Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. V.'ArilllNQTON CITY: MOJPAY AFTEB500N ....April 23 : " ?? ? " Job Printing.?The public arc, in formed that we are now prepared to exe cute job printing In all its varieties, from cards, ball tickets, Ac., to (show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at any other office in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. SriBIT OF TBI MOBSIJffO PRESS. The Intelligencer, referring to th9 public feeling on the Cuba question, says : "The Culminations of the Washington Union having been divested of their supposed cfljiil inspiration, the public mind is settling do * n a state of compara'ive tranquility; indeed the Union itself, since it feels that it ha* last the power to frighten people, hcs be come less militant. We trast it trill remain ?0 until theoceurrencc of seme outrage wort by to rekindle its ire." * ? * ? In noticing a recent article in the New York Evening Post, upon the election of Sam Houston to the Presidency, the Intelligence) also seyg: 44 In a brief article on the merits of an emi nent citizen named for the Presidency, acc the principles laid down by him as his politics chart, the New York Evening Post commend: a particular feature of it, which embodies h< on y wise, safe, and practical rule on the sub ject of the disturbing element of our Union It is as follows: 'His chief recommendatior is his oemmon-sense policy on the Blaverj ques ion?a policy which is truly national, anc the only one on which the people of this coun try. North and South, can permanently unite? the policy of toleration.' It is the utter dis repute and non observance among cs of thi golden principle which poisons the very esaencc ?t the republican system, and converts it fron the greatest good almost into a f ositive evil and it is not less remarkable than it is unfor tunata that in a country which, from its sy? tem of government, differences of opinion 01 public questions mu3t always exist, the prin ciple of to'eration should be held in le s re spect than in any other." The Union's leader is against pape money," of which it sayg : ?' Paper money is the greatest of all liar because it is perpetually promising what i cannot perform. It promises to pay a dolla in ?pecia for every paper one. while at thi famu moment it appea-s from the official re tarn* of the banks tiiey have not specie in thei vaults to re teem one-terth tweiftfc, cr fifteeafl part of their paper issues?nay, in many c?s? tLcir specie I* les? than ;he procor;ion of Fal staff f bread to h:s in D ;co Quickley' bills, whe* any sudden or ucexpec^ei dexand for specie comes they closa their door witnout co eu.o y ; the president and cashier to avoid all demonstrations of public gravj tuie, remain invisible for a few days till th storm blows over ; but. beirg exonerated free ail personal responsibility bj an ect of incor p ia:i?n re'urti ia good time, again result their station in society, and are ready for new ? speculation." Grspa Culture. The following is the :ran;lation of part of letter recently received by a gentleman in tbi city fiom Portugal, which goes to confirm ic formation received from other parts of Europe in regard to grape vines, and appears to en dorse the opinion that the disea?e will cei tainly extend throughout Southern Europ* Therefore, now is the time for our people t turn their attention to the culture of the grap< Cop.po S.\5to, Portugal. March 10.1855. Since my lu&t letter, i have to no e a iuuc greater scarcity of wines. Last year's vintag was too inferior to keep, and i3 being general ly distilled in*o brandy, tho quality of v?hic! you can reaiily imag'ce. Good brandy ha risen considerably, and the older vintages c wiae will comuand almost any prico. As t< the fu ure. I cannot say m;:ch es yet. Now i the season Icr the vines to bud, but up to th pre<ent time they show no appearance of doia so. and in some places they are dried up lik sticks Most persons are disposed to teliev that the blight mu=t take it> course here as i Madeira and elsewhere. In that case, our ol vines will have to be rooted up and new om placed, which wiil Eot produce grapes for s leas:, four years This will make you easil perceive how wines must range hencefor*an IIr. Expr^t? ?dami for the Presidency. [TO THE CDiTOB OF TUZ STAB J As in many portions of the country th people are becoming sensitivoJy alive to th question of the rex; Presidency, tad 44 g( ahead" or 44 fast men" appear to enlifei n?c?t c the -f*.pular consideration, permit me to meu ticn the name of Mr Adams of the " Ex pre??.1 iu addition to that of ?? Live Oak" (lecrg Law, and -Star of 'be West" Mr. Vanierbilt Whilst seggestirg the name of Mr Adams vrr,uld not disparage the c.aims (f Mr L*w o Mr Vanderbiit?far from i ; but if tho qual ities ascribed to tbera are attribute? qaalifjinj them for the Preadency, I ihink Mr. Adam will compare favorably with either. Vt ha his political antecedents have been I do no know, but his business energies are uriver sii'ly knows to every hamlet in the country His 4" txpress operations have immense!, facilitated intercommunication between ai sectio&s cf the country, and to that extet greatly aivarCtd its lusiners If "oarage i nece-sary. who so bold as Mr. Adam9 for wh but he would have rrmmenced so hasardcu an enterprise as the ''Ksynei f" But /u dared d it. T> whem is <he country indebted for thu beneficent ncetsure, cheapp?'