Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STA R. *" ? ? ? Local Intelligence. Tbb P pes est Anon or Plate.?At two' o'clock yesterday, the time fixed upon for the presentation of a memorial by the clerks of the General Land Offioe to Dr. Charlaa S Prailey on his retirement from tha office of Chief Clerk, the Commiaeioner of that bareau, Chief Clerk, and Clerka of the office mat at the room of the Cbief Clerk, when Col. Irvin, in a brief and feeling manner stated the objeet of the meeting, and introduced Col. H H Heath, who, with a chaste and appro priate address, presented to the Doetor a beau tiful silver pitcher, pair of goblets and salver, m a token of friendship and appreciation of hia moral and olerical worth. To which ad* drees the Doctor responded in appropriate COL BBATH'S ADDBESS. My Dear Sir: The severance of long sob aisting friendly relations between men, has never failed to produoe emotions of regret. Indeed, the oocasions are not unfrequent, in which ?orrow is added to regret at the change even of unpleasant associations, when the re flection steals upon us that the relaions oaoe sustained to those objeots will never again sabeist How, muoh more then, my dear sir, most the appreciating sympathies of eur na ture be affected at a change in which those relations have been not only of a pleasing and friendly eharacter, but those, too, in which, as many of us can with safety arer, of a na ture highly Taluable in an offloial as well as | social peint of view. In thia latter and moat pleaaing condition, my friend, do we now stand with reference to yourself The hand of ohange haa been busy recently, and it has taken you from amongst us, with some of whom, and with the places of all, you have been associated for nearly or quite the fifth part of a century?the third part of man's I Allotted career. To yon, as the Chief Clerk of this offioe, whilst the ohange was one of | ohoice as well as ne eeaity?made so by a de sire to repair an enfeebled constitution, it must have been, at the same time, one of no ordinary character. Prom the office you hava departed as from an old and esteemed friend; ftom ua and those connected with it, aa from colaborers whe oould be naught but friends. From a position of dignity, honor, and great] responsibility, you have receded, to occupy ona more quiet, as respectable, and highly important; and may the results of the change efiected be as satisfactory in their character as our regrets at parting are sincere and un affected. I have, by the kindness of my fellow clerks | in this office, tn which you have, for so length- j aned a period expended your highly acknow ledged abilities, and upon whose enduring records have been left the impress of your genius?been deputed to perform the pleasiug task of presenting to you this testimonial Our offering ia dedicated as an humble tribute which friendship has heretofore sough*, as the medium of ita appreciation of worth, a?d will hereafter 6eek, a' tho feet of the object of it* devotion Accept it, sir, as an earnest of our exalted appreciation of your charactsr, both as an individual and aa a faithful public ser vant. Acc-pt it from ua, sir, as from those, who, though separated as to the daily aeaocia tions once aurrounding us, ye: not as from those who, severed, forget. Aocept it, air. as a pledge of the paat. and as a token for the comiog time?and may the decaying health which took you from amongst us be rejuve nated whilst pursuing the more pleasant walk cf official life cho3en, that you may long live to anjoy the pleasures of a beautiful world; the sympathetic warmth of your manifold friends, and the endearments of a cherished and undivided fireside. I>E. rBAILET'S RIPLT. Kind friends and former efficial associates? The ocoaaion which brings ua together this day, within the walla of that cffice in which, for nearly twenty yeara, I had been associa ted with a few of you?al&a how few!?and during the whole official life of the reat of yon, and the kind terms whieh have been used by your organ in conveying to me those palpable evidences you have deemed it proper to exhibit of the kind feelings you have en tertained of me, as a nsn and an officer, awake in my breast emotions to the full ex pression of which I Cad my powers of mind totally inadequate, and where any effort at clothing them in language befitting their tru? character w uld be ta futile as an attempt on the part of the mariner to control the boister ous, but natural and salutary, commotions of the mighty sea skirting our extended shores. Fed by ita thousand sparkling rills and hun dreds of broad rivera some gliding silently, others bounding with joyfulness to their ulti mate destination in that vast ocean, its bosom tumultously responds to causes affecting its tranquility and stirring up its silent depths? mine has been filled wiih streams of your kindness and consideration and the breath of this last approval (coupled with causes, on my part, whioh afforded its exercise) had crea ted a storm therein, leaving me no other than the mariner's resource, to scud before the blaat and await the subsidence of the elements now controlling me. What a myriad of images ri->e up before ona in taking a rstroapec: of a period of twsn ty years of official life! What a host of aa axiationa, of a varied character, crowd upon the heart, as those images bring to view those associated with auch a one in the commence ment of that period, but who hava successive ly dropped by the wayside, leaving you to toil on?the official life of some having been brought to a close, and their talenta and abili ties freed to seek other channels for their ex erc:se; or, more Badly, the natural life of 1 others having terminated, leaving their friend* to grieve, not osly for their personal loss, but alas' too often, for the destitution and help lessness of wives and children left behind!. What reflection a are forced upon such a one In being compelled by declining health to ae ver ties Unking him wiih the p*at. binding him ao strongly to the few whom time and tri al have spared of his early companions, and connecting him with f'esh bonds to those