. C. MrOCIRE, Auctioneer. IJXECU * >~>R'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE 1j Improved Real Estate.?On MONDAY after noon, April 16th, at 4^ o'clock, on the premises the subscriber, as executor of the la'e Cbas. B. Da vis, will sell at public auction, the west hr-lf <>f Lot No. 5, in square No. 3k, fronting about 3 ? feet on E street noith, between 9'.h and 10th streets west, running back about li?0 feet to a 30 foot alley, with the improvements, consisting of a two aory Brick Dwelling House and hack building, containing 12 rooms, with a small brick office adjoining This property is han<!s unely located within a few minutes' walk of the Post Office. Patent Office, the Avenue, r.nd Centre Market, and is very desirable as a private residence. Immediately aficr the above, I shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 4, in Square 105, fronting about 25 feet on H sireet north, between 18th aid 19th sts west, running back 130 feet y inches to a wide alley iinrreved by a twostory brick dwelling Hou?e and bnck building. This property has a good paved side alley, in addition to the rear alley. Terms: One-halfcash ; balance in six and twelve months, for nnies beating interest tecured by a deed of trust on the premises. (jEO. A DAVIS. Executor. JAS. C McGUIRE, mar 20?2av?lid* Auctioneer. Uy C. W< BOTELER. Auctioneer: , Extensive sale of city property by ratnlogue, at Auction?The subscriber de sires to call the attention ol tlio^e having city prop erty to dispose of, tliat he is now preparing a cata logue descriptive of each piece of property to be of fered at Auction, on or about the 25th ln-tant. It is his intention to advertise the sale extensively in all the city papers, and also to give general circulation of the catalogue, which w ll doubtless have the ef fect of bringing together a large number of capital ists desirous of making investments. Persons wishing to sell will please hand in by the 15ih instant, a description containing number of the Square and lot, front and depth, and, if improved, the character of the improvements. The charges of offering will be made moderate. C. W. BOTELER, ap ? - eotlSth Auctioneer, Iron Hall. WILLARD'S 11^ TEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. THE Proprietors take great p!eas<:re iu informing their many friends and tke public generally that this magnificent Summer Hotel is now being fitted up in the ino^t modern end comfortable style for the c< mine season. The house will be opened on the ^ir.t of June, with nothing left unprovided that may promote the con fort and liappiiii** af its guests. The proprietors also take much pleasure in saving that they will be prepared and happy to accoiumo date from the first of Ma-j auy who may favor them with a call. Board per day $2 00 By the week, per day 1 50 By the month, per day 125 Baths free for the guests. _ ?p 2?tf C. C. W1LLARD ft BROS. TO THE LADIES. MRS. M. a. HILLS will open on Thursday. April 5, a splendid assortment of SPRING MlLLlNiillY, to which the ladies are invited to attend. No. 295 Pennsylvania avenue, routh side, between Ninth and Tenth streets. ap ??3t OE?, lUliKO, HPABES, 8HOV ELS, lie.?A full a sorlment of Garden im ptements juft received and for sale by " ELVANS fc THOMPSON, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. Wih and 10th sts. ap 2 - 5t (Organ) Having learned that reports are In circulation that the National Hotel is ahort'y to be closed, the proprietor deetr>s It proper to say to the patrons of the b mse, and the traveling public generally, that all su^h reports arc without founda tion, and that the Hotel ?ill be k??pt open for the accommodation of viiitorr. I aj> 3-vo9w E. D. WILLARD, TELEGRAPHIC. EXfOBTBD rot rax DAILY EVBgmrg star Th9 Riots, kc. CncmiTi, April 3.?TbtniimiohuciU' meat here about the riot* of yesterday during the muniospal election. The engegement* be tween the Amerisans and Germane were fleroe and blood/. A cannon waa ft red, and pistols and knive* wore freely used. It la auppoaed that ten to twelro person* wore killed or mor tal I j wounded. In the eleventh ward, tha ballot box waa destroyed. A (read kaa teen discovered in another ward. The election oontoat i* close between Taylor, American, and Farret), Demoerat. (SICOHD DISFATCI | April 3?Evening.?The election excitement la inoressiog. The Germane hare refused to gi?e np their eanaon, and fighting hat recom menced over the canal. It ia reported thai ?everal have been killed?that the German* are moatly anted, and have fortified them* selves in their housee. The American party are alco well prepared, but the probability it that matter* will be meaanreably postponed nnlil the morning, when it ia hoped that hoatile feeling may lomewhat subside. [THIRD DISFATCI ] April 4.?Nothing ofapacial interest farther tranepirod laat night. Thia morning the crowd re-ataembled in Fifth street, Market spare, and the greatest excitement was manifested The military were under arm* and awaiting order*. The Germane have agreed to deliver up their cannon at 10 a m, and if thiapromi ? i* complied with, aoolliaion may be prevented. The Connecticut Election. Hartford, April 3.?The return* are yei ?cry imperfect, bat enough ia known to ren der it certain that the Know Nothing* and Whiga have made a clear iwecp. In thi* die. trict Kara Clark ha* been eleoted to Congreta, by about *ix hundred majority. The retarna will preaent nearly .the follow, ing result* : Ingram. 