Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1855 Page 2
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f- VENING STAR ? _ ? ? L ?V \ * tj ? vaton r TT T?* Wir* 8D \T AJTBHM-OW May 18 !*?T? FOB TKXK -TAR. The following persons sre authorised to contract for tbs publication of sdrer tisctnents in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B Paotkr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Psnrritfoiix 4 Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palm**, 8col!ijr*? i>ajlding. AovshttskmnkI's should be handed i; by 12 o'clock, j|., otherwise they may i ?t appear until the next day. OF 73* ? Pft&ic The Urnon dotic?# the recent tetter of the Boo A 11 Stephens, of Georgia, on Knew I? -thicgism. praises thesoaadaeet ef his vie?a> and reg'ets hit retiretsjact from public life. We re?ret $?nc*r*>ly th>c the limits of oar a; aee m ike It 1-npossihIe for a* to re poblish the letter of Mr Stephen*, wblc'i it veslly t he m< tt conclusive and powerful exposition on the sulj ct we ever read It should ha in the hand; of every met; In the ooun'ry. and we take it for granted that millions el eopiea of i: will be featured throughout the land. The Intrliigrr.ttr, .poking of the effect of the Reciprocity treaty, giys: It is a recommendation of gooi aala. whethfr in pu! :ic t-r privje life. that they a*e preg n?at with unj-er^eiv. d henefi'c, jet] ling pood fru'ts not tboug. t cf to their inception Thl tratb is already exempllflou ia ihe Rrcipro oity Treaty, ??,d makea us more grateful to the sntho-., of that wise act and to all thn<e who w- re its? ruxental iu carrjieg it forward to i*->? consummation. Tbo leading rejouimen d^tinn of that diplomatic achievement was that it fettled ao old dispute Mid everted a foreign quarrel; but who supposed that it was to -"Upp'y ?>nr exhausted marker* or fur nish to i y po.iioi of thi* re-tile Uoi-n the ce-e h ie- of lite? Sech. however fr b the ?mex'd <it?i froui tbe tte*ark Advertiser, ?4 fix if to be the fac* May ~o tot epeat, tcerjf.?re, ' blessed are :he ieace -.KKtr, !*' ??Tbe reciprocity 'reafy h s had a fortu nate begin*.intr A fmrei fie-d to test i*s qualities could not lis desired Canal an gratu and provisions are all wanted, i nd lew wilt ha out cf e&per if bot?, espo i-?l;v at tbe present a mem th'.uld rise in abuiiiaLoe. We are iu the mid t of a *hort supply of al most ail ti rgi edible This haa been tbe w>rk of several ye*'?. till an a.->s4R?? dearth is up Tli * * ? ? * ?? W? need help in 'hit rtcergenoy from aoipfwhere. and the agricultural pmdoct; of C nada come io opportunely jujt at thi? timft Ti fv are seasonable to s tve us not only from hi^har prices, bu wtkl nigh trow ntsotulr ie nt We have no* land enough, it reeuia, on ois s-de :f tiie water to pr&duce our wtj fo <1 tr.iJ so tili more cm bo anncsai ot souir tb rg -ih b* dvne bv our own cc-un rymen :o ke p u f oru tarvailun, vre rhall be willing th i . ' vr ii.eo may di it It :bore is recti ditn^e of tbe ottiasascs of ?i.e prefect ci o-' i ar?ce of {- ices or anything like it, st n C ib*. if it turtf<u out cm-o aid fl ?ur, in s'e^ l ?fsu^ir ?? d tulMMo, cuigbt be welcome to ihe Coufe eracy Ai.y jor; in a ?'.oriu a.d an; n.arket io a famit^e I^ CI Kl cey w >s brcug it before Jud;e K**>e of tbe Urtiud States Dis riot Court at Ph ta i-? [ uia ^e.tcrd -y afternoon, and held in $4 j? 0 security to answr * chnrgooi viu:ating tbe : eu'r?ili y laws by fitting out a vessel in tb?t i trie: to set ag iost Nic*rafn*. It is attend rhet the vea^t.1 is acbatport all reidy to sa t, wi j aji-.nanit.lon stores *cd 300 men. Bail oo tbe auii ui namei wa* entered b; Mr. Pre?bury of tbe Oirard House Hod 6eo. M. Daila appeared as ojun el for Col Kinney. Kiir orr this Pl?tkokm ?0?ir of more th?& twelve mildun pa;set g?fe who were car ii-d curing tbe last y ar over sixteen of our main railroads, onty twelve were killed, and of <he twetve *t v-. h were sUndicg on the p'aif- rm, when tLey met tbeir death. SoFjys the re; ort of : he S st* Erg seer and surveyor, an. traveler! on railr^add shou'.d remember It, an l "k#ep off the pla form " Abb*ar or B^kbh?the ha k Grapetho' resumed to Ne? Yoik yct'.erday atternoon, from the Canary lalar.ds, wi.h Uaker, tbe al leged murderer of Wia Poole Tbe Grape shot ariived < fi Paltaas in s^eeatcen d?ys from that (O't, and laid ea and off till the Isabella Jewett b.-ve in sight, when she boarded^ier and captured be tegiri??, t&A rew and ol gulciire hat been! br< u. t in:o uee at Gallatin Misau ipi, where a negro c,a& wm itand ng on ibe lerer of & eottcr. gic, with bis ohin resting on one of the arm? ot the main wheal and bis back to tbe hotses when, ?s he passed ovder one of the beams ah.,ve his ha^d was caught aud Cut off am: oth, ju.t above hi* ears PESMSVAL. ....Gen Jam>'- Irwin hi* ciTsred to donate two h-ibdred and fif y acr^s of land n Centre c unty to the Pennsylvaniabtate Agricultural ijoeiety. for a Partners' High School. ....It is ttated in the newspapers that Gen. Bo'ler cf Kentucky is talked oj as the next Democraii Candida e for the Presidency ....Kev Dr Barry, K mar Catholic Vicar ^f Savanth Ga . ha* been appointed Bishop et that diocese, vice Bishop Reynolds, decesatd .... A c.Tre?p? ndent of the Buffalo Deaiocra cy tav> that be will prove by tffiiavits that ex P es dent Filln?'*e b?s joined the Kouw >ti'h!Cgs lie Alnun? Journal copies heoor reejcL> ? 'ce i f .h* Daoiocracy. and reads the said Fiiimo e a severe lecture. ....Gen Leslie CoomSs bas been elected !Ne<-id< nt of tbe Lexingt u and Danville (Ky ) railroad ....Edwin F- rrest, tbe well-krown An eri ran trxgeiian seized *i b an attack of appopU?j, on Friday, fiom the effcofl cf whieb be is still suffering. ... R D - beppard, of New OrUacs, has d"L?