who have successively taken the places of the lal len! To feel, with zeal unabated, with in dustry unflagging, with mind unimpaired,, that, without abatement of the exercise of theie powers, the physioal fr?me must yield, the ebbmg sands of life receive an increased impetus, and the ahadows of evening, natur* ?lly approaching, sooner end in tha darkness night, and that even with such a respite, it will be ^with the highest anticipations in re lation thereto realised) but a postponement for a limited period of an event which my lata position among you was greatly hastening. !o f??i this, * iid mora, whisk has bee a re* i cently forced on my mind on the subject of Work of the rtlentles* one, brings with it emotions of regret, connected with the sever ance of the relations between whioh greatly enhance the poignancy of an event previously ooo empla'ed only as likely to end with life Itseif. if left to my own volition. At inch a time and under auch circum stances, do you, my friends, stand forth with sympathising hearts and voicss to chaar, by your endorsement of the past, the reu.nant of a life jet devoted to the publio service. In ?very relation of that efficial life, I have en deavored to discharge my duty with frankness of -rharac er, hoaeaty of intention and firm ly ot ?Bd ?n my lata position, wneaevr: I nave at any time been brought in apparent colhsiGo wjtb ?Dy of you, lam grati J , ? oofl'ictiou. cf which my mind haa neen well assured, that none of you believe t hut a conscientious diacharge of Oi??that personal conaider ations ever for a mom* nt swayed my judgment voai more of JOO I deemed your duty required, and that in the latter the requirement was one, not of precept merelv, but one enforced by example v r'\ For tha mere expression of your approba tion I am deeply sensible It is always a fit ting and grateful tri bute, and to be ooveted bv Wary one who cherishe* any regard for the opinions of those he holds in este.-m For the particular manner you have chosen to give it ?tterance?by i-s public expression, in terms highly complimentary, by a valued friend whom yoe deputed for that purpose, within the walls of that " old and intimate friend * as he has feelingly likenad the placaof my former lat>ors and by an aooomcanlment of a valuable ani enduring memorial, constantly uttering in '? silvery tones " by the graven characters thereon, the act an?i its cause i cannot but be protonodiy impressed, a^surim* you that whilst in this heart tbsre throbs a pulse i shall not fail to regard eaoh one a ? ? 70a with the feelincs due an old assoeiate sad friend, cherishing thia your gift m one of my f4iatfM and keeping it before my eyes, amidst the solacing oomforta of my home, M a dally remembrancer of your kindneaa and regard, and leaving it, when time to me ahall eeeee to exist, aa a preeiona legacy to my children, to whom it will at all times aet as aa Ineentive to the praotiee of all the dntiea of life by the extern pi ati on of that whioh the partiality ot their father's frienia acoorded nim for the plain discharge of what he had andertaken to perform . Once more, my friendr, receive my heartfelt thanka, and permit mo to expreaa my kindeat wishes for yoar oontinued health and pros perity, and to incite yon to renewed exertions in the several petitions you now occupy or are destined to attain, foV although I have sev ered my immediate oonneotion with yon I can not feel indifferent to the welfare of that branoh of the service to whioh ao long a por tion ef my life and exertions hate been de voted, whose prosperity I endeavored to sus tain and advance, and to whoee fntnre I look forward with almost aa deep concern as if I yet eonstitnted a part and paroel of the imme diate and varied mental machinery by whose adaptation and harmony of aotion its useful, ness and efficiency is to be promoted. The presentation consisted of a Silver Pitcher. Salver, and two Gobleta. with inscrip tions on eaoh. On the Salver?Presented to Dr Charles S. Frailey, upon hia retirement from the chief elerkship of the General Land Office by his fellow clerks Washington, April. 1855. On the Pitoher?Presented to Dr. Charles S. Frailey by the clerks in the General Land Offloe. On each Goblet?To Dr. Charles 8. Frailey The artioles are very beautiful, costing about one hundred and thirty dollars. They were purchased in Baltimore, and the engrav. ing was executed by our fellow-townsman, D 0. Hare, EngTtver. The oceasion of presentation was one of a highly interesting nature, and the testimonial itself was well worthy the objeot of bestowal, for never was there a more faithful and de serving public servant. The Soiree and Gift Concert took place at Carusi's Saloen, last night, according to the previous announcement. Madmoiselle Rosa Smith and Miss Ellen Morant sung several songs with marked ac ceptance to the auditory, and the distinguished pianist. Mr. Palmer, performed elegantly on the piano forte After the ooncert was over, the drawing for " the splendid laees, valued at $1,500," was proceeded with About two hundred tiokets, we learn, were purchased in this city at one dollar each, and upward of seven hundred elsewhere. Several gentleman, well known in Washington, superintended and conducted the drawing, and therefore no doubt oould ex ist as to the fairne s of the proceedings. This was some comfort to the losers The number of prises was small as com. pared with the large number of tickets; but in lotteries of that kind, they who invest their funda, must philosophically be oontented with the result of their adventure. Thk Races, yesterday, over the Columbia course, were largely attended by lovers of equestrian sports, from this city and the aur-1 rounding country First heat, both horsos got well away together; Dutchman soon ob taining the lead of Ned Hunt. Second heat, the first nams I also led the way; and there fore won the race Dutchman was entered by Mr. George Smith, and Ned Hunt by Henry Martin Time: first heat, 3 34; second heat, 3.09, as we learn from a gentleman who witnessed the sport. Enlargement of the Post Office Depart mbnt ?We stated yesterday, that the ground had been