Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1855 Page 1
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J I THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6815. MUAKDUu AMD UllMjrUb. 1A K NINTH STREET.? SUITES OP HANDSOMELY lTt) furnished rooms to let, on second and third floors, to families, with private table, or sin.le gentlemen with par tial board. Home first class nud eoaveniently located be tween Broadway and Fourth a? enue. m ninth street, TQIRD DOOR bast ok broad waT.furnishod room*, iu suiti or (eparately AUo, back parlor and extension room on the fir-t flour, to let to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required. AUo, furnished rooma at > o; 6 College plaoe. T Qi) WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET. ? DESIRABLE lOii suit* of rooms, on second and third stories, fur nished or nnrorniahod; it is a new first elai* ho use. newly furnished. Apply this week References exchanged VJA MADISON AVENUE.? TWO DESIRABLE SUITS JLOU of rooms now vacant. furnished or unfurnished; ?ingle rooms fur pentlemtn, in a first class boarding h">u*e. Those who wish to remain in the city will find it a delightful summer residenoe. Wall street stages pass the door. WEST TWENTY FIFTII STREET.? HANDSOME ly i'urnuhed rooms on tint aid second floor*. suitaole for gentlemen and wires 01 tingle gentlemen, to let, with board, lit' house has all the modern improvements, and pleasantly located; convenient to cars and staged. m PRINCE, CORNER GREE.* STREET.? HAND sonisly furnished rouin? to let, with ull or partial hoard, to tingle gentlomen. Noue but first class need apply, QI PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD t/1 w ay ? Handsomely furnished and pleasantly located rooms and suites of rooms, with ooard. House first class, containing alt the modern improvements. PUaiant garden in rear. EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, WILL BE VA cant nn the 2Sth of April, a turntsbod parlor and bed room on first floor (a private table given, it required; the lo cation is very fine, there it a large fruit garden belonging to the house. Apply as above. O HUDSON STREET.? BOARD.-A GENTLE VI AN ant. his family can fisd a pleasant suit of rooms, with pantries on accond floor, together or separate; also, two or three slnglo gentlemen. Terms moderate. No moving at .May. AND C2 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.? xJ\f Ilaiiueruiely furnished rooms, isi suits or noparatoly with pritatn baths, Ac., attached to lot, with board. ANo, rooms suitable tor single gentlemen. Gal, bath*, Ac. In quire a* above. AO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE-A HANDSOMELY lU fnrnikht d seoond story front room to let; also, other rooms, suitable for single gentlemen; with or without partial lioard; house U newly ana hatidsoinoly furnished an i con tain* the modern improvements. Roference* exchanged. AtZ GROVE STREET, NEAR BL.EEOKER.? DELIOHT rrO fnl rooms oo first and seoond floor* to let, furnished or unfurnished with board; houit first olass, oont.ainin/ Im provements; location most desi*sb!e, and aocesai ble to cacs and stage line*. No children taken. CARROLL PLACE, BLEECKER STREET.? I'er.'oi * wishing superior accommodations forth* sum in>r, will please call at 13 Carroll place; second story and other rooms; ga<, baths, Ac., in the house. Rererence* ex changed. 7 COL LEG ( PLACE.? FURNISHED AM) UNFl'K cisbed rooms to lot, with board, to families and sinirle gentlemen. The hense has been thoroughly repaired; ha* modern improvements, and will be ready to receive board er* Wcdntadxy, April 2ff. References required. AUo, the front oaacmcnt, suitable for an office. J SINGI.E GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A FUBNISH ed room, with pari all board, on seooed floor o'a mo dern hoiifofin Eigliteonth street., near Third avenuo, occupied by a small family, (no other boarders); room contains water, pas, Ac ? bath room adjoining. Addres* Homo, Union iquaro Post O?co. Term* $8 to Slii per weok. A PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY, OCCUPYING A .XX. first class house containing all the modern improve ment*, will let rooms with hoard, to a few reapectab'e boarders. Apply at 109 ? ait Seventeenth strcot, between first and Second avenues. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A PLEASANT AND commodious houso in a good neighborhood, five minute*' walk from either Hamilton or South ferries, and ten -rom the Wall stroet, wishes to obtain a few respectable boarders, who would find in her house the comforta of a home. Apply at No. 68 Harrison street, South Brooklyn. A LARGE ROOM. AND HALL BEDROOM ON TnE JuL second floor, furnished, with breakfast and tea, at 3M Broome street. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, RESIDING in the immediate vicinity of Union square, would lot a nicely furnished parlor and chamber to a goutleman de sirous o< securing freedom, quietness and home comforts. Address Retirement, Union square Post Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they require. would wish to ront, to one or two gentlemen, a parlor and bedroom attached; also a nail bed room, aim. at 71 Crosby stiett, one block from Broadway. Turns nedtrato to a permanent tenant. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN BOARD FOR J[X his v. ifo, utirse aad child, for the summer months, in a pleasant situation, near the sua shore, a short distance trim the oity, so ns to render it ennv?ni?nt to reaoh the same in time for bnt.ii. ? ee hour* Address, stating particulars, let ter bis2,l&1 Post OBce. A PAUTMKNTS FOB GE.NTLEMEN-AT 25 WASHING rfl tonp'scc. A private table if deiired. A ALAfiy WISHER BOARD IN THIS VICINITY OF Union square, batwoea lileecker and Twentieth street. Address M. It. A., Union square I'oit Oflio j. PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A DESIRABLY situated house, nill let rooms, villi fall or partial board, to a pnntleiuan and his wifa or two single gentlemen, where tbe comforts ot a home can be enjoyed. Apply at 17 Tbirty-siith street, near Fifth avenue. No moving at May. Apfivate family, at bath, would like to accommodate a couple of families for the summer Good fishing.. boa inn and bathing on ibe premises, and delightful walks and rides. Address Norwood, Herald of&co. A GENTLEMAN AND 1113 WIFE AND TWO OR tluee i>:n?lo gantlemencan lie accommodated with board and fie*?aut rooms at 291 Blcecker street, bjr applying this week. A LAM HAVING TAKEN A HANDSOME HOUSE plraeMtly located in South Brooslyn, conTsnlejt to 'Wall strict a:id South terries, has several furnished apart ments to lot after the 1st of May,) ta single gentlemen For particular' osllat 46 Warren street, Brooklyn, or addres* by note. Best of references gtvon and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A GEN tinman and his wife, and two or throe gentlemen, with <le>ireble rooms and board, at 101 West Sixteenth street; bouse has laths, gas, Ao. A FEW CLI.ECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN PLEA sant rooms, turnishad or unfurnished, and with or without boarc. in a private family, in a new brown stoae bouse, containing all the modern improvement*. Also, a splendid ror i physician or surveyor. Pleaso apply at 144 East Thirteenth street, between Seoond and Third ave ?aes Kcter<-nces exchanged. ABACK PARLOR-SUITABI.E FOR TWO GENTLE nen? to let furnished or unfurnished, with or without partial board, in a-pilvate family, at .94 Whits street, one door from Kim rtrewt. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A TEACHER. WISHES TD engage bosrd in a privito family; Catholio pre I erred. If desired, would give tuition in the nsual English braaohel. Address st sting particulars, 1*. P., Herald omoe. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR ON TnE second floor, or the first floor, "with two rooms, and a small room on the third, with pantry, to let to two or threi fentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, with or without partial osrd, where there. is oaly tha family, and whore the aom forts of a bom* can be had, at '?J Summit street, near Hamiltin ferry, Sonth Brooklyn. Bedroom.? a young gentleman, of good mortl and domestic habits, may obtain a small, bnt ?heerfrl well furnished room in a small private family. Terms, 96 per month. To a suitable person, comforts not vsually met with would be afforded. Inquire at Ne. 102 Prince street, west of Broadway. BOlRD.