Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1855 Page 3
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ST A R L?c?l IntgIItg?ne?>. Lut C|IT Cosmjtiok.? delegates flW ft ?g .2 P"rJous notice, the theduL i? ?ft?n the d**?ront wards of tauter mS ?103 candid*te? for Col!e?tofl agister and Surveyor or Washington wit .t flirmonT flail, at 8 p m ?* ?? ?iSLhwt? J?Qe*' of lh? Poorth Ward, was ( Secretary q ' th? w?d, ' (Wo? ?!> ?!???*> J C'S78W8BP?J?, J LYl" ""???: 8 JM^UC' PHW K5?T^rJ^b'W^JM".^mAug Y^n^Jlf'?'"? w ,flrt' Pr?00>? Ri?*7, F ???b Hms- j? MeOrann J A-Mil,?r? N Sanderson >weLLT- 0fcddea' H#nry ??>er ' bn?Ih Ward Samuel 8 Taylor. Samuel Mr Wirt proposed Wm. J. MoCormick a* th* oan<lid*te for Register, anl he vai unanimou,]j nominated. T C*IUn Dominated Mr. Robt J. Heche aa the candidate for Collector and in th^t m?5i. afV?r a few ro?*rkf, f?Dtleman a favor, nominr tod for the eindidate for City Surveyor, Mr S. T Abert at* M?ian pre??,ed for li?e emdidato for l! SalrT*rr? Augustus F. flarvev after explaining teat gentleman's qualifica tions and political character. n rJfnJn*01^1 B,0T?d f? Uk? thO ?te On this Dp imn L7M "ld "*?! to. i "dressed the convention at some Lj ?,?1th" nomin*tion of Mr. Abert, rginf hia well-known high professional qual tfleabooa, and the importance of electing to tbebwt qualified gen wV if? ??.a j ^ Icd?c?<l to take the offioe. ? nj d b*forethe convention son iZ. r*ere endorsing Mr. Ilarveys quslifica tons for the office; which having been read the convention wen: on to ballot for a candidal v#77, aDd Abert recelved 32 T-'es, and Mr Harvey 2 votes. < a motion of Mr M?hnn the nomination of Mr Abert was dec.ared unanimous On motion of Dr. Magruder tho chair was directed to appoint a commi-.tee of one from eaoh ward to notify the nominees ef the ac tionofthisoom^iTtce with reference to them name Mlf M 0D* of the eiid Jn^ Chair thereupon announced the follow ingas the said committee. First Ward, Dr ?rp ^ond WMd. N Callan; Third 1 Tonei: Fifth:tfourth Ward, Dr. Wm. ^>-^ard' John M Wirt; Sixth Pauithny. ' ??'h W,rd -21525? ?f. JLr R?,,cllffe' U>? P-I?r> Id wash.ngtob city friendly u the cause of the Sat? reqaMtcd 10 **bli* these XoNeir ?0T*J thst the committee to aotify the candidates of their several nomina tions prepare and publish an address to the voter., of Waahmgton, basieg this motion on r??a?- aU^d haakraptoy of the Coloration had been brought ahout bv the aal admiaiatralion of the Know Nothing ma jority m the Conncil. a;1'" ?ddr??*d the convention at eome !a favor of this motion BeIt addr??wd the convention. ZJnrI lh9.imP?Jt&*c* of active exertions to secure a frinmph at the approa-^hing election On motion of Mr. i-'cNeir. the convention c^M^nT^^ly thanked the officers for the effi !at,^?ctory manner in which they had discharged their dutiea. TLe convention then adjourned. Stiajtboat Excrasions asd Pic-wics -The season for them has arrived, and already par ties have thus erjoyed themselves TheV&re many rcore in project; thus off.rding adult! as well as children a healthful means of re laxation and of pleasnre. ?KTh#KEan<i\l 0o?oolchi,dr?E ofSt MaMhjw's church, on Monday, had a delightful excar iion and jojous May festival, leaving tho citv iu th* steamer (ieorge Washington bat n? account of the crowded state of our'columns H^nVri0^1170?mpftl,ed to defer the pub ?uull?V of "d ? ?"g??mpaD, of (iermans, yesterday, at the cottage on the road leading to the Congrejsiocal cemetery fhT/rrfIC 18 6 wood*. *'jjacent to the city; and ' ^ . m?r?Jng' we notioed omnibuses Crowded l" D?nd B,hWdktb,ir *dalt fri?d?,e.un The wirT.^A ?atI(uJ "Wy of edibles. nil I' "" :ukn ,aa -ob Th? Ft5bbal or W. W. S. KEan took place yesterday afternoon The remains were fol lowed to the Congressional Cemetery by Co lumbian Eneampment and Washington Lodge, and other members of the IOO r , and like wise by the Washington Light Infantry, oi which organisation* no was an efficient and justly esteemed member. The funeral services were oonduoted at the late residence cf the deeeased in a truly impressive manner, by ths Kiv Mr. Holmead. At tho tomb the usual rites of the Odd Fellows were observed, P <}. William Bond officiating as chaplain. The Infantry fired a volley over the grave, when the procession returned to the city. Mr. An thony buckiy was the undertaker, and con ducted the arrangements in a manner highly creditable. - CoMjiissioasas or Elbctioh at Albwb ski*.?In publishing, yesterday, the lict cf commissioners of eleotisn appointed by the Court at Alexandria, for the gubernatorial roll, we omitted those for the Fourth Ward, we republish the list, to-day, complete : For the First Ward?A. D. Waxfield, R W. Wheat, Q. W. Maxwell, O. W Walker, conductor. Second Ward?C. F Buttle, C. 8. Price, Geo. L Deaton; Jos. Padgett, conduotor. Third Ward?Geo. Davis. Cbas Koones. J P Smith; S N Chipley, conductor Fourth Ward?W. W Harper, I. Buckingham, J B. Dangerfiold ; S, Davis, conductor. Rural precinct?E P. Upton, W Minor, II Ball, S. Ball, oonduetor. HsBTisa or the Vbio* Absoclatiob ? Last night the Union Arsociation crowded Harmony 11 ell again The President C. P. Wannall. Esq , was in the ohair, and Mr. Wm Kirk acted as secretary. Able and in Interesting speeches were delivered by McNer liany, Jadge Johnson, Ratcliffe. Dr. Magru der and Morgan, all against Know Nothing ism In the course of their proceedings the nominations made by the convention of their friends, sitting in another room of the llall, were announced, snd they were enthusiasti cally received, and Mr Roobe the candidate for eolleetorship. having been called out, made a few remarks, appropriate for the occasion. Pobqbby ast) Abbest.?Yesterday, officers Bishop and Plowman, ot Baltimore, came to this eity in pursuit of a young man named Courtney, who is accused of being aooessory w the obtaining of $?00, by means of a forged check on the Fanners and Commercial Bank of Baltimore Officer Kimbel, of this city, to geiher with the officers from Baltimore, yes terday arrested the accused party, and he was taken back to Baltimore, in the 4J o'clock train of ears We perceive by the Baltimore papers iha: he was there conmmitted to jail to await a farther examination. Ab Old OrrtcBB?Yesterday, in the Cir cuit Court, during the trial of the ease ol Mackall vs. the Corporation of Georgetown, the venerable John Mounti. Esq , Clerk of ths Corporation, was called to the stand as a wit ness. and gave a very el ear and definite state ment of tbe eoneerns of the Corporation foi years p \*t Mr Mounts is ?4 years of age. and has been Clerk of the Corporation 64 years. ?? Bukeb Hill.?Odd Fellows' Hall has beei erowded during the past week with delighted spectators, witnessing the interesting and in struHive diorama of the battle of Bunker Hill The exhibition will positively close on Satur day Thb Mutch. Buuit am- Loa> Airocia S^iKES'.10 notice, held a meet. ?fj^ ^ r*Vhe hftU of lh? Medical Col F *nd I2th at "hioh ?u.T' r 7 toet8V? we? Copied, wih a j fotare active operations Dr. P How ard acted w chairman. and Albert P Douglass secretary of the meeting. oth?r tusioeM transacted, wu the appointment of a committee consisting of v!""