Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Bad Bots ?It is always a source of regret for us to speak of the misconduct of juveniles. Morals are never improved by boys congre gating at night. The younger ones do not ftil to be influenced by their older associates, and mischief is most always predominant. In ad dition to the annoyances whioh they ocoasicn te the residents in the immediate neighbor hood of their disreputable operations, they aoquire bad habits which seriously affect their growing years for fatnre usefulness Would that the rising generation could appreciate their present advantages for mental and such other instruction as would fit them for honor able positions in Moiety in the time to come While we are far from eaying that boys who congregate in the manner to which we have referred 11 will come to no good," we do nain tain in the language of Scripture, that "evil communications conupt go?d manners."? Henoe the danger In addition to juvenile delinqu^nces hereto fore mentioned, a gang of boys have been in the habit of meeting in the vicinity of Massa chusetts avenue and Ihird street On Sunday last they amused themselves by whittling peo ple s porches and indulging in conversations and vociferations not indicative of decent training. Several nights ago they took twen;v empty barrels from a trader and made a bon fire ef them; and in addition to this they stole a grocer's till and its contents. On Wednes day night the Auxi iary Ouard put the party to an iaglorious flight; and the same fate a aiti all similar disturbers of the peaee and wrong-doers. More dbliobttul Mcsic.?Hilbus A Hits's Music Store was last evening again the soene of a rich and rare treat to the lovers of really good and classic music. Quite a large num ber of appreciating lovers of mcsic were pre sent, listening with undivided attention to the beautiful and correct rendering of Mendel ssohn and Beethoven by M'lle De Boye and Professor Ahrend. The Grand Sonata in D, by Mendelaeohn, lor piano and violincello, was oertainly executed in a most masterly manner by the accomplished artists. Pro fessor Ahrend also favored those present with a most charming Fantasie of Servais on a theme of Beethoven. Only one regret was ut tered by those present and that was, that so few had an opportunity of participating in such an exquisite treat. There was some talk among those present to get up a rub scription concert for the worthy artistes, which, if successful, would no doubt give general sat isfaction at the present too dormant state of classio music in our midst. Thk PruDtr Laws.?Much of the quiet which prevails in Washington on the Sabbath is to be attributed to the law which prohibits the sale of spirituous liquors on that day. But there are persons who, in eonsequecoe of the statute. All their bottle* on Saturday night, 10 as not to be without their supplies on the Lord's Day; and, occasionally, a violator of the law is apprehended and brought to jus tice. In tome of the police districts it is strictly enforced and but little, if any favor is shown to the transgressors Ihe fines are about the same in all cases, and are generally superceded; but, after the expiration of six months, the fines are oollect cd. if the offenders are able to pay, if not, the Ecpsrceders are liable Highwatma* Arrested?While Mr John Higgias was riding between Bladensburg and Beltsville on Thursday evening, a German, wh-tse uame was subsequently ascertained to be Albert Enneris. stopped him, and rreeented a pistel at his breast, demanding bis money. Fortunately. the pistol missed fire Mr. llig gins descended fnm his vehicle and inflicted several blows on the highwajman. who. es j teeming " discretion to "be the better part of valor," took to bis heels He was pursued j and overtaken near Bladensburg. and com mitted to jail to a?ait trial. Americcs Cltb ?Ihe grand moonlight ex cursion and pic nic of the Americus Club, to the White House Pavilion, will take placc on Monday. The Club promise that no pains nor expense shall be spared on their part to give general satisfaction to those who may honor them with their company; a piedge, which, judging from the past, they will fully redeem. The steamer George Washington, which is to convey the party down, will net toach at the Navy Yard in oon sequence cf the nuruber of . vessels unloading there, and the Club give no tice that they will receive their friends from that point at the Wa-hington wharf Hard Fight.?Last night, either fight oc curred in the Sixth Ward, in which about fif teen persons were engaged, and several were wounded The disturbance originated be tween some strangers and several young men residing at the Xavy Yard Mr Andrew French was stabbed and badly injured; but whether hii wounds will prove fatal cannot yet be determined Mr James Dart was se verely eat over the eyes, but it is thought bis wounds can be healed without injury to his sight. We sincerely regret that our usually I quiet, industrious, and valuable citiiens of toe Sixth Ward shoold be se aggrevatod aa to j engage in such scenes. tbe Cibcctt Cocrt yesterday adjourned until this day two weeks, when the question will come before it for decision, whether per sons of foreign birth, naturalised since the 30th of December last, can V6te at the ensuing municipal election?there being a law which requires the registry of names on the poll list six month* preceding the election The decision given last year was to the effect that those who were liable to registry at the proper time, but whose names bad been omitted, were entitled to vote; according to whioh de cision, several hundreds voted Nbw Modb or Collect mo ?Yesterday a ease was brought before Justice Clark that attracted the attention of those employed as oollectors. A gentleman engaged in busi ness in this city had a bill against one of his customers who told him that if he wanted to Est any of it be must " grab it" when he saw im with it. Tue creditor happening to see bis debtor with several dolla'i, came the ' grab game," which so offended the debtor that be we>.t and bad * warrant issued fcr the collector The oase was heard, and will prob ably be dismissed. A NritiHCB ?On the south aide of D, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets, we observe a large block of stone, prepared apparently for building purposes, lying in the middle of the sidewalk where, we learn, it has