Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1855 Page 6
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ADT8RTISKMKNTS RENEWED EYERT BIT. oo^tdtvii/ pbom rirrH pass. W iNTS. WAMTBU? A SlTUAJlKi.. BY A NEAT, TIDY AMD active girl, to do elminberwork ?nd aaais* ia Miring. Beet refereae? from present employer, 7-49 Greenwich >1, there eke now resides. Call mr two daya. ?ANT?I?-BV A RESPECTABLE youno woman, urination as to. d pUiu oook. washer and ironer; Wil t? g ta make herself generally u?elul. Call for two >laya, at her la?t plaoa, 76 Warren St., between Henry and Clinton, genth Brooklyn. YJLT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT TV girl, aa lad) 'g maid au 1 eeaniatreas: understands dress making and doing op Are muelins Call tor tvodays at 111 East 16th at., between 1-t and 2d avs. WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN TUB sou a try with a (mall family, a Protestant wonti; ?aa thai understands milking, baking and gonerol house ?ork. Saoli a one can find a good homa by calling ?t 84' At torney at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN loang lady, to take vara oi a baby and to 4 o plain sew & The boat of city reterene- >iven. Please apply at 214 eckerst.. near Carmine, in thefanoy *t .re, for two day a WANTED? BY A GOOD GIRL, A SITUATION TO DO general homework- Apply at 171 West 29th at. f ANTED? BY A LONE WIDOW, WITHOUT EN enmbranoe, a altnation aa housekeeper, In a email fa nily. No objeetion to the country The boat of city rei'e renoe given. Apply at 187 3d avonue. XtT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? TWO GOOD MILLINERS v Y None but first rate hands need apply to Mine. Aupiix No. > Walker at. r ANTED ? A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GENERAL . . houaewurk for a small private f unily in E?st Brooklyn: ?oust understand* ashlug,ir?ning and plain cooking p rfoctly None need apply but those who cuii bring the best of city ro fornnoo Wagea, >6. Apply at N5 Clinton St., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL, A SITUA tion aa chambermaid no objection* to do housework tor a email family: la a good washer and ironer and plain oook, good city reference. Call at No. 1 Vine it., Brooklyn. ?ANTED ? BY A YOU>G GIRL, A SITUATION IN a private family ts chambermaid and waiter; good ci ty reference given. Can be ?e<u two days. Call at 13 Wooa ter at * WANTED? A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FA mily by a respectable y?uug woman as oook; can give the beat of olty refirmoe; has no objection to asaist in wash ing and ironing. Call two days at 104 Mott it., aecond door, front room. WANTED? A GOOD SEAMSTRESS, ONE WHO CAN sake boy's jackets anil pants, to work by the week. She must be smart ai d active with the aeodle. Apply at 146 Greene at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRt, A SITUA tion a* seamstress; understands all kinds ot sewing and needlework; world take euro of ohildren. and be ge no rally n?ofuL The bait reference. Call at i'Ji 6th avenue, third floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A situation in a email fan ily to do general housework and assist in plain sewing; alio is a good washer and ironer, and is a good baker. City rolerences given. Plonae call at 101 York at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman aa wet nnrie Good reference. Can be ?een for two da) t at Bergen it., next house to the 4th avenue, Brooklyn WJ Wi w ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid; is a good washer and ironer, and (ood plain cook; has good city reference. Apply for two daya at 27u 28th it. , second floor, between 9th and 10th ava. TXT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT TT j oung woman as oook, and to ?asUtinthe waahing, or to do all the washing in a small family; heat of city re ferenoo from her last employers. Call at 131) West 20th it., one door from 7th avenne, second floor, front room. WANTVD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as plain oook, washer and inner in a ?mall private family; good oity reference. Call for two days ftt 143, corner of 2d avenue and 22d it., in the baker's store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as waiter; no obieotion to assist in chamherwork; the beet of city reference given. Please call at No 9 Union oonrt, University place, between 11th and 12th its., for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS NURSi~AND SEAM ?trees. by a French Proteitaut. Can be seen during this week at her present employer's, 12d West 13th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as good plain cook; go- d city rofercnce. Can be seen one day. at 12 Concord it., Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as uhambcrmaid, <r nurse ani seam Strese, in a private family; the beat of oity reference given. Can be seen Tor two daya at her own residence, kil 3d avenue, corner 3Mb St. TXT" AN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f v yonng woman, as seamstress, iu n respectable family; ran cut ana fit ladies' and children's clotUing, and under stands all kinds of family sewing; would wish to go with a family travelling to Europe; has good oity reference. Pleas call at 19 East 11th St., near 3d avenue. "fXT AN TED ? T W 0 GOOD MILLINERS. NONE BUT f f tiioee who understand the business need apply, at 4/ 3d avenue WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young aomar, aa cham'trmald and or plain oook, washer and ironer. Good oity referenoe. Can be seen at ,189 6th av., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycung woman, as cook; understands her basineis well; good washer and irouer if repaired. Uood reference Can be aeen at 261 Bewcry, for two days. No objeotiun to go in the eruntey. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion aacouk, washer Hiid iroter. Best of city rofor A( ply at 7<t Csraine at., for three d&yf. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yeung Piotestaat woman. U a good plain oook and baker, and excellent warher and ironer Bout of city ref?r On ca. (?u at <1 Bntler at., rear, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch girl, a* oheml,erm*i?l \ad waiter, or to d> tho g'aeral Uoaaework of a jnia I private family; good wasbur ?ad iruner Bent ef city reference fr?m her last p!ao?. Call at the second oetta*o house fr m Smith, in Warren St., ??? poeito the pablio eobool, Brooklyn, for two daya. WANTED? BV A VERY RE3PECTALE YOUNG WO man, a situation n? nur>e and seaiuatraaa; can take the entire oh?r?e of a baby from its birth. But of city re ten-nre Call at SIC Tirst avenue, two >tny ?. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid, waaher and ironer, or to da general homework. Good reference. Call at 770 Wash ington at . corner of Troy, two daya. TJtr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN? A SITU Y T ation aa cook in a private family, and to.jhelp in the wae&ag and ironing. Beit of city reference. Call two daya at 17 Dominick ?t.. New York. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation a* oook, who andorttandt her business thorough ly. Will afaiat in waahing if required. No objection to go a abort distance in the conntry. City reference. Call ?w> daya at 2* Prince at. TXTANT^D-A SI TUATION? BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protectant girl, u waiter or ohatnbermald, or to do plain sewing, and take care of children. No objection tojro a all art distance in the country. Call two days at 40 West 13th *t , in the rear. "I^ANTED? X PROTESTANT WOMAN AS~ "nUHSE *T hbd eeamatross. Apply, with rac numeidatlons, at room No. 4 , Mansion llsnse, llteksst., Brooklyn. YITANTED? BY A KE-sl'ECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. YY a aituatiju as chambermai t and feamUresf. or oharn bermall aod fine washer. Oroa city refciencc. Call at the bakery, V>4 7th avenue, corner S2d at. WANTEL>? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonog woman, ar cook; uuderstande making bread and f>a en. Good reference. Chii be seen for two daysa;t 119 West 2>h at., between Mb and dtb avenuef. TETANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN YY a Protestant, to do up staira work. Good city re" fetsnce Apply at 02 1'crry at. for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT VBt.E young woman, as seamstress in a private tamily, or as chambermaid and seamstress; Oe if a good dressm aker. aa i understand* making children's clothes and all kinds of sev ing The best of eltv reference given. Call at 143 West 27th ft., top floor, room' 15, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to c->ok waab and iron. Can give good city refefoace Apply at 7!