*eg*> but to him He has demonstrated that the tioT?rniocnt ca: transmit le ters now for three cents where lor merly twent\-fiv? were paid, as he did it hiui sell And I think that even the ladies woulc regard his elevation with favor if we are ti Lave a fast r.ian. For as love ii always in i bu*ry, 1 fiod whenever a love m:ssive is to b< di-paiebed by them, even to California o: Australia rc:>ing on the speed as well as thi security of Mr. Adams they resort to him In short, as I want a fan man, Mr Adams i my man and come of my friends intsnd t unite ?i k me io a let er to him on the subject When wo r/ceive his respotre. we shall re s;e?a'ully ask you to publish it A Fast Ua.i. As Old Pristkr ?Thurlow W Brown, in i communication from the Cabin in the Maplei in Wisconsin, to hit paper, the Cayuge Cbiel S3js hat he fou'd a typograpb'ca. ouriosit; in the Plain Dealer (flice at Waukesha. Mi Hunt, now a bale and active old man, &n< atill perfiirmirjc journeyman's labor at th * ciae." ?js a '-jjur " in the London lima ?Ci<-? aa Iolj ago as the proprietors of tLa cstabllebuient >?9re making their efforts t^ prttt by machinery. He well remembers th effort to run a press by horse-p-jwer. Mr liuiit worked tcr thirty y?>?? iu one cfiiee lie roL.cmters Lord liyron well, fcud has ' fcet: hi m^pu-e ipt. Byrv,a used to souaetunes re view nis own poemp, with unstinted commit: dation. Such articles went to Mr Hunt ii the po?t s own hacdwritis^. A Jctdkial Mistax. -W. learn from th, JSautieal Pilot, that a msn named Willi*,, liray, was lately eonvicted of the murter ?, his wife by the sole testimony of one Beilly brother of the woman tupposed to hav? b*e, murdered, and that circumstanccs have com' to light since the trial which have fatisfie, eleven out cf twelve of the jury that toe; gave a verdict of guilty upon talse testimony' and they ha e therefore petitioned the Exccu tive to graut a pardon. Aji Exc Psstk fob E^vclopbs - Mix in ci^ual qaa^uae- gum ^subst'iute dex traiej and water in a ihia', place it near i sove or on a furnace regit'er, nnd stir o snake it well, and it will aoen dissolve, and i then At for u*e. A lit*T? ?lcchol added aftei it is well mixed, will prevent its becoming ">nr,' and keep it for any length of time This is better aud tau h cheaper than any ol the gums used for labels or envelopes, ani does not cr-ck. WABMIHTOM NEWS AUD GOSSIP. Beala C&ie before th9 Government Ac? Cflantiag Cfficen ?The fracaj occurring on Friday afternoon last at Willard's, again makes the ewe referred to above cf general ifcterc?!. So wa proceed to say of it, that the Indian bureau, (its head,) refused to pass the acAmnts of Mr. Beale, ai Superintendent of Indian Affairs in California, (not Indian Agent there, as we styled him a day or two since,) on the ground of alleged too high prices paid for various articles and eervicos, and the absence of what the Commissioner regarded as the re quisite vouchers. The aggregare of items die allowed (for transportation, wheat and cattle purchased, Ac ) was $230,838 40. The Com must oner's views of hia account*, and the fact chat Mr. Be ale was absent from his post on a visit to the Atlantic side, without previously obtaining that effioer'a permission to that end, together, we take it for granted, caused Mr. B.'s removal. The visit it will be recollected was accounted for by a sudden summons to attend his family, one or more members ol which were ill at the time Mr. J. Ross Brown, who went to California j on business for the Treasury Department, (ant the Hon Thos. J. Ilenly, Postmaster at Sar Francisco.) examined the acocucts of Mr Beale, under instructions from the Indiac bureau, and mado a long report, wherein the conduct of that gentleman, as a public officer, was exonerated from any and all blame what ever. Subsequently, the Commissioner of In dian Affairs has adhered to his original views of the accounts, while the Second Auditoi and Second Comptroller of the Treasury, who revised the action of his two subordinate! mentioned above, passed all the items claimed by Mr. B., except an inconsiderable one foi salary. The views held by the head of the Indian bureau upon the mattor, caused tht treasury officers, we presume, to scrutinize Mr. B.'a account wi'h all possible care. Thej are able, experienced and faithful publie effi. cers; and we have, therefore, every right tc say that Mr. Bealo stands completely exoner ated from any imputation whatever growing out of hia connection with the Government'* Indian affairs in California. We do not desire to be understood as, oc the other hand, casting any imputation or the motives of the Commissioner of Iadiat Affairs in taking and adhering to his positior assumed with reference to these acccuuts \V< be'ieve him to be a conscientious and faithfu officer, desirous in all things to discharg< properly the trust confided to him, though w< | judge his positions to have bean incorrect, froc the fact that the appellate officers overrule* them. The Af ionization of Cuba?The Gflicia Cory of the Speech ?We have obtained a cop1 of the speech of M. Luturiaga, the Sp-.nial Minister for Foreign Affairs, to which wi allud:d on Thursday and Saturday last That is, cf tko speech as formally handod t< the American Charge in Madrid, in answer t< his request for it, to be forwarded to this Gov eri:meot. The mail which brought the copj forwarded to the authorities here, brough ethor similar copies (in the Madrid Gaxette to different European Legations in Wash ington, with explanations of the circum stanccs of the interpclla'ion. We arc satis ' J fiei that the o^py whioh we herewith present is, word for word, identical wiih that sen heme by Mr. Perry, and also that the trans I la'.ion, whi.'h a friend has made for us, id ii , J all respecu accurate : > Gkstlkuks: Her Mfj*%:y a Governmen I has received official information of the dis > I co\ery cf a conspiracy in the Island of Cub; j J which, if it had brokan out, might have bee i seriona, but which was fortunately discoveroi 1 in t<me; and the Government has now th s j satisfaction to communicate to this House an to the country, the certainty, the great confi denca which animates it, that the conspirac will be repressed, that the public trasquilit will be completely secured ThrGoveinmen entertains this entire confidence, because, bo tides the loyalty, the decision and the intelli k I gence of the authorities which represent it ii ' j taat country, it relies upon an army suffi M ciently numerous, very fairbfu', very devotee . I and determined to maiatain the integrity c PI the territory. It further relies npon the loyal fee/inps c tue people at. large, aud upon the determine tioa of a great part of thom to sacrifije evei their live? to preserve that territorial in c -riy Her Majesty's Government, therefore, deem it proper to appeal to >be patriotism 0f thi House. You thould never forget that in al the questions relative to the I^laLd of Cuba there is always a eecrot spring?a spriug. f?eo tlemen, ot which we are all unaware?c whifeh vs may ultimately bscome the uncon rcicus instilments. and which requires fron us much circumspeoties rnd reserve wheneve matters relating to that Island are under con feideratlon. Hn idea of annexation to a ncigfc baring State rhich baa been planted in tb< minds of some turbulent individuals, is a present, gentlemen, an occasion for some anx iety. But, gentlemen, this tendency would not be dangerous if it were not a-sociatec with another idoa The idea of annexation is always accompanied by the one that, bj this means, the certainty of preserving si aver j in the Island of Cuba is to be acquired. Tbij must not le lost sight of, nor the other facl ?but landed and planting property, which ooiitiru'.es the only the great wealth of that I land, e'ep nds upon slavery f?' preservation, and thai, consequently, when this institution sees itself in danger property becomes alarmed, and all its owners naturally fool laclined tc go where they see the institution sari. Gentlemen, when slavery is under discus sion, sentiments of philanthropy and other considerations inseparable from this idea axe naturally excited But it is neco sary to'bear in mind one thing, which is, that the Island of Cuba oan cease to be a component part of bpanish territory by one only of two means either by emancipation, which would result io the total extermination ot the white ra~e?that is to sa^. of all those Spaniards and natives of the Isiand who are of European extraction or by annexation, and by thi* mean* those gentlemen who bjo?i hate slavery, would not attain their object cf bavin: it abolished. Ler Majas'y s Government, then gentlemen is resoired to maintain the treaties whioh pro^ hibit the sU?e trade, t> execute them faith fully and sincerely, and can give assurances that they are and will continue to be executed honestly and strictlv. But at the same time, gentlemen, Her M jesty'a Government is thoroughly convinced that slavery is a neces sity and an i.^dispersable condition for the preservation of landed property in the Inland of Cuba, and has sought to anticipate the sentiments of this HoiLie, by giving to the natives o! and proprietor in that Island, as sura^oea 'bat it etita^ into no one s mind to to touch that u^titution. 1 beiieve. gentlema?* that this trill have sat* Ufied the just anxiety of tnC member, wfciob, I doubt not, is share! in by all otht!" ccntle men who are seated on these benches. "l cOtt c.ude by repeating that thoy may be sure that t&e Uoveroment l.aa al it* oommand all the material *ta moral strength ccoeisary to pro "iJ' ,,laaJ ; "Ed that through abun Jent thit)i*r ,V ^'P04?* tending reinforcements With In ,?e fim part ct wbioh wi" ^Tth bi othJ. n/x:, kBd b? followed cZrtlhVth*t !l a mU" aUo aid' that if il ce.ta u ?hat the daigcr which mi^ht result from the conspiracy ?dT#rt#li to W0Qij bo a gravated by the eoinoidenco of a piratical ox peduion ? hich waa als . in prepatation everv. tbicg leads to the belief tbat" the latter hai been fxuatratei; but even if .t should be o.her wise, the authority cf the island of Cuba ha<j combined all the means nxessary to annihi late it if it should succeed in landing there Thus, then, I beli?re that I hare sail enough on behalf of Her Majwty's Government to tranquilly the minds of gentlemen of thU House. | The Bevenui Carter McCieliand* Winter i ?raiid.~The Secretary of the Treasury has received from Capt. Douglass Ottinger, the commander of tne revenue cutter Robert McClelland, giving an interesting detailed ac oount of the winter cruise of that vessel as a relief ship in the Gmlf, off the eoast of Alabama, and in Mobile Bay. The McClelland in the discharge of this doty sailed 2,260 miles on the Gulf, and 1,000 in Mobile Bay, speaking and boarding ninety-six vessels. The schooner J. P. Wetherill, crippled in ?pars and sails, was worked into harbor by assistance from on board the McClelland. Toe officers of the McClelland in the course of this cruising, extinguished a fire on board the British Bark, Lord Maidstcne, during a strong " norther," thus saving the latter ves sel from otherwise certain destruction. Capt. Ottenger took on board four of the crew of a British ship, in double irons, for mutiny, lie also quelled a mutiny on board the American ?hip Monterey, accompanying her to Bea. As sistance was rendered in the night to the British ship