broken preliminary to building op erations. To day we noticed tha^ab>utsix teen hands are employed, excavating and haul ing away the dirt; while others are engaged in removing the piles of wood and stables on the premises?on the northwest corner of the square. Ne*t week the demolition of the four houses?three bricks and one frame?fronting F street, will be commenced Mr. A W Denham has been appointed su perintendent of the laborers, and has entered upon the performance of his duties. A Controversy.?Just at this time there appears to be a matter for controversy existing between the Franklin Fire Company and members of the City Councils. The company by a vote at a very full meeting, decided to erect their engine house on a lot south of Penn sylvania avenue; but certain members of the aldermen said it would be better located north of F street, and one gentleman introduced the word "shall" among his remarks To this, an officer of the company replied, that tbey ne/er were taught the meaning of the word " shall," and the company would be likely to stand upon other law than the will ef a single member of the board. How this matter will end remains to be seen. Christy and Wood's Minstrels, at the People's Theatre, again attracted an "over, whelming bouse" last night; delighting, aa heretofore, the dense auditory with their mu. sio and comic ao'icg They are truly''exten sive" in their performances. As their stay is limited the lovers of such diversions will, of course, avail themselves of the opportunity which will be afforded this evening, to attend the entertainment. Crois Firing ?This morning the oase of M. Hariison. charged with assault and bat tery on H. T. L. Wilson, was brought before Justiee Morsell and Captain Burch Harrison immediately demanded a corporation warrant against Wilson for profanity. When it oame to this point, the parties withdrew their war rants, got to be friendly and went away. The cause was a bill for bouse rent A Dangerous Mae ?Las: night a complaint was made to the captain of the guard against a oolored man nauied Lewis Kennaday. who was said to be a dangerous person. Officer Martin went for him. and brought the accused to the guard house, and it was clearly proven this morning that ex.reue old age would pre vent him from being a very dangerous person. He was dismissed immediately Kennady was so old and weak, that he was barely able to walk with the assistance of another person. Fight ih the Lumber Heaps.?Last night, aeollixon took place between Mr. D. S Potter and K C. Copelani, on the Avenue, that ended in a long and severe flu fight, or aa the b'hoys sail it, 4,old Virginny rassle," between Mr. Copeland ard Mr W. Woodward. The parties selected the lumber yard on Sixth at, near the Canal, as the place to settle the af fair There the> fought until they were ar rested by Capt. Biroh and taken to the guard house, when Messrs Porter, Copeland and Woodward were held to bail to appear at court and answer the charge of riot. Correction.?We have been requested to atate that the Button named in the Star of yea terday, is not Jacob D. Huttoo, 175 D atreet. Watch Returns ? Thos. Edwards, drunk; dismissed. E Crown, oolored, drunk; work, he use 30 data. Ice to Liverpool ?The Portland State of Maine mentions that the British ship " City of Montreal" has received a cargo of ioe for Liverpool?rather a new export from Portland to Europe. The ice was prooured from Scbsgo pond. Figure Versus Face.?A young atockbro* ker having married a fat old widow with $100,000, saysit wasn't hia wife'alace that at. tracted him ao muoh at the figure. [ADVERTISEMENT. A CARD Mr. Editor:?Your report in yesterday'a Star is inoerrect in regard to my brother J Wm Button being injured with his own pistol in stlf-drftnct; furthermore, it was not lor rioting that he was arrested. The feots are these: I reside io New York?my husband, P F. Harris, was formerly editor and pro Erietor of the Broadway Bell* in that oity ome tea daya aince we came from New York on a visit to my brothor'a family, Jaoob D Hut tun a in thia cuv, at 175 D street My young*r brother, J. Wm Hutton. has been married some six months to a lady with whom I am not on good terms. Therefore our viait was hoi extcuded to the boarding house of J. Wm. Hutton, aud I did not see hit wife until iMt Tueedaj evening. the day before we were to return to New Tork en route for aoontemplated visit to Europe Mrs J I). Hatton end myaelf end e little aister, in the ebeenoe of otlf hat* bends, were sitting at the door, when my little ?later aays. " There oomes Billy end Fanny," meaning J Wm Uatton and hia wife Hooked ap and aure enough they were appro lohing ua, I waa astonished for I did not suppoae they would oome where I waa. I aaid to Mra. J. D. Hatton, 4,What do I behold! oan I believe my own eyes? " At this time they were op posite the door, end in the twinkling of an eye he dropped hia wife's arm and hit me in the faoe, knocking me from my aeat, and be oommenoed kicking me in a brute like man ner, until, with the assistance of my sister-in law, Mra J. D Hatton I fled into an adjoin ing room. He then left. I told him that Mr. Harris, my husband, would oowhide him for that; his answer was, "Tell Mr Harris I'll be back in ten minutes M Hii wife all this time stood at the streeUdo r looking on. Lie then took her to the next hoase, Mr. , where she was harbored Until the next night, as her husband did not dare return for her, or fulfil his engagement in ten minutes With my husband, who returned a few minntes after the assault and waa in waiting for him with oowhide in hand In the meantime a warrant waa issued for hia arrest and placed in tho hands of officer Stoddard for execution, but the officer was unable to find his whereabouts, and my haaband went in search and foand him secreted in a gentleman's store, on the avenue, but not being empowered with autho rity to arrest him, he feigned friendship and told him that if he would call that evening and ask my forgiveness, he thought the charge would be withdrawn. My brother pra miaed Mr. Harris that he would oall after dart. My husband then returned and man* aged to have the