-riJtASANT ROOMS IN SUITS OR SINGLE with full or partial board, to let, in a first class bouse, with a 1 the modern improvement!. Also, a basement, suit able f?r a rhvsiciaa; honse situated la Twenty third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Apply at 14S West Twenty second street. References exchanged. BOARD.-5FVEEAL ROOMI, HANDSOMELY FUR niabed. luitalle for single gentlemen or gentlomon and their wives will be let, * ith good board, in a first clasi home, 37 Ninth street, near Fifth avonne. Board -wanted, by a young gentleman, a comfoitably furnished room, with partial board. Ad <traes, statii g terms, As , C. F , Herald olBcc. Board.? a few single gentlemen can be accommodated at 192 Bleecker street; also, a large room suitable tor a gentleman and wite, or two single gentlemen. Stages pass the door every five roinatt*. Dinner at 6 o'clook. Board? to let, with partial board, to single gentlemen, one or two large rooms, with small adjoining, neatly tarnished, ta a private familr. The house is furnished with gas and bath. Hiferenee exchanged. Apply at 4(i Esst Eighteenth straet, between Broalway and Fourth avenue. 110AKD ? A FRONT ROOM ON THE THIRD STORY Jj ta let, with fall or partial boarl to two single gen -t.en.en, or a lady aad gentleman. Tha honse has all mo <lert) improT?-mente, baths, gas, Ao. Cars and stages con -wenient. No. >10 West Tnirty first street. EPARD-AT 2 r, ninth furnished r oms, large and rmsll, in sutee and single, with board, jnay be had as above. First class bouse, with modern Im provements, aud newly furnished throughout. BOARD ?A LADY CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITn lloard an i a email furai<hol room. Apply at S-i Hu bert street BOARD-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR GEN tleman aud wHe. cfin he accommodated with rooms and board. .n a house with all tbe modem improvement*. Ap fly at 3j2 Mith avenue. BCMRP-T0 RENT WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, t? ree l*r^? rooms on second floor with pantrlee; also, one on fuirn floor, suitable for two gentlemen, at No. 49 CroetiWieb avenue. Board in Clinton i-lace.? suit of rjoms on th j second and third ?? -or?. furnished or unfurnish ed, f"r a n i'1-maa aad his wife, or lor single gentlemen, at P7 I'linto.i p:aoa. Bi.AKD (.OWN T"V*N -I I EA^ANT lUKNI-'lir.D room' with or without boar I. sniWblc for ainglo gen tlemen mse be obtained 1<? calling at No. 1.6 Cham Mrs ttreet. K*t. rences required. Board in urogklyn. -pleasant rooms, con vealont to Wall street at.d ? .nth ferries, for seallenu-n with their wives, can be obtained at No 34 Garlen strait, ?ernmi hniiM- from State street, within five minute* af for ?ies Rsftrei.o*s exchanged. BCARD IN BROOKLYN - A HANDSOME FRO ?T room and bedroom, famished or nntnralshad, to let, With board, to a rentleman and wife , also, a room foe a -In sleientlemaa. Location very de?ir%Sl?. Appi'tt NO. 192 PnffieU *?r??t, n?ar Fnltsa ??>??. BOaRDOTG AMU LOUG1SO. Board in Brooklyn.? gentlemen who Re quire pleasant and airy roomi in a private family are ??que?ted to call at 89 Presidont street. three minutes' wali from IJ .million arena* ferry, and eight from South ferry. The comforts of a home may be enjoyed. Breakfast and tea, and dinner on Snnday. Termi moderate. Reference* exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a handsomely fur" nished parler and beoroom to let. with board. to fami lies or tingle geutltmen; aim au unfurnished room. Hon a fnrnUhed with gai, pleasantly eltuated between Fulton and Wall etreet ferriee. Apply at 253 F niton (treet, opposite Clinton. Board in brooklyn.-two or three single Kcntlnuen can obtain board In .1 family where few hoarders are taken, ia a pleasant location, two minutes' walk trtm Fulton ferry. Apply at 41 ilicki Btreet. Board in Brooklyn.? gentlemen and their wive*, or tingle f entleincn. can be acoommodated with pleatant rooms, and full or partial board, on reasonable termr, at a tine bouse, within three minntei' walk of bouth ferry. Inquire at the corner of Amity and Hiots streets Board in brooklyn-88 clinton street, fine large furnisned rooms with closets aud bedrooms if de tired. Gentlemen wishing to make arrangement* for the tummer, would do well to eall early. Dinner on Snndays. Board in Brooklyn.? two singlegentlemen can bo accommodated with rrivate rooms in a Irst cits* house, on application at 198 Brid jo street. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and ms wife, or two single gentlemen. c?n obtain board, lif ap plied tor Lelore first May,) in a pleasant part of Brooklyn, convenient to South and Wall street ferries. Reference required. Inquire at 47 Congress street, first bouse west of Henry. Board in Brooklyn.? a lady having a houfe pleaaantly looated, with all the modern imnnvc incnts, would let a suit of rooms, turm-hcl or unfurnished, to a gentleman and bis wife, or two single gentlemen, with board References exohanged. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Apply at 02 Willonghty street. Board in south brooklyn.-ple as ant rooms with bedreomt and pantries attaohed, for gentlemen and their wives or tingle geutlemen, can lie bad at No. 6 Tompkins place, eight minutea' walk from the South ferry. References exchanged. Board in ciieever place, between iiarri pon and DeGraw^treets, Brooklyn ? A gentleman and wife <,r two or three singlt gentlemen can obtain plea>a<it rooms, in a private family, by addressing W. C , Hurald of fice. Bath, gas, &o. Board in staten island ? a few single gen tlemen ean be accommodated with board, and nlsasait airy rooms, in an elegantly fnrnithed house, situated on the Ney York avenue, near to G. Christ's lusq., Clifton, Staten Islana. Th? house Is ob hjgh ground, ana has a fine view of 'he Bay and city of New York. There is alse a stable and carriage house attached to the premise*. Inquire at the absve placii, or at 104 Fourth avenue. Board in tiie country-one or two young men would be taken to board in a private family, where tbcro ars no other boarders. Beautiful house, splendid lo cation, cue hours' ride by railroad or steamboat. Address W., box 160 Herald offioe, Board in the country? genteel board, for families cr single gentlemen, may be obtained at th? Park Douse, in Crnngo. N. J. For particular*, apply on the premises, or M Maiden lane, N. Y. Board in the country.? the subscriber has leaced the well known placo called the Woodland Man sion, on tho Iludf on rivor, at the Carmansville depot, aud rbe invites the attention of those desirous of ae>ur.n< board, with the greatest facilities of aucess to the elty, at all hours. The bouse is delightfully situated on tiio I.- .inks of the Hudson. Attaohed to it are convenient stalling for desirous of keeping their horses and cariiagos. Hero uri twenty acres of ground, beautifully laid out, and everything requisite to mako it a pleasant rcsidenco; and no pains will be tnsrod to secure the comfort* of tboso who id*)- make Woodland Mnusion their summer or permanent home. Address box 2,94(i Pott Office, N. Y., or apply at Woodland Mansion. Mrs. C. M. DUSENBERRY. Board wanted? by a plain family, gentle man, wife, two children and lervaut, with tw^ rioins, furnished or unlurnished, ior four to six weeks. As the ar rangement will be temporary only, ordinary accommodations wilt be accented. Address, with prioe and location, box 4 lift) l'ost Office. Board wanted? for an elderly lady, in a family taking but few boarders, between Seoond aTd Sixth avenues, 'lho location must be detiraMe, and the terms riasonable. Addrcs* J. H L , box 1245 Post Office. Board wanted.? a widow lady is desirous of obtaining board at a low rate in this city, Brooklyn, * illiamsburg. Jersey .tMtr, nr Sty ?n Man. I Rty> ? i" ?? kU uwn ilea ana becding, and withe* to be or no troubls whatever. 