David Brown, aground in 4 very dangerous situation on tbe east bank at the entrance of Mobile Bay. The cchconer Gen Harrison ashore at Mobile point, after being given up by the steam tag was worked off by the cutter's crew after two days labor. They | also got off the Spanish brig Aurora, ashore I in a heavy norther. f A Etvenue Marine Officer Ordered ?Third Lieutenant Henry Key, U. S. R. M., has been | ordered to cutter James C. Dobbin, on the Wil mington, N. C., station. The United BUfea Frigate Cumberland, Commodore Stringham ?The Navy Depart ment have advices from this ship in the bay of J Speztia, Sardinia, to Maroh 23th, ultimo, from the tenor of which, it is judged that all were well in our Mediterranean squadron. The U S. 8team Frigate Mississippi, Com. [ mander 8. S Lee, arrived, last night, at New York from the East Indies. She is supposed | to have touch:d at Rio list, in her way from around the Horn. It will be recollected that she was heard of at San Francisco, Panama, and \ alparaieo on her homeward voyage. In A;my Officer Resigned ?First Lieut Dirius N. Couch, of the fourth artillery, U 3 A., has resigned, to take effeot on the 30.h of April inst. U. S Marshal*' Bands ?The Attorney Ger. j eral, to whom the subject has been officially referred, advises that there is no authority given by law to the to discharge on< ] iet of sureties, and substitute another on th< b??nds of an United States Marshal. Kajor Crossman, U 8. A?We were it error a day or two sincc ia attributing to Ma Ij?r Wayne, of the Quartermaster's Depart ment, the authorship of the pnj&ct of intro ducing camels into this country as beasts cl burden for army transportation. Major Geo, U. Crossman, U. S. A , was first to urge the I subject upon the attention of tho War Depart ment, Major Wayne subsequently coming tc j his aid in tho work of inducing the Govern | ment to make the experiment. Unpaid Letters ?The Firs4. Assistant Post master Qeneral decides that unpaid letter: icceived by the steamboats or other vessels not in the mail service or oarrying tho mail with no route agent on board, thould be treated I as ship letters, and disposed of agreeably tc the provisions of the 15th section or the acl I of March 3, 1825. lfaval 'Surgeons ?Th feollowing is the fre? suit of the labors of the examining board ol naval surgeons recently in session in Phila I delphia. That is, of the assistant surgeon: (according to merit) as they respectively passed the examination: Assistant Surgeon Thomas B. Steele to rani next below Passed Assistant Surgeon Edward I R. Squibb. Assistant Surgeon A. Nelson Bell, next be | low Passed Assistant Surgeon John Ward. Asiistart Surgeon Charles Martin noxtabev? Passed Assistant Surgeon F. M Gunnel. Assistant Surgeon Charles H. W'illiamsor next below Passed Assistant Surgeon S. Allen | Ecgles. Assistant Surgeon Edward Shippen next | after C. U. Willtamsou. The candidates for admission who passed a | satisfactory examination are as follows, ar I ranged acoording to merit: *?o- 1. Albert b Gihon, Pennsylvania. ^ John S. Ke'ehen, Pennsylvania. No. 3. John Vansant, Virginia. No. 4 Jamas Laws, Pennsylvania. No. 5. Edwin R Denby, Virginia. No. 6 V?m. Johnson Delaware. No 7. Francis L Gait, Virginia. No 8. Stewart Kennedy, Pennsylvania. No y. Wm. M. Page, Virginia. No. 10. A. C.arkson Smith, Pennsylvania. f Appoiated ?Moreau Rose, of Ark , has been j appointed receiver of public moneys at Clarks 7iMe, Ark., vn?e yJ- Horton, deceased. The Current Operation* of th# Treasury repartaeot.?On Saturday, the 21st April therj weieof Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $2 260 to rot the Customs 105 355 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 4,143 52 For the War Department 106 460 8tf For repaying in the War Depart ment qi 9oq q<i For the Navy Department 208^632 71 tor repaying in the Navy DeparU .V'V'n - 68939 92 For the Interior Department 3.514 82 For repaying for the Interior De partment 123 44 PKHnonal. ....Ex Postmaster General F. Granger of New York, and J. Blackford, of the Court of Claims are at Willards' Hotel in this city. .... Hon. James C Dobbin, Secretary of tbe Navy who arrived at Norfolk on Friday IfJi vafV . St#an*er Engineer, vis rr J .ard in the morning and the I ntted states Frigate St. Lawrence, just re turned from sea, in the afternoon, and was honored with the customary salutes ???? J odg* Draper was presented with a pair of white kid gloves, by the Sheriff of Oxf<rd,*, in L:Loq of thira boiog no oriininAlf for trial a: the lata Assises. .. .Gov Price has appointed Wm. D. Coop er, K?q , 01 Camden, a commissioner to repre sent New Jersey at tbe Parisian World's Fair" ....Sr Mateoleta,the MinUter from Nicar agua, publishes a letter denouncing the Kin ney expedition as a filibustering affair. ....Senator Douglas arrived at Chicago on Tuesday last, and Senator Seward at Sarato ga on Wednesday. Arrival of the Ifashville. SEVER DATS LATER FROM EUROPE Nothing Important from the * eat of War? Kegotiitiooa Still Unehanged Th? steamer Nashrille, chartered bj tho Cellini Company in place of the steamer Pa | c-fio, arrived at New York, yesterday noon. She arrived out at Liverpool oa the 3d at noon, and left Liverpool at 3 p., m. on the 7th inst, bringing Liverpool and London paper* of the same date, and sboot W passengers. The Nashville reports pasting the steamer Africa entering Liverpool -as *he passed out Saturday afternoon. The second day oat from New York on her outward paasige, Mrs. Roso Riley, one of the passengers by the Nashville suddenly disap peared and u supposed to bare thrown