been allowed to remain for some months past The street, at this point, is a dark one, and such an ebstsu ele to nocturnal pedestrians is calculated to . produce accidents of a serious character. * Indeed, one. we understand, has already oc curred The proper authorities should see that such obstructions are not allowed to exist. K?ow Sothiso Nom.iATiosi.?1Our vojant reports that at a meeting of the Third Ward Know Nothings, recently, the following nom nations were made: For Alderman, John Pretler. for Common Coun<*ilmen. J T Walk er. Joseph W Davis, and J.H G McCutchcn Tue last named has. it is said, declined the appointment of one of the commissioners to superintend the election in the third ward, and. fur-her that Mr Davis will decline the nomination. Pbi< bs or Peodcce ?In Centre Market, this morning, beef sold for 15 a 25 eeats a pound; mutton, 10 a 12 cents; lamb, B2i cents a$l 50 a quarter; beef, salt, 10 a 12i oents a pound, green peaa. from 50 to 02* cen'B a peck, strawberries, 37j cents a quart. Ksd or vbb World ?This is the day set apart by the Millerites for the end of the world. | Their many previous false calculations do not inspire many sane folks confidence in their predictions ? Ribad Hebbijg ?The former $8 50 a %(J undred the latter, a thousand. Shad, per pair, 25 to 31 cents Heady sales. Rais ?Last night and this morning the earth and humanity were again blessed with copious showers ?? Secobd Ward Asti-K-sow Nothibbi.?Al though their meeting last night wm ealled Ui purposes, sttertl eoimoUd ipeecb. m were ? ? Tm Mario* Rifles war* oak on parade, last night, in full drat* The stirring sounds of tha drum and ftfe pleasantly relieved the monotony of the streets, and aroused dormant patriotic feelings. It WM doubtless an agree able oo&asion for them until the rain eame down?between ten atod eleven o'clock?when tbey were rejoiced to take shelter in Temper ance Hall, whither they harried, the music sounding an appropriate gallopade. I Maria a (Potu.?A man named Thomas I Kennedy, who resides in the Seventh Ward, while suffering with this horrib e complaint I last night attempted suioide by ripping open bis stomach with a knife, known among shoe I makers as a forepart knife He had cut him self, but bad not time to complete his work before be was discovered and secured. He I said that "the devil had got iu there," and he wanted to get him out. He was taken to jail for safety. ? Qrajvd Regimphtal Ball ?Monday night is the time let apart for it. The preparations are extensive. Professor Munder will act as floor manager, and -both Prosperi and Weber's bands of musie have been securcd for the oc casion. The two united will ocnstitute twenty. I four instruments. | Committed?William Brooks, eharged by John Datcher with assaulting and cutting I him with a knife in the face on the 18th inat., I and also charged with the suapioion of steal I ing a merino sack from the bonse of the grandmother of Mary Collins?all the parties 1 colored?was arrested yesterday,'and brought before Justice Donn, who committed him to j-til I to await his trial. | Finn.?Last night, about eleven o'clock, a fire was discovered in the government smith's shops, at the Cspitol. One of buildings was burned down, and many tools injured. The loss was not very extensive. The firemen were soon on the ground, but there appeared to be ascaroity of water. | Nomiratiom ? A son of Col. Craig, of the ordnanoe bureau, has, it is reported, received the Know Nothing nomination for Alderman of the First Ward. ] [COMMUNICATED. Mr Editor:?Can you inform me what is the law as regards the use of profane language I while a Magistrate's oourt is in session. More especially %eh?n the parties attempt an as \s iult on each, other. The resson I ask is, I that while ? jury were in session a few days I ago a learned judge and one of oar distia I gaished lawyers were opposite attorneys, I quite a fracas occurred, severe oaths were used and chairs raised to assault each other, while the Magistrate and one of our high Po lice functionaries being present no at'empt was made to put a stop to it; and had it not been for one of the jurymen there would have been quite a serious affair. I, as one of the J jury, ask to be enlightened upen the subject, it being my opinion that imprisonment and fine are the penalties. By inserting this, and giving your opinion you will oblige one of your earliest subscribers. Eighth Street. Washirgtor, May 14th, 1855. Watch Returr?Abram Brown, drank and disorderly, workhouse 30 days. This poor fel low, broken down by his intemperance, was craty drunk last night, and when caught by cCeer Wollard, was standing by a pump con versing with it, his hand on the handle, ap parently rreeting his best friend Jss. Bark, ley, drunk in the market, fine and cotts This j young man has jast returned from * cruise in I the ship St. Lawrence, and h is recently been ylid off After paying his fine, he counted over bis change, and found a cent among it. J He threw it on the fi>or, declaring that h* [ w inted no coppers. Sailors do not cenbider j cents as money. | CITY R i '1 R li G N. Fashion is a lovely creature- Madame Mont.M galy, of Parisian notoriety, is at present crcatiag a /?me in the circle of the fair, at the French capital, w.tb licr Pamela bniiuet. HrrcuiRtOR h. Mvnro are not in Paris, but on Pennsylvania avenue, and the b? He* of Washii (ton (if they have an eye to thc;r own advancement and sriurnment) should visit their eh?w room, which ta an endldta variety Spring and Summer Bonnet* of rare beauty and fre. hnfss. Watered Silk*, Moire Antique*, and the Iik*', what are they when tbey are not dccked <>ff with one of tbos*; witchy Hats kept by Messrs H. k. M. Hutchinson k Munro, not content withieccnt ? ' laurels achieved by them at the Fair, sull continue to make moie replete their already recke-rtu stuck of Ronneta, Flowers, Feathers, Laces, Gauze, and all other neat and delicate fabrics, which go to ren der a lady'; toilet a matter of attraction. Their nutnler is 310. Lcokomt is a principle of action, which, if tena ciously adhered to, is productive of the mom bril liant success in every avocation of life. The ladies, it is generally conceded, pot-sens this element in much more comprehensiveness than their compan ions of sterner stuff. Bichard W. Cartsr, corner | of Louisiana avecue and Seventh street, is dispen sing Linen goods of superior