>a tw.. pqa.res of ground iu tbe Thiru dtsiuiifthai city, for tbe erection of the T' ur -r.. u?e?, snd has tur ber promised to d :nt f5o 000 ow?rda the fund-tur eu lain lif it a'tc ihey shall have been fl'isfced .... In bam county, N C , W 't.i* Hester vss eXrcs ed laat week for otealing a slave. He ^et.l< d his ^uii:, al egia/ chat he purchased bitn f??ui another for tbe sum of eight hund red dollars Tib Fool s Dkatb ?A Mr Koglstone re ceetly dud in L nu?.n, ? bo, m *D years, lit. era ly *le up a 1 or una of lot) 000 pounds it?r. lit g This singular person iraver?ed ail Bu f'lifn the sake of gratifying his appctnc. In 1*49 be mo oally seduced the cook of Piinoe Ku?ai?,frofli kisserviee ile ha i ag^ota i ? China, Mexico, and Canada, to supply him with tbe rarest delieaeiej. A sirfcftf dtsb some iiiies cost bim fl'tj pounds ste'iirg A rival if Apieius. be* wiser than the Roman, he waiud until nil bit patrimony wn- cO: cumed before he qu'tted life Oa the 15 b cf April, nothing was left kim but a aol* na y guinea, a shirt, ana a b.Ue-edhat He bouga' a wo deock l b the gnlnen. whieh be had .erred un rs the highest style of tka eul? Inary art. He gave himself two boon of rect for ao eaay digestion, and then Jumped Into ihe Thames from Wectmlartor Bridge WlilMIUTUS *EW? A*iU QOrSiP. I mmm~ | Perch* ?Some weeks t'noe. we took r?Oft ton to explain to the St*?'? readers the f ot th t gntta pe?eh"? musi soon oomt to np plant Indii rubber for nearly al! asefnl F0^" pisw for whtch tke latter has com* exten sively into uso of late yea 8 W ? uttered thto opinion only after years of experience in tbo use of both. The following official exposition of test recently made with artiolea ajannfao. tared of galea percha, suJtaias our views then 1 expressed: | Lxtraet of procrdinr.* ?/ a Board of Of \ fittf. a PkilodUpkia, Afj-U 12, 1855 ; { m + * Thfe uoard pr< needed to examine the folio >ing artiolea of gutta percha fabrics presented by tbo Vice Preaidon* of tbo Nvllb American Out-a Percha Company, via: Koapcdok on daok; haversack on duck; c n leeu on duok, water tana on duck. (4i gal i Iju?;) mi iury shawl on duck; cap;, e6 er, Hnd capu; tent panoho; pistol ca e; vnlire; neck st jck; largo aacka for transporting ahpplies ikes* fab-tot were submitted to the follow ing tea a: Bent wu applied to ibem at a tem perature ot 160 deg Fahrenheit This did not rott-n be aurtuce of the articles, or ren der tbeui adhesive in the leeat. thecan eens were tben filled with spirits of wine, vinegar, laid oil and wa'er, all of wbicb were submit ted to the degree of beat u.eotioned above, and the liquors kep?. in the caa ocn? for wen ty fear hours Tbey were not impaired by tbe high tempera'ure appliol to them, and tiere was no peiceptible action noon the irtbrics by either ot the liquils The results of the aforementioned experiments wrre eo satisfactory to the Board tuat it w.t3 deemed i-sportant to ascertain what would be tbo tfl 3* ef a long oontinncd high beat upon the fabncs. Arrangements were accordingly made by the Qu*r:eru.*aU?r for applying this boat, ard the doard a^jmrnod to meat a^ain oa the 2oth ins'ant. Philadelphia Pj , April 20 1855 The Board met pureaan; to adjournment P-eaent all tho member*. An examination waa then made of several articles which had been folded and .-oiled up into a compree-ed package, as also the cm teens containing the liquids before mentioned ail of which bad been subjected lor a week to continuous heat of from 1(>0 to 150 deg Fah re heit in a close room The artiolej contained in the package wep f<>iind to be not impaired by the ac'ion of the beat, and were apparently in the same state a bitore being *ubm;tt?d to the test T>iere raa a a ighi teste imparted to the spiri'.a of wine, but no change couid be per ceivei in t'.e oil. vioegar, or water from the action of the (iu u Pe<'-h i upon thorn. Eec erai articles were also placed in an i^e bouse em >edded in the ioe. and after being kept t .ere f >T several days, wer* examiued while in a very co d state, at d found to be very pliable Several articles were p uent?d to the board to lay which are enuuiera'ed in the listhefve mentioned Tbey aro * military oap, or nat ot a new pattern, a bridle rein, and eword sc-bbiri. all made ofQu la Per.ha. Ail the tests thai tbo board had been able du ir.g the limited ?imo it has been in seasion to apoly to tae fabrics pressntel, has beeu periec !y saisfac <? y to all the members, and t icy woUid rsc inuieud, far a pmciical service trial upon the frorti is. t: o ar iclet herei" etumerH^d to be placed in tfc?? hardscf the I t ops id order ty a c?rt In whether they will prove serviceable is the fieid eve .il let .rs fiom office s of the At my >>nd N ? vy have btea presented to the Bourd, cb gi>a the ro-pi?s ? f ffceir experience in tb?? u-e of 'be Ou"n P-rcha. all vi which are favorable Copies of iheee letters are here-l h enclosed ibe B arri would especially reo in men d f r 130 u^e .f he enli ted men the military ebavvl, kn.-p.-ack havora^ck ciaieea valise, st^ck cap and cover or bat, hr die rein, sad d'e bag), anl sword aud bayonet sa .bbirds The Bf-rd also reoouimend for .be expedi tion that has been ordered into tbe plains ancter (ien ral Uarn^y, tbe Ur^e s.iok- for i the trinspo ta ion of fl >ur sugar, coflfea u ed ic .1 and ordnance stores or otbe articles :h >t axe liable to beoome damaged by exposure to noiature or tbe wether; also, tho tanks for carding water or otber liquids, a>id the wn er buckeu for the use of trams. In the eo >DO-n; of transportation, as in the preservation of the oontent*. these are regarded by the Board aa very annerior to the wooden birr els, Jto., or the ordinary cloth grain *aoks The Board in cooclusion would unanimonaly recoma:end to the consideration ot tha De payment the propriety cf odopting the new fitteru military hat presented by the Uutta ercha Company It is believed that this | hat, in addi;ion to being water-proof, la much belter adapted to frontier service than the cap at present in use It h?a a brosd rim wbiih will protect the head from the rain and aun, and can be compressed into any shape withoat injury, and it L< regarded as very serviceable Tbe Boa d h tving no further business be furj it, adjou'ned nut din Signed by J ? Johnston, Lieut Col First Cavalry; vi U Cr>snm Mtjor and Qiarter master; R. B Mar;y, Captain Pifih lnfintry. 