* Suffolk ft., in the rear. "tlTANTED ? TO GO A SBORT DISTANCE IN THE Yt poultry, a neat tidy woman, to act as nur>e to two aasll obiidrcu sod astist with the ohamborwork and wash ing and Ironing Apply at 17 StaU st. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. Yt a situation aa good plain cook, to assist in washing and ironing, or at chambermaid In a respectable family. Best of ?ity reterenes from her laat employer. Apply at 170 West J9ta st. tor two days. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a attnatlon as nurse and plain seamitreas; I baa bo ol lection to light ehamberwork. Best city reference frim her last place, where she lived seven yetri. Call at *3 27th at., between nth and 7th avenues. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tim as chambermaid and seamstress; nnderttands vtkint ebi'dren's dresses. Beat of elty reference. Call at 361 1st avenue, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMA* a situation; ia a first rate laundress, and a most ex -cellont plain oook; understands baking and plain pastry Ilae live! ia the beat families, and can give good city re ferencee Apply at N# Charlton st., near Hudson, up stairs ?ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO YERT RESPECT able girls; one as chambermaid and laundrets, tho other aa waiter and chambermaid, or would take care of obi dree No oWeetiene to go a short distance la the cona try. Apply at No. 8 Ooerek street, flrst floor. WANTED-A WOMAN AS LAUNDRESS AND CHAM YY bormaid Good reference required. Apply at 37 East 2l*t at , between 9 aad 12 o'elock. "IIT ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITU YY ation to do onokinc or general housework, in a email family, where there ie convenience to work, ia the city; would like to live in a Christian family. Call at 154 Forsyth e? . betweoa Rivlagton aad Delanoy, In the rear. "UfANTED-BY A SMART. TIDY GIRL, A SITUATION v T ?? do general housework, ia a small private ftml'y. 0'>od etty referent os Ie a good waaher and Ironer. Call at M Trinity place, Brit floor, for two days. IW ANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED MIDDLE AGED * _ . , American widt.w woman, a situation at child'f nnrse ; r.?rr.^T* ** objotlonf to wait npon an invalid lady. Can Vi "Mk t* tlkn ^ >MB fortwodaytat Wk*?SSuXI<A22V\n ^OMAN, A SITUATION ?r.??ldrsu'a drews n?(?. w '?*mi,'?at; can cut and (It < ? uIela?.ni'nP/rlVI. Vh".T* "">?? *>>?? high wartt. r "m TZl rXZtZ' ^ "Mtw ? fir,t floor, front VV ANTIIV?BY A kl* riClAHI.I YOUNO WOMAN Tr e Kitaatioa as lauadress or chambermJit ri?r,4 ????' *?%e?ti90 Has ro objection to the eountrr Vm ^ ? * Jsi ? r ? tfw m U ifm i*?k *t. CtB " WANTS. 1 UTANTIB? BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tion aa Cham barmaid; can do fin# washing ud B?k? ladiee' drtHin, and would Ilk' to travtl with a lady daring i the euromor. Can air* good refercuoe a* to oharaeter and I capability. Cal) atau6 Broadway, next the Si. Nicholas. WANTED? III UATIONB, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girla: one aa oook, waabor and ironer; tho other at waiter ana chambermaid. Can *ivs tho baat c tjr rat anno a. Flaaae call at 12ft 12th at., between 5tt> aud Oth avenues. "nrANTED? BT A PROTESTANT TOUNG GIRL. 'A TT situation to do general housework; 0 tn do plain sew ing, or wonld take ear* of children. Apply at 36 4th if., near Troy. "IirAKTBD-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE J " . ,W0,m*V al 00?lt; ia a first rate baker, and nnderatanda all kind* of paatry Bert city reference. Can be aaea for two daya, at 64 West Washington place. TXT ASTRO? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, to oook, waah and iron, or do general housework, in a small private family Beat oity reference. Can be aeon for two daya, at 114 10th arena*, between 17th and 18th at*., aeoond floor, baok room. WANTBD? BY A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION aa nurse and aeamatreaa, or to auiit with chain burwork. No objection to the country. Can come wail recommended. Pleaae call for two daya, at No. 3 Uniou Court, University place. WANTRl)? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at oook, waaher and ironer. Quod city reference. Call at 360 2d avenue, room No.13 for two day j. OTAN1ED-A SITUATION, BT A RKSPECTAHLE TT Paoteitaut girl, 13 yoart old, who has no parenti; wagoa not ao much an object aa a comfortable home. Call at 2b7 i.ewia at., aecond floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A SMART, TIDY young girl, to care children and do tewing. Satisfac tory reference. Call at 71 7th it., between lit and 2d ave nue', aeoond floor, front room, for two dayt. WANTED? BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, A SITUATION aa chambermaid and fine washer, or chambermaid and ! lain sewer. Call at her pmeat em|iloyer'i, No. ItiU Bait Hth at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 9ITUA tion ne nurae and acamstreaa, or chambermaid and seamrtreas; good city tefereuce. By another aa cook, waah er and irouer; like to go a abort distance in the oonutry; good reference. Call at 78 Weit iHlh at., lecond floor, baok room, for two daya. TIT" ANTED? A SITUATION BY A BESPECTABLE TT girl, 14 veara o* age, to take oare of children. Good reference. None need mply bnt a reapeot&ble family, at 71 Ilenry at., third floor, front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man, a aitnatiftn in a private family as cook, .ltd to aehUt in washing ant. ironing; she would bare no objection to take a lanndroaa place, or to go a short distance in the conn try, Stateu Island preferred. Can he seen at her prusent employer'* 32 Eaat 21st it , betwocn Broadway and ith ave nue Good oity referenoea. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation at chambermaid; she is willing to asiiit with the wathiug and ironing, or aslaundresa in a private family. Can produce the heat of oity reference from whero ahe has lived. Pltate call at 246 West 32d at., third floor, baok room T|7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman ai nurie and plain aewer, or as chamber maid; baa lived two yeari in her lait plaoe. Best o( oity re ference. Call at 006 llouiton it., in tho store, between Broadway and the Bowery, for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT WO man, as wet tnrse, either in the oity or country. Good oity referenoe gives. Address M. C., Brooklyn Poat Office, for two daya. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY 1WO RESPECTABLE girli, with good oity referenos ? one as cook, waaher aud ironer, the ether aa chambermaid and waiter; ia a good aewer; haa good experience with children; would do the clear starching; no objection to the country in inmmer. Call at 349 2d avenue, between 22d and 23d ita., aecond floor, for two day ?. WANTED? BY A BESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SIT nation aa nurie or aeamatreaa; ia well acquainted with the care of children; or aa chambermaid; la willing to aaaiat in the fine washing and ironing; best re eronoe from her last place, where ahe lived three years and a half Call at 346 6th avenue, between 21 it and 22d stl. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wosan, aa seamitres and to do all kinds of family aewinir, and embroidering; alao dreaimakint; good reference. Call at bor laat employer'!, 203 Weat 2Jtn it., between 8th and 9th avenues. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girli. to do ohamberwork, and a<aist in the wa, hing and ironing, or take care of children and do plain sewing good city referenoe. Call for two dayi at 46 Hamertloy at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as good oook and baker, and good waihor and ironer. Good rslerenoe from last place. Can be aeen for two daya at 128 8th it., St. Marks place. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO SISTERS; ONE ii a first rata oook, washer and ironer, an4 an excel lent baker ot bread; the othor to do chamber work aud wait in* ; is a good aewer. and would take oare of children. Would prefor a good home looner than big wagei. Hare no objec tion to go ? fhort diitanoe in the country. Have <;ood oity reference. Can be leen for two daya; oall at 46 Uamenley tt , in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, 8Y A YOUNG WOMAN, to cook, waih and iron. G?od oity referenoe A re rpeetable place preferred before wagei. Apply at 137 Eliza beth it. Can be leen two daji. TirANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TI as plain cook and can do chtmber vork; has no cbjoo tion to the country. Good i eftreooo. Apply at No. 76 Lo fr it it., front basement. Can be seen for two days. YirANTBB-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Tl to do gener ai housework or chamherwork. Good re ference. Apply at 2?i Weit 13th st., top floor, back room. Can be ae?n two dayt. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU atict aa cook; ono who perfectly underitand* her busi neaa. Can do all kind* of evoking. The best oi eity refer ence given. Apply at 03 Sullivan at. ryANTKD? A SITUATION AS COOK. WASflKR AND TT ironer, or to ilo general liou^werk, in a private family, by a young worn in. witli (ood city reference. Can be teen for tiro dayaat3U0 W cat 18th it., front bueisent. II' AI TI.D ? A 5-ITLATION. BV A RESPECTAnLB TT yo jng woman, <?? good oook; it an excellent washer ai d ironer aid a *ood baker. Haa no objection to go a short distance m the country. Beat of oit v reference, Please call at 1C-I 9th ??. TIL'ANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 11 girl, a (it nation a* nurae and Beamatrei*. No objec tion to the country. Beit of city refereuee*. Can be seen at 1:01 Ea; t 13th at., star lit ava., flrit floor, back room WANTED? a SITUATION AS COOK IN A PRIVATE TT family; underitandi waihlng and ironing. Ha* no objection toioa ahort diatance in the country. Has lived over eeven yeara in her lait place. Pleaie call at 28 Amity at., for two dayi. "\I/"AN TED-SITUATIONS, BY TWO VEilY RESPECT T? able I'roteatant girla; one r.l chambermaid and lauu dre<i?, the othor baa no objection to any kind of housework except waiting. Boat of city reference. Call at 173 32d St., near 8th avenue, for two day*. WAIfTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youn? woman, aa chambermaid and waiter; has lived three yeara in her laat plaoe; best of oity reference. Can be seen at 83 Wc?t 19th at., between tith and 7th avenues, first fl'or, front room, for two daya. TITAN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T T young woman, aa ocok, washer aud ironer, or chambcr maid?in a private family; good oity reference. Can be aoeu for two day* at 222 East J 3d at., third floor, back room. X\J ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T T young woman, as chambermaid and to do flne washing and ironing, or as chambermaid and waiter; goed city refer ence. Can be *e?n at 336 8th avenue, third floor, back room, for two daya. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid: fa willing to arndit in t^e waahinr; and ironing; or as laundress, in a pri' ate family ; be t of oity referenoe. Can lie seen at No. 2 Union court, (University J dace, between Uth and 12th at. , second floor, front room, or two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPEi TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, v T a situation aa plain cook, washer and iroier, in a moii reapectaUe private family. She can give good city reference. Please call at 349 Creenwtch *t., third floor, front room. Can be seen for two daya. WANTEI>-SITUATI0!<S' BY TW-? RESPECTABLE TT jonng girls, sisters, one a* cook, wathor and ironer; understands baking verfect; ha? a first rate reference from her last place; the other to take care of children and do rowing: understands cutting and fitting children's olotho*; has worked for the last seventeen months in that capacity. Ilea an excellent reference. Apply at SI 19th it., between Oth and 7th avonucs. IT'ANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. TT a situation in a private family ai chambermaid ana waiter, or aa leamstrca* and nnrae. I* a very noat aewer and very kind to children; haa been a', sewing for the last nine months. Pletae call at 500 8th avenne, second floor, back room, for three day*. T17ant*d? a SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT aa a good cook; is a good baker, flood city reference. Is willing 4o aiaiat at weaning and ironing. Apply at j 8i 12ih at., corner of University place. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, in a private family, as chambermaid and waitar, or to do general houswork. The best of city reference given. Please call at 78 Hauieraley ?t., in thegro eery store, for threo dayf. TT-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGHLY RE TT commended girl, as lanndress, In all Its branche*; a moit capable shift ironer; can do up finery in the belt *tyle; has no objection to a good boarding ho lie in tho oity, or a ft w miles in the e< untry. Wages $7. Call at 3J3 lit are nn?, drat floor, baofc room. \\*^ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, a* nnrse and plain aewer, or ohatnhormaid ?ad waiter; haa good city reference from her last place. C an be aeon for two daya at l-Vi Jlth ?> , 8th avenue. VirANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT air J, aa aoamstre**; she understands dressmaking and pla n sawing. Can be **ea in her laat aituation (for two days.) at 31 Lafayette place. TV ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8 ITU A - TT tion, aa a pood oook. washer and ironer; the beit of re ferentea from her lait place. Apply tor two day*, at 131 W aahington it. TT* AS TEE? A SITUATION, AS SALESWOMAN IN TT either a fancy dry good* or millinery atore, by an in duitrioui and competent young lady. Can be *een at her pre *ent employer'*, 128 Ninth avenue. TV" ANTED? SITUATIONS. BY THREE GIRLS, ONE AS TT cook, one a* chambermaid and seam atrea* and olear ?tardier, the other a* chambermaid and waiter or laundrea*. Two are Protestant*. Reference*. Can be aeon for two daya at tkoir preaent emplover*. 41 Weet >th *t. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aacook. I* a good meat and paatry rook. No objec tion to aaaiat In the washing and ironing. Beat of oity refer enco. Please call at 900 tlicke ?t. , first floor, back room. fETANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAf, TT a* children 'a maid. Haa good city referenoe from her laat place Inquire at Ho Washington tt., lit floor, back room. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A ?!TUA tion ai cook, waiher and Ironer, in a amall private fa mily. No objection to a private boardinghonse. Good oity reference from her lent plaoe. Call at Gt ffth afofine, ba tata* H tli and tilt it., in the war W Aft I S. WANTED? BY ? RES I' EOT ABIE UfD HIALTUY >oui<g woiuaa, a baby tj wet atria, at her owa r?*i dsns*, 167 Eul 23d at., bttwaen tit anil 2nd innou WANTED? AN AMERICAN CIBL 1( OB 16 YBiRS ?Id to teke car* o' childrea and do other light work. Apply at 2k Bcokmaa**., up rtalr*. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa aurae and aeaaatrsM. Good city reference. Appljr at 132 Greenwich at. TV' AN TED? BY A FASHION ABLB DRESSMAKER Vf work, te ga out by tha day in a private family, or would go aa forewoman la a dressmaking establishment. Call at 8W) 6th avenue, Mtwoen 24th and 2Sth at* , on the fourth floor. WANTED-BY A COMTET1NT PERSON. A S1TUA tion aa aura*, and to do ta* sowing; ia oapale of taking care of aa infant; or ehambermaii aad waitre**; good with er and ironer. Go? d referenoe. Call two day* at 393tith avean*. hetw?*a 24th and 28th ?t?., fonrth ?tory, fri^t reom. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman aa first rata cook. and to aatiat ia the washing and ironing. No objection to the country. Good referonco. Apply for twa day* at 16 3d avenu*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LADY, a situation aa housekeeper, or aa oompaoion to an in valid lady, it a* nursery governors. Addreia J. B,. Ihra'd olio*. TX7 ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A vT *lt nation aa hotuemaid. Ia a good waahor aud iionor aad plafn cook. Would rO into the oountry. Call two day* at l< ? Kidridtre (t . ia rear. W ANTE I ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a (itnation aa good plain cook, or to do Cham berwor*. Good re fere no*. Can be seen for two day* at 90 Livingston atreat, between Smith and Boerem, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A BESPEOTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a cituation a* chambermaid and laundress, or aa chamberoiaid^and to take care of ohildrea. Koit oity reft rci.ce from bor laat plaoe. Call at M7 Mott street, batwoon Broom? and Grand, room No. 0, for two da'*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f irl, to do cbamberwork and waiting, in a private family. C*n t?r?en for two days, at her present plaoe, 113 C inton place. T\7 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMaN TV who has loit her own baby, a situation ai wot nuise in a gentleuit n'h family. Please call at 161 East 24th at. Til AN TED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TV aa chambermaid and to do washing and iruning aud plain cooking; liaa an objection to the country. Good re - lerenoe. Apply at 2t'l 7th av., between 23d and 24th st* WANTED? A SITUATION, RY A RE3PECTA CILE widow woman, an nurse to take oaro ef a youn ' baby; is a good plain cower; has no objection to a short distance in tbe country. Good reference. Please oall at 91 Hester at., second floor, frott room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, aa good oook; understands hur busices* thoroughly. Good oity reference given. Applv at 274 tfth it. Can oo seen three day*. WANTED-BY TWO YOUN? WOMEN, SITUATIONS; on* a* oook, waaber and IraMr, the other as chamber maid, to help with the washing and aconiag, or otherwise to do chamberwork or waiting. On* lived four years and toe other 2)4 years in their last plaoes. Call at 84 West 17th at , between Oth *nd 7th av*nu*s, third floor, baok room, ^for two day*. WAN1ED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, a* a flrit rate cook and Baker, and is willing to assist in the washing and ironing. Good city rel? rotes. Wishes a permanent situation. Apply at 202 Columbia St., Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION IN A SMALL PRIVATE family, a* plain oook and laundreaa, by a steady, re speotabl* woman. Respectable reference. Can be seen un til engaged at lW) 17th *t., between 6th and 7th avenue*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycung woman, ai chambermaid or laundress; flue washer ana ironer. Good city reverences can b* given. Please oall for twa day*, at 17 11th it., between 3a and 4th avenue*, in the basement. TIP" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, as chambermaid and seamstre**, or none and scanutresi; has no objection to the country. Good oity reference*. Can be iten for two day*, at 360 6th avenue, ?ecoad floor, back room. WAN TED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ss chambermaid or to do general housework is a pri vate family. Good oity reference* given. Apply at the oorcer of Atlantic and Court *t*., Brooklyn, first floor, fiont room. , . .. mnr, ? SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WAt?"Bcr.?KATor^Jtln, or to children. Good referee oej. Apply at 31* " ? * ' Brooklyn, third door from Til I try ?t. Wanted? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ProuJtant girl, to do general hou.owork in arospcoU ble priv.te family, tb? ounlry preferred. C.U at 51 Mul terry gtreet, in the roar. -*17- intid- A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED W worn", to do general housework; l? ?^ <'ook. *">?? or itnd iraner. Call at 605 Water ?t., for two day. cJfl at W >Mt 13th .t., between 5th and Cth aTenuo., until mlted. aiFs'ini.-v'tt: s;"&. &s room, for two dnye. ? W'Sffct "Jdi ,y5Kd*s?s ss.? vicb avenuo, firtt floor, baok room, for two daj ?. urivTrn ny a RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A flour. ? ? near 5th avenue, for two dare. WAy?r"^?S^ Ac . a.'ttklepir and companion. Addre.. B. A H., box 4,111 Poit 0?c?. ? ttt itJT?n BY TWO PARSONS, SITUATIONS, IN A Mhus gssafifssbss 4tli floor. ? W anted-a situation^ b* RMPK^b^e V? young woman, ae launarMe, bJeotion to go in the can be teen^wo? ay ? at 38 W.J19,h .t. floor. - -nr anted? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE EtIw vmt s? Railrc a d avenne^J m?3 City, for two day?. ? XI^^^ SITUATION - .Y A RESPECTABI^ country.? Goo" r#lerence gl'en* Call or addre,. l3Vco.ter ?.tM fur three da) ?. ?r i vrvT\_i SITUATION, by a respectable W ?oun?7lrl, to do general homework or chambcrwork in a privau fSmiiy. Can give good reference from her ia.t r'ace Inquire ?t 110 Barrow .1 nr?*TKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE day? at K'J Waverly place, eotner of Bank it. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable ~iri to do general homework in mily. Good reference. Can be .een for two day. at 309 \V averley plaoe, cornrr of Bank 't 1 r;.rtkplaceW Ca^he Sft y. at U9 fortieth rt? in the ?tore. __ ? ? _ _ r . v Tvn * SITUATION. BY A RISFICTABIjI yo>? g girl, in a private family, a* chambermaid or to dVplaU eSoW*. Itea eity reference. CallatlTOWe.t 31tt ?t , between 7th and 8th avenue,. tita\TFD-A situation, by a resectable 'vouu* till, to do general hoaiework in a private >U roily ; 1# a tood cook, WMher and ironer. Apply at ,W ave me B, in tie ?tore, for three da>?. tx'rcn A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, u teamitrcM and drenmaker in a privatefa^i who A' rrughly her I all at -?A> lit iTc-ntto, 2d door Irow 14th it. _____ . v vrt 4 SITUATION BY A RRSP10TABLB \\ rirUn a .mall family a.??* ?J^.^V.n.^CaU ?? feSXitl- rt!?T/o Jooi?W? Ilou.ton, front room, up main, tor two day?._ _ ..?& Good city re. fert o c<. . ? ? . qiti* aTION BY A YOUNO GIRL) AS WAc",b7rmaU and At 4Cfi Atlantic ?t., Brooklyn, f"t two dayi. ?T*rAN 1 E D? A SITUATION AS COOK, BV A 9TEADY W * womwTwho underetand. her bueioe.., and oaa giv. the belt of city reference a? to character and capability. Oallit 301 Weet 2Bth ?t? flret floor, baek room. W ANTED-A SltC ATJO N^BY ,*MP*CTABLK hinyf#0%ySl?i*re Can he for two day. at No. 19 City nail "'aoe. ??ooad floor. ? _ _ . cititaTION by a respectable ?**f ANTED? A 81TUATWW, BI w No ob. " th aad & h avenue,, Irving place. ? Wanted-a sithation cwe^in fA waix cV, ,'{ tf Ut iSttt'S* W?? Irvmg plaoe and M avenue. flri> floor, fr<.nt ri>< m. SSSSSsrffi rt ??t lltb ?t. w _ WABTS. ^ WANTED? A SITUATION, BY iT nUVQ ITOIIAS. to do chamberwork or to take car# of children. Good city inert me. Apply at 122 Ruiler at,, Kroikhu. TI7 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TV as plain oo< k, food washer and iroae: . or to do cham birwork. B'st city refrrenoe. Call at 160 27th at , between lit tbd 2d avtnues, for twodaya. WANTED? A SITUATION. liY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa chambermaid aad waiter, or obambermald aad to aaaist in waahin; aad ironing. Beet refereaoe. Call at 111 line *t., lor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT youtg ooaao. a* oook and to aasiet in waohiag aad ironing. Beet city referenoe. Call at 216 Elizabeth et , in the rear, for two days. TI7 ANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO LA vT diee, situation*, one as nurse, and the other to do fintrtl honrcwork in a small family; best oity reference. Call at 17 ltenroe et., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Preteatant youi.g woman, as plain oook, washer and iroter; good oity reterenoe from her last plaoe. Call (or two days, at #Wnl 11th st., between 3th and 6th avenues, in the rear. WANTEL? BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, A SITUATION as c lis tuber hi aid aid to assist la waabiii); and ir> ning, or plain sowing, or to take care of ohildren; no objection to go in the country; best city reference. Call at 06 Heater St., between Orcbsrd and Ludlow, second floor, baok room. \l[ ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION; TT is a good plain oook and first rate waaher and ironer; is enly a few days in from the country, and lias no objection to lire ei'bcr in the oity or oountry. Best of rereronoe Siven. Can be seen for two days, at 33 l'r.noe st.,ssoJcd oor, front room TV AN'lED? BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION TO TT so travelling with a respeotahle family; oue <oin? te California preferred. Can be seen for one day, at 80 Suffolk st. For further parttoulars, inquire thore. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOMNG GIRL, A situs t ion to do obamberwork and waiting, or oham berwoik and rowing; has no objeotion to go a shori distance in the country. Good citj lefcrenoe given. Call at 118 West 10th St., between 6th and 7tU avenuea. ~\\I ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a situation as chambermaid or waiter, or to do gene ral 1-OUbcwork in a small private family, Good reoommen dstion from her last plaoe Can be seen for t wo days, at 31 tith avenue, one door from 4th it. TEAMED? BY A RESPECT^BEE YCUNG WOMAN. TT a iituaMon tocook, wash and iron; W a ;;ood oook and l aker, and an excellent washer and ironer; thoroughly un der .tands htr businrrs. Good referenoe Can be seen for two days at 136 Eaat 28th st., between 2d and 3d avs. XKl ANTED ? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, TO TT assist in washing and ironing, or to do plain sewing. The higbest testimony as to capability and character. Can he teen at her present employer's, 120 9th st. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situatiw os olambermaid and waiter, would with the wasbir..' and ironing, or take oare of ohildren and do plain sewimr Good reference. Can be seen for two days at SI West 2fith i.treet. WANTED? IY A RFSPECTABLK YOUNO WOMAN, a situation as cook, washer aad ironer, or to do gene ral housework. Good city referenoe. Call for two days at 88 West 18th street, between Cth and 7th avs. WANTED? BY A RESl'KCTABLE YOUf>G WOMAN, a situation to do general housework. Good roference Can be seen for tw o days at 341 8th st. TXT" ANTED? BY A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation as plain cook, vachcr and ironer, or to do general hi use work. Good reference. Call at 139 Lexington avenue, between 30th and 31st sts. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED PERSON, A situation as seamstress; understands dressmaking, tan out and fit children's dresses, and take charge of the family s.wittg. Would sew by the week or month. Can be seen at her p resent employer's, 83 West 22d st., near 6th are. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN", A SITUATION as peod plain oook and exoellent washer and ironer. Please call at 123 West 27th st , near 7th avenue, first floor, back room. Can be teen for two days. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION lis chambermaid or waiter in a private family, or to do aencral homework in a small family. Would have no ob jection to travel with a lady. Has been four years In her last place. Good refe/ence. Apply for three days at 238 7th avenue, at P. Clark's. TI7 ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A S1TUA vTfttion to do chamberwork and sewing, or take oare of children No objection i to the oountry. Good city refer enco. Apply at 86 Charlton st., rear. WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION to do chamberwork and sewing, or fine washing and ironing, or as laundress in a private family; nudrr Hands crimping and fluting. Can do no laoe curtains and fine things in the neatest manner. Can be well recommend ed. Call at 94 St. Mark's plaoe, basemen I, two days. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable young woman, to cook, wash and iron. City reference. Call for two days at 335 tith avenue, one door from 21st street, up stairs, fiontreom. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to travel with a lady to any part, or other arise to taki t are of ohildren; can do plain sewing. Good reference. Call at 98 Sands street, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as plain cook, washer and ironer. Good refereuce. Can be seen for two days at 54 Spring st., rear building, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid or waiter; or child's I'-rsc in a respectable family. City referenoe from her last place Call at 12 Marion st., third floor, for two days DfANTEr-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TT as nurse. Good referenoe. Apply at 79 Mulberry sr., tint floor, real building, for two days. WANTKF? BY A RESPECTAilLE YOUNO MARRIED woman with a fresh Iresst ot milk, a situation aa wot noree. Plenue rail at 14.1 Bowery, In the offl;e. "\\f ANTED ? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, m a situation in first r?te oouk; will assist in washing and ironing; Lett of city reference given. Caaba lean for two days, if not eji.ased, at 1^1 12th at., up stair*. Would go to the country. IX/ ANTED- A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TV till, aa chambermaid and filter; no object! m to do general housework lu a small family; ??iiH to t> tli] coun ts ; ?"od reference from her la?t place. Please call at 3i Minroc strict, in the rear, first floor, for two days. TXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young wean, as waiter, or would do chamberwork and armlet in washing and ironing no obleition to the coun try; tho best of cit.v reference given. Please call at 12 Ami ty place, for two days. TITAN! ED? OPERATORS ON SHUTTLE UACOINKS, TT immediately. Apply at 371 Pearl street, third story. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS experienced nur?o or chambermaid) would aisUt in the watting aud ironing. Best city reference. Call at 10 13th st., between 6th and Oti. avs., In the rear, front, room, so oijectionto the country. "MTANTID? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU A TT tion to co as laundress, ar to do housework in a small family. Can be aecn for two day* at 360 7th avenue, be tween 32d :iad 23d sts. WANTED? TWO YOUNG AMERICAN LADIES, TG (to a short distance in the country, as waiter* in a dining saloon. Good wa<os ipaid to tboso who understand theli business. Call at MORRIS A COHNERT'S, 287 Broad way, to day, between 10 and 2 o'olock. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO nen, situations to go in the country; one as eaok, wasber aud ironer and tbo other as ohambermaid and wait er. Best of city reference from last employer. Call at the cutricr cf State and Bond st?, Brooklyn, over the grocery; for tw o day*. ' WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS; one as eook; she understands the American and Spa nish cr.oking, desserts and baking; she would assist la tho ? ashing and ironing; she understands her business well; the < tber as waiter or chambermaid and fine sewer and lnun drtf*. No objection to to a short distance in tbo country. Heat city reference. Call at 3 i<9 1st avenue, between 18th and 19th sts , for two days. Wf ANTED ? A BITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant girl, as good cook; understands oooking in all its branches; no objection to assist as waiter, or in wash ing and Ironing. Good city reference. Apjly at 1(12 7th av., let we n 21st and 22 d sts , third floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Ct chambermaid and laundress, is a good plain sewer. The best of city reference. Please cull at 294 9th st., neur avenue A. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUN? WOMAV, as waiter aud chambermaid; no objection to assist in washing and Ironing. Can sirs the best ofty reference. Call this dsy at S8 5th %%. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and Iron, or to do the general housework of a small prirate family; isa good washer and iroter; lived three years in her last plaee. Belt eity refe rence. Call tor two daya at Prtnoe st. ?WTANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAV, T T a iitiiation as nurse and seam.tross, or lijht ehamher work ar.d sewing. Good eity reference given. Can he seen for two days at 200 East Hth st., room No. 10. WANTEB- BY A RESTRCTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A tituatinn its ohambermaid; understands taking ear* of children and is a nice plain sewer. Best of oity reference. Call at 81 Ring st , between Variok and Iludion. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion to do chamberwork; is a good embroiderer, and would be willing to assist in the washing and ironing. Best of reference ff m h' r last place. Please call in I'residdat st . Brooklyn, between Court and Clinton, third do>r from litter. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABI.t TOUNC, GIRL A situation to cook, wash and iron, or would do general private family, Has good eity refor cuoc. l'l<see call at 207 Wsst Z th st., botween 8th and 9th averuea. first floor, front room. TKTANTID-BY two bf.spectaiile girls, situa TT Hons, one a* chambermaid, and the other as waiter; can assist in washing and ironinz, and do plain sewing. Would be glad to obtain place* in the same raraily if they have an opportnnlty to do no. Can ho seen for three days at "ii West 23d St.. where they are now employed. Refer to their present employer. TirANTFD-TWO PROTESTANT OIRLS. TO DO TCIE TT work of a email family reeidlng a few miles out of town; one to cook, wa?h and iron, and one to do ohamborwork, sew ing, Ac. Apply at the Journal of Commeroe ofBoe, between 10 snd 12 o'clook, this forenoon. Nona need apply who can not bring good recommendations. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION AS seamstress and dreetmaker; understand* the cutting and fitting of all kinds of children's olotho*. and 1* most eomiMtent at (hirtmakmg and all kinds of family sewing. Geod city reference. Call at 191 ISth st between 1st and id tvennes^hlrd floor, haek room, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa chamber* aid and laundre**, or or,amhermal<l and waiter- understands shirt making. Can oome reommonded. Good eltv referenoes No objection to the country. Call at I'Jl lSth? . between 1st and 2d avenues, third floor, back room, f?t WAVTI. WANTED-A COMPETENT Wt-MA* A3 N UItSE AM U ? ktauutre,*, Apply at No 7 Charlton at , from 10 to 6. WANTED? A SITUATION-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, it nurte and teamstress; is oapaLi* of takiaa eaarje ot aii intant iro a it* birtb; or to do cnimbcrwork; the halt ot oity reference* u tu huneit> and etp?bility. May be had be a( pl>i> g at 93 19th at., betaocn 6tb and 7th av*for two day* WA>TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN', a situation as plain cook, washer and ironer, or to do chstpberwork. Beat ilty reference Call two days at an ltt annuo, near 2?th at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMA"C a situation aa oook; ia a good bakar, aod would assWt is washing and ironing. Good city reference. Call two dart at 237 3d araaue, between 20th and st*. WANTEI? A SITUATION, BY A RESt'ECTABLB young woman, an a good cook, waetier an.) ir .nerjfo xi city relerences. Apply at 227 lit avenuo, corner ot Utb st , two day*. "T17ANTED? BY A YOUNG *OMAN, A SITUATION A3 vf nurse; ia acoustomed to ohildreo; cau do obamber work and washing perfectly; lived a long time in her last flace Good city reference. Platae call at 191 13th at., ha weeu lat and 2d avs., 3d floor, baok room. To be teen t days. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa bead cook in a hotel or dining nil ion Has the beat city refertneo. Can I* seen at ?8 Eaat Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waiter. il^-t city re ference given. Apply at 37 Essex at , baokroum, socond floor X\i ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGUS1I PRO TV testent girl, a situation aa waiter aod chambermaid in a private family. Good oity refrrenoe. Can he .seen fr.m 11 to 8, at 281 6th avenne, between 17th and 18th aU. TV ANTEU -A MCE AMERICAN GIRL CAN nAVE II a good homa. in a email family, if williug to uako ber ?elf generally uaefuL Apply at 88 Elizabeth at. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE \ OUNO GIRL, A situation aa olambermaid ai d seamstress, or nnr.-t vi 4 goanibtress; in tally capable of taking care of a ?aby; i o ?'>. jectiou to a abort uiatance in the country Boat oi ci'y reference. Call at 80 CharHon at., baiesent, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to de cnamberwork and a?sWt in the waihi-i ; and ir< uing, or as plain cook. Good reference. Inquire nt 231 lit av., between 1.1th and 11th hts., upper story, frout room, for on* week if ni t engaged. ?flTAMED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKO TABLE Yl woman, aa good plain oo?k, washer and iron> r. or to do the hou>ework of a tinall private family. Geod city refer ence. Call at 118 7th av., between 18th and 19th at*., top floor. "11/ ANTED? TWO NEAT, INDUSTKIOUS AND QCOM it petont girls: one as nurse and seamstress, tho other aa chambermaid and waiter. Good seamstresses only uoed ap pl> , aa the family 1b small, and unlet* well no immendud fr< m their last place Call at 42 Esst 2Sth et , neat 4tb av., thi* morning, TJI* ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE M girl, to do general bouae^ork; ia a xood washer and ire net. Apply at ber prrsont employer's, 39 King st. WANTED? A GERMAN GIRL. TO COOK, WASH and iron, must understand liar business; no other need apply at 16 E. Broadway, corner Catherine street. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 3ITUA tion to do general honrework in a small private fami ly; good city reference. Apply at 128 Atlantio at., Br >ok lyn, second floor, baok room, No. 9 WANTED? BY A COMTETENT DRESSMAKER, work by tho day; thoroughly understands cult nj and fitting ladies' neatly,, also children'* clothing; would be willing to engage by the month, <f getting a per mnnei.t situation; belt city reference from her employer. Call for three days at No. 3 Garden row, 11th st., near 6th avenue. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A COOK, WIIO TIIO ruughly understand* her business ia all its hraaobes in a small private family, whore a chambermaid and waiter are kept; eho would also be required to aulit ia the plain washing and ironing, An Englith woman would be prefer red, or if Iriah a l'rotostant; wage* $8 per month. Address E. S , Herald offloe, stating where the party oan be seen. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as general house servant, lu a small re spectablo family. Apply at 109 East 11th St., fourth floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE widow woman, as oook She is a good hand at balling tread and cake, and has no objection to aasin in washing and ironing. No objection to country. Best of oity re ference frim her last place. Can be seen this day at 201 East Kith St., seeond floor, front rcotn. W ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to travel with a tamily, or to wait upon a lady or children, or as aeamktrtsi; is a good washer and ironer; or chambermaid and waiter. Call at her present employer's, 322 Bowery, up stairs, (dress maker) where she oan be hi/hly rtcnmmended. California preferred. Is willing to pay half ber own paatage. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A aitnati< n a* good plain oook, waaher and ironer; i* willing to make herself generally usefnl. Good oity refer ences. Call far two days, at 71 West l8th at. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE middle-aged woman, as oook; she is a good baker and excellent laundress; would go as ohambermaid. Can give t lie best city references. Can be seen at 129 West 31st St., between 7th aad 8th avenues. \\i ANTED ? BY A PERSON FULLY COMPETENT, A ii situation as seamstress and dressmaker, in a private family: would be willing to go to the oountry. or to travel with a, lady. Address Henrietta, Union square Tost Offloe, for two days. WANTE?r-A MAN AND IIIS WIFE; THE MAN TO aot as waiter, and make himself generally useful; the woman mn?t be a good plain gonk, and dn general homework. Apply between 11 and 2 o'clock at 290 Broad - wa.?, corner *1 Reade st., room 19. TIT ANTED? BY A MAN AND WIFE OF SOBER AND II industfion* habit* and no family, a situation as under I ardener; ran drive horses, milk oows, and do general farming. Address 3. 9. T., 24 Roosevelt st. TXT A N TED?BY A STOUT jMAN AND WIFE, 3ITUA VI tions. bo as gat dener and sbe as oook, in the same house, as t Ley have no family, or would aoceit a cottag* on the pre miacf. Beat of recommendations as ta honesty and oapa. Mhty from the most recpectvble families in oity and oountry Call or aldres* anote to F. T. II , 176 7th av., oorner 2.3d ?t' WANTED-A MAN SCIENTIFICALLY AND l'RAC ticilly acquainted with the process of cleansing, wash ing and drying white or ohitia day. None need apply unless thoroughly acquainted with the business, a:. 