makes at great sacri fices. Purchasing his goods for < ash in New York he ia enabled to sell to the ladiea of YVaahington Tablecloths of the best description 25 per cent less than any other Houss within the Metropolis. He has recently received from New York auctions a va ried assortment of Irish Linens, Towellicg*, Caid and Swiss Muslins, which he is now hurrying off at rai??s tha: astonish all other city dealers. His ar rangements with New York houses are such a* to p'ace him in constant receipt of every new feature in the dry gooua market in advance of most othor bu incss men. ' 0 There is a vast amount of philosophy ia the com mon phrase "keep cool." Men who fail in enter priser of "great pith and moment," and are subject to sudden anger and irritation, may be able to ex terminate su<"li deleterious actions of their nature> if they will lut use Midoleton's clean, pure, deli cious Boston Ice His depot is situated on F (treat, one door from Twelfth, at which place he is con stantly prepared to fill all orders that wise confec. tioners, judicioes hotel proprietors, and discreet families are desirous of having executed. The per fect arrangement and character of his teams enable him to serve to purchasers at any time and in any quantity, this desirable summer companion, no mat ter in what part of Washington or Georgetown they may reside. Ccvibr was justly popular as a phrenologist. By various means We variously excel. Lo :ke himself, although the head was his study, had no idea of those beautiful exterior adornments which our friend MaeriRK designs and moulds into shape. His Hats, Caps, he., exhibit a degree of skill in their workmanship, and an excellence of material calcu lated to enlarge his already extensive business. He jScompetent, from his various stock, to sstisfy every desire in the cheapest possible manner. His loca tion ia on Pennsylvania avenue, next to the Odeon Hall. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gkombtow*, May 19, 1865. The following business was bad under oon sidsration by the Board of Commin Council last night The Board of Aldermen were not in session. A message was received by the Mayor oall 'ng the attention of the Counoils to the meet, ings of the holders of the preferred bonds of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, wbioh are to be kolden in Washington on the 22d and 23J of this month, and reoommend ing the appointment of Judson Mitchell, Col. Poe, and W. S Nichols a committee to repre sent the interest of this corporation in said meeting; referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs. Bangs, Osborn, and Welch Also, one covering a statement of the con dition of the sinking fund; referred to the committee of ways and means, and ordered to be printed. Another, returning without his sanction the bill proTiding for the opening and improving ot a part of Seventh street, with hi* jljeo ! tioftt to the sane, tail recoouBcndiiig tli ref* J ?r?go? of the whole matter to a eommittee, bo ?fl to give the aggrieved parties a hearing Mf. Otborn moved to refer the whole matter beak to the committee on street*; which mo ion, after ooaiiderable disoanioa between Messrs. Oaborn, Bangs, Edee, Cameron, and Myers, was passed. Mr Piokrell, presented the account of R. R Sheckel, amounting to $204, for services as one of the assessor; referred. On motion of Mr Bangs, the report of the special oommittee on the oharter was ordered I to be printed in the Georgetown Advocate. Mr. Mjers, from the committee on public schools, reported back, without amendment, bill from the Board of Aldermen appropriat ing $2,500 for the support of public schools; whioh wa.i passed. [This appropriation, it will be perceived, ia more by $1,000 than bero tcfore annually made for the same purpose ] Mr. Bangs, from the select committee on tne message of the Mayor, reported a resolution | appointing the Mayor, Judson Mitohe* and Col Poe a committee to represent the interests of the corporation in the meetings of holders, of the preferred bonds of the Chesapeake and! Ohio Canal Company; passed. Mr. Myera, from committee on claims, re. ported a bill appropriating $28 72 for the ben efit of Dr O. M Ltnthicuoj; passed. The Board then adjourned. As a token of rcspect to thw memory of Mr. , J. D. Read, the stores of our Water street merchants was closed at an ea ly ho?r jester day afternoon To morrow (Sunday) evening, at 8 o'clock, the Kev Mr. Brooke will preach in theMe'ho dist church a sermon to the children of the pious dead. The foreign news by the steamer Baltic will be likely to unsettle the flour and grain mar ket for several days, and prices will, doubtless, advance. No transactions in the former, this morning; consequently we can give no reliable quotations Wheat held at $2.45 a $2 5l fur red and $2 50 a $2 80 for white; small sales this morning of red at $2.46. No sales of corn since our last report. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest this week have been fully equsl to the demand, and prices have ranged from $5 50 to $6.50 per hundred on the hoof, equal ti $lla$13 net A small lot was sold for $15 per hundred pounds, gross, payable when Wise is elected Governor of Virginia. Old sheep 4a5 J cents per pound, gross. Lamb3 $2a$3 50 per head. If the weather shall prave faverable, the packet boat Congress will, doubtles?, be orowd ed to-morrow by persons wishing to see the great Falls and the commencement of the water works. She leaves at 7 o'clock, a. m. Spectator SECRKT FOB THK LADIES? HOW TO PRESKKVg ! Bmty._Don?t u?? Chalk, Lily Whit*, or ?njr of th? ?O-Cftlied coimMlcfl, to conceal a faded or sallow complexion. If yon would have th? roses brought bark to your check, a i clear, healthy and transparent skin, and life and vigor In* frsed through the system, get a bottle of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and take It according to direction*. It d>>ea not taste quite as well as sweetmeat* ; but, if aster a few doses , you do not find your health and beauty reviving, your step e'Mtlc and vigorous, and the whole system refreshed and Invigorated like a Spring mi ming, then your case is hope less, and all the valuable certiorates we p?sse?s, go for naught. It f* the greatest purifier of the l.lood known. Is perfectly harmless, and at the same time powerfully effica clous. %*9?e advertisement. rr-??XOAH Walker a CO., M.irbie Hall Clothing Empo- ] rlira, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce that tht'r display of Spring and Summer Clothing I* now ready f< r inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, \ ?rsta ant Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmaushlp. To gentlemen who i study excellence with economy In fashionable articles of dresa an opportunity for selecting is offered from one of t?he largest and moat attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a ?ery reduced scalo of prices. ap 17 fT7?A PHKNOMKNA IN MEDICINE ?Rrouchitis, Cough. Dyspepsia. Liver Complaints, Scrofula. Ac.?For all diaeaaes of the Female System it standi preeminent. A G'.ergyjcan Just Informs us it has cured him of Hronchttla of a desperate character?