2aprov-nit-2t of American Light>Honarg. We observe great activity (judging from the numerous notices to mariners in the seaboard lal papers) in the renovation of our light houses along tbe coaat We note jast now tbese io~ Cheaapeuke bay and tributariea. Delaware bay aad tributaries, Vineyard souad and tbe Eastern coa&t generally. New ligh a In Charleston harbor, via : at Castle Pitick aey, Foit burn er aod the Batter?; tew besoons on Morris Island anl Sullivan's Island are. we hear, near completion. The introduction ?>f the cota-dieptrio or Fres nei apparatus into our old lights in the bays, sounds and harbors is work:ng a great im provement in the lights themselves, and at the same rime redocing the annual consnap tion of oil, wioks, and ohimceys from seven ten hs to nine?tenths of the former consump tion! Tke Lost Ship Albany ?Understanding that letters coniinue to be addressed to tbe Navy Department, making applications for allotments out of the pay of persona who formed part of the complement of officers and meu?f this ill-fated ship, wo have a second time to say ihat no u^re mcney can legally be paid out of the treasury to such parties, as tbe ship and tho^e who went to tea upon her now stand formally reoorded on the books of the Department as having been lost at sea. Tbe pay-rolls of th* Albany to Jane 31, 1854, are in the poesession of the prope- officers of the treasury, and those legally entitled, as heirs ot persons lost en her, can receive the several bilances due to individual sailors aud officers on that ship up to that time. Bat no further " allotments"' ean now be paid. Con gress at the next seesion will doubtless make some provision for tke heirs of those lost on this ship __<? An Important Lasd Office Decision ?As enquiries have been made whether entries of land u der the 3d section of the gradnation aet of 4th August, 1854, are assignable before the issuing of the patent, we have ascertained that the following is the decision of the De pertinent on the subject: "As the rights given by this aet are per sonal, and because of aetnal settlement and cultivation already made or eont mplated, aad as aeeignmenu of rights acquired nuder the second section are expressly prohibited by tbe 4 restrictions and limitations' therein re. ferred to assignments of entries ander the third seotion will he wholly disregarded, and tke patents in every instanee issued to tbe origioal purchasers >' | Osaga Orange Hedges.?The agricultural branch of he Patent Offiee, In distributing tke Osage oiengs seed, say of it: Tke Osage orange ike favorite hedge flan: of tha Unload Statu, la too well known to re quire a lengthened dasOription here From Its aHihood, rapid growth, tenaolty of life, fa eility of propagation, ?? well as ira unrivalled beauty and protection against an!mala of va riona kinds, ita utility aa a hedge plant do lor ?er remains an experiment. Hedges of the rarest baau'y aM exoellenoe have heen growing near Boa on. Philadelphia, and Cincinnati, aa well aa lo Ken'tioky. Ten ne#sce Northern Misrcarl, and. In sh^rt, in all tbe Middle and Southern States Some of the-e fences have been standing for twelve or fourteen Tears, and tbeir bran?he^ have be ot'lOB ?0 Interlocked, guarded as they are by I their enormous epine*. tfca, no farm stock can pus 'hrouah them Thsy are alao free from tho'?ttaok?of inaeots and animals of all kinds Prjpigafn. ? The Osafd orange may reality be propagated by aeeoa,from which It will grow R'jflhlently large in three yeara to f >rm a hedge It suo:eeds bes1 on land mod erately rioh??n?h, for instance. aa will pro duce good Indian corn; bat it will grow in almost any aoil that la not too moiat Tbe li e ot ground Intended for a hedge ahonid first be dug and wail pulverised?say from IS to 18 .nchea deep, and -two feet wide, along th? centre of whieb the plants may be aat When tbe Osage orange Is to be planted aa a hedge. if the tubaoil be poor, it ia reeom moi ded to dig a trench in the direction of (be intended odge, two or three feet wide { and aa many deep, and to fill up the space with good fcUrfnce soil taken from the neigh boring ground or elsewhere The aoil in the treuoh should he raised at least a foot above tbe adjoining surface, to allow for fettling; and ?lo.<g the middle of this rld^a tbe plant* should be aet from ena foot to eighteen inches opart ! he seeds, before towing, should be soaked in tepid water, in a warm room for three or forr days; or <h-y may be mixed with equal parts, by measure, ofmoi t earth, and exposed *-fe<v weeks, in open boxes, to wintry weather, on the sun- y sido of a building, in order to freexe and thaw. It is preferrable to sow them early in tbe spring, in a garden or uurcery where tbey will shortly after germi nate and form into young plants These should be cireflly weeded ornoed during the first season's grow'b, and transplanted in the hedge line in the month of March or April of ihe following year." Soldier's Extra Pay ?A eoldier recently discharged in California, who would have ueen entitled, on an honorable discharge, to extra pay under the law of September 2d I860, had committed an effenoe, for which he was tried, couviced aectenced, and pardoned, all b*forr ttis y istag* of tke iaio?vis : between M*y 4 and June 24, l84V-and he applied for bis ex-ra pay, whioh the disbursing officer had declined to pay It was held that the geueral effect of a per dou wis to restore iheconvio: to all the rights i:e wcoid b*ve had if the offence had not been committed. 