1'leasc address Mrs. Meeks, Herald office, stating terms, tor three day*. Board wanted in new york? or, if near a terry, iu Brooklyn or Hoboknn, for a gentloman, wife, sen and daughter, ot fifteen and twelve years of age, for which f52 per calendar month will bo paid. Partial bnard only for two of tho number. Pay by the month, and s'tto. Would prefer a private family. Address Hart, Herald office. Board wanted, in brooklyn-for a gev tleman aud wife, with a pleasant room; lnoation within five irinntes' walk of South ferry Address, stating term* and particulars, T R W., Herald offioe. Board wanted in brooklyn-by a gentle man, in a small genteel private family, fine location, few minutes' walk from the ferries; torm* moderate. Ad drei* M., box fill Pott Offirf. "DOARDING ?TO LET A YERY PLEASANT ROOM, J) suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two slogle gtntl* nalco two single rooms, at 27 North Moore street, near ol n's jark Bath* ia the honto. BOARDING.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR two single gentlemen, can be accommodated with good bi ard and handsomely furnished a;artments, with us* of bath reotn. ;n?, Ac., at S2 Henry street. None but genteel people aeed apply. BOARDING-AT MURRAY HILL. 673 SIXTH AVE nne; a rummer location, pleasant like the country, and more convenient. Ttrms to *nit. Car* pasa every throe minutes. Genteel and Christian familie* will do well t<> oall a* above. BOARL1NG-TO families or single gentlemen. Room* on saeoud and third ftoor, either separately or in *uit, may be obtainea in a family consisting of two per son*, by applying at 09 Second avenue. Boarding-a FRONT suit or ROOMS, WITH large pantrie*; also, rooms for sin?le gentlemen in a first clas* privute boarding bouse: location pleasant, oool and atfy ; convenient to oars and stagos going to all parts of the oity. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square west iide, second door from Bank street. Boarding? a few doors from union square, between Broadway and Fiftb avenue, convenient to csrs and stager. Two large second floor rooms, singly of to gether, in a genteel house, would be let to a gentloman, or gentleman and wife, with partial board, at 18 Righteentn street. BOAHDlNC-f.9 COURT STREET, CORNER OF HCHER aierhora Brooklyn. Suite*, or *lnzle room*, with bed moras *Dd pantries attached, with full or partial board, 'i'ho location ii desirable, being withia ten miuutai' walk of either of the ferries. Reference exchanged. Boardino.-board wanted-by a LA dy, iu a email private family, where there are few or bo other boarder*, l'loaee addren ldlu M. C. 11., Chatham tqnare l'oit Ogee. Boarding? a small private family, occu rjinn a first class house, elegantly furnished, Kas, hot and cold water, bath, can accommodate a gentleman and wile, and one or two single gentlemen, with well fnrnishnd rooms, with breakfast, tea and dinner on Sundays. Inquire at No. 4 Amity place. Boarding.? a suite of furnished rooms to let, to a gentleman and lady, board lor the ladt only, in a new house, with all the modern improvement*. Ad dress H 0 , Broadway Post Offioe stating where an later view rosy be had. Boarding -single gentlemen can be Ac commodated with furnished or nnfurniihed rooms, with or without board, la a now house, with all the modern improvement*, at 110 West Twenty fifth street. Boarding ? a private family, occupying a first class house, containing all the modern improve ments. and beautifully situated in West Eighteenth street, near I itth avenue, will let. unfurnished, two treat room* oa the second floor. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Addrtaa H. B. S., Herald office. Boarding-in a first class house in four teenth street, betwoen Fifth and Sixth aTenucs. Room* tc< accommodate families, or single gentlemen furnlihod or unfurnished. References exohanged. Address, tor one week, N. P., Herald offioe. Boarding.-a gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with a well furnished room, with olosets and gas. hot and cold water, with a small respectable family, whose desire it will be to make their guest* oomfort able and at home. Apply at 21 We*t Twenty aeeond a-.reet, near Fifth avenue. B0ARDING.-C1TY AND COUNTRY BOARD. -FAMf ~ lies acd single gentlemen can now secure dellghtfn' [room*, on very advantageous term*. House br wn stone with all the modern improvements, pleasantly and conve niently located. Country board one hour dUtano- from the city. Rooms now ready. Apply at No. 39 West Eighteenth stieet, near Fifth avenue. Reference oxchanged. Boarding? at srs second avenue, parlors and boJrooms to let, with board, furnished or unfur nished, to 'amiHes or single rentlemen, on ra#s<>nable terms; gr.r, hath. A< . This house is fitted up with every convenience to make boarders oomtortable. L. B LAIC BLOCK. BOARUINC.-AN UNFURNISHED IRONT PARLOR, on second floor, may be bad, with 1 oar J l>y applying at I 173 Hudson street. BOARDINO.-A PRIVATE FAMILY. WITHOUT CIIIL <lren. vguIq let to one or two single gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wife, twe elegant parlors, or a rarlor and bidroom, with or without partitl board. The house ha* all tho mrdern improvement*, ind it Is pleasantly lccatod at 224 Fourth street, opposite Washington aqmre. BOARDING IN SOCTn BROOKI.TN.-A GENTLE man and lady est. obtain a ploarant room, containing gas, furnished or unfurnished, In a small privato family, ton minutes' w alk fiom 3outh ferry. partial board for nvntln man. Terms moderate. Apply at 15 Douglass street, near Court street. BOARDING IN WILLIAMSBURG? ONE OV THE best Iocs linns and best houses lo the city, only two minutes' walk from two ferries & gentlerann and lsdv, rr a few single gentlemen. ean obtain food rooms, by applying at No. H> Koeth Ninth street, ocrner of aeeond street riOUSTRY BOARD-THREE OR FOUR NEWLY FUR V nUhe.l rooms, with board, can be secured in a house built last summer, situate about fifteen mantes' wain we*t of the Harlem railroad depot, and ahoat sixteen miles from City Hall, between Yonkera end H*rtem Railroad An engagement would he ma o on reaaonable torwe wlf two gentlemen and thair wive*, er a family of four er fern n* ; sitnatloa deelrable for a *'i*n?e reaideaee. JV re? C . WW V Y. Port 0?c?, BOAUD1IIQ AND UHKHHQ. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED, NKAK THE CITY? A private houf o preferred, by a a in all family. Addrei* M. K , Herald offioe. ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR. - A GOOD opportunity for two friend*. A beautiful parlor, with two tleepitig apartment! immediately adjoining, will be let to two tingle gentlemen. The honae it one year old, four storiea high, solidly erected, haa all the modorn improve ment*; has no stagea thundering by the door; iawituinone minute'e walk of both ear* una omnlbtiaee; i* uuar Broad ?a> . and near Union square, and is newly and magnifloeutly furnished from basement to summit The lamily is private, and of the highest reipectabllity, and those who can pro duce unquestionable testimonials may apply at No. 237 Twelfth .???? French board in broorlyn.? two or three gentlemen may find, with partial board, plea?ant rooms, well liirnishel, with gas. In a prirate French family... retidis; five minntea walk from the South ferry. A idre.s M. D. M , Herald office. Ij'URNISHED ROOMS TO LIT? WITH OR WITHOUT w 'font P'rlor, w ith Imdrooms attached. Apply at the Fifth Hard Hotel, corner of Franklin streot and West Broadway. Furnished room to in a private fami ly, to a single gentleman; breakfast if required; at Ne. 7 Allen strict. FURNISHED ROOMS-SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES OR ' single gentlemen, can be haa (If applied (or soon ) at 10 Itenry streot. House new, rooms light and airy. Captains of vessels and those having business down town will find tlila a quiet and comfortable home for tho auminer. CJENTLEMEN REQUIRING RESPECTABLE AND I ocmfortable furnished apartment*, with or without trard, can be accommodated at 54 Walker atreot, tivo doora west ol Broadway. Hot, oold and ahowcr hatha in the house. Referoncei exchanged. ei.NTIF.MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH fnruiahed rooms, with break'ast and tea if required, with use of bathroom, to. References exchanged. 