-?artlrnlara hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTITKE-By Its mild ao ; tlon on the stomacu, liver and kidneys, will enre Dyspep- j a!*, Ooug?>, Asthma, Broiir'ui*) and Lang Affections Pains In the Ba< k, Side and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Oont. Noura'gia, Fistula, Kowei Complalnta, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Dehllitlea? with all dlaeases arising from Jmipure blood, and is the greatest futuali medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine la working wondera upou thohanauframe. See?<l\ertlxrmonito-day. inar7 PRETdiCMS AT THE FAIRS.?WHITEHrR9T'8 still lu the ascendance.?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded tbelr hijthaat premiums to J. H. W for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Oa^nerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. al?o received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alao, the first awards ufthe Maryland Institute Tor three years Whltehurst's Gallery in this city Is on Pa. avenue, be'w. and 6Hi street*. fob 17 n?^-Da. hoofland's celebrated oerman bit TKR8. There are few thin;* which afford ns greater pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated lloof land German Bitters, because we are fully conscious we sre conferring a public benefit, and oar heart tells us that by our notlcee many have be'.-n Induced to take these Bitter*, and beeu rescued from death by <iy*peps1a, liver complaint, Ac., for the enre of which it Is certain It Is prepared and ?old only by Dr. O. M. JAt'KSON, at the German Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar i-lm fj" r"?-. D. OILMAN, Drngglst, has removed to 628 S street, opposite to the Pstriotlc Bank, and la no Seven'h now pre pared to fill all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day and ulght. The nl?ht bell la on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm Jos Smllinotow receives all the new Books and Newa tepars sa fast as published, lie Is agent for Harper'^ and all je other Magaalnea, an I onr readers will always find a la: ge and good assortment of lilank Books and stationery at hit Bookstore. Odeon Building, cor Pa. avenna and 4% at. . Want*. WANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS JOUNEY m?-n House Carpenter*. To *ave trouble, none but rtr>-t rla-n hari<l? need ckII on GE? ?ROL \V . APPLEKY, G street, between 6th and 7th streets, who m prepared to haul all kinds of lumber on re ceiving a *hort notice. may 13?It* WANTED?A RCXTOR FUR A VERY COM fortable (12 rooms) brick house, on one of th? ni< ? dweirable und airy locations in the city. The furniture will al*o b>- sold or r nted, and p"B?e?sion ttiven immediately after the 1st of June. For terms, frc, apply to J. M. WILSON, may 19-3t* 390 II street R ES ir?< 7TABL1 YOU NO MA N ,\V EI7f7eX Verienced in t.ublic and private carriage driv ing, wi>lieg a (situation, or to go travelling with a g-nt'ernan, arid would have no ohjr-ctioii^ to go on a f irm where be could make himself generally useful. Either of the above situation* would be acceptable and promptly attended to. Addreia"A" Siaroflice. may 19?2i* W~ 'AN !'EI)?BY A HEALTHY VlOMANaSit tiation aa Wet Nur^e. She ha# a healthy in fant ?ix ui -iitha old. Address Nurse, at this office, may 19?2t VI* ANTED.?EMPLOYMENT FOR A COL f% or^d man, who ha* been accustomed to drive a cart. Apply at this office. may 17?eo3t l^t UKSKlVANTED-A MIDDLE AGEDCOL X l ored woman, who caa coine well recommend ed as a good child's nurse, will find a good situa tion by applying at N* 151 F street nouth, near SOtb. A slave preferred. may 17? 3t* 8ITUATION WANTED BY A FUl.LY COM l>etent Gardener, one who understands all the brauchcs appertaining t? the buuness, and can pro dace unquestionable reference. Address "Garde ner,"through the offlc : of the Star, stating where an interview can be had, will meet wiili prompt at tention. may 17-co3t* ANTED TO HIRE, TO GOTO tTTe country, a few miles from Washington, one as Cook, the other as chambermaid, both to under stand washing and ironing. Highest wages given. Apply to Mrs BRYANT, on G, between 13th 14th streets. may 17?3t* WANTS!).?A BUILDING LOT, ABOUT 23 by 100 feet, in the neighborhood of Vermont av?nue or 14th, south of M ^tresis. Address, staliug price, 8tc., box 133 City Post Office. may 16?4t ' WANTED.?A PORTER in our store. Refer ence required. Apply to HOWELL fit MOR8ELL, No. 323 C street, between 6th and 7th. Brushes, Linseed Oil, Vvhite Lead, Zinc White, White Varnish, fitc., for sale as above, in any quan tity. may 15?6i* ANTED ?A PARTNER flT WORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale ot Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. This Quarry i!> immediately oppo site Georget swn. Large ahanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. Tl is quarry fur nisht* the best nnd largeKt truck Stone, fitc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fit CO, Fifteenth street, eppo. the Treasury, may 3?11 ? ANTED?EVERYBODY TOKNOWTHAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 fe?t deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month witnout internet. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th st., abovu Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28?3m - JOHN FOX, Sec. The healing of the nations, by CIIAS. LINTON. With ari*ln<r<>duction and Appendix by N. P. Tallmadice* Published by the Society lor the d ffusion of Spiritual Knowledge, New York. 1 large octavo volume. pr<ce $1.50. For sale at TAYLOR fit MAURY'S Bookstore, near 0th street. my 9 /CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Military Sci Vy ence; Cavalry, its History and T?Mc* by Cap tain Nolan on the Training of Cavalry Horses, Ri1# ulaUoua far Yttwitury ?uraity, fEAMLK TAYLUK r?r Sale and Kent. l^?H^hf^!SUKR ^?W TVVO-STOBY frame rooms tach, situticd onC Ewt ^nt9.