her self overboard. THE CONFERENCE. The V ienna Conferenoe having adjourned till the 9th,there is no news of importance from that point. The consideration of the Third Point was to be the first subject before the Conference on reassembling. Public opinion is almost equally divided as to the final result. Ali Pasha arrived at Vienna on Friday and would take pi>rt in the future discu-sions of the Conference. The week's news may be briefly summed up thus-Political affairs are just where they were at the period of the closing of previous accounts, except that the feeling becomes stronger that nothing is left but to fight cut the diffioulty. The adjournment of the Con ference till the 9th was to await the Russian ultimatum and the arrival of the French and Turkish ministers of foreign affairs at Vienna A dispatch from Berlin dated Friday, April 6th, states that the Russian party there is predominant, and tbat Prussia will likely throw t^raelf into the arms of the Csar in the case of an unfavorable result of the Confer enoe. FROM THE CRIMEA. There has been a succession of sanguinary conflicts botween the French and Russians before Sebastopol for the possession of Rifle ambuscade pits with varying success and much loss of life. The latest battle which took place on the night of the 25th nit., put 3,000 men horg dn cumbjt. There are no de tails. Tne R^siiana and tho allies in the 'Crimea are strengthening their positions preparatory to 'be opening of the Spring campaign. A council of war was held by the allies on the 12th ult., at which Omar Pacha de-ired the assistance of tbe allies, which could not be granted. Tde Turks are enly expeoted to bold Eupatoria, acting only on the defensive. On the 8th ult., large reinforcement of Russian troops entered Sebastopol. Oen Canrobert states that iu the affairs of i the 22d and 23d ef March the Russians lost 2,000 man and the allies 600. The Conference at Vienna met on tbe 2d inst , and then adjournod to the 9th, when the Czar's ultimatum was expected to be re ceived. TI1E BALTIC EXPEDITION. A portion cf the Baltic fleet sailed on the afternoon of the 4th. The Rutsian* have established two fortified camps of 30 000 men each, for the defcnco of tbe lialtio provinces. They have also block aded all their ports by sunken vessels. ENGLAND. . _ Parliament was not in session, having ad journed far the Ea?ter Holidays, and would re-assemble on the 16th. The London Times dovotes a leading edito rial article to the defence of the Kaow Noth ing movement in the United States. The same paper announces that the Span ^ J iah Government has demanled the rosah of the British ambassador at Madrid, on account of his in terferance in religious matteri. The United Stetes corvette St Louisarrived at Gibraltar from the Levant, and sailed on the eame day for the United States. THE LATEST. General \V eddel s return as Prussian Envoy to Paris has beca countermanded, and Colonel Olverg, an attache of the Pms?ian Legation has also been recalled, indicating that negoti ations are closed. I CARD ?THE MEMBERS OF Til S I j ' rauklin Fiie Company bej Itave to re ? turn tueir sincere thanks to Messrs CiEo. K. Boyi> ? A? Fate, and YVm Orme, for the bountiful supply' > I of refreshment** finished us at the fire on f> street II evening, April i?>d, and we assure them tlut th ir generous hospitality will evei be remembered With the m< st grateful recollections. To she Sua Fire Company, of Alexandra, we feel our?elv? s under many obligations for favotx shown us on (afferent occasions But *or ilie ample and timely supp y of refreshments furnished us aitcrour long run to the lire in their city on Fridav night the 98th instant, we beg leave to reium oiu sincere' 11 thanks. Also, to Capt. Rttiikr, of the steamer Geo. Page, for bis kiudneu to giving us a pap-ate heme. ROBERT fi. DOYLE, _ _ President P. F. Co. O- R. Cross field, Secretary. ap23? It ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT jPj. ed Guard. ?You are hereby ordered to /f?cl meet at the armory on WEDNESDAY, r 11 April 25th, at 3 o'clock rrecissly, for mounted drill, in citizen's dress, viith glased cap ano sabre. 1 W. B?Each member will bear in mind that the regular drills of the Company tak? place on Tues , I ?ay night of each week, at ?J^ o'clo-k. The regu lations will be strictly enforced against absentee*. By order ftfCapt. J. Pock ap 23 at* YV. H. HAYWASD, O. 8. PH l LODEMIC SOCIETY of Georgetown C'lllege.?There will be a meeting of the rr.ilod?-mic Society of Georgetown Collecc, TUES MAY, the 2-llb instant, *t 5 o'clock p m., at which the non resident members are respecttully invited to be present. HARVEY BAWTREE k C. ?023114. scorr B. SMITH. aP 23?2t* Comm tt ie of Corre pnndence. CARD- THEUNDEKSINEDGRATE fully return their tiianko to the firemen, their friend*, and the citizens generally, for the as sistance rendered at the fire last night near the cor ner of Eleventh street and Pa. avenue, and more especially o the Franklin Fire Company are their thanks due for the promptness in getting to work. , A. TATE, ? W W. OA ME, _tp 23 -It* JOHNSON, GUY k CO. O^-^^fUOTlCE?ALL PERBONg INTEREST ed in the Annual Assessment of taxable property in the city of Washington for the year 1855 are hen by inlormed that the Board of Appeals will be In session in the A?se?sors" Room, in the Cily ilal!, on VV EDNESDAY, thft l'th, frum 0 a in to 3 p m., and will continue in session from day to day (Sundays excepted) during he same hours for the purpose of hearing and deciding up in all appeals ^nul the 26th instant, inclusive. T. F. HARKVESjt, Stcretiry Cf toe Board