1'lease apply at SW White strict, near Broadway. JERSEY CITY? PRIVATE BOARDING.? A FAMILY having hired a house in South Second atreot, and having more room than they wish to occupy, would let to two gen tlemen and thur wivei, or a few binglo gentlemen, rooms, with board. To permanent i-ersont, low price, locality plearant and desirable. For particular* address Mrs. a. II., Herald offloe. Madame meyers will remote, on thr firsi of May, trcm Re. 2 Leroy plaee, I* No. t, opposite wl.ere, in eonseqaanae of the greater number of apartments 6b? haa itlll unengaged reoma for gentlemen aud wive*. aiU several room* for slnglegentitmen. Breakfast froia s o'eleek to 10; diauer at 8. Al<o, an oMce eoavenient for a doctor, l'lease inquire of line. Meyers, No. 2 Leroy placo, till 1st e< Montague place, on Brooklyn heights ? Beard can bo now obtained in a pleasantly aitnatod house, within three miuutea' walk ot the H all street ferry, with pleasant rooms. In suite or single rooms, vu immediate application by note, addreasud Board, box 15) Herald oUijti, or box 37 Brooklyn Post office. VTO. 10 UNION SQUARE. ? F URNISHKD KOOMS FOR i.v lauiilie* or tingle gentlemen, with full or partial board. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN' CAN BE AC commodatod with partial i>oard and furnished rooms ia a psivate tamily, by appljibg at 230 West Twenty second street, between Eighth and Ninth avennea. Noromovalos the let of May. Term* reasonable. PARLOR AND BEDROOM, FURNISHED, TO LET-TO one or two geutiamen, in a modorn built house, with gas and bath. Tho bouse i* occupied by a fiujll private family, w ithout children or bo'iruert. Apply at No. 53 West fweuty fourth street. Rolerenco re inirei. PLEASANT ROOMS, CONVENIENT TO WALL STREET and Fulton feme*, for a gentleman and wifo, and also a room suitable for one gentleman, can bo obtained at No. 45 Concord street, within eight miuntes walk from tho ferri:* PARTIAL HOARD WANTED? IN JERSEY CITY, BY a young gentleman, in a privato family, or whore thero aro bnt fow boarders. Nono need anawer but those who can give pood accommodations. The beat of reference nivon and required. Address, with particulars, box t>S5, or S. M. B., Jersey CKy Poet Office. PRIVATE BOARDING.? A FAMILY HAVING HIRE! a louse In East Bro'dway, having more r om than tbey wish to ocoupy, would let to a fow gentlemen and theii wires, or a few single gentlemen, rooms with board. Fat particulars apply at (>2 Orchard street. PRIVATE BOARD IN WILLIAMSBURG.? A FRONT root; on the second llocr, and a smaller room, suitable for (ingle or marriod gentlemen, can be had at No. 117 South Eighth street. A location, end withia live miuate*' walk of Peak dip ftrrv. Annlv on the nrtmiua PKIVATE FAMILIES IN NEW YORK. NOT ABOVE Broome, no." lower than Barclay alroets, near Broadway, having one medium end ono small room to let, with board, will tind a r??pectable party, (brother and siatur) to oarage if moderate. Aditro?* C. V. D., ricruld offee. Room with board? a i.arqe front room, tuitable fu mgontloman and his wile; alio, two smaller T'oir.a tor sin^Hjentleuu-n; house pleasantly located, 404 Fourth street, AlMon Place; convenient to stages and cars. Rooms to let? a genteel private family, re fiding in Warerley place, near IV ashington square, would like to let two or three uninrnlshrd rooms to single gentle men; breakfast if rianired. He house has all the modern mprovements. Address A. 1J., ilcrald office. STATBN ISLAND. -A FEW POUNG GENTLEMEN CAS be accommodated with fnruisbod rooms and parttaj toard, in i (mail private faulty. Address box J.JH, Port Office. rro SINGLE GENTLEMEN? A PRIVATE FAMILY, X cicuptin? a rew first class house, elo.-artly furnished in every particular, will let a beantifnl suit of rooms, and one lnr^re room, to two or three single gentlemin of high re epectalility, with or wither t boaru. Apply at 1 1 Oj j Ninth street, #Te doors west of Broadway. TWO OR THREE GBNTLEMBN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with pleasant furnished and unfurnished rooms, without board, at 45 East Thirteenth street, between Uni vertlty placo and Broadway. No moving at May. fO SINGLE GENTLEMEN.? TWO BEAUTIFULLY frrninled rooms, with gas and Croton water, will be let very reasonable to reipeotalilo gentlemen, without board, in a private family. Inquire at the drug (tore No. 158 Bowery. WANTED? BOARD. IN A COUNTRY FARMHOUSE, for a youth in delicate health. A family having a young son, and who would bo willing to take some charge of Mm, preferred. Term* must be moderate. Address V. A., Herald office. TTTAN1ED? BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY, A TT child to board; will be taken the best care of. Call lor two day* at 115 West 20th St.. between 6th and 7th ave nucs. There are two numbers on the door? 115 and 121. WANTED? IN A SMALL, RESPECTABLE QUIET lamily (where there are no boarders) board for a young lndv, where may he experienced the comforts of a homo. Address, statiug terms, location, and natnro of atoommo dation, M. V. C. E., Herald office. References exchanged. WANTEP-A ROOM, FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, in a quiet private family, with breakfast. Address Bachelor, Iltrald office. TXTANTED-A ROOM AND PARTIAL BOARD, IN A f T private lamily? abova Broome atreet, west of Broad way, preferred? for a young man. Addreas Argyle, Herald office. HOTBM. HOTEL FOLKSTONE, IN PARI3, MO. 1) RLE DE CAS tallana ? Thia hotel, aitnated near tha Madeleiae, the lioulevarde, the Tailorie* lid tha Champ* Elyeeea, la ape daily frequented by English travellers, and now kept by an Arnerioaa lady, with elegant furniture, good arrangements, and cleanlinaaa. Tha atteadaaea ia performed by Englieh cervanta, and nothing ia apatad tr render tha hotal one of tha moat comfortable la Paris. Bedrooma and aptrtmenta. Breakfaat and dinner to be had at moderate tarma. New tore bat hotrl, 2% miles from jersei City ferry, on tha Bargea Point plank road, will b? apeaad for tha anmmar oa the let of Hay. It ataada oa th< beach, with a fine view of tha Narrow*; axnolleat bathing, boating and flailing. The ataxaa leave every boar from the ferry at Jaraay City. For particular* apply, by poat, ta CAPT LF.KS, Proprietor, Jersey City, or at tha beiM. NEW BRIGHTON TERRACE -THREE MINUTES from a landing. A private family will rooeive in their rummer residence oaa firat claaa gentleman or ftlenda, will ing to appreoiata. comfort* and pay raaaonably Tor it. Bathing and tialung aaay. Principala of houses preferred Applica tion in full to Box No. H 902 Poat Ofllce. York family hotel, new bridge street* Ladgate Bill, London ? Tbe abora hone* ia centrally aitnatad, hat an excellent coffee room, tan or twelve private aittiag roo ma, between forty and flfty light airy bedrooma, a lood amoking room; warm, oold an J ihowar oath* a! way a ready. A night portar ia attandaaca. A fixed charge for ear vanta, Tbe New York Herald if filed. THOMAS QUAR TERMAINE (alao proprietor of the Crown aad Saaptra. and Ship tavern*, Greenwich,) tender* bia gratelnl thanka to hla American frienda for the favori be haa ao long enjoyed at their band*, and loliolta their oaatianad patronage and re commendation. REWARD*. REWARD.? DOO LOST OR STOLRN? ON 1OT0 Inst., a large, heavy ballt, tawnv oelorad Sootoh terrier, trimmed to reaembla a Hon. and anawering to the name of "Nipper. " If atolen, 938 will be paid on oenvietion of tie thief had return of the dog, or $10 far tbe dog, and ao ({utationa naked, at No. SI Market atroat. <f?Or REWARD, AND MO QUESTIONS ASKED. ijpjjtJ Stolen from the trank of tha lata Lewie Morris. as la ?vpp^teii, ? It her from the Blahland Batal, Cold Spring, or New Baven depot, at Canal atraet, between the 30tn of March nad the 2d of April, a Boehio Bote, No. MB, A. O. Badper, maker, elegantly nonnted with lilvcr, tip an 1 foot plcne > narav*d. The above reward will be i-ald by retnralng ti e llute to E. F. UK LANcY, Mo. Jd Broadway. Mew Votfc. fc-| A REWARD.? STOLEN, FROM FCOT OF SPRING ?]n I U street, on Saturday, April 21, a amall row-boat, C?int'il white, red rtripe, Inaida lleeh color, lea'i and ?reon (ttrm, board lead ctlnr bottom. Tbe abovu reward will be paid for the boat, or far aay information leading to it* ra covfry. Apr'y to Wm Roberta, toot of Spring atroat. (tin REWARD ?LOST, ON SUNDAY ABOUT I2>< ?T-l" o'cl? ck, near the i?telioa cl Weat Washington place and Fourth atreet, a black and tan terrier slut, v--ry>inall; bad on a silver plated cellar with " Rilwardu, ' ott raven up nit. The slore r?warJ aill be paid upou h< r return to 2U Barrow street. REW ARD K'K TI11 KM (.VERY OK A WllITE ttP.L" mare at J a teed waiien, strajed ar atoica from Iho turner of Robineon aad Washington atrreta. on the Met or A| rll. The wagon Use platform aprlaga and ia painted red. Any fie fiilui any intuitr.ailou about it aill plosiecall at 40 Spri?", tilt' I and rrceivc tl'o ftbovc reward. JC aEVTARD.