Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TO A XQLLIie BELL IT I4*?Y bUAXM. Toil, toll, toll I Poor oat tbro?i*b tbe leverent ait, The note of ?hv t?)? ? The tone of thy wail, And the melody of thy despair! Toll, loll, toll! While the midnight ia dark and still! Tbe ?leepera in bed Shall dream of the dead, Aa the sound goes o'ar valley aud bill Toll, toll, toll' Thou besrest a burden of woe! And atrangera who hear, In their hearta ?hal! baar A token of more thau Jbey know. Toll, toll, toll ? Be the interv <ls mute and lougl The bushing sliall mc? Than the clamor out-pore,? Like a pause aad a cadeaca in aoag. Toll, toll, toll! And die aura above are all bright, But the t yes ar- glased That should be raised fu wpader and praising to-night. Toll. toll, toll! But ?h for the heart tbat Id cold Ice-cold is the brr ast, That is lying at r>?at fa the cerem' ut'a t ntwining fold. Toll, toll, toll! And ob far the heart that ta bowed ? That is bowed more low In its abject woe, Then the coid heart is, in it* shroud. Toll, toll, toll! And hush, for tbe dirge i? o'er ! Mat oh for the hush, Of the sobs that gush Prom tbe heart that is stricken and rot-j. MU3ICAL EPIOBAM ?ay? Hossini to Braham,?1"III tell you one thing, When you've loet all yc.ur teeth, Mr. Braban, bow to ?ing.w "How Ij it?'' says Bratiam. "Ah mlo dilelto, V.-u must <4o II*} your mas'er, and sicg in faUt S ctto." Something foe the Ladies.?There are writers who are continually giving unsolicited advice to the ladies, when they might just as well, and with equal propriety, direct their lectures to the other sex. As an example of the system, the London Gazette contains information which it considers 44 important," for the ladies, "in regard to the manner of placing their lips when they desire to look amiable, dignified, Ac. It says that when a lady would compose her mouth to a bland and serene character, she should just before entering the room say besom, and keep the expression into which the mouth subsides, until the de sired effect upou the company is evident. If, on the other hand, she wishes to as sume a distinguished and somewhat no ble bearing not suggestive of sweetness, she should say brush, the result of which is infallible. If she would make her mouth small and pretty, she must say jixp; but if the mouth be already small, and needs enlarging, she must say cab bage. Ladies, when having their da guerreotypes taken, may observe these rules with some advantage. 317*We get the following from Col. Smith's late work, Managerial Coup d' Etat. On the second night we performed '?Pixarro," my brother acting the part of Rolla. In the last act, after seizing the child, and as he was rushing up towards the bridge, ht observed a tall negro holding a tea enp full of blood, (rose pink,) which was wanted almost imme diately on the other side of the stage. As he passed, he said to the negro: "Here, boy, carry that blo*xi round to meou the other side?I want it the mo ment I cross the bridge." Away dashed Rolla, bearing tho child aloft, a volley of Spanish musketry; and turning to cut away the bridge with his sword, what was his horror to see the tall negro walk upon the stage, between the waters, and, in full sight of the au* dience. holding the cup in one hand and stirring up the contents with the fore finger of the other, and hear him exclaim: "Here, Massa Smith, here's your blood." I ordered the drop to be lowered im mediately, to shut out the ludicrous < scene. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Sams. Lear* For Dam. Asia Li verpooi.... B'felou Apl. 28 Baltic Liftrpool... New York..May 5 Union Havre New York..May 9 Africa. Boston Liverpool...May 9 Black Warrior....New Y oik. .Havana May 9 America Liverpool....Boston .. .May 12 Atlaroe ....New York. ..Uverpool. .May 15 N-rth Star.. Havre. New York..May 19 The California ateaaers leave New York on ;::c 3d \nd fiGti: ?#f each rwo&Ui. IT-RIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTEU3. Uraiaaa' llctal?t. p. k u ?on. J Bobeitvm, NY 8 Loihrcp, NY J M Miller, P* H B My era, Va J P Hnrley, lnd 8 Coller, Eng G D Hurley, do K A Ntabols, NY * M 1> iVa!, Md W V Randolph, Cal vV B B> ndbury, NY C K Hyai.d E brown, do P Phillips i? Moore a lady, Md II Bsnnut & lady J A S!iaiiburi., ;.o M Norrls, t'l S I'.imey & lady, Va J l-orsey, Md Mr? Watts, do * G B Loomis, Ta L Alien, Masa A J Grey, Va X A Hove, DO 'I' R Tyler, do J A Wathew,G?i J 1* Kleimmig, O T L Mathuw dr> National Ilotal?a d. wnuil J 8 Gdegan, NY C H Darnes, Md D Wne, i'a J Dennison, do TLeHuray, NY H N Young, do A 3 Littlefield, do B T Sauford, do L M ankicwin O J J Bobbins, do Cr.l, BA J li Marshall, NY J Mackut/oiM and lady, C A Browne, Maaa M J E Niler, Pa J 9 VYiitians, O WLilarila' Ilotal?a- a. h j. o. willasb G G Ould, Md Mrs Odell 8 G Bogert, NY AM Pennock, U8N G A Sicvrna, Mass J KeH, Ga Hon G P Bcarburgb, Va Mi?s H Kell, do J E Johnston, Md D C Elliott, NY D Marcy It lady, Va A A Lawrence, Ma? Rev E Bead h sou, SC T J Coolidge, do M B Cat in fc lsdy, Maaa J Liver more k lady 8 Aspinwall k lady, do Dr Gooch, Va Misa A Wyia&n, do D Hill, do Miss E Wryman, da Klrkwood Iloaia?J. a. h a. ararwooa. J Keaaick, NY D T White, Mass B H Mahonay. do PK Whitney, do 9 Hammed, do Miss Savage, Ct J W Hickoi do H Mitchell, La J IMxan. Md Miaa C Conklis, NY Dr W W Kolb, do T R Pyran, Team W Knabe, do J H Pliger. Ky A M Marbarry, Md rnftad Statu Hotil-t.o.iuexnr. T V Doogiaaa ard lady, Miaa M McConaugby fa J Johnson, La T M fc'eviu, do L A Lynn, Va J H Taylor a. lady, NC JW Anderaon, do A C Gish, Va O 8 Bellows, do J A Morns, do A Clegg, Mass J H Martin, Pa . J M Fuinay, do P J Pinney, Md Camion Hovaa, Alszaadrlti Va. a itawToa, paorairpoa. a W