^r?0U,n,n* "* 4th and 5?h'-i!S2?tSich TillWit"*'' ^'W liberal credit. wnicn will be sold low and oti "I'y'lVoolt ror?' PAILY? Dentist. ~}L*rrggf C0f,?er llth_st and Pa. avr. TmJjE?~tI,e desihable RESIDENCE OF *? French, on Bridie Jtrect. Gcn?i ina>t ?n House u large and convenient and 'm ,v, j aXe of fine ground- SUSST' * ** ** advam *??d ^,ld Punctual tenant the terms will h*> -1"* ?'?">tr, iSjVl* " ADI.ER, Ae-?,. FORn*?V-A tvvohtory Tn7T /TFFic House, on the wr?t ?Ho of the Mart..! near Bndgo street, Geor^tom,. t ????,?-' r?Zy 17^3?irC?f,hC ?W,,Cr' Rcxl dr"' For rent-a two story brick dvvki ling, with alt'c, in pleasant neighborhood aid hoi far from the City Po*t Office. The iZ-.', ">?. The .J^rlTon'Sr^Tf relinquishing house keeping and wants in < it ?? Furniture. Would alw, i? a^eSf? to a^l ?L1 no SB* 10 wi,h ih" Party renting. |fr> has X/' W^nctnn ^' """"S" thc P^?^A F?TRJJ-M;,L A,UlJANTrri' OF BKI(-K YARD A Tool*, used hut a short time. Also, one of " n,ac'u"es?<OT b"ck makine, (for steam or ss ro>,':r-* ?< ? ^ *?" se ?tf^wssrsrestsssa office, Smuheonian Grounds. - J"ay 17?lw* ? gilbert a. cameron. For rent-the two new houses~on Pierce Mreet, between L and M streets cor ln?^,?2VT'Vach' with ba9e?nent and a large of ? Punctusl tenants thc low rent rffh " Will be Charged monthly. Enquire ?f the owner, opposite the premises. may 15?2w* CHA9. THQMA. A magnificent residence for saf e jL\. or Kent. I will either sell my Farm on the George town and Rockville Turnpike, 2 miles above tnl' * "?'joining Tcnnallytown, or I will rent to a good tenant, the hou^ and garden, (iXuK furniture, ifdesired) cow... fcc., f ,r the wmZ j Cail on the subscriber, at Mrs LYLES'S, adjoin Inty 15- 10t THOS. MARSHALL. R1 CK? REDUCED to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of uivse new and convenient cottages at Kendall tW? aCreS ?f *roun',? auMe, word shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of nir with "e?ar lhe,door' *"<' commuuicat en is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streeis n?,T,i r?' ^LenuUe' ,nf>rnin8 and afternoon, at the usual lare, for the accomm.Nation ol clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate apjUication must be made to the KjTfrTi ' eU ker bJLletter? f,r at ho'.; <c a: Kendall Green, after office hours, where the h vs may be had and the hoines inspected at any tim- " Several of these residences will be sold on Pberal terms. WM: STICKNEY, * v n d ? ? ***> 4> Kendall Green. ? nTHr1 J>a,d quarterly tn aJtance. apr 9,1855?tf FOR SALE-A TWO STORY Brick ll6"H3 on the comer of Prwpect ami Frederick *tre?m ueorcetown, now occupied by Mr. John VV. ?at''5 U 2r Inform?tion apply to Mr. J \ M ES MIL a?2?-iaw5wi 4'h a"d 5ti'' <*eorB' to?'ri. F^ in. ?enJ?7four nevv ani' Convexi ni"trf/'ck nouses, brown masuck fronts, con ^ ?"2 P8^0" with marble mantels, dininc ror.m, kitchen, a?-r*.ii,t s room, and five chambe rs each, and situated on rhirteeritli street, Island, near the Diiblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avwnue r.:"t ;;.e It'imnmrnu^ Kom very moderate. Apply at |{. H- CLARKE 3 office, corner of Sinh *;r. etaid hou.sMqH avenue, or at f). D. CLARKE'S Urn Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?vvtf ' VILLA FOR BALE ?THE 8UB8CTUBER of frrs at private sale the villa in which 'he at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at fcllaville, on the Washington and l(aliiin< re Turn pi?^ Koad. I h<s h' use is new, with all the nmrfrni improvements, and thc Fituation has manv advant a^sstor p.-rsons engaged in bn^ne^s in Wa^hinafn as it is w!ihm five inmates'walk of the Oladenshurr Dcjiot on the Railroad, and ih?T? is also an otninbu . nffining twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subrcriber living on the premises. MARY S. VASS ' mar 27?2awti I?OR RENT OR SALE ON R E A SO N A CLE ' XI ~rA ,,ire'" ",ory Frame, with base , ?t on New > ork avenue, betwten Fourth and Fifth streets west Aim, a tjiree story Frame, with hack huilding, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts *ve-t Apply to James W. Barker, residence on II street nofthj bt\'Accn 12th and 13th ine Tlif niCKSOM h KING, ^ Georgeiown. "l^ALUABLe TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the .* . *'ty> at ! nvate Sale.?For sale, four very de sifable and eligibly ituate* tracts of Land, contain ing about filly acre,j each, partly in ramrV eountj, but principally in Washington countv, DC o,,po.ue i he farm of Joseph H Braih-y, 1^,.; a! -Hit 4^ miles Iron Washington, communicating with it i?y a new and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well ai.'srited to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the land well watered. There a-e three tenements on the premises. This propeity j3 peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country re3 ldences. ' A plat of the properly can be seen at the office of the subscriber. Jf" l'arker, Esq., liv.'np adjoining, will show tl;c property to any who may wish to see it. v? ion r , ? LDW' tfVVANN, ^o. 1.40 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 eo2iii F1 *" E" ROOMS-SEVERAL handsome M. i ami Chambers recently occupied bv the Piussian Minister, and they win be rented to a f,ra lly or several single f?nU?Tiiem/*aith or without board. Inquire at J. P CRUTCTfET'S, No. 47T corner 6ih and I) streets. ' may 14 -<.i'3r* (Intel) IfOU KENT-A COMFORTABLE TWO STO ry Hou?e on 9th street, letwecn M and N st l'.issession given uume.liately. Apply to th?; sub ?cribers, at their Lumber Yard, corner of 26th and D streets. II. N. & J. W. OS BY. may 10? |70R RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR X lars and Chambers, with board. swi??,b?M(UranBient board' In1"ire at Mrs. p.mi 1 ira, ^33 F street. as, 9 aFnK. rLL,?^BeautifuHy and healthily located Buildine Lot-, 24 fe( t front bv 130 feet aeep, on graded sueets, can, until spring, be touclit ? .1 X^C<;n*,,ow P"ce 01J75, payable a J Lr month. Title indisputable. Union I.and Office, 7th st., . ? above Odd Fellows' Hall. jan Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. .1^? Boarding. MRS. WM. F: ABBOTT informs those \ ,h*.'."T K have b,#n app'yi'-'fi to her for u nrd, that she has now two chambers vacant. T>OAKDIRO.