'I here are exoeptiona to the rnla, it ia true- -as where aotiminal has been guilty of pe'j try a pardon will not quality him to be a competent witness, or where the offence work?d the oivil death of the conviet a pardon wau 1 not aur.ul tbe second marriage of his wife or affs t tbe administration of his estate; but a rn>e like that presented b7 the aoldier WRi not an exception, and his elaim was al? 11wed especially as no fault waa alleged Rgainut him 'U requent to the passage of the 1-w gt -"ing the .additional c iupensation lh9 Re-arrest of Col Kiney?We have satisfied ourselt that the recent re-jrrest of C?l Kinney, in Philadelphia, was based wholly on info mation in the possession of tho <Qcers of the law in thai oity, who acted in bis oase only on general ins'ruo'ions long aince given to thrm, to prevent the infraction of the neu'ratity lawa of the United States i'rom that port. This re arreat at Philadel phia whs, evidently, not anticipated at this [>oint, though it is doubtless acceptable. Tha Current Operations of tho Tre&aury Department-?On yesterday, the 15th of May, her were of Trenury Warrants entered on the t>ooka of the Department? ifor the redemption of atook* $7,201 50 Fur paying Treasury debts 2 859 87 "or tbe Customs.???????????????? 23,253 23 For covering into the Treasury from customs. 3,513 11 For covering into the Treasury from Lands ? 7.147 80 ?or the War Department . 347 577 44 For repaying in the War Depart ment 306 426 79 For the Navy Department 213 456 21 For the Intei ior Department 31,253 24 0 Farming in California Toe following is an extract of a lettor from California to tbe Star dated April 14, ultimo. It is full of interest: '? This country looks fine now, April 14, 1855 Everything is green and flourishing, there has been an abundance of rain this spring, and it is now raining like fun But lies* showers are mild and pleasant, no thun der, no ligh ning : 'i fat-re n*t been an Immense quantity of gr?in soiwn here this year, and u.ost of it looks as fine as one oould wish to see People here have a fashion of rushing into an$thirg. and rusbiug every thing tbey go into, wbich people in other oountriea can have no idea of A farmer here will siake every thing be has upon a single crop, without caring 'o think of being able to save it. In deed, the matter of saving never seems to ente* ino their calculations. They put in fll they oan, and can aave it all Farmers oan do an immenao aight of work hero ia a year. I will give you an idea of ho* taey work and what they d>. Tbey are now. April 14, nearly or quite done sowing grain, and are plknting late potatoes. Dy the time they are done with that, wbioh will be about the first cf May, it will be time to commence cutting bay ; and about tbe first of June they oom mence harvesting and threshing grain lhen tbey have June, July, August, September, October, and generally a part of November to cut and thresh, and haul eff that grain, and it take* them alt tbac time to do it 1 aaw several threshings in November last year, and they had then been at it steady fur bve months. During the whole of that time ihey do not expeet rain euough to do tbeir grain any injury It often stands in the field a month after it ought to be cut; and often lays on the ground two months after it is cut They are no sooner done with their grain than they must dig, aack, aud haul off tbeir potatoes, which ia no small jjb. That being done, it is December; tbe rain should hava come again; and then they plough and sow as though they were at work for dear life, from nat time to this So you see the-e is no lost time A parson oan hardly lose ten days in the whole year on aoooun of bad ! weather. Here you have one great secret of i the success of farmers in California. AOK1COLA Miss Buhxlbt's Book ?The case of Miss Josephine M Binkley against De Witt A Da venport, for iDjunetiou as to the work oailed " My Book," Ac , was further argued before the United States Court, at New York, on Monday. An .'ffidavit was read from Miss Mary Jane Upabur, of Virginia, who testifies that she is the authoress of nearly the whole of tbe book, and that she undertook the task at the request of Mr Beale An affidavit was also read from Mt. Beale, of Norfolk, stating that he and Miss Upshur were the authors of the book. Miss B also put in her affidavit, claiming to have written a great portion of the work, and alleging thai other portions ef it were written by Mr. Beale, at her dicta tion "She also testifies that she was visited at Norfolk by Mr. Tiidale, editor of the New York Crusader, who brought a letter from De Witt 4 Davenport, and a reeommandaticn from tbe Hon Daniel Ullman, to endeavor to ?ct:le the dispute. Tbe court, after argument from counsel announced that it would reserve its deoirioB. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE tt*oa#?Toim, May Id. IBM Bastael* geoarslly along oar aaaal looks ra;h?r dull thii aoralng This la attribatabla to the feot that tha farmers generally nlnng the llna are toe ina-h engaged with their farm ing operations to attend to anythlcg else Tuij little relaxation will serve to give time 'o those ot our merchant whose business is con neeted with the eaaal trade to make amp'a p eparationa for the luamer an i fall baalnaa . We discover that Oar filepda, the Messrs. Rit? ter, are .ami"* it to good account bv seising upon it aa a suitable tinn to tear down, re build and enlarge their ?torehoaas on tha oanal west of the market. The exhibition by the Mission Sabbath School in the Me'hoiist Churnh on Monday night, waa a very interesting affair. The ?ch^l ar? generally and especially he girls, acqait ted themselves in a manner highly satisfactory to the