Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1855 Page 2
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-EVENING STAR. WASHTNGTON 01TY: WEDESDAY AFTSHlfOON. May 9 AGB.ITfi FOK THE STAB. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star : Philadelphia?V. B. Paliob, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pkttiwoill A Co., Nassau street. ??ston ? V. B. Palmir, Scollay's ' building. T7" ADVKBTis?ojfTs should be banded by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may r appear until the next day. rj*ir jjF irji sr-ut^reo rsrss. The Union sayc that tho abolitionists cf Ohio are moving Heaven and earth, as it were, to aid the Know Kothings to beat in Virginia, and dotailj a portion of their alleged schemes an 1 movements to that end. 1 ho Intelligencer again insists on the right cf a foreign cruiser to atop the ehip? of any other nation, in ordor to verify ita right to to carry the flag it exhibit*, and arg^ea to show that the Union inadvertently, or rather reluctantly, admitted that right a day or two 8am Houston lav lor X Maory Bend ua "The Life of Sam Houston," (the only authentic memoiiof him ever published ) illustrated New York, J. C Derby, 119 Nas-au street, 1855. Thia work seems to be a re?i?ed and elaborated edition of Lefter'a lifls cf tho distinguished U. S Sen ator from Texaa Tho author, who is well he j-n tor an ectkusiactic man. throws all his proverbial literary brightness into tfce pages ti bis work, coloring hi a details with the hue- of his really poctic imagination. The icilii^ntj ?.f tfce life cf^ Sam Houston, without cvlerir.g, are certainly more romantio than those of any other living American public man II? Jiaj. so far mastered all the circum c.acsj t* ' he hsa been surrounded, many of wu:ch have been as remarkable and ucexpec'eU as uny detailed in story. With such a ground work, or. which to make an cn terteinirg book for the general reader, it i* ret won lertcl tha* .a writer cf the vivacily of L?:tcr ha; ssjeet-ded in throwing the charm of romentic exe'tem.-at into hi? details of facta cc: ar icg in the lift, of th s really wonderful man. It was our fortune to reaide for year3 in Texas before the annexation event, acd rhua to acq^iro an intimate knowledge of maty ef th ? circumstances of which this work trsats an.; o !c?.r? lo u^-proaiat^ the wonderful capa city and never failing resources of the au thor tzd worker-out of the problem of Texan ind-i cadence. We, therefore, realize fal'y the truth of much !- rhis book, which can hardly fail to appcart'ilulout, t; tie reader who Is aecu-toaed *o jadge nun and thinga on r? standard drawn irons exverk-nce wi'.u cider societies only "?-wrsr. Jf.ut Explosion ??onolly 4 Co 's . ~dcr r:til5. .ve miles from koohe&ter, J?. i . exp:cdc.? t - ;Ls o cicok yesterday evening, ilhng ? o men Tho building ivaa blown toj ihia is the fourth lime ^n lire years I that work* have been destroyed ^'er^r.?ai UrsiupiL Election?Ihej south Sil^ Dcmocri" of Tuegdny givoe the fol ios iac aa tfce aggregate vote for Mayor W ,^n?. ?> 823 bamue! Williams, (tf N.) 871 Towum' majority 152 . Xaa result ?howi a dear Democratic gain of i tfce majority for Johnson in 1851 bavin* t;een 12u. ? The Democrat adds: ' fo t-ii of the rccuit yesterday in this city, the Deiacoracy elected tfce Mayor and fifteen i tfce t? enty-fcur Coun'iimen, and every mu nicipal i fficer exoept one. ry ifce National Medical Contention, which was in teasion it Philadelphia, list | week, uaaniiccusly adopted t resolution con deaning hcmeopathic treatment in connection with allopathy. A mmgclar Musical Fact ?Every or chestra contains at leaat two musicians with mo-sjtwehe?, one with spectacles, three with bald heads. :td one very modert man in a white cravat, who from fvrcacfeircuiartarcat, ycu v,..l observe, pi..j>s oau braao icstrumint CyNearly four thc^iand immigrants ar> rived at New York rn Monday PlttlliNAL. Hon T. Latlsr King Is in Washington. .... Hon. George P. bcarburgh of Virginia recently app.< i'.tod one e*f the Judges cf the Ccui cf Claims, is at Wiiiards', together with ?_o two other Judgea of tLar Cour:. ltev Ed v.^rd lited, of ikuth Carolina acd hi' soa ere -Iso 3topping at the aaai? hot<4 .... iidney Web-ter, Eaq., Private Secr6-| tary :o ;Lc Preheat, left Wa;hij?t-n this noraicg for a trip to the *or:hwe*t expect ing tie absent for. perhsps, tbiee month*. .... Hen. Henry A Wi?e arrived in Waah irgton at seven o'olock last night, and i? atav- i mg tt tho res.ience of bis ion-i~-law Hr Harcert ' " | .... The Nafh.ille iaiette haa hoisied the r.amc of Hon. Meredith P. <lemry for Oover I ? r of lennesaee aa the oandidate of the American party. .. . 1 he Democracy in the Lexington di*| rr' * ate of Kentucky, repreaonted in te : t two Congree et by Hon. J. C. Breck-1 'Bridge, Lave nominated aa their candidate at th? next election L. B Dickerson. E?q of u o-juLty, a gentloman of high character acd Cne taionta. ? ?..Ih? Kev. James Danelly, oce of the ol list and beet known ministers in the South C?cference, died, recently, at hi* rtsidence near Lowndeavillo, d. C. | Hon Edward Everett is to deliver an ^ ot J"J " OoKlwl.r, in CrM tralD konjr of >he two hundred) ... .Mow. Godard, the great ^ronaut, left wm^ mSj&?Z-3?*\ hi* voyage Hia paaaengers were ,?