-LOST, ON SATURDAY, S1ST INST., A vu 1.1 nk an J tin terrkr al'it The (Itjder will rewire <h??Va?eri waril, by leaving t?r at 1C Warren atraet, REWARD ? Lf ST, ON FRIDAY, APRIL JOTH, A mohair bracelet, aithagold claap. ripped where it had been iuiaed together market E. W. on tUoontaide. The flndtr will rooeive lb? *bor? (W|T4 by living i' ?> V Ml peaard atraet. j ST. GEORGE S DAY IN NEW YORK. j AnnlTeiMif Banquet mt Uie MetrojwfflOuv-. Speeches of Mr. Yuan#, Judge Ctunpbott, Sir Charln Gi?f, Ei-UOTernor of J?nulo?) ?>*?? lirltlbit Conaul of PnUadclphta, ?tec., Yesterday, tie -3d of April, being the da; con.w jnrtod by code on concent to perpetuate the memory of the pat. on saint cf England. w?s celebrated with due eel St by the English residents and visiters in thi? city. A splendid banquet wa* spread in the largfl diniug hall of the Metiopilitan Hotel, and to it sat down sums two hundred or two kunored and fifty convives ihs Metro politan has already t;a ned a weU earned reputation for the style in which its propriety rt, the Mestrs. I.eUnd, are accustomed to get up public dinners. That reputa tion certainly lost nothing by the res Jt of thiir etfjr.a of last evenirg. The tables were sumptuously served ? the wines were of the bent, and the guests were well al ter, did to. Ifce roeni wss ecorated witbgreit Uat?. At the bead was hurg a magnificent copy of Winterhalter's cele brated portrait of Queen Victoria. This copy was pre sented to the society, we believe, by ths British Queen some three years ago On either vide of it were taste fully draped the American and British flags Ou the sices were hung, in rather unusual fit-a vis, toe Sardi nian and Irish flags; wuile tli ? lower end of the rootn was, more appropr atoly, decorated wita the flags of France at d "Tuiksy. Atnoug th- oraamcnial cot fee - tirnery on t^e table? all ol which were extremely taste ( 1.1? was a p ece representing the famous rencontre of ?s?. George and the dragon, a gothic church tower (lighted), Italian statue decorated with fljwvre, fancy fountain, supported by dolphins, &c , &c. The President of St. George's Society, Mr. Chaa Young, presided at the banquet. Among the cittioguisheu guests were the Mai quia ue rfontholon, Freuch Consul; Sir Chai. Edward Grey, Ex Governor of Jamaica; Captain Warctlow, of the British Rojal Artillery; lion. Judge Ctmpbbll, of the Superior Court ot New York; Mr. Simeon Draper, the President of the New England Society; Mr. Stuirt and Mr. Beil, President iiud Vice President of the St. Patrick's Society ; Mr. Adam Noiris, I'r.-sMeut of the St. Andrew'* Jrocieiy; Mr. Philip iliUs, 1'residect <?f tUe St. ' David's tociety ; tte President of the St. Nicholas So ciety; Mr. Geo U M. .the we, jritish Cousil at Fh ladel phia. Mr. aeliedel Vice Consul at New i or k ; Mr Caaa 11. Stanisy, ot ihe British Connlate; Mr. W m Hmcxs, of Wash ngton; Col. Abernomoie, of the I'nited State* Aim,) ; ( o lone- 1 Hamilton, General Aaroo \>'<ir.', General Klijan Ward, Colonel Burnett ot ths New York Volun teers; General G. I*. Morris, Mr. Crouch, lie , &c In the absence ot a cliapU'n. grace was briefly said by the Piesuient, Mr. Yourg, and tlie company sat down t? dinner, during the c?utiuuance of wiinh, tiitouil, Irish and other airs were performed by l)ol worth's band. The cloth having been remova l, and the ladled admit te<', Mr. Yot no, the I'ren joot, said : ? 'Ihey were about to eummtnce the busine?a of the evesicg. Not only w*a It pleasant to meetar usual, but they were on this occasion favored with the prjst nee of many from whom they would be glad to hear. He thanked them vtiy cordially for the bon^rdoae him in placing him is tli? clin>r tuts year, and lie hoped they woulti not regret it. lliey had had plsced in thoir hauds the operation* of the yetr, but he would notify them, notwithstanding, of the business of the maoageiuout. Last year had been a very uutortunute one. No fewer tl an four hundrod and live Englishmen were, in that time, provided with permanent ?ituationi by this so ciety, and there wer?during that period 4,259 applicants for advice ? bo eaiy niitter. They knew how tinny a poor fellow came heie in ignorance of what he was io do, and they knew the necessity of putting them in tile right road. So much for .Haliatijii. Mr. Young, in continuation, proceeded to tell the anecdote of a visit of a poor fnglish woman, with eight chudreu at her heels, to tbe Secretary of the Society. She had a liueband working at some mines in Georgia. He had Mnt her her pinsnge money, ami a miserab o wretch in Liverpool hau directed her tbat to embark for Quebec 3WflAyVt'rC/aV3T6Ufti4a "utiit her on"! ora Toronto, and from Joronto she was Kent on to New York. Finally, it was only by despatching one of toe elder oiildrcn to Havannnh that th^y were set right, an>l every far Of money ex winded for that poor wouuau w*s re turned by hei husband. (Applause. ) It hud been ususl fer this Society to get up au annual concert, but It was propoied at this time to get up a perioral i lib f-cilption and though th>a came cl >?e on the heels of the subscript on for the benefit of the widowj and orphans of the Crimen n exuecltion, still tl?* sub*crip tion thia year exceeded trebly the amount received from the usual concert. In regatd to the expedition to the Crimea he considered tnat they had immense caure fcr rejolcicg, notwlthstaneing the losses they had sustained. The Baltic Sea was shut up for Nicholas. Eomersund was stut up for him. There i* not a r.ea, from the sunny waters of tbe Pacific to the White Sea, where a Russian sail dare show itself They might recollect that ay* ar ago the Rua< ans oeeupieil the Principalities: but they were forced to retir*, and they bad the modesty to say that they bad retired far strategic purposes Be could not commence the toasts of Ibe evening without mentioning names at which every English, Scotch and Irish heart would throb? tbe cf Alms, Inkermann and Bomeraund, (cheera,) and these, he said, who see nothing in those names to rejoice at hare read late history to little effect. Thin was not a committee of fault-finding, or a Roebuck committee: but it was unnecessary to speak o! the eril done to the English people by those whom thay had an foitunately trusted; but it their rulera have profited nqtbing by the paet, certainly tbe people had. (Sensa tion ) Amid all the misfortanes of ,the war, the disci pline of the army bad been*maintainid. And it is to be doubted whether history bore an equal to their eudu lance and discipline. (Applause.) In conclusion he gave the first regular toast ? Ibe day: and all who honor it. (Drank with all the honors.) The Prwidknt said tbat having made so ionj? an ora tion in introcucing the first toast, he would offer the next without many remarks. It had usually been said that King So and t-'o was every inch a king; anl ha would only Hty that the Queen, whose health they were about to drink, was every Inch a queen. (Applause.) He gave ? The Queen? Cod Moss her (Drank with nine times nine ) fong by the Glea Club? "God save tbe Queen." The 1'RM-iDKKT thia proposed the third toast, and in doing so paid every compl.mant to