aaiienoe. and oreditable to themselves. We learn that the aadienoe at Forrest Ha L? last night, to witness tha diorama of tha battle of Banker Hill, was quite large, and that all were higtly delighted. This master piece of art we would advise all to go and see for them ?elves i We have been requested to oall the attention of the proper an* booties to tha filthy condi tion of the alley on the north rfvacd running parallel with B idge s'reet between High and Congress As lime is plenty, eheap, and con venient, and as the weather is getting pretty warm, it is to be hoped that some will be used upon the above named place without any far ther delay, and befure the health of the neigh borhood is endangered. Thia morning, between 8 and 9 o'olock, as we were p going by the wa oh house, ?e saw gome poor fellows who bad been caged daring the night, striving hard to slake their thirst by throwing their bills as far as possible through the iron btrs at the windows, and sucking the cooling beverngo (water) from a horse bucket, which had been kindly pa-aed op to ttero by some of the hands of the Union line stables, r>y L eans of a leather strap Let this poor unfortunate olass of beings be what they m*y, everything like oraelty towards them while in the custody of the law should be, a far as possible, avoided, while any- I thing in the shape of oruely tend* only to add fuel to the fire ot thei bad ^as* ions and make thrxn worse. Kind treatment otten like the rod of Moses, tends to soften tbem down and bring forth the waters of repentanoe. 14 Deal g*mly with the erriug," is a wholes->me adage. Up to the time of closing this letter the ? earner Powhatan, with the exoursionists >o St. Mary's River, has not yet made her appear ance We have learned, however, from a reliable source, that the company assembled yesterday to celebrate the landing of the Ma ryl.ud Pilgrims was mucb larger than was ever known before, and that the oration of the lion. Jos. R. Chandler was highly interesting and well received by all present The flour market this morning is dull at $10 75, with oo:aeional sales (small) as wanted at thes- figares for standard brands Wheat from $2 4i>8$2 rtO f t red and wuite of good qualities ; small kale yesterday of prime red at $1 50 Sales, since our last, of 3 000 bu?hels corn at $l 0(Ji$l 07. Spectator. A Vbrv Curious Cask has just turned up in Philadelphia A Mrs Georgiana M Bate, who arrived in this city from London a few days sinoe. in searoh of her husband by whom she was deserted 6on?3 twenty years ago, claims her long lost swain in the person of John H. Bate, proprietor of aa extensive ma hogany yard, at 133 Hudson street, and ac cordingly made a complaint against him for abandonment Yesterday Mr. Bate was ar rested and taken before the Lower Poliee Court, where he denied the charge mist stren uously saying that although he was a native of England be never in the whole oourse of his life saw his female accuser before. Mrs Bate, however, insists (hat the acoased is her husband, and says that about seven yea*s ago she oaugbt him in Canada, where he p^id her handsomely for allowing him to go at large Mr Bate has a wife and family of grown ap children now residing in this city. A1 ogether the affair is a very carious one, and will no doubt be a matter of s< me grave consideration on which for tae magistrate to give his deci sion Portrait or a Hubbard Poisonbr?A cor respondent of the Cincinnati limes recently paid a visit to the cell cf Mrs Rtggan, the oold blooded murderess of her husband. He says: When I saw Mra Riggan this morning she was in her oell I expected to see a woman who*e appearance would, in some particulars, at least, be in keeping wi'h the horrible orime she bad oommitted. In this, however, I was disappointed. She is quite young and has a ooun enanoe beaming with swee-ness intelli gence and innooence. She was engaged in fine needle work, hav ing several patterns by her side Upon the table was an aeoordeon, wtth which she occa sionally endeavored to solace the weary h urs I did not see Mowry, who is in the same jail Taking into consideration the position of the partic, i; is one of the most singular cases of murder I have ever beard of. and affords food for reflection Death op Edward BRAXsriKLD from Hr dropbobia ?Edward Bran-6eld,ayoung man, residing at 66 Ro-evelt street, received a bite from a terrier dog about a month ago. at which time nothing serious was expected from it, as it immediately healed up. On Friday last he was suddenly taken tiok with hydro phobia. Ilis friends did everything that thev oould, but without sucsesg, and at la<t were com pelted to remove him to the New York Hos filial. He wa- put under the usual treatment or such oases but died this morning at a quarter past ten. It was a painful sight to witness tha vietim in bis last agonioa; ha would h wl and appear like a dog; bis eyes were strained to the ut most, and bis mouth appeared as if he desired to do nothing but drink.?N. Y. Evening Pott. * Theatrical Items.?If you marry an act ress. says O'Dohery. don't let ber be a tragedy one. Habits of tan ting and whisking up and down with a long train bet ore a row of "foot lamps," are apt to :ast an undue ludierous nesi (when transplanted.) over tha <erious business of life. Only imagine a castig* ion delivered to the cook in ' Kirg Cambyses' vein," upon the event of an underdone leg of mutton ar dinner: or an incarnation of Helen MoGregor, ordering the oattt be thrown alive into the cis era, if a piece of muffin was abstrac ted without leave at breakfast! SEVENTH WARD UNION ASSOCIA T!?