ii Whitiiig, Va W B Cock ran, Va t* L Gordon, do D Walton, do s South, dk D H Gordon, do L Powell, do A Pitman, do E B Powell, do A L Live*, do G Wright fc lady, do C Gragg, DC J m Staadua, Md J & Trtmbla, Md LOW-PRICED OA^wPBTINGS. JUST RECEIVED *ndfnr rale 0* bales,* pieces, elegmt thre?M:ord heavy Tapestry BruaaeU CAR PETINGS, which were purchased at late aaclions In New York, and will be sold at #4 19* per yard worth gl 50. It only remains for persons to see and handle these goods to appreciate their quality and extreme cheapness. Now is the time for economi cal housekeepers to make their purchases, as the manufacturers abroad and In tMs country are ceas lnf to make goods, to consequence of the ruinous rates at which they have had to sacrifice them* ALIO? Rich Tape-try 4-4 two ply at 87^: cents, worth |1 Rich double ingrain all wool at 69 V cts, wort" 87# I 0 jo do at 50 cent', worth 75 Do do wool and worsted warp, 37# and 31 cents, worth 89J^ Do do heavy genteel Carpeting at 85 cents. Still remaining on band a few ploces elegant Vel vet Royal Milton Carpetings, which will be sold as old and super annuated *>ods bought nt auction In this city last week?fresh, new, and superb patterns and colon. CLAGETT, DCDSON & CO. ap 30?eod2w SODA WATER. THE undersigned having purchased Swan's Pat* rnt Apparatus for the preparation of SOD A WATER, from Super-Carbona e of Soda, respect fully informs the public that the fountain U now in full and successful operation. This method of pre paring r=oda Water is warmly recommended by the Medicnl Faculties in the Northern and Western cities, not only as producing a pleasant, Innocent, and healthy beverage for all persons, but ore highly beneficial in all disorders of the stomach. Si ups of all flavors, including those of Brandr. Wine, and Cbamp-gne, freshly manufactured, of the very beat materials, on the premises, always cn hand C. OAUTIER, ap 30?eo3? No. 952 Pa. avenue. "boots, shoes and trunks. JUST opened, and now ready for inspection, at D R. WALL'S Boot, Shoe and Trunk Em ? porium, a large, varied and well selectedKj^^ spring and summer stock of BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, among which are? Ladies' morocco, kid and iasting Gaiters Boots, Slippers, Ties and Buskins Misses' t!o do Children's Shoes in great variety Gtntlemen's patent leather and ralf skin Boots and Shoes, Congress Gaiters, Pumps, fee. Boys' and youths* do With ail the most approved and fashionable *tyles of Shoes manufactured, all of which will be sold at exceedingly low prices. In addition to the above an extensive assortmont of Trunks, Carpet Bass Valises, and Satchels^ very cheap. A call is solicited Irom all who are in want of great bargains, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap as thfc chcapes). 1). R. WALL, No. 34 opposite Centre Market, ap 25?en3w between 7th ani 8th sts THE MUTUAL FIB?. IS8URANCZ C0MPA HY OF THE 1ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Congress, offers to tho property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of Insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretarv. M ATIiEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. MANAGERS Uly-ses. Ward John Van Riswiek Thomas Biagdcn P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathevv G. Emery. J. C. MeKelden. Office, Colombia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. feb 26?eo if Wo 532.] Notifi of the eitablisnme?tl of the ofU* of Surveyor QrntrcU of public lands for tk* Turtitory of Utah. IN virtue of the authority contained in the act ap proved Pebruary 21, 1858, entitled "An act to [ eotnulish the office of surveyor general of Utah, and to grant land for school and university purpoe s," the Prudent of the United 8tates has directed that i the <ffice of surveyor general of said Territory be located at Grfcat Sa t Lake City until otherwise or dered. Given under my haLd, at the City of Washington this twenty fourth dav of March, anno Domini 1655. JOtfV WILSON, . Commi*sioaer of General Land Office, mar 25*? Vawfiw ORGANS FOR SALE. AeUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fiue Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For i-rms, Ike., apply to Prof. SCHEEL. on 14th street, norta of P. HENRY ERBEN. teb 98?eitf REV. JOHN LAN All VN. PASTOR OF THE EXETEH STREET, M. E. CHURCH?A oX^ng desir? to benefit the afflicted induces him thus to cerify. We challenge any other medicine to present scch a mass of testimony from gentleman i.n.1 ladies of hi;h standing of our own wed-known citizen*. who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON CH1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fcc. Ealtimorx, January 24th, 18&3. M'trrt. Mortimer ir Moicbray: 1 take plea-ure in saying to you that I have used > .or '-Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. From a eertous tnroat affection, my general health Lad become very much impaired, when I com menced to use ??Hampton's Tincture." I found i: effects upon my generl health moet salutary.? My nervous system an J digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as far as I have been In formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, J ohm Lanau an, Pastor Of Exeter it., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING oFtHE LUNGS. Raleigh, N. c., Feb. 8, 1855. Uetsrt. Mortimer <V Mo%obray: I do hereby certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one bottle, and after taking which, I was .satisfied that I was much better; and that, afier taking the fourth bctlio, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good h*~Ith as ever I did m my life. I can, and do, with out the i-ast hesitation, recommend the Tincture to