Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1855 Page 1
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<" 1 1 1 .i TIIE EVENING STAIl Pl'BLLSHED EVERY AFTERNOON, lEXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4 At tk* Stmr lituiding, corner Pennsylvania avenue and Hi*venth street, By W. D. VALLACO, WHl be ?rri*d to robscribera in the citie* of Wash ington , Georgetown, Alexandria, Raltimw and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weakly to the Agents. To mail rab?criberv the aubechption price in THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in advanct, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. QP-Sinsls curias oni enrr. 11 " VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1855. ? * NO. 720. ? ?? THE WEEKLY STAIL This ex. ?Mt*t Family and V) taming * fnsMer variety of can be found in any other?b pebUAedee Smgle copy, per annul ? to carta. Five copies.... 1 1W?? ???t ?*?m m ??>?? ? a a a a a ?wi?? Twenty <tn _ (&L am, mra ai*ai.r tn aneancn. 09~ Single copies (in wrappers) can be at the counter, immadtateiy after tbe Imk mC paper. Pricr?-r?aaa can*. roiT???T?u who act as agents will be a com mi winn of twrntv m mm . s at . SCO .U?l AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. WT "mi SICK BUK Till TROTH. CiniM HkhjaMin.? Wherever known his tcstl mnny will be conclusive. Hut lest those who do not know tlie Captain should be sceptical, Dr. Law ?on k Bro., with others of the best known and idih highly respectable citizens of Easton, cadoise his wonderful cure by Hampton's ybobtablz tinctttrm. Easton, Oct. 4,1854. Merrrt. Mortimer f Movf.ray : Gentlemen? I feel it my fluty to y?o and the pat Uc to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vefi tablt Tincture. I was for more than five years laboring under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and the great part of that time I was so helpless that I hat! to be helped from my bed and dreaded in my clothe* 1 became reduced to a iu?re *ke>eton. All the med icines I took done me no good, and I continued t? grow worse. I heard of Hampton's Tincture and thought I would give it a trial. At this lime I die not expect to live one day after another. 1 lid not take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but tn a short time I was well ?.f that disease. From tlx. effects of yonr '! inctnre and the be-p of God 1 an now getting in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetab* Tincture, as I have d ?ne, with the mine effect tnal it has oq Your obedient servant, Isaac BniAnv. We are acquainted witii Isaac Benjamin i c?lu him someol Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and bt deve the above statement correct. Dawson k Rao. Prom our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is true and un ex age rated. J. A. Johnson, Cqarlss R jb:nspn. Call and get pamphlet* yntls, and see ctres o? Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, N'eu. ;..ria, Dvs px psia, Nervousness and General Weaknr.?. As a female medicine or for delicate cluldien we bclicvt it unequallei. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 110 Rr.'ti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broidwav, N. York Cbas. St*tt & Co., J. B. Moorc, D. B. Clares Clanks it Bowling. W. Elliot.and II. McPher son, Washington; aI?o. by R. 3. F. Cissil, Georpe town, and C. C. Bsaa*, Alexandria, and by Dru? gists evorvnhe e. Jan 8?tr HUkLL A BOYl), BUND MAKERS k UPHOLSTERERS, WOULD respectfully inform their fiiends and the public generally that are prepared to attend to ail order? in *. the.i line of business. ECTIZI^'i All kiadsof UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; such a.-*?Cutting and.?|i?S=5H:I Making Carve ts, Fitting down MalUng st~- -ssaHja and Oil Cloth, Making an>1 fittirj tip Bed and Window Curtains. Uair. Shuck g'5, and other Mattresses, Pew and other |irr ? ~3.i' Cushions, Spring Beds, Loumea, Easy, and Sick Chairs. We have in st"re- Window Shade? and Trimmings, Cords an<l T.vsels, Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VEN1TIAN BLIN'Dd made in any style, and old ditto repaired to look a* well a* new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ders thankfully received and proMi|?Uy attended tn for cash, or a perfect understanding betore band If you want the worth of y.>ur inouey jvt give us ? call, at No 391 Pa. avenue, south side, betw. 9th and loth streets. mar 30?tf ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. A LL my old fritnds for whom I obtained Bounty Land in less quantities than 1C> acres are hereby informed that their name: and a memoran dum of tjeir time is < n n:y L?ok, so that tlieir de clarator s for additional Bounty L-tnd can l>e made with facility. M.o.y of tho e who failed to Lbtair. land for want of lime, are entitled to 160 acres and can obtain the saute by cai!ing on me. Seamen, Ordinary Seam? n, Marines, Clerks, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wagon Masters, Team sters, ltc? &e., in any war, wHI find it to their ad vantage to call or send their cases to me Advice graus to those soldiers, seamen and wid ows who are unable to pay. Refer to any honest man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 5)47 Twelfth street west. ap7?!?