?* ?? Ja?*?. John Claggett. Dr. Van Patten, Richarl Barry, and Dr F. How ard?to receive subscriptions to tho stock of the Association. A large number of persens were present, ao*l muoh spirit manifested in relation to the enterprise. Thi? association diffsrj somewhat fron others of a similar obaraeter, we beliove, in that it is proposed to wind up its operations within a fivrn time, end is more mutual in its objects he money to be loaned wili be at an interost of six per cent. Northf.rk Liberties' Exgikb Douse ?We learn that Messn Bald-in A Nenrimrbp e prepared a plan fcr the proposed North Lib r ties engine-hr>u?e, which is to be located in the neighborhood of Seaton's Garden?$3 000 atv ?ng been appropriated by the fitv Councils tfifcr for'thT ?f th? 6j.fe Bi(iderf' ?re t0 totfcl and ProP08^ rotating to "*e same will bo usued daring next woe^ fee-!n8w^nVho?e front twenty-eight d?n T? avenue, and be fifty feet hVrr> w ?at*anc? to the engine house will vnt^i \Vk *v?nt?> and t0 that part de Tsri,i 1/ -iiKw l purposes on L street. . ? Dg w 1 be three "tones high, with a bell tower in front. Tho lower story (front) s to be painted in imitation of stone: and the npper part of the structure to be of hand some pressed brick. Corrkctio*.?" We understand that the Union Association of Washington last even ing nominated for City Collector, Mr R.J. R?ohe; for City Register, Mr. Wm. J McCor miok; and for City Surveyor, Mr. Abert ivaf. Intel **WM not the I nion Association of Wash ngton which nominated tho*e candidate?, but a convention of delegates elected by oiti?ens of the several wards opposed to the Know Nothing organiiation. t ?r THE p*acb ?The docket at Jus.ioe Clark ? office gircs the names of Jas 1. ..a" RJaD- who were arrested for a breach ot the peace They were required to give security to behave better. Jos. John son and Hm. Chase, two ooloreJ men, were playing, but using each other rather roughly g0T, ^gl7- and ran t0 jQ8tice Clark's J?5* Bc'h : afraid to leave, the Justice heli tlem to bail fur peace Receiving a Reward.?This morning, offi cers A R Allen, William Coxe, and A E L JW e^T* frora U 8 Marshal Hoover a ok for $o0, as a reward for apprehending, several nights ago, th3 prisone? William White, who broke jail. No reward had bee- offered bur the compensation which has been given whs oarned by those vigilant and effi cient cm-ers. Stealing ?The colored boy, John II. Fer guson, who was arrested for stealing a pocket book containing $7 50, was to have been tried yesterday at Justice Clark's office; but the witnesses not coining forth, it is probable ho wi.l be dismissed for want of evidence. Alarm ?The elarm of fire last right was caused by the burning of a okiciney in E near Tenth street. Cardsi s Mat Ball, last night, waa a do igatful affair; and was rqual, in point of at traction, to 'he very many of its well remera j bered predecessors. Watch Rstprus ?Ja*. Gates, disorderly work house 30 dayb. Mary Baker, do; do' Lucretia Qibbi, colored, do; do John Evans do; dismissed GEORGETOWN' CORRESPONDENCE Ceohsrtowh. May 9, 1355 The political quiet whioh has pervaded our lown nearly ever since our last election is des tined likely scon to be broken From present indications, we think it more th?n probable -ban the special committee appointed several weeks ago to revise our city ohartcr, will make thetr report to the Ccancils on Friday evening next for tneir action before being submitted to the peop.o. From all we can gather, the report wi.l bo substantially the revised charter* ;--nicb was submitted to the pe >r !e. and hy The only difference doubtlen, will be a clause providing for the election by the poople of several officer? of the Corporation, which wore not enumerated in thei one which was rejected, vix: Clerk and assistant clerk cf the Corporation, markers i and inspectors of lumber, guager of liquors j inspector of salted provision, weigher o^ hay,' flour inspector, wo.d mea*nrers, and several o.cers of minor importance. Tho whole value of the real and personal f ?!u ?Qr city' 8" 8PP*ar8 the re turns of the assossors, is $3 509 400 Th?s amount falls some half a million of dollars belowecrne ci our estimates, and doubtless at least that amount below the expectation of a majority of our oitiiens. In 1825 when our flour trade only reached seme 70,000 to 80 000 barrels per annum, and when the general business of the town was far short of what it lsinow, before our canal was completed, and wht-n the number of our inhabitants only reached about 7,000, to say nothing o! the Qtta?tity of very valuable property which has been erected sinoe that time, and the multitude of streete which have been im proved, it amounted to $2,?8C,3ll. From this showing?if the above-mentioned officers have equaJued the assessments, which we havn t a doubt about?there can scarcely be any necessity for a board of appeals, or at least but very little for them to do. 1 fW? i?VhMW/,,therJ ta' " does not friend Kid well from dispenaing to our citi sens bis indispensable summer luxury. In almost every direction h's wagons may be seen well laden with ioe, of the purest and most solid obaraeter. The following property, belonging to the estate of the late William Nelson, of Fairfax county, Va , was sold yesterday by K 8 Wright, auctioneer: Part of lot No. 14, on Market Space, with brick dwelling, to James NeJson for $1,450; lot No. 18, square 58, cor ?,?r and L streets, near the Cir cle, Washington, to Thos. Hunter, a? 9in. per ?quare fx>t-$175 The following was offered but withdrawn : Whole lot, No 1?, fronting fio feet on Bridge street and (16 on Prospeot