Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1855 Page 3
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r'"-CT\? STAB. Local Intelligence! Thb Coiscfts ? The Board of Aldermen ffi iStfclS,'* """" Mr -on? norse, cart and driver and one laborer u Vf wWard' ? " *?r?gateoo?tef $3,022.50 wbich, he says, u much leu than similar work hae heretofore oost the Corporation: referred to the health committee Mr Tepper presented the potion of E'iia jSEfJA*** *? th? of "> ">? jxucl?y Mr. Clark presented the petition of John Baine and other*, to hare the curb set and iv?rrViD'o^??10 fr0ntof "I**7** ?02 and 903; referred to the improvements eommittee Mr Borrows reported, from the improve ments committee, a bill to graduate and pave the alley in square 398; paued F Mr. b. also introduced a bill to repair the w?y on the south front of squares 402 end 42ft; passed. Mr. Houxton offered a joint resolution to ap point a eommittee to select a lot to erect there ?k \il0Use ^or Franklin Fire Company? the Mayor, two members of the Board of Al dermen, and three of the Board of Common Council; passed. The Chair appointed Messrs Houston and Reed as this committee on the part of this beard. Mr Pepper offered a resolution direoting the poliee oommittee to enquire into the propriety of exempting from taxation the Academy of visitation, and ail similar institu'ions. Mr. Magruder opposed the reference pro posed for in this resolution by its mover But after a few remarks from Mr Pepper, explain ing that his purpose in suggesting that refer ence was to send it to a oommittee who had time to attend to it, Mr. M withdrew his op I oeition, and the said resolution was passed without amendment. Mr Evans presented a petition from Wm Hook. John Pollock, Joseph Lyons, and many others for the remission of the fine on Bridget ampoeil for selling liquor without license; referred to the claims eommittee Mr Bayly, from the claims committee re ported bills for the relief of Henry Seiti and Mrs. B. H Cheeyer; raised. The latter bill appropriates $425 in full payment to her for expenses of altering the grade of K street In fr jnt of her property, Ac. Mr Bayly, from the claims committee, re ported a bill for the relief of James Campbell ~a-nod of Bridget Campbell; passed. Mr. Pepper, Irom the improvements com mittee reported a bill to authorize the setting of a curb-stone, and paring of the foot-way on the ea*t side of sauares 902 and 903. A bill from the lower Board, authoriaing the Mayor to purchase the building known as the Rugby Academy for school purposes, way laid before the Board Mr Bayly, after a few remarks, moved iti reference to the oommittee on publio schools ? so referred. Mr Bayly reported back unfavorably, from the oommittee on claims, the petition of John Wren ; laid on the table. A bill from the lower Board, to repair the briok arch in K street south, between Four teenth and Fifteenth streets east, was parsed. Tae amendment of this Board to the bill appropriating $500 for the purchase of appa ratus for the Eastern Hook and Ladder Com pany was returned from the lower Board disa freed to. Tbe said amsndment added to the ill a clause appropriating $500 in aid of the n estern Hose Company. Mr. Fitipatrick moved to recede Mr. Borrows addressed the Board against that motion. Mr Magruder also addressed the Board at some length, and with great earnestness, against reoeding. Mr Hous.on addressed the Board in favor of reoeding Mr Pepper followed on the same side. The amendment was receded from?yeas 9 nevs 3. Mr. Pepper reported back from the improve ments committee, the lower Board s bill for the construction of a reservoir at the intersection of Sixth street west and New York avenue - parsed Mr. Bayly made unfavorable reports on the petitions of James Barnes and T. M. Brush ? laid on the table. ' The Board then adjourned. Cornmon Council ? The Board met at 8 o'clock, and Mr. Barr, Vice President, called it to order Mr McCauley presented the petition of ?alentine Evans for taking up and re-laying a oavement; referred. Mr. Barr laid before the Board the petition of Jacob F. K'.ng for a remission of a fine referred Also, from the Register a certificate of taxes erroneensly paid; referred Mr Jos W. Davis, from the eommittee on improvements, an act appropriating $300 for whitewashiag and improving the Northern Market, pessed Mr Duncanson, from the committee on elaims, mada a report on the petition of (J. > anderwerken. asking to be relieved from certain fines imposed upon him; laid aside. Also, from tho same committee: a bill ap propriating $800 for damages sus ained by the falling of the iron bridge at the terminus of K street, in May, 1854; laid aside Mf- Busey, from the oommittee on police, reported a bill to regulate the sale and quali ty of bread; laid aside Also, from the select Committee to select a site for the market house in the Fifth Ward, recommending that a market house for the tutn and Sixth Wards be located on the pub lio reservation *cuth of squares 819 to K43 and between Pennsylvania avenue and Filth and .lio- lhal th* market bouse in the Sixth Hard be sold; laid aside. Mr Kelly, from the Committee on the Fire Department reported the bill from the Board or Aldermen for the relief of the Franklin FtreC-mpany; phased. Mr. Walker, from the same oommittee, made a report recommending that the Board do not concur m the amendment appropriating $500 for the apparatus of the \\ estern Hose Com. pany, made by the upper Board to the bill ?PProPriation for the American Hook and Ladder Company; conourred in. mr. Stewart, from the committee on im. fiSTVe "r-orted a bill appropriating A communication was received from the, Mayor covering a letter cf the Collector of tan* stating that the ttme allowed for pre Jf 5.Bgi5Dw*fSW#r resolution of the Board SU'til '.Vul"'u'm." "" Mr Newman Introduced a bill for eradin* and gravelhng Twentieth street west; referred Mr. Lamborger introiuced a bill to gravel VSfZZZZ* ? fcrf!k 12 ,ntr"duc*J a bill to repair the tJn!h ,fw?