* A BOOK WHICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE DISTRICT WANTS?The Wa.-hin~ton City Directory, only 75 cents a copy, half price, enn be bad at ALEX. AD XMSON'S, on Seventh slr*?t, opposite to the Po-t Office, where he keeps coa etantly on ha::;l a fine assortment of Blank Books, Pens, Ink, Paper, Playing and Visiting Cards,Games, kr. He is agent for all the cheap publication;, Magax nes and Newspapers. London Illustrated News, Bell's Life, Tn.i :! and Punch received by every steamer. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune received every aisht and delivered to subscribers. mar 26?1 m UAIR WORK. OkRXAMEN'TS of Hair, such as Bract-let?, CM ' elaias, Chains, Bre&?tp'ns, Earrings, finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be sceu at my store. 11. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 'Jth and 10th sts. Mar 30 PALMER'S PATENT LEG. This american invention stands unrivalled b >th in thiscounfy ar.d.n Europe. Itiswornoy 1,000persons, and with mo-t a.-toui*hn?g success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the best French, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the suit midai at the World's Exhibi tion in London, as the best artificial limb known. In this country it hn* been thirty tunes exhibited, in competition with all otliers, at the annual Pairs in the principal cities,and has, in every instance, received the award of the lushest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous of an interna tional council, the "First Premium"?i only SUter Medal civen for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving lull Ihiorm>ite>n, srnt irratis to every applicant- B. FRANK PALMER, 375 Cliesnut street, Pliiladelphia. feb 28-3m NOTICE OF COPARTNfcRSIIIP. Henry bakron & solomon stoveb have this day formed a Copartnership lor the p?trpore of earning on the Woouand Coal business in all its branc hes. Our >ards are -ituated on the comer of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the moal, near Semmes's piaum; mdl, Georgetown At eitlier ol the above places per.-onsm want ol Wood and Coal of the very best <|uaiity,ai.d*-nthe mo t rea-onabie terms, will at all times find an as&nrtiueiit e^aa1, il r.ot superior, to that in Piiy yard in ti e District. AH orders filled with care, prnupti: *%s, and dis patch. BARRON .V STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April lUtii, ItCo. i|? U?dim SP1CCTACLLS EYE CLASSES, kd. Gold, SUfer, and fine Steel Spectacles, tyj ses, Jir {K7" Particular attention paid to the stlccd ^a cl Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearers. M. W. GALT fit 3CO., Jeweler^, 141 renn^ylvama avcuae. mar 2ft? tf KICII BLACK S1LH.S ol ev.ry w.dUi auJ quality, from <5 rents up, very ch ap Plaid ami plain Silks i'mk, wniie aad bl k waieici Sdks for Manull?a White, pink, blue and mode col'd Shalieys While, pink, blue, green, cora and mode calorcd French Mous?elinrs 15 pieces plain B?r??fe, in every shade at itf cents, very cheap foods White, pink, blue, green, brown, and mode colored Berefes, in fine quality 100 pieces Lawns and Jackouets in every quality Al.vj, a well assorted stock of Domestic Goods AH of w Inch wul be sold at very low prices. Customers will do well to give us a call. WM. R RILEY, Corner 8th St. and opp. Centre Market, mar 31 ? 1 m CUPPING AND LEECII1NG. J( Lll's KMMXSRS WOULD respectfully mt<>rm Uie public that Lt is orep^ire to attend to the biuincss of Cup Cand Leeching at his Barber Shop, south side ot Mylvania avenue, Wi?e? u 13ih and 13j^ >u. Calls prvotptly attended to iu alt paru of the city, and at very reasonable charges. mar 31? lm* JOt). NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND VI olmceiios can b- seen at cur Music Depot. Amateurs aad the profession are invited to call aad try these excellent msttumenis H1LKUS & HITZ, Agents. A good Contrabass lor sale low for cash, if inuusj diau- apptieaUon be made as above. Hill 43 Oa r;:WK TO THE LADIES. MISS 8 J. THOMPSON |is n*nv prepared to show onr ls?r?__ and well selected stock Millinery! which -he has just opened, ot the la test styles which we are selling at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would also respcctftilly call thrir attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Good* Pertumery. Gloves, Hosiery, kcr which we can still at unusually low price*. HU FCflllVSON 8l MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, Firtt door west of Walter Harper & Co.'s. mar 28 ? MRS. L. ALIEN, 305 Pa. arenue, between Ninth 11 nnd Tenth street*, toulA side, IT* Will open on Saturday, 7Ui instant, a IP* mo>t?xten-ove and beautiful assortment of Spring MILLINERY, consisting of Crupe, Silk, Lace, Spotted Crap* and Gra*< Linen HATS, including Straws of every description Ateo, Muses' Drew llil? and Flats, Stc. L. ALLEN. ap -I? DKAFNBSH CVHBD.