* in num cer, uc^incluied one or two members of the New Orleans pr*?s. ? ? Ex Governor V.'achbarn, the succeeeor is. Judge Lorirg as Law Lecturer cf Harvard Ltcturer of Harvard College. Mass., entered upon hia duties at the University on Monday Mobtality ajiowu tbe Cowa ?We have it trom uuthenri-j sources that tho scarcity of food for stock in Trumbull, Geauga Ashta ula, rortage and *un:mit counties ha* been ?o great that a most unparalleled loss ha* oe curred among the ttcck cf cow a of the dairy - ea More thau four thouaacd have died in no oounty ot Trumbull alone, and from all account* the nurnb-r loat on the Wostern Re serve will not fall short of sixteen thousand. Llewimmd (O ) Flaind?aler. WtSIHilHTOX SEWS AW!) G05S1P. serenade to Hon. Henry A. Wiie.? Mr. Wise having arrived yesterday afternoon, at the residence of his son-in-law Dr. Oarnett, on Ninth street, in this city, a large nam- j her of his friends, accompanied by a floe j band ot music, called on bim shortly after 10 ( o'olock. There were, perhaps, one thousand present. Having been called out, Mr. Wise addressed those who were thus honoring him, for an hour, in one of the ablest and most elo quent speeches we ever heard from his lips We regret deeply that baring no facilitiee for re porting his remarks, we are unable to present even a meagre sketch of them. His theme, however, was the enormity of Knew Nothing ism, its warfare on eivil liberty and Bible Christianity. lie proclaimed that ho was certain of being elected the next Governor of Virginia, by from ten to twenty thousand ma jority, and declared that thi* opinion was based on having thoroughly canvassed the State in person. He was awfully severe on Know Nothingism, depioting its aims, princi ples, and tendencies, so as to mako his hearers almost shudder. In the conrso of his re marks a little knot of rowdies, hanging on the outskirts of the crowd, endeavored to inter rupt him by making noises. His scathing re bukes ef that cowardly way of destroying the right of free discussion, however, seemed soon to shame them into continuing their oonduct after the fashion desoribed in a lower tone, so that he finished his speech without further I material interruption. He had spoken more I than two hundred hours in the canvass, hav ing addressed a large concourso of the people I of Loudon for five hours yesterday, at Lees burg. " Sam" fared badly in his hands last I night. The Nomination* ?The reader will per-1 ceive in the Star's local oolumns, that the City I Convention of the Union or Anti-Kn:>w Noth- I ing pArty, last night, re-nominated Mr. Robt. I J. Roche, the prosent City Collector, and Mr I Win. J. MsCormick, the present Corporation I Register, and also nominated Mr. S. T. Abert I as t'iie candidate of their organisation for City I Surveyor. Entire harmony and great onthu I siasir. characterised the procoodiags of ibis I Convention, which w&3 composed entirely of I well known active and efficient business eiti-1 zens of Washington, of both sides, (Whig and I Democratic,) in politics, and ef all religious I denominations existing in this city. Of Mr. I Roche, we need say hardly a word; as, for the 1 last ten years he has been well known to evary I one of our follow citizens, who has had occa-1 sion to pay a tax of any description into the I Treasury of the Corporation of Washington I Reared from early infancy a drummer boy in I tlie service of the United States, at fifteen or I sixteen, he apprenticed himself in the well-1 known hat establishment of our felloe citizen, I Mr. Wm B. Todd, and soon, through his en I e-gy and devotion to the interest of hi* em I i'cycr, became the most efficient man I ager of that gentleman's extensive business. I About tea yesrs ago he becamo a clerk in the I office of the City Collector, (then Mr. Roth- I well.) and so well were his fellow citizens I pleased with his intelligence, patience, urban- I ity, and fidelity in that position, that about I tour jz&ic since be was cleoted to be the head I of that office, the most important under the I corporation of Washington, so far as the inter I e?ts and rights of property of our follow-cki-1 zsns are concerned. Mr R. is still quito a I young man, and, we need hardly add after I giving the account ot him above written, one of I the most popular men in Washington, because I he is emphatically one of its most industrious, I upright, inte;iigent and public spirited ci.i-1 zsns?self m-dein every praise-worthy acoep- I t :tion of the term, His recomination at this I time should bo laid to heart by all cur youth. I and cherished as proof that, however humble I their origin and meagre their advantages I on entering life, good conduot and public I utility on their part will surely be rewarded I in the end by substantial evidences of the ap- I probation of the community in which they I live Mr. McCormick, too, is one of our most I popular and upright fellow-citizens. Every-1 b>dy in Washington knows him, as he has I boon in the service of the public here in many I capacities from his early youtn. We know no I other men more thoroughly identified with I each and every important fact in the history I of c:t city's progress?note wiio h-s labo td I mere earnestly and intelligently to insaro I that that progress should be safe and sound. J and therefore certain in its bcnofioial effeott I oa the interest of all living under the laws I of the corporation of Washington. His re j nomination is indeed a lilting tribute to the I patient earnestnoss with which, for more I than a quarter of a century, he has labored I for the beneUt of the people of the federal I metropolis. Mr. Abert, though a young man, is well I known to be highly accomplished in his pro-I feesion as a civil engineer and p aotioal sur- I veyor, besides being a geMlemau of great I energy and industry, and modest, unassuming I worth- A better selection for the responsible I position to whioh he has been nominated. I oould not possibly have been made out of the I population