-One fine large front romn, with su.r?hu" ?"Joi"lnS.chamber, handsomely furni-hed, ?"hi k J family or several young men. Also, Chambers larger than are generally appropriated to Mi.g e_gentlemen, with boarj, on reasonable terms. The situation is high and healthy, and in the inime diate neirhborhood of the Patent Office, Post Office, and Indian Bur au. Transient and table boarders can be also accommodated by application to No. 3 11 ion Row, F street, between 6th and 7th slg. may 14- lw* J\0 T I C B.-FOR RENT-PARLORS AND a"!i ?W,t? hTard- A,*?> table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths and everv attention to render it most agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, n.> ?orner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% st. ap xo?Jm BOARD, Ac.?MR8. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and !>th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without boaid. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfortr ble who may favor her with their pairoiiage. ap g_,f NEW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN. I J J. STEER, Merchant Tailor. No. 488 Sev ? enth street, has just received fr m Ntw ^ _ j..?tvE; ,cu ,rJm ntln apd laige addition to jBB his stock of Sprine '?n<l Summer GOODS, consioting of Cascuners, Ducks, Drills, ?? tor Panii,and Silk and Marseille VESTINGS. both plain a d colored, ol the richest and prettiest styles ever seen in this market, all of which he is prepared to make up in the ben style at veiy low prices. Gentlemen would do well to call early if ihey wish to see very cheap styles. may J5?er2# IfOOLSCAP WRITING PAPERS of the finest, i iiiia also of the cheaper kinds A large supply just received direct from the man Ufacturers, for sale at unusually low prices. may 18 FRANCK TAYLOR. 'f XJlB VNDKH>>lQ9iED are now working 'n slone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Win B. Scott, and are prepared to tarnish STONE at the ifmal market rates. . HUMPHREYS It WILLIAMS, bauffalowu, May iS?lm* Auction Bales. Bjr BAKMAUD * BDCKEY, Q?orgttowa. ("1ABGO OP SACK fALT AND FISH tt Auc j ti#n.?On MONDAY, the 'JO:h Instant, at 10 o'clock, on board of the Schooner Hvram Jane, now lung iti the port of Georgetown, we shall sell a lot ?f Sack Ball, b irr; Is of Herring* hi auction to the 'lubes' indder for ca*li, to pay ftc'sht .,,1 1 Bt-CKKY. m.) 13-.I By ORKER ft SCOTT. Aw?ttoBf?r?. 1 EXTENSIVE SALE OF BOOKS kFF'NTS 'i anions which a?r some v lunble U vrk*is?nd French Engravings.?On TUESDAY, the 2. I in sunt, wh shall sell, in front of our store, a large &?* eorSHicnt of Second hand Itook* 1,0 0 colored Engravings and Prints With man? article* in the Stationary linn GREEN Si SCOTT, may 19?d Aacuvow*. By OttKKll A ICOTT, Auctioneer?. ri\WO FRAME HOU8F.S AND LOTS AT Al'C | lion??_?n THURSDAY, the 94th iiirtant, at 6 o clock p. m , we shall sell in front < fthe prnmiw part of Lot No 2, in Square 137, wtih the i-nprove mrntfi, which ar.- two frame Houses, or.'* contain imjthric an l the oilier nine mm.?; each tniiw fronting twelve f-ct or ?nitl? G, between 7th and t<ih m?U> wi?t, K'rth a Arc f.-et ;*!!#?*? between the two, making the w hoi** tnnt 29 fe< t, >u<<tiinz bsck 8f> fe t 7 inches. RTermc One fourth cash; ln!ai ce in fii twelve, eTphteen, and twenty fcur months, on note* bearing interest. A de?d given .mi a deed of t-u?! taken. Titie indisputable. GREEN & SCOTT, may 18?d * Auctioneers. By GR.XKN it KCOTT, Anctloucari. r? RUSTEh'S SALE <>F VALUABLE REM. 3 E. ta!e.?TV virtue of a decree of tin < irpPan Cea.t of the Dl-UiCt ofColuiiibia, t?-r the county ?.f Waahingr-n, approved hy ihe Circuit t'ourt of said District, siitir.g m Chancery, passed in the matter of the petition ol An-i M. Cn-s, gunrdiaii of the in fan' c-iildrcji and h its at Isw of ashir.jtoii ' ross deceased. 1 will, on THURSDAY, tie lOih i'jv ol May, 1865, Rt 5J o'clock p. m , i? front of the Prr?* iacs, proceed to ^ell I?ots i u.nh-n d?7,28,19, 31', 31 and Jt2, in Square numbered 1013, suua c in the citv of Wa-hingioa a..d IMstrict ??ior?-r-ai { The above described property is situa'.ed at iite corn?r of Fou t' until easi and C ^t south. TTina of sale : Onc-tiiird ; the r- idut in tv. o equal payment? at C and 12 month-1, with interr.-ti or deterred payments. Th'* ueferred payments 'o be secured by the notes of the purcha-er or |>ur cba -era, satisfactorily < n or??<!. Upon the full paya.ent of the purchase money and intrr?f, and the rstiti ation of the .-ale by '.he Corn, the truster; will convey to purclia. er or pur -chasers, at bis or their cost and expense, all the rit'nt, title, inl? re-t and estate in -.n 5 to san! !:ts of ground, of *vhi *.h the sai l lV?hinst<vi Croc< ?.i- d ? iez?d. ANN M CKOS-", Trustee. CREEN & SCOTT, ap 25 -2"StM I 8,9.V!0 Auctioneers. I.oia 27. 2^, 31. and 32 having been ?o!d, tbe Falrt of Lots Sw. -"9 and 30 is postponed uniil TIIUi.SDAY, tJie 2Cih in tnnt,onth? premi es, atG o'clcck, wlie'i thoy will ! c **t!J to thr ii;e:ir A bi I Uer, on the nbovc t.'rnis ANN M CROSS, Trustee. GUELN a. cCOTT, may 18?d AHCiioam*. Dy K. 3. WRIGHT, Auellonecr, GEORGETOWN. PORTO KiCO SUGAR AT AUCTK?N?Oa r.ttivn \\ nevt, th" 2!rt mst-, at 12 o*c!:?ck, on F ? A. 12. Do;!j!c".: wharf, th.; carr*> ?-f the Fid- li i, from Mr.yaTue*, cor.Fi?tii.g ct" 2ia M?ds. ? h uce and r riitie Su. 'kr;:. E. S WRIGHT, may 16?tils Auctione; r. By !> AS. C. HeGUIRK. *. u( tloa??v ; \ r J1IJY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT in the Y I irst Ward at Fublic t^ale.?On M<?NI)AY af | tentOMB, MaySlst,at5Uo'rf (be poaifa, I 1 thai! t-e!i 'r.t No. 1, lit FfJU-l.-t llhi, IJt.n'Oie f.l tret ; 1 ir.cln s o-i norh <J, U tvve? tt 2<i-h and 21-t , j runni* j !;r. k lo J leet, with ar. O'Alvl o?n: the tear ? to aOtta :-fre?;*. 1 Tlii.s I' '? i-1 d- lightfiiMy si'u.Tteil in one of the tr.e*; i f.Blsi n abb-* parts of the First Ward, numerous fin? | hon es Vei iJ in prrgrc?" ofcrtcli ia tn tSc i:oiuedr i ate vieii.ity. i Title p?rfcrt. ! Terms: < 'a. -third ? a.h ; th< rrridne in 0, 12, and IS months, with inteien, wcurcd by i rttcd of trun on tlie premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may -d Auctioneer. By J\'i ?'? MrftUUiK, A ucl Ir.n ;rr. \rERY VALUABLE IIUIL ING LOT ON P, | II 13th and 14 h s-r.e'sat Auctif?n.~<>n TUESDAY altirnoon. May 231, :?t 5'^ oVIoek. on on t.m prvmwf f. I .