^ i*** foah' Ftur. teenth and Fifteenth street' east; referred Mr. Butty moved to take up the bill to SS5 Iff h<JCM in th? h',r^ Ward, whioh, after debate, was referred to tho dele gations of the Fifth and Sixth Wards -*?*** .kick orovMB.nt?0"' from lh? cemmittee on im grade an alieJT^aA J*- "P "d ?f Ai<ier after the transaction of2?I"r rKef#rrea and U? Bo?d ' ,J?" U,'h" IlDIiS t.\HIBITi?w it. . tion of the rea-ier "to the idll'Jt tt#n" Maungwudaus which ?in!. rU,iemcnt of umn. STwhTh iT wu! two son-, Of the Chippeway tribe Jiii ? u exhibition at Odd FeUowk lull' VI g'v? an ZThttTf}% eTen,D<< ono it Carusi^Sa' loon, on Fnday evening their native eoetuma ^ BrP?ar in --? ??j -""'ug i nev will appear in their native eoetume, and describe the manners and customs of their people. The old chief will deliver a lecture on the subject of the origin of the North American Indians Their eniertainuient) are both novel and intereeting. Tna Cannae Yagkrs, Cett StiLwaiaiuau, will parade on the first day of May, on which occaaioa they will appear in a new style of hat. Bwobv Presentation.?Last night, *t tha armorj of the Washington Highlanders the commander of the cerpa wa? presented with a beautiful sword by Dr. W. B. Magruder, whose remark* ware of a character eminently calculated to inapira patriotic devotion, and the promotion of the practioe of morality The response of the Captain waa brief but to the point; and. like the apaech of the doctor, waa highly appreciated by tha oompany P?? ent. They had, indeed, aplaaaant tune. May he long wear with honor the elegant present, and success to the Highlander. Church or TBI Ascbnsion.?Wa under stand that tha ladies of the Church of the As cension, in thia city, hare recently presented their rector, Hot. Mr Stanley, with a vary rich and elegant clerical gown. It was made by Mr. Jarria, of New York eity, and is of beautiful material and workmanahip. We also learn that the ladies af the parish have raised over $200, which baa bean expended in introducing gaa into tbo churoh, so that even ing service is now held there Thasa ladies are deserving all praise for thair industry, en ergy, and perseverance. Whan they will thay eaa accomplish their objects. New Discovery ?Last evening wa had an opportunity of witnessing tha trial of the newly discovered article of fuel, which was m^e at the Rational Hctal. A number of gentlemen, some of whom were connected with tha press, were present, and all appeared t) ba satisfied of the suocess of the discovery. There are many advantages gained by this material, over tha fuel now in oommon use, if the explanations of the inventor, which wera very reasonable indeed, be oorrect thoughout Successful trials have been made in Naw Orleana, and other oitias, and we have not the leaat doubt that the article will anawer the purpose designed. * Balls.?The''Monumental Club" and the ' Western Hose Company, No. 1," will eaeh give their first annual ball to morrow evening, the one at Carusi's Saloon, and the other at the Washington Assembly Rooms, Louisiana Avenue. A superior band has been engaged for eaoh ball, and the respective managers pledge themselves that tlyey will snare no pains to make the entertainment all that the lovers ofdanoing oan desire. Though those balls are to be given on the same night, we doubt not that both of them will be well at* tended; for never before within our reooollee tion has danoing been more popular than now. THK CONCERT OF THB R\'LAND CHAPBL Choir, will be repeated on to-morrow (Wed* nesday) evening, in the churoh, corner of Ma ryland avenue and Tenth street. The lovers of harmony may anticipate much gratification from the musical exercises. The Fracas at Willarbs.?We understand ihat the friends of Col Manypenny think that our statement of the facts of the late fraeas at Wlllarda', differ from that gantleman:s recol lection. in the allegation that Mr. Beale ad dressed hostile words to Col. M. before striking him it seems that Col. M.s first knowledge of the presence of Mr. B. was from a blow received. ?? Tbk Musical Soireb on Thursday right wext.?M. Moran, who proposes to dispose of his magnificent collection of lacos by a gift concert on Thursday night next, has engaged the services of Mr. Henry Palmer, (Robert Heller,) Miss Fanny Morant, a younger sister of that lady who racks high in Baltimore *s a vocalist, and Miss Rr>sa Schmidt. Mr. Heller is at thia time the finest pianist in America, while Misa M^rant's execution on the guitar is exquisito No one ambitious of performing well cn either of these instruments can spend an hour to mere advantage than in listening to and studying the respective styles (execu tions) of these two so accomplished artists We have great curiosity to hear Miss Schmidt, of whose singing we have Tery favorable re ports, indeed. The laces which are to be disposed of on this occasion have been the wonder and ndmi. ration of tbe ladies of Washington for some days past, Mrs Detarue's establishment being crowded with visitor s to Inspect them. We question whether another so equisitely fin. ish lot was ever before in thia oountry. Fraternal Discord?Officer Yeatman, yesterday, arrested two hrothers, who were figHting in a house on F, neir Twelfth street, having been compelled to break open the door to capture them One was badly out in the face, but neither would complain nor give evidence against the other. The result was, one of the oelligereDta was sent to jail by a justice of the peace, whde his brother was set at liberty, it is to be especially regretted that men of kindred blood should permit their passions ta lead them into suoh disgraceful proceedings. Tax Late Mayob Macrt.?At an adjourned meeting of the Jamestown Society, of Wash ington City, held at the United States Hetel, Saturday, April 21,1855, Major J as M MoRae offered the following resolutions, which ware unanimously adopted: Resolved, That we deeply deplore the re moval from time to eternity of our esteemed friend and brother member, John W. Maury, a gentlemen who had ever at heart the honor and glory of his native State, and that we shall ever bold in remembrance his honorable bear ing and unsullied worth. ? Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the family of our deceased friend. Wood and Cbribty's Minbtrelb ?This accomplished band of Ethiopean performers were greeted last night with a house so orowd ed that it was found necessary to deoline sal ling tickets to hundreds who applied. Every spot in Iron Hall wherein one could sit or stand waa occupied by as delightel an audi ence as they could have wished on their opening night Their wit is unrivalled, while thair dancing and singing have never been ex called in this quarter in the same line Birch is atrump There is a vein of genuine humor, shrewdness and evident keen relish for sport, which makes us oertain that he haa the real ( Cooney" blood in his veins?is a chip off tha old block whioh was first knawn in these dig gins perhaps one hundred years ago. To-night they present an entire change of programme, embracing many of their choicest songs, solos and new danoes throughout, and oonclude with a most amusing burlesque Besuretosee them if you have a soul for a real old fashioned right hearty laugh, reader. METRoroLiTAB Chtrch.?On Sunday last, '-he Rev. Wm. M D Ryan, the recently ap pointed agent to solicit subscriptions toward the building of the Methodist Episcopal Metro politan Church, in this city, preached a ser mon in the Caroline street churoh, Baltimore, on which occasion $400 were promptly sub scribed in aid of that work. The Obpbab ?The Board of Managers of St. Vineest's Orphan Asylum return their grateful acknowledgments to Mr. Stanley, the benevolent proprietor of the Panorama of the Western Wilds, for his liberality in extending to them a benefit by whioh, after defraying the expenses as agreed upon, ($30.) they have re alised the sum of $Vl 60. ? Mb. Cablislb's Obbat Spbbch, closing the argument in the recant oase of Dove vs. McBlair, seems to be the theme of general praise throughout our city. As able as that gentleman is well known to be in tha .law, it haa certainly won for him a greatly inoraasad professional reputation. Death op tbb City Surveyor.?Henry Wj Ball, the city aurveyor, died last night, at his residence, of pneumonia, after a few days' 111 neaa. Within the last fortnight hia brother, John T Ball, a clerk in the Patent Office died of the eame disease. Watcb Return*.?Peyton Colyar, profanity, tine and costs; Henry Butler, profanity and fighting, jail; Qeorge Williams, diaorderly vagrant, workhouse 30 daya. This last is a colored boy, and been twioe to the workhouse Lodgers wera not numerous last night; possi bly the proprietor is growing unpopular with his most constant customers. It may be either because the beds are not supplied with ptl lew#, or because those who lodge in the eitv hou*? three nights in succession, are removed to the country villa, where they will have iaore regular exeroise and batter aooommoda ~ Pnf??>*? ??* Sto41?Mt]Ti ? omm or vbb BkcutaIy or ttt s? April 21, 1855 IN ptrtunM of the "a:t lega'iting *nl making appropriat'on* for such necessary ehject* a* hare b-?n usually included in the general appr< prittion bills without authority of law, and to fix and pro vide for certain incidental expense* of the depart* m?nt< and offlcea of the government. and for o'her purposes," approved the 26th of A-igust, 1842, sealed proposal* will b? received at Ihh ofHee until 12 o'clock. a. m., on Monday, the 21*t of May next, for furnishing the following articles of tationery for the on of tbe Senate, each article to be of xh* wry bett quality, and to be approved by the Secretary, viz: 50 riams hardware paper, very touyh, and wth very smooth su face; the rise to be 20 by 2 inches and to weigh not less than 45 ptunis to tbe ream . 500 sheets p'epared parchment, 10 by 92 inches square, of the verj bent qua'i'y, per sheet 8 ream* engrossing paper, very smooth end thick, 26 by 10 Inches when trimmed, per ream 60 reams cartridge paper, very tough and with very sm*?th surface; the sis* to be 21 inches by 26 inch's, and to weigh not 1>es than 26 pounds to the ream, per reun 6C0 reams cartridge paper, very tough and with very smooth eurlace; the size to be ltf inches by 24 inches, and io weigh not less than 23 pounds to the ream, p?r ream 100 reams white soft wrapping paper, per ream 10 ream* whl e single flat cap paper, satin fin lsh, per ream ?4 reams white legal cap paper, satin finish, faint lined, t f the very be?t quality, pev ream 60 reams white oap paper, sa'in finish, faint lined, of tbe very best quality, per rram 5 reim white e*p paper. satin finish, ol the very best quality, plain, per ream 50 reams white vellum cap paper, satin finish, seoond quality, faint lined 10 reams white vellum cap paper, sa'in fin ish, second quality, plain 60 reams white laid 4<.o. port paper, highly glased and hard calender*!, gilt, faint lined, and *o weigh not less than U pounds to the ream 69 reams white vellum paper, highly glased and hard calendered, glit, faint lintd, ?f the very beat qual ty 20 reams wbito laid 4to, post paper, highly glaaed and hard calendered, gilt, and to we igh not less than 0 pounds to the ream 10 reams smtll size whi-e laid letter paper, highly glazed and hard calendered, gilt, of the very beet quality 20 reams white vellum 4to. post paper, high y gazed and hard calendered,gilt, of the very best quality 20 reams white laid Bath post paper, highly glased and hard calendared, gd', laint lined, an 1 to weigh not lees than 7 pounds to the ream 20 reams white vellum Bath post paper, high ly glazed and hard calendered, gilt, faint lined, of the very best quality SO rrams whitH laid Bath pest paper, highly glased and hard calendered gilt, and to weigh not les3 than 7 pound? to tbe ream 20 reams Alhamliria bath paper, highly glaz-d and 1 ard calendered, faint .Ir.xi, of the very best quaiity 10 reams Alhanfera Bath paper, b'ghly glaz?d and hard calendered, of ihe very best quality 10 reams amber Bath pap%r, highly g azed and hard calendered, faint lined, of the very best quality 6 reams amber Bath paper, hiphiy glazed and hard calendered, of the very beet quality 20 reams white vellum Path poet paper, highly glased and hard calendars i, gilt, of the very beet quality * 10 reams blu* vellum 4to. post paper, highly glased and bard calendered, gilt, faint lined, of tbe very l>est quality 10 reams L>e !a Rue's double thick cream laid large note paper, ef the vary test quality 20 reams white vallum large note piper, high iy (.lazed pud hard calendered, gilt, faint lined, of the very best quality 23 white laid large note paper, highly glased, hard tendered, gilt, :aint lined, an ' to neigh not i?es than 4 pounds to the ream 20 r<hms white laid l*r?e note paper, highly fi lazed, hard calendered, jplt, and to weigh not less than 4 pounds to the renin SO reams white vellum larg? note p*per, highly glased, hard calendered, gilt, of thd very b?st quality. 