Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. (rORTSB RTAR. THE ALIEH'3 OBAVB. The l?ave* of the wihlwood are budding and srorn, The mo a wantons gaily in silvery shien~ 1' -pJajin* the g'ory. the hemty, the mi?hT fjf those rants of day, ?ho<*> g<>hlin.4 of n>gt)l? ivy clad monarch of forest and flea? The throne of the Eagle, the perch of the wr?n ; Those time-scorning oaks ?'l hoary with mo**, With sturdy boughs reaching the Taller acrcss ; Now dipping their l< atlets with exquisite tliiiH la the limpid ootcnshing* oj many a hill, Then quivering Willi hie 'neath the redolent gale Fling moisture to gems of the moun'ain and vale ! Thmu-i^al Night! Creation is stirred With the tune breathing sleep of each insect asd bird, The grass waving gently, ia whimpering tone fcigh* p*ac* to the loved ones th*t re^t'nenlh tlte stone? The funeral block, whose glistening bead f*eema the sheeted! certonr ofth? beauteous, Who* oace buoyant Cym can restlessly brook The yawaing aLyss anVthe close coffined nook, Who rises to knock at each neighboring wound, And hv' the I?;ht spectre.* that spring fr< m the gniund?? E'en the gravestone can harrow the daring of fouI, When it fashions itself like a wandcriig Ghole! In a f pot like to thi* where the virtuous and wise Repose oa that mother who n< ver renlies, In a sp >t <ikc to tlm when: Ui" verdure is sweat, Whore Deah ha? his realm, the lover his seat, Mid columns tha? lord o'er the lowlier gravs, Where the ro.-e thrives eiultant?far mu-kier waves Where Tena has gathered with care to her breast, The brave msn, the coward, the a^-d, the be*t Of those Peri's that bloom in the radiant West; Here -lumbtrs in meekness, here pillowed in dust Are !h;??e tresses luxuriant, that womanly bust Once the pride and the boast of admiring throngs. Who linic have recned of her nutnbcrlesg wrongs, H.t story i- sadness, her life had no gleam l>f that *nni?hine which brightens mortality's dream, Her course i" a mystery none may disclose? The more one would solve it less p'.amor it grows; A haio wa< thrown n'er each action and grace, 8be won by her goodness??li<: blessed with her face? Oh. Heaven 1 how lovely, how wondrou? was she, Lone child of a sorrowful, deep mystery! Who was *he? the orphan?she went as she came, "one syllable a^ght of the wanderer's name ; No: e'en the neat marble which starts fr>ra the earth one glimmering ray on her fortune or birth ? These, these, only werdi muu nil sympathy crave, "Kind suaagcr, one tear at the Alien's ?rav'e SC/The perfume of flowers may be gathered, according to the Scientific American, in a very simple manner, and without apparatus. Gather the flowers with as little stalk as possible, and place them in a jar throe parts fall of olive or almond oil. After being in the oil twen ty-four hours, put them into a coarse cloth, and squeeze the oil from them. This process with fresh flowers, is to be repeated according to the strength of the perfume desired. The oil being thus thoroughly perfumed wi:h the volatile principle of the flowers, is to be mixed with an equal quantity of pure rectified spirit, and shaken every day for a fort night, when it may be poured off ready for use. As the season for sweet scent ed blossoms is just approaching, this method may be practically tested, ar.d without any great trouble or expense. It would add additional interest to the cultivation of flowers. IH7* Give employment to the poor man whenever you have an oppoatunity. By so doing, you will ofica save a fellow being from want -from the pang of re turning, without bread, to his house. You will encourage him to be honest and industrious?add to the comfort of his family?receive his grateful thanks, and acquire by his labor the full value of the pittance thus bestowed upon hin. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAS STEAMERS. Xatne. ' L' For Dm*. NashrJ? Liverpool... New York .Apl. 7 St. Louis Havre Nsw Yon:.. Apl. 11 Af rica Liveipoo!.... Bo-ton Apl. H I '? in *is............ ^.... ^ e *v \ or it A -pinwAil. Ap1. ici) Wikbiafioii.- -Nctt York....Bremen*...Apl. 21 N rtii Stir \ew York Havre Apl. 21 Atlantic 'iverpool Ww York .Apl. 21 Aiuer.ja Boston LrorpnoL.Apl. -25 Sortttm LigUt....Kew York....dan Juan..Aid ?7 A?i- ? Li/- rpool..,. Bo ton Apl 28 {JT^-T'ae (J.;lr>njia ?t<-amrrs leave New York on l!>e 5th and 2J#th of each month. AiU'.lYALS AT FRINCIPAL HOTELS. nrcnat' Hotel?t. p k k. saow*. M M sHtven*, lady and W M Wiiltemore, NY child, Me R Ghisclin, do J Stuart a iadf, Ky J L Ghi-elin, Md Mi (AM Stuait, <!o Mis Ba'l, Ya Wi s ai J Stuart, do Miss E .Via-on, <5o yi Levy, NY Ms* M A Ma<oM, Va J Millet, Cork W V Draper ck, Tenn II Foreman, do W E Stihweil ar.d lady, MiSu.i:h, do Ga 0 T Kragi, S Y M Dava!, M l J C fMoner, f'o Mr B*ity, Ba T? I lav is, Del Mrs Bai!y,do T L Baiini<tcr, XI VV II Lovi & daughter.*. C L oui, Va do 3 E N Trcecott, NY Ur Hodges, DC J-* 15 (ia aett, O Dr F Morzan. do J T Bu:niich, Pa J A Chipman. NY D Jones a lady, do J J Il&bnck,.o J T Craduock, do Dr Lewis, Va '* H Hunt T L Dar.e u. family, Pa L N Rogers, SI J J S AlJea, NY E L Rogers, do P Allf a, do Si S Marlin a lady, NY E B-tts. Del J A Miil-r, do W H Coodwin, Va Miss J Biiltng^ do H L Jacksi.n, Md B Hodges & irjeadi, MJ Miss L A Jackson, d? A 1 iffard, NY ' Sktiokal IIota 1?i. o. villus rapt II .ward, Pa Dr OOR >gsrs, Va H W Davis, do W W Micliaux and lady, 1 Matthews, ?fd do G V\ inters, Ma." VV B Mirhaaz, do J miiw, Md W J Tarlyle, Ky J Bnyard. .Jo G W Gr^gJ H lady. O H A Risiey, NY Miss Gregg, do W A Crowlirg, do Miss C'f U.^, do A'bn Jo J B Huston, do E Nfely, bC t'apt iVar.l, SC F C Mitchell. Va W C McFadd? n, Pa Clayton, do C P Bacon, N Y VV Burton, do II Young, jr, do Sk.llaian. Tex C Ryan, do J J Refd, Ky J C O'Connor, Md VV II Keenan, Md T Nlr*rn, do J C Fe^tman, NY D Norwood, Maa J C Cujrh r. do J W Mac :nun.'<? A Pitcher k. ia<!y, do R G Macmurdo. Va D C I isges, M J J B And* rson, PS W E O'Connor, SC J W Ileal, DC J F Coleman.Ala H J Lewis. NY C II Rooaie, NY O Bowie, M 1 T >1 deckel, jr, do J Robbm, do W Joy, do Mis Lu^kcw, do C U Avjit, do Wlllarilj' HoUl-a. a. & j. c. witLaen. Mr Tank VV Pcarsr-, Mo >1 L Mart .il H E b-r, \ V J Dailey, MJ C S AlcUeuaclian & If, L JarvH, La do P A Harxous, NY P iV /one.., Va W C Rothrook M VV iootj, do lion F Gratg;r, NY VV D KeiiteJy, NY Hon J Blacki >fil C Cassidy, d?i P il? f rcssa egui 3l fy J C?>n<:b^>e, do G S Memos. Fla A W Whipple, USA J Y Patuck. NY T L S.u > n, Dtl M Y Patrick, do T Wistar, pa A Whit.