-hall ftl? tlie west halt ot l.ot 22. in Square. No. 2,'t, having a front o| 3ft ft. 2:,< inch es on F St., Ix iween 13th and 14t!i, running back 100 feet In a 30 f?*rt alley. . . Thi- if probably one of the d<; ira'.ie Lou; | for ea'e m that twtion of the ?i!y. Tt inii>: One third ea^h ; the rtfidn? in f? and 12 I | months, v. ith inter?vt, sccured by a deed of trust on ihe ptci'iUc.'. ? JAS. C. McGUIRE, J may 15?d Auctioneer. | MORS R5FR1C-ERAT0RSL ? ? UST r-c ve.1 anoth'-r l-.t of ^'aterm^nV Patent 1 f) V.-n'ii U- .1 I'EL'Rl'iFHAT' >RS, ?: nil the vari ous size* and I and l';?rialit for riura*> lity, economy and couvenience the best ar- | ticle ever manufactured. Also, another 'ot of Childrcns' GIGS, from | i;eli TuB, of I iiiladelpliia. We rei?pec*fu'!y istvite a eall from tiiw in want of Kiieh articles. frHini; ?..-.-ured we can make it to their intnre?t to litiv of n<. JOHNSON, gi:y i CO , Pa. avenue, betwti'n 10th and 11th J's. may 14? lw TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMELIA PRIBRAM k SISTER, 11 No. 47 7 rennrylva?.ia . vcnui, l?u-jyBl^ /fwtween llhli an?l ll.h streets, return j|^ their retards for the kind patronage heretofore be btov/cd upon their efforts, and iak'* 'he jibcity "i in f ?rai'.n2 their muuy Iricnds lliat they intcmt^open ing their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS,, which consist of 2.'.ft pieces, besides a rich aif< rt ment of STRAW BOM NETS, ?tc. They ar. to serve all si?.c< who are in wast of a (asli;:>;i&Ble ond cheap Bonnet. s Cail and examine before purchasing elstwhctc. may 12?lin" CLOCKS. WATCHES AND JEWELRY j < ipened this day, forty different styles ot C ocki (iot?d Clocks $1 25. Fine Gold Watches, j22 warranted. Jew#lry cheaper 'ban ever. Call and see for yourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. 349 opposite Browns' Hotel. mav 1?dim ! ?"? SODA WATER?SARSAPARILLA MEAD. riMIF. -"ubscriber would announce to his numerou-> I customers, that his Soda Apparatus has been Ihoroushly overhauled and repaired, and be is now ready to serve every one with a beverage superior to any ever before off-red He wou:d mention that he has not varied in the slightest from Ins Banner of preparation, which is the proper way. He would also call the a'teniion of all who like a deln ions' drink to the MEAD, which is one of the mo.-t refreshing and who|ebom>* drinks undr. VV. B. BUTT. Drufteist, may 14?eo3t Comer 12th St., and Pa. av. FLOUR! FLOUR!" BBLS. EXTRA SUPER FLOUR, for baker's ?JvJ ui?e, approved b anils 40 bb'.s. extra do do, selected for family uae 80 quarter t-aeks Family and Superfine, warranted 49 lbs. to the sack. Ths attention of baken, and consumers is invited to the above, receiving to day on consignment, which will be ?o!d at aauslcctory prices, and war ranted to please. WM. C. HAKPER, Dealer in Fiour. Wines, Teas, and Groceries, Pa. avenue, between 4^ and 6th streets, may 12?eo3t IF YOU READ ADVfiRTISEMENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fre?h from ?he es tablishment in New York, Hecker's Self Rai? ing Flour. Heoker'g Grils, Meeker's ar.d Vermacel'.i, Hecker's Farina, one paper of which, at 14 cents, will make a superior dish sufficient for fifteen or twenty peisons. Also, Oswee<? Corn Starch and Cornena, a great variety of Mnillard's preparations of Chocolate for eatu g -'nd drinking Baker's superior Cocoa piste from which, in a few minutes, by pouring boiling water on it a very puperior cup of Chocolate can be made. When dollars and cents are made a study and at the same time superior article for health and econ omy is required, you would do well to call at KING'S Grocery and Variety Store corner Ve-mont avc nue and I streets, & few Ueps northeast ?.f Jackson Statue. inay 11 ?if ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRV ERBEN Of New York. For terms, lie., apply to Prof. SCHEBL, on 14th afreet, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. leb 98??otf FOR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AND Buggy HORSE. The horse is young, sty grntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make eitli-r a very fine carriage hone, or very pleasant riding norse. Also, for sale au excfllmt work horse, perfects wand. Aupiy u> So. %'d Dumbarton M . Georgei'ii. aw i?nnvU - TELEGRAPHIC. ESroETED FOR THE DAILY EVE WHIG BTAJI. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. May T9 ?The market* are eg dremalr deptes*ed. Hour cannot be told tt Tf?torday'i rates There war* no salas of e ther fl)or, wheat, or com, owing to the oom~ tinei effect of tto foreign news and tha rail Sbw York Markets. New York Msy l#.?Cotton i? unsettled. Flour ia a trifle higher Sale# of 2 500 bbls pood Obi? $'J HI aftfrj, Southern $1126 a $1150. Corn u downward and dall; Western mixed $1 14 Beef, pork and lard unchanged. New York Stock Market New Yore, May 19.?Stock* are lower. M?i eyo >ntmues easy, Sales at the flret board of Krie"6 Lt 174; Cleveland and Tolado Kail road, 79i; Cumberland Coal Company, 25f; lleaJiar; Rai!-oad. 86*; New York Cantral 90|; Pennsylvania Coal C .mpatiy 106; Indiana i s 92i; Virginia fi's, 9M SKVfCKTil WARD?UNION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. P *r Common C'hii?cII- SAMUEL PVMPHREY, BAMt'EI. J5. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE, nay 1?te MAD. FAVIER I> ESPECTPULLY inform? the public of Waafi V ington ihat ti??* tia* taken a h *u*o or p. nn*yl v..n:a avenue, k. utli rt4a nnt tlt?- corner of 13th ilrrri, w liieh wh~ h :i fitted u,< for the a< -ommoda tionoi a few boarders, or th .tc detiriug furmahed apartments without boatd. Ma.). F. hopes that hrr friend* will continue to her ?l?e pair, nag; so literally nestowed on her late hQ'laad. Having a f? w lniMire I.our* rhe would g>ve lowoee in r.encto m??*. The French Language being ex 1 <i-iv. I)- fp^k> n i i l:cr house, she sflWit* a rare o-.po tw tily to tho?c wishin; a constant practice, may 16??i:3i* STRAW MATTING. T l"ST rrn ived 4. 5, ami 6 4 Wiiite and cnlerrd M tting*, which I am srlling at the lowest pri ce* for ca-h or to pr customers. J. H. 8MOOT, f. side PriJ^c ft., no-r Ilifh, Grorgatowu. nay 19? ICE!?ICE! riVlE UNDERSIGNED having on hand a large X quantity d ttrct quality ICE, offer* it tor ial( uuustnily low. in lurpc or sin ill quantities. T!w* wi?o have ?r.t pu chafed o.- que ued their t Mnnter supply w<>u!d eo well lo rail on the ?ub?crt |i: r befb c CEO. T. ELLI8. N?