>N?A iwe?tii?e will he lit Id Tit 18 EVENING, at 8 o'clock, ai Pou msc Hall Mem bers from other Wards are cordially Invited. WM. COOPER, muy 18?It 8*eretary. ,THE BIBI.E SOCIETY OP THIS CITY _ _ .... has employed, tor a short time, as agent ol the So^ietv, ?lr. David M Wilboh, the well known and efficient agent of tbe American Tract Society Mr. Wilson will (.all on the annual aub sorihem and usual contributors to the funds of tbe Society, who have not paid for the current y?.*ar, and is authorize'' to rtceive and hand to the Trea surer, Col M. N?ur-e, contributions with name* from other Iriends of the cause. In view of fie ne^e^lty for large and frequent additions to the ato'-k of our own Depository, and of the urgent calls by the American Bible Socle y for aid in supplying de* ituf places, we brapeak for our ajr??nt a cord-nl ree*-ption ^nd liberal contri butions. JOHN P. INGLE, President. M H, Secretary may IS?8t* ,NOTICE? AN ADJOURNED MEET in* of the Anti Know Nothing voter* of the Sixth Ward will be held on Thuoday evening next, tbe )7ih inst, at Anacoetia Hall for the pur pose of making nomination* for Aldermen, Coun cilman, and Aaae^aor. All persona favorable to be cauee arc requested to attend AARi >N MILLER, President Jou* C. BiiitoT, Secretary. may 15?3t* OOLSOAP WRITING PAPERS of tbe finest, auJ also of the cheaper kinda A large aupply juat Apeived direct from the man ufacturers, for sale at unugoally low prices. may 16 FRANC* TAYLOR. FANS?FANS. ANEW and large assortment of PANS, of tvary description, have Jaat been revived by F. F. MYER, Agent, No 1J P*. avenae, bet. 8<h and IMi Mreete, may Itf?eo3i opposite Centre Market. ornriAi, fV?iUh M#rcv, /Vwiwt ^ C*Umi Stafn of America, U *U wfaw M Myamn; Satisfactory evidence having bean exhibited u> m-that JoUk*y Lreswie Hbb?a?? Tb-im w hat been tppolnKd Constll of Un oiyi, for the p r! of Ch<utr*ton, in State of Routh Carolina, t do to e by recognise liirn as ^ech, and oecJ^fe hi.n frw If anJ eajoy such function*, power* and privileges a* art* allowed to the Consuls of the most favored nations in the United State*. In testimony whereof, I bar* caused these letter* to be mad* patent, and tbe aeal of tbe United State* to be hereunto affixed. Wwn under my hand, at the etty of Wa*bingtoti. the iat?i day of ??jr, A. D. 18&5, and n: [L. a.] the independence or the Unlt-?d stavea of America the seventy-ninth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the Preadaot: W. L. Manor, Secraury of Plate. FOR 8ALK-A large gr?y Horse, perf ctl> gentle, work* well, and goes r?ry yK pleasant under ih?* saddle Sold for noi tault, as the own^r ha* no far her u*e ft" - him Price $160 Pan be seen at Walker a Hi* mi l*a Stable* Enquire ot \VM L\TCHF>jHU, ai Ha*lep At Weed en's Carriage Factorv. may 16?Ji* r, wnn i & ^ HIWARP-A small red COW, with i wh t t.f>nt on the forehead, long htgh , h >rn*, an 1 cacb of she ear* cut twii-e, ha-J le't the owmr, and five dollar* will be paid? to any person bring'ng the <nae be -k to OHM HI KTEK, Batcher, Worth Cspitol, between L und M ?treets. miy 18?"it* "'notice. "Tf'HE Undersigned can arco ?i?Rodate part'es will I COA'HES for pleasure trip*. Alio, to -oake trip* to bos-s arriving < after nigh fn>m th<- White H'?i-e.' Ki>r term-' api>ly to Mr. JO iN HOI.BROOK, a the 8ta e Stand at the Capitol, or order* lefi at G. a T. Parker k Co.'* Store. WW. WH4LEY. may 18?lm* MAD. FAVIER Respectfully inform t the puwic of wash ington that shn ha* taken a h use on Penns) I vauia avenue, sooth side, next the eom??ruflii' street, which she has fitted tin for the accommoda tion ol a few boarder*, or those desiring furnisher apartments without board. Mad F. hopes that her friends w ill continue tr. her the parr nag. so liberal?? bestowed on her 1st' bu<>ban:l. Havins a few leisure hour* *be would give lesson* ] in French Lan uag*'. The French Language belnt exclusively spoken i ? her bouse, she affords a rare opportunity to those wishing a constant practice, may 16--eo3l* RUNAWAY FROM J. T. PRICE, ot Alexandria. Va ,onTue* day night last, two negro boy*, call themselves CII.VKLES and SAVDY. When th-y left' Char'e had on a glaze cap and black coat, and a gold ch iir arid watch ; be i* quite st' ut, and has or had a * ai on one cheek, but that may not be there now, an- | a nttle knock kneed, copper color, f andy had oi ] a cloth cap, brown with button* on the side*, not fo well dre-sed as the other one, rather *pare, end very dark ; he is about 14 or 15 ? ears of age Charles is, I suppose between 16 ?t 17 I "ill give for their ttpp ehenslon twenty dollar* if taken in the Plate of Virgiai t, and forty dollar* it taken in Maryland, to Le delivered to me at H. ? Johnston's, or lodged in jail and notice given to m at II S Jobm ton's, in Washington cltv on Penna avenue J. R. JOHNSTON, may 16?4t* Varieties. Tnce* of Admission :?Orch-stra. ?0 cent*; Par qu-tte, 37^; Regular Ticket*. 25; Colored G dlery 2j Private Boxes. ?3 and $3 Seats may be *e cared without extra charge; box office open daily I from 10 to 3 o'clock. First Night of the Engagement of SHELDON'S CELEBRATED P-lHTOHleiO ARu BALLET TKOUPE! whose success in New York and Philadelphia ba* j been unprecedented. Tiie Troupe comprises the following artistes: &!r G T ?-h Idon, M'lle Ca arm a, H Calladine, Mile Marie, W H R-atie, M'lle Lerisi, J Rudolphe, Mw< r Jtifan, Lh Petite KATIE, La Petite LAUBA, the Bab\ dancer*, who e a-toni hing performances art without a parallel Assisted by an efficient CORPS DE BALLET! THURSDAY KV<NlkO, Hay 17, The performance will commence with the Ballet Cf miqiif, entitled VOL a 17 V KT| O R, THE JOLLY MILLE R 8. Overture Orchestra Pus lie Deux La Petite Laura h. La Petite Kati* Pns Styrien Mr Sheldon h. Mite Catnnr.a Song Mr RiMioipbe lri*h Jig La Petite Laura Pas dt >fatelot Master ohn Grand Pas 'It Uuatre, Mr. Sheldon, Mr. Calladinr M'lles Catarina und Marie Overture Orcheelra To conclude with the <"<vorite Ballet of M. DECHALUMKAU. may 16 2t# TO ALL THAT VALUE TUEIRSIGDI. ? \\T ISHES to call the attention to all that ?uffrr| vV with defects? sight, caused by age, sicknes and particularly f o*u al i?ses injudiciously *elect??1 to Ins sut>erior SPECTACLES and GLA8SEJ care fully ground hy himself to a truu spherical accuracy. | and brilliant transparency, sui ed t recisHy and ben lly to ibe wearer nccord nj to the c?ncavi'y ?? convex-ty <>f the i ye. Very numerous sre th- ill ef-1 feels caused to the precious org?n of sight from lh? c ?mmei?eem?