-Tlie following Is taken from Scott's Weekly: , DEAFNESS?We understand that the success which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, lias been astonish ing, thousands of person* i aving been cured, whose cases were considered hopelesa. The calls for this medicine arc from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article before the publiofor the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z. D. GILMAN, Wash inston, D. C., and S S. H ANCE, Baltimore, Md., as there is a counterfeit article in the market, feb 28?Jm C. WAKRIRSH, WATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIRS TO WATCHES, Hoi 330 I'snniylvsaU Avinai) (Between Ninth and Tenth streets ) mar 2r>?lm* WASHINGTON, D. C. DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol ? Huni it Donaldson, continues to manufacture an.l insert those beautiful t . porcelain teeth, with or without gums, ^ for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late linn) wai awarded the first vcmiom at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently leid in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs u no perfect as to deceive the moat prac tised eye. Particular attention alio paid to filling and pre serving the n itural t?-eth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and I) s s.? en ' on D. mar 21?6ni TAlt K ROTICIC. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOCDS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, uuJer . the United 8tates Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to oiler great bargains to all in want of good and faiUiontble clothing. His " lleady ma<le Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: Wh_-I? suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or cassimere, for $12. Fine Black Vroofc and Dress Coats, from ?10 to 315. Good Business Coats for $?. Black and Fancy Pants, Iiom $3 tn ?7. Marseilles ^nd Silk Vests, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment cl fancy ait.cles, such as Shirts,Gloves, Cravats, Um brellas, &c. '?Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. ('I1ARLKS HASK.INS, Architect. *.Pa. arenue. between Tenth end Eleventh streets,) WASHINGTON, D. C. WILL continue to furnish Plans, detail vorkin? Drawings, and specifications ol buildings ot every description.and also to superintend their?tec | fon. f?ib 1 ? ?i PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI beys h ave to in form his friends and former patrons that this band has been fully re organized and is now under his direction, and he is fully prepared With a band of the most Scientific Musicians in ttie city, to tur nisli music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, 4c., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPER!, Leader, CH AS. PROSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS <fe HITZ'S Mu sic De|>ot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard. feb 19?3jn* FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition stock of QOLD HCXTHIfl PATSftT T.EVEB.9, and ladies' watches Of first quality, heavy 16 ca*at| cases. Also SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at greatly reduced prices. The movtments are selected with great care, and every Watch is icat runted. Persons tn want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H. SEMKEN. No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9Uiand 10th sis. mar :I0 fe. It ? O N ? Willi I>e.KKCTlVI? vision are invited to examine ntya extensive stock of all kinds ol SPECTA " CLES and EVE-GLASSES. Glasses" of any kind, such as (^taract, Par*bola, Perifcopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons iu want of glasses may be sure to get th?fee which benefit the eye. 4V* Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at II. 8 Eld KEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOtii sts. mar 30 TABLE" CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, kc JUST received a latge assortment of superior Ta ble Oudery of every variety. Also, every strle of the finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPOONS, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, fcc. M. W. GAI.T & BRO., 391 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th sta. mar 12?U PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. 1M1E subscriber has always on hstnd a assort ment ofGcunan and American I'l ANOS, from the very best uiaiiufacttirersW'jPjrW which he offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and i n the nnwt accommodating lerm-J. All Pianos purchased froia me are warranted to give sauslac uon. Old Pianos taLcii in exchange. C. REISS, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and FntecuUi streets. tb 6?Jai' JUSUPII OAWLK.??, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, rUNSYLVAMlA AVKKUK, between 17th and ISth streets, (FiiRt Ward.) Old Pun iture repaired and new nile to order.? Coffins made and Funerals attended to at the short e?t notice. {fj- A share of patronage is solicited, mar 31- eolm 2JJOLIAN PIANOFORTES. /m i Another of these beautiful instruments made by T. Gilt>ert fc Co., Boston, can now be seen at our Mu-ic Depot. Also, a splendid papier mache case parlor Melo deon, made by P. G Gardner fit Co , Conn. HILUUS & HITZ, roar 26 Star Buildings. NOTICK?I received this t'ay a new assort meiit of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods : as Ve?t Chains, ChatelaiUs, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. II. SEMKKN, N?. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st*. {ft?- New Points put to Gold Pen* at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry wade to order. mar 29?tf Imam patent amekican accordeons. . Several ot these new and miproaed instruments just received and for sale at the Music Depot o' HILBUS A HITZ. Also, 6 dozrn ol Faa's new and cheap instruction Books, pn-e 2i cenu. The pubtlc are t^viied to examine these Accorde oris, having reeeMfcd the lirst premiums in every ex bibit-on eJluLHed. HILUUS^fc. HII'^L ** * Hoie Ajjfk* H $20000 worth Soots & Shoes. SPRING SUPPLY. IRON HALL BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pa. avenue, between Ifinlh and Tenth street*. JUST received and receiving dally my spring as sortment of Ladies', Gentlemen V, Dow ?*?> and Children's BOOTS and SHOES. ' SB] FOR LADIES. f 1 Ladies' colored, binnze and black Gaiters. McCurdy's, 1 25 to 3 00 Do morocco and kid Slippers and Tics, do., 6214 tol 00 >> S3 Do carpet ant! velvet Slftpers for house, da, 02k worth 1 00 For Miues and ChiUren. Mi.-scs' colored, bumze ?nd black Gaiters, 1 00 Do morocco and kid (also white) Slippers for the May Ball Children's while kid Slippers Do Gaiters and Slippers all colors For Gentlemen. Gentlemen's Patent Leather colored kid and black Congress Gaiters, some thing new Do do and calf Pumps, (French) and walking Shoes F*t Boys and YouUii. Boya' Patent Leather Puni|?l'or the May Balls Do Calf Shoes of all kinds Youths' do do Do Patent Leather Pumps for May Balls. The above stock is perhaps the most desirable in the city from which to make selections. It embra ces every variety, and will be sold at the lowest prices. 8. p. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Ejtablisbm't. ap 19?ec-6t SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOHN H SHOOT, South side of Fri>!*e itreet, near High, OKOROKTOWf, D. C , AS received and is now offering a very general assortment cf SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In hi:- stock will be found a good assortment ol of newstyle Light Spring Silks Best make black do. Ilereges, Grenadines, Tissues Blk modes and bright co'.'d Challiea Beregff and Challey Delaines, Mous;c!inca Re-1 French Chintzes and Brilliants Organdie an l Jaconet Lawns Re?l imported Lawns, fast colors, st 12^c. Ren! French and Scotch Embroideries, edeap I lam striped and piaid Bonnet Ribbons Lnib J and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs a great bargain Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajou's Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Misses, and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds I arasols of every shade and price Rich English last colors Prints at 12V* Willi a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAK. Ai?0, Shrftiu^s and yiuriingsof the begt makes in Linens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads * Domestic Goods generally. Having made large purchases from the Philadel I'lua and New ii;ri\ auctions, I am itrepared to of ter great inducements to cash or prompt customers. al' 18~1"' J. H. fiMOTT. WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort) V*. THE Proprietors take great pleasure in informing their many triends and the public generally that this magnificent Summer Hotel i-< now being fitted up in the mo*t modern and comfortable style lor the coining season. The house \\ ill be opened on the fir?t of June, with nothing left unprovided that may promote the con.-fort and happiness of its guests. The proprietors also take much pleasure in laying that they will he prepared ami happy to aecommo date trom tKe/irst of May any who may favor them with a call Bourd per day ..?Q 00 By the week, per day j 50 By the month, per day 125 Baths free for the gue.-ts. aP 8-'f & C. WILLARD A BROS. FOR SALE?A Pair of HAY MARES, 7 years old next spring, wel!-bred,sound.stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are well broken and perfecUy free from tricks, ami will , particularly suit any gentleman who is lond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stabls, on 14th street, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the btar office. They will be s dd a ba. gain. ap :t?tf Mr. W. IIENRY PALMER, HITIIXRTO KNOW* as UGBtCRV HKLLKR, HAS much pleasure in informing his friends and the public in gen. ral that he has det> rmtned on locating himself in this city, and is prepared to receive pupils for instruction on the PIANO FORTE HARMONY and CO VI POSITION, lie ^permitted to refer to Mr Georg? lligzs, Jr., and Mr A. T Kteckhoefer, and any communication addressed to him at Hilbus & Ilitz's music store, PennsyIvania avenue, will have immediate attention. ap 13?tf SIL.VKII WAPK, PLATUO WAUK AND FINK FA>C1 OtJODS.?Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Su?>ar Bo wis, Cream Jugs, Goblets, Cups, Spoons and Forks. Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitaMe for presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Fork3, on best Albata. The articles are warrar.tod as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. ? ft. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, beU 'Jih and 10th stretU?. mar 29?tf Memoirs of the countess of bles siugton.?The Literary Life and Correspond ence of the Countess of Blessington, by R. R. Mad den, M. R J. A., 1 v >1 TAYLOR &. MAURY'S aP 1* Bookstore, near 'Jth st. 1 BAYLOR & MAURY'S ELASTIC PEN No. 27. This pen, which is manufac ured by Perry 8i Co , London, expressly for Messrs Taylor fit Maury will be lound unequalled in all the requisites of a good steel pen. Sold in gross boxes, price $1, at their Hook and Stationery Store, near U;h st. ap 14 I Vlf ATCI1HR, kYV JEWELRY. J1ND SILVER fl'JlRE Always on hand a large assortment of the above, which we offer at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT Si BRO., '*d 3 24 Pa. avenue LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served in any war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers, S.tilors. Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, Teauist.ia, Landsmen, (or their widows or minor cliildr?u) who have not yet received full ItiW acres, and have been in s; rvice 11 days, will do well U- write to us. poU^aitl, and their Land Warrants will be forwarded to tlieiu for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD fc CO., Claim Agent'# Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, I). C mar 6?3m New books at SHILLIN'JTOVS BOOKSTORE. Tho fhimaculaie Conception; or, The Mother of | God; an exposition by the Right Rev. Bishop Ulla thorue * G owtli in Holiness, or the Progress of the Spirit ual life, by the author of All for Jesus The Metropolitan Magazine for April. The Sla?e of the Lamr, by Win. North Everything in tlie Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwords and for sale at HlilLLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Buiiding, corner st. and Pa. ave. apr &? WATCI1IS9 AND JKWUL11Y.?I have on linnd a good supply of line fc* i ? x/ /a is *~r w ? *? mm m ii . . have on linnd a ?wmI supply of fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to ?uit the times. Gold Le ver Watches as low as ^c25, warranted to keep good time. Call and see lor yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel, mar 28?dim FOR SALE-At the SENATJ2 STABLE south of the Capitol, three good work Horses, and one fine buggy l?ay Horse. Apply at the Stables, or t&saiu Post Offlcvi ittta W-coiiu* FIRST GRAND AFWUAL BALL or THK MONUMENTAL CLUB, A T CAR USTS SA LOON, WKDSKSDAY KVKNI2VG, April 3S. THE Monumental Club have much pleasure in announcing to their friends an J the public con erilly that their first Annual Ball will be given as above " The Club pledge that no effort on th?ir part will he spared to make all who honor ihem with their presence, a pleasant and agreeable time. A superior band of music hu been engaged for the occasion The Supper and Refreshment department has been placed in the hands of an experienced caterer. rickets, jyl? admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of any member of the Club, or at the door on the evening of the ball. No hat* or caps allowed in the room except those worn by different Clubs. of Arrangement*, M F Flanegan, 8 Savag-, J W Franklin, T Withers, A J Baker, 8 Dawes. Jtfatis'crs. J Wither*, C Pulaski, HGalt, CRupeit, II Coe. VV Berry, B Franklin, C Huut, 8 Croggins, J Key worth. Floor Managert. J Franklin, 8 Savage, ap 18?WSMTuW FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF Till Western Hose Company ITo. 1, AT TIIK WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS',. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, April X, 1855. THE Committee of Arrangements have much pleasure in announcing to the friends of the Company and the public generally that they will sp-rc no pains to make this the host 'all of the season. Fleet'* celebrated Cotillon Bind has been en"igci for the occasion. Tickets $1? admitting a gentleman and ladie*, to be had of the Committee and at the door on the eve nip? of the ball. No hats or caps allowed in the room cxcert thobc worn by firemen. Mana*ert on the pat t of Citizen*. Hon J W Forn-y, Hon J T Towers, Maj W B Scott, Col I) C Lee, Dr W B Majruder, J I) Hoowr, Clement Hill, B< verley Tuckcr, Walter Lenox, John Clark, B B French, I* Wallach, Cha? S Wallach, Abram Upshur, G W Ilig?s, Clark Mills, C H Wiiuler, W T D^-ve, E C Morgan, D Ratcliff. S lied fern, 8 S Parker, Wm Brown, Captain Carrington, WF Bayly, Luther Sn^ot, Andrew Hoover, R J Ro;he. ' Johu F Ennis N Callan. On the yuri of Firemen. S E D"U2lass, E S WrizUt, J Sanderson, K Doyle, J A Tatt, A Hatch . E G Evans, j t Suter. Committee of Arrangementi o?i the -part of the Com yuny. William Rigcles, W N Keefe Edward Hanley, Jo- II Hilton, Robert Mattin, # J F Edwards, Recetfion Comu.itlee. J F Hughes, J W Carr, W P Hag rty, F N Holtzman, C W Drury, G Elwards, T Dewdeny, G Miekuiu, T J Parker, J C Ilager, J H May, 8 Taikle-, Floor Man -gen. R E Booth, Lewi* Poh~r*on, Gustus Cozens, John R Spalding, Robert J King, F A llaijtr. ap 13?eofit* w MILLINERY. MRS. CIIOATE [Will open her spring style of BON NETS at her Rooms, -#6 Louisiana avenue, on Tuesday next, the I7th instant. Stnw work bleached and altered at the shortest noticc. aj, I2_i>w NEW SONG. HY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, and dedi cated to Inez Allison, the fair Guitarist This ?ong has a must charming melody. Just pub lished and tor sale by HILBUS & HITZ. ap4 I'K* DOLLAR* REW AliD.