allpersuna afflicted in my way. Yours, Geo. W. Wxakli?. CUliE FITS?READ! More to Sick than Gold.??rorn one oi the moat t?.vecubic Druggists in South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Mea?rs. Mortimer & Mowbray:?'The sale of your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing ry day, and every bottle sold recommends tins valua' le mcdicine to the afflicted. Several of our) Banters have tried it in different cases with aston ling success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has beet* found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, a wonderful cure has beeu performed on a ne&ro bo\, buffering from Fits. I wvaII furnish you wiui a number of certificates if you wuts tnem. 1 am, gentlemen yours. W. G. Trott. Call get pamphlets gratis, and see cures ot | Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pep.iia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a umale medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER * MOVVBKAY, 140 Balti more street, Baitunore. and 304 Broadway, N. York C'aAi. Stott fc Co., J. B. Moore, I). B. Clarke, Clarke & Bowuso, W. Elliot, and H. McPher sos, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci <sel, George town ; and C. C. Uerry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feb 21?tr AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LET THE SICK HEAR THE TRUTH. Captain Benjamin.?Wherever known his teall moay will b? conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain should to sceptical, Dr. Daw son k Bro., with others of the best known and most highly respectable ciuxens of Eastou, endorse bis wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VBOBTABLB TDTOTUU. Easton, Oct. 4,1854. Messrs. Mortimer 4* hlywbrau : Gentlemen?I feel it my dutv to y?u and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I was for more than five years laboring under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and the great part of that time 1 was so helpless that I had to be nelped from my bed and dressed in my clothes I became reduced to a mere skeleton. All the med ictnes I took done me no rood, and I continued to grow worse. I beard of Hampton's Tincture and uiougbt I would give it a trial. At this time 1 did not expect to live one day after another, i lid not take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but in a short time I was well of that disease. From the effects of your 1 incture and the help of God 1 am now getting in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetal** Tincture, as 1 have done, with the same effect toat it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac Be*jAim. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin; toifl htm some ot Hampton's Vegetable Tinctore, and be lieve the above statement correct. Dawson k Bro. Prom our kuowledgs of Captain Benjamin we an confident uiat the above statement is true and un exagerated. J. A. Johnson, Charles Robinsoh. 'Jell and get peso phi sis gratia, and see cores ot Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralpla, Dys pt-psla, Nervouaness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for daUoate ehlldian we boUevt tl unequalled. Sold by MOR1HME1 ft MOWBRAY, 140 Bala more street, Bsltiasore; and 804 Broad we v. N. York Chas. Stott fe Co., J. B. Mooax, D. B. ClaRee Clarke II Bowl??, W. Elliot, and H. McPhci son, Washington; also, bv R. F. Cissrl, Guorga town, and C. C. Briiy, Alexandria, and by Drug arfrywhe; ?. ju s PROPOSALS. WATT DEPARTMENT, 1 Bui?a ef Tardafend Dock*, May 1, ISM./ EALED PROPOSALS fot each cltH separately _ endorsed Proposals for Class No. (name the class) for the navy-ysrd at (name the yard) will b? received at thla offloe until noon on tbe eighth day of J una next for furnlahin* and delivertni, at the several navy-yards named, the materials and artt el a* embracid in tha following classes and wh<cb daaeribed in prints; schedules, which will be tarnished upon application, and aact by mall, If ao requested, to paraona desiring to cfler to contract for any cr all tha olaeeae named therein, by tbe commandant! of tha several navy-yards, for the classes for tha yards andar their command, or by ths navy agent naareat thereto, or by tha bu reau, for any or all tha yard!. In oa*e bidden de ire the commandan's or naw agents to send them schedules by mail. It will be necessary, la order to inanre their tianamisalon, that they should enoloae in their applica'lon postiga ?tamps, aa tha law raqulrea all poetage to be pre paid. . are hereby cautioned and particularly no tified that their offers must be in the form herein after prescribed, and be mailed in time to reach their destination before tha time expiree for receiving them; no bid will be considered wbtoh ahsll bs re r elvel afer tha period stated, and no allowanoa will bs made for failures of tha mail. To guard against offers being orened before tha time appointed, b'dder* are requested to endorse cn tbe envelope above tbe address, and draw a line under the endorsement, thus: ProvotxLt for Ciatt No. (nam? the class)/or the Navy Tardat (name the yard ") To the Chief cf the Bureau of Tarda and Docks, Washington, D. 0 All b'tls wbi:h may be opened bsfors tha prdi>er time, in consequence of their not being endorsed as above, will be returned to the bidder*. FORM OF OFFER. (Here date ths offer.) I, (h?re insert tha name,) of (name the town,) in the Stats of (name the Stats,) hereby offer to far n-sb, under your advertisement dated (date of ad vertisement.) and subject to all ths requirements of the sama, and of the printed schedule to wbleh it refers, all the articles embraced in Glass No. (name 'he olass,) for tbe navy yar i at (name the