tbe land in which they had all enjoyed socHl and political liberties. Ha was sure, he said, tbat he but represented the feelings of the Society when he said that every Englishman in this country honored and respected tbe Prealnent. He there fore gave The President of tbo I'nitel States. (Drank with nine times nine.) Judge Camfukia, of the Supreme Court, responded. He returned thanks for the cordial manner in which the name of tbe President bad been received, lie considered that, in tbat taast, England to tbe United States aat greet ing. In 1(US7. there lay in the river Thames a small emi grant vessel bound for tbia Western World. On board of her were two sen who were going to become citizens of Ameiica. Ad order from the British government, how ever, commanded them to remain; and they aid remain. They afterwards became famous in history. Ono fell at the nead of tbe Buckinghamshire milit'.a? the other be came the virtual successor of Oliver Cromwell (Cheers.; It waa needless to say that these men were John Hamp den snd Oliver Cromwell. (Applause.) These men wiahed to come here to beoome American citizens, and he hoped tbat tbe descendants of those wbodidoome were honorable representatives of their English aneee tors. (Cheera) It had been his fortune to witness and apprec:a'e the identity of tbe two peoples. Far be it from him, he said, therefore, to entertain towards England any but the most cordial feelinge? feelings entertained and reciprocated by both countries. He had teen in ?? gland lately, and enjoyed the hospitality of Englishmen. He was tbexe in company with hia friend, tbe Consul from Philadelphia. Mr. Mathew, who, while te retained bts allegiance to bil own country, haa loat none ef hia feelings towards thia republic. He could un derstand the aentimenta of an Englishman, that where vcr be goes he should have a warm attachment to the land of bis birth. (Cheera ) 80 he (the speaker) would wish to build up an American nationality, hav ing a past, a present, and a future. (Applause.) Tbe English language is spoken in a large portion of the ?:lobe, and it ia perhaps destined to be spoken in the srgest portion ot the world, and together both nations would perbapa give more character to the future. (Col. Burnett? Three cheers for that sentiment ?Given.) The speaker continued ? The great American future was fated to exercise greater influence on humanity than had been exercised even by old Rome? and they might all unite in that glotioua sentiment of one of En<lan<l'a faireat and best poets :? The free, fair homes of England. Lon r. Km* in but aa<l ball. May hearts in native strength be reared, To gnsrd it" notile walls. And treen forever be the rraves, And bright the flowery eid. Where fir t the child's glad spirit loves Its country and Its 0?d. The President, after none introductory remark*, g?T?? The health of the Emperrr ?t tha]Preaoh and the otbtc al lita Air ? I'attoot pour 1* S. rie Tlie Maji|uih uk Monthouik, Conaui General of EEaace in Ntw York, reepon<led. Ue aaM ? Gentlemen, you rau.-t excure me if my words do not pome op to hit foeitngtt. It waa tht? firat time, ha aaid. that be bad aMretiM*] an FogH?h aadience In ibtlr native toigue. Ha w*a pleaaed to bare aucb a kind reception. Aa a r. pre. Mutative of bia government and aa a Frenchman, the? might know bow V? felt. When tbev apoke of Alma and Bomerimnd, and Inkcrmann, he ftlt aa if he waa an EoglUhmtn. Fraaceaud t'nulead ha?l thrown a bridge of friendship ntfl power aoioea the British Channel, and he hoped ih ? mim bridge would be thrown acroea the Atlantic, to thu land of peace, o? progreaa and of freedom. (Applauae.) He boped to ace a treaty of peace in the Weat aa well u in the fceat. He could not well expraaa bia feelings, but he would give a toaat:? "To peace ? to tie peaoe of Eu rope?to the peace of the world? to the pe*ce of hearta. 1 ' 'lie alliance between France and England mowed that tb?y wiabed for peace; hut to get peace, theae power* mint Qrat be feared. He waa a man ot war, till peace ? aa placed on a Arm baeia He aid not wiah to aeo the * pi id dlaturbed by tha ambition of | man. fle pro joeed. In ronelus'oa. a to*?t: ? To tb? peace of tl?o w\ j Ibe tilth to Alt wirt next proponed 1 1 Lent ' Ministers and representatives n this oon The Pkicmdiwt announced th?t the English Mini-tor, Mr. Urampton, not being pre?ont, be would call upon Sir Cb?i. liOftiid Orcj, Ex Gov. of JimticA, to re? pond to the tt#ot. ^ Mr. Ilwthew, British Consul at Philadelphia, conoiirhM timi-elf (lighted by this selection, took an opportunity to retire fiom his neat SrCius. Gkky said ? Mr. President and gentlemen of [?f. Geoige'uHcciety? Though tho kindness of the I're-ii dent baa brongbt me forward en t lis occasion, it i? only rigfet, and in comcion honesty, that 1 abould mike you awar# that I ara> neither a Minister nor a representative of her Vaj'sty oa thia continent. 1 tin hardly, there in-. entitled to return yeu thanks for this toast, as the it aty of iloirg ho aianilestly dsroives on my friend the Cen*ul for Philadelphia. But aa you have placed m? ia a test ?< Honor next your "resident, I will avail myself of the opportunity, by addlrg bIko my own thanks and of pajiai; that her Majesty ha* no inure faithful ?ubje-t fbeo lDycelf, and ibat lionl Palmerston's government ia that to which I can nu-jt willingly gire my perfect ad herence. (Applause ) It' I abstain from saying more, it is becait e 1 know that t'.iat honor mjre properly d? viilvcs m ber Majesty's Consul at Philadelphia. Sir Cbas Cee.f Ihankeu the Society lor the booor done btm in inviting Sim Tboy bad invited blm on a prev.oue occas'on. k.uJ had awakened the sanitation that, though far away from England, ho was .--till io the m dst of Englishmen. But ne would soy that nowhere els* wai the ronipauiwnsbiD of Knglwhim n so i?nnec??Mry to cheer th-lr country men tUan It is in the United Mates. The Americim were ao like themselves In merners that it was oifUeult to know&ny distraction be. tween them, ''or himself, ha couid not. avoid unr pubic opportunity of acknowledging tbe kindnesa ha had re ceived. When b<a political duties drew to a clone, in be felt that he was i.ot too old to learn, and so he thought it would he a in to cross the Atlantic without taking a view of the greatest republic that ever arose on the face of the earth. (Applause.) What he bad then seen had led him to wish to see it aga'n; and trough he was about to return boire for tlo last tine, he would die a wiser man, with bettei hopes for the race. (Appltuse.) He had often heard af the danger of n collision between the United btates nad England, and he fully felt the trntb of the remark. But that was the dark side of the picture, and he did not like gloomy views. But he re jti.ed in the tiiought that there were no two nations whose union and agreement would bvstow greater ad vantages on mankind than the union of the United S'ates and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. (Chte.'r. ) When he saw that the union bitween France and Kn^lhnd is carried out with goo t faith, he did not <'o.<pair of a ? milar union with their otvu ki?dr.