street, with brijk tavern, at 12,900. Part of lot No. 4!t. with brick house, on Bridge street, near market-house, part of the estate of the late Richard Davis, was also withdrawn at $2 000. W. II Godey, W. II. Tenney, and A. H. i lekrell were, by the joint meeting of our City Councils last night, elected the Board of Appeals on the first ballot. Many of the fishermen upon the Potomac are cutting out their nets and returning home. ?e regret to learn that the suooessful ones among them are but few. The flour market this morning is firm and active, at $10 50, with an upward tendency. Sales yesterday and this morning several hun dred barrels standard brands at the above figures; $1125 offered for family, and re fused Wheat has also advanced There is but very little arriving?a good article would readily demand $2 43a$2 45 for red, and $2 50a$2 80 for white Corn, $1 05a$l 08 A i till further advance in the price of beef cattle occurred yesterday. A lot of forty head seld at $7 on the hoof, equal to $14 nett. Sheep, we learn, has also considerably ad vanced in price Spectator THOMSON'S MILITARY FORCEd ANDIN *t tuuons of Great Britain, 1 vol, London, 1855 Dupin'ii Military Force of lireat Britain, a volumes, transited from tbe French Th? Queen's Orders and Refutations for the Amy, a vols, London, 185-1 War Office Kegtilauons and Directions, 1 vol, Leu don Military Finance, Warrants and Regu!ation* for the Hrniy, 1 vol, London Rfg.mental 8tanning Orders, Finance, Military Law i ,'1 vo,? Loedon eUl\? #*' ?? the attack, strengthening, and defending of outposts, bouses, bridges, Sic , 4tb edition, i vols, Uwdon !*o.n on A< r^ and ihe Cuast d?-f.*ces of Syria, by ?>.>...? ! C^ AIder?o?, I voJ.Loadoa il !lf. V ta,i 2^'^epby, 1 vol, London ln-uu<. tion? and Regulation- for Heavy ordnance, 1 vol, WoolrKli. 1 **1 * . FRANCK TAYLOR. rr~rA*P TO TH* LAI>r?H ?OOOD NKW8 FOB THI BIOS. D*. DC'POIfOO'S OOI.DKH MONTHLY PILLS, 4be beat and mKl Infallible rimMf erer dlacovered for re lieving and curiae all painful, distressing, and difficult man MruUon, ?nd removing all periodical oWri.i-tlon*, acd Ir arising frcm wli?m?r mom. These PlUs ar? a coMBiati TBtCMPR IK MKTtfOAL 84 , ,\cr. They are preparod by a pr ocean which conc?ntrat*? the I ijredlentsluio a amall balk, thai rendering It snneeeesary f.r delicate female* to take large iIikn of n<mmni drug*. Dr. Puponco'* Pill* are the reeult of over THIRTY YEARS' RXPIUtKHQI In tlie treatment of the disease* of females.? They here been advertised for a little over one year, rot . sbvkrai THorsANn boxks hare already Wen aula, and the demand fcr ?hM* rajiMIr In ere*see wherever they become known. They bare been Uioronghly tried to Washington. and fonnd to act like * charm. Sold by all Prugrist* In Washington, Georgetown and Al iftDdiit, Vi. mar 1?eoSnj ? j"/* WOBB gVIDKNCK.?We have just l>*en Informed by , * P^ntlem*1! rr',n! country -vi'li a larje family that ne ha* had a ^reKi m.oij- attacks of 8ni,.mor Complaint, tut not in one instance ha* he failed In mating a perfect cure In '??* than 24 hours, with l'.AKEK'S PREMIl M HITTERS ? He believe* also, thut >S0 would not h. ve paid hi* doctor'* bill wltl,'.lit the KHere. He say* he never Intends to do wtthont It In hl? family. HI*name will be used if required, bat not wiehlng It published. Price 5C centa per bottle To l>e had of CH ABLK.H STOTT k CO. Waahlngtou, D. 0., OANBY k HATCH, and SETH 3. H ANCK, Baltimore, and by Droffflsta everywhere. way 7?eoSt fTT?O<?0n MRDIPlNKfl.?It Is estimated that ATKl'8 M CHERRY PBCTORAI, and CATHARTIC PII.L9 have ?me more to promote the public health than any othar onel e?r.-e. There can be on question that tlie Cherry Pectoral liaa l>y lt? thousand on thousand enra* of Colds, Coughs, Astb 10*. Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Ac., very much reduced the proporthm of deaths fn in consumptive diseases In this Country. The Pills are na ^ood as tho Pectoral, and wll cure morecomplaluta. Everybody needM more or less purging. Purge the blood fr<.in Its Impurities. Purge the Bowels, Llvor, and the whole visceral system from obstructions. Purge out the dlAett*e*i which ftbsteu <?n the bo-ly, to work Its decay. But f'?r diseases we should die only of old age. Take authlote* early and thrust It from the system, before It Is yet too strong to yield. Ayer's Pills do thrust out itlsease, not only whiie It Is Weak, hut when It has taken a strong hold. Bead the a? tonndlng statements ft thoao who have been cured by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, l lcers. Skin diseases, Rheu matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Pains. Bilious Com plaints, Hexdaehc, Heartburn, Gout, and many less dange rous )>ut xti!l threatening ailments, such as pimples on the face. Worms, Nervous Irritability, Loss of appetite, Irregn ? "'/1'B?** in lt,e head, Colds, Fevers, Dysentery, and Indeed every variety of complaints for which a Purgative Remedy Is required. These are no random statements, but are authenticated by y"0> own neighbors and your own physician*. Try them once and you wi!l never be without them. Price 25 cents per box?6 boxes for $1. ^Prepared hy DB. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mew.,? And told ?' ?; GILMAW Waahlngtnii. ?. M. LINTHICVM, Georgetown. JA8. COOK k CO., Fredericksburg, and by all DrugglsW everywhere. may S-eolm (?y" 'R.utWMa AT thr pairs.?wniTKHi Bsrs in ascendance.?Tho Juries of each of the late ?Irs at Baltimore, Rtchmibd, and New York awarded their JW** premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho togrephs. Stereoscopes and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don. and a premium at Crystal Pslace, New York. Alio, the flrst awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. .?wWh,?'i"?r,,t * Qa,,?ry *n tola city is on Pa. sronne. betw. i% an<t?iu streete. 17 PHENOMENA IN MEDICINK.?Rronchitia, Cough Dyspeosla. I.iver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac?For all dlsoaeon of the Female System It stands ptVeminent. A Olergyman Just Informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON S VBOKTABLK TINCTUBK?By 1U mild ac tlon on this storaaco, li^ er and kidney*, will cure Dyspep sia, Oougli, Ast!ima, Bronchial and Lung Affections Talna In the Back, Bide and Br?a*t, Consumption, Scrofula^ Rlieu matlam, (Joot, Neuralrla, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Pllea, Worms, I Nervous Debilities?with all disease* arising rrom impure blood, and Is the greateet female medicine ev "r known. Tn'a Invaluable medicine ts working wonder* upon the human frame. See advertisement to-day. mar 7 D OILMAN, Druggist, has removed to 528 8erenth street, oppt.