1 by ansa a good aitaation may bo obtained. Aiply to Britton it Ely, 37 nr. 11 -* WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DRUG STORE, A TV vounp man about It) years old, at dork, and a lad from 14 t? ltiyears eld to learn ti t butincss. Good city referou o(> required. Address box X214 Post Offioe, WANTED? A GOOD M iHT WATCH IN A FIRST clara hotel; must bare tbe beat of relerenuos. Alio a good carver. Address box 2,97d Port Office. WANTED? A GOOD HEAD WAITER IN* A FIRST TV class hotel; must hero the best of retereaoos. Aldresi James, Herald offloo. WANTED? TWO MEN WHO UNDERSTAND MAK vT in * and bottling all kinda of minoral waters. A lin> adc res? cd to N.. stating where to be aeen, Ac., will receive attention. WaNTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. TO take of horaea. Satisfactory reference from la*t em ployer. Address P. B., box 1D0 Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A Scotchman who thoroughly un lerstanls his business in all its branches, and oan produce i.itisfaotory references from his last employers. Apply at Looker's, Veterinary Surgeon, 13th at , between 3d and 4tfc avenues. WANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER, RY AM Englishman who has *erved in that capacity for eight years. Good refercnoes give?. Address b*x 1,07# Post Office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yuun< man; oan writefa good band and i? orreot at figures, in some respectable business, and Is willing to make Mmself useful to his employer Best of city relerenoe. Please call or addiess M. P., 122 10th avenne. W A N TED ? A GERMAN APOTHECARY,? A COMPE Tt teut young man, of goo 1 address, and who can speaS English, ran hear of a situation by applying to E. C. Ver Mculen, No. 11!) Waihington St., oorner of .id, Ucbaken, N.J WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man. as coachman or groom, and to assist in the gardening. Good references. Address J. F., box 131, Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A respectable young Englishman, who thoroughly un derstand! the management or horses; is a good driver; has lived for manv yearn with first claas families in London. Can have good reference from the place be bas Just left, in this city. Addrosa J. J., at Mr. Trainor's saddle and bamesi establishment, 378 Broadway. WAN TED-BY A YOUNG MAN FROM ENGLAND, A situation aa porter, or to drive a oart or wagon. Ad free* G. W., Mrs. Sohroaer, 1587th avenue, corner 21st it. TITAN TED ? A GOOBaDAOUERREAN OPERATOR, ONE TT who is tally competent to take full charge of an estab liihmen', and who has experience and can furniih reference. > 01 e other need apply. Address A. B. D., Herald office. TTtANTED BY A vegetahlS ^ ooach^^J PROTE3TAVT ?'??ein the count?; r.!!VhJ,!et,0? t" *oin,, . ^^rn.^nd, ?? EmI ltik rt be,ien tor two days if not e? E ANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNO mau, a situation as ooaohntaa or groom; he under ds tbe oate of horses and oarriagei, and alao has a Knowledge of farriery; he also would be willing to work in a "r ail garden, and is willing to mako himself genorally use ml; no objeotkm to go to the oountry. Can give the best of city and country references. Address, lor two days, T. Martin, Herald offioe. Wlltua^r, M cotc)fJf?A u^rt rNtDL'3TRIOU3 MAV A rood, carefal driver a^5i.L<3m,t4nd' hi" business; i,t triA? "-VM'X0 WANTED? THREE OR FOUR YOUNO MEN TO SELL anew and nice artiole. Fr>n three to Ave dollars a day can be made. Call at 62 Reade street, grocery store', from 9 to 11 A. M. WANTED? TWO OR THRFE YOUNO MEN Of energetic business bablts, to ??g?ge hi a light and re spectable business. To young men of good address and cha racter a fair remuneration will be given. Apply from 0 to 12 at AA Dcyjstreet, fourth floor. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A V->UNG MAN, OF genteel address, t ? take charge of t be offioe in a strictly first class hotel, who can loan his am: l. ver 9800, for which unquestionable security and interest will t.e given, together with a reaeonable salary. Addrese H V M., 3,775 Pest office, with real name, stating when and a i.ere aa interview can be bad. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN PONLISHMAN. a* assistant gardener. The beet of re - omendations from his last plaoe. Address W. J. 8., Herald offioe. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, AS CL1RK, I f A SHIRT st' re. None need apply except such as know how to sell goods, and can give nnqneit lonablo referenoe. Apply at 106 Chatham strtet, coraer of I' earl. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SOBIR. TSM perate man, aa porter or packer in a dry goods or hard* ere store;!* acorperaad bextnaker by trade; woul 1 male himself generally useful A steady situation and m > iterate terms. Beet of city reference for the last ten years. AJJte 1 J. K , Herald office. WAMT9. * WANTID? TI1RFE GOOD STfcA D t M E~?TtO WW<tK in a livury atab *, who thorou.{My uuderatanJ tkair>; n??c oilier* need apply to John Ward 27 'JoaHO oat ry street, J eraey Cu> . WANTED? A SITUATION AS MESSENGER, OB T? take char** ol affict*, 01 amy *apaoity ?Leie a far/ iu'.cllUont aiul prouiiaiu* joint muu ? wanted, bavin* bun of reierenoe*. Alao for taie, tox manulactory, Suffjlk ?tract, doin* a tplcndii bu*iii?t* $17, tM). Alao to lot or sail, apltndid houar and furniture on Unadway, up t>wa. Apply United States lt;enoy. 212 Broadway, nun U w~, ttiriaesa thoroughly, and can give iiood city refer inoe* >i ta character and ability. A tote addressed to Mr If Kttt 746 Br'adway, oorLer ol AMor plaos. tor A. C., will meat with imui diate attenti -u until next Tuesdty. WANTID? BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION IN any respeotable bn tine <?; la willing to make liiuuatf Addreta box S.C71 Post Ofllcs. AMID? A LAD TO ATTEND A STORE ANI> it make hiniaelt useful in p>okinr and ihippin* good i; on* acquainted wilh hardwire butin?.*a preierjvu; out be AN'I El" ? A SITU ATION AS WAITER IN A PRr vata family, uy a Frenchman who understands hi* make himseli useful in rucking and ahippin^ good t; oi|uaiuted wi'.h hardwire nuslno-t preierroa; well reeoromsr.ded. Addreta box 2 MX) Post Oifioe. ?|V"AN7lcD? CHAMBERMAIDS, NVR3R3, GIRLS FOR " housework, cool a, waiter glrla, seams', resees, and small girl*, at the office isM Woaley place otner ef Houston at., two block* eaat of Broadway. Employers unpolled with superior servant*, tree ol charge. J. 8. SCUDDER. WANTED ?AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMENT.) SlTff a'lons procured for clerks, saleainer, men on atoainera and railrjadt, porters, barkeepers, coachmen, waiter), h>ya to learn trade*, seamstresses, cooka, nnrses and ohambar maida. Charge* modorate. Apply to l'UOS. 91'INK, Agent. ?\TOCNG MAN WANTED.? A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG JL man of 18 or J) year', wanted in a nho'esale drygooda store; one who baa bad iomo experience preferred. Appljr at No. bit Cedar *1. _ <I>OK TO $80 WILL BE GIVEN FOR A SITUATION by the advtrtieer, aied.M; speaks Knylish Fronch and German, of industrious and buuiucai habits, write* a rood hand, and i* willing to mate himaolf generally useful n any cauaelty where suoh qualifications are required. Ad dress P. B. C., box 202 Herald offlce. HOl'SES, ROOMS, dfG., WANTED. A HOUSE WANTED? WANTS TO PUKCHA3E A ?mall housn and lot in the Filth or Eighth Ward*, npon reasonable term*. I'leaao addreaa K J.. Herald ofllaa, box 164, stating location, sue. price and terms of sale. Nana othtr will be notioed. A ROOM WANTED? FOR A CI, ASS OF CHILDREN, or the use of one from nine until two o'clook, in soma re-pectablc family, for which a liberal remuneration wi.l ba paid and beat ot care taken of the premise*. A basement preferred. Location from fourteenth to Twentieth streets, and ftom Second to Fourth avennea. lnqaire at or addreaa to 79 Eaat Fifteenth street. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO HIRE, BY THB 1st of May, the whole or a part of a two itory houao: location not a bora Fourth atreet, or below Canal; rant mart be modcrata. Addret* U. V., Herald oflloe. A PARTMENTS WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND A kia wife, in a house where there is only one family. Apartment* to coniilt if second floor and basement, on tha west aide ot the city, not above Thirtieth street Rent not toaxcoc4 *200. Addreis H. W. C., iterald olBco. COUNTRY RESIDENCE.? WANTED. TO HIRE A ainaU cotta/e, fnrniihed, tor a small family with na children, near the water, with easy access t-> thia eitr, where there 1* good ><a?hinjr, flthinc, and plenty of Iroft. I'lca*e addreaa for three days, H. F. ()., No 1 % WarrM street, care of J. B. Norres, *tatlng location, terms, Ac. Furnished house wanted? 