officers in readiness when he should call in the evening. About 9 o'clock, he made his appearanoe, and entered the house where his wife was secreted. In a few moments he came out the back way, where his litte brother and some other boys were at play, and deliberately aimed a pistol at his little brother and fired, bat missed his brother and shot his own hand. He then ran into the house next door again, and in a moment a very large crowd collected who were eager to administer lynch law on the spot, but for the timely interference of my husband and the officers who, after a mo ment's refusal from Mr. . gained ad mittance to the house and took him into cus tody and oonveyed him to the watch house. The next morning Mr E C. Eckloff came to me and desired me to withdraw the charge siying that it would go very hard with my brother, as there were two or three other charged pending against him, and that my charge was a very serious one?I having been under the doctor's care from the kicks and in juries received. He said my brother was very badly hurt, and was truly sorry for what lie had done. I told Mr. Eckloff that my brother might call himself, and in the meantime I would ooniult my husband and we would weigh the matter between us Soon after, my brother oalled and asked the forgiveness of myself and husband, eaying I that he was truly sorry for what he had done, and that if we would forgive him this time he would henceforth become a quiet and better citiien Taking all things into consideration, my husband wrote a note to Capta n Birch, stating that in tho case of the People against W. Hatton, wherein I was the complainant, (the defendant was own brother to theoom plainant,) and that he had proved to us that he was truly sorry for what he had done?that he waa penitent, and promised to profit by his paat conduct, and henceforth become a peace able, worthy, and respectable citisen?and under the existing circumatances my husband solicited the lenity of the court in his behalf . His honor, on reading the note, dismissed the case; and I hope my brother will profit by the past. These are the plain facts in the case without exaggeration Makgarbt A Harris, No 175 I) street. I trust the public will consider me justified in asking the lenity of the court in the above case when they consider that the defendant was own brotktr to Mr* Harris, and that it would have been hard for us. when in another country, to think that our brother was in durance vile, and that perhaps we should never return to see him alive P F Harris. Washikotow, April 27, 1855.?It* XAKHiau. On the 26 lh iusUiit, EIjIiEV M , daushter of Prof N. It. Smith, of Baltimore, to D. E. A., son of Capt. J. B. Montgomery, U. S. N. (Bait paper* plr-a^c copy) Want?. \\TANTED?A GOOD COOK. Apply tn . J NO. F HAVESfNEK. ap27 U* No. ?47 C street. WANTEI)-TVVO SINGERS, AX ALTO and Tenor, ar.d they must he able to read music none but thoee of good character need apply. Ad dress CHAS. CHRISTIAN, Petersburg Va ap 27?3t* ' YV AN??"'-A SITUATION AS~CHAMBER V ? maid or Nur^e, ?,r to travel with a lady hv a young woman well acquainted with the duiie<"re quired in either situation The best references will b? 8iven if required. Inquire of Mrs. FAV1ER, ai "?e rornerof Thirteenth st. and Pa. avenue. W^nteD-to HIRE a BOY anlT77ikl, ? ? blffvep, from 14 lo 17 yearn ol age, as hntuc servants. Apply at No. 414 Ninth at., N. E. cor ner of " ap 26?2- * AN EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants 8 Situation.?A middle aged lady, accustomed for many yeara to manage the details of a l.rgf boarding house, as housekeeper, wants a situation ?he can give satisfactory reference as to her enemy industry and experience, and the ftdelitv with which she discharges duties confided to her. Address "I dj!l at thwofflce. ap 13-tf ' WA^T?P.77A COMPLETE FILE OF THE ? V WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if sontto this office ap 3?if Boarding. Boarding.?permanent or transient Boarders can be accommodated on reasonabli terms, at FITZGERALD'S, No 474 Pa atenuc neit door to the United States Hotel. ap 27?7t? BOARDING.?Several persons can lie accom undated with board and lodgings, where th?r*i are no other boarders, by applying at 438 Thir teenth street. a,( 26?2t* |VO T 1 C K.?FOR RENT?PAHLOHS ANI. L ^ Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower batlu and every attention to render it most agreeable t( her boarders Mra. P. 6 MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avtBue and *t. ap23?3rn "* BOARD, Ac ?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9tb street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with roorn-s, witli or without board. Every effort will be made to ren d<*r those comfortr ble who may favor her with thi?ii paironaga. ap 6_tf NOW BEIMG RKCEIVED A HEAVY supply ol every article in the Coach finding line, including 200 yards of our A No 1 Russia Duel Canvass, 5'J inches wide c<ll early. ELVANSfc THOMPSON, 396 Pa av , between ??h and lOtli sts. ap24?Iw (Intel&Organ) LObT?On Thursday last, t*i ween ,lhe Depo and Third street, a Self piiming Mayuardo i?*t ent PISTOL. The fieder will be suitably rewardec by leaving it at this office. ap 25?3t* FA ilLIE-S, MESSES OR SINGLE GENTLE men ftirnished with MEALS at their residen ces upon rta?ouable terms, by L. THOMPSON French Cook, No. 30t? G street, near 13th Also, rooms to let. ap2S?3t* EVANS. Pa avenue, between Yiih and 13/.A its.