*lte to the Patriotic Bank, and U now pre pared to nil all order?^?r il ? Iicir.o*, PaluU, Oils, and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's preecrlptlens at all houra of tlie day and night. The night bell I* on the right of the store door. ap 14?ltn jy-T?RB. KOOFLAND'3 CELEBBATED GEBSIAN BIT TBBS. There are few thing* which adbrd us greater pleasure than S'tting down to write a notice of the celebrated H*>of UndGerm in Bitter*, becanne we are fully conscious we are oonferrinp a public benefit, and our heart tells us that by our notice- m*uy have been ludnced to take these Bitters, ?nd been rescue<l from death by dyspepsia, llrer complaint, Ac., for the enre of which it 1* certain It is prepare>l and ?old ouly by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at the German M?dlclD? Store, No. ISO Arch street, Philadelphia. Stee ?1vertiaeneat. mar S Im |V~?=*A 8BCBKT FOR THE LADIES?HOW TO PRESERVE Beauty.?Don't use Chalk, Lily White, or any of the *o-called co imetica, to conceal a faded or &.ill.>w complexion. If yon would have the roses brought back to your cheek, a clear, healthy and transparent skin, and life and vigor in fnsed through the sj-eteni. Krt a bottle of Corter's 8|>aiil*li Mixture, and take it according to directions. It does not taste quite ??? well as sweet meat a ; but, if a?ter a f*w doses yon do u?<t find yoor health aiid Iteanly reviving, yorir step feladtic and vigorous, and the wliole system refreshed and lnvlg .rated like a Spring nornlnc, then your case is hope leas, and all the valuable certificate* we |toae??*a, go for naueht. It i* the gi?atest puriher of the blood known, I* perfectly h?i mle**, and at the tiimt time powerfully effica cious. . ?.?See advertisement. f[ /?SiiAH W A I.EER k CO., Marblo Hall Clothing Empo rium, under Brown** Hotel, re*pectfuiiy announce that their di*|day of Mpring and Humuier Clothing 1* now refcly for iusp^cUon, cornerialng ao ui*ortme:jt of C?at.i, VesU and Pantaloons of the newcat and richest designs In material, trimming and workrr aushlp. To gentlemen who ikudy excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dres? <in ooportr.nlty for *e!fs ting I* offered froai one of the I?rge?t and njoat attractive at.?cl: of gooda ever offere-l lu #U* city It a very reduced acalc ap 17 Vcs 8mi ttxare* receives a'l thourxr Book* and Slew* Mpers as fan M ; uhliahcd. He 1* a^ent for Harper'* an lull Iheotier Magaxiuea, ai. i ,mr r&aler* will alwavn Ci.d a% :irge and good aiu.r-mc.t of B'mk F.ooi? and Stat'i ,nei/ at hla Uo- <store. 0<l?-'n Building, c.?r Pa. avenue and at. ] ? ??? ?? ? 1 ? w. ' Wanta, I WANTJ.D.?TWO HANl>H, while or black, and a man and hi* wife, by the year, to wofk on a larin pear the District. * Alio, woultl hirr (;ruirchaic a second hand Canal Boat. Call bet wtcn 9 and yo'.'lock, daily, at the office of LLOYD H CO , oppt-eiie the Treasury, may 8- tf 13ili WANTED?A SUPERIOR YOUNG F if KM IJ Cow, wiih or without her calf, lor which a fair pi ice will b * given. Aadrww Bos 289, City 1'ast office. _ iuny8-:n WANTED?A COUK TO DOTFc CWiKYvC for a small family and farm people. ALo, a woman to wa>h and irm and do the h msewnrk ior a nit.ill lannly. (.Vdurrd women from the country [trefcrn*d. To t?n?*h as can do the work and are well r?eomnirn<leit good wage* will be given. Ap 1'ly at Locust Hill Kami, 7ih street road, two miles ?fom the General l'o>t <kflee. may 7 3t* \XJ ANT E I) -a I'AKTNKtl TO W?',tK A 7 * Sione Unarry and contract for saiu of iStont to Gov) rnmerit and othT-", there being now greatdc man.i for i*tone. Thia Uuarry is immediately oppo tite Ceorget wn. F,ar^i* phanly, blacksmith shop, and ev. ry im|4ement on the Fpot. Ti ts quarry fur pichrs th? b? ?t and large- t truck Stone, &,c. A H iiow offeied. Call or write to LLOYD Si CO, Fifteenth alrtet, eppo. the Treasury, may 3?tf . W"ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can ??et a lot 21 feet front by 13d feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7ill st., abovs Odd Fellows' Hail. ap 2? ?3ui JOH\ FOX, Sec. WANTKD?A MOMrijrnK FILE OF TIIE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR sinee ns publication up to the present date, for which a liberal |?rit*e will be paid if s.ntto this office, au 3?tf Boarding. Boarding?three or four persons, or a small family, can be accommodated during the recess of Goflgrem, at No 55 5 New Jersey avenue, west side, near the Capitol, may 8?3t* BO AUDI NO.?One fine large front room, with 511 adjoining chamber, handsomely furnished, suitable for a family or several young men. Also, Chambers larger than nre generally appropriated to single cntlemen, with board, on reasonable terms. The situation is hi*h and hem thy, and in tlie iinne diate neirhborhood of the 1'atent Office, Post Office, and Indian Bur au. Transient ar.d table boarders can be also accommodated by application to No. 3 Union Row, F street, between 6th aud 7th sts. may 7?Iw* IVO T I C 1C?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND Chambers, with board. Aleo, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boardera. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4U st. ap23-3in BOAKD, Ac?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort wdl be made to ren der those comfortr ble who niay favor her with their patronage. ap 5_tf U. S MARINE BAND. 1M1E undersigned would resjteatfuHy inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, ana the public gene rally that by applying to him at the Marine Barracks, or at his reaidehce. on E, between 9th and 10th sis east, or by note at Hilbua ft. Hitx s Music Depot, they can obtain the services of the Marine Band, 01 a portion of it either as a bras*, reed or cotillon band, which will embrace Louis Weber's unrivalled P??y' ? ' F. SCALA, Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, ap 30?lni* 4. B. THOMPION, MERCHANT Tlf LJ) R , Ha* removed to his old stand, MoffiTs Building. 