3y a gentleman and M it? without children; a moderate mad home, having in it all the modern improvement*, neatly furnished, and in a good location. House and furniture aust be in good order. A fair rent will be paid. Address A. P. W., box 1,742 Post Office. Furnished hotel wanted ? the adver tifcer withe* to lease a hotel already furnished in thia city or el*ewtere; or would take a prominent paait on In a hrsitclas* hotel I* pos*u*sed of a very eitenaira first claaa hotel acquaintance, ai-d oould influence heavy reoeiata. Address 8. S S., Post Office. PARLORS, BASEMENTS AND ONE OR TWO ROMS in the upper part of a genteel house, with tha mo4erm improvement!, in the vicinity of Sixth avenne, not abava Fortieth atreet. wanted by a imall family. Rent not ta ex ceed $400. Addrea* N. B., Herald office. Part of a house wanted-on the east sirr, telow Tenth street; a second floor, basement, and twa or three bedroom*. Rent about $300. Addreta T. S., Herald offioe. Rooms wanted? a front basement, suitablk for a physician'* office, and two or three other room*. A first class house, ir, or within one blook of Second avenne, and between Eighth and Twentieth street*; private family preferred. Addrea* B. S. J., Boyd'a City Express Lfflue, William street. WANTED - PROVISIONS. ? TWO PARTIES. FOR seme seven or eight years having been enraged in tha provision trade on tha west side of the eity, and new about fi'imfag a eonnoation, h?vi?g a atwmd unampi mj. tt tall to associate with them a third person, who understand* and ha* influeooo in auoh trade. One (with capital, a.iy about ?8,000 (or le*a), preferred. Referenoe* to be satisfactory, and all oommunieations to be held strictly oonfldeutia . Address Proviiiou*, Herald offioe. WANTED TO PURCHASE- A STORR AND VILLAGE propei tv. or a good fnrm of 40 to (M aore<,at some healthy location within one or two hoera' ride of thi* eity, on tha Hndjon, Harlem, New Htven or New York and Frie Rail road*. Addteat Manville, care of H. J. Bowen, Poat Offiee, New York. - WANTED ? A FIFTEEN OR EIGHTEEN HORSB power engine and boiler, (sec md hand,) withoonaee tion* complete. Address SAML. SA:? DS, Merchants' Hotel, Cortlandt itreet, until Thunday, 20th inst. WANTRD? BY A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, part of a house, consisting of seeond floor, kitahau. and two attic rooms. Rent not to exceed $3d0. Between Fourth and Sixth aveniies and not ahovo Fourteenth streak. Address J. H,, second loft, 11A Liberty street. WANTED-ON 8TA1EN ISLAND, FOR THE SUMMIR, for a small family, a cottage, with stable and oarrlaga house, situated on a hill or very high ground, and at a con venient distance from the ferriea. If furniihrd, rent net ta exceed $6<0 for the aea*on; unfurnished, $i00. AJirosa bos 766, Pott OiAco. WANTED? TWO ROOMS ON FIRST FI,i)JR, AND one or two bedrooms and basement, iu any baiitsaaa atreet rnitablo for a dentist, on the treat rid j of Broadway, not below Caoal street or above Twentieth street, Aldioia J. P. Wood, No. 9 Prince atreet. WANTED? A PART OF A HOUSE. IN A GENTEEL neighborhood, by a small family, with 1 nprovemoata pr> for red, at a moderate rest Addrea*, stating all partieu lars, N. M., Herald cffice. References exchanged. WANTED? PART OF A HOUSE. WITH MORRRN improvement*, between Fourteenth and Canal streets, cot t vnons to Broadway, for a family of two person*. Rent in advacoe. No reference. Addrts* Quiet, Broadway Poit Off cc. AJSMOV/UU JOSEPH LIE, MERCHANT TAILOR-HAS REMOVE? from S15 lknd??y to Uilaey's Buildings 109 Broadway TnE fAaNEI.IN FIRS INSURANCE COMPANY OF Philadelphia lit* removed to 27 Wall street. nearly op posite the Custom Hons*. P. NOTMAN, Agent. EXTRA PAT. Bounty lands.? all persons entitled to land warrants under the late act of Congreae.e** have the same properly collected, on application to Wit. E. HAWS, 173 Can a! street. Letteri from the oouatry prompi iy answered. Bounty land.? all soldiers, teamsters an? ?ail ore, or the wldowe of thoee who served oa lea eg ashore in any war since 1775, are entitled to 160 aorea of bounty land, and oan obtain the eame of the agent, P. T. BETT8, 66 W all street, basement. No oharge until the war rant it collected. Bounty land and extra pay.-le huray * CO., dealore in land warrants, are prepared to collect all elaims for bonnty land, under aet of Congress of 19M. All who^ve served oa btard the United States shlpslVea dalia, Firdf r.ia and Savannah, ean preeare their eitci pal upon application to ns, No. 9 Wall street, corner of New. Bounty land, ac.-soldiers, sailors, an? all others who served In any of the wars, (aad their widows or minor children,) oan obtain thalr warrants by ap plying at the eld established office, 37 Chambers street, next to Burton'*. D. S. BROWNE, Attoraay for United State* Claims. * US. BOUNTY LAND.? SAILORS, MARINERS, to.. . of iteamer Miatitali pi,oall for your warrants. Refar So Purser Speiden, Captain Tantill, Liente. Ntchelaon aad Perry. WM. GRANDIN, Attorney and Notary Pablie, 119 and 121 Nassau street. Navy bounty land office.? all unite? States sailors afed others, whd lor over fourteen days, during the lata Mexican war, served in any Ua'ted States navy or revenue vessel in the Oulf of Mexioo, or in the Paolfia ocean, on coasts of California and Mexioo; also, all United Mate* navy Miiort oa ocean, harbors, or the lakes, ia last var against England for more thau fourteen days, or ia any war sines 1790; also, the widaws of all the above name ), are cow each entitled to land warrants for ICO acrss, aad eaa obtaio the ?arie? free of ohargo till proeured? oa application to EDWARD BIS8ELL, Agent and (lata) Parser U. S. N.. ?7 Wall street. XTAVY SAILORS' EXTRA PAY OFFICE. -ALL U. 8. Iv sailors. Ac., who, between 1*46 and IHA'i, served ia aw U. S. vessel in the Pacific, on ooaetsof California aad Mau co, are entitled to extra pay, whioh ia promptlv paid them by the undersigned. "Extra pay" or balances of wages oom iog to widows or heirs of deceased U. R. sailori. oolite ted and paid, and all kinds of claims against Halted States reco vered by EDWARD BISbELL, Aient and (late) Purser V. $ Navy, 67 Wall street. CkOTHIWQ, AC. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING waited.? Gentlemen baviig left off wearing apparel to uispose ol. in large or small lots, shall receive the very n'rnstnvi in ?eml b7 ?p,'1/ln* to or *><????"?* THO* Centre street street, between City Uall place aad CAST OFF CLOTHING.? A LARGE QUANTITY wanted. The highett price liberally given and oaafc pale in current money. Fer gentlemen's tupetflneus cloth ing of a rood nnallty the fall value eaa ba obtaiaad. Apply to JAMES MORONEY, 11 Baxter street, off Chatham. Or ders through post punctually attended to. _ * JAMES MORONEY. C1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED ? ) Ladies or geatlemen having aay of the same to disaosa or, can obtain a fair oath price by sending for the Subscriber at his residence, or through the post. M. S. COHEN. N. B.? Ladies attended by Mrs. Cohsa. S AST OFF CLOTHINO AND FURNITURE WANTED. ?Ladies of geatUmen having any of the same to dlsaoaa eaa obtain a fair oash prlou by reading far the sabtonbac at bis residenoo or through the post. N. II.? Ladlas *t*end ed to hy Mrs. D. H. DUS&ELDORF. CLOTHING AND FURNITURE -LADIES OR GEN tlenon having aay to disrate of eaa raeelvs a Mr e tab price by saudieg to the stores IS Lanreas street, near CanML or M West Broadway, or by letter through the pait Ladle* attended by Mrs. Cohen. S. COHEN. YOUTHS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHINO - JOSEPH B. CLOSE, BAILEY k CO., No. H I'ark place, nppaeita the City nail, have aow on hand the bast asenrtad tarlar aad summer steak and styles to be foiad in the United States, aad snltable for all ages, from throe to tweaty ytan vt<. ?t iriwUwW, h( f?! irttUy t*4ietd prion.

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