of Appeal, apr 10?dt28ih jt-^^METROPOLFrAN INSTITUTE?PaT son? to whom Medals and Diplomas were awarded by the late Fair, are requested to call for them at the Staticnery Store of WM. F. BAYLY, Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12th eta. ap 20?ec,4t OPENING SPRING MANTILLAS, WE are now receiving our seconl -upplv of SPRING MANTILLAS, comprising all the newest styles and novelties of the beason, and at such prices to suit the time*. All Ladies, therefore, who have not made their ?elections, should avail theinw Ives of this rare op portunity of getting a beautiful garment at a smail COLI.EY & 8EARS, No 6$ 3 Seventh strevt. *P 2>~gt 3 doors above Pa. avf nw. CHANGE IN THE DEPARTURE OP THE GREAT EASTERN MAIL. Post Owe ?, Washington Citv, QN AND AFTER MONDAY NEXrful^L V the Eastern Mail will be closed at this ofhee at 3* o'clock, p. m., instead of 4 o'clock m JAMES G- Rerret, ' ap -3~M _ Postmaster. THI? TP ROTICK that the subscriber hath obtaiaed from the O nhaif'! lumbis iSSn affii1 C0?*!jr'tln ,he D"trici C - Tef^rt iJaNt dav.f A0'*,10 ,he "briber,S^o; Deiore ui? Mist day af April next; they mav oilier eW.Ute ~ ttCia** frvl" ^ o7th?lSd Given under my hand this 81*t day of April, M55, her CATHARINE A GIBSON. . mark. * P lawSw Adninlvtrauix. OFFICIAL. PraMin Fmct, Pret\deri of Vnitui S'aiet t\f Jlmrrice, to ail irhom tt wuty concern : Satisfactory evidence having been etfeiblted to me that Carl K.Rcnaorr has been appointed comul ol Haaburg, for the port of San Fran cisco, in the 8tate of California, I do hereby re cognise him aa such, and [declare turn fru to et? ercnc and enjoy aach functions, power* and priv ileges as are allowed to the Consuls of the most fa vored nationa in the United States. In teatimooy whereof, I have cauaed theae letters to be made patent, and the a?al of the Unitod 8tates to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the eity of Washington, r. * 41* ,19lh ** APril? A. D. IKS, and ol l '"J the independence of the Unitod Stales of America the seventy-ninth. M FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. Makcv. Secretary nf 8tate. THE GRAND SOIREE A 8ALOON has been postponed fx till THURSDAY, April ?0i, when the draw in* and distribution of the splen<M?l Laces, valued at ^1,500, (now on exhibition at Madame Delarue*. Pennsylvania avenue,) will positively take place. The cause of the postponement Is occasioned by the wish of the manager to engage artists, who will contribute to make this Soiree worthy of the patron age of the fashionable public, of which it is exported to be composed. up 23 - It* MANTILLAS. ~~ WE open this morning a choice assortment of black and colored Silk and Lace Mantillas, to which we respectfully invite the attention of the' ladies. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY fc CO. ap 23 - 6t WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS. tfwr Monday, the 33J in.taut, the trains 4* p*m WMbil,|ton al 0 ^ 8X ??., and 3 and On Sunday at 6 a m and 4\4 p m Leave UahiaMra at 4* and 9* a re, and 3ard ok p m On Sunday a! 4* and 5* p m. aP >23~ tf T. II. PARSONS, Agent $f) *WAI* D ?Strayed fiom our Store, No. tU? J _1_ Pa. avenue, 011 Sunday morning, the 221 instant, a small brindle-co'ort d Bull Terrier DOG ' marked with a whi e blaze down bis face, white on 1? . .a^ ?/ * 1?tk' w^ile hreast and some whit* about his feet. Had on when he left a leather c I lar with an iron ring attached, and answers to the name of Captain We will givf the above reward for his delivery 1 r any information that may result in his recovrv. ap 33-3t E. OWEN fc SON. MAY FESTIVAL AT CARUSI S SALOON. MONS. COCHEU has the honor to announce to his present and former patrons, his friends, and U."r.PA,orr,L?filei'>,ly' lh#t h'" M*v w?' "e given "CAKUSrS SALOON, ?n TUESDAY, May ? The following Fancy Dances will be performed: I. Minuet de la Cour and Gavot de Vestics, ty 0 Master and miss ' 7 2 Shepherdess Pastoral Dance, br 2 mbrrs 3 La Cachuea, by a miss 4. Highland Fling by a miss 5 Bohemian Polka, by a miss and master ?. lb- Nymph's Garland Dance, by 6 misses 7. A Grand tancy Mazourka, by 16 misses 8. A Grand Finale. A regular Bet of Cotillons will be d need by the wh'ch the entire floor will be thrown open to the company present. Mons Cocheu1 confidently trusts that, as the ?ame iull saiis action has been expressed by iiis natron* at the end of this sessonN labor as af the hiTi '^f' nn k 8eco,,J May Festival wiJI ex hibit the same brilliaia assemblage, kii4 afford t?i same general pleasure. ^ ' ap ?3-V" nilOKE HIS CHAIN or stolen from tl. pip prrni'ses of the advertiser, a yellow bull TEH Kit K, wilh a scat on his ?ide, known as the "I>..B layior. Any person returning him to No 240 Pa avenue, will receive a reward of A5 _aj? 21?2t? K(?n/t ?'\l?rf l? horses and carts A and W.igon. The horses are valuable work horse* and will be sold cheap. If ttey are not s >la by Ann S7,h, will 6- ?ld at .Z'Z V ? on JJd street, between L and M Greets, near u.e ap2*1?3,* PH,L,P G?BMLY. Cj^OR SALE?EIGHTEEN OK TWENTY FINE ?- work HOR^Lrf ju*t arrived from Ohio. Thev ea lKiMeiil.tW.C. HAZEL S Livery Stable - n Con?r?" *?<? Uigh s;e., Gcorgrt'n 8|) ?I ?*Ji npilii OWNER, HAVING NJ USeTor"her 1 wil! sell a fine bay Mare, about 9 year. Jn oId, accustomed to single or douMe harms* *1-^% She may b .-en le.wten the hours of 9 ai d ^ 3?'cl.>ck, at Mr. SCHWARTS' livery Stable,m ar tfan V\ ar Department. 