-(l oa these shores (Applause.) Ibat union at the present day exists to a certain de gree. Msy it be perjetunl! But if it should become necessary that force should be employed to overoome evil on the oarth, be did not rear that the Stars and stripes and the bao&er of St. George would wave toge tb#r tn itnniuttb'e glory. In conclusion he propo*ed ? "He Alliances of 1 rcu Nations." (Drank with loud ap plaute.) The other toasts of the even'ng were responded to by Captain Werdlow, of the Hoyal Artillery; 1 ient. Col. Abrcrombie, ot tha United ^tatOH Army; Col Burnett, of the New Yore Volunteers; Mr. Norrie, President of St. Andrew's Society; Mr. Miles, of St Davi.Ua; Mr. Sliinrt, of H. Patrick's- Mr. Draper, of the New Eng land. Mr. Matnew, the Consul at Philadelphia, Jtc. The cempacy separated at a late bour. The Prohibitory Law< MEkTlNO OF THH LIQVOR HEAl.KHS' A8JOCI ATION. Ihe liquor ileal*? held a meeting last night, in Broom J stree* ? Mr. Hay raid in the c';alr, and Mr. Paige acting as Secretary. A ntm-iei of ?ew members were initiated. Mr. Philip W. Encs urged on the members the pro priety of supporting the Nkw-Yobk Qkrald, as that paper wax making great sacrifices in its denunciation of the Liquor law, SeLator Barr was introduced, and made a long speech n&ainat tbe Maine law. ? After the adjournment of tne regular meetly, a spe cial one wan ca'.led, to consult with a committee of the Sachems of Tau'oany Hall, who were present. Captain R?JiA*I) vmrtri'r the liquor dealer* intended to denounce M;.yor Wood in the rmss meeting they were about to hold In Tammany H Ait, for if so, they would not be allowed the use ot tho room. C-tpUia Fitoch assured tae commit '.ee, though be did not like the ecu; te of the Mayor, he wo> M not denounce him on the nigbt in question, onlj in so far as hii course mili tated uyainst uettuiu ptmciples. Miyor Wcod could not be called a good democrat, insomuch as h?, in oppo sit'rn to democratic principles, hid declared his deter minn'ion to aseume all doubtful powers. i)r. Hots wiehrd to know whtsther the Sachems were more careful oi uien than of principles. For one, he was in favor of a irei expression of ooioion at Tamma ny Hail Mayor Wood should not bo allowed to stop the liee speech of tlm parties wbo<e pocket* be Dad injure'. ANi'KK Fromkm. one of the Sacnems, real tho *.ntl Maine Law resolutions ps??ed by the noft General Com mittec, but omitted to tead trieir appnval of Fernando Wood, and asked the liquor dealer, to advocate thoaa principles if tbny wished, but net denounce good Tamma ny ('emacrats <n Tammany Ball. Mr. Philip W. Exoh said tbe resolutions, already pre pared, made no reference to any man whatever. Miyor Wood had been elected by tbe liquor interest, to which he bad proved false. Without the influence of that as tociation, Wrod would not have been Mayor He was not disposed, bo never, to attack bim in the home of hie friends. After a sensible speech frtm Capt. French, a rosoiiw tion was passed denying, on the part cf the liquor deal ers. anv intention of denouncing democrats in Tammany Hall. Ybe Sachems declared themselves satisfied, and the conference ended, and the meeting adjourned. Mayoi'i Office. TBI UNIFORMS OF POLICEMEN. We stated a few days ago that it was the intention of Mayor Wood to issue an order which would compel policemen in future to wear their uniforms on all occa sions, whether on or off duty. Since then our statement has been confirmed, and we are now enabled to publish a copy of the original, which no doubt will interest some of our leaders. Here it is: ? Omci Or thb CHir.r or Poorer, April 17. 1835. OKPf I MAI. oaui.R M5. Captair IlAr.njr, 1st Dist.? An erroneous impression exists ib tbe Department that there are cert ain timed when members are < ff duty. This is not the tact. Yon will therefore inform yonr entire command that they sro oonsi dtred to be always on <Iuty, anil that tbe uniform prescribed tiy the rules ana regulations must be worn at all times, and on all occasions, unless by special lean. It is also specially enjoined upon every member of tho Department, whether in command or snborsinate, that a soldier like and military appearance and demeanor ho maintained wbe" in tbe strtets The dress, a? well as con duct, Indicate the character of the policemen. The o oat should be kept hottoned; or it open, the wearer must bare on a vest of blue cloth, single breasted, with nine small ser vice buttons for Captains aid Llentenants, eight for the sergeants, and seven for privates When not supplied with vests of tbis character, the coat must he kept battened, wlen ont of th? station bouse. It is also ordered that pelicemen shall not, when on duty in the street, convene with tbeir friends oro'hers, exoept to pive or rceeive intormatiun pertaining te their duties, but shall patrol their posts witb eiolnsivo attention to their dnties. Lounging against steps, fecoes or aayting is also forbidden. , That portion oi this order relating to the vest shall take effect on tbeiirst otMsy next.; the other portion shall take effect immediately. I nope tbis order will he respeoted and obeyed. Captain's are especially required to a strict com pliancy with ^th Is ordor. fjjrnaJS'DO WOOD. Mayer. Cbo.W. Matsmx. Chief of Polioe. 8TRKKT CLEANING MACniNKP. Another communication was recai vod at the Mayor's oflice yesterday, from Messrs. Smith, Meckel It Co.. re garding the operations of the street cleaning machines, from April 19 to April 91, inclusive, of tbe First, Second, Fourth and Sixth wards which ie as follows ? , WARM. 1 ft.. 2?'f. 4th. 6th. loads d'rt removed from 40ti 2ol 3*0 330 u ashe.t " ? 134 SJ5 221 183 Tc'jal 640 2W 513 Total leads of dirt 1,323 '< '? aslics.. 033 Total 1.9?? Mewrs i mith, Seckel ?V Co. state In their comcnunlca* tlcn ?hat the streets would pre ent a much cleaner ap uearaace If the citizens would refrain from throwing shbts and garbage into the gutters. A bell will be rung in future on tbe approach of ash carts. Pvllre Intelligence. THE FBKNUH MKWbPAPKK DIFFICULTY. The axannnaticn In tee cane of Victor Riroo, on# ef Hie propiietora of tbe French newspaper Lt Progru, charged with perjury by Pa<il Arpln, the editor of th* isme aheet, waa oeatioued yeat?r?Jay before JuatieeOon toll j, at the Lower Prlloe Court, bat no facta worthy of mention were elicited. In oar report of Hundey'a pro ceed x>tn, we atated that Mr. Maleapine had admnced murtj to defray the expenaea "f the paper, an 1 that Mr. r ar< n was proponed aa a pirtaer ln:o the conoero by Mr. He luiau. lhie. we are aaeured, 1* errouaoua. Mr. Bell a an waa tke njcueyefl maa of theeoneern, and 'M waa Mr. Mtleapice who urged the adnrttnnre of Mr. I'aron an a pirt prcpnetor, while It was Mr. Hellman who objeote4 Mrcng'vtothe meannre, and hence the 'Impute that noon afieiwanlH occurred tieeween Hellmau, M?l*apin? and Baron, which wee finally aettied by placing tUe keya rf the >?c^ in tbe haads of Mr. Arpin, tan editor of tLe r?i?T. As Elommint in fiian Life in Orange, N. J An unpreiedenttd exci'ement tin* been created in tbe neighboring village ot Orange, t < the elope meat of a saiirrled gentleman with a young lady of great personal attracticna. and the dnngnt?r of one of the richest resi dent* ot that place. The gentlenan who ha* rhua ab aconded baa been doing bualneaa in Near Yotk, and ha* lelt a wife and child in Orange, unprotected and uncurel for. Previous to leaving ha borrowed of vartcua bnane a men sum* ranging from $600 to *2,000, In all to the amount of $16,000. We understand that aince hi* real - dance la Orange this gentleman has made great pret*a aiots to piety, and baa been a leader in evening meet ll|?, It ia unknown whether the eloping parttea hare | gone to Europe or whether they are atul in this country, bat we learn that both left note* avowing their deter 1 pi nation ootto iVtUTO ? yartrZ \rp, 4y :? (Tlie 8|irtng Kt r*heti thx noons alokq tbk bailho ai?b? loss or lM ALONG TUB BHIE U\. ^ The breaking up of winter, and t.'1* malting of the ?now and ice uprn the Cieen Mountains ?r Vermont and the White Mountaina of Mow Hampshire, 1 ave no awollan the Connecticut river that the railroad* a croM 11 near hare been in danger of being swept . *"?y- Th? other Fa* tern rivers bars been la the aaa?? condition, but not mneb damage haa been done. The k?t de spatches from the East sa y the rivers are falling,. danger to the railroads pa?t. the Hudson river haa also been very high for tha ***' few lays, owin;; to the hear/ rains and the snow a n<1 ce freshet in the Mohawk. In Albany, along the rir* *? the pier*, and come dwellings have been inundated. Tha Hud mm River P.ail.