4% street, oue door north of Shillingtons Bookstore, where he would be p'eased to serve his friends and tin; public. may 3?2w FRENCH LANGUAGE & DRAWING. CCOMPLETE and thorough instruction in the > above branches will be given on motlerate terms by a French Gentleman, a graduate of th? Polytechnic Schocl, of Paris. The advertiser i. bearer ot the highest testimonial* of success in teaching. Address tlie Initials F. T., City Post Office, op 27?dim For Bate and Eaxrt. Brick dwelling fob bale ?with ample ground* attar hod, (Lot* No. 21,92 and 23, in Square 38?, 10 000 feet of ground,) containing nil rooms, kitchen, dry cellar, pump of excellent water m the yard, stables, 8ic , tiiu tied on F and 10th streets snut.i, (Island.) There being <ufficlert ground?, a'l of which arc improved by fine fruit arid sha e trees, the Dwelling will be .old scparat* ly, Or with the adjoing lots. For further particulars in quire of CIIAS. 8. WALLACH, Attorrry at Law, Louisiana arcruc. ?lay 0 (Intel] FOR SALE?A FLOURISHING DRUG STORE with a complete assorted stork nf !? drugs, in one of ihe best locations in Wast, ngton, D C. The present owner being on the p?ir.t of leav ing witl ^r.ll at a very reasonable price Any r?nc who hss a thorough kn^wfet'ae ?f the business and ihe nccsssary gratifications of the business will find it a rare chance. Address "H S," Box 1C6, Wash ington city may 9?lw* FOR RENT?THE SMALL FRAME two-story II<>use, No. 479 Thirteenth afreet, writ side, two doors south of Pa. avenue. Ft is nest and com fotable. Poscseion given immediately. Apply at |*te Star Offl?e. may 8- tf For sale?thecounter and fixtures of my store They are suitable for most any business, and will bo sold a bargain. Persons wish ing them will |M?.ase call soon nnd examine tbe?n at my store, Penn* avecUe, twar Third wtieet, north i-ide. FREDRICK RUPP. m y 8- 3t FOR SALE-SEVERAL ELIGIBLY LOCA ted nnd conveniently constructed frame lipases can be bought cheap and on p'easing trrins, mi ap plying, bv letter or in person, to ? WM II. WOODWARD, may 7 ? 1 w* No. 310 Sixth street west. FOR RENT?A THREE-STORY FRAME Hottre on 8th, between M and N street*, con taining eight rooms, with bath house. Terms mod erate to a puactnal tenant. Inquire of J. W. Hicks City Post Office, or Wra. Parham, No. 401 Tenth street. may 7?3t For r e n t? a tiiree-story brick House, No. 383 L street north, between 15th and ICth streets, containing eight rooms within 5 minutes walk of the Departments. Cent ?200 per annum. Enquire at the Bank of may 7?3t? PAIRO & NOURSE For rent- a new three story frame House, with brick basement, containing nine rooms, with pump of excellent water in the yard, situated on 224 street, First Ward, near intersection of K street with Pa. avenue. To a good tenant the terms wjll h?; moderate. Apply on the premises, or to R. A. WATERS, at his Printing Officc, D, betw. 9th and 10th sts. may 5 -1 w* A LARGE FRAME HOUSE, WITH BFICK back building and lot adjoining, on the corner of 14th and D streets, in Square 25^, part Lot No. 5 will be offered at private sale, until May 15t>?, and if not sold will be sold at public auction. Apply to ANDREW J. JOYCE, may 2?tf No. 477 Fourteenth st. I^OR RENT.?Twohandsomely furnished Houses, j containing 15 rooms in one, ar.d 9 iu the oth- r, ia a desirable location fronting on public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on II, corner of H and Eighteenth streets, with liath room1', &e., will be rented on reasonable Urms to good tenant*, ap 13?1m* ALU ABLE REAL ESTATE FOR~SAL~tT^ The block of buildings known a.- til" '?Union Building"*," nnd now occup-ed by the Union irws paper establishment. Tbey are situated on E ?tr?*et between 13th and 14th streets, and fronting directly on Pennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 feet front by 159 feet deep. The property i' susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its positi n such as must rank it among the best business stands cn tiie avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of tlie present lessee expires on tiie 1-t Septem ber next, on which day possession may be had. Abo, that large three-story Brick House on 17ih street west, (opposite the War Office and three doors south of G str*j* t.) Also, that three ttory House on 17th street west, next door to the Government Buiidint*, at the corner of F and 17th streets Should the above property r.ot be sold at private ?r,ie prior to the 15th of May, it will be on tbal day at public auction. Term- \vi:l be nwidc favorable t? the purchaser. Ajtp'y to OH. !I WINDER, Cor:>rr of Seventeenth and (2 streets, mar 1!)?2aw; ?!?] 19 For rent, that handsome three sti ry brick House, with three porches on one side, and two porches in front, ard flower gar<'f n in front, now in the occupancy of Mr. R. B. Ilugh<s, on 12tb street, (Island,; between II and Ci-lretis. Rent lLOdtraie lo a csieful, prompt tenant. The house, con'ain* 10 to m*. JOHN L. SMITH, Attorney ut Law, may 7? eo3t* 8th street. Furnished rooms.-mrs.g. anderson has ;ever:d furnished Rooms which she wishes to rent: f-ituated over the Music and Smtie-nery Store, see .'r.d door from ihe Kirk wood House. Pa. avenue. apll?eoi.a T ,'nK SALEZA TWt i STORY Brirk IK >U 4E JP on tli coi ner of Prospect and Frederic^ <i.ets Georgetown, now occupied by Mr John W. ilro nauzu. For information apply to Mr. J \ tf ES M1L LFR, Maik-1 st , l>etw. 4ih and 5th, Georgetown, ap 25?Iaw5w* inLLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of V fers at private ?ale the villa in which she at present resides, wnh eight acn-s of land, *:tuated at Ellaville. on the Washington and Baltim< re Turn pike Road. The h use is new, wiili all liic modern improvements, and the situation has many m!vant ages for pernor s engaged in business in Washington ss it is withiufive minutes' walk ??f the Iliad- n-btic* Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an nnibus running iwicc a Hay between Washington and f!ll t ville. A;tplieHtion to be made to the subscriber, li\inn cu the premises. MARY S. VASti. mar 27?2a?tt ^1 rALU AHLE AND ELIGIBLY "SITUA TED \ Buildi..^ Lot at Psivate Sale.?Tli'? -tibicril>er will s?!l, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Square N<>. 4H,(ronting 'J9 feet 4 inch on li t-treet south, by 91 feet ineh ?n Eighth street west. The Lot will be sold in whole or in par's, t > suit purchasers. Terms accommodating, i CHAS. S. WALLAOIl, Attorney, ap 30 -?r?4w* opposite we^t wm<? City iIa.ll. tJOR RENT ?THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC ' cupir.d by Barnes 6i Mitchell, on Pa. evenue, between 8?h and 9th streets. Possession five a on 15th May next, on which time the present lea.