0p 23-^-3t NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. W U.; & H G RITTER have this I6U1 day < f April entered into a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the Wood and Grocery bun news. 3 I be subscribers Wood Yard ami Store is situated on the Cuiial, west of and near to the market, where persons in want 01 Wood or Groceries of caoerior lliiimf'.tVn,the most p'easi g terms, can at ail tim^e find a full supply. ... . J L ,W' B. & II. G. RI1TER. All per-ons indebted to W. H. Hitter previous 10 the commencement of this firm .re requested to call and seals th- ir accounts. 523?eo2w STOLK W?From the house of James Ginnaty on 15th street, four Silver Teaspoons, and four aiivi r forks, marked ' M G." Suspicion re-u on one If not returned 1 will tiy another remedy; if returned there will be no questioius a*ked. ap *23 - TO PERSONS DECLINING HOUSE ING?FURNITURE BOUGHT! PERSONS declining Housekeeping, and wishine to avoid the trouble and expense incident to a public auction, will find us at all tunes pn pared to purchase their entire household effects, for whi. h we will p ,y the highert cash prices. Housekeepers an 1 o;hers having a surn'u* of n?w and second-hand FURNITURE will find that ihey can dispose of articles advantageously by niakinr application to BONTZ i COOMRS, New and second hand Furniture Dealers. ? n-? K??.?69 8evtnli4 ,l ? ?>?^c?in 1 and K. ap tio?f oJH* CAR til AGES M. HAUBIB8S For Sale. The subscriber has on private sale? 1 six s* at Fimi y Carnage 1 Doctor's Pliaton 1 set Double Harness 1 set Single Harnens Both Carriages were built to order, are thorouih weil made, and but little used. wwig Prices low and terms favorable J AS. U. McGUIRE, Auctioneer and Commission Merbhant. ap 33?eofit CANAL PACKET LIVE T3 POWT B0CK4 'I'HB Canal Packet CONGRESS having been A thoroughly repaired, and put in first rate J?> order, will commence runniag on MONDAY fhr 30th insunt, for toe transportation of pas?n7i?S and Iigbt freight between Georgetown and ths above named pcint, on the most pleasinc terms. The Boat will leave the wha f of VV ?f. Rjtter for the Po.n; of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEDNE8 DA Y, and FR1 DA jf u.ciit:ng-,.i 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks for Georj^mwn u,~, r.'U?8D*V THURSDAY,.ml SATURDAYS, at the fame houV stopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight gomg and returning ' Passage Uttough either way *2, shorter distance, at the same ra-'M. Thai is to siy.froiu Geo'getown to Great Falls 50 cents; Seneca 75 cents ; Edwardi Ferry $ 1 *3 ; Manner cy $1.1Q. ' aawarc^ Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mod erate rales. /OHN CROMBAUGH, . Proprietor, an23-lm CHARLES ME;:"^. ap 23?Im Cai-tain. millinery. MRS. IIANEY will open on Fat h"r SPRING MILLINEKY, consi^tinc of HaU fcc* The '??'?*? ?re r? spsctfolly requested to call and examine. Pa. avenue, between 17th and 18.h ?tf. ap 20?3i* 1 HE RAG BAG, by N. P. Willis J ^ Feurbach's E sen:e of Christianity Cumming's Family Prayers, 3 vols aP 0 FRANCK TAYLOR. QOO BCSHKLI PRIMS W H I T K OUU MERCER POTATOES 500 hush extra Peach Blow do. ltO bbls. superior Apples Just received per brig Ann Elizabeth and for nle 7 Vnll "? ?? HARTLEY, ?pSO-lw Water street, Georgetown. TRI-COLORFO 8KETCHE8 IN PARia Inventor'. Gold., by J. L\ Moore * FBANCK TAYLOR. I?* ?ILY FLOUR AND Mm v T Amusements PKOFLK'fi TIJEATFE, late vARrrrres. Price* ?f a(?mi*sion : Orchestra Smu 50 cents; Par netts 37i( t Regular Ticket V> ; Private Boim $S and j5, Gallery tor colored Persons 83 ceais. Wood A Christy's ORIGINAL NEW YORK OR?;a"5TZIJI> 1842 Their first Mu?ic?l, Tertwchotean and H??of ou> ETHIOPIAAN ENTEUTAINMENT is Wash ington. will take place THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, April ttd. PROGRAMMR-raa-ru ? 1. Grand Introductory Overture Pull Paad 9. Opening Chora? loapaaf X "Ellen Bayne" ( C Henrv 4. "Pew Days"(witk *i|?r).??^.^.?W? Birth 5. I long for my llonie in Kentncky.^J W Rayaar 6. Good New* From Home.... ..N W GooM 7. SuttnouL 8imp*on H dunU(|toa 8. Gentle Jenny Giey (writtea for Wood k('hn?iy'i Minstrels, by Osbourae) J Murphy 9. Hnx. I D- II - C Hetrjr 10. Mat-querade Walts, with Hardy Gurdy liquations and Automaton deltnea uons ..J W Eayaor * Co. P3BTII. ? Kuiicml and Trrpitchirean M'langt. 1. Lucy atti.e Soiree (with Cracovlenne Eff.,rv<) BB Mai lory 3. Guitar Solo (l>y the unequalled Gaiunat Napolea* W Gould 3. Polka B riesqus ffm Buck k Mai lory 4. Rail wl?Shells of the Ocean C Henry 5 Banjo Obligato..... H Hunlngion Aficr which. W. P Collins, In conjunction with B. Mallory will give his celebrated nAPry UNCLE TOM*8 DANCE. fait tit. Plantation or Ltfe among the Lowly 1. Plantation Banjo Song b Millotr 9. The First Mu'lc Lww Hununfon k Birch 3. Cooiic Banjo Trio. .Millory, Birch fc lluntingtoa 4. Old Dominion Jig * B Maliory 5. African Declamation and ftutnp Oratory Birch and Raynor The whole to conclude with the Mirlesqus ARAB BROTH ERS By that humorous Uiart.'t, Collins, Birch, Mallorj, and Huntingtm. Doors cpen at 7?The Oj ening Overture will cr? meuce at 8 okrlock precisely. ap 93?It QUID FXHIBITIO* AKD MAT BALI, AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE. PROF. H. W. Ml'HDKR takes pleasure in announcing to the publ e that his Grand Exhibition and Mav Ball will take p'are at the Na tional Theatre on'TIJCRSDMf EVENING, May 3d, 1835. The nio*t extensive preparation is being mad', which will render this the mom magnificent entertainment that has ever been wi.nessed in this city. The Parque t* wi I be flooied over from the entrance to the fool af the stage, throwing the en tire Tbt-atre into one immense Ball Room, which wi. 1 be dccorated in ths; most gorgeous manner. A Throne for the Queen of May and her Maida of Honor will he em-led on the back of the stag*,orn amented with flowers and banners, *urrouiHied by scenci of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot be ex^lled. eiiher in point of beauty or Uta manner in which ihe dances are executed. Tbr following is a programme of Dances : 1. College Hornpipe, by 4 master*, 2 El Botero, by 4 ini>?">, 3. La Cachucha. by 5 misses, 4. 