yard ) ac cording to said schedule, vis: (here paste on tbe printed cla^sfrom tbe schedule, and opposite each ? rMcle set the prioe, and carry out the amount In the columns for dollars and cento, and foot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the ?Va.) amount ing to, (here write the amount in words ) I propose m my agent, (here name tha agent, if me IB required by tbe schedule,) for the aupply un der the claws miscellaneous by a non-rMdent of the plae* of delivery, and, should my offer be ac cepted, I requat the oontract may be prepared and pent to tbe navy agent at (name the agency) for aig natures and cert fieate. (Here ihe bidder to sign his name.) FORM OF GUARANTEE. The undersigned, (name of guarantor,) of (name the town,) and fitate of(n?me the Stat \)and (name of cesond guarantors, Ac ) hereby undertake that the abovs named (name tbe bidder or bidders) will, if his (or their) offer ai above be accepted, enter >nto contract with the United Mates within fifteen days alter the date of notice, through ths post office, of the acceptance of hia (or their) offers before men tioned. Witness: r v ? ^ (81gnatnrs of guarantors) I certify tha< the above-named (hers same the sruarantors) ar* known to me to bs gocd and re spons.ble guarantors in this case. _ (Signature. 1 To be signed by the district judge, district attor ney, colltctor, navy agent, or some person known to the bureau to bs responsible. FOR PORTSMOUTH, N. H. ClaM No. 1 Ericks m2 Ftone Tellow-pins timber 6 Fpruoe, hemlo:k, or pine 7 Lime 8 Cement 0 Gravel and Band 10 Slate 11 Iron 12 Sterl 14 Files lo Paints, oil*, aad giaas 10 t- blp chandlery 15 ftatinnery 10 Wood SO Hay 21 Provande? 22 Charcoal 22 Tmn castings 24 Removing ledge 25 Construct! og fewer FOR BOSTON. Cfaas No. 1 Bricks 2 Stone 8 Tellow-pins limber 4 ?? a lumber 6 Oak and bard werd timber and lumbar 6 White pine, spruoe, Jmlper, and tj pre&s timber and lumber 7 limi and hair K Cement 9 Gravel and sand 10 Slate 11 Iron, Iron apikea, and nails 12 Ftecl 14 Files 15 Paints, ells, and glass 16 Skip chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Stationery 20 Hay and straw 21 Provender 21 Charcoal 23 Pecking 25 Iron ra.tinge 2<i Pumpicg eagine and pamps fog dry drek 27 Stc^m engine for ropewalk NEW YORK. dltt N?. 1 Brl ks 2 Hone 5 Yellow-plne timber 4 44 ,4 lumber 6 Oak and harl*wood timber and lumber 0 White pice, Fproce, Juniper, and ey> frees timber snd lumb*r 7 Lime and hair 8 Cement 9 O ravel and sand 10 Klato 11 Ir n, iron spikes, and 12 Steel 14 Piles 1ft Paints, oils, and glass 16 Ship chandlery 17 Ksrdware 13 Stationery SO Hay and straw 21 Prr.v?nd*r ?2 Cberooal 28 Helting. packing, and hose 24 Copper and oonipositiea nails 26 Iron work and iron seating* 26 Mtohlnery and tools V Fin engine and appurtenances 9* Iron n*iflng, ko 20 Gunner's house, Xllis if land, eomp'ete LO Gun carriage shed, of iron ?'<1 Oakum-hop of iron FOR PHILADELPHIA NAYT YARD. Clam No. 4 Yellow pine lamb** 6 Cak and hard wood timber and lumber 0 "While pine, spruce. Juniper, and oj prees timber and lumber 7 Lime and hair * 11 Iron, iron (pikes and nails 12 Steel 14 Files 16 Peints, ol's and glass 16 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Stationary 19 Fire wood 20 Hay and Straw 21 Provender 22 Char oral *8 Bel irg packing and hot* 34 Coprer and composition nails 26 Machinery and Tools FOR FORT MIFFLIN. CUUi N?. 1 Bricks 9 Stone 4 Yellow pine lumber 6 Oak aad hard woodtimbsr and hmber 6 White pine, spruce, Juniper, and ty - press timber aad lumber 7 Lime and hair 9 Gravel and aaad 10 Slate 11 Irot, Iron spikes and 16 Ship chandlery FOR ASYLUM. (Matt No. 1 Clothing 2 Hats, boots, ahoes, to. 3 Provisions 4 Groceries b Dry goods 6 Breai, Aa 7 Tobacco 8 Chandlery 9 Hardware 10 Iron and nails 11 Paints, oils and fllaM 12 Files 13 Lumber 13 Provender lft Fire wood 16 Charcoal 17 Stationery FOR WASHINGTON. Clou No. 1 Bricks 1 Stone 8 Tallow otae Timber ? Oak and hard wood timber 6 White pine timber and lam bet 7 Lime and hair 9 Gravel and aaad 11 Iron, Iron aplkea and nails IB Steel 14 Pig iron 14 flte lft Paints, clla and alas* * 16 Ship ehxDulsry ,T J8 Stationery - It Flr? weed ? Hiyud CI Ptotm4? 19 (Xiinoil M Btlttai, fttkhi iaj how __ , 9^JUAXDt NORFOLK. Giut N*. 1 Bricks 8 8 ton* 8 Yellnw-pin* t'mb?r 4 Yellow pine lumber ft Oik and hard word tfrgbar 6 Whit* pia* usd Junlp*r timber ud 1 amber 7 Lis* 8 Oement 9 Bard 10 Slat* 11 Iron, Iran spike* and naBs 19 &t**l 18 Building of magaiio* Iteapar'a hous* 14 file* IB Paint* oil*. and ('an 16 Bbip chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Ptstionrry 20 Hay and straw 81 Provender 23 Charcoal 28 Belting and parking 81 Copp*r and composition nails 26 Iron eastings 86 Machinery and toola Steam engine for dry dock FOR PEN8AC0LA. Clou Ac. 1 Frioks 9 Stone 8 Yellow-pine timber 4 Yellow-pine lumber 6 Oak aad hard wood timberaudlumber 6 White plo*, epruoe, Janipec, and cy preaa lumber and timber 7 Lime 8 Cement 0 Cockle sheik 10 Slate 11 Iron, Iron splkw and nana 18 Fte?l 18 Bsilroeltron 14 Piles 16 Paints, oils, gl&ss 10 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Ftatic nery 10 Fire wood 80 Hey 81 Preverder 82 C harcoal 23 Bolting packlrg, hose, 4c 24 Copper and oompositlon nails 85 Iron oaetinga 26 Machinery, Ac. The schedule wfll etate the time* within which article and materia'a will be required to be deliv eied; and where tho printed echedols i* not usel, the periods atjted in it for deliveries must be coplel in the bids. All the articles wlilch may be contract ed for must be de'.iveraft at euch place or places, in cludin* drays** and carting, to the plaoa when, used, within the nary yards, respectively, for whirh the offer