-Uet, on I the 13th insiant. between Willards' Hotel and the City Hall, a Purrcmonnaie, containing three notes drawn by John H. and A. *W. Kirkwood in lavor of Wm. T. Dove, and by mi: endorsed, #152 each ; one note drawn by Zcphaniah Jones, $160, in inv favor and by meendorreit; also a note, drawn by William T. Hook, in my favi-r, for $54; several other notes and papers not recollected. The above reward will be paid upon tbc return of the paper* to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE, apr14 -tf IMPORTANT BOUNTY EANIJ BOOK?Ju^t received a second edi'ion of Triplett's Pension and Bounty Land Laws, embracing a digest of all the laws, decisions and tonus relating to pensic ns, to officers and soldiers of the Revolution, their w id ows and child-en ; to arrry and lot)ilia invalids and their widows; to Navy and Marine invalids, th^tr widows and children : and to Bountv Lands provi ded for by every act from the Revolution to and in cluding that ot March 3, 1855; so arranged as to be intelligible to every claimant. This work is highly recon,mended by the Coiumioioner of PciiKions? Price $2; mailed to any pat t of the United Sutes, except California. TAYLOR & MAURY, ap 20 Bookstore, near VJi *t. BANKING HOUSE OF PAIBO & NOURSE, Ojipoaite United States Trtataery. BONDS, Stocks and other securiue? purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of six per coat par a&num al lowed on deposit* when left forCW day* or loader, jan 34?f'?m THE MUTUAL FI&X IN8URAHC* C JM.PA NY OF THE II8TRICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the proj?erty owners of the District safer and cheaper means ofiusuiance than any other Company. UI.YS^ES WARD, l'resi ( HAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. E ULiiV, Treasurer. Xi.NA.aiRJ. ' Ulysses Ward _ John Van Riswick Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Matliew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7Ui street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p.m. feb 26?eotf M. W1LL.1AN, LADIES' DRESS AND TRIMMING STOBE Pa. avenue, between Seventh aud Eighth streets. M WILLI AN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Wasbinstc.n that he has just received from the Northern cities a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Ti immings Fiue French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and straw, of the latest patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Dresses made in the latest fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned, mar 31?eolm* SODA WATER. SODA WATER ! GGAUT1ER has just erected in his establish a mcnt a fountain of very superior Soda Water which for its delicious nnd medicinal qualities u fir ahead o! any beverage ever before iniroduaed. He would call particular attention to the superior quality and variety of his sirups, which are Ml made ,rom the pure fresh fruit, and not trom any ef the acids now in common use, which are always more or less deleterious to the stomach. C GAUTIER, ap Hi?eofiw 353 Pa avenue. MANTUA MAKING. "1?"IS8 MARGARET DYER respectfully announ 1Y1 ces to the ladiea of Washington and vicinity, that she has just returned to Washington, and in t?nds to resum* her former business, and solicits the patronage of her former friends. No. 331 Pa. aveuue, between Fourteenth and Futeenih its. ap??atawSw* EVENING STAR. THS HSEBIHG PIS. It was a cold winter's evening; the rich banker Brounker had drawn his easy chair close into the corner of thf stove, and sat smoking his long clay pipe with great complacency, while his inti mate friend Van Grote, employed in ex actly the same manner, occupied the op posite corner. All was quiet in the house, for Brounker's wife and children were gone to a masked ball, and secure from fear of interruption, the two friends I indulged in a confidential conversation. "I cannot think," said Van Grote, " why you should refuse your consent to the marriage. Berkenrode can give his daughter a good fortune, and you sav that your son is desperately in love with her. 44 I don't object to it," said Brounker. 44 It is my wifo who will not hear of it.' 44 And what reason has she for refu sing ?" 44 One which I cannot tell you,' said his friend, sinking his voice. 