of Washington. On the whole, the ticket is a very strong one, I and will be supported with hearty goodwill! by every voter in Washington opposed to the I principles and aims of the Know Nothing or- I ganisation. Informal Entri'i under the Graduation I Act of 1834 ?During a great pressure of bus-1 mess towards the clo'e of the year 1834, the I Register and Receiver of one of the United I States Land Districts admitted a number of I entries under the graduation aat of 4th August. I 1834, without requiring the affidavits which I the law contemplates, and the question has I come before the General Land Office as to I whether these entries shall be annulled, and I t-'ewho'e proceedings set aside, or whether] relief could be extended to tee parties so as to I secure them in their rights without detriment I to the interests of the United States The! General Land Office upon examination has de-1 eided that the entries may be sustained if the I purchasers can file their affidavits, according I to a form which has been printed, so as to I show a state of facts that would have warrant. I ed the entries at the time they were allowed; I bat in default of this, after thirty days' notioe to the claimants, the entries must be vacated I and annulled " I The Third Judge of the Claima Court ? I Judge Geo P. Soar bo rough, of Virginia, who I has just been appointed to this position, though I never in polities, is famed as one of the first I legal men in the Old Dominion. He succeeded I Judge I hue. H. Bayly en the bench of the I Superior Court of that State, when the latter eDt?red Congress, and won high reputation for I fine legal attainments and a well balanoed | mind and character. Of late he has been the law professor in William and Mary College, a position for which his unobtrusive habits particularly fitted him. His seleotion cer tainly evinces the determination of the Presi dent that this important new judicial tribunal ?hall oommand the entire confidence of the country from the moment of its organisation. Promotions.?W illiam Hunter, Esq., Chief Clerk of the State Department, has been pro moted to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of A. Dudley Mann, Esq., late As sistant Secretary of State, and Mr. Robert 8. Chew, long the Consular-Bureau clerk, hoe j been promoted to the Chief Clerkship of the Department. These promotions are understood to be temporary, though we have every reason to believe that they will ; provo permanent; insomuch as the great ex perience and well known high qualifications of these gentlemen will render them exceed ingly valuable to the pnblio service in their re peotive new positions. Mr. Josiah F. Folk.?This gentleman has addrossed to us a "oard,M in which he says that he ''thought it would be considered rather as a compliment" in his designating the Star "as one of the organs of the Jesuits." But he takes back tho "offensive words" which he acknowledges were nnneccessary in his late address, "with pleasure." "Honest confes sion is good for the soul," and we oongratulate the gentleman on the return to hin! of the so ber second thought. He is so in the habit of stigmatizing all who differ from him in reli gious matters as "Jesuits," meaning thereby a term of reproaoh, that we oan well excuse him in including us in the annals of his blaok, book. The " Reserved Lilt" in the 5avy.?Some wag has hoaxed the Baltimore Sun with a bogus list of officers purporting to have been appointed as the " Retiring Board" Boon to be constituted under a late act of Congress. Itj appears in the Sun of this morning. This board has not yet been appointed, and will net be named until after the return cf the Secretary to Washington, wh'ch will be on or near the 20th inst. Those familiar with the professional history of the officers of the service will comprehend at a glance of the list, that its author's object was only to get up a joke, more than one gen tleman named upon it not having been to sea for twenty years or more. The joke, how ever, fails of effect, as ecme of these on the list are gentlemen of bright personal eharao ter, and when pbysioally competent rendered entirely satisfa ctory service to their country. The Froatcution of Messrs. Kinney and Fabcns?"Ion," of the Baltimore Sun, in his letter of this mornicg, wherein ho intimates that the Government has abandoned the pros eeution of these gentlemen for a violation of lhe neutrality laws of the United States, is ev-1 Mently in errer. It is understood hero, in un official circles, that the Government are firmly of beliof that the proposed expedition cannot sail without a violation, direct or iodireot, of our neutrality obligations, and that it will net be permitted to sail until after the parties shall be formally acquitted, the trial taking place whenever the officers of the United States, who have the affair in charge, may bo ready to go into the trial. Letters Mailed without Prepayment of Postage?About one hundred letters only were retained on aocountof postage not being paid at the Washington City Post Office for the month of April last. This is a very small amount, when wo consider tho many thou sand letters deposited for transmission by mail during the month. It speaks well for the intelligence of this community. These letters have been eent to tho dead letter offlco, and four of them were found to contain valuable enclosures. ?? fl. Clerk to the New Claims Court.?It is said, with great confidence by many, to-dayj that the three judges of this eourt have de termined to select Judge S. Huntington, of Hartford, Ct , their chief clerk. Judge H. is tsaid to have been originally a candidate for