*, i'a J Cook**, do J GanUr. do J B rtimtli, Wis ^IlalJa^a, do B W Ediuoodston klody, VV 8 Lincoln and lady, NC pV-V"n a ?. i j ^ W 'ones & daujiUer, do KG FaMs;.! k lady, do F F Bu.t, NY M:ss E t Smith, Wis T Jaaitg Kl lcwoud lloaas?j. H. a a. ki*kwood. J Whareu, Tex O Ad im* M.i VV L Howard, Del M A Keu<\, \y G W Uarruoa Va T B Gwn^n do J VV Bif?*g, Md J 1. eoi J Folroai and daughter, N l.airence, do AW Hchwirger, Can Dr Todd. AI* O C Ru**?i|, AlV H W HutcMns, Fla 8 L lliiii, in; T S Eve: ? it, Va W F rferry, M.I H Martu a lady, III S Clark, do S M Owen. D'J D R Pratt, M;i*s Un'ltd States Hotel?jt. c. racxhit. C L?ox. Va C Shawson, MJ II A Harn;vcr, DC W llen>cu, Ta .) M Eurliler,iO S faine, Va T A Day, I'a W R Ha kjicy, do G N Geary, NY IV A Brown, da D G Nirrys, do R VV She naif, do H Swiljfd, do R H Hopkins, Tex E Adams a lady, Md R Magnurd, NH L A Putts, NY W R Shed Jen, Scoil?ad J V iJouflurs, Vi jm A CARD. bconotny ts the. road to i?(cmtk."J^ Or At Redaction in th? price of Hats 9t C*p? 1^ II E undersigned, having tunJe arrangements with a New York Hat Compnny to he con stantly etippli?d witii ihe very lieit Moleskin or HHESS NATS, gr>t up in the latr?t style, offrrw them at the i]pprrc?'d? nted low price of 93?A", worth from feur to five dollar?; second quality, ?3, worth from $3 50 to ,f4; and a *ery cochI fajfckn ihlc Hat at ^rW, tvnrth from f3 ?n W.50. Also, Bo' be A Co's Mats, at a much lew< advance than Uiey have Iwen here mlflre sold in this city. Tir*t rate heaver llats ?3,5?. All kifids of mA II ATS and CAPS very low. In order lo sell at the above low prlccs the rash syjitem bih>4 be adopted ; consequently those who purchase will not be charged frum fifteen to twenty-1 five per cent, a* an oflncl for bad d? hta. ANTHO.W, (for many years in the employ of Todd &Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 7th st, ap 13?tC 2d door north of I'tnn. av-enue. WASHINGTON STOVE HtNl'F.UT>)!U, S. E. corner qf Pa. ap. and FJererth street, Pole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD * CO.'B Warming ami Vtfl1ilatin? Apparatus, M- POND h. CO.'8 (ot Boston) Union Double-Oven rooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for healing two stories; Park* ?wiri Cham her 6RATE9, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chain!?cr and Dining Room S ? OVEa: Pinin, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; BJnek Tin, Planished aud Jaf*nn?il WARE in sr: at variety. All of which will be fold at the lowest possible i rate*, that will compare favorably with any E?t*b lifhinent south of New York. An examination of my ?tock isearne?tly solicited ap 13?3tn JAB 3K111V1NG. SODA WATER, SODA WATEE! CGAUTIER has just erected in his eeubiish # inent a fountain of very superior Soda Water which for its delicious and medicinal qualities is Mr ahead of any beverage ever before introduced. He would call particular attention to the superior quality and variety of his sirupe. which are all made ,rotn the pure fresh fruit, and not from any of the acids now in common use, which are always more or less deleterious to the stomach. C. G/VUTIER, apl(J?en2w 358 Pa avenue. , ??? MANTUA MAKING. MISS MARGARET DYER respectfully annnon ces to ihe ladi's of Washington and vicinity, that she has just returned to Washington, and in tends to resume her former business, and solicits the patronage of her former frie .<U. No. 5#31 Pa avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth su. ap 9?2'aw3*r* United States Patent Ofiice, 1 Washington, April 18,1365. J ON the petition of Gsoro* Tack, r.f W^shinwt^n, D. C.. pr*ying f >r th* extension cf 6 patent granted to hisi on tha 16th ua* of Jcly, 'Ml, f?-r an improvecunt in "p ? eirculsr sawmills," frr r?rvn ye*-? from tne ? xpirati-n <-f said patent, wk;:rh t**e? place ?n the 16:r. day of July, elji^ttfen band red ?u:d Slity-Qve: It is ordsred tv'*t the said pciiiicn be Le^rl at the Patent en Monday. th* 21 lUy (f -uly, 1S56, at 12 i.Mock n ; and all persons are notified to appear au i show cause, if any thsy have, wnj Mid petition oazlit not to le granted. Fer?cns opposing t*?e exVn-ion are required to file ia the Prttoit Office theirolyactions, specially s?-t forth in writing, at lsast twenty days ueftre the day of bearing; a<l t stimony file*! by either party to be u :ai at the *ai i hearing must be taken and trans mitted in accordance wi;h th" rule^of the offlje, which will bo furidfhed cn app'.iration. The terim -ny in tte cete will be closed on thf 22d day of Jure; depo-i'icns an! other papers re iied ca as taatimony must Ld filed in the oldce on or before the mcinin.? of lhatiluy; the ar^uiuenL?, ii ui v, within u>a days thereafter Ordered also, that this ?otic? be publbh 'd in the Union, Intelligencer, and Evening Star, Washing ton, D. C4 Ar^U', Baltimore, Md; Evening A<-ru-, Philadelphia. Pa^ Scientific American, New York once a wo?k f<*r three successive week' prwvioud to the 21 slay ol July cczt, th- dar of hearins;. 8. T S*U'OI5KT, Acting Coinmiwi'ner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors ot the above papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a pa per containing this notic*. aprl7?T3w pNo. f 33.J Nolict of Withdrawal of certain Lands ir, Wisconsin. TjrnrREAS, in pnr?oanc? of a ioiit rerolution \j (fCir.TT?*?, enftlrd "A rfsiluli^n eipUca tcrv of an a* t pas*d A ?gu"t th.rd, eighteen hun ir-^1 and ff.v four," ? pp:ovel Me.rch 3,11?65, relat ia< to the Vox and WL-corain river ^rart, the ef fa-rt'fwhi-.h Is to enlarge Slid era -1 fr-.m three tc fi*e*H5'k-na in wk'th, Ihs I^r-ndLtrU of iht United ifjrtt* ha, by his ord?r iKsriog fate the uinih day ofMar-h u'ttimo, directed that oe lain t?>^n-hipe sitoatM ii th? stat* ct Wisccrsur, cn etth tid.j of ?hi Port's.*ranai ani th; For river ml tho lakes through which It pa'?r(including the land.? h??re t^fore withdrawn nndwHLheld for isjd grant.) eha.l be withdrawn trem salo or entry for ar.j purpoe* whatever untii fnr'her orders Not cm is therefure hereby gif*n that atid lands s'tca'ed as hereinafter deseribo-l havs thh lay bee:: withdrawn from ?ale cr en-ry acc irdlngly, to wit: la the district of landr *al-je?tto sale at Mikasba North of 'Ju bate line and east of the fourih princi pal mtridian. Townai-ip 12, on the left bank of the Wkocnsln rlvf r, ar.d tow-ships 13 *nd ii, 1 f rasgo 9 Tjwnehipri 12; 13 And 14, of rang* 10 TfTOJQ'p 14, of raugs 11 Town-hips li, 16. '0 17. atsfl 18, of ring# 12 Towaah;p? 15, 16. 17 a'd IS, ofrangi 1J Towrchips 17,18 a'd 19, of rasgs 14 Town-h p- 17.18, 19, enl aO of range 15 Townshipe 16, ltf, 17,18,19t 20 acd 21, of raa^e 16 Tcwnflfipa 15, 16,17,13, 19, 20, 21, and 22, of rang* 17. Town3h'pi le, 16.17,13, 20, *21 and 22 of ranzo IB Townships 16, 17, 13,19, -y, 21, 2i} and 2d, ol range 19 Township? 