-c ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Rsq , of !h;.: rity, j or th0 eubecriber. 4iCott*s?," M..ntg"inerv county, Md. THOS. CONNELLY, ap 23?1 f For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mr*, SMITH'S, 833 r street ap9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully ami healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feel deep, on graded street*, can, until spring, be i<ought at the exceeding low price of $7a, payable ;k>i I month. Title iiidistmtahie. Union l.and Office. 7tb st., above ? ?dd Fellowo' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Sooreuirv Rents reduced to sitit the times $150 a year will bg received fyr tiie rent oi those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ol pure water are near the door, and commuuicat on is hat with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh ttreeu and Pcnn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at th< usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in th< departments. To secure the advantage of this great reducttor of rent immediate application must be made to th< undersigned, either by letter, or at his house ai Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keyt may be h&d and the houses itspertod at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libera terms. WM STICK key, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?RenU paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tf C~1lOCK8, WATCHES AND JEWELRY Opened this day, forty different styles ol C.oeks Good Clocks $1 25. Fine Gold VVatches, $22 warranted. Jewelry cheaper ihan aver. Call and see for yourselves at J. ROBINSON'S, No. 349 opposite Browns' Hotel. may 1?dim MRS. L. ALLEN, 305 Pa. avenue, between Ntnth^^t mR a| and Tenth streets, tonfh side, 1 ^^?'Will open on Saturday, 7th instant, a (P* most exten?-ive and beautiful assortment of Spriiu MILLINERY, consisting of Crape, Silk, Lace Spotted Crape aud Grass Linen HATS, incliwiin; Straws of every description. Also, Misses' Drea Hats and Flats, fcc. L. ALLEN, ap 4? PIO NICS. THOSE going Oil Pic Ni.*s or Excursions tlii summer should not fail to supply tliemsel ve> with GAUTIftCR'4 SPARKLING SUGAR, The new substitute for Soda Water, may 4- eo3t BONNETS, FLATS ANti RIBBONS WE have now on hand a very large and genera assortment of Ladies' and Missea" tesi BONNETS, CbUdren's FLATS, Boys' an.;B|g5 Men's HATS. MT Also, a handsome afsortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, Flowers, Wreaths, Tarlions, Mai eelune Florancaa, P.ushas, &c., to be sold at ou sually low prices. W. EGAN lb SON, 383 r. aide Pa. avenue, near 7th strce*. ap 30?2w * Auction Sales. Bjr JA8. O. H(OUIft?, Auctioneer. CORPORATION STOOK AT AUCTION?ON FRIDAY Iftcnrna, May 11th, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rnnm^, f *hall sell ? ?L? 00 Corporation of Washington Slock 2,."j00 tU> Oftown do Term* cash, in current funds. JAS. C. M.-CUIH, m%j9 Auctioneer. By J. O. MeUUlIilC, Autllontcr. CLOSINGOUT KALE OF HALL A BROTH cr's Stork of Dry Goo.Js.? On MONDAY morn ing. May 14th, eommvnci?!!! at 10 o'clock, cn wc or.d floor of llaii U Bro's More, on S. vvmiJi street, I shall ??!! a quantity of Goods, leil ?.n hand by fa;!?iro of purchasers to comply w ith th-^ t-rniaof :-alp. r.wonntiti j in trsiuc to abeft $5,0u), a:ii ccm Krising? re?s Silks of varinns pattcrnj Whit" Crape, Cafbintre, and Bay Stat Sjawls Embroidered Muslms, B^r^s*^. Lawns Delainrr. flotiery, Manriil- s Cum in Mr !?<, Shirtinri Ca^ini'T' s, Vesting--, Cloths Velvet, Pn?s<r| -. thrrr p'y and ingrain Carpets Cant-in Matting, Rugs, Sl j The above will be wild in lots to suit. Terms: $100 and und rcanii; ov-r tint awn a credit of 2, 4, and 6 moctb?, lor notcc .satisfactorily wdorsed bearing interest J AS. C. McGUiRE, may 9?d Aactionfer. By ORKKR dt 8COTT, Anettoueer*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON CAPITOL Hill at Auction.?<?n TUESDAY, the 15th in staut, wo s hall stll, in front v,f the pffmiac*, at ft o'clock p m , weft half of Lot %o. 25, in Square No 7-28, bavins a front ou notih A slrec' 23 fort 1114 inch05, run ong hack io a thirty fict alley 127 fret 8Ujinches,h.''twee i Fir.-t and S.*cnd rtrreU east. The shove described projwriy is Itam'fooirly lo cated near the Capitol. Terms: One-third cvh; tin: bdance in 6 and 12 months, lor n;<tes bearing interest tram the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trmt taken GREE.f fc SCOTT, may 0?d Anc; kmeers. By GiiBICn *. SCOTT, Auctioneer! VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT CORNtfi of Thirteenth str<*et and nortii L at A action ? On WEDNESDAY, the IG'li instan', we fhali sell, in front of the premises, at f?J4 o'clock p in , part of Lot No. 1, in -qnare No 2-17, having a front on the west s;de of 13th street weut, next to the corner of north L street, running bick 100 feet It will be di vided In four building lots, which will be sold or.c with the privilege. The ahoy* described property is handsomely lo cated, laving an east front perfectly traded and paved. Persons wishing to purchase a handsome b:Mding lot will do well to attend the <-ale. Verms: One quarter cash ; balance in 6.12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest tVom the Jay of rale. A deed gi^en and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, nay 0 ?IVFSMTu W Auctioneers. By JAr. C. 91cQUIRE| Auctioneer!. fyiKCSTKK'S SALE Or VALUABLE arid eli i_ piblv situated House and Lot on M??yland ave nue, between 4)? and 6th street; west.?By t'irtue of a deed ot trust bearing dateon the 3 li day of Feb ruary. IK',3, and recorded in Liber J. A. S . No 62, foiios 83. Ike., the subscriber will sell, at public 9;?le on THURSDAY, the 31?t day of Mnv 1835. a? 5U o'clock, p m , on the premises, a!l that piece or par cel of ground lying and being situate in th* eitv of Washington, and known and diiliiyrishrd as Le* Q. in the subdivision of Lot- No?.7, P, 9. 10, anil 11 in square No. 492, frontins 23 fret r in hea on Ma ryland avenue, between 4',? and 6rh Ktne's west, and running back to a 20 fe-t all-y, wiUt the build ir*s and in?prov? mente, which consist of* well ^nd sub.-tantiallv built two stoty and attic brick dwelling house, wifi two t-tory irame back building n?, <*,.c<ury .