is ma '*, as may be directed by the rom mandlng officer thereof; aad all other things bslog eqnal, prefererce will be given to American manu factures. No article will be received after the expi ration of the period rpecifled in the schedules for the completion of del veries, unlese apedally author ised by the department. It is to be provided in the contract, anl to be dia tinctly understood by the bidders that the amount and number of art cies eaura?rat"d in cla%ei heal ed "mleccllaneoua'' are specified aa the probaltle quantity which may be required as well as to fis data fcr determinicg the loweft bid; but the con tractor is to furnish more t less of the said enunie rat-d artic'&s, and in tueh quantities, and at ruch timet at the bureau or commandant may require, su:h increase, however, not to exceed one third of the quantities stated, (aod requisition a at nt through the post office shall be deemed sufficient notice)du the fiscal year ending 30th June, 18?6; and wh?ther the quantttlei required fce more ar lee than thoae rpecifled, the prloes skall remain the aame. All the articles under the contract must be of the bast quality, delivered in good order, free of all and every extra charge or expense, and subject to tbe'n speetion, count, weight, or measurem?nt of the asid navy-yard, and be in all respects s&tlsfoot ?ry to th* commandant thereof. Piiders are rtlerred to the Sard for plan", specifications, or samples, and a far ler description of the articles. Contractors fcr classes headed " mlresllaneous," who do not rea de near the plaae where tba article are to be deliv. ered, will ba required to name in their proposals an agent at the city or principal place near the yard ol delivery who may be called upon to deliver articles wrtAotU delay when they shall be required. Approved euretlas in the full amount of the oon tract will ba reaulrad, and twenty par oentum as additional aecurftv deducted from each payment un til the contract shall have been completed or can celled, unless otherwise authorised by the depart ment. On clas?es h*a1?d ' miscellaneous" to be de livered as required, during the fl?cal year, the twen ty per oeutum retain*! may, at the discretion ot ?h* emmandant, ba paid quarterly, on the first of J?n nary, April, July, and Octob*r, when the deliverior have been estiefectory.tbe balance (eighry per oen*) Wi*l be paid by the respective navy agent* within thirty cays alter the presentation of bills, In tripli cate, duly vouched and approved. No part of the per centum reserved Is to b? psid until all rejected articles offered under the contract shall have been removed frcm the yard, unlaw bne dally authorised bv the department. It will be stlpulat din tha contract that if default ahall bs male by the parties of tha first part in de liverlagall or any of the articles mentioned, ot th? quality and at the time* and plaoes above provided, th*n and in that ease the said parties will forfeit and pay t tha Uhited 8tataa, aa liquidated damages a aum of money equal to twioe to* amount of the o'ntract prioe herein agreed upon as the price to be paid for the articles in case ot tha actual delivery thereof, which liquida'ed damagea may be recovered from time to tim* as they accrue The sureties must si.n the contract, pud their re sponsibility oertified to by a navy agent, ool'ector district attorney, or torn* other pe son saliafactorily known to the bareau. It is to be provided in the oontraet that the bureau shall have the power of annulling th* con tract, without loss or d mage to the government in case Congress shall not have mad* sufficient app-o priations for the articles navel, or for the compl* tien of the works estimated fir, and on which this advertisement is based, and shall also have the power to incr*ao* or diminish the quantities nam?d in tho e'asseR not headal "Miscellaneous" in the schedule, 26 per cent. Persons whose offers shall be accepted will be bo tlfied by l?tter through tb* po*t which noti?e (hall be oonsidertd sufficient; and if th-y d > not enter into contract fcr the suoplies specified within flfte-n daya from the date of notio* from the bor?tu of tb* aooeptanoe of t? e!r bid, a-a ntrsct wi:i be be mad* ?ith some ot**r person or perroas, and the guarantors of such defaulting bidder will ba bald re sponsible for all delinquencies. All offers not made in strict conformity with th'a advertisement will, at th* option of th* bureau, be rejected. Those only whose effera may ba accepted will be notified ard contrasts will be ready for execution as eoon thereafter as may ba practioable. may 2-law4w DENTISTRY. f^vB. MUN80N respectfully calls public attenuon 1 ' to hix new. patent, and GBEATLY IMPBOVBU method or setting ArtificialmmBtk Teeth, with Continuous Gum?the very^trLL-Lr PEBFEC HON OP THE ABT. This style of Teeth has the following advantage* over all others, vix: GREAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS, COM FORT, and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in tht?e respects, and in some others excelling. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. Plaasa call and aee sppcimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and house at No. 908 E street, near the corner of Pennsylvania avcuua and 14th street. ap84?tf TO THE LADIES. I MISS S J.THOMPSON is now prepared to show our and well selected stock of Millinery! 'which she has just opened, of tha la test styles which we are selling at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would also respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome slock of Fancy Goods Perfumery. Gloves, Hosiery, tLcr which we can sell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON fc MUNRO, No. SIO Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walter Harper fc Co.