21,12, 23 and ?4, of r -.nge 20 " Tewnth : a ?2, 'i'i. and 34, ran-e 21 In th? of lasds subjee: to ?ala at MiHiaai. PoiJtT: North of Oit base line and east of the fourih princi pxl meridian. Townslilpi 12, 13 ar.d 14, un the l?ft b_nk of th<> Wlsconsiu rirer o! range 8 In the diitri.t of !audi subject to aalo at arevaxb* ^oxst : North of tkt bate line and east 0/ the /Turth principal meridian. Townships 15 and 16, of range 8 Trwn*vip* H and 16, of racgu 9 Townships 15 ai d 16, of range 10 ToftnjlJM 15,16 and 17. of range 11 Given u d- r my hand, at th? General IaoI O&re, at<hecctr of W?shicgtcn, thi- third uay cf April vqoo PbJtioi o..e tiumsaad ei^ht hnni ed and fi tv five. By ordsr of Uw Pr?-aLl?nt: JOIN V7IIS0N. CvUicai?-kLer itGeavral Land 0<B:e. ap &?2a?6* [J!o. 631] Notice of t!u cstablisktw.nt of an additional land dutrict in the State of California WIIKRKA3 under the pr vi-inna cf tie a t of OngraM, appr'rbl March 3, 1853 outit'ed "An act to provide :or tie sur^ry o; the publ.'e le.ii Id Call ornia," *c., the Pr*-si1"nt or tha Unit* States U aathorired. at such time or taa it. his judgment the fcbllc interest m.y so imp^'ratirely require * a . ? to dividr the >4ta>? i?f Calif >rtl8 Into tno o^ three gera:a'.e laud district", t*n cf ? hi< h dL-trlets were et-tab ishrd un d*r Btd act 1y pib'ia notion, datnl 21st March, 1-53; and w^er-jH* tha sarveys aad a. tt em uti have ex'^rdtui in f>lif mia fo ti?r that the ccnrc til nee 1 f the Ket'l'trs and the publ!c interest reqaire tho establishment of the thre.1 dLtrlcts auth'rlaed by th' act t f :he Jd March, 1863, af >rasaid? Now, therefore, be it k^owa, that endrr, r.nd vy autli nty of th? paid a^t cf Conirfas of 3d March. 1851 the Praoler.t rf th? t"nit- d . t.t.? has ilnrt d that the 8t?te of Calif rnfa sht.ll b-> c'iv dnd intc ihree rep?rste lind ??i'tricu, tie l-oumliriee of a hlch ar as ftd.ows, v'.? : Al! thnt paTt ofihe 8t-te, c'mm-nciag cn th? Pa cific ooiet, lyiiig n rth of the line between t'?n i,hip- aevtn s.nd eight (7 tud 8> north rf Monnt D: able ba-?> lice, thence running t on si id iin?lo the meridian, thence soath cn tha Btr'dijn Hi e t?"' the 1 ne divi iicg t.-w^sLip? three ;.ni four (3 eud 4) north of a?ld fca* 11 e, tb-oee east on s .id line bi *we?n to#n?hi. s thr^e and fcur to the bonrd-ry of tbe St-.te, wilt form the Ml'p??R fig teict," the land oIBcj fcrwhkh hu be n established at MaryreiUe All taat rart of the Stat* lrlng s->uth of *he alove d trrihed Hmita irdorr'h or the Lne divWi'-gtowcf ali'ps taenty a?.d tw<n^y-one. e-.uth,(or fittn stand ard acath) will f ra the "Midtl: Dibthict," th? of fl e for which if at Btnicia; a~.d all that part of tb* 8-ata lylr.g aou'h cf thefi ih stHndard p*rJll 1 the "Unwaa L)isTR!CT,"a^ h-r fj'o'* organicthe cfSce Jor which ia i? abll-hed > t L?.s Jngrfas; and ii> *i<:w cf the a?M .MreCion 0/ th? Presid nt of the Untied states. unde<* tko act of Cong'eae af? a'.d the toandaiiei fb ve m?ntione.l ilnll in luturebt regard?! aa the limits of tho said land d:st; eta rt spe.<tiT?3y. Givwn nnJar iry haid at the e'ty cf Waaiiing^cn, this nln'.h d?y of April. A. D.lS^j. By order of the President: JOHN WIL50N, CoiasiMioBtr General Land Offlo*. ap 11?law 1? w THE MUTUAL FIHE IRSUEAKC5 COHPA RY OF THB L'lSTBlCT OF COLUMBIA, Cll AK f ER1.I) by (J?mgr<w, ''(Tuis tu lUo prd|xrty nwut r* of ihc District safer and chcawr mr;un of in-iirance than but other Company. IM.YSafeH WARD, President. CIIAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. Wy.-*e? Ward John Van Rldwick I Thomas Ulagden P. W. drowning F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKelrfen. Offirr, Columbia Place, corncr Louisiana avenue ?nd 7ih street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. fcl>26-cotf _ 91. WILIilAN, LADIES' DRESS AND TRIMMING 8T0BE Pa. awnue, between Seventh ajd Eighth street# MWILLIAN would respectfully announce to ? tiie Ladie? of Washington that he has just received .frotn the Northern cities a complete stock of GOOD?, among which may he found? New style French Dress Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Riband* A Urge lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and straw, of ihe lateaf patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Dresses made in ,*iie latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Hutin*, and Kid Gloves cleancd. mar 31?eolm* PROPOSALS FOR WOOD & COAL. Orrtcs Secretary of Sknate U R. ) April 17,1653. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be i^beived at lhi? office until 12 o'clock on Monday the 7th May next, for furnishing and delivering ui the vaults of the Capitol, on or before the first day of October next, one hundred tons of 2,240 pounds each of bert anthiacite white ash coal, in lumps not le3s than ihree, nor mo-e than six inches in diameter, and en tirely free of slate or other tort ign substance. ALSO, for one h indied Bn I lifty cords be?t hick oiy wood, to be measured at the expense of the con tractor, in the Capitol yard, sawed in two pieces, and properly packed a.vay in the vaults ; the whole to be subject to the inspection and approval of the Secretary of the Senate Security for the fait ifUl performance of the con ?ract for fumi;biug th* above articles, to the satis faction of the Secretary of the Senate, will be re quired. Proposals may be spparnte, nnd should be endorsed "Proposal* for Woot," a d "Proposals for Coal,' and directed to the Secretary of the Senate, at Washington. ap 18-law3w BROWN'S AMERICAN TOULTRY YARD. 1 vol, New York Dickson and Mowbray on Poultry, 1 vol, London Guide to Scrvic?, the Poultry Maid, 1 vcl, London J'he Pig, by Youatt, 1 vol, Phila. Pigs an<1 their Treatment, by Richardson, 1 vol. Dub'in ' Randall's Sheep Husbandry, 1 ml, New York \1or. ell's American Shepherd, 1 vol do Blacklock on 8beep, 1 vol, Glasgow ?P 17 FRANCK TAYLOR. 11TANDERING3 fN CORSICA, CORSICA; YT Picturesque, historical and social, with n Tennyson, by H?7iry Ke"d, pricc ?1 23 4'ist published and for sale at TAYLOR a MAURY'S, rear 22 Book-tore, near 3th at. f No. 5C0.1 By the Pr??l<I?ikt ofiht Unit ?d States. ~N rurFuarMoflaw.*, FrtANKLIVPIEItGE, Pres _ ident of ths United St*tet of Anwriia, do hereby 'tcelure *ad mate *nosrn tba* a publi: sale will b h" d at tho land oflw nt acolsta, ia the State -? Missti iPi'i, commencing on Monday,''hi twenty-f.rt' day of Miy next, fjr the dieposti ot all th-tt p rtion of ihs sections sad pir^ o? sections of laad bearing j odd num'ters within f-ix miles on esdh aict> of th> lia" of'hi Mon.ii and Ohio kiver hailhoad, In the States cf Ala a?a and HiS8Ii8PPi suble t to th d' Utl-> minimum pr>.