> 54 corner 2.! and Fayette streets, esiv I ?)?5i . $500 BE-VARD. ?.t|VC HUNDRED IKiLLMiS will he given for I the a,?p etir 'tbion and < ?>nv etion of the person ?>f who murdered Wi'ham ? ^borne of VVa#h - in?l- n county, l;i*!riiv of Columbia, on or about the 8to ifay of F'bru^rv last, cn lit* way f'ojn the Co in nb;a MiSU, to In- h me. the old Ka. e Ground i < u .-f. JONAII I). HOOVER, V irrhil of the District of Columbia, may 15?lwr FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZED. IAVIXG now com^rted nl! niv r rra^frm^nla _ I'.tr a li.kt rati: l> > A.-'d a"d COT IL I. ON it \XD. I am t.:ain at U<e service of ti:e public to >?, ;?d Ficursion Parti?--, Ethibit on*, Tarade*, Pic v'ici, R .11*. ami ^?'r. nadef. .ail those in favor of a citizen's birnl .ire re^prrt-ully invited to encourage ? ??u ?.ii rrpn.-e, here iu n City. P FI.-CIILR, Leader. P S.?Tlii- r.and,nr.'er ttit direction,i?regularly ii'iif trmeti, :M-d ln<i-i a practice over t*eniy yeara 1 cud giv. ?atirfjctinii t<' cve?y one. Residence, Fa. avenue, n-ir:h fide, b<*t. 9.h ard 10 h r?re? i>: fir.4 d<?"r weai of lion Mall. ?irdr ri? li ft wuh M< nsr i llilbu- h II iz ponrtually ? 11 ? tmay l-l?lm* SEWING BY MACHINE. MISS UI.VGUOLD. ?t Mm Ti linga'. l?ih fjret t, brtv.ct n l'a. avenu" and F street. No. id 7, i.i pr- p J to execute w ith de*pit h, end in t!ij neatest ni um-r. all kind* of p!a.n tewing for I fiii'iea, hoti I fcreprrs. nn.l tlie tri-hr grne*al!v vis: "I...U-S* ^ki t-, IU? ii? js, !i<;, G<'nii*mca'a Fhirta. II- .ah, VVn-tbandH, t'.-Hlarc, Drawer*, r?^cket !I nikerchiefi. Furn.tnre Linens, via: Table ? Hoth^, She* is, Pillow ami !>ol<4cr Ca?e?, Towel*, NapVin- ?nd CuiUina. Ai-o, Tailor ?.is.1 Maatua linkers' work of all !vitn!?-. Mis.; R would infnrm the public that ah" ha? *e ? >ji d tiie rvire* of .Mtsc ROONFV, tiom Haiti in <r?, wlio h;ui bi-en woikiti^ on the ics lone IS t;i'Uith>. and understandF her buMnesn thcroughlv. All work wan anted to stand equal to any otl er, rn ! di-ii'- ol i!ie moat reasonable term*. tnny 17?i o-2w* TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. i~iT iif^nll the attention to all that suffer H wit i defeetive -ijltt. eatt^ed liy ng.% ptekneiM an I p3'ti Tilarly f om injudieiouslv eelectad, to ln< superior SPF.t'TACI.ES nniiGLAS^KS eare ftilly ground by himself to a true ?pheitcal aceuracy, anil brilliant transparency, atn i-d pr?-ci*ely and ben efiei illy to the warer according to the concavity or convexity of the ?>e. Very numerous are the ill ef teets caused to the preetMic or?j*n of eight from the c. ii'iiienefm nt of u?tL'f giaoies in not being pre e >ely tU't?-d, t?y the u^of nu Odometer; and the practice of many years, i. inbl s linn to measure th? tocal distacee of the erv.?, and sifh glares that are abxiilutely reqtnreil will be fe!t;i^he<l wuh preei?*on and satijlaction J. T acknowledge* the very liberal eneourafe incr.t already obtained, ?nd further liciu the pa tronage of !ho-e that lmve n^t yet availed tl:einaelvea of his airf. Perrons that cannot conveniently rail, by sending the glaKnr* in u-e, and ptniinz how many inche* ihev can read tlii* print wi;U their ppectacte*, can be supplied with such ihut will improve their mghu iTiHiteraMr le-timonials to be ityn; and r. ftir euces given to m ny who have derived the greateat < ase and comfort fiom hi-> g^ae?. Circulars to b~ had gratis, at hi* effi^c. No BIS Seventh ctreet, three doOM frr in tWd Pellows' Hall, upstair*. NoaroLE. Pe;itenil?er 7, 1854. Sir?The Bpectaele* you made for me suit very well, and :e-m to have improved my ught more than any other I have lately tried Litt. W. Tazewki l. 1 have tried a pair of Ppf-eta-lea obtained from Mr Tafein, and Hod them of asai^txnee to my ^tght, at: I corre<pondtt!g wttli his description of the focus. 1 recommend htm a* a skilllul opiiciaa. Hcnav A. Wias. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you fum-shed me yesterday are particularly ?aii?<f*ct?iry to mc TTiey are very derideoly ihe beat I poshes*, and I am thu owner cf ei^lii or now? pairs, carefully aeleciod m different places and fri>in opticians recommended to me on a< count of their professional standing tn Eng land, France, ami the Uuited S.ate? I Imve be< n also plea-t-d with your rrinerki and directiona on the treatment of the eyes, for the purpose of pre serving end improving the si^ht. Kevpecttt^B \ ours, CUAa CALDWgLL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Lvarnarao, Nov. 10, 1^54. Mr. Joba Tobias having furnished me with mas ses. by which I have besn greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly from at night in my earlier life) it afT?rd* me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical opucian, and well prepared to aid those who may need hi* profe* aicnal service* Wa. B. Kocxn, Elder of MeOiodiat (Conference. Wilmimoton, V. C , Jan. 27, 1864. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Bpoctaelas which I obtained front you last week are entirely batisfaet->ry. From an inequality in the visual range of mv eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getunjr gla-ves of ibe proper focal dwance*. It affords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer thU difficulty has been happily obviated, so that the Classes you furnished mc are decidedly the best adapted to my eyce of any I have ever jet u?ed> Very respectfully yours, R- B- Datat, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior. May 7, 1855 From natural dcfects and the unequal range of my eye*, I bave teen compelled to use glawe* lor eeve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obt-ining glasse* perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four inoiuti* since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially tor me, wnich I have found to serve me perfectly. By the u*e of his opt lmettr he is enabled to artapt G as<-es mmuiely to the eye I most cheartully rec ommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to u*? glasses, and boar my testimony as to his skill as an optician. Hembt E Balvwie, Assistant Beefy to sign Land Warrants. may 16?tf CKlARXii&fe- UAH1LINS? Archtteet. (Pa. avenue, be'uj'-er. Tenlk and Bsw*U SrwfcJ wa*himot<is, d. o. WILL continue to ftimish Plana, detail workiaa Diawutgx and fpecllcationa ol buildinr* <a ! every . w?d aU> u. suparuiaud thair ?rev > |lun, tat

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