one of the judgeships. He was two years tho judge cf the county court for Hartford Co., Ct. / ppointed ?Lafayette Mcsher, of Cregon, to be Register of the Land Office at Winches tor, in the Umpqua District of Oregon Ter ritory. George W. Laween, of Oregon, tc be Re ceiver of Publio Moneys at the same office. The Freaident, accompanied by Mrs. Pierce And a party of friends from Boston who have been guesta at the White House for some time past, went to Baltimore this morning. Presi dent Pierce will return to-morrow. Clerical Appointment.?Mr. John T. Raynori of Michigan, has boea appointed to a tempo rary clerkship in the General Land Office, o the 1st class, ($1,200 per annum ) List of Patents issued from the United Suites Patent Offico, for the weok ending May 8, 1355?eaeh bearing that date : Philip Baoon, of Simsbury, Conn ?For im proved tape fuse. Geo. W. Brown, of Galesburg, 111.?For im provement in seed planters Alex. C. Blount, of Mount Peasant, Ala.? For improvement in preparing turpentine for diitillation. J no. T. Bruen, of New York, N Y?For improvement in stone and marble saws. Dexter H. Chamberlain, of West Roxbury Mass.?For improvement in lamps for burning fluid. ? ^ Robert Chrichton, of Buchanan, Pa ?For improvement in machines for making bolts. Thos Daugherty, of Erie, Pa ?For improve ments in boot orimps William Fowler, of New York, N. Y.?For faucet. D. U Fox and John Fiak, of Reading, Pa. For improvement in railroad car ventilators. Benjamin Hardinge, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in apparatus for dissolving silica. ? Beig. Hardinge, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in facing beds, for grinding ar tificial granite, Ae. Simon Ingersoll, of Greenwich, Conn.?For maohine for sawing or felling trees. A. Lempeke, of Pleasant Mount, Pa.?For mede of cneeking wind mill. Henry Link, of Little Falls, N. Y.?For im proved propeller. T. N. Lupton, of Winchester, Va ?For im provement in grain harvesters J. H. Manney, of Roekford, 111.?For im provement in grain and grass harvesters. Henry P. Odiorne, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improvement in guides for hemming oord ing Wm. Paule, of Alexandria, Va ?For im provement in ventilating railroad cars. Lyman E Payne, of Yaioo City, Miss.?For improvement in window sashes. Gilbert Richards, of Cunnington, Mass.? For improvement in spark arrestars. Esra Ripley, of Troy, N. Y.?For balanoe gate faucet. Albert W. Roberts, of Hartford, Conn.?For noisl^or hose-pi pes. M. M A J. C. Rhodes, of Taunton, Mass ? For machine for leathering taoks. Chas. R. Rhode, of New York, N Y.?For improvement in sash supporter. Jofli&h J. Sherman,"of Albany, N. Y ?For improvement in processes for preparing liquids for aiding digestion. Thoa J. 81oan, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in apparatus for regulating sup ply of water to steam boilers. Jno. Btowell of Charlestown, Mass ?For improvement in fire arms. Andrew J. Suffer n, of Suffers, N. Y.?For improved machine for rolling railroad rails. Eden C. Tavener and Oscar Nesmith. of Hamilton, Va.? For improvement in ploughs. Grant B. Turner, of Cuyahoga Falls, 0.? For improvement in smut machines. Joel Webster, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For !*&? provement in silvering looking-glasses. Henry Whitney, jr., of Cambridge, Mass.? For improved inkstand Andrew W. Wilson, of Piqua, 0.?For shin gle machine Francis A. Wolff, of Ripley. Miss.?For method of sawing a log by its own weight. George B. Woodruff and James N. Palmer, of New Haven, Conn.?For improvement in gas regulators Wm. H. Zahn, of New York, N. Y., assignor to Frederiok Renter, of same pla^e.?For im provement in plating and twisting oord. Hendriok V. Duryea, of Oswego, N Y., as I signor to " The Oswego River Staroh Com 1 pany."?For improvement in apparatus for manufaoturing starch. Thomas Hooker and Wm D. Beaumont, of ' New Orleans, La., assignors to Alfred A Pray, Nathaniel M. Ilarrif, E. C Limoyne, James R. Jennings, Qeorge E. Kirk, and Lawrence A. Kirk, all of same place ?For improvement in artificial fuel. John Taggart, of Roxbnry. Mass , assignor to himself and Nehem'h. Hunt, of Boston, Mass ?For machine for sawing wedges or shingles. Additional Improvement.?Thos. T. Tae kor, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For mode of regu lating the furnaee of hot water apparatus. Patented Deoember 5,1854. Design.?Benjamin Wardwell, Ephraim R. Barstow, and Qeorge C. Harkness, of Provi j decce, R I.?Fer d?sign for cooking itoves. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 8th of May, thero were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of tha Department? For paying Treasury debts ...... $1,06216 For the Customs 49,492 40 For covering into the Treasury from customs 12.000 00 For lbs War Department 81,245 14 For the Navy Department 72 326 57 For the Interior Department 5,003 93 ^COLUMBIA DISTRICT TENT, I. O. of j ?Th* regular quarterly session of this District Terft will be h^Id at Rechabite Hall, tliis (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, at 7^ o'clock. Buoines-* of importance is expected tocemc upfor consideration. Representatives will please give at tendance GEO. C. HENNING, I may 9?It* D. R. S. ^KNIGHTS TEMPLARS MEET THIS >05 EVENING, at the usual time and placc. may 9 ^MILITARY EXCURSION?TIIE NA lional Guard re?pectfully make known to the Military and the public generally that they will give an excursion to the White IIoiiso Pavilion on MONDAY, June 11,1855. Particulars iu future advertisement. may 9?3t* yr^rn, SEVENTH WARD UNION ASSOC IA 11. Q tion?An adjourned mee'in? will be held THIS