* of two dollars aul fifty cents per acre, as pre vided hy the act ot 20:h ''epiember, i froO, a ad excepted fr^n graduation j.s to prica by th? act?.f 4tti Aus-usi, 1851, whic'i wer? e v;rtue. to be effered for e?le in proelsmatien Lo 492, bear dato 23d May, 1S62, but '?ulwequently witl drawn until frrth?T notice tor the proposed railro ad from Btr^doa to Montjomer/ by pullio no Le No. 4LH, bearing data 19,h Augurt, 1863; and the daine at I ??ing =ulj'ct to privets pntry 8t t*e liteota id ?rit-.drs.wa!, wrr* ^npe^ent'y act r. -tor d to ? ??> ar t t by c a?ral cotloe No. t >2, dated 5th ^pteaber, j 1?54 situated in the underxuentionej towmlupa, 1 towtt: 1 Nori\ cf the. but line ard tag cf the Choctaw m;rv dian. Tofiithtyjmtr, of raDg? tkirteea Townshipu t\ree,fcurjivt, and si.?, cf ricis fuur fc>en To*n hips three, four, fi7e, tlx an: irp.?, of | ra- ^ < fifteen XoHahhips three,ifcur,, els, mvsnxfran-e aixfeea ^ iewnehips five, its, asd jrcjr., of a^vea Townrh^p texr.iv, cf range etglteea. N-.tae |? al3o ? er?by $iv*r that all ;i? lands e!t aate? untsida of the ^ismOe ii-rAti on each side of the above reed trith'*rt!W"c ard cot sicca restored to Drirs'.e ?nt.-7 ** vi it-?t?J, which wiil be tub jset to entry <it oite dollar arsd twenty-Sve ce-ts j p?r ucre, or (If for actual sattleaaent aoi p-8 "ai tfon) at the prfo* prea ribed by th* graduation * ' of 4th Aogast, 1S54. in th-foil ;win^r-as ned d strirts an4 townsliips in the Siites of Mi.o afi| j i fiud Ala bi^ra, will be sabj *ct to entiy and locittoj? on sno * j'f.r Mondaj 1110 nineteenth day of Maich nsxt, to In toe, district of lands saxject to cale at Augcsta i Missiho i*pi : 'J Sorth of Uu Iom line and tail rf t'i; CUozLato nert dian. ' j Town/^hips three, few, Jive, eix and aires, cf rang# tWrlVf lown^hlps three, f^ur, ?t?, t>'x, asd seven, ot ! range thirteen Townships three, /our.Jive, tix and 3?7en, of ranee fourteen 6 Town-hip teten, of range fifteen Townnhirn three, lour. ?d ! fine, of racg* sixteen J owaihlp* three, four, fiat, sue, aau ttvtn, rang? e* r?it.een Towuships three, four, five, eix, and leven, ?t rarge eighteen. In tbs district cf lanl? eubj^ct to raio at Exmopo us. Alabama : North of the bast iin>. and vxti cf the prlndpil me ridian. * Towa-hipa thii-teoa, fourtsen, fifleen, eix teen and aeventeen, of ran, e tyro TownaJrps thirteen, fourie.n, fi teen, tieteai and tevcfitten, of tauge three Tot thips thirteen, fourteen, fi/ieen sixteen and aeve^tMP, of lange four Townships thU Usen and fourteen, of ran*e fire. The townships designated in r man letters are Wholly within the limite of six and fif.een mil?. re arectively on each dde ef said road and 'hose n italics are partly wi.hln a-.Id iimita aa dealgaa ed oa the diagrams wLich will he n.rnished to the re active district efflo-ra by the Crmm!s*ion<r cf the Oeneral La'.d >ffije. The lands will be er.M, tufject to the rigid of iraw grafted by ths act of 20th September, 1850 t> th ^tatea sfor-raid for said railroad, not exceeling one hundred fut on e#.-h side thereo f, and -lurdfoie the pa:t cnlar ra.Tti cf land which Include lh? r??d w II be f Id ss e"ntaJalng the (iuantitirg r^pectiveiy afcowo hy tho offl - al plata. * The aeodona will be rffpred at the public aale In U?etrier in which th y are advertaed; the aula will bj kept open for a Pafflcient time to sdmir of offaring ail the lauds, but not exceeding two weeks, and appHoationa to make private entries or the lands offered at public sale under thia proclamation will not be received until after th* cicae cf the two ved'<a. Ulren nr.der nj hand, at tba city oi Waf.W?cton. th-j evou-.ii day of fehruarv. AniO Demini one | houBAnd eiihl hundred and fifty fi /?. ? ^ ? . fiUJNKLIN PiEKOi. By the Prvident: JO Sit WlLrtOV, Oomm stloner Qanerai liana utneo. KOTIOS TO PRB-EWKION OLAIMANSS. i rf\of approved M of Much, IJoJ, entitled An act x> extend pre ozeptien rlgtda to certain rsttlars therein nention^." the pre-exan tloa ia r w-re extend,d : ver tho above mentioned i ait^rrate old nan:Ivrtd ricUoaa within six usil? tn each?df'of the route of the road whore the as I tie .-vent ant* impro^emont were madt r-Hor to the da'* of ail toent, it proven np and pakf for at the race oft*n dollars a-jd fitty osnti pcr acre, befora the .'ay Tied for ^the> pablip salo; and by the act ap P m # ^ Tth March, 1!51, entitled "An w t for the r-lief cf settlers on lands reserved for railr. ad por posea." psrnons who sottio-i ard improved the above u..t3td /ectiom p-ior to the date of teittdraioul *rill be fctti<lnlto P?e emptlons at the ordinary minimum price of the pub.Je lend. , or at the r-te of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, Jf prcven up end ?afcl for btf're toe dey fixed for the pub lo sfcle:? Therefore, every perron enUllml to the iig> tof rre aapue,n ia any e^f the alternate odd numbered sec tuna shove menticn?% within alx miles ot the rente ac/ 0f 3(1 "Ur h? "bore r?f?rr? to- oa Mtt!ement? m^de prior to the 4th of Pebro snr, 166J, (the date cf allotment) or under >be ^ th "f P i on Br*ttJemepts made prior to the dnt? of ths original wi hL-awal cf the lards from market, every pereon entitled to pre emptionnnd. r tteactcf Jfth, 1854, in iny f OH-ndeofthe tix milt limits directed to be restore^ to en ry oa the 17th day of March next 'r M?nc to the aatisf-.ction of the re'iate- am! rty?,v.r of tho proper la d offloe, and make payment thorafor at the priae fix-d Ly ^ ra(*i?Mt after this ncUce, and before the <f?y .ppoinUd for the publ e sale oi restoration to market of the lands embracing the trae: claimed; ctharwlae auch rial n will be forfeited. _ fOHN WILSON, M lS-UwnT^"" U?4 CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Ybo Great Pwrlflar ?f lh? IH??41 Hot a Particle of Mercury In It 4a Intuitu* Rxxkst for Ssrofula, Kiiu's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimple* or Pur.ole* on tbe feoe, Bloiohcs, Doll*. Chronic Bore Eye*, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scale Head. Enlargement anl rain of the Rone* and Joiate, 8tu;>born Uloers, 8yphiilUe Disorder*, Lumbago. Spinal Compla:nts, mi all tbe dise?