-oad, however, ha* saffered no drn^ age or in>rruption <n mating ltl regular Iripe from thLa swollen ftate of the r'rver. Through thia State , along the u>ute of the Erie Rail road, the report* of the freshets have not been ao fa vorable, Theie are u&ueually high tloodrf in the Fivfln* along the southern line of the state, owing to the heavy rains more than to the melting of the mountain ice and anow. On Saturday laat the Chemung river carried away, near Coning, in Stauben county, two or threw frame bouses There were four persons in then* house* at the time, who were drowned, the t'de running a ? awift that no aBfilntanco could be extended to them Ba slde the above, it in repotted that five or elx other per sons were drowsed near Corning, while trying to save property from being swept away. At Adrian, a little ba yond Corning, but in the same county, much lamtgt? haa been done to tie railroad track by the swelling of the Canisteo river, a branch of the Chemung. The track here ia torn up and a wept a way for the dUtance of near ly a mile, and the line of the track in covered with iaa menre trtes torn up by their roots, vast elides of aartb, rockr, ko. The trains each way, at this place, are obliged to exchatigu passengers, detaining them about two bourn. A large force of men hare been already pat to work at tbia break, and In a day or two it will be entirely repaired. West of thin we un derstand there is a large quantity of oattle, hogs and other frtight, de*tined for New York, but detained by tbia disaster to the road. At other poriiona of tha road have betn heavy land elides, creating a temporary in terruption in the progress of the trains, but mo*t, if not all of them, we believe, hare alroudy been removed. We have heard of no other break in the track beside i this at Addifcon The last advices from different p*rta of the toad informed u? that the floods were subsiding. Hl'tSON RIVER. Tha water hah been receding in the Hudson sine* Sun day, and lias gone down about six feet. DELAWARE H1TER. The Philadelphia Le<lyr, of the 23d lost , a*ya: ? The heavy rains ot the pant week have caused a freahet in the Delaware, and the effect haa bieo to overflow all the flats bulow the canal, in the First ward, and extending down along the old Hollander's Crtek. On tha Point House road, the water in some placefl entirely cover* the roadway, and horses have to wade knee ceep through the water. The houtes on tbia and the aide roads are surrounded with water, and boats were sailing over the meadewh on.Saturdty, where the cows usually ruminate. At Treeton, N. J , tha Delaware was unusually high, but has been receding since Saturday. THE WKFTERN RIVERS. Most ot the Western rivers wera in floe order at tha laat dabs, and were rising. At Wheeling there waa a good depth of water in the channel. At Cincinnati tha watar waa awelling slowly, with about 7% feet in tha channel to l'ittsburg, and nearly 9 to i/juisvi'.le. The Cumber land was riMCg. with 7 feet, and at St. I/Ouls there waa sl?o a rise, witn 10 feet in the channel to Cairo The Missouri wes likewise rising slowly, while the Illinois waa receding. The D. 8. brig Balnbriilge, from Norfolk for Rl? Janeiio, was spoken lllh innt. by tbe bark White Wing, at Ibin port, In lat. 34 S5, Ion. 63 10, all well. The sloop- of- war Cyane, at Boston, bad her officer* and crew on board on Saturday, aud was to haal lata tbo river the fame evining Her destination la said ta be Cuba. Mie will carry '^50 men. Among her offices* U Lieut. htraid, late ct the Isthmus of Uariea explora tion party. the following is a list of h?r (Bum* Commander, 8 B. Wilson; Lieutenants, K L. Ttlghmaa. J. N. Barney, Innac O. btrain aud John Downes; M alter, A. M. 1)k Bree; Surgeon, H. B. Aitdisnn ; Assistant Bur geon, Win CS. Hay ; l'uiser, Henry Kttlog. Midshipman,, Boatswain, Wm Ray; Gunner. J a me* L>. Medina y ; Carpsuttr, Lbarles Boaidman; tSall maker, Jchn A. Bud sal). NAVAL MEDICAL BOAKD. The naval mt'.icnl board for the examination of assis tant surgeons iu the navy for promotion, and of carult i >u 3 fur admission into tbe navy, having concluded its duties, has been dissolved, and the following is tbe ro emit: Astistant Surjeon Thomas B. Steele to rank next be low Passed Assistant Surgeon Edward B. Squibb Ajs ktant Surgeon A. Nelson Bell next below Passed Aseiatent Surgeon John Ward. Assistant Lurgeon Charles Martin next above Passed Assistant Surgeon f. M Gunnell. Assistant Sure* on Charles' II Williamson next below Fu.'sul Assistant Surgeon S Allen Eagles. A distant Surgeon Edward Shippen next after C. H. Williamson. Ike candidates for admission who passed a satisfac tory examination are as follows, arraaged according t? merit: ? Kn 1. Albert S. Gihon, Pennsylvania. No. 2. John S. Ketchen. Pennsylvania. No 3. John Vacsant, Virginia No. 4. James Laws, Pennsylvania. No. 5. Edwin R. L'enby, Virginia. No. 6. Wm. Johnson. Delaware. No. 7. Francis L. Gait, Virginia. No. 8. Stewart Kennedy Pennsylvania. No 9 Wm. M. Page, Virginia. . No. 10. A. Clarkaon Smith, Pennsylvania. News by (Mall. We leain that a proposition will come op in the neab Congress to amend the constitution of the United States, by ineerting a clause to the effect that no State law ?hall be passed which may Interfere with or prohibit the sale or consumption of any imported article upo* which the general government der.ves a benefit by im posing a tariff. It tx understood that the Supreme Court of Maseachu setts Is of the opinion that the new liquor law of that State is constitutional. Attorney General Clifford enter tains a similar opin on. It wse seventeen yearn, on Monday, since the first At lantic steamer arrived at New York. The Sirius, Oapt. Boberts, wbo was subsequently lost in the I'nsaident, armed early in the mosning, and a fe w home after wards the Great Western. A census of the city of Lexington, Ky., just concluded by the assessor, sbowa Its. present population to ba 8,371? whites, 5, '297; Micks, 2,774; white males, 2,812; white females, 2,785; eolored males, 1,197; eolored fe males, 1.579. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, of East Lyme, aged seventy years, widow of Olives Wilson, came to her> death oa the 17th inst. in a shocking manner. Sue was burning eons dry stuff in her garden, wben her olothes eaugnt Ore, and she wea burned ho dreadfuUy thit she survived only till midnight. Coroners' Inquesla Coroner O'Donnell held an Inquest yeater *ay upon the body of Catherine Green, a domestic lately in the eea > ploy of Mrs. Sarah M. Perry, of 146 Ninth street, who. camo to her death from burns received on tbe ltth alt... by the explosion of a campbene lansp upon her psma, while she was ailing the same at the above place The deceased was conveyed to the New York Hospital, where she died in great agony oa Sunday night. Ver&iot ? "Accidental death. '1 The deceased was thirty -five years of age, and was born in Rhode Ieland. Edward Cole, a nativs of Brooklyn, forty-Are years of sge, wan found lying in the water at pier 16, East River, by officer Sheehan. On Sunday night, Henry Peek, a pi i vat* watchman on board the ship Louisiana, lying eh pier 15, East River, heard soooo cries, which he supposed pioceiMled from a drowning man. He made- a ee??--h along tbe dosk and found an umbrella lying beside '?a stiing piece, which he auppneed belonged to the de< us ed, who probably committed suicide. A little boy, named John McBriectjr, iu.i fatally in jured on Saturday afternoon, by being caught under a falling cart, in Vaadowater street. The deceased and oae of his playmates were standing beside a cart bed/, which had been left standing on the sidewalk la front <i a wheelwright 'a shop, owned by Mr. Kitrsimmtwu wb-a the body luddialy fell on tbe deeeasod, crushing hi* severely and fracturing his spinal column, produ?i:?g almost instaat death. Coroner O' lion noli held aa in qnest upon the body of tbe chM. Verdict?1 "AocMeotal death." U. B. Marshal's Ofllrf. Aran. 28. ? Chargr of Revolt. ? Richard Browne. Jamea Ogelvie, Edward Gallagher, James Marihal, George ViU Wm. Harris and George Bennett were arrested ou a rbarge of revolt on board trie ship Cynosure, on her <aat vo.vaae from Liverpool to tbis port. The officers of t'w> vessel were obliged to defend themselves Iron the ma tinee re, and Harris receired -fveral pistol wounds lathe endesvor to quell tbe disturbance. Hellforexam'.aatioa. Cape rl or Const. SDIT FOR LIBKL. Before Chief Justice Oak lev Aran. 23 ?Tbe case rf J, W. Barter u.i..i n but fHMtpriDM fn ro^..fT,c, f , , > iW. ' ** al*

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