*s. mar 98? WMHMSTOR STOTE BiSBPiCTOEf, S. E. eomsr qf Pa. am. and EUventk 4r**t, Sole Agency for OHILSON, GOULD fc OO.'S Warming and Ventilating Apparatus, M. POND 8t OO.'S (ot Boston) Union Doable-Oven Cooking Range, J. I* MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. , IP,-n , ^ saaau JUNUinCQ 8 JOHglBf. Hall. Parlor, Chamber and Dinin|Room 9 t OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled lion HOLLOW WARBi Bloek Tin, Planished and Japanned WAR1 In great varletv. All of which will ba sold at th* lowest possible rates, thai will compare favorably with any Ectak llshmant sooth of New York. An examinatfou of tar stock is earnestly sol iehad. I ap 13?fen f A#. ?KUVlllQ - DOCTOR HOOPLANO'S - ? CILfiBKillD ?trmatt Bitters, DE. C. X. JACHOV, PF*, WILL BPrBCTTTALLT CCU UTSS COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUHWX, Chrome or Utrtom Dobilitw, I>inni ^ cfce Mm <nmI off rfimm mntimg frtm m 4i+ Such u Constipation, Inward Pile?. Fullness. or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Btomacb, Nil sea. Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fuliaese or weight in the Htomach, Sour Eructations, Sink or Fluttering at the Pit of the dtomacb, Swim ming of the Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing, PI uttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In a lying Pasture, Dimness ol Vision, Dots of Webs before the Hight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eye*, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Fiusbes of Heat Burning in t be Flesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. THE proprietor, in calling the attention of the public to this pre pars boa, does so with a feel sag of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that baa stoad the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri crn people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations eitant. The testimony In its favor Riven by the most prominent and well known Physicians and individuals, in all parts of the country Is immense. The following from North Caiulina u respectfully sub iitid, referring any who may still doubt, to iny "Memorabilia." or Prac tical Receipt Book; for Farmers and Families, to be bad gratis, of all the Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 190 Arch sl, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pin* Hill, Rick meruf County, S. C. Piwa Hill, March 4th. 18M. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f ran, for the last five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me said I must die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherford ton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and myseif. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to lake some interest in my case. and, after asking mr some questions, said be hat been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the u?-e of " Dr. Hoofland's German Bit ters," prepared by you, and he insisted that I would try the Bitters He also called the next day at iny room, and insisted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one boule. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do cay I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I bad ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, winch effected much good in his case. He has often caJtcd on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other be had taken, but I have not been able to get ?ay more for him or myself ""!*! ; _j, there fore, please ship me a dozen or more es soon as pos sible. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., <Mober24.1853, says:?** Having experienced very Beat benefit from the use of " Iloofland's German itters,:'in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a auantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, Ac. Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. IIrmr?viLL?, Yadkin Co , N. C.,Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I havs -iken, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have sured me of tha most stubborn and aggravated case of the filis that, perhaps, ever fell te the lot of man. My case is not a stranger in tnis community, as I am well known in this and the surrounding counties, and can truly aav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relation*, as I had tried everything rcoommended, and nothing did me any go?>d until I was prevailed upon to try tne Bitters. You are at liberty to make any use ot this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly yours. WM. i. AT WOO P. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prortrate it, and can be used for infants as well as adults. For sals by respectable dealers everyw here, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIERPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Great PwrlAer of tha Blood I Hot * Particle of Ktrcoxy la It An Iztxalubli Rxmxdt for Scrofula, Sing's Evil, Rheumatism, Obetinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pia?l*e or Pustules on the faca, Blotches, Boil*, Ghronio Bora Eyas, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Bead, Enlargement ar.i Palu of the Bonsa and Joints, Stubborn Uloers, 8/philitio Disorders, Lumbago, Spina! Complatnte, and all the disws if arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Im prud nee in Life, or Impurity of the Blood. I^HIS Taluahle Medicine, which has beorme eel* . brated for the number of ?xtra*rdinary cures, effected through its agency, has Induced the propri stoeg, at the nrg-nt request of their friends, to off*r it to the public, which they do with