^utbuilcincs. ? The above property i- situated in a be-lihy and de.-iral>:? location, and rapidl 7 enhancing in v^lue. and off:::a h iavomlile opportunity to p r*ons A si of o'liainsng a eonveni-??t r.n J corrfortar.-le r*-s iilence, or tonkin?r.n The terms of the -ah; will be one-half ca-h. and the baiauec in 6,12, and Itt months, fer MM l??- ir ine imer^tfrom d-.v cf ea!--, ecured by a deed of tn: : on J:e pr?>fx*ity if tin erni.> of tia are not complied with in six .'.tvs . r the -ib', tl;c jirr.pcrty will be tenosd it the ?;.>!; t:nd expose or the ->urchr.ser u;k.ii one w? ek'? i o j p. All coi.veyar.cirg at ccrt uf purchrser. Title indiijutab)-. CUAa S. YVALLACII Tfustee. J AS. C. McGUlHK, nnyO-eoids Auctioneer By CLIKKS A 14COT f, AiTTtloueera. sj? 1 0(|0 BANK OF XV \SIIINGTON STOi iC ?!!> I ^V/v/.n Auction.?On W&DN'ESD \ \ , tiie 9 h iu>unt, we shall tell, at our Auction Siorc. at 5 o'clock p in-, .? 1,200 p! Bank of \Va>iii?5toa "tick. Si;b- |r.rsitive. Terms eai-h. GREEN tt SCOTT, may 5?3t Auctioneers. Aim, S8 fliiiSR of the Farmer*' and >?ech"t^es' Bitnk of Georgetowu Stock Also, ?1 IXMI prefi rred !?oud of the Chenuprak: 8i Ohio Canal Siock wi:h thri e vear coupon^ due GHEKNi SCOTT, Hia- 8?d Auetioi!< era. J C WcOt'IIUC, Auctioneer. \YAI.UABLE l'Oi.f.F.<'TloN OF BOOKS AT Auction ? On WEDNESDAY afttrsi nm, the 9'h ih.-t-i-T, at 7^4 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I sh ?ll -1! r* choice colla tion of Ih> ?ks, tlie proj?erty of a !?n'h K>rtn recently deceased; to which wiil Im. added a s.oall invoice o* staidn.l l<??idoa c?ii tions. Terms cash J \MGr? C! McGUiRE, E!a" 8?d Au< 'iower. ?*' ?'? "It ?UlItK, Acctlanttr* "TTALUABLE IMPROVED PRiiPFRI Y AT > Public tale ?On TUf'-HA Y, May 15t!i,6 o'clo k p. p.i., I shall pel', in front ot the pr< c iser, the iar*c, substantial, w. M-hmlt an I comt>.aiHir.g prope rty, at t. :? southweFt comer of 8:h aud E et For refect ry end hotel p-.!r?"jes, an?l lot wliieh it was c;nai::ai!y designs : and i< now occupied, it has i.o superior :a point of position in the city. Its .situation in the immediate vieinity of the Post Office Departrucnt, Patent OJRce, i :?1 Department of the Interior, must :.lwayi secure t<> it gr"it per nsanect value. The budding id threr-gtories, with a line bve nie.i.t, v;mltd undtr the sidewalk, ?ranite feunda tion, and the whole edifice of the most jolid maaon ry. It is now in complete repair, and h?'ld under a t-hort I. ase by the present ??ccapa:it. T. nr.- of rale- Osie f.-urth ch*Ii ; balance in C, 12 18, and 21 month?, tor notes bearing mtvreoi fioin the day of sale, scctired by a deed of truat s-n tlie prope=ty. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JA8. C. McGUiRE, tnay 7? d Auctioneer. By J. C. KtOl'IRlC, Auctioneer. rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOU*E AND LOT JL nejr the Navy Yard.?On FRIDAY afternoon. .May 4th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, the rabacN befo will sell, by vi".us of a deed of trust, dated Use 26th March, 1^52, and duly recorded in Liber J A. No. 40, folios 319, ac., one of the land records fit Washington county, l.ot No. 1 in Square 926, situated at the corner of G street south and 9^h st. east, under a ground rent of ^20 per annum for the period of niaeiy-uine years, from September 18th, 1851, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame Dwelling with back building. Terms at sale. JNO. VV. McKIVI, )_ RICH H. CLARKE, ?Tru'tp*s JAMES C. McGUiRE, mar 24?law&<ls Auctioneer. r- The above ia!e li postponed un til FRIDAY afternoon, May 18. same hour. JNO VV. McKIM, , RICH. H. CLARKE, j *?uslerB J A3. C. McGUiRE, may 4?d Auctioneer. Iiy J. t). UlctiUIRki, Auctioneer* Hj RUSTEE'S SALE Qf DWELLING HOUSE 1 fl'-d Lot on Massachusetts avenue ?By virtut o. a deed in trust the subscriber will sell, at public auction, ou the premises, ou MONDAY afternoon May 21st, at 6 o'clock, part of Lot numbered nine (9) in Square numbered four hundred and fifty-twc (452,) frenting twenty (20) feet on Ma'sachusetU avenue, between 6th and 7t!i ttr? ets west, running back one hundred and ttrrnty nine (129) feet, witii the improvements, consisting of an excellent framt dwelling hcuse. Terms cash. NICHOLAS CAI.LAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUiRE, ap20-2awfc.1d Auctioneer. By J. r. iMcGl'IRk;, Auctlonter. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VERY VALUABLE Building Lot in the first Ward.?On TUES DAY afternoon, May 22d, at 5% o'clock, on the premises, the i-ubscriber, by virtue of a deed of trust dated May 6.1854, and d 'ly recorded in Libei J. A S , N-?. 79, folios 253, 8tc , one of the land re cords for Washington county. District of Columbia, will sell that valuable building Lot known as Lot No 16, in Squa:e No. 102, fronting 50 feet 11 inch ea on uo,th II, ba'.ween 20 h and fist sts., tunning back 140 feet 10 inches Terms of sale: One-half cash ; the residua in sti and twelve months, with interesi, secured by a deed of trust ou the premises. If th~, terms of sale are not complied with within five t ays thereafter, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at tht: risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. AH conveyances at cost of purchaser. II. C. flPALlHNC, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUiRE, may 7?eod Auctioneer. All sTHAi?()*Rgi visaing the City should st* Hunter's Cata lo.ue of the Curiosities of the Patent Offlce Also hi^ Description of Powell's Grtet Picture ' feb 23?jut* TKLEORAPHI('.? FOB DAILY EVENING' BTAHL TTe Aria at Boston. Bostoh, May 9 ?The Alia, fro? Lirarpool, yii Halifax, arrived bore at 6 A- M to Amy. Her sails will reach New 1 ork thia 6f.?raoon. A dispatch Ircm tLo Critcra atatca that th? cholera is .aging fear i ally la lha Fresoh eamp. The London Times of Saturday. attributes the deeiice it fund? ic part, to tho withhold, iog by the British Government, of tha latest news from the eest of war \It will ba racol looted that tbe telegraph from the Crimea to London is kept for exclusive use of tha G.voramont.] Tba ebolera oontlcues its ravages at St Fatcraburg. A acrioca overflow of tbe Neva has oauaad mu.'ii uistroas and &raat destruction of prop erty. Or: ibe 9th of April, Browsa, but lately tha scene of great distress irom tha aame cause, ba; been visited by aaotsar earthquake, which d?itroyed mos of the tfoae buildings. The strue'rreg of wcod tcck fire and wera burnt. That quarter of tbe city principally inhabited by Jews was buried under larga chares of oarth and rock. lb<5 village cf Zikiadji, a league from Brous sa. wa* totally destroyed. The los of life is not known, but Is suppoaad to bo very greit. One hundred and fifty distinot abocka oo eurrod within 24 hours. Larga Fire at Kew Or laanj?Market* New Orlbajs, May 7.?A fire took plaoe hare on Sunday morning, *biob oonsumad two corners of St. Charlea and Graviar atroeta, including the Exchange news room and tha itorae of tho muNum building, togotk-ar with thoaeof Meaira Sherman. Ward A Jonas Tie lors is estimated at $75,000, half of whioh if covered by insurance. 