*s arirtag from an injuai-ioua of Mercury, la prud jne* In Ufo, or Imparity of the Blood. rllld v*1a*bl? Medicine, which ha* become (fle> brated fcr the number of fcXtracrdinary cure*, iffscted through its agenny, has iodacad the propri* #tnrs, at the urg M request of their friends, to offer it to the public, which they do with the utmost oon> idenc-j In its virtue* and wonderful curative prop <rti 0 Tbe following certificates, (elected iron a ergo number, are, h<rjrever, stronger testimony the mera word of tbe proprietor?; and are all ron geo*le?e.a well known in their localities, end >f the highest respeetabfllty, many of th*m residing i> the elty of Richmond. Ya. P. B0Y02N, B?*i? cf the Exdusje Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere says he has 6*eo the Me* taine :aIlod Oaatib's Spivibq Uixtjkx, administered a over a hundred e?<w*, in nearly nil the di*e*nes ?or wbfeh it is recommended, witn the raoet astcn ahiag^y jedr- ouilf He sayc it Is the most ex Twr j nary swdfclne he has *ver aaea. AGUE AND ?3iVSi?GREAT CURS.-I hereby certify that for three yeara I had Ague end Fbitr ?f tbe noft violent do-Tcripfion. I had several Phv icians, took l*rg* quantities of Quinine, Mercury, .ad I bal.ev? all the Tonics viveiUaed, fcuta'i with mt permanent relief. At Laet I tried tarter"* ipanish Mixture, two battle* o: which effect ually me, nni I am happy to say I heva had neither ?.hill* or fere'* sin-e. I consider it the btwt Tock o this votU, and the only medlerie tb*t ?ver "?acue'i aiy c-iie. JOHN LOS G DEN. Csavci: uiscii, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCK, Ba^., no*- in tha city cf Richmond ?nd for many years in the Fo?t oflse, has such sonSden-^ ia the E.sionlghina eflsacy of Carter's ipaniah jJixtura, that ha has bought upwards of ftti bottles, which he has given away to the ahl cted.? dr. Luck says he h?s never known it to fall when aken aocordicg to directions. V*' MINOK, a practising Phjtlclan, and formerly ?1 the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he laa witnessed in a number of instance* u># effect* ot laser's Spanish Mixture, which wera most truly <urprk>ing. He says in a case of Oonsumpdon, de wndest on the Liter, the good effects were won 'erfnl indeed. SAMUEL M. DRINlLEi, of tie firm of Drinker A tforris, Richmond, was cored cured cf Liver Com >laint of three rear* standing, by the use of two >ottle? of Oarier's Bpani h Mixture. GHEAT CURE 0? tJCRGPULA?The Edllw of ha Richa^D-l HJipablicin h d a ea.-ya^t empbye*? n thf'lr press rr^a, cared of TiAifnt Scrofula. ?*>m sined w?fh Rbeumw^a. which entirely d'?^blM llm from work. Two bottles of Carters epanisb tfixtuie rnadi. a perfect cure of him, and tha Edi is a public notice, nj ih?y "cheerfully reoom nan'l it to all who are afiheted with any disease of he Mood." STILL ANOTtlCR CI7R3 OP 3GEGPCXA.?Ih-d , very v si cable boy cured of ficrofula b7 Garter'e :par.iih Mixture. I ccnakltr it trjly a Ttluable oeiidaA. JAMoS Td. TAYLOR, Condocicr cn the P. and P. K.. IL Co, Richmond. Va 4ALT RH5UM OP TTVKNTY TEARS STANDING CU KD Mr. J03N TiOMPaOK, In tbe city ot licicssu, was csmJ by thr-** o >itlfc^ of GarvsrV 'puiM ~Lctur<s cf Salt Rheum- wLioh ha hkd for ?aar:y t3*;.ty veara, and whidi all the phys:. iin* ji the crti'd not cure. Mr. "'h^cp^Ofi is * wel. CuCTft fiScs?Jart In ihe city of Richmond? aaJ hi e me?S : arkabSe. Wia A.;. .i rT ?! R vV5, of Richmc-d had a ;r>i vant ^ ^>phiiis, in th? worst form, Ly Ca'tar's pan> h Mixture. He s?>3 he ch?*rful!T recom leoda it, aal coaa'deru it a very ui7aia*lle me^i la? ? EDWI.i BURTO-'i, oommlssJoner of tho rtvenae ays u3 has seen the good fflfects of Cartir's ?peni?b in % number of ^ypliilitic s+ikd say d it i a ;?rfrct sure f.rthat horrible ii^eas?. V^M. J. HASWOOD, ef Risiiaond, cared of old ?res Mtl Cloerr, wh ch diuablod Clm fr#.m w Iking 'ock e ww bottles of Carter's Squish Mixture, and Tfyt eftTit-l fd to waik without a crutch, in a short if-e p^.-^it^jn ly cured. Principal Depots at H WARD, CLOSE A Co?Ko. 5 i ii A#n, York. ,hT:;V^-,?ri' * ?"'? ' North Second at., B5IN "jET L A D.tE.iS, No. I2T> Main street, Rich **OBd, Va. uy ^;IA,?Ma ?rciT' Washington w ? ' ; *??? ?'** hai^ Aiexactirii, &ad by ^ragz.ei. ?veryvhet?. ?? ~t\ * $1 p6r bottls. or si: bottles fcr 15; ^er , 21?17 rjj'SALTU RESTORED AUD LIFI 11 LENGTHENED, by B3. MORfjE-S INTIOORATIITG KLir P. OR OOR?AL.-At ^r-t ths r-roncr t?as attributed to Pro-. MOP^i'd i SVIvO"' AITOG BLIXIR OR CORDI.lL vere dewaMfab^ Thr public oftsa d?seiyed, cotiidnoi bclifst th-s eiiicir nod subllms trat!is inaounoed b? tha di-xoTci-tr ? 3u? facts, endraWc fsct? attested wirre^'of ?ae .ugvest cl?63 and c ;*r?rty;r. are now trfaajnh rt?Dc7" doubta. INCREDULITY IB OVeV * ,JU3S Cf which is parfectly Ths ?Lpar-in-HU*,!n sU ca^;,the dsplorable eviis arWngfi?iri auiiyace or abr..?e of the rtricni 9Tg4ns th* Toodr^fsl m.-^rbinc celi#rj ?aao. It restorcu to fell Vigor ersTy d-dicate fuuo den coansctsi vrith that mysterious compound ijeney of matter n<1 mini, neotH^ary to the rt rrr. <? usiua: ,f &Ka.;n lift. To pmens of fwble mu?-ru *r fram-j, cr djficiint in vital power, it is ttcom tended as tho zu:y n-_>aii3 cr commaalotttng that to the p^-er eiyovment ?fall tiitBaUra.apwt'.-'w, as wsl! u the higher centai attributes. Its bcLeficial effects are not con lu*d t3 either eex or te any age. The Ibsble ?rl. 'Jje suing wife, the listlai, emerald yoai.^e ?verworn ntn of business, ihe victlai of mxvcxi: de * the individual safforing from general de } ..y. orfromthe weakae^of a single crgan, will .11 Ond Ija^edUi* and permanent relkf froa the IB* of tbi#!T5eoa:parabI-5rano?atcr. To thoaa who .v?*a ^osiiloa to paxily.-is it w.ll pro to a tompls.e and ua.?iiir.g fafe^uani ^?inf t that tcrri Ti1?'* UM atny? p?rbaj;8, who h^Fi ao trill*! wiD fchrff constitutions, tLer thlnb (bem^lre* ii^yond t!ie r*arti of medicine. I^et rut ?yen those ieapalr. The KMxirdeals with '"- '*? r'rj it exit's, wtthc rtt ?f*Kn:e to caaras, w?n n^* nly r-more tha dLordsr itself, but LEBLILD TJ1Z C?iC?UN CCI72??TCTiON | rh*deraagi?sfc2taofihe aysisia, loaiiicar .;o ner ?ens ileoasae, and ihe forn.1 of nsrvoaa dL>eu? it* ^ *** 80 nu?utrous iLakit vodd require a eolurat w enumerate thu malaOlo for which Uiij pr?para *r?iQ ^ hovjrer, msy bcentme :ated, via: neural, U. tic d-lemux, Wiaohe. to^p. para ysic, hyileria, palpitation of the heart, "* ^?^lIon3? muscu.ardebility,tremsrs, flatuknc<?, ? pr.ct.f.g; aanifcLca in the flouh, n^mbnass, torrid ^ ??tel deprrradf n, wenkuee* ef the vill, indkpo.ftlon U mcye, faittueas after cxe?ci*e. ?roken eleep on i tsrriiying dreams, inablUty to r^ aa^n in one plate petition, weahues* of the pro. raativ* orcein, *f,suh in<.ci{n.?fceacy, uvlanchoiv ctonctaania. tuor albua, rJtiag et th ? stomaeh, /a! a chrcnis tendency to nl^af. ne^fe, emaclatiou, a;.d all complaints grcwing out of 11 ?