20 reams white vellum small note paper hljrhly glazrd. bard calender d, gilt, faint lined, of the very be*: quality 20 rums wt lte v?Jlum i-mall note paper, hinhy ?l?seJ, hard calendered, gilt, tf the ver/b'a" quality 5 rwima amber note paper, h:ghly ghzed r.nd harl calendared, faint lined, of the very bert quality 5 rami amber note paper, highly glasel and hard calendered, cf the very be t quality 20 reams fin y note f.aper of different k'nls, satin finish 2 reams blotting paper, cf the very teat quality 6 dozen cap portfolios without lock*1, per dozen 0 dozen quarto portfolios with locks, per dozen 12 doz-n four blade penkrivc, pes ri handles, rtlver tipped, per dozen 6 d zen mull tw -blade penknives, pearl han dles, silv-r tipped, per dozen 5 doze a four blade penknives, buck bandies, tipped, per dozen 2 dcz?n l?ory handle erasers, per dozon 1 drzen pairs oflice shears 6 doz?n pairs scif8dr<<, per dozen 6dozen pearl folders, per dozen 12 doz?n Ivory lolders,9 inches long and 1 inch wi.te, and to wtlgh not less than tf ounces to the dozen, per dozen 10 dozen iTory handle wafer stamps. chequered. ~ perdoz^Q fl doz <n small pearl handle stamps, or others of equal quality, f r notea, perdezaa 6 dozen hmall agate handle stamps, or others of equal qua'ity, for notes, per dcz'n 6 dozeu ierge size cut glass paper weights, beet quality, jer dcz n 6 dozen s.?all size cut-glass cr other paper wt igh* s, beet quality, per dozen 6 dozen fcrouze taper stands, or others of equal qua ity, per dozen 6 dozen natch boxes with wax matches, per dozen 10 pounds wax tapirs, per p >und 20,000 w.i* matches, iu boles containing 250 -r 500 ea .u, per m 3 gross black lead pencils, FaberV, Nos. 1 and 2, or thers o! like quality, per gross 2 dozed boxes pencil lead* 1 dcz*>n bronze l-tt*r clips 6 dost'n ?Undiskes, with pump inkstands, (er with cutgla*s inkstands with hinge tops,) and with sand and wafer box- s, and pen rocks, per dozen 6 dozen cut-glass inkstands 1% inch square, wi h hinge tops, for desks, p?r dozen 6 doz-c cut glass rand stands 1% inch rquare, motal tops, for dewks, per doz-n 2 dozen large size cut-glass inkstands, per dozen 5 dozen small size fancy inkstand?, per dozen 2 dozen bronze spring-top inkstands, per dozen 5 dozen send sifters, per dozen 8 dozen wafer boxes, per dozen 6 dozen pieces beet quality oflice taste, per dczen 6 gro s red tape, No. 23, per gross 6 groes red tape, No. 10, per gross 26 gross red tope, No. 13, per gross C dozen bronze fpiial-epring Utter balances, per dczen 2 conn memorandum books, quarto tizs, mo rocw covers, perd :z*n 0 d?-z*a uieiBor&miuiu bookSj octavo size, mo rocco cover?, per dozen 2 dozen memorandum books, 12jno. eize, mc rooco eovers. per dozen 12 dozen clo?h pen wipers, perd>een 6 pounds India rubber, 40 pieoes to the pound, per pound SCO dotes large barrel eteel pens, very elastic, per dozen 100 dozen small barrel st*l pens, very elastic, per doaen 160 oard* l'erry'a three point sttel pens, or others of like make and quality, pec card 100 cards Perry's fine-point ste^l pens, or otherj of like make and quality, p*r sard 60 cards Phineas's bank steel pens, or others of like make and quality, per card 76 cards Perry'sside-springstoel pen*, or others of like make and quality, per card 50 cards Pnineas's imitation quill pens, or other* of like make and quality, p r card 150 cards Phineas's long-pcint bronze steel pens,or others of like make and quality, per *ard 200 card* bullion pens, per card 60 cards Phln-as's patont double elastic eteel pens, per card 4 gross electro gilt long point pens 6 gross gut'a pereba pens 6 gross albata stenographic long-point pens 10 grt ss long potnt albata pens, per gross 50 doien fine-point double action steel pens, pc>r dczen 5 gro#* other steel pens, per grot* 2 gross large barrel pen bacdles, rosewood, per gross 2 -groes an all barrel pen bandleP, rosewood, per grots 6 gross steel tipped pen handles, pergrose 6 dozen fancy pen hand 1*8, per dozen 16 dnzen pint bottles of black ink, of tbe very best quality, per dozen 8 dozen half pint bcttles of black ink, of the very best quality, per dozen k dozen b ftle? rtd ink, per doztti 16 pouali medium tdze red wafers, In square oi obtong boxes, containing tfoun*e?ea- h, per p<und 16 pounds medium-size red wafers, ia tin can isters, < r 1 pound boxes, p r found 6 dozen boxes small-size transparent wafers, per dozen 12 doun box* 'ancy motto Vlfen, per down 10 prmudsrrd wax, of the v*ry best qualify, 10 ?t'oks to the pound. p?r p and ?V) pound* red wax of the vary best quality, 20 Stie*. 40 *h? Pon=d, I" X poacd boxes, par pound 6 <iot?n (mm 11 boxes <acef VM.? ?*r doxen 1 do* a jars gum mu til air*. per<lo*4ii 1 dor.en small bottles gam muc!l\g*, per dozen 6 doran embossed paper box*, 13 inobe by 8 Inches square aud 8 inches deep, perdoren 1 deren embossed paper box**, 8 inches by 6 in h*s square an) 1 inch deep, perd">*eu 6 df*?n moraooo covered b res, 25 inches by 9\4 inefres square and 4*4 laches deep, with locks, to be in all respe-ts like the sample at this oSce, p*r dez*a 1 dozen mahogany ruler*. Ifi ircbec in length, round or flat, per dos?n 200 poundi best bl ck san I, in 1 pound papers, p*r poind 6,000 extra large six. whie adhwivo envelopes, very smooth and thirk, inches by K\i inches square per M 10,000 leng white alheeive errreiopas, fhr Ir'tets very smooth and thick, 8^4 inchoa by Z% inefca* square, put M 6,000 long eloth-lin3d adhisire esv*1ofcii, 8J4 Inches by inches square, p*r M 10,000 long white adhftslve enreiop^s, for letters, * 8 laches by 3U inches tquare, per M 5,000 kng buff" adhesive envelope', for Utters. very smooth and thick, per M 5,000 long white adhesive envel pes tor Path paper. leches by 8 8-8 inches square, per M 5)000 white adhesive l*tter envelopes, very tm x>th and thick, 6 1-6 inohes by 8Vi Inches square, per M 30,000 whits adhesive latter envelopes, very smooth and thick, 6^ Inches by 31-5 inches square, par M H^OOO cU>tb-liaed adhesive latter envelopes, par | 5.000 b?ff adhesive letter envelopes, very smooth and thick, same sfzs, j-er M 6 000 De La Rue's thick white nele envelope.