'I'hr Markets.?Cottm? Sa'a< for tha week ttO.GOO bales; middling Orleans at 9i%l0o. Meus pork, |17 Lard in kegs 12al2|o. Corn Western yello $1 IS white fl 22a*l 15 Ster ling lhalOi Ealtimora M?rk*tJ. Baltimore May 9?The markata are dull without change in rices No transact, ona to aate We quote, noifiinr.|ly, Fl-jar, Howard street and City Mills at $10 50?$10 75 Wheal i held at *2 70 a $2.75 Corn?white $1.04 a $1.00; jallow $!.07a$l 08 New York Markets. New York, Vay 9 ?Cotton is uocl.aoged B price and is in moderate demand. Flour baa advanced liialdjc por barrel; good Ohio $10 3lu$l0 44; Jsouthernia firm and uncbatgod. Wheat is upward^end firm; Southern whita 52 55a$2 65 C.rn is firm and tendaning up ?a~d; Western mixed $llMa$l 16 Pork ia firm Beef i? unchanged Lard is firm and upwarc. Whisky?Ohio 39a39io. * New York Stock Market New Yoijk M*y 9 ?Stocks are lower and ic!l Money is at-uiddnt S'^lea this morn .Lg of Krie Kailroad sbirei at 4H}; Cleveland rtL-U Tole-io Railroad. 7tii. Cumberland Coal . 27J; Kea?ing, 85|; Canton Company. 26; New York Conir-I U ail road 921; Penn?y!vania Oca! Company, 106; Virginia 6"s 97$; Mis souri 6 * 92}. Uy J.C.ficUtKKK. Ami onu;. 'pP.rsTEU'"1 SALE OF ?' I T V LOT S ?On I MONDAY a>Vni"oa, May Slat, at 5 f'clock, ?it the Ai-clir.n roost* ol J?m'* I". Mifnirc. the fUb <? ribrr. by virsue of a ileru of tru^t dat**d April i#>, e;?t, am' tii*r J. A. K , N" 76, tolios Ib'J. *t< . oik- <if tin lund rec.-fit* fir Washington | county, tii the District .if CNdumbia, will *ell the fol L.its, viz. LoH No?. 76, 2b, 27, acd 2?, it .-'(j'lart: N.i 50. Tcntie : <??? half c.T.h ; tlic r^idue in 6 ?trd It iu?;:ith.->, with interest, secured by a deed ??l uuat oti the r r.-na cs If The.; ;TTii of (*alr &ro not complied with witliin live dav- ?! t ustec riwvei the rirlit to tescll, at the risk at., eapeuee ?f tlx d^rauinini imn lia^er. II t'. PPALniNG, Tru?tee. J AS. C McCOIRE, aiiy 7 ?oiikdi Auctione cr ? LANPIIIR* a Mllf. U1TTV WII.L Ol'fl SUMMER MILLINERY ON SATURDAY, ath iaataa*. inay 3? NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS BETWEi:* WASUISGTOS * liJtl.TIMORbI rr TH?gT?r After ltii3 dat",the P ^ Tram from Wr. n.tirt .n at 6 a. ?i.fct Baluoiore, and lb?: Trasn froui i*Rltiinr re at S 15 r. M. for Wjifibiraton, on SrnD*T WILL DE ISCOJITIMUEII. Th?' on1* Train, thwfnr, on Sunday, Iroui VV ??hin5ioa, rviJ Ih> thai k aring at 4 30 p. M , arid '.roin at 4.15 a m. The Ttna 'rim VV'.iRiiinstmi connects at the Wari.iriJton Junction w:th tne Ripft Train leav i:i? BaUiuiotc at 5 10 r *? for V. heeling and the VVcrt. JOHN II. DONE. ir. 1?lOi Master Traii^jn rtation H aO.BR. [Uiii?>n, Urorgciown Adv-eatf, acd AJciaadria :teiiimel '?opy.j ^_p n AIR WORK. ORNAMEN TS .it Hair, !*uch as BnMcU, Chat clain*, Chaia?, Bf-a^tpiu-, Earring, h ingir tlinr*, made to or<ier, of any desired de::ju. Ali orders faithfully att^nde.'. U). gwcijufiu utay lie seen at try store. r II. HEM KEN, No. 330 I'a. av., betwetiu tfth ar.J ItHij ats. V..J *>_ NEW GOODS FOR THE LADIES. I TAKE thi* opportunity of aann?riag to the la dic- of W^Iunstuu and vicinity that I am now I iipenin* a !ar:?- artortment of Bonn'ta, Kibandc and I AaHHa^ot < very variety, consisting in pattaf 1 Nea;:i i <n Buiiuct?, |?tain aud fancy firm, $2 25 ' loft5 English do do ^3 50 to f6 Op* n an.t (.lain Straws of every d??cnpt>on, from I 56 rents t ? 1 ?0 I would call you attention particularly to my u 80rtir.? til o! Mis^ce BoiidcU and Piats^boih Leg horn ?n i collii:ton straw. My mMMM af hi bands is complete, oomprin iiigall. o ora and at>lea, from 18* to 75 cento per | Do not nrgloct looking at these 0<mxI< at the ear lie?-t opportunity F P- IIYBE, Agent, may 3 e?>3i 13 <>pp Centre Market. HOSIERY, GLOVES, Ac. lif E bsv?> just received a very large aaaortmeat ff of Ladies' white, brown, Mate, black, brown embroidered and open worked l.o?e. Ui nt's white, brown and mixed Hose and half Mi area and bf.ys' white, hrown, alute, Mark, fan cy jifipcil Hiid upera worked Host- and h*!f Hoae Ladies' kid, ailk and Cotton Gloves and black ailk Mi.**i?et? and 3oya' white and colored ailk, kid, and thread Gloves and black silk M iI if Gent's kid, wlk and thread GiovM We would invite special attention to our!large ar.d well as* 'rted stock of Ladlf*' and ChiMrtni Hosiery and tiieves, Icing the large*! a??orunent in tb:s city, tuid will be M>ht at very low P'ices. W. EG AN k SOW, No. 33 3 ahady side Pa. avenne, betw. ap 30 2w 6th and 7th strwtp SPLDNDID PAPER HANGINGS. IT is with pleasure that JOHN DAVIt announce* tii hi< eld friends and the public that h* haw re aumed his old and familiar occupation of PAPER HANGING, having opened a new store in the"8tv Buildings, near the corner of Eleventh street and Pa. avenue, where h? will be found all <he ume himself and keep on hand a well selected aw- vtmeal of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW 8HADE8, BLINDS, h.c. _ All work entrusted to him in bis line of bosiaea wtll be promptly and faithfully exe uted to the en ure <auafactiou ol those tor whom the work may he d?!? ^ He respectfully invites all his former Wenaa ana customers, and the public generally to give him a call at his new store uiid see n he ha? not eome thin" in hif line to suit their ta^cs and wntita. may 1?d?w JOHN DAVIB. 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8 9. 0. FLABABUE. corner of Tenth and C eta , who ia a practical manufacturer in metal, has an awortment of Silvei plaied NUMBERS of various patterns He will make numbers for hotwea, hotels pews in Church?, and for backs, to suit all ta?M, and ia confident at the low prtee they will be mate that it will auit the purchaser. ap 16? la

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