>e?! of U t pss^inss. a^d all barreanian lit UC-v? L>t irOiil ClEfliiiO A^ltJlQ Kuwav.4 reach of ia*Ucteft 7 M Whenever the organs to fca toted upon trs fr? frum maiiormation or sulctnrai ^ aT4IT4<j MORSE'S INVIGDRAxING ELIIER will replaw weakness with strength, inoaoaoitv with Sritva?iil ,!:niforni *** ?> ?!??, ? L1' n0tJ,n]7 ^400t ? -^d of region, ^?py ehcot cn the central or^aniaathn I *U wherever thej M*** *'tb cerrcus gvetets, et(j that tbe paralisatic n ot the tiar?u or motloa and sansatf n u ohysioal death. Ilear in mind also, that for eTfry kiud of nsrvocs diseaM th* Biixer Oorllal I* th* only raliabl* preparation known. CAfJTlOfl. Da. Kjr:j'd Iji jiaoiurmo Comrvui. ha* been cooe terfbitea by some unpriadpi-jd persons. In future, ail the ganuine Cotdial will hare the proprietor's fao simile past*d over the cork ot eaei bottle, and tha folio dor words blown in the glass Dr., Worse's Ieyisoratles Cordial. C. II KI3?5, Proprietor, M.Y. w ?wt ap highly wnoentraUd, la Wjic-fS p6r batile; tno Ibr six fcr tU. 0. II. RlXG, Proprietor, lMBroadw?y; New York. Ti4d ly DrarTistJthrocirhnat Ihe United States, "madas, *ad w^st Ielies. ? AGEHTT. Waahln^toa?S. D. GIIYIAW. Baltimore?8. 8. II ANUS. Unhawd ' BBENETT A BSEtfi. Car HQ tmH B. H. GILLET, Conaiellor at Law, Offoei aad rsradenoe in Pranklic Row, corner cf K and Thirteenth ntreet. nat oh ^Cm FOR POOR AND LABOUING MEN. OMALL BmLDING LOTS of 10 fast er more, fat O various parts of tho City, and Georgetown! 2 lew prices, and terms to a ait LLOYD A 00. BUILDINQ STORE, delivwable at the Oanal, or WluUe* h Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. .... ^ . _ LLOYD A 00. ft Mtwrt, COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSSWES3, Keli*f ta ri*t lllnntti. TTLEJTS COMPOUND OCR ARABIC ETRUF. IB Ibpwmux Qna?o? ?v? ??? r 9 _ i"afe, ani efficacious remedy for all pulisonary *?*, hu enabled the proprietor to reduce the --*??i? ?? ?-*ir r?rt nf all rlsaac dia? **es, bu enaneu mo pwm?? ? price w uto place It within the reach of all cln?e?. ltd awpeTiority over most similar pTspvatioaa J at by many eminent p b ysictana who havs been ere lllli m 0/ it? eCoarT wh?n Uj- nsual rernn dies hava failed; alao by thoniandof our n?c?t p? ??S5seW? who hive aeed It In tWrtollte both u rrrre^lrt and mi* with a-reT hUom? lor thnJast twenty ^ ?^?? with TFTyutLle aid from advertising. *?-. n na gradually apwnd reputation over tha who.e Caioc. Umw ot rtomtCcUt Cm*hs, Btmrunm, 4c, il ziT^ Immediate relief, ard g-n?rally cures in a da? or two, without interfering with diator bu^irr, oi rendering the eyateia mow ewwptlciert Obl^^ ( ohronis c.?38, A/the**, Whecpng Qro** BronckXU, Jpctumx cf VuLmg*, oM ?Hmm9 ticn, it to always vsry bensfcla* ^ uu when commensal?? u> perfect ? core. Prto 25 u i U) oasts s boiUe. Sold whtimia by Patterwn A BTa>n?, Btott * Oe. ui^nly A CSo. Alexandria by Peal A Stsvsas. It Osorgstowa by Mr. tr YYZjfes QUM ARABIC CANDY DROFh a rtm'Jar ooncotiion to the above, bat in s mlldei ani a*r? portable form; they set li>e a charm os a troublaKmie C-u^h, and clear the threat azrt voics; the? ooatata no injarioua drag, are partfeu l?r?y recojusitod/.t for ehildrsn. fre?i neuters Ho ai?e=abu. a, public r^akera, aitjeea, Ac. ? l - - i Sft eecti par Vs. Per sale at ooat Drug and Candy ccrea. octlT?tf DOCTOR HCCFLAND'3 CELEBRATED (&frman. Bitters, pkbpaxfd rr DE. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'a., Pa., WILL JtFFXCTUALLT CCU |U?EB COMPLAINT, DTSPEP81A, JAUSDIffl, Chronic or Nervosa Debility, Due*? of (As Kidney, and all diteaic* ariting from a rfi'e i ordered Liver or Stomach. Silcii as Con&Uu?iU'.n, Inward Piles, Fu'.lnt", or B; >oJ to the Heal. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau ?ea, Heartburn Wgust for food, Puiluriw ot weirht in tiie ^tomacii, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluuering at the Pit of the SioTiach, Swim ining of the Head, Hurr ed and difficuli Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Chokinf or Suflocaling Sensations ?hen in a lying I'usture, l?imnene oi Vision, but* of VVebe b?fore the slight, Fe?#*r and Dull Pain in tiie Head, Deficiency of Per*piratK>n. YVIlownesc of t ie Skin and Eyea, Pain in th? Sid?, Itack, Chest, Limbs, fcc., Sudden FIu-1k? of Ileat Rtirnin^ int he Plesh, Con-tant lin'-gni ?ngs of Evil, ana grra? dfpreanion of Spirits. THE propritMor, in callir.4 t..e attention of th* publi - to this (ireparauoa, dees so v. ith a feel -i!J ol the uttoo^t confidence in its virt?^- and adap tation to the disetise* for which it is recoiat.:er.ded It is no ntw ami unlried article, but one t!>at :?a? < j? 1 the te*t of a te;i yearn' tria! t>cforc the An:eri crn peO|ile, and its rf ;<utatioii and sale is tmrivuUe< by any >>iD)il>tr preparntio:.? extar<t. Tiie mtimnn) in iu lavor g:ven by tiie u??rt nwulneut and well c.iown Ph>>ician> and individuals, in all parts ol 'he country is immense. The foliowi ig from N.?rU< t*ai'?Lna is re?iv~_tfu!ly sub ? itt d, referring an> who riiiy still, to my "Memorabilia." ?.r Prac lical Receipt Book for Farmers and Fa:r.:'ic-", to be had gratis, of sd the Agent* tor the (jmmn Hitters Principal Off.ce and Aih-.u.'actory, 140 Arch et., Philadelphia, Pa. TCSTl MON'Y FROM NOKTII PAROLRA. Ccriificcie of Dr. tr. Smith. <?( I'.ne HiU, R*-h mwed County, N. C. Pmi Hill, Warch 4ih. 1554. Da. C. hf. Ja.ck8um, t'lutadeiphia?Dear Sir: 1 lave been a subject of Dyspepsia, tu iu worst 1" rm, I for the last tive year.-?. Such was my condition fo< .v/elve months thnt the physicians and al! who saw ne said I must die. Wliile in ttis condition, 1 was carried to U.e wutering piacea in Vir<?.nia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wavoet henefiicd by any water to winch I was t^rt?n. While on n > way home, I stopped a week ? RuJierfor 'ton, a Mint 1 village in North Carolina, to try the eti'ect ot some Chalybeate water in thaf pn-e. Abcul the | last of t!is week, T went into sa drug store to gei some medicine for my ch:Id an--l mysi if. There were aevcral ?f use village physicians' 111 the Hire, and of them seemed to taxe some ; Merest in my ,^ase and, af>er asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been er??atly bene fitted by the 11-e of " i)r. Hoofl^iri's German Bit ters," prepared by y -u, and he insisted Uiat 1 M ould try the bi:t,ra He also called iue next day at my ruoui, :ir.d insL-tcd s?j much that i would try tiiedi that I atked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced tailing it as direct"*!, :;ad 1 do say I was more benefitted by u liiaj ail the water ano medicine I had ever taken. Alter reaeiiine home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and 1 save hi:n nearly ail the Enters I h-id I?f% *'hich effected much goo i in his ca>o. He haxofteti .