*, adhodve, to suit 'he drublo thick ncte pa per, {er M 6,COO amber-colored adhesive envelopes, to suit the Bath paper, per M 5,000 amber colored adhesive envelopes, to suit the no'e paper, per M {0,000 large white adfcesive note envelopes, to salt th- large aote paper, ptrM 20,000 small wh te adhesive note envelopes, to suit the small note paper, per JI 10,000 onveiopee. to su t ihe fancy note paper,' per M 6,000 white embossed card envelopes, per M 5,000 plain white adhesive axrd envelopes, p?r V 10,000 mediam-rts white adhesive envelope*, for dccument* very thisk, smooth, and tough, per M 5,0U0 medium sise cloth lined adherive envelopes, per M 50,000 mmliuai-sise buff adhesive envelopes, for documents, very thick, smioth, and t">agh per M 600,000 medium baff envelopes, for documents, very thick smooth ani tough, not apheaive, per U Tho adhesive envelopes must be thickly gummed, a fourth of an inch wide, round the lappels. By the act approved June 17. 1844, the Secretary of the Feo&te i* "directed to confine bis purchase? exclusively to ar icles of the growth anl manufac ture of the United States, p-ovidej the same can be procured of such gr wth and mana'itf^ure ofsuitable quality and at reasonable prices, npon as good terms ts to quality aad pric* aa c in be obtained ot foreign growth aad m-nufi."rtu;e " A preference xili therefore b? giv??n to the productions of American industry, and all persons making proposals to sup ply any article will state whether the tame >s of the growth and manufacture of the Unites S'ates. The articles must be delivered at the offics of the Secretary of the Senate at Washington, free of any charge f'. r cirriage, on or before the 10th of Septem ber next, , Evrry article mutt be of the very be ft quality,unl'tt | an inferior article is caiUdfur. Th- ri^ht is expressly reserved, in c se it shall be necessary, to order, upon giving reasonable notice, any additional quantity 01 any or all of said articles that may bs required tor tho us* of the Senate duitea the thirtv-Jfurth Congress. A lufficteot fpeotraea of each arficl? propoied for (of paper half a quire, and of euv?lr pas :/5) is to accompany the pioposal, end to be marked tbe nains of tbe proposer, and the price of the article. The whole of t-ach artlele specified in the foregoing f list wl'l be deem daclas>; arid the person offering j to furnish any such < 1 i?s at tbe lowest price (quality sorsidered) will receiv? a c< ntmct fcr 'h* same, on exe-:uUng a bond. wi*h two or more sureties ta-is factory to the Secretary of the Set-ate, for the per formance ttere*f, code? a forfeiture of twice the rontract price in cafe of failnra, which bon l is to be filed in the office of the said secretary wi hin ten day* after the proposals have fcron accepted. If an}- ertirle ecntrscfed for shculd not be deliv ered wiihin the time stipulated, or should be infe rior in any n*sp?-ct to tna sample, the b^nd of the contractor will lw put in suit. t'ropoiials should be endorsed " Proposals f r stationery ft>r the Seoate," and be dir?ctel to th* Secretary of the Senate at Washing on. Proposal; Rnd sptcimenc must te deliv?r< d ct the 0?ce fr?e of charge. Apr l 24?law4w For Bale and hiont. H OUSE FOR RENT?CORNER OP 19th and J streets, one ol the most desirable locations in thecily. For particulars apply at the Kirkwood riouse, between the hours of 2 and 3 p. m. ap 24?eo3t* FOR RENT-THREE ROOMS ON FIRST floor of "Forrest Hall," Georgetown, suitable for of fices or stores. Apply to B. FORREST, ap 24?1 w * corner F and 20th streets. FOR RENT?THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC cupied by Barnes At Mitchell, on Pa. aveuue, between 8th and 9th streets. Possession given on 15th May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMES L?1X< >N, E*q , of ibis city, or the subscriber, "Cottage," M ntg')in??rv county, Md. TIIOS. CONNELLY, ap 23?tf 1*0 LET?A FRAME HOUSE ON 15th street, west, near L street north. The House has ten rooms, a pump of good water in tbe yard, all 111 good order. Possession given on the 1st of May. Inquire of M Sliippard, or A. Borland, on the premises, ap 23?3t* .'OK KENT?A WELL FURMSIIfcA IIOUSK, F naar the Public Departments. Address "J. P. C," City Post Office. ap 23?3t* FOR RENT AND FOR HIRE.?A two-story Brick D-.vHling in the central portion of the! eity, Bintalde for a private residence for a -mall fain-1 ily or a store, or omces tor agents, being in the nn me-Mate neighborhood of the General Post Oflice and thb Patent Office; a few doors froin the !a'ter, 011 7th street- Kitchen in basement, also 111 yard pump iu the yard Stable and Carriage house. Gas in most of the rooms, nil in first rate o:der. Also, a small frame bouse on Seventh St., near Boundary. Also, for hire, a negro woman, a first rate cook. Apply to E. M. CHAPIN, Deputy Marshal, at City Hall. ap81?