* HAS just returned from the North with a larg? large assoitrfteiit of Gentlemen's Silk HATS which he is selling at $3 each, of the same qualitj usually sold iu this city for $4 He likewise has such articles of wear worth A3. oO, which he will dispose ol for $2 30. In addi no to the above he boa increased hit stock oi Ladies' BONNETS and RIBANDS, whicl lie is determined to sell at extraotdinrry low prices ap 96 -1 w CX)URT OP CLAIMS. RUE undersigned will practice in the U S. Cour ? .V"*' lhe different c< unty of tin: Iitftnct, Hit office in on the corner of Mth and 1 '?Mediately in the rear of Wdlards' Hotel. ap2b?3t* JOHN S. TY*QN. A LOT OF GOOD sKCONl) HANl? ? JARTfi tor iole. For information enquire at Sainue Hat on X Co.!s, Comer ?'enn?ylvdnia avenue aad 7U ^sueei. FRANK M. SPEWCEI. ap28? ML ? ?? tof SftH and B#nt JfURNISHFD HOUSE OR ROOtfs TO-LET. A small cottage House, containing'8 ioobw, on ?treet, in the First Ward, or any of the rooms in the *nme9 with suitable aiteodincp, wiJl b? let op very low tefttn ?w ? months. Address "AC B," at till* office. - up 27- U# I^OR SALE OR RE>T?A FlNfe TONBP Fl ano? of Knabe fc Gaehle's manufacture, oir fert moderate terms. ' 3 Also, two or three farniahed rooms for rent. A? V*710 ~ ? F SCHAFER, ^ ? No- TenUl rt?1 do?' *bo*e E ap Zi? 3t STORE 1ST GEORGETOWN FOR REVT situ ated on Rridce street, No. 1?0, neit door to the Bank ofComaierce and at preeent occupied by Mr. M. L. Williams The location Is one of the b< st in <?eorgrtown for the dry good* or book bu?i ness. To a careful and punctual tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire of T. A. LAZENBY. Bridge st , Georgetown. ap27?eo?t FOR8ALE.-THE SUBSCRIBEROFFERSfor sale, cheap for cash, a small and neat Frame Dwelling, No. 340 Eighth street west, near L street, coniaing four goo! ro-?ms and kitchen The prop erty is situated within one square of the northern market, in a good baoltky neighborhood, a pump of excellent water neaf by, and is very desirable lor a small family Apply on the premtefrs, or to the subscriber at Apollo llnll. HENRY KAISER. ap 25?3t For rent?the two story brick Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of St. John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown Apply to R. CRUIKSH ANK, on Bridge street, or GEORGfe WATERS, on Water street. ap 25-tf (IntelkOrgan) FOR RENT.?Two handsomely furnished Houwi, containing 15 rooms in one, and 9 in the other, in a desirable location fronting on public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on II, corner of H anJ Eighteenth streets, with bath rooms, &c., will lie iei)t?d on reasonable t< rms to good tenant*, ap 13?lm* FOR RENT?THREE ROOMS on FIRST floor of "Forrest Hall," Georgetown, suitable fbr of fices or stores. Apply tn B FORREST, ap 34?1 w* corner F and 20th streets. T7()R RENT?THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC r cupied by Barnes k Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8th ami 9th streets. Possession given on !5th May next, on which time the prcspnt lease ex pin:s. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq , of this city, or the *u?>sciibw, "Cottage," M"ntgfmerr county, Md THOS. CONNELLY. ap 33?tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table ami transient board. Inquire at Mre. SMITH'S, *33 F street ap9 I710R RENT-THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M streets, being but four squares from the Railroad Depot; would make good residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES TIIOMA, on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* I 1OMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily II located Building Lots. 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on ended streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of f75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above ?>dd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6in JOHN FOX. Secretary. Rents reduced to suit the times. ?150 a year will be received for the rent ot those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, staWe, wood shed and oilier conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near the door, and communicat on is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pei n. Avenue, morning and afrernoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made lo the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kcnda'l Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tf OUSE FOR RENT-CORNER OF 19th and , I streets, one ot the most desirable locations in the city. For particular* apply at the Kirkwood House, between the hours of 2 and 3 p ?., to RALPH HA8KIN8. Also?A good covered BUGGY and HARNESS, ap '2T>?eo3t* H Ij*OR HALE?A TWO STORY Bri~k HOUSE on tit- coiner of Prospect and Frederick streets Georgetown, now occupied by Mr John W. Bro naugh. For information apply to Mr. J AMES MIL LFR, Maiket st , betw. 4'.h and 5th, Georgetown, ap 25 ?law5w* FOR REN T-FIVE NEW THREE STORY brick 11welling Houses on 9tl: street west, be tween D and E streets south, opposite to the Giace Church, finulied in good style, and containing sa loon parlors, six chambers, dining room and kitchen each, with stable and ample yards, and will be ready for occupation bv the )5th June. To punctu al and careful tenants the rent will be very low. Apply to CH.AS. S. WALLACH, Opposite the West Wing of City Hall, ap 25?eo4w VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four viiy de sirable ami eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain* ing about fitty acres each, partiy in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. opposite the farm of Joseph H Bradley, Esq., about 4 .if miles from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the laud well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. TBis property is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beauuful country res idenccs. A plat of the property can be eeen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, tvill show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. 