44 Oh ! a mystery?come out with it. You know I have always been frank and open with you, even to giving my opin ion of your absurd jealousy of your wife.'' 44 Jealousy of my wife ? Nonsence : have I not sent her to a masked ball ?" 441 don't wonder you boast of it. 1 should like to have seen you do as much when you were first married. To be sure, you had reason to look sharply after her, for she wa* the prettiest woman in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, she ha.? taken such advantage of your love, tha'. the gray marc has become the better horse, and you refuse an advantageous match for your son to gratify her caprice. ' 44 You are quite wrong, my good friend I never allow any one to be master here but myself; and in the present instanci 1 cannot blaine Clotilda. The sccrct o? her refusal lies in a herring pie." 44 A herriug pic," exclaimed Van Grote. 44 Yes, a herring pie. You may remem ber, it was a favorite dainty of mine, and that my wife could not endure the smell of it. Well, during the first year of our marri&ge, I must confess I was a little q Ycry little jealous of Clotilda. My sit uation obliged me to keep open house and among the young sparks that visiteu us none gave me more uneasiness than the handsome Colonel Berkenrode. The reputation that he had already acquired for gallantry was enough to create alarm, and the marked attention he paid my wife convinced my wife it was well founded. What could I do ? It was impossible to ] forbid him the house, for he had it in his) power to deprive me of the government contracts; in other words, to ruin me After pondering deeply on the subject, I decided on doing nothing, until the dan ger should become imminent ; all that was necessary was to know how things really stood. Having just purchased this house, I caused a secret closet to be made behind the stove here. It communicates with my private room, and from it I could overhear everything that passed in this apartment without risk of being discov ered. Thank God, I have had no use foi it for the last twenty years ; amd indeed,1 I did not know even what has become of | the key. Satisfied with this precaution, I do not hesitate to leave Clotilda, when any of her admire^ paid her a visit, though I promise that some of the Colo nel's gallant speeches made me wince. " 44 Upon my word," interrupted his friend, "you showed a most commenda ble patience. In your place I should have contented myself with forbidding ray wife to receive his visits." 44 There spoke the old bachelor. But as I did not want to drive her headlong into his arms, I went a different way to work. Day after day I was forced to listen to the insidious arguments of the seducer. My wife?I must own she made a stout defence?at one time tried ridi cule, at auother entreaty, to deter him from his pursuits of her. lie began to lose hope in proportion as I gained it, till one day he bethought himself (f threat ening to blow out his brains if she would not show him some compassion Moved at this proof of the strength of his pas sion, she burst into tears, and pleaded that she was not free ; in short, she gave him to understand that I was the obsta cle to his happiness. Berkenrode was too well skilled in the art of seduction not to see that he had gained a point lie raved, cursed me as the cause of his misery, and tried to obtain a promise from her in case she should become a widow. She stopped hiin peremptorily; but I never clo:ed an eye that night, and Clotilda, though she did not know that I watched her, was as uneasy as myself. On the following day, a circumstance occurred that increased her agitation. While at breakfast a message came from the ccK)k asking to see mo alone. 1 de sired him to come in (as I was not in the habit of interfering in domestic affairs) and communicate kis business in her presence. When th3 man entered he was pale as a ghost, and scarcely seemed to know what he wa3 al>out. At last he told me he had received a packet con taining a small bottle, three hundred guilders, and a note, in which he was re quested to put the contents of the former into the first herring pie he should pre pare for me. He was assur?d that he might do so without fear, as the contents of the bottle were quite harmless, and would give a delicious flavor to the pie. An additional reward was promised if he complied with the request and kept his own counsel. The honest fellow, ho was really much attached to me, said he was convinced there must be something wrong in the affair, and should not be happy until the bottle and money were out of his hands. I poured a few drops of the liquid on a lump of sugar, and gave it to my wife's lap-dog. It fell into con vulsions, and died in a few minutes. The case was now plain ; there had been an attempt to poison me. Never shall I forget Clotilda's pale face as she threw herseU weeping into my anna?" Poison ! A murderer !" she exclaimed, clasping me as if to shield me from danger : ?? Merci ful Heaven, protect us both *' I oonaoled her with the assurance that I was thank ful to my unknown enemy, who was the mcanE of showing me how she loved me. That day Ikrkenrode came at the usual hour: but in rain did I take my seat in the hiding place, he was not admitted. I afterwards found that she had sent him ft letter, threatening if he ever came again that her husband should be informed of all that had passed. He made many at tempts to soften her resolution, but to no purpose, and a year afterwards ha married. No acquaintance has ever ex isted between the families; and now you know why my wife refuses her consent to our son's marriage with Berkenrode's daughter." 