EVENING at Potomac Halt, at 8 o'clock. Members of other Wards are cordially invited. WM. COOPER, may 9?It * Secretary. rv??MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE DIS trict of Columbia. A; a meeting held on Tuesday, the 8;h of May, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Dr. WM. JONES, President. Dr. JOSHUA RILEY. Vice President. Dr J. E. MORGAN, Treasurer. Dr. W. J. C. DUIIAMEL, Secretary. Cottmellnrt? Dr. HARVEY LINDSLY, Dr. JOS. BORROWS, Dr. G. M. DOVE, Dr. N. YOUNG, and Dr. S C.SMOOT. W. J. C. DUIIAMEL, M. D., may 9?3t Secretary. >^>-~~^aECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE ok'A Jamestown Society of Washington?The " Jamestown Society of Washington" will cele brate their second Anniversary, at Mount Vernon, on SATURDAY next, the 12th instant. Having chartered the steamer George Washington tor the occasion, she will leave her wharl in this city at 9U o'clock, a. m., stoppir:; at Alexandria, and proceed to Mount Vernon, where the anniversary addrers will be delivered by George Washington Park Ci'stis, Esq. After allowing the company sufficient time to examine everything of interest connected with the residence of the Father of his Country, the boat will proceed to the Wh te House Pavilion, where the society will partake of a dinner prepared for them The Marine Band has been engaged for the occa sion. Tickets for the excursion and dinner ?3, which may be had at the stores of George and Thug Par ker, W. M Morrison, Jo. Slilllington, and of the of ficers of llie 8ociety. may 9?4t j AT A MEETING OF THE GEORGR 9v_9k town Young Men's Christian Association, on Monday evening, M.iy 7th, 1855, the following resolutions were adopted: I Besolccr?, That in the death of our friend and brother, the lute Charles S. Turner, this Associa tion has experienced the loss of a faithful, valuable and efficient member, whose consistent life was in beautiful harmony with bis christian profession. Rewired, That this Association tender their pro found sympathies to the bereaved mother o( the de ceased ; and that a copy of these resolutions l?e fur nished to the family ; and, also, to the Giwrgetown Advocate and Evening Star for publication, may 9?It* SA CARD.?THE UNDERSIGNED takes _ this occasion to return her warmest and most sincere thanks to all those friends who have so generously interested themselves in affording her relief, under the circumstances of her late bereave ment, especially ?o to the attend eg physician and his kind-hearted lady, whnae attentions and phi'an thropic exertions will never b? forgotten. Also, to the Marine Baud and their Leader, tor their kind attendanco at th* interment of her la mented husband, and to all those who have taken so active a part in the management of the funeral. With deepest gratitude, may 9? JOHANNA KNOLL. jlONADAB. THE 80N OF RECHAB; SvA or, Washington in 1855?This interesting and instructive Moral Drama, will be performed on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 9th instant, (the weather permitting) at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. Price of admission, 13# cents, no half price. It affords an's entertainment blended wi!h instruction not likely to be forgotten. Impressions may hoe be ma le npon the young mind productive ol permanent good?lasting as life. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock. may 8?2t MET. MECH. INSTITUTE?A regular VvZS monthly int-eiing of the Met. Mech. Insti tute will b.;held in the Institute Rooms WEDNES DAY EVENI NG, May 9, at 8 o'clock. P. M. PEARSON, may 8?2t (Intel) Rec Sec. ATTENTION. UNION GUARDS.?The members of the Company are requested to at tend a drill on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 9th instant, at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance is necessary as there is un finished business to be settled. By order: THOS BRIGCS, O. S. may 8?2t ? ATTENTION, GERMAN YEAGERS.?You are hereby ordered to meet at your armory in full uniform, for inspection, at 6U o'clock on THURSDAY EVENING, May 10th. By order of the Captain: may 8-3t M. RUPPEL, O. S. ,ALUMNI OF WASHINGTON SEMI-, _ nary.?A meeting of all tiic Old Pupils of | the Washington Seminary will be held at the Semi nary, F strwet, between 9th and 10th, on FRIDAY next, 11th instant, at 5# o'clock p m. Punctual and general attendance is particularly requested. (ciry papers) - may 7?d DOO IaOST.?Lost, on Sunday, the 6th inst., a white and black setter DOG, with<gs___ black hea-J and ears, the name of mrnrri tii j on the collar. Any oue that will deliver' him to BAYNE, BUCKNER fli CO., Alexandria, will be suitably rewarded. may 9?3t* I HOKSK8 FOR HALE.-Two pair match Horses, (being a pair of blacks and a ry pair of greys) about sixteen hands high, and two single harness Horses are offered for ^ ^ ^ s <le. They are in good condition and two of them fine movers. They can be seen at Sutton's Livery Stable, 8th st., near D. E. BALL, may 9?2t* BOYS' CLOTHING." WE have thia day received a large addition to our former stock, making our present assort ment of Boys' Summer Clothing for school and drete wear t-upenor to any ever offered in this city. WALL li STEPHENS, 399 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. may 9?3l " SMALL STORM " AHD - CMIDL5S 1858-1866 NAVY BKPAP.TMEST, } BrBE&r or Provisiohs amo Clothim;. , May 8, 18"?6 J kBOrOilML tmaUd, Mi mtmmA Jfc ?? Pm 11 f torts," - r ??Oter for < r ? ff i Mc.e) et ?h3 Unitea Stat*a navv yar-i torn. Massaehusett?; Brooklyn, >ew York, ana Qosport, Virginia, auch quantities only of the fol lowing artkles (excepting the salt-wat?r ?ap snd the candles, for each of which