(Organ) House to rent?a very pleasant i House on L, between 9th and 10th sts., hav ing a front yard, with shrubbery. Also, backyard, with fruit trees, pump, kc. The bouse will be rent ed with or wi'bout furniture. Apply at No. SOS or 510 L street, between 9th aud 10th sts. ap91?3t* For rent or sale^three medium site three story Brick Houses on the corner of I 9th and N streets. For further particulars enquire " at the corner of 12th and L sts., No. 3851. ap 19?I w* Handsome furnished parlors.?two suits of Parlors and Chambers on the first and second floors, handsomely'furnished, is for rent with or without board. There is gas in the house aud a bathroom. Apply at mrs. NICHOLSON'S, No. 3TO II street, corner of Eighteenth. , ap 13?I m* IftOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome par-1 ' lora and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. I SMITH'S, 833 F street ap9 FOR RENT?THREE new FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M streets, being but four squares from the Railroad Depot; would make good residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, an the opposite side or the street, ap 4?lm* A certain CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR tune ?A lady having acquired a competency iu the MilUnery business, is now desirous of dispo* ing of her establishment, and retiring into private ttte. Her location is one of the best in the city, and is a rare op|?ortunity for nne acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at tins office. a mar 29 ?1111 FRENCH BOOT MAKER. JACOB wolfsteiner, No. *81 E.ghUi St., near Pa. avenue, is now prepared U> make the most fashionable French BOOTS. His long expe rience and practice in this branch of the tusiness in Paris aud New York, justify him in sa>iug that bis Boots cannot be excelled in this country. Has on hand a lot already made up, to which llie particular attention of gentlemen are invited. ap21?lw* RAH AWAY.-llO REWARD.?JOH N, my negro man. agrd about 50 years, ran away Irom my farm in Alexandria couuty, Va.,ou Mon day, 15th instant. He stoops in his walk ; had on a I ray frock coat aud gray pants. He has a wife at lr. A. Gladman's, on 9th street, near the boundary in Washington. 1 think he is luikiug about there. He also ha-t h sister at Mr. Marbury's, in George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Corner of 4Jf street aud Fa. avenue. ?p IB ?U Auction Galea. By GRIER Jt SCOTT, AnctloBMr>. Valuable ohprovrd property n?ar the Capitol, a? Auction.- on MONDAY, the ?Oth ins'ant, we shall wL1, tn front of the premises, at 0 o'clock f m., a nearly n*? brick and fram? Houw, thre? stories rnd cellar; the loW^ story unit ccllar We of bri<-k, the two upper Mori** ?.'? 0" frame. The abor* desertbM pioprrty is ?ituat>;! fronting on 1st street c.1** 31 feet 10 inches, nissing back 120 fret, between C an? P atreet* north, bsing part of Lot Nrt. 8, in Square 684, #asC ?f the railma<l Depot and near the Capitol. Also, part ot vacant Lot No. 7, in tame ?qti*r?, adjoining the above, baring a front of 50 feet by 100 feet deep. T'rms: One half ^asb ; the balance in ft and 19 months, the purchaser to give note* for the <f*?erred payments hearing interest from the day of the rale. A deed given and a deed of fUf*t taken GREEN * SCOTT, ap 24?d Auctioneers. By **? O, ncOVlRK, Auctloat?r. TfERY SUPERIOR AND HANDSOME FUR f nlture, R<v?>wood Piano, fcc., at PnWic Aac 1MB?On MliNDAY mortifng, April 30th nt 10 o'clock, at the rc*i<fc noe of Mr*. J. D. Brown, Pa. avenue, between 14th and Ifttto streets, immediately opposite Willards' Hotel, I shall m-II all of her ale punt Furniture and Housekeeping Effect*, via : Superior ro?***?od rase aeven octave Piano Forte, by Nunna & Fischer, New York Pair ?( elegant rosewood medallion back Sofas, fin ished hi rich blue and gold satin damask Pair of cria son plush covered Tcte a Tetc Sofas, Rocker, and Parlor Chairs to match Set ofEoiid rosewood medallion back Parlor Chaira finished in cotton Handsome rosewood marble top Centre Tabic French plate gilt fra?e Pier Glass Slab and Brackets Velvet Parlor mid Starr Carpet*. Ruga Elegant daniRtk Window Curtains, with richly worked Lace Curtains. Cornice and Future* Superior rosewood and mah"g;iny Dressing Bureau* and Washstand* with marble tops Handsome rosewood and mahogany French and E'liabethian Bedsteads Very superior curlcd hair and spring Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, husk do Two tine mahogany Wardrobes Carpets, Curtains, Sliaser, Chairs Handsome carved walnut Extension Table Marble-top Sideboard, Centre Table French dining Chairs, Side Tables* Walnut arved French Sofa Don Reclining Chair, Easy Chair Handsome mahogany Hatrack Hall Oilcloth, Veuitian Blinds Beautiful gold band Fre?ch China Dinner Set Sil?er (lated Castors, Glassware Large Hobby Horse, Children's Chairs Cooking Stove. Kitchen Utensils, k.c. The above Furniture is of superior make and fin ish. and in excellent order. - Terms: %'jo and under cash; over that sum a credit of 2 and 4 months, for note* satisfactorily eu dorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, . apr 23 ?d Auctioned. By Oft KKK * SCOTT. Household and kitchen furniture Pianoforte, &c., at Auction?On WEDNE-5 DAY, the -25th inst, we shall sell, at the residence ot Mr. Ro.-s Browne, at the corner of 6th and I streets north at 10 o'clock a.m., an excclknt as-l "irtincnt ot Furniture, viz : Fine rosewood Piano Forte, Stool ar.d Cover, mad< by Knabe St Gaehie,octave, fine tone aud touch Mahogany damask and plush covered Lounges, par lor and Castor Chairs Do marble top centre and Pine Tables, Pier Qlrw, flic. Do Dressing and other Bureaus and Wash stands Do dining, eard, and other Tables, and Stands Do hair cushioned Sofa. Hatrack Fine damask and white window Curtains and Orna ments Fine Tapestry, 3 ply and ingrain Carpets Feather Beds, Be.ld.n~ Wool and other Mattresses Venitian Blinds, high and low post and trundle Bed s^ads Cooking, radiator and airtight Stoves With a good assortment of Kiichcn Requisites Terms: All sums of nnd under $25 cash ; ov?r $-25 a credit of 60 and 1W dajs. lor notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN h SCOTT, aP 21?d Auctioneers. P- ?House is for rent. Inquire on premises. ny RRKRt A SCOTT, Aiir(lone?rs. fl TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND 1 Kitchen Furniture at Auction?On WEDNE8 DAY, the 2.1 d <y of May, 1 shall sell, at the resi dence ot Henry Baldwin. Esq., at the corner ol 12th and II streets, at 10 o'clock a. m , by virtue ol a dee' of tru<t from said Baldwin to the subscriber, bearing date the27th day of February, and duly record ed in one of the land records lor Washington county in the Di-irict of Columbia. a.l the goods and chat tcls specified in said deed, viz : Sofa, pa-lor, arm reading and other Chairs Mahogany Centre, Card and other Tables Three fine painted Cottage Chamber Sets Feather Beds, Bedding Hair and shuck Mat resses China, Glass and Crock cry ware, Table Cutlery Parlor, stair and Chamber Carpets, Oilcloth Lounge, Toilet S?ts Wash and other Stands Lot Books, Shovt l and Tongs Cooking, Radiator and other Stoves With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums of and under .