44 I cannot blame her,'1 said Van Grote. 44 Who would have thought that Berken rodc. a soldier, and a man of honor, could have been capable of suah a rascally deed?" 44Ha! ha! ha!" laughed Brounker, " and do you really think it was the Col onel who sent the poison ?" 44 Why, who else ?" 44 Myself, to be sure! The whole waa my contrivance, and it cost me three hun dred guilders in a present to my cook: but it was money well laid out, for I saved my wife, and got rid of her trouble some lap-dog at the same time." " Do you know. Brounker, I think it was rather a shabby trick to leave Ber kenrode under such an imputation ; and now that your son's happiness depends on your wife being undeceived "I am aware of all that, but to unde oeivc her now is not so easy as you think. Cow can I expect her to disbelieve a cir cumstance in which, for the last twenty years, she has put implicit faith ?" lie was interrupted by the entrance of Vrow Brounker. Her cheeks were flushed, and she saluted Van Grote rather stiffly. 4-What! not at the ball, Clotilda!" asked her husband. 44 No ! I had a headache," she repTied, ' and Maurice has promised to take charge of his sisters. But I have come to tell you that I have been thinking over his marriage with Mina Berkenrode, and have altered my mind on that subject, [n short, I shall wuhdiaw my opposition to the match." The friends looked"at each other in as tonishment. ? 41 By the by, love," she continued, 44 here is a key I found some time ago ; I think it must belong to you." 44 Well, Clotilda," said her husband, striving to hide his confusion as he took the key, 41 this is good news about the marriage " 44 Suppose you and your friend celebratc it by a supper. There is a herring pie in the house, and you need uot fear tha it is poisoned." She left the room. Brounker looked foolish, and Van Grott rubbed his hands, as he exclaimed?44 Caught in your own trap! He who digs a pit for his enemy shall fall into it himself." 44 Nevertheless," replied Brounker, 4,I think I have got weil out of mine." New Metal PRonucKn in F&akcb.?An extraordinary metal is said to have been discovered by M. Sainte Claire DerilU. Profes.*or of Chemistry at the Superior Normal School, Paris, in conjunctiot with M. Wohler, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Gottingen. In a re port made to the French Emperor by tba Minister of Public Instruction, the meta* is thus described : ?44 When this extra ordinary metal, light as glass, white and shining as silver, almost as unchangeable as gold, malleable and ductile in the same degree as these precious metals, strong as iron, and which is capable of being worked into any form by casting, by the hammer, and by the lile; when this metal, which is.found in abundanco in the commonest clay, shall have taken its place in the domestic economy and the arts, no astonishment will be felt at the encouragement which your Majesty has given in order to render its extrac tion easy and less costly. Once more it tfill be admitted that everything is con nected in science, and that the same wonderful discovery of the decomposition of bodies by the pile, which procured for Dovy the grand prize founded by Napo leon I., has led to this not less wonderful discovery of the conversion of potter'a clay iuto a metal which may rival gold and silver in its unchangeablenests, and iron by its abundance ou the very surface of the ground." Power of Kind Words ?Some littla readers may ask. What are we to do when our companions provoke or injure us ? Let me tell you about an old col ored woman, who was walking along the atrects of New York on an errand, with her tcba:co pipe in her mouth, quietly smoking. A jovial sailor came along, and when opposite good old Phillis, he crowded her oil tho pavement, and with his hand knocked her pipe out of hia mouth. He then stopped to hear her fret and complain of his trick, Ifut what was his astonishment when she meekly picked up the pieces of her bro, and giving him a look of mingled sorrow, kindness, and pity, said 44 God forgive you,my son,as Ido." It touched a tender chord in the sailor's heart, and brought tears to his eyes, and giving her a handfull of money, he exclaimed, "God blots, you, knd u-other, I'll never do it fga.n."' (D" There arc about seven millions of pores in the body of a maa of ordinary sire. If these were joined length-wise, a tube would be foimed twenty-eight milea long! 0^7"Aristocracy is defined by Punch as a class of persons who despise the public, and are venerated by the public for that reason.

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