27,00#; Minor, 15,000; Dutton, 9,000. The Know Nothtnge and Whigs will have 19 or 20 or the 21 eenatore, and probably 130 of the 23-1 representative*. They have also carried all four of the Con gressmen. _____ Trial of Alleged Biotera in the Borne Sen* dnion. Bostox, April 3.?The trial of the alleged rioters in the Burn* rendition affair, Theedora Parker, Wendell Phillip*, Huggiog*on aod others came up to-day before Judgea Curtis and Sprague. They were defended by John P. Hale and other leading freeecil lawyers. The de'enco moved that the indictment* bj quashed on* varioa* grounds. Humored Failure of Page ft Bacon Boston, Aprii 3.?A private dispatch state* that Page A Bacon, of St. Louis, have again failed. New York, April 3 ?We learn that several bill* of exchange, drawn by Page A B&ooa on parties here, have been returned protected, which confirms the previous report. The New York Legislature. New Yoax, April 4.?The House hat pawed to a thi:d reading the bill prohibiting the ex* elusion of colored children frcm any of tha publio Echool* in that State. Thia bill will probaklj? put both houtM with ? alight oppo sition. Adjourn man t of the Wisconsin legislature. Buffalo, April 4 ?Tin Wisconsin Legisla ture has adjourned. The prohibitory liquor [aw was vetoed by the Governor. Cele i* prob ably elected judge of the Supreme Court. SailiEg of the Atlantic. New Yon*, April 4 ?The Atlantic sailed for Liverpool, to-day, with seventy passengers and $1,276,000 in swecie. Temptranee Question in New York. Albaxy, April 4th.?The Temperance bill passed the Senate last night by a vote of 21 toll. Trial of the Alleged Boston Bi>ters. Bostox, April 4.?Up to noon to-day, na progress has bean in the trial of Parker, Phil lip*, and other*, participator* in the Burns' riot. Argument* are beiag made upon quash ing the indictment* New Orleans Bases. New Orleans, April 2 ?The raco agstnst time, (parse $20,000.) over the Metarie oourse, was won by Lexington In 7:191 ; distance few miles. Charleston Market. Charleston, April 3 ?The sale* of cottara to-day amounted to 10;000 bale;, at itif snln^ prioea. B&ltimore Markets. Baltiuors, April 4 ? Hoar fa better; sale* of Howard etreet at $0 7?. Wheat is upward, and more active than yesterday; sales of white at $2 45, red at 28. Corn has advanoed since yesterday; aaJea of yellow at 943. OaU are also alvatning and higher; ?les of Marvland at 59j . Pennsylvania 63a 65j. New York M&rket. New York, April 4.?Cotton is unchanged, with sales of 3,000 bales Floor?Good Goto $9 62ja$10 ; Southern ia firm at $9.46*$i0.12i. Wheat is upward and firm; Southern whita $2 45a$2 50. Corn is upward and a trifle higher, sales of Western mixed at $la$l 01. Pork is upward and prices are a trill) higher ; sale* of old mess $15 12ja$l5 25. B?>ef ia up ward and firm. Lard is unchanged. Whiekj is firm ; sale* of Ohio 33c. New York Stock Market. New York, April 4 ?Stock* epened firm. Money still continue* to be abundant bale* at the first board of Miaaouri d's at 94J; Ohio 0'* 10S; Virginia 6'a 97; Morria Canal 14); New York Central Railroad 93i; Cumberland Coal Company, 31 J; heading Railroad 84i; Canton Company 27$; Erie Railroad at 504. LATER FROM HAVANA The steamer Blaok Warrior arrived at New York yesterday, with Havana date* lo tha 29th alt. The U. B. steamer* Prinoetowa and Falton were In port?all well. The Ful ton was to *ail for Norfolk on the 31?t. Numerous additional arrests had bean mads [ at Havana, among them Don Carlos Castilla*, manager of a bank, and Don Aloozaa, a weal thy banker. Their only offenoe is believed to be uttering expressions of sympathy fer Pinto. Mr. Robertson, the aeting United State* Con eol, is understood to have aent in eo strong a protest agaiist the so-oalled trial of Estampes and Felix a* to have induced the Captain Gen eral to refer the matter to the Spanish Minis ter at Waahington, before carrying the ecn tenee into execution. The announcement had gone forth that tin companies of eolored militia were to ba ea tabliahed in Havana. FOB REN'T.?a comfortable FRAME HOUSE situated on Firat ?tre?t, between B and Q ate. near the RatlroaJ Dep it. R ARBOUR h S EM MPS, inar 29?eoSt G.-ocers, No. 97 Louisiana av.

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