-nt of asii-g in not being pre csely suited, by the use of an Optometer; and th< practice ? f many years, enabl 9 hiu to m. aj-urt th. focal di*ta< ce o' the eyes, and su h glasses that are aisolutely required will be furnished with precision and *atiifael??n J. T Acknowledgeti the very liberal ?*ncourare inent already obtained, ltd further s? licit* tte pa tronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of hi* aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sendine t'ie glasses iu u*e, and statint how manv Inchrr the ran read this print with their spec incler, c m be supplied with such tint will improve their sisht Innumerable testimonials to be se*>n; and refer ences given to m ny who Have derived the greatest ease and coir/ort from hi< classes.* <circulars to be bad gratis, at his rffi .-e. No 519 . Seventh street, three d(K>rs from Odd Fellows' Hall, ] up btaus. NoaroLK Se'tember 7,18M Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very welt, and seem to have improved my sight more [ than any other I have lately tried Litt. W. Taciwbll. I have tried a pair of Spectacle* obtained from | Mr Tobias, and rind them of great assistance to my sight, au1 corretpondmg with his ''escription of tbe | focus. I recommend him as a skilllul opikian H?av A. Wisa. Mr J. Tonus Sir?Tbe pair of Spectacle* you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me They sre very decidedly the best I possess, and I am th o? ner of eieht or nine pair*, carefully selected in different places and from opticians recommended to' me on account of their professional standing in Eng. land, France, and the United State* I have been also pW ed with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for tbe purpose of pre serving and improving the sight Respectfully \ rurs, Cnas Caldwkll, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. LTNCBBcae, Nov. 10, 1854 Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Gla* *e*. by which I have be?n greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) it afford* me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who ?. av need his profes sional se rvices. W*. B. Rorzu, Elder of Methodist Conference. Wilkihctox, %. C , Jaa 27, 1834. Mr. J. Tosuk: Dear Sir-1 am happy to say that tho Spectacle* which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. PVom au inequality in tbe visual isnye of my eyes, I have heretofore found rreat difficulty in t;eUing glasses of the proper focal distances It affords me pleasure to sta<e, that by tbr aid of yoar optometer this difficulty has been bappily obviated so that tbe Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully yours, r. R Daixa, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior. May 7, 18&5. From uaiural defecu and tbe unequal range of my I e>es, 1 have been compelled to use glawe* for eeve ! ral years. 1 have tried different opticians without obtaining glasset perfectly fitted to my eyes Four _if. WaLU. . #. ? # months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, wnlcb I have fouad to serve me nerf*>eUy By the use of his opt'Hnettr be ia enabled to adap minutely to the ere I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to u?e glasses, and bear my testimony as to his skill a* an optician. Rbbby E Bitwni, Awdsiant Pect'y to slgti Land Warrwus may 16?tf JV ' TARIITTfcS. rpHii poo?iisr ertahlnkmont wfl bo o?*aid for a L short Sinuirvrr S< aon, on TliTSsfcD'T, *I?r !f(k| ? ban SHKtDOJt'8 trimVALLID BALLXT ThOUF* r itl hare thr koror of ??li*|UiHr Intipfeaiuf* w Tor? a Wssht- foe nc? f'tlier noTttiini art in pr?f.v?ilo?, of rtkli 4m ro?icr wi'l he gHrr wanted?tp* youwo lapies for iw Cnrp* de K*l et. Apply at the Boa offlae may 15??t ? ICE!?ICE! T<*E rWDFRR'OKRn havlnf on hand ? karf* quantity ot ?r?t qjshtv ICS. offer* ?t tor nic uiiBinniJy low in ler?e o< sin <11 quantities T"o*e who hive not nurehasert or euga-ed fhNr simmer supply would do we'I m rail <w the wWari ber befo e ooinf?o. GEO T. ELLIS. No ? ? corner SJ and Payette sure ta. way IS?St $500 hE?VARD. ? FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR* Will be giveaftw the spp-ehenslon and ? nnv.ctioe of the rsrsaa or persons who mnMererf WHism (fchorne of Wa4 i net on county, I ?i^trfr * of Columbia, on or about ike Rtli day of F? bruary last. on M w?y f om ihe Co mmixa Mills, to bis home. near tbe old laca Grourd Course. JONAH D. HOOVER. Mrrstal of tbe District of CotaaMa. nay 15?1* " SPENCER'S SRRM0N8 ? FERMON0 OF f HE Re*. Ichahnd S. Spencer, f?.f) author of **A Psstor'* Sketches" V larre )ftm vols Prcces Paulinw; or tbe Devotions of it* AposOe Paul Fmilv Vernon, or filial piety exemplified My broth r*a Ki-eper. ay Miss WanKT, author of "Dollar* and Cent*,*' rtr. GRAY Ik BALLANTVNE, any 491 Seventh street. Ill UBft?|rR IO*KO are tow working the Stone Quarry formrrt* occupied by Major Wm B. Scott, and are prepared to ffc at*h ?TONF. a: the umial mark't rsie? HUMPHREYS k WILLIAMS. Georgetown, May 15?im* " FISCHER 8 BAND FULLY ORGAN izp.o. A VI.NO now completed alt my 'i ( HAVING now completed ail my 'inaiiaian for a flrnt n?te B As*8 md COTILLON B \NI>. I am ?n"o at the aenrice of tbe pablle to attend F.tcursion Pa rue*, Exhibit oan, Paraae*, Pk Nics, B?ll?. and serenade* All those in favor of a citizen's bind are re?.prrtfufly invttrd to encourage our ea ei prise, here in Waahinat- a Cifir. P FISCHER, Leader, p 8.?This Baud, un^er m* direction, H regulars uniformed, and Imw a practice over tweaty years 1 ran *i?e ntuMactitm to every one R< ?idence. Pa. avenue. n<mh aide, bet. 1Kb arid 10 h street* first rio->r weat of Iron Hall Order* lefl with Messrs Hilbus k H is punctually mended t >. may I4~1W HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. NO fiod establishment -hotild he witho" (MUTTER'S SPJtRKLIXG SUGAR. It la fir hetie* than Mi eral Water iu bnttlea, ch?R.