the utmost con* fidenoe in its virtues and wonderful eurative prop ?rtt'S The following eertiflrates, (elected trom a large number, are, however, stronger testimony I than the mere word of the proprietors; and are all from gentlemen well known in th?ir localities, and ?f the highest respectability, many of them residing In the city of Richmond. Va. V. BOYDEN, Kso? of the Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere says he has seen < he Me& ieine called Ca&tik's Spakise Mixtckc,administered tn over a hundred o*6ee, in caarly all the diseases for which it is recommended, with the most aston ishingly good results He says it is the most ex craerd'.nary medfcins he has ?ver seen. AOCK AND IKVSK?GREAT CUKE.?I hereby aerlifr that for three years I had A&ue and Fever of the most violent description. I had several Phy iic.ins, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury, and I beheve all the ToeIcs advettised, but all with out peiinanent relief. At lart I tried Carter's Spanish M'xture, two bottles of which effectually ?J*** me. and I am happy to say I have had nei Jber chills cr fevers eiaoe. I oonaider it tha beat Tonk in this world, and the only medialne that ever reached my case. JOHN LQNGDBN. Biavia Livch, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LCCX, Icq., now la tha d:y of Richmond and for many years in the Poet Offlce, has each aonfidenoe in the s?tou!ahing effloacy of Carter's Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of bottles, which he has piven away to the afflicted.? Mr. Look says he has never known it to fail when taken aooording to directions. a practising Phyddan, and formerly of tha (Sty Hotel, in the city of Richmond, aays he has witnessed in a number of instances th? effects of Oarte?s Spanish Mixture, which ware meet truly surprising. He aays in a ease at Oonsumption, da SerfnHndeed!1* ^ ' ?ffacts wers won 8?*0*L M. DRINRRR, of tha tan of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was eared cured of Liver Ocm plaint of three years standing, by the use of twe bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. GMAT CURE Of SOROf ULA.?The Editors of the Riehmend Republican had a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled hlm from work. Two bottlss of Carter's IWL-b Mixture mads a perfect cure of him, and the ldl tors in a public notice, say they "cheerfully recom mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURB Of SCROFULA.?I had !_?7 ^oy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable R- P. and P. R. R? Co, Richmond. Va. SAW RHEUM OP TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, rasidlafr tn the cttvof ?wd by three bottlss of Oast's Spanish Mixture, of Bait Rheum, which he had for aaam tvsaty years, and which all the nhvsioians of the sfty cc-lq not cure. Mr. Thompeen is a well ?oww ?Wlnant In tha dty of Richmond/ his h msat es?arkab!e. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richmond a i eured eff Prphilis, In die worst form, by Garter's Bffrh Mixture. Ha aays be cheerfully reoom it, and considers it a vary invaluable medi EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue, says he has seen the good effects of Carter's Apamkh Mlrtmrs hi a numbsr of Syphilitic aasss, sad says tt Is a perfect eure for that horrible dlasass WM. ?. HARWOOD, ef Richmond, cured of old Bores and Ulcers, which disabled him frem walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was wail ml to walk without a crutch, In a chort time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. 88 Maiden Lane, New York. T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 1U North Beeond st. BTNN1TT A BEBRB, No. 1* Mala street, Blah "US for sale tgrOHARLBB BTOTT, Waahlagttn, D.Q; HENHY PEEL, Alaxaclrta, and by Drafts* "Sm Bi^per bottle, ov 4x bottks for (St MbSB2? 2UV courr' W by> R. M^dw, m: r. I^A.^wru COUNTERS OF BLES - M. R. I. Am IV OK TAYUfo. travelers* oumTQRY. w^WTTWfiTON BRANOH RAILROAD. CHANGE Or HOUM. If and aft* Monday, ??? ?* ** ire Washington itl and 0H al m* ead 0 OS "*>! Bn4iy itlm ?d <WP" Leave Baltimore ai <k *nd 9* ? " p m On fiundv a: ind 1M p m. . ap?3- tf T. H. PAEBOffB, Ageal Jg Mott Bedell's Lin*. ^ jTEIF YORK,ALKXAtiDRIA.WASHTNQTOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA P Jf CKFTS. THIS LINE OF PACKETS BAIL8 WEEKLY 1 from pier 14 East River, New York.and oflenet tfneceesary, Mid are composed of tiie following On* ? VpCJIt'll * New schr."JL F. JM*U, Bedell, muuf. New eehr. Mott BcdtLl, A. V. TredweU. 8chr. Ann D., VVm. Oliver, ma?trr. Bchr. f'oiant, L. A. Smith, maner. Schr. ComwuintUr in-Cktef, Woflum, tumm. Bebr. Grecwwcv, VYileon, muter. These vessels arc all fast toilers, and the mart mi men of experience in thf trade, and the only np 1m Una of Washington City packets. MOTT BEDELL, Wail street, If. Y. 8. B. MASTER* h BON8, Alexandria, Fa. THOMAS RILEY, fob I?<Jm Washington and D. C. 0&A1GE AJTD ALEXANDRIA B ATT.BOiP, On and after TMtsday, Nov. 7, THE Oara leave Alexandria daily for _ villa and Intermediate stations at TJf o'aloaft, v m., on tha arrival oi the boat from WvWoftot, firing ampl' tine ft* breakfast on board- _Co> seating ai Manawas Junetitn with a trainfor Sua* burz, at Warren ton J auction with a train tor r-nton, awl at OordcarviUe with tha trains on tha Vir^'nie Central Railroad tor Richmond, Oharlottea rills, and Staunton. _ _ .. The oara leave OorAonsvilla daily tor Alexandria and intermediate etattons, at Wbefore IS, a. m?, oa the arrival of tbe trains ot the Virginia Osatoal refl* road from Rich3?"xd, Charlotteeviua, c " THROCOH TICK IT*. From Alexandria to Warren ton _ ? 44 Gordensville ?- t 10 ? ?* Charlottesville 4 M u m Btannton......? i 00 ? ? Straeburg 8 M ? " Lynch burg.iTi m ?? Winchester ? 