|*25 cash; over :?25 a credit of 60 and ninety days, tor satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. C. W. BENNETT, Trustee. GREEN fr SCOTT, apr 21?eo&ds Aucuoneers. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer IMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE NAVY . Yard at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY after noon, May 8th. at 5Jf o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No. 23, in Square No. t82, situated at the corner of south L and Seventh streets east, fronting 40 feet on south L sfeet, by 71 feet on 7 h street, with the improvements, consisting of time brick and one frame dwelling house. Terms: One-fourth cash: the residue in6,!2and and 18 months, for notes secured by a dscd of trust on th? premises, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, *P 21?eofcds Auctioneer. By J. C. McGl'IRK. Auattoaaer. TjMNE LINE, MEZZOTINT, LITHOGRAPH. U and oiher Eng.avmgs.?Just received a large and varied lotol fine English, French, and German Pnnta, in sheet, including many beautiful and plea* ing subjects, m part from pictures of old Masters from Muse Royal. Also, pleasing subjects from the French and Ger man schools?Historical, Church, Sentimental, and other subjects, being a beautiful and attractive col lection. They will be arranged for examination and private and public sale in a few days. JAS. C McGUIRE, ap 21?d Auctioneer. Wanta. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN a situation aa child's nurse or chambermaid? would prefer to travel with any respectable family going to California or elsewhere. Aptly to MRS. GASSAWAY, No. 309 D street. The very best City references can be given. ap24?2t* OO WANTED.?A partner, (silent or ac? vfVf tive) wi'h'this amount ?nd the ability to mctease it to $4000; during the summer to en p^ge in a manufacturing business in this city. Bus iness already established and capable of yielding 75 I to 100 per cent on capital invested. Address A. B., I through Post Office any time to-morrow. ap 24?it* WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG V\ oman a Situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing Apply between 18th and ISfth, on G streets, at MRS. MAHEK'S. ap 24?It* ~Y\/rANTED?TWO GOOD FARM HANDS? TT one that understands the care and manage ment of horses, that can mow and do all kinds of farm work. Apply at Locust Hill farm, on Seventh street Road, near the First Toll Gate. ap 24?3t* WANTED?TWO YOUNC WOMEN WI8U situations, one as a Cook, and the other as Chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing. Apply ta "C. C." at thia office. ap 23?2t? "firANTED?A SMALL COTTAGE AND A f f few acres of ground in vicinity of the Chain Bridge, on the Virginia aide Address G. W., Phil adelphia Post Office. ap S3?4t* C^tOOK AND WASHERWOMAN WANTED J Oue who understands her business can find a iitnatiou by applying at MRS. DAVIS'S, Pennsyl vania avenue, nearly opposite the National Hotel, ap 23?2t* WAN l*ED.?A FRENCH WOMA*7W1ICMS a Drt -s maker and hair dresser, wishes to find a place in a a geod family as jemint de chamhre. Apply at the Star Office. ap 21?4f AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a Situation.?A middle aged lady, accuatomed for many years to manage the details of a l.irgc boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation. She can give sutisiactory reference as to her eueray, Industry and experience, and the fidelity with which she disc harges duties confided to her. Address "L H," at this oMice. ap 13?tf \Vr AfcTKD -A COMPLETE FILE OF THE fY WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR toice its publication up to the preseat date, tor ?iiK-h a liberal price will be paid if s^ntto thta office ap?-U TELEGRAPHIC. . nam a rap rOB TUB PAXLY^ EVJUlflNQ BTA1. Baltimore l&rkito Baltimore. April 24.?Floer la SBebaagod * ?alaa of 209 bbl? of Howard itmi tt $19 r Wh??t it uncharged; sales of 5.fOO bashela red at i? if*|l *0 ; white, $2 *0a$2 Tt. Cor? ?salet of 25 <K>0Jtm?h mixed at 90al99; white 103; yellow 104*2"V K^-Finttrlniii at 145 a 147. ? f Kew Yore VtrkeU New York. April 24 ?Cetld7? ie mbatMd; la moderate demand at prerloaa rJtor Float It unchanged 8oatbon> it unchanged, with a limited burinet* Wheat la unchanged Corn ia a trifle higher, mixed $l.I2e$l.lJ. Pork ia downward and a trifle lowor. Beef ia upward and firm Whiskey la quiet. Hew York Stock Market. New York, April 24?Stockt are a ah ads lower. Money ia eaaier. Salea of Brie Rail road at 51Ciereland ani Toledo Railroad, 76#; Cumberland Coal Company, 29f, Readiag Raiiio*d, Canton Company. 27j; Mew York Central Rellroed. 94; Pen nayi renin Coal Company 106, fi t of 60 Auction Bal?. By GRRKK dt SCOTT- keatleaeere* 1.lXEClTuB'8 SALE OF THREE RUCK _j liousts and Lot* at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the *24?h instant, we shall aril, in final mf the prem br*e, at 6% o'clock, p. m , two Brick Houses and Lots. being lot* I) ant) E, in subdivision of part Int No. 6, in square No. 4>r<8. The above described j-mprrty is situated at tbe corner of 6th ?treet west and Louiaana *venue, sad we!l c?!rniate<l lor business purposes or offlrrs. Tern.n Oae-lburth cash ; balance in 6,19 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes mr ih? deferred payments, bearing interest from the nay ot sale. A <lced eiven and a deed of trust taken to secure the pay ment of the noter All conveyancing at cost of purchaser GREEN A SCOTT, up 19?d Auctioneers. By WALL, SARNAItOA CO, Aaeti. "T7"ALUAHLE fMPBOVED PROPERTY ON F V street at Auction.?Oi WEDNESDAY, 25th in?t., .it 5 o'clk p. m , we *b%ll sell ?