separat- proposal* and contra'ta will be male) as may bs required or crdaied from the contractor by th* chief of this ba reau, or by the respective oomnnoding offic-rs of the said n*vy yards, during the ?seal year ending 30th Jane, 13C6, via: Bo es, shaving Comb', eoarse Erushas, st*avlog Oomba, fln? Brushes, scrubbing Gra^sfor Lints Brushy, sh <? Jack-knive* Brushes, clothes Eatorj, in single cwm Buttons, navy vest Rasir straps, Crdway*J Buttons, navy medium Bciisors Buttons, navy coat Spocns Button--, dead eye Bl'.ck'ng, boxes of Besswtx, in % lb cakes, pure Gotten, Spools of Nca. 12 and 16, 200 yards etch. 8 cords, equal parte Ilanikrrohi'f w cotton, fart colors, T2 by SO inches weight no* less than 2 oa. each, texture 8 by 8 to VgiQ h Needles, sewing, Nos 1, 2,8, 4 and 6, drill eyed, bttwooui Ribbon, hat best French b'.ack, 12 yards to the pit c*; width H inch; Uxture, 14 by 21 to Y* Inch Soap, shaving, in cakes; each cako not less than 2 OS. Silk, sewing, blue tf*ck; wr?ppor not to exceed 2 ox to the pound Thread, black a\.d white, Marshall's beet qaality Tap*, wbite linen, 5 yards in length, i inch wride; textur?, 8 by 9 to % iuoh Tape, black, twilled cotton, 6 yard* In length, i inch vide Tr.lmble?, MO and 0-10 dlamet- r Mustard tfeed, American brown Pepper, black, Malabar IVpj er, red, American Bottles, octagon, for naus'ard and pepper Corks for bottles, best quality i(ustard teed and ptppe r, tn the raw s'ate, and bot tles and corks, are to be. delivered at New Fork only. Wbtti halt-water soar?m parole bid for 100,000 pounds. The soap must be manufactured fr?m eocoa-nut oi',and b-? of the best qualify denominated "whito salt water soap," and be delivered in good strong b-xes of about seventy five pounds each, and, after inspection, the boxes must be hoopei at each end, at the expense of the contractor. Tba price to be uniform at all tho yards. Candles?separate bid for 40,000 jxyunds. The candles must be American manufactured, of prirce leaf lard sterine, 6 candles to the pound, 6 1-10 inch-s in length, tlx candoi, No. 1, to weigh net less tban 14 ouuee? 87 1C0 ; melting p'lot not to be le^e than 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The wick ma t bt braided, and composed o! 78 co'ten threads of th? beet quality of fro. 27. 'Ihe candles to be de livered in g >od boxes, containing about 31 pcunis ?acb, and the box to be markei with the contract or' i> uume and the weight of the candles. All the must be of good quality, and con formable in all respects to the samples deposi ed at said navy yards snd in this bureau, and subject to stab inspection at the navy yard wh?re delivtnd as the chief o* the bureau may direct, the inspc v ing effioer to be apioiat-d by the Navy Depart in snt A'-l the articles to be d?l!?ered freo of any inci dental expense to the govemm*n% in proper vacs* s or packages, and the price of each an>cle must be tba same at the respective places of delivery. Paek i ige<i iu which the above a tic ea are delivered must be marked with the^i contents and the of ths ocntraclor, and be sufficient to insure their tempo re ry safe keeping. Tne contractor must establish agencicr at such stations other than his residence, that no delay may arise in furnishing abac m?y ba required; and when the contractor orient fails prcmptiy to com ply with a eiuiMti^ntbe Chief cf the Eureauof Pr3 visions and Clothing sha! 1 be authorized to J irect pur* chases to be made to supply the deficiency, und'-r the penal'.y to be expressed in the oontract; the woord of a requisition, rr a duplicato copy thereof, at the Burvau ol Provisions and Hothinf, or at cither ot the navy yards aforesaid. eha'l be erld** ce that such requisition ha? Ijeen made and reoelvrd. Two or more approval sureties !? a sum equal to tha (stima'ed amount of 'h- contract will be re quired, and ten per centum in addition will be with held from the amount of all payments on account thereof as collateral security, to aecure its p -r'orm- I a nee: and not in any e?eM to be paid until it is, tn all rospecla oompl!ed with; snd ninety per centuu of the amount e'.l d'-ive'iepmade will t* paid by the navy agent within thirty tfays af:er bill?, .'uly anthenticated. Fball hare been presented to him. Blar.k <crm* of proposals may be obtained On ap plication to the nary agents at Prrt-moutn, fr'ew ll?mpshire; Bocton, New York, Pbi'a-lelpbia, Bal, Norfolk, Pensacola, and at this burruu. A teoord, er duplicate of the latter informing a bidd r ot the accrptauoe of his propoaal, will be deem*! a notification thereof, within the meaning of the act of 1846, and Lis bid will b? made and ae espied in oon'ormity with this understanding. Every offer made must be accompanied (as di rected in the act of Congress making appropri*ticna for the naval service ft-r 1846-'47, approved 10th August, 1846) by * written guhrantce, signed bv one or mora raeponsible persrna, to the efTrct that V.9 or tbey undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or th?ir bid be accepted, enter into an obligation witbin ten days, with good and sufficient surety, to farui :h the supplies proposed. Ttie bureau will not be obligated to consider any p~opo*l unless ac companied by the guarantee required bylaw; the competency of the guarantee to ba certified by the navy agent, district attorney, or the collector of the pert. The ailerUicm of bidder: is &iUed to the samples and dtscription of articles required, as, in the inspection before reception, a jutt but rigid compam^m wi'l be made be!w ?? the articles t jfered and the samjrles and controjc', receiving none tha' fall below them; and their attention is also pwnicvlarly directed