-er, and more conv?m< at. may 14?3l TO THE LADIES. rHE ur.der'izned b prepared to gite Irmoms to la diea mid children in all kind* of embrotderlaf ?<air and Une needle work. A (no. In Mantiftos, Cat lars, ard tflrevea will be embruider<'d promptly to irrlrr. t'l tropinj and Drawing done in neat atyle MRf P ZOLLICOrEI, 53 Y Maryland av , bet. fttb and 7tb at, Island. may 14?8t* ^ A ME TO THE SL'BSCRIBER on tbe 5th af May, a dark porr^l Mare, with eputa on ^ -w tr hody. <?he in ab->ut ten yeara old. Theyjflv i* mjueated to come forwrird. pay harje* and take her a*ay. J W. MARRIOTT, Atexandiia co , near Little Fall* Bridfe. may 14?3t* ()TaS KB HAVING CLAIMS aaaiaat I a lialance due from the Narv D?partmeat to the estate of William Dhu, deceased, iate a aeaman on board the Uuited Ht^tes*htp Pymouih. are here by not'fied to present th< m at the office of Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, within two montba from tHi? date may 1??it H OttUtVU aKLTilorm.-ai 31 LAMMOND'3, Ttbau ap 14- 3t POKT? MONMAIK*, Purw* Comba ?nd Hair Bruehea at LAMMOND'S, 7th at. inay 14?3t MORE FEFRIGKRATORS. JUjT received another lot of \ aterman'a Patent Ventilated RCFRI<>EKATOR8, ai all tbe vari <>u?*iaea and kinca Horitnntil and Upnicbt for .inrab lity, economy and convenience the beat ar ticle ever manufactory^d. A:?o, another h>t nf Childrena' GIGB, from Buab n !! 3l Tull, of Philadelphia. V\'e respec fully invite a calf from thorn in want of f>uch article*, fpelimg assured w? (IB moke it Ui their intcrert lo uuv oft:*. JOHNSON. GUY k CO, r<*. avenue, let v. ten 10th and lltb at*, may 14?lw RE \T)\t MADK CLOTH IMG OF 8DPERJOB Quality ?G?nt!emen wi.hiiif to supply them ??'lves with r> a !\-made garment* of ftne qu*lity lor ?pnng and summer wear, are invited to visit our ex *n*ive aale*ro?ms. where they Mill And every va ty 0! fa limn b'e goods adapted to their wanta. Also, youths', boy-', an l children's clotbiag. con *i*uuf <?i every variety of fu<*d?, utaiiufac lured m tbu mtHt fUbAantial and durable manner. WALL & STEPHENS, Pa. avenue between &h and 10th au. Al~n 39 A "a. avenue, 3 d jora ea?t of National Hufcl. may 14?3t TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND Vli INITY ?XT AMEI.IA PRIBRAM * HI8TER,-?^ jyS tiNo. SIT? Peonaylvania venue, be-jpHU f| Wtween 10th and 11.h streets, teturnTpm dieir regards for the kind patmn ge heretofore be stowed upon thur efforu, and tak- ?be libtny of in tLrci?Bf their many trimd* that they intend open ;nz their -pnng, t*ui?n?er and Fancy BoNNETt*, ahicM coueixt ot 250 pieers, be*ide* * rich a??on tnent of STRAW hOMNETS,fcc. They are able ?o serve all ?ite* who are in want ot a ta?hionaU*i tnd cheap Bonnet. Cail and eiamme before purchasing elsewhere, may 12- lm* 60MA1HING *?W U 'DEE TBE SU5. CHARLES WERNER. Peumflvania nrcnut, oppmte Brwrw*' Holt! HAS fined up the comm-Kltou* ball over his Res t.aurani as a first elasx i.AUe.R BEERHt-* LOON, haviai (;r? ure-* a upply of every luxury it"d ?r inforte found in first class establishments of thr. kin.I in the Nor.- ern cities. His RHINE WINES and French Wbite Wibm, a* well a* hi* Cl ?r? ts, Serar* Laser Beer, German, lahsn, and Sw itcer CHEESES, and indeed I ev ery other appropriate luxury in ?ucb an oetabllsh meiit, is unsurjaassed in this country. He<M?iiciis a call Irom his fnends and the public. may 12-tf NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, <v>mp<?ed for and do H ated t Miss Sally D. Bradley, by J. O. .-Huudrrs, Esq., ol this city, whose cnu.pouuona have always me< with such great pultlic tavor The merits ot the piece are such as will introduce it ninou? all lovers ul music. P ice 25 cents. Just published and for sale by IIILBU8 k IIITZ. Tbe President's Mounted Guard Quickatep, com posed by tie accomplished 1 laoist, Mr. Robert Hcl {? r, will appear ia a few days inay IS GLOVES, HOSIERY! RIBBONSTic. IOIIN H. SMOOT, ?<>uUi side of Bridge at., near lluk, U<-orget<>wn, ha* ju?t received Irom New York an a ditional supply of? Taffata Bilk anil Liale Thread Gloves tibort and :ong twisteu Silk Mitts Open-woikcd and plain Couon Hosier;, every va riety Misses' and Boys' white, mixed and fbncj Cotton Hosiery Gents Jf 'dn do Worked Swim Collar* and Ruffle* Lace and French worked trimmed Col!ani {eal Maltese and Imiution Laces. With many otb> r desirable Gooda, ta which the attention of cash or prompt customer* is iavited may 19- J. H SHOOT. STRAW MATT.NG. JUST rec?ived 4, 5. and A4 Wliite and colored Mxttings, which I am selling at tbe lowest pri ces for cash or to prompt customers J. H. SMOOT, 8. side Bridge st, near High, Georgetown, may 19? NEW JEWELRY firATCHES,SIVERWARE fcc M. W.GALT Yf k BRO-, are receiving daily large addition* to their stock of new and elegant Jewelry, Watches, Silver Ware, kc. Purchasers have tbe advantage of a selection from a complete assortment of latest styles, of tbs !>est quality, and at tbe lowest rates. M W. GALT k BPO., 3M Pa. av^ between ttb and 10th Ma may 19_Ct Jf YKSTH WABDr-UNION TICEET. O For Alderman?DEARBORN' R. JOHNSON. For Common Council?SAMUEL FUMPHEIY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. may 4?te _ SAMP BELL* DICTIONARY at MIHM17 ** ence; Cuvalrr. Its Histfy and Tactics lj Oaf Nrlan or. the Training of Cavalry Horses, Ml uiatk.n. f..t Yt- iaieary Cavalry. ?P 5W FRANCik TAYLoE

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