8WANN, No. 196 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 -eo2tn 170R RENT-FOUR NEW AND CONVEX! . cut Brick Houses, brown mastic k fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant s ro6m, and five chambers each, and situated ou Thirteenth street, Island, near the R'iblic grounds, convenient to Pa. av?nue and the lepartments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street a id Eouisiana avenue, r.r at D. B. CLARKE'S Druj Store, Eleventli street, Island. mar 6?eotf FURNISHED ROOMS ?MRS. G ANDERSON has several furnished Rooms which she wishe* to rent: situated over the Music and Stationery Store, second door from the Kirkwood House, Pa avenue. ap II?eolm 130R RENT-THE DWELLING AND STORE on 11th street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Farnham's Bookstore. Applv to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12th and D sts. VILLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private saie the villa in which she at Besent resides, with eight acres of land, situated at lavilie, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The h< use is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant ages for persons engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes'walk of the Bladensbur: Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omaihua running twice a Hay between Washington andElla ville. Application "to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2awtt A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A fOR tune ?A lady having acquired a competency in the Millinery business, is now desirous ot dtspo* ing of her establishment, and retiring into private (e. Her location is one of the best in the citv, and is a rare opoortunity for one acquainted with tlx bui-iueas. Fur terms and particulars apply at thu office. rear 29?lm JUST LOOK HKBE?BEAD THIS ! CROWLEY'8 Magic Coping Prees. Impression Paper, and Manifold Writer, ffir taking impres sions from Leaves, Plants, or Flowers. Also, foi copying Pictures, Patters tor Embroidery, markinj Linen and other articles, indelibly and portable and manifold Writer, for writing without pen or ink. The above named paper has been acknowledged by all who have used it, to be the most useful articl? xtant. Manufactured and sold by JOHN CROW LEY, 480 Eighth st, between Louisiana avsnue and D street. Price 25 cents per package, of lour different colon ?black, blue, red and green? i packages for SI, oi 92 per doxen. On the receipt of the money by mail (post puid) at the above prices, the paper will be sent to *ny part of the United States with ftill printed direo tions, free of postage. N. B.?All orders promptly attended to. ap2?-3t? | Mi88 CUVSWOHAK'S SCHOOL, Pleasant Grove, Seventh utreet Road, ltf miles from the City of Washington. HE duties of this School will commence MON DAY, the 30th of April. / s the number of pu pils will be limited, tbote who wiah to avail them ?elves of its advantages, should make as early an ap plication as possible. The course of lostruciion wrll be thorough and coni| let?',and wilt embrace all the English Lianchei usually taught in Uic best schools, together ?itt Music, French and Latin. Terms made knowu on application to the Pnnci ap 94?2w* T By J. C. ?(GOIRB, Government sale op sundries?oh this <Frtl?y) aft*.noon, at 5 o'clock, at the Past Offic* Department Sodding, I ?ball sell? Lot of Cast I nO, Stotes Sheet Iron, Tin Chmmey Tr>t?f li?. Lot Desks, Cane*, Oil Cant, fee. Term* in corrert fund*. JAM. C. McGtTIRK, apfr-lt Auctioneer. By WALL, tfABIVARD * CO- AUCTS. Peremptory sal# of fcrniXF??j?;*d Household Effects at Auction.?On 8ATUR DAY morning tb? 28th instant, at 9jtf o clock, we shall sell, in (root of our Auction tooins, a large lot of Furniture and Household Effee s, comprising ? Mahogany Sideboards, Rereaus. Hatracks Do Wardrob s, Sofas, Lounges 1 superior eel tf t'"tt*f Furniture Marble-top mabog*by Cafltre TaWe Do Enclosed W 4?bst*i?d* Mahogany spring and plaia ?"*t Chaifs, Rockers Walnut cane and wood seat Chair* Bedsteads, Beds, Pillows and Holsters Superior hair and shuck Mattresses Stands Waxhstands, Clothes Horses French plate and other Looking Glasses Mahogany Revolving Office Chair Window Shades, Vase* Plated Cantors, Table Cutlery Cook 8tnve and Fixture* Together with other articles in the Housekeeping line Also, two good set- of single harass , Rooks, he WALL, BARNARD k CO, sp 27 ?It Auctioneers. By ORKBN * SCOTT. Aaatloaasn. 1y?\, FURNITl RE, CIGARS, he. at Auction? On SATURDAY, the 28th instant, we shall sell, in front of our ?tore, at 9 o'clock a iu., a large lot of fine Tt'as, consisting of? Young Hyson, Imperii, Gunpowder and Black, and Ji chesth and caidiei Also, a large assortment of FurnUnre 10.000 Cigars With many otlier articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. GREEN h SCOTT, ap87?It Auctioneers By Ci W? BOTRLRR. Aadiontar. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE of Frame Hanc on the Canal, near 7th street Bridge?Br virtu* of an order ot the OrphaM' Court, the swbseriber will sell, on TUESDAY, the 1st day of Mav, 1%3 at & o'clock p. in , on the premises, a one story frame House on Corporation lot ofl 7th street, ii?-ar canal bridge, 25 feet front and about 38 deep. witti Itack shed, formerly occupied by Richard Ayton. The terms of sale will be : One half cash, and the balance in three and six months, for not*** wli?i ap proved endoroeis, bea-ing interest from day of ?ale. If the terms of -ale are not compl'ed with in tli.T days alter the sale, the property will be resold at the tisk and expense of the purchaser By order ot the Administrator C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. CH A8. S. WALLACH. ap 27?d Attonicv. By GRKBIV A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitchen furniture at Auction ?Oil WEDNESDAY, the 2d day oi May, we ? hall sell, at the residcrce o: a g< title man declining housekeeping, at the rorner ot 6th Ft. and Massachusetts avenue, (the flap will d?-?signaTc the hou^e) at 10 o'clock a. m., an excellent a-s>or: ment of Furniture, viz : Mahogany Sofas, Rocking and other Chairs Do Bookcase and Secretary, Sidelioard Do nnd walnut Dressing and other Bureau Do and walnut French an.l other Bedstead Do dimng. cam and breakfast Tsb'es Walnut and other Wardrobes and Washstands Walnut Whatnot Gilt frame Mirror, 24 by 36 inches China, Glass, and ('rockerywan- and Cutlery 3-ply, ingrain and other Carpets Hair and stiuck Mattresses and Bedding It? frig? rator, cooking and other Smves An 1 a good lot ef Ki chen R* qui?it?* With many article* which we d> em Unfiece-sary to enumerate. Terms: All sums of nnd under fxo cash ; ov?r .?25 a credit of 60 and 9* flays for notes sat!.