1'a* Siyrian, by a uur? and master, 5. La Smolen?ki, by 2 misses, 6 I.a Fille du fcava'eur, by J misses, 7. Cracovienne, bv 2 miMtet, 8. Scotch Dance, by 4 ini*?e?, ?. Stvr an Waltt, by 2 ladies *nd a gentleman, 10. Fis-*hfr's Hornpipe, b> a master, 11. El Jeleo de Jnct, by a miss, 12. Grand Shawl Dance*, by 2-1 misses; in which is the crowning scene, the grand marcb. and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. 13. The Flower Dance, by 32 misses, from the a*e of 5 years up to IC, a* introduced by tb? wonderful Viennoise Children in this city in 1844 It i3 comprised of 16 arches and 18 circles of Ruses of every variety and cob*. This dance presents one of ihe most imposing spectacles ever witm-seed on or off of the nage. The boxes will be reserved tor ladies during the exhibition, siter which the floor will be cleared liar the whole company Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend ing th s ex hi t>iuon, the price of tickets will be aa u*?nl, only $2?admitting 1 gentleman and ladies. Private boxes may be obtained by calltn* on Prot M., at his Sal* n. corner Pa. avenue and llih St., trom 4 to 6 o'clock p in. ap tl?did ALL 8TRAROKRS visi ing ihe City should see Hornet's Cam logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office Also bis Description of Powell's Great Picture. * ' feb S3?3m* FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB WOLFSTEINER, Mo. 487 Eighth st.f near Pa avenue, ts now prepaid to rake the 1 most fa hionable French BOOTS. His long expe rience and practice ui this branch of the Vut-inets la Paris and New York, justify him in sa>ing that bis Boou cannot he excelled in lhn country Haa on band a lot already made up, to which lh? particular attention of genilemeu are invited, ap 21?lw* TO THE LADIES. I HAVE just received, per Express another lot of Ma Hard's celebrated *ew York Sieam Candies, cons oling of Ch:>coiatc,Creajn.Caroniel, Diablatiaa, Lima Means, Cordial, Sugar Almond*., Strawberry Cream, Burnt Altr.ond*, Lemon. Vanilla. Banana, (lorehound and L qtiorice flavored GCM DROPS. Also, his Iceland Moss Paste,and Murous G laces. For sale at Z. M. P. KING'S, 965 Vermont avenue, corner 1 street. ap21 31 __ MFH, STOWK'S NKW BOOK - Tba Mayflower and Miscellaneous Writings by Harriet Bcecher 8towe. '2 mo;)i 25 Philosophy of Sectarianism, or a view of the Chris* nan Sects .u the United States, by the Rev* A. B!aikie Illuminated Picture Reward Cards, Daily Dibla Text*, and Sacred Melodies for the youn; Trac's, by ihe Eev. VV. K. Tw. edie, D D. CRAY k BALLANTYNE, apQl 408 Seventh street. ICE." TH. KIDWELL guarantees a fall supply of ? ice to his cui-tomers in Washinclon or George town, for the whole year, at (air prices. Orders can be left at the following places or sent through the Post Office. II. H. McPherson, Droaut, Capitol HiU Kidwell k Laurence, cornet of Pa. avenue and 14th streets Mr. MePherson, Grocer, 7th etn et G. P. Kitlwcll, Smith's Lumber Offlcr, 6t sf. Joseph Moore, Druggist, P? avenue, First Ward Ice can be had at my office, No. 3 Fust street. Ocorgetown. at ^11 times. Families will be supr>.;rd for the whole year at fair prices. ap 21- lip NEW GOODS-SPRING STYLES, &c. X*TE have Just returned from New York with a Y\ large and varied asr-orttneol of new stylea Fancy and Staple GOODS, wh:cb we shall ccntinae from day to day lo exhibit and d it pose of si prices to *uit tbe times. We have now in Ftf*re the Isrgest assortment ia this city of Baskt ie, Canes, Perfumetv, Biusbes, Combs, bhaving Utensilf, f.ncv and staple Statioa ery. Fan*. Scisfo.s, Knives, Bird Ca|es, Pianos, Uuitars, Accordeons, Flutes, T-mbonnes Italian Strings, Bows, Hoxej, Eo^in, Pegs, Piona Co vara and it tools, ke., kr. No uouble ?o t*n.^.t c?r Qaoii,'% matters but little whether you buy or not, only give u * a ituadtf call. JOHN P. ELI.18, 800 Pcnna. avenue, near TeniU sue at, ap 21?tf MADAME DELARUE RC8PECTFULLY announces to the ladies slic hacjU'l returned from New Ynrfe^^^ with a full supply of STRAW BO.\ NETS,*? such as? CMr Wf?m H ^i/h.iJrinanure.CoKW^^L^ai and numerous other styles Misses' and infanta' Fla s, of Leghorn, padal, and colon d straws Ladies' Garden Hats, Bonnet aad Trimming Ri bands Fine French Flowers Mohair Headdrwwe*. Lacs an J Embroideries New Trimming lor Drtsxes Jet Bands for the hair, Coinbs, Brushes Curling Biicks, Kid Rollers, Glove iaetchars Also, frwli Prrfumeties Enu Lustrade, Pomatum White, brown and Mack Cosmetici Milk of Rim*s, Eau de Venus, t leur de Bia All kinds of 8osps Intanu' Powders, Hair Dyes, kc. Will be opened o.i FRIDAY, the 00th lettant, a beautiful assortment of Pans Drewe Hats. Bndal W resihi and Boquets, Bosyuine Cspes, aad other Ncuveau'es. to all of which Madame D. particularly solicits tbe attention of the ladies. 91H Pa. av., betw. 19th and ISth sis. ap 90-3t* ? ? Turkish bathing to-vbls. - we have a fall supply of the beat Turkish Balking Taw els end Bathing Caps. A'so, Pbaion*e, Barry's. Wood's, aid Lyoas^i Washes, and Rowland's .Macassar Oil for the hair. Also, Phalon's Ptphian Lotion for the complet ion, and Batchelor'e Moldavian C earn, at ap tl?3t Bales Room, B.-owas' HoteU

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