to the annexed i'iitf resolution, tn addition to the act of the lOtA of August, 1846. Extract from the act of Congress approved Aujust 10, 1846. "Sic. 6 And beit further enacted, That from and after the parage of thig act every pro-osal for na val aupplies inTited by the Seer t-ry of the Navy, under the provi*> to the general appropriat?orf"b"ll tor the navy, approved March third, eighteen bun deed and Lrty-three, shall be accompanied by a written guarantee, signei by one or more responsi ble peraono, to the effort that he or th?y undertake hat the bidder or bidders will, if hia or their bid be aoaepteu, enter into an obligation* in such time as may ba pre#orib?d by the Secretary of tba Navy, with good and soffici-nt sureties, to tarnish the sup prop sea. No proposal aba'.l be considered un MS accompanied by such guarantee. If after the aoof ptanee of a proposal and a notification thereof ?o the bidder or bidders, he or they shall foil to enter into an obligation within the time prescribed by the Secretary of the Nayy with good and suifieivnt sure ties, for furnishing the supplies, then the Secretary of the Navy shall proceed to contract with soma other person or uraons far furnishing the said sup piles, aad a&all forthwith oause tba differ en oe be tween the amount contained tn the proposal so guarantied and the amount for wbieh he may bave contracted for furnishing the said supplies tor the whole period of the proposal to be charged up against said bidder or bidaen, and his or their guar antor or guarantors; and thesune mav ba immedi ately reoovered by the Uuited States, for the use of the navy Department, in an action of debt against either or all of eaid persons." f Public, No. 7.1 Joiirr Rxsotcno* relative to bids for provisions, olothing, and small stores for the use of the navy. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representee tives of the United States of America in Congress as sembled, That all bids for supplies of provisions, clothing, and small stores for the use of the navy may be rejected, at the option of the department, if made by one who is not known as a manufacturer of, or regular dealer in, the article proposed to be furnished, which fact, or the reverse, must be <*? tinctly stated in the bids offered; that the bids of idl persons who may have failed to comply with the oomditions of any contracts they may hare prer* ously entered into with the United States shall, at the option of the department, be rejected; that it more than one bid be offered for the supply of an article on account of any one party, either in hte own name, or in the name of his partner, clerk, or any other person, the whole of suah bids shall be re jected at the option of the department; and that co partners of any firm shall not be aatteived as sure ties for each other; and that, whenever it May be deemed necessary, for the in teres t of the govern ment and the health of the crew s of the United States vessels, to procure particular brands of Sou* which are known to keep hast on distant stations, the Bureau of Provision# and Clothing, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Navy, be, and hereby is, authorised to procure the same oa the best terms, in market overt. Approved 27 March, 1854. may &?law4w AM AWAY.?110 REWARD?JOHN, my negro man, aged about SO years, ran away from my farm in Alexandria county, Vi.., oa Mou day, 15th instant. lie stoops in his walk ; had on a Biy frock coat and gray panta. He has a wife at r. A. Gladnian'e, oa #th street, near the boundary in Washington. I think he is larking about there He also has a sister at Mr. Marbury's. in Georse' town. JOHN M. vdlJNG, Coach Maker, Corner of 4# street and Pa. avenue. i ap 18?- U $10 BUNAWAY. REWARD for rbe?*??ut sorrel 8 or 9 years o'd, with long uil rmA 1mI mur.f, with a * ar < n her bsck : and on rKMW she has small whit?* *pot?, rtfht fore hoof hnonoo* injured. Thealovc reward *ill be girrn w acougm :o J. Harvey fc Co , Store nw Long Brt*?ge, <* ,r? at Faiince's Fishirg Shore, M*ry1s?d may 7?3>* C. h C. FAlNCE . DRESS CAPS, *c. I HAVE this c*#y iwrinl as S?e ??d ehw? lot of Drew and Infant Caps, Fiona Ruch*? W* Bonnets, Lore und Shoit Si!kRu hes. A. TATE, may??at 314 Pa. ?v , bet 10th and 11th **? For sale? An Engl oh Close Carriage A Double Wagon A pair of Carr.a?i? Horses A saddle and bugejr nor* Inquire for the Coachman of ter, at SCHWARTZ'S Livery Stable,G st , 17th and 18th. "?ay 7?? LOUIS FOURTEENTH and the Writer* of hta Age, by the Rev. F Astic, 1 vo!.19?o The Saint's Inheritance, or the World to Com*, by Henry F. Hill, I 19o>? t . . . Faaiily Prayer* for eTcry mornini and c^nini in the year, by the Re? J Cumming9 0. pi ? Camming'* Scriptur eRwdtrgs on Lrif Guide Hook in the administra;ionof toe inoetpnee ?'?-M E may T-3t Seventh K. HARPEKS' MAGAZINE roR MAY? Emma, being No. 6 of Harpers'IBiprv 1 J est received by TAYLOR k MAUmY. mny 1 Ilootawra, near Sth *. SEVKKTH WARDi?UNION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNBON. For C< mmon Council?SAMUEL FUMPHRITj SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLABK*. may 4?te IjAY?HAY! NOTICE.?Jurt receive per Schr. J notmea^M now landing at Tage'* Wharf, foot of flevrnth ftr et, a prime article t'fTimothy HAY, which will be sold low for ca?h if taken from Apply to MATTINGLY BROTHERS, may 5?5t (Intel) DEBOW'S REVIEW for May Frank Leslie* ?aiette do Ins and Outa of Paris, by Julie de Margaeritte* The O'Doherty raper*, by the late Wa Magu?, 2 vrlf McBligott-aAMrieu ? rAYLn? nrHF. FAMILY AT HELMSDALE; OR THE I Influene" of ChrlHfcfWfc?I*le?, by Mra. Mac ~ kay. Philip Colville; a Covene liter's Story, by