-ailed on me lor more of the some k nd of mtdi ciue, naving h* was mop- benefitted by it than any 'rttier he had taken, but 1 have not been able to get say more for him or myself g;; v..". . there .ure, please thip ine a dozen or more as ?i;or. is pos sible. Respectruliy yours, IV. SMITH. i). R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wak-j Co., N. C-, i>cto!>er 21.1853, :??* Having (ipefwocsd very great benefit from ihe use of *? ibjcfiand'a Grrman Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and 0; soti- nal de rangement of the Liver. f.nJ us concomitant evils, I cm da^iiaas of obuinm; a c?antity of it for the ben-nt of iny comnruiuty. Vou will, therefore, please fend a lor, &c. flic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. HtNTsviLLK, Yaokir Co , N. C ,Ncv. 1st, 1853. Dt. C. 31. Jack<s.ii?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sinccre thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has et ?ccied a cure that all oilier med.cincs, thi.t I hive alien, have entirely failed to do. "liooflartd's Ger-> man Bitters" have cured iue of ib? must stubhotn ami aggravated case of the imlk9 that, periiap-i, evei fell to the lot of man My case is nut a stranger in tids community, as I am well known in this and tin. ?<urroum!ii:g ccuntic^, art J can truly sav that my re covery has a$u>und*>d all tuy friends and relations. 11s 1 had tried everything recommended, and nothing 1 did nie :.ny go<Kl until I was prevailed upon to tr> the Bmcrs. You are it liberty to make any s?c ol J this communication, for tiie b? nefit of the aJhctcd. you may think proper. Tru!> r<.:irp, VVM. J. ATWOOD. Tliesc bitters are entirely recclaLle, they invigorate and btrengthea tlio system, never prontratc it, and can b_ used for infants as well as adults. For sda by resr?ectQ.h!e dealt.? everywhere, ami by Z. D. GILMAN, Wa-hinglon; J. L. K1 DWELL, Georgi town; and J. R. PIERPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?ly Private Medical Treaties c a Till PHYSIOLOGICAL VLkW OP IIA&&IA0X, BT Af. B. LA CROn. si. D,f ALBANY, N. Y. ifio Ps?Cfl and ISO tins Plain and Colored Utho graphs and Plstea. tO" Prtnn only SI Canti. "U *t'Seat fiee 0/ postage to all porta cf the ULicntn ClUiAl Et-T HOOK kVKK PURIjlijilEI/, tad Miiifatog nearly d able tLe quantity o? rftaliaz uatter in that of the FIPTY Cf?:>Ta OR DOLLAR PD3LI0ATI0NH. It treat* cd the PflY6I0L0 QY Of MARIU AOS, aad the I tocrei i ? Uruutie*an<l iisordor ef vouth and xaatoi;ty, r? ^nlUEg fr a exse^see, which destroy the physical a: 1 men tal poa era, with obaerrations a j curiisge, Its duties and diw;aahfieatiOBa, and their remedies; with lithographs, lUcut/ating the uutoiay and phy.Udogy, and diaec^s of the repro lsctive org&na of U th texee, their structure, uaea ani functions. A popular ana com;reLtLaive Irea *ia? on the duties and casual*'^ f dngls and inar ?led life?happy aiid truit'.ul i)'!, mode cf fx -arlfig them lnf^tV^V>af aTA !r c?ee- tbelr ibviaticii and renxval? '^i^urbuit hints to thoM> vmhuplating matiic.rny: th*t will ovem.wa ch .ectious to it; nonj, be?e*<sr. should take ti.i? im. portant g'ep wf'hout drat ooasulting ita pages? >.mmentariM oa t*e ul?e&a?aaad mriical treatment jt fen; from Iruncy to old a^e, oaten caae graph ?raUy iiluetratea by U-autUui Utbographio platea? aervoas debil'ty, its caaaea and cure, hy a preceai it oace eo cimp'.e, *& and efl<wtual that lniiure is TEf'teible?rui-s for daily mansg-ment?an ?pt-j ?a pp'irmatorrbaea with practical cb?ar\atio^ oa a ifnr, and store succeaaful mode of treatment?pre autlonary hinta en the evile rtsalting frcm en.piri il prince?sn eaeay on all aiasaaee arialsg hon tidh'jiatioc, with plain aad alapla rales by which all persona can enre thesaselvaa without mrrcury? "flmedjee for those aslf intictsd miacrtes and dlcap ointed hi-poa eo anfbrlonataly prevalent in the ) < ung. It la a truthful adviser 10 the married f* hose oo&templadng marrisga. lis peraai! la par wirulsrly recommended to peracnn entertaining ae aret doubts of thtir phTeice: sondltiau, and who art ttnaoioua of having haaarded the health, happlneac ?nd^rlvllsgss to which every huaun being is tn Prloe i5 sentu ner eopy, or five oopfet for one dol sr. Mailed free of postage to any part of the UaS ed Btaiea. N. B.?Those who prater may consult Dr La Onoa apon any of the diaeaGec upon which hla book treata aith^r -eraonaily or by mall. Medldce a<nt to any (tart of the Union ?coording to direoilcaa, eafah packed and oarefully aecured from all ob^erraUon Adireaa Dr. M. ?. hk Maiden * K Post Ottee Box 67?, Albany. N. Y. <f* Office open daily from Uantitpn. and or. iunday from $ until ipa. ^ 99- Office Ramovad from Ko. M Bsavw m. !o?*aldan Lana, Albany. HY. I VIFFEREWTIAl. and integral calcL'. Loomii'a Practical Astronomy ?P W FHANCK TAYLOR. T&AYLLER&' 14RLTK ?R Y. Mott Bedell's Um <il MEW TORK.JLKXJXnRM. Wjt*HTXG7D JT crrr, .?nd district of columbu P.I CK ET&. mHIS LINE OF PACKETS BAILS WEEKLY I from pier 14 Ea* River, New York, and ofteM* ifnecewary, and are compowd of the foHowiag first class vessel*: ISew schr. Jf. T. NoisS, Bedell, marter. New schr. Mott A. V. T red well. Scbr. Jnn D., Wa. Oliver, b?w, 8ehr. Volant. L. A. Baaith, master. Schr. Comi*awUr-im-&t*f, Wef**? 8ehr. Orrwray, Wilson, -?i I These vessels arc aU ;-"er* men of eiperN*"- ?-?* sailers, ??d the i ?ar U?e *** in the trad* , and the ooly ? aVashmgton City packets. MOTT BEUEI.L, Wm street. If. Y. 8. S. MASTER? k FONH, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS BILET, feb 1?4m Washington aruj D. C. CBOaWKLL'l BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ^ NEW YORK BALTIMORE k BOSTON, \XriLL dispatch a Htesmer daily from Raliiic r? f j and NetvY?*k, ar.d twice a week irom Bo-tua to Baltimore and Baltimore to Coxtrn. This Ifne afFor.i* unequalled fac-.lities to the buu ot* mm of the Di?trict of (Vt'umbia. Tbe Agcrta at either point wilireceive freight and give a through kill ofladmf to Washington ai the k>*e* rat** ? ?! fr* ight and no roanaission.i charred. Applicant-' s for freii^ht promptly attended ?n by tbe foUn?ui<g agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exahange Pl~ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Comer Washington *n<1 AI*<any st?.. N. Y. J NO. W. 8CHAXK, Jan 14?d3ni Foot of ladia Wharf, Ro>i?a. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. MCROVKb > F.RAN ?KM *NT8 FOR TRtY*LI IMPORTANT CHASGKS OF SCHFDCDM/1 fSC JMC The lata ooapletioa of tfco ggOsn tral Ohio Railroad hrtwaea Who- ling aad Columbus, rnitl^s. aa it do*a, by ro abort and direct a line, the RaStiwor* and Ohie Kaflr-ad with all portions of tha Wart (aci North and Southwest,) gl~ss this ronte greatly increas*! advantages to tbrca^h travelers In that direction. >n and afar MONDAY, November *7, IStg, tha trains wil ba ran u follows: FOR TIir.OCGn PASSENGERS. Two fact train* daily will ran in ?*eh Jtraetton. ilttt?Tb# MAIL TFll.V, leatlcg Caadea Station :t 7 a. B., fnate&d <>|.8 o'clock aa L-retofore, (axoept -jj Sunday.) an* a>flvirg ?t Wheeling at 2 40 a a. -ceond?Tbe LXl-*iK3P TRAIN, leading at 5 p k, instead of at 7 p. ta., u heretofore, atd rmnnire through to Whoe'log tn about 17 he or*, r-aeUr g there at 10 24 a. m. TL!s train will stop at Wash iagtcn Juration, Sykfirllle, Monocacv. Harpe*'e F rry, Mar^t-hurg, hir John'f Ran. " ubiriaml tiedisont. r^alaeborg, NV?burg, Peitannan, Para izgttn, (hniroa it1 Moosdaiillt ocIt, for wood aad water ani mea'.j. tbm>? tfaiva aak proai.t and ragnlv oonnoetlop wl h th- eera of the Oentral Ohio Koad for Caubrid*-, Zaa^arllla, *?w ark, OoIuuibiiA, Cin-lnnsli, Loaifril^ Day teak, .Jaadaa)iy, Tolrl.% tetrolt. IniUom^tra Obteago, St Loulr.et3. P^war.g^n leaving ha'.tisacra bytfie Hall Tr? l; wi I ClnslvnotS far JicDtr next lay, while by the Fxpreea Train they irr ther ?t 12 tha seat ni<ht, l -iag kept hut one nlzbt oa ibe route by either train. PaMitgcrs for tbe ^^,rfhwa?t ria Crraiaod and *" ltt*rai<dl?t? roil ta <*aa m<*ke a direct ci. ceo t'.on with he cra'-ua upon th* Cleveland ?cd fitta burg RaUrord at all tisea wh- the Ohio in cariga We for oteamer* between Whwliog ted Weli-rflU. by leaving Baltimere In ih- Ma i Train at 7 a. u IletnmrM, tha Trains luave XS bee.ire aa to!!*** The RXPKK8 TR \LN at 4 30 p m. r?-aehit g *?%' timcre at 3^0 a. m. The MAIL THAIN at li.46 p. a . re?chicf Ba>tiacre at a 7 p. ^-Threugh ticket* fcy b,-at froo Wheeling ft* Ol-jd- na:l, Madi*oi\. L-u.Wille, 8t- Lraia acd rtbT River itiea, * I'l 1? ao'd at a 1 times whea theatam f vrat^r will *ST Throufh ticket* between Baltiaefe arg Wasnin^ton, sad all tbe iaportsat dd?a and towne m the Wasit, are Mid at the Ticket O&eee of tha Ocmpany. FOR WAY PASSEN^ITIS TJIJ MAIL TRAIN, l-aring Caadec Station wiD taie peeeervgeia f-t t'l tfce umal stopping piae*> en ;u? Eo?l IW-urning, this train leaves V\ heaLcc at lLli cdnl^ht, C. ub^rland at 13.1s a a., and arrirrs at Baltl<uore at 7 p. m. THK fUtDSnlCE A COOM MOD ATI ON TiACf, nc Fr^Jerick and inVi mediate tlaoea, will atnrt at 4 P- u., Jaily. (except Eualart) ar.-feing in Freder ick at 7.4?l lie ureinc ?ill !*?re Frederick at 9 a. Qi arriring at Baltimore at 22 30. noon TUS RLUOuTl'd MILLS ACCOMMODATION wLl ba run daily, (ero. pt Surdavs,) aa foltowa: Lcare Caad>-n gtstf- n at 6 a ci ani Spa Lc-ar. Kilioott'a MiUi at T^JO a. a. and <L80 d a. dec 13?dtf 0&AEOS A WD ALEXANDRIA RAIL KOAD. On and THK Care leave Al^xanlila da'ly for Gr.rd^w ?Uie Uil intera?-4iate tatiocfc at 7If o'e!nck. a 1&-, on the arrival oi the boat froa We#hingtra, giving ample tiae fc>r Lreakfart on beard O*. awting at Mana^aa Juncum a .th a traia for SUar. anrg, at Warren ion J a ction w?tu a traia for War ronton, and at 0ord5&srille with the trains on the Virginia Central RaUroad ft rR chmond, Chark ttea will-, and Staunton. The can leave OordoB?rfUe dally for Alexandra and internediaU stations, at belbre U, a. a., oa the arriv?i of the trains ot the Vl-gtnla Central raC road liom Rkhacad, Cfcarl^tt.-*-'!i? end Btanntor i TRRGCGU T1CKKTP. Vrota Alexandria to Warrenton....... Gcrdcnsrills.... Charlottervliie. " Btaantcn J " Ctnubur*.... : ; te?E Luray " New Market.. " " Middleware a ? , . w ** ?'??*?a*e<?? Fcr Lyn -hburg, rranecUng w"th the ?? lava. ^ CB 5 Bri tor Lttnj aci Utr ^raatthu with tka ' 'S1? Cii!p*pu, on Tuteuajh, Tburaiiaya, 8a^ ariay. For Wlnthirtar dally, connscUag with tha i at PWsicnt For VIk!ii?bcrg dally, ccsnacticg with tha at the piuir a Psr ordo*: W. B. BiOOKETT, Agent. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. - . ^IT?a> On TUESDAYS and FKLDAYfl roond trip SI; from AJai? andri* 76 oents -The THOMAS OuLLYKR leav.i Washington at 0 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Coachas leave tos Oepitol for the boat at 8Jt c'dk. Coach tdre to oauts. Psrsona wisuing i^a Ooacbee will laave tkaix rat dance with Goo. A Thoa. Parkar. Relit-txaacaU on th* boat. Oct 3S?<it/ feAlTL OMDNKY, Capt *RK SICW YORK 4k LIVkHPOOL UNITED STATES AIL STEAMERS? OOMi R^cLNU TX1M LLNB *B1 - ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Cart Nye, BALTIC, Capt. (W stock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Graltta. Thtoe ships ht.v? be;?n built by oontract, exptear ly for Ooveiuattit Mrri<-e; every care has bees taken in Ihair construction, aa in the Kngtnae to '.nstra atrcngrh aiil speed, and thair aoocaaoda* tions 'or ;ajceugex? are unequalled for elaganoe and ocafort. ~ ^rke of parage ftxa New York to Llrerpncl, tn aaaaeaaaaaaaaea ????????????????? e e e a e ????????? 70 Sxcli. ive uf?* of extra sis* sta*e rooms aos Froca Lfverpot.1 to New York *30 and tl0. An experienced s?rgK>n attarhsd to each al le. No berth can U sreared until puid for. For freight er parage applv to kDWARD K. COLLINS * CO., M Wall street, Ne Y? rk. BROWN, SIUPLSY A CO, B. O. ROBERTS k 00^ Uymrs**L 13 King's Araa Yarf, JOHN klUNROE A 00, 28 Roe Notre Daa* dee TVUiirea Fmrte. GEO. H. DRAPFtt, Havre. o^oara of theee rhipe will not be aooonntable tor gold, tflver Wullioe, epede, iewelry, precious ?tones or meta.?, aclaas WuTof lading ? tnera>?r, ana ih* value thereof therein OARASOLft. Jt ISO very rich and cheap P raaols, all e<>iwa S'faw Bouneu and Miaaaa'FUue, great variety Bich Bouucta and Ribbands 120 dozen Linen cambric Handkerchiefs in fkney boxes, at f 1 50 per doxen; we think a ft**: bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchief* in great vanety 500 yards Swias Edging, 13c., worth S5c. 30 dozen black Nei Mitt", from 50 cents up, eery cheap 85 dozen best French Kid Cloves, all shades My stock ifc large aad well assorted, aad par chased at the eety loweet price*. Customers will be pleased to favor me with a call and they shall be attentively shown through It, and the goods offered at a small advance WM. B. RILEY, * Corner Sth it, opp. Centre Market, mar 31?la

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