-tacto rilj endorsed, brsring inters. GREEN h SCOTT, ap 27?d Auctioneers. By GIIKR? * SCOTT, AuctWaetrr. SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Auction. <'n WEDNESDAY, the !8;h instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m , 34,237fret ot ground, having a front on C street south 14S feet 3 inches, and 9ih street east 283 feet 16 inches. The above described property is handsomely loca ted, distant from the Navy Y'ard but a few minutes' walk. Terms: One ha'f cash ; balance in one and two years, the purcha.??r to give nste.e fur the deferred paymmts, bearing interest Irom the day of sale. A dee.l given and a deed ot trust taken. (&-Thm above sale la postponed un til WEDNESDAY, the 25<h inst, same hour. GREEN fc SCOTT, up 18?eoAds Auctioneers. (Xf- Th? ?b?ve sale la farther post P'?ned until THURSDAY, the 3d of May, same hour, when it will positively take place GREEN h SCOTT, ap 27?d Auctioneers. BY J- C HcGUIRK, Auctioneer. Beautiful collection of imported English, German, and French Engraving.? Tl?c attention of artuts, connoisseurs, and admirers nnd lovers of fine Prints is respectfully called to the large collection of fine Engraving?, late imp trta tion, now open for examination and sale at the store Pennsylvania avenue, two doors easr of 14th street, for a few days only The collection includes many pleading subjects from old makers, landscape.-, scripture pieces, studies, clas.-ical, and otlier choice efforts, many of which are scarce, done in line mezzotint, he , entirely new in this city Private sale euring the day. Public sale at early gas light J. C. McGUIRE, ap 26? 3t Auctioneer. By GHEES * SCOTT, Auctioneers TTALUAHl.E BUILDING LOTS AT AUCTION y On WEDNESDAY, the 2d day of May, we fclia.ll sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p.m. Lot No. 1, in square No. 4. having a front on ^oth street west of sixty feet, and fifty f?et on north K st. The above is a handsome corner lot, containing t'.iree thousand square feet, fronting on the street leading to the lower bridge, between Georgetown arid Washington. And immediately after the sale of the above we shall sed, Lots No?. 15 and 17, iu Square No. 32, fronting one fifty feet six inches, the other 51 feet, on Virginia avenue, between 24th and 25 h streets, wehaving an average depth of about one hundred and six feet. Teims tor the fi st named property will be one fourth cash ; the balance in fix, twelve and eight een month'. For the second named property, one fourth cash in one and two years, the purchasers, in a) cases of cn dit, to give notes bearing interest Iron the day of sale Title indisputable. A deed given and a deee of trust take.n. GREEN h kiCOTT, ap 126?d Auctioneers. By GREKI * SCOTT, Auctioneers Brick and lumber at auchon? on SATURDAY, the 28th instant, we shall sell at 5 o'clock p. ni., on Pennsylvania avenue, beiw 6th and 7th streets, a large lot of Brick and Luoibei the contents of two brick Houses pulled down. Terms at the sale. GREEN fit SCOTT, apr 26?d Auctioneers. By WALL, BARNARD * CO , Ancle. 1 EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND KITCHE!S j Requisites at Auction.?On MONDAY' morn nig, the 30th instant, at 10 o'clock, wa fhall sell, ai the late residence of Mrs J. E. W. Thompson, de ceased, s?. uated on the north side of E St., betweer 12th and 13th stre ts, all her Furniture and Kitcln t Requisites, consisting in part of Mahogany Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washetands Do Side Tables, walnut Hatrack Bedsteads, Reds, Mattresses Sofa, Lounge, Carpets, Oilcloth Cane seat and other Chairs Parlor. Cook and other Stoves Safe, Crockeryware, he. Also, the stock of Fancy Goods. Cases, he., ii the store underneath. Also, one laige Show Case Terms : All sums of and under $20 cash; over a credit of 30)and 60 days for notes sausfaclunlj endorsed, bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD fc CO., Aocts ap 26?d JC. S* WRIGIIT, Anctloneer. UCOKGRi OWN PORTO RICO SUGAR AT AUCTION?0> MONDAY next, the 30th instant, at 12 o'cTk nt F. & A. It. Dodge's Wharf the cargo of th< barque Wii'iam Chase, from Mayaguez, consistinf of? 37t) hogsheads prime Sugar. ED. 8. WRIGH T, ap?6?dta Auctioneer. By GREEN 4 SCOTT, Auctioneer! rpWO TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES AT L Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, wi shall sell, at 5 o'clock, p. m., in front of the premi ses, two good two-story Frane Houses, nearly new ceuUini'ig tour rooms, and kitcfeen each, nnd tin lots on which they stand. Ths above described property is in iqtixre 684 each I it fionu 18 feet on south F, between 1st am 2d sueets west, mnuing back 100 feet to a wide al ley Title indisputable. Terms ; 0.<e thud cash , the balance in 6 12 am 18 include, lor notfi bearing interest fiom the daj o the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust take* GREEN fc SCOTT, ap33?eolidt- Auctioneers. TELEGRAPH MX iiroirip ro? DAILY BVEiriNG BTA?. UeeOentnl Discovary of Poatnl Tielatoea Bosrea, April 17.?WMI# searching tha lnggaga of tha panaipri of tbe Afriea yaa terday, for tba atolen yalnablaa, a trunk fM touol containing 1.000 letters, wWek were saiaad tad oarriad to tba Custom Ho tun. Muj of thom wara valuable, containing drafts npon Boson and Maw York boaaas Tbe box be longod to tbo agent of a well-known Eiropoan Expreea Company. Dos tractive Tiros PoTTSVitca, Pa , April 2Ttb ?George La ners extensive brewery was totally destroyed by flro last sight. Hi* loss ia eatlmated at $o0 000 with an insurance of $10,990. PBiLAPiirau, April 27 ?II n. ? ?An ex tensive fire ii now raging at Momnt Carbon, and it it believed to bo tbo hotel. Plaixitillb 0 , April 27 ?Tbo railroad bridge over Grand River at this plaoo wae burnt laat ni^ht; it wae boilt on Howe's tress Pier, being 700 foot long and 80 feot high. Removal of Jndtf* Loring Bostou, April 27 ?Tbo Sonata has just pamed a vote to concur with the Honsa in tbo removal of Jadge Loring?ayes 27, noos II. In the resolutions for bis removal, the amend ? ment permitting him to resign his oommlsioL ership, was negatived by abo?t the same ma jority. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. April 27 ? Flonr is Armor, bat transactions thia morning wore smalt; Howard -treet brands sold at $10 76 Wheat was in a limited demand; sales ot white at f??