Kennedy Straw Arrow*, by the Rev. 8. L. CuySer Forrester's Illustrated Juvenile Keepsake Mhe Chemistry of Common Life, by J. T. Johnston The Peasant Boy Philosopher, by Henry Maybew. GRAY h BALI.ANTYNE. may 5 498 Seventh st. JAMES n. BURNSTS Cheap Bool, Stationery, Periodical VaruU Slort and t.IRCULATllO LIBRARY, No. 150 Bridge street, opposite the Mayor* Ofice, OEOaOETOWK, D- C. Subscribers to all the Weekly Periodical* and Masazires served at their dwellings. A*er.t for the "Evening Star," where advertise ment* will be promptly atu-aded to, and <<ub*crip tioiu received. may 4?Iw "auction bargains in dress GOODS. WE have just received from an extensive a ac tion sale, in New York, the following desira ble GOODS: 1 case handsome figured Bereges, at 25 ctt per yard 2 cases b? autiful style Burcge de Laine and Challey de Laine, at 25c 1 cas- neat fibred Rerege de Laii(?, at 19c 2 cases good style auU quality of Ginghams, at 19c 1 car*1 4-4 Eiiflidi Chintzes, at 20 and 25c 1 ease b?autnui style Brilliants, at 25c 2 cases Merrimack and Allen Prints, at 19o 50 pleccs very excelient quality of French Lawns and Jccjnru, warranted goodoolor*, at 20 and 25c 25 pieces neat figured Mouaaelains, auiuble for children 2 ca*es t?est Portsmouth Lawn?, warranted fast col ors, 12c 75 Dress Patterns rich figured Bereges, at JO and 02c per yard 100 Dress Patterns rich figured Bereges, at 31 and 37c per yard 50 pieces plain Bereges, all colors, at 31 and 37c per yard 10 pieces plain French Jaconet*, in pink, blue, green, purple, tan, buff, brown, and other shades, at 37c 25 picces ben quality French Ginchams, at 95c. Ladies are respectfully invited to call and ei ntnlnt the above goods, a* they will Ik- found much cheaper than ar.y we had ?arlicr in the season. OUR STOCK in all other departments is for ili^ season unusually lirge and well assorted, and, wishing to reduce it a* soon as possible, we will from this date offer any and all of our best Goods at a very small advance on the cost CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY * CO. may 8?Ct HO! FOR SPORT! A RARE chanee for the lovers of field sport* to oe cure a genuine Pointer Pup. Gentlemen can rely upon getting a thorough bred Pup without the risk, as is too often the case, of being imposed upon by dishonest dog f iler*. Thoee in want may n*t satisfied of those Pups not being I-red in and in, which is so often the case, great caie has been taken to post-aa* the very best blood in the conntry. En quire at the Wood Yard of T. DRUBY.Pa avenue, between 17th and 18th streets, Fir*t Ward. may 8?3t* AUCTION BARGAINS N DRY GOODS.?Striped and plaid Cashmere, cost 90 cents, for 12*^ Striped and plaid De Lames, cot-t 20 cents, fur !9Jf Yard wide Lawns,cost 11^ cent*, fur 8 Do Ginghams, 11 do 8 I White and colored Spool Cotton only 1 cent Bleached Shectinir, three yards wid*,35 cents Beautiful Berege De Lame*, cost 21 cents, for 14 Fine French Challey only 20 cents Do do 11 cents, for 6 White and colored BrilJiantsJmly 92 cents French Chinta 90 c?-nts 4 4 Irish Linene 31 If cents 6-4 Pillow do 'J7% cents Beautiful Beregc Rob*-*, very chcap Satin Plaids and Greuadinea Also, a large asw?rtment of Domestics Come early and secure the greatest bargains ever offered in this city. The good? must po*iQyely be cloeod out about the flr-t day of July. THE WASHINGTON STORE, (Late Magrud?r k Calvert,) No. 16 opp. Centre Market, bet. 8th and 9th cu may 8?lw FRENCH HATa vMRS. M. PEARCL has just received t Ja well selected and beautiful assort lent of French II ATS and SUMMER MTM.INBKY of the latest styles Alfo, SI BONNETS, Flats for Cliildrea, Ribbons and Wow ers, which she will open on Thursday, the 10th in stant, on 11th at., betw. E and Pa. av., No. 494* may 8?3t* FRENCH MILLINERY. MRS. M L. DAVISON, No. 303 Pa. avenue, betwen 9th and 10th st respectfully announces to her cus tomers and the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has just received a case ot Fancy Fmich HATS and will open them to the public on Thursday, the 10th iustsnt, which she re specttuMy invite* the attention of the ladies, may 8?5t* M. L. D. DOZEN KID GLOVES THIS DAY RE tm *mw ?20 ceived, which we are *? lling for 50c a pair. WALL fc STEPHENS, 393 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall, may 8?3t _________ HAY?HAY! JUST received 150 bales of prtme Timothy HAY, which will be sold low at the warehouse, cor ner 11th and B sis , near Canal. may 8-3t* H W. SQMMERS It CO. NOTICE. J.THB BFLKVDID STXAVKB fiOEOBOE PAGE is still rummiag between Washington and Alexandria FARK FIVE CBITI. This u the only boat connected with the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. 4V This boat can be bad on the ;i.ost reasonable terms for Excursions, kc. Apply to E A. RYTHER, Cape SUMMER BONNETS. .MRS. BEHRENDS,from Balt more,^^^ |will o|*ea on Thundiay, the 10th in-^^H start, m splendid assortment of SUM-HfT ?MER BONNETS, to which she calls the attention of the ladies, at her store. 379 Pa. avenue, bet. 4# and 6th at*. may 8?3i? PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPKRI begs leave to in form hi* friends and former patrons that i?u band has been fully re-organized and is now under Ins dlteciion, aad be is fully prepared with a tan* of the most Scfrnufic Musicians in ttx city, to Aff nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic NIC*, E* caraioM, kc., at the shorten! notice i dying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, 'ROSPERl, Conductor; niLBUS i _ sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opport# the CamBog, Garrison street, Navy Yard.

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