^object to a deed of trust, the west half rf Lot No 29, fronting thirty feet on the south side of F street, between l*ih and 14th. running hack mn hundred feet to a thirty feet alley, unproved by a frame Building and anew brick Stable. Tin- Lot is in the hmt of localities, and in a fast Improving part of the city. Titie indisputable. Term- luade knovn at sale. WALL, BARNARD k CO., A acts f 317 Pn. avenue, corner of 9th aU apl8? dts . (Intel) By K. S. WRIGHT, Awellomesr, GEORGETOWN. "TTEtY DESIR \ BLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE y at Auction ?By virtue of tbe authority vested in iu.j by the la-i will aud t-stamcni of Emily Cor coran, ilecea?'d, I will sell, at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, the 'IA i?eit, at 5 o'clock p.m. l?> the highest bidder, on the premise.*, the very de sirable lot, and dwelling house thereon, late the res idence r.f 'he deceased, situated on West st., be tween Congress and Washington street*, George town, one of the most desirable parts of :be low a [or a private resid? nee. The house contains two pari rs. two kitchens. S;i i other ro?ins, <o all 14, besides a fine cellar; ana is suitable for a large family. There is a good cis tern iu the yard, and oth? r covenieneea, including a -iat,le, separated tn>m the house lot by an alley npemng on Washington street; and the title to the whole i$ believed to he unquestionable. The terms of sale are on-* third rash, and the bal ance in one and two year*, with interest: the de rerred pay menu to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the term? are not complied with within five rtnys fro the day of sale, the subscriber reserves the right to re sell the property, on one week's pub lic notice, at !he risk and cost of the delinquent pur* chaser. AH conveyancing at coj?t of purchaser. II C. MATTHEWS, Eaecutoro*" Einilv Corcoran, deceased. EDWARD S. WRIGHT. ap 19?eot< Auctsoweev. By J. C. RltOriRK, Auctioneer. I^XEi UTOR'S SALE OF FURNITURE AND j Household EfiTeets.?Oa THURSDAY morn ing. April 19, at 10 o'clock, at the residence ol Uie late Thomas Ritchie, on President's Square, I shall ?? II a l arc- portion of the Furniture and Household Effects, (ompn-iine? Rosewood Pianoforte, Stool, and Music Stand Do Tetc-a Teie, arm, reception, and fancy, Chain" in -atin damask Handsome damask Curtains and Cornice Large French pi te Gilt frame Mirror, with atabs and brackets liamask and chintz covered Lnun?es Mahogany,li:ur, spring and cane seat Chairs handsome Centre Lamps I 'andelebras Bronze Brackets Mantel Ornam nis Mahogany Sideboard, Etagere, Side Table Solid n:ahogany extension Dining Table l hina, Class and Crockeryware Brussels and three-ply Carpets, Oilcloth Hat Rack, Hall Lamp K >sewood and Hall Chairs Enamelled ami CotLige Suite i\ alnut and Mahogany French Brfoteeds D>i Wardrobes, Dressing Bureau* Wash stands. Toilet Sets, Tables Superior curled hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Marseilles Quilts Bed and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Fiircuiire in servants' rooms, lie. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisite*. T?rms : All suiii^ ol and under Q20casli; over 090 * cri-dit i?l 6fl and 90 days for notes satisfactorily endowed, bcarine interest. J Ad. C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. The above sale Is anavoldably (KKtponed until THURSDAY, Apl 9B, same hour. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 20?<1 Auctioneer 300 For sale?four horses and carta and one Wagon. The horses are vaJua&le work liorse. and will be Mild cheap. If they are not sold by April 27th, they will b" sold at auction. Apply on *23.1 struct, between L and M streets, near the Circle. PHILIP GORMLY. * ap 91?3t* For sale-eighteen or twenty riNE work HORSES just arrived from Ohio. They can be seen at W. C HAZEL'S Livery Stable on Beall, between Congreaa and Hurt ats., Georg**t*n. ap '21?3t* UU8HKL9 PRINK W Q IT I MERCER POTATOES 500 bush extra Peach Blow do. 1<*0 bh!?. superior Apples Just received per brig Ann Elizabeth and for aale by N. B. HARTLEY, No. Ill Water street, Georgetown. ap 20 ? 1 w STILL TDKY COMB 1 ORKJtT DESTR ULTIOS IS DR Y GOODS ' ONLY think, yard wide Lawns only 5 centa. Yard wide Lawns only 8 centa Yard wide hlcaclied Cotton only cents Do Furniiuns Chintz, only 5 centa Beautiful B-rege Delaines, only 8 cents Do Colored Brilliants, onlv 93 cents Do iio Chintz, only 90 cents Bleached Sheeting 3 yards wide, only 35c. Irish Linens, only 31 ?c. Ladies' cotton Hose, only 8c. * Do biaok Silk Mits, only 95c. Plain Beregrs, only 90c. Figured Hereges, 10c. Drew Si'ks at awful low pricea White Crape Shawrs at awful low prices. Also, a large lut of Dom sue Good", wlucb must be sold to close business about the 1st July. "NO HUMBUG." Come early, and get the greatest bargains ever of fered in thu market, at tbe WASHINGTON STORE, ilate Magruder k Calvert%,) larket, bet. 8th end 9tb sr. ap 18?lw' NEW MILLINERY. ^?ISS THOMPSON lias just received another Silk I . who tailed to supply themselves at our last" ? opeaing are now offered anetber opportunity" and would d ? well to call early and have the first aeiec Hons, as we are selling the.n off rapidly. Orders solicited and promptly executed. HUTCHINSON a MUNRO, 310 Pennsylvania avenue, ap 16?d9w (Intel oofit) 1URK1SH BATHING TOA'ELS. - WE HAVE a full supply of the bfest Turkish Bathing Tow els end Bathing Cap". A*eo, Phaion's, Barry's. Wood's, aad Lyoas's Washes, and Rowland's Macassar Oil for the hair. Also, Phaion's Pspfcian Lotion f? the complex ion, and Batchelor's Muldavian C-eam, at STEVENS'S ap 91?3t Sales Room, Browns' Hoaal. BI'lLDING LOTS FOR SALE.?A VARIETY i( Building liOU in the vicinity of tbe CHy Hall. Alio, in all other parts of the city, on accomamdat mg terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Hoarding House, opposite m Browns' Hotel, to be seen from H ia 9 a iai or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post oflee will reteire attention. DAVLD MYKRLE. ?^s.7 *sa^i?ai avvviacu ? invoice of thoee (anhionable Ciape and Silk HATS, from New York. Those ladies w

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