00 ? m Lnray..? ...4 M ?? u New Market...?? i 00 a u Middlebnrg - S Ik For Lynchburg, eoaneetingwith the rtagee al Oharlotterrilie, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and FrV \ r Lcray and New Market. connecting with tha ^agee at Cn'peper,enTuetdajf,Thursdays,andBe* ~ For Winchester da!ly, -vnaecting with tha rtafM at Piedaaont For ftildliaburg daily, oonnecting with tha atafM at the Plain#. Fei order: W. B. BROCKETT, i|Ml T?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. _?r*^ On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS Eria?rtt?Fara round trip $1; from Alas* ardria 7?? oents ?The THOMAS OOLLYER leovaa Washington at 9 ani Alexandria at 0^ o'clock. Coachee leave the Oapltol for Ue boat at I Jf o*alk. Coach f?ra '0 cants. Persons wfchlnz tha Ooachea will.leave their rat ienoe with Qro. m Tb.?e. Parker. Refr?ahments on the boat. act SS?dtf 8AM*L OEDNET, Oapt. VHK ?W YORK dh LIVERPOOL UNITED 8TATES Hail steamers. ?pHE &B1P3 CO UPRISING THIS LINE 1 TOE ATLANTI0, Capt. Went FAC1FI0, Oapt. Nye, KALT*C, Capt. Oematoek, ADRIATIC, Capt. Graflo*. Thaaa ships have been built by contract, exprear* ly for Government tarvice; every care haa baaa taken in their oonstru:tlon, as In the Engl nee la Insars streag Ji and fp*ed, and their aooommoda* tions for p*seengers are nneqoalled for aleganoa and comlbrL Price of passage free New York to Liverpool, hi flrrt cabin ? - .41* Second ^^al^.n............................TO BxclviTe nee it eitra aise state rooms M From Liverpookl.o New York ?90 and ?20. An experienced enrcron attached to each shtyw No l?ertb can be seeru^d until paid for. For freight ar pa?aa<re api ly to J.DWALD K. COLLINS ft CO, b* Well street. New Yorhi BROWN, felUPLEY * CO, UvanooL E. 0. TtOBkRTS ft 00 , IS King'a Ansa Yard, 1 JOHN MUNP.OR ft OO, 10 Rue Notre Dame dee Tktoires, GEO 2. LRAPkR, Havre. The owners of the^e ahipe will not be aoocontabia for gold, silver, bullion, rpede, jewelry, precious ? tones or metalf, unless bills af lading ai therefor. an1 the value thereof therein i nn? IS?41r Private Modical Ties tie* pn Y ? IOLOGIC A LVI jSI" OF MARRIAGE M. B. LA CROIX. Ei. D,f ALB AN 7, N. F. SO Pages and ISO Pine Plain aud Colored Iitho graphs and Plate*. Kt- Friaa only || Camta. it free of postage to all parts of the Pnirm^Q OHEAPER BOOR EYEB PUBLISUBD, and containing nearly d nbie tbe quantity at reading matter in that of tha FIFTY OkATS OR DOLLAR PCBOCATION6. It treat* on the PHYSIOLO GY OF MARKIAGB, and tha secret li.Hr mites and **ffmWr of youth and maturity, ra eulting from exoeesra, which destroy the physical and men tal powers, wkh obe-rratiens en marrisgo. its duties and disqual*9eatic.ra, and their remedies: with lithograph?, illustraung tha anatomy and physiology, and diseases of tbe rs| inctive crrana of both sexea, their structure, l and fnnctkns. A popular and ooopreb*naive f cine on the duties and oaf single and i h. .1 l-.aa?happy and trul^r-' aJ'Ixumc, i^ode cf ? curing **??"? - infol'aitous < aiwti'te ones?that? obviaticE and renjovnl?'.m^urtant hints to those wntomplatlng metrtocny, that will ovecaome ob jections to M; noan, however, should take this f portant step wi1 uout first ocnsultirg its ecmmentariea on the olaeasesand medioa" of tamalea from inlaney to old are, each i (oaily iliustratA.! by beautiful lithographic i narvons dabil'ty, tts eauses and cure, by a pr ?t oaoe eo Simula, ?alb and effectual, that tenure Is Impossible?rules tor daily managemeLt?an assay frn Spermstorrhoaa with practioal cbeervations on a aafor, and more scuoemfui mode of treatment pre aautknary hints on tha eriL* resulting from snM> 04} practice?an eaaay on all diseases arising bib Indiauation, with plain and simple rules by wbloh all parsons can cure themselves without wereury? remedies tor thoee self lnfiictad miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent 1b the VounT It Ma truthfal adviser to the married and those ocutemplating marriage. Its parnsnl to par ticularly reeommended to persons entertaining ? iret dcufcts of their physical condition, aad who an jonacious of having haiardsd the health, happinaa and privllagM io whlah svery human being is sb? Htled to. Prioe U eants per copy, or five oopiM for one dol lar. Mailed free of postage to any part of the Dni tod States. N. B.?Those who prefor may oonsult Dr La OXM spon any of the diseases upon which his boci tmO either peraoBaily or by maiL Medicina sent to any part of tbe Union according to directions, safcly packed ana carefully secured from all obeervattee. Addrees Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, No SI MaidsB lane or Post Office Box 070, Albany. N. Y. 49* Office open daily from 9 a m to 0 f m, and m Sunday from a until 0 pm. jg&- Office Removed from No. 0f Bsam Me toll Eaidea Laaa, Albany, N. Y. |T S FOB POOR AND LABORING HEN MALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet ar 1 various parts ot tbs City, aad Georretowa, ? law price?, aad tome to suit. LLOYD ft 00. BUILDING ATOMS* For sale, deliverable at the Oaaal, or WharTM ? Washington, Gaorgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD ft Oa . 10th street, opp. I? ??IT BATOJia HOUSE or PAIBO * EODEl* Oppomit Un?Ud Stat* BONDS, Stocks and othor and sold. Interest at the rate of six pet ceai W ????? ! lowed on deposits when left rot J0 Hp m l"l*' -IX CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Mwiary ence j Cavalry, its Hietory and Tactics by tain Nolan on tha Training of Cavalry Herase, ulatioBs for Yeomanry Carairy. ^ ?pM rftAWCK TAYLOR fl^HB RAu fiAO, by W. F- Willis X FeorbactiVEweace of Ohrieuanhy TA?W?

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