*5a$S7S; red at $2 60a$2 63 Corn is unohaogod, white at 10' al02; yellow, 104al06e. Hew York Markets New York, April 27 ?Cotton is dnll Flonr has declined 25c ; good Ohio $10 2&a$10 frO; Son:hern $10 25a$10 75 Wheat ic downward and doll; Southern white $2 39 Corn is a uT'flo lower ; Weetern mixed 112c Pork is a trifle .'">wer; old mem $10 37ia$16.50 Beef is anchangw4 Lard i* unchanged, with a mod erate downa*?rdtendency Whiskey?Ohio37e Few York Stock Market Naw York. April 27 ?Stocks are dmlf. Money is unchanged Sales at the first board of Erie Railroad at 50i; Cleveland and To Odo I Kail road, 76*; Mueouri ?'s; 93; Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad 35; Cleveland. Columbus and Cincinnati Raiload. 104|; Cumberland j Ooal Company, 29; Reading Railroad. New York Central Railroad 931; New Jersey Railroad, 1 23 Auction bales. By J.C. acUUiUB, Aaatieeear. . ^XOF.LLEN r FURNITURE and Household Ef hj lecu at Auction -On TUESDAY mornrg. 1st. at 10 o' lock, at the residence of Hon. M. M:?c?tonnM, rt"rth "Id' ofG street neer I5tb street, 1 i-fmll sell all liis furniture and household effect*, nu<i?ri-ing? LxcUent rosewood Piano Porte, by Knabe * Gable i Baltimore | ( 'riu m>n piu--h covered Sofa, Rocker, Pallor Chair, and Ottoman* _ Elegani French piaie Pier Glaaa, with Stab aad Bracket Mirbl?--top carvM rosewood Centre TaMe Whatnot, Kout T.ibles, bamboo t "hairs Rru<wli Carpets, M nung, Druggets Han Mime Window Shad, a, Clock Gmudoles, Bohemian Glass and Egyptian Vase* Muhogany Ext' nn<m Tabic, DiainjChaif< Leather comH Lounge | He vol vine Office Chair Walnut Sideboard, Mutler's Tray llandeomt walnut high post Bedstead, richly caivd VfarWr top Prying Cabinet and Waebatan!? to match ToUct ??t?, P-yche Glass VVotk Tabi*,- Easy Chairs IHue Enauielle.? Cotiag.- Suite ^nporior curled h?'r Mattreaeee >telst?rs end Pillow* Walnut Criba. d Matt.-e??. Tmndl" Cliina Tea S?*t, franiu* Di.inrr Ware Silver piai?'d Ca?io?, Tal?l?* tl tttlery Kicellt-nt CortK Stove and Piitu."** Tojr -tlu r w ith a g^ueral aa*?>r.incut of H<>waekerp ;ne articlea. Trrm? of kUp : .$30 ind nndrrcanh ; ovrr that ?um j a crwlit of suttv a?d ninety da>-a, for api roved en /loreed notes bearing intw???t 1 JAS. C. McGfTlEP., Auctioneer. *7 J. C? SaOl'lUK, Ansilsaaar. [7T-RY SUPERIOR AND HANDSOME PT'R V niture, Rosewood Piano, kc , at Public Aue | lioa.?On MONDAY mornlrjt, Apnl Jutb, M 10 o'clock, at the re?id?nce of Mr?. J. O Bruwn, Pa. ?venue, Mween 14?h and 15th Ptr**#-tif imm^dislely oppo^tr Wiliardi*' HotH, I ?khall #rll all of brr ela ^ant FurniMre find Ifoti^ekeepinf Eatrtm, ftlj Huperior rowwocid raif ffvf* Piuro Forte9 by Nunn* Si Pifhrt, N?v York Pair ot?legant rosewood medaMion bark . f>fa?, tin* ished in rich blue and gold mtin dsmi?k Pair of criu noii plush eve red TiV a Tete Sow, , Roeker, and Parlor Chaira to mMrh | Set ofEtlid rosewood medallion back Pailoi Chair* finish? d in cotton Handanae ronewnod marble top Centre Tabic French pla'e gilt frame Pier Glad* | Sl*b and Rrack?-is Velvet Parlor and Stair Carpet*, Eu?a C cgant damask Window Curtain*, with richly worked Lace Curtains, Cornice and Fixtures Superior rosewood and niahngnny Dreading Bureaus and Wiu>li?!aiidii with marble tops Hinii*??me rosewood and mahogany French and Elixabethian Bedsteads Very superior curled hair and spring Mattressas lb listen and Pillows, husk do Two ftne mahogany Wardrobes | Carpets, Curtain*. Shaw*, Chairs Han'lMime rarved walnut Extension Table Marble-top Suleboard, Centre I'able | French dining Chairs, Hid* Table* W alnut arved French Sofa I on Reclining Chair, Fasy < 'hiir Handeome mahogany Haira-k Hall Oilcloth, Venitian Blin?*? liraunful gold band Freacb China Dinner Fet Sil /er ;.lated Cartore, Glassware Large Hobby Horse, ChiMren'n Chairs Cooking Stove. Kitchen Uteusils, kc. The above Fumitare is of superior make Hid fin inb, and in excellent order. Terms: $.10 and uader cash; over that sum a credit of 2 and 4 months, for note* satisfactorily cn dorsed, beanng interest. ' JAMES C. McGCIRK, apr 23?d Aucuoawr. By j* r- netil'lHE. Aaetloastr. ri'RCFTEF/S SALE OF DWELLING HOUSE 1 and Lot on Massachu?eas avenue?By virtue of a deed in trust tbe subscriber will sell, at public ;iuciior, on the premise, on MONDAY afternoon. May 21st, at 6 o'clock, part of Lot numbered nine, (9) in Square numbered four hundred and 6fty-two (453.) fronting twenty (90) feet on Ma sac h use its avenue, between 6th and "tfa str? ets wea, running hack one hundred and twenty nine (129) teel, with the improvements, consisting of an excellent frame dwelliug house. Terms cash. ? _ NICHOLAS CALLAN.Truatae. JAS. C. McGUlRE, ap 20 -ftawkds Auctioneer. By GRKEP * SCOTT. Aaetlauasra. | 'WO STORY FRAME HOUSE ANi? LOT AT I Auction ?On FRIDAY, the 87th instant, w? ?hall sell, at fi o'clock p m , in front of the premises part ?f Lot No. 3, in Square No 354, with the im ? provements, whtch are a good two-story Frame Hous?! The shove described property fronts on south F street 25 feet, ruanisg back 125 feet to a wide alley, containing 3,125 feet of ground. Terms: One third cash; the balance in sli and 12 montlts, for notes b*anag interest from the day of tin sale. A deed given and a deed of trust take* GREEN k SCOTT, apr 23?eotds Aac loaeeta. By GKKKBI *. ?i OTf. Aaetlaaiere VALUABLE IMPROVED PlOrJIITT MBAR the Ca^tol. at Auc-ooa -Oa MONDAY, the 30th ina.ant, we shall sell, tn front of the prmisM, e.t 6 o'clock p a nearly uew bnck an i frame House, three stories and cellar; tbe lower story and cellar are of bnck, tins two upper stoma are of frame. The above described piopertyis mmated fronting on 1st street east 31 feet 10 inches, ninalag ijacb (HI between C au?l 1^ air eels north, beina part of Lot N?. 8, in Square 6S4, enm of U?e railroaS Depot and near the Capitol. Al^o, p*rt? vacant Lot No. 7,ln jy ?;w?, a IjomiQg th?- aUive, having a ftont of? Teat ay iwi <^*2: One half cask ; tbe baUnce in 6 aad 12 months, ibe parcbasft to give notes foe the 4